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Pham Thi Bich Thu Nguyen Thi Hoai Thuong

Week 23 Period Date of preparation: Feb 17th, 2011

Unit: 11 SOURCES OF ENERGY Date of teaching: Feb 22nd, 2011
B. Speaking

A. Aims: By the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
- Use the required language and knowledge to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of
using alternative sources of energy
- Use the required language and knowledge to talk about the use of alternative sources of energy
in the future
B. Teaching Aids: Textbooks, laptop, handouts, Plasma.
C. Method: Communicative approach
D. Skill: Reading, listening, speaking
E. Procedure:

Time Contents Activities
8’ WARM-UP ( Vocabulary revision – Guessing game) - This activity helps Ss
Pham Thi Bichwords
Eight Thu for guessing: Nguyen the
revise Thi Hoai Thuong
1. fossil fuel 5. nuclear power related to the topic
2. solar energy 6. alternative energy “Energy”
3. water power 7. wind power - Ss work in 2 groups.
4. solar panel 8. geothermal energy One member of each
group in turn has to
explain the word just by
using English without
saying that word, not
Vietnamese so that his
group can guess the
- After four turns, the
group with more points
Lead-in: In today’s speaking lesson, you will practice talking will be the winner.
about the advantages as well as disadvantages of each source of
4’ 1. Activity 1: Vocabulary Teaching - Teacher introduces the
- reactor (n) a large structure used for the controlled production new words by giving
of nuclear energy definitions, examples,
- radiation (n) powerful and very dangerous rays that are sent out synonyms, symbols and
from radioactive substance Vietnamese meanings.
- enormous (a) extremely large = huge - T asks Ss to repeat
- renewable (a) of energy and natural resources) that is replaced some words.
naturally, is used without the risk of finishing it all
>< non-renewable (a): that cannot be replaced after use (gas, oil)
10’ 2. Activity 2: Take them home
a. It is not only plentiful but unlimited but also safe and clean. - Ss work in 6 groups.
b. They will be exhausted in a relatively short time - T gives each group
c. Reactor explosion happens sometimes and kills many people, hand-out containing 18
pollutes the air. statements and a Table.
d. It might be cheap as well. - Ss have to discuss and
e. If the wind does not blow, there is no wind energy. fill Advantages and
f. It requires advanced technology. Disadvantages of each
g. It is available only in a few places in the world. kind of energy in Table