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KPS - APRIL 2011


BREAKFAST - $1.10 LUNCH - $1.55 MILK - .40 ADULT - $3.50

4 5 6 7 8 Make your payments to your
SPRING SPRING SPRING SPRING SPRING child’s account through the
or by calling 1-877-237-0946 for
11 Lia’s Pizza 12 13 14 15 customer service or you may call
1-866-668-5709 if you do not have
Italian Ravioli w/Meat Cheese or *Pepperoni Baked Chicken Taco Salad w/Seasoned Baked Shrimp Poppers access to the internet.. Simply dial
Sauce, Fruit, Pizza, OR Flat Bread Nuggets Beef, Lettuce, Cheese Fruit, Vegetable, or log on and use your credit card
Vegetable, Breadstick Cheese Pizza, Fruit, Fruit, Vegetable, Salsa, Fruit and Milk or a check to fund your child’s
and Milk Vegetable and Milk Dinner Roll and Milk Cheeze-It account; you will need their
student ID number. This can be
Exp.,SW, TL, Dis. and Milk found on their class registration
form. If you make a minimum
18 Lia’s Pizza 19 20 21 22 deposit of $50 you will not be
charged a small service fee. New
Chicken Patty Cheese or *Pepperoni Beef Hot Dog on a Bun Pulled Roasted Turkey Fishwich Sandwich Free & Reduced forms will be
on a Bun, Pizza,OR Flat Bread Topped w/ Beef Chili on a Bun, Fruit, Vegetable available at your school. One
Fruit, Vegetable Cheese Pizza, Fruit, & Cheese, Fruit Fruit, Vegetable and Milk application per family, all
children should be listed on one
and Milk Vegetable and Milk and Milk and Milk
form. Please bring it or mail it to
BO, BR, Ch, End., GL,ML
KPS Food Service Office 5820
Eastern Ave. SE, Kentwood, MI
25 Lia’s Pizza 26 27 28 NEW! 29 49508. For new students to our
district, there will be forms at
Baked Chicken Rings Cheese or *Pepperoni Shaved BBQ Beef Half Day Southwestern Macaroni registration.
Fruit, Vegetable Pizza, Fruit, Vegetable on a Bun, Fruit, AM Only & Cheese w/Fajita School menus are available on
Dinner Roll and Milk Vegetable In-Service Chicken, Fruit, line at .
and Milk Exp.,SW, TL, Dis. and Milk Sack lunch available when Vegetable, Breadstick
ordered in advance “In accordance with Federal law
and Milk and U.S. Department of
MAY 2 Lia’s Pizza 3 4 5 6 Agriculture policy, this institution is
Baked Char Broiled Cheese or *Pepperoni Lemon Chicken Mediterranean Beef Stew Breadsticks prohibited from discriminating on
the basis of race, color, national
Hamburger on a Bun, Pizza, Fruit, Vegetable Oregano w/ Rice over Rice, Fruit filled w/Cheese, origin, gender, age, or disability.
Fruit, Vegetable and Milk Fruit, Vegetable Vegetable Fruit, Vegetable To file a complaint of
and Milk BO, BR, Ch, End., GL,ML and Milk and Milk and Milk discrimination, write to: USDA,
Director, Office of Civil Rights,
1400 Independence Ave. SW,
Washington D.C. 20250-9410
* CONTAINS PORK MENU SUBJECT TO CHANGE or you may call 800-795-3272 or
202-720-6382 (TTY). USDA is an
The Salad Bar is available daily in all Kentwood Schools. A complete lunch includes the entrée of the day OR a choice from the salad bar which equal opportunity provider and
consists of fruit, vegetable, tossed salad, cheese, bread, jelly, and a variety of condiments. These items may change on a daily basis. Milk is also
included. Students have a choice of milk each day: 1% white milk, skim milk, 1% strawberry milk or 1% chocolate milk.
Thank you for participating in the food program, any questions please call 616-455-3166. Mo Shamali, Food Service Director