FTP to

net C:\user(dekat folder yg nk transfer)> ftp Connected to 220 FTP server (Version 6.00LS) ready. Login as user "ftp" Name ( ftp Use your email address as the password 331 Guest login ok, send your email address as password. Password: 230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply. Remote system type is UNIX. Using binary mode to transfer files. Change the directory to "pub/incoming" ftp> cd pub/incoming/2009-0902-0794 250 CWD command successful. //If you have not created a directory with the case number, do so now, otherwise skip to step 6 //ftp> mkdir 2004-0729-0001 //257 MKD command successful. //Change the directory to the directory with your case number //ftp> cd 2004-0729-0001 //250 CWD command successful. //Use the 'pwd' (print working directory) command to verify you are now within t he directory to which you want to upload the files //ftp> pwd //257 "/pub/incoming/2004-0729-0001" is current directory. Set file transfer to binary. (Not all FTP clients default to binary transfer whi ch is why we perform this step). ftp> binary 200 Type set to I. Turn on hash mark printing so you know when the transfer is in progress ftp> hash Hash mark printing on (1024 bytes/hash mark). //On the local host (the host on which the files reside), change the directory t o where the files are located //ftp> lcd /var/tmp //Local directory now /var/tmp

2'. (If a ll of your files are in the same local directory.168.x: (none)): noc Password: ftp> bin ftp> hash ftp> cd /var/tmp ftp> pwd 257 "/var/tmp" is current directory. you can quit or transfer another file by going back to step 10.fe-0-1-0.x (assuming junos in C: ) User (202.Now "put" the file onto the Juniper Networks FTP server.tgz ftp> bye If router isn't on network.32 seconds (81.1-export-signed. 100% ************************************************************************** **************************** 26720 00:00 ETA 226 Transfer complete.73 KB/s) Once done. ---------------------------------.capture.2-20050816.x.x.capture.capture.2 remote: tcpdump. you can continue to upload them without changing directories by going back to st ep 11).FTP from laptop to router ------------------------------------------------Enable ftp service on router by running following commands: root@Karachi> configure root@Karachi# set system services ftp root@Karachi# commit root@Karachi# exit FTP to router and transfer junos file to /var/tmp as follows: C:\>ftp 202. ftp> quit 221 Goodbye.2 200 PORT command successful.x. Assign private IPs to both interfaces and then FTP the router. ftp> mput jinstall-7.fe-0-1-0. 26720 bytes sent in 0.fe-0-1-0. ftp> put vmcore.1 local: tcpdump. then to transfer Junos its fast ethernet or manageme nt interface is connected to laptop/computer. IP can be assigne d on router as follows: root@Karachi> configure root@Karachi# set interfaces fxp0 unit 0 family inet address 192.x.1/30 root@Karachi# commit root@Karachi# exit .120. 150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for 'tcpdump.

Disable ftp service on router by running following commands: root@Karachi> configure root@Karachi# delete system services ftp root@Karachi# commit root@Karachi# exit .

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