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Re-engineering the Teaching - Learning Process in B- Schools

Please tick the options

1. Designation : Prof / Associate Prof / Asst. Prof / Lecturer

2. Educational Qualification : PhD / MPhil / MBA / MSc / M Com/ ME / BE / Others:___________
3. Experience : Teaching: ________yrs Industry: ____________yrs
4. Area of Specialisation :a. HR b. Marketing c. Finance d. Operations e. Systems
5. What subjects you handle? : a. Theory b. Quantitative c. Both
6. How do you rate the existing teaching and learning process effectiveness?
a. 0 – 20 % b. 21 – 40% c. 41 – 60% d. 61 – 80% e. 81 – 100%
7. Do you think that the current method of teaching should be improved?
a. Yes b. No
8. How do you rate the current MBA syllabus?
a. Very Good b. Good c. Neutral d. Poor e. Very Poor
9. How do you rate the quality of MBA students?
a. Very Good b. Good c. Acceptable d. Bad e. Poor
10. In the following areas how do you think that the students should improve? (Rate them 1-high 6 - low)
Basic concepts
Class Interaction
Attentiveness & Attendance
Behaviour & Attitude
Urge to learn
Others (if any):

11. Where do you think that more time must be spent in a class room teaching? (Give Ratings 1 – High 8 - Low)
Explaining the concepts well
Teaching case studies (without explaining concepts)
More real time examples relating to subject taught
Application oriented teaching
Discussion sessions
Latest topics and current trends
Question and answer session
Others (if any):

12. Do you think that class room learning is sufficient for students? Yes No
If No, in what ways it can be improved? _____________________________________________

13. Do you think that the number of subjects and topics covered are good?
a. Yes b. No

If no, what topic is lacking in the existing syllabus? __________________________

14. Do you think that too many lecture hours are spent for a course rather than activity based learning?
a. Yes b. No
15. Do you think that soft skills training should be a part of the curriculum?
a. Yes b. No
If yes, what are the soft skills which you want to be trained with? (Rate them as 1- High and 5 - Low)

Communication skills
Presentation skills
Group discussion
Personality development
Interviewing skills

16. Do you think Internship and Final project are useful for the students?
a. Yes b. No

If no, state reason?_______________________________________________________________

17. How do you rate your classroom teaching? (Indicate your rating using this five point scale)
1 - Strongly agree, 2 - Agree, 3 - Can’t Say, 4 - disagree, 5 - Strongly disagree

Facet 1 2 3 4 5
I help students get interested in the topic
I make good use of examples and illustrations
I welcome questions/comments
I respond to questions and comments clearly and concisely
The concepts were explained through a series of discussions more
than the lecture
Classroom activity involves searching further materials on the
internet and intranet?
Adjusts pace of class to the students' level of understanding
Show genuine interest in students
I am available outside of class
LCD/Computer/Audio visuals are extensively used in class
I understand what is expected of me in preparation and
I get clear responses to what I say in class; I find out how to
I encourage students to ask questions and give answers.
I treat the students with respect.
18. How do you rate your students?
1 - Strongly agree, 2 - Agree, 3 - Can’t Say, 4 - disagree, 5 - Strongly disagree

Facet 1 2 3 4 5
Students come prepared for the class
Students show interest in the topic
Students welcome questions and discussions
Students do their assignments to the best
Students are not able to communicate properly
There is a wide gap between the students in their understanding

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