Origin of Name Surabaya

In ancient times, in the vast sea of frequent fights between sharks are known by the name of the Sura and Crocodile. They fight just because of fighting over prey. Both are equally strong, equally clever, equally ferociously. During their fight has never been a victory or a defeat. Therefore, they feel bored to fight. "I'm tired of constantly fighting Crocodile," Fish said Sura. "Me too" replied the Crocodile. So what should we do to not fight? Ask Crocodile. Shark Sura already have recana to stop perkelahiannya with Crocodile. To prevent a fight between us, we should divide the territory into two. I have power fully in the water and had to find prey in the water, while you power on the mainland and prey must be located on the mainland. As the boundary between land and water, we set the limit, ie the place achieved by sea water during ebb tide. "How Crocodile?" Well thank you suggest a good au it! Answer Crocodile. The division of territory that did in fact have made the fight between Sura and Crocodile Shark does not happen again. They respect their respective territories. As long as they abide by agreements they have made together, safe and peaceful state. However, one day, Shark find prey in the river Sura. This is done by stealth for Crocodiles do not know. However, the crocodile saw accidentally deeds Shark Sura. Of course, very angry at Crocodile shark sura of violating his promise. Crocodile Shark immediately approached Sura which is enjoying its prey in a river. "Hi, Vera, how to prey on the mainland? Much? "Asked Sura Shark." "Sura, why did you break the rules we agreed together? Why do you dare to enter the river which is part of the territory mercy? "Asked the crocodile." "I violated the agreement? Is not the river water. Did not I tell that I was the ruler in the water? Well, the river is not no water, so rivers are also included areas mercy. "Shark said Sura. "What this river right place on the ground, while your turf is on the sea, means that this river is my power," Crocodile insisted. "I could not have never said if the water is only at sea, but also on the river, said shark sura. "Then you want to lie to me again? Let us prove, who has the most powerful force, he shall become the sole ruler! "Said the crocodile. They both continued to fuss, each trying to bring reason and mutual defend truth and reason alone. Eventually they fight again. A fight between Sura and Crocodile Shark happen again. The more exciting fights this time, hit one another and pounce. In an instant, the water around it becomes red by the blood coming out from the wounds of both the animal. In that fight, crocodile can bite a shark in the base of the tail sura right, therefore, his tail was always veering to the left. Crocodiles have been satisfied to maintain the area. Sura Shark has returned to the ocean. The event gets its own place in the hearts of the communities in Surabaya. Hence, the name of Surabaya always been linked with the incident. In fact, the symbol Shark and Crocodile Sura used as a symbol of Surabaya city.

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