Assessment of On-Site Management by CommunityBased Forest Management (CBFM )Tenure Holders in Quirino Province

Dr. Priscila C. Dolom Engr. Magdalena B. Villanueva Ms. Benita A. Punzalan


Community Based Forest Management (CBFM) as a strategy to promote sustainable forest management. CBFM also recognizes the role of local communities or People’s Organizations in forest protection, rehabilitation, development and conservation, (EO 263, 1995). CBFM one of the strategies intended to put on-site management in open access forestlands to guarantee the long-term sustainability of our forest resources.

Tenure, resource use rights and support to local communities were assumed to trigger self-perpetuating sustainable forests and forest land practices (CBFMA, RUP).
Question: Are CBFM sites effectively managed by the local communities or POs?


The study aims to examine the CBFM policy and assess whether effective on site management is present in CBFM areas in Quirino province and recommend ways to improve CBFM policy framework and implementation.

Specifically, the project aims to:  examine the conceptual framework of CBFM policy  determine the status of on-site management of CBFM areas by Peoples Organizations and individuals

Assess the effective and efficient on-site forestland management using criteria and indicators that will be developed; and Recommend policy options to improve CBFM policy framework and implementation.


The study was conducted from March 1, 2006 to February 28, 2008 in collaboration with the Philippine Ecogovernance Program and the DENR in Quirino, Province. The assessment of the on-site management by CBFM tenure holders in Quirino province covered 34 CBFM areas.

The assessment was done using the following approaches:

Creation and strengthening the provincial Forest Land Use Plan (FLUP) core team – a provincial FLUP core team for Quirino province was organized and trained to conduct the tenure assessment activities

 

DENR-PENRO (Quirino) – 7 staff DENR –CENRO (Nagtipunan and Diffun) - 6 Provincial LGU staff – 3 NGO Staff – 2 Municipal TWG - 5

Key informants interview – Officials and members of the association or cooperatives were invited as key informants using prepared questionnaire.

Municipality/City: __________________________________________________ Tenure Holder: ___________________________________________________ Type of Tenure: ___________________________________________________ Date Issued: ______________________________________________________ Instructions for Interviewers: 1. Use the Questions in the 1st Column to validate the performance level of tenure holder 2. Use blank spaces at the bottom of the page for answers to questions; please number answers accordingly. 3. Use blanks spaces in each performance level (1-4) to write comments

Area (hectares): ___________________________________________________ Estimated Area of (hectares) ___________________________ Estimates of Bare Areas (without forest cover, in hectares) ______________

4. Use the last column for comments and assessment for each criterion 5. When necessary, translate questions to local dialect 6. If possible, obtain copies of documentary evidences for the database of the LGU

Level of Performance with Examples of Description Criteria and Guide Questions 1 Primary Areas of Assessment 1. Approved (resource) management plan is current (i.e., the present management plan covers current year) a. What is the status of plan preparation? b. When is the expected completion date of the plan? c. Does content of the draft plan meet the requirements of DENR/NCIP or the approving agency? d. When is the approval expected? e. When was it approved? f. When is the end year of the plan? g. Is there a need to update the plan? h. If plan is due for updating or expires this year or is due for updating, is there need to review the plan? No (resource) Plan preparation management plan or plan updating has been prepared is ongoing or the available management plan does not cover the current year. Draft plan (new or updated) has been completed; ready for submission to approving agency Approved (Resource) Management Plan (new or updated) 2 3 4

Documentary Evidence

Comments and Rating

Draft or approved (resource) management plans. Agency approval of the plan If the tenure holder had a (resource) management plan previously approved by approving agency, indicate the plan period (example: 19891993).

Field Validation – This is done by visiting the project sites and validate the answers of the key informants with the residents of the community regarding the activities of the PO.

Examine PO documents – Examination and review of PO reports was done to determine the completeness of documents

Data consolidation and report preparation – the research team consolidated, assessed and analyzed the data and prepared the reports with the necessary recommendations based on the gaps identified on the activities of the tenure holders

The Study Sites:
Regional Organization Level Regional Total Batanes Cagayan Isabela Nueva Vizcaya Quirino Alienable and Forest Disposable Lands Land (Ha) (Ha) 965,965 7,432 353,193 459,666 88,921 70,258 1,717,793 13,496 547,074 606,790 301,466 235,460 Total (Ha) 2,683,758 20,928 900,267 1,066,446 390,387 305,718 % Distribution 100.00 0.78 33.55 39.74 14.55 11.39

Provincial Population Distribution and Density by Municipality
Municipality Total Area (ha) 24,084 18,220 30,618 Population 2000 Aglipay Cabarroguis Diffun 21,774 25,814 39,485 2007*** 25,069 28,024 42,958 0.96 0.65 0.71 15.1 8.6 8.8 Density % Increase ha/person

Nagtipunan** Saguday TOTAL

160,740 6,824 305,718

17,027 12,217 150,515

20,443 13,479 163,610

7.86 0.50

20.1 10.3 8.7


Results and Discussions
Basic Information of the CBFM in Quirino Province
Name of PO Municipality Maddela Maddela Maddela Tenure Area (Has) 3,715.00 2,649.41 4,423.27 2,910.00 5,350.00 4,400.00 4,256.18 No. of HH 325 1,341 1,249 470 744 490 871

1. Villa Agullana Tribal Dev’t Org. 2. Mataga-ey Sustainable Resource Development andConservation Association 3. Villa Garcia Sustainable Resources Development Cooperative 4. Natural System Agricultural Resources

Development Maddela Maddela Maddela Maddela

5. San Dionisio Farmers Association 6. Balligui Jose Ancheta Community Forest and Development Cooperative,Inc. 7. San Martin Farmers Association


Results and Discussions
Basic Information of the CBFM in Quirino Province
Name of PO Municipality Nagtipunan Nagtipunan Tenure Area No. of HH (Has) 6,420.00 134.00 1,940.17 5,315.00 5,315.00 295 380 644 885 790

8. Wasid Ilogot Tribe Association Inc. 9. Sangbay-Anak Intgegrated Farmers Association, Inc. 10. Quirino Tribal Cooperative,Inc. Farmers

Multi-Purpose Nagtipunan Nagtipunan Nagtipunan

11. Kadikitan Association for Community Development, Inc. 12. Anak Inter-Cultural Organization

13. Ilongot Livelihood Association, Inc.
14. Nun-un-Uhaan Inc.




Name of PO


Tenure Area (Has)
148.83 1,100 63.05 415.50 1,647.00 3,100.00 3,226.81 2,897.04 1,990.00

No. of HH
160 140 22 20 800 675 662 578 156

15. Rafael Palma Multi-Purpose Cooperative 16. Ifugao Village Apchocan Multipurpose Cooperative, Inc. 17. Makati Watershed Enhancement Multi-Purpose Cooperative Inc. 18. Salinong Campanero Association 19. Gabriela Multi-Purpose Cooperative, Inc. 20. Don Mariano Perez-Multi-Purpose Cooperative,Inc. 21. Pimentel Upland Developers Association, Inc. 22. Don Faustino Pagaduan Upland Farmers Association 23. BICAS-Baguio Village Integrated

Diffun Diffun Diffun Diffun Diffun Diffun Diffun Diffun Diffun

Name of PO

24. Del Pilar Planters Association 25 Gomez Farmers Multi- Cabarroguis Purpose Coop,Inc. 26. Tucod, Cabarroguis, Cabarroguis Quirino

Municipality Tenure Area (Has) Cabarroguis 100.00

No. of HH 50

5,237.00 252

Name of PO


Tenure Area (Has) 570.00 776.00 360.09 795.00 5,520.82

No. of HH 110 850 195 140 780

27. Pinaripad Sur Integrated Agroforest Association 28. Magabing Upland Farmers MPCI/Villa 29. Cabugao Intersectoration Association 30. Dumabel Upland Farmers Association 31. Alicia Sustainable Resource Devleopment Cooperative 9ASREDECO)

Aglipay Aglipay Aglipay Aglipay Aglipay

32. San Benigno Sustainable Developers Aglipay Cooperative, Inc. 33. San Manuel-Victoria Forest Developers Cooperative,Inc. 34. Diodal Integrated Community Agroforest Development Association Aglipay Aglipay

2,321.21 3,176.00 1,361.05

797 780 550

b. Assessment of on-site management of CBFM Tenure Holders in Quirino Province
CRITERIA 1. Approved resource management plan is current (i.e., the present resource management plan covers 2005) 2. There is budget for plan implementation covering overhead costs, protection and enforcement, and investments 3. Functional management structure of tenure holder 4. IPR adoption 5. Year-round conduct of protection and enforcement activities 6. Compliance with existing policies and regulations 7. Functioning M and E systems 8. Support to non- forest-based livelihood activities (for community-based tenure/allocation instruments only) 9. Working conflict resolution mechanism 10. External linkages established 11. Development of forest production systems by establishing tree farms, tree plantations or orchards, or agro-forestry, or other sustainable uses 12. Participation of women and men in all aspects of forest management Overall rating ACCEPTABLE LEVEL 3 3 4 3 3 3 4 3 4 3 2 3 38

% of POs attaining preferred level of rating by municipality Criteria Management plan Budget IPR Functional organization Nagtipunan (7) 40 % 10% 30% 30% Maddela (7) 0% 0% 0% 09% Aglipay (8) 25% 13% 13% 13% Cabarroguis (3) 0% 0% 25% 50% Diffun (9) 17% 8% 50% 0%

% POs attaining preferred levels N = (34) 16% 6% 28% 6%

Protection & enforcement
Compliance to policies M&E system Livelihood

50% 10% 30%

18% 0% 18%

755 0% 75%

63% 13% 25% 25% 13%

67% 0% 25% 8% 17%

53% 4% 33% 18% 29%

Conflict 50% 0% 13% resolution Tenure assessment report, EcoGov 2, Northern Luzon, October, 2005 Source: Linkages 70% 9% 38%

Forest rehabilitation & dev.
Participation of women













Source: Tenure assessment report, EcoGov 2, Northern Luzon, October, 2005


Improving on site Management of CBFM

The basic concept behind CBFM is that by providing land tenure security through the CBFMA, POs will be motivated to sustainably manage allocated forestlands. However, the tenure assessment in Quirino indicate that CBFM sites are poorly managed. Considering the tenure results, promoting improved on-site management in CBFM would require the following:


b) c) d)

Improving the policy environment - deregulation of the harvesting of planted trees - regulated harvesting of wood and non-wood products in designated area. - immediate/ automatic deputation of PO officers - amendment on some provisions of CBFM implementing rules and regulations Provide adequate institutional support Developing alternative financing Priority sufficient technical assistance to PO’s




stabilized the policy environment in CBFM Provide adequate technical support to PO’s Facilitate formation of multi-sectoral bodies Develop alternative financing mechanism to CBFM

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