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KFNB Project

Action Tracking and Recording (ATAR) as of 16 /4/2011

Priority Responsible
Area Date Non-Conformance/Hazard Recommended Action Reported by Trend Date corrected
H M L Person

Lifting Tackles(inspection, certification, Color code and

General 12-Jan-11 qualified person to be assigned H Gomaa W/S Mgr. Lifting Appliances / Gear
records) Inspector

Diesel Station should be established in proper way including Proper location, good concrete foundation
Diesel Station 12-Jan-11 H Gomaa construction Refueling/Bunkering
old one and suitable bond
suitable basket to be fabricated to void the
Commercial /
Store 12-Jan-11 unsafe transport(delivery of Oxygen and acetylene cylinder hazards of unsafe handling of Oxy. Acet. H Gomaa HFL's / LPG under design

Equipment 3-Feb-11 Drivers without License Authorized Drivers to be provided H Gomaa PM Others

water filling area waterspout tower is not connected to the to be connected to avoid falling from
Civil 19-Feb-11 M Gomaa CM Working at height
outlet pipes height

Main Office 7-Mar-11 No Fire Alarm system at Main Office, Client Office to be fixed including client office H Gomaa Electrical Eng. Fire ongoing

Marine 20-Mar-11 gangway at temporary jetty is becoming not suitable suitable one to be fabricated and used M Gomaa Marine CM Access / Egress

General 26-Mar-11 some employees / staff / Drivers not attending TBT Meeting all have to attend M Gomaa Others
section head
to be placed under ground with shade
Fuel Station 3-Apr-11 Petrol TANK has placed beside diesel tanks above ground H Gomaa Civil Refueling/Bunkering
above ground
Battery charging roomto be established
w/s 4-Apr-11 Batteries are stored in unsuitable place M Gomaa W/S Others
and proper fence around with bond
Site Labour Construction is planning to move them to
9-Apr-11 Site Labour Toilet Location H Gomaa Civil Access / Egress
Toilet safer location

Precast Yard 9-Apr-11 Lack of Riggers for site cranes to be provided M Afsar Civil Others

Reclamation/ Defective Equipment(Dump Trucks, Loaders, Graders,

9-Apr-11 to be repared M Gomaa W/S Plant / Machinery
Jetty Dozers, JCB, …..)
Generator Room
12-Apr-11 Diesel Tanker beside generator room II out of bond suitable bond for the tank to be prepared M Gomaa Civil Spillage control

General 12-Apr-11 some light poles at site are in critical location to be protected M Gomaa Civil Guarding / Fencing

weekly cleaning of cement silo to be done

Batch Plant 14-Apr-11 Cleaning of cement silo filters M Gomaa W/S Dust control
and to be recorded
hazards of folling from hieght while checking, cleaning and suitable platform and protection to be
water Tanks 19-Apr-11 H Gomaa Civil Working at height
filling of labour toilet tank made.

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