adventure. eco-tourism etc. The state provides many kinds of tourism in the likes of mining. There is a good chance of differentiating the tourism of Jharkhand vis-a-vis the tourism of any state of the country. natural resources etc. Our research team suggest that this place provides an immense opportunity for putting forth an ad campaign. So there is always an opportunity to attract such audience on the grounds of ethnic beauty. pilgrimage. The following points appraise the advertising opportunity. After the separation of Bihar from Jharkhand people have more disposable income in their hand especially after commercialization of the state. The recent trends have shown that people of Jharkhand have grown a substantial interest for tourism with time but are moving out of the state in search of travel destinations.INTRODUCTION ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY The land of forest and the ethnic beauty of this place from what a poet views is that this land is still untouched. The crux of the matter is furray of opportunity are there for advertising this place as tourist hub. Thus there is a presence of primary demand for tourism at the first place. .

5000/man in a family Age distribution . The government has maintained that this advertisement is for the incumbents of the state so that we can say the boundary of the target audience has been given. time frame and demographics the target audience has been streamlined.TARGET AUDIENCE Keeping in mind the geographical location. Who are the prospects? What are their need specifications? When do they like to travel? A rigorous analysis of all the above questions has been done. 10000/man in a family ‡ Middle Class People having disposable income of Rs. Thus we ended up categorising the target audience on the following basis: Income distribution ‡ Upper Class People having disposable income of Rs.

Thus it is the festive season when they get time to move around and have a healthy time outside home with family and friends. etc.y Old age people There are pilgrimage destinations like Deoghar. Netarhaat and various Falls like Dasam Falls. which catches attention of this age group. ‡ To attract more people to visit Jharkhand during the festive season. Objective ± 1 Create awareness among 90% of the target audience. Thus we not only have to provide knowledge but also present the tourism of the state of Jharkhand in such a manner that the target audience develops a liking for the same over other tourist destinations. It has been seen that other tourist destinations are presented in a more attractive manner so as to attract the tourists of not only that state but other states also. Thus our first and foremost priority is to provide knowledge about the various options available within the state for the domestic tourists. The sole reason for this is that they have the least of knowledge about the various attractive tourist destinations available within the state. Jonha Falls etc. . They often choose destinations where they can have fun and can get rid of their clutter. y Youth There are various types of tourism like adventure. During the entire year people are busy with their work. mining etc ADVERTISING OBJECTIVE ‡ To develop knowledge and liking for Jharkhand as a tourist destination through a judicious blend of informative and persuasive advertising. mining tourism and eco. In this sense the adventure tourism. which attracts the attention of such age group. People of Jharkhand often move out of the state for travel and tourism. Rajrappa. y Middle age group There are various destinations like Bethla Forest.tourism of Jharkhand can be a handsome proposition to invest in.

cable. In this present scenario. Since our product. radio and FM stations.Objective ± 2 Use simple messages. The kind of frequency which we have planned has also played a determining factor in apportioning the budget. allocation of funds to various cost centres is very much necessary before proceeding for the designing of the campaign. Objective ± 4 Build favourable attitudes by conveying useful information about various spots ADVERTISEMENT BUDGET To advertise we need funds for the same. our team has followed the Build-Up approach in calculating the advertisement budget. The Build-Up approach refers to the process of calculating the advertisement budget by following the said steps: 1. billboards and national dailies. It is a very critical aspect of the designing of the advertisement campaign.In order to achieve an aggressive campaign we have selected an effective media mix comprising local newspapers. internet. After all the reason behind this is the profit motive of the advertising agency. Objective ± 3 Providing detailed description about various communication modes for reaching the destination. Activities necessary to achieve the plan. 2. Setting of advertising objective. We have considered some of the underlying factors while setting the advertisement budget: 1. 2. is in its introductory stage in its life cycle so we plan to put it in an aggressive advertising campaign. The preparation of budget i. . Jharkhand Tourism. 3.e.

and radio. billboards. Strategies and tasks to be undertaken channels. Advertise in local and national dailies.Create awareness among 90% of the target audience. Cost of different advertising elements is budgeted. This method involves: 1. Objective . television. 2. . Total adverting budget is finally approved by the top management. Estimate associated costs Media costs which include newspapers. 4. 3. radio etc. Thus forming the major part of the cost. Method employed for calculating advertisement budget is Objective-Task Method.3. cable Apart from that there are various miscellaneous costs also. billboards and hoardings.

The cost for advertising via this media is relatively less. Newspaper has the widest reach among the various media vehicles. One of our objectives is to make 90% of our target audience aware about the tourist destinations in Jharkhand and newspapers in the form of local and national dailies can very well comply with this objective as it has the benefit of mass coverage. The reach of this media to our target audience is estimated to be the largest.Electronic Media Local cable channels (ETV Jharkhand & Taja TV) 3. 4. posters. have suggested us to take the media mix of the following type. It is basically an awareness based campaign so we are required to provide the details and specifications about Jharkhand s tourism .Print Media Newspapers (Prabhat Khabar & The Times of India) 2. etc. 1.Radio FM stations have tie-ups with the local newspapers so we have selected these media vehicles which are BIG FM. Radio Dhoom & Radio Mantra. their attitudes.MEDIA STRATEGY Demographics of our target audience. Outdoor media Billboards.

Following is the details of the billboards and posters put up in various cities . Middle age groups especially the ladies and housewives watch television more frequently so we have yet another option of promoting Jharkhand tourism during this period in ht local channels. The pamphlets which we have designed to promote Jharkhand tourism can be inserted in the newspapers and thus circulated in the state. security concerns. In this regard we have prepared a 60 seconds video depicting various destinations of tourist attraction in Jharkhand. expenses involved and other such details. The reason behind this is that the old age group often views such channels and are more interested in the pilgrimage and ethnic centres. In this regard we have chosen locations where the density of our target audience is the maximum. communication aspects. So newspapers are our first priority in our media mix. more information and larger reach. Thus the number of billboards and posters to be put up is decided to be the maximum in the city. For all this we require a large media space and newspapers does a good job in this regard.viz. It involves lesser cost. Youths who are a major part of our target audience though targeted from the above media vehicles but we have seen that they very often listen to FM stations so we have planned to focus three of the premier stations of the state through which we can grab the attention of young people. We have also designed a 30 seconds video which will be focusing on pilgrimage destinations of the state in particular and details regarding reaching the places from various parts of the state which we have thought to present through the state news channels ETV Jharkhand & Sahara Jharkhand. We have selected various cities of the state where billboards and posters can be put up. Our research has shown that the people of the state capital Ranchi prefer travel and tourism compared to their counterparts in the other parts of the state.

Hence continuity has been chosen to support the aggressive campaign in the first half. This has been decided keeping in mind the various festivals that would take place in the first three months of our campaign. from October to December .e. Based on this and our target audience we have planned to segregate the entire campaign into two parts . In the second half the frequency of ad insertion will be less and will focus on developing the linking for Jharkhand tourism.e. In the first part we can see that there are lots of vacations like winter holidays. Scheduling is concerned with timing the insertion of advertisement in selected media. The schedule will follow the below pattern: First three months aggressive campaign upto December followed by a steady promotion which will have relatively less frequency of media mention. Next three months i. .MEDIA SCHEDULING Time period assigned to us is from October to March. This time period is full of festivities and vacations. January to March Our media scheduling will that be of flighting. Christmas and Diwali when people break their daily monotonous routine and plan to visit various tourist destinations. Thus our objective would be grabbing the attention of those people in this favourable time period the most.Our media scheduling approach will that be of continuity.

Mentioning twice a week Pamphlets Twice in a month in newspapers Radio Mentioning everyday: 1st month .First three months Newspapers .4. Next three months Newspapers .Mentioning once in a week Radio Mentioning twice a day Local channels ± Twice daily News Channels ± Ad to be displayed once daily . 2nd month 3 & 3rd month 5 (In December people plan to visit more places of tourist attraction so we have decided to give the maximum mention) Local channels Twice daily News Channels Ad to be displayed twice daily at prime time (9 am and 9 pm).

Attributes which give the distinctive difference to Jharkhand tourism have also find a mention in the various ads of ours through various media vehicles so we have applied the concept of product differentiation to adhere to one of our objective of liking. words and concepts have been specified for ascertaining the rational themes. letters. For the incumbents of this place it will always be cheaper to go for the various tourist spots of the state and enjoying the time out. The selling strategy of ours has featured the following: 1. determining the creative strategy. images have been effectively designed to strike a balance for the message theme. 2. Numbers. The biggest advantage which Jharkhand tourism provides is that our target audience .CREATIVE STRATEGY Now we come down to the most vital component of the advertisement campaign i. 3.e. Benefits accrued (In our ads we have tried to focus on the value proposition involved in choosing the state as a tourism destination. The beauty of various Falls. Feelings. mining tourism. the state being abode of forests.The USP of our product i. Message Theme Our message theme has been a blend of emotional and rational approach. eco-tourism. adventure tourism are the various distinctive differences and we have tried to insert at specific places keeping the target audience in our mind.e. We have tried to develop the relevance of Jharkhand tourism for the audience of Jharkhand in respect of time and space boundary. favourable climate. abstract ideas. Jharkhand tourism have found a mention in the punch lines of our ad campaign.

spending quality time at a less cost. 4.Our focus will be on providing the generic qualities of tourism.can avail the benefits of staying in their own state. the distinctive differences. travelling less. and advantages on the cost front and touching the emotions of people (pilgrimage for old age people .

rest houses. Phone Numbers. Singbhum. Bokaro. pilgrim tourism. email id and the website of the Jharkhand Tourism Bill boards: . Deoghar in an alternative manner in consecutive issues in a very attractive way to create an appeal to explore Jharkhand. Photos of various tourist destination like Dimna lake. inns. Showing the most attractive tourist packages giving some details of some good hotels. etc. Massanjore.Creative Depiction (ad insertion) Newspapers: Local Newspapers: Prabhat Khabar National Daily: Punch line: Times of India Feel the soul Space: 26 cm x 33 cm (Coloured) Message Contents: Jharkhand Tourism Informing the target audience about various new concept of tourism available in Jharkhand like mining tourism. Dasaam falls. Attractive colour combination creating an appeal for tourism and also proper style and size of the font. Johna falls. eco-tourism. adventure tourism. Bethla National Park.

Places for putting Billboards: Various market places of different cities of the state. pursue those. Message Contents: Jharkhand Tourism Atleast one photo of any tourist destination of Jharkhand Big idea The campaign will be known as Feel your own soul campaign and should be designed in such a way that it catches the attention of the target audience so that they have to stop look and listen. Undoubtedly it s an original idea. commercial centres etc.. Highways like. NH23. Moreover the idea talks about feeling your own soul as our target audience are the inhabitants of Jharkhand itself. state highways. So this goes in making the big idea exciting . Relevance Festive season will attract more people. The punch line which will transfer the selling strategy statement into an exciting attention getting and memorable message. railway stations. NH33. There are many things in life that will catch your eye.. But only a few will catch your heart..

g. adventure tourism for youths etc.Order of presentation In all of our messages we will follow this order: 1.Persuasive: The distinctive differences as compared to other tourism hubs e. emphasising pilgrimage centres for targeting our old age target audience. . It will also contain the cost effectiveness involved in travel and tourism for the target audience.Informative: It will give the details about various tourist destinations and various modes of communication 2.

Respondents will be randomly selected across the demographics of our target audience. This will truly measure the effectiveness of our ad campaign in respect of our objects met. For Broadcasting: 1. pre-test done and the ad is released to generate an effective feedback we sincerely advice for effective post testing technique.Clutter test: We will try and measure whether our audios and videos are able to break the clutter of varied advertising. time and cost can be saved. Moreover if the error can be detected at an early stage a lot in terms of energy. POST TESTING Once the ad is designed.Order of merit: Respondents are shown alternative ads and asked to rank them according to their preference. We can follow the below post test techniques: . 2.Direct questioning: We will go to the mentioned cities and through direct questions we will try and get feedback about the effectiveness of the ad. For print media: We will go for the following 1.PRE-TEST OF AD CAMPAIGN As we have seen that a huge investment is involved in designing and launching an ad campaign therefore pre-testing of an ad campaign is utmost essential and cannot be over emphasised.

. The creative team has really worked to strike a balance in order to touch the rational and emotional part of our audiences mind. The frequency and space selection was also effectively done keeping economy in mind. So we work in the direction of providing the generic advantages of Jharkhand s tourism and the distinctive features of the various spots. We attempted t do so by going for an effective media mix on which our creative messages move in line to meet our objectives.1. We have seen that the concerned product is still in its introductory stage and our target audience is quite unaware of the value proposition of the Jharkhand tourism. Concluding lines will be that an optimum trade-off between the quality of message dissemination and cost minimisation has been attempted to achieve for this ad campaign for Jharkhand tourism by our team.Tracking studies 3. But then quality of message insertion has not been compromised.Enquir CONCLUDING LINES Jharkhand as a tourist destination has got a great opportunity when it comes to advertising. And here the persuasion and the interpersonal skills play a major role. Economy in action is always the most significant factor and so our entire team have tried to develop a campaign in the most efficient way. It s been a great pleasure for our team to work in cohesion and attempt to develop an effective advertising campaign to promote the place of tourism. But then when people have a preference of spots outside the state to develop a liking was some there present on the cards as well. Recall 2.

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