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TOP PRIORITY ALPFA Florida International University / Spring 2011

"We believe in developing you as a

professional and growing together
as one family."

ALPFA FIU Spring 2011 Members

Lourdes Abosaid Mario Durango Andres Lopez Alfredo Reynoso
David Acosta Carl Emilcar Felipe Lopez Ivan Rezvoy
Ayman Al-Abdullah Eric Erdvig Janette Lopez David Ribera
Gustavo Alger Daniela Escarra Marco Lopez Luis Rincon
Stephanie Alvarez Marcell Feijoo Yvette Martinez Janet Rodriguez
Jessica Alvarez Fatima Fernandez Bayardo Medrano Stefany Rodriguez
Vicente Amengual Andrea Franzone Peggy Mejia Anny Rodriguez
Laura Arboleda Virginia Fuentes Jennifer Mendoza Ana Isis Rodriguez
Diana Ardila Eduardo Fuste Arianna Monserrat William Rodriguez
Evelyn Avila Elsania Galeano Yasnay Montalvo Joel Rodriguez
Camila Barranco Carlos Garcell Jose Mortimer Stephanie Rodriguez
Yosbel Barranco Justin Garcia Patricia Mouro Jose Romero
Johanna Barriga Jose Garcia Cindy Muhina Yenia Sainz
Stephanie Basanta Jonathan George Christine Muhina Jose Salazar
Antonio Benitez Yamile Gil Teddy Naboa Ariel Salazar
Franz Berdugo Frank Ginebra-Groero Yegor Nadvornyy Sveva Sbarra
Paula Bernal Yasmany Gonzalez Cristopher Newman Javier Serpa
Rodrigo Bonvin Julian Gonzalez Patrick Noel Rebecca Sherman
Frank Brown Stephanie Gutierrez Lamont Nowlin Maryia Shkaradzanak
Mabel Buitrago Carmen AdrianaHalabi Angelmar Ortega Stephanie Sixto
Kurt Bulgin Alyson Hayward A. Arturo Pacheco-Paredes Victor Tovar
Natalia Cabanillas Stephanie Hocke Calvin Paquette Melissa Triana
Daian Cardona John Hoyes Charmaine Paredes Luis Trinidad
Alexander Cardona Maria Jaen Catherine Peña Roberto Valdes
Katherine Castro Shaun Johnston Anais Perez Javier Valdes
Carlos Chavez Emilio Kachler Virginia Perez Quy Van
Mendy Chow Mahreen Khan Sylvester Perez Piero Velarde
Ernesto De Cortada Paola Lacouture Anastasiya Piashkova Johana Villamizar
Anabel De la Rosa Ali Lakhani Grecia Picon Artem Volos
Maria Deknegt Marie Lang Zandra Puente Patrick Waller
Armando Del Corral Johnson Le Darleen Pulido Bryan Wiggins
Yoandry Delgado Jessica Le Torre Carlos Quijano Jackie Yim
Micaela Di Luca Patricia Lebrun Jorge Rambla Vivian Yu
Steven Diaz Megan Lee Yan Ran Alexis Zaldivar
Marc Diaz Ursula Leon Fernanda Randall Kevin Zamora
Lisandra Diaz De Villa Patricia Lopez Theresa Renaud

Spring 2011 Executive Board Members

(From left to right): Consulting Officer: Ayman Al-Abdullah; Special Events Coordinator:
Alfredo Reynoso; Webmaster: Antonio Benitez; Parliamentarian: Patrick Noel;
President: Catherine Peña; Secretary: Eric Erdvig; Treasurer:Yasnay Montalvo;
Vice President of Finance: Arianna Monserrat; President-Elect: Paola Lacouture;
Vice President of Accounting: David Ribera
Executive Board Farewell Letters

Catherine Peña - President

Where do I begin? I have so many people and opportunities to be grateful for and not enough space to mention it all.
First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who believed in me. Just a few words of confidence and encouragement
can make all the difference; it did for me. I stepped up for the challenge and it has been the most rewarding
experience. I have grown as a student, professional, and as an individual. I could never express enough gratitude for
everything ALPFA has offered me. Thank you to everyone who served on the board with me. Ayman “Casper” Al-
Abdullah: If it was not for your constant coaching, mentoring, and pushing me off the edge of the cliff, I would not have
been able to soar and reach my true potential. You are incredibly successful in everything you do, and it is no surprise
you have achieved greatness. Paola “PLaco” Lacouture:You are an incredibly talented young woman with passion and
determination. I believe in you and I know you can take this organization to the next level. You now have my shoes to
fill, and I know that they will wear them with honor and pride. David “Mr. GQ” Ribera:You are an amazing person and
friend. I commend you on your success in executing the mock interview and keeping your professional cool
throughout the whole process. I will never forget our memorable experience together. Arianna “Smiley Face”
Monserrat: thank you for all of your hard work this semester with our Finance sector of ALPFA. I am extremely proud
of you; you began a legacy and made history. Your easy-going and cheery attitude helped remind us that there is a
rainbow after every rain shower. Keep working hard and I know you will be successful. Yasnay “Willy Wonka”
Montalvo: I know how hard you have worked this semester. Working every fundraiser, maintaining our finances, and still managing a job and school is not easy.Yet
somehow you’ve been able to bring a level of professionalism to all of these responsibilities and helped ALPFA grow tremendously. Eric “Mr. Rubic’s Cube”
Erdvig: Thank you for your tireless effort to help keep this organization functional.You did a phenomenal job with our community service projects and planning
the ALPFA Regional Symposium.You are no longer the unsung hero; now, everyone knows how truly remarkable you are. Patrick “Chocolate Rain” Noel: It is
hard to believe I have known you throughout my college career, beginning in ENC 1102.Your work may be behind the scenes, but it has always been accurate
and timely.You remind me to always stay grounded and humble. Thank you for always entertaining us with your musical selections and putting a smile on my face
all the time. Antonio “The Stig” Benitez:You are such an amazing person that taught me to always be on time, despite being Cuban. I know you will achieve
greatness and land that perfect job.You are super smart and it is no wonder you passed the CPA exam in 3 months.Your work ethic is unmatched as you are
always striving for perfection. Remember to always smile, keep your head up, and keep your BMW in mint condition. Alfredo “Iron Chef” Reynoso: Every party
was run with exacting precision and everyone had a great time. We will miss your Argentinean asado skills and you as our events coordinator. We can only hope
next semester’s parties are half as fun. You are an incredible person that taught me many valuable life lessons: how to grill food on a mini barbeque; juggle a full-
time job, school, and a family; save money fixing up your home; how to play Catch Phrase and Angry Birds; and use an iPad2. Although the following did not
officially serve on the board, I would like to recognize them for always supporting my every decision, offering me advice, and for being a great friend: Daniel
Zamora, Christopher Houseman, William Rodriguez, Stephanie Basanta, and Yosbel Barranco. I cannot thank everyone enough. I have made countless amounts of
friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I will continue to serve our organization as much as I can; it is the least I can do after everything it has offered me. It
has been a humbling experience.

Paola Lacouture - President-Elect

This year I truly landed in the stars with the opportunities given to me as your President-Elect. Luckily, I
have the chance to be able to come back this next semester having learned much this last semester. This is
not my farewell to you, the members, but an opportunity to once again reiterate my main objectives as I
will serve you: pushing for the recruitment of new members and to increase the innovation and the
opportunities that ALPFA FIU brings its members. Once again, I will spearhead with the incoming
president-elect the very effective presentations to classes about this fantastic organization. My second goal
would be to expand the finance portion of our organization, so that this may be the support that we all may
go to, accounting and finance majors alike.  I thank all the officers I was able to grow with and grow from. I
can perfectly define with a single word what each of you have taught me in this organization I love to call
"family.” Cathy, I won't let you down! It's impossible to describe how much I have learned this past
semester thanks to you. Words can not describe how thankful and static I feel at this moment. I can't wait to fit those big shoes and increase  
those standards to make ALPFA FIU bigger, better and stronger. With you I learned "responsibility." David and Alfredo, thanks for bringing a
smile to my face with the least of the intentions; you both taught me "fun.”  Yasnay, I have never seen a woman with such a strong commitment
and dedication to ALPFA; I thank you for introducing me to "hardwork.” Patrick, your word represents who you are and what you stand for,
"familia.” Eric, your hardwork and love for this organization made me realize that life itself its full of "sacrifices." Antonio, I admire you as a
friend and as an outstanding student; I look up to you to be as "dedicated" and studious as you are. Ariana, my sister, you have no idea of how
proud I am of you: thanks for teaching me to trust myself and to never limit my dreams and thank you for always being there unconditionally
when I needed you the most; you taught me "self-confidence.” Ayman, your words of support have accompanied me in this amazing trip the life
offers to me; you introduced me to "professionalism." Daniel Zamora, my coach, you have guided me with your wisest advices in this star I fell
in two semesters ago; you taught me that life is not about how hard you fall but how much you work for to stand up.You taught me
"leadership.” Lastly, the members, ALPFA FIU is an amazing organization thanks to all and every single one of you.  I look forward to the next
semester and all the accomplishments I know we all will be succeeding in. 
Executive Board Farewell Letters
David Ribera - Vice President of Accounting
After this past semester, the main thing I want to say to everyone is “Thank You.” Given the
privilege of serving on the board reassured me of the quality of members that we have. Many
members went above and beyond and came through in times when others denied and I want
to thank those for doing that. One thing I have learned is that possibilities are endless once
you set your mind to it. We are allotted many resources that when used and taken advantage
of, we can excel and exceed at anything we set our minds to. We are faced with many
challenges and struggles, but together we can solve anything that arises. I believe we are truly
an eccentric organization that portrays a family atmosphere better than any other on campus.
I personally have been able to count on members to be there for me in times of need and
have found many people to turn to. This is the organization we are and I want to once again
thank each and every one of you for making this a truly unforgettable semester filled with many great memories. Thank you all
and never look back for there are many challenges ahead.

Arianna Monserrat - Vice-President of Finance

I want to say thanks to my wonderful e-board for everything, as cheesy as that sounds. This
semester has been great, fun, and hard work.  I have grown as a professional, challenged
myself, and achieved many things that I didn't know I was capable of. Thank you all for
believing in me; it has been a roller coaster of events and emotions, but we have all manage
to give it our all, support each other, and grow- as Patrick says - "La Familia.” I am thankful
for every single one of you: Paola, Cathy, Antonio, Eric, David,Yasnay, Patrick, Alfredo, Ayman,
Chris, Daniel, and every single ALPFA FIU member.  I want to say thank you because I know
how much hard work we each have put into making this a great semester, and it has paid off.
We have started the meetings on time thanks to Antonio.   Alfredo is and always will be
ALPFA's "Mr. Fun Guy." Thank you Paola for always being there - like a good neighbor.  I will give Yasnay's gift card magic
trick to my QMB professor. Thank you Ayman for all your moral support.  Thanks to David's wise choice of words I can
communicate to other cultures with no barriers. Thanks to Eric, I love Quizno’s more than ever. Thank you Cathy for
dictating, I mean leading, this wonderful e-board, challenging ourselves, and believing in all of us. I want to keep it short, but
there are so many things that I want to say. I'm very proud and happy to be in ALPFA FIU, and given the opportunity to step
up, and be on the e-board. I will never forget any of you- too many memories, nicknames, and inside jokes to count. Thank
you for all your help, support, and most importantly for believing in me. I love you all.

Yasnay Montalvo - Treasurer

I’m grateful of being part of ALPFA and will never regret embarking such a fantastic journey.
The selection of your Treasurer for the Spring 2011 semester, provided me the opportunity
to give back and offer you what I was offered as an active member. I appreciate you trusted
me in the election process and gave me the chance to apply my hard working, detailed-
oriented, and entrepreneurship spirit. Team-work was the magic key to the success of our
fundraising efforts, and I truly appreciate your participation in the raffles, car washes, can-
shakings, bake sales, chocolate/candy sales; am I missing anything? Excuse me if at some point
I overwhelmed you with so many fundraisings events, but I’m sure you had fun and it will
make the difference in the amount of students we are taking to the ALPFA National
Convention this year. I have set a higher fundraising target for the upcoming Treasurers, but it
can be done if you are passionate about it. Thanks for the support of the members, e-board, professionals, and sponsors who
continue making a positive impact in the success of ALPFA FIU. I truly appreciate the honor to serve you as Treasurer this
semester, but I’m not going anywhere. I will continue being involved and giving back to my ALPFA family!
Executive Board Farewell Letters
Eric Erdvig - Secretary
When I signed up to run for Secretary, I knew I was in for a new experience. I knew it wouldn’t always
be easy, I knew there would be challenges for me to face. While all of this proved to be true, what I
wasn’t prepared for was the magnitude of it all. I honestly think this is the first time I’ve been able to just
sit down and say a few words to the members of ALPFA FIU and really think back on the whole
experience, and it is quite difficult to wrap my head around it all. When I made my speech at the end of
the Fall 2010 semester, I spoke of how much ALPFA FIU had impacted my life, and how much I wanted to
show ALPFA FIU my commitment in return. What I quickly realized is that, for every ounce of energy I
poured into this organization, I got it back ten-fold. I have met more people this one semester than I
believe I have met in the previous two and a half decades of my life. I’ve organized events and fed
hundreds at a time, and yet, if it were not for the dedication of you, the members, none of that would
have happened. I know what it is to work hard: on any given day in my old jobs I was under the gun to haul literal tons of material from trucks
to shelves and storage, from shelves and storage to customers’ hands; but just working hard isn’t enough, as I’ve discovered this semester.
Getting others to work with you and to enjoy it alongside one’s brothers and sisters is what makes the difference. I went from moving items
by the ton to knowing that we, the ALPFA FIU family, can move entire mountains together. I wouldn’t even think of pretending that anything
that happened in ALPFA FIU happened solely by the fruits of my own labor; it was everyone pitching in and working hard in unanimity that
allowed us the capacity for what we have done. Regardless of what may happen at the upcoming National Convention, I know in my heart that
our chapter really is the best ALPFA chapter this country has to offer, and this does not happen because of any single officer or any single
member, but by all of us pouring our hearts into everything this organization stands for. As I step down to make room for other potential
leaders to make their personalized mark on this organization, I know I’m going to miss it. Regardless of the fact that it wasn’t always the
easiest job in the world, and regardless of the fact that I did have my own personal struggles at times, I will still look back on this as one of the
best semesters of my entire time here at FIU. I will always try to be there to support my chapter, and I hope to see its members continue to
carry on the excellence for which it stands.

Patrick Noel - Parliamentarian

I can truly say that this semester has been one of the most memorable in regards to my college journey.
Anyone can vouch for me when I say ALPFA is “la familia” and that it is. I’ve experienced the troubles
and the rewards, and all have compiled to better myself today. Catherine pushed me the most, and I
thank her for that, because it allowed me to take my mistakes of discrepancies with the database and
what not and utilize it as a driving force to propel myself forward, and to not settle for 100%, but to
achieve 120%. I’ve developed a personal relationship with all my fellow E-Board Members, and I believe
that we as a team achieved our overall goal to bring ALPFA FIU to the next level. As Parliamentarian, I
loved every aspect of the position: Excel, friends, and achieving my goals in recreating the ALPFA
Database and Points System in a way that the System only requires the swipe of a Panther ID Card, and
voila, like magic, all the information is automatically inputted. My farewell letter doesn’t end here though,
because although I will not be on the E-Board next semester, a title or a position is not needed to make a
difference, and I challenge and encourage all our current and future members to represent and actively engage within ALPFA. I thank you all
for the opportunity to serve as your Spring 2011 Parliamentarian.

Antonio Benitez - Webmaster

I cannot fathom how quickly time has passed by; it seemed like yesterday my peers had just elected me as
the new ALPFA FIU Webmaster for the spring 2011 semester. I embraced my new role with enthusiasm
and excitement as I embarked on this journey into unchartered territory. Furthermore, this journey would
serve as my next challenge, to push myself to new heights that I have never been to before, while at the
same time giving back to this organization that has been so fond and loving to me. Now the time has
come to step down and relinquish my role. This organization, ever since joining it during the Spring 2009
semester, has completely changed who I am. I have learned everything that I know now through this
organization: from resume to interviews and communications. I have learned it all thanks to this
organization that I call my family. I would like to take this time to say thank you to my family and friends
who have supported and pushed me to be a better individual and professional; without you I could not have
achieved what I accomplished. I have given this organization and its members all that I could and it would not be possible without you. Now
my focus shifts to finish writing this chapter that has been in the making for five long years: from getting my high school diploma, to
graduating Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Accounting degree, and passing the CPA exam in a scant 3 months. Shortly it will all come
full circle; at the end of June, when I finish my Masters of Accounting degree, I will make the transition from being a student to becoming a
professional. Thank you ALPFA FIU.
Executive Board Farewell Letters

Alfredo Reynoso - Special Events Coordinator

The time to say goodbye has come; in reality we can just say see you later. I have enjoyed
every single moment of being part of this E-board. I can say that the reason the E-board has
looked as good as it has its because of the quality of members ALPFA FIU has. It has been a
great pleasure serving on the board and specially serving the best meat any of you has ever
eaten. I hope you guys enjoyed every single moment of this semester as I have. Thanks to the
entire E-board for the moments of laughter, joy, excitement, and success that we’ve had this
semester. After this I can truly reassure anyone that anything is possible if you have the right
mindset. The sky is the limit for any of you, believe in yourself and I can assure you will be
successful. Thanks to the entire E-board for your dedication and every moment we had
together of joy and success. Special thanks to Cathy for the dedication shown, the hard work and passion exhibited everyday; I
know that the success you have experienced is just minimal to what is about to come. I confess that many moments I didn’t
think I was able to do all things asked from me: from working full-time, graduate school, ALPFA FIU, and my wife (another full-
time job), but at the end with the help of everyone it seems that everything is possible when you have the right mindset. Thank
you all for your help during this time and expect me to help next semester; maybe even cook an Argentine style asado (BBQ). I
cannot thank everyone enough; I have made countless amounts of friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I will continue to
serve our organization as much as I can; it is the least I can do after everything it has offered me.
It has been a humbling experience.

Ayman Al-Abdullah - Consulting Officer

As my undergraduate career in ALPFA comes to a close, what I remember the most are the
relationships I have developed. I am truly blessed to have joined this organization and to meet
so many wonderful people. When I first joined, the culture of “Family” was mentioned, but it
wasn’t until I was fully immersed did I truly understand how strong our bonds could become.
Looking back I am confident I have made many true and lasting friends. Giving me the
mentorship I needed to launch a career, ALPFA FIU has asked nothing more from me than to
pay it forward to the incoming members. Although I strived to have accomplished this goal
during my term as Presidency and eventually as Consulting Officer, I know my work is not
done, and I look forward to continue to strengthen this organization that I hold dear to my
heart. To my friends in ALPFA FIU: thank you for making this journey so sweet. To FIU, I want
to thank you for taking a chance on me and allow me to pursue a better life for me and my
family. I could not have asked for a more professional, engaging, and challenging education than
what I received here at FIU. The faculty truly cares about their students and refuse to accept anything less than the best from
us. As I go off into my professional career, I will be sure to represent FIU with the highest honor and hope to give back the
tremendous gift it has given me. From my friends in ALPFA and BAP, the faculty, students, and staff at FIU, the professionals
that dedicate their time to improve FIU and the South Florida community, every person I have met in my undergraduate
career has left an impact on me. I know this supposed to be a “Farewell Letter,” but I don’t think the future would be as
bright without you. I thank you all for your friendship, and I look forward to our continued success. Together.
Signature Events

Ahead of the Game - Accounting & Business Expo

January 28th, 2011

ALPFA FIU members got the opportunity to attend Ahead of the Game
- Accounting & Business Expo. At the event, members were exposed to
22 companies, which included Gold Sponsors Bank of America and
Deloitte; and Silver Sponsors Progressive, Watson Laboratories, and
MBAF. Members had the opportunity to network with professionals in
two sessions: 4:00 - 5:45pm and 6:00 - 7:45pm.

February 24th, 2011

ALPFA FIU hosted the second bi-annual Finance Summit.  The

event began with a networking session, where students had the
opportunity to network with the panelists and other
professionals. Overall, the event was a success, with
over 120 in attendance.

QuickBooks Workshop
March 5th, 2011

After several discussions with professionals, many recommend

students to have working knowledge of QuickBooks. Due to this
feedback, we found it vital to host a workshop on the
software.Our members had the opportunity to learn the in’s and
out’s of the program that is used by approximately 85% of small
businesses in the United States. As our instructor, we had the
CFO of Island Sky Corporation, Mr. Julian J. Cecio, CPA. Mr. Cecio
taught our 36+ members many tips and
steps of utilizing QuickBooks.
Signature Events
ALPFA Regional Symposium
March 26, 2011

ALPFA National hosted the 2011 Regional Symposiums. The event was held at the Stentson Law College, in
Tampa, FL. FIU had the most members present from all of the different universities which attended. The
symposium offered participants with many opportunities to enrich their careers; those opportunities
include workshops, a Q&A panel discussion, a lecture featuring keynote speaker Kathy Kringer, and a career
fair. Overall, our members who attended said they truly benefited from the Symposium and feel even more
confident about entering the job market.

Ernst & Young's America's Director of Campus Recruiting: Dan Black Presentation
April 14th, 2011

Since the beginning of the Spring 2011 semester, we have anticipated the arrival of our signature event;
Ernst & Young's Dan Black. Mr. Black is the firm's America's Director of Campus Recruiting and has been in
his role for 17 years. He is responsible to hiring interns and full-time candidates in North America, South
America, and Israel. Black has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, a Master's degree in Human Resources,
and is a licensed CPA. He began with the firm as an associate in the Audit practice and after a year he was
asked to go into a temporary recruiting project. We had a phenomenal turn out at the event, with over
100 students, faculty, staff, E&Y associates, managers, and partners. Together with ALPFA FIU, we invited FIU
BAP, UM ALPFA, and UM BAP students, as well as FIU College of Business students. Black presented about
the four "D's" of business industry: Demeanor, Dining, Drinking, and Digital Media. He presented each "D"
topic with many facts, scenarios, tips, and jokes. Dan kept the audience engaged with his humor and past
experiences. Overall, many students were pleased beyond their expectations.
We hope to host Mr. Black in the future once again.
Firm Meetings
Prudential - Friday, January 21st, 2011
Robert Ruiz is a Manager in Financial Services for
Prudential. Prudential is a very well-known and successful
insurance company that will help people secure their
wealth for retirement. Mr. Ruiz talked about professional
development, Prudential, his work and daily duties, job
opportunities, recruitment skills and tips,
and other very interesting topics.

Friday, January 21st, 2011
PwC, led by Robert Conrad, began their presentation by challenging
members to a “Winter Trivia Challenge.” Following the challenge,
insight into the firm was given, which included available opportunities
for freshmen, sophomore, junior, seniors, and even graduate students.
PwC also showcased their new logo as well during the presentation.

Wachovia - Friday, February 4th, 2011

Wachovia had three speakers present to our members about their different job tasks and daily activities.
Overall,  it was a very informative meeting as students didn’t know the difference between a financial
analyst, financial advisor, representative, and personal banker. Members also had the opportunity to
network with the speakers following the presentation.

Deloitte - Friday, February 4th, 2011

During Deloitte’s presentation, various professionals were
available, from Tax Partner Geoffrey Horst to recent interns, which
included ALPFA FIU’s own Ali Vayani and Teresa Hernandez. During
the presentation, a brief introduction was given that discussed the
company’s history, services offered, available positions with the
firm, and Deloitte University, a new state of the art learning center.

McGladrey - Friday, February 11th, 2011

Led by Brett Friedman, McGladrey began their presentation by
having members play a game of Scrabble. After the game, they gave a
brief synopsis of the firm and was followed by great suggestions for
our members. They gave tips including proper etiquette in various
situations, professional dress attire, and how to project a positive
image to firms. Afterwards, the various McGladrey professional at
hand were available to answer any and all questions.
Firm Meetings
Mass Mutual - Friday, February 18th, 2011
Albert Gutierrez, from Mass Mutual Financial Group, spoke
about the importance of networking and how it may open
many opportunities for you. He  told our members many
personal life stories regarding how Mass Mutual focuses on
helping others, what his daily duties,and the importance of
teamwork. He also discussed job and scholarship
opportunities for students.

KPMG - Friday, February 18th, 2011

KPMG presented about the ethical aspects that students will face
in the job, KPMG’s ethical standards; which exceed those that are
mandated by regulatory agencies, such as the SEC and PCAOB.
Furthermore, KPMG introduced their CASE2 concept, a unique
way to look at ethical issues. Members were then challenged to
analyze four ethical scenarios.

Goldman Sachs - Friday, February 25th, 2011

Armando Acosta, an ALPFA Miami member, presented on behalf
of Goldman Sachs.  Armando delivered a very interesting and
informational presentation. He spoke about his daily job
responsibilities, as well as important tips on how to stay ahead
on your career path. Furthermore, he talked about how to build
trust with future clients and the importance of networking.

BDO - Friday, February 25th, 2011

Led by Stanislav Jansta, members were treated to a
presentation that gave great suggestions on what to expect
during their first years in a public Accounting firm. 
Additionally, members were informed of BDO’s team for Walk
for Autism, a charity event made to increase awareness of
autism spectrum disorders.
Firm Meetings

Bank Atlantic - Friday, March 4th, 2011

Julio Llanes and Jonathan Rodrigues, both Vice President Market
Managers from Bank Atlantic, came to present. They talked to
members about the importance of networking, how to stand out
and sell yourself, involvement, daily job routine, and so many other
vital information that will help anyone succeed in their career.

Cherry, Bekaert, & Holland

Friday, March 4th, 2011
Those members present at the CB&H presentation were
treated to an introduction of the firm, which included the
services that they provide, the industries that they specialize in,
and their relationship with Baker Tilly International. Afterwards,
members got a chance to have some fun in a friendly
competition of Family Feud, which tested with questions related
to CB&H and real world events.

Alvarez & Marsal

Friday, March 11th, 2011
Alvarez & Marsal, A&M, was founded in 1983 and is a
leading provider of turnaround and restructuring,
performance improvement, transaction
advisory, dispute analysis & forensics, and tax advisory
services.  Two representatives were at hand to introduce
A&M to our members; the introduction consisted of the
early beginnings of A&M, how the firm grew, its global
presence, and insight into two of their main practices.
Afterwards, the two representatives were available to
answer any and all questions.

Procter & Gamble - Thursday, March 24th, 2011

ALPFA FIU hosted Procter and Gamble with Nancy Mir, an FIU alumni as a speaker, and Rosa Diaz. Driven
by passionate people and a common purpose, P&G brings beloved brands to consumers around the world
—including their 50 Leadership Brands that are among the world’s most well known household names.
They spoke to our members about the company, how it stands out, its location, market,
products, and job opportunities.
Firm Meetings
Georgia Pacific - Friday, March 25th, 2011
ALPFA FIU hosted Georgia Pacific.  Presenting for GP was
Felix Jimenez, a past ALPFA FIU  E-Board member, and
two more representatives.

Headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia-Pacific is one of the

world's leading manufacturers and marketers of tissue,
packaging, paper, pulp, and building products and related
chemicals.  They spoke to our members about the
company, locations, and its variety of products. They also
informed members about their great job
opportunities and how to apply.

Crowe Horwath - Friday, March 25th, 2011

Members were treated to an overview of the firm, from its
early beginnings, services offered, industry specialization,
their ideology and vision, their relationship with Crowe
Horwath International, and much more. Various
representatives where available, including audit partner Justin
Stone and current intern Daniel Zamora. Following the
presentation was a Q&A session.

Kaufman Rossin
Friday, April 1st, 2011
Kaufman Rossin presented “Social Media 101 for
Accounting Students.” The presentation, lead by Aubrey
Swanson, showed how social media has impacted and
continues to impact the world today. Additionally, Aubrey
gave great suggestions regarding the most popular social
media websites: Linked-in, Facebook, and Twitter.
Following the presentation, members got the opportunity
to ask any questions that they had.

Bank of America
Friday, April 8th, 2011
Led by Steven Monaco and Heather Lasher, members
gained great insight regarding Bank of America, which
include information regarding the seven segments that
make up BAC and their sheer size. Additionally,
members were informed of potential career paths with
BAC. Following the presentation members had the
opportunity to ask questions.
Community Service
Camillus House
February 13th, 2011

ALPFA FIU members pulled through in a big way. Hundreds of dollars

of supplies were brought in by our members. Trash bags full of clothes
and flower boxes overfilled with food had to be carried by a team of
members just to get it transported to Camillus House. It was truly a
spectacular sight. By the time we were done volunteering, it was easy
enough to see that everyone felt good about that evening. We
connected even more as an ALPFA FIU family, and walked away much
more grounded than when we had walked in.

Autism Speaks with BDO

February 27th, 2011

This event was all kinds of fun and it was all for a good
cause. This event was designed to raise funds and
awareness for Autism, a disorder that affects 1 out of 110
children. Some people kept walking after that first lap,
others enjoyed the great weather, and many mingled and
entertained themselves with footballs and frisbees. The
entire event felt like a corporate picnic blown up to epic
proportions. Unfortunately, as many events of this type
have a tendency of doing, it ended all too soon, and I am
left looking forward to the next time we have the
opportunity to walk with BDO at Autism Speaks.

Relay for Life

March 4th - 5th, 2011

We are proud that ALPFA FIU could at least provide a

small part of what is a huge event that officially kicked
off the Relay for Life 2011 season. We raised well over
$1,100 for the ACS in their fight against cancer, and the
event raised over $85,000 overall. Our successes were
ultimately due to the many ALPFA FIU members who
came out from set-up to the late hours of the night to
show their support. We had dozens of people come and
contribute their efforts. Again and again, the members of
ALPFA FIU amaze in their ability to come together and
show support in force.
Community Service
Ronald McDonald House
April 4th, 2011

Members of ALPFA FIU were honored to help serve and prepare lunch this past Sunday April 3, 2011 at the
Ronald MacDonald house in Miami. The volunteers arrived promptly at 10 a.m. bringing with them not only
the desired to help but also the food that was going to be served for lunch. The lunch consisted of burgers,
hotdogs, chips, juices, and a colorful salad. For desserts, the students brought a variety of candies.Volunteers
had the opportunity to interact with some of the residents and hear some of the survival stories. The
volunteers agreed that it was a great experience worth doing again.

FICPA 1040K Walk

April 15th, 2011

ALPFA FIU members had the opportunity to exchange their suits and dress shoes for shorts and running
shoes and join the FICPA to help say goodbye to the 2011 busy season! Held at Miami City Hall,
members go the opportunity to help runners by cheering them on, selling raffle tickets, and supplying
refreshments. Furthermore, ALPFA FIU was well represented in the walk itself, as Stephanie Basanta,
Grecia Picon, Cris Newman, Arianna Monserrat, and Stephanie Rodriguez all participated.
Overall, it was a fun and entertaining day.
Fundraising Events

Miami Heat Ticket Raffle

The winner got 2 exclusive tickets at the American Airlines
Arena (100 level) and $40 cash to cover food and parking
expenses to watch the Miami Heat take on the
Sacramento Kings. The lucky winner was David Chung.

Car Wash and Panhandling

February 6th & 20th, March 13th, & April 10th 2011

Members got the opportunity to have fun and network

with one another, while fundraising via a combination of
pre-sale tickets, car washing, and panhandling during the
date of the event. A win-win situation!

Chocolate and Bake Sales

Throughout the semester, ALPFA FIU members got a box
with a variety of chocolates and candies to sell them to
their classmates, friends, and family members.

iPad 2 Raffle
April 22nd

We raffled the brand new thinner, lighter,

and faster iPad 2.The drawing took place
on April 22nd and our winner was one of
our active members, Gustavo Alger.

*All fundraised amounts will be used to help send our members to the
ALPFA National Convention!

Back-to-School Bash!
“Pool Extravaganza”
January 21st, 2011

We kicked off the semester's first social with fun.

Members had the opportunity to expand their social
network and meet each other in a casual setting. Over
45 members played billiard and enjoyed
pizza at Bird Bowl.

Mid-Semester Social
“Celebrating Our Cultures”
February 26th, 2011

Our second social of this semester was phenomenal! Members

had the opportunity to try the best steak in town, prepared by
our very own “Iron-Chef” Alfredo Reynoso, our Special Event
Coordinator. Many shared cuisines from their country's culture
with traditional dishes from their countries. Over 40 members
enjoyed the delicious food, music, and networking.

Sport’s Day
March 19th, 2011

Sport’s Day has become a semester tradition. We had a

great time demonstrating our softball skills against
professionals from Prudential.  Afterwards, members
had a chance to network with one another as burgers
and hot dogs were on the grill.  Altogether, it was a
beautiful day to relax
and spend with friends.
Fall 2011 E-Board & Scholarship Winners

(From Left to Right)

Special Events Coordinator: Andres Lopez President: Paola Lacouture
Parliamentarian: Javier Valdez Vice-President of Accounting: Maryia Shkaradzenak
Treasurer: Camila Barranco Secretary: Natalia Cabanillas
Vice-President of Finance: Artem Volos Webmaster: Carlos Quijano
President-Elect: Kevin Zamora Consulting Officer: Catherine Peña

On behalf of ALPFA FIU and its members, we would like to congratulate all our members who are
graduating this Spring 2011 and Summer 2011. After all your hard work and dedication, you have
reached the point for which we all strive. We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors, and
we hope that you will continue your involvement with ALPFA so that future members will benefit
from your valuable experience.

Spring 2011 ALPFA FIU Awards

Best Member: Most Supportive Professional:
Carlos Garcell Gene Falcon

Excellent Members: Most Supportive Faculty:

Stephanie Basanta Tessie Brunken
Carlos Chavez
Most Supportive Accounting Firm:
Outstanding Members: PwC
Marie Lang
David Acosta Most Supportive Finance Firm:
Elsania Galeano Prudential