INTRODUCTION T-in.1.1 This is a course in miracles. 2 It is a required course. 3 Only the time you take it is oluntary. !

"ree #ill does not mean that you can esta$lish the curriculum. % It means only that you can elect #hat you #ant to take at a &i en time. ' The course does not aim at teachin& the meanin& o( lo e) (or that is $eyond #hat can $e tau&ht. * It does aim) ho#e er) at remo in& the $locks to the a#areness o( lo e+s ,resence) #hich is your natural inheritance. - The o,,osite o( lo e is (ear) $ut #hat is all-encom,assin& can ha e no o,,osite. T-in.2.1 This course can there(ore $e summed u, ery sim,ly in this #ay. 2 Nothin& real can $e threatened. 3 Nothin& unreal e/ists. ! 0erein lies the ,eace o( 1od. Cha,ter 1. THE MEANING OF MIRACLES I. Principles of Miracles T-1.I.1. There is no order o( di((iculty in miracles. 2 One is not 2harder2 or 2$i&&er2 than another. 3 They are all the same. ! 3ll e/,ressions o( lo e are ma/imal. T-1.I.2. 4iracles as such do not matter. 2 The only thin& that matters is their 5ource) #hich is (ar $eyond e aluation. T-1.I.3. 4iracles occur naturally as e/,ressions o( lo e. 2 The real miracle is the lo e that ins,ires them. 3 In this sense e erythin& that comes (rom lo e is a miracle. T-1.I.!. 3ll miracles mean li(e) and 1od is the 1i er o( li(e. 2 0is 6oice #ill direct you ery s,eci(ically. 3 7ou #ill $e told all you need to kno#. T-1.I.%. 4iracles are ha$its) and should $e in oluntary. 2 They should not $e under conscious control. 3 Consciously selected miracles can $e mis&uided. T-1.I.'. 4iracles are natural. 2 8hen they do not occur somethin& has &one #ron&. T-1.I.*. 4iracles are e eryone+s ri&ht) $ut ,uri(ication is necessary (irst. T-1.I.-. 4iracles are healin& $ecause they su,,ly a lack9 they are ,er(ormed $y those #ho tem,orarily ha e more (or those #ho tem,orarily ha e less.

T-1.I.:. 4iracles are a kind o( e/chan&e. 2 ;ike all e/,ressions o( lo e) #hich are al#ays miraculous in the true sense) the e/chan&e re erses the ,hysical la#s. 3 They $rin& more lo e $oth to the &i er <and= the recei er. T-1.I.1>. The use o( miracles as s,ectacles to induce $elie( is a misunderstandin& o( their ,ur,ose. T-1.I.11. ?rayer is the medium o( miracles. 2 It is a means o( communication o( the created #ith the Creator. 3 Throu&h ,rayer lo e is recei ed) and throu&h miracles lo e is e/,ressed. T-1.I.12. 4iracles are thou&hts. 2 Thou&hts can re,resent the lo#er or $odily le el o( e/,erience) or the hi&her or s,iritual le el o( e/,erience. 3 One makes the ,hysical) and the other creates the s,iritual. T-1.I.13. 4iracles are $oth $e&innin&s and endin&s) and so they alter the tem,oral order. 2 They are al#ays a((irmations o( re$irth) #hich seem to &o $ack $ut really &o (or#ard. 3 They undo the ,ast in the ,resent) and thus release the (uture. T-1.I.1!. 4iracles $ear #itness to truth. 2 They are con incin& $ecause they arise (rom con iction. 3 8ithout con iction they deteriorate into ma&ic) #hich is mindless and there(ore destructi e9 or rather) the uncreati e use o( mind. T-1.I.1%. @ach day should $e de oted to miracles. 2 The ,ur,ose o( time is to ena$le you to learn ho# to use time constructi ely. 3 It is thus a teachin& de ice and a means to an end. ! Time #ill cease #hen it is no lon&er use(ul in (acilitatin& learnin&. T-1.I.1'. 4iracles are teachin& de ices (or demonstratin& it is as $lessed to &i e as to recei e. 2 They simultaneously increase the stren&th o( the &i er and su,,ly stren&th to the recei er. T-1.I.1*. 4iracles transcend the $ody. 2 They are sudden shi(ts into in isi$ility) a#ay (rom the $odily le el. 3 That is #hy they heal. T-1.I.1-. 3 miracle is a ser ice. 2 It is the ma/imal ser ice you can render to another. 3 It is a #ay o( lo in& your nei&h$or as yoursel(. ! 7ou reco&niAe your o#n and your nei&h$or+s #orth simultaneously. T-1.I.1:. 4iracles make minds one in 1od. 2 They de,end on coo,eration $ecause the 5onshi, is the sum o( all that 1od created. 3 4iracles there(ore re(lect the la#s o( eternity) not o( time. T-1.I.2>. 4iracles rea#aken the a#areness that the s,irit) not the $ody) is the altar o( truth. 2 This is the reco&nition that leads to the healin& ,o#er o( the miracle. T-1.I.21. 4iracles are natural si&ns o( (or&i eness. 2 Throu&h miracles you acce,t 1od+s (or&i eness $y e/tendin& it to others.

T-1.I.22. 4iracles are associated #ith (ear only $ecause o( the $elie( that darkness can hide. 2 7ou $elie e that #hat your ,hysical eyes cannot see does not e/ist. 3 This leads to a denial o( s,iritual si&ht. T-1.I.23. 4iracles rearran&e ,erce,tion and ,lace all le els in true ,ers,ecti e. 2 This is healin& $ecause sickness comes (rom con(usin& the le els. T-1.I.2!. 4iracles ena$le you to heal the sick and raise the dead $ecause you made sickness and death yoursel() and can there(ore a$olish $oth. 2 <7ou= are a miracle) ca,a$le o( creatin& in the likeness o( your Creator. 3 @ erythin& else is your o#n ni&htmare) and does not e/ist. ! Only the creations o( li&ht are real. T-1.I.2%. 4iracles are ,art o( an interlockin& chain o( (or&i eness #hich) #hen com,leted) is the 3tonement. 2 3tonement #orks all the time and in all the dimensions o( time. T-1.I.2'. 4iracles re,resent (reedom (rom (ear. 2 23tonin&2 means 2undoin&.2 3 The undoin& o( (ear is an essential ,art o( the 3tonement alue o( miracles. T-1.I.2*. 3 miracle is a uni ersal $lessin& (rom 1od throu&h me to all my $rothers. 2 It is the ,ri ile&e o( the (or&i en to (or&i e. T-1.I.2-. 4iracles are a #ay o( earnin& release (rom (ear. 2 Re elation induces a state in #hich (ear has already $een a$olished. 3 4iracles are thus a means and re elation is an end. T-1.I.2:. 4iracles ,raise 1od throu&h you. 2 They ,raise 0im $y honorin& 0is creations) a((irmin& their ,er(ection. 3 They heal $ecause they deny $ody-identi(ication and a((irm s,irit-identi(ication. T-1.I.3>. By reco&niAin& s,irit) miracles adCust the le els o( ,erce,tion and sho# them in ,ro,er ali&nment. 2 This ,laces s,irit at the center) #here it can communicate directly. T-1.I.31. 4iracles should ins,ire &ratitude) not a#e. 2 7ou should thank 1od (or #hat you really are. 3 The children o( 1od are holy and the miracle honors their holiness) #hich can $e hidden $ut ne er lost. T-1.I.32. I ins,ire all miracles) #hich are really intercessions. 2 They intercede (or your holiness and make your ,erce,tions holy. 3 By ,lacin& you $eyond the ,hysical la#s they raise you into the s,here o( celestial order. ! In this order you <are= ,er(ect. T-1.I.33. 4iracles honor you $ecause you are lo a$le. 2 They dis,el illusions a$out yoursel( and ,ercei e the li&ht in you. 3 They thus atone (or your errors $y (reein& you (rom your ni&htmares. ! By releasin& your mind (rom the im,risonment o( your illusions) they restore your sanity. T-1.I.3!. 4iracles restore the mind to its (ullness. 2 By atonin& (or lack they esta$lish ,er(ect ,rotection. 3 The s,irit+s stren&th lea es no room (or intrusions.

T-1.I.3%. 4iracles are e/,ressions o( lo e) $ut they may not al#ays ha e o$ser a$le e((ects. T-1.I.3'. 4iracles are e/am,les o( ri&ht thinkin&) ali&nin& your ,erce,tions #ith truth as 1od created it. T-1.I.3*. 3 miracle is a correction introduced into (alse thinkin& $y me. 2 It acts as a catalyst) $reakin& u, erroneous ,erce,tion and reor&aniAin& it ,ro,erly. 3 This ,laces you under the 3tonement ,rinci,le) #here ,erce,tion is healed. ! Until this has occurred) kno#led&e o( the Di ine Order is im,ossi$le. T-1.I.3-. The 0oly 5,irit is the mechanism o( miracles. 2 0e reco&niAes $oth 1od+s creations and your illusions. 3 0e se,arates the true (rom the (alse $y 0is a$ility to ,ercei e totally rather than selecti ely. T-1.I.3:. The miracle dissol es error $ecause the 0oly 5,irit identi(ies error as (alse or unreal. 2 This is the same as sayin& that $y ,ercei in& li&ht) darkness automatically disa,,ears. T-1.I.!>. The miracle ackno#led&es e eryone as your $rother and mine. 2 It is a #ay o( ,ercei in& the uni ersal mark o( 1od. T-1.I.!1. 8holeness is the ,erce,tual content o( miracles. 2 They thus correct) or atone (or) the (aulty ,erce,tion o( lack. T-1.I.!2. 3 maCor contri$ution o( miracles is their stren&th in releasin& you (rom your (alse sense o( isolation) de,ri ation and lack. T-1.I.!3. 4iracles arise (rom a miraculous state o( mind) or a state o( miracle-readiness. T-1.I.!!. The miracle is an e/,ression o( an inner a#areness o( Christ and the acce,tance o( 0is 3tonement. T-1.I.!%. 3 miracle is ne er lost. 2 It may touch many ,eo,le you ha e not e en met) and ,roduce undreamed o( chan&es in situations o( #hich you are not e en a#are. T-1.I.!'. The 0oly 5,irit is the hi&hest communication medium. 2 4iracles do not in ol e this ty,e o( communication) $ecause they are <tem,orary= communication de ices. 3 8hen you return to your ori&inal (orm o( communication #ith 1od $y direct re elation) the need (or miracles is o er. T-1.I.!*. The miracle is a learnin& de ice that lessens the need (or time. 2 It esta$lishes an out-o(-,attern time inter al not under the usual la#s o( time. 3 In this sense it is timeless. T-1.I.!-. The miracle is the only de ice at your immediate dis,osal (or controllin& time. 2 Only re elation transcends it) ha in& nothin& to do #ith time at all. T-1.I.!:. The miracle makes no distinction amon& de&rees o( mis,erce,tion. 2 It is a de ice (or ,erce,tion correction) e((ecti e quite

a,art (rom either the de&ree or the direction o( the error. 3 This is its true indiscriminateness. T-1.I.%>. The miracle com,ares #hat you ha e made #ith creation) acce,tin& #hat is in accord #ith it as true) and reCectin& #hat is out o( accord as (alse. II. Revelation, Ti e an! Miracles T-1.II.1. Re elation induces com,lete $ut tem,orary sus,ension o( dou$t and (ear. 2 It re(lects the ori&inal (orm o( communication $et#een 1od and 0is creations) in ol in& the e/tremely ,ersonal sense o( creation sometimes sou&ht in ,hysical relationshi,s. 3 ?hysical closeness cannot achie e it. ! 4iracles) ho#e er) are &enuinely inter,ersonal) and result in true closeness to others. % Re elation unites you directly #ith 1od. ' 4iracles unite you directly #ith your $rother. * Neither emanates (rom consciousness) $ut $oth are e/,erienced there. - Consciousness is the state that induces action) thou&h it does not ins,ire it. : 7ou are (ree to $elie e #hat you choose) and #hat you do attests to #hat you $elie e. T-1.II.2. Re elation is intensely ,ersonal and cannot $e meanin&(ully translated. 2 That is #hy any attem,t to descri$e it in #ords is im,ossi$le. 3 Re elation induces only e/,erience. ! 4iracles) on the other hand) induce action. % They are more use(ul no# $ecause o( their inter,ersonal nature. ' In this ,hase o( learnin&) #orkin& miracles is im,ortant $ecause (reedom (rom (ear cannot $e thrust u,on you. * Re elation is literally uns,eaka$le $ecause it is an e/,erience o( uns,eaka$le lo e. T-1.II.3. 3#e should $e reser ed (or re elation) to #hich it is ,er(ectly and correctly a,,lica$le. 2 It is not a,,ro,riate (or miracles $ecause a state o( a#e is #orshi,(ul) im,lyin& that one o( a lesser order stands $e(ore his Creator. 3 7ou are a ,er(ect creation) and should e/,erience a#e only in the ?resence o( the Creator o( ,er(ection. ! The miracle is there(ore a si&n o( lo e amon& equals. % @quals should not $e in a#e o( one another $ecause a#e im,lies inequality. ' It is there(ore an ina,,ro,riate reaction to me. * 3n elder $rother is entitled to res,ect (or his &reater e/,erience) and o$edience (or his &reater #isdom. - 0e is also entitled to lo e $ecause he is a $rother) and to de otion i( he is de oted. : It is only my de otion that entitles me to yours. 1> There is nothin& a$out me that you cannot attain. 11 I ha e nothin& that does not come (rom 1od. 12 The di((erence $et#een us no# is that I ha e nothin& else. 13 This lea es me in a state #hich is only ,otential in you. T-1.II.!. 2No man cometh unto the "ather $ut $y me2 does not mean that I am in any #ay se,arate or di((erent (rom you e/ce,t in time) and

time does not really e/ist. 2 The statement is more meanin&(ul in terms o( a ertical rather than a horiAontal a/is. 3 7ou stand $elo# me and I stand $elo# 1od. ! In the ,rocess o( 2risin& u,)2 I am hi&her $ecause #ithout me the distance $et#een 1od and man #ould $e too &reat (or you to encom,ass. % I $rid&e the distance as an elder $rother to you on the one hand) and as a 5on o( 1od on the other. ' 4y de otion to my $rothers has ,laced me in char&e o( the 5onshi,) #hich I render com,lete $ecause I share it. * This may a,,ear to contradict the statement 2I and my "ather are one)2 $ut there are t#o ,arts to the statement in reco&nition that the "ather is &reater. T-1.II.%. Re elations are indirectly ins,ired $y me $ecause I am close to the 0oly 5,irit) and alert to the re elation-readiness o( my $rothers. 2 I can thus $rin& do#n to them more than they can dra# do#n to themsel es. 3 The 0oly 5,irit mediates hi&her to lo#er communication) kee,in& the direct channel (rom 1od to you o,en (or re elation. ! Re elation is not reci,rocal. % It ,roceeds (rom 1od to you) $ut not (rom you to 1od. T-1.II.'. The miracle minimiAes the need (or time. 2 In the lon&itudinal or horiAontal ,lane the reco&nition o( the equality o( the mem$ers o( the 5onshi, a,,ears to in ol e almost endless time. 3 0o#e er) the miracle entails a sudden shi(t (rom horiAontal to ertical ,erce,tion. ! This introduces an inter al (rom #hich the &i er and recei er $oth emer&e (arther alon& in time than they #ould other#ise ha e $een. % The miracle thus has the unique ,ro,erty o( a$olishin& time to the e/tent that it renders the inter al o( time it s,ans unnecessary. ' There is no relationshi, $et#een the time a miracle takes and the time it co ers. * The miracle su$stitutes (or learnin& that mi&ht ha e taken thousands o( years. - It does so $y the underlyin& reco&nition o( ,er(ect equality o( &i er and recei er on #hich the miracle rests. : The miracle shortens time $y colla,sin& it) thus eliminatin& certain inter als #ithin it. 1> It does this) ho#e er) #ithin the lar&er tem,oral sequence. III. Atone ent an! Miracles T-1.III.1. I am in char&e o( the ,rocess o( 3tonement) #hich I undertook to $e&in. 2 8hen you o((er a miracle to any o( my $rothers) you do it to <yoursel(= and me. 3 The reason you come $e(ore me is that I do not need miracles (or my o#n 3tonement) $ut I stand at the end in case you (ail tem,orarily. ! 4y ,art in the 3tonement is the cancellin& out o( all errors that you could not other#ise correct. % 8hen you ha e $een restored to the reco&nition o( your ori&inal state) you naturally $ecome ,art o( the 3tonement yoursel(. ' 3s you share my un#illin&ness to acce,t error in yoursel( and others) you must Coin

the &reat crusade to correct it9 listen to my oice) learn to undo error and act to correct it. * The ,o#er to #ork miracles $elon&s to you. - I #ill ,ro ide the o,,ortunities to do them) $ut you must $e ready and #illin&. : Doin& them #ill $rin& con iction in the a$ility) $ecause con iction comes throu&h accom,lishment. 1> The a$ility is the ,otential) the achie ement is its e/,ression) and the 3tonement) #hich is the natural ,ro(ession o( the children o( 1od) is the ,ur,ose. T-1.III.2. 20ea en and earth shall ,ass a#ay2 means that they #ill not continue to e/ist as se,arate states. 2 4y #ord) #hich is the resurrection and the li(e) shall not ,ass a#ay $ecause li(e is eternal. 3 7ou are the #ork o( 1od) and 0is #ork is #holly lo a$le and #holly lo in&. ! This is ho# a man must think o( himsel( in his heart) $ecause this is #hat he is. T-1.III.3. The (or&i en are the means o( the 3tonement. 2 Bein& (illed #ith s,irit) they (or&i e in return. 3 Those #ho are released must Coin in releasin& their $rothers) (or this is the ,lan o( the 3tonement. ! 4iracles are the #ay in #hich minds that ser e the 0oly 5,irit unite #ith me (or the sal ation or release o( all o( 1od+s creations. T-1.III.!. I am the only one #ho can ,er(orm miracles indiscriminately) $ecause I am the 3tonement. 2 7ou ha e a role in the 3tonement #hich I #ill dictate to you. 3 3sk me #hich miracles you should ,er(orm. ! This s,ares you needless e((ort) $ecause you #ill $e actin& under direct communication. % The im,ersonal nature o( the miracle is an essential in&redient) $ecause it ena$les me to direct its a,,lication) and under my &uidance miracles lead to the hi&hly ,ersonal e/,erience o( re elation. ' 3 &uide does not control $ut he does direct) lea in& it u, to you to (ollo#. * 2;ead us not into tem,tation2 means 2Reco&niAe your errors and choose to a$andon them $y (ollo#in& my &uidance.2 T-1.III.%. @rror cannot really threaten truth) #hich can al#ays #ithstand it. 2 Only the error is actually ulnera$le. 3 7ou are (ree to esta$lish your kin&dom #here you see (it) $ut the ri&ht choice is ine ita$le i( you remem$er this. ! 5,irit is in a state o( &race (ore er. % 7our reality is only s,irit. ' There(ore you are in a state o( &race (ore er. * 3tonement undoes all errors in this res,ect) and thus u,roots the source o( (ear. - 8hene er you e/,erience 1od+s reassurances as threat) it is al#ays $ecause you are de(endin& mis,laced or misdirected loyalty. : 8hen you ,roCect this to others you im,rison them) $ut only to the e/tent to #hich you rein(orce errors they ha e already made. 1> This makes them ulnera$le to the distortions o(

others) since their o#n ,erce,tion o( themsel es is distorted. 11 The miracle #orker can only $less them) and this undoes their distortions and (rees them (rom ,rison. T-1.III.'. 7ou res,ond to #hat you ,ercei e) and as you ,ercei e so shall you $eha e. 2 The 1olden Rule asks you to do unto others as you #ould ha e them do unto you. 3 This means that the ,erce,tion o( $oth must $e accurate. ! The 1olden Rule is the rule (or a,,ro,riate $eha ior. % 7ou cannot $eha e a,,ro,riately unless you ,ercei e correctly. ' 5ince you and your nei&h$or are equal mem$ers o( one (amily) as you ,ercei e $oth so you #ill do to $oth. * 7ou should look out (rom the ,erce,tion o( your o#n holiness to the holiness o( others. T-1.III.*. 4iracles arise (rom a mind that is ready (or them. 2 By $ein& united this mind &oes out to e eryone) e en #ithout the a#areness o( the miracle #orker himsel(. 3 The im,ersonal nature o( miracles is $ecause the 3tonement itsel( is one) unitin& all creations #ith their Creator. ! 3s an e/,ression o( #hat you truly are) the miracle ,laces the mind in a state o( &race. % The mind then naturally #elcomes the 0ost #ithin and the stran&er #ithout. ' 8hen you $rin& in the stran&er) he $ecomes your $rother. T-1.III.-. That the miracle may ha e e((ects on your $rothers that you may not reco&niAe is not your concern. 2 The miracle #ill al#ays $less <you=. 3 4iracles you are not asked to ,er(orm ha e not lost their alue. ! They are still e/,ressions o( your o#n state o( &race) $ut the action as,ect o( the miracle should $e controlled $y me $ecause o( my com,lete a#areness o( the #hole ,lan. % The im,ersonal nature o( miracle-mindedness ensures your &race) $ut only I am in a ,osition to kno# #here they can $e $esto#ed. T-1.III.:. 4iracles are selecti e only in the sense that they are directed to#ards those #ho can use them (or themsel es. 2 5ince this makes it ine ita$le that they #ill e/tend them to others) a stron& chain o( 3tonement is #elded. 3 0o#e er) this selecti ity takes no account o( the ma&nitude o( the miracle itsel() $ecause the conce,t o( siAe e/ists on a ,lane that is itsel( unreal. ! 5ince the miracle aims at restorin& the a#areness o( reality) it #ould not $e use(ul i( it #ere $ound $y la#s that &o ern the error it aims to correct. I". T#e Escape fro $ar%ness T-1.I6.1. The esca,e (rom darkness in ol es t#o sta&es. "irst) the reco&nition that darkness cannot hide. 2 This ste, usually entails (ear. 3 5econd) the reco&nition that there is nothin& you #ant to hide e en i( you could. ! This ste, $rin&s esca,e (rom (ear. % 8hen you ha e $ecome #illin& to hide nothin&) you #ill not only $e #illin& to enter into communion $ut #ill also understand ,eace and Coy.

T-1.I6.2. 0oliness can ne er $e really hidden in darkness) $ut you can decei e yoursel( a$out it. 2 This dece,tion makes you (ear(ul $ecause you realiAe in your heart it <is= a dece,tion) and you e/ert enormous e((orts to esta$lish its reality. 3 The miracle sets reality #here it $elon&s. ! Reality $elon&s only to s,irit) and the miracle ackno#led&es only truth. % It thus dis,els illusions a$out yoursel() and ,uts you in communion #ith yoursel( and 1od. ' The miracle Coins in the 3tonement $y ,lacin& the mind in the ser ice o( the 0oly 5,irit. * This esta$lishes the ,ro,er (unction o( the mind and corrects its errors) #hich are merely lacks o( lo e. - 7our mind can $e ,ossessed $y illusions) $ut s,irit is eternally (ree. : I( a mind ,ercei es #ithout lo e) it ,ercei es an em,ty shell and is una#are o( the s,irit #ithin. 1> But the 3tonement restores s,irit to its ,ro,er ,lace. 11 The mind that ser es s,irit <is= in ulnera$le. T-1.I6.3. Darkness is lack o( li&ht as sin is lack o( lo e. 2 It has no unique ,ro,erties o( its o#n. 3 It is an e/am,le o( the 2scarcity2 $elie() (rom #hich only error can ,roceed. ! Truth is al#ays a$undant. % Those #ho ,ercei e and ackno#led&e that they ha e e erythin& ha e no needs o( any kind. ' The ,ur,ose o( the 3tonement is to restore e erythin& to you9 or rather) to restore it to your a#areness. * 7ou #ere &i en e erythin& #hen you #ere created) Cust as e eryone #as. T-1.I6.!. The em,tiness en&endered $y (ear must $e re,laced $y (or&i eness. 2 That is #hat the Bi$le means $y 2There is no death)2 and #hy I could demonstrate that death does not e/ist. 3 I came to (ul(ill the la# $y reinter,retin& it. ! The la# itsel() i( ,ro,erly understood) o((ers only ,rotection. % It is those #ho ha e not yet chan&ed their minds #ho $rou&ht the 2hell-(ire2 conce,t into it. ' I assure you that I #ill #itness (or anyone #ho lets me) and to #hate er e/tent he ,ermits it. * 7our #itnessin& demonstrates your $elie() and thus stren&thens it. - Those #ho #itness (or me are e/,ressin&) throu&h their miracles) that they ha e a$andoned the $elie( in de,ri ation in (a or o( the a$undance they ha e learned $elon&s to them. ". &#oleness an! Spirit T-1.6.1. The miracle is much like the $ody in that $oth are learnin& aids (or (acilitatin& a state in #hich they $ecome unnecessary. 2 8hen s,irit+s ori&inal state o( direct communication is reached) neither the $ody nor the miracle ser es any ,ur,ose. 3 8hile you $elie e you are in a $ody) ho#e er) you can choose $et#een lo eless and miraculous channels o( e/,ression. ! 7ou can make an em,ty shell) $ut you cannot e/,ress nothin& at all. % 7ou can #ait) delay) ,aralyAe yoursel() or reduce your creati ity almost to nothin&. ' But you cannot a$olish it. *

7ou can destroy your medium o( communication) $ut not your ,otential. - 7ou did not create yoursel(. T-1.6.2. The $asic decision o( the miracle-minded is not to #ait on time any lon&er than is necessary. 2 Time can #aste as #ell as $e #asted. 3 The miracle #orker) there(ore) acce,ts the time-control (actor &ladly. ! 0e reco&niAes that e ery colla,se o( time $rin&s e eryone closer to the ultimate release (rom time) in #hich the 5on and the "ather are One. % @quality does not im,ly equality <no#=. ' 8hen e eryone reco&niAes that he has e erythin&) indi idual contri$utions to the 5onshi, #ill no lon&er $e necessary. T-1.6.3. 8hen the 3tonement has $een com,leted) all talents #ill $e shared $y all the 5ons o( 1od. 2 1od is not ,artial. 3 3ll 0is children ha e 0is total ;o e) and all 0is &i(ts are (reely &i en to e eryone alike. ! 2@/ce,t ye $ecome as little children2 means that unless you (ully reco&niAe your com,lete de,endence on 1od) you cannot kno# the real ,o#er o( the 5on in his true relationshi, #ith the "ather. % The s,ecialness o( 1od+s 5ons does not stem (rom e/clusion $ut (rom inclusion. ' 3ll my $rothers are s,ecial. * I( they $elie e they are de,ri ed o( anythin&) their ,erce,tion $ecomes distorted. - 8hen this occurs the #hole (amily o( 1od) or the 5onshi,) is im,aired in its relationshi,s. T-1.6.!. Ultimately) e ery mem$er o( the (amily o( 1od must return. 2 The miracle calls him to return $ecause it $lesses and honors him) e en thou&h he may $e a$sent in s,irit. 3 21od is not mocked2 is not a #arnin& $ut a reassurance. ! 1od <#ould= $e mocked i( any o( 0is creations lacked holiness. % The creation is #hole) and the mark o( #holeness is holiness. ' 4iracles are a((irmations o( 5onshi,) #hich is a state o( com,letion and a$undance. T-1.6.%. 8hate er is true is eternal) and cannot chan&e or $e chan&ed. 2 5,irit is there(ore unaltera$le $ecause it is already ,er(ect) $ut the mind can elect #hat it chooses to ser e. 3 The only limit ,ut on its choice is that it cannot ser e t#o masters. ! I( it elects to do so) the mind can $ecome the medium $y #hich s,irit creates alon& the line o( its o#n creation. % I( it does not (reely elect to do so) it retains its creati e ,otential $ut ,laces itsel( under tyrannous rather than 3uthoritati e control. ' 3s a result it im,risons) $ecause such are the dictates o( tyrants. * To chan&e your mind means to ,lace it at the dis,osal o( <true= 3uthority. T-1.6.'. The miracle is a si&n that the mind has chosen to $e led $y me in Christ+s ser ice. 2 The a$undance o( Christ is the natural result o( choosin& to (ollo# 0im. 3 3ll shallo# roots must $e u,rooted) $ecause they are not dee, enou&h to sustain you. ! The illusion that shallo# roots can $e dee,ened) and thus made to hold) is one o( the

distortions on #hich the re erse o( the 1olden Rule rests. % 3s these (alse under,innin&s are &i en u,) the equili$rium is tem,orarily e/,erienced as unsta$le. ' 0o#e er) nothin& is less sta$le than an u,side-do#n orientation. * Nor can anythin& that holds it u,side do#n $e conduci e to increased sta$ility. "I. T#e Ill'sion of Nee!s T-1.6I.1. 7ou #ho #ant ,eace can (ind it only $y com,lete (or&i eness. 2 No learnin& is acquired $y anyone unless he #ants to learn it and $elie es in some #ay that he needs it. 3 8hile lack does not e/ist in the creation o( 1od) it is ery a,,arent in #hat you ha e made. ! It is) in (act) the essential di((erence $et#een them. % ;ack im,lies that you #ould $e $etter o(( in a state someho# di((erent (rom the one you are in. ' Until the 2se,aration)2 #hich is the meanin& o( the 2(all)2 nothin& #as lackin&. * There #ere no needs at all. - Needs arise only #hen you de,ri e yoursel(. : 7ou act accordin& to the ,articular order o( needs you esta$lish. 1> This) in turn) de,ends on your ,erce,tion o( #hat you are. T-1.6I.2. 3 sense o( se,aration (rom 1od is the only lack you really need correct. 2 This sense o( se,aration #ould ne er ha e arisen i( you had not distorted your ,erce,tion o( truth) and had thus ,ercei ed yoursel( as lackin&. 3 The idea o( order o( needs arose $ecause) ha in& made this (undamental error) you had already (ra&mented yoursel( into le els #ith di((erent needs. ! 3s you inte&rate you $ecome one) and your needs $ecome one accordin&ly. % Uni(ied needs lead to uni(ied action) $ecause this ,roduces a lack o( con(lict. T-1.6I.3. The idea o( orders o( need) #hich (ollo#s (rom the ori&inal error that one can $e se,arated (rom 1od) requires correction at its o#n le el $e(ore the error o( ,ercei in& le els at all can $e corrected. 2 7ou cannot $eha e e((ecti ely #hile you (unction on di((erent le els. 3 0o#e er) #hile you do) correction must $e introduced ertically (rom the $ottom u,. ! This is $ecause you think you li e in s,ace) #here conce,ts such as 2u,2 and 2do#n2 are meanin&(ul. % Ultimately) s,ace is as meanin&less as time. ' Both are merely $elie(s. T-1.6I.!. The real ,ur,ose o( this #orld is to use it to correct your un$elie(. 2 7ou can ne er control the e((ects o( (ear yoursel() $ecause you made (ear) and you $elie e in #hat you made. 3 In attitude) then) thou&h not in content) you resem$le your Creator) 8ho has ,er(ect (aith in 0is creations <$ecause= 0e created them. ! Belie( ,roduces the acce,tance o( e/istence. % That is #hy you can $elie e #hat no one else thinks is true. ' It is true (or you $ecause it #as made $y you. T-1.6I.%. 3ll as,ects o( (ear are untrue $ecause they do not e/ist at the creati e le el) and there(ore do not e/ist at all. 2 To #hate er

e/tent you are #illin& to su$mit your $elie(s to this test) to that e/tent are your ,erce,tions corrected. 3 In sortin& out the (alse (rom the true) the miracle ,roceeds alon& these lines. ! ?er(ect lo e casts out (ear. % I( (ear e/ists) Then there is not ,er(ect lo e. ' But. * Only ,er(ect lo e e/ists. - I( there is (ear) It ,roduces a state that does not e/ist. : Belie e this and you #ill $e (ree. 1> Only 1od can esta$lish this solution) and this (aith <is 0is &i(t.= "II. $istortions of Miracle I p'lses T-1.6II.1. 7our distorted ,erce,tions ,roduce a dense co er o er miracle im,ulses) makin& it hard (or them to reach your o#n a#areness. 2 The con(usion o( miracle im,ulses #ith ,hysical im,ulses is a maCor ,erce,tual distortion. 3 ?hysical im,ulses are misdirected miracle im,ulses. ! 3ll real ,leasure comes (rom doin& 1od+s 8ill. % This is $ecause <not= doin& it is a denial o( 5el(. ' Denial o( 5el( results in illusions) #hile correction o( the error $rin&s release (rom it. * Do not decei e yoursel( into $elie in& that you can relate in ,eace to 1od or to your $rothers #ith anythin& e/ternal. T-1.6II.2. Child o( 1od) you #ere created to create the &ood) the $eauti(ul and the holy. 2 Do not (or&et this. 3 The ;o e o( 1od) (or a little #hile) must still $e e/,ressed throu&h one $ody to another) $ecause ision is still so dim. ! 7ou can use your $ody $est to hel, you enlar&e your ,erce,tion so you can achie e real ision) o( #hich the ,hysical eye is inca,a$le. % ;earnin& to do this is the $ody+s only true use(ulness. T-1.6II.3. "antasy is a distorted (orm o( ision. 2 "antasies o( any kind are distortions) $ecause they al#ays in ol e t#istin& ,erce,tion into unreality. 3 3ctions that stem (rom distortions are literally the reactions o( those #ho kno# not #hat they do. ! "antasy is an attem,t to control reality accordin& to (alse needs. % T#ist reality in any #ay and you are ,ercei in& destructi ely. ' "antasies are a means o( makin& (alse associations and attem,tin& to o$tain ,leasure (rom them. * But althou&h you can ,ercei e (alse associations) you can ne er make

them real e/ce,t to yoursel(. - 7ou $elie e in #hat you make. : I( you o((er miracles) you #ill $e equally stron& in your $elie( in them. 1> The stren&th o( your con iction #ill then sustain the $elie( o( the miracle recei er. 11 "antasies $ecome totally unnecessary as the #holly satis(yin& nature o( reality $ecomes a,,arent to $oth &i er and recei er. 12 Reality is 2lost2 throu&h usur,ation) #hich ,roduces tyranny. 13 3s lon& as a sin&le 2sla e2 remains to #alk the earth) your release is not com,lete. 1! Com,lete restoration o( the 5onshi, is the only &oal o( the miracle-minded. T-1.6II.!. This is a course in mind trainin&. 2 3ll learnin& in ol es attention and study at some le el. 3 5ome o( the later ,arts o( the course rest too hea ily on these earlier sections not to require their care(ul study. ! 7ou #ill also need them (or ,re,aration. % 8ithout this) you may $ecome much too (ear(ul o( #hat is to come to make constructi e use o( it. ' 0o#e er) as you study these earlier sections) you #ill $e&in to see some o( the im,lications that #ill $e am,li(ied later on. T-1.6II.%. 3 solid (oundation is necessary $ecause o( the con(usion $et#een (ear and a#e to #hich I ha e already re(erred) and #hich is o(ten made. 2 I ha e said that a#e is ina,,ro,riate in connection #ith the 5ons o( 1od) $ecause you should not e/,erience a#e in the ,resence o( your equals. 3 0o#e er) it #as also em,hasiAed that a#e is ,ro,er in the ?resence o( your Creator. ! I ha e $een care(ul to clari(y my role in the 3tonement #ithout either o er- or understatin& it. % I am also tryin& to do the same #ith yours. ' I ha e stressed that a#e is not an a,,ro,riate reaction to me $ecause o( our inherent equality. * 5ome o( the later ste,s in this course) ho#e er) in ol e a more direct a,,roach to 1od 0imsel(. - It #ould $e un#ise to start on these ste,s #ithout care(ul ,re,aration) or a#e #ill $e con(used #ith (ear) and the e/,erience #ill $e more traumatic than $eati(ic. : 0ealin& is o( 1od in the end. 1> The means are $ein& care(ully e/,lained to you. 11 Re elation may occasionally re eal the end to you) $ut to reach it the means are needed. C#apter (. THE SEPARATION AN$ THE ATONEMENT I. T#e Ori)ins of Separation T-2.I.1. To e/tend is a (undamental as,ect o( 1od #hich 0e &a e to 0is 5on. 2 In the creation) 1od e/tended 0imsel( to 0is creations and im$ued them #ith the same lo in& 8ill to create. 3 7ou ha e not only $een (ully created) $ut ha e also $een created ,er(ect. ! There is no em,tiness in you. % Because o( your likeness to your Creator you are

creati e. ' No child o( 1od can lose this a$ility $ecause it is inherent in #hat he is) $ut he can use it ina,,ro,riately $y ,roCectin&. * The ina,,ro,riate use o( e/tension) or ,roCection) occurs #hen you $elie e that some em,tiness or lack e/ists in you) and that you can (ill it #ith your o#n ideas instead o( truth. - This ,rocess in ol es the (ollo#in& ste,s. : "irst) you $elie e that #hat 1od created can $e chan&ed $y your o#n mind. 1> 5econd) you $elie e that #hat is ,er(ect can $e rendered im,er(ect or lackin&. 11 Third) you $elie e that you can distort the creations o( 1od) includin& yoursel(. 12 "ourth) you $elie e that you can create yoursel() and that the direction o( your o#n creation is u, to you. T-2.I.2. These related distortions re,resent a ,icture o( #hat actually occurred in the se,aration) or the 2detour into (ear.2 2 None o( this e/isted $e(ore the se,aration) nor does it actually e/ist no#. 3 @ erythin& 1od created is like 0im. ! @/tension) as undertaken $y 1od) is similar to the inner radiance that the children o( the "ather inherit (rom 0im. % Its real source is internal. ' This is as true o( the 5on as o( the "ather. * In this sense the creation includes $oth the creation o( the 5on $y 1od) and the 5on+s creations #hen his mind is healed. - This requires 1od+s endo#ment o( the 5on #ith (ree #ill) $ecause all lo in& creation is (reely &i en in one continuous line) in #hich all as,ects are o( the same order. T-2.I.3. The 1arden o( @den) or the ,re-se,aration condition) #as a state o( mind in #hich nothin& #as needed. 2 8hen 3dam listened to the 2lies o( the ser,ent)2 all he heard #as untruth. 3 7ou do not ha e to continue to $elie e #hat is not true unless you choose to do so. ! 3ll that can literally disa,,ear in the t#inklin& o( an eye $ecause it is merely a mis,erce,tion. % 8hat is seen in dreams seems to $e ery real. ' 7et the Bi$le says that a dee, slee, (ell u,on 3dam) and no#here is there re(erence to his #akin& u,. * The #orld has not yet e/,erienced any com,rehensi e rea#akenin& or re$irth. - 5uch a re$irth is im,ossi$le as lon& as you continue to ,roCect or miscreate. : It still remains #ithin you) ho#e er) to e/tend as 1od e/tended 0is 5,irit to you. 1> In reality this is your only choice) $ecause your (ree #ill #as &i en you (or your Coy in creatin& the ,er(ect. T-2.I.!. 3ll (ear is ultimately reduci$le to the $asic mis,erce,tion that you ha e the a$ility to usur, the ,o#er o( 1od. 2 O( course) you neither can nor ha e $een a$le to do this. 3 0ere is the real $asis (or your esca,e (rom (ear. ! The esca,e is $rou&ht a$out $y your

acce,tance o( the 3tonement) #hich ena$les you to realiAe that your errors ne er really occurred. % Only a(ter the dee, slee, (ell u,on 3dam could he e/,erience ni&htmares. ' I( a li&ht is suddenly turned on #hile someone is dreamin& a (ear(ul dream) he may initially inter,ret the li&ht itsel( as ,art o( his dream and $e a(raid o( it. * 0o#e er) #hen he a#akens) the li&ht is correctly ,ercei ed as the release (rom the dream) #hich is then no lon&er accorded reality. - This release does not de,end on illusions. : The kno#led&e that illuminates not only sets you (ree) $ut also sho#s you clearly that you <are= (ree. T-2.I.%. 8hate er lies you may $elie e are o( no concern to the miracle) #hich can heal any o( them #ith equal ease. 2 It makes no distinctions amon& mis,erce,tions. 3 Its sole concern is to distin&uish $et#een truth on the one hand) and error on the other. ! 5ome miracles may seem to $e o( &reater ma&nitude than others. % But remem$er the (irst ,rinci,le in this course9 there is no order o( di((iculty in miracles. ' In reality you are ,er(ectly una((ected $y all e/,ressions o( lack o( lo e. * These can $e (rom yoursel( and others) (rom yoursel( to others) or (rom others to you. - ?eace is an attri$ute <in= you. : 7ou cannot (ind it outside. 1> Illness is some (orm o( e/ternal searchin&. 11 0ealth is inner ,eace. 12 It ena$les you to remain unshaken $y lack o( lo e (rom #ithout and ca,a$le) throu&h your acce,tance o( miracles) o( correctin& the conditions ,roceedin& (rom lack o( lo e in others. ,1II. T#e Atone ent as $efense T-2.II.1. 7ou can do anythin& I ask. 2 I ha e asked you to ,er(orm miracles) and ha e made it clear that miracles are natural) correcti e) healin& and uni ersal. 3 There is nothin& they cannot do) $ut they cannot $e ,er(ormed in the s,irit o( dou$t or (ear. ! 8hen you are a(raid o( anythin&) you are ackno#led&in& its ,o#er to hurt you. % Remem$er that #here your heart is) there is your treasure also. ' 7ou $elie e in #hat you alue. * I( you are a(raid) you are aluin& #ron&ly. - 7our understandin& #ill then ine ita$ly alue #ron&ly) and $y endo#in& all thou&hts #ith equal ,o#er #ill ine ita$ly destroy ,eace. : That is #hy the Bi$le s,eaks o( 2the ,eace o( 1od #hich ,asseth understandin&.2 1> This ,eace is totally inca,a$le o( $ein& shaken $y errors o( any kind. 11 It denies the a$ility o( anythin& not o( 1od to a((ect you. 12 This is the ,ro,er use o( denial. 13 It is not used to hide anythin&) $ut to correct error. 1! It $rin&s all error into the li&ht) and since error and darkness are the same) it corrects error automatically. T-2.II.2. True denial is a ,o#er(ul ,rotecti e de ice. 2 7ou can and should deny any $elie( that error can hurt you. 3 This kind o( denial is not a concealment $ut a correction. ! 7our ri&ht mind de,ends on it. %

Denial o( error is a stron& de(ense o( truth) $ut denial o( truth results in miscreation) the ,roCections o( the e&o. ' In the ser ice o( the ri&ht mind the denial o( error (rees the mind) and re-esta$lishes the (reedom o( the #ill. * 8hen the #ill is really (ree it cannot miscreate) $ecause it reco&niAes only truth. T-2.II.3. 7ou can de(end truth as #ell as error. 2 The means are easier to understand a(ter the alue o( the &oal is (irmly esta$lished. 3 It is a question o( #hat it is <(or.= ! @ eryone de(ends his treasure) and #ill do so automatically. % The real questions are) #hat do you treasure) and ho# much do you treasure itD ' Once you ha e learned to consider these questions and to $rin& them into all your actions) you #ill ha e little di((iculty in clari(yin& the means. * The means are a aila$le #hene er you ask. - 7ou can) ho#e er) sa e time i( you do not ,rotract this ste, unduly. : The correct (ocus #ill shorten it immeasura$ly. T-2.II.!. The 3tonement is the only de(ense that cannot $e used destructi ely $ecause it is not a de ice you made. 2 The 3tonement <,rinci,le= #as in e((ect lon& $e(ore the 3tonement $e&an. 3 The ,rinci,le #as lo e and the 3tonement #as an <act= o( lo e. ! 3cts #ere not necessary $e(ore the se,aration) $ecause $elie( in s,ace and time did not e/ist. ,1: % It #as only a(ter the se,aration that the 3tonement and the conditions necessary (or its (ul(illment #ere ,lanned. ' Then a de(ense so s,lendid #as needed that it could not $e misused) althou&h it could $e re(used. * Re(usal could not) ho#e er) turn it into a #ea,on o( attack) #hich is the inherent characteristic o( other de(enses. - The 3tonement thus $ecomes the only de(ense that is not a t#o-ed&ed s#ord. : It can only heal. T-2.II.%. The 3tonement #as $uilt into the s,ace-time $elie( to set a limit on the need (or the $elie( itsel() and ultimately to make learnin& com,lete. 2 The 3tonement is the (inal lesson. 3 ;earnin& itsel() like the classrooms in #hich it occurs) is tem,orary. ! The a$ility to learn has no alue #hen chan&e is no lon&er necessary. % The eternally creati e ha e nothin& to learn. ' 7ou can learn to im,ro e your ,erce,tions) and can $ecome a $etter and $etter learner. * This #ill $rin& you into closer and closer accord #ith the 5onshi,9 $ut the 5onshi, itsel( is a ,er(ect creation and ,er(ection is not a matter o( de&ree. - Only #hile there is a $elie( in di((erences is learnin& meanin&(ul. T-2.II.'. @ olution is a ,rocess in #hich you seem to ,roceed (rom one de&ree to the ne/t. 2 7ou correct your ,re ious misste,s $y ste,,in& (or#ard. 3 This ,rocess is actually incom,rehensi$le in tem,oral terms) $ecause you return as you &o (or#ard. ! The 3tonement is the de ice $y #hich you can (ree yoursel( (rom the ,ast as you &o ahead. % It undoes your ,ast errors) thus makin& it unnecessary (or you to kee, retracin& your ste,s #ithout ad ancin& to

your return. ' In this sense the 3tonement sa es time) $ut like the miracle it ser es) does not a$olish it. * 3s lon& as there is need (or 3tonement) there is need (or time. - But the 3tonement as a com,leted ,lan has a unique relationshi, to time. : Until the 3tonement is com,lete) its arious ,hases #ill ,roceed in time) $ut the #hole 3tonement stands at time+s end. 1> 3t that ,oint the $rid&e o( return has $een $uilt. T-2.II.*. The 3tonement is a total commitment. 2 7ou may still think this is associated #ith loss) a mistake all the se,arated 5ons o( 1od make in one #ay or another. 3 It is hard to $elie e a de(ense that cannot attack is the $est de(ense. ! This is #hat is meant $y 2the meek shall inherit the earth.2 % They #ill literally take it o er $ecause o( their stren&th. ' 3 t#o-#ay de(ense is inherently #eak ,recisely $ecause it has t#o ed&es) and can $e turned a&ainst you ery une/,ectedly. * This ,ossi$ility cannot $e controlled e/ce,t $y miracles. - The miracle turns the de(ense o( 3tonement to your real ,rotection) and as you $ecome more and more secure you assume your natural talent o( ,rotectin& others) kno#in& yoursel( as $oth a $rother and a 5on. III. T#e Altar of Go! T-2.III.1. The 3tonement can only $e acce,ted #ithin you $y releasin& the inner li&ht. 2 5ince the se,aration) de(enses ha e $een used almost entirely to de(end <a&ainst= the 3tonement) and thus maintain the se,aration. 3 This is &enerally seen as a need to ,rotect the $ody. ! The many $ody (antasies in #hich minds en&a&e arise (rom the distorted $elie( that the $ody can $e used as a means (or attainin& 2atonement.2 % ?ercei in& the $ody as a tem,le is only the (irst ste, in correctin& this distortion) $ecause it alters only ,art o( it. ' It <does= reco&niAe that 3tonement in ,hysical terms is im,ossi$le. * The ne/t ste,) ho#e er) is to realiAe that a tem,le is not a structure at all. - Its true holiness lies at the inner altar around #hich the structure is $uilt. : The em,hasis on $eauti(ul structures is a si&n o( the (ear o( 3tonement) and an un#illin&ness to reach the altar itsel(. 1> The real $eauty o( the tem,le cannot $e seen #ith the ,hysical eye. 11 5,iritual si&ht) on the other hand) cannot see the structure at all $ecause it is ,er(ect ision. 12 It can) ho#e er) see the altar #ith ,er(ect clarity. T-2.III.2. "or ,er(ect e((ecti eness the 3tonement $elon&s at the center o( the inner altar) #here it undoes the se,aration and restores the #holeness o( the mind. 2 Be(ore the se,aration the mind #as in ulnera$le to (ear) $ecause (ear did not e/ist. 3 Both the se,aration and the (ear are miscreations that must $e undone (or the restoration o( the tem,le) and (or the o,enin& o( the altar to recei e the 3tonement. ! This heals the se,aration $y ,lacin& #ithin you the one

e((ecti e de(ense a&ainst all se,aration thou&hts and makin& you ,er(ectly in ulnera$le. T-2.III.3. The acce,tance o( the 3tonement $y e eryone is only a matter o( time. 2 This may a,,ear to contradict (ree #ill $ecause o( the ine ita$ility o( the (inal decision) $ut this is not so. 3 7ou can tem,oriAe and you are ca,a$le o( enormous ,rocrastination) $ut you cannot de,art entirely (rom your Creator) 8ho set the limits on your a$ility to miscreate. ! 3n im,risoned #ill en&enders a situation #hich) in the e/treme) $ecomes alto&ether intolera$le. ,21 % Tolerance (or ,ain may $e hi&h) $ut it is not #ithout limit. ' @ entually e eryone $e&ins to reco&niAe) ho#e er dimly) that there <must= $e a $etter #ay. * 3s this reco&nition $ecomes more (irmly esta$lished) it $ecomes a turnin& ,oint. - This ultimately rea#akens s,iritual ision) simultaneously #eakenin& the in estment in ,hysical si&ht. : The alternatin& in estment in the t#o le els o( ,erce,tion is usually e/,erienced as con(lict) #hich can $ecome ery acute. 1> But the outcome is as certain as 1od. T-2.III.!. 5,iritual ision literally cannot see error) and merely looks (or 3tonement. 2 3ll solutions the ,hysical eye seeks dissol e. 3 5,iritual ision looks #ithin and reco&niAes immediately that the altar has $een de(iled and needs to $e re,aired and ,rotected. ! ?er(ectly a#are o( the ri&ht de(ense it ,asses o er all others) lookin& ,ast error to truth. % Because o( the stren&th o( its ision) it $rin&s the mind into its ser ice. ' This re-esta$lishes the ,o#er o( the mind and makes it increasin&ly una$le to tolerate delay) realiAin& that it only adds unnecessary ,ain. * 3s a result) the mind $ecomes increasin&ly sensiti e to #hat it #ould once ha e re&arded as ery minor intrusions o( discom(ort. T-2.III.%. The children o( 1od are entitled to the ,er(ect com(ort that comes (rom ,er(ect trust. 2 Until they achie e this) they #aste themsel es and their true creati e ,o#ers on useless attem,ts to make themsel es more com(orta$le $y ina,,ro,riate means. 3 But the real means are already ,ro ided) and do not in ol e any e((ort at all on their ,art. ! The 3tonement is the only &i(t that is #orthy o( $ein& o((ered at the altar o( 1od) $ecause o( the alue o( the altar itsel(. % It #as created ,er(ect and is entirely #orthy o( recei in& ,er(ection. ' 1od and 0is creations are com,letely de,endent on @ach Other. * 0e de,ends on them <$ecause= 0e created them ,er(ect. - 0e &a e them 0is ,eace so they could not $e shaken and could not $e decei ed. : 8hene er you are a(raid you <are= decei ed) and your mind cannot ser e the 0oly 5,irit. 1> This star es you $y denyin& you your daily $read. 11 1od is lonely #ithout 0is 5ons) and they are lonely #ithout 0im. 12 They must learn to look u,on the #orld as a means o(

healin& the se,aration. 13 The 3tonement is the &uarantee that they #ill ultimately succeed. ,22 I". Healin) as Release fro Fear T-2.I6.1. Our em,hasis is no# on healin&. 2 The miracle is the means) the 3tonement is the ,rinci,le) and healin& is the result. 3 To s,eak o( 2a miracle o( healin&2 is to com$ine t#o orders o( reality ina,,ro,riately. ! 0ealin& is not a miracle. % The 3tonement) or the (inal miracle) is a remedy and any ty,e o( healin& is a result. ' The kind o( error to #hich 3tonement is a,,lied is irrele ant. * 3ll healin& is essentially the release (rom (ear. - To undertake this you cannot $e (ear(ul yoursel(. : 7ou do not understand healin& $ecause o( your o#n (ear. T-2.I6.2. 3 maCor ste, in the 3tonement ,lan is to undo error at all le els. 2 5ickness or 2not-ri&ht-mindedness2 is the result o( le el con(usion) $ecause it al#ays entails the $elie( that #hat is amiss on one le el can ad ersely a((ect another. 3 8e ha e re(erred to miracles as the means o( correctin& le el con(usion) (or all mistakes must $e corrected at the le el on #hich they occur. ! Only the mind is ca,a$le o( error. % The $ody can act #ron&ly only #hen it is res,ondin& to misthou&ht. ' The $ody cannot create) and the $elie( that it can) a (undamental error) ,roduces all ,hysical sym,toms. * ?hysical illness re,resents a $elie( in ma&ic. - The #hole distortion that made ma&ic rests on the $elie( that there is a creati e a$ility in matter #hich the mind cannot control. : This error can take t#o (orms9 it can $e $elie ed that the mind can miscreate in the $ody) or that the $ody can miscreate in the mind. 1> 8hen it is understood that the mind) the only le el o( creation) cannot create $eyond itsel() neither ty,e o( con(usion need occur. T-2.I6.3. Only the mind can create $ecause s,irit has already $een created) and the $ody is a learnin& de ice (or the mind. 2 ;earnin& de ices are not lessons in themsel es. 3 Their ,ur,ose is merely to (acilitate learnin&. ! The #orst a (aulty use o( a learnin& de ice can do is to (ail to (acilitate learnin&. % It has no ,o#er in itsel( to introduce actual learnin& errors. ' The $ody) i( ,ro,erly understood) shares the in ulnera$ility o( the 3tonement to t#o-ed&ed a,,lication. * This is not $ecause the $ody is a miracle) $ut $ecause it is not inherently o,en to misinter,retation. - The $ody is merely ,art o( your e/,erience in the ,hysical #orld. : Its a$ilities can $e and (requently are o ere aluated. 1> 0o#e er) it is almost im,ossi$le to deny its e/istence in this #orld. 11 Those #ho do so are en&a&in& in a ,articularly un#orthy (orm o( denial. 12 The term 2un#orthy2 here im,lies only that it is not necessary to ,rotect the mind $y denyin& the unmind(ul. ,23 13 I( one

denies this un(ortunate as,ect o( the mind+s ,o#er) one is also denyin& the ,o#er itsel(. T-2.I6.!. 3ll material means that you acce,t as remedies (or $odily ills are restatements o( ma&ic ,rinci,les. 2 This is the (irst ste, in $elie in& that the $ody makes its o#n illness. 3 It is a second misste, to attem,t to heal it throu&h non-creati e a&ents. ! It does not (ollo#) ho#e er) that the use o( such a&ents (or correcti e ,ur,oses is e il. % 5ometimes the illness has a su((iciently stron& hold o er the mind to render a ,erson tem,orarily inaccessi$le to the 3tonement. ' In this case it may $e #ise to utiliAe a com,romise a,,roach to mind and $ody) in #hich somethin& (rom the outside is tem,orarily &i en healin& $elie(. * This is $ecause the last thin& that can hel, the non-ri&htminded) or the sick) is an increase in (ear. - They are already in a (ear#eakened state. : I( they are ,rematurely e/,osed to a miracle) they may $e ,reci,itated into ,anic. 1> This is likely to occur #hen u,sidedo#n ,erce,tion has induced the $elie( that miracles are (ri&htenin&. T-2.I6.%. The alue o( the 3tonement does not lie in the manner in #hich it is e/,ressed. 2 In (act) i( it is used truly) it #ill ine ita$ly $e e/,ressed in #hate er #ay is most hel,(ul to the recei er. 3 This means that a miracle) to attain its (ull e((icacy) must $e e/,ressed in a lan&ua&e that the reci,ient can understand #ithout (ear. ! This does not necessarily mean that this is the hi&hest le el o( communication o( #hich he is ca,a$le. % It does mean) ho#e er) that it is the hi&hest le el o( communication o( #hich he is ca,a$le <no#.= ' The #hole aim o( the miracle is to raise the le el o( communication) not to lo#er it $y increasin& (ear. ". T#e F'nction of t#e Miracle &or%er T-2.6.1. Be(ore miracle #orkers are ready to undertake their (unction in this #orld) it is essential that they (ully understand the (ear o( release. 2 Other#ise they may un#ittin&ly (oster the $elie( that release is im,risonment) a $elie( that is already ery ,re alent. 3 This mis,erce,tion arises in turn (rom the $elie( that harm can $e limited to the $ody. ! That is $ecause o( the underlyin& (ear that the mind can hurt itsel(. % None o( these errors is meanin&(ul) $ecause the miscreations o( the mind do not really e/ist. ' This reco&nition is a (ar $etter ,rotecti e de ice than any (orm o( le el con(usion) $ecause it introduces correction at the le el o( the error. ,2! * It is essential to remem$er that only the mind can create) and that correction $elon&s at the thou&ht le el. - To am,li(y an earlier statement) s,irit is already ,er(ect and there(ore does not require correction. : The $ody does not e/ist e/ce,t as a learnin& de ice (or the mind. 1> This learnin& de ice is not su$Cect to errors o( its o#n) $ecause it cannot create. 11 It is

o$ ious) then) that inducin& the mind to &i e u, its miscreations is the only a,,lication o( creati e a$ility that is truly meanin&(ul. T-2.6.2. 4a&ic is the mindless or the miscreati e use o( mind. 2 ?hysical medications are (orms o( 2s,ells)2 $ut i( you are a(raid to use the mind to heal) you should not attem,t to do so. 3 The ery (act that you are a(raid makes your mind ulnera$le to miscreation. ! 7ou are there(ore likely to misunderstand any healin& that mi&ht occur) and $ecause e&ocentricity and (ear usually occur to&ether) you may $e una$le to acce,t the real 5ource o( the healin&. % Under these conditions) it is sa(er (or you to rely tem,orarily on ,hysical healin& de ices) $ecause you cannot mis,ercei e them as your o#n creations. ' 3s lon& as your sense o( ulnera$ility ,ersists) you should not attem,t to ,er(orm miracles. T-2.6.3. I ha e already said that miracles are e/,ressions o( miraclemindedness) and miracle-mindedness means ri&ht-mindedness. 2 The ri&ht-minded neither e/alt nor de,reciate the mind o( the miracle #orker or the miracle recei er. 3 0o#e er) as a correction) the miracle need not a#ait the ri&ht-mindedness o( the recei er. ! In (act) its ,ur,ose is to restore him <to= his ri&ht mind. % It is essential) ho#e er) that the miracle #orker $e in his ri&ht mind) ho#e er $rie(ly) or he #ill $e una$le to re-esta$lish ri&ht-mindedness in someone else. T-2.6.!. The healer #ho relies on his o#n readiness is endan&erin& his understandin&. 2 7ou are ,er(ectly sa(e as lon& as you are com,letely unconcerned a$out your readiness) $ut maintain a consistent trust in mine. 3 I( your miracle #orkin& inclinations are not (unctionin& ,ro,erly) it is al#ays $ecause (ear has intruded on your ri&ht-mindedness and has turned it u,side do#n. ! 3ll (orms o( notri&ht-mindedness are the result o( re(usal to acce,t the 3tonement (or yoursel(. % I( you do acce,t it) you are in a ,osition to reco&niAe that those #ho need healin& are sim,ly those #ho ha e not realiAed that ri&ht-mindedness <is= healin&. T-2.6.%. <The sole res,onsi$ility o( the miracle #orker is to acce,t the 3tonement (or himsel(.= ,2% 2 This means you reco&niAe that mind is the only creati e le el) and that its errors are healed $y the 3tonement. 3 Once you acce,t this) your mind can only heal. ! By denyin& your mind any destructi e ,otential and reinstatin& its ,urely constructi e ,o#ers) you ,lace yoursel( in a ,osition to undo the le el con(usion o( others. % The messa&e you then &i e to them is the truth that their minds are similarly constructi e) and their miscreations cannot hurt them. ' By a((irmin& this you release the mind (rom o ere aluatin& its o#n learnin& de ice) and restore the mind to its true ,osition as the learner.

T-2.6.'. It should $e em,hasiAed a&ain that the $ody does not learn any more than it creates. 2 3s a learnin& de ice it merely (ollo#s the learner) $ut i( it is (alsely endo#ed #ith sel(-initiati e) it $ecomes a serious o$struction to the ery learnin& it should (acilitate. 3 Only the mind is ca,a$le o( illumination. ! 5,irit is already illuminated and the $ody in itsel( is too dense. % The mind) ho#e er) can $rin& its illumination to the $ody $y reco&niAin& that it is not the learner) and is there(ore unamena$le to learnin&. ' The $ody is) ho#e er) easily $rou&ht into ali&nment #ith a mind that has learned to look $eyond it to#ard the li&ht. T-2.6.*. Correcti e learnin& al#ays $e&ins #ith the a#akenin& o( s,irit) and the turnin& a#ay (rom the $elie( in ,hysical si&ht. 2 This o(ten entails (ear) $ecause you are a(raid o( #hat your s,iritual si&ht #ill sho# you. 3 I said $e(ore that the 0oly 5,irit cannot see error) and is ca,a$le only o( lookin& $eyond it to the de(ense o( 3tonement. ! There is no dou$t that this may ,roduce discom(ort) yet the discom(ort is not the (inal outcome o( the ,erce,tion. % 8hen the 0oly 5,irit is ,ermitted to look u,on the de(ilement o( the altar) 0e also looks immediately to#ard the 3tonement. ' Nothin& 0e ,ercei es can induce (ear. * @ erythin& that results (rom s,iritual a#areness is merely channeliAed to#ard correction. - Discom(ort is aroused only to $rin& the need (or correction into a#areness. T-2.6.-. The (ear o( healin& arises in the end (rom an un#illin&ness to acce,t unequi ocally that healin& is necessary. 2 8hat the ,hysical eye sees is not correcti e) nor can error $e corrected $y any de ice that can $e seen ,hysically. 3 3s lon& as you $elie e in #hat your ,hysical si&ht tells you) your attem,ts at correction #ill $e misdirected. ! The real ision is o$scured) $ecause you cannot endure to see your o#n de(iled altar. % But since the altar has $een de(iled) your state $ecomes dou$ly dan&erous unless it <is= ,ercei ed. ,2' T-2.6.:. 0ealin& is an a$ility that de elo,ed a(ter the se,aration) $e(ore #hich it #as unnecessary. 2 ;ike all as,ects o( the $elie( in s,ace and time) it is tem,orary. 3 0o#e er) as lon& as time ,ersists) healin& is needed as a means o( ,rotection. ! This is $ecause healin& rests on charity) and charity is a #ay o( ,ercei in& the ,er(ection o( another e en i( you cannot ,ercei e it in yoursel(. % 4ost o( the lo(tier conce,ts o( #hich you are ca,a$le no# are time-de,endent. ' Charity is really a #eaker re(lection o( a much more ,o#er(ul lo eencom,assment that is (ar $eyond any (orm o( charity you can concei e o( as yet. * Charity is essential to ri&ht-mindedness in the limited sense in #hich it can no# $e attained. T-2.6.1>. Charity is a #ay o( lookin& at another as i( he had already &one (ar $eyond his actual accom,lishments in time. 2 5ince his o#n

thinkin& is (aulty he cannot see the 3tonement (or himsel() or he #ould ha e no need o( charity. 3 The charity that is accorded him is $oth an ackno#led&ment that he needs hel,) and a reco&nition that he #ill acce,t it. ! Both o( these ,erce,tions clearly im,ly their de,endence on time) makin& it a,,arent that charity still lies #ithin the limitations o( this #orld. % I said $e(ore that only re elation transcends time. ' The miracle) as an e/,ression o( charity) can only shorten it. * It must $e understood) ho#e er) that #hene er you o((er a miracle to another) you are shortenin& the su((erin& o( $oth o( you. - This corrects retroacti ely as #ell as ,ro&ressi ely. A. Special Principles of Miracle &or%ers T- E1F The miracle a$olishes the need (or lo#er-order concerns. 2 5ince it is an out-o(-,attern time inter al) the ordinary considerations o( time and s,ace do not a,,ly. 3 8hen you ,er(orm a miracle) I #ill arran&e $oth time and s,ace to adCust to it. T- E2F 3 clear distinction $et#een #hat is created and #hat is made is essential. 2 3ll (orms o( healin& rest on this (undamental correction in le el ,erce,tion. T- E3F Ne er con(use ri&ht- and #ron&-mindedness. 2 Res,ondin& to any (orm o( error #ith anythin& e/ce,t a desire to heal is an e/,ression o( this con(usion. T-!. E!F The miracle is al#ays a denial o( this error and an a((irmation o( the truth. 2 Only ri&ht-mindedness can correct in a #ay that has any real e((ect. 3 ?ra&matically) #hat has no real e((ect has no real e/istence. ,2* ! Its e((ect) then) is em,tiness. % Bein& #ithout su$stantial content) it lends itsel( to ,roCection. T- E%F The le el-adCustment ,o#er o( the miracle induces the ri&ht ,erce,tion (or healin&. 2 Until this has occurred healin& cannot $e understood. 3 "or&i eness is an em,ty &esture unless it entails correction. ! 8ithout this it is essentially Cud&mental) rather than healin&. T-'. E'F 4iracle-minded (or&i eness is <only= correction. 2 It has no element o( Cud&ment at all. 3 The statement 2"ather (or&i e them (or they kno# not #hat they do2 in no #ay e aluates <#hat= they do. ! It is an a,,eal to 1od to heal their minds. % There is no re(erence to the outcome o( the error. ' That does not matter. T-*. E*F The inCunction 2Be o( one mind2 is the statement (or re elation-readiness. 2 4y request 2Do this in remem$rance o( me2 is the a,,eal (or coo,eration (rom miracle #orkers. 3 The t#o statements are not in the same order o( reality. ! Only the latter in ol es an a#areness o( time) since to remem$er is to recall the ,ast in the ,resent. % Time is under my direction) $ut timelessness $elon&s to

1od. ' In time #e e/ist (or and #ith each other. * In timelessness #e coe/ist #ith 1od. T- E-F 7ou can do much on $ehal( o( your o#n healin& and that o( others i() in a situation callin& (or hel,) you think o( it this #ay. 2 I am here only to $e truly hel,(ul. 3 I am here to re,resent 0im 8ho sent me. ! I do not ha e to #orry a$out #hat to say or #hat to do) $ecause 0e 8ho sent me #ill direct me. % I am content to $e #here er 0e #ishes) kno#in& 0e &oes there #ith me. ' I #ill $e healed as I let 0im teach me to heal. "I. Fear an! Conflict T-2.6I.1. Bein& a(raid seems to $e in oluntary9 somethin& $eyond your o#n control. 2 7et I ha e said already that only constructi e acts should $e in oluntary. 3 4y control can take o er e erythin& that does not matter) #hile my &uidance can direct e erythin& that does) i( you so choose. ! "ear cannot $e controlled $y me) $ut it can $e sel(controlled. % "ear ,re ents me (rom &i in& you my control. ' The ,resence o( (ear sho#s that you ha e raised $ody thou&hts to the le el o( the mind. ,2- * This remo es them (rom my control) and makes you (eel ,ersonally res,onsi$le (or them. - This is an o$ ious con(usion o( le els. T-2.6I.2. I do not (oster le el con(usion) $ut you must choose to correct it. 2 7ou #ould not e/cuse insane $eha ior on your ,art $y sayin& you could not hel, it. 3 8hy should you condone insane thinkin&D ! There is a con(usion here that you #ould do #ell to look at clearly. % 7ou may $elie e that you are res,onsi$le (or #hat you do) $ut not (or #hat you think. ' The truth is that you are res,onsi$le (or #hat you think) $ecause it is only at this le el that you can e/ercise choice. * 8hat you do comes (rom #hat you think. - 7ou cannot se,arate yoursel( (rom the truth $y 2&i in&2 autonomy to $eha ior. : This is controlled $y me automatically as soon as you ,lace #hat you think under my &uidance. 1> 8hene er you are a(raid) it is a sure si&n that you ha e allo#ed your mind to miscreate and ha e not allo#ed me to &uide it. T-2.6I.3. It is ,ointless to $elie e that controllin& the outcome o( misthou&ht can result in healin&. 2 8hen you are (ear(ul) you ha e chosen #ron&ly. 3 That is #hy you (eel res,onsi$le (or it. ! 7ou must chan&e your mind) not your $eha ior) and this <is= a matter o( #illin&ness. % 7ou do not need &uidance e/ce,t at the mind le el. ' Correction $elon&s only at the le el #here chan&e is ,ossi$le. *

Chan&e does not mean anythin& at the sym,tom le el) #here it cannot #ork. T-2.6I.!. The correction o( (ear <is= your res,onsi$ility. 2 8hen you ask (or release (rom (ear) you are im,lyin& that it is not. 3 7ou should ask) instead) (or hel, in the conditions that ha e $rou&ht the (ear a$out. ! These conditions al#ays entail a #illin&ness to $e se,arate. % 3t that le el you <can= hel, it. ' 7ou are much too tolerant o( mind #anderin&) and are ,assi ely condonin& your mind+s miscreations. * The ,articular result does not matter) $ut the (undamental error does. - The correction is al#ays the same. : Be(ore you choose to do anythin&) ask me i( your choice is in accord #ith mine. 1> I( you are sure that it is) there #ill $e no (ear. T-2.6I.%. "ear is al#ays a si&n o( strain) arisin& #hene er #hat you #ant con(licts #ith #hat you do. 2 This situation arises in t#o #ays. "irst) you can choose to do con(lictin& thin&s) either simultaneously or successi ely. 3 This ,roduces con(licted $eha ior) #hich is intolera$le to you $ecause the ,art o( the mind that #ants to do somethin& else is outra&ed. ! 5econd) you can $eha e as you think you should) $ut #ithout entirely #antin& to do so. ,2: % This ,roduces consistent $eha ior) $ut entails &reat strain. ' In $oth cases) the mind and the $eha ior are out o( accord) resultin& in a situation in #hich you are doin& #hat you do not #holly #ant to do. * This arouses a sense o( coercion that usually ,roduces ra&e) and ,roCection is likely to (ollo#. 8hene er there is (ear) it is $ecause you ha e not made u, your mind. : 7our mind is there(ore s,lit) and your $eha ior ine ita$ly $ecomes erratic. 1> Correctin& at the $eha ioral le el can shi(t the error (rom the (irst to the second ty,e) $ut #ill not o$literate the (ear. T-2.6I.'. It is ,ossi$le to reach a state in #hich you $rin& your mind under my &uidance #ithout conscious e((ort) $ut this im,lies a #illin&ness that you ha e not de elo,ed as yet. 2 The 0oly 5,irit cannot ask more than you are #illin& to do. 3 The stren&th to do comes (rom your undi ided decision. ! There is no strain in doin& 1od+s 8ill as soon as you reco&niAe that it is also your o#n. % The lesson here is quite sim,le) $ut ,articularly a,t to $e o erlooked. ' I #ill there(ore re,eat it) ur&in& you to listen. * Only your mind can ,roduce (ear. - It does so #hene er it is con(licted in #hat it #ants) ,roducin& ine ita$le strain $ecause #antin& and doin& are discordant. : This can $e corrected only $y acce,tin& a uni(ied &oal. T-2.6I.*. The (irst correcti e ste, in undoin& the error is to kno# (irst that the con(lict is an e/,ression o( (ear. 2 5ay to yoursel( that you must someho# ha e chosen not to lo e) or the (ear could not ha e arisen. 3 Then the #hole ,rocess o( correction $ecomes nothin& more than a series o( ,ra&matic ste,s in the lar&er ,rocess o( acce,tin& the

3tonement as the remedy. ! These ste,s may $e summariAed in this #ay. % Gno# (irst that this is (ear. ' "ear arises (rom lack o( lo e. * The only remedy (or lack o( lo e is ,er(ect lo e. - ?er(ect lo e is the 3tonement. T-2.6I.-. I ha e em,hasiAed that the miracle) or the e/,ression o( 3tonement) is al#ays a si&n o( res,ect <(rom= the #orthy <to= the #orthy. 2 The reco&nition o( this #orth is re-esta$lished $y the 3tonement. 3 It is o$ ious) then) that #hen you are a(raid) you ha e ,laced yoursel( in a ,osition #here you need 3tonement. ! 7ou ha e done somethin& lo eless) ha in& chosen #ithout lo e. % This is ,recisely the situation (or #hich the 3tonement #as o((ered. ' The need (or the remedy ins,ired its esta$lishment. * 3s lon& as you reco&niAe only the need (or the remedy) you #ill remain (ear(ul. ,3> 0o#e er) as soon as you acce,t the remedy) you ha e a$olished the (ear. : This is ho# true healin& occurs. T-2.6I.:. @ eryone e/,eriences (ear. 2 7et it #ould take ery little ri&ht thinkin& to realiAe #hy (ear occurs. 3 "e# a,,reciate the real ,o#er o( the mind) and no one remains (ully a#are o( it all the time. ! 0o#e er) i( you ho,e to s,are yoursel( (rom (ear there are some thin&s you must realiAe) and realiAe (ully. % The mind is ery ,o#er(ul) and ne er loses its creati e (orce. ' It ne er slee,s. * @ ery instant it is creatin&. - It is hard to reco&niAe that thou&ht and $elie( com$ine into a ,o#er sur&e that can literally mo e mountains. : It a,,ears at (irst &lance that to $elie e such ,o#er a$out yoursel( is arro&ant) $ut that is not the real reason you do not $elie e it. 1> 7ou ,re(er to $elie e that your thou&hts cannot e/ert real in(luence $ecause you are actually a(raid o( them. 11 This may allay a#areness o( the &uilt) $ut at the cost o( ,ercei in& the mind as im,otent. 12 I( you $elie e that #hat you think is ine((ectual you may cease to $e a(raid o( it) $ut you are hardly likely to res,ect it. 13 There <are= no idle thou&hts. 1! 3ll thinkin& ,roduces (orm at some le el. "II. Ca'se an! Effect T-2.6II.1. 7ou may still com,lain a$out (ear) $ut you ne ertheless ,ersist in makin& yoursel( (ear(ul. 2 I ha e already indicated that you cannot ask me to release you (rom (ear. 3 I kno# it does not e/ist) $ut you do not. ! I( I inter ened $et#een your thou&hts and their results) I #ould $e tam,erin& #ith a $asic la# o( cause and e((ect9 the most (undamental la# there is. % I #ould hardly hel, you i( I de,reciated the ,o#er o( your o#n thinkin&. ' This #ould $e in direct o,,osition to the ,ur,ose o( this course. * It is much more hel,(ul to remind you that

you do not &uard your thou&hts care(ully enou&h. - 7ou may (eel that at this ,oint it #ould take a miracle to ena$le you to do this) #hich is ,er(ectly true. : 7ou are not used to miracle-minded thinkin&) $ut you can $e trained to think that #ay. 1> 3ll miracle #orkers need that kind o( trainin&. T-2.6II.2. I cannot let you lea e your mind un&uarded) or you #ill not $e a$le to hel, me. 2 4iracle #orkin& entails a (ull realiAation o( the ,o#er o( thou&ht in order to a oid miscreation. 3 Other#ise a miracle #ill $e necessary to set the mind itsel( strai&ht) a circular ,rocess that #ould not (oster the time colla,se (or #hich the miracle #as intended. ,31 ! The miracle #orker must ha e &enuine res,ect (or true cause and e((ect as a necessary condition (or the miracle to occur. T-2.6II.3. Both miracles and (ear come (rom thou&hts. 2 I( you are not (ree to choose one) you #ould also not $e (ree to choose the other. 3 By choosin& the miracle you <ha e= reCected (ear) i( only tem,orarily. ! 7ou ha e $een (ear(ul o( e eryone and e erythin&. % 7ou are a(raid o( 1od) o( me and o( yoursel(. ' 7ou ha e mis,ercei ed or miscreated Us) and $elie e in #hat you ha e made. * 7ou #ould not ha e done this i( you #ere not a(raid o( your o#n thou&hts. - The (ear(ul <must= miscreate) $ecause they mis,ercei e creation. : 8hen you miscreate you are in ,ain. 1> The cause and e((ect ,rinci,le no# $ecomes a real e/,editer) thou&h only tem,orarily. 11 3ctually) 2Cause2 is a term ,ro,erly $elon&in& to 1od) and 0is 2@((ect2 is 0is 5on. 12 This entails a set o( Cause and @((ect relationshi,s totally di((erent (rom those you introduce into miscreation. 13 The (undamental con(lict in this #orld) then) is $et#een creation and miscreation. 1! 3ll (ear is im,licit in the second) and all lo e in the (irst. 1% The con(lict is there(ore one $et#een lo e and (ear. T-2.6II.!. It has already $een said that you $elie e you cannot control (ear $ecause you yoursel( made it) and your $elie( in it seems to render it out o( your control. 2 7et any attem,t to resol e the error throu&h attem,tin& the mastery o( (ear is useless. 3 In (act) it asserts the ,o#er o( (ear $y the ery assum,tion that it need $e mastered. ! The true resolution rests entirely on mastery throu&h lo e. % In the interim) ho#e er) the sense o( con(lict is ine ita$le) since you ha e ,laced yoursel( in a ,osition #here you $elie e in the ,o#er o( #hat does not e/ist. T-2.6II.%. Nothin& and e erythin& cannot coe/ist. 2 To $elie e in one is to deny the other. 3 "ear is really nothin& and lo e is e erythin&. ! 8hene er li&ht enters darkness) the darkness is a$olished. % 8hat you $elie e is true (or you. ' In this sense the se,aration <has= occurred) and to deny it is merely to use denial ina,,ro,riately. * 0o#e er) to concentrate on error is only a (urther error. - The initial correcti e

,rocedure is to reco&niAe tem,orarily that there is a ,ro$lem) $ut only as an indication that immediate correction is needed. : This esta$lishes a state o( mind in #hich the 3tonement can $e acce,ted #ithout delay. 1> It should $e em,hasiAed) ho#e er) that ultimately no com,romise is ,ossi$le $et#een e erythin& and nothin&. 11 Time is essentially a de ice $y #hich all com,romise in this res,ect can $e &i en u, ,32. 12 It only seems to $e a$olished $y de&rees) $ecause time itsel( in ol es inter als that do not e/ist. 13 4iscreation made this necessary as a correcti e de ice. 1! The statement 2"or 1od so lo ed the #orld that he &a e his only $e&otten 5on) that #hosoe er $elie eth in him should not ,erish $ut ha e e erlastin& li(e2 needs only one sli&ht correction to $e meanin&(ul in this conte/t9 20e &a e it <to= 0is only $e&otten 5on.2 T-2.6II.'. It should es,ecially $e noted that 1od has only <one= 5on. 2 I( all 0is creations are 0is 5ons) e ery one must $e an inte&ral ,art o( the #hole 5onshi,. 3 The 5onshi, in its Oneness transcends the sum o( its ,arts. ! 0o#e er) this is o$scured as lon& as any o( its ,arts is missin&. % That is #hy the con(lict cannot ultimately $e resol ed until all the ,arts o( the 5onshi, ha e returned. ' Only then can the meanin& o( #holeness in the true sense $e understood. * 3ny ,art o( the 5onshi, can $elie e in error or incom,leteness i( he so chooses. 0o#e er) i( he does so) he is $elie in& in the e/istence o( nothin&ness. : The correction o( this error is the 3tonement. T-2.6II.*. I ha e already $rie(ly s,oken a$out readiness) $ut some additional ,oints mi&ht $e hel,(ul here. 2 Readiness is only the ,rerequisite (or accom,lishment. 3 The t#o should not $e con(used. ! 3s soon as a state o( readiness occurs) there is usually some de&ree o( desire to accom,lish) $ut it is $y no means necessarily undi ided. % The state does not im,ly more than a ,otential (or a chan&e o( mind. ' Con(idence cannot de elo, (ully until mastery has $een accom,lished. * 8e ha e already attem,ted to correct the (undamental error that (ear can $e mastered) and ha e em,hasiAed that the only real mastery is throu&h lo e. - Readiness is only the $e&innin& o( con(idence. : 7ou may think this im,lies that an enormous amount o( time is necessary $et#een readiness and mastery) $ut let me remind you that time and s,ace are under my control. "III. T#e Meanin) of t#e Last *'!) ent T-2.6III.1. One o( the #ays in #hich you can correct the ma&ic-miracle con(usion is to remem$er that you did not create yoursel(. 2 7ou are a,t to (or&et this #hen you $ecome e&ocentric) and this ,uts you in a ,osition #here a $elie( in ma&ic is irtually ine ita$le. ,33 3 7our #ill to create #as &i en you $y your Creator) 8ho #as e/,ressin& the same

8ill in 0is creation. ! 5ince creati e a$ility rests in the mind) e erythin& you create is necessarily a matter o( #ill. % It also (ollo#s that #hate er you alone make is real in your o#n si&ht) thou&h not in the 4ind o( 1od. ' This $asic distinction leads directly into the real meanin& o( the ;ast Hud&ment. T-2.6III.2. The ;ast Hud&ment is one o( the most threatenin& ideas in your thinkin&. 2 This is $ecause you do not understand it. 3 Hud&ment is not an attri$ute o( 1od. ! It #as $rou&ht into $ein& only a(ter the se,aration) #hen it $ecame one o( the many learnin& de ices to $e $uilt into the o erall ,lan. % Hust as the se,aration occurred o er millions o( years) the ;ast Hud&ment #ill e/tend o er a similarly lon& ,eriod) and ,erha,s an e en lon&er one. ' Its len&th can) ho#e er) $e &reatly shortened $y miracles) the de ice (or shortenin& $ut not a$olishin& time. * I( a su((icient num$er $ecome truly miracle-minded) this shortenin& ,rocess can $e irtually immeasura$le. - It is essential) ho#e er) that you (ree yoursel( (rom (ear quickly) $ecause you must emer&e (rom the con(lict i( you are to $rin& ,eace to other minds. T-2.6III.3. The ;ast Hud&ment is &enerally thou&ht o( as a ,rocedure undertaken $y 1od. 2 3ctually it #ill $e undertaken $y my $rothers #ith my hel,. 3 It is a (inal healin& rather than a metin& out o( ,unishment) ho#e er much you may think that ,unishment is deser ed. ! ?unishment is a conce,t totally o,,osed to ri&htmindedness) and the aim o( the ;ast Hud&ment is to restore ri&htmindedness to you. % The ;ast Hud&ment mi&ht $e called a ,rocess o( ri&ht e aluation. ' It sim,ly means that e eryone #ill (inally come to understand #hat is #orthy and #hat is not. * 3(ter this) the a$ility to choose can $e directed rationally. - Until this distinction is made) ho#e er) the acillations $et#een (ree and im,risoned #ill cannot $ut continue. T-2.6III.!. The (irst ste, to#ard (reedom in ol es a sortin& out o( the (alse (rom the true. 2 This is a ,rocess o( se,aration in the constructi e sense) and re(lects the true meanin& o( the 3,ocaly,se. 3 @ eryone #ill ultimately look u,on his o#n creations and choose to ,reser e only #hat is &ood) Cust as 1od 0imsel( looked u,on #hat 0e had created and kne# that it #as &ood. ! 3t this ,oint) the mind can $e&in to look #ith lo e on its o#n creations $ecause o( their #orthiness. % 3t the same time the mind #ill ine ita$ly diso#n its miscreations #hich) #ithout $elie() #ill no lon&er e/ist. ,3! T-2.6III.%. The term 2;ast Hud&ment2 is (ri&htenin& not only $ecause it has $een ,roCected onto 1od) $ut also $ecause o( the association o( 2last2 #ith death. 2 This is an outstandin& e/am,le o( u,side-do#n ,erce,tion. 3 I( the meanin& o( the ;ast Hud&ment is o$Cecti ely e/amined) it is quite a,,arent that it is really the door#ay to li(e. ! No

one #ho li es in (ear is really ali e. % 7our o#n last Cud&ment cannot $e directed to#ard yoursel() $ecause you are not your o#n creation. ' 7ou can) ho#e er) a,,ly it meanin&(ully and at any time to e erythin& you ha e made) and retain in your memory only #hat is creati e and &ood. * This is #hat your ri&ht-mindedness cannot $ut dictate. - The ,ur,ose o( time is solely to 2&i e you time2 to achie e this Cud&ment. : It is your o#n ,er(ect Cud&ment o( your o#n ,er(ect creations. 1> 8hen e erythin& you retain is lo a$le) there is no reason (or (ear to remain #ith you. 11 This is your ,art in the 3tonement. ,3% Cha,ter 3. THE INNOCENT PERCEPTION I. Atone ent +it#o't Sacrifice T-3.I.1. 3 (urther ,oint must $e ,er(ectly clear $e(ore any residual (ear still associated #ith miracles can disa,,ear. 2 The cruci(i/ion did not esta$lish the 3tonement9 the resurrection did. 3 4any sincere Christians ha e misunderstood this. ! No one #ho is (ree o( the $elie( in scarcity could ,ossi$ly make this mistake. % I( the cruci(i/ion is seen (rom an u,side-do#n ,oint o( ie#) it does a,,ear as i( 1od ,ermitted and e en encoura&ed one o( 0is 5ons to su((er $ecause he #as &ood. ' This ,articularly un(ortunate inter,retation) #hich arose out o( ,roCection) has led many ,eo,le to $e $itterly a(raid o( 1od. * 5uch anti-reli&ious conce,ts enter into many reli&ions. - 7et the real Christian should ,ause and ask) 20o# could this $eD2 : Is it likely that 1od 0imsel( #ould $e ca,a$le o( the kind o( thinkin& #hich 0is O#n #ords ha e clearly stated is un#orthy o( 0is 5onD T-3.I.2. The $est de(ense) as al#ays) is not to attack another+s ,osition) $ut rather to ,rotect the truth. 2 It is un#ise to acce,t any conce,t i( you ha e to in ert a #hole (rame o( re(erence in order to Custi(y it. 3 This ,rocedure is ,ain(ul in its minor a,,lications and &enuinely tra&ic on a #ider scale. ! ?ersecution (requently results in an attem,t to 2Custi(y2 the terri$le mis,erce,tion that 1od 0imsel( ,ersecuted 0is O#n 5on on $ehal( o( sal ation. % The ery #ords are meanin&less. ' It has $een ,articularly di((icult to o ercome this $ecause) althou&h the error itsel( is no harder to correct than any other) many ha e $een un#illin& to &i e it u, in ie# o( its ,rominent alue as a de(ense. * In milder (orms a ,arent says) 2This hurts me more than it hurts you)2 and (eels e/onerated in $eatin& a child. - Can you $elie e our "ather really thinks this #ayD : It is so essential that all such thinkin& $e dis,elled that #e must $e sure that nothin& o( this kind remains in your mind. 1> I #as not 2,unished2 $ecause <you=

#ere $ad. 11 The #holly $eni&n lesson the 3tonement teaches is lost i( it is tainted #ith this kind o( distortion in any (orm. T-3.I.3. The statement 26en&eance is mine) saith the ;ord2 is a mis,erce,tion $y #hich one assi&ns his o#n 2e il2 ,ast to 1od. ,3' 2 The 2e il2 ,ast has nothin& to do #ith 1od. 3 0e did not create it and 0e does not maintain it. ! 1od does not $elie e in retri$ution. % 0is 4ind does not create that #ay. ' 0e does not hold your 2e il2 deeds a&ainst you. * Is it likely that 0e #ould hold them a&ainst meD - Be ery sure that you reco&niAe ho# utterly im,ossi$le this assum,tion is) and ho# entirely it arises (rom ,roCection. : This kind o( error is res,onsi$le (or a host o( related errors) includin& the $elie( that 1od reCected 3dam and (orced him out o( the 1arden o( @den. 1> It is also #hy you may $elie e (rom time to time that I am misdirectin& you. 11 I ha e made e ery e((ort to use #ords that are almost im,ossi$le to distort) $ut it is al#ays ,ossi$le to t#ist sym$ols around i( you #ish. T-3.I.!. 5acri(ice is a notion totally unkno#n to 1od. 2 It arises solely (rom (ear) and (ri&htened ,eo,le can $e icious. 3 5acri(icin& in any #ay is a iolation o( my inCunction that you should $e merci(ul e en as your "ather in 0ea en is merci(ul. ! It has $een hard (or many Christians to realiAe that this a,,lies to themsel es. % 1ood teachers ne er terroriAe their students. ' To terroriAe is to attack) and this results in reCection o( #hat the teacher o((ers. * The result is learnin& (ailure. T-3.I.%. I ha e $een correctly re(erred to as 2the lam$ o( 1od #ho taketh a#ay the sins o( the #orld)2 $ut those #ho re,resent the lam$ as $lood-stained do not understand the meanin& o( the sym$ol. 2 Correctly understood) it is a ery sim,le sym$ol that s,eaks o( my innocence. 3 The lion and the lam$ lyin& do#n to&ether sym$oliAe that stren&th and innocence are not in con(lict) $ut naturally li e in ,eace. ! 2Blessed are the ,ure in heart (or they shall see 1od2 is another #ay o( sayin& the same thin&. % 3 ,ure mind kno#s the truth and this is its stren&th. ' It does not con(use destruction #ith innocence $ecause it associates innocence #ith stren&th) not #ith #eakness. T-3.I.'. Innocence is inca,a$le o( sacri(icin& anythin&) $ecause the innocent mind has e erythin& and stri es only to ,rotect its #holeness. 2 It cannot ,roCect. 3 It can only honor other minds) $ecause honor is the natural &reetin& o( the truly lo ed to others #ho are like them. ! The lam$ 2taketh a#ay the sins o( the #orld2 in the sense that the state o( innocence) or &race) is one in #hich the meanin& o( the 3tonement is ,er(ectly a,,arent. % The 3tonement is entirely unam$i&uous. ' It is ,er(ectly clear $ecause it e/ists in li&ht. * Only the attem,ts to shroud it in darkness ha e made it inaccessi$le to those #ho do not choose to see. ,3*

T-3.I.*. The 3tonement itsel( radiates nothin& $ut truth. 2 It there(ore e,itomiAes harmlessness and sheds only $lessin&. 3 It could not do this i( it arose (rom anythin& $ut ,er(ect innocence. ! Innocence is #isdom $ecause it is una#are o( e il) and e il does not e/ist. % It is) ho#e er) ,er(ectly a#are o( e erythin& that is true. ' The resurrection demonstrated that nothin& can destroy truth. * 1ood can #ithstand any (orm o( e il) as li&ht a$olishes (orms o( darkness. - The 3tonement is there(ore the ,er(ect lesson. : It is the (inal demonstration that all the other lessons I tau&ht are true. 1> I( you can acce,t this one &eneraliAation no#) there #ill $e no need to learn (rom many smaller lessons. 11 7ou are released (rom all errors i( you $elie e this. T-3.I.-. The innocence o( 1od is the true state o( the mind o( 0is 5on. 2 In this state your mind kno#s 1od) (or 1od is not sym$olic9 0e is "act. 3 Gno#in& 0is 5on as he is) you realiAe that the 3tonement) not sacri(ice) is the only a,,ro,riate &i(t (or 1od+s altar) #here nothin& e/ce,t ,er(ection $elon&s. ! The understandin& o( the innocent is truth. % That is #hy their altars are truly radiant. II. Miracles as Tr'e Perception T-3.II.1. I ha e stated that the $asic conce,ts re(erred to in this course are not matters o( de&ree. 2 Certain (undamental conce,ts cannot $e understood in terms o( o,,osites. 3 It is im,ossi$le to concei e o( li&ht and darkness or e erythin& and nothin& as Coint ,ossi$ilities. ! They are all true or all (alse. % It is essential that you realiAe your thinkin& #ill $e erratic until a (irm commitment to one or the other is made. ' 3 (irm commitment to darkness or nothin&ness) ho#e er) is im,ossi$le. * No one has e er li ed #ho has not e/,erienced <some= li&ht and <some= thin&. - No one) there(ore) is a$le to deny truth totally) e en i( he thinks he can. T-3.II.2. Innocence is not a ,artial attri$ute. 2 It is not real <until= it is total. 3 The ,artly innocent are a,t to $e quite (oolish at times. ! It is not until their innocence $ecomes a ie#,oint #ith uni ersal a,,lication that it $ecomes #isdom. % Innocent or true ,erce,tion means that you ne er mis,ercei e and al#ays see truly. ' 4ore sim,ly) it means that you ne er see #hat does not e/ist) and al#ays see #hat does. T-3.II.3. 8hen you lack con(idence in #hat someone #ill do) you are attestin& to your $elie( that he is not in his ri&ht mind. 2 This is hardly a miracle-$ased (rame o( re(erence. ,3- 3 It also has the disastrous e((ect o( denyin& the ,o#er o( the miracle. ! The miracle ,ercei es e erythin& as it is. % I( nothin& $ut the truth e/ists) ri&ht-minded seein& cannot see anythin& $ut ,er(ection. ' I ha e said that only #hat 1od creates or #hat you create #ith the same 8ill has any real e/istence. *

This) then) is all the innocent can see. - They do not su((er (rom distorted ,erce,tion. T-3.II.!. 7ou are a(raid o( 1od+s 8ill $ecause you ha e used your o#n mind) #hich 0e created in the likeness o( 0is O#n) to miscreate. 2 The mind can miscreate only #hen it $elie es it is not (ree. 3 3n 2im,risoned2 mind is not (ree $ecause it is ,ossessed) or held $ack) $y itsel(. ! It is there(ore limited) and the #ill is not (ree to assert itsel(. % To $e one is to $e o( one mind or #ill. ' 8hen the 8ill o( the 5onshi, and the "ather are One) their ,er(ect accord is 0ea en. T-3.II.%. Nothin& can ,re ail a&ainst a 5on o( 1od #ho commends his s,irit into the 0ands o( his "ather. 2 By doin& this the mind a#akens (rom its slee, and remem$ers its Creator. 3 3ll sense o( se,aration disa,,ears. ! The 5on o( 1od is ,art o( the 0oly Trinity) $ut the Trinity Itsel( is One. % There is no con(usion #ithin Its ;e els) $ecause They are o( one 4ind and one 8ill. ' This sin&le ,ur,ose creates ,er(ect inte&ration and esta$lishes the ,eace o( 1od. * 7et this ision can $e ,ercei ed only $y the truly innocent. - Because their hearts are ,ure) the innocent de(end true ,erce,tion instead o( de(endin& themsel es a&ainst it. : Understandin& the lesson o( the 3tonement they are #ithout the #ish to attack) and there(ore they see truly. 1> This is #hat the Bi$le means #hen it says) 28hen he shall a,,ear Eor $e ,ercei edF #e shall $e like him) (or #e shall see him as he is.2 T-3.II.'. The #ay to correct distortions is to #ithdra# your (aith in them and in est it only in #hat is true. 2 7ou cannot make untruth true. 3 I( you are #illin& to acce,t #hat is true in e erythin& you ,ercei e) you let it $e true (or you. ! Truth o ercomes all error) and those #ho li e in error and em,tiness can ne er (ind lastin& solace. % I( you ,ercei e truly you are cancellin& out mis,erce,tions in yoursel( and in others simultaneously. ' Because you see them as they are) you o((er them your acce,tance o( their truth so they can acce,t it (or themsel es. * This is the healin& that the miracle induces. ,3: III. Perception vers's ,no+le!)e T-3.III.1. 8e ha e $een em,hasiAin& ,erce,tion) and ha e said ery little a$out kno#led&e as yet. 2 This is $ecause ,erce,tion must $e strai&htened out $e(ore you can kno# anythin&. 3 To kno# is to $e certain. ! Uncertainty means that you do not kno#. % Gno#led&e is ,o#er $ecause it is certain) and certainty is stren&th. ' ?erce,tion is tem,orary. * 3s an attri$ute o( the $elie( in s,ace and time) it is su$Cect to either (ear or lo e. - 4is,erce,tions ,roduce (ear and true ,erce,tions (oster lo e) $ut neither $rin&s certainty $ecause all ,erce,tion aries. : That is #hy it is not kno#led&e. 1> True ,erce,tion

is the $asis (or kno#led&e) $ut kno#in& is the a((irmation o( truth and $eyond all ,erce,tions. T-3.III.2. 3ll your di((iculties stem (rom the (act that you do not reco&niAe yoursel() your $rother or 1od. 2 To reco&niAe means to 2kno# a&ain)2 im,lyin& that you kne# $e(ore. 3 7ou can see in many #ays $ecause ,erce,tion in ol es inter,retation) and this means that it is not #hole or consistent. ! The miracle) $ein& a #ay o( ,ercei in&) is not kno#led&e. % It is the ri&ht ans#er to a question) $ut you do not question #hen you kno#. ' Iuestionin& illusions is the (irst ste, in undoin& them. * The miracle) or the ri&ht ans#er) corrects them. 5ince ,erce,tions chan&e) their de,endence on time is o$ ious. : 0o# you ,ercei e at any &i en time determines #hat you do) and actions must occur in time. 1> Gno#led&e is timeless) $ecause certainty is not questiona$le. 11 7ou kno# #hen you ha e ceased to ask questions. T-3.III.3. The questionin& mind ,ercei es itsel( in time) and there(ore looks (or (uture ans#ers. 2 The closed mind $elie es the (uture and the ,resent #ill $e the same. 3 This esta$lishes a seemin&ly sta$le state that is usually an attem,t to counteract an underlyin& (ear that the (uture #ill $e #orse than the ,resent. ! This (ear inhi$its the tendency to question at all. T-3.III.!. True ision is the natural ,erce,tion o( s,iritual si&ht) $ut it is still a correction rather than a (act. 2 5,iritual si&ht is sym$olic) and there(ore not a de ice (or kno#in&. 3 It is) ho#e er) a means o( ri&ht ,erce,tion) #hich $rin&s it into the ,ro,er domain o( the miracle. ! 3 2 ision o( 1od2 #ould $e a miracle rather than a re elation. % The (act that ,erce,tion is in ol ed at all remo es the e/,erience (rom the realm o( kno#led&e. ' That is #hy isions) ho#e er holy) do not last. T-3.III.%. The Bi$le tells you to kno# yoursel() or to $e certain. 2 Certainty is al#ays o( 1od. ,!> 3 8hen you lo e someone you ha e ,ercei ed him as he is) and this makes it ,ossi$le (or you to kno# him. ! Until you (irst ,ercei e him as he is you cannot kno# him. % 8hile you ask questions a$out him you are clearly im,lyin& that you do not kno# 1od. ' Certainty does not require action. * 8hen you say you are actin& on the $asis o( kno#led&e) you are really con(usin& kno#led&e #ith ,erce,tion. - Gno#led&e ,ro ides the stren&th (or creati e thinkin&) $ut not (or ri&ht doin&. : ?erce,tion) miracles and doin& are closely related. 1> Gno#led&e is the result o( re elation and induces only thou&ht. 11 @ en in its most s,iritualiAed (orm ,erce,tion in ol es the $ody. 12 Gno#led&e comes (rom the altar #ithin and is timeless $ecause it is certain. 13 To ,ercei e the truth is not the same as to kno# it. T-3.III.'. Ri&ht ,erce,tion is necessary $e(ore 1od can communicate directly to 0is altars) #hich 0e esta$lished in 0is 5ons. 2 There 0e can

communicate 0is certainty) and 0is kno#led&e #ill $rin& ,eace #ithout question. 3 1od is not a stran&er to 0is 5ons) and 0is 5ons are not stran&ers to each other. ! Gno#led&e ,receded $oth ,erce,tion and time) and #ill ultimately re,lace them. % That is the real meanin& o( 23l,ha and Ome&a) the $e&innin& and the end)2 and 2Be(ore 3$raham #as I am.2 ' ?erce,tion can and must $e sta$iliAed) $ut kno#led&e <is= sta$le. * 2"ear 1od and kee, 0is commandments2 $ecomes 2Gno# 1od and acce,t 0is certainty.2 T-3.III.*. I( you attack error in another) you #ill hurt yoursel(. 2 7ou cannot kno# your $rother #hen you attack him. 3 3ttack is al#ays made u,on a stran&er. ! 7ou are makin& him a stran&er $y mis,ercei in& him) and so you cannot kno# him. % It is $ecause you ha e made him a stran&er that you are a(raid o( him. ' ?ercei e him correctly so that you can kno# him. * There are no stran&ers in 1od+s creation. - To create as 0e created you can create only #hat you kno#) and there(ore acce,t as yours. : 1od kno#s 0is children #ith ,er(ect certainty. 1> 0e created them $y kno#in& them. 11 0e reco&niAes them ,er(ectly. 12 8hen they do not reco&niAe each other) they do not reco&niAe 0im. I6. Error an! t#e E)o T-3.I6.1. The a$ilities you no# ,ossess are only shado#s o( your real stren&th. 2 3ll o( your ,resent (unctions are di ided and o,en to question and dou$t. 3 This is $ecause you are not certain ho# you #ill use them) and are there(ore inca,a$le o( kno#led&e. ,!1 ! 7ou are also inca,a$le o( kno#led&e $ecause you can still ,ercei e lo elessly. % ?erce,tion did not e/ist until the se,aration introduced de&rees) as,ects and inter als. ' 5,irit has no le els) and all con(lict arises (rom the conce,t o( le els. * Only the ;e els o( the Trinity are ca,a$le o( unity. - The le els created $y the se,aration cannot $ut con(lict. : This is $ecause they are meanin&less to each other. T-3.I6.2. Consciousness) the le el o( ,erce,tion) #as the (irst s,lit introduced into the mind a(ter the se,aration) makin& the mind a ,ercei er rather than a creator. 2 Consciousness is correctly identi(ied as the domain o( the e&o. 3 The e&o is a #ron&-minded attem,t to ,ercei e yoursel( as you #ish to $e) rather than as you are. ! 7et you can kno# yoursel( only as you are) $ecause that is all you can $e sure o(. % @ erythin& else <is= o,en to question. T-3.I6.3. The e&o is the questionin& as,ect o( the ,ost-se,aration sel() #hich #as made rather than created. 2 It is ca,a$le o( askin& questions $ut not o( ,ercei in& meanin&(ul ans#ers) $ecause these #ould in ol e kno#led&e and cannot $e ,ercei ed. 3 The mind is there(ore con(used) $ecause only One-mindedness can $e #ithout

con(usion. ! 3 se,arated or di ided mind <must= $e con(used. % It is necessarily uncertain a$out #hat it is. ' It has to $e in con(lict $ecause it is out o( accord #ith itsel(. * This makes its as,ects stran&ers to each other) and this is the essence o( the (ear-,rone condition) in #hich attack is al#ays ,ossi$le. - 7ou ha e e ery reason to (eel a(raid as you ,ercei e yoursel(. : This is #hy you cannot esca,e (rom (ear until you realiAe that you did not and could not create yoursel(. 1> 7ou can ne er make your mis,erce,tions true) and your creation is $eyond your o#n error. 11 That is #hy you must e entually choose to heal the se,aration. T-3.I6.!. Ri&ht-mindedness is not to $e con(used #ith the kno#in& mind) $ecause it is a,,lica$le only to ri&ht ,erce,tion. 2 7ou can $e ri&ht-minded or #ron&-minded) and e en this is su$Cect to de&rees) clearly demonstratin& that kno#led&e is not in ol ed. 3 The term 2ri&ht-mindedness2 is ,ro,erly used as the correction (or 2#ron&mindedness)2 and a,,lies to the state o( mind that induces accurate ,erce,tion. ! It is miracle-minded $ecause it heals mis,erce,tion) and this is indeed a miracle in ie# o( ho# you ,ercei e yoursel(. T-3.I6.%. ?erce,tion al#ays in ol es some misuse o( mind) $ecause it $rin&s the mind into areas o( uncertainty. 2 The mind is ery acti e ,!2. 3 8hen it chooses to $e se,arated it chooses to ,ercei e. ! Until then it #ills only to kno#. % 3(ter#ards it can only choose am$i&uously) and the only #ay out o( am$i&uity is clear ,erce,tion. ' The mind returns to its ,ro,er (unction only #hen it #ills to kno#. * This ,laces it in the ser ice o( s,irit) #here ,erce,tion is chan&ed. - The mind chooses to di ide itsel( #hen it chooses to make its o#n le els. : But it could not entirely se,arate itsel( (rom s,irit) $ecause it is (rom s,irit that it deri es its #hole ,o#er to make or create. 1> @ en in miscreation the mind is a((irmin& its 5ource) or it #ould merely cease to $e. 11 This is im,ossi$le) $ecause the mind $elon&s to s,irit #hich 1od created and #hich is there(ore eternal. T-3.I6.'. The a$ility to ,ercei e made the $ody ,ossi$le) $ecause you must ,ercei e <somethin&= and <#ith= somethin&. 2 That is #hy ,erce,tion in ol es an e/chan&e or translation) #hich kno#led&e does not need. 3 The inter,retati e (unction o( ,erce,tion) a distorted (orm o( creation) then ,ermits you to inter,ret the $ody as yoursel( in an attem,t to esca,e (rom the con(lict you ha e induced. ! 5,irit) #hich kno#s) could not $e reconciled #ith this loss o( ,o#er) $ecause it is inca,a$le o( darkness. % This makes s,irit almost inaccessi$le to the mind and entirely inaccessi$le to the $ody. ' Therea(ter) s,irit is ,ercei ed as a threat) $ecause li&ht a$olishes darkness merely $y sho#in& you it is not there. * Truth #ill al#ays o ercome error in this #ay. - This cannot $e an acti e ,rocess o( correction $ecause) as I

ha e already em,hasiAed) kno#led&e does not do anythin&. : It can $e ,ercei ed as an attacker) $ut it cannot attack. 1> 8hat you ,ercei e as its attack is your o#n a&ue reco&nition that kno#led&e can al#ays $e remem$ered) ne er ha in& $een destroyed. T-3.I6.*. 1od and 0is creations remain in surety) and there(ore kno# that no miscreation e/ists. 2 Truth cannot deal #ith errors that you #ant. 3 I #as a man #ho remem$ered s,irit and its kno#led&e. ! 3s a man I did not attem,t to counteract error #ith kno#led&e) $ut to correct error (rom the $ottom u,. % I demonstrated $oth the ,o#erlessness o( the $ody and the ,o#er o( the mind. ' By unitin& my #ill #ith that o( my Creator) I naturally remem$ered s,irit and its real ,ur,ose. * I cannot unite your #ill #ith 1od+s (or you) $ut I can erase all mis,erce,tions (rom your mind i( you #ill $rin& it under my &uidance. - Only your mis,erce,tions stand in your #ay. : 8ithout them your choice is certain. 1> 5ane ,erce,tion induces sane choosin&. 11 I cannot choose (or you) $ut I can hel, you make your o#n ri&ht choice. ,!3 12 24any are called $ut (e# are chosen2 should $e) 23ll are called $ut (e# choose to listen.2 13 There(ore) they do not choose ri&ht. 1! The 2chosen ones2 are merely those #ho choose ri&ht sooner. 1% Ri&ht minds can do this no#) and they #ill (ind rest unto their souls. 1' 1od kno#s you only in ,eace) and this <is= your reality. 6. -e.on! Perception T-3.6.1. I ha e said that the a$ilities you ,ossess are only shado#s o( your real stren&th) and that ,erce,tion) #hich is inherently Cud&mental) #as introduced only a(ter the se,aration. 2 No one has $een sure o( anythin& since. 3 I ha e also made it clear that the resurrection #as the means (or the return to kno#led&e) #hich #as accom,lished $y the union o( my #ill #ith the "ather+s. ! 8e can no# esta$lish a distinction that #ill clari(y some o( our su$sequent statements. T-3.6.2. 5ince the se,aration) the #ords 2create2 and 2make2 ha e $ecome con(used. 2 8hen you make somethin&) you do so out o( a s,eci(ic sense o( lack or need. 3 3nythin& made (or a s,eci(ic ,ur,ose has no true &eneraliAa$ility. ! 8hen you make somethin& to (ill a ,ercei ed lack) you are tacitly im,lyin& that you $elie e in se,aration. % The e&o has in ented many in&enious thou&ht systems (or this ,ur,ose. ' None o( them is creati e. * In enti eness is #asted e((ort e en in its most in&enious (orm. - The hi&hly s,eci(ic nature o( in ention is not #orthy o( the a$stract creati ity o( 1od+s creations. T-3.6.3. Gno#in&) as #e ha e already o$ser ed) does not lead to doin&. 2 The con(usion $et#een your real creation and #hat you ha e made o( yoursel( is so ,ro(ound that it has $ecome literally im,ossi$le (or you to kno# anythin&. 3 Gno#led&e is al#ays sta$le) and it is quite

e ident that you are not. ! Ne ertheless) you are ,er(ectly sta$le as 1od created you. % In this sense) #hen your $eha ior is unsta$le) you are disa&reein& #ith 1od+s idea o( your creation. ' 7ou can do this i( you choose) $ut you #ould hardly #ant to do it i( you #ere in your ri&ht mind. T-3.6.!. The (undamental question you continually ask yoursel( cannot ,ro,erly $e directed to yoursel( at all. 2 7ou kee, askin& #hat it is you are. 3 This im,lies that the ans#er is not only one you kno#) $ut is also one that is u, to you to su,,ly. ! 7et you cannot ,ercei e yoursel( correctly. ,!! % 7ou ha e no ima&e to $e ,ercei ed. ' The #ord 2ima&e2 is al#ays ,erce,tion-related) and not a ,art o( kno#led&e. * Ima&es are sym$olic and stand (or somethin& else. - The idea o( 2chan&in& your ima&e2 reco&niAes the ,o#er o( ,erce,tion) $ut also im,lies that there is nothin& sta$le to kno#. T-3.6.%. Gno#in& is not o,en to inter,retation. 2 7ou may try to 2inter,ret2 meanin&) $ut this is al#ays o,en to error $ecause it re(ers to the <,erce,tion= o( meanin&. 3 5uch incon&ruities are the result o( attem,ts to re&ard yoursel( as se,arated and unse,arated at the same time. ! It is im,ossi$le to make so (undamental a con(usion #ithout increasin& your o erall con(usion still (urther. % 7our mind may ha e $ecome ery in&enious) $ut as al#ays ha,,ens #hen method and content are se,arated) it is utiliAed in a (utile attem,t to esca,e (rom an inesca,a$le im,asse. ' In&enuity is totally di orced (rom kno#led&e) $ecause kno#led&e does not require in&enuity. * In&enious thinkin& is <not= the truth that shall set you (ree) $ut you are (ree o( the need to en&a&e in it #hen you are #illin& to let it &o. T-3.6.'. ?rayer is a #ay o( askin& (or somethin&. 2 It is the medium o( miracles. 3 But the only meanin&(ul ,rayer is (or (or&i eness) $ecause those #ho ha e $een (or&i en ha e e erythin&. ! Once (or&i eness has $een acce,ted) ,rayer in the usual sense $ecomes utterly meanin&less. % The ,rayer (or (or&i eness is nothin& more than a request that you may $e a$le to reco&niAe #hat you already ha e. ' In electin& ,erce,tion instead o( kno#led&e) you ,laced yoursel( in a ,osition #here you could resem$le your "ather only $y ,ercei in& miraculously. * 7ou ha e lost the kno#led&e that you yoursel( are a miracle o( 1od. - Creation is your 5ource and your only real (unction. T-3.6.*. The statement 21od created man in his o#n ima&e and likeness2 needs reinter,retation. 2 2Ima&e2 can $e understood as 2thou&ht)2 and 2likeness2 as 2o( a like quality.2 3 1od did create s,irit in 0is O#n Thou&ht and o( a quality like to 0is O#n. ! There <is= nothin& else. % ?erce,tion) on the other hand) is im,ossi$le #ithout a $elie( in 2more2 and 2less.2 ' 3t e ery le el it in ol es selecti ity. * ?erce,tion is a continual ,rocess o( acce,tin& and reCectin&) or&aniAin& and

reor&aniAin&) shi(tin& and chan&in&. - @ aluation is an essential ,art o( ,erce,tion) $ecause Cud&ments are necessary in order to select. T-3.6.-. 8hat ha,,ens to ,erce,tions i( there are no Cud&ments and nothin& $ut ,er(ect equalityD 2 ?erce,tion $ecomes im,ossi$le ,!%. 3 Truth can only $e kno#n. ! 3ll o( it is equally true) and kno#in& any ,art o( it is to kno# all o( it. % Only ,erce,tion in ol es ,artial a#areness. ' Gno#led&e transcends the la#s &o ernin& ,erce,tion) $ecause ,artial kno#led&e is im,ossi$le. * It is all one and has no se,arate ,arts. - 7ou #ho are really one #ith it need $ut kno# yoursel( and your kno#led&e is com,lete. : To kno# 1od+s miracle is to kno# 0im. T-3.6.:. "or&i eness is the healin& o( the ,erce,tion o( se,aration. 2 Correct ,erce,tion o( your $rother is necessary) $ecause minds ha e chosen to see themsel es as se,arate. 3 5,irit kno#s 1od com,letely. ! That is its miraculous ,o#er. % The (act that each one has this ,o#er com,letely is a condition entirely alien to the #orld+s thinkin&. ' The #orld $elie es that i( anyone has e erythin&) there is nothin& le(t. * But 1od+s miracles are as total as 0is Thou&hts $ecause they <are= 0is Thou&hts. T-3.6.1>. 3s lon& as ,erce,tion lasts ,rayer has a ,lace. 2 5ince ,erce,tion rests on lack) those #ho ,ercei e ha e not totally acce,ted the 3tonement and &i en themsel es o er to truth. 3 ?erce,tion is $ased on a se,arated state) so that anyone #ho ,ercei es at all needs healin&. ! Communion) not ,rayer) is the natural state o( those #ho kno#. % 1od and 0is miracle are inse,ara$le. ' 0o# $eauti(ul indeed are the Thou&hts o( 1od #ho li e in 0is li&htJ * 7our #orth is $eyond ,erce,tion $ecause it is $eyond dou$t. - Do not ,ercei e yoursel( in di((erent li&hts. : Gno# yoursel( in the One ;i&ht #here the miracle that is you is ,er(ectly clear. 6I. *'!) ent an! t#e A't#orit. Pro/le T-3.6I.1. 8e ha e already discussed the ;ast Hud&ment) $ut in insu((icient detail. 2 3(ter the ;ast Hud&ment there #ill $e no more. 3 Hud&ment is sym$olic $ecause $eyond ,erce,tion there is no Cud&ment. ! 8hen the Bi$le says 2Hud&e not that ye $e not Cud&ed)2 it means that i( you Cud&e the reality o( others you #ill $e una$le to a oid Cud&in& your o#n. T-3.6I.2. The choice to Cud&e rather than to kno# is the cause o( the loss o( ,eace. 2 Hud&ment is the ,rocess on #hich ,erce,tion $ut not kno#led&e rests. 3 I ha e discussed this $e(ore in terms o( the selecti ity o( ,erce,tion) ,ointin& out that e aluation is its o$ ious ,rerequisite. ! Hud&ment al#ays in ol es reCection. % It ne er em,hasiAes only the ,ositi e as,ects o( #hat is Cud&ed) #hether in you

or in others. ,!' ' 8hat has $een ,ercei ed and reCected) or Cud&ed and (ound #antin&) remains in your mind $ecause it has $een ,ercei ed. * One o( the illusions (rom #hich you su((er is the $elie( that #hat you Cud&ed a&ainst has no e((ect. - This cannot $e true unless you also $elie e that #hat you Cud&ed a&ainst does not e/ist. : 7ou e idently do not $elie e this) or you #ould not ha e Cud&ed a&ainst it. 1> In the end it does not matter #hether your Cud&ment is ri&ht or #ron&. 11 @ither #ay you are ,lacin& your $elie( in the unreal. 12 This cannot $e a oided in any ty,e o( Cud&ment) $ecause it im,lies the $elie( that reality is yours to select <(rom.= T-3.6I.3. 7ou ha e no idea o( the tremendous release and dee, ,eace that comes (rom meetin& yoursel( and your $rothers totally #ithout Cud&ment. 2 8hen you reco&niAe #hat you are and #hat your $rothers are) you #ill realiAe that Cud&in& them in any #ay is #ithout meanin&. 3 In (act) their meanin& is lost to you ,recisely <$ecause= you are Cud&in& them. ! 3ll uncertainty comes (rom the $elie( that you are under the coercion o( Cud&ment. % 7ou do not need Cud&ment to or&aniAe your li(e) and you certainly do not need it to or&aniAe yoursel(. ' In the ,resence o( kno#led&e all Cud&ment is automatically sus,ended) and this is the ,rocess that ena$les reco&nition to re,lace ,erce,tion. T-3.6I.!. 7ou are ery (ear(ul o( e erythin& you ha e ,ercei ed $ut ha e re(used to acce,t. 2 7ou $elie e that) $ecause you ha e re(used to acce,t it) you ha e lost control o er it. 3 This is #hy you see it in ni&htmares) or in ,leasant dis&uises in #hat seem to $e your ha,,ier dreams. ! Nothin& that you ha e re(used to acce,t can $e $rou&ht into a#areness. % It is not dan&erous in itsel() $ut you ha e made it seem dan&erous to you. T-3.6I.%. 8hen you (eel tired) it is $ecause you ha e Cud&ed yoursel( as ca,a$le o( $ein& tired. 2 8hen you lau&h at someone) it is $ecause you ha e Cud&ed him as un#orthy. 3 8hen you lau&h at yoursel( you must lau&h at others) i( only $ecause you cannot tolerate the idea o( $ein& more un#orthy than they are. ! 3ll this makes you (eel tired $ecause it is essentially disheartenin&. % 7ou are not really ca,a$le o( $ein& tired) $ut you are ery ca,a$le o( #earyin& yoursel(. ' The strain o( constant Cud&ment is irtually intolera$le. * It is curious that an a$ility so de$ilitatin& #ould $e so dee,ly cherished. - 7et i( you #ish to $e the author o( reality) you #ill insist on holdin& on to Cud&ment. : 7ou #ill also re&ard Cud&ment #ith (ear) $elie in& that it #ill someday $e used a&ainst you. ,!* 1> This $elie( can e/ist only to the e/tent that you $elie e in the e((icacy o( Cud&ment as a #ea,on o( de(ense (or your o#n authority.

T-3.6I.'. 1od o((ers only mercy. 2 7our #ords should re(lect only mercy) $ecause that is #hat you ha e recei ed and that is #hat you should &i e. 3 Hustice is a tem,orary e/,edient) or an attem,t to teach you the meanin& o( mercy. ! It is Cud&mental only $ecause you are ca,a$le o( inCustice. T-3.6I.*. I ha e s,oken o( di((erent sym,toms) and at that le el there is almost endless ariation. 2 There is) ho#e er) only one cause (or all o( them. the authority ,ro$lem. 3 This <is= 2the root o( all e il.2 ! @ ery sym,tom the e&o makes in ol es a contradiction in terms) $ecause the mind is s,lit $et#een the e&o and the 0oly 5,irit) so that #hate er the e&o makes is incom,lete and contradictory. % This untena$le ,osition is the result o( the authority ,ro$lem #hich) $ecause it acce,ts the one inconcei a$le thou&ht as its ,remise) can ,roduce only ideas that are inconcei a$le. T-3.6I.-. The issue o( authority is really a question o( authorshi,. 2 8hen you ha e an authority ,ro$lem) it is al#ays $ecause you $elie e you are the author o( yoursel( and ,roCect your delusion onto others. 3 7ou then ,ercei e the situation as one in #hich others are literally (i&htin& you (or your authorshi,. ! This is the (undamental error o( all those #ho $elie e they ha e usur,ed the ,o#er o( 1od. % This $elie( is ery (ri&htenin& to them) $ut hardly trou$les 1od. ' 0e is) ho#e er) ea&er to undo it) not to ,unish 0is children) $ut only $ecause 0e kno#s that it makes them unha,,y. * 1od+s creations are &i en their true 3uthorshi,) $ut you ,re(er to $e anonymous #hen you choose to se,arate yoursel( (rom your 3uthor. - Bein& uncertain o( your true 3uthorshi,) you $elie e that your creation #as anonymous. : This lea es you in a ,osition #here it sounds meanin&(ul to $elie e that you created yoursel(. 1> The dis,ute o er authorshi, has le(t such uncertainty in your mind that it may e en dou$t #hether you really e/ist at all. T-3.6I.:. Only those #ho &i e o er all desire to reCect can kno# that their o#n reCection is im,ossi$le. 2 7ou ha e not usur,ed the ,o#er o( 1od) $ut you <ha e= lost it. 3 "ortunately) to lose somethin& does not mean that it has &one. ! It merely means that you do not remem$er #here it is. % Its e/istence does not de,end on your a$ility to identi(y it) or e en to ,lace it. ' It is ,ossi$le to look on reality #ithout Cud&ment and merely kno# that it is there. ,!T-3.6I.1>. ?eace is a natural herita&e o( s,irit. 2 @ eryone is (ree to re(use to acce,t his inheritance) $ut he is not (ree to esta$lish #hat his inheritance is. 3 The ,ro$lem e eryone must decide is the (undamental question o( authorshi,. ! 3ll (ear comes ultimately) and sometimes $y #ay o( ery de ious routes) (rom the denial o( 3uthorshi,. % The o((ense is ne er to 1od) $ut only to those #ho deny 0im. ' To deny 0is

3uthorshi, is to deny yoursel( the reason (or your ,eace) so that you see yoursel( only in se&ments. * This stran&e ,erce,tion <is= the authority ,ro$lem. T-3.6I.11. There is no one #ho does not (eel that he is im,risoned in some #ay. 2 I( this is the result o( his o#n (ree #ill he must re&ard his #ill as not (ree) or the circular reasonin& in this ,osition #ould $e quite a,,arent. 3 "ree #ill must lead to (reedom. ! Hud&ment al#ays im,risons $ecause it se,arates se&ments o( reality $y the unsta$le scales o( desire. % 8ishes are not (acts. ' To #ish is to im,ly that #illin& is not su((icient. * 7et no one in his ri&ht mind $elie es that #hat is #ished is as real as #hat is #illed. - Instead o( 25eek ye (irst the Gin&dom o( 0ea en2 say) 2<8ill= ye (irst the Gin&dom o( 0ea en)2 and you ha e said) 2I kno# #hat I am and I acce,t my o#n inheritance.2 6II. Creatin) vers's t#e Self0I a)e T-3.6II.1. @ ery system o( thou&ht must ha e a startin& ,oint. 2 It $e&ins #ith either a makin& or a creatin&) a di((erence #e ha e already discussed. 3 Their resem$lance lies in their ,o#er as (oundations. ! Their di((erence lies in #hat rests u,on them. % Both are cornerstones (or systems o( $elie( $y #hich one li es. ' It is a mistake to $elie e that a thou&ht system $ased on lies is #eak. * Nothin& made $y a child o( 1od is #ithout ,o#er. - It is essential to realiAe this) $ecause other#ise you #ill $e una$le to esca,e (rom the ,rison you ha e made. T-3.6II.2. 7ou cannot resol e the authority ,ro$lem $y de,reciatin& the ,o#er o( your mind. 2 To do so is to decei e yoursel() and this #ill hurt you $ecause you really understand the stren&th o( the mind. 3 7ou also realiAe that you cannot #eaken it) any more than you can #eaken 1od. ! The 2de il2 is a (ri&htenin& conce,t $ecause he seems to $e e/tremely ,o#er(ul and e/tremely acti e. % 0e is ,ercei ed as a (orce in com$at #ith 1od) $attlin& 0im (or ,ossession o( 0is creations. ' The de il decei es $y lies) and $uilds kin&doms in #hich e erythin& is in direct o,,osition to 1od. ,!: * 7et he attracts men rather than re,els them) and they are #illin& to 2sell2 him their souls in return (or &i(ts o( no real #orth. - This makes a$solutely no sense. T-3.6II.3. 8e ha e discussed the (all or se,aration $e(ore) $ut its meanin& must $e clearly understood. 2 The se,aration is a system o( thou&ht real enou&h in time) thou&h not in eternity. 3 3ll $elie(s are real to the $elie er. ! The (ruit o( only one tree #as 2(or$idden2 in the sym$olic &arden. % But 1od could not ha e (or$idden it) or it could not ha e <$een= eaten. ' I( 1od kno#s 0is children) and I assure you that 0e does) #ould 0e ha e ,ut them in a ,osition #here their o#n destruction #as ,ossi$leD * The 2(or$idden tree2 #as named the 2tree

o( kno#led&e.2 - 7et 1od created kno#led&e and &a e it (reely to 0is creations. : The sym$olism here has $een &i en many inter,retations) $ut you may $e sure that any inter,retation that sees either 1od or 0is creations as ca,a$le o( destroyin& Their O#n ,ur,ose is in error. T-3.6II.!. @atin& o( the (ruit o( the tree o( kno#led&e is a sym$olic e/,ression (or usur,in& the a$ility (or sel(-creatin&. 2 This is the only sense in #hich 1od and 0is creations are not co-creators. 3 The $elie( that they are is im,licit in the 2sel(-conce,t)2 or the tendency o( the sel( to make an ima&e o( itsel(. ! Ima&es are ,ercei ed) not kno#n. % Gno#led&e cannot decei e) $ut ,erce,tion can. ' 7ou can ,ercei e yoursel( as sel(-creatin&) $ut you cannot do more than $elie e it. * 7ou cannot make it true. - 3nd) as I said $e(ore) #hen you (inally ,ercei e correctly you can only $e &lad that you cannot. : Until then) ho#e er) the $elie( that you can is the (oundation stone in your thou&ht system) and all your de(enses are used to attack ideas that mi&ht $rin& it to li&ht. 1> 7ou still $elie e you are an ima&e o( your o#n makin&. 11 7our mind is s,lit #ith the 0oly 5,irit on this ,oint) and there is no resolution #hile you $elie e the one thin& that is literally inconcei a$le. 12 That is #hy you cannot create and are (illed #ith (ear a$out #hat you make. T-3.6II.%. The mind can make the $elie( in se,aration ery real and ery (ear(ul) and this $elie( <is= the 2de il.2 2 It is ,o#er(ul) acti e) destructi e and clearly in o,,osition to 1od) $ecause it literally denies 0is "atherhood. 3 ;ook at your li(e and see #hat the de il has made. ! But realiAe that this makin& #ill surely dissol e in the li&ht o( truth) $ecause its (oundation is a lie. % 7our creation $y 1od is the only "oundation that cannot $e shaken) $ecause the li&ht is in it. ,%> ' 7our startin& ,oint is truth) and you must return to your Be&innin&. * 4uch has $een seen since then) $ut nothin& has really ha,,ened. - 7our 5el( is still in ,eace) e en thou&h your mind is in con(lict. : 7ou ha e not yet &one $ack (ar enou&h) and that is #hy you $ecome so (ear(ul. 1> 3s you a,,roach the Be&innin&) you (eel the (ear o( the destruction o( your thou&ht system u,on you as i( it #ere the (ear o( death. 11 There is no death) $ut there <is= a $elie( in death. T-3.6II.'. The $ranch that $ears no (ruit #ill $e cut o(( and #ill #ither a#ay. 2 Be &ladJ 3 The li&ht #ill shine (rom the true "oundation o( li(e) and your o#n thou&ht system #ill stand corrected. ! It cannot stand other#ise. % 7ou #ho (ear sal ation are choosin& death. ' ;i(e and death) li&ht and darkness) kno#led&e and ,erce,tion) are irreconcila$le. * To $elie e that they can $e reconciled is to $elie e that 1od and 0is 5on can <not.= - Only the oneness o( kno#led&e is (ree o( con(lict. : 7our Gin&dom is not o( this #orld $ecause it #as &i en you (rom $eyond this #orld. 1> Only in this #orld is the idea o( an authority ,ro$lem meanin&(ul. 11 The #orld is not le(t $y death $ut

$y truth) and truth can $e kno#n $y all those (or #hom the Gin&dom #as created) and (or #hom it #aits. ,%1 Cha,ter !. THE ILL1SIONS OF THE EGO Intro!'ction T-!.in.1. The Bi$le says that you should &o #ith a $rother t#ice as (ar as he asks. 2 It certainly does not su&&est that you set him $ack on his Courney. 3 De otion to a $rother cannot set you $ack either. ! It can lead only to mutual ,ro&ress. % The result o( &enuine de otion is ins,iration) a #ord #hich ,ro,erly understood is the o,,osite o( (ati&ue. ' To $e (ati&ued is to $e dis-s,irited) $ut to $e ins,ired is to $e in the s,irit. * To $e e&ocentric is to $e dis-s,irited) $ut to $e 5el(centered in the ri&ht sense is to $e ins,ired or in s,irit. - The truly ins,ired are enli&htened and cannot a$ide in darkness. T-!.in.2. 7ou can s,eak (rom the s,irit or (rom the e&o) as you choose. 2 I( you s,eak (rom s,irit you ha e chosen to 2Be still and kno# that I am 1od.2 3 These #ords are ins,ired $ecause they re(lect kno#led&e. ! I( you s,eak (rom the e&o you are disclaimin& kno#led&e instead o( a((irmin& it) and are thus dis-s,iritin& yoursel(. % Do not em$ark on useless Courneys) $ecause they are indeed in ain. ' The e&o may desire them) $ut s,irit cannot em$ark on them $ecause it is (ore er un#illin& to de,art (rom its "oundation. T-!.in.3. The Courney to the cross should $e the last 2useless Courney.2 2 Do not d#ell u,on it) $ut dismiss it as accom,lished. 3 I( you can acce,t it as your o#n last useless Courney) you are also (ree to Coin my resurrection. ! Until you do so your li(e is indeed #asted. % It merely reenacts the se,aration) the loss o( ,o#er) the (utile attem,ts o( the e&o at re,aration) and (inally the cruci(i/ion o( the $ody) or death. ' 5uch re,etitions are endless until they are oluntarily &i en u,. * Do not make the ,athetic error o( 2clin&in& to the old ru&&ed cross.2 - The only messa&e o( the cruci(i/ion is that you can o ercome the cross. : Until then you are (ree to cruci(y yoursel( as o(ten as you choose. 1> This is not the &os,el I intended to o((er you. 11 8e ha e another Courney to undertake) and i( you #ill read these lessons care(ully they #ill hel, ,re,are you to undertake it. ,%2 I. Ri)#t Teac#in) an! Ri)#t Learnin) T-!.I.1. 3 &ood teacher clari(ies his o#n ideas and stren&thens them $y teachin& them. 2 Teacher and ,u,il are alike in the learnin& ,rocess. 3 They are in the same order o( learnin&) and unless they share their lessons con iction #ill $e lackin&. ! 3 &ood teacher must $elie e in the

ideas he teaches) $ut he must meet another condition9 he must $elie e in the students to #hom he o((ers the ideas. T-!.I.2. 4any stand &uard o er their ideas $ecause they #ant to ,rotect their thou&ht systems as they are) and learnin& means chan&e. 2 Chan&e is al#ays (ear(ul to the se,arated) $ecause they cannot concei e o( it as a mo e to#ards healin& the se,aration. 3 They al#ays ,ercei e it as a mo e to#ard (urther se,aration) $ecause the se,aration #as their (irst e/,erience o( chan&e. ! 7ou $elie e that i( you allo# no chan&e to enter into your e&o you #ill (ind ,eace. % This ,ro(ound con(usion is ,ossi$le only i( you maintain that the same thou&ht system can stand on t#o (oundations. ' Nothin& can reach s,irit (rom the e&o) and nothin& can reach the e&o (rom s,irit. * 5,irit can neither stren&then the e&o nor reduce the con(lict #ithin it. - The e&o <is= a contradiction. : 7our sel( and 1od+s 5el( <are= in o,,osition. 1> They are o,,osed in source) in direction and in outcome. 11 They are (undamentally irreconcila$le) $ecause s,irit cannot ,ercei e and the e&o cannot kno#. 12 They are there(ore not in communication and can ne er $e in communication. 13 Ne ertheless) the e&o can learn) e en thou&h its maker can $e mis&uided. 1! 0e cannot) ho#e er) make the totally li(eless out o( the li(e-&i en. T-!.I.3. 5,irit need not $e tau&ht) $ut the e&o must $e. 2 ;earnin& is ultimately ,ercei ed as (ri&htenin& $ecause it leads to the relinquishment) not the destruction) o( the e&o to the li&ht o( s,irit. 3 This is the chan&e the e&o must (ear) $ecause it does not share my charity. ! 4y lesson #as like yours) and $ecause I learned it I can teach it. % I #ill ne er attack your e&o) $ut I am tryin& to teach you ho# its thou&ht system arose. ' 8hen I remind you o( your true creation) your e&o cannot $ut res,ond #ith (ear. T-!.I.!. Teachin& and learnin& are your &reatest stren&ths no#) $ecause they ena$le you to chan&e your mind and hel, others to chan&e theirs. 2 Re(usin& to chan&e your mind #ill not ,ro e that the se,aration has not occurred. 3 The dreamer #ho dou$ts the reality o( his dream #hile he is still dreamin& is not really healin& his s,lit mind. ,%3 ! 7ou dream o( a se,arated e&o and $elie e in a #orld that rests u,on it. % This is ery real to you. ' 7ou cannot undo it $y not chan&in& your mind a$out it. * I( you are #illin& to renounce the role o( &uardian o( your thou&ht system and o,en it to me) I #ill correct it ery &ently and lead you $ack to 1od. T-!.I.%. @ ery &ood teacher ho,es to &i e his students so much o( his o#n learnin& that they #ill one day no lon&er need him. 2 This is the one true &oal o( the teacher. 3 It is im,ossi$le to con ince the e&o o( this) $ecause it &oes a&ainst all o( its o#n la#s. ! But remem$er that la#s are set u, to ,rotect the continuity o( the system in #hich

the la#maker $elie es. % It is natural (or the e&o to try to ,rotect itsel( once you ha e made it) $ut it is not natural (or you to #ant to o$ey its la#s unless <you= $elie e them. ' The e&o cannot make this choice $ecause o( the nature o( its ori&in. * 7ou can) $ecause o( the nature o( yours. T-!.I.'. @&os can clash in any situation) $ut s,irit cannot clash at all. 2 I( you ,ercei e a teacher as merely 2a lar&er e&o2 you #ill $e a(raid) $ecause to enlar&e an e&o #ould $e to increase an/iety a$out se,aration. 3 I #ill teach #ith you and li e #ith you i( you #ill think #ith me) $ut my &oal #ill al#ays $e to a$sol e you (inally (rom the need (or a teacher. ! This is the o,,osite o( the e&o-oriented teacher+s &oal. % 0e is concerned #ith the e((ect o( his e&o on other e&os) and there(ore inter,rets their interaction as a means o( e&o ,reser ation. ' I #ould not $e a$le to de ote mysel( to teachin& i( I $elie ed this) and you #ill not $e a de oted teacher as lon& as you $elie e it. * I am constantly $ein& ,ercei ed as a teacher either to $e e/alted or reCected) $ut I do not acce,t either ,erce,tion (or mysel(. T-!.I.*. 7our #orth is not esta$lished $y teachin& or learnin&. 2 7our #orth is esta$lished $y 1od. 3 3s lon& as you dis,ute this e erythin& you do #ill $e (ear(ul) ,articularly any situation that lends itsel( to the $elie( in su,eriority and in(eriority. ! Teachers must $e ,atient and re,eat their lessons until they are learned. % I am #illin& to do this) $ecause I ha e no ri&ht to set your learnin& limits (or you. ' 3&ain)K nothin& you do or think or #ish or make is necessary to esta$lish your #orth. * This ,oint is not de$ata$le e/ce,t in delusions. - 7our e&o is ne er at stake $ecause 1od did not create it. : 7our s,irit is ne er at stake $ecause 0e did. 1> 3ny con(usion on this ,oint is delusional) and no (orm o( de otion is ,ossi$le as lon& as this delusion lasts. T-!.I.-. The e&o tries to e/,loit all situations into (orms o( ,raise (or itsel( in order to o ercome its dou$ts. ,%! 2 It #ill remain dou$t(ul as lon& as you $elie e in its e/istence. 3 7ou #ho made it cannot trust it) $ecause in your ri&ht mind you realiAe it is not real. ! The only sane solution is not to try to chan&e reality) #hich is indeed a (ear(ul attem,t) $ut to acce,t it as it is. % 7ou are ,art o( reality) #hich stands unchan&ed $eyond the reach o( your e&o $ut #ithin easy reach o( s,irit. ' 8hen you are a(raid) $e still and kno# that 1od is real) and you are 0is $elo ed 5on in #hom 0e is #ell ,leased. * Do not let your e&o dis,ute this) $ecause the e&o cannot kno# #hat is as (ar $eyond its reach as you are. T-!.I.:. 1od is not the author o( (ear. 2 7ou are. 3 7ou ha e chosen to create unlike 0im) and ha e there(ore made (ear (or yoursel(. ! 7ou are not at ,eace $ecause you are not (ul(illin& your (unction. % 1od &a e you a ery lo(ty (unction that you are not meetin&. ' 7our e&o has

chosen to $e a(raid instead o( meetin& it. * 8hen you a#aken you #ill not $e a$le to understand this) $ecause it is literally incredi$le. - <Do not $elie e the incredi$le no#.= : 3ny attem,t to increase its $elie a$leness is merely to ,ost,one the ine ita$le. 1> The #ord 2ine ita$le2 is (ear(ul to the e&o) $ut Coyous to the s,irit. 11 1od is ine ita$le) and you cannot a oid 0im any more than 0e can a oid you. T-!.I.1>. The e&o is a(raid o( the s,irit+s Coy) $ecause once you ha e e/,erienced it you #ill #ithdra# all ,rotection (rom the e&o) and $ecome totally #ithout in estment in (ear. 2 7our in estment is &reat no# $ecause (ear is a #itness to the se,aration) and your e&o reCoices #hen you #itness to it. 3 ;ea e it $ehindJ ! Do not listen to it and do not ,reser e it. % ;isten only to 1od) 8ho is as inca,a$le o( dece,tion as is the s,irit 0e created. ' Release yoursel( and release others. * Do not ,resent a (alse and un#orthy ,icture o( yoursel( to others) and do not acce,t such a ,icture o( them yoursel(. T-!.I.11. The e&o has $uilt a sha$$y and unshelterin& home (or you) $ecause it cannot $uild other#ise. 2 Do not try to make this im,o erished house stand. 3 Its #eakness is your stren&th. ! Only 1od could make a home that is #orthy o( 0is creations) #ho ha e chosen to lea e it em,ty $y their o#n dis,ossession. % 7et 0is home #ill stand (ore er) and is ready (or you #hen you choose to enter it. ' O( this you can $e #holly certain. * 1od is as inca,a$le o( creatin& the ,erisha$le as the e&o is o( makin& the eternal. T-!.I.12. O( your e&o you can do nothin& to sa e yoursel( or others) $ut o( your s,irit you can do e erythin& (or the sal ation o( $oth. ,%% 2 0umility is a lesson (or the e&o) not (or the s,irit. 3 5,irit is $eyond humility) $ecause it reco&niAes its radiance and &ladly sheds its li&ht e ery#here. ! The meek shall inherit the earth $ecause their e&os are hum$le) and this &i es them truer ,erce,tion. % The Gin&dom o( 0ea en is the s,irit+s ri&ht) #hose $eauty and di&nity are (ar $eyond dou$t) $eyond ,erce,tion) and stand (ore er as the mark o( the ;o e o( 1od (or 0is creations) #ho are #holly #orthy o( 0im and only o( 0im. ' Nothin& else is su((iciently #orthy to $e a &i(t (or a creation o( 1od 0imsel(. T-!.I.13. I #ill su$stitute (or your e&o i( you #ish) $ut ne er (or your s,irit. 2 3 (ather can sa(ely lea e a child #ith an elder $rother #ho has sho#n himsel( res,onsi$le) $ut this in ol es no con(usion a$out the child+s ori&in. 3 The $rother can ,rotect the child+s $ody and his e&o) $ut he does not con(use himsel( #ith the (ather $ecause he does this. ! I can $e entrusted #ith your $ody and your e&o only $ecause this ena$les you not to $e concerned #ith them) and lets me teach you their unim,ortance. % I could not understand their im,ortance to you i( I had not once $een tem,ted to $elie e in them mysel(. ' ;et us

undertake to learn this lesson to&ether so #e can $e (ree o( them to&ether. * I need de oted teachers #ho share my aim o( healin& the mind. - 5,irit is (ar $eyond the need o( your ,rotection or mine. : Remem$er this. 1> In this #orld you need not ha e tri$ulation $ecause I ha e o ercome the #orld. 11 That is #hy you should $e o( &ood cheer. II. T#e E)o an! False A'tono . T-!.II.1. It is reasona$le to ask ho# the mind could e er ha e made the e&o. 2 In (act) it is the $est question you could ask. 3 There is) ho#e er) no ,oint in &i in& an ans#er in terms o( the ,ast $ecause the ,ast does not matter) and history #ould not e/ist i( the same errors #ere not $ein& re,eated in the ,resent. ! 3$stract thou&ht a,,lies to kno#led&e $ecause kno#led&e is com,letely im,ersonal) and e/am,les are irrele ant to its understandin&. % ?erce,tion) ho#e er) is al#ays s,eci(ic) and there(ore quite concrete. T-!.II.2. @ eryone makes an e&o or a sel( (or himsel() #hich is su$Cect to enormous ariation $ecause o( its insta$ility. 2 0e also makes an e&o (or e eryone else he ,ercei es) #hich is equally aria$le. ,%' 3 Their interaction is a ,rocess that alters $oth) $ecause they #ere not made $y or #ith the Unaltera$le. ! It is im,ortant to realiAe that this alteration can and does occur as readily #hen the interaction takes ,lace in the mind as #hen it in ol es ,hysical ,ro/imity. % Thinkin& a$out another e&o is as e((ecti e in chan&in& relati e ,erce,tion as is ,hysical interaction. ' There could $e no $etter e/am,le that the e&o is only an idea and not a (act. T-!.II.3. 7our o#n state o( mind is a &ood e/am,le o( ho# the e&o #as made. 2 8hen you thre# kno#led&e a#ay it is as i( you ne er had it. 3 This is so a,,arent that one need only reco&niAe it to see that it does ha,,en. ! I( this occurs in the ,resent) #hy is it sur,risin& that it occurred in the ,astD % 5ur,rise is a reasona$le res,onse to the un(amiliar) thou&h hardly to somethin& that occurs #ith such ,ersistence. ' But do not (or&et that the mind need not #ork that #ay) e en thou&h it does #ork that #ay no#. T-!.II.!. Think o( the lo e o( animals (or their o((s,rin&) and the need they (eel to ,rotect them. 2 That is $ecause they re&ard them as ,art o( themsel es. 3 No one dismisses somethin& he considers ,art o( himsel(. ! 7ou react to your e&o much as 1od does to 0is creations)K #ith lo e) ,rotection and charity. % 7our reactions to the sel( you made are not sur,risin&. ' In (act) they resem$le in many #ays ho# you #ill one day react to your real creations) #hich are as timeless as you are. * The question is not ho# you res,ond to the e&o) $ut #hat you

$elie e you are. - Belie( is an e&o (unction) and as lon& as your ori&in is o,en to $elie( you are re&ardin& it (rom an e&o ie#,oint. : 8hen teachin& is no lon&er necessary you #ill merely kno# 1od. 1> Belie( that there is another #ay o( ,ercei in& is the lo(tiest idea o( #hich e&o thinkin& is ca,a$le. 11 That is $ecause it contains a hint o( reco&nition that the e&o is not the 5el(. T-!.II.%. Underminin& the e&o+s thou&ht system must $e ,ercei ed as ,ain(ul) e en thou&h this is anythin& $ut true. 2 Ba$ies scream in ra&e i( you take a#ay a kni(e or scissors) althou&h they may #ell harm themsel es i( you do not. 3 In this sense you are still a $a$y. ! 7ou ha e no sense o( real sel(-,reser ation) and are likely to decide that you need ,recisely #hat #ould hurt you most. % 7et #hether or not you reco&niAe it no#) you ha e a&reed to coo,erate in the e((ort to $ecome $oth harmless and hel,(ul) attri$utes that must &o to&ether. ' 7our attitudes e en to#ard this are necessarily con(licted) $ecause all attitudes are e&o-$ased. * This #ill not last. - Be ,atient a #hile and remem$er that the outcome is as certain as 1od. ,%* T-!.II.'. Only those #ho ha e a real and lastin& sense o( a$undance can $e truly charita$le. 2 This is o$ ious #hen you consider #hat is in ol ed. 3 To the e&o) to &i e anythin& im,lies that you #ill ha e to do #ithout it. ! 8hen you associate &i in& #ith sacri(ice) you &i e only $ecause you $elie e that you are someho# &ettin& somethin& $etter) and can there(ore do #ithout the thin& you &i e. % 21i in& to &et2 is an inesca,a$le la# o( the e&o) #hich al#ays e aluates itsel( in relation to other e&os. ' It is there(ore continually ,reoccu,ied #ith the $elie( in scarcity that &a e rise to it. * Its #hole ,erce,tion o( other e&os as real is only an attem,t to con ince itsel( that <it= is real. - 25el(-esteem2 in e&o terms means nothin& more than that the e&o has deluded itsel( into acce,tin& its reality) and is there(ore tem,orarily less ,redatory. : This 2sel(-esteem2 is al#ays ulnera$le to stress) a term #hich re(ers to any ,ercei ed threat to the e&o+s e/istence. T-!.II.*. The e&o literally li es $y com,arisons. 2 @quality is $eyond its &ras,) and charity $ecomes im,ossi$le. 3 The e&o ne er &i es out o( a$undance) $ecause it #as made as a su$stitute (or it. ! That is #hy the conce,t o( 2&ettin&2 arose in the e&o+s thou&ht system. % 3,,etites are 2&ettin&2 mechanisms) re,resentin& the e&o+s need to con(irm itsel(. ' This is as true o( $ody a,,etites as it is o( the so-called 2hi&her e&o needs.2 * Body a,,etites are not ,hysical in ori&in. - The e&o re&ards the $ody as its home) and tries to satis(y itsel( throu&h the $ody. : But the idea that this is ,ossi$le is a decision o( the mind) #hich has $ecome com,letely con(used a$out #hat is really ,ossi$le. T-!.II.-. The e&o $elie es it is com,letely on its o#n) #hich is merely another #ay o( descri$in& ho# it thinks it ori&inated. 2 This is such a

(ear(ul state that it can only turn to other e&os and try to unite #ith them in a (ee$le attem,t at identi(ication) or attack them in an equally (ee$le sho# o( stren&th. 3 It is not (ree) ho#e er) to o,en the ,remise to question) $ecause the ,remise is its (oundation. ! The e&o is the mind+s $elie( that it is com,letely on its o#n. % The e&o+s ceaseless attem,ts to &ain the s,irit+s ackno#led&ment and thus esta$lish its o#n e/istence are useless. ' 5,irit in its kno#led&e is una#are o( the e&o. * It does not attack it9 it merely cannot concei e o( it at all. 8hile the e&o is equally una#are o( s,irit) it does ,ercei e itsel( as $ein& reCected $y somethin& &reater than itsel(. : This is #hy sel(esteem in e&o terms must $e delusional. 1> The creations o( 1od do not create myths) althou&h creati e e((ort can $e turned to mytholo&y. ,%- 11 It can do so) ho#e er) only under one condition9 #hat it makes is then no lon&er creati e. 12 4yths are entirely ,erce,tual) and so am$i&uous in (orm and characteristically &ood-and-e il in nature that the most $ene olent o( them is not #ithout (ear(ul connotations. T-!.II.:. 4yths and ma&ic are closely associated) since myths are usually related to e&o ori&ins) and ma&ic to the ,o#ers the e&o ascri$es to itsel(. 2 4ytholo&ical systems &enerally include some account o( 2the creation)2 and associate this #ith its ,articular (orm o( ma&ic. 3 The so-called 2$attle (or sur i al2 is only the e&o+s stru&&le to ,reser e itsel() and its inter,retation o( its o#n $e&innin&. ! This $e&innin& is usually associated #ith ,hysical $irth) $ecause it is hard to maintain that the e&o e/isted $e(ore that ,oint in time. % The more 2reli&iously2 e&o-oriented may $elie e that the soul e/isted $e(ore) and #ill continue to e/ist a(ter a tem,orary la,se into e&o li(e. ' 5ome e en $elie e that the soul #ill $e ,unished (or this la,se. * 0o#e er) sal ation does not a,,ly to s,irit) #hich is not in dan&er and does not need to $e sal a&ed. T-!.II.1>. 5al ation is nothin& more than 2ri&ht-mindedness)2 #hich is not the One-mindedness o( the 0oly 5,irit) $ut #hich must $e achie ed $e(ore One-mindedness is restored. 2 Ri&ht-mindedness leads to the ne/t ste, automatically) $ecause ri&ht ,erce,tion is uni(ormly #ithout attack) and there(ore #ron&-mindedness is o$literated. 3 The e&o cannot sur i e #ithout Cud&ment) and is laid aside accordin&ly. ! The mind then has only one direction in #hich it can mo e. % Its direction is al#ays automatic) $ecause it cannot $ut $e dictated $y the thou&ht system to #hich it adheres. T-!.II.11. It cannot $e em,hasiAed too o(ten that correctin& ,erce,tion is merely a tem,orary e/,edient. 2 It is necessary only $ecause mis,erce,tion is a $lock to kno#led&e) #hile accurate ,erce,tion is a ste,,in&stone to#ards it. 3 The #hole alue o( ri&ht ,erce,tion lies in the ine ita$le realiAation that <all= ,erce,tion is unnecessary. ! This

remo es the $lock entirely. % 7ou may ask ho# this is ,ossi$le as lon& as you a,,ear to $e li in& in this #orld. ' That is a reasona$le question. * 7ou must $e care(ul) ho#e er) that you really understand it. - 8ho is the 2you2 #ho are li in& in this #orldD : 5,irit is immortal) and immortality is a constant state. 1> It is as true no# as it e er #as or e er #ill $e) $ecause it im,lies no chan&e at all. 11 It is not a continuum) nor is it understood $y $ein& com,ared to an o,,osite. ,%: 12 Gno#led&e ne er in ol es com,arisons. 13 That is its main di((erence (rom e erythin& else the mind can &ras,. III. Love +it#o't Conflict T-!.III.1. It is hard to understand #hat 2The Gin&dom o( 0ea en is #ithin you2 really means. 2 This is $ecause it is not understanda$le to the e&o) #hich inter,rets it as i( somethin& outside is inside) and this does not mean anythin&. 3 The #ord 2#ithin2 is unnecessary. ! The Gin&dom o( 0ea en <is= you. % 8hat else <$ut= you did the Creator create) and #hat else <$ut= you is 0is Gin&domD ' This is the #hole messa&e o( the 3tonement9 a messa&e #hich in its totality transcends the sum o( its ,arts. * 7ou) too) ha e a Gin&dom that your s,irit created. - It has not ceased to create $ecause o( the e&o+s illusions. : 7our creations are no more (atherless than you are. 1> 7our e&o and your s,irit #ill ne er $e co-creators) $ut your s,irit and your Creator #ill al#ays $e. 11 Be con(ident that your creations are as sa(e as you are. 12 The Gin&dom is ,er(ectly united and ,er(ectly ,rotected) and the e&o #ill not ,re ail a&ainst it. 13 3men. T-!.III.2. This is #ritten in the (orm o( a ,rayer $ecause it is use(ul in moments o( tem,tation. 2 It is a declaration o( inde,endence. 3 7ou #ill (ind it ery hel,(ul i( you understand it (ully. ! The reason you need my hel, is $ecause you ha e denied your o#n 1uide and there(ore need &uidance. % 4y role is to se,arate the true (rom the (alse) so truth can $reak throu&h the $arriers the e&o has set u, and can shine into your mind. ' 3&ainst our united stren&th the e&o cannot ,re ail. T-!.III.3. It is surely a,,arent $y no# #hy the e&o re&ards s,irit as its 2enemy.2 2 The e&o arose (rom the se,aration) and its continued e/istence de,ends on your continuin& $elie( in the se,aration. 3 The e&o must o((er you some sort o( re#ard (or maintainin& this $elie(. ! 3ll it can o((er is a sense o( tem,orary e/istence) #hich $e&ins #ith its o#n $e&innin& and ends #ith its o#n endin&. % It tells you this li(e is your e/istence $ecause it is its o#n. ' 3&ainst this sense o( tem,orary e/istence s,irit o((ers you the kno#led&e o( ,ermanence and

unshaka$le $ein&. * No one #ho has e/,erienced the re elation o( this can e er (ully $elie e in the e&o a&ain. ,'> - 0o# can its mea&er o((erin& to you ,re ail a&ainst the &lorious &i(t o( 1odD T-!.III.!. 7ou #ho identi(y #ith your e&o cannot $elie e 1od lo es you. 2 7ou do not lo e #hat you made) and #hat you made does not lo e you. 3 Bein& made out o( the denial o( the "ather) the e&o has no alle&iance to its maker. ! 7ou cannot concei e o( the real relationshi, that e/ists $et#een 1od and 0is creations $ecause o( your hatred (or the sel( you made. % 7ou ,roCect onto the e&o the decision to se,arate) and this con(licts #ith the lo e you (eel (or the e&o $ecause you made it. ' No lo e in this #orld is #ithout this am$i alence) and since no e&o has e/,erienced lo e #ithout am$i alence the conce,t is $eyond its understandin&. * ;o e #ill enter immediately into any mind that truly #ants it) $ut it must #ant it truly. - This means that it #ants it #ithout am$i alence) and this kind o( #antin& is #holly #ithout the e&o+s 2dri e to &et.2 T-!.III.%. There is a kind o( e/,erience so di((erent (rom anythin& the e&o can o((er that you #ill ne er #ant to co er or hide it a&ain. 2 It is necessary to re,eat that your $elie( in darkness and hidin& is #hy the li&ht cannot enter. 3 The Bi$le &i es many re(erences to the immeasura$le &i(ts #hich are (or you) $ut (or #hich you must ask. ! This is not a condition as the e&o sets conditions. % It is the &lorious condition o( #hat you are. T-!.III.'. No (orce e/ce,t your o#n #ill is stron& enou&h or #orthy enou&h to &uide you. 2 In this you are as (ree as 1od) and must remain so (ore er. 3 ;et us ask the "ather in my name to kee, you mind(ul o( 0is ;o e (or you and yours (or 0im. ! 0e has ne er (ailed to ans#er this request) $ecause it asks only (or #hat 0e has already #illed. % Those #ho call truly are al#ays ans#ered. ' Thou shalt ha e no other &ods $e(ore 0im $ecause there <are= none. T-!.III.*. It has ne er really entered your mind to &i e u, e ery idea you e er had that o,,oses kno#led&e. 2 7ou retain thousands o( little scra,s o( (ear that ,re ent the 0oly One (rom enterin&. 3 ;i&ht cannot ,enetrate throu&h the #alls you make to $lock it) and it is (ore er un#illin& to destroy #hat you ha e made. ! No one can see throu&h a #all) $ut I can ste, around it. % 8atch your mind (or the scra,s o( (ear) or you #ill $e una$le to ask me to do so. ' I can hel, you only as our "ather created us. * I #ill lo e you and honor you and maintain com,lete res,ect (or #hat you ha e made) $ut I #ill not u,hold it unless it is true. - I #ill ne er (orsake you any more than 1od #ill) $ut I must #ait as lon& as you choose to (orsake yoursel(. ,'1 : Because I #ait in lo e and not in im,atience) you #ill surely ask me truly. 1> I #ill come in res,onse to a sin&le unequi ocal call.

T-!.III.-. 8atch care(ully and see #hat it is you are really askin& (or. 2 Be ery honest #ith yoursel( in this) (or #e must hide nothin& (rom each other. 3 I( you #ill really try to do this) you ha e taken the (irst ste, to#ard ,re,arin& your mind (or the 0oly One to enter. ! 8e #ill ,re,are (or this to&ether) (or once 0e has come) you #ill $e ready to hel, me make other minds ready (or 0im. % 0o# lon& #ill you deny 0im 0is Gin&domD T-!.III.:. In your o#n mind) thou&h denied $y the e&o) is the declaration o( your release. 2 <1od has &i en you e erythin&.= 3 This one (act means the e&o does not e/ist) and this makes it ,ro(oundly a(raid. ! In the e&o+s lan&ua&e) 2to ha e2 and 2to $e2 are di((erent) $ut they are identical to the 0oly 5,irit. % The 0oly 5,irit kno#s that you $oth <ha e= e erythin& and <are= e erythin&. ' 3ny distinction in this res,ect is meanin&(ul only #hen the idea o( 2&ettin&)2 #hich im,lies a lack) has already $een acce,ted. * That is #hy #e make no distinction $et#een <ha in&= the Gin&dom o( 1od and <$ein&= the Gin&dom o( 1od. T-!.III.1>. The calm $ein& o( 1od+s Gin&dom) #hich in your sane mind is ,er(ectly conscious) is ruthlessly $anished (rom the ,art o( the mind the e&o rules. 2 The e&o is des,erate $ecause it o,,oses literally in inci$le odds) #hether you are aslee, or a#ake. 3 Consider ho# much i&ilance you ha e $een #illin& to e/ert to ,rotect your e&o) and ho# little to ,rotect your ri&ht mind. ! 8ho $ut the insane #ould undertake to $elie e #hat is not true) and then ,rotect this $elie( at the cost o( truthD I". T#is Nee! Not -e T-!.I6.1. I( you cannot hear the 6oice (or 1od) it is $ecause you do not choose to listen. 2 That you <do= listen to the oice o( your e&o is demonstrated $y your attitudes) your (eelin&s and your $eha ior. 3 7et this is #hat you #ant. ! This is #hat you are (i&htin& to kee,) and #hat you are i&ilant to sa e. % 7our mind is (illed #ith schemes to sa e the (ace o( your e&o) and you do not seek the (ace o( Christ. ' The &lass in #hich the e&o seeks to see its (ace is dark indeed. * 0o# can it maintain the trick o( its e/istence e/ce,t #ith mirrorsD ,'2 - But #here you look to (ind yoursel( is u, to you. T-!.I6.2. I ha e said that you cannot chan&e your mind $y chan&in& your $eha ior) $ut I ha e also said) and many times) that you <can= chan&e your mind. 2 8hen your mood tells you that you ha e chosen #ron&ly) and this is so #hene er you are not Coyous) then <kno# this need not $e=. 3 In e ery case you ha e thou&ht #ron&ly a$out some $rother 1od created) and are ,ercei in& ima&es your e&o makes in a darkened &lass. ! Think honestly #hat you ha e thou&ht that 1od

#ould not ha e thou&ht) and #hat you ha e not thou&ht that 1od #ould ha e you think. % 5earch sincerely (or #hat you ha e done and le(t undone accordin&ly) and then chan&e your mind to think #ith 1od+s. ' This may seem hard to do) $ut it is much easier than tryin& to think a&ainst it. * 7our mind is one #ith 1od+s. - Denyin& this and thinkin& other#ise has held your e&o to&ether) $ut has literally s,lit your mind. : 3s a lo in& $rother I am dee,ly concerned #ith your mind) and ur&e you to (ollo# my e/am,le as you look at yoursel( and at your $rother) and see in $oth the &lorious creations o( a &lorious "ather. T-!.I6.3. 8hen you are sad) <kno# this need not $e=. 2 De,ression comes (rom a sense o( $ein& de,ri ed o( somethin& you #ant and do not ha e. 3 Remem$er that you are de,ri ed o( nothin& e/ce,t $y your o#n decisions) and then decide other#ise. T-!.I6.!. 8hen you are an/ious) realiAe that an/iety comes (rom the ca,riciousness o( the e&o) and <kno# this need not $e=. 2 7ou can $e as i&ilant a&ainst the e&o+s dictates as (or them. T-!.I6.%. 8hen you (eel &uilty) remem$er that the e&o has indeed iolated the la#s o( 1od) $ut <you= ha e not. 2 ;ea e the 2sins2 o( the e&o to me. 3 That is #hat 3tonement is (or. ! But until you chan&e your mind a$out those #hom your e&o has hurt) the 3tonement cannot release you. % 8hile you (eel &uilty your e&o is in command) $ecause only the e&o can e/,erience &uilt. ' <This need not $e=. T-!.I6.'. 8atch your mind (or the tem,tations o( the e&o) and do not $e decei ed $y it. 2 It o((ers you nothin&. 3 8hen you ha e &i en u, this oluntary dis-s,iritin&) you #ill see ho# your mind can (ocus and rise a$o e (ati&ue and heal. ! 7et you are not su((iciently i&ilant a&ainst the demands o( the e&o to disen&a&e yoursel(. % <This need not $e=. T-!.I6.*. The ha$it o( en&a&in& #ith 1od and 0is creations is easily made i( you acti ely re(use to let your mind sli, a#ay. 2 The ,ro$lem is not one o( concentration9 it is the $elie( that no one) includin& yoursel() is #orth consistent e((ort. ,'3 3 5ide #ith me consistently a&ainst this dece,tion) and do not ,ermit this sha$$y $elie( to ,ull you $ack. ! The disheartened are useless to themsel es and to me) $ut only the e&o can <$e= disheartened. T-!.I6.-. 0a e you really considered ho# many o,,ortunities you ha e had to &ladden yoursel() and ho# many o( them you ha e re(usedD 2 There is no limit to the ,o#er o( a 5on o( 1od) $ut he can limit the e/,ression o( his ,o#er as much as he chooses. 3 7our mind and mine can unite in shinin& your e&o a#ay) releasin& the stren&th o( 1od into e erythin& you think and do. ! Do not settle (or anythin& less than this) and re(use to acce,t anythin& $ut this as your &oal. % 8atch

your mind care(ully (or any $elie(s that hinder its accom,lishment) and ste, a#ay (rom them. ' Hud&e ho# #ell you ha e done this $y your o#n (eelin&s) (or this is the one ri&ht use o( Cud&ment. * Hud&ment) like any other de(ense) can $e used to attack or ,rotect9 to hurt or to heal. - The e&o <should= $e $rou&ht to Cud&ment and (ound #antin& there. : 8ithout your o#n alle&iance) ,rotection and lo e) the e&o cannot e/ist. 1> ;et it $e Cud&ed truly and you must #ithdra# alle&iance) ,rotection and lo e (rom it. T-!.I6.:. 7ou are a mirror o( truth) in #hich 1od 0imsel( shines in ,er(ect li&ht. 2 To the e&o+s dark &lass you need $ut say) 2I #ill not look there $ecause I kno# these ima&es are not true.2 3 Then let the 0oly One shine on you in ,eace) kno#in& that this and only this must $e. ! 0is 4ind shone on you in your creation and $rou&ht your mind into $ein&. % 0is 4ind still shines on you and must shine throu&h you. ' 7our e&o cannot ,re ent 0im (rom shinin& on you) $ut it can ,re ent you (rom lettin& 0im shine throu&h you. T-!.I6.1>. The "irst Comin& o( Christ is merely another name (or the creation) (or Christ is the 5on o( 1od. 2 The 5econd Comin& o( Christ means nothin& more than the end o( the e&o+s rule and the healin& o( the mind. 3 I #as created like you in the "irst) and I ha e called you to Coin #ith me in the 5econd. ! I am in char&e o( the 5econd Comin&) and my Cud&ment) #hich is used only (or ,rotection) cannot $e #ron& $ecause it ne er attacks. % 7ours may $e so distorted that you $elie e I #as mistaken in choosin& you. ' I assure you this is a mistake o( your e&o. * Do not mistake it (or humility. - 7our e&o is tryin& to con ince you that it is real and I am not) $ecause i( I am real) I am no more real than you are. : That kno#led&e) and I assure you that it <is= kno#led&e) means that Christ has come into your mind and healed it. ,'! T-!.I6.11. I do not attack your e&o. 2 I do #ork #ith your hi&her mind) the home o( the 0oly 5,irit) #hether you are aslee, or a#ake) Cust as your e&o does #ith your lo#er mind) #hich is its home. 3 I am your i&ilance in this) $ecause you are too con(used to reco&niAe your o#n ho,e. ! I am not mistaken. % 7our mind #ill elect to Coin #ith mine) and to&ether #e are in inci$le. ' 7ou and your $rother #ill yet come to&ether in my name) and your sanity #ill $e restored. * I raised the dead $y kno#in& that li(e is an eternal attri$ute o( e erythin& that the li in& 1od created. - 8hy do you $elie e it is harder (or me to ins,ire the dis-s,irited or to sta$iliAe the unsta$leD : I do not $elie e that there is an order o( di((iculty in miracles9 you do. 1> I ha e called and you #ill ans#er. 11 I understand that miracles are natural) $ecause they are e/,ressions o( lo e. 12 4y callin& you is as natural as your ans#er) and as ine ita$le.

". T#e E)o0-o!. Ill'sion T-!.6.1. 3ll thin&s #ork to&ether (or &ood. 2 There are no e/ce,tions e/ce,t in the e&o+s Cud&ment. 3 The e&o e/erts ma/imal i&ilance a$out #hat it ,ermits into a#areness) and this is not the #ay a $alanced mind holds to&ether. ! The e&o is thro#n (urther o(( $alance $ecause it kee,s its ,rimary moti ation (rom your a#areness) and raises control rather than sanity to ,redominance. % The e&o has e ery reason to do this) accordin& to the thou&ht system #hich &a e rise to it and #hich it ser es. ' 5ane Cud&ment #ould ine ita$ly Cud&e a&ainst the e&o) and must $e o$literated $y the e&o in the interest o( its sel(,reser ation. T-!.6.2. 3 maCor source o( the e&o+s o((-$alanced state is its lack o( discrimination $et#een the $ody and the Thou&hts o( 1od. 2 Thou&hts o( 1od are unacce,ta$le to the e&o) $ecause they clearly ,oint to the none/istence o( the e&o itsel(. 3 The e&o there(ore either distorts them or re(uses to acce,t them. ! It cannot) ho#e er) make them cease to $e. % It there(ore tries to conceal not only 2unacce,ta$le2 $ody im,ulses) $ut also the Thou&hts o( 1od) $ecause $oth are threatenin& to it. ' Bein& concerned ,rimarily #ith its o#n ,reser ation in the (ace o( threat) the e&o ,ercei es them as the same. * By ,ercei in& them as the same) the e&o attem,ts to sa e itsel( (rom $ein& s#e,t a#ay) as it #ould surely $e in the ,resence o( kno#led&e. ,'% T-!.6.3. 3ny thou&ht system that con(uses 1od and the $ody must $e insane. 2 7et this con(usion is essential to the e&o) #hich Cud&es only in terms o( threat or non-threat to itsel(. 3 In one sense the e&o+s (ear o( 1od is at least lo&ical) since the idea o( 0im does dis,el the e&o. ! But (ear o( the $ody) #ith #hich the e&o identi(ies so closely) makes no sense at all. T-!.6.!. The $ody is the e&o+s home $y its o#n election. 2 It is the only identi(ication #ith #hich the e&o (eels sa(e) since the $ody+s ulnera$ility is its o#n $est ar&ument that you cannot $e o( 1od. 3 This is the $elie( that the e&o s,onsors ea&erly. ! 7et the e&o hates the $ody) $ecause it cannot acce,t it as &ood enou&h to $e its home. % 0ere is #here the mind $ecomes actually daAed. ' Bein& told $y the e&o that it is really ,art o( the $ody and that the $ody is its ,rotector) the mind is also told that the $ody cannot ,rotect it. * There(ore) the mind asks) 28here can I &o (or ,rotectionD2 to #hich the e&o re,lies) 2Turn to me.2 - The mind) and not #ithout cause) reminds the e&o that it has itsel( insisted that it is identi(ied #ith the $ody) so there is no ,oint in turnin& to <it= (or ,rotection. : The e&o has no real ans#er to this $ecause there is none) $ut it does ha e a ty,ical solution. 1> It o$literates the question (rom the mind+s a#areness. 11 Once out o(

a#areness the question can and does ,roduce uneasiness) $ut it cannot $e ans#ered $ecause it cannot $e asked. T-!.6.%. This is the question that <must= $e asked. 28here can I &o (or ,rotectionD2 2 25eek and ye shall (ind2 does not mean that you should seek $lindly and des,erately (or somethin& you #ould not reco&niAe. 3 4eanin&(ul seekin& is consciously undertaken) consciously or&aniAed and consciously directed. ! The &oal must $e (ormulated clearly and ke,t in mind. % ;earnin& and #antin& to learn are inse,ara$le. ' 7ou learn $est #hen you $elie e #hat you are tryin& to learn is o( alue to you. * 0o#e er) not e erythin& you may #ant to learn has lastin& alue. - Indeed) many o( the thin&s you #ant to learn may $e chosen <$ecause= their alue #ill not last. T-!.6.'. The e&o thinks it is an ad anta&e not to commit itsel( to anythin& that is eternal) $ecause the eternal must come (rom 1od. 2 @ternalness is the one (unction the e&o has tried to de elo,) $ut has systematically (ailed to achie e. 3 The e&o com,romises #ith the issue o( the eternal) Cust as it does #ith all issues touchin& on the real question in any #ay. ! By $ecomin& in ol ed #ith tan&ential issues) it ho,es to hide the real question and kee, it out o( mind. ,'' % The e&o+s characteristic $usyness #ith nonessentials is (or ,recisely that ,ur,ose. ' ?reoccu,ations #ith ,ro$lems set u, to $e inca,a$le o( solution are (a orite e&o de ices (or im,edin& learnin& ,ro&ress. * In all these di ersionary tactics) ho#e er) the one question that is ne er asked $y those #ho ,ursue them is) 28hat (orD2 - This is the question that <you= must learn to ask in connection #ith e erythin&. : 8hat is the ,ur,oseD 1> 8hate er it is) it #ill direct your e((orts automatically. 11 8hen you make a decision o( ,ur,ose) then) you ha e made a decision a$out your (uture e((ort9 a decision that #ill remain in e((ect unless you chan&e your mind. "I. T#e Re+ar!s of Go! T-!.6I.1. The e&o does not reco&niAe the real source o( 2threat)2 and i( you associate yoursel( #ith the e&o) you do not understand the situation as it is. 2 Only your alle&iance to it &i es the e&o any ,o#er o er you. 3 I ha e s,oken o( the e&o as i( it #ere a se,arate thin&) actin& on its o#n. ! This #as necessary to ,ersuade you that you cannot dismiss it li&htly) and must realiAe ho# much o( your thinkin& is e&o-directed. % 8e cannot sa(ely let it &o at that) ho#e er) or you #ill re&ard yoursel( as necessarily con(licted as lon& as you are here) or as lon& as you $elie e that you are here. ' The e&o is nothin& more than a ,art o( your $elie( a$out yoursel(. * 7our other li(e has continued #ithout interru,tion) and has $een and al#ays #ill $e totally una((ected $y your attem,ts to dissociate it.

T-!.6I.2. In learnin& to esca,e (rom illusions) your de$t to your $rother is somethin& you must ne er (or&et. 2 It is the same de$t that you o#e to me. 3 8hene er you act e&otistically to#ards another) you are thro#in& a#ay the &raciousness o( your inde$tedness and the holy ,erce,tion it #ould ,roduce. ! The term 2holy2 can $e used here $ecause) as you learn ho# much you are inde$ted to the #hole 5onshi,) #hich includes me) you come as close to kno#led&e as ,erce,tion can. % The &a, is then so small that kno#led&e can easily (lo# across it and o$literate it (ore er. T-!.6I.3. 7ou ha e ery little trust in me as yet) $ut it #ill increase as you turn more and more o(ten to me instead o( to your e&o (or &uidance. 2 The results #ill con ince you increasin&ly that this choice is the only sane one you can make. ,'* 3 No one #ho learns (rom e/,erience that one choice $rin&s ,eace and Coy #hile another $rin&s chaos and disaster needs additional con incin&. ! ;earnin& throu&h re#ards is more e((ecti e than learnin& throu&h ,ain) $ecause ,ain is an e&o illusion) and can ne er induce more than a tem,orary e((ect. % The re#ards o( 1od) ho#e er) are immediately reco&niAed as eternal. ' 5ince this reco&nition is made $y you and not the e&o) the reco&nition itsel( esta$lishes that you and your e&o cannot $e identical. * 7ou may $elie e that you ha e already acce,ted this di((erence) $ut you are $y no means con inced as yet. - The (act that you $elie e you must esca,e (rom the e&o sho#s this9 $ut you cannot esca,e (rom the e&o $y hum$lin& it or controllin& it or ,unishin& it. T-!.6I.!. The e&o and the s,irit do not kno# each other. 2 The se,arated mind cannot maintain the se,aration e/ce,t $y dissociatin&. 3 0a in& done this) it denies all truly natural im,ulses) not $ecause the e&o is a se,arate thin&) $ut $ecause you #ant to $elie e that <you= are. ! The e&o is a de ice (or maintainin& this $elie() $ut it is still only your decision to use the de ice that ena$les it to endure. T-!.6I.%. 0o# can you teach someone the alue o( somethin& he has deli$erately thro#n a#ayD 2 0e must ha e thro#n it a#ay $ecause he did not alue it. 3 7ou can only sho# him ho# misera$le he is #ithout it) and slo#ly $rin& it nearer so he can learn ho# his misery lessens as he a,,roaches it. ! This teaches him to associate his misery #ith its a$sence) and the o,,osite o( misery #ith its ,resence. % It &radually $ecomes desira$le as he chan&es his mind a$out its #orth. ' I am teachin& you to associate misery #ith the e&o and Coy #ith the s,irit. * 7ou ha e tau&ht yoursel( the o,,osite. - 7ou are still (ree to choose) $ut can you really #ant the re#ards o( the e&o in the ,resence o( the re#ards o( 1odD T-!.6I.'. 4y trust in you is &reater than yours in me at the moment) $ut it #ill not al#ays $e that #ay. 2 7our mission is ery sim,le. 3 7ou

are asked to li e so as to demonstrate that you are not an e&o) and I do not choose 1od+s channels #ron&ly. ! The 0oly One shares my trust) and acce,ts my 3tonement decisions $ecause my #ill is ne er out o( accord #ith 0is. % I ha e said $e(ore that I am in char&e o( the 3tonement. ' This is only $ecause I com,leted my ,art in it as a man) and can no# com,lete it throu&h others. * 4y chosen channels cannot (ail) $ecause I #ill lend them my stren&th as lon& as theirs is #antin&. ,'T-!.6I.*. I #ill &o #ith you to the 0oly One) and throu&h my ,erce,tion 0e can $rid&e the little &a,. 2 7our &ratitude to your $rother is the only &i(t I #ant. 3 I #ill $rin& it to 1od (or you) kno#in& that to kno# your $rother <is= to kno# 1od. ! I( you are &rate(ul to your $rother) you are &rate(ul to 1od (or #hat 0e created. % Throu&h your &ratitude you come to kno# your $rother) and one moment o( real reco&nition makes e eryone your $rother $ecause each o( them is o( your "ather. ' ;o e does not conquer all thin&s) $ut it does set all thin&s ri&ht. * Because you are the Gin&dom o( 1od I can lead you $ack to your o#n creations. - 7ou do not reco&niAe them no#) $ut #hat has $een dissociated is still there. T-!.6I.-. 3s you come closer to a $rother you a,,roach me) and as you #ithdra# (rom him I $ecome distant to you. 2 5al ation is a colla$orati e enture. 3 It cannot $e undertaken success(ully $y those #ho disen&a&e themsel es (rom the 5onshi,) $ecause they are disen&a&in& themsel es (rom me. ! 1od #ill come to you only as you #ill &i e 0im to your $rothers. % ;earn (irst o( them and you #ill $e ready to hear 1od. ' That is $ecause the (unction o( lo e is one. "II. Creation an! Co 'nication T-!.6II.1. It is clear that #hile the content o( any ,articular e&o illusion does not matter) its correction is more hel,(ul in a s,eci(ic conte/t. 2 @&o illusions are quite s,eci(ic) althou&h the mind is naturally a$stract. 3 ?art o( the mind $ecomes concrete) ho#e er) #hen it s,lits. ! The concrete ,art $elie es in the e&o) $ecause the e&o de,ends on the concrete. % The e&o is the ,art o( the mind that $elie es your e/istence is de(ined $y se,aration. T-!.6II.2. @ erythin& the e&o ,ercei es is a se,arate #hole) #ithout the relationshi,s that im,ly $ein&. 2 The e&o is thus a&ainst communication) e/ce,t inso(ar as it is utiliAed to esta$lish se,arateness rather than to a$olish it. 3 The communication system o( the e&o is $ased on its o#n thou&ht system) as is e erythin& else it dictates. ! Its communication is controlled $y its need to ,rotect itsel() and it #ill disru,t communication #hen it e/,eriences threat. % This disru,tion is a reaction to a s,eci(ic ,erson or ,ersons. ' The s,eci(icity

o( the e&o+s thinkin&) then) results in s,urious &eneraliAation #hich is really not a$stract at all. * It merely res,onds in certain s,eci(ic #ays to e erythin& it ,ercei es as related. ,': T-!.6II.3. In contrast) s,irit reacts in the same #ay to e erythin& it kno#s is true) and does not res,ond at all to anythin& else. 2 Nor does it make any attem,t to esta$lish #hat is true. 3 It kno#s that #hat is true is e erythin& that 1od created. ! It is in com,lete and direct communication #ith e ery as,ect o( creation) $ecause it is in com,lete and direct communication #ith its Creator. % This communication is the 8ill o( 1od. ' Creation and communication are synonymous. * 1od created e ery mind $y communicatin& 0is 4ind to it) thus esta$lishin& it (ore er as a channel (or the rece,tion o( 0is 4ind and 8ill. - 5ince only $ein&s o( a like order can truly communicate) 0is creations naturally communicate #ith 0im and like 0im. : This communication is ,er(ectly a$stract) since its quality is uni ersal in a,,lication and not su$Cect to any Cud&ment) any e/ce,tion or any alteration. 1> 1od created you $y this and (or this. 11 The mind can distort its (unction) $ut it cannot endo# itsel( #ith (unctions it #as not &i en. 12 That is #hy the mind cannot totally lose the a$ility to communicate) e en thou&h it may re(use to utiliAe it on $ehal( o( $ein&. T-!.6II.!. @/istence as #ell as $ein& rest on communication. 2 @/istence) ho#e er) is s,eci(ic in ho#) #hat and #ith #hom communication is Cud&ed to $e #orth undertakin&. 3 Bein& is com,letely #ithout these distinctions. ! It is a state in #hich the mind is in communication #ith e erythin& that is real. % To #hate er e/tent you ,ermit this state to $e curtailed you are limitin& your sense o( your o#n reality) #hich $ecomes total only $y reco&niAin& all reality in the &lorious conte/t o( its real relationshi, to you. ' This is your reality. * Do not desecrate it or recoil (rom it. - It is your real home) your real tem,le and your real 5el(. T-!.6II.%. 1od) 8ho encom,asses all $ein&) created $ein&s #ho ha e e erythin& indi idually) $ut #ho #ant to share it to increase their Coy. 2 Nothin& real can $e increased e/ce,t $y sharin&. 3 That is #hy 1od created you. ! Di ine 3$straction takes Coy in sharin&. % That is #hat creation means. ' 20o#)2 2#hat2 and 2to #hom2 are irrele ant) $ecause real creation &i es e erythin&) since it can create only like itsel(. * Remem$er that in the Gin&dom there is no di((erence $et#een <ha in&= and <$ein&)= as there is in e/istence. - In the state o( $ein& the mind &i es e erythin& al#ays. T-!.6II.'. The Bi$le re,eatedly states that you should ,raise 1od. 2 This hardly means that you should tell 0im ho# #onder(ul 0e is. 3 0e has no e&o #ith #hich to acce,t such ,raise) and no ,erce,tion #ith #hich to Cud&e it. ,*> ! But unless you take your ,art in the creation)

0is Coy is not com,lete $ecause yours is incom,lete. % 3nd this 0e does kno#. ' 0e kno#s it in 0is O#n Bein& and its e/,erience o( 0is 5on+s e/,erience. * The constant &oin& out o( 0is ;o e is $locked #hen 0is channels are closed) and 0e is lonely #hen the minds 0e created do not communicate (ully #ith 0im. T-!.6II.*. 1od has ke,t your Gin&dom (or you) $ut 0e cannot share 0is Coy #ith you until you kno# it #ith your #hole mind. 2 Re elation is not enou&h) $ecause it is only communication <(rom= 1od. 3 1od does not need re elation returned to 0im) #hich #ould clearly $e im,ossi$le) $ut 0e does #ant it $rou&ht to others. ! This cannot $e done #ith the actual re elation9 its content cannot $e e/,ressed) $ecause it is intensely ,ersonal to the mind that recei es it. % It can) ho#e er) $e returned $y that mind to other minds) throu&h the attitudes the kno#led&e (rom the re elation $rin&s. T-!.6II.-. 1od is ,raised #hene er any mind learns to $e #holly hel,(ul. 2 This is im,ossi$le #ithout $ein& #holly harmless) $ecause the t#o $elie(s must coe/ist. 3 The truly hel,(ul are in ulnera$le) $ecause they are not ,rotectin& their e&os and so nothin& can hurt them. ! Their hel,(ulness is their ,raise o( 1od) and 0e #ill return their ,raise o( 0im $ecause they are like 0im) and they can reCoice to&ether. % 1od &oes out to them and throu&h them) and there is &reat Coy throu&hout the Gin&dom. ' @ ery mind that is chan&ed adds to this Coy #ith its indi idual #illin&ness to share in it. * The truly hel,(ul are 1od+s miracle #orkers) #hom I direct until #e are all united in the Coy o( the Gin&dom. - I #ill direct you to #here er you can $e truly hel,(ul) and to #hoe er can (ollo# my &uidance throu&h you. ,*1 Cha,ter %. HEALING AN$ &HOLENESS Intro!'ction To heal is to make ha,,y. 2 I ha e told you to think ho# many o,,ortunities you ha e had to &ladden yoursel() and ho# many you ha e re(used. 3 This is the same as tellin& you that you ha e re(used to heal yoursel(. ! The li&ht that $elon&s to you is the li&ht o( Coy. % Radiance is not associated #ith sorro#. ' Hoy calls (orth an inte&rated #illin&ness to share it) and ,romotes the mind+s natural im,ulse to res,ond as one. * Those #ho attem,t to heal #ithout $ein& #holly Coyous themsel es call (orth di((erent kinds o( res,onses at the same time) and thus de,ri e others o( the Coy o( res,ondin& #holeheartedly. To $e #holehearted you must $e ha,,y. 2 I( (ear and lo e cannot coe/ist) and i( it is im,ossi$le to $e #holly (ear(ul and remain

ali e) the only ,ossi$le #hole state is that o( lo e. 3 There is no di((erence $et#een lo e and Coy. ! There(ore) the only ,ossi$le #hole state is the #holly Coyous. % To heal or to make Coyous is there(ore the same as to inte&rate and to make one. ' That is #hy it makes no di((erence to #hat ,art or $y #hat ,art o( the 5onshi, the healin& is o((ered. * @ ery ,art $ene(its) and $ene(its equally. 7ou are $ein& $lessed $y e ery $ene(icent thou&ht o( any o( your $rothers any#here. 2 7ou should #ant to $less them in return) out o( &ratitude. 3 7ou need not kno# them indi idually) or they you. ! The li&ht is so stron& that it radiates throu&hout the 5onshi, and returns thanks to the "ather (or radiatin& 0is Coy u,on it. % Only 1od+s holy children are #orthy channels o( 0is $eauti(ul Coy) $ecause only they are $eauti(ul enou&h to hold it $y sharin& it. ' It is im,ossi$le (or a child o( 1od to lo e his nei&h$or e/ce,t as himsel(. * That is #hy the healer+s ,rayer is. - ;et me kno# this $rother as I kno# mysel(. ,*2 I. T#e Invitation to t#e Hol. Spirit T-%.I.1. 0ealin& is a thou&ht $y #hich t#o minds ,ercei e their oneness and $ecome &lad. 2 This &ladness calls to e ery ,art o( the 5onshi, to reCoice #ith them) and lets 1od &o out into them and throu&h them. 3 Only the healed mind can e/,erience re elation #ith lastin& e((ect) $ecause re elation is an e/,erience o( ,ure Coy. ! I( you do not choose to $e #holly Coyous) your mind cannot ha e #hat it does not choose to $e. % Remem$er that s,irit kno#s no di((erence $et#een <ha in&= and <$ein&.= ' The hi&her mind thinks accordin& to the la#s s,irit o$eys) and there(ore honors only the la#s o( 1od. * To s,irit &ettin& is meanin&less and &i in& is all. - 0a in& e erythin&) s,irit holds e erythin& $y &i in& it) and thus creates as the "ather created. : 8hile this kind o( thinkin& is totally alien to ha in& thin&s) e en to the lo#er mind it is quite com,rehensi$le in connection #ith ideas. 1> I( you share a ,hysical ,ossession) you do di ide its o#nershi,. 11 I( you share an idea) ho#e er) you do not lessen it. 12 3ll o( it is still yours althou&h all o( it has $een &i en a#ay. 13 "urther) i( the one to #hom you &i e it acce,ts it as his) he rein(orces it in your mind and thus increases it. 1! I( you can acce,t the conce,t that the #orld is one o( ideas) the #hole $elie( in the (alse association the e&o makes $et#een &i in& and losin& is &one. T-%.I.2. ;et us start our ,rocess o( rea#akenin& #ith Cust a (e# sim,le conce,ts. 2 Thou&hts increase $y $ein& &i en a#ay.

3 The more #ho $elie e in them the stron&er they $ecome. ! @ erythin& is an idea. % 0o#) then) can &i in& and losin& $e associatedD T-%.I.3. This is the in itation to the 0oly 5,irit. 2 I ha e said already that I can reach u, and $rin& the 0oly 5,irit do#n to you) $ut I can $rin& 0im to you only at your o#n in itation. 3 The 0oly 5,irit is in your ri&ht mind) as 0e #as in mine. ! The Bi$le says) 24ay the mind $e in you that #as also in Christ Hesus)2 and uses this as a $lessin&. % It is the $lessin& o( miracle-mindedness. ' It asks that you may think as I thou&ht) Coinin& #ith me in Christ thinkin&. T-%.I.!. The 0oly 5,irit is the only ,art o( the 0oly Trinity that has a sym$olic (unction. 2 0e is re(erred to as the 0ealer) the Com(orter and the 1uide. 3 0e is also descri$ed as somethin& 2se,arate)2 a,art (rom the "ather and (rom the 5on. ,*3 ! I mysel( said) 2I( I &o I #ill send you another Com(orter and he #ill a$ide #ith you.2 % 0is sym$olic (unction makes the 0oly 5,irit di((icult to understand) $ecause sym$olism is o,en to di((erent inter,retations. ' 3s a man and also one o( 1od+s creations) my ri&ht thinkin&) #hich came (rom the 0oly 5,irit or the Uni ersal Ins,iration) tau&ht me (irst and (oremost that this Ins,iration is (or all. * I could not ha e It mysel( #ithout kno#in& this. - The #ord 2kno#2 is ,ro,er in this conte/t) $ecause the 0oly 5,irit is so close to kno#led&e that 0e calls it (orth9 or $etter) allo#s it to come. : I ha e s,oken $e(ore o( the hi&her or 2true2 ,erce,tion) #hich is so near to truth that 1od 0imsel( can (lo# across the little &a,. 1> Gno#led&e is al#ays ready to (lo# e ery#here) $ut it cannot o,,ose. 11 There(ore you can o$struct it) althou&h you can ne er lose it. T-%.I.%. The 0oly 5,irit is the Christ 4ind #hich is a#are o( the kno#led&e that lies $eyond ,erce,tion. 2 0e came into $ein& #ith the se,aration as a ,rotection) ins,irin& the 3tonement ,rinci,le at the same time. 3 Be(ore that there #as no need (or healin&) (or no one #as com(ortless. ! The 6oice o( the 0oly 5,irit is the Call to 3tonement) or the restoration o( the inte&rity o( the mind. % 8hen the 3tonement is com,lete and the #hole 5onshi, is healed there #ill $e no Call to return. ' But #hat 1od creates is eternal. * The 0oly 5,irit #ill remain #ith the 5ons o( 1od) to $less their creations and kee, them in the li&ht o( Coy. T-%.I.'. 1od honored e en the miscreations o( 0is children $ecause they had made them. 2 But 0e also $lessed 0is children #ith a #ay o( thinkin& that could raise their ,erce,tions so hi&h they could reach almost $ack to 0im. 3 The 0oly 5,irit is the 4ind o( the 3tonement. ! 0e re,resents a state o( mind close enou&h to One-mindedness that trans(er to it is at last ,ossi$le. % ?erce,tion is not kno#led&e) $ut it

can $e trans(erred to kno#led&e) or cross o er into it. ' It mi&ht e en $e more hel,(ul here to use the literal meanin& o( trans(erred or 2carried o er)2 since the last ste, is taken $y 1od. T-%.I.*. The 0oly 5,irit) the shared Ins,iration o( all the 5onshi,) induces a kind o( ,erce,tion in #hich many elements are like those in the Gin&dom o( 0ea en itsel(. 2 "irst) its uni ersality is ,er(ectly clear) and no one #ho attains it could $elie e (or one instant that sharin& it in ol es anythin& $ut &ain. 3 5econd) it is inca,a$le o( attack and is there(ore truly o,en. ,*! ! This means that althou&h it does not en&ender kno#led&e) it does not o$struct it in any #ay. % "inally) it ,oints the #ay $eyond the healin& that it $rin&s) and leads the mind $eyond its o#n inte&ration to#ard the ,aths o( creation. ' It is at this ,oint that su((icient quantitati e chan&e occurs to ,roduce a real qualitati e shi(t. II. T#e "oice for Go! T-%.II.1. 0ealin& is not creatin&9 it is re,aration. 2 The 0oly 5,irit ,romotes healin& $y lookin& $eyond it to #hat the children o( 1od #ere $e(ore healin& #as needed) and #ill $e #hen they ha e $een healed. 3 This alteration o( the time sequence should $e quite (amiliar) $ecause it is ery similar to the shi(t in the ,erce,tion o( time that the miracle introduces. ! The 0oly 5,irit is the moti ation (or miraclemindedness9 the decision to heal the se,aration $y lettin& it &o. % 7our #ill is still in you $ecause 1od ,laced it in your mind) and althou&h you can kee, it aslee, you cannot o$literate it. ' 1od 0imsel( kee,s your #ill ali e $y transmittin& it (rom 0is 4ind to yours as lon& as there is time. * The miracle itsel( is a re(lection o( this union o( 8ill $et#een "ather and 5on. T-%.II.2. The 0oly 5,irit is the s,irit o( Coy. 2 0e is the Call to return #ith #hich 1od $lessed the minds o( 0is se,arated 5ons. 3 This is the ocation o( the mind. ! The mind had no callin& until the se,aration) $ecause $e(ore that it had only $ein&) and #ould not ha e understood the Call to ri&ht thinkin&. % The 0oly 5,irit is 1od+s 3ns#er to the se,aration9 the means $y #hich the 3tonement heals until the #hole mind returns to creatin&. T-%.II.3. The ,rinci,le o( 3tonement and the se,aration $e&an at the same time. 2 8hen the e&o #as made) 1od ,laced in the mind the Call to Coy. 3 This Call is so stron& that the e&o al#ays dissol es at Its sound. ! That is #hy you must choose to hear one o( t#o oices #ithin you. % One you made yoursel() and that one is not o( 1od. ' But the other is &i en you $y 1od) 8ho asks you only to listen to it. * The 0oly 5,irit is in you in a ery literal sense. - 0is is the 6oice that calls you

$ack to #here you #ere $e(ore and #ill $e a&ain. : It is ,ossi$le e en in this #orld to hear only that 6oice and no other. 1> It takes e((ort and &reat #illin&ness to learn. 11 It is the (inal lesson that I learned) and 1od+s 5ons are as equal as learners as they are as 5ons. ,*% T-%.II.!. 7ou <are= the Gin&dom o( 0ea en) $ut you ha e let the $elie( in darkness enter your mind and so you need a ne# li&ht. 2 The 0oly 5,irit is the radiance that you must let $anish the idea o( darkness. 3 0is is the &lory $e(ore #hich dissociation (alls a#ay) and the Gin&dom o( 0ea en $reaks throu&h into its o#n. ! Be(ore the se,aration you did not need &uidance. % 7ou kne# as you #ill kno# a&ain) $ut as you do not kno# no#. T-%.II.%. 1od does not &uide) $ecause 0e can share only ,er(ect kno#led&e. 2 1uidance is e aluati e) $ecause it im,lies there is a ri&ht #ay and also a #ron& #ay) one to $e chosen and the other to $e a oided. 3 By choosin& one you &i e u, the other. ! The choice (or the 0oly 5,irit is the choice (or 1od. % 1od is not in you in a literal sense9 you are ,art o( 0im. ' 8hen you chose to lea e 0im 0e &a e you a 6oice to s,eak (or 0im $ecause 0e could no lon&er share 0is kno#led&e #ith you #ithout hindrance. * Direct communication #as $roken $ecause you had made another oice. T-%.II.'. The 0oly 5,irit calls you $oth to remem$er and to (or&et. 2 7ou ha e chosen to $e in a state o( o,,osition in #hich o,,osites are ,ossi$le. 3 3s a result) there are choices you must make. ! In the holy state the #ill is (ree) so that its creati e ,o#er is unlimited and choice is meanin&less. % "reedom to choose is the same ,o#er as (reedom to create) $ut its a,,lication is di((erent. ' Choosin& de,ends on a s,lit mind. * The 0oly 5,irit is one #ay o( choosin&. - 1od did not lea e 0is children com(ortless) e en thou&h they chose to lea e 0im. : The oice they ,ut in their minds #as not the 6oice (or 0is 8ill) (or #hich the 0oly 5,irit s,eaks. T-%.II.*. The 6oice o( the 0oly 5,irit does not command) $ecause It is inca,a$le o( arro&ance. 2 It does not demand) $ecause It does not seek control. 3 It does not o ercome) $ecause It does not attack. ! It merely reminds. % It is com,ellin& only $ecause o( #hat It reminds you <o(.= ' It $rin&s to your mind the other #ay) remainin& quiet e en in the midst o( the turmoil you may make. * The 6oice (or 1od is al#ays quiet) $ecause It s,eaks o( ,eace. - ?eace is stron&er than #ar $ecause it heals. : 8ar is di ision) not increase. 1> No one &ains (rom stri(e. 11 8hat ,ro(iteth it a man i( he &ain the #hole #orld and lose his o#n soulD 12 I( you listen to the #ron& oice you <ha e= lost si&ht o( your soul. 13 7ou cannot lose it) $ut you can not kno# it. 1! It is there(ore 2lost2 to you until you choose ri&ht.

T-%.II.-. The 0oly 5,irit is your 1uide in choosin&. 2 0e is in the ,art o( your mind that al#ays s,eaks (or the ri&ht choice) $ecause 0e s,eaks (or 1od. ,*' 3 0e is your remainin& communication #ith 1od) #hich you can interru,t $ut cannot destroy. ! The 0oly 5,irit is the #ay in #hich 1od+s 8ill is done on earth as it is in 0ea en. % Both 0ea en and earth are in you) $ecause the call o( $oth is in your mind. ' The 6oice (or 1od comes (rom your o#n altars to 0im. * These altars are not thin&s9 they are de otions. - 7et you ha e other de otions no#. : 7our di ided de otion has &i en you the t#o oices) and you must choose at #hich altar you #ant to ser e. 1> The call you ans#er no# is an e aluation $ecause it is a decision. 11 The decision is ery sim,le. 12 It is made on the $asis o( #hich call is #orth more to you. T-%.II.:. 4y mind #ill al#ays $e like yours) $ecause #e #ere created as equals. 2 It #as only my decision that &a e me all ,o#er in 0ea en and earth. 3 4y only &i(t to you is to hel, you make the same decision. ! This decision is the choice to share it) $ecause the decision itsel( <is= the decision to share. % It is made $y &i in&) and is there(ore the one choice that resem$les true creation. ' I am your model (or decision. * By decidin& (or 1od I sho#ed you that this decision can $e made) and that you can make it. T-%.II.1>. I ha e assured you that the 4ind that decided (or me is also in you) and that you can let it chan&e you Cust as it chan&ed me. 2 This 4ind is unequi ocal) $ecause it hears only one 6oice and ans#ers in only one #ay. 3 7ou are the li&ht o( the #orld #ith me. ! Rest does not come (rom slee,in& $ut (rom #akin&. % The 0oly 5,irit is the Call to a#aken and $e &lad. ' The #orld is ery tired) $ecause it is the idea o( #eariness. * Our task is the Coyous one o( #akin& it to the Call (or 1od. - @ eryone #ill ans#er the Call o( the 0oly 5,irit) or the 5onshi, cannot $e as One. : 8hat $etter ocation could there $e (or any ,art o( the Gin&dom than to restore it to the ,er(ect inte&ration that can make it #holeD 1> 0ear only this throu&h the 0oly 5,irit #ithin you) and teach your $rothers to listen as I am teachin& you. T-%.II.11. 8hen you are tem,ted $y the #ron& oice) call on me to remind you ho# to heal $y sharin& my decision and makin& it stron&er. 2 3s #e share this &oal) #e increase its ,o#er to attract the #hole 5onshi,) and to $rin& it $ack into the oneness in #hich it #as created. 3 Remem$er that 2yoke2 means 2Coin to&ether)2 and 2$urden2 means 2messa&e.2 ! ;et us restate 24y yoke is easy and my $urden li&ht2 in this #ay9 2;et us Coin to&ether) (or my messa&e is li&ht.2 ,** T-%.II.12. I ha e enCoined you to $eha e as I $eha ed) $ut #e must res,ond to the same 4ind to do this. 2 This 4ind is the 0oly 5,irit) 8hose 8ill is (or 1od al#ays. 3 0e teaches you ho# to kee, me as the model (or your thou&ht) and to $eha e like me as a result. ! The ,o#er

o( our Coint moti ation is $eyond $elie() $ut not $eyond accom,lishment. % 8hat #e can accom,lish to&ether has no limits) $ecause the Call (or 1od is the Call to the unlimited. ' Child o( 1od) my messa&e is (or you) to hear and &i e a#ay as you ans#er the 0oly 5,irit #ithin you. III. T#e G'i!e to Salvation T-%.III.1. The #ay to reco&niAe your $rother is $y reco&niAin& the 0oly 5,irit in him. 2 I ha e already said that the 0oly 5,irit is the Brid&e (or the trans(er o( ,erce,tion to kno#led&e) so #e can use the terms as i( they #ere related) $ecause in 0is 4ind they are. 3 This relationshi, must $e in 0is 4ind $ecause) unless it #ere) the se,aration $et#een the t#o #ays o( thinkin& #ould not $e o,en to healin&. ! 0e is ,art o( the 0oly Trinity) $ecause 0is 4ind is ,artly yours and also ,artly 1od+s. % This needs clari(ication) not in statement $ut in e/,erience. T-%.III.2. The 0oly 5,irit is the idea o( healin&. 2 Bein& thou&ht) the idea &ains as it is shared. 3 Bein& the Call <(or= 1od) it is also the idea <o(= 1od. ! 5ince you are ,art o( 1od it is also the idea o( yoursel() as #ell as o( all 0is creations. % The idea o( the 0oly 5,irit shares the ,ro,erty o( other ideas $ecause it (ollo#s the la#s o( the uni erse o( #hich it is a ,art. ' It is stren&thened $y $ein& &i en a#ay. * It increases in you as you &i e it to your $rother. - 7our $rother does not ha e to $e a#are o( the 0oly 5,irit in himsel( or in you (or this miracle to occur. : 0e may ha e dissociated the Call (or 1od) Cust as you ha e. 1> This dissociation is healed in $oth o( you as you $ecome a#are o( the Call (or 1od in him) and thus ackno#led&e Its $ein&. T-%.III.3. There are t#o diametrically o,,osed #ays o( seein& your $rother. 2 They must $oth $e in your mind) $ecause you are the ,ercei er. 3 They must also $e in his) $ecause you are ,ercei in& him. ! 5ee him throu&h the 0oly 5,irit in his mind) and you #ill reco&niAe 0im in yours. % 8hat you ackno#led&e in your $rother you are ackno#led&in& in yoursel() and #hat you share you stren&then. ,*T-%.III.!. The 6oice o( the 0oly 5,irit is #eak in you. 2 That is #hy you must share It. 3 It must $e increased in stren&th $e(ore you can hear It. ! It is im,ossi$le to hear It in yoursel( #hile It is so #eak in your mind. % It is not #eak in Itsel() $ut It is limited $y your un#illin&ness to hear It. ' I( you make the mistake o( lookin& (or the 0oly 5,irit in yoursel( alone your thou&hts #ill (ri&hten you $ecause) $y ado,tin& the e&o+s ie#,oint) you are undertakin& an e&o-alien Courney #ith the e&o as &uide. * This is $ound to ,roduce (ear. T-%.III.%. Delay is o( the e&o) $ecause time is its conce,t. 2 Both time and delay are meanin&less in eternity. 3 I ha e said $e(ore that the 0oly 5,irit is 1od+s 3ns#er to the e&o. ! @ erythin& o( #hich the 0oly

5,irit reminds you is in direct o,,osition to the e&o+s notions) $ecause true and (alse ,erce,tions are themsel es o,,osed. % The 0oly 5,irit has the task o( undoin& #hat the e&o has made. ' 0e undoes it at the same le el on #hich the e&o o,erates) or the mind #ould $e una$le to understand the chan&e. T-%.III.'. I ha e re,eatedly em,hasiAed that one le el o( the mind is not understanda$le to another. 2 5o it is #ith the e&o and the 0oly 5,irit9 #ith time and eternity. 3 @ternity is an idea o( 1od) so the 0oly 5,irit understands it ,er(ectly. ! Time is a $elie( o( the e&o) so the lo#er mind) #hich is the e&o+s domain) acce,ts it #ithout question. % The only as,ect o( time that is eternal is <no#.= T-%.III.*. The 0oly 5,irit is the 4ediator $et#een the inter,retations o( the e&o and the kno#led&e o( the s,irit. 2 0is a$ility to deal #ith sym$ols ena$les 0im to #ork #ith the e&o+s $elie(s in its o#n lan&ua&e. 3 0is a$ility to look $eyond sym$ols into eternity ena$les 0im to understand the la#s o( 1od) (or #hich 0e s,eaks. ! 0e can there(ore ,er(orm the (unction o( reinter,retin& #hat the e&o makes) not $y destruction $ut $y understandin&. % Understandin& is li&ht) and li&ht leads to kno#led&e. ' The 0oly 5,irit is in li&ht $ecause 0e is in you #ho are li&ht) $ut you yoursel( do not kno# this. * It is there(ore the task o( the 0oly 5,irit to reinter,ret you on $ehal( o( 1od. T-%.III.-. 7ou cannot understand yoursel( alone. 2 This is $ecause you ha e no meanin& a,art (rom your ri&ht(ul ,lace in the 5onshi,) and the ri&ht(ul ,lace o( the 5onshi, is 1od. 3 This is your li(e) your eternity and your 5el(. ! It is o( this that the 0oly 5,irit reminds you. % It is this that the 0oly 5,irit sees. ' This ision (ri&htens the e&o $ecause it is so calm. * ?eace is the e&o+s &reatest enemy $ecause) accordin& to its inter,retation o( reality) #ar is the &uarantee o( its sur i al. ,*: - The e&o $ecomes stron& in stri(e. : I( you $elie e there is stri(e you #ill react iciously) $ecause the idea o( dan&er has entered your mind. 1> The idea itsel( is an a,,eal to the e&o. 11 The 0oly 5,irit is as i&ilant as the e&o to the call o( dan&er) o,,osin& it #ith 0is stren&th Cust as the e&o #elcomes it. 12 The 0oly 5,irit counters this #elcome $y #elcomin& ,eace. 13 @ternity and ,eace are as closely related as are time and #ar. T-%.III.:. ?erce,tion deri es meanin& (rom relationshi,s. 2 Those you acce,t are the (oundations o( your $elie(s. 3 The se,aration is merely another term (or a s,lit mind. ! The e&o is the sym$ol o( se,aration) Cust as the 0oly 5,irit is the sym$ol o( ,eace. % 8hat you ,ercei e in others you are stren&thenin& in yoursel(. ' 7ou may let your mind mis,ercei e) $ut the 0oly 5,irit lets your mind reinter,ret its o#n mis,erce,tions.

T-%.III.1>. The 0oly 5,irit is the ,er(ect Teacher. 2 0e uses only #hat your mind already understands to teach you that you do not understand it. 3 The 0oly 5,irit can deal #ith a reluctant learner #ithout &oin& counter to his mind) $ecause ,art o( it is still (or 1od. ! Des,ite the e&o+s attem,ts to conceal this ,art) it is still much stron&er than the e&o) althou&h the e&o does not reco&niAe it. % The 0oly 5,irit reco&niAes it ,er(ectly $ecause it is 0is O#n d#ellin& ,lace9 the ,lace in the mind #here 0e is at home. ' 7ou are at home there) too) $ecause it is a ,lace o( ,eace) and ,eace is o( 1od. * 7ou #ho are ,art o( 1od are not at home e/ce,t in 0is ,eace. - I( ,eace is eternal) you are at home only in eternity. T-%.III.11. The e&o made the #orld as it ,ercei es it) $ut the 0oly 5,irit) the reinter,reter o( #hat the e&o made) sees the #orld as a teachin& de ice (or $rin&in& you home. 2 The 0oly 5,irit must ,ercei e time) and reinter,ret it into the timeless. 3 0e must #ork throu&h o,,osites) $ecause 0e must #ork #ith and (or a mind that is in o,,osition. ! Correct and learn) and $e o,en to learnin&. % 7ou ha e not made truth) $ut truth can still set you (ree. ' ;ook as the 0oly 5,irit looks) and understand as 0e understands. * 0is understandin& looks $ack to 1od in remem$rance o( me. - 0e is in communion #ith 1od al#ays) and 0e is ,art o( you. : 0e is your 1uide to sal ation) $ecause 0e holds the remem$rance o( thin&s ,ast and to come) and $rin&s them to the ,resent. 1> 0e holds this &ladness &ently in your mind) askin& only that you increase it in 0is Name $y sharin& it to increase 0is Coy in you. ,-> I". Teac#in) an! Healin) T-%.I6.1. 8hat (ear has hidden still is ,art o( you. 2 Hoinin& the 3tonement is the #ay out o( (ear. 3 The 0oly 5,irit #ill hel, you reinter,ret e erythin& that you ,ercei e as (ear(ul) and teach you that only #hat is lo in& is true. ! Truth is $eyond your a$ility to destroy) $ut entirely #ithin your a$ility to acce,t. % It $elon&s to you $ecause) as an e/tension o( 1od) you created it #ith 0im. ' It is yours $ecause it is ,art o( you) Cust as you are ,art o( 1od $ecause 0e created you. * Nothin& that is &ood can $e lost $ecause it comes (rom the 0oly 5,irit) the 6oice (or creation. - Nothin& that is not &ood #as e er created) and there(ore cannot $e ,rotected. : The 3tonement is the &uarantee o( the sa(ety o( the Gin&dom) and the union o( the 5onshi, is its ,rotection. 1> The e&o cannot ,re ail a&ainst the Gin&dom $ecause the 5onshi, is united. 11 In the ,resence o( those #ho hear the 0oly 5,irit+s Call to $e as one) the e&o (ades a#ay and is undone. T-%.I6.2. 8hat the e&o makes it kee,s to itsel() and so it is #ithout stren&th. 2 Its e/istence is unshared. 3 It does not die9 it #as merely

ne er $orn. ! ?hysical $irth is not a $e&innin&9 it is a continuin&. % @ erythin& that continues has already $een $orn. ' It #ill increase as you are #illin& to return the unhealed ,art o( your mind to the hi&her ,art) returnin& it undi ided to creation. * I ha e come to &i e you the (oundation) so your o#n thou&hts can make you really (ree. - 7ou ha e carried the $urden o( unshared ideas that are too #eak to increase) $ut ha in& made them you did not realiAe ho# to undo them. : 7ou cannot cancel out your ,ast errors alone. 1> They #ill not disa,,ear (rom your mind #ithout the 3tonement) a remedy not o( your makin&. 11 The 3tonement must $e understood as a ,ure act o( sharin&. 12 That is #hat I meant #hen I said it is ,ossi$le e en in this #orld to listen to one 6oice. 13 I( you are ,art o( 1od and the 5onshi, is One) you cannot $e limited to the sel( the e&o sees. T-%.I6.3. @ ery lo in& thou&ht held in any ,art o( the 5onshi, $elon&s to e ery ,art. 2 It is shared <$ecause= it is lo in&. 3 5harin& is 1od+s #ay o( creatin&) and also yours. ! The e&o can kee, you in e/ile (rom the Gin&dom) $ut in the Gin&dom itsel( it has no ,o#er. % Ideas o( the s,irit do not lea e the mind that thinks them) nor can they con(lict #ith each other. ' 0o#e er) ideas o( the e&o can con(lict $ecause they occur at di((erent le els and also include o,,osite thou&hts at the same le el. * <It is im,ossi$le to share o,,osin& thou&hts.= -1 - 7ou can share only the thou&hts that are o( 1od and that 0e kee,s (or you. : 3nd o( such is the Gin&dom o( 0ea en. 1> The rest remains #ith you until the 0oly 5,irit has reinter,reted them in the li&ht o( the Gin&dom) makin& them) too) #orthy o( $ein& shared. 11 8hen they ha e $een su((iciently ,uri(ied 0e lets you &i e them a#ay. 12 The decision to share them <is= their ,uri(ication. T-%.I6.!. I heard one 6oice $ecause I understood that I could not atone (or mysel( alone. 2 ;istenin& to one 6oice im,lies the decision to share It in order to hear It yoursel(. 3 The 4ind that #as in me is still irresisti$ly dra#n to e ery mind created $y 1od) $ecause 1od+s 8holeness is the 8holeness o( 0is 5on. ! 7ou cannot $e hurt) and do not #ant to sho# your $rother anythin& e/ce,t your #holeness. % 5ho# him that he cannot hurt you and hold nothin& a&ainst him) or you hold it a&ainst yoursel(. ' This is the meanin& o( 2turnin& the other cheek.2 T-%.I6.%. Teachin& is done in many #ays) a$o e all $y e/am,le. 2 Teachin& should $e healin&) $ecause it is the sharin& o( ideas and the reco&nition that to share ideas is to stren&then them. 3 I cannot (or&et my need to teach #hat I ha e learned) #hich arose in me <$ecause= I learned it. ! I call u,on you to teach #hat you ha e learned) $ecause $y so doin& you can de,end on it. % 4ake it de,enda$le in my name $ecause my name is the Name o( 1od+s 5on. ' 8hat I learned I &i e

you (reely) and the 4ind that #as in me reCoices as you choose to hear it. T-%.I6.'. The 0oly 5,irit atones in all o( us $y undoin&) and thus li(ts the $urden you ha e ,laced in your mind. 2 By (ollo#in& 0im you are led $ack to 1od #here you $elon&) and ho# can you (ind the #ay e/ce,t $y takin& your $rother #ith youD 3 4y ,art in the 3tonement is not com,lete until you Coin it and &i e it a#ay. ! 3s you teach so shall you learn. % I #ill ne er lea e you or (orsake you) $ecause to (orsake you #ould $e to (orsake mysel( and 1od 8ho created me. ' 7ou (orsake yoursel( and 1od i( you (orsake any o( your $rothers. * 7ou must learn to see them as they are) and understand they $elon& to 1od as you do. - 0o# could you treat your $rother $etter than $y renderin& unto 1od the thin&s that are 1od+sD T-%.I6.*. The 3tonement &i es you the ,o#er o( a healed mind) $ut the ,o#er to create is o( 1od. 2 There(ore) those #ho ha e $een (or&i en must de ote themsel es (irst to healin& $ecause) ha in& recei ed the idea o( healin&) they must &i e it to hold it. 3 The (ull ,o#er o( creation cannot $e e/,ressed as lon& as any o( 1od+s ideas is #ithheld (rom the Gin&dom. ,-2 ! The Coint #ill o( the 5onshi, is the only creator that can create like the "ather) $ecause only the com,lete can think com,letely) and the thinkin& o( 1od lacks nothin&. % @ erythin& you think that is not throu&h the 0oly 5,irit <is= lackin&. T-%.I6.-. 0o# can you #ho are so holy su((erD 2 3ll your ,ast e/ce,t its $eauty is &one) and nothin& is le(t $ut a $lessin&. 3 I ha e sa ed all your kindnesses and e ery lo in& thou&ht you e er had. ! I ha e ,uri(ied them o( the errors that hid their li&ht) and ke,t them (or you in their o#n ,er(ect radiance. % They are $eyond destruction and $eyond &uilt. ' They came (rom the 0oly 5,irit #ithin you) and #e kno# #hat 1od creates is eternal. * 7ou can indeed de,art in ,eace $ecause I ha e lo ed you as I lo ed mysel(. - 7ou &o #ith my $lessin& and (or my $lessin&. : 0old it and share it) that it may al#ays $e ours. 1> I ,lace the ,eace o( 1od in your heart and in your hands) to hold and share. 11 The heart is ,ure to hold it) and the hands are stron& to &i e it. 12 8e cannot lose. 13 4y Cud&ment is as stron& as the #isdom o( 1od) in 8hose 0eart and 0ands #e ha e our $ein&. 1! 0is quiet children are 0is $lessed 5ons. 1% The Thou&hts o( 1od are #ith you. ". T#e E)o2s 1se of G'ilt T-%.6.1. ?erha,s some o( our conce,ts #ill $ecome clearer and more ,ersonally meanin&(ul i( the e&o+s use o( &uilt is clari(ied. 2 The e&o has a ,ur,ose) Cust as the 0oly 5,irit has. 3 The e&o+s ,ur,ose is (ear) $ecause only the (ear(ul can $e e&otistic. ! The e&o+s lo&ic is as im,ecca$le as that o( the 0oly 5,irit) $ecause your mind has the

means at its dis,osal to side #ith 0ea en or earth) as it elects. % But a&ain) remem$er that $oth are in you. T-%.6.2. In 0ea en there is no &uilt) $ecause the Gin&dom is attained throu&h the 3tonement) #hich releases you to create. 2 The #ord 2create2 is a,,ro,riate here $ecause) once #hat you ha e made is undone $y the 0oly 5,irit) the $lessed residue is restored and there(ore continues in creation. 3 8hat is truly $lessed is inca,a$le o( &i in& rise to &uilt) and must &i e rise to Coy. ! This makes it in ulnera$le to the e&o $ecause its ,eace is unassaila$le. % It is in ulnera$le to disru,tion $ecause it is #hole. ' 1uilt is <al#ays= disru,ti e. * 3nythin& that en&enders (ear is di isi e $ecause it o$eys the la# o( di ision. ,-3 - I( the e&o is the sym$ol o( the se,aration) it is also the sym$ol o( &uilt. : 1uilt is more than merely not o( 1od. 1> It is the sym$ol o( attack on 1od. 11 This is a totally meanin&less conce,t e/ce,t to the e&o) $ut do not underestimate the ,o#er o( the e&o+s $elie( in it. 12 This is the $elie( (rom #hich all &uilt really stems. T-%.6.3. The e&o is the ,art o( the mind that $elie es in di ision. 2 0o# could ,art o( 1od detach itsel( #ithout $elie in& it is attackin& 0imD 3 8e s,oke $e(ore o( the authority ,ro$lem as $ased on the conce,t o( usur,in& 1od+s ,o#er. ! The e&o $elie es that this is #hat you did $ecause it $elie es that it <is= you. % I( you identi(y #ith the e&o) you must ,ercei e yoursel( as &uilty. ' 8hene er you res,ond to your e&o you #ill e/,erience &uilt) and you #ill (ear ,unishment. * The e&o is quite literally a (ear(ul thou&ht. - 0o#e er ridiculous the idea o( attackin& 1od may $e to the sane mind) ne er (or&et that the e&o is not sane. : It re,resents a delusional system) and s,eaks (or it. 1> ;istenin& to the e&o+s oice means that you $elie e it is ,ossi$le to attack 1od) and that a ,art o( 0im has $een torn a#ay $y you. 11 "ear o( retaliation (rom #ithout (ollo#s) $ecause the se erity o( the &uilt is so acute that it must $e ,roCected. T-%.6.!. 8hate er you acce,t into your mind has reality (or you. 2 It is your acce,tance o( it that makes it real. 3 I( you enthrone the e&o in your mind) your allo#in& it to enter makes it your reality. ! This is $ecause the mind is ca,a$le o( creatin& reality or makin& illusions. % I said $e(ore that you must learn to think #ith 1od. ' To think #ith 0im is to think like 0im. * This en&enders Coy) not &uilt) $ecause it is natural. - 1uilt is a sure si&n that your thinkin& is unnatural. : Unnatural thinkin& #ill al#ays $e attended #ith &uilt) $ecause it is the $elie( in sin. 1> The e&o does not ,ercei e sin as a lack o( lo e) $ut as a ,ositi e act o( assault. 11 This is necessary to the e&o+s sur i al $ecause) as soon as you re&ard sin as a lack) you #ill automatically attem,t to remedy the situation. 12 3nd you #ill succeed. 13 The e&o re&ards this as doom) $ut you must learn to re&ard it as (reedom.

T-%.6.%. The &uiltless mind cannot su((er. 2 Bein& sane) the mind heals the $ody $ecause <it= has $een healed. 3 The sane mind cannot concei e o( illness $ecause it cannot concei e o( attackin& anyone or anythin&. ! I said $e(ore that illness is a (orm o( ma&ic. % It mi&ht $e $etter to say that it is a (orm o( ma&ical solution. ' The e&o $elie es that $y ,unishin& itsel( it #ill miti&ate the ,unishment o( 1od. ,-! * 7et e en in this it is arro&ant. - It attri$utes to 1od a ,unishin& intent) and then takes this intent as its o#n ,rero&ati e. : It tries to usur, all the (unctions o( 1od as it ,ercei es them) $ecause it reco&niAes that only total alle&iance can $e trusted. T-%.6.'. The e&o cannot o,,ose the la#s o( 1od any more than you can) $ut it can inter,ret them accordin& to #hat it #ants) Cust as you can. 2 That is #hy the question) 28hat do you #antD2 must $e ans#ered. 3 7ou are ans#erin& it e ery minute and e ery second) and each moment o( decision is a Cud&ment that is anythin& $ut ine((ectual. ! Its e((ects #ill (ollo# automatically until the decision is chan&ed. % Remem$er) thou&h) that the alternati es themsel es are unaltera$le. ' The 0oly 5,irit) like the e&o) is a decision. * To&ether they constitute all the alternati es the mind can acce,t and o$ey. - The 0oly 5,irit and the e&o are the only choices o,en to you. : 1od created one) and so you cannot eradicate it. 1> 7ou made the other) and so you can. 11 Only #hat 1od creates is irre ersi$le and unchan&ea$le. 12 8hat you made can al#ays $e chan&ed $ecause) #hen you do not think like 1od) you are not really thinkin& at all. 13 Delusional ideas are not real thou&hts) althou&h you can $elie e in them. 1! But you are #ron&. 1% The (unction o( thou&ht comes (rom 1od and is in 1od. 1' 3s ,art o( 0is Thou&ht) you <cannot= think a,art (rom 0im. T-%.6.*. Irrational thou&ht is disordered thou&ht. 2 1od 0imsel( orders your thou&ht $ecause your thou&ht #as created $y 0im. 3 1uilt (eelin&s are al#ays a si&n that you do not kno# this. ! They also sho# that you $elie e you can think a,art (rom 1od) and #ant to. % @ ery disordered thou&ht is attended $y &uilt at its ince,tion) and maintained $y &uilt in its continuance. ' 1uilt is inesca,a$le $y those #ho $elie e they order their o#n thou&hts) and must there(ore o$ey their dictates. * This makes them (eel res,onsi$le (or their errors #ithout reco&niAin& that) $y acce,tin& this res,onsi$ility) they are reactin& irres,onsi$ly. I( the sole res,onsi$ility o( the miracle #orker is to acce,t the 3tonement (or himsel() and I assure you that it is) then the res,onsi$ility (or <#hat= is atoned (or cannot $e yours. : The dilemma cannot $e resol ed e/ce,t $y acce,tin& the solution o( undoin&. 1> 7ou <#ould= $e res,onsi$le (or the e((ects o( all your #ron& thinkin& i( it could not $e undone. 11 The ,ur,ose o( the 3tonement is to sa e the ,ast in ,uri(ied (orm only. 12 I( you acce,t the remedy (or disordered

thou&ht) a remedy #hose e((icacy is $eyond dou$t) ho# can its sym,toms remainD ,-% T-%.6.-. The continuin& decision to remain se,arated is the only ,ossi$le reason (or continuin& &uilt (eelin&s. 2 8e ha e said this $e(ore) $ut did not em,hasiAe the destructi e results o( the decision. 3 3ny decision o( the mind #ill a((ect $oth $eha ior and e/,erience. ! 8hat you #ant you e/,ect. % This is not delusional. ' 7our mind <does= make your (uture) and it #ill turn it $ack to (ull creation at any minute i( it acce,ts the 3tonement (irst. * It #ill also return to (ull creation the instant it has done so. - 0a in& &i en u, its disordered thou&ht) the ,ro,er orderin& o( thou&ht $ecomes quite a,,arent. "I. Ti e an! Eternit. T-%.6I.1. 1od in 0is kno#led&e is not #aitin&) $ut 0is Gin&dom is $ere(t #hile <you= #ait. 2 3ll the 5ons o( 1od are #aitin& (or your return) Cust as you are #aitin& (or theirs. 3 Delay does not matter in eternity) $ut it is tra&ic in time. ! 7ou ha e elected to $e in time rather than eternity) and there(ore $elie e you <are= in time. % 7et your election is $oth (ree and altera$le. ' 7ou do not $elon& in time. * 7our ,lace is only in eternity) #here 1od 0imsel( ,laced you (ore er. T-%.6I.2. 1uilt (eelin&s are the ,reser ers o( time. 2 They induce (ears o( retaliation or a$andonment) and thus ensure that the (uture #ill $e like the ,ast. 3 This is the e&o+s continuity. ! It &i es the e&o a (alse sense o( security $y $elie in& that you cannot esca,e (rom it. % But you can and must. ' 1od o((ers you the continuity o( eternity in e/chan&e. * 8hen you choose to make this e/chan&e) you #ill simultaneously e/chan&e &uilt (or Coy) iciousness (or lo e) and ,ain (or ,eace. - 4y role is only to unchain your #ill and set it (ree. : 7our e&o cannot acce,t this (reedom) and #ill o,,ose it at e ery ,ossi$le moment and in e ery ,ossi$le #ay. 1> 3nd as its maker) you reco&niAe #hat it can do $ecause you &a e it the ,o#er to do it. T-%.6I.3. Remem$er the Gin&dom al#ays) and remem$er that you #ho are ,art o( the Gin&dom cannot $e lost. 2 The 4ind that #as in me <is= in you) (or 1od creates #ith ,er(ect (airness. 3 ;et the 0oly 5,irit remind you al#ays o( 0is (airness) and let me teach you ho# to share it #ith your $rothers. ! 0o# else can the chance to claim it (or yoursel( $e &i en youD % The t#o oices s,eak (or di((erent inter,retations o( the same thin& simultaneously9 or almost simultaneously) (or the e&o al#ays s,eaks (irst ,-'. ' 3lternate inter,retations #ere unnecessary until the (irst one #as made. T-%.6I.!. The e&o s,eaks in Cud&ment) and the 0oly 5,irit re erses its decision) much as a hi&her court has the ,o#er to re erse a lo#er court+s decisions in this #orld. 2 The e&o+s decisions are al#ays #ron&)

$ecause they are $ased on the error they #ere made to u,hold. 3 Nothin& the e&o ,ercei es is inter,reted correctly. ! Not only does the e&o cite 5cri,ture (or its ,ur,ose) $ut it e en inter,rets 5cri,ture as a #itness (or itsel(. % The Bi$le is a (ear(ul thin& in the e&o+s Cud&ment. ' ?ercei in& it as (ri&htenin&) it inter,rets it (ear(ully. * Bein& a(raid) you do not a,,eal to the 0i&her Court $ecause you $elie e its Cud&ment #ould also $e a&ainst you. T-%.6I.%. There are many e/am,les o( ho# the e&o+s inter,retations are misleadin&) $ut a (e# #ill su((ice to sho# ho# the 0oly 5,irit can reinter,ret them in 0is O#n li&ht. T-%.6I.'. 23s ye so#) so shall ye rea,2 0e inter,rets to mean #hat you consider #orth culti atin& you #ill culti ate in yoursel(. 2 7our Cud&ment o( #hat is #orthy makes it #orthy (or you. T-%.6I.*. 26en&eance is mine) saith the ;ord2 is easily reinter,reted i( you remem$er that ideas increase only $y $ein& shared. 2 The statement em,hasiAes that en&eance cannot $e shared. 3 1i e it there(ore to the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho #ill undo it in you $ecause it does not $elon& in your mind) #hich is ,art o( 1od. T-%.6I.-. 2I #ill isit the sins o( the (athers unto the third and (ourth &eneration)2 as inter,reted $y the e&o) is ,articularly icious. 2 It $ecomes merely an attem,t to &uarantee the e&o+s o#n sur i al. 3 To the 0oly 5,irit) the statement means that in later &enerations 0e can still reinter,ret #hat (ormer &enerations had misunderstood) and thus release the thou&hts (rom the a$ility to ,roduce (ear. T-%.6I.:. 2The #icked shall ,erish2 $ecomes a statement o( 3tonement) i( the #ord 2,erish2 is understood as 2$e undone.2 2 @ ery lo eless thou&ht must $e undone) a #ord the e&o cannot e en understand. 3 To the e&o) to $e undone means to $e destroyed. ! The e&o #ill not $e destroyed $ecause it is ,art o( your thou&ht) $ut $ecause it is uncreati e and there(ore unsharin&) it #ill $e reinter,reted to release you (rom (ear. % The ,art o( your mind that you ha e &i en to the e&o #ill merely return to the Gin&dom) #here your #hole mind $elon&s. ' 7ou can delay the com,letion o( the Gin&dom) $ut you cannot introduce the conce,t o( (ear into it. ,-* T-%.6I.1>. 7ou need not (ear the 0i&her Court #ill condemn you. 2 It #ill merely dismiss the case a&ainst you. 3 There can $e no case a&ainst a child o( 1od) and e ery #itness to &uilt in 1od+s creations is $earin& (alse #itness to 1od 0imsel(. ! 3,,eal e erythin& you $elie e &ladly to 1od+s O#n 0i&her Court) $ecause it s,eaks (or 0im and there(ore s,eaks truly. % It #ill dismiss the case a&ainst you) ho#e er care(ully you ha e $uilt it u,. ' The case may $e (ool-,roo() $ut it is not 1od,roo(. * The 0oly 5,irit #ill not hear it) $ecause 0e can only #itness

truly. - 0is erdict #ill al#ays $e 2thine is the Gin&dom)2 $ecause 0e #as &i en to you to remind you o( #hat you are. T-%.6I.11. 8hen I said 2I am come as a li&ht into the #orld)2 I meant that I came to share the li&ht #ith you. 2 Remem$er my re(erence to the e&o+s dark &lass) and remem$er also that I said) 2Do not look there.2 3 It is still true that #here you look to (ind yoursel( is u, to you. ! 7our ,atience #ith your $rother is your ,atience #ith yoursel(. % Is not a child o( 1od #orth ,atienceD ' I ha e sho#n you in(inite ,atience $ecause my #ill is that o( our "ather) (rom 8hom I learned o( in(inite ,atience. * 0is 6oice #as in me as It is in you) s,eakin& (or ,atience to#ards the 5onshi, in the Name o( its Creator. T-%.6I.12. No# you must learn that only in(inite ,atience ,roduces immediate e((ects. 2 This is the #ay in #hich time is e/chan&ed (or eternity. 3 In(inite ,atience calls u,on in(inite lo e) and $y ,roducin& results <no#= it renders time unnecessary. ! 8e ha e re,eatedly said that time is a learnin& de ice to $e a$olished #hen it is no lon&er use(ul. % The 0oly 5,irit) 8ho s,eaks (or 1od in time) also kno#s that time is meanin&less. ' 0e reminds you o( this in e ery ,assin& moment o( time) $ecause it is 0is s,ecial (unction to return you to eternity and remain to $less your creations there. * 0e is the only $lessin& you can truly &i e) $ecause 0e is truly $lessed. - Because 0e has $een &i en you (reely $y 1od) you must &i e 0im as you recei ed 0im. "II. T#e $ecision for Go! T-%.6II.1. Do you really $elie e you can make a oice that can dro#n out 1od+sD 2 Do you really $elie e you can de ise a thou&ht system that can se,arate you (rom 0imD 3 Do you really $elie e you can ,lan (or your sa(ety and Coy $etter than 0e canD ,-- ! 7ou need $e neither care(ul nor careless9 you need merely cast your cares u,on 0im $ecause 0e careth (or you. % 7ou are 0is care $ecause 0e lo es you. ' 0is 6oice reminds you al#ays that all ho,e is yours $ecause o( 0is care. * 7ou cannot choose to esca,e 0is care $ecause that is not 0is 8ill) $ut you can choose to acce,t 0is care and use the in(inite ,o#er o( 0is care (or all those 0e created $y it. T-%.6II.2. There ha e $een many healers #ho did not heal themsel es. 2 They ha e not mo ed mountains $y their (aith $ecause their (aith #as not #hole. 3 5ome o( them ha e healed the sick at times) $ut they ha e not raised the dead. ! Unless the healer heals himsel() he cannot $elie e that there is no order o( di((iculty in miracles. % 0e has not learned that e ery mind 1od created is equally #orthy o( $ein& healed <$ecause= 1od created it #hole. ' 7ou are merely asked to return to 1od the mind as 0e created it. * 0e asks you only (or #hat 0e &a e)

kno#in& that this &i in& #ill heal you. - 5anity is #holeness) and the sanity o( your $rothers is yours. T-%.6II.3. 8hy should you listen to the endless insane calls you think are made u,on you) #hen you can kno# the 6oice (or 1od is in youD 2 1od commended 0is 5,irit to you) and asks that you commend yours to 0im. 3 0e #ills to kee, it in ,er(ect ,eace) $ecause you are o( one mind and s,irit #ith 0im. ! @/cludin& yoursel( (rom the 3tonement is the e&o+s last-ditch de(ense o( its o#n e/istence. % It re(lects $oth the e&o+s need to se,arate) and your #illin&ness to side #ith its se,arateness. ' This #illin&ness means that you do not #ant to $e healed. T-%.6II.!. But the time is no#. 2 7ou ha e not $een asked to #ork out the ,lan o( sal ation yoursel( $ecause) as I told you $e(ore) the remedy could not $e o( your makin&. 3 1od 0imsel( &a e you the ,er(ect Correction (or e erythin& you made that is not in accord #ith 0is holy 8ill. ! I am makin& 0is ,lan ,er(ectly e/,licit to you) and #ill also tell you o( your ,art in it) and ho# ur&ent it is to (ul(ill it. % 1od #ee,s at the 2sacri(ice2 o( 0is children #ho $elie e they are lost to 0im. T-%.6II.%. 8hene er you are not #holly Coyous) it is $ecause you ha e reacted #ith a lack o( lo e to one o( 1od+s creations. 2 ?ercei in& this as 2sin2 you $ecome de(ensi e $ecause you e/,ect attack. 3 The decision to react in this #ay is yours) and can there(ore $e undone. ! It cannot $e undone $y re,entance in the usual sense) $ecause this im,lies &uilt. ,-: % I( you allo# yoursel( to (eel &uilty) you #ill rein(orce the error rather than allo# it to $e undone (or you. T-%.6II.'. Decision cannot $e di((icult. 2 This is o$ ious) i( you realiAe that you must already ha e decided not to $e #holly Coyous i( that is ho# you (eel. 3 There(ore) the (irst ste, in the undoin& is to reco&niAe that you acti ely decided #ron&ly) $ut can as acti ely decide other#ise. ! Be ery (irm #ith yoursel( in this) and kee, yoursel( (ully a#are that the undoin& ,rocess) #hich does not come (rom you) is ne ertheless #ithin you $ecause 1od ,laced it there. % 7our ,art is merely to return your thinkin& to the ,oint at #hich the error #as made) and &i e it o er to the 3tonement in ,eace. ' 5ay this to yoursel( as sincerely as you can) remem$erin& that the 0oly 5,irit #ill res,ond (ully to your sli&htest in itation. * I must ha e decided #ron&ly) $ecause I am not at ,eace. - I made the decision mysel() $ut I can also decide other#ise. : I #ant to decide other#ise) $ecause I #ant to $e at ,eace. 1> I do not (eel &uilty) $ecause the 0oly 5,irit #ill undo all the consequences o( my #ron& decision i( I #ill let 0im. 11 I choose to let 0im) $y allo#in& 0im to decide (or 1od (or me. ,:>

Cha,ter '. THE LESSONS OF LO"E Intro!'ction T-'.in.1. The relationshi, o( an&er to attack is o$ ious) $ut the relationshi, o( an&er to (ear is not al#ays so a,,arent. 2 3n&er al#ays in ol es ,roCection o( se,aration) #hich must ultimately $e acce,ted as one+s o#n res,onsi$ility) rather than $ein& $lamed on others. 3 3n&er cannot occur unless you $elie e that you ha e $een attacked) that your attack is Custi(ied in return) and that you are in no #ay res,onsi$le (or it. ! 1i en these three #holly irrational ,remises) the equally irrational conclusion that a $rother is #orthy o( attack rather than o( lo e must (ollo#. % 8hat can $e e/,ected (rom insane ,remises e/ce,t an insane conclusionD ' The #ay to undo an insane conclusion is to consider the sanity o( the ,remises on #hich it rests. * 7ou cannot <$e= attacked) attack <has= no Custi(ication) and you <are= res,onsi$le (or #hat you $elie e. T-'.in.2. 7ou ha e $een asked to take me as your model (or learnin&) since an e/treme e/am,le is a ,articularly hel,(ul learnin& de ice. 2 @ eryone teaches) and teaches all the time. 3 This is a res,onsi$ility you ine ita$ly assume the moment you acce,t any ,remise at all) and no one can or&aniAe his li(e #ithout some thou&ht system. ! Once you ha e de elo,ed a thou&ht system o( any kind) you li e $y it and teach it. % 7our ca,acity (or alle&iance to a thou&ht system may $e mis,laced) $ut it is still a (orm o( (aith and can $e redirected. I. T#e Messa)e of t#e Cr'cifi3ion T-'.I.1. "or learnin& ,ur,oses) let us consider the cruci(i/ion a&ain. 2 I did not d#ell on it $e(ore $ecause o( the (ear(ul connotations you may associate #ith it. 3 The only em,hasis laid u,on it so (ar has $een that it #as not a (orm o( ,unishment. ! Nothin&) ho#e er) can $e e/,lained in ne&ati e terms only. % There is a ,ositi e inter,retation o( the cruci(i/ion that is #holly de oid o( (ear) and there(ore #holly $eni&n in #hat it teaches) i( it is ,ro,erly understood. ,:1 T-'.I.2. The cruci(i/ion is nothin& more than an e/treme e/am,le. 2 Its alue) like the alue o( any teachin& de ice) lies solely in the kind o( learnin& it (acilitates. 3 It can $e) and has $een) misunderstood. ! This is only $ecause the (ear(ul are a,t to ,ercei e (ear(ully. % I ha e already told you that you can al#ays call on me to share my decision) and thus make it stron&er. ' I ha e also told you that the cruci(i/ion #as the last useless Courney the 5onshi, need take) and that it re,resents release (rom (ear to anyone #ho understands it. * 8hile I

em,hasiAed only the resurrection $e(ore) the ,ur,ose o( the cruci(i/ion and ho# it actually led to the resurrection #as not clari(ied then. Ne ertheless) it has a de(inite contri$ution to make to your o#n li(e) and i( you #ill consider it #ithout (ear) it #ill hel, you understand your o#n role as a teacher. T-'.I.3. 7ou ha e ,ro$a$ly reacted (or years as i( you #ere $ein& cruci(ied. 2 This is a marked tendency o( the se,arated) #ho al#ays re(use to consider #hat they ha e done to themsel es. 3 ?roCection means an&er) an&er (osters assault) and assault ,romotes (ear. ! The real meanin& o( the cruci(i/ion lies in the <a,,arent= intensity o( the assault o( some o( the 5ons o( 1od u,on another. % This) o( course) is im,ossi$le) and must $e (ully understood <as= im,ossi$le. ' Other#ise) I cannot ser e as a model (or learnin&. T-'.I.!. 3ssault can ultimately $e made only on the $ody. 2 There is little dou$t that one $ody can assault another) and can e en destroy it. 3 7et i( destruction itsel( is im,ossi$le) anythin& that is destructi$le cannot $e real. ! Its destruction) there(ore) does not Custi(y an&er. % To the e/tent to #hich you $elie e that it does) you are acce,tin& (alse ,remises and teachin& them to others. ' The messa&e the cruci(i/ion #as intended to teach #as that it is not necessary to ,ercei e any (orm o( assault in ,ersecution) $ecause you cannot <$e= ,ersecuted. * I( you res,ond #ith an&er) you must $e equatin& yoursel( #ith the destructi$le) and are there(ore re&ardin& yoursel( insanely. T-'.I.%. I ha e made it ,er(ectly clear that I am like you and you are like me) $ut our (undamental equality can $e demonstrated only throu&h Coint decision. 2 7ou are (ree to ,ercei e yoursel( as ,ersecuted i( you choose. 3 8hen you do choose to react that #ay) ho#e er) you mi&ht remem$er that I #as ,ersecuted as the #orld Cud&es) and did not share this e aluation (or mysel(. ! 3nd $ecause I did not share it) I did not stren&then it. % I there(ore o((ered a di((erent inter,retation o( attack) and one #hich I #ant to share #ith you. ,:2 ' I( you #ill $elie e it) you #ill hel, me teach it. T-'.I.'. 3s I ha e said $e(ore) 23s you teach so shall you learn.2 2 I( you react as i( you are ,ersecuted) you are teachin& ,ersecution. 3 This is not a lesson a 5on o( 1od should #ant to teach i( he is to realiAe his o#n sal ation. ! Rather) teach your o#n ,er(ect immunity) #hich is the truth in you) and realiAe that it cannot <$e= assailed. % Do not try to ,rotect it yoursel() or you are $elie in& that it is assaila$le. ' 7ou are not asked to $e cruci(ied) #hich #as ,art o( my o#n teachin& contri$ution. * 7ou are merely asked to (ollo# my e/am,le in the (ace o( much less e/treme tem,tations to mis,ercei e) and not to acce,t them as (alse Custi(ications (or an&er. - There can $e no Custi(ication (or the unCusti(ia$le. : Do not $elie e there is) and do not teach that there

is. 1> Remem$er al#ays that #hat you $elie e you #ill teach. 11 Belie e #ith me) and #e #ill $ecome equal as teachers. T-'.I.*. 7our resurrection is your rea#akenin&. 2 I am the model (or re$irth) $ut re$irth itsel( is merely the da#nin& on your mind o( #hat is already in it. 3 1od ,laced it there 0imsel() and so it is true (ore er. ! I $elie ed in it) and there(ore acce,ted it as true (or me. % 0el, me to teach it to our $rothers in the name o( the Gin&dom o( 1od) $ut (irst $elie e that it is true (or you) or you #ill teach amiss. ' 4y $rothers sle,t durin& the so-called 2a&ony in the &arden)2 $ut I could not $e an&ry #ith them $ecause I kne# I could not <$e= a$andoned. T-'.I.-. I am sorry #hen my $rothers do not share my decision to hear only one 6oice) $ecause it #eakens them as teachers and as learners. 2 7et I kno# they cannot really $etray themsel es or me) and that it is still on them that I must $uild my church. 3 There is no choice in this) $ecause only you can $e the (oundation o( 1od+s church. ! 3 church is #here an altar is) and the ,resence o( the altar is #hat makes the church holy. % 3 church that does not ins,ire lo e has a hidden altar that is not ser in& the ,ur,ose (or #hich 1od intended it. ' I must (ound 0is church on you) $ecause those #ho acce,t me as a model are literally my disci,les. * Disci,les are (ollo#ers) and i( the model they (ollo# has chosen to sa e them ,ain in all res,ects) they are un#ise not to (ollo# him. T-'.I.:. I elected) (or your sake and mine) to demonstrate that the most outra&eous assault) as Cud&ed $y the e&o) does not matter. 2 3s the #orld Cud&es these thin&s) $ut not as 1od kno#s them) I #as $etrayed) a$andoned) $eaten) torn) and (inally killed. 3 It #as clear that this #as only $ecause o( the ,roCection o( others onto me) since I had not harmed anyone and had healed many. T-'.I.1>. 8e are still equal as learners) althou&h #e do not need to ha e equal e/,eriences. 2 The 0oly 5,irit is &lad #hen you can learn (rom mine) and $e rea#akened $y them. 3 That is their only ,ur,ose) and that is the only #ay in #hich I can $e ,ercei ed as the #ay) the truth and the li(e. ,:3 ! 8hen you hear only one 6oice you are ne er called on to sacri(ice. % On the contrary) $y $ein& a$le to hear the 0oly 5,irit in others you can learn (rom their e/,eriences) and can &ain (rom them #ithout e/,eriencin& them directly yoursel(. ' That is $ecause the 0oly 5,irit is One) and anyone #ho listens is ine ita$ly led to demonstrate 0is #ay (or all. T-'.I.11. 7ou are not ,ersecuted) nor #as I. 2 7ou are not asked to re,eat my e/,eriences $ecause the 0oly 5,irit) 8hom #e share) makes this unnecessary. 3 To use my e/,eriences constructi ely) ho#e er) you must still (ollo# my e/am,le in ho# to ,ercei e them. ! 4y $rothers and yours are constantly en&a&ed in Custi(yin& the

unCusti(ia$le. % 4y one lesson) #hich I must teach as I learned it) is that no ,erce,tion that is out o( accord #ith the Cud&ment o( the 0oly 5,irit can $e Custi(ied. ' I undertook to sho# this #as true in an e/treme case) merely $ecause it #ould ser e as a &ood teachin& aid to those #hose tem,tation to &i e in to an&er and assault #ould not $e so e/treme. * I #ill #ith 1od that none o( 0is 5ons should su((er. T-'.I.12. The cruci(i/ion cannot $e shared $ecause it is the sym$ol o( ,roCection) $ut the resurrection is the sym$ol o( sharin& $ecause the rea#akenin& o( e ery 5on o( 1od is necessary to ena$le the 5onshi, to kno# its 8holeness. 2 Only this is kno#led&e. T-'.I.13. The messa&e o( the cruci(i/ion is ,er(ectly clear. ( Teac# onl. love, for t#at is +#at .o' are. T-'.I.1!. I( you inter,ret the cruci(i/ion in any other #ay) you are usin& it as a #ea,on (or assault rather than as the call (or ,eace (or #hich it #as intended. 2 The 3,ostles o(ten misunderstood it) and (or the same reason that anyone misunderstands it. 3 Their o#n im,er(ect lo e made them ulnera$le to ,roCection) and out o( their o#n (ear they s,oke o( the 2#rath o( 1od2 as 0is retaliatory #ea,on. ! Nor could they s,eak o( the cruci(i/ion entirely #ithout an&er) $ecause their sense o( &uilt had made them an&ry. ,:! T-'.I.1%. These are some o( the e/am,les o( u,side-do#n thinkin& in the Ne# Testament) althou&h its &os,el is really only the messa&e o( lo e. 2 I( the 3,ostles had not (elt &uilty) they ne er could ha e quoted me as sayin&) 2I come not to $rin& ,eace $ut a s#ord.2 3 This is clearly the o,,osite o( e erythin& I tau&ht. ! Nor could they ha e descri$ed my reactions to Hudas as they did) i( they had really understood me. % I could not ha e said) 2Betrayest thou the 5on o( man #ith a kissD2 unless I $elie ed in $etrayal. ' The #hole messa&e o( the cruci(i/ion #as sim,ly that I did not. * The 2,unishment2 I #as said to ha e called (orth u,on Hudas #as a similar mistake. - Hudas #as my $rother and a 5on o( 1od) as much a ,art o( the 5onshi, as mysel(. : 8as it likely that I #ould condemn him #hen I #as ready to demonstrate that condemnation is im,ossi$leD T-'.I.1'. 3s you read the teachin&s o( the 3,ostles) remem$er that I told them mysel( that there #as much they #ould understand later) $ecause they #ere not #holly ready to (ollo# me at the time. 2 I do not #ant you to allo# any (ear to enter into the thou&ht system to#ard #hich I am &uidin& you. 3 I do not call (or martyrs $ut (or teachers. ! No one is ,unished (or sins) and the 5ons o( 1od are not sinners. % 3ny conce,t o( ,unishment in ol es the ,roCection o( $lame) and rein(orces the idea that $lame is Custi(ied. ' The result is a lesson in $lame) (or all

$eha ior teaches the $elie(s that moti ate it. * The cruci(i/ion #as the result o( clearly o,,osed thou&ht systems9 the ,er(ect sym$ol o( the 2con(lict2 $et#een the e&o and the 5on o( 1od. - This con(lict seems Cust as real no#) and its lessons must $e learned no# as #ell as then. T-'.I.1*. I do not need &ratitude) $ut you need to de elo, your #eakened a$ility to $e &rate(ul) or you cannot a,,reciate 1od. 2 0e does not need your a,,reciation) $ut <you= do. 3 7ou cannot lo e #hat you do not a,,reciate) (or (ear makes a,,reciation im,ossi$le. ! 8hen you are a(raid o( #hat you are you do not a,,reciate it) and #ill there(ore reCect it. % 3s a result) you #ill teach reCection. T-'.I.1-. The ,o#er o( the 5ons o( 1od is ,resent all the time) $ecause they #ere created as creators. 2 Their in(luence on each other is #ithout limit) and must $e used (or their Coint sal ation. 3 @ach one must learn to teach that all (orms o( reCection are meanin&less. ! The se,aration is the notion o( reCection. % 3s lon& as you teach this you #ill $elie e it. ' This is not as 1od thinks) and you must think as 0e thinks i( you are to kno# 0im a&ain. ,:% T-'.I.1:. Remem$er that the 0oly 5,irit is the Communication ;ink $et#een 1od the "ather and 0is se,arated 5ons. 2 I( you #ill listen to 0is 6oice you #ill kno# that you cannot either hurt or $e hurt) and that many need your $lessin& to hel, them hear this (or themsel es. 3 8hen you ,ercei e only this need in them) and do not res,ond to any other) you #ill ha e learned o( me and #ill $e as ea&er to share your learnin& as I am. II. T#e Alternative to Pro4ection T-'.II.1. 3ny s,lit in mind must in ol e a reCection o( ,art o( it) and this <is= the $elie( in se,aration. 2 The 8holeness o( 1od) #hich is 0is ,eace) cannot $e a,,reciated e/ce,t $y a #hole mind that reco&niAes the 8holeness o( 1od+s creation. 3 By this reco&nition it kno#s its Creator. ! @/clusion and se,aration are synonymous) as are se,aration and dissociation. % 8e ha e said $e(ore that the se,aration #as and is dissociation) and that once it occurs ,roCection $ecomes its main de(ense) or the de ice that kee,s it &oin&. ' The reason) ho#e er) may not $e so o$ ious as you think. T-'.II.2. 8hat you ,roCect you diso#n) and there(ore do not $elie e is yours. 2 7ou are e/cludin& yoursel( $y the ery Cud&ment that you are di((erent (rom the one on #hom you ,roCect. 3 5ince you ha e also Cud&ed a&ainst #hat you ,roCect) you continue to attack it $ecause you continue to kee, it se,arated. ! By doin& this unconsciously) you try to kee, the (act that you attacked yoursel( out o( a#areness) and thus ima&ine that you ha e made yoursel( sa(e.

T-'.II.3. 7et ,roCection #ill al#ays hurt you. 2 It rein(orces your $elie( in your o#n s,lit mind) and its only ,ur,ose is to kee, the se,aration &oin&. 3 It is solely a de ice o( the e&o to make you (eel di((erent (rom your $rothers and se,arated (rom them. ! The e&o Custi(ies this on the &rounds that it makes you seem 2$etter2 than they are) thus o$scurin& your equality #ith them still (urther. % ?roCection and attack are ine ita$ly related) $ecause ,roCection is al#ays a means o( Custi(yin& attack. ' 3n&er #ithout ,roCection is im,ossi$le. * The e&o uses ,roCection only to destroy your ,erce,tion o( $oth yoursel( and your $rothers. - The ,rocess $e&ins $y e/cludin& somethin& that e/ists in you $ut #hich you do not #ant) and leads directly to e/cludin& you (rom your $rothers. T-'.II.!. 8e ha e learned) ho#e er) that there <is= an alternati e to ,roCection. 2 @ ery a$ility o( the e&o has a $etter use) $ecause its a$ilities are directed $y the mind) #hich has a $etter 6oice. ,:' 3 The 0oly 5,irit e/tends and the e&o ,roCects. ! 3s their &oals are o,,osed) so is the result. T-'.II.%. The 0oly 5,irit $e&ins $y ,ercei in& you as ,er(ect. 2 Gno#in& this ,er(ection is shared 0e reco&niAes it in others) thus stren&thenin& it in $oth. 3 Instead o( an&er this arouses lo e (or $oth) $ecause it esta$lishes inclusion. ! ?ercei in& equality) the 0oly 5,irit ,ercei es equal needs. % This in ites 3tonement automatically) $ecause 3tonement is the one need in this #orld that is uni ersal. ' To ,ercei e yoursel( this #ay is the only #ay in #hich you can (ind ha,,iness in the #orld. * That is $ecause it is the ackno#led&ment that you are not in this #orld) (or the #orld <is= unha,,y. T-'.II.'. 0o# else can you (ind Coy in a Coyless ,lace e/ce,t $y realiAin& that you are not thereD 2 7ou cannot $e any#here 1od did not ,ut you) and 1od created you as ,art o( 0im. 3 That is $oth #here you are and #hat you are. ! It is com,letely unaltera$le. % It is total inclusion. ' 7ou cannot chan&e it no# or e er. * It is (ore er true. - It is not a $elie() $ut a "act. : 3nythin& that 1od created is as true as 0e is. 1> Its truth lies only in its ,er(ect inclusion in 0im 8ho alone is ,er(ect. 11 To deny this is to deny yoursel( and 0im) since it is im,ossi$le to acce,t one #ithout the other. T-'.II.*. The ,er(ect equality o( the 0oly 5,irit+s ,erce,tion is the re(lection o( the ,er(ect equality o( 1od+s kno#in&. 2 The e&o+s ,erce,tion has no counter,art in 1od) $ut the 0oly 5,irit remains the Brid&e $et#een ,erce,tion and kno#led&e. 3 By ena$lin& you to use ,erce,tion in a #ay that re(lects kno#led&e) you #ill ultimately remem$er it. ! The e&o #ould ,re(er to $elie e that this memory is im,ossi$le) yet it is <your= ,erce,tion the 0oly 5,irit &uides. % 7our

,erce,tion #ill end #here it $e&an. ' @ erythin& meets in 1od) $ecause e erythin& #as created $y 0im and in 0im. T-'.II.-. 1od created 0is 5ons $y e/tendin& 0is Thou&ht) and retainin& the e/tensions o( 0is Thou&ht in 0is 4ind. 2 3ll 0is Thou&hts are thus ,er(ectly united #ithin themsel es and #ith each other. 3 The 0oly 5,irit ena$les you to ,ercei e this #holeness <no#.= ! 1od created you to create. % 7ou cannot e/tend 0is Gin&dom until you kno# o( its #holeness. T-'.II.:. Thou&hts $e&in in the mind o( the thinker) (rom #hich they reach out#ard. 2 This is as true o( 1od+s Thinkin& as it is o( yours. 3 Because your mind is s,lit) you can ,ercei e as #ell as think. ,:* ! 7et ,erce,tion cannot esca,e the $asic la#s o( mind. % 7ou ,ercei e (rom your mind and ,roCect your ,erce,tions out#ard. ' 3lthou&h ,erce,tion o( any kind is unreal) you made it and the 0oly 5,irit can there(ore use it #ell. * 0e can ins,ire ,erce,tion and lead it to#ard 1od. - This con er&ence seems to $e (ar in the (uture only $ecause your mind is not in ,er(ect ali&nment #ith the idea) and there(ore does not #ant it no#. T-'.II.1>. The 0oly 5,irit uses time) $ut does not $elie e in it. 2 Comin& (rom 1od 0e uses e erythin& (or &ood) $ut 0e does not $elie e in #hat is not true. 3 5ince the 0oly 5,irit is in your mind) your mind can also $elie e only #hat is true. ! The 0oly 5,irit can s,eak only (or this) $ecause 0e s,eaks (or 1od. % 0e tells you to return your #hole mind to 1od) $ecause it has ne er le(t 0im. ' I( it has ne er le(t 0im) you need only ,ercei e it as it is to $e returned. * The (ull a#areness o( the 3tonement) then) is the reco&nition that <the se,aration ne er occurred.= - The e&o cannot ,re ail a&ainst this $ecause it is an e/,licit statement that the e&o ne er occurred. T-'.II.11. The e&o can acce,t the idea that return is necessary $ecause it can so easily make the idea seem di((icult. 2 7et the 0oly 5,irit tells you that e en return is unnecessary) $ecause #hat ne er ha,,ened cannot $e di((icult. 3 0o#e er) you can <make= the idea o( return $oth necessary and di((icult. ! 7et it is surely clear that the ,er(ect need nothin&) and you cannot e/,erience ,er(ection as a di((icult accom,lishment) $ecause that is #hat you are. % This is the #ay in #hich you must ,ercei e 1od+s creations) $rin&in& all o( your ,erce,tions into the one line the 0oly 5,irit sees. ' This line is the direct line o( communication #ith 1od) and lets your mind con er&e #ith 0is. * There is no con(lict any#here in this ,erce,tion) $ecause it means that all ,erce,tion is &uided $y the 0oly 5,irit) 8hose 4ind is (i/ed on 1od. - Only the 0oly 5,irit can resol e con(lict) $ecause only the 0oly 5,irit is con(lict-(ree. : 0e ,ercei es only #hat is true in your mind) and e/tends out#ard only to #hat is true in other minds.

T-'.II.12. The di((erence $et#een the e&o+s ,roCection and the 0oly 5,irit+s e/tension is ery sim,le. 2 The e&o ,roCects to e/clude) and there(ore to decei e. 3 The 0oly 5,irit e/tends $y reco&niAin& 0imsel( in e ery mind) and thus ,ercei es them as one. ! Nothin& con(licts in this ,erce,tion) $ecause #hat the 0oly 5,irit ,ercei es is all the same. % 8here er 0e looks 0e sees 0imsel() and $ecause 0e is united 0e o((ers the #hole Gin&dom al#ays. ' This is the one messa&e 1od &a e to 0im and (or #hich 0e must s,eak) $ecause that is #hat 0e is. ,:- * The ,eace o( 1od lies in that messa&e) and so the ,eace o( 1od lies in you. - The &reat ,eace o( the Gin&dom shines in your mind (ore er) $ut it must shine out#ard to make you a#are o( it. T-'.II.13. The 0oly 5,irit #as &i en you #ith ,er(ect im,artiality) and only $y reco&niAin& 0im im,artially can you reco&niAe 0im at all. 2 The e&o is le&ion) $ut the 0oly 5,irit is One. 3 No darkness a$ides any#here in the Gin&dom) $ut your ,art is only to allo# no darkness to a$ide in your o#n mind. ! This ali&nment #ith li&ht is unlimited) $ecause it is in ali&nment #ith the li&ht o( the #orld. % @ach o( us is the li&ht o( the #orld) and $y Coinin& our minds in this li&ht #e ,roclaim the Gin&dom o( 1od to&ether and as one. III. T#e Relin5'is# ent of Attac% T-'.III.1. 3s #e ha e already em,hasiAed) e ery idea $e&ins in the mind o( the thinker. 2 There(ore) #hat e/tends (rom the mind is still in it) and (rom <#hat= it e/tends it kno#s itsel(. 3 The #ord 2kno#s2 is correct here) $ecause the 0oly 5,irit still holds kno#led&e sa(e in your mind throu&h 0is im,artial ,erce,tion. ! By attackin& nothin&) 0e ,resents no $arrier to the communication o( 1od. % There(ore) $ein& is ne er threatened. ' 7our 1odlike mind can ne er $e de(iled. * The e&o ne er #as and ne er #ill $e ,art o( it) $ut throu&h the e&o you can hear and teach and learn #hat is not true. - 7ou ha e tau&ht yoursel( to $elie e that you are not #hat you are. : 7ou cannot teach #hat you ha e not learned) and #hat you teach you stren&then in yoursel( $ecause you are sharin& it. 1> @ ery lesson you teach you are learnin&. T-'.III.2. That is #hy you must teach only one lesson. 2 I( you are to $e con(lict-(ree yoursel() you must learn only (rom the 0oly 5,irit and teach only $y 0im. 3 7ou are only lo e) $ut #hen you deny this) you make #hat you are somethin& you must learn to remem$er. ! I said $e(ore that the messa&e o( the cruci(i/ion #as) 2Teach only lo e) (or that is #hat you are.2 % This is the one lesson that is ,er(ectly uni(ied) $ecause it is the only lesson that is one. ' Only $y teachin& it can you learn it. * 23s you teach so #ill you learn.2 - I( that is true) and it is true indeed) do not (or&et that #hat you teach is teachin& you. : 3nd #hat you ,roCect or e/tend you $elie e. ,::

T-'.III.3. The only sa(ety lies in e/tendin& the 0oly 5,irit) $ecause as you see 0is &entleness in others your o#n mind ,ercei es itsel( as totally harmless. 2 Once it can acce,t this (ully) it sees no need to ,rotect itsel(. 3 The ,rotection o( 1od then da#ns u,on it) assurin& it that it is ,er(ectly sa(e (ore er. ! The ,er(ectly sa(e are #holly $eni&n. % They $less $ecause they kno# that they are $lessed. ' 8ithout an/iety the mind is #holly kind) and $ecause it e/tends $ene(icence it is $ene(icent. * 5a(ety is the com,lete relinquishment o( attack. - No com,romise is ,ossi$le in this. : Teach attack in any (orm and you ha e learned it) and it #ill hurt you. 1> 7et this learnin& is not immortal) and you can unlearn it $y not teachin& it. T-'.III.!. 5ince you cannot <not= teach) your sal ation lies in teachin& the e/act o,,osite o( e erythin& the e&o $elie es. 2 This is ho# you #ill learn the truth that #ill set you (ree) and #ill kee, you (ree as others learn it o( you. 3 The only #ay to ha e ,eace is to teach ,eace. ! By teachin& ,eace you must learn it yoursel() $ecause you cannot teach #hat you still dissociate. % Only thus can you #in $ack the kno#led&e that you thre# a#ay. ' 3n idea that you share you must ha e. * It a#akens in your mind throu&h the con iction o( teachin& it. @ erythin& you teach you are learnin&. : Teach only lo e) and learn that lo e is yours and you are lo e. I". T#e Onl. Ans+er T-'.I6.1. Remem$er that the 0oly 5,irit is the 3ns#er) not the question. 2 The e&o al#ays s,eaks (irst. 3 It is ca,ricious and does not mean its maker #ell. ! It $elie es) and correctly) that its maker may #ithdra# his su,,ort (rom it at any moment. % I( it meant you #ell it #ould $e &lad) as the 0oly 5,irit #ill $e &lad #hen 0e has $rou&ht you home and you no lon&er need 0is &uidance. ' The e&o does not re&ard itsel( as ,art o( you. * 0erein lies its ,rimary error) the (oundation o( its #hole thou&ht system. T-'.I6.2. 8hen 1od created you 0e made you ,art o( 0im. 2 That is #hy attack #ithin the Gin&dom is im,ossi$le. 3 7ou made the e&o #ithout lo e) and so it does not lo e you. ! 7ou could not remain #ithin the Gin&dom #ithout lo e) and since the Gin&dom <is= lo e) you $elie e that you are #ithout it. % This ena$les the e&o to re&ard itsel( as se,arate and outside its maker) thus s,eakin& (or the ,art o( your mind that $elie es <you= are se,arate and outside the 4ind o( 1od. ,1>> ' The e&o) then) raised the (irst question that #as e er asked) $ut one it can ne er ans#er. * That question) 28hat are youD2 #as the $e&innin& o( dou$t. - The e&o has ne er ans#ered any questions since) althou&h it has raised a &reat many. : The most in enti e

acti ities o( the e&o ha e ne er done more than o$scure the question) $ecause you ha e the ans#er and <the e&o is a(raid o( you.= T-'.I6.3. 7ou cannot understand the con(lict until you (ully understand the $asic (act that the e&o cannot kno# anythin&. 2 The 0oly 5,irit does not s,eak (irst) <$ut 0e al#ays ans#ers.= 3 @ eryone has called u,on 0im (or hel, at one time or another and in one #ay or another) and has $een ans#ered. ! 5ince the 0oly 5,irit ans#ers truly 0e ans#ers (or all time) #hich means that e eryone has the ans#er <no#.= T-'.I6.!. The e&o cannot hear the 0oly 5,irit) $ut it does $elie e that ,art o( the mind that made it is a&ainst it. 2 It inter,rets this as a Custi(ication (or attackin& its maker. 3 It $elie es that the $est de(ense is attack) and #ants <you= to $elie e it. ! Unless you do $elie e it you #ill not side #ith it) and the e&o (eels $adly in need o( allies) thou&h not o( $rothers. % ?ercei in& somethin& alien to itsel( in your mind) the e&o turns to the $ody as its ally) $ecause the $ody is <not= ,art o( you. ' This makes the $ody the e&o+s (riend. * It is an alliance (rankly $ased on se,aration. - I( you side #ith this alliance you #ill $e a(raid) $ecause you are sidin& #ith an alliance o( (ear. T-'.I6.%. The e&o uses the $ody to cons,ire a&ainst your mind) and $ecause the e&o realiAes that its 2enemy2 can end them $oth merely $y reco&niAin& they are not ,art o( you) they Coin in the attack to&ether. 2 This is ,erha,s the stran&est ,erce,tion o( all) i( you consider #hat it really in ol es. 3 The e&o) #hich is not real) attem,ts to ,ersuade the mind) #hich <is= real) that the mind is the e&o+s learnin& de ice9 and (urther) that the $ody is more real than the mind is. ! No one in his ri&ht mind could ,ossi$ly $elie e this) and no one in his ri&ht mind does $elie e it. T-'.I6.'. 0ear) then) the one ans#er o( the 0oly 5,irit to all the questions the e&o raises. 7ou are a child o( 1od) a ,riceless ,art o( 0is Gin&dom) #hich 0e created as ,art o( 0im. 2 Nothin& else e/ists and only this is real. 3 7ou ha e chosen a slee, in #hich you ha e had $ad dreams) $ut the slee, is not real and 1od calls you to a#ake. ! There #ill $e nothin& le(t o( your dream #hen you hear 0im) $ecause you #ill a#aken. ,1>1 % 7our dreams contain many o( the e&o+s sym$ols and they ha e con(used you. ' 7et that #as only $ecause you #ere aslee, and did not kno#. * 8hen you #ake you #ill see the truth around you and in you) and you #ill no lon&er $elie e in dreams $ecause they #ill ha e no reality (or you. - 7et the Gin&dom and all that you ha e created there #ill ha e &reat reality (or you) $ecause they are $eauti(ul and true. T-'.I6.*. In the Gin&dom) #here you are and #hat you are is ,er(ectly certain. 2 There is no dou$t) $ecause the (irst question #as ne er

asked. 3 0a in& (inally $een #holly ans#ered) <it has ne er $een.= ! <Bein&= alone li es in the Gin&dom) #here e erythin& li es in 1od #ithout question. % The time s,ent on questionin& in the dream has &i en #ay to creation and to its eternity. ' 7ou are as certain as 1od $ecause you are as true as 0e is) $ut #hat #as once certain in your mind has $ecome only the a$ility (or certainty. T-'.I6.-. The introduction o( a$ilities into $ein& #as the $e&innin& o( uncertainty) $ecause a$ilities are ,otentials) not accom,lishments. 2 7our a$ilities are useless in the ,resence o( 1od+s accom,lishments) and also o( yours. 3 3ccom,lishments are results that ha e $een achie ed. ! 8hen they are ,er(ect) a$ilities are meanin&less. % It is curious that the ,er(ect must no# $e ,er(ected. ' In (act) it is im,ossi$le. * Remem$er) ho#e er) that #hen you ,ut yoursel( in an im,ossi$le situation you $elie e that the im,ossi$le <is= ,ossi$le. T-'.I6.:. 3$ilities must $e de elo,ed $e(ore you can use them. 2 This is not true o( anythin& that 1od created) $ut it is the kindest solution ,ossi$le (or #hat you made. 3 In an im,ossi$le situation) you can de elo, your a$ilities to the ,oint #here they can &et you out o( it. ! 7ou ha e a 1uide to ho# to de elo, them) $ut you ha e no commander e/ce,t yoursel(. % This lea es you in char&e o( the Gin&dom) #ith $oth a 1uide to (ind it and a means to kee, it. ' 7ou ha e a model to (ollo# #ho #ill stren&then your command) and ne er detract (rom it in any #ay. * 7ou there(ore retain the central ,lace in your ima&ined ensla ement) #hich in itsel( demonstrates that you are not ensla ed. T-'.I6.1>. 7ou are in an im,ossi$le situation only $ecause you think it is ,ossi$le to $e in one. 2 7ou <#ould= $e in an im,ossi$le situation i( 1od sho#ed you your ,er(ection) and ,ro ed to you that you #ere #ron&. 3 This #ould demonstrate that the ,er(ect are inadequate to $rin& themsel es to the a#areness o( their ,er(ection) and thus side #ith the $elie( that those #ho ha e e erythin& need hel, and are there(ore hel,less. ,1>2 ! This is the kind o( 2reasonin&2 in #hich the e&o en&a&es. % 1od) 8ho kno#s that 0is creations are ,er(ect) does not a((ront them. ' This #ould $e as im,ossi$le as the e&o+s notion that it has a((ronted 0im. T-'.I6.11. That is #hy the 0oly 5,irit ne er commands. 2 To command is to assume inequality) #hich the 0oly 5,irit demonstrates does not e/ist. 3 "idelity to ,remises is a la# o( mind) and e erythin& 1od created is (aith(ul to 0is la#s. ! "idelity to other la#s is also ,ossi$le) ho#e er) not $ecause the la#s are true) $ut $ecause you made them. % 8hat #ould $e &ained i( 1od ,ro ed to you that you ha e thou&ht insanelyD ' Can 1od lose 0is O#n certaintyD * I ha e (requently said that #hat you teach you are. - 8ould you ha e 1od teach you that you

ha e sinnedD : I( 0e con(ronted the sel( you made #ith the truth 0e created (or you) #hat could you $e $ut a(raidD 1> 7ou #ould dou$t your ri&ht mind) #hich is the only ,lace #here you can (ind the sanity 0e &a e you. T-'.I6.12. 1od does not teach. 2 To teach is to im,ly a lack) #hich 1od kno#s is not there. 3 1od is not con(licted. ! Teachin& aims at chan&e) $ut 1od created only the chan&eless. % The se,aration #as not a loss o( ,er(ection) $ut a (ailure in communication. ' 3 harsh and strident (orm o( communication arose as the e&o+s oice. * It could not shatter the ,eace o( 1od) $ut it could shatter <yours.= - 1od did not $lot it out) $ecause to eradicate it #ould $e to attack it. : Bein& questioned) 0e did not question. 1> 0e merely &a e the 3ns#er. 11 0is 3ns#er is your Teacher. ". T#e Lessons of t#e Hol. Spirit T-'.6.1. ;ike any &ood teacher) the 0oly 5,irit kno#s more than you do no#) $ut 0e teaches only to make you equal #ith 0im. 2 7ou had already tau&ht yoursel( #ron&ly) ha in& $elie ed #hat #as not true. 3 7ou did not $elie e in your o#n ,er(ection. ! 8ould 1od teach you that you had made a s,lit mind) #hen 0e kno#s your mind only as #holeD % 8hat 1od does kno# is that 0is communication channels are not o,en to 0im) so that 0e cannot im,art 0is Coy and kno# that 0is children are #holly Coyous. ' 1i in& 0is Coy is an on&oin& ,rocess) not in time $ut in eternity. * 1od+s e/tendin& out#ard) thou&h not 0is com,leteness) is $locked #hen the 5onshi, does not communicate #ith 0im as one. 5o 0e thou&ht) 24y children slee, and must $e a#akened.2 ,1>3 T-'.6.2. 0o# can you #ake children in a more kindly #ay than $y a &entle 6oice that #ill not (ri&hten them) $ut #ill merely remind them that the ni&ht is o er and the li&ht has comeD 2 7ou do not in(orm them that the ni&htmares that (ri&htened them so $adly are not real) $ecause children $elie e in ma&ic. 3 7ou merely reassure them that they are sa(e <no#.= ! Then you train them to reco&niAe the di((erence $et#een slee,in& and #akin&) so they #ill understand they need not $e a(raid o( dreams. % 3nd so #hen $ad dreams come) they #ill themsel es call on the li&ht to dis,el them. T-'.6.3. 3 #ise teacher teaches throu&h a,,roach) not a oidance. 2 0e does not em,hasiAe #hat you must a oid to esca,e (rom harm) $ut #hat you need to learn to ha e Coy. 3 Consider the (ear and con(usion a child #ould e/,erience i( he #ere told) 2Do not do this $ecause it #ill hurt you and make you unsa(e9 $ut i( you do that instead) you #ill esca,e (rom harm and $e sa(e) and then you #ill not $e a(raid.2 ! It is surely $etter to use only three #ords. 2Do only thatJ2 % This sim,le

statement is ,er(ectly clear) easily understood and ery easily remem$ered. T-'.6.!. The 0oly 5,irit ne er itemiAes errors $ecause 0e does not (ri&hten children) and those #ho lack #isdom <are= children. 2 7et 0e al#ays ans#ers their call) and 0is de,enda$ility makes them more certain. 3 Children <do= con(use (antasy and reality) and they are (ri&htened $ecause they do not reco&niAe the di((erence. ! The 0oly 5,irit makes no distinction amon& dreams. % 0e merely shines them a#ay. ' 0is li&ht is al#ays the Call to a#aken) #hate er you ha e $een dreamin&. * Nothin& lastin& lies in dreams) and the 0oly 5,irit) shinin& #ith the li&ht (rom 1od 0imsel() s,eaks only (or #hat lasts (ore er. A. To Have, Give All to All T-'.6.3.1. 8hen your $ody and your e&o and your dreams are &one) you #ill kno# that you #ill last (ore er. 2 ?erha,s you think this is accom,lished throu&h death) $ut nothin& is accom,lished throu&h death) $ecause death is nothin&. 3 @ erythin& is accom,lished throu&h li(e) and li(e is o( the mind and in the mind. ! The $ody neither li es nor dies) $ecause it cannot contain you #ho are li(e. % I( #e share the same mind) you can o ercome death $ecause I did. ' Death is an attem,t to resol e con(lict $y not decidin& at all. * ;ike any other im,ossi$le solution the e&o attem,ts) <it #ill not #ork=. ,1>! T-'.6.3.2. 1od did not make the $ody) $ecause it is destructi$le) and there(ore not o( the Gin&dom. 2 The $ody is the sym$ol o( #hat you think you are. 3 It is clearly a se,aration de ice) and there(ore does not e/ist. ! The 0oly 5,irit) as al#ays) takes #hat you ha e made and translates it into a learnin& de ice. % 3&ain as al#ays) 0e reinter,rets #hat the e&o uses as an ar&ument (or se,aration into a demonstration a&ainst it. ' I( the mind can heal the $ody) $ut the $ody cannot heal the mind) then the mind must $e stron&er than the $ody. * @ ery miracle demonstrates this. T-'.6.3.3. I ha e said that the 0oly 5,irit is the moti ation (or miracles. 2 0e al#ays tells you that only the mind is real) $ecause only the mind can $e shared. 3 The $ody is se,arate) and there(ore cannot $e ,art o( you. ! To $e o( one mind is meanin&(ul) $ut to $e one $ody is meanin&less. % By the la#s o( mind) then) the $ody is meanin&less. T-'.6.3.!. To the 0oly 5,irit) there is no order o( di((iculty in miracles. 2 This is (amiliar enou&h to you $y no#) $ut it has not yet $ecome $elie a$le. 3 There(ore) you do not understand it and cannot use it. ! 8e ha e too much to accom,lish on $ehal( o( the Gin&dom to let this crucial conce,t sli, a#ay. % It is a real (oundation stone o( the thou&ht system I teach and #ant you to teach. ' 7ou cannot ,er(orm miracles #ithout $elie in& it) $ecause it is a $elie( in ,er(ect equality. * Only one

equal &i(t can $e o((ered to the equal 5ons o( 1od) and that is (ull a,,reciation. - Nothin& more and nothin& less. : 8ithout a ran&e) order o( di((iculty is meanin&less) and there must $e no ran&e in #hat you o((er to your $rother. T-'.6.3.%. The 0oly 5,irit) 8ho leads to 1od) translates communication into $ein&) Cust as 0e ultimately translates ,erce,tion into kno#led&e. 2 7ou do not lose #hat you communicate. 3 The e&o uses the $ody (or attack) (or ,leasure and (or ,ride. ! The insanity o( this ,erce,tion makes it a (ear(ul one indeed. % The 0oly 5,irit sees the $ody only as a means o( communication) and $ecause communicatin& is sharin& it $ecomes communion. ' ?erha,s you think that (ear as #ell as lo e can $e communicated9 and there(ore can $e shared. * 7et this is not so real as it may a,,ear. - Those #ho communicate (ear are ,romotin& attack) and attack al#ays $reaks communication) makin& it im,ossi$le. : @&os do Coin to&ether in tem,orary alle&iance) $ut al#ays (or #hat each one can &et <se,arately.= 1> The 0oly 5,irit communicates only #hat each one can &i e to all. 11 0e ne er takes anythin& $ack) $ecause 0e #ants you to kee, it. ,1>% 12 There(ore) 0is teachin& $e&ins #ith the lesson. 13 To ha e) &i e all to all. T-'.6.3.'. This is a ery ,reliminary ste,) and the only one you must take (or yoursel(. 2 It is not e en necessary that you com,lete the ste, yoursel() $ut it is necessary that you turn in that direction. 3 0a in& chosen to &o that #ay) you ,lace yoursel( in char&e o( the Courney) #here you and only you must remain. ! This ste, may a,,ear to e/acer$ate con(lict rather than resol e it) $ecause it is the $e&innin& ste, in re ersin& your ,erce,tion and turnin& it ri&ht-side u,. % This con(licts #ith the u,side-do#n ,erce,tion you ha e not yet a$andoned) or the chan&e in direction #ould not ha e $een necessary. ' 5ome remain at this ste, (or a lon& time) e/,eriencin& ery acute con(lict. * 3t this ,oint they may try to acce,t the con(lict) rather than take the ne/t ste, to#ards its resolution. - 0a in& taken the (irst ste,) ho#e er) they #ill $e hel,ed. : Once they ha e chosen #hat they cannot com,lete alone) they are no lon&er alone. -. To Have Peace, Teac# Peace to Learn It T-'.6.B.1. 3ll #ho $elie e in se,aration ha e a $asic (ear o( retaliation and a$andonment. 2 They $elie e in attack and reCection) so that is #hat they ,ercei e and teach and learn. 3 These insane ideas are clearly the result o( dissociation and ,roCection. ! 8hat you teach you are) $ut it is quite a,,arent that you can teach #ron&ly) and can

there(ore teach yoursel( #ron&. % 4any thou&ht I #as attackin& them) e en thou&h it #as a,,arent I #as not. ' 3n insane learner learns stran&e lessons. * 8hat you must reco&niAe is that #hen you do not share a thou&ht system) you are #eakenin& it. - Those #ho $elie e in it there(ore ,ercei e this as an attack on them. : This is $ecause e eryone identi(ies himsel( #ith his thou&ht system) and e ery thou&ht system centers on #hat you $elie e you are. 1> I( the center o( the thou&ht system is true) only truth e/tends (rom it. 11 But i( a lie is at its center) only dece,tion ,roceeds (rom it. T-'.6.B.2. 3ll &ood teachers realiAe that only (undamental chan&e #ill last) $ut they do not $e&in at that le el. 2 5tren&thenin& moti ation (or chan&e is their (irst and (oremost &oal. 3 It is also their last and (inal one. ,1>' ! Increasin& moti ation (or chan&e in the learner is all that a teacher need do to &uarantee chan&e. % Chan&e in moti ation is a chan&e o( mind) and this #ill ine ita$ly ,roduce (undamental chan&e $ecause the mind <is= (undamental. T-'.6.B.3. The (irst ste, in the re ersal or undoin& ,rocess is the undoin& o( the &ettin& conce,t. 2 3ccordin&ly) the 0oly 5,irit+s (irst lesson #as 2To ha e) &i e all to all.2 3 I said that this is a,t to increase con(lict tem,orarily) and #e can clari(y this still (urther no#. ! 3t this ,oint) the equality o( <ha in&= and <$ein&= is not yet ,ercei ed. % Until it is) <ha in&= a,,ears to $e the o,,osite o( <&i in&.= ' There(ore) the (irst lesson seems to contain a contradiction) since it is $ein& learned $y a con(licted mind. * This means con(lictin& moti ation) and so the lesson cannot $e learned consistently as yet. "urther) the mind o( the learner ,roCects its o#n con(lict) and thus does not ,ercei e consistency in the minds o( others) makin& him sus,icious o( their moti ation. : This is the real reason #hy) in many res,ects) the (irst lesson is the hardest to learn. 1> 5till stron&ly a#are o( the e&o in yoursel() and res,ondin& ,rimarily to the e&o in others) you are $ein& tau&ht to react to $oth as i( #hat you do $elie e is not true. T-'.6.B.!. U,side do#n as al#ays) the e&o ,ercei es the (irst lesson as insane. 2 In (act) this is its only alternati e since the other ,ossi$ility) #hich #ould $e much less acce,ta$le to it) #ould o$ iously $e that <it= is insane. 3 The e&o+s Cud&ment) here as al#ays) is ,redetermined $y #hat it is. ! The (undamental chan&e #ill still occur #ith the chan&e o( mind in the thinker. % 4ean#hile) the increasin& clarity o( the 0oly 5,irit+s 6oice makes it im,ossi$le (or the learner not to listen. ' "or a time) then) he is recei in& con(lictin& messa&es and acce,tin& $oth. T-'.6.B.%. The #ay out o( con(lict $et#een t#o o,,osin& thou&ht systems is clearly to choose one and relinquish the other. 2 I( you identi(y #ith your thou&ht system) and you cannot esca,e this) and i( you acce,t t#o thou&ht systems #hich are in com,lete disa&reement)

,eace o( mind is im,ossi$le. 3 I( you teach $oth) #hich you #ill surely do as lon& as you acce,t $oth) you are teachin& con(lict and learnin& it. ! 7et you do #ant ,eace) or you #ould not ha e called u,on the 6oice (or ,eace to hel, you. % Its lesson is not insane9 the con(lict is. T-'.6.B.'. There can $e no con(lict $et#een sanity and insanity. 2 Only one is true) and there(ore only one is real. 3 The e&o tries to ,ersuade you that it is u, to you to decide #hich oice is true) $ut the 0oly 5,irit teaches you that truth #as created $y 1od) and your decision cannot chan&e it. ,1>* ! 3s you $e&in to realiAe the quiet ,o#er o( the 0oly 5,irit+s 6oice) and Its ,er(ect consistency) it must da#n on your mind that you are tryin& to undo a decision that #as irre oca$ly made (or you. % That is #hy I su&&ested $e(ore that you remind yoursel( to allo# the 0oly 5,irit to decide (or 1od (or you. T-'.6.B.*. 7ou are not asked to make insane decisions) althou&h you can think you are. 2 It must) ho#e er) $e insane to $elie e that it is u, to you to decide #hat 1od+s creations are. 3 The 0oly 5,irit ,ercei es the con(lict e/actly as it is. ! There(ore) 0is second lesson is. % To ha e ,eace) teach ,eace to learn it. T-'.6.B.-. This is still a ,reliminary ste,) since <ha in&= and <$ein&= are still not equated. 2 It is) ho#e er) more ad anced than the (irst ste,) #hich is really only the $e&innin& o( the thou&ht re ersal. 3 The second ste, is a ,ositi e a((irmation o( #hat you #ant. ! This) then) is a ste, in the direction out o( con(lict) since it means that alternati es ha e $een considered) and one has $een chosen as more desira$le. % Ne ertheless) the term 2more desira$le2 still im,lies that the desira$le has de&rees. ' There(ore) althou&h this ste, is essential (or the ultimate decision) it is clearly not the (inal one. * ;ack o( order o( di((iculty in miracles has not yet $een acce,ted) $ecause nothin& is di((icult that is <#holly= desired. - To desire #holly is to create) and creatin& cannot $e di((icult i( 1od 0imsel( created you as a creator. T-'.6.B.:. The second ste,) then) is still ,erce,tual) althou&h it is a &iant ste, to#ard the uni(ied ,erce,tion that re(lects 1od+s kno#in&. 2 3s you take this ste, and hold this direction) you #ill $e ,ushin& to#ard the center o( your thou&ht system) #here the (undamental chan&e #ill occur. 3 3t the second ste, ,ro&ress is intermittent) $ut the second ste, is easier than the (irst $ecause it (ollo#s. ! RealiAin& that it <must= (ollo# is a demonstration o( a &ro#in& a#areness that the 0oly 5,irit #ill lead you on. C. -e "i)ilant Onl. for Go! an! His ,in)!o

T-'.6.C.1. 8e said $e(ore that the 0oly 5,irit is e aluati e) and must $e. 2 0e sorts out the true (rom the (alse in your mind) and teaches you to Cud&e e ery thou&ht you allo# to enter it in the li&ht o( #hat 1od ,ut there. ,1>- 3 8hate er is in accord #ith this li&ht 0e retains) to stren&then the Gin&dom in you. ! 8hat is ,artly in accord #ith it 0e acce,ts and ,uri(ies. % But #hat is out o( accord entirely 0e reCects $y Cud&in& a&ainst. ' This is ho# 0e kee,s the Gin&dom ,er(ectly consistent and ,er(ectly uni(ied. * Remem$er) ho#e er) that #hat the 0oly 5,irit reCects the e&o acce,ts. - This is $ecause they are in (undamental disa&reement a$out e erythin&) $ein& in (undamental disa&reement a$out #hat you are. : The e&o+s $elie(s on this crucial issue ary) and that is #hy it ,romotes di((erent moods. 1> The 0oly 5,irit ne er aries on this ,oint) and so the one mood 0e en&enders is Coy. 11 0e ,rotects it $y reCectin& e erythin& that does not (oster Coy) and so 0e alone can kee, you #holly Coyous. T-'.6.C.2. The 0oly 5,irit does not teach you to Cud&e others) $ecause 0e does not #ant you to teach error and learn it yoursel(. 2 0e #ould hardly $e consistent i( 0e allo#ed you to stren&then #hat you must learn to a oid. 3 In the mind o( the thinker) then) 0e <is= Cud&mental) $ut only in order to uni(y the mind so it can ,ercei e #ithout Cud&ment. ! This ena$les the mind to teach #ithout Cud&ment) and there(ore to learn to <$e= #ithout Cud&ment. % The undoin& is necessary only in your mind) so that you #ill not ,roCect) instead o( e/tend. ' 1od 0imsel( has esta$lished #hat you can e/tend #ith ,er(ect sa(ety. * There(ore) the 0oly 5,irit+s third lesson is. - Be i&ilant only (or 1od and 0is Gin&dom. T-'.6.C.3. This is a maCor ste, to#ard (undamental chan&e. 2 7et it still has an as,ect o( thou&ht re ersal) since it im,lies that there is somethin& you must $e i&ilant <a&ainst.= 3 It has ad anced (ar (rom the (irst lesson) #hich is merely the $e&innin& o( the thou&ht re ersal) and also (rom the second) #hich is essentially the identi(ication o( #hat is more desira$le. ! This ste,) #hich (ollo#s (rom the second as the second (ollo#s (rom the (irst) em,hasiAes the dichotomy $et#een the desira$le and the undesira$le. % It there(ore makes the ultimate choice ine ita$le. T-'.6.C.!. 8hile the (irst ste, seems to increase con(lict and the second may still entail con(lict to some e/tent) this ste, calls (or consistent i&ilance a&ainst it. 2 I ha e already told you that you can $e as i&ilant a&ainst the e&o as (or it. 3 This lesson teaches not only that you can $e) $ut that you <must= $e. ! It does not concern itsel( #ith order o( di((iculty) $ut #ith clear-cut ,riority (or i&ilance. ,1>: %

This lesson is unequi ocal in that it teaches there must $e no e/ce,tions) althou&h it does not deny that the tem,tation to make e/ce,tions #ill occur. ' 0ere) then) your consistency is called on des,ite chaos. * 7et chaos and consistency cannot coe/ist (or lon&) since they are mutually e/clusi e. - 3s lon& as you must $e i&ilant a&ainst anythin&) ho#e er) you are not reco&niAin& this mutual e/clusi eness) and still $elie e that you can choose either one. : By teachin& <#hat= to choose) the 0oly 5,irit #ill ultimately teach you that you need not choose at all. 1> This #ill (inally li$erate your mind (rom choice) and direct it to#ards creation #ithin the Gin&dom. T-'.6.C.%. Choosin& throu&h the 0oly 5,irit #ill lead you to the Gin&dom. 2 7ou create $y your true $ein&) $ut #hat you are you must learn to remem$er. 3 The #ay to remem$er it is inherent in the third ste,) #hich $rin&s to&ether the lessons im,lied in the others) and &oes $eyond them to#ards real inte&ration. ! I( you allo# yoursel( to ha e in your mind only #hat 1od ,ut there) you are ackno#led&in& your mind as 1od created it. % There(ore) you are acce,tin& it as it is. ' 5ince it is #hole) you are teachin& ,eace <$ecause= you $elie e in it. * The (inal ste, #ill still $e taken (or you $y 1od) $ut $y the third ste, the 0oly 5,irit has ,re,ared you (or 1od. - 0e is &ettin& you ready (or the translation o( <ha in&= into <$ein&= $y the ery nature o( the ste,s you must take #ith 0im. T-'.6.C.'. 7ou learn (irst that <ha in&= rests on &i in&) and not on &ettin&. 2 Ne/t you learn that you learn #hat you teach) and that you #ant to learn ,eace. 3 This is the condition (or identi(yin& #ith the Gin&dom) since it is the condition <o(= the Gin&dom. ! 7ou ha e $elie ed that you are #ithout the Gin&dom) and ha e there(ore e/cluded yoursel( (rom it in your $elie(. % It is there(ore essential to teach you that you must $e included) and that the $elie( that you are not is the only thin& that you must e/clude. T-'.6.C.*. The third ste, is thus one o( ,rotection (or your mind) allo#in& you to identi(y only #ith the center) #here 1od ,laced the altar to 0imsel(. 2 3ltars are $elie(s) $ut 1od and 0is creations are $eyond $elie( $ecause they are $eyond question. 3 The 6oice (or 1od s,eaks only (or $elie( $eyond question) #hich is the ,re,aration (or <$ein&= #ithout question. ! 3s lon& as $elie( in 1od and 0is Gin&dom is assailed $y any dou$ts in your mind) 0is ,er(ect accom,lishment is not a,,arent to you. % This is #hy you must $e i&ilant on 1od+s $ehal(. ,11> ' The e&o s,eaks a&ainst 0is creation) and there(ore en&enders dou$t. * 7ou cannot &o $eyond $elie( until you $elie e (ully. T-'.6.C.-. To teach the #hole 5onshi, #ithout e/ce,tion demonstrates that you ,ercei e its #holeness) and ha e learned that it is one. 2 No# you must $e i&ilant to hold its oneness in your mind $ecause) i( you

let dou$t enter) you #ill lose a#areness o( its #holeness and #ill $e una$le to teach it. 3 The #holeness o( the Gin&dom does not de,end on your ,erce,tion) $ut your a#areness o( its #holeness does. ! It is only your a#areness that needs ,rotection) since $ein& cannot $e assailed. % 7et a real sense o( $ein& cannot $e yours #hile you are dou$t(ul o( #hat you are. ' This is #hy i&ilance is essential. * Dou$ts a$out $ein& must not enter your mind) or you cannot kno# #hat you are #ith certainty. - Certainty is o( 1od (or you. : 6i&ilance is not necessary (or truth) $ut it is necessary a&ainst illusions. T-'.6.C.:. Truth is #ithout illusions and there(ore #ithin the Gin&dom. 2 @ erythin& outside the Gin&dom is illusion. 3 8hen you thre# truth a#ay you sa# yoursel( as i( you #ere #ithout it. ! By makin& another kin&dom that you alued) you did not kee, <only= the Gin&dom o( 1od in your mind) and thus ,laced ,art o( your mind outside it. % 8hat you made has im,risoned your #ill) and &i en you a sick mind that must $e healed. ' 7our i&ilance a&ainst this sickness is the #ay to heal it. * Once your mind is healed it radiates health) and there$y teaches healin&. - This esta$lishes you as a teacher #ho teaches like me. : 6i&ilance #as required o( me as much as o( you) and those #ho choose to teach the same thin& must $e in a&reement a$out #hat they $elie e. T-'.6.C.1>. The third ste,) then) is a statement o( #hat you #ant to $elie e) and entails a #illin&ness to relinquish e erythin& else. 2 The 0oly 5,irit #ill ena$le you to take this ste,) i( you (ollo# 0im. 3 7our i&ilance is the si&n that you <#ant= 0im to &uide you. ! 6i&ilance does require e((ort) $ut only until you learn that e((ort itsel( is unnecessary. % 7ou ha e e/erted &reat e((ort to ,reser e #hat you made $ecause it #as not true. ' There(ore) you must no# turn your e((ort a&ainst it. * Only this can cancel out the need (or e((ort) and call u,on the $ein& #hich you $oth <ha e= and <are.= - This reco&nition is #holly #ithout e((ort since it is already true and needs no ,rotection. : It is in the ,er(ect sa(ety o( 1od. 1> There(ore) inclusion is total and creation is #ithout limit. ,111 Cha,ter *. THE GIFTS OF THE ,ING$OM I. T#e Last Step T-*.I.1. The creati e ,o#er o( 1od and 0is creations is limitless) $ut they are not in reci,rocal relationshi,. 2 7ou communicate (ully #ith 1od) as 0e does #ith you. 3 This is an on&oin& ,rocess in #hich you share) and $ecause you share it) you are ins,ired to create like 1od. ! 7et in creation you are not in a reci,rocal relation to 1od) since 0e

created you $ut you did not create 0im. % I ha e already told you that only in this res,ect your creati e ,o#er di((ers (rom 0is. ' @ en in this #orld there is a ,arallel. * ?arents &i e $irth to children) $ut children do not &i e $irth to ,arents. - They do) ho#e er) &i e $irth to their children) and thus &i e $irth as their ,arents do. T-*.I.2. I( you created 1od and 0e created you) the Gin&dom could not increase throu&h its o#n creati e thou&ht. 2 Creation #ould there(ore $e limited) and you #ould not $e co-creator #ith 1od. 3 3s 1od+s creati e Thou&ht ,roceeds (rom 0im to you) so must your creati e thou&ht ,roceed (rom you to your creations. ! Only in this #ay can all creati e ,o#er e/tend out#ard. % 1od+s accom,lishments are not yours) $ut yours are like 0is. ' 0e created the 5onshi, and you increase it. * 7ou ha e the ,o#er to add to the Gin&dom) thou&h not to add to the Creator o( the Gin&dom. - 7ou claim this ,o#er #hen you $ecome i&ilant only (or 1od and 0is Gin&dom. : By acce,tin& this ,o#er as yours you ha e learned to remem$er #hat you are. T-*.I.3. 7our creations $elon& in you) as you $elon& in 1od. 2 7ou are ,art o( 1od) as your sons are ,art o( 0is 5ons. 3 To create is to lo e. ! ;o e e/tends out#ard sim,ly $ecause it cannot $e contained. % Bein& limitless it does not sto,. ' It creates (ore er) $ut not in time. * 1od+s creations ha e al#ays $een) $ecause 0e has al#ays $een. - 7our creations ha e al#ays $een) $ecause you can create only as 1od creates. : @ternity is yours) $ecause 0e created you eternal. T-*.I.!. The e&o) on the other hand) al#ays demands reci,rocal ri&hts) $ecause it is com,etiti e rather than lo in&. 2 It is al#ays #illin& to strike a $ar&ain) $ut it cannot understand that to $e like another means that no $ar&ains are ,ossi$le. ,112 3 To &ain you must &i e) not $ar&ain. ! To $ar&ain is to limit &i in&) and this is not 1od+s 8ill. % To #ill #ith 1od is to create like 0im. ' 1od does not limit 0is &i(ts in any #ay. * 7ou <are= 0is &i(ts) and so your &i(ts must $e like 0is. - 7our &i(ts to the Gin&dom must $e like 0is &i(ts to you. T-*.I.%. I &a e only lo e to the Gin&dom $ecause I $elie ed that #as #hat I #as. 2 8hat you $elie e you are determines your &i(ts) and i( 1od created you $y e/tendin& 0imsel( as you) you can only e/tend yoursel( as 0e did. 3 Only Coy increases (ore er) since Coy and eternity are inse,ara$le. ! 1od e/tends out#ard $eyond limits and $eyond time) and you #ho are co-creator #ith 0im e/tend 0is Gin&dom (ore er and $eyond limit. % @ternity is the indeli$le stam, o( creation. ' The eternal are in ,eace and Coy (ore er. T-*.I.'. To think like 1od is to share 0is certainty o( #hat you are) and to create like 0im is to share the ,er(ect ;o e 0e shares #ith you. 2 To this the 0oly 5,irit leads you) that your Coy may $e com,lete $ecause the Gin&dom o( 1od is #hole. 3 I ha e said that the last ste,

in the rea#akenin& o( kno#led&e is taken $y 1od. ! This is true) $ut it is hard to e/,lain in #ords $ecause #ords are sym$ols) and nothin& that is true need $e e/,lained. % 0o#e er) the 0oly 5,irit has the task o( translatin& the useless into the use(ul) the meanin&less into the meanin&(ul) and the tem,orary into the timeless. ' 0e can there(ore tell you somethin& a$out this last ste,. T-*.I.*. 1od does not take ste,s) $ecause 0is accom,lishments are not &radual. 2 0e does not teach) $ecause 0is creations are chan&eless. 3 0e does nothin& last) $ecause 0e created (irst and (or al#ays. ! It must $e understood that the #ord 2(irst2 as a,,lied to 0im is not a time conce,t. % 0e is (irst in the sense that 0e is the "irst in the 0oly Trinity Itsel(. ' 0e is the ?rime Creator) $ecause 0e created 0is co-creators. * Because 0e did) time a,,lies neither to 0im nor to #hat 0e created. - The 2last ste,2 that 1od #ill take #as there(ore true in the $e&innin&) is true no#) and #ill $e true (ore er. : 8hat is timeless is al#ays there) $ecause its $ein& is eternally chan&eless. 1> It does not chan&e $y increase) $ecause it #as (ore er created to increase. 11 I( you ,ercei e it as not increasin& you do not kno# #hat it is. 12 7ou also do not kno# 8ho created it. 13 1od does not re eal this to you $ecause it #as ne er hidden. 1! 0is li&ht #as ne er o$scured) $ecause it is 0is 8ill to share it. ,113 1% 0o# can #hat is (ully shared $e #ithheld and then re ealedD II. T#e La+ of t#e ,in)!o T-*.II.1. To heal is the only kind o( thinkin& in this #orld that resem$les the Thou&ht o( 1od) and $ecause o( the elements they share) can trans(er easily to it. 2 8hen a $rother ,ercei es himsel( as sick) he is ,ercei in& himsel( as not #hole) and there(ore in need. 3 I( you) too) see him this #ay) you are seein& him as i( he #ere a$sent (rom the Gin&dom or se,arated (rom it) thus makin& the Gin&dom itsel( o$scure to $oth o( you. ! 5ickness and se,aration are not o( 1od) $ut the Gin&dom is. % I( you o$scure the Gin&dom) you are ,ercei in& #hat is not o( 1od. T-*.II.2. To heal) then) is to correct ,erce,tion in your $rother and yoursel( $y sharin& the 0oly 5,irit #ith him. 2 This ,laces you $oth #ithin the Gin&dom) and restores its #holeness in your mind. 3 This re(lects creation) $ecause it uni(ies $y increasin& and inte&rates $y e/tendin&. ! 8hat you ,roCect or e/tend is real (or you. % This is an immuta$le la# o( the mind in this #orld as #ell as in the Gin&dom. ' 0o#e er) the content is di((erent in this #orld) $ecause the thou&hts it &o erns are ery di((erent (rom the Thou&hts in the Gin&dom. * ;a#s must $e ada,ted to circumstances i( they are to maintain order. - The outstandin& characteristic o( the la#s o( mind as they o,erate in this

#orld is that $y o$eyin& them) and I assure you that you must o$ey them) you can arri e at diametrically o,,osed results. : This is $ecause the la#s ha e $een ada,ted to the circumstances o( this #orld) in #hich diametrically o,,osed outcomes seem ,ossi$le $ecause you can res,ond to t#o con(lictin& oices. T-*.II.3. Outside the Gin&dom) the la# that ,re ails inside is ada,ted to 28hat you ,roCect you $elie e.2 2 This is its teachin& (orm) $ecause outside the Gin&dom learnin& is essential. 3 This (orm im,lies that you #ill learn #hat you are (rom #hat you ha e ,roCected onto others) and there(ore $elie e they are. ! In the Gin&dom there is no teachin& or learnin&) $ecause there is no $elie(. % There is only certainty. ' 1od and 0is 5ons) in the surety o( $ein&) kno# that #hat you e/tend you are. * That (orm o( the la# is not ada,ted at all) $ein& the la# o( creation. - 1od 0imsel( created the la# $y creatin& <$y= it. : 3nd 0is 5ons) #ho create like 0im) (ollo# it &ladly) kno#in& that the increase o( the Gin&dom de,ends on it) Cust as their o#n creation did. ,11! T-*.II.!. ;a#s must $e communicated i( they are to $e hel,(ul. 2 In e((ect) they must $e translated (or those #ho s,eak di((erent lan&ua&es. 3 Ne ertheless) a &ood translator) althou&h he must alter the (orm o( #hat he translates) ne er chan&es the meanin&. ! In (act) his #hole ,ur,ose is to chan&e the (orm so that the ori&inal meanin& is retained. % The 0oly 5,irit is the Translator o( the la#s o( 1od to those #ho do not understand them. ' 7ou could not do this yoursel( $ecause a con(licted mind cannot $e (aith(ul to one meanin&) and #ill there(ore chan&e the meanin& to ,reser e the (orm. T-*.II.%. The 0oly 5,irit+s ,ur,ose in translatin& is e/actly the o,,osite. 2 0e translates only to ,reser e the ori&inal meanin& in all res,ects and in all lan&ua&es. 3 There(ore) 0e o,,oses the idea that di((erences in (orm are meanin&(ul) em,hasiAin& al#ays that <these di((erences do not matter.= ! The meanin& o( 0is messa&e is al#ays the same9 only the meanin& matters. % 1od+s la# o( creation does not in ol e the use o( truth to con ince 0is 5ons o( truth. ' The e/tension o( truth) #hich <is= the la# o( the Gin&dom) rests only on the kno#led&e o( #hat truth is. * This is your inheritance and requires no learnin& at all) $ut #hen you disinherited yoursel( you $ecame a learner o( necessity. T-*.II.'. No one questions the connection o( learnin& and memory. 2 ;earnin& is im,ossi$le #ithout memory since it must $e consistent to $e remem$ered. 3 That is #hy the 0oly 5,irit+s teachin& is a lesson in remem$erin&. ! I said $e(ore that 0e teaches remem$erin& and (or&ettin&) $ut the (or&ettin& is only to make the remem$erin& consistent. % 7ou (or&et in order to remem$er $etter. ' 7ou #ill not understand 0is translations #hile you listen to t#o #ays o( inter,retin&

them. * There(ore you must (or&et or relinquish one to understand the other. - This is the only #ay you can learn consistency) so that you can (inally <$e= consistent. T-*.II.*. 8hat can the ,er(ect consistency o( the Gin&dom mean to those #ho are con(usedD 2 It is a,,arent that con(usion inter(eres #ith meanin&) and there(ore ,re ents the learner (rom a,,reciatin& it. 3 There is no con(usion in the Gin&dom) $ecause there is only one meanin&. ! This meanin& comes (rom 1od and <is= 1od. % Because it is also you) you share it and e/tend it as your Creator did. ' This needs no translation $ecause it is ,er(ectly understood) $ut it does need e/tension $ecause it <means= e/tension. * Communication is ,er(ectly direct and ,er(ectly united. ,11% - It is totally (ree) $ecause nothin& discordant e er enters. : That is #hy it is the Gin&dom o( 1od. 1> It $elon&s to 0im and is there(ore like 0im. 11 That is its reality) and nothin& can assail it. III. T#e Realit. of t#e ,in)!o T-*.III.1. The 0oly 5,irit teaches one lesson) and a,,lies it to all indi iduals in all situations. 2 Bein& con(lict-(ree) 0e ma/imiAes all e((orts and all results. 3 By teachin& the ,o#er o( the Gin&dom o( 1od 0imsel() 0e teaches you that all ,o#er is yours. ! Its a,,lication does not matter. % It is al#ays ma/imal. ' 7our i&ilance does not esta$lish it as yours) $ut it does ena$le you to use it al#ays and in all #ays. * 8hen I said 2I am #ith you al#ays)2 I meant it literally. - I am not a$sent to anyone in any situation. : Because I am al#ays #ith you) <you= are the #ay) the truth and the li(e. 1> 7ou did not make this ,o#er) any more than I did. 11 It #as created to $e shared) and there(ore cannot $e meanin&(ully ,ercei ed as $elon&in& to anyone at the e/,ense o( another. 12 5uch a ,erce,tion makes it meanin&less $y eliminatin& or o erlookin& its real and only meanin&. T-*.III.2. 1od+s meanin& #aits in the Gin&dom) $ecause that is #here 0e ,laced it. 2 It does not #ait in time. 3 It merely rests in the Gin&dom $ecause it $elon&s there) as you do. ! 0o# can you #ho are 1od+s meanin& ,ercei e yoursel( as a$sent (rom itD % 7ou can see yoursel( as se,arated (rom your meanin& only $y e/,eriencin& yoursel( as unreal. ' This is #hy the e&o is insane9 it teaches that you are not #hat you are. * That is so contradictory it is clearly im,ossi$le. - It is there(ore a lesson you cannot really learn) and there(ore cannot really teach. : 7et you are al#ays teachin&. 1> 7ou must) there(ore) $e teachin& somethin& else) e en thou&h the e&o does not kno# #hat it is. 11 The e&o) then) is al#ays $ein& undone) and does sus,ect your moti es. 12 7our mind cannot $e uni(ied in alle&iance to the e&o) $ecause the mind

does not $elon& to it. 13 7et #hat is 2treacherous2 to the e&o is (aith(ul to ,eace. 1! The e&o+s 2enemy2 is there(ore your (riend. T-*.III.3. I said $e(ore that the e&o+s (riend is not ,art o( you) $ecause the e&o ,ercei es itsel( at #ar and there(ore in need o( allies. 2 7ou #ho are not at #ar must look (or $rothers and reco&niAe all #hom you see as $rothers) $ecause only equals are at ,eace. 3 Because 1od+s equal 5ons ha e e erythin&) they cannot com,ete. ,11' ! 7et i( they ,ercei e any o( their $rothers as anythin& other than their ,er(ect equals) the idea o( com,etition has entered their minds. % Do not underestimate your need to $e i&ilant <a&ainst= this idea) $ecause all your con(licts come (rom it. ' It <is= the $elie( that con(lictin& interests are ,ossi$le) and there(ore you ha e acce,ted the im,ossi$le as true. * Is that di((erent (rom sayin& you ,ercei e yoursel( as unrealD T-*.III.!. To $e in the Gin&dom is merely to (ocus your (ull attention on it. 2 3s lon& as you $elie e you can attend to #hat is not true) you are acce,tin& con(lict as your choice. 3 Is it really a choiceD ! It seems to $e) $ut seemin& and reality are hardly the same. % 7ou #ho <are= the Gin&dom are not concerned #ith seemin&. ' Reality is yours $ecause you are reality. * This is ho# <ha in&= and <$ein&= are ultimately reconciled) not in the Gin&dom) $ut in your mind. - The altar there is the only reality. : The altar is ,er(ectly clear in thou&ht) $ecause it is a re(lection o( ,er(ect Thou&ht. 1> 7our ri&ht mind sees only $rothers) $ecause it sees only in its o#n li&ht. T-*.III.%. 1od has lit your mind 0imsel() and kee,s your mind lit $y 0is li&ht $ecause 0is li&ht is #hat your mind is. 2 This is totally $eyond question) and #hen you question it you are ans#ered. 3 The 3ns#er merely undoes the question $y esta$lishin& the (act that to question reality is to question meanin&lessly. ! That is #hy the 0oly 5,irit ne er questions. % 0is sole (unction is to undo the questiona$le and thus lead to certainty. ' The certain are ,er(ectly calm) $ecause they are not in dou$t. * They do not raise questions) $ecause nothin& questiona$le enters their minds. - This holds them in ,er(ect serenity) $ecause this is #hat they share) kno#in& #hat they are. I". Healin) as t#e Reco)nition of Tr't# T-*.I6.1. Truth can only <$e= reco&niAed and <need= only $e reco&niAed. 2 Ins,iration is o( the 0oly 5,irit) and certainty is o( 1od accordin& to 0is la#s. 3 Both) there(ore) come (rom the same 5ource) since ins,iration comes (rom the 6oice (or 1od and certainty comes (rom the la#s o( 1od. ! 0ealin& does not come directly (rom 1od) 8ho kno#s 0is creations as ,er(ectly #hole. % 7et healin& is still o( 1od) $ecause it ,roceeds (rom 0is 6oice and (rom 0is la#s. ' It is their

result) in a state o( mind that does not kno# 0im. * The state is unkno#n to 0im and there(ore does not e/ist) $ut those #ho slee, are una#are. ,11* - Because they are una#are) they do not kno#. T-*.I6.2. The 0oly 5,irit must #ork <throu&h= you to teach you 0e is <in= you. 2 This is an intermediary ste, to#ard the kno#led&e that you are in 1od $ecause you are ,art o( 0im. 3 The miracles the 0oly 5,irit ins,ires can ha e no order o( di((iculty) $ecause e ery ,art o( creation is o( one order. ! This is 1od+s 8ill and yours. % The la#s o( 1od esta$lish this) and the 0oly 5,irit reminds you o( it. ' 8hen you heal) you are remem$erin& the la#s o( 1od and (or&ettin& the la#s o( the e&o. * I said $e(ore that (or&ettin& is merely a #ay o( remem$erin& $etter. - It is there(ore not the o,,osite o( remem$erin& #hen it is ,ro,erly ,ercei ed. : ?ercei ed im,ro,erly) it induces a ,erce,tion o( con(lict #ith somethin& else) as all incorrect ,erce,tion does. 1> ?ro,erly ,ercei ed) it can $e used as a #ay out o( con(lict) as all ,ro,er ,erce,tion can. T-*.I6.3. The e&o does not #ant to teach e eryone all it has learned) $ecause that #ould de(eat its ,ur,ose. 2 There(ore it does not really learn at all. 3 The 0oly 5,irit teaches you to use #hat the e&o has made) to teach the o,,osite o( #hat the e&o has 2learned.2 ! The kind o( learnin& is as irrele ant as is the ,articular a$ility that #as a,,lied to the learnin&. % 3ll you need do is make the e((ort to learn) (or the 0oly 5,irit has a uni(ied &oal (or the e((ort. ' I( di((erent a$ilities are a,,lied lon& enou&h to one &oal) the a$ilities themsel es $ecome uni(ied. * This is $ecause they are channeliAed in one direction) or in one #ay. - Ultimately) then) they all contri$ute to one result) and $y so doin&) their similarity rather than their di((erences is em,hasiAed. T-*.I6.!. 3ll a$ilities should there(ore $e &i en o er to the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho understands ho# to use them ,ro,erly. 2 0e uses them only (or healin&) $ecause 0e kno#s you only as #hole. 3 By healin& you learn o( #holeness) and $y learnin& o( #holeness you learn to remem$er 1od. ! 7ou ha e (or&otten 0im) $ut the 0oly 5,irit understands that your (or&ettin& must $e translated into a #ay o( remem$erin&. T-*.I6.%. The e&o+s &oal is as uni(ied as the 0oly 5,irit+s) and it is $ecause o( this that their &oals can ne er $e reconciled in any #ay or to any e/tent. 2 The e&o al#ays seeks to di ide and se,arate. 3 The 0oly 5,irit al#ays seeks to uni(y and heal. ! 3s you heal you are healed) $ecause the 0oly 5,irit sees no order o( di((iculty in healin&. % 0ealin& is the #ay to undo the $elie( in di((erences) $ein& the only #ay o( ,ercei in& the 5onshi, as one. ,11- ' This ,erce,tion is there(ore in accord #ith the la#s o( 1od) e en in a state o( mind that is out o( accord #ith 0is. * The stren&th o( ri&ht ,erce,tion is so &reat that it

$rin&s the mind into accord #ith 0is) $ecause it ser es 0is 6oice) #hich is in all o( you. T-*.I6.'. To think you can o,,ose the 8ill o( 1od is a real delusion. 2 The e&o $elie es that it can) and that it can o((er you its o#n 2#ill2 as a &i(t. 3 <7ou do not #ant it.= ! It is not a &i(t. % It is nothin& at all. ' 1od has &i en you a &i(t that you $oth <ha e= and <are.= * 8hen you do not use it) you (or&et that you ha e it. - By not remem$erin& it) you do not kno# #hat you are. : 0ealin&) then) is a #ay o( a,,roachin& kno#led&e $y thinkin& in accordance #ith the la#s o( 1od) and reco&niAin& their uni ersality. 1> 8ithout this reco&nition) you ha e made the la#s meanin&less to you. 11 7et the la#s are not meanin&less) since all meanin& is contained $y them and in them. T-*.I6.*. 5eek ye (irst the Gin&dom o( 0ea en) $ecause that is #here the la#s o( 1od o,erate truly) and they can o,erate only truly $ecause they are the la#s o( truth. 2 But seek this only) $ecause you can (ind nothin& else. 3 There <is= nothin& else. ! 1od is 3ll in all in a ery literal sense. % 3ll $ein& is in 0im 8ho is all Bein&. ' 7ou are there(ore in 0im since your $ein& is 0is. * 0ealin& is a #ay o( (or&ettin& the sense o( dan&er the e&o has induced in you) $y not reco&niAin& its e/istence in your $rother. - This stren&thens the 0oly 5,irit in $oth o( you) $ecause it is a re(usal to ackno#led&e (ear. : ;o e needs only this in itation. 1> It comes (reely to all the 5onshi,) $ein& #hat the 5onshi, is. 11 By your a#akenin& to it) you are merely (or&ettin& #hat you are not. 12 This ena$les you to remem$er #hat you are. ". Healin) an! t#e C#an)elessness of Min! T-*.6.1. The $ody is nothin& more than a (rame#ork (or de elo,in& a$ilities) #hich is quite a,art (rom #hat they are used (or. 2 <That= is a decision. 3 The e((ects o( the e&o+s decision in this matter are so a,,arent that they need no ela$oration) $ut the 0oly 5,irit+s decision to use the $ody only (or communication has such a direct connection #ith healin& that it does need clari(ication. ! The unhealed healer o$ iously does not understand his o#n ocation. ,11: T-*.6.2. Only minds communicate. 2 5ince the e&o cannot o$literate the im,ulse to communicate $ecause it is also the im,ulse to create) it can only teach you that the $ody can $oth communicate and create) and there(ore does not need the mind. 3 The e&o thus tries to teach you that the $ody can act like the mind) and is there(ore sel(-su((icient. ! 7et #e ha e learned that $eha ior is not the le el (or either teachin& or learnin&) since you can act in accordance #ith #hat you do not $elie e. % To do this) ho#e er) #ill #eaken you as a teacher and a learner $ecause) as has $een re,eatedly em,hasiAed) you teach #hat you <do= $elie e. ' 3n inconsistent lesson #ill $e ,oorly tau&ht and

,oorly learned. * I( you teach $oth sickness <and= healin&) you are $oth a ,oor teacher and a ,oor learner. T-*.6.3. 0ealin& is the one a$ility e eryone can de elo, and must de elo, i( he is to $e healed. 2 0ealin& is the 0oly 5,irit+s (orm o( communication in this #orld) and the only one 0e acce,ts. 3 0e reco&niAes no other) $ecause 0e does not acce,t the e&o+s con(usion o( mind and $ody. ! 4inds can communicate) $ut they cannot hurt. % The $ody in the ser ice o( the e&o can hurt other $odies) $ut this cannot occur unless the $ody has already $een con(used #ith the mind. ' This situation) too) can $e used either (or healin& or (or ma&ic) $ut you must remem$er that ma&ic al#ays in ol es the $elie( that healin& is harm(ul. * This $elie( is its totally insane ,remise) and so it ,roceeds accordin&ly. T-*.6.!. 0ealin& only stren&thens. 2 4a&ic al#ays tries to #eaken. 3 0ealin& ,ercei es nothin& in the healer that e eryone else does not share #ith him. ! 4a&ic al#ays sees somethin& 2s,ecial2 in the healer) #hich he $elie es he can o((er as a &i(t to someone #ho does not ha e it. % 0e may $elie e that the &i(t comes (rom 1od to him) $ut it is quite e ident that he does not understand 1od i( he thinks he has somethin& that others lack. T-*.6.%. The 0oly 5,irit does not #ork $y chance) and healin& that is o( 0im <al#ays= #orks. 2 Unless the healer al#ays heals $y 0im the results #ill ary. 3 7et healin& itsel( is consistent) since only consistency is con(lict-(ree) and only the con(lict-(ree are #hole. ! By acce,tin& e/ce,tions and ackno#led&in& that he can sometimes heal and sometimes not) the healer is o$ iously acce,tin& inconsistency. % 0e is there(ore in con(lict) and is teachin& con(lict. ' Can anythin& o( 1od not $e (or all and (or al#aysD * ;o e is inca,a$le o( any e/ce,tions. - Only i( there is (ear does the idea o( e/ce,tions seem to $e meanin&(ul. : @/ce,tions are (ear(ul $ecause they are made $y (ear. ,12> 1> The 2(ear(ul healer2 is a contradiction in terms) and is there(ore a conce,t that only a con(licted mind could ,ossi$ly ,ercei e as meanin&(ul. T-*.6.'. "ear does not &ladden. 2 0ealin& does. 3 "ear al#ays makes e/ce,tions. ! 0ealin& ne er does. % "ear ,roduces dissociation) $ecause it induces se,aration. ' 0ealin& al#ays ,roduces harmony) $ecause it ,roceeds (rom inte&ration. * It is ,redicta$le $ecause it can $e counted on. - @ erythin& that is o( 1od can $e counted on) $ecause e erythin& o( 1od is #holly real. : 0ealin& can $e counted on $ecause it is ins,ired $y 0is 6oice) and is in accord #ith 0is la#s. 1> 7et i( healin& is consistent it cannot $e inconsistently understood. 11 Understandin& means consistency $ecause 1od means consistency. 12 5ince that is 0is meanin&) it is also yours. 13 7our meanin& cannot $e out o( accord #ith 0is) $ecause your #hole meanin& and your only

meanin& comes (rom 0is and is like 0is. 1! 1od cannot $e out o( accord #ith 0imsel() and you cannot $e out o( accord #ith 0im. 1% 7ou cannot se,arate your 5el( (rom your Creator) 8ho created you $y sharin& 0is Bein& #ith you. T-*.6.*. The unhealed healer #ants &ratitude (rom his $rothers) $ut he is not &rate(ul to them. 2 That is $ecause he thinks he is &i in& somethin& to them) and is not recei in& somethin& equally desira$le in return. 3 0is teachin& is limited $ecause he is learnin& so little. ! 0is healin& lesson is limited $y his o#n in&ratitude) #hich is a lesson in sickness. % True learnin& is constant) and so ital in its ,o#er (or chan&e that a 5on o( 1od can reco&niAe his ,o#er in one instant and chan&e the #orld in the ne/t. ' That is $ecause) $y chan&in& his mind) he has chan&ed the most ,o#er(ul de ice that #as e er &i en him (or chan&e. * This in no #ay contradicts the chan&elessness o( mind as 1od created it) $ut you think that you ha e chan&ed it as lon& as you learn throu&h the e&o. - This ,laces you in a ,osition o( needin& to learn a lesson that seems contradictory9Kyou must learn to chan&e your mind a$out your mind. : Only $y this can you learn that it <is= chan&eless. T-*.6.-. 8hen you heal) that is e/actly #hat you <are= learnin&. 2 7ou are reco&niAin& the chan&eless mind in your $rother $y realiAin& that he could not ha e chan&ed his mind. 3 That is ho# you ,ercei e the 0oly 5,irit in him. ! It is only the 0oly 5,irit in him that ne er chan&es 0is 4ind. % 0e himsel( may think he can) or he #ould not ,ercei e himsel( as sick. ' 0e there(ore does not kno# #hat his 5el( is. * I( you see only the chan&eless in him you ha e not really chan&ed him. ,121 - By chan&in& your mind a$out his <(or= him) you hel, him undo the chan&e his e&o thinks it has made in him. T-*.6.:. 3s you can hear t#o oices) so you can see in t#o #ays. 2 One #ay sho#s you an ima&e) or an idol that you may #orshi, out o( (ear) $ut #ill ne er lo e. 3 The other sho#s you only truth) #hich you #ill lo e $ecause you #ill understand it. ! Understandin& is a,,reciation) $ecause #hat you understand you can identi(y #ith) and $y makin& it ,art o( you) you ha e acce,ted it #ith lo e. % That is ho# 1od 0imsel( created you9 in understandin&) in a,,reciation and in lo e. ' The e&o is totally una$le to understand this) $ecause it does not understand #hat it makes) does not a,,reciate it and does not lo e it. * It incor,orates to take a#ay. - It literally $elie es that e ery time it de,ri es someone o( somethin&) it has increased. : I ha e s,oken o(ten o( the increase o( the Gin&dom $y your creations) #hich can only $e created as you #ere. 1> The #hole &lory and ,er(ect Coy that <is= the Gin&dom lies in you to &i e. 11 Do you not #ant to &i e itD

T-*.6.1>. 7ou cannot (or&et the "ather $ecause I am #ith you) and I cannot (or&et 0im. 2 To (or&et me is to (or&et yoursel( and 0im 8ho created you. 3 Our $rothers are (or&et(ul. ! That is #hy they need your remem$rance o( me and o( 0im 8ho created me. % Throu&h this remem$rance) you can chan&e their minds a$out themsel es) as I can chan&e yours. ' 7our mind is so ,o#er(ul a li&ht that you can look into theirs and enli&hten them) as I can enli&hten yours. * I do not #ant to share my $ody in communion $ecause this is to share nothin&. - 8ould I try to share an illusion #ith the most holy children o( a most holy "atherD : 7et I do #ant to share my mind #ith you $ecause #e are o( one 4ind) and that 4ind is ours. 1> 5ee only this 4ind e ery#here) $ecause only this is e ery#here and in e erythin&. 11 It is e erythin& $ecause it encom,asses all thin&s #ithin itsel(. 12 Blessed are you #ho ,ercei e only this) $ecause you ,ercei e only #hat is true. T-*.6.11. Come there(ore unto me) and learn o( the truth in you. 2 The mind #e share is shared $y all our $rothers) and as #e see them truly they #ill $e healed. 3 ;et your mind shine #ith mine u,on their minds) and $y our &ratitude to them make them a#are o( the li&ht in them. ! This li&ht #ill shine $ack u,on you and on the #hole 5onshi,) $ecause this is your ,ro,er &i(t to 1od. % 0e #ill acce,t it and &i e it to the 5onshi,) $ecause it is acce,ta$le to 0im and there(ore to 0is 5ons. ' This is true communion #ith the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho sees the altar o( 1od in e eryone) and $y $rin&in& it to your a,,reciation) 0e calls u,on you to lo e 1od and 0is creation. ,122 * 7ou can a,,reciate the 5onshi, only as one. - This is ,art o( the la# o( creation) and there(ore &o erns all thou&ht. "I. Fro "i)ilance to Peace T-*.6I.1. 3lthou&h you can lo e the 5onshi, only as one) you can ,ercei e it as (ra&mented. 2 It is im,ossi$le) ho#e er) to see somethin& in ,art o( it that you #ill not attri$ute to all o( it. 3 That is #hy attack is ne er discrete) and #hy it must $e relinquished entirely. ! I( it is not relinquished entirely it is not relinquished at all. % "ear and lo e make or create) de,endin& on #hether the e&o or the 0oly 5,irit $e&ets or ins,ires them) $ut they <#ill= return to the mind o( the thinker and they #ill a((ect his total ,erce,tion. ' That includes his conce,t o( 1od) o( 0is creations and o( his o#n. * 0e #ill not a,,reciate any o( Them i( he re&ards Them (ear(ully. - 0e #ill a,,reciate all o( Them i( he re&ards Them #ith lo e. T-*.6I.2. The mind that acce,ts attack cannot lo e. 2 That is $ecause it $elie es it can destroy lo e) and there(ore does not understand #hat lo e is. 3 I( it does not understand #hat lo e is) it cannot ,ercei e itsel( as lo in&. ! This loses the a#areness o( $ein&) induces (eelin&s o(

unreality and results in utter con(usion. % 7our thinkin& has done this $ecause o( its ,o#er) $ut your thinkin& can also sa e you (rom this $ecause its ,o#er is not o( your makin&. ' 7our a$ility to direct your thinkin& as you choose is ,art o( its ,o#er. * I( you do not $elie e you can do this you ha e denied the ,o#er o( your thou&ht) and thus rendered it ,o#erless in your $elie(. T-*.6I.3. The in&eniousness o( the e&o to ,reser e itsel( is enormous) $ut it stems (rom the ery ,o#er o( the mind the e&o denies. 2 This means that the e&o attacks #hat is ,reser in& it) #hich must result in e/treme an/iety. 3 That is #hy the e&o ne er reco&niAes #hat it is doin&. ! It is ,er(ectly lo&ical $ut clearly insane. % The e&o dra#s u,on the one source that is totally inimical to its e/istence <(or= its e/istence. ' "ear(ul o( ,ercei in& the ,o#er o( this source) it is (orced to de,reciate it. * This threatens its o#n e/istence) a state #hich it (inds intolera$le. - Remainin& lo&ical $ut still insane) the e&o resol es this com,letely insane dilemma in a com,letely insane #ay. : It does not ,ercei e <its= e/istence as threatened $y ,roCectin& the threat onto <you)= and ,ercei in& your $ein& as none/istent. ,123 1> This ensures its continuance i( you side #ith it) $y &uaranteein& that you #ill not kno# your o#n sa(ety. T-*.6I.!. The e&o cannot a((ord to kno# anythin&. 2 Gno#led&e is total) and the e&o does not $elie e in totality. 3 This un$elie( is its ori&in) and #hile the e&o does not lo e you it <is= (aith(ul to its o#n antecedents) $e&ettin& as it #as $e&otten. ! 4ind al#ays re,roduces as it #as ,roduced. % ?roduced $y (ear) the e&o re,roduces (ear. ' This is its alle&iance) and this alle&iance makes it treacherous to lo e $ecause you <are= lo e. * ;o e is your ,o#er) #hich the e&o must deny. - It must also deny e erythin& this ,o#er &i es you <$ecause= it &i es you e erythin&. : No one #ho has e erythin& #ants the e&o. 1> Its o#n maker) then) does not #ant it. 11 ReCection is there(ore the only decision the e&o could ,ossi$ly encounter) i( the mind that made it kne# itsel(. 12 3nd i( it reco&niAed any ,art o( the 5onshi,) it <#ould= kno# itsel(. T-*.6I.%. The e&o there(ore o,,oses all a,,reciation) all reco&nition) all sane ,erce,tion and all kno#led&e. 2 It ,ercei es their threat as total) $ecause it senses that all commitments the mind makes are total. 3 "orced) there(ore) to detach itsel( (rom you) it is #illin& to attach itsel( to anythin& else. ! But there <is= nothin& else. % The mind can) ho#e er) make u, illusions) and i( it does so it #ill $elie e in them) $ecause that is ho# it made them. T-*.6I.'. The 0oly 5,irit undoes illusions #ithout attackin& them) $ecause 0e cannot ,ercei e them at all. 2 They there(ore do not e/ist (or 0im. 3 0e resol es the a,,arent con(lict they en&ender $y

,ercei in& con(lict as meanin&less. ! I ha e said $e(ore that the 0oly 5,irit ,ercei es the con(lict e/actly as it is) and it <is= meanin&less. % The 0oly 5,irit does not #ant you to understand con(lict9 0e #ants you to realiAe that) $ecause con(lict is meanin&less) it is not understanda$le. ' 3s I ha e already said) understandin& $rin&s a,,reciation and a,,reciation $rin&s lo e. * Nothin& else can $e understood) $ecause nothin& else is real and there(ore nothin& else has meanin&. T-*.6I.*. I( you #ill kee, in mind #hat the 0oly 5,irit o((ers you) you cannot $e i&ilant (or anythin& <$ut= 1od and 0is Gin&dom. 2 The only reason you may (ind this hard to acce,t is $ecause you may still think there is somethin& else. 3 Belie( does not require i&ilance unless it is con(licted. ! I( it is) there are con(lictin& com,onents #ithin it that ha e led to a state o( #ar) and i&ilance has there(ore $ecome essential. % 6i&ilance has no ,lace in ,eace. ' It is necessary a&ainst $elie(s that are not true) and #ould ne er ha e $een called u,on $y the 0oly 5,irit i( you had not $elie ed the untrue. ,12! * 8hen you $elie e somethin&) you ha e made it true (or you. - 8hen you $elie e #hat 1od does not kno#) your thou&ht seems to contradict 0is) and this makes it a,,ear as i( you are attackin& 0im. T-*.6I.-. I ha e re,eatedly em,hasiAed that the e&o does $elie e it can attack 1od) and tries to ,ersuade you that you ha e done this. 2 I( the mind cannot attack) the e&o ,roceeds ,er(ectly lo&ically to the $elie( that you must $e a $ody. 3 By not seein& you as you are) it can see itsel( as it #ants to $e. ! 3#are o( its #eakness the e&o #ants your alle&iance) $ut not as you really are. % The e&o there(ore #ants to en&a&e your mind in its o#n delusional system) $ecause other#ise the li&ht o( your understandin& #ould dis,el it. ' It #ants no ,art o( truth) $ecause the e&o itsel( is not true. * I( truth is total) the untrue cannot e/ist. - Commitment to either must $e total9 they cannot coe/ist in your mind #ithout s,littin& it. : I( they cannot coe/ist in ,eace) and i( you #ant ,eace) you must &i e u, the idea o( con(lict entirely and (or all time. 1> This requires i&ilance only as lon& as you do not reco&niAe #hat is true. 11 8hile you $elie e that t#o totally contradictory thou&ht systems share truth) your need (or i&ilance is a,,arent. T-*.6I.:. 7our mind is di idin& its alle&iance $et#een t#o kin&doms) and you are totally committed to neither. 2 7our identi(ication #ith the Gin&dom is totally $eyond question e/ce,t $y you) #hen you are thinkin& insanely. 3 8hat you are is not esta$lished $y your ,erce,tion) and is not in(luenced $y it at all. ! ?ercei ed ,ro$lems in identi(ication at any le el are not ,ro$lems o( (act. % They are ,ro$lems o( understandin&) since their ,resence im,lies a $elie( that #hat you are is u, to you to decide. ' The e&o $elie es this totally) $ein& (ully

committed to it. * It is not true. - The e&o there(ore is totally committed to untruth) ,ercei in& in total contradiction to the 0oly 5,irit and to the kno#led&e o( 1od. T-*.6I.1>. 7ou can $e ,ercei ed #ith meanin& only $y the 0oly 5,irit $ecause your $ein& <is= the kno#led&e o( 1od. 2 3ny $elie( you acce,t a,art (rom this #ill o$scure 1od+s 6oice in you) and #ill there(ore o$scure 1od to you. 3 Unless you ,ercei e 0is creation truly you cannot kno# the Creator) since 1od and 0is creation are not se,arate. ! The Oneness o( the Creator and the creation is your #holeness) your sanity and your limitless ,o#er. % This limitless ,o#er is 1od+s &i(t to you) $ecause it is #hat you are. ' I( you dissociate your mind (rom it you are ,ercei in& the most ,o#er(ul (orce in the uni erse as i( it #ere #eak) $ecause you do not $elie e you are ,art o( it. ,12% T-*.6I.11. ?ercei ed #ithout your ,art in it) 1od+s creation is seen as #eak) and those #ho see themsel es as #eakened do attack. 2 The attack must $e $lind) ho#e er) $ecause there is nothin& to attack. 3 There(ore they make u, ima&es) ,ercei e them as un#orthy and attack them (or their un#orthiness. ! That is all the #orld o( the e&o is. % Nothin&. ' It has no meanin&. * It does not e/ist. - Do not try to understand it $ecause) i( you do) you are $elie in& that it can $e understood and is there(ore ca,a$le o( $ein& a,,reciated and lo ed. : That #ould Custi(y its e/istence) #hich cannot $e Custi(ied. 1> 7ou cannot make the meanin&less meanin&(ul. 11 This can only $e an insane attem,t. T-*.6I.12. 3llo#in& insanity to enter your mind means that you ha e not Cud&ed sanity as #holly desira$le. 2 I( you #ant somethin& else you #ill make somethin& else) $ut $ecause it is somethin& else) it #ill attack your thou&ht system and di ide your alle&iance. 3 7ou cannot create in this di ided state) and you must $e i&ilant a&ainst this di ided state $ecause only ,eace can $e e/tended. ! 7our di ided mind is $lockin& the e/tension o( the Gin&dom) and its e/tension is your Coy. % I( you do not e/tend the Gin&dom) you are not thinkin& #ith your Creator and creatin& as 0e created. T-*.6I.13. In this de,ressin& state the 0oly 5,irit reminds you &ently that you are sad $ecause you are not (ul(illin& your (unction as cocreator #ith 1od) and are there(ore de,ri in& yoursel( o( Coy. 2 This is not 1od+s choice $ut yours. 3 I( your mind could $e out o( accord #ith 1od+s) you #ould $e #illin& #ithout meanin&. ! 7et $ecause 1od+s 8ill is unchan&ea$le) no con(lict o( #ill is ,ossi$le. % This is the 0oly 5,irit+s ,er(ectly consistent teachin&. ' Creation) not se,aration) is your #ill <$ecause= it is 1od+s) and nothin& that o,,oses this means anythin& at all. * Bein& a ,er(ect accom,lishment) the 5onshi, can only accom,lish ,er(ectly) e/tendin& the Coy in #hich it #as created) and

identi(yin& itsel( #ith $oth its Creator and its creations) kno#in& They are One. ,12' "II. T#e Totalit. of t#e ,in)!o T-*.6II.1. 8hene er you deny a $lessin& to a $rother <you= #ill (eel de,ri ed) $ecause denial is as total as lo e. 2 It is as im,ossi$le to deny ,art o( the 5onshi, as it is to lo e it in ,art. 3 Nor is it ,ossi$le to lo e it totally at times. ! 7ou cannot $e totally committed sometimes. % Denial has no ,o#er in itsel() $ut you can &i e it the ,o#er o( your mind) #hose ,o#er is #ithout limit. ' I( you use it to deny reality) reality is &one (or you. * <Reality= cannot $e ,artly a,,reciated. That is #hy denyin& any ,art o( it means you ha e lost the a#areness o( all o( it. : 7et denial is a de(ense) and so it is as ca,a$le o( $ein& used ,ositi ely as #ell as ne&ati ely. 1> Used ne&ati ely it #ill $e destructi e) $ecause it #ill $e used (or attack. 11 But in the ser ice o( the 0oly 5,irit) it can hel, you reco&niAe ,art o( reality) and thus a,,reciate all o( it. 12 4ind is too ,o#er(ul to $e su$Cect to e/clusion. 13 7ou #ill ne er $e a$le to e/clude yoursel( (rom your thou&hts. T-*.6II.2. 8hen a $rother acts insanely) he is o((erin& you an o,,ortunity to $less him. 2 0is need is yours. 3 7ou need the $lessin& you can o((er him. ! There is no #ay (or you to ha e it e/ce,t $y &i in& it. % This is the la# o( 1od) and it has no e/ce,tions. ' 8hat you deny you lack) not $ecause it is lackin&) $ut $ecause you ha e denied it in another and are there(ore not a#are o( it in yoursel(. * @ ery res,onse you make is determined $y #hat you think you are) and #hat you #ant to $e <is= #hat you think you are. - 8hat you #ant to $e) then) must determine e ery res,onse you make. T-*.6II.3. 7ou do not need 1od+s $lessin& $ecause that you ha e (ore er) $ut you do need yours. 2 The e&o+s ,icture o( you is de,ri ed) unlo in& and ulnera$le. 3 7ou cannot lo e this. ! 7et you can ery easily esca,e (rom this ima&e $y lea in& it $ehind. % 7ou are not there and that is not you. ' Do not see this ,icture in anyone) or you ha e acce,ted it <as= you. * 3ll illusions a$out the 5onshi, are dis,elled to&ether as they #ere made to&ether. - Teach no one that he is #hat you #ould not #ant to $e. : 7our $rother is the mirror in #hich you see the ima&e o( yoursel( as lon& as ,erce,tion lasts. 1> 3nd ,erce,tion #ill last until the 5onshi, kno#s itsel( as #hole. 11 7ou made ,erce,tion and it must last as lon& as you #ant it. T-*.6II.!. Illusions are in estments. 2 They #ill last as lon& as you alue them. 3 6alues are relati e) $ut they are ,o#er(ul $ecause they are mental Cud&ments. ! The only #ay to dis,el illusions is to #ithdra# all in estment (rom them) and they #ill ha e no li(e (or you $ecause you #ill ha e ,ut them out o( your mind. ,12* % 8hile you include

them in it) you are &i in& li(e to them. ' @/ce,t there is nothin& there to recei e your &i(t. T-*.6II.%. The &i(t o( li(e is yours to &i e) $ecause it #as &i en you. 2 7ou are una#are o( your &i(t $ecause you do not &i e it. 3 7ou cannot make nothin& li e) since nothin& cannot $e enli ened. ! There(ore) you are not e/tendin& the &i(t you $oth <ha e= and <are)= and so you do not kno# your $ein&. % 3ll con(usion comes (rom not e/tendin& li(e) $ecause that is not the 8ill o( your Creator. ' 7ou can do nothin& a,art (rom 0im) and you <do= do nothin& a,art (rom 0im. * Gee, 0is #ay to remem$er yoursel() and teach 0is #ay lest you (or&et yoursel(. - 1i e only honor to the 5ons o( the li in& 1od) and count yoursel( amon& them &ladly. T-*.6II.'. Only honor is a (ittin& &i(t (or those #hom 1od 0imsel( created #orthy o( honor) and #hom 0e honors. 2 1i e them the a,,reciation 1od accords them al#ays) $ecause they are 0is $elo ed 5ons in #hom 0e is #ell ,leased. 3 7ou cannot $e a,art (rom them $ecause you are not a,art (rom 0im. ! Rest in 0is ;o e and ,rotect your rest $y lo in&. % But lo e e erythin& 0e created) o( #hich you are a ,art) or you cannot learn o( 0is ,eace and acce,t 0is &i(t (or yoursel( and as yoursel(. ' 7ou cannot kno# your o#n ,er(ection until you ha e honored all those #ho #ere created like you. T-*.6II.*. One child o( 1od is the only teacher su((iciently #orthy to teach another. 2 One Teacher is in all minds and 0e teaches the same lesson to all. 3 0e al#ays teaches you the inestima$le #orth o( e ery 5on o( 1od) teachin& it #ith in(inite ,atience $orn o( the in(inite ;o e (or #hich 0e s,eaks. ! @ ery attack is a call (or 0is ,atience) since 0is ,atience can translate attack into $lessin&. % Those #ho attack do not kno# they are $lessed. ' They attack $ecause they $elie e they are de,ri ed. * 1i e) there(ore) o( your a$undance) and teach your $rothers theirs. - Do not share their illusions o( scarcity) or you #ill ,ercei e yoursel( as lackin&. T-*.6II.-. 3ttack could ne er ,romote attack unless you ,ercei ed it as a means o( de,ri in& you o( somethin& you #ant. 2 7et you cannot lose anythin& unless you do not alue it) and there(ore do not #ant it. 3 This makes you (eel de,ri ed o( it) and $y ,roCectin& your o#n reCection you then $elie e that others are takin& it (rom you. ! 7ou must $e (ear(ul i( you $elie e that your $rother is attackin& you to tear the Gin&dom o( 0ea en (rom you. % This is the ultimate $asis (or all the e&o+s ,roCection. ,12T-*.6II.:. Bein& the ,art o( your mind that does not $elie e it is res,onsi$le (or itsel() and $ein& #ithout alle&iance to 1od) the e&o is inca,a$le o( trust. 2 ?roCectin& its insane $elie( that you ha e $een treacherous to your Creator) it $elie es that your $rothers) #ho are as

inca,a$le o( this as you are) are out to take 1od (rom you. 3 8hene er a $rother attacks another) that <is= #hat he $elie es. ! ?roCection al#ays sees your #ishes in others. % I( you choose to se,arate yoursel( (rom 1od) that is #hat you #ill think others are doin& to you. T-*.6II.1>. 7ou <are= the 8ill o( 1od. 2 Do not acce,t anythin& else as your #ill) or you are denyin& #hat you are. 3 Deny this and you #ill attack) $elie in& you ha e $een attacked. ! But see the ;o e o( 1od in you) and you #ill see it e ery#here $ecause it <is= e ery#here. % 5ee 0is a$undance in e eryone) and you #ill kno# that you are in 0im #ith them. ' They are ,art o( you) as you are ,art o( 1od. * 7ou are as lonely #ithout understandin& this as 1od 0imsel( is lonely #hen 0is 5ons do not kno# 0im. - The ,eace o( 1od is understandin& this. : There is only one #ay out o( the #orld+s thinkin&) Cust as there #as only one #ay into it. 1> Understand totally $y understandin& totality. T-*.6II.11. ?ercei e any ,art o( the e&o+s thou&ht system as #holly insane) #holly delusional and #holly undesira$le) and you ha e correctly e aluated all o( it. 2 This correction ena$les you to ,ercei e any ,art o( creation as #holly real) #holly ,er(ect and #holly desira$le. 3 8antin& this only you #ill <ha e= this only) and &i in& this only you #ill <$e= only this. ! The &i(ts you o((er to the e&o are al#ays e/,erienced as sacri(ices) $ut the &i(ts you o((er to the Gin&dom are &i(ts to you. % They #ill al#ays $e treasured $y 1od $ecause they $elon& to 0is $elo ed 5ons) #ho $elon& to 0im. ' 3ll ,o#er and &lory are yours $ecause the Gin&dom is 0is. "III. T#e 1n/elieva/le -elief T-*.6III.1. 8e ha e said that #ithout ,roCection there can $e no an&er) $ut it is also true that #ithout e/tension there can $e no lo e. 2 These re(lect a (undamental la# o( the mind) and there(ore one that al#ays o,erates. 3 It is the la# $y #hich you create and #ere created. ! It is the la# that uni(ies the Gin&dom) and kee,s it in the 4ind o( 1od. % To the e&o) the la# is ,ercei ed as a means o( &ettin& rid o( somethin& it does not #ant. ,12: ' To the 0oly 5,irit) it is the (undamental la# o( sharin&) $y #hich you &i e #hat you alue in order to kee, it in your mind. * To the 0oly 5,irit it is the la# o( e/tension. - To the e&o it is the la# o( de,ri ation. : It there(ore ,roduces a$undance or scarcity) de,endin& on ho# you choose to a,,ly it. 1> This choice is u, to you) $ut it is not u, to you to decide #hether or not you #ill utiliAe the la#. 11 @ ery mind must ,roCect or e/tend) $ecause that is ho# it li es) and e ery mind is li(e. T-*.6III.2. The e&o+s use o( ,roCection must $e (ully understood $e(ore the ine ita$le association $et#een ,roCection and an&er can $e (inally undone. 2 The e&o al#ays tries to ,reser e con(lict. 3 It is ery

in&enious in de isin& #ays that seem to diminish con(lict) $ecause it does not #ant you to (ind con(lict so intolera$le that you #ill insist on &i in& it u,. ! The e&o there(ore tries to ,ersuade you that <it= can (ree you o( con(lict) lest you &i e the e&o u, and (ree yoursel(. % Usin& its o#n #ar,ed ersion o( the la#s o( 1od) the e&o utiliAes the ,o#er o( the mind only to de(eat the mind+s real ,ur,ose. ' It ,roCects con(lict (rom your mind to other minds) in an attem,t to ,ersuade you that you ha e &otten rid o( the ,ro$lem. T-*.6III.3. There are t#o maCor errors in ol ed in this attem,t. 2 "irst) strictly s,eakin&) con(lict cannot $e ,roCected $ecause it cannot $e shared. 3 3ny attem,t to kee, ,art o( it and &et rid o( another ,art does not really mean anythin&. ! Remem$er that a con(licted teacher is a ,oor teacher and a ,oor learner. % 0is lessons are con(used) and their trans(er alue is limited $y his con(usion. ' The second error is the idea that you can &et rid o( somethin& you do not #ant $y &i in& it a#ay. * 1i in& it is ho# you <kee,= it. - The $elie( that $y seein& it outside you ha e e/cluded it (rom #ithin is a com,lete distortion o( the ,o#er o( e/tension. : That is #hy those #ho ,roCect are i&ilant (or their o#n sa(ety. 1> They are a(raid that their ,roCections #ill return and hurt them. 11 Belie in& they ha e $lotted their ,roCections (rom their o#n minds) they also $elie e their ,roCections are tryin& to cree, $ack in. 12 5ince the ,roCections ha e not le(t their minds) they are (orced to en&a&e in constant acti ity in order not to reco&niAe this. T-*.6III.!. 7ou cannot ,er,etuate an illusion a$out another #ithout ,er,etuatin& it a$out yoursel(. 2 There is no #ay out o( this) $ecause it is im,ossi$le to (ra&ment the mind. 3 To (ra&ment is to $reak into ,ieces) and mind cannot attack or $e attacked. ! The $elie( that it can) an error the e&o al#ays makes) underlies its #hole use o( ,roCection. ,13> % It does not understand #hat mind is) and there(ore does not understand #hat <you= are. ' 7et its e/istence is de,endent on your mind) $ecause the e&o is your $elie(. * The e&o is a con(usion in identi(ication. - Ne er ha in& had a consistent model) it ne er de elo,ed consistently. : It is the ,roduct o( the misa,,lication o( the la#s o( 1od $y distorted minds that are misusin& their ,o#er. T-*.6III.%. <Do not $e a(raid o( the e&o.= 2 It de,ends on your mind) and as you made it $y $elie in& in it) so you can dis,el it $y #ithdra#in& $elie( (rom it. 3 Do not ,roCect the res,onsi$ility (or your $elie( in it onto anyone else) or you #ill ,reser e the $elie(. ! 8hen you are #illin& to acce,t sole res,onsi$ility (or the e&o+s e/istence you #ill ha e laid aside all an&er and all attack) $ecause they come (rom an attem,t to ,roCect res,onsi$ility (or your o#n errors. % But ha in& acce,ted the errors as yours) do not kee, them. ' 1i e them o er

quickly to the 0oly 5,irit to $e undone com,letely) so that all their e((ects #ill anish (rom your mind and (rom the 5onshi, as a #hole. T-*.6III.'. The 0oly 5,irit #ill teach you to ,ercei e $eyond your $elie() $ecause truth is $eyond $elie( and 0is ,erce,tion is true. 2 The e&o can $e com,letely (or&otten at any time) $ecause it is a totally incredi$le $elie() and no one can kee, a $elie( he has Cud&ed to $e un$elie a$le. 3 The more you learn a$out the e&o) the more you realiAe that it cannot $e $elie ed. ! The incredi$le cannot $e understood $ecause it is un$elie a$le. % The meanin&lessness o( ,erce,tion $ased on the un$elie a$le is a,,arent) $ut it may not $e reco&niAed as $ein& $eyond $elie() $ecause it is made <$y= $elie(. T-*.6III.*. The #hole ,ur,ose o( this course is to teach you that the e&o is un$elie a$le and #ill (ore er $e un$elie a$le. 2 7ou #ho made the e&o $y $elie in& the un$elie a$le cannot make this Cud&ment alone. 3 By acce,tin& the 3tonement (or yoursel() you are decidin& a&ainst the $elie( that you can $e alone) thus dis,ellin& the idea o( se,aration and a((irmin& your true identi(ication #ith the #hole Gin&dom as literally ,art o( you. ! This identi(ication is as $eyond dou$t as it is $eyond $elie(. % 7our #holeness has no limits $ecause $ein& is in(inity. ,131 I6. T#e E3tension of t#e ,in)!o T-*.IL.1. Only you can limit your creati e ,o#er) $ut 1od #ills to release it. 2 0e no more #ills you to de,ri e yoursel( o( your creations than 0e #ills to de,ri e 0imsel( o( 0is. 3 Do not #ithhold your &i(ts to the 5onshi,) or you #ithhold yoursel( (rom 1odJ ! 5el(ishness is o( the e&o) $ut 5el(-(ullness is o( s,irit $ecause that is ho# 1od created it. % The 0oly 5,irit is in the ,art o( the mind that lies $et#een the e&o and the s,irit) mediatin& $et#een them al#ays in (a or o( the s,irit. ' To the e&o this is ,artiality) and it res,onds as i( it #ere $ein& sided a&ainst. * To s,irit this is truth) $ecause it kno#s its (ullness and cannot concei e o( any ,art (rom #hich it is e/cluded. T-*.IL.2. 5,irit kno#s that the a#areness o( all its $rothers is included in its o#n) as it is included in 1od. 2 The ,o#er o( the #hole 5onshi, and o( its Creator is there(ore s,irit+s o#n (ullness) renderin& its creations equally #hole and equal in ,er(ection. 3 The e&o cannot ,re ail a&ainst a totality that includes 1od) and any totality <must= include 1od. ! @ erythin& 0e created is &i en all 0is ,o#er) $ecause it is ,art o( 0im and shares 0is Bein& #ith 0im. % Creatin& is the o,,osite o( loss) as $lessin& is the o,,osite o( sacri(ice. ' Bein& <must= $e e/tended. * That is ho# it retains the kno#led&e o( itsel(. - 5,irit yearns to share its $ein& as its Creator did. : Created $y sharin&) its #ill is to create. 1> It does not #ish to contain 1od) $ut #ills to e/tend 0is Bein&.

T-*.IL.3. The e/tension o( 1od+s Bein& is s,irit+s only (unction. 2 Its (ullness cannot $e contained) any more than can the (ullness o( its Creator. 3 "ullness is e/tension. ! The e&o+s #hole thou&ht system $locks e/tension) and thus $locks your only (unction. % It there(ore $locks your Coy) so that you ,ercei e yoursel( as un(ul(illed. ' Unless you create you <are= un(ul(illed) $ut 1od does not kno# un(ul(illment and there(ore you must create. * 7ou may not kno# your o#n creations) $ut this can no more inter(ere #ith their reality than your una#areness o( your s,irit can inter(ere #ith its $ein&. T-*.IL.!. The Gin&dom is (ore er e/tendin& $ecause it is in the 4ind o( 1od. 2 7ou do not kno# your Coy $ecause you do not kno# your o#n 5el(-(ullness. 3 @/clude any ,art o( the Gin&dom (rom yoursel( and you are not #hole. ! 3 s,lit mind cannot ,ercei e its (ullness) and needs the miracle o( its #holeness to da#n u,on it and heal it. % This rea#akens the #holeness in it) and restores it to the Gin&dom $ecause o( its acce,tance o( #holeness. ,132 ' The (ull a,,reciation o( the mind+s 5el(-(ullness makes sel(ishness im,ossi$le and e/tension ine ita$le. * That is #hy there is ,er(ect ,eace in the Gin&dom. - 5,irit is (ul(illin& its (unction) and only com,lete (ul(illment is ,eace. T-*.IL.%. 7our creations are ,rotected (or you $ecause the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho is in your mind) kno#s o( them and can $rin& them into your a#areness #hene er you #ill let 0im. 2 They are there as ,art o( your o#n $ein&) $ecause your (ul(illment includes them. 3 The creations o( e ery 5on o( 1od are yours) since e ery creation $elon&s to e eryone) $ein& created (or the 5onshi, as a #hole. T-*.IL.'. 7ou ha e not (ailed to increase the inheritance o( the 5ons o( 1od) and thus ha e not (ailed to secure it (or yoursel(. 2 5ince it #as the 8ill o( 1od to &i e it to you) 0e &a e it (ore er. 3 5ince it #as 0is 8ill that you ha e it (ore er) 0e &a e you the means (or kee,in& it. ! <3nd you ha e done so.= % Diso$eyin& 1od+s 8ill is meanin&(ul only to the insane. ' In truth it is im,ossi$le. * 7our 5el(-(ullness is as $oundless as 1od+s. - ;ike 0is) It e/tends (ore er and in ,er(ect ,eace. : Its radiance is so intense that It creates in ,er(ect Coy) and only the #hole can $e $orn o( Its 8holeness. T-*.IL.*. Be con(ident that you ha e ne er lost your Identity and the e/tensions #hich maintain It in #holeness and ,eace. 2 4iracles are an e/,ression o( this con(idence. 3 They are re(lections o( $oth your ,ro,er identi(ication #ith your $rothers) and o( your a#areness that your identi(ication is maintained $y e/tension. ! The miracle is a lesson in total ,erce,tion. % By includin& any ,art o( totality in the lesson) you ha e included the #hole. 6. T#e Conf'sion of Pain an! *o.

T-*.L.1. The Gin&dom is the result o( ,remises) Cust as this #orld is. 2 7ou may ha e carried the e&o+s reasonin& to its lo&ical conclusion) #hich is total con(usion a$out e erythin&. 3 I( you really sa# this result you could not #ant it. ! The only reason you could ,ossi$ly #ant any ,art o( it is $ecause you do not see the #hole o( it. % 7ou are #illin& to look at the e&o+s ,remises) $ut not at their lo&ical outcome. ' Is it not ,ossi$le that you ha e done the same thin& #ith the ,remises o( 1odD * 7our creations are the lo&ical outcome o( 0is ,remises. - 0is thinkin& has esta$lished them (or you. : They are e/actly #here they $elon&. 1> They $elon& in your mind as ,art o( your identi(ication #ith 0is) $ut your state o( mind and your reco&nition o( #hat is in it de,end on #hat you $elie e a$out your mind. ,133 11 8hate er these $elie(s may $e) they are the ,remises that #ill determine #hat you acce,t into your mind. T-*.L.2. It is surely clear that you can $oth acce,t into your mind #hat is not there) and deny #hat is. 2 7et the (unction 1od 0imsel( &a e your mind throu&h 0is you may deny) $ut you cannot ,re ent. 3 It is the lo&ical outcome o( #hat you are. ! The a$ility to see a lo&ical outcome de,ends on the #illin&ness to see it) $ut its truth has nothin& to do #ith your #illin&ness. % Truth is 1od+s 8ill. ' 5hare 0is 8ill and you share #hat 0e kno#s. * Deny 0is 8ill as yours) and you are denyin& 0is Gin&dom <and= yours. T-*.L.3. The 0oly 5,irit #ill direct you only so as to a oid ,ain. 2 5urely no one #ould o$Cect to this &oal i( he reco&niAed it. 3 The ,ro$lem is not #hether #hat the 0oly 5,irit says is true) $ut #hether you #ant to listen to #hat 0e says. ! 7ou no more reco&niAe #hat is ,ain(ul than you kno# #hat is Coy(ul) and are) in (act) ery a,t to con(use the t#o. % The 0oly 5,irit+s main (unction is to teach you to tell them a,art. ' 8hat is Coy(ul to you is ,ain(ul to the e&o) and as lon& as you are in dou$t a$out #hat you are) you #ill $e con(used a$out Coy and ,ain. * This con(usion is the cause o( the #hole idea o( sacri(ice. O$ey the 0oly 5,irit) and you #ill $e &i in& u, the e&o. : But you #ill $e sacri(icin& nothin&. 1> On the contrary) you #ill $e &ainin& e erythin&. 11 I( you $elie ed this) there #ould $e no con(lict. T-*.L.!. That is #hy you need to demonstrate the o$ ious to yoursel(. 2 It is not o$ ious to you. 3 7ou $elie e that doin& the o,,osite o( 1od+s 8ill can $e $etter (or you. ! 7ou also $elie e that it is ,ossi$le to <do= the o,,osite o( 1od+s 8ill. % There(ore) you $elie e that an im,ossi$le choice is o,en to you) and one #hich is $oth (ear(ul and desira$le. ' 7et 1od #ills. * 0e does not #ish. - 7our #ill is as ,o#er(ul as 0is $ecause it <is= 0is. : The e&o+s #ishes do not mean anythin&) $ecause the e&o #ishes (or the im,ossi$le. 1> 7ou can #ish (or the

im,ossi$le) $ut you can #ill only #ith 1od. 11 This is the e&o+s #eakness and your stren&th. T-*.L.%. The 0oly 5,irit al#ays sides #ith you and #ith your stren&th. 2 3s lon& as you a oid 0is &uidance in any #ay) you #ant to $e #eak. 3 7et #eakness is (ri&htenin&. ! 8hat else) then) can this decision mean e/ce,t that you #ant to $e (ear(ulD % The 0oly 5,irit ne er asks (or sacri(ice) $ut the e&o al#ays does. ' 8hen you are con(used a$out this distinction in moti ation) it can only $e due to ,roCection. ,13! * ?roCection is a con(usion in moti ation) and &i en this con(usion) trust $ecomes im,ossi$le. - No one &ladly o$eys a &uide he does not trust) $ut this does not mean that the &uide is untrust#orthy. : In this case) it al#ays means that the (ollo#er is. 1> 0o#e er) this) too) is merely a matter o( his o#n $elie(. 11 Belie in& that he can $etray) he $elie es that e erythin& can $etray him. 12 7et this is only $ecause he has elected to (ollo# (alse &uidance. 13 Una$le to (ollo# this &uidance #ithout (ear) he associates (ear #ith &uidance) and re(uses to (ollo# any &uidance at all. 1! I( the result o( this decision is con(usion) this is hardly sur,risin&. T-*.L.'. The 0oly 5,irit is ,er(ectly trust#orthy) as you are. 2 1od 0imsel( trusts you) and there(ore your trust#orthiness is $eyond question. 3 It #ill al#ays remain $eyond question) ho#e er much you may question it. ! I said $e(ore that you are the 8ill o( 1od. % 0is 8ill is not an idle #ish) and your identi(ication #ith 0is 8ill is not o,tional) since it is #hat you are. ' 5harin& 0is 8ill #ith me is not really o,en to choice) thou&h it may seem to $e. * The #hole se,aration lies in this error. - The only #ay out o( the error is to decide that you do not ha e to decide anythin&. : @ erythin& has $een &i en you $y 1od+s decision. 1> That is 0is 8ill) and you cannot undo it. T-*.L.*. @ en the relinquishment o( your (alse decision-makin& ,rero&ati e) #hich the e&o &uards so Cealously) is not accom,lished $y your #ish. 2 It #as accom,lished (or you $y the 8ill o( 1od) 8ho has not le(t you com(ortless. 3 0is 6oice #ill teach you ho# to distin&uish $et#een ,ain and Coy) and #ill lead you out o( the con(usion you ha e made. ! There is no con(usion in the mind o( a 5on o( 1od) #hose #ill must $e the 8ill o( the "ather) $ecause the "ather+s 8ill <is= 0is 5on. T-*.L.-. 4iracles are in accord #ith the 8ill o( 1od) 8hose 8ill you do not kno# $ecause you are con(used a$out #hat <you= #ill. 2 This means that you are con(used a$out #hat you are. 3 I( you are 1od+s 8ill and do not acce,t 0is 8ill) you are denyin& Coy. ! The miracle is there(ore a lesson in #hat Coy is. % Bein& a lesson in sharin& it is a lesson in lo e) #hich <is= Coy. ' @ ery miracle is thus a lesson in truth) and $y o((erin& truth you are learnin& the di((erence $et#een ,ain and Coy. ,13%

6I. T#e State of Grace T-*.LI.1. The 0oly 5,irit #ill al#ays &uide you truly) $ecause your Coy is 0is. 2 This is 0is 8ill (or e eryone $ecause 0e s,eaks (or the Gin&dom o( 1od) #hich <is= Coy. 3 "ollo#in& 0im is there(ore the easiest thin& in the #orld) and the only thin& that is easy) $ecause it is not o( the #orld. ! It is there(ore natural. % The #orld &oes a&ainst your nature) $ein& out o( accord #ith 1od+s la#s. ' The #orld ,ercei es orders o( di((iculty in e erythin&. * This is $ecause the e&o ,ercei es nothin& as #holly desira$le. - By demonstratin& to yoursel( there is no order o( di((iculty in miracles) you #ill con ince yoursel( that) in your natural state) there is no di((iculty at all <$ecause= it is a state o( &race. T-*.LI.2. 1race is the natural state o( e ery 5on o( 1od. 2 8hen he is not in a state o( &race) he is out o( his natural en ironment and does not (unction #ell. 3 @ erythin& he does $ecomes a strain) $ecause he #as not created (or the en ironment that he has made. ! 0e there(ore cannot ada,t to it) nor can he ada,t it to him. % There is no ,oint in tryin&. ' 3 5on o( 1od is ha,,y only #hen he kno#s he is #ith 1od. * That is the only en ironment in #hich he #ill not e/,erience strain) $ecause that is #here he $elon&s. - It is also the only en ironment that is #orthy o( him) $ecause his o#n #orth is $eyond anythin& he can make. T-*.LI.3. Consider the kin&dom you ha e made and Cud&e its #orth (airly. 2 Is it #orthy to $e a home (or a child o( 1odD 3 Does it ,rotect his ,eace and shine lo e u,on himD ! Does it kee, his heart untouched $y (ear) and allo# him to &i e al#ays) #ithout any sense o( lossD % Does it teach him that this &i in& is his Coy) and that 1od 0imsel( thanks him (or his &i in&D ' That is the only en ironment in #hich you can $e ha,,y. * 7ou cannot make it) any more than you can make yoursel(. - It has $een created (or you) as you #ere created (or it. : 1od #atches o er 0is children and denies them nothin&. 1> 7et #hen they deny 0im they do not kno# this) $ecause they deny themsel es e erythin&. 11 7ou #ho could &i e the ;o e o( 1od to e erythin& you see and touch and remem$er) are literally denyin& 0ea en to yoursel(. T-*.LI.!. I call u,on you to remem$er that I ha e chosen you to teach the Gin&dom <to= the Gin&dom. 2 There are no e/ce,tions to this lesson) $ecause the lack o( e/ce,tions <is= the lesson. 3 @ ery 5on #ho returns to the Gin&dom #ith this lesson in his heart has healed the 5onshi, and &i en thanks to 1od. ! @ eryone #ho learns this lesson has $ecome the ,er(ect teacher) $ecause he has learned it o( the 0oly 5,irit. ,13'

T-*.LI.%. 8hen a mind has only li&ht) it kno#s only li&ht. 2 Its o#n radiance shines all around it) and e/tends out into the darkness o( other minds) trans(ormin& them into maCesty. 3 The 4aCesty o( 1od is there) (or you to reco&niAe and a,,reciate and kno#. ! Reco&niAin& the 4aCesty o( 1od as your $rother is to acce,t your o#n inheritance. % 1od &i es only equally. ' I( you reco&niAe 0is &i(t in anyone) you ha e ackno#led&ed #hat 0e has &i en you. * Nothin& is so easy to reco&niAe as truth. - This is the reco&nition that is immediate) clear and natural. : 7ou ha e trained yoursel( not to reco&niAe it) and this has $een ery di((icult (or you. T-*.LI.'. Out o( your natural en ironment you may #ell ask) 28hat is truthD2 since truth is the en ironment $y #hich and (or #hich you #ere created. 2 7ou do not kno# yoursel() $ecause you do not kno# your Creator. 3 7ou do not kno# your creations $ecause you do not kno# your $rothers) #ho created them #ith you. ! I ha e already said that only the #hole 5onshi, is #orthy to $e co-creator #ith 1od) $ecause only the #hole 5onshi, can create like 0im. % 8hene er you heal a $rother $y reco&niAin& his #orth) you are ackno#led&in& his ,o#er to create and yours. ' 0e cannot ha e lost #hat you reco&niAe) and you must ha e the &lory you see in him. * 0e is a co-creator #ith 1od #ith you. - Deny his creati e ,o#er) and you are denyin& yours and that o( 1od 8ho created you. T-*.LI.*. 7ou cannot deny ,art o( truth. 2 7ou do not kno# your creations $ecause you do not kno# their creator. 3 7ou do not kno# yoursel( $ecause you do not kno# yours. ! 7our creations cannot esta$lish your reality) any more than you can esta$lish 1od+s. % But you can <kno#= $oth. ' Bein& is kno#n $y sharin&. * Because 1od shared 0is Bein& #ith you) you can kno# 0im. - But you must also kno# all 0e created) to kno# #hat they ha e shared. : 8ithout your "ather you #ill not kno# your (atherhood. 1> The Gin&dom o( 1od includes all 0is 5ons and their children) #ho are as like the 5ons as they are like the "ather. 11 Gno#) then) the 5ons o( 1od) and you #ill kno# all creation. ,13* Cha,ter -. THE *O1RNE7 -AC, I. T#e $irection of t#e C'rric'l' T--.I.1. Gno#led&e is not the moti ation (or learnin& this course. 2 ?eace is. 3 This is the ,rerequisite (or kno#led&e only $ecause those #ho are in con(lict are not ,eace(ul) and ,eace is the condition o( kno#led&e $ecause it is the condition o( the Gin&dom. ! Gno#led&e can $e restored only #hen you meet its conditions. % This is not a

$ar&ain made $y 1od) 8ho makes no $ar&ains. ' It is merely the result o( your misuse o( 0is la#s on $ehal( o( an ima&inary #ill that is not 0is. * Gno#led&e <is= 0is 8ill. - I( you are o,,osin& 0is 8ill) ho# can you ha e kno#led&eD : I ha e told you #hat kno#led&e o((ers you) $ut ,erha,s you do not yet re&ard this as #holly desira$le. 1> I( you did you #ould not $e so ready to thro# it a#ay #hen the e&o asks (or your alle&iance. T--.I.2. The distractions o( the e&o may seem to inter(ere #ith your learnin&) $ut the e&o has no ,o#er to distract you unless you &i e it the ,o#er to do so. 2 The e&o+s oice is an hallucination. 3 7ou cannot e/,ect it to say 2I am not real.2 ! 7et you are not asked to dis,el your hallucinations alone. % 7ou are merely asked to e aluate them in terms o( their results to you. ' I( you do not #ant them on the $asis o( loss o( ,eace) they #ill $e remo ed (rom your mind (or you. T--.I.3. @ ery res,onse to the e&o is a call to #ar) and #ar does de,ri e you o( ,eace. 2 7et in this #ar there is no o,,onent. 3 This is the reinter,retation o( reality that you must make to secure ,eace) and the only one you need e er make. ! Those #hom you ,ercei e as o,,onents are ,art o( your ,eace) #hich you are &i in& u, $y attackin& them. % 0o# can you ha e #hat you &i e u,D ' 7ou share to ha e) $ut you do not &i e it u, yoursel(. * 8hen you &i e u, ,eace) you are e/cludin& yoursel( (rom it. - This is a condition so alien to the Gin&dom that you cannot understand the state that ,re ails #ithin it. T--.I.!. 7our ,ast learnin& must ha e tau&ht you the #ron& thin&s) sim,ly $ecause it has not made you ha,,y. 2 On this $asis alone its alue should $e questioned. 3 I( learnin& aims at chan&e) and that is al#ays its ,ur,ose) are you satis(ied #ith the chan&es your learnin& has $rou&ht youD ,13- ! Dissatis(action #ith learnin& outcomes is a si&n o( learnin& (ailure) since it means that you did not &et #hat you #anted. T--.I.%. The curriculum o( the 3tonement is the o,,osite o( the curriculum you ha e esta$lished (or yoursel() $ut so is its outcome. 2 I( the outcome o( yours has made you unha,,y) and i( you #ant a di((erent one) a chan&e in the curriculum is o$ iously necessary. 3 The (irst chan&e to $e introduced is a chan&e in direction. ! 3 meanin&(ul curriculum cannot $e inconsistent. % I( it is ,lanned $y t#o teachers) each $elie in& in diametrically o,,osed ideas) it cannot $e inte&rated. ' I( it is carried out $y these t#o teachers simultaneously) each one merely inter(eres #ith the other. * This leads to (luctuation) $ut not to chan&e. - The olatile ha e no direction. : They cannot choose one $ecause they cannot relinquish the other) e en i( it does not e/ist. 1> Their con(licted curriculum teaches them that <all= directions e/ist) and &i es them no rationale (or choice.

T--.I.'. The total senselessness o( such a curriculum must $e (ully reco&niAed $e(ore a real chan&e in direction $ecomes ,ossi$le. 2 7ou cannot learn simultaneously (rom t#o teachers #ho are in total disa&reement a$out e erythin&. 3 Their Coint curriculum ,resents an im,ossi$le learnin& task. ! They are teachin& you entirely di((erent thin&s in entirely di((erent #ays) #hich mi&ht $e ,ossi$le e/ce,t that $oth are teachin& you a$out yoursel(. % 7our reality is una((ected $y $oth) $ut i( you listen to $oth) your mind #ill $e s,lit a$out #hat your reality is. II. T#e $ifference /et+een I prison ent an! Free!o T--.II.1. There <is= a rationale (or choice. 2 Only one Teacher kno#s #hat your reality is. 3 I( learnin& to remo e the o$stacles to that kno#led&e is the ,ur,ose o( the curriculum) you must learn it o( 0im. ! The e&o does not kno# #hat it is tryin& to teach. % It is tryin& to teach you #hat you are #ithout kno#in& #hat you are. ' It is e/,ert only in con(usion. * It does not understand anythin& else. - 3s a teacher) then) the e&o is totally con(used and totally con(usin&. : @ en i( you could disre&ard the 0oly 5,irit entirely) #hich is im,ossi$le) you could still learn nothin& (rom the e&o) $ecause the e&o kno#s nothin&. T--.II.2. Is there any ,ossi$le reason (or choosin& a teacher such as thisD ,13: 2 Does the total disre&ard o( anythin& it teaches make anythin& $ut senseD 3 Is this the teacher to #hom a 5on o( 1od should turn to (ind himsel(D ! The e&o has ne er &i en you a sensi$le ans#er to anythin&. % 5im,ly on the &rounds o( your o#n e/,erience #ith its teachin&) should not this alone disquali(y it as your (uture teacherD ' 7et the e&o has done more harm to your learnin& than this alone. * ;earnin& is Coy(ul i( it leads you alon& your natural ,ath) and (acilitates the de elo,ment o( #hat you ha e. - 8hen you are tau&ht a&ainst your nature) ho#e er) you #ill lose $y your learnin& $ecause your learnin& #ill im,rison you. : 7our #ill is <in= your nature) and there(ore cannot &o a&ainst it. T--.II.3. The e&o cannot teach you anythin& as lon& as your #ill is (ree) $ecause you #ill not listen to it. 2 It is not your #ill to $e im,risoned $ecause your #ill is (ree. 3 That is #hy the e&o is the denial o( (ree #ill. ! It is ne er 1od 8ho coerces you) $ecause 0e shares 0is 8ill #ith you. % 0is 6oice teaches only in accordance #ith 0is 8ill) $ut that is not the 0oly 5,irit+s lesson $ecause that is #hat you <are.= ' The lesson is that your #ill and 1od+s cannot $e out o( accord $ecause they are one. * This is the undoin& o( e erythin& the e&o tries to teach. - It is not) then) only the direction o( the curriculum that must $e uncon(licted) $ut also the content.

T--.II.!. The e&o tries to teach that you #ant to o,,ose 1od+s 8ill. 2 This unnatural lesson cannot $e learned) and the attem,t to learn it is a iolation o( your o#n (reedom) makin& you a(raid o( your #ill <$ecause= it is (ree. 3 The 0oly 5,irit o,,oses any im,risonin& o( the #ill o( a 5on o( 1od) kno#in& that the 8ill o( the 5on is the "ather+s. ! The 0oly 5,irit leads you steadily alon& the ,ath o( (reedom) teachin& you ho# to disre&ard or look $eyond e erythin& that #ould hold you $ack. T--.II.%. 8e ha e said that the 0oly 5,irit teaches you the di((erence $et#een ,ain and Coy. 2 That is the same as sayin& 0e teaches you the di((erence $et#een im,risonment and (reedom. 3 7ou cannot make this distinction #ithout 0im $ecause you ha e tau&ht yoursel( that im,risonment is (reedom. ! Belie in& them to $e the same) ho# can you tell them a,artD % Can you ask the ,art o( your mind that tau&ht you to $elie e they are the same) to teach you ho# they are di((erentD T--.II.'. The 0oly 5,irit+s teachin& takes only <one= direction and has only <one= &oal. 2 0is direction is (reedom and 0is &oal is 1od. 3 7et 0e cannot concei e o( 1od #ithout you) $ecause it is not 1od+s 8ill to <$e= #ithout you. ! 8hen you ha e learned that your #ill is 1od+s) you could no more #ill to $e #ithout 0im than 0e could #ill to $e #ithout you. ,1!> % This is (reedom and this is Coy. ' Deny yoursel( this and you are denyin& 1od 0is Gin&dom) $ecause 0e created you (or this. T--.II.*. 8hen I said) 23ll ,o#er and &lory are yours $ecause the Gin&dom is 0is)2 this is #hat I meant. The 8ill o( 1od is #ithout limit) and all ,o#er and &lory lie #ithin it. 2 It is $oundless in stren&th and in lo e and in ,eace. 3 It has no $oundaries $ecause its e/tension is unlimited) and it encom,asses all thin&s $ecause it created all thin&s. ! By creatin& all thin&s) it made them ,art o( itsel(. % 7ou are the 8ill o( 1od $ecause that is ho# you #ere created. ' Because your Creator creates only like 0imsel() you are like 0im. * 7ou are ,art o( 0im 8ho is all ,o#er and &lory) and are there(ore as unlimited as 0e is. T--.II.-. To #hat else e/ce,t all ,o#er and &lory can the 0oly 5,irit a,,eal to restore 1od+s Gin&domD 2 0is a,,eal) then) is merely to #hat the Gin&dom is) and (or its o#n ackno#led&ment o( #hat it is. 3 8hen you ackno#led&e this you $rin& the ackno#led&ment automatically to e eryone) $ecause you <ha e= ackno#led&ed e eryone. ! By your reco&nition you a#aken theirs) and throu&h theirs yours is e/tended. % 3#akenin& runs easily and &ladly throu&h the Gin&dom) in ans#er to the Call (or 1od. ' This is the natural res,onse o( e ery 5on o( 1od to the 6oice (or his Creator) $ecause It is the 6oice (or his creations and (or his o#n e/tension.

III. T#e Hol. Enco'nter T--.III.1. 1lory to 1od in the hi&hest) and to you $ecause 0e has so #illed it. 2 3sk and it shall $e &i en you) $ecause it has already <$een= &i en. 3 3sk (or li&ht and learn that you <are= li&ht. ! I( you #ant understandin& and enli&htenment you #ill learn it) $ecause your decision to learn it is the decision to listen to the Teacher 8ho kno#s o( li&ht) and can there(ore teach it to you. % There is no limit on your learnin& $ecause there is no limit on your mind. ' There is no limit on 0is teachin& $ecause 0e #as created to teach. * Understandin& 0is (unction ,er(ectly 0e (ul(ills it ,er(ectly) $ecause that is 0is Coy and yours. T--.III.2. To (ul(ill the 8ill o( 1od ,er(ectly is the only Coy and ,eace that can $e (ully kno#n) $ecause it is the only (unction that can $e (ully e/,erienced. 2 8hen this is accom,lished) then) there is no other e/,erience. ,1!1 3 7et the #ish (or other e/,erience #ill $lock its accom,lishment) $ecause 1od+s 8ill cannot $e (orced u,on you) $ein& an e/,erience o( total #illin&ness. ! The 0oly 5,irit understands ho# to teach this) $ut you do not. % That is #hy you need 0im) and #hy 1od &a e 0im to you. ' Only 0is teachin& #ill release your #ill to 1od+s) unitin& it #ith 0is ,o#er and &lory and esta$lishin& them as yours. * 7ou share them as 1od shares them) $ecause this is the natural outcome o( their $ein&. T--.III.3. The 8ill o( the "ather and o( the 5on are One) $y Their e/tension. 2 Their e/tension is the result o( Their Oneness) holdin& Their unity to&ether $y e/tendin& Their Coint 8ill. 3 This is ,er(ect creation $y the ,er(ectly created) in union #ith the ,er(ect Creator. ! The "ather must &i e (atherhood to 0is 5on) $ecause 0is O#n "atherhood must $e e/tended out#ard. % 7ou #ho $elon& in 1od ha e the holy (unction o( e/tendin& 0is "atherhood $y ,lacin& no limits u,on it. ' ;et the 0oly 5,irit teach you ho# to do this) (or you can kno# #hat it means only o( 1od 0imsel(. T--.III.!. 8hen you meet anyone) remem$er it is a holy encounter. 2 3s you see him you #ill see yoursel(. 3 3s you treat him you #ill treat yoursel(. ! 3s you think o( him you #ill think o( yoursel(. % Ne er (or&et this) (or in him you #ill (ind yoursel( or lose yoursel(. ' 8hene er t#o 5ons o( 1od meet) they are &i en another chance at sal ation. * Do not lea e anyone #ithout &i in& sal ation to him and recei in& it yoursel(. - "or I am al#ays there #ith you) in remem$rance o( <you.= T--.III.%. The &oal o( the curriculum) re&ardless o( the teacher you choose) is 2Gno# thysel(.2 2 There is nothin& else to seek. 3 @ eryone is lookin& (or himsel( and (or the ,o#er and &lory he thinks he has lost. ! 8hene er you are #ith anyone) you ha e another o,,ortunity to (ind them. % 7our ,o#er and &lory are in him $ecause they are yours. ' The

e&o tries to (ind them in yoursel( alone) $ecause it does not kno# #here to look. * The 0oly 5,irit teaches you that i( you look only at yoursel( you cannot (ind yoursel() $ecause that is not #hat you are. 8hene er you are #ith a $rother) you are learnin& #hat you are $ecause you are teachin& #hat you are. : 0e #ill res,ond either #ith ,ain or #ith Coy) de,endin& on #hich teacher you are (ollo#in&. 1> 0e #ill $e im,risoned or released accordin& to your decision) and so #ill you. 11 Ne er (or&et your res,onsi$ility to him) $ecause it is your res,onsi$ility to yoursel(. 12 1i e him his ,lace in the Gin&dom and you #ill ha e yours. ,1!2 T--.III.'. The Gin&dom cannot $e (ound alone) and you #ho are the Gin&dom cannot (ind yoursel( alone. 2 To achie e the &oal o( the curriculum) then) you cannot listen to the e&o) #hose ,ur,ose is to de(eat its o#n &oal. 3 The e&o does not kno# this) $ecause it does not kno# anythin&. ! But you can kno# it) and you #ill kno# it i( you are #illin& to look at #hat the e&o #ould make o( you. % This is your res,onsi$ility) $ecause once you ha e really looked at it you <#ill= acce,t the 3tonement (or yoursel(. ' 8hat other choice could you makeD * 0a in& made this choice you #ill understand #hy you once $elie ed that) #hen you met someone else) you thou&ht he <#as= someone else. - 3nd e ery holy encounter in #hich you enter (ully #ill teach you this is not so. T--.III.*. 7ou can encounter only ,art o( yoursel( $ecause you are ,art o( 1od) 8ho is e erythin&. 2 0is ,o#er and &lory are e ery#here) and you cannot $e e/cluded (rom them. 3 The e&o teaches that your stren&th is in you alone. ! The 0oly 5,irit teaches that all stren&th is in 1od and <there(ore= in you. % 1od #ills no one su((er. ' 0e does not #ill anyone to su((er (or a #ron& decision) includin& you. * That is #hy 0e has &i en you the means (or undoin& it. - Throu&h 0is ,o#er and &lory all your #ron& decisions are undone com,letely) releasin& you and your $rother (rom e ery im,risonin& thou&ht any ,art o( the 5onshi, holds. : 8ron& decisions ha e no ,o#er) $ecause they are not true. 1> The im,risonment they seem to ,roduce is no more true than they are. T--.III.-. ?o#er and &lory $elon& to 1od alone. 2 5o do you. 3 1od &i es #hate er $elon&s to 0im $ecause 0e &i es o( 0imsel() and e erythin& $elon&s to 0im. ! 1i in& o( yoursel( is the (unction 0e &a e you. % "ul(illin& it ,er(ectly #ill let you remem$er #hat you <ha e= o( 0im) and $y this you #ill remem$er also #hat you <are= in 0im. ' 7ou cannot $e ,o#erless to do this) $ecause this is your ,o#er. * 1lory is 1od+s &i(t to you) $ecause that is #hat 0e is. - 5ee this &lory e ery#here to remem$er #hat you are.

I". T#e Gift of Free!o T--.I6.1. I( 1od+s 8ill (or you is com,lete ,eace and Coy) unless you e/,erience only this you must $e re(usin& to ackno#led&e 0is 8ill. 2 0is 8ill does not acillate) $ein& chan&eless (ore er. 3 8hen you are not at ,eace it can only $e $ecause you do not $elie e you are in 0im. ! 7et 0e is 3ll in all. % 0is ,eace is com,lete) and you must $e included in it. ,1!3 ' 0is la#s &o ern you $ecause they &o ern e erythin&. * 7ou cannot e/em,t yoursel( (rom 0is la#s) althou&h you can diso$ey them. - 7et i( you do) and only i( you do) you #ill (eel lonely and hel,less) $ecause you are denyin& yoursel( e erythin&. T--.I6.2. I am come as a li&ht into a #orld that does deny itsel( e erythin&. 2 It does this sim,ly $y dissociatin& itsel( (rom e erythin&. 3 It is there(ore an illusion o( isolation) maintained $y (ear o( the same loneliness that <is= its illusion. ! I said that I am #ith you al#ays) e en unto the end o( the #orld. % That is #hy I am the li&ht o( the #orld. ' I( I am #ith you in the loneliness o( the #orld) the loneliness is &one. * 7ou cannot maintain the illusion o( loneliness i( you are not alone. - 4y ,ur,ose) then) is still to o ercome the #orld. : I do not attack it) $ut my li&ht must dis,el it $ecause o( #hat it is. 1> ;i&ht does not attack darkness) $ut it does shine it a#ay. 11 I( my li&ht &oes #ith you e ery#here) you shine it a#ay #ith me. 12 The li&ht $ecomes ours) and you cannot a$ide in darkness any more than darkness can a$ide #here er you &o. 13 The remem$rance o( me is the remem$rance o( yoursel() and o( 0im 8ho sent me to you. T--.I6.3. 7ou #ere in darkness until 1od+s 8ill #as done com,letely $y any ,art o( the 5onshi,. 2 8hen this #as done) it #as ,er(ectly accom,lished $y all. 3 0o# else could it $e ,er(ectly accom,lishedD ! 4y mission #as sim,ly to unite the #ill o( the 5onshi, #ith the 8ill o( the "ather $y $ein& a#are o( the "ather+s 8ill mysel(. % This is the a#areness I came to &i e you) and your ,ro$lem in acce,tin& it is the ,ro$lem o( this #orld. ' Dis,ellin& it is sal ation) and in this sense I <am= the sal ation o( the #orld. * The #orld must there(ore des,ise and reCect me) $ecause the #orld <is= the $elie( that lo e is im,ossi$le. - I( you #ill acce,t the (act that I am #ith you) you are denyin& the #orld and acce,tin& 1od. : 4y #ill is 0is) and your decision to hear me is the decision to hear 0is 6oice and a$ide in 0is 8ill. 1> 3s 1od sent me to you so #ill I send you to others. 11 3nd I #ill &o to them #ith you) so #e can teach them ,eace and union. T--.I6.!. Do you not think the #orld needs ,eace as much as you doD 2 Do you not #ant to &i e it to the #orld as much as you #ant to recei e itD 3 "or unless you do) you #ill not recei e it. ! I( you #ant to ha e it o( me) you must &i e it. % 0ealin& does not come (rom anyone else. ' 7ou must acce,t &uidance (rom #ithin. * The &uidance must $e

#hat you #ant) or it #ill $e meanin&less to you. ,1!! - That is #hy healin& is a colla$orati e enture. : I can tell you #hat to do) $ut you must colla$orate $y $elie in& that I kno# #hat you should do. 1> Only then #ill your mind choose to (ollo# me. 11 8ithout this choice you could not $e healed $ecause you #ould ha e decided a&ainst healin&) and this reCection o( my decision (or you makes healin& im,ossi$le. T--.I6.%. 0ealin& re(lects our Coint #ill. 2 This is o$ ious #hen you consider #hat healin& is (or. 3 0ealin& is the #ay in #hich the se,aration is o ercome. ! 5e,aration is o ercome $y union. % It cannot $e o ercome $y se,aratin&. ' The decision to unite must $e unequi ocal) or the mind itsel( is di ided and not #hole. * 7our mind is the means $y #hich you determine your o#n condition) $ecause mind is the mechanism o( decision. - It is the ,o#er $y #hich you se,arate or Coin) and e/,erience ,ain or Coy accordin&ly. : 4y decision cannot o ercome yours) $ecause yours is as ,o#er(ul as mine. 1> I( it #ere not so the 5ons o( 1od #ould $e unequal. 11 3ll thin&s are ,ossi$le throu&h our Coint decision) $ut mine alone cannot hel, you. 12 7our #ill is as (ree as mine) and 1od 0imsel( #ould not &o a&ainst it. 13 I cannot #ill #hat 1od does not #ill. 1! I can o((er my stren&th to make yours in inci$le) $ut I cannot o,,ose your decision #ithout com,etin& #ith it and there$y iolatin& 1od+s 8ill (or you. T--.I6.'. Nothin& 1od created can o,,ose your decision) as nothin& 1od created can o,,ose 0is 8ill. 2 1od &a e your #ill its ,o#er) #hich I can only ackno#led&e in honor o( 0is. 3 I( you #ant to $e like me I #ill hel, you) kno#in& that #e are alike. ! I( you #ant to $e di((erent) I #ill #ait until you chan&e your mind. % I can teach you) $ut only you can choose to listen to my teachin&. ' 0o# else can it $e) i( 1od+s Gin&dom is (reedomD * "reedom cannot $e learned $y tyranny o( any kind) and the ,er(ect equality o( all 1od+s 5ons cannot $e reco&niAed throu&h the dominion o( one mind o er another. - 1od+s 5ons are equal in #ill) all $ein& the 8ill o( their "ather. : This is the only lesson I came to teach. T--.I6.*. I( your #ill #ere not mine it #ould not $e our "ather+s. 2 This #ould mean you ha e im,risoned yours) and ha e not let it $e (ree. 3 O( yoursel( you can do nothin&) $ecause o( yoursel( you <are= nothin&. ! I am nothin& #ithout the "ather and you are nothin& #ithout me) $ecause $y denyin& the "ather you deny yoursel(. % I #ill al#ays remem$er you) and in my remem$rance o( you lies your remem$rance o( yoursel(. ' In our remem$rance o( each other lies our remem$rance o( 1od. * 3nd in this remem$rance lies your (reedom $ecause your (reedom is in 0im. ,1!% - Hoin) then) #ith me in ,raise o( 0im and you #hom 0e created. : This is our &i(t o( &ratitude to 0im) #hich 0e #ill share #ith all 0is creations) to #hom 0e &i es equally #hate er is acce,ta$le to 0im. 1> Because it is acce,ta$le to 0im it is the &i(t o(

(reedom) #hich is 0is 8ill (or all 0is 5ons. 11 By o((erin& (reedom you #ill $e (ree. T--.I6.-. "reedom is the only &i(t you can o((er to 1od+s 5ons) $ein& an ackno#led&ment o( #hat they are and #hat 0e is. 2 "reedom is creation) $ecause it is lo e. 3 8hom you seek to im,rison you do not lo e. ! There(ore) #hen you seek to im,rison anyone) includin& yoursel() you do not lo e him and you cannot identi(y #ith him. % 8hen you im,rison yoursel( you are losin& si&ht o( your true identi(ication #ith me and #ith the "ather. ' 7our identi(ication is #ith the "ather <and= #ith the 5on. * It cannot $e #ith One and not the Other. - I( you are ,art o( One you must $e ,art o( the Other) $ecause They are One. : The 0oly Trinity is holy <$ecause= It is One. 1> I( you e/clude yoursel( (rom this union) you are ,ercei in& the 0oly Trinity as se,arated. 11 7ou must $e included in It) $ecause It is e erythin&. 12 Unless you take your ,lace in It and (ul(ill your (unction as ,art o( It) the 0oly Trinity is as $ere(t as you are. 13 No ,art o( It can $e im,risoned i( Its truth is to $e kno#n. ". T#e 1n!ivi!e! &ill of t#e Sons#ip T--.6.1. Can you $e se,arated (rom your identi(ication and $e at ,eaceD 2 Dissociation is not a solution9 it is a delusion. 3 The delusional $elie e that truth #ill assail them) and they do not reco&niAe it $ecause they ,re(er the delusion. ! Hud&in& truth as somethin& they do not #ant) they ,ercei e their illusions #hich $lock kno#led&e. % 0el, them $y o((erin& them your uni(ied mind on their $ehal() as I am o((erin& you mine on $ehal( o( yours. ' 3lone #e can do nothin&) $ut to&ether our minds (use into somethin& #hose ,o#er is (ar $eyond the ,o#er o( its se,arate ,arts. * By not $ein& se,arate) the 4ind o( 1od is esta$lished in ours and as ours. - This 4ind is in inci$le $ecause it is undi ided. T--.6.2. The undi ided #ill o( the 5onshi, is the ,er(ect creator) $ein& #holly in the likeness o( 1od) 8hose 8ill it is. 2 7ou cannot $e e/em,t (rom it i( you are to understand #hat it is and #hat you are. ,1!' 3 By the $elie( that your #ill is se,arate (rom mine) you are e/em,tin& yoursel( (rom the 8ill o( 1od #hich <is= yoursel(. ! 7et to heal is still to make #hole. % There(ore) to heal is to unite #ith those #ho are like you) $ecause ,ercei in& this likeness is to reco&niAe the "ather. ' I( your ,er(ection is in 0im and only in 0im) ho# can you kno# it #ithout reco&niAin& 0imD * The reco&nition o( 1od is the reco&nition o( yoursel(. - There is no se,aration o( 1od and 0is creation. : 7ou #ill realiAe this #hen you understand that there is no se,aration $et#een your #ill and mine. 1> ;et the ;o e o( 1od shine u,on you $y your acce,tance o( me. 11 4y reality is yours and 0is. 12

By Coinin& your mind #ith mine you are si&ni(yin& your a#areness that the 8ill o( 1od is One. T--.6.3. 1od+s Oneness and ours are not se,arate) $ecause 0is Oneness encom,asses ours. 2 To Coin #ith me is to restore 0is ,o#er to you $ecause #e are sharin& it. 3 I o((er you only the reco&nition o( 0is ,o#er in you) $ut in that lies all truth. ! 3s #e unite) #e unite #ith 0im. % 1lory $e to the union o( 1od and 0is holy 5onsJ ' 3ll &lory lies in Them <$ecause= They are united. * The miracles #e do $ear #itness to the 8ill o( the "ather (or 0is 5on) and to our Coy in unitin& #ith 0is 8ill (or us. T--.6.!. 8hen you unite #ith me you are unitin& #ithout the e&o) $ecause I ha e renounced the e&o in mysel( and there(ore cannot unite #ith yours. 2 Our union is there(ore the #ay to renounce the e&o in you. 3 The truth in $oth o( us is $eyond the e&o. ! Our success in transcendin& the e&o is &uaranteed $y 1od) and I share this con(idence (or $oth o( us and all o( us. % I $rin& 1od+s ,eace $ack to all 0is children $ecause I recei ed it o( 0im (or us all. ' Nothin& can ,re ail a&ainst our united #ills $ecause nothin& can ,re ail a&ainst 1od+s. T--.6.%. 8ould you kno# the 8ill o( 1od (or youD 2 3sk it o( me #ho kno# it (or you and you #ill (ind it. 3 I #ill deny you nothin&) as 1od denies me nothin&. ! Ours is sim,ly the Courney $ack to 1od 8ho is our home. % 8hene er (ear intrudes any#here alon& the road to ,eace) it is $ecause the e&o has attem,ted to Coin the Courney #ith us and cannot do so. ' 5ensin& de(eat and an&ered $y it) the e&o re&ards itsel( as reCected and $ecomes retaliati e. * 7ou are in ulnera$le to its retaliation $ecause I am #ith you. - On this Courney you ha e chosen me as your com,anion <instead= o( the e&o. : Do not attem,t to hold on to $oth) or you #ill try to &o in di((erent directions and #ill lose the #ay. ,1!* T--.6.'. The e&o+s #ay is not mine) $ut it is also not yours. 2 The 0oly 5,irit has one direction (or all minds) and the one 0e tau&ht me is yours. 3 ;et us not lose si&ht o( 0is direction throu&h illusions) (or only illusions o( another direction can o$scure the one (or #hich 1od+s 6oice s,eaks in all o( us. ! Ne er accord the e&o the ,o#er to inter(ere #ith the Courney. % It has none) $ecause the Courney is the #ay to #hat is true. ' ;ea e all illusions $ehind) and reach $eyond all attem,ts o( the e&o to hold you $ack. * I &o $e(ore you $ecause I am $eyond the e&o. - Reach) there(ore) (or my hand $ecause you #ant to transcend the e&o. : 4y stren&th #ill ne er $e #antin&) and i( you choose to share it you #ill do so. 1> I &i e it #illin&ly and &ladly) $ecause I need you as much as you need me. "I. T#e Treas're of Go!

T--.6I.1. 8e are the Coint #ill o( the 5onshi,) #hose 8holeness is (or all. 2 8e $e&in the Courney $ack $y settin& out to&ether) and &ather in our $rothers as #e continue to&ether. 3 @ ery &ain in our stren&th is o((ered (or all) so they too can lay aside their #eakness and add their stren&th to us. ! 1od+s #elcome #aits (or us all) and 0e #ill #elcome us as I am #elcomin& you. % "or&et not the Gin&dom o( 1od (or anythin& the #orld has to o((er. T--.6I.2. The #orld can add nothin& to the ,o#er and the &lory o( 1od and 0is holy 5ons) $ut it can $lind the 5ons to the "ather i( they $ehold it. 2 7ou cannot $ehold the #orld and kno# 1od. 3 Only one is true. ! I am come to tell you that the choice o( #hich is true is not yours to make. % I( it #ere) you #ould ha e destroyed yoursel(. ' 7et 1od did not #ill the destruction o( 0is creations) ha in& created them (or eternity. * 0is 8ill has sa ed you) not (rom yoursel( $ut (rom your illusion o( yoursel(. - 0e has sa ed you <(or= yoursel(. T--.6I.3. ;et us &lori(y 0im 8hom the #orld denies) (or o er 0is Gin&dom the #orld has no ,o#er. 2 No one created $y 1od can (ind Coy in anythin& e/ce,t the eternal9 not $ecause he is de,ri ed o( anythin& else) $ut $ecause nothin& else is #orthy o( him. 3 8hat 1od and 0is 5ons create is eternal) and in this and this only is their Coy. T--.6I.!. ;isten to the story o( the ,rodi&al son) and learn #hat 1od+s treasure is and yours. This son o( a lo in& (ather le(t his home and thou&ht he had squandered e erythin& (or nothin& o( any alue) althou&h he had not understood its #orthlessness at the time. ,1!- 2 0e #as ashamed to return to his (ather) $ecause he thou&ht he had hurt him. 3 7et #hen he came home the (ather #elcomed him #ith Coy) $ecause the son himsel( <#as= his (ather+s treasure. ! 0e #anted nothin& else. T--.6I.%. 1od #ants only 0is 5on $ecause 0is 5on is 0is only treasure. 2 7ou #ant your creations as 0e #ants 0is. 3 7our creations are your &i(t to the 0oly Trinity) created in &ratitude (or your creation. ! They do not lea e you any more than you le(t your Creator) $ut they e/tend your creation as 1od e/tended 0imsel( to you. % Can the creations o( 1od 0imsel( take Coy in #hat is not realD ' 3nd #hat is real e/ce,t the creations o( 1od and those that are created like 0isD * 7our creations lo e you as you lo e your "ather (or the &i(t o( creation. - There is no other &i(t that is eternal) and there(ore there is no other &i(t that is true. : 0o#) then) can you acce,t anythin& else or &i e anythin& else) and e/,ect Coy in returnD 1> 3nd #hat else $ut Coy #ould you #antD 11 7ou made neither yoursel( nor your (unction. 12 7ou made only the decision to $e un#orthy o( $oth. 13 7et you cannot make yoursel( un#orthy $ecause you are the treasure o( 1od) and #hat 0e alues is

alua$le. 1! There can $e no question o( its #orth) $ecause its alue lies in 1od+s sharin& 0imsel( #ith it and esta$lishin& its alue (ore er. T--.6I.'. 7our (unction is to add to 1od+s treasure $y creatin& yours. 2 0is 8ill <to= you is 0is 8ill <(or= you. 3 0e #ould not #ithhold creation (rom you $ecause 0is Coy is in it. ! 7ou cannot (ind Coy e/ce,t as 1od does. % 0is Coy lay in creatin& you) and 0e e/tends 0is "atherhood to you so that you can e/tend yoursel( as 0e did. ' 7ou do not understand this $ecause you do not understand 0im. * No one #ho does not acce,t his (unction can understand #hat it is) and no one can acce,t his (unction unless he kno#s #hat <he= is. - Creation is the 8ill o( 1od. : 0is 8ill created you to create. 1> 7our #ill #as not created se,arate (rom 0is) and so you must #ill as 0e #ills. T--.6I.*. 3n 2un#illin& #ill2 does not mean anythin&) $ein& a contradiction in terms that actually means nothin&. 2 8hen you think you are un#illin& to #ill #ith 1od) you are not thinkin&. 3 1od+s 8ill <is= Thou&ht. ! It cannot $e contradicted <$y= thou&ht. % 1od does not contradict 0imsel() and 0is 5ons) #ho are like 0im) cannot contradict themsel es or 0im. ' 7et their thou&ht is so ,o#er(ul that they can e en im,rison the mind o( 1od+s 5on) i( they so choose. ,1!: * This choice does make the 5on+s (unction unkno#n to him) $ut ne er to his Creator. - 3nd $ecause it is not unkno#n to his Creator) it is (ore er kno#a$le to him. T--.6I.-. There is no question $ut one you should e er ask o( yoursel(9K2Do I #ant to kno# my "ather+s 8ill (or meD2 2 0e #ill not hide it. 3 0e has re ealed it to me $ecause I asked it o( 0im) and learned o( #hat 0e had already &i en. ! Our (unction is to #ork to&ether) $ecause a,art (rom each other #e cannot (unction at all. % The #hole ,o#er o( 1od+s 5on lies in all o( us) $ut not in any o( us alone. ' 1od #ould not ha e us $e alone $ecause <0e= does not #ill to $e alone. * That is #hy 0e created 0is 5on) and &a e him the ,o#er to create #ith 0im. - Our creations are as holy as #e are) and #e are the 5ons o( 1od 0imsel() as holy as 0e is. : Throu&h our creations #e e/tend our lo e) and thus increase the Coy o( the 0oly Trinity. 1> 7ou do not understand this) $ecause you #ho are 1od+s O#n treasure do not re&ard yoursel( as alua$le. 11 1i en this $elie() you cannot understand anythin&. T--.6I.:. I share #ith 1od the kno#led&e o( the alue 0e ,uts u,on you. 2 4y de otion to you is o( 0im) $ein& $orn o( my kno#led&e o( mysel( and 0im. 3 8e cannot $e se,arated. ! 8hom 1od has Coined cannot $e se,arated) and 1od has Coined all 0is 5ons #ith 0imsel(. % Can you $e se,arated (rom your li(e and your $ein&D ' The Courney to 1od is merely the rea#akenin& o( the kno#led&e o( #here you are al#ays) and #hat you are (ore er. * It is a Courney #ithout distance to a

&oal that has ne er chan&ed. - Truth can only $e e/,erienced. : It cannot $e descri$ed and it cannot $e e/,lained. 1> I can make you a#are o( the conditions o( truth) $ut the e/,erience is o( 1od. 11 To&ether #e can meet its conditions) $ut truth #ill da#n u,on you o( itsel(. T--.6I.1>. 8hat 1od has #illed (or you <is= yours. 2 0e has &i en 0is 8ill to 0is treasure) #hose treasure it is. 3 7our heart lies #here your treasure is) as 0is does. ! 7ou #ho are $elo ed o( 1od are #holly $lessed. % ;earn this o( me) and (ree the holy #ill o( all those #ho are as $lessed as you are. ,1%> "II. T#e -o!. as a Means of Co 'nication T--.6II.1. 3ttack is al#ays ,hysical. 2 8hen attack in any (orm enters your mind you are equatin& yoursel( #ith a $ody) since this is the e&o+s inter,retation o( the $ody. 3 7ou do not ha e to attack ,hysically to acce,t this inter,retation. ! 7ou are acce,tin& it sim,ly $y the $elie( that attack can &et you somethin& you #ant. % I( you did not $elie e this) the idea o( attack #ould ha e no a,,eal (or you. ' 8hen you equate yoursel( #ith a $ody you #ill al#ays e/,erience de,ression. * 8hen a child o( 1od thinks o( himsel( in this #ay he is $elittlin& himsel() and seein& his $rothers as similarly $elittled. - 5ince he can (ind himsel( only in them) he has cut himsel( o(( (rom sal ation. T--.6II.2. Remem$er that the 0oly 5,irit inter,rets the $ody only as a means o( communication. 2 Bein& the Communication ;ink $et#een 1od and 0is se,arated 5ons) the 0oly 5,irit inter,rets e erythin& you ha e made in the li&ht o( #hat 0e is. 3 The e&o se,arates throu&h the $ody. ! The 0oly 5,irit reaches throu&h it to others. % 7ou do not ,ercei e your $rothers as the 0oly 5,irit does) $ecause you do not re&ard $odies solely as a means o( Coinin& minds and unitin& them #ith yours and mine. ' This inter,retation o( the $ody #ill chan&e your mind entirely a$out its alue. * O( itsel( it has none. T--.6II.3. I( you use the $ody (or attack) it is harm(ul to you. 2 I( you use it only to reach the minds o( those #ho $elie e they are $odies) and teach them <throu&h= the $ody that this is not so) you #ill understand the ,o#er o( the mind that is in you. 3 I( you use the $ody (or this and only (or this) you cannot use it (or attack. ! In the ser ice o( unitin& it $ecomes a $eauti(ul lesson in communion) #hich has alue until communion <is.= % This is 1od+s #ay o( makin& unlimited #hat you ha e limited. ' The 0oly 5,irit does not see the $ody as you do) $ecause 0e kno#s the only reality o( anythin& is the ser ice it renders 1od on $ehal( o( the (unction 0e &i es it. T--.6II.!. Communication ends se,aration. 2 3ttack ,romotes it. 3 The $ody is $eauti(ul or u&ly) ,eace(ul or sa a&e) hel,(ul or harm(ul)

accordin& to the use to #hich it is ,ut. ! 3nd in the $ody o( another you #ill see the use to #hich you ha e ,ut yours. % I( the $ody $ecomes a means you &i e to the 0oly 5,irit to use on $ehal( o( union o( the 5onshi,) you #ill not see anythin& ,hysical e/ce,t as #hat it is. ' Use it (or truth and you #ill see it truly. ,1%1 * 4isuse it and you #ill misunderstand it) $ecause you ha e already done so <$y= misusin& it. - Inter,ret anythin& a,art (rom the 0oly 5,irit and you #ill mistrust it. : This #ill lead you to hatred and attack and loss o( ,eace. T--.6II.%. 7et all loss comes only (rom your o#n misunderstandin&. 2 ;oss o( any kind is im,ossi$le. 3 But #hen you look u,on a $rother as a ,hysical entity) his ,o#er and &lory are 2lost2 to you and so are yours. ! 7ou ha e attacked him) $ut you must ha e attacked yoursel( (irst. % Do not see him this #ay (or your o#n sal ation) #hich must $rin& him his. ' Do not allo# him to $elittle himsel( in your mind) $ut &i e him (reedom (rom his $elie( in littleness) and thus esca,e (rom yours. * 3s ,art o( you) he is holy. - 3s ,art o( me) you are. : To communicate #ith ,art o( 1od 0imsel( is to reach $eyond the Gin&dom to its Creator) throu&h 0is 6oice #hich 0e has esta$lished as ,art o( you. T--.6II.'. ReCoice) then) that o( yoursel( you can do nothin&. 2 7ou are not <o(= yoursel(. 3 0e o( 8hom you are has #illed your ,o#er and &lory (or you) #ith #hich you can ,er(ectly accom,lish 0is holy 8ill (or you #hen you acce,t it (or yoursel(. ! 0e has not #ithdra#n 0is &i(ts (rom you) $ut you $elie e you ha e #ithdra#n them (rom 0im. % ;et no 5on o( 1od remain hidden (or 0is Name+s sake) $ecause 0is Name is yours. T--.6II.*. The Bi$le says) 2The 8ord Eor thou&htF #as made (lesh.2 2 5trictly s,eakin& this is im,ossi$le) since it seems to in ol e the translation o( one order o( reality into another. 3 Di((erent orders o( reality merely a,,ear to e/ist) Cust as di((erent orders o( miracles do. ! Thou&ht cannot $e made into (lesh e/ce,t $y $elie() since thou&ht is not ,hysical. % 7et thou&ht is communication) (or #hich the $ody can $e used. ' This is the only natural use to #hich it can $e ,ut. * To use the $ody unnaturally is to lose si&ht o( the 0oly 5,irit+s ,ur,ose) and thus to con(use the &oal o( 0is curriculum. T--.6II.-. There is nothin& so (rustratin& to a learner as a curriculum he cannot learn. 2 0is sense o( adequacy su((ers) and he must $ecome de,ressed. 3 Bein& (aced #ith an im,ossi$le learnin& situation is the most de,ressin& thin& in the #orld. ! In (act) it is ultimately #hy the #orld itsel( is de,ressin&. % The 0oly 5,irit+s curriculum is ne er de,ressin&) $ecause it is a curriculum o( Coy. ' 8hene er the reaction to learnin& is de,ression) it is $ecause the true &oal o( the curriculum has $een lost si&ht o(.

T--.6II.:. In this #orld) not e en the $ody is ,ercei ed as #hole. 2 Its ,ur,ose is seen as (ra&mented into many (unctions #ith little or no relationshi, to each other) so that it a,,ears to $e ruled $y chaos. ,1%2 3 1uided $y the e&o) it <is.= ! 1uided $y the 0oly 5,irit) it is not. % It $ecomes a means $y #hich the ,art o( the mind you tried to se,arate <(rom= s,irit can reach $eyond its distortions and return <to= s,irit. ' The e&o+s tem,le thus $ecomes the tem,le o( the 0oly 5,irit) #here de otion to 0im re,laces de otion to the e&o. * In this sense the $ody does $ecome a tem,le to 1od9 0is 6oice a$ides in it $y directin& the use to #hich it is ,ut. T--.6II.1>. 0ealin& is the result o( usin& the $ody solely (or communication. 2 5ince this is natural it heals $y makin& #hole) #hich is also natural. 3 3ll mind is #hole) and the $elie( that ,art o( it is ,hysical) or not mind) is a (ra&mented or sick inter,retation. ! 4ind cannot $e made ,hysical) $ut it can $e made mani(est <throu&h= the ,hysical i( it uses the $ody to &o $eyond itsel(. % By reachin& out) the mind e/tends itsel(. ' It does not sto, at the $ody) (or i( it does it is $locked in its ,ur,ose. * 3 mind that has $een $locked has allo#ed itsel( to $e ulnera$le to attack) $ecause it has turned a&ainst itsel(. T--.6II.11. The remo al o( $locks) then) is the only #ay to &uarantee hel, and healin&. 2 0el, and healin& are the normal e/,ressions o( a mind that is #orkin& throu&h the $ody) $ut not <in= it. 3 I( the mind $elie es the $ody is its &oal it #ill distort its ,erce,tion o( the $ody) and $y $lockin& its o#n e/tension $eyond it) #ill induce illness $y (osterin& se,aration. ! ?ercei in& the $ody as a se,arate entity cannot $ut (oster illness) $ecause it is not true. % 3 medium o( communication loses its use(ulness i( it is used (or anythin& else. ' To use a medium o( communication as a medium o( attack is an o$ ious con(usion in ,ur,ose. T--.6II.12. To communicate is to Coin and to attack is to se,arate. 2 0o# can you do $oth simultaneously #ith the same thin& and not su((erD 3 ?erce,tion o( the $ody can $e uni(ied only $y one ,ur,ose. ! This releases the mind (rom the tem,tation to see the $ody in many li&hts) and &i es it o er entirely to the One ;i&ht in #hich it can $e really understood. % To con(use a learnin& de ice #ith a curriculum &oal is a (undamental con(usion that $locks the understandin& o( $oth. ' ;earnin& must lead $eyond the $ody to the re-esta$lishment o( the ,o#er o( the mind in it. * This can $e accom,lished only i( the mind e/tends to other minds) and does not arrest itsel( in its e/tension. This arrest is the cause o( all illness) $ecause only e/tension is the mind+s (unction. ,1%3 T--.6II.13. The o,,osite o( Coy is de,ression. 2 8hen your learnin& ,romotes de,ression instead o( Coy) you cannot $e listenin& to 1od+s

Coyous Teacher and learnin& 0is lessons. 3 To see a $ody as anythin& e/ce,t a means o( communication is to limit your mind and to hurt yoursel(. ! 0ealth is there(ore nothin& more than united ,ur,ose. % I( the $ody is $rou&ht under the ,ur,ose o( the mind) it $ecomes #hole $ecause the mind+s ,ur,ose is one. ' 3ttack can only $e an assumed ,ur,ose o( the $ody) $ecause a,art (rom the mind the $ody has no ,ur,ose at all. T--.6II.1!. 7ou are not limited $y the $ody) and thou&ht cannot $e made (lesh. 2 7et mind can $e mani(ested throu&h the $ody i( it &oes $eyond it and does not inter,ret it as limitation. 3 8hene er you see another as limited to or $y the $ody) you are im,osin& this limit on yoursel(. ! 3re you #illin& to acce,t this) #hen your #hole ,ur,ose (or learnin& should $e to esca,e (rom limitationsD % To concei e o( the $ody as a means o( attack and to $elie e that Coy could ,ossi$ly result) is a clear-cut indication o( a ,oor learner. ' 0e has acce,ted a learnin& &oal in o$ ious contradiction to the uni(ied ,ur,ose o( the curriculum) and one that is inter(erin& #ith his a$ility to acce,t its ,ur,ose as his o#n. T--.6II.1%. Hoy is uni(ied ,ur,ose) and uni(ied ,ur,ose is only 1od+s. 2 8hen yours is uni(ied it is 0is. 3 Belie e you can inter(ere #ith 0is ,ur,ose) and you need sal ation. ! 7ou ha e condemned yoursel() $ut condemnation is not o( 1od. % There(ore it is not true. ' No more are any o( its seemin& results. * 8hen you see a $rother as a $ody) you are condemnin& him $ecause you ha e condemned yoursel(. - 7et i( all condemnation is unreal) and it must $e unreal since it is a (orm o( attack) then it can <ha e= no results. T--.6II.1'. Do not allo# yoursel( to su((er (rom ima&ined results o( #hat is not true. 2 "ree your mind (rom the $elie( that this is ,ossi$le. 3 In its com,lete im,ossi$ility lies your only ho,e (or release. ! But #hat other ho,e #ould you #antD % "reedom (rom illusions lies only in not $elie in& them. ' There is no attack) $ut there <is= unlimited communication and there(ore unlimited ,o#er and #holeness. * The ,o#er o( #holeness is e/tension. - Do not arrest your thou&ht in this #orld) and you #ill o,en your mind to creation in 1od. ,1%! "III. T#e -o!. as Means or En! T--.6III.1. 3ttitudes to#ard the $ody are attitudes to#ard attack. 2 The e&o+s de(initions o( anythin& are childish) and are al#ays $ased on #hat it $elie es the thin& is <(or.= 3 This is $ecause it is inca,a$le o( true &eneraliAations) and equates #hat it sees #ith the (unction it ascri$es to it. ! It does not equate it #ith #hat it <is.= % To the e&o the $ody is to attack <#ith.= ' @quatin& you #ith the $ody) it teaches that <you= are to attack #ith. * The $ody) then) is not the source o( its o#n

health. - The $ody+s condition lies solely in your inter,retation o( its (unction. : "unctions are ,art o( $ein& since they arise (rom it) $ut the relationshi, is not reci,rocal. 1> The #hole does de(ine the ,art) $ut the ,art does not de(ine the #hole. 11 7et to kno# in ,art is to kno# entirely $ecause o( the (undamental di((erence $et#een kno#led&e and ,erce,tion. 12 In ,erce,tion the #hole is $uilt u, o( ,arts that can se,arate and reassem$le in di((erent constellations. 13 But kno#led&e ne er chan&es) so its constellation is ,ermanent. 1! The idea o( ,art#hole relationshi,s has meanin& only at the le el o( ,erce,tion) #here chan&e is ,ossi$le. 1% Other#ise) there is no di((erence $et#een the ,art and #hole. T--.6III.2. The $ody e/ists in a #orld that seems to contain t#o oices (i&htin& (or its ,ossession. 2 In this ,ercei ed constellation the $ody is seen as ca,a$le o( shi(tin& its alle&iance (rom one to the other) makin& the conce,ts o( $oth health and sickness meanin&(ul. 3 The e&o makes a (undamental con(usion $et#een means and end as it al#ays does. ! Re&ardin& the $ody as an end) the e&o has no real use (or it $ecause it is <not= an end. % 7ou must ha e noticed an outstandin& characteristic o( e ery end that the e&o has acce,ted as its o#n. ' 8hen you ha e achie ed it) <it has not satis(ied you.= * This is #hy the e&o is (orced to shi(t ceaselessly (rom one &oal to another) so that you #ill continue to ho,e it can yet o((er you somethin&. T--.6III.3. It has $een ,articularly di((icult to o ercome the e&o+s $elie( in the $ody as an end) $ecause it is synonymous #ith the $elie( in attack as an end. 2 The e&o has a ,ro(ound in estment in sickness. 3 I( you are sick) ho# can you o$Cect to the e&o+s (irm $elie( that you are not in ulnera$leD ! This is an a,,ealin& ar&ument (rom the e&o+s ,oint o( ie#) $ecause it o$scures the o$ ious attack that underlies the sickness. % I( you reco&niAed this and also decided a&ainst attack) you could not &i e this (alse #itness to the e&o+s stand. ,1%% T--.6III.!. It is hard to ,ercei e sickness as a (alse #itness) $ecause you do not realiAe that it is entirely out o( kee,in& #ith #hat you #ant. 2 This #itness) then) a,,ears to $e innocent and trust#orthy $ecause you ha e not seriously cross-e/amined him. 3 I( you had) you #ould not consider sickness such a stron& #itness on $ehal( o( the e&o+s ie#s. ! 3 more honest statement #ould $e that those #ho #ant the e&o are ,redis,osed to de(end it. % There(ore) their choice o( #itnesses should $e sus,ect (rom the $e&innin&. ' The e&o does not call u,on #itnesses #ho #ould disa&ree #ith its case) nor does the 0oly 5,irit. * I ha e said that Cud&ment is the (unction o( the 0oly 5,irit) and one 0e is ,er(ectly equi,,ed to (ul(ill. - The e&o as a Cud&e &i es anythin& $ut an im,artial Cud&ment. : 8hen the e&o calls on a #itness) it has already made the #itness an ally.

T--.6III.%. It is still true that the $ody has no (unction o( itsel() $ecause it is not an end. 2 The e&o) ho#e er) esta$lishes it as an end $ecause) as such) its true (unction is o$scured. 3 This is the ,ur,ose o( e erythin& the e&o does. ! Its sole aim is to lose si&ht o( the (unction o( e erythin&. % 3 sick $ody does not make any sense. ' It could not make sense $ecause sickness is not #hat the $ody is (or. * 5ickness is meanin&(ul only i( the t#o $asic ,remises on #hich the e&o+s inter,retation o( the $ody rests are true9 that the $ody is (or attack) and that you are a $ody. - 8ithout these ,remises sickness is inconcei a$le. T--.6III.'. 5ickness is a #ay o( demonstratin& that you can $e hurt. 2 It is a #itness to your (railty) your ulnera$ility) and your e/treme need to de,end on e/ternal &uidance. 3 The e&o uses this as its $est ar&ument (or your need (or <its= &uidance. ! It dictates endless ,rescri,tions (or a oidin& catastro,hic outcomes. % The 0oly 5,irit) ,er(ectly a#are o( the same situation) does not $other to analyAe it at all. ' I( data are meanin&less there is no ,oint in analyAin& them. * The (unction o( truth is to collect in(ormation that is true. - Times Ne# Roman2)5R=<3ny= #ay you handle error results in nothin&. : The more com,licated the results $ecome the harder it may $e to reco&niAe their nothin&ness) $ut it is not necessary to e/amine all ,ossi$le outcomes to #hich ,remises &i e rise in order to Cud&e them truly. T--.6III.*. 3 learnin& de ice is not a teacher. 2 It cannot tell you ho# you (eel. 3 7ou do not kno# ho# you (eel $ecause you ha e acce,ted the e&o+s con(usion) and you there(ore $elie e that a learnin& de ice <can= tell you ho# you (eel. ,1%' ! 5ickness is merely another e/am,le o( your insistence on askin& &uidance o( a teacher #ho does not kno# the ans#er. % The e&o is inca,a$le o( kno#in& ho# you (eel. ' 8hen I said that the e&o does not kno# anythin&) I said the one thin& a$out the e&o that is #holly true. * But there is a corollary9 i( only kno#led&e has $ein& and the e&o has no kno#led&e) then the e&o has no $ein&. T--.6III.-. 7ou mi&ht #ell ask ho# the oice o( somethin& that does not e/ist can $e so insistent. 2 0a e you thou&ht a$out the distortin& ,o#er o( somethin& you #ant) e en i( it is not realD 3 There are many instances o( ho# #hat you #ant distorts ,erce,tion. ! No one can dou$t the e&o+s skill in $uildin& u, (alse cases. % Nor can anyone dou$t your #illin&ness to listen until you choose not to acce,t anythin& e/ce,t truth. ' 8hen you lay the e&o aside) it #ill $e &one. * The 0oly 5,irit+s 6oice is as loud as your #illin&ness to listen. - It cannot $e louder #ithout iolatin& your (reedom o( choice) #hich the 0oly 5,irit seeks to restore) ne er to undermine.

T--.6III.:. The 0oly 5,irit teaches you to use your $ody only to reach your $rothers) so 0e can teach 0is messa&e throu&h you. 2 This #ill heal them and there(ore heal you. 3 @ erythin& used in accordance #ith its (unction as the 0oly 5,irit sees it cannot $e sick. ! @ erythin& used other#ise is. % Do not allo# the $ody to $e a mirror o( a s,lit mind. ' Do not let it $e an ima&e o( your o#n ,erce,tion o( littleness. * Do not let it re(lect your decision to attack. - 0ealth is seen as the natural state o( e erythin& #hen inter,retation is le(t to the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho ,ercei es no attack on anythin&. : 0ealth is the result o( relinquishin& all attem,ts to use the $ody lo elessly. 1> 0ealth is the $e&innin& o( the ,ro,er ,ers,ecti e on li(e under the &uidance o( the one Teacher 8ho kno#s #hat li(e is) $ein& the 6oice (or ;i(e Itsel(. I6. Healin) as Correcte! Perception T--.IL.1. I said $e(ore that the 0oly 5,irit is the 3ns#er. 2 0e is the 3ns#er to e erythin&) $ecause 0e kno#s #hat the ans#er to e erythin& is. 3 The e&o does not kno# #hat a real question is) althou&h it asks an endless num$er. ! 7et you can learn this as you learn to question the alue o( the e&o) and thus esta$lish your a$ility to e aluate its questions. % 8hen the e&o tem,ts you to sickness do not ask the 0oly 5,irit to heal the $ody) (or this #ould merely $e to acce,t the e&o+s $elie( that the $ody is the ,ro,er aim o( healin&. ,1%* ' 3sk) rather) that the 0oly 5,irit teach you the ri&ht <,erce,tion= o( the $ody) (or ,erce,tion alone can $e distorted. * Only ,erce,tion can $e sick) $ecause only ,erce,tion can $e #ron&. T--.IL.2. 8ron& ,erce,tion is the #ish that thin&s $e as they are not. 2 The reality o( e erythin& is totally harmless) $ecause total harmlessness is the condition o( its reality. 3 It is also the condition o( your a#areness o( its reality. ! 7ou do not ha e to seek reality. % It #ill seek you and (ind you #hen you meet its conditions. ' Its conditions are ,art o( #hat it is. * 3nd this ,art only is u, to you. - The rest is o( itsel(. : 7ou need do so little $ecause your little ,art is so ,o#er(ul that it #ill $rin& the #hole to you. 1> 3cce,t) then) your little ,art) and let the #hole $e yours. T--.IL.3. 8holeness heals $ecause it is o( the mind. 2 3ll (orms o( sickness) e en unto death) are ,hysical e/,ressions o( the (ear o( a#akenin&. 3 They are attem,ts to rein(orce slee,in& out o( (ear o( #akin&. ! This is a ,athetic #ay o( tryin& not to see $y renderin& the (aculties (or seein& ine((ectual. % 2Rest in ,eace2 is a $lessin& (or the li in&) not the dead) $ecause rest comes (rom #akin&) not (rom slee,in&. ' 5lee, is #ithdra#in&9 #akin& is Coinin&. * Dreams are illusions o( Coinin&) $ecause they re(lect the e&o+s distorted notions

a$out #hat Coinin& is. - 7et the 0oly 5,irit) too) has use (or slee,) and can use dreams on $ehal( o( #akin& i( you #ill let 0im. T--.IL.!. 0o# you #ake is the si&n o( ho# you ha e used slee,. 2 To #hom did you &i e itD 3 Under #hich teacher did you ,lace itD ! 8hene er you #ake dis,iritedly) it #as not &i en to the 0oly 5,irit. % Only #hen you a#aken Coyously ha e you utiliAed slee, accordin& to 0is ,ur,ose. ' 7ou can indeed $e 2dru&&ed2 $y slee,) i( you ha e misused it on $ehal( o( sickness. * 5lee, is no more a (orm o( death than death is a (orm o( unconsciousness. - Com,lete unconsciousness is im,ossi$le. : 7ou can rest in ,eace only $ecause you are a#ake. T--.IL.%. 0ealin& is release (rom the (ear o( #akin& and the su$stitution o( the decision to #ake. 2 The decision to #ake is the re(lection o( the #ill to lo e) since all healin& in ol es re,lacin& (ear #ith lo e. 3 The 0oly 5,irit cannot distin&uish amon& de&rees o( error) (or i( 0e tau&ht that one (orm o( sickness is more serious than another) 0e #ould $e teachin& that one error can $e more real than another. ,1%- ! 0is (unction is to distin&uish only $et#een the (alse and the true) re,lacin& the (alse #ith the true. T--.IL.'. The e&o) #hich al#ays #ants to #eaken the mind) tries to se,arate it (rom the $ody in an attem,t to destroy it. 2 7et the e&o actually $elie es that it is ,rotectin& it. 3 This is $ecause the e&o $elie es that mind is dan&erous) and that to make mindless is to heal. ! But to make mindless is im,ossi$le) since it #ould mean to make nothin& out o( #hat 1od created. % The e&o des,ises #eakness) e en thou&h it makes e ery e((ort to induce it. ' The e&o #ants only #hat it hates. * To the e&o this is ,er(ectly sensi$le. - Belie in& in the ,o#er o( attack) the e&o #ants attack. T--.IL.*. The Bi$le enCoins you to $e ,er(ect) to heal all errors) to take no thou&ht o( the $ody as se,arate and to accom,lish all thin&s in my name. 2 This is not my name alone) (or ours is a shared identi(ication. 3 The Name o( 1od+s 5on is One) and you are enCoined to do the #orks o( lo e $ecause #e share this Oneness. ! Our minds are #hole $ecause they are one. % I( you are sick you are #ithdra#in& (rom me. ' 7et you cannot #ithdra# (rom me alone. * 7ou can only #ithdra# (rom yoursel( <and= me. T--.IL.-. 7ou ha e surely $e&un to realiAe that this is a ery ,ractical course) and one that means e/actly #hat it says. 2 I #ould not ask you to do thin&s you cannot do) and it is im,ossi$le that I could do thin&s you cannot do. 3 1i en this) and &i en this quite literally) nothin& can ,re ent you (rom doin& e/actly #hat I ask) and e erythin& ar&ues <(or= your doin& it. ! I &i e you no limits $ecause 1od lays none u,on you. % 8hen you limit yoursel( #e are not o( one mind) and that is sickness. ' 7et sickness is not o( the $ody) $ut o( the mind. * 3ll (orms

o( sickness are si&ns that the mind is s,lit) and does not acce,t a uni(ied ,ur,ose. T--.IL.:. The uni(ication o( ,ur,ose) then) is the 0oly 5,irit+s only #ay o( healin&. 2 This is $ecause it is the only le el at #hich healin& means anythin&. 3 The re-esta$lishin& o( meanin& in a chaotic thou&ht system <is= the #ay to heal it. ! 7our task is only to meet the conditions (or meanin&) since meanin& itsel( is o( 1od. % 7et your return to meanin& is essential to 0is) $ecause your meanin& is ,art o( 0is. ' 7our healin&) then) is ,art o( 0is health) since it is ,art o( 0is 8holeness. * 0e cannot lose this) $ut you <can= not kno# it. - 7et it is still 0is 8ill (or you) and 0is 8ill must stand (ore er and in all thin&s. ,1%: Cha,ter :. THE ACCEPTANCE OF THE ATONEMENT I. T#e Acceptance of Realit. T-:.I.1. "ear o( the 8ill o( 1od is one o( the stran&est $elie(s the human mind has e er made. 2 It could not ,ossi$ly ha e occurred unless the mind #ere already ,ro(oundly s,lit) makin& it ,ossi$le (or it to $e a(raid o( #hat it really is. 3 Reality cannot 2threaten2 anythin& e/ce,t illusions) since reality can only u,hold truth. ! The ery (act that the 8ill o( 1od) #hich is #hat you are) is ,ercei ed as (ear(ul) demonstrates that you <are= a(raid o( #hat you are. % It is not) then) the 8ill o( 1od o( #hich you are a(raid) $ut yours. T-:.I.2. 7our #ill is not the e&o+s) and that is #hy the e&o is a&ainst you. 2 8hat seems to $e the (ear o( 1od is really the (ear o( your o#n reality. 3 It is im,ossi$le to learn anythin& consistently in a state o( ,anic. ! I( the ,ur,ose o( this course is to hel, you remem$er #hat you are) and i( you $elie e that #hat you are is (ear(ul) then it must (ollo# that you #ill not learn this course. % 7et the reason (or the course is that you do not kno# #hat you are. T-:.I.3. I( you do not kno# #hat your reality is) #hy #ould you $e so sure that it is (ear(ulD 2 The association o( truth and (ear) #hich #ould $e hi&hly arti(icial at most) is ,articularly ina,,ro,riate in the minds o( those #ho do not kno# #hat truth is. 3 3ll this could mean is that you are ar$itrarily associatin& somethin& $eyond your a#areness #ith somethin& you do not #ant. ! It is e ident) then) that you are Cud&in& somethin& o( #hich you are totally una#are. % 7ou ha e set u, this stran&e situation so that it is im,ossi$le to esca,e (rom it #ithout a 1uide 8ho <does= kno# #hat your reality is. ' The ,ur,ose o( this 1uide is merely to remind you o( #hat you #ant. * 0e is not attem,tin& to (orce an alien #ill u,on you. - 0e is merely makin& e ery

,ossi$le e((ort) #ithin the limits you im,ose on 0im) to re-esta$lish your o#n #ill in your a#areness. T-:.I.!. 7ou ha e im,risoned your #ill $eyond your o#n a#areness) #here it remains) $ut cannot hel, you. 2 8hen I said that the 0oly 5,irit+s (unction is to sort out the true (rom the (alse in your mind) I meant that 0e has the ,o#er to look into #hat you ha e hidden and reco&niAe the 8ill o( 1od there. ,1'> 3 0is reco&nition o( this 8ill can make it real to you $ecause 0e is in your mind) and there(ore 0e is your reality. ! I() then) 0is ,erce,tion o( your mind $rin&s its reality to you) 0e <is= hel,in& you to remem$er #hat you are. % The only source o( (ear in this ,rocess is #hat you think you #ill lose. ' 7et it is only #hat the 0oly 5,irit sees that you can ,ossi$ly ha e. T-:.I.%. I ha e em,hasiAed many times that the 0oly 5,irit #ill ne er call u,on you to sacri(ice anythin&. 2 But i( you ask the sacri(ice o( reality o( yoursel() the 0oly 5,irit must remind you that this is not 1od+s 8ill $ecause it is not yours. 3 There is no di((erence $et#een your #ill and 1od+s. ! I( you did not ha e a s,lit mind) you #ould reco&niAe that #illin& is sal ation $ecause it is communication. T-:.I.'. It is im,ossi$le to communicate in alien ton&ues. 2 7ou and your Creator can communicate throu&h creation) $ecause that) and only that is 7our Coint 8ill. 3 3 di ided mind cannot communicate) $ecause it s,eaks (or di((erent thin&s to the same mind. ! This loses the a$ility to communicate sim,ly $ecause con(used communication does not mean anythin&. % 3 messa&e cannot $e communicated unless it makes sense. ' 0o# sensi$le can your messa&es $e) #hen you ask (or #hat you do not #antD * 7et as lon& as you are a(raid o( your #ill) that is ,recisely #hat you are askin& (or. T-:.I.*. 7ou may insist that the 0oly 5,irit does not ans#er you) $ut it mi&ht $e #iser to consider the kind o( questioner you are. 2 7ou do not ask only (or #hat you #ant. 3 This is $ecause you are a(raid you mi&ht recei e it) and you #ould. ! That is #hy you ,ersist in askin& the teacher #ho could not ,ossi$ly &i e you #hat you #ant. % O( him you can ne er learn #hat it is) and this &i es you the illusion o( sa(ety. ' 7et you cannot $e sa(e <(rom= truth) $ut only <in= truth. * Reality is the only sa(ety. - 7our #ill is your sal ation $ecause it is the same as 1od+s. : The se,aration is nothin& more than the $elie( that it is di((erent. T-:.I.-. No ri&ht mind can $elie e that its #ill is stron&er than 1od+s. 2 I() then) a mind $elie es that its #ill is di((erent (rom 0is) it can only decide either that there is no 1od or that 1od+s 8ill is (ear(ul. 3 The (ormer accounts (or the atheist and the latter (or the martyr) #ho $elie es that 1od demands sacri(ices. ! @ither o( these insane decisions #ill induce ,anic) $ecause the atheist $elie es he is alone)

and the martyr $elie es that 1od is cruci(yin& him. % 7et no one really #ants either a$andonment or retaliation) e en thou&h many may seek $oth. ,1'1 ' Can you ask the 0oly 5,irit (or 2&i(ts2 such as these) and actually e/,ect to recei e themD * 0e cannot &i e you somethin& you do not #ant. - 8hen you ask the Uni ersal 1i er (or #hat you do not #ant) you are askin& (or #hat cannot $e &i en $ecause it #as ne er created. : It #as ne er created) $ecause it #as ne er your #ill (or <you.= T-:.I.:. Ultimately e eryone must remem$er the 8ill o( 1od) $ecause ultimately e eryone must reco&niAe himsel(. 2 This reco&nition is the reco&nition that his #ill and 1od+s are one. 3 In the ,resence o( truth) there are no un$elie ers and no sacri(ices. ! In the security o( reality) (ear is totally meanin&less. % To deny #hat is can only <seem= to $e (ear(ul. ' "ear cannot $e real #ithout a cause) and 1od is the only Cause. * 1od is ;o e and you do #ant 0im. - This <is= your #ill. : 3sk (or this and you #ill $e ans#ered) $ecause you #ill $e askin& only (or #hat $elon&s to you. T-:.I.1>. 8hen you ask the 0oly 5,irit (or #hat #ould hurt you 0e cannot ans#er $ecause nothin& can hurt you) and so you are askin& (or nothin&. 2 3ny #ish that stems (rom the e&o is a #ish (or nothin&) and to ask (or it is not a request. 3 It is merely a denial in the (orm o( a request. ! The 0oly 5,irit is not concerned #ith (orm) $ein& a#are only o( meanin&. % The e&o cannot ask the 0oly 5,irit (or anythin&) $ecause there is com,lete communication (ailure $et#een them. ' 7et <you= can ask (or e erythin& o( the 0oly 5,irit) $ecause your requests to 0im are real) $ein& o( your ri&ht mind. * 8ould the 0oly 5,irit deny the 8ill o( 1odD - 3nd could 0e (ail to reco&niAe it in 0is 5onD T-:.I.11. 7ou do not reco&niAe the enormous #aste o( ener&y you e/,end in denyin& truth. 2 8hat #ould you say o( someone #ho ,ersists in attem,tin& the im,ossi$le) $elie in& that to achie e it is to succeedD 3 The $elie( that you must ha e the im,ossi$le in order to $e ha,,y is totally at ariance #ith the ,rinci,le o( creation. ! 1od could not #ill that ha,,iness de,ended on #hat you could ne er ha e. % The (act that 1od is ;o e does not require $elie() $ut it does require acce,tance. ' It is indeed ,ossi$le (or you to deny (acts) althou&h it is im,ossi$le (or you to chan&e them. * I( you hold your hands o er your eyes) you #ill not see $ecause you are inter(erin& #ith the la#s o( seein&. - I( you deny lo e) you #ill not kno# it $ecause your coo,eration is the la# o( its $ein&. : 7ou cannot chan&e la#s you did not make) and the la#s o( ha,,iness #ere created (or you) not $y you. ,1'2 T-:.I.12. 3ny attem,t to deny #hat <is= must $e (ear(ul) and i( the attem,t is stron& it #ill induce ,anic. 2 8illin& a&ainst reality) thou&h

im,ossi$le) can $e made into a ery ,ersistent &oal e en thou&h you do not #ant it. 3 But consider the result o( this stran&e decision. ! 7ou are de otin& your mind to #hat you do not #ant. % 0o# real can this de otion $eD ' I( you do not #ant it) it #as ne er created. * I( it #ere ne er created) it is nothin&. - Can you really de ote yoursel( to nothin&D T-:.I.13. 1od in 0is de otion to you created you de oted to e erythin&) and &a e you #hat you are de oted <to.= 2 Other#ise you #ould not ha e $een created ,er(ect. 3 Reality is e erythin&) and you ha e e erythin& $ecause you are real. ! 7ou cannot make the unreal $ecause the a$sence o( reality is (ear(ul) and (ear cannot $e created. % 3s lon& as you $elie e that (ear is ,ossi$le) you #ill not create. ' O,,osin& orders o( reality make reality meanin&less) and reality <is= meanin&. T-:.I.1!. Remem$er) then) that 1od+s 8ill is already ,ossi$le) and nothin& else #ill e er $e. 2 This is the sim,le acce,tance o( reality) $ecause only that is real. 3 7ou cannot distort reality and kno# #hat it is. ! 3nd i( you do distort reality you #ill e/,erience an/iety) de,ression and ultimately ,anic) $ecause you are tryin& to make yoursel( unreal. % 8hen you (eel these thin&s) do not try to look $eyond yoursel( (or truth) (or truth can only $e #ithin you. ' 5ay) there(ore. * Christ is in me) and #here 0e is 1od must $e) (or Christ is ,art o( 0im. II. T#e Ans+er to T-:.II.1. @ eryone #ho e er tried to use ,rayer to ask (or somethin& has e/,erienced #hat a,,ears to $e (ailure. 2 This is not only true in connection #ith s,eci(ic thin&s that mi&ht $e harm(ul) $ut also in connection #ith requests that are strictly in line #ith this course. 3 The latter in ,articular mi&ht $e incorrectly inter,reted as 2,roo(2 that the course does not mean #hat it says. ! 7ou must remem$er) ho#e er) that the course states) and re,eatedly) that its ,ur,ose is the esca,e (rom (ear. T-:.II.2. ;et us su,,ose) then) that #hat you ask o( the 0oly 5,irit is #hat you really #ant) $ut you are still a(raid o( it. 2 5hould this $e the case) your attainment o( it #ould no lon&er <$e= #hat you #ant. ,1'3 3 This is #hy certain s,eci(ic (orms o( healin& are not achie ed) e en #hen the state o( healin& is. ! 3n indi idual may ask (or ,hysical healin& $ecause he is (ear(ul o( $odily harm. % 3t the same time) i( he #ere healed ,hysically) the threat to his thou&ht system mi&ht $e

considera$ly more (ear(ul to him than its ,hysical e/,ression. ' In this case he is not really askin& (or release (rom (ear) $ut (or the remo al o( a sym,tom that he himsel( selected. * This request is) there(ore) not (or healin& at all. T-:.II.3. The Bi$le em,hasiAes that all ,rayer is ans#ered) and this is indeed true. 2 The ery (act that the 0oly 5,irit has $een asked (or anythin& #ill ensure a res,onse. 3 7et it is equally certain that no res,onse &i en $y 0im #ill e er $e one that #ould increase (ear. ! It is ,ossi$le that 0is ans#er #ill not $e heard. % It is im,ossi$le) ho#e er) that it #ill $e lost. ' There are many ans#ers you ha e already recei ed $ut ha e not yet heard. * I assure you that they are #aitin& (or you. T-:.II.!. I( you #ould kno# your ,rayers are ans#ered) ne er dou$t a 5on o( 1od. 2 Do not question him and do not con(ound him) (or your (aith in him is your (aith in yoursel(. 3 I( you #ould kno# 1od and 0is 3ns#er) $elie e in me #hose (aith in you cannot $e shaken. ! Can you ask o( the 0oly 5,irit truly) and dou$t your $rotherD % Belie e his #ords are true $ecause o( the truth that is in him. ' 7ou #ill unite #ith the truth in him) and his #ords #ill <$e= true. * 3s you hear him you #ill hear me. - ;istenin& to truth is the only #ay you can hear it no#) and (inally kno# it. T-:.II.%. The messa&e your $rother &i es you is u, to you. 2 8hat does he say to youD 3 8hat #ould you ha e him sayD ! 7our decision a$out him determines the messa&e you recei e. % Remem$er that the 0oly 5,irit is in him) and 0is 6oice s,eaks to you throu&h him. ' 8hat can so holy a $rother tell you e/ce,t truthD * But are you listenin& to itD - 7our $rother may not kno# #ho he is) $ut there is a li&ht in his mind that does kno#. : This li&ht can shine into yours) &i in& truth to his #ords and makin& you a$le to hear them. 1> 0is #ords are the 0oly 5,irit+s ans#er to you. 11 Is your (aith in him stron& enou&h to let you hearD T-:.II.'. 7ou can no more ,ray (or yoursel( alone than you can (ind Coy (or yoursel( alone. 2 ?rayer is the restatement o( inclusion) directed $y the 0oly 5,irit under the la#s o( 1od. 3 5al ation is o( your $rother. ! The 0oly 5,irit e/tends (rom your mind to his) and ans#ers <you.= % 7ou cannot hear the 6oice (or 1od in yoursel( alone) $ecause you are not alone. ,1'! ' 3nd 0is ans#er is only (or #hat you are. * 7ou #ill not kno# the trust I ha e in you unless you e/tend it. - 7ou #ill not trust the &uidance o( the 0oly 5,irit) or $elie e that it is (or you unless you hear it in others. : It must $e (or your $rother <$ecause= it is (or you. 1> 8ould 1od ha e created a 6oice (or you aloneD 11 Could you hear 0is ans#er e/ce,t as 0e ans#ers all o( 1od+s 5onsD 12 0ear o(

your $rother #hat you #ould ha e me hear o( you) (or you #ould not #ant me to $e decei ed. T-:.II.*. I lo e you (or the truth in you) as 1od does. 2 7our dece,tions may decei e you) $ut they cannot decei e me. 3 Gno#in& #hat you are) I cannot dou$t you. ! I hear only the 0oly 5,irit in you) 8ho s,eaks to me throu&h you. % I( you #ould hear me) hear my $rothers in #hom 1od+s 6oice s,eaks. ' The ans#er to all ,rayers lies in them. * 7ou #ill $e ans#ered as you hear the ans#er in e eryone. Do not listen to anythin& else or you #ill not hear truly. T-:.II.-. Belie e in your $rothers $ecause I $elie e in you) and you #ill learn that my $elie( in you is Custi(ied. 2 Belie e in me <$y= $elie in& in them) (or the sake o( #hat 1od &a e them. 3 They #ill ans#er you i( you learn to ask only truth o( them. ! Do not ask (or $lessin&s #ithout $lessin& them) (or only in this #ay can you learn ho# $lessed you are. % By (ollo#in& this #ay you are seekin& the truth in you. ' This is not &oin& $eyond yoursel( $ut to#ard yoursel(. * 0ear only 1od+s 3ns#er in 0is 5ons) and you are ans#ered. T-:.II.:. To dis$elie e is to side a&ainst) or to attack. 2 To $elie e is to acce,t) and to side #ith. 3 To $elie e is not to $e credulous) $ut to acce,t and a,,reciate. ! 8hat you do not $elie e you do not a,,reciate) and you cannot $e &rate(ul (or #hat you do not alue. % There is a ,rice you #ill ,ay (or Cud&ment) $ecause Cud&ment is the settin& o( a ,rice. ' 3nd as you set it you #ill ,ay it. T-:.II.1>. I( ,ayin& is equated #ith &ettin&) you #ill set the ,rice lo# $ut demand a hi&h return. 2 7ou #ill ha e (or&otten) ho#e er) that to ,rice is to alue) so that your return is in ,ro,ortion to your Cud&ment o( #orth. 3 I( ,ayin& is associated #ith &i in& it cannot $e ,ercei ed as loss) and the reci,rocal relationshi, o( &i in& and recei in& #ill $e reco&niAed. ! The ,rice #ill then $e set hi&h) $ecause o( the alue o( the return. % The ,rice (or &ettin& is to lose si&ht o( alue) makin& it ine ita$le that you #ill not alue #hat you recei e. ' 6aluin& it little) you #ill not a,,reciate it and you #ill not #ant it. T-:.II.11. Ne er (or&et) then) that you set the alue on #hat you recei e) and ,rice it $y #hat you &i e. ,1'% 2 To $elie e that it is ,ossi$le to &et much (or little is to $elie e that you can $ar&ain #ith 1od. 3 1od+s la#s are al#ays (air and ,er(ectly consistent. ! By &i in& you recei e. % But to recei e is to acce,t) not to &et. ' It is im,ossi$le not to ha e) $ut it is ,ossi$le not to kno# you ha e. * The reco&nition o( ha in& is the #illin&ness (or &i in&) and only $y this #illin&ness can you reco&niAe #hat you ha e. - 8hat you &i e is there(ore the alue you ,ut on #hat you ha e) $ein& the e/act measure o( the alue you ,ut u,on it. : 3nd this) in turn) is the measure o( ho# much you #ant it.

T-:.II.12. 7ou can ask o( the 0oly 5,irit) then) only $y &i in& to 0im) and you can &i e to 0im only #here you reco&niAe 0im. 2 I( you reco&niAe 0im in e eryone) consider ho# much you #ill $e askin& o( 0im) and ho# much you #ill recei e. 3 0e #ill deny you nothin& $ecause you ha e denied 0im nothin&) and so you can share e erythin&. ! This is the #ay) and the only #ay to ha e 0is ans#er) $ecause 0is ans#er is all you can ask (or and #ant. % 5ay) then) to e eryone. ' Because I #ill to kno# mysel() I see you as 1od+s 5on and my $rother. III. T#e Correction of Error T-:.III.1. The alertness o( the e&o to the errors o( other e&os is not the kind o( i&ilance the 0oly 5,irit #ould ha e you maintain. 2 @&os are critical in terms o( the kind o( 2sense2 they stand (or. 3 They understand this kind o( sense) $ecause it is sensi$le to them. ! To the 0oly 5,irit it makes no sense at all. T-:.III.2. To the e&o it is kind and ri&ht and &ood to ,oint out errors and 2correct2 them. 2 This makes ,er(ect sense to the e&o) #hich is una#are o( #hat errors are and #hat correction is. 3 @rrors are o( the e&o) and correction o( errors lies in the relinquishment o( the e&o. ! 8hen you correct a $rother) you are tellin& him that he is #ron&. % 0e may $e makin& no sense at the time) and it is certain that) i( he is s,eakin& (rom the e&o) he #ill not $e makin& sense. ' But your task is still to tell him he is ri&ht. * 7ou do not tell him this er$ally) i( he is s,eakin& (oolishly. - 0e needs correction at another le el) $ecause his error is at another le el. : 0e is still ri&ht) $ecause he is a 5on o( 1od. 1> 0is e&o is al#ays #ron&) no matter #hat it says or does. ,1'' T-:.III.3. I( you ,oint out the errors o( your $rother+s e&o you must $e seein& throu&h yours) $ecause the 0oly 5,irit does not ,ercei e his errors. 2 This <must= $e true) since there is no communication $et#een the e&o and the 0oly 5,irit. 3 The e&o makes no sense) and the 0oly 5,irit does not attem,t to understand anythin& that arises (rom it. ! 5ince 0e does not understand it) 0e does not Cud&e it) kno#in& that nothin& the e&o makes means anythin&. T-:.III.!. 8hen you react at all to errors) you are not listenin& to the 0oly 5,irit. 2 0e has merely disre&arded them) and i( you attend to them you are not hearin& 0im. 3 I( you do not hear 0im) you are listenin& to your e&o and makin& as little sense as the $rother #hose errors you ,ercei e. ! This cannot $e correction. % 7et it is more than merely a lack o( correction (or him. ' It is the &i in& u, o( correction in yoursel(.

T-:.III.%. 8hen a $rother $eha es insanely) you can heal him only $y ,ercei in& the sanity in him. 2 I( you ,ercei e his errors and acce,t them) you are acce,tin& yours. 3 I( you #ant to &i e yours o er to the 0oly 5,irit) you must do this #ith his. ! Unless this $ecomes the one #ay in #hich you handle all errors) you cannot understand ho# all errors are undone. % 0o# is this di((erent (rom tellin& you that #hat you teach you learnD ' 7our $rother is as ri&ht as you are) and i( you think he is #ron& you are condemnin& yoursel(. T-:.III.'. <7ou= cannot correct yoursel(. 2 Is it ,ossi$le) then) (or you to correct anotherD 3 7et you can see him truly) $ecause it is ,ossi$le (or you to see yoursel( truly. ! It is not u, to you to chan&e your $rother) $ut merely to acce,t him as he is. % 0is errors do not come (rom the truth that is in him) and only this truth is yours. ' 0is errors cannot chan&e this) and can ha e no e((ect at all on the truth in you. * To ,ercei e errors in anyone) and to react to them as i( they #ere real) is to make them real to you. - 7ou #ill not esca,e ,ayin& the ,rice (or this) not $ecause you are $ein& ,unished (or it) $ut $ecause you are (ollo#in& the #ron& &uide and #ill there(ore lose your #ay. T-:.III.*. 7our $rother+s errors are not o( him) any more than yours are o( you. 2 3cce,t his errors as real) and you ha e attacked yoursel(. 3 I( you #ould (ind your #ay and kee, it) see only truth $eside you (or you #alk to&ether. ! The 0oly 5,irit in you (or&i es all thin&s in you and in your $rother. % 0is errors are (or&i en #ith yours. ' 3tonement is no more se,arate than lo e. * 3tonement cannot $e se,arate $ecause it comes (rom lo e. ,1'* - 3ny attem,t you make to correct a $rother means that you $elie e correction $y you is ,ossi$le) and this can only $e the arro&ance o( the e&o. : Correction is o( 1od) 8ho does not kno# o( arro&ance. T-:.III.-. The 0oly 5,irit (or&i es e erythin& $ecause 1od created e erythin&. 2 Do not undertake 0is (unction) or you #ill (or&et yours. 3 3cce,t only the (unction o( healin& in time) $ecause that is #hat time is (or. ! 1od &a e you the (unction to create in eternity. % 7ou do not need to learn that) $ut you do need to learn to #ant it. ' "or that all learnin& #as made. * This is the 0oly 5,irit+s use o( an a$ility that you do not need) $ut that you made. - 1i e it to 0imJ : 7ou do not understand ho# to use it. 1> 0e #ill teach you ho# to see yoursel( #ithout condemnation) $y learnin& ho# to look on e erythin& #ithout it. 11 Condemnation #ill then not $e real to you) and all your errors #ill $e (or&i en. I". T#e Hol. Spirit2s Plan of For)iveness T-:.I6.1. 3tonement is (or all) $ecause it is the #ay to undo the $elie( that anythin& is (or you alone. 2 To (or&i e is to o erlook. 3 ;ook) then)

$eyond error and do not let your ,erce,tion rest u,on it) (or you #ill $elie e #hat your ,erce,tion holds. ! 3cce,t as true only #hat your $rother is) i( you #ould kno# yoursel(. % ?ercei e #hat he is not and you cannot kno# #hat you are) $ecause you see him (alsely. ' Remem$er al#ays that your Identity is shared) and that Its sharin& is Its reality. T-:.I6.2. 7ou ha e a ,art to ,lay in the 3tonement) $ut the ,lan o( the 3tonement is $eyond you. 2 7ou do not understand ho# to o erlook errors) or you #ould not make them. 3 It #ould merely $e (urther error to $elie e either that you do not make them) or that you can correct them #ithout a 1uide to correction. ! 3nd i( you do not (ollo# this 1uide) your errors #ill not $e corrected. % The ,lan is not yours $ecause o( your limited ideas a$out #hat you are. ' This sense o( limitation is #here all errors arise. * The #ay to undo them) there(ore) is not <o(= you $ut <(or= you. T-:.I6.3. The 3tonement is a lesson in sharin&) #hich is &i en you $ecause <you ha e (or&otten ho# to do it.= 2 The 0oly 5,irit merely reminds you o( the natural use o( your a$ilities. 3 By reinter,retin& the a$ility to attack into the a$ility to share) 0e translates #hat you ha e made into #hat 1od created. ! I( you #ould accom,lish this throu&h 0im you cannot look on your a$ilities throu&h the eyes o( the e&o) or you #ill Cud&e them as <it= does. ,1'- % 3ll their harm(ulness lies in the e&o+s Cud&ment. ' 3ll their hel,(ulness lies in the Cud&ment o( the 0oly 5,irit. T-:.I6.!. The e&o) too) has a ,lan o( (or&i eness $ecause you are askin& (or one) thou&h not o( the ri&ht teacher. 2 The e&o+s ,lan) o( course) makes no sense and #ill not #ork. 3 By (ollo#in& its ,lan you #ill merely ,lace yoursel( in an im,ossi$le situation) to #hich the e&o al#ays leads you. ! The e&o+s ,lan is to ha e you see error clearly (irst) and then o erlook it. % 7et ho# can you o erlook #hat you ha e made realD ' By seein& it clearly) you ha e made it real and <cannot= o erlook it. * This is #here the e&o is (orced to a,,eal to 2mysteries)2 insistin& that you must acce,t the meanin&less to sa e yoursel(. 4any ha e tried to do this in my name) (or&ettin& that my #ords make ,er(ect sense $ecause they come (rom 1od. : They are as sensi$le no# as they e er #ere) $ecause they s,eak o( ideas that are eternal. T-:.I6.%. "or&i eness that is learned o( me does not use (ear to undo (ear. 2 Nor does it make real the unreal and then destroy it. 3 "or&i eness throu&h the 0oly 5,irit lies sim,ly in lookin& $eyond error (rom the $e&innin&) and thus kee,in& it unreal (or you. ! Do not let any $elie( in its realness enter your mind) or you #ill also $elie e that you must undo #hat you ha e made in order to $e (or&i en. % 8hat has no e((ect does not e/ist) and to the 0oly 5,irit the e((ects o( error are

none/istent. ' By steadily and consistently cancellin& out all its e((ects) e ery#here and in all res,ects) 0e teaches that the e&o does not e/ist and ,ro es it. T-:.I6.'. "ollo# the 0oly 5,irit+s teachin& in (or&i eness) then) $ecause (or&i eness is 0is (unction and 0e kno#s ho# to (ul(ill it ,er(ectly. 2 That is #hat I meant #hen I said that miracles are natural) and #hen they do not occur somethin& has &one #ron&. 3 4iracles are merely the si&n o( your #illin&ness to (ollo# the 0oly 5,irit+s ,lan o( sal ation) reco&niAin& that you do not understand #hat it is. ! 0is #ork is not your (unction) and unless you acce,t this you cannot learn #hat your (unction is. T-:.I6.*. The con(usion o( (unctions is so ty,ical o( the e&o that you should $e quite (amiliar #ith it $y no#. 2 The e&o $elie es that all (unctions $elon& to it) e en thou&h it has no idea #hat they are. 3 This is more than mere con(usion. ! It is a ,articularly dan&erous com$ination o( &randiosity and con(usion that makes the e&o likely to attack anyone and anythin& (or no reason at all. % This is e/actly #hat the e&o does. ,1': ' It is un,redicta$le in its res,onses) $ecause it has no idea o( #hat it ,ercei es. T-:.I6.-. I( you ha e no idea #hat is ha,,enin&) ho# a,,ro,riately can you e/,ect to reactD 2 7ou mi&ht ask yoursel() re&ardless o( ho# you may account (or the reaction) #hether its un,redicta$ility ,laces the e&o in a sound ,osition as your &uide. 3 ;et me re,eat that the e&o+s quali(ications as a &uide are sin&ularly un(ortunate) and that it is a remarka$ly ,oor choice as a teacher o( sal ation. ! 3nyone #ho elects a totally insane &uide must $e totally insane himsel(. % Nor is it true that you do not realiAe the &uide is insane. ' 7ou realiAe it $ecause I realiAe it) and you ha e Cud&ed it $y the same standard I ha e. T-:.I6.:. The e&o literally li es on $orro#ed time) and its days are num$ered. 2 Do not (ear the ;ast Hud&ment) $ut #elcome it and do not #ait) (or the e&o+s time is 2$orro#ed2 (rom your eternity. 3 This is the 5econd Comin& that #as made (or you as the "irst #as created. ! The 5econd Comin& is merely the return o( sense. % Can this ,ossi$ly $e (ear(ulD T-:.I6.1>. 8hat can $e (ear(ul $ut (antasy) and #ho turns to (antasy unless he des,airs o( (indin& satis(action in realityD 2 7et it is certain that you #ill ne er (ind satis(action in (antasy) so that your only ho,e is to chan&e your mind a$out reality. 3 Only i( the decision that reality is (ear(ul is #ron& can 1od $e ri&ht. ! 3nd I assure you that 1od <is= ri&ht. % Be &lad) then) that you ha e $een #ron&) $ut this #as only $ecause you did not kno# #ho you #ere. ' 0ad you kno#n) you could no more ha e $een #ron& than 1od can.

T-:.I6.11. The im,ossi$le can ha,,en only in (antasy. 2 8hen you search (or reality in (antasies you #ill not (ind it. 3 The sym$ols o( (antasy are o( the e&o) and o( these you #ill (ind many. ! But do not look (or meanin& in them. % They ha e no more meanin& than the (antasies into #hich they are #o en. ' "airy tales can $e ,leasant or (ear(ul) $ut no one calls them true. * Children may $elie e them) and so) (or a #hile) the tales are true (or them. - 7et #hen reality da#ns) the (antasies are &one. : Reality has not &one in the mean#hile. 1> The 5econd Comin& is the a#areness o( reality) not its return. T-:.I6.12. Behold) my child) reality is here. 2 It $elon&s to you and me and 1od) and is ,er(ectly satis(yin& to all o( Us. 3 Only this a#areness heals) $ecause it is the a#areness o( truth. ,1*> ". T#e 1n#eale! Healer T-:.6.1. The e&o+s ,lan (or (or&i eness is (ar more #idely used than 1od+s. 2 This is $ecause it is undertaken $y unhealed healers) and is there(ore o( the e&o. 3 ;et us consider the unhealed healer more care(ully no#. ! By de(inition) he is tryin& to &i e #hat he has not recei ed. % I( an unhealed healer is a theolo&ian) (or e/am,le) he may $e&in #ith the ,remise) 2I am a misera$le sinner) and so are you.2 ' I( he is a ,sychothera,ist) he is more likely to start #ith the equally incredi$le $elie( that attack is real (or $oth himsel( and the ,atient) $ut that it does not matter (or either o( them. T-:.6.2. I ha e re,eatedly said that $elie(s o( the e&o cannot $e shared) and this is #hy they are unreal. 2 0o#) then) can 2unco erin&2 them make them realD 3 @ ery healer #ho searches (antasies (or truth must $e unhealed) $ecause he does not kno# #here to look (or truth) and there(ore does not ha e the ans#er to the ,ro$lem o( healin&. T-:.6.3. There is an ad anta&e to $rin&in& ni&htmares into a#areness) $ut only to teach that they are not real) and that anythin& they contain is meanin&less. 2 The unhealed healer cannot do this $ecause he does not $elie e it. 3 3ll unhealed healers (ollo# the e&o+s ,lan (or (or&i eness in one (orm or another. ! I( they are theolo&ians they are likely to condemn themsel es) teach condemnation and ad ocate a (ear(ul solution. % ?roCectin& condemnation onto 1od) they make 0im a,,ear retaliati e) and (ear 0is retri$ution. ' 8hat they ha e done is merely to identi(y #ith the e&o) and $y ,ercei in& #hat <it= does) condemn themsel es $ecause o( this con(usion. * It is understanda$le that there ha e $een re olts a&ainst this conce,t) $ut to re olt a&ainst it is still to $elie e in it. T-:.6.!. 5ome ne#er (orms o( the e&o+s ,lan are as unhel,(ul as the older ones) $ecause (orm does not matter and the content has not chan&ed. 2 In one o( the ne#er (orms) (or e/am,le) a ,sychothera,ist

may inter,ret the e&o+s sym$ols in a ni&htmare) and then use them to ,ro e that the ni&htmare is real. 3 0a in& made it real) he then attem,ts to dis,el its e((ects $y de,reciatin& the im,ortance o( the dreamer. ! This #ould $e a healin& a,,roach i( the dreamer #ere also identi(ied as unreal. % 7et i( the dreamer is equated #ith the mind) the mind+s correcti e ,o#er throu&h the 0oly 5,irit is denied. ' This is a contradiction e en in the e&o+s terms) and one #hich it usually notes e en in its con(usion. ,1*1 T-:.6.%. I( the #ay to counteract (ear is to reduce the im,ortance o( the mind) ho# can this $uild e&o stren&thD 2 5uch e ident inconsistencies account (or #hy no one has really e/,lained #hat ha,,ens in ,sychothera,y. 3 Nothin& really does. ! Nothin& real has ha,,ened to the unhealed healer) and he must learn (rom his o#n teachin&. % 0is e&o #ill al#ays seek to &et somethin& (rom the situation. ' The unhealed healer there(ore does not kno# ho# to &i e) and consequently cannot share. * 0e cannot correct $ecause he is not #orkin& correcti ely. - 0e $elie es that it is u, to him to teach the ,atient #hat is real) althou&h he does not kno# it himsel(. T-:.6.'. 8hat) then) should ha,,enD 2 8hen 1od said) 2;et there $e li&ht)2 there <#as= li&ht. 3 Can you (ind li&ht $y analyAin& darkness) as the ,sychothera,ist does) or like the theolo&ian) $y ackno#led&in& darkness in yoursel( and lookin& (or a distant li&ht to remo e it) #hile em,hasiAin& the distanceD ! 0ealin& is not mysterious. % Nothin& #ill chan&e unless it is understood) since li&ht <is= understandin&. ' 3 2misera$le sinner2 cannot $e healed #ithout ma&ic) nor can an 2unim,ortant mind2 esteem itsel( #ithout ma&ic. T-:.6.*. Both (orms o( the e&o+s a,,roach) then) must arri e at an im,asse9 the characteristic 2im,ossi$le situation2 to #hich the e&o al#ays leads. 2 It may hel, someone to ,oint out #here he is headin&) $ut the ,oint is lost unless he is also hel,ed to chan&e his direction. 3 The unhealed healer cannot do this (or him) since he cannot do it (or himsel(. ! The only meanin&(ul contri$ution the healer can make is to ,resent an e/am,le o( one #hose direction has $een chan&ed <(or= him) and #ho no lon&er $elie es in ni&htmares o( any kind. % The li&ht in his mind #ill there(ore ans#er the questioner) #ho must decide #ith 1od that there is li&ht <$ecause= he sees it. ' 3nd $y his ackno#led&ment the healer kno#s it is there. * That is ho# ,erce,tion ultimately is translated into kno#led&e. - The miracle #orker $e&ins $y ,ercei in& li&ht) and translates his ,erce,tion into sureness $y continually e/tendin& it and acce,tin& its ackno#led&ment. : Its e((ects assure him it is there. T-:.6.-. 3 thera,ist does not heal9 <he lets healin& $e.= 2 0e can ,oint to darkness $ut he cannot $rin& li&ht o( himsel() (or li&ht is not o(

him. 3 7et) $ein& <(or= him) it must also $e (or his ,atient. ! The 0oly 5,irit is the only Thera,ist. % 0e makes healin& clear in any situation in #hich 0e is the 1uide. ' 7ou can only let 0im (ul(ill 0is (unction. ,1*2 * 0e needs no hel, (or this. - 0e #ill tell you e/actly #hat to do to hel, anyone 0e sends to you (or hel,) and #ill s,eak to him throu&h you i( you do not inter(ere. : Remem$er that you choose the &uide (or hel,in&) and the #ron& choice #ill not hel,. 1> But remem$er also that the ri&ht one #ill. 11 Trust 0im) (or hel, is 0is (unction) and 0e is o( 1od. 12 3s you a#aken other minds to the 0oly 5,irit throu&h 0im) and not yoursel() you #ill understand that you are not o$eyin& the la#s o( this #orld. 13 But the la#s you are o$eyin& #ork. 1! 2The &ood is #hat #orks2 is a sound thou&h insu((icient statement. 1% Only the &ood <can= #ork. 1' Nothin& else #orks at all. T-:.6.:. This course o((ers a ery direct and a ery sim,le learnin& situation) and ,ro ides the 1uide 8ho tells you #hat to do. 2 I( you do it) you #ill see that it #orks. 3 Its results are more con incin& than its #ords. ! They #ill con ince you that the #ords are true. % By (ollo#in& the ri&ht 1uide) you #ill learn the sim,lest o( all lessons. ' By their (ruits ye shall kno# them) and they shall kno# themsel es. "I. T#e Acceptance of 7o'r -rot#er T-:.6I.1. 0o# can you $ecome increasin&ly a#are o( the 0oly 5,irit in you e/ce,t $y 0is e((ectsD 2 7ou cannot see 0im #ith your eyes nor hear 0im #ith your ears. 3 0o#) then) can you ,ercei e 0im at allD ! I( you ins,ire Coy and others react to you #ith Coy) e en thou&h you are not e/,eriencin& Coy yoursel( there must $e somethin& in you that is ca,a$le o( ,roducin& it. % I( it is in you and can ,roduce Coy) and i( you see that it does ,roduce Coy in others) you must $e dissociatin& it in yoursel(. T-:.6I.2. It seems to you that the 0oly 5,irit does not ,roduce Coy consistently in you only $ecause you do not consistently arouse Coy in others. 2 Their reactions to you are your e aluations o( 0is consistency. 3 8hen you are inconsistent you #ill not al#ays &i e rise to Coy) and so you #ill not al#ays reco&niAe 0is consistency. ! 8hat you o((er to your $rother you o((er to 0im) $ecause 0e cannot &o $eyond your o((erin& in 0is &i in&. % This is not $ecause 0e limits 0is &i in&) $ut sim,ly $ecause you ha e limited your recei in&. ' The decision to recei e is the decision to acce,t. ,1*3 T-:.6I.3. I( your $rothers are ,art o( you) #ill you acce,t themD 2 Only they can teach you #hat you are) (or your learnin& is the result o( #hat you tau&ht them. 3 8hat you call u,on in them you call u,on in yoursel(. ! 3nd as you call u,on it in them it $ecomes real to you. %

1od has $ut one 5on) kno#in& them all as One. ' Only 1od 0imsel( is more than they $ut they are not less than 0e is. * 8ould you kno# #hat this meansD - I( #hat you do to my $rother you do to me) and i( you do e erythin& (or yoursel( $ecause #e are ,art o( you) e erythin& #e do $elon&s to you as #ell. : @ eryone 1od created is ,art o( you and shares 0is &lory #ith you. 1> 0is &lory $elon&s to 0im) $ut it is equally yours. 11 7ou cannot) then) $e less &lorious than 0e is. T-:.6I.!. 1od is more than you only $ecause 0e created you) $ut not e en this #ould 0e kee, (rom you. 2 There(ore you can create as 0e did) and your dissociation #ill not alter this. 3 Neither 1od+s li&ht nor yours is dimmed $ecause you do not see. ! Because the 5onshi, must create as one) you remem$er creation #hene er you reco&niAe ,art o( creation. % @ach ,art you remem$er adds to your #holeness $ecause each ,art <is= #hole. ' 8holeness is indi isi$le) $ut you cannot learn o( your #holeness until you see it e ery#here. * 7ou can kno# yoursel( only as 1od kno#s 0is 5on) (or kno#led&e is shared #ith 1od. - 8hen you a#ake in 0im you #ill kno# your ma&nitude $y acce,tin& 0is limitlessness as yours. : But mean#hile you #ill Cud&e it as you Cud&e your $rother+s) and #ill acce,t it as you acce,t his. T-:.6I.%. 7ou are not yet a#ake) $ut you can learn ho# to a#aken. 2 6ery sim,ly) the 0oly 5,irit teaches you to a#aken others. 3 3s you see them #aken you #ill learn #hat #akin& means) and $ecause you ha e chosen to #ake them) their &ratitude and their a,,reciation o( #hat you ha e &i en them #ill teach you its alue. ! They #ill $ecome the #itnesses to your reality) as you #ere created #itness to 1od+s. % 7et #hen the 5onshi, comes to&ether and acce,ts its Oneness it #ill $e kno#n $y its creations) #ho #itness to its reality as the 5on does to the "ather. T-:.6I.'. 4iracles ha e no ,lace in eternity) $ecause they are re,arati e. 2 7et #hile you still need healin&) your miracles are the only #itnesses to your reality that you can reco&niAe. 3 7ou cannot ,er(orm a miracle (or yoursel() $ecause miracles are a #ay o( &i in& acce,tance and recei in& it. ! In time the &i in& comes (irst) thou&h they are simultaneous in eternity) #here they cannot $e se,arated. % 8hen you ha e learned they are the same) the need (or time is o er. ,1*! T-:.6I.*. @ternity is one time) its only dimension $ein& 2al#ays.2 2 This cannot mean anythin& to you until you remem$er 1od+s o,en 3rms) and (inally kno# 0is o,en 4ind. 3 ;ike 0im) <you= are 2al#ays29 in 0is 4ind and #ith a mind like 0is. ! In your o,en mind are your creations) in ,er(ect communication $orn o( ,er(ect understandin&. % Could you $ut acce,t one o( them you #ould not #ant anythin& the #orld has to o((er. ' @ erythin& else #ould $e totally meanin&less. * 1od+s meanin& is incom,lete #ithout you) and you are incom,lete

#ithout your creations. - 3cce,t your $rother in this #orld and acce,t nothin& else) (or in him you #ill (ind your creations $ecause he created them #ith you. : 7ou #ill ne er kno# that you are co-creator #ith 1od until you learn that your $rother is co-creator #ith you. "II. T#e T+o Eval'ations T-:.6II.1. 1od+s 8ill is your sal ation. 2 8ould 0e not ha e &i en you the means to (ind itD 3 I( 0e #ills you to ha e it) 0e must ha e made it ,ossi$le and easy to o$tain it. ! 7our $rothers are e ery#here. % 7ou do not ha e to seek (ar (or sal ation. ' @ ery minute and e ery second &i es you a chance to sa e yoursel(. * Do not lose these chances) not $ecause they #ill not return) $ut $ecause delay o( Coy is needless. 1od #ills you ,er(ect ha,,iness no#. : Is it ,ossi$le that this is not also your #illD 1> 3nd is it ,ossi$le that this is not also the #ill o( your $rothersD T-:.6II.2. Consider) then) that in this Coint #ill you are all united) and in this only. 2 There may $e disa&reement on anythin& else) $ut not on this. 3 This) then) is #here ,eace a$ides. ! 3nd you a$ide in ,eace #hen you so decide. % 7et you cannot a$ide in ,eace unless you acce,t the 3tonement) $ecause the 3tonement <is= the #ay to ,eace. ' The reason is ery sim,le) and so o$ ious that it is o(ten o erlooked. * The e&o is a(raid o( the o$ ious) since o$ iousness is the essential characteristic o( reality. - 7et <you= cannot o erlook it unless you are not lookin&. T-:.6II.3. It is ,er(ectly o$ ious that i( the 0oly 5,irit looks #ith lo e on all 0e ,ercei es) 0e looks #ith lo e on you. 2 0is e aluation o( you is $ased on 0is kno#led&e o( #hat you are) and so 0e e aluates you truly. 3 3nd this e aluation must $e in your mind) $ecause 0e is. ! The e&o is also in your mind) $ecause you ha e acce,ted it there. ,1*% % Its e aluation o( you) ho#e er) is the e/act o,,osite o( the 0oly 5,irit+s) $ecause the e&o does not lo e you. ' It is una#are o( #hat you are) and #holly mistrust(ul o( e erythin& it ,ercei es $ecause its ,erce,tions are so shi(tin&. * The e&o is there(ore ca,a$le o( sus,iciousness at $est and iciousness at #orst. - That is its ran&e. : It cannot e/ceed it $ecause o( its uncertainty. 1> 3nd it can ne er &o $eyond it $ecause it can ne er <$e= certain. T-:.6II.!. 7ou) then) ha e t#o con(lictin& e aluations o( yoursel( in your mind) and they cannot $oth $e true. 2 7ou do not yet realiAe ho# com,letely di((erent these e aluations are) $ecause you do not understand ho# lo(ty the 0oly 5,irit+s ,erce,tion o( you really is. 3 0e is not decei ed $y anythin& you do) $ecause 0e ne er (or&ets #hat you are. ! The e&o is decei ed $y e erythin& you do) es,ecially #hen you res,ond to the 0oly 5,irit) $ecause at such times its con(usion

increases. % The e&o is) there(ore) ,articularly likely to attack you #hen you react lo in&ly) $ecause it has e aluated you as unlo in& and you are &oin& a&ainst its Cud&ment. ' The e&o #ill attack your moti es as soon as they $ecome clearly out o( accord #ith its ,erce,tion o( you. * This is #hen it #ill shi(t a$ru,tly (rom sus,iciousness to iciousness) since its uncertainty is increased. - 7et it is surely ,ointless to attack in return. : 8hat can this mean e/ce,t that you are a&reein& #ith the e&o+s e aluation o( #hat you areD T-:.6II.%. I( you choose to see yoursel( as unlo in& you #ill not $e ha,,y. 2 7ou are condemnin& yoursel( and must there(ore re&ard yoursel( as inadequate. 3 8ould you look to the e&o to hel, you esca,e (rom a sense o( inadequacy it has ,roduced) and must maintain (or its e/istenceD ! Can you esca,e (rom its e aluation o( you $y usin& its methods (or kee,in& this ,icture intactD T-:.6II.'. 7ou cannot e aluate an insane $elie( system (rom #ithin it. 2 Its ran&e ,recludes this. 3 7ou can only &o $eyond it) look $ack (rom a ,oint #here sanity e/ists and <see the contrast.= ! Only $y this contrast can insanity $e Cud&ed as insane. % 8ith the &randeur o( 1od in you) you ha e chosen to $e little and to lament your littleness. ' 8ithin the system that dictated this choice the lament is ine ita$le. * 7our littleness is taken (or &ranted there and you do not ask) 28ho &ranted itD2 - The question is meanin&less #ithin the e&o+s thou&ht system) $ecause it #ould o,en the #hole thou&ht system to question. T-:.6II.*. I ha e said that the e&o does not kno# #hat a real question is. ,1*' 2 ;ack o( kno#led&e o( any kind is al#ays associated #ith un#illin&ness to kno#) and this ,roduces a total lack o( kno#led&e sim,ly $ecause kno#led&e is total. 3 Not to question your littleness there(ore is to deny all kno#led&e) and kee, the e&o+s #hole thou&ht system intact. ! 7ou cannot retain ,art o( a thou&ht system) $ecause it can $e questioned only at its (oundation. % 3nd this must $e questioned (rom $eyond it) $ecause #ithin it its (oundation does stand. ' The 0oly 5,irit Cud&es a&ainst the reality o( the e&o+s thou&ht system merely $ecause 0e kno#s its (oundation is not true. * There(ore) nothin& that arises (rom it means anythin&. - 0e Cud&es e ery $elie( you hold in terms o( #here it comes (rom. : I( it comes (rom 1od) 0e kno#s it to $e true. 1> I( it does not) 0e kno#s that it is meanin&less. T-:.6II.-. 8hene er you question your alue) say. 2 1od 0imsel( is incom,lete #ithout me. 3 Remem$er this #hen the e&o s,eaks) and you #ill not hear it. ! The truth a$out you is so lo(ty that nothin& un#orthy o( 1od is #orthy o( you. % Choose) then) #hat you #ant in these terms) and acce,t nothin&

that you #ould not o((er to 1od as #holly (ittin& (or 0im. ' 7ou do not #ant anythin& else. * Return your ,art to 0im) and 0e #ill &i e you all o( 0imsel( in e/chan&e (or the return o( #hat $elon&s to 0im and renders 0im com,lete. "III. Gran!e'r vers's Gran!iosit. T-:.6III.1. 1randeur is o( 1od) and only o( 0im. 2 There(ore it is in you. 3 8hene er you $ecome a#are o( it) ho#e er dimly) you a$andon the e&o automatically) $ecause in the ,resence o( the &randeur o( 1od the meanin&lessness o( the e&o $ecomes ,er(ectly a,,arent. ! 8hen this occurs) e en thou&h it does not understand it) the e&o $elie es that its 2enemy2 has struck) and attem,ts to o((er &i(ts to induce you to return to its 2,rotection.2 % 5el(-in(lation is the only o((erin& it can make. ' The &randiosity o( the e&o is its alternati e to the &randeur o( 1od. * 8hich #ill you chooseD T-:.6III.2. 1randiosity is al#ays a co er (or des,air. 2 It is #ithout ho,e $ecause it is not real. 3 It is an attem,t to counteract your littleness) $ased on the $elie( that the littleness is real. ! 8ithout this $elie( &randiosity is meanin&less) and you could not ,ossi$ly #ant it. ,1** % The essence o( &randiosity is com,etiti eness) $ecause it al#ays in ol es attack. ' It is a delusional attem,t to outdo) $ut not to undo. * 8e said $e(ore that the e&o acillates $et#een sus,iciousness and iciousness. - It remains sus,icious as lon& as you des,air o( yoursel(. : It shi(ts to iciousness #hen you decide not to tolerate sel(a$asement and seek relie(. 1> Then it o((ers you the illusion o( attack as a 2solution.2 T-:.6III.3. The e&o does not understand the di((erence $et#een &randeur and &randiosity) $ecause it sees no di((erence $et#een miracle im,ulses and e&o-alien $elie(s o( its o#n. 2 I told you that the e&o is a#are o( threat to its e/istence) $ut makes no distinctions $et#een these t#o ery di((erent kinds o( threat. 3 Its ,ro(ound sense o( ulnera$ility renders it inca,a$le o( Cud&ment e/ce,t in terms o( attack. ! 8hen the e&o e/,eriences threat) its only decision is #hether to attack no# or to #ithdra# to attack later. % I( you acce,t its o((er o( &randiosity it #ill attack immediately. ' I( you do not) it #ill #ait. T-:.6III.!. The e&o is immo$iliAed in the ,resence o( 1od+s &randeur) $ecause 0is &randeur esta$lishes your (reedom. 2 @ en the (aintest hint o( your reality literally dri es the e&o (rom your mind) $ecause you #ill &i e u, all in estment in it. 3 1randeur is totally #ithout illusions) and $ecause it is real it is com,ellin&ly con incin&. ! 7et the con iction o( reality #ill not remain #ith you unless you do not allo# the e&o to attack it. % The e&o #ill make e ery e((ort to reco er and mo$iliAe its ener&ies a&ainst your release. ' It #ill tell you that you are insane) and

ar&ue that &randeur cannot $e a real ,art o( you $ecause o( the littleness in #hich it $elie es. * 7et your &randeur is not delusional $ecause you did not make it. - 7ou made &randiosity and are a(raid o( it $ecause it is a (orm o( attack) $ut your &randeur is o( 1od) 8ho created it out o( 0is ;o e. T-:.6III.%. "rom your &randeur you can only $less) $ecause your &randeur is your a$undance. 2 By $lessin& you hold it in your mind) ,rotectin& it (rom illusions and kee,in& yoursel( in the 4ind o( 1od. 3 Remem$er al#ays that you cannot $e any#here e/ce,t in the 4ind o( 1od. ! 8hen you (or&et this) you <#ill= des,air and you <#ill= attack. T-:.6III.'. The e&o de,ends solely on your #illin&ness to tolerate it. 2 I( you are #illin& to look u,on your &randeur you cannot des,air) and there(ore you cannot #ant the e&o. 3 7our &randeur is 1od+s ans#er to the e&o) $ecause it is true. ! ;ittleness and &randeur cannot coe/ist) nor is it ,ossi$le (or them to alternate. % ;ittleness and &randiosity can and must alternate) since $oth are untrue and are there(ore on the same le el. ,1*- ' Bein& the le el o( shi(t) it is e/,erienced as shi(tin& and e/tremes are its essential characteristic. T-:.6III.*. Truth and littleness are denials o( each other $ecause &randeur is truth. 2 Truth does not acillate9 it is al#ays true. 3 8hen &randeur sli,s a#ay (rom you) you ha e re,laced it #ith somethin& you ha e made. ! ?erha,s it is the $elie( in littleness9 ,erha,s it is the $elie( in &randiosity. % 7et it must $e insane $ecause it is not true. ' 7our &randeur #ill ne er decei e you) $ut your illusions al#ays #ill. * Illusions are dece,tions. - 7ou cannot trium,h) $ut you <are= e/alted. : 3nd in your e/alted state you seek others like you and reCoice #ith them. T-:.6III.-. It is easy to distin&uish &randeur (rom &randiosity) $ecause lo e is returned and ,ride is not. 2 ?ride #ill not ,roduce miracles) and #ill there(ore de,ri e you o( the true #itnesses to your reality. 3 Truth is not o$scure nor hidden) $ut its o$ iousness to you lies in the Coy you $rin& to its #itnesses) #ho sho# it to you. ! They attest to your &randeur) $ut they cannot attest to ,ride $ecause ,ride is not shared. % 1od #ants you to $ehold #hat 0e created $ecause it is 0is Coy. T-:.6III.:. Can your &randeur $e arro&ant #hen 1od 0imsel( #itnesses to itD 2 3nd #hat can $e real that has no #itnessesD 3 8hat &ood can come o( itD ! 3nd i( no &ood can come o( it the 0oly 5,irit cannot use it. % 8hat 0e cannot trans(orm to the 8ill o( 1od does not e/ist at all. ' 1randiosity is delusional) $ecause it is used to re,lace your &randeur. * 7et #hat 1od has created cannot $e re,laced. - 1od is incom,lete #ithout you $ecause 0is &randeur is total) and you cannot $e missin& (rom it.

T-:.6III.1>. 7ou are alto&ether irre,lacea$le in the 4ind o( 1od. 2 No one else can (ill your ,art in it) and #hile you lea e your ,art o( it em,ty your eternal ,lace merely #aits (or your return. 3 1od) throu&h 0is 6oice) reminds you o( it) and 1od 0imsel( kee,s your e/tensions sa(e #ithin it. ! 7et you do not kno# them until you return to them. % 7ou cannot re,lace the Gin&dom) and you cannot re,lace yoursel(. ' 1od) 8ho kno#s your alue) #ould not ha e it so) and so it is not so. * 7our alue is in 1od+s 4ind) and there(ore not in yours alone. - To acce,t yoursel( as 1od created you cannot $e arro&ance) $ecause it is the denial o( arro&ance. : To acce,t your littleness <is= arro&ant) $ecause it means that you $elie e your e aluation o( yoursel( is truer than 1od+s. ,1*: T-:.6III.11. 7et i( truth is indi isi$le) your e aluation o( yoursel( must <$e= 1od+s. 2 7ou did not esta$lish your alue and it needs no de(ense. 3 Nothin& can attack it nor ,re ail o er it. ! It does not ary. % It merely <is.= ' 3sk the 0oly 5,irit #hat it is and 0e #ill tell you) $ut do not $e a(raid o( 0is ans#er) $ecause it comes (rom 1od. * It is an e/alted ans#er $ecause o( its 5ource) $ut the 5ource is true and so is Its ans#er. - ;isten and do not question #hat you hear) (or 1od does not decei e. : 0e #ould ha e you re,lace the e&o+s $elie( in littleness #ith 0is O#n e/alted 3ns#er to #hat you are) so that you can cease to question it and kno# it (or #hat it is. ,1-> Cha,ter 1>. THE I$OLS OF SIC,NESS Intro!'ction T-1>.in.1. Nothin& $eyond yoursel( can make you (ear(ul or lo in&) $ecause nothin& <is= $eyond you. 2 Time and eternity are $oth in your mind) and #ill con(lict until you ,ercei e time solely as a means to re&ain eternity. 3 7ou cannot do this as lon& as you $elie e that anythin& ha,,enin& to you is caused $y (actors outside yoursel(. ! 7ou must learn that time is solely at your dis,osal) and that nothin& in the #orld can take this res,onsi$ility (rom you. % 7ou can iolate 1od+s la#s in your ima&ination) $ut you cannot esca,e (rom them. ' They #ere esta$lished (or your ,rotection and are as in iolate as your sa(ety. T-1>.in.2. 1od created nothin& $eside you and nothin& $eside you e/ists) (or you are ,art o( 0im. 2 8hat e/ce,t 0im can e/istD 3 Nothin& $eyond 0im can ha,,en) $ecause nothin& e/ce,t 0im is real. ! 7our creations add to 0im as you do) $ut nothin& is added that is di((erent $ecause e erythin& has al#ays $een. % 8hat can u,set you e/ce,t the e,hemeral) and ho# can the e,hemeral $e real i( you are 1od+s only creation and 0e created you eternalD ' 7our holy mind esta$lishes

e erythin& that ha,,ens to you. * @ ery res,onse you make to e erythin& you ,ercei e is u, to you) $ecause your mind determines your ,erce,tion o( it. T-1>.in.3. 1od does not chan&e 0is 4ind a$out you) (or 0e is not uncertain o( 0imsel(. 2 3nd #hat 0e kno#s can $e kno#n) $ecause 0e does not kno# it only (or 0imsel(. 3 0e created you (or 0imsel() $ut 0e &a e you the ,o#er to create (or yoursel( so you #ould $e like 0im. ! That is #hy your mind is holy. % Can anythin& e/ceed the ;o e o( 1odD ' Can anythin&) then) e/ceed your #illD * Nothin& can reach you (rom $eyond it $ecause) $ein& in 1od) you encom,ass e erythin&. - Belie e this) and you #ill realiAe ho# much is u, to you. : 8hen anythin& threatens your ,eace o( mind) ask yoursel() 20as 1od chan&ed 0is 4ind a$out meD2 1> Then acce,t 0is decision) (or it is indeed chan&eless) and re(use to chan&e your mind a$out yoursel(. 11 1od #ill ne er decide a&ainst you) or 0e #ould $e decidin& a&ainst 0imsel(. ,1-1 I. At Ho e in Go! T-1>.I.1. 7ou do not kno# your creations sim,ly $ecause you #ould decide a&ainst them as lon& as your mind is s,lit) and to attack #hat you ha e created is im,ossi$le. 2 But remem$er that <it is as im,ossi$le (or 1od.= 3 The la# o( creation is that you lo e your creations as yoursel() $ecause they are ,art o( you. ! @ erythin& that #as created is there(ore ,er(ectly sa(e) $ecause the la#s o( 1od ,rotect it $y 0is ;o e. % 3ny ,art o( your mind that does not kno# this has $anished itsel( (rom kno#led&e) $ecause it has not met its conditions. ' 8ho could ha e done this $ut youD * Reco&niAe this &ladly) (or in this reco&nition lies the realiAation that your $anishment is not o( 1od) and there(ore does not e/ist. T-1>.I.2. 7ou are at home in 1od) dreamin& o( e/ile $ut ,er(ectly ca,a$le o( a#akenin& to reality. 2 Is it your decision to do soD 3 7ou reco&niAe (rom your o#n e/,erience that #hat you see in dreams you think is real #hile you are aslee,. ! 7et the instant you #aken you realiAe that e erythin& that seemed to ha,,en in the dream did not ha,,en at all. % 7ou do not think this stran&e) e en thou&h all the la#s o( #hat you a#aken to #ere iolated #hile you sle,t. ' Is it not ,ossi$le that you merely shi(ted (rom one dream to another) #ithout really #akin&D T-1>.I.3. 8ould you $other to reconcile #hat ha,,ened in con(lictin& dreams) or #ould you dismiss $oth to&ether i( you disco ered that reality is in accord #ith neitherD 2 7ou do not remem$er $ein& a#ake. 3 8hen you hear the 0oly 5,irit you may (eel $etter $ecause lo in& then seems ,ossi$le to you) $ut you do not remem$er yet that it once #as

so. ! 3nd it is in this remem$erin& that you #ill kno# it can $e so a&ain. % 8hat is ,ossi$le has not yet $een accom,lished. ' 7et #hat has once $een is so no#) i( it is eternal. * 8hen you remem$er) you #ill kno# that #hat you remem$er is eternal) and there(ore is no#. T-1>.I.!. 7ou #ill remem$er e erythin& the instant you desire it #holly) (or i( to desire #holly is to create) you #ill ha e #illed a#ay the se,aration) returnin& your mind simultaneously to your Creator and your creations. 2 Gno#in& Them you #ill ha e no #ish to slee,) $ut only the desire to #aken and $e &lad. 3 Dreams #ill $e im,ossi$le $ecause you #ill #ant only truth) and $ein& at last your #ill) it #ill $e yours. ,1-2 II. T#e $ecision to For)et T-1>.II.1. Unless you (irst kno# somethin& you cannot dissociate it. 2 Gno#led&e must ,recede dissociation) so that dissociation is nothin& more than a decision to (or&et. 3 8hat has $een (or&otten then a,,ears to $e (ear(ul) $ut only $ecause the dissociation is an attack on truth. ! 7ou are (ear(ul <$ecause= you ha e (or&otten. % 3nd you ha e re,laced your kno#led&e $y an a#areness o( dreams $ecause you are a(raid o( your dissociation) not o( #hat you ha e dissociated. ' 8hen #hat you ha e dissociated is acce,ted) it ceases to $e (ear(ul. T-1>.II.2. 7et to &i e u, the dissociation o( reality $rin&s more than merely lack o( (ear. 2 In this decision lie Coy and ,eace and the &lory o( creation. 3 O((er the 0oly 5,irit only your #illin&ness to remem$er) (or 0e retains the kno#led&e o( 1od and o( yoursel( (or you) #aitin& (or your acce,tance. ! 1i e u, &ladly e erythin& that #ould stand in the #ay o( your remem$erin&) (or 1od is in your memory. % 0is 6oice #ill tell you that you are ,art o( 0im #hen you are #illin& to remem$er 0im and kno# your o#n reality a&ain. ' ;et nothin& in this #orld delay your remem$erin& o( 0im) (or in this remem$erin& is the kno#led&e o( yoursel(. T-1>.II.3. To remem$er is merely to restore to your mind <#hat is already there.= 2 7ou do not make #hat you remem$er9 you merely acce,t a&ain #hat is already there) $ut #as reCected. 3 The a$ility to acce,t truth in this #orld is the ,erce,tual counter,art o( creatin& in the Gin&dom. ! 1od #ill do 0is ,art i( you #ill do yours) and 0is return in e/chan&e (or yours is the e/chan&e o( kno#led&e (or ,erce,tion. % Nothin& is $eyond 0is 8ill (or you. ' But si&ni(y your #ill to remem$er 0im) and $eholdJ * 0e #ill &i e you e erythin& $ut (or the askin&. T-1>.II.!. 8hen you attack) you are denyin& yoursel(. 2 7ou are s,eci(ically teachin& yoursel( that you are not #hat you are. 3 7our denial o( reality ,recludes the acce,tance o( 1od+s &i(t) $ecause you ha e acce,ted somethin& else in its ,lace. ! I( you understand that this

is al#ays an attack on truth) and truth is 1od) you #ill realiAe #hy it is al#ays (ear(ul. % I( you (urther reco&niAe that you are ,art o( 1od) you #ill understand #hy it is that you al#ays attack yoursel( (irst. T-1>.II.%. 3ll attack is 5el( attack. 2 It cannot $e anythin& else. 3 3risin& (rom your o#n decision not to $e #hat you are) it is an attack on your identi(ication. ! 3ttack is thus the #ay in #hich your identi(ication is lost) $ecause #hen you attack) you must ha e (or&otten #hat you are. ,1-3 % 3nd i( your reality is 1od+s) #hen you attack you are not remem$erin& 0im. ' This is not $ecause 0e is &one) $ut $ecause you are acti ely choosin& not to remem$er 0im. T-1>.II.'. I( you realiAed the com,lete ha oc this makes o( your ,eace o( mind you could not make such an insane decision. 2 7ou make it only $ecause you still $elie e it can &et you somethin& you #ant. 3 It (ollo#s) then) that you #ant somethin& other than ,eace o( mind) $ut you ha e not considered #hat it must $e. ! 7et the lo&ical outcome o( your decision is ,er(ectly clear) i( you #ill only look at it. % By decidin& a&ainst your reality) you ha e made yoursel( i&ilant <a&ainst= 1od and 0is Gin&dom. ' 3nd it is this i&ilance that makes you a(raid to remem$er 0im. III. T#e Go! of Sic%ness T-1>.III.1. 7ou ha e not attacked 1od and you do lo e 0im. 2 Can you chan&e your realityD 3 No one can #ill to destroy himsel(. ! 8hen you think you are attackin& yoursel() it is a sure si&n that you hate #hat you <think= you are. % 3nd this) and only this) can $e attacked $y you. ' 8hat you think you are can $e ery hate(ul) and #hat this stran&e ima&e makes you do can $e ery destructi e. * 7et the destruction is no more real than the ima&e) althou&h those #ho make idols do #orshi, them. - The idols are nothin&) $ut their #orshi,,ers are the 5ons o( 1od in sickness. : 1od #ould ha e them released (rom their sickness and returned to 0is 4ind. 1> 0e #ill not limit your ,o#er to hel, them) $ecause 0e has &i en it to you. 11 Do not $e a(raid o( it) $ecause it is your sal ation. T-1>.III.2. 8hat Com(orter can there $e (or the sick children o( 1od e/ce,t 0is ,o#er throu&h youD 2 Remem$er that it does not matter #here in the 5onshi, 0e is acce,ted. 3 0e is al#ays acce,ted (or all) and #hen your mind recei es 0im the remem$rance o( 0im a#akens throu&hout the 5onshi,. ! 0eal your $rothers sim,ly $y acce,tin& 1od (or them. % 7our minds are not se,arate) and 1od has only one channel (or healin& $ecause 0e has $ut one 5on. ' 1od+s remainin& Communication ;ink #ith all 0is children Coins them to&ether) and them to 0im. * To $e a#are o( this is to heal them $ecause it is the a#areness that no one is se,arate) and so no one is sick. ,1-!

T-1>.III.3. To $elie e that a 5on o( 1od can $e sick is to $elie e that ,art o( 1od can su((er. 2 ;o e cannot su((er) $ecause it cannot attack. 3 The remem$rance o( lo e there(ore $rin&s in ulnera$ility #ith it. ! Do not side #ith sickness in the ,resence o( a 5on o( 1od e en i( he $elie es in it) (or your acce,tance o( 1od in him ackno#led&es the ;o e o( 1od he has (or&otten. % 7our reco&nition o( him as ,art o( 1od reminds him o( the truth a$out himsel() #hich he is denyin&. ' 8ould you stren&then his denial o( 1od and thus lose si&ht o( yoursel(D * Or #ould you remind him o( his #holeness and remem$er your Creator #ith himD T-1>.III.!. To $elie e a 5on o( 1od is sick is to #orshi, the same idol he does. 2 1od created lo e) not idolatry. 3 3ll (orms o( idolatry are caricatures o( creation) tau&ht $y sick minds too di ided to kno# that creation shares ,o#er and ne er usur,s it. ! 5ickness is idolatry) $ecause it is the $elie( that ,o#er can $e taken (rom you. % 7et this is im,ossi$le) $ecause you are ,art o( 1od) 8ho is all ,o#er. ' 3 sick &od must $e an idol) made in the ima&e o( #hat its maker thinks he is. * 3nd that is e/actly #hat the e&o does ,ercei e in a 5on o( 1od9 a sick &od) sel(-created) sel(-su((icient) ery icious and ery ulnera$le. - Is this the idol you #ould #orshi,D : Is this the ima&e you #ould $e i&ilant to sa eD 1> 3re you really a(raid o( losin& thisD T-1>.III.%. ;ook calmly at the lo&ical conclusion o( the e&o+s thou&ht system and Cud&e #hether its o((erin& is really #hat you #ant) (or this <is= #hat it o((ers you. 2 To o$tain this you are #illin& to attack the Di inity o( your $rothers) and thus lose si&ht o( yours. 3 3nd you are #illin& to kee, it hidden) to ,rotect an idol you think #ill sa e you (rom the dan&ers (or #hich it stands) $ut #hich do not e/ist. T-1>.III.'. There are no idolaters in the Gin&dom) $ut there is &reat a,,reciation (or e erythin& that 1od created) $ecause o( the calm kno#led&e that each one is ,art o( 0im. 2 1od+s 5on kno#s no idols) $ut he does kno# his "ather. 3 0ealth in this #orld is the counter,art o( alue in 0ea en. ! It is not my merit that I contri$ute to you $ut my lo e) (or you do not alue yoursel(. % 8hen you do not alue yoursel( you $ecome sick) $ut my alue o( you can heal you) $ecause the alue o( 1od+s 5on is one. ' 8hen I said) 24y ,eace I &i e unto you)2 I meant it. * ?eace comes (rom 1od throu&h me to you. - It is (or you althou&h you may not ask (or it. T-1>.III.*. 8hen a $rother is sick it is $ecause he is not askin& (or ,eace) and there(ore does not kno# he has it. 2 The acce,tance o( ,eace is the denial o( illusion) and sickness <is= an illusion. ,1-% 3 7et e ery 5on o( 1od has the ,o#er to deny illusions any#here in the Gin&dom) merely $y denyin& them com,letely in himsel(. ! I can heal you $ecause I kno# you. % I kno# your alue (or you) and it is this

alue that makes you #hole. ' 3 #hole mind is not idolatrous) and does not kno# o( con(lictin& la#s. * I #ill heal you merely $ecause I ha e only one messa&e) and it is true. - 7our (aith in it #ill make you #hole #hen you ha e (aith in me. T-1>.III.-. I do not $rin& 1od+s messa&e #ith dece,tion) and you #ill learn this as you learn that you al#ays recei e as much as you acce,t. 2 7ou could acce,t ,eace no# (or e eryone) and o((er them ,er(ect (reedom (rom all illusions $ecause you heard 0is 6oice. 3 But ha e no other &ods $e(ore 0im or you #ill not hear. ! 1od is not Cealous o( the &ods you make) $ut you are. % 7ou #ould sa e them and ser e them) $ecause you $elie e that they made you. ' 7ou think they are your (ather) $ecause you are ,roCectin& onto them the (ear(ul (act that you made them to re,lace 1od. * 7et #hen they seem to s,eak to you) remem$er that nothin& can re,lace 1od) and #hate er re,lacements you ha e attem,ted are nothin&. T-1>.III.:. 6ery sim,ly) then) you may $elie e you are a(raid o( nothin&ness) $ut you are really a(raid o( nothin&. 2 3nd in that a#areness you are healed. 3 7ou #ill hear the &od you listen to. ! 7ou made the &od o( sickness) and $y makin& him you made yoursel( a$le to hear him. % 7et you did not create him) $ecause he is not the 8ill o( the "ather. ' 0e is there(ore not eternal and #ill $e unmade (or you the instant you si&ni(y your #illin&ness to acce,t only the eternal. T-1>.III.1>. I( 1od has $ut one 5on) there is $ut one 1od. 2 7ou share reality #ith 0im) $ecause reality is not di ided. 3 To acce,t other &ods $e(ore 0im is to ,lace other ima&es $e(ore yoursel(. ! 7ou do not realiAe ho# much you listen to your &ods) and ho# i&ilant you are on their $ehal(. % 7et they e/ist only $ecause you honor them. ' ?lace honor #here it is due) and ,eace #ill $e yours. * It is your inheritance (rom your real "ather. - 7ou cannot make your "ather) and the (ather you made did not make you. : 0onor is not due to illusions) (or to honor them is to honor nothin&. 1> 7et (ear is not due them either) (or nothin& cannot $e (ear(ul. 11 7ou ha e chosen to (ear lo e $ecause o( its ,er(ect harmlessness) and $ecause o( this (ear you ha e $een #illin& to &i e u, your o#n ,er(ect hel,(ulness and your o#n ,er(ect 0el,. ,1-' T-1>.III.11. Only at the altar o( 1od #ill you (ind ,eace. 2 3nd this altar is in you $ecause 1od ,ut it there. 3 0is 6oice still calls you to return) and 0e #ill $e heard #hen you ,lace no other &ods $e(ore 0im. ! 7ou can &i e u, the &od o( sickness (or your $rothers9 in (act) you #ould ha e to do so i( you &i e him u, (or yoursel(. % "or i( you see the &od o( sickness any#here) you ha e acce,ted him. ' 3nd i( you acce,t him you #ill $o# do#n and #orshi, him) $ecause he #as made as 1od+s re,lacement. * 0e is the $elie( that you can choose #hich &od is

real. - 3lthou&h it is clear this has nothin& to do #ith reality) it is equally clear that it has e erythin& to do #ith reality as you ,ercei e it. I". T#e En! of Sic%ness T-1>.I6.1. 3ll ma&ic is an attem,t at reconcilin& the irreconcila$le. 2 3ll reli&ion is the reco&nition that the irreconcila$le cannot $e reconciled. 3 5ickness and ,er(ection are irreconcila$le. ! I( 1od created you ,er(ect) you <are= ,er(ect. % I( you $elie e you can $e sick) you ha e ,laced other &ods $e(ore 0im. ' 1od is not at #ar #ith the &od o( sickness you made) $ut you are. * 0e is the sym$ol o( decidin& a&ainst 1od) and you are a(raid o( him $ecause he cannot $e reconciled #ith 1od+s 8ill. - I( you attack him) you #ill make him real to you. : But i( you re(use to #orshi, him in #hate er (orm he may a,,ear to you) and #here er you think you see him) he #ill disa,,ear into the nothin&ness out o( #hich he #as made. T-1>.I6.2. Reality can da#n only on an unclouded mind. 2 It is al#ays there to $e acce,ted) $ut its acce,tance de,ends on your #illin&ness to ha e it. 3 To kno# reality must in ol e the #illin&ness to Cud&e unreality (or #hat it is. ! To o erlook nothin&ness is merely to Cud&e it correctly) and $ecause o( your a$ility to e aluate it truly) to let it &o. % Gno#led&e cannot da#n on a mind (ull o( illusions) $ecause truth and illusions are irreconcila$le. ' Truth is #hole) and cannot $e kno#n $y ,art o( a mind. T-1>.I6.3. The 5onshi, cannot $e ,ercei ed as ,artly sick) $ecause to ,ercei e it that #ay is not to ,ercei e it at all. 2 I( the 5onshi, is One) it is One in all res,ects. 3 Oneness cannot $e di ided. ! I( you ,ercei e other &ods your mind is s,lit) and you #ill not $e a$le to limit the s,lit) $ecause it is the si&n that you ha e remo ed ,art o( your mind (rom 1od+s 8ill. % This means it is out o( control. ' To $e out o( control is to $e out o( reason) and then the mind does $ecome unreasona$le. ,1-* * By de(inin& the mind #ron&ly) you ,ercei e it as (unctionin& #ron&ly. T-1>.I6.!. 1od+s la#s #ill kee, your mind at ,eace $ecause ,eace is 0is 8ill) and 0is la#s are esta$lished to u,hold it. 2 0is are the la#s o( (reedom) $ut yours are the la#s o( $onda&e. 3 5ince (reedom and $onda&e are irreconcila$le) their la#s cannot $e understood to&ether. ! The la#s o( 1od #ork only (or your &ood) and there are no other la#s $eside 0is. % @ erythin& else is merely la#less and there(ore chaotic. ' 7et 1od 0imsel( has ,rotected e erythin& 0e created $y 0is la#s. * @ erythin& that is not under them does not e/ist. - 2;a#s o( chaos2 is a meanin&less term. : Creation is ,er(ectly la#(ul) and the chaotic is #ithout meanin& $ecause it is #ithout 1od. 1> 7ou ha e 2&i en2 your ,eace to the &ods you made) $ut they are not there to take it (rom you) and you cannot &i e it to them.

T-1>.I6.%. 7ou are not (ree to &i e u, (reedom) $ut only to deny it. 2 7ou cannot do #hat 1od did not intend) $ecause #hat 0e did not intend does not ha,,en. 3 7our &ods do not $rin& chaos9 you are endo#in& them #ith chaos) and acce,tin& it o( them. ! 3ll this has ne er $een. % Nothin& $ut the la#s o( 1od has e er $een) and nothin& $ut 0is 8ill #ill e er $e. ' 7ou #ere created throu&h 0is la#s and $y 0is 8ill) and the manner o( your creation esta$lished you a creator. * 8hat you ha e made is so un#orthy o( you that you could hardly #ant it) i( you #ere #illin& to see it as it is. - 7ou #ill see nothin& at all. : 3nd your ision #ill automatically look $eyond it) to #hat is in you and all around you. 1> Reality cannot $reak throu&h the o$structions you inter,ose) $ut it #ill en elo, you com,letely #hen you let them &o. T-1>.I6.'. 8hen you ha e e/,erienced the ,rotection o( 1od) the makin& o( idols $ecomes inconcei a$le. 2 There are no stran&e ima&es in the 4ind o( 1od) and #hat is not in 0is 4ind cannot $e in yours) $ecause you are o( one mind and that mind $elon&s to 0im. 3 It is yours <$ecause= it $elon&s to 0im) (or to 0im o#nershi, is sharin&. ! 3nd i( it is so (or 0im) it is so (or you. % 0is de(initions <are= 0is la#s) (or $y them 0e esta$lished the uni erse as #hat it is. ' No (alse &ods you attem,t to inter,ose $et#een yoursel( and your reality a((ect truth at all. * ?eace is yours $ecause 1od created you. - 3nd 0e created nothin& else. T-1>.I6.*. The miracle is the act o( a 5on o( 1od #ho has laid aside all (alse &ods) and calls on his $rothers to do like#ise. 2 It is an act o( (aith) $ecause it is the reco&nition that his $rother can do it. ,1-- 3 It is a call to the 0oly 5,irit in his mind) a call that is stren&thened $y Coinin&. ! Because the miracle #orker has heard 1od+s 6oice) he stren&thens It in a sick $rother $y #eakenin& his $elie( in sickness) #hich he does not share. % The ,o#er o( one mind can shine into another) $ecause all the lam,s o( 1od #ere lit $y the same s,ark. ' It is e ery#here and it is eternal. T-1>.I6.-. In many only the s,ark remains) (or the 1reat Rays are o$scured. 2 7et 1od has ke,t the s,ark ali e so that the Rays can ne er $e com,letely (or&otten. 3 I( you $ut see the little s,ark you #ill learn o( the &reater li&ht) (or the Rays are there unseen. ! ?ercei in& the s,ark #ill heal) $ut kno#in& the li&ht #ill create. % 7et in the returnin& the little li&ht must $e ackno#led&ed (irst) (or the se,aration #as a descent (rom ma&nitude to littleness. ' But the s,ark is still as ,ure as the 1reat ;i&ht) $ecause it is the remainin& call o( creation. * ?ut all your (aith in it) and 1od 0imsel( #ill ans#er you. ". T#e $enial of Go!

T-1>.6.1. The rituals o( the &od o( sickness are stran&e and ery demandin&. 2 Hoy is ne er ,ermitted) (or de,ression is the si&n o( alle&iance to him. 3 De,ression means that you ha e (ors#orn 1od. ! 4any are a(raid o( $las,hemy) $ut they do not understand #hat it means. % They do not realiAe that to deny 1od is to deny their o#n Identity) and in this sense the #a&es o( sin <is= death. ' The sense is ery literal9 denial o( li(e ,ercei es its o,,osite) as all (orms o( denial re,lace #hat is #ith #hat is not. * No one can really do this) $ut that you can think you can and $elie e you ha e is $eyond dis,ute. T-1>.6.2. Do not (or&et) ho#e er) that to deny 1od #ill ine ita$ly result in ,roCection) and you #ill $elie e that others and not yoursel( ha e done this to you. 2 7ou must recei e the messa&e you &i e $ecause it is the messa&e you #ant. 3 7ou may $elie e that you Cud&e your $rothers $y the messa&es they &i e you) $ut you ha e Cud&ed them $y the messa&e you &i e to them. ! Do not attri$ute your denial o( Coy to them) or you cannot see the s,ark in them that #ould $rin& Coy to you. % It is the denial o( the s,ark that $rin&s de,ression) (or #hene er you see your $rothers #ithout it) you are denyin& 1od. ,1-: T-1>.6.3. 3lle&iance to the denial o( 1od is the e&o+s reli&ion. 2 The &od o( sickness o$ iously demands the denial o( health) $ecause health is in direct o,,osition to its o#n sur i al. 3 But consider #hat this means to you. ! Unless you are sick you cannot kee, the &ods you made) (or only in sickness could you ,ossi$ly #ant them. % Blas,hemy) then) is <sel(-destructi e)= not 1od-destructi e. ' It means that you are #illin& not to kno# yoursel( in order to $e sick. * This is the o((erin& your &od demands $ecause) ha in& made him out o( your insanity) he is an insane idea. - 0e has many (orms) $ut althou&h he may seem to $e many di((erent thin&s he is $ut one idea9Kthe denial o( 1od. T-1>.6.!. 5ickness and death seemed to enter the mind o( 1od+s 5on a&ainst 0is 8ill. 2 The 2attack on 1od2 made 0is 5on think he #as "atherless) and out o( his de,ression he made the &od o( de,ression. 3 This #as his alternati e to Coy) $ecause he #ould not acce,t the (act that) althou&h he #as a creator) he had $een created. ! 7et the 5on <is= hel,less #ithout the "ather) 8ho alone is his 0el,. T-1>.6.%. I said $e(ore that o( yoursel( you can do nothin&) $ut you are not <o(= yoursel(. 2 I( you #ere) #hat you ha e made #ould $e true) and you could ne er esca,e. 3 It is $ecause you did not make yoursel( that you need $e trou$led o er nothin&. ! 7our &ods are nothin&) $ecause your "ather did not create them. % 7ou cannot make creators #ho are unlike your Creator) any more than 0e could ha e created a 5on #ho #as unlike 0im. ' I( creation is sharin&) it cannot create #hat is unlike itsel(. * It can share only #hat it is. - De,ression is isolation) and so it could not ha e $een created.

T-1>.6.'. 5on o( 1od) you ha e not sinned) $ut you ha e $een much mistaken. 2 7et this can $e corrected and 1od #ill hel, you) kno#in& that you could not sin a&ainst 0im. 3 7ou denied 0im $ecause you lo ed 0im) kno#in& that i( you reco&niAed your lo e (or 0im) you could not deny 0im. ! 7our denial o( 0im there(ore means that you lo e 0im) and that you kno# 0e lo es you. % Remem$er that #hat you deny you must ha e once kno#n. ' 3nd i( you acce,t denial) you can acce,t its undoin&. T-1>.6.*. 7our "ather has not denied you. 2 0e does not retaliate) $ut 0e does call to you to return. 3 8hen you think 0e has not ans#ered your call) you ha e not ans#ered 0is. ! 0e calls to you (rom e ery ,art o( the 5onshi,) $ecause o( 0is ;o e (or 0is 5on. % I( you hear 0is messa&e 0e has ans#ered you) and you #ill learn o( 0im i( you hear ari&ht. ,1:> ' The ;o e o( 1od is in e erythin& 0e created) (or 0is 5on is e ery#here. * ;ook #ith ,eace u,on your $rothers) and 1od #ill come rushin& into your heart in &ratitude (or your &i(t to 0im. T-1>.6.-. Do not look to the &od o( sickness (or healin& $ut only to the 1od o( lo e) (or healin& is the ackno#led&ment o( 0im. 2 8hen you ackno#led&e 0im you #ill kno# that 0e has ne er ceased to ackno#led&e you) and that in 0is ackno#led&ment o( you lies your $ein&. 3 7ou are not sick and you cannot die. ! But you can con(use yoursel( #ith thin&s that do. % Remem$er) thou&h) that to do this is $las,hemy) (or it means that you are lookin& #ithout lo e on 1od and 0is creation) (rom #hich 0e cannot $e se,arated. T-1>.6.:. Only the eternal can $e lo ed) (or lo e does not die. 2 8hat is o( 1od is 0is (ore er) and you are o( 1od. 3 8ould 0e allo# 0imsel( to su((erD ! 3nd #ould 0e o((er 0is 5on anythin& that is not acce,ta$le to 0imD % I( you #ill acce,t yoursel( as 1od created you) you #ill $e inca,a$le o( su((erin&. ' 7et to do this you must ackno#led&e 0im as your Creator. * This is not $ecause you #ill $e ,unished other#ise. - It is merely $ecause your ackno#led&ment o( your "ather is the ackno#led&ment o( yoursel( as you are. : 7our "ather created you #holly #ithout sin) #holly #ithout ,ain and #holly #ithout su((erin& o( any kind. 1> I( you deny 0im you $rin& sin) ,ain and su((erin& into your o#n mind $ecause o( the ,o#er 0e &a e it. 11 7our mind is ca,a$le o( creatin& #orlds) $ut it can also deny #hat it creates $ecause it is (ree. T-1>.6.1>. 7ou do not realiAe ho# much you ha e denied yoursel() and ho# much 1od) in 0is ;o e) #ould not ha e it so. 2 7et 0e #ould not inter(ere #ith you) $ecause 0e #ould not kno# 0is 5on i( he #ere not (ree. 3 To inter(ere #ith you #ould $e to attack 0imsel() and 1od is not insane. ! 8hen you deny 0im <you= are insane. % 8ould you ha e 0im share your insanityD ' 1od #ill ne er cease to lo e 0is 5on) and 0is 5on #ill ne er cease to lo e 0im. * That #as the condition o( 0is

5on+s creation) (i/ed (ore er in the 4ind o( 1od. - To kno# that is sanity. : To deny it is insanity. 1> 1od &a e 0imsel( to you in your creation) and 0is &i(ts are eternal. 11 8ould you deny yoursel( to 0imD T-1>.6.11. Out o( your &i(ts to 0im the Gin&dom #ill $e restored to 0is 5on. 2 0is 5on remo ed himsel( (rom 0is &i(t $y re(usin& to acce,t #hat had $een created (or him) and #hat he had created in the Name o( his "ather. 3 0ea en #aits (or his return) (or it #as created as the d#ellin& ,lace o( 1od+s 5on. ,1:1 ! 7ou are not at home any#here else) or in any other condition. % Do not deny yoursel( the Coy that #as created (or you (or the misery you ha e made (or yoursel(. ' 1od has &i en you the means (or undoin& #hat you ha e made. * ;isten) and you #ill learn ho# to remem$er #hat you are. T-1>.6.12. I( 1od kno#s 0is children as #holly sinless) it is $las,hemous to ,ercei e them as &uilty. 2 I( 1od kno#s 0is children as #holly #ithout ,ain) it is $las,hemous to ,ercei e su((erin& any#here. 3 I( 1od kno#s 0is children to $e #holly Coyous) it is $las,hemous to (eel de,ressed. ! 3ll o( these illusions) and the many other (orms that $las,hemy may take) are re(usals to acce,t creation as it is. % I( 1od created 0is 5on ,er(ect) that is ho# you must learn to see him to learn o( his reality. ' 3nd as ,art o( the 5onshi,) that is ho# you must see yoursel( to learn o( yours. T-1>.6.13. Do not ,ercei e anythin& 1od did not create or you are denyin& 0im. 2 0is is the only "atherhood) and it is yours only $ecause 0e has &i en it to you. 3 7our &i(ts to yoursel( are meanin&less) $ut your &i(ts to your creations are like 0is) $ecause they are &i en in 0is Name. ! That is #hy your creations are as real as 0is. % 7et the real "atherhood must $e ackno#led&ed i( the real 5on is to $e kno#n. ' 7ou $elie e that the sick thin&s you ha e made are your real creations) $ecause you $elie e that the sick ima&es you ,ercei e are the 5ons o( 1od. * Only i( you acce,t the "atherhood o( 1od #ill you ha e anythin&) $ecause 0is "atherhood &a e you e erythin&. - That is #hy to deny 0im is to deny yoursel(. T-1>.6.1!. 3rro&ance is the denial o( lo e) $ecause lo e shares and arro&ance #ithholds. 2 3s lon& as $oth a,,ear to you to $e desira$le the conce,t o( choice) #hich is not o( 1od) #ill remain #ith you. 3 8hile this is not true in eternity it <is= true in time) so that #hile time lasts in your mind there #ill $e choices. ! Time itsel( is your choice. % I( you #ould remem$er eternity) you must look only on the eternal. ' I( you allo# yoursel( to $ecome ,reoccu,ied #ith the tem,oral) you are li in& in time. * 3s al#ays) your choice is determined $y #hat you alue. - Time and eternity cannot $oth $e real) $ecause they contradict each other. : I( you #ill acce,t only #hat is timeless as real) you #ill $e&in to understand eternity and make it yours. ,1:2

Cha,ter 11. GO$ OR THE EGO Intro!'ction @ither 1od or the e&o is insane. 2 I( you #ill e/amine the e idence on $oth sides (airly) you #ill realiAe this must $e true. 3 Neither 1od nor the e&o ,ro,oses a ,artial thou&ht system. ! @ach is internally consistent) $ut they are diametrically o,,osed in all res,ects so that ,artial alle&iance is im,ossi$le. % Remem$er) too) that their results are as di((erent as their (oundations) and their (undamentally irreconcila$le natures cannot $e reconciled $y acillations $et#een them. ' Nothin& ali e is "atherless) (or li(e is creation. * There(ore) your decision is al#ays an ans#er to the question) 28ho is my (atherD2 - 3nd you #ill $e (aith(ul to the (ather you choose. 7et #hat #ould you say to someone #ho $elie ed this question really in ol es con(lictD 2 I( you made the e&o) ho# can the e&o ha e made youD 3 The authority ,ro$lem is still the only source o( con(lict) $ecause the e&o #as made out o( the #ish o( 1od+s 5on to (ather 0im. ! The e&o) then) is nothin& more than a delusional system in #hich you made your o#n (ather. % 4ake no mistake a$out this. ' It sounds insane #hen it is stated #ith ,er(ect honesty) $ut the e&o ne er looks on #hat it does #ith ,er(ect honesty. * 7et that is its insane ,remise) #hich is care(ully hidden in the dark cornerstone o( its thou&ht system. - 3nd either the e&o) #hich you made) <is= your (ather) or its #hole thou&ht system #ill not stand. 7ou make $y ,roCection) $ut 1od creates $y e/tension. 2 The cornerstone o( 1od+s creation is you) (or 0is thou&ht system is li&ht. 3 Remem$er the Rays that are there unseen. ! The more you a,,roach the center o( 0is thou&ht system) the clearer the li&ht $ecomes. % The closer you come to the (oundation o( the e&o+s thou&ht system) the darker and more o$scure $ecomes the #ay. ' 7et e en the little s,ark in your mind is enou&h to li&hten it. * Brin& this li&ht (earlessly #ith you) and $ra ely hold it u, to the (oundation o( the e&o+s thou&ht system. - Be #illin& to Cud&e it #ith ,er(ect honesty. : O,en the dark cornerstone o( terror on #hich it rests) and $rin& it out into the li&ht. 1> There you #ill see that it rested on meanin&lessness) and that e erythin& o( #hich you ha e $een a(raid #as $ased on nothin&. ,1:3!. 4y $rother) you are ,art o( 1od and ,art o( me. 2 8hen you ha e at last looked at the e&o+s (oundation #ithout shrinkin& you #ill also ha e looked u,on ours. 3 I come to you (rom our "ather to o((er you e erythin& a&ain. ! Do not re(use it in order to kee, a dark cornerstone hidden) (or its ,rotection #ill not sa e you. % I &i e you the

lam, and I #ill &o #ith you. ' 7ou #ill not take this Courney alone. * I #ill lead you to your true "ather) 8ho hath need o( you) as I ha e. 8ill you not ans#er the call o( lo e #ith CoyD I. T#e Gifts of Fat#er#oo! T-11.I.1. 7ou ha e learned your need o( healin&. 2 8ould you $rin& anythin& else to the 5onshi,) reco&niAin& your need o( healin& (or yoursel(D 3 "or in this lies the $e&innin& o( the return to kno#led&e9 the (oundation on #hich 1od #ill hel, $uild a&ain the thou&ht system you share #ith 0im. ! Not one stone you ,lace u,on it $ut #ill $e $lessed $y 0im) (or you #ill $e restorin& the holy d#ellin& ,lace o( 0is 5on) #here 0e #ills 0is 5on to $e and #here he is. % In #hate er ,art o( the mind o( 1od+s 5on you restore this reality) you restore it to yoursel(. ' 7ou d#ell in the 4ind o( 1od #ith your $rother) (or 1od 0imsel( did not #ill to $e alone. T-11.I.2. To $e alone is to $e se,arated (rom in(inity) $ut ho# can this $e i( in(inity has no endD 2 No one can $e $eyond the limitless) $ecause #hat has no limits must $e e ery#here. 3 There are no $e&innin&s and no endin&s in 1od) 8hose uni erse is 0imsel(. ! Can you e/clude yoursel( (rom the uni erse) or (rom 1od 8ho <is= the uni erseD % I and my "ather are one #ith you) (or you are ,art o( Us. ' Do you really $elie e that ,art o( 1od can $e missin& or lost to 0imD T-11.I.3. I( you #ere not ,art o( 1od) 0is 8ill #ould not $e uni(ied. 2 Is this concei a$leD 3 Can ,art o( 0is 4ind contain nothin&D ! I( your ,lace in 0is 4ind cannot $e (illed $y anyone e/ce,t you) and your (illin& it #as your creation) #ithout you there #ould $e an em,ty ,lace in 1od+s 4ind. % @/tension cannot $e $locked) and it has no oids. ' It continues (ore er) ho#e er much it is denied. * 7our denial o( its reality may arrest it in time) $ut not in eternity. - That is #hy your creations ha e not ceased to $e e/tended) and #hy so much is #aitin& (or your return. ,1:! T-11.I.!. 8aitin& is ,ossi$le only in time) $ut time has no meanin&. 2 7ou #ho made delay can lea e time $ehind sim,ly $y reco&niAin& that neither $e&innin&s nor endin&s #ere created $y the @ternal) 8ho ,laced no limits on 0is creation or u,on those #ho create like 0im. 3 7ou do not kno# this sim,ly $ecause you ha e tried to limit #hat 0e created) and so you $elie e that all creation is limited. ! 0o#) then) could you kno# your creations) ha in& denied in(inityD T-11.I.%. The la#s o( the uni erse do not ,ermit contradiction. 2 8hat holds (or 1od holds (or you. 3 I( you $elie e you are a$sent (rom 1od) you #ill $elie e that 0e is a$sent (rom you. ! In(inity is meanin&less #ithout you) and you are meanin&less #ithout 1od. % There is no end to 1od and 0is 5on) (or #e <are= the uni erse. ' 1od is not

incom,lete) and 0e is not childless. * Because 0e did not #ill to $e alone) 0e created a 5on like 0imsel(. - Do not deny 0im 0is 5on) (or your un#illin&ness to acce,t 0is "atherhood has denied you yours. : 5ee 0is creations as 0is 5on) (or yours #ere created in honor o( 0im. 1> The uni erse o( lo e does not sto, $ecause you do not see it) nor ha e your closed eyes lost the a$ility to see. 11 ;ook u,on the &lory o( 0is creation) and you #ill learn #hat 1od has ke,t (or you. T-11.I.'. 1od has &i en you a ,lace in 0is 4ind that is yours (ore er. 2 7et you can kee, it only $y &i in& it) as it #as &i en you. 3 Could you $e alone there) #hen it #as &i en you $ecause 1od did not #ill to $e aloneD ! 1od+s 4ind cannot $e lessened. % It can only $e increased) (or e erythin& 0e creates has the (unction o( creatin&. ' ;o e does not limit) and #hat it creates is not limited. * To &i e #ithout limit is 1od+s 8ill (or you) $ecause only this can $rin& you the Coy that is 0is and that 0e #ills to share #ith you. - 7our lo e is as $oundless as 0is $ecause it <is= 0is. T-11.I.*. Could any ,art o( 1od $e #ithout 0is ;o e) and could any ,art o( 0is ;o e $e containedD 2 1od is your herita&e) $ecause 0is one &i(t is 0imsel(. 3 0o# can you &i e e/ce,t like 0im i( you #ould kno# 0is &i(t to youD ! 1i e) then) #ithout limit and #ithout end) to learn ho# much 0e has &i en you. % 7our a$ility to acce,t 0im de,ends on your #illin&ness to &i e as 0e &i es. ' 7our (atherhood and your "ather are One. * 1od #ills to create) and your #ill is 0is. - It (ollo#s) then) that you #ill to create) since your #ill (ollo#s (rom 0is. : 3nd $ein& an e/tension o( 0is 8ill) yours must $e the same. ,1:% T-11.I.-. 7et #hat you #ill you do not kno#. 2 This is not stran&e #hen you realiAe that to deny is to 2not kno#.2 3 1od+s 8ill is that you are 0is 5on. ! By denyin& this you deny your o#n #ill) and there(ore do not kno# #hat it is. % 7ou must ask #hat 1od+s 8ill is in e erythin&) $ecause it is yours. ' 7ou do not kno# #hat it is) $ut the 0oly 5,irit remem$ers it (or you. * 3sk 0im) there(ore) #hat 1od+s 8ill is (or you) and 0e #ill tell you yours. - It cannot $e too o(ten re,eated that you do not kno# it. : 8hene er #hat the 0oly 5,irit tells you a,,ears to $e coerci e) it is only $ecause you ha e not reco&niAed your #ill. T-11.I.:. The ,roCection o( the e&o makes it a,,ear as i( 1od+s 8ill is outside yoursel() and there(ore not yours. 2 In this inter,retation it seems ,ossi$le (or 1od+s 8ill and yours to con(lict. 3 1od) then) may seem to demand o( you #hat you do not #ant to &i e) and thus de,ri e you o( #hat you #ant. ! 8ould 1od) 8ho #ants only your #ill) $e ca,a$le o( thisD % 7our #ill is 0is li(e) #hich 0e has &i en to you. ' @ en in time you cannot li e a,art (rom 0im. * 5lee, is not death. 8hat 0e created can slee,) $ut cannot die. : Immortality is 0is 8ill (or 0is 5on) and 0is 5on+s #ill (or himsel(. 1> 1od+s 5on cannot #ill death

(or himsel( $ecause his "ather is li(e) and 0is 5on is like 0im. 11 Creation is your #ill <$ecause= it is 0is. T-11.I.1>. 7ou cannot $e ha,,y unless you do #hat you #ill truly) and you cannot chan&e this $ecause it is immuta$le. 2 It is immuta$le $y 1od+s 8ill and yours) (or other#ise 0is 8ill #ould not $e e/tended. 3 7ou are a(raid to kno# 1od+s 8ill) $ecause you $elie e it is not yours. ! This $elie( is your #hole sickness and your #hole (ear. % @ ery sym,tom o( sickness and (ear arises here) $ecause this is the $elie( that makes you <#ant= not to kno#. ' Belie in& this you hide in darkness) denyin& that the li&ht is in you. T-11.I.11. 7ou are asked to trust the 0oly 5,irit only $ecause 0e s,eaks (or you. 2 0e is the 6oice (or 1od) $ut ne er (or&et that 1od did not #ill to $e alone. 3 0e shares 0is 8ill #ith you9 0e does not thrust it u,on you. ! 3l#ays remem$er that #hat 0e &i es 0e kee,s) so that nothin& 0e &i es can contradict 0im. % 7ou #ho share 0is li(e must share it to kno# it) (or sharin& <is= kno#in&. ' Blessed are you #ho learn that to hear the 8ill o( your "ather is to kno# your o#n. * "or it is your #ill to $e like 0im) 8hose 8ill it is that it $e so. - 1od+s 8ill is that 0is 5on $e One) and united #ith 0im in 0is Oneness. : That is #hy healin& is the $e&innin& o( the reco&nition that your #ill is 0is. ,1:' II. T#e Invitation to Healin) T-11.II.1. I( sickness is se,aration) the decision to heal and to $e healed is the (irst ste, to#ard reco&niAin& #hat you truly #ant. 2 @ ery attack is a ste, a#ay (rom this) and e ery healin& thou&ht $rin&s it closer. 3 The 5on o( 1od <has= $oth "ather and 5on) $ecause he <is= $oth "ather and 5on. ! To unite <ha in&= and <$ein&= is to unite your #ill #ith 0is) (or 0e #ills you 0imsel(. % 3nd you #ill yoursel( to 0im $ecause) in your ,er(ect understandin& o( 0im) you kno# there is $ut one 8ill. ' 7et #hen you attack any ,art o( 1od and 0is Gin&dom your understandin& is not ,er(ect) and #hat you really #ant is there(ore lost to you. T-11.II.2. 0ealin& thus $ecomes a lesson in understandin&) and the more you ,ractice it the $etter teacher and learner you $ecome. 2 I( you ha e denied truth) #hat $etter #itnesses to its reality could you ha e than those #ho ha e $een healed $y itD 3 But $e sure to count yoursel( amon& them) (or in your #illin&ness to Coin them is your healin& accom,lished. ! @ ery miracle that you accom,lish s,eaks to you o( the "atherhood o( 1od. % @ ery healin& thou&ht that you acce,t) either (rom your $rother or in your o#n mind) teaches you that you are 1od+s 5on. ' In e ery hurt(ul thou&ht you hold) #here er you ,ercei e it) lies the denial o( 1od+s "atherhood and o( your 5onshi,.

T-11.II.3. 3nd denial is as total as lo e. 2 7ou cannot deny ,art o( yoursel() $ecause the rest #ill seem to $e se,arate and there(ore #ithout meanin&. 3 3nd $ein& #ithout meanin& to you) you #ill not understand it. ! To deny meanin& is to (ail to understand. % 7ou can heal only yoursel() (or only 1od+s 5on needs healin&. ' 7ou need it $ecause you do not understand yoursel() and there(ore kno# not #hat you do. * 0a in& (or&otten your #ill) you do not kno# #hat you really #ant. T-11.II.!. 0ealin& is a si&n that you #ant to make #hole. 2 3nd this #illin&ness o,ens your ears to the 6oice o( the 0oly 5,irit) 8hose messa&e is #holeness. 3 0e #ill ena$le you to &o (ar $eyond the healin& you #ould undertake) (or $eside your small #illin&ness to make #hole 0e #ill lay 0is O#n com,lete 8ill and make yours #hole. ! 8hat can the 5on o( 1od not accom,lish #ith the "atherhood o( 1od in himD % 3nd yet the in itation must come (rom you) (or you ha e surely learned that #hom you in ite as your &uest #ill a$ide #ith you. T-11.II.%. The 0oly 5,irit cannot s,eak to an un#elcomin& host) $ecause 0e #ill not $e heard. ,1:* 2 The @ternal 1uest remains) $ut 0is 6oice &ro#s (aint in alien com,any. 3 0e needs your ,rotection) only $ecause your care is a si&n that you #ant 0im. ! Think like 0im e er so sli&htly) and the little s,ark $ecomes a $laAin& li&ht that (ills your mind so that 0e $ecomes your only 1uest. % 8hene er you ask the e&o to enter) you lessen 0is #elcome. ' 0e #ill remain) $ut you ha e allied yoursel( a&ainst 0im. * 8hate er Courney you choose to take) 0e #ill &o #ith you) #aitin&. - 7ou can sa(ely trust 0is ,atience) (or 0e cannot lea e a ,art o( 1od. : 7et you need (ar more than ,atience. T-11.II.'. 7ou #ill ne er rest until you kno# your (unction and (ul(ill it) (or only in this can your #ill and your "ather+s $e #holly Coined. 2 To ha e 0im is to $e like 0im) and 0e has &i en 0imsel( to you. 3 7ou #ho ha e 1od must $e as 1od) (or 0is (unction $ecame yours #ith 0is &i(t. ! In ite this kno#led&e $ack into your mind) and let nothin& that o$scures it enter. % The 1uest 8hom 1od sent you #ill teach you ho# to do this) i( you $ut reco&niAe the little s,ark and are #illin& to let it &ro#. ' 7our #illin&ness need not $e ,er(ect) $ecause 0is is. * I( you #ill merely o((er 0im a little ,lace) 0e #ill li&hten it so much that you #ill &ladly let it $e increased. - 3nd $y this increase) you #ill $e&in to remem$er creation. T-11.II.*. 8ould you $e hosta&e to the e&o or host to 1odD 2 7ou #ill acce,t only #hom you in ite. 3 7ou are (ree to determine #ho shall $e your &uest) and ho# lon& he shall remain #ith you. ! 7et this is not real (reedom) (or it still de,ends on ho# you see it. % The 0oly 5,irit is there) althou&h 0e cannot hel, you #ithout your in itation. ' 3nd the

e&o is nothin&) #hether you in ite it in or not. * Real (reedom de,ends on #elcomin& reality) and o( your &uests only the 0oly 5,irit is real. Gno#) then) 8ho a$ides #ith you merely $y reco&niAin& #hat is there already) and do not $e satis(ied #ith ima&inary com(orters) (or the Com(orter o( 1od is in you. III. Fro $ar%ness to Li)#t T-11.III.1. 8hen you are #eary) remem$er you ha e hurt yoursel(. 2 7our Com(orter #ill rest you) $ut you cannot. 3 7ou do not kno# ho#) (or i( you did you could ne er ha e &ro#n #eary. ! Unless you hurt yoursel( you could ne er su((er in any #ay) (or that is not 1od+s 8ill (or 0is 5on. % ?ain is not o( 0im) (or 0e kno#s no attack and 0is ,eace surrounds you silently. ,1:- ' 1od is ery quiet) (or there is no con(lict in 0im. * Con(lict is the root o( all e il) (or $ein& $lind it does not see #hom it attacks. - 7et it al#ays attacks the 5on o( 1od) and the 5on o( 1od is you. T-11.III.2. 1od+s 5on is indeed in need o( com(ort) (or he kno#s not #hat he does) $elie in& his #ill is not his o#n. 2 The Gin&dom is his) and yet he #anders homeless. 3 3t home in 1od he is lonely) and amid all his $rothers he is (riendless. ! 8ould 1od let this $e real) #hen 0e did not #ill to $e alone 0imsel(D % 3nd i( your #ill is 0is it cannot $e true o( you) $ecause it is not true o( 0im. T-11.III.3. O my child) i( you kne# #hat 1od #ills (or you) your Coy #ould $e com,leteJ 2 3nd #hat 0e #ills has ha,,ened) (or it #as al#ays true. 3 8hen the li&ht comes and you ha e said) 21od+s 8ill is mine)2 you #ill see such $eauty that you #ill kno# it is not o( you. ! Out o( your Coy you #ill create $eauty in 0is Name) (or your Coy could no more $e contained than 0is. % The $leak little #orld #ill anish into nothin&ness) and your heart #ill $e so (illed #ith Coy that it #ill lea, into 0ea en) and into the ?resence o( 1od. ' I cannot tell you #hat this #ill $e like) (or your heart is not ready. * 7et I can tell you) and remind you o(ten) that #hat 1od #ills (or 0imsel( 0e #ills (or you) and #hat 0e #ills (or you is yours. T-11.III.!. The #ay is not hard) $ut it <is= ery di((erent. 2 7ours is the #ay o( ,ain) o( #hich 1od kno#s nothin&. 3 That #ay is hard indeed) and ery lonely. ! "ear and &rie( are your &uests) and they &o #ith you and a$ide #ith you on the #ay. % But the dark Courney is not the #ay o( 1od+s 5on. ' 8alk in li&ht and do not see the dark com,anions) (or they are not (it com,anions (or the 5on o( 1od) #ho #as created <o(= li&ht and <in= li&ht. * The 1reat ;i&ht al#ays surrounds you and shines out (rom you. - 0o# can you see the dark com,anions in a li&ht such as thisD : I( you see them) it is only $ecause you are denyin& the li&ht. 1> But deny them instead) (or the li&ht is here and the #ay is clear.

T-11.III.%. 1od hides nothin& (rom 0is 5on) e en thou&h 0is 5on #ould hide himsel(. 2 7et the 5on o( 1od cannot hide his &lory) (or 1od #ills him to $e &lorious) and &a e him the li&ht that shines in him. 3 7ou #ill ne er lose your #ay) (or 1od leads you. ! 8hen you #ander) you $ut undertake a Courney that is not real. % The dark com,anions) the dark #ay) are all illusions. ' Turn to#ard the li&ht) (or the little s,ark in you is ,art o( a li&ht so &reat that it can s#ee, you out o( all darkness (ore er. * "or your "ather <is= your Creator) and you <are= like 0im. ,1:: T-11.III.'. The children o( li&ht cannot a$ide in darkness) (or darkness is not in them. 2 Do not $e decei ed $y the dark com(orters) and ne er let them enter the mind o( 1od+s 5on) (or they ha e no ,lace in 0is tem,le. 3 8hen you are tem,ted to deny 0im remem$er that there <are= no other &ods to ,lace $e(ore 0im) and acce,t 0is 8ill (or you in ,eace. ! "or you cannot acce,t it other#ise. T-11.III.*. Only 1od+s Com(orter can com(ort you. 2 In the quiet o( 0is tem,le) 0e #aits to &i e you the ,eace that is yours. 3 1i e 0is ,eace) that you may enter the tem,le and (ind it #aitin& (or you. ! But $e holy in the ?resence o( 1od) or you #ill not kno# that you are there. % "or #hat is unlike 1od cannot enter 0is 4ind) $ecause it #as not 0is Thou&ht and there(ore does not $elon& to 0im. ' 3nd your mind must $e as ,ure as 0is) i( you #ould kno# #hat $elon&s to you. * 1uard care(ully 0is tem,le) (or 0e 0imsel( d#ells there and a$ides in ,eace. 7ou cannot enter 1od+s ?resence #ith the dark com,anions $eside you) $ut you also cannot enter alone. : 3ll your $rothers must enter #ith you) (or until you ha e acce,ted them <you= cannot enter. 1> "or you cannot understand #holeness unless you are #hole) and no ,art o( the 5on can $e e/cluded i( he #ould kno# the 8holeness o( his "ather. T-11.III.-. In your mind you can acce,t the #hole 5onshi, and $less it #ith the li&ht your "ather &a e it. 2 Then you #ill $e #orthy to d#ell in the tem,le #ith 0im) $ecause it is your #ill not to $e alone. 3 1od $lessed 0is 5on (ore er. ! I( you #ill $less him in time) you #ill $e in eternity. % Time cannot se,arate you (rom 1od i( you use it on $ehal( o( the eternal. I". T#e In#eritance of Go!2s Son T-11.I6.1. Ne er (or&et that the 5onshi, is your sal ation) (or the 5onshi, is your 5el(. 2 3s 1od+s creation It is yours) and $elon&in& to you It is 0is. 3 7our 5el( does not need sal ation) $ut your mind needs to learn #hat sal ation is. ! 7ou are not sa ed <(rom= anythin&) $ut you are sa ed <(or= &lory. % 1lory is your inheritance) &i en you $y your Creator that you mi&ht e/tend it. ' 7et i( you hate ,art o( your 5el( all your understandin& is lost) $ecause you are lookin& on #hat 1od

created as yoursel( #ithout lo e. * 3nd since #hat 0e created is ,art o( 0im) you are denyin& 0im 0is ,lace in 0is O#n altar. ,2>> T-11.I6.2. Could you try to make 1od homeless and kno# that you are at homeD 2 Can the 5on deny the "ather #ithout $elie in& that the "ather has denied himD 3 1od+s la#s hold only (or your ,rotection) and they ne er hold in ain. ! 8hat you e/,erience #hen you deny your "ather is still (or your ,rotection) (or the ,o#er o( your #ill cannot $e lessened #ithout the inter ention o( 1od a&ainst it) and any limitation on your ,o#er is not the 8ill o( 1od. % There(ore) look only to the ,o#er that 1od &a e to sa e you) remem$erin& that it is yours <$ecause= it is 0is) and Coin #ith your $rothers in 0is ,eace. T-11.I6.3. 7our ,eace lies in its limitlessness. 2 ;imit the ,eace you share) and your 5el( must $e unkno#n to you. 3 @ ery altar to 1od is ,art o( you) $ecause the li&ht 0e created is one #ith 0im. ! 8ould you cut o(( a $rother (rom the li&ht that is yoursD % 7ou #ould not do so i( you realiAed that you can darken only your o#n mind. ' 3s you $rin& him $ack) so #ill you return. * That is the la# o( 1od) (or the ,rotection o( the 8holeness o( 0is 5on. T-11.I6.!. <Only you can de,ri e yoursel( o( anythin&.= 2 Do not o,,ose this realiAation) (or it is truly the $e&innin& o( the da#n o( li&ht. 3 Remem$er also that the denial o( this sim,le (act takes many (orms) and these you must learn to reco&niAe and to o,,ose stead(astly) #ithout e/ce,tion. ! This is a crucial ste, in the rea#akenin&. % The $e&innin& ,hases o( this re ersal are o(ten quite ,ain(ul) (or as $lame is #ithdra#n (rom #ithout) there is a stron& tendency to har$or it #ithin. ' It is di((icult at (irst to realiAe that this is e/actly the same thin&) (or there is no distinction $et#een #ithin and #ithout. T-11.I6.%. I( your $rothers are ,art o( you and you $lame them (or your de,ri ation) you are $lamin& yoursel(. 2 3nd you cannot $lame yoursel( #ithout $lamin& them. 3 That is #hy $lame must $e undone) not seen else#here. ! ;ay it to yoursel( and you cannot kno# yoursel() (or only the e&o $lames at all. % 5el(-$lame is there(ore e&o identi(ication) and as much an e&o de(ense as $lamin& others. ' <7ou cannot enter 1od+s ?resence i( you attack 0is 5on.= * 8hen 0is 5on li(ts his oice in ,raise o( his Creator) he #ill hear the 6oice (or his "ather. - 7et the Creator cannot $e ,raised #ithout 0is 5on) (or Their &lory is shared and They are &lori(ied to&ether. T-11.I6.'. Christ is at 1od+s altar) #aitin& to #elcome 0is 5on. 2 But come #holly #ithout condemnation) (or other#ise you #ill $elie e that the door is $arred and you cannot enter. 3 The door is not $arred) and it is im,ossi$le that you cannot enter the ,lace #here 1od #ould ha e you $e. ,2>1 ! But lo e yoursel( #ith the ;o e o( Christ) (or so does your "ather lo e you. % 7ou can re(use to enter) $ut you cannot $ar the

door that Christ holds o,en. ' Come unto me #ho hold it o,en (or you) (or #hile I li e it cannot $e shut) and I li e (ore er. * 1od is my li(e and yours) and nothin& is denied $y 1od to 0is 5on. T-11.I6.*. 3t 1od+s altar Christ #aits (or the restoration o( 0imsel( in you. 2 1od kno#s 0is 5on as #holly $lameless as 0imsel() and 0e is a,,roached throu&h the a,,reciation o( 0is 5on. 3 Christ #aits (or your acce,tance o( 0im as yoursel() and o( 0is 8holeness as yours. ! "or Christ is the 5on o( 1od) 8ho li es in 0is Creator and shines #ith 0is &lory. % Christ is the e/tension o( the ;o e and the lo eliness o( 1od) as ,er(ect as 0is Creator and at ,eace #ith 0im. T-11.I6.-. Blessed is the 5on o( 1od #hose radiance is o( his "ather) and #hose &lory he #ills to share as his "ather shares it #ith him. 2 There is no condemnation in the 5on) (or there is no condemnation in the "ather. 3 5harin& the ,er(ect ;o e o( the "ather the 5on must share #hat $elon&s to 0im) (or other#ise he #ill not kno# the "ather or the 5on. ! ?eace $e unto you #ho rest in 1od) and in #hom the #hole 5onshi, rests. ". T#e 8$.na ics8 of t#e E)o T-11.6.1. No one can esca,e (rom illusions unless he looks at them) (or not lookin& is the #ay they are ,rotected. 2 There is no need to shrink (rom illusions) (or they cannot $e dan&erous. 3 8e are ready to look more closely at the e&o+s thou&ht system $ecause to&ether #e ha e the lam, that #ill dis,el it) and since you realiAe you do not #ant it) you must $e ready. ! ;et us $e ery calm in doin& this) (or #e are merely lookin& honestly (or truth. % The 2dynamics2 o( the e&o #ill $e our lesson (or a #hile) (or #e must look (irst at this to see $eyond it) since you ha e made it real. ' 8e #ill undo this error quietly to&ether) and then look $eyond it to truth. T-11.6.2. 8hat is healin& $ut the remo al o( all that stands in the #ay o( kno#led&eD 2 3nd ho# else can one dis,el illusions e/ce,t $y lookin& at them directly) #ithout ,rotectin& themD 3 Be not a(raid) there(ore) (or #hat you #ill $e lookin& at is the source o( (ear) and you are $e&innin& to learn that (ear is not real. ! 7ou are also learnin& that its e((ects can $e dis,elled merely $y denyin& their reality. ,2>2 % The ne/t ste, is o$ iously to reco&niAe that #hat has no e((ects does not e/ist. ' ;a#s do not o,erate in a acuum) and #hat leads to nothin& has not ha,,ened. * I( reality is reco&niAed $y its e/tension) #hat leads to nothin& could not $e real. - Do not $e a(raid) then) to look u,on (ear) (or it cannot $e seen. : Clarity undoes con(usion $y de(inition) and to look u,on darkness throu&h li&ht must dis,el it. T-11.6.3. ;et us $e&in this lesson in 2e&o dynamics2 $y understandin& that the term itsel( does not mean anythin&. 2 It contains the ery

contradiction in terms that makes it meanin&less. 3 2Dynamics2 im,lies the ,o#er to do somethin&) and the #hole se,aration (allacy lies in the $elie( that the e&o <has= the ,o#er to do anythin&. ! The e&o is (ear(ul to you $ecause you $elie e this. % 7et the truth is ery sim,le. ' 3ll ,o#er is o( 1od. * 8hat is not o( 0im has no ,o#er to do anythin&. T-11.6.!. 8hen #e look at the e&o) then) #e are not considerin& dynamics $ut delusions. 2 7ou can surely re&ard a delusional system #ithout (ear) (or it cannot ha e any e((ects i( its source is not real. 3 "ear $ecomes more o$ iously ina,,ro,riate i( you reco&niAe the e&o+s &oal) #hich is so clearly senseless that any e((ort on its $ehal( is necessarily e/,ended on nothin&. ! The e&o+s &oal is quite e/,licitly e&o autonomy. % "rom the $e&innin&) then) its ,ur,ose is to $e se,arate) su((icient unto itsel( and inde,endent o( any ,o#er e/ce,t its o#n. ' This is #hy it is the sym$ol o( se,aration. T-11.6.%. @ ery idea has a ,ur,ose) and its ,ur,ose is al#ays the natural outcome o( #hat it is. 2 @ erythin& that stems (rom the e&o is the natural outcome o( its central $elie() and the #ay to undo its results is merely to reco&niAe that their source is not natural) $ein& out o( accord #ith your true nature. 3 I said $e(ore that to #ill contrary to 1od is #ish(ul thinkin& and not real #illin&. ! 0is 8ill is One <$ecause= the e/tension o( 0is 8ill cannot $e unlike itsel(. % The real con(lict you e/,erience) then) is $et#een the e&o+s idle #ishes and the 8ill o( 1od) #hich you share. ' Can this $e a real con(lictD T-11.6.'. 7ours is the inde,endence o( creation) not o( autonomy. 2 7our #hole creati e (unction lies in your com,lete de,endence on 1od) 8hose (unction 0e shares #ith you. ,2>3 3 By 0is #illin&ness to share it) 0e $ecame as de,endent on you as you are on 0im. ! Do not ascri$e the e&o+s arro&ance to 0im 8ho #ills not to $e inde,endent o( you. % 0e has included you in 0is 3utonomy. ' Can you $elie e that autonomy is meanin&(ul a,art (rom 0imD * The $elie( in e&o autonomy is costin& you the kno#led&e o( your de,endence on 1od) in #hich your (reedom lies. - The e&o sees all de,endency as threatenin&) and has t#isted e en your lon&in& (or 1od into a means o( esta$lishin& itsel(. : But do not $e decei ed $y its inter,retation o( your con(lict. T-11.6.*. The e&o al#ays attacks on $ehal( o( se,aration. 2 Belie in& it has the ,o#er to do this it does nothin& else) $ecause its &oal o( autonomy <is= nothin& else. 3 The e&o is totally con(used a$out reality) $ut it does not lose si&ht o( its &oal. ! It is much more i&ilant than you are) $ecause it is ,er(ectly certain o( its ,ur,ose. % 7ou are con(used $ecause you do not reco&niAe yours.

T-11.6.-. 7ou must reco&niAe that the last thin& the e&o #ishes you to realiAe is that you are a(raid o( it. 2 "or i( the e&o could &i e rise to (ear) it #ould diminish your inde,endence and #eaken your ,o#er. 3 7et its one claim to your alle&iance is that it can &i e ,o#er to you. ! 8ithout this $elie( you #ould not listen to it at all. % 0o#) then) can its e/istence continue i( you realiAe that) $y acce,tin& it) you are $elittlin& yoursel( and de,ri in& yoursel( o( ,o#erD T-11.6.:. The e&o can and does allo# you to re&ard yoursel( as su,ercilious) un$elie in&) 2li&hthearted)2 distant) emotionally shallo#) callous) unin ol ed and e en des,erate) $ut not really a(raid. 2 4inimiAin& (ear) $ut not its undoin&) is the e&o+s constant e((ort) and is indeed a skill at #hich it is ery in&enious. 3 0o# can it ,reach se,aration #ithout u,holdin& it throu&h (ear) and #ould you listen to it i( you reco&niAed this is #hat it is doin&D T-11.6.1>. 7our reco&nition that #hate er seems to se,arate you (rom 1od is only (ear) re&ardless o( the (orm it takes and quite a,art (rom ho# the e&o #ants you to e/,erience it) is there(ore the $asic e&o threat. 2 Its dream o( autonomy is shaken to its (oundation $y this a#areness. 3 "or thou&h you may countenance a (alse idea o( inde,endence) you #ill not acce,t the cost o( (ear i( you reco&niAe it. ! 7et this is the cost) and the e&o cannot minimiAe it. % I( you o erlook lo e you are o erlookin& yoursel() and you must (ear unreality <$ecause= you ha e denied yoursel(. ' By $elie in& that you ha e success(ully attacked truth) you are $elie in& that attack has ,o#er. ,2>! * 6ery sim,ly) then) you ha e $ecome a(raid o( yoursel(. - 3nd no one #ants to (ind #hat he $elie es #ould destroy him. T-11.6.11. I( the e&o+s &oal o( autonomy could $e accom,lished 1od+s ,ur,ose could $e de(eated) and this is im,ossi$le. 2 Only $y learnin& #hat (ear is can you (inally learn to distin&uish the ,ossi$le (rom the im,ossi$le and the (alse (rom the true. 3 3ccordin& to the e&o+s teachin&) <its= &oal can $e accom,lished and 1od+s ,ur,ose can <not.= ! 3ccordin& to the 0oly 5,irit+s teachin&) <only= 1od+s ,ur,ose can $e accom,lished) and it is accom,lished already. T-11.6.12. 1od is as de,endent on you as you are on 0im) $ecause 0is 3utonomy encom,asses yours) and is there(ore incom,lete #ithout it. 2 7ou can only esta$lish your autonomy $y identi(yin& #ith 0im) and (ul(illin& your (unction as it e/ists in truth. 3 The e&o $elie es that to accom,lish its &oal is ha,,iness. ! But it is &i en you to kno# that 1od+s (unction is yours) and ha,,iness cannot $e (ound a,art (rom 7our Coint 8ill. % Reco&niAe only that the e&o+s &oal) #hich you ha e ,ursued so dili&ently) has merely $rou&ht you (ear) and it $ecomes di((icult to maintain that (ear is ha,,iness. ' U,held $y (ear) this is #hat the e&o #ould ha e you $elie e. * 7et 1od+s 5on is not insane)

and cannot $elie e it. - ;et him $ut reco&niAe it and he #ill not acce,t it. : "or only the insane #ould choose (ear in ,lace o( lo e) and only the insane could $elie e that lo e can $e &ained $y attack. 1> But the sane realiAe that only attack could ,roduce (ear) (rom #hich the ;o e o( 1od com,letely ,rotects them. T-11.6.13. The e&o analyAes9 the 0oly 5,irit acce,ts. 2 The a,,reciation o( #holeness comes only throu&h acce,tance) (or to analyAe means to $reak do#n or to se,arate out. 3 The attem,t to understand totality $y $reakin& it do#n is clearly the characteristically contradictory a,,roach o( the e&o to e erythin&. ! The e&o $elie es that ,o#er) understandin& and truth lie in se,aration) and to esta$lish this $elie( it must attack. % Una#are that the $elie( cannot $e esta$lished) and o$sessed #ith the con iction that se,aration is sal ation) the e&o attacks e erythin& it ,ercei es $y $reakin& it into small) disconnected ,arts) #ithout meanin&(ul relationshi,s and there(ore #ithout meanin&. ' The e&o #ill al#ays su$stitute chaos (or meanin&) (or i( se,aration is sal ation) harmony is threat. T-11.6.1!. The e&o+s inter,retations o( the la#s o( ,erce,tion are) and #ould ha e to $e) the e/act o,,osite o( the 0oly 5,irit+s. ,2>% 2 The e&o (ocuses on error and o erlooks truth. 3 It makes real e ery mistake it ,ercei es) and #ith characteristically circular reasonin& concludes that $ecause o( the mistake consistent truth must $e meanin&less. ! The ne/t ste,) then) is o$ ious. % I( consistent truth is meanin&less) inconsistency must $e true. ' 0oldin& error clearly in mind) and ,rotectin& #hat it has made real) the e&o ,roceeds to the ne/t ste, in its thou&ht system. @rror is real and truth is error. T-11.6.1%. The e&o makes no attem,t to understand this) and it is clearly not understanda$le) $ut the e&o does make e ery attem,t to demonstrate it) and this it does constantly. 2 3nalyAin& to attack meanin&) the e&o succeeds in o erlookin& it and is le(t #ith a series o( (ra&mented ,erce,tions #hich it uni(ies on $ehal( o( itsel(. 3 This) then) $ecomes the uni erse it ,ercei es. ! 3nd it is this uni erse #hich) in turn) $ecomes its demonstration o( its o#n reality. T-11.6.1'. Do not underestimate the a,,eal o( the e&o+s demonstrations to those #ho #ould listen. 2 5electi e ,erce,tion chooses its #itnesses care(ully) and its #itnesses are consistent. 3 The case (or insanity is stron& to the insane. ! "or reasonin& ends at its $e&innin&) and no thou&ht system transcends its source. % 7et reasonin& #ithout meanin& cannot demonstrate anythin&) and those #ho are con inced $y it must $e deluded. ' Can the e&o teach truly #hen it o erlooks truthD * Can it ,ercei e #hat it has deniedD - Its #itnesses do attest to its denial) $ut hardly to #hat it has denied. :

The e&o looks strai&ht at the "ather and does not see 0im) (or it has denied 0is 5on. T-11.6.1*. 8ould <you= remem$er the "atherD 2 3cce,t 0is 5on and you #ill remem$er 0im. 3 Nothin& can demonstrate that 0is 5on is un#orthy) (or nothin& can ,ro e that a lie is true. ! 8hat you see o( 0is 5on throu&h the eyes o( the e&o is a demonstration that 0is 5on does not e/ist) yet #here the 5on is the "ather must $e. % 3cce,t #hat 1od does not deny) and it #ill demonstrate its truth. ' The #itnesses (or 1od stand in 0is li&ht and $ehold #hat 0e created. * Their silence is the si&n that they ha e $eheld 1od+s 5on) and in the ?resence o( Christ they need demonstrate nothin&) (or Christ s,eaks to them o( 0imsel( and o( 0is "ather. - They are silent $ecause Christ s,eaks to them) and it is 0is #ords they s,eak. T-11.6.1-. @ ery $rother you meet $ecomes a #itness (or Christ or (or the e&o) de,endin& on #hat you ,ercei e in him. ,2>' 2 @ eryone con inces you o( #hat you #ant to ,ercei e) and o( the reality o( the kin&dom you ha e chosen (or your i&ilance. 3 @ erythin& you ,ercei e is a #itness to the thou&ht system you #ant to $e true. ! @ ery $rother has the ,o#er to release you) i( you choose to $e (ree. % 7ou cannot acce,t (alse #itness o( him unless you ha e e oked (alse #itnesses a&ainst him. ' I( he s,eaks not o( Christ to you) you s,oke not o( Christ to him. * 7ou hear $ut your o#n oice) and i( Christ s,eaks throu&h you) you #ill hear 0im. "I. &a%in) to Re!e ption T-11.6I.1. It is im,ossi$le not to $elie e #hat you see) $ut it is equally im,ossi$le to see #hat you do not $elie e. 2 ?erce,tions are $uilt u, on the $asis o( e/,erience) and e/,erience leads to $elie(s. 3 It is not until $elie(s are (i/ed that ,erce,tions sta$iliAe. ! In e((ect) then) #hat you $elie e you <do= see. % That is #hat I meant #hen I said) 2Blessed are ye #ho ha e not seen and still $elie e)2 (or those #ho $elie e in the resurrection #ill see it. ' The resurrection is the com,lete trium,h o( Christ o er the e&o) not $y attack $ut $y transcendence. * "or Christ does rise a$o e the e&o and all its #orks) and ascends to the "ather and 0is Gin&dom. T-11.6I.2. 8ould you Coin in the resurrection or the cruci(i/ionD 2 8ould you condemn your $rothers or (ree themD 3 8ould you transcend your ,rison and ascend to the "atherD ! These questions are all the same) and are ans#ered to&ether. % There has $een much con(usion a$out #hat ,erce,tion means) $ecause the #ord is used $oth (or a#areness and (or the inter,retation o( a#areness. ' 7et you cannot $e a#are #ithout inter,retation) (or #hat you ,ercei e <is= your inter,retation.

T-11.6I.3. This course is ,er(ectly clear. 2 I( you do not see it clearly) it is $ecause you are inter,retin& a&ainst it) and there(ore do not $elie e it. 3 3nd since $elie( determines ,erce,tion) you do not ,ercei e #hat it means and there(ore do not acce,t it. ! 7et di((erent e/,eriences lead to di((erent $elie(s) and #ith them di((erent ,erce,tions. % "or ,erce,tions are learned <#ith= $elie(s) and e/,erience does teach. ' I am leadin& you to a ne# kind o( e/,erience that you #ill $ecome less and less #illin& to deny. * ;earnin& o( Christ is easy) (or to ,ercei e #ith 0im in ol es no strain at all. - 0is ,erce,tions are your natural a#areness) and it is only the distortions you introduce that tire you. ,2>* : ;et the Christ in you inter,ret (or you) and do not try to limit #hat you see $y narro# little $elie(s that are un#orthy o( 1od+s 5on. 1> "or until Christ comes into 0is O#n) the 5on o( 1od #ill see himsel( as "atherless. T-11.6I.!. I am <your= resurrection and <your= li(e. 2 7ou li e in me $ecause you li e in 1od. 3 3nd e eryone li es in you) as you li e in e eryone. ! Can you) then) ,ercei e un#orthiness in a $rother and not ,ercei e it in yoursel(D % 3nd can you ,ercei e it in yoursel( and not ,ercei e it in 1odD ' Belie e in the resurrection $ecause it has $een accom,lished) and it has $een accom,lished in you. * This is as true no# as it #ill e er $e) (or the resurrection is the 8ill o( 1od) #hich kno#s no time and no e/ce,tions. - But make no e/ce,tions yoursel() or you #ill not ,ercei e #hat has $een accom,lished (or you. : "or #e ascend unto the "ather to&ether) as it #as in the $e&innin&) is no# and e er shall $e) (or such is the nature o( 1od+s 5on as his "ather created him. T-11.6I.%. Do not underestimate the ,o#er o( the de otion o( 1od+s 5on) nor the ,o#er the &od he #orshi,s has o er him. 2 "or he ,laces himsel( at the altar o( his &od) #hether it $e the &od he made or the 1od 8ho created him. 3 That is #hy his sla ery is as com,lete as his (reedom) (or he #ill o$ey only the &od he acce,ts. ! The &od o( cruci(i/ion demands that he cruci(y) and his #orshi,,ers o$ey. % In his name they cruci(y themsel es) $elie in& that the ,o#er o( the 5on o( 1od is $orn o( sacri(ice and ,ain. ' The 1od o( resurrection demands nothin&) (or 0e does not #ill to take a#ay. * 0e does not require o$edience) (or o$edience im,lies su$mission. - 0e #ould only ha e you learn your #ill and (ollo# it) not in the s,irit o( sacri(ice and su$mission) $ut in the &ladness o( (reedom. T-11.6I.'. Resurrection must com,el your alle&iance &ladly) $ecause it is the sym$ol o( Coy. 2 Its #hole com,ellin& ,o#er lies in the (act that it re,resents #hat you #ant to $e. 3 The (reedom to lea e $ehind e erythin& that hurts you and hum$les you and (ri&htens you cannot $e thrust u,on you) $ut it can $e o((ered you throu&h the &race o( 1od.

! 3nd you can acce,t it $y 0is &race) (or 1od is &racious to 0is 5on) acce,tin& him #ithout question as 0is O#n. % 8ho) then) is <your= o#nD ' The "ather has &i en you all that is 0is) and 0e 0imsel( is yours #ith them. * 1uard them in their resurrection) (or other#ise you #ill not a#ake in 1od) sa(ely surrounded $y #hat is yours (ore er. T-11.6I.*. 7ou #ill not (ind ,eace until you ha e remo ed the nails (rom the hands o( 1od+s 5on) and taken the last thorn (rom his (orehead. ,2>- 2 The ;o e o( 1od surrounds 0is 5on #hom the &od o( cruci(i/ion condemns. 3 Teach not that I died in ain. ! Teach rather that I did not die $y demonstratin& that I li e in you. % "or the undoin& o( the cruci(i/ion o( 1od+s 5on is the #ork o( the redem,tion) in #hich e eryone has a ,art o( equal alue. ' 1od does not Cud&e 0is &uiltless 5on. * 0a in& &i en 0imsel( to him) ho# could it $e other#iseD T-11.6I.-. 7ou ha e nailed yoursel( to a cross) and ,laced a cro#n o( thorns u,on your o#n head. 2 7et you cannot cruci(y 1od+s 5on) (or the 8ill o( 1od cannot die. 3 0is 5on has $een redeemed (rom his o#n cruci(i/ion) and you cannot assi&n to death #hom 1od has &i en eternal li(e. ! The dream o( cruci(i/ion still lies hea y on your eyes) $ut #hat you see in dreams is not reality. % 8hile you ,ercei e the 5on o( 1od as cruci(ied) you are aslee,. ' 3nd as lon& as you $elie e that you can cruci(y him) you are only ha in& ni&htmares. * 7ou #ho are $e&innin& to #ake are still a#are o( dreams) and ha e not yet (or&otten them. - The (or&ettin& o( dreams and the a#areness o( Christ come #ith the a#akenin& o( others to share your redem,tion. T-11.6I.:. 7ou #ill a#aken to your o#n call) (or the Call to a#ake is #ithin you. 2 I( I li e in you) you are a#ake. 3 7et you must see the #orks I do throu&h you) or you #ill not ,ercei e that I ha e done them unto you. ! Do not set limits on #hat you $elie e I can do throu&h you) or you #ill not acce,t #hat I can do <(or= you. % 7et it is done already) and unless you &i e all that you ha e recei ed you #ill not kno# that your redeemer li eth) and that you ha e a#akened #ith him. ' Redem,tion is reco&niAed only $y sharin& it. T-11.6I.1>. 1od+s 5on <is= sa ed. 2 Brin& only this a#areness to the 5onshi,) and you #ill ha e a ,art in the redem,tion as alua$le as mine. 3 "or your ,art must $e like mine i( you learn it o( me. ! I( you $elie e that yours is limited) you are limitin& mine. % There is no order o( di((iculty in miracles $ecause all o( 1od+s 5ons are o( equal alue) and their equality is their oneness. ' The #hole ,o#er o( 1od is in e ery ,art o( 0im) and nothin& contradictory to 0is 8ill is either &reat or small. * 8hat does not e/ist has no siAe and no measure. - To 1od all thin&s are ,ossi$le. : 3nd to Christ it is &i en to $e like the "ather. ,2>:

"II. T#e Con!ition of Realit. T-11.6II.1. The #orld as you ,ercei e it cannot ha e $een created $y the "ather) (or the #orld is not as you see it. 2 1od created only the eternal) and e erythin& you see is ,erisha$le. 3 There(ore) there must $e another #orld that you do not see. ! The Bi$le s,eaks o( a ne# 0ea en and a ne# earth) yet this cannot $e literally true) (or the eternal are not re-created. % To ,ercei e ane# is merely to ,ercei e a&ain) im,lyin& that $e(ore) or in the inter al $et#een) you #ere not ,ercei in& at all. ' 8hat) then) is the #orld that a#aits your ,erce,tion #hen you see itD T-11.6II.2. @ ery lo in& thou&ht that the 5on o( 1od e er had is eternal. 2 The lo in& thou&hts his mind ,ercei es in this #orld are the #orld+s only reality. 3 They are still ,erce,tions) $ecause he still $elie es that he is se,arate. ! 7et they are eternal $ecause they are lo in&. % 3nd $ein& lo in& they are like the "ather) and there(ore cannot die. ' The real #orld can actually $e ,ercei ed. * 3ll that is necessary is a #illin&ness to ,ercei e nothin& else. - "or i( you ,ercei e $oth &ood and e il) you are acce,tin& $oth the (alse and the true and makin& no distinction $et#een them. T-11.6II.3. The e&o may see some &ood) $ut ne er only &ood. 2 That is #hy its ,erce,tions are so aria$le. 3 It does not reCect &oodness entirely) (or that you could not acce,t. ! But it al#ays adds somethin& that is not real to the real) thus con(usin& illusion and reality. % "or ,erce,tions cannot $e ,artly true. ' I( you $elie e in truth and illusion) you cannot tell #hich is true. * To esta$lish your ,ersonal autonomy you tried to create unlike your "ather) $elie in& that #hat you made is ca,a$le o( $ein& unlike 0im. - 7et e erythin& true <is= like 0im. : ?ercei in& only the real #orld #ill lead you to the real 0ea en) $ecause it #ill make you ca,a$le o( understandin& it. T-11.6II.!. The ,erce,tion o( &oodness is not kno#led&e) $ut the denial o( the o,,osite o( &oodness ena$les you to reco&niAe a condition in #hich o,,osites do not e/ist. 2 3nd this <is= the condition o( kno#led&e. 3 8ithout this a#areness you ha e not met its conditions) and until you do you #ill not kno# it is yours already. ! 7ou ha e made many ideas that you ha e ,laced $et#een yoursel( and your Creator) and these $elie(s are the #orld as you ,ercei e it. % Truth is not a$sent here) $ut it is o$scure. ' 7ou do not kno# the di((erence $et#een #hat you ha e made and #hat 1od created) and so you do not kno# the di((erence $et#een #hat you ha e made and #hat <you= ha e created. ,21> * To $elie e that you can ,ercei e the real #orld is to $elie e that you can kno# yoursel(. - 7ou can kno# 1od $ecause it is 0is 8ill to $e kno#n. : The real #orld is all that the 0oly 5,irit has

sa ed (or you out o( #hat you ha e made) and to ,ercei e only this is sal ation) $ecause it is the reco&nition that reality is only #hat is true. "III. T#e Pro/le an! t#e Ans+er T-11.6III.1. This is a ery sim,le course. 2 ?erha,s you do not (eel you need a course #hich) in the end) teaches that only reality is true. 3 But do you $elie e itD ! 8hen you ,ercei e the real #orld) you #ill reco&niAe that you did not $elie e it. % 7et the s#i(tness #ith #hich your ne# and only real ,erce,tion #ill $e translated into kno#led&e #ill lea e you $ut an instant to realiAe that this alone is true. ' 3nd then e erythin& you made #ill $e (or&otten9 the &ood and the $ad) the (alse and the true. * "or as 0ea en and earth $ecome one) e en the real #orld #ill anish (rom your si&ht. - The end o( the #orld is not its destruction) $ut its translation into 0ea en. : The reinter,retation o( the #orld is the trans(er o( all ,erce,tion to kno#led&e. T-11.6III.2. The Bi$le tells you to $ecome as little children. 2 ;ittle children reco&niAe that they do not understand #hat they ,ercei e) and so they ask #hat it means. 3 Do not make the mistake o( $elie in& that you understand #hat you ,ercei e) (or its meanin& is lost to you. ! 7et the 0oly 5,irit has sa ed its meanin& (or you) and i( you #ill let 0im inter,ret it) 0e #ill restore to you #hat you ha e thro#n a#ay. % 7et #hile you think you kno# its meanin&) you #ill see no need to ask it o( 0im. T-11.6III.3. 7ou do not kno# the meanin& o( anythin& you ,ercei e. 2 Not one thou&ht you hold is #holly true. 3 The reco&nition o( this is your (irm $e&innin&. ! 7ou are not mis&uided9 you ha e acce,ted no &uide at all. % Instruction in ,erce,tion is your &reat need) (or you understand nothin&. ' Reco&niAe this $ut do not acce,t it) (or understandin& is your inheritance. * ?erce,tions are learned) and you are not #ithout a Teacher. - 7et your #illin&ness to learn o( 0im de,ends on your #illin&ness to question e erythin& you learned o( yoursel() (or you #ho learned amiss should not $e your o#n teacher. T-11.6III.!. No one can #ithhold truth e/ce,t (rom himsel(. 2 7et 1od #ill not re(use you the 3ns#er 0e &a e. ,211 3 3sk) then) (or #hat is yours) $ut #hich you did not make) and do not de(end yoursel( a&ainst truth. ! 7ou made the ,ro$lem 1od has ans#ered. % 3sk yoursel() there(ore) $ut one sim,le question. ' Do I #ant the ,ro$lem or do I #ant the ans#erD * Decide (or the ans#er and you #ill ha e it) (or you #ill see it as it is) and it is yours already.

T-11.6III.%. 7ou may com,lain that this course is not su((iciently s,eci(ic (or you to understand and use. 2 7et ,erha,s you ha e not done #hat it s,eci(ically ad ocates. 3 This is not a course in the ,lay o( ideas) $ut in their ,ractical a,,lication. ! Nothin& could $e more s,eci(ic than to $e told that i( you ask you #ill recei e. % The 0oly 5,irit #ill ans#er e ery s,eci(ic ,ro$lem as lon& as you $elie e that ,ro$lems are s,eci(ic. ' 0is ans#er is $oth many and one) as lon& as you $elie e that the one is many. * 7ou may $e a(raid o( 0is s,eci(icity) (or (ear o( #hat you think it #ill demand o( you. - 7et only $y askin& #ill you learn that nothin& o( 1od demands anythin& o( you. : 1od &i es9 0e does not take. 1> 8hen you re(use to ask) it is $ecause you $elie e that askin& is takin& rather than sharin&. T-11.6III.'. The 0oly 5,irit #ill &i e you only #hat is yours) and #ill take nothin& in return. 2 "or #hat is yours is e erythin&) and you share it #ith 1od. 3 That is its reality. ! 8ould the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho #ills only to restore) $e ca,a$le o( misinter,retin& the question you must ask to learn 0is ans#erD % 7ou <ha e= heard the ans#er) $ut you ha e misunderstood the question. ' 7ou $elie e that to ask (or &uidance o( the 0oly 5,irit is to ask (or de,ri ation. T-11.6III.*. ;ittle child o( 1od) you do not understand your "ather. 2 7ou $elie e in a #orld that takes) $ecause you $elie e that you can &et $y takin&. 3 3nd $y that ,erce,tion you ha e lost si&ht o( the real #orld. ! 7ou are a(raid o( the #orld as you see it) $ut the real #orld is still yours (or the askin&. % Do not deny it to yoursel() (or it can only (ree you. ' Nothin& o( 1od #ill ensla e 0is 5on #hom 0e created (ree and #hose (reedom is ,rotected $y 0is Bein&. * Blessed are you #ho are #illin& to ask the truth o( 1od #ithout (ear) (or only thus can you learn that 0is ans#er is the release (rom (ear. T-11.6III.-. Beauti(ul child o( 1od) you are askin& only (or #hat I ,romised you. 2 Do you $elie e I #ould decei e youD 3 The Gin&dom o( 0ea en <is= #ithin you. ,212 ! Belie e that the truth is in me) (or I kno# that it is in you. % 1od+s 5ons ha e nothin& they do not share. ' 3sk (or truth o( any 5on o( 1od) and you ha e asked it o( me. * Not one o( us $ut has the ans#er in him) to &i e to anyone #ho asks it o( him. T-11.6III.:. 3sk anythin& o( 1od+s 5on and his "ather #ill ans#er you) (or Christ is not decei ed in 0is "ather and 0is "ather is not decei ed in 0im. 2 Do not) then) $e decei ed in your $rother) and see only his lo in& thou&hts as his reality) (or $y denyin& that his mind is s,lit you #ill heal yours. 3 3cce,t him as his "ather acce,ts him and heal him unto Christ) (or Christ is his healin& and yours. ! Christ is the 5on o( 1od 8ho is in no #ay se,arate (rom 0is "ather) 8hose e ery thou&ht is as lo in& as the Thou&ht o( 0is "ather $y #hich 0e #as created. % Be not decei ed in 1od+s 5on) (or there$y you must $e

decei ed in yoursel(. ' 3nd $ein& decei ed in yoursel( you are decei ed in your "ather) in 8hom no deceit is ,ossi$le. T-11.6III.1>. In the real #orld there is no sickness) (or there is no se,aration and no di ision. 2 Only lo in& thou&hts are reco&niAed) and $ecause no one is #ithout your hel,) the 0el, o( 1od &oes #ith you e ery#here. 3 3s you $ecome #illin& to acce,t this 0el, $y askin& (or It) you #ill &i e It $ecause you #ant It. ! Nothin& #ill $e $eyond your healin& ,o#er) $ecause nothin& #ill $e denied your sim,le request. % 8hat ,ro$lems #ill not disa,,ear in the ?resence o( 1od+s 3ns#erD ' 3sk) then) to learn o( the reality o( your $rother) $ecause this is #hat you #ill ,ercei e in him) and you #ill see your $eauty re(lected in his. T-11.6III.11. Do not acce,t your $rother+s aria$le ,erce,tion o( himsel( (or his s,lit mind is yours) and you #ill not acce,t your healin& #ithout his. 2 "or you share the real #orld as you share 0ea en) and his healin& is yours. 3 To lo e yoursel( is to heal yoursel() and you cannot ,ercei e ,art o( you as sick and achie e your &oal. ! Brother) #e heal to&ether as #e li e to&ether and lo e to&ether. % Be not decei ed in 1od+s 5on) (or he is one #ith himsel( and one #ith his "ather. ' ;o e him #ho is $elo ed o( his "ather) and you #ill learn o( the "ather+s ;o e (or you. T-11.6III.12. I( you ,ercei e o((ense in a $rother ,luck the o((ense (rom your mind) (or you are o((ended $y Christ and are decei ed in 0im. 2 0eal in Christ and $e not o((ended $y 0im) (or there is no o((ense in 0im. 3 I( #hat you ,ercei e o((ends you) you are o((ended in yoursel( and are condemnin& 1od+s 5on #hom 1od condemneth not. ,213 ! ;et the 0oly 5,irit remo e all o((enses o( 1od+s 5on a&ainst himsel( and ,ercei e no one $ut throu&h 0is &uidance) (or 0e #ould sa e you (rom all condemnation. % 3cce,t 0is healin& ,o#er and use it (or all 0e sends you) (or 0e #ills to heal the 5on o( 1od) in #hom 0e is not decei ed. T-11.6III.13. Children ,ercei e (ri&htenin& &hosts and monsters and dra&ons) and they are terri(ied. 2 7et i( they ask someone they trust (or the meanin& o( #hat they ,ercei e) and are #illin& to let their o#n inter,retations &o in (a or o( reality) their (ear &oes #ith them. 3 8hen a child is hel,ed to translate his 2&host2 into a curtain) his 2monster2 into a shado#) and his 2dra&on2 into a dream he is no lon&er a(raid) and lau&hs ha,,ily at his o#n (ear. T-11.6III.1!. 7ou) my child) are a(raid o( your $rothers and o( your "ather and o( yoursel(. 2 But you are merely decei ed in them. 3 3sk #hat they are o( the Teacher o( reality) and hearin& 0is ans#er) you too #ill lau&h at your (ears and re,lace them #ith ,eace. ! "or (ear lies not in reality) $ut in the minds o( children #ho do not understand reality. % It is only their lack o( understandin& that (ri&htens them) and #hen

they learn to ,ercei e truly they are not a(raid. ' 3nd $ecause o( this they #ill ask (or truth a&ain #hen they are (ri&htened. * It is not the reality o( your $rothers or your "ather or yoursel( that (ri&htens you. 7ou do not kno# #hat they are) and so you ,ercei e them as &hosts and monsters and dra&ons. : 3sk #hat their reality is (rom the One 8ho kno#s it) and 0e #ill tell you #hat they are. 1> "or you do not understand them) and $ecause you are decei ed $y #hat you see you need reality to dis,el your (ears. T-11.6III.1%. 8ould you not e/chan&e your (ears (or truth) i( the e/chan&e is yours (or the askin&D 2 "or i( 1od is not decei ed in you) you can $e decei ed only in yoursel(. 3 7et you can learn the truth a$out yoursel( (rom the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho #ill teach you that) as ,art o( 1od) deceit in you is im,ossi$le. ! 8hen you ,ercei e yoursel( #ithout deceit) you #ill acce,t the real #orld in ,lace o( the (alse one you ha e made. % 3nd then your "ather #ill lean do#n to you and take the last ste, (or you) $y raisin& you unto 0imsel(. ,21! Cha,ter 12. THE HOL7 SPIRIT2S C1RRIC1L1M I. T#e *'!) ent of t#e Hol. Spirit T-12.I.1. 7ou ha e $een told not to make error real) and the #ay to do this is ery sim,le. 2 I( you #ant to $elie e in error) you #ould ha e to make it real $ecause it is not true. 3 But truth is real in its o#n ri&ht) and to $elie e in truth <you do not ha e to do anythin&=. ! Understand that you do not res,ond to anythin& directly) $ut to your inter,retation o( it. % 7our inter,retation thus $ecomes the Custi(ication (or the res,onse. ' That is #hy analyAin& the moti es o( others is haAardous to you. * I( you decide that someone is really tryin& to attack you or desert you or ensla e you) you #ill res,ond as i( he had actually done so) ha in& made his error real to you. - To inter,ret error is to &i e it ,o#er) and ha in& done this you #ill o erlook truth. T-12.I.2. The analysis o( e&o moti ation is ery com,licated) ery o$scurin&) and ne er #ithout your o#n e&o in ol ement. 2 The #hole ,rocess re,resents a clear-cut attem,t to demonstrate your o#n a$ility to understand #hat you ,ercei e. 3 This is sho#n $y the (act that you react to your inter,retations as i( they #ere correct. ! 7ou may then control your reactions $eha iorally) $ut not emotionally. % This #ould o$ iously $e a s,lit or an attack on the inte&rity o( your mind) ,ittin& one le el #ithin it a&ainst another. T-12.I.3. There is $ut one inter,retation o( moti ation that makes any sense. 2 3nd $ecause it is the 0oly 5,irit+s Cud&ment it requires no e((ort at all on your ,art. 3 @ ery lo in& thou&ht is true. ! @ erythin&

else is an a,,eal (or healin& and hel,) re&ardless o( the (orm it takes. % Can anyone $e Custi(ied in res,ondin& #ith an&er to a $rother+s ,lea (or hel,D ' No res,onse can $e a,,ro,riate e/ce,t the #illin&ness to &i e it to him) (or this and only this is #hat he is askin& (or. * O((er him anythin& else) and you are assumin& the ri&ht to attack his reality $y inter,retin& it as you see (it. - ?erha,s the dan&er o( this to your o#n mind is not yet (ully a,,arent. : I( you $elie e that an a,,eal (or hel, is somethin& else you #ill react to somethin& else. 1> 7our res,onse #ill there(ore $e ina,,ro,riate to reality as it is) $ut not to your ,erce,tion o( it. T-12.I.!. There is nothin& to ,re ent you (rom reco&niAin& all calls (or hel, as e/actly #hat they are e/ce,t your o#n ima&ined need to attack. ,21% 2 It is only this that makes you #illin& to en&a&e in endless 2$attles2 #ith reality) in #hich you deny the reality o( the need (or healin& $y makin& it unreal. 3 7ou #ould not do this e/ce,t (or your un#illin&ness to acce,t reality as it is) and #hich you there(ore #ithhold (rom yoursel(. T-12.I.%. It is surely &ood ad ice to tell you not to Cud&e #hat you do not understand. 2 No one #ith a ,ersonal in estment is a relia$le #itness) (or truth to him has $ecome #hat he #ants it to $e. 3 I( you are un#illin& to ,ercei e an a,,eal (or hel, as #hat it is) it is $ecause you are un#illin& to &i e hel, and to recei e it. ! To (ail to reco&niAe a call (or hel, is to re(use hel,. % 8ould you maintain that you do not need itD ' 7et this is #hat you are maintainin& #hen you re(use to reco&niAe a $rother+s a,,eal) (or only $y ans#erin& his a,,eal <can= you $e hel,ed. * Deny him your hel, and you #ill not reco&niAe 1od+s 3ns#er to you. - The 0oly 5,irit does not need your hel, in inter,retin& moti ation) $ut you do need 0is. T-12.I.'. Only a,,reciation is an a,,ro,riate res,onse to your $rother. 2 1ratitude is due him (or $oth his lo in& thou&hts and his a,,eals (or hel,) (or $oth are ca,a$le o( $rin&in& lo e into your a#areness i( you ,ercei e them truly. 3 3nd all your sense o( strain comes (rom your attem,ts not to do Cust this. ! 0o# sim,le) then) is 1od+s ,lan (or sal ation. % There is $ut one res,onse to reality) (or reality e okes no con(lict at all. ' There is $ut one Teacher o( reality) 8ho understands #hat it is. * 0e does not chan&e 0is 4ind a$out reality $ecause reality does not chan&e. - 3lthou&h your inter,retations o( reality are meanin&less in your di ided state) 0is remain consistently true. : 0e &i es them to you $ecause they are <(or= you. 1> Do not attem,t to 2hel,2 a $rother in your #ay) (or you cannot hel, yoursel(. 11 But hear his call (or the 0el, o( 1od) and you #ill reco&niAe your o#n need (or the "ather.

T-12.I.*. 7our inter,retations o( your $rother+s needs are your inter,retation o( yours. 2 By &i in& hel, you are askin& (or it) and i( you ,ercei e $ut one need in yoursel( you #ill $e healed. 3 "or you #ill reco&niAe 1od+s 3ns#er as you #ant It to $e) and i( you #ant It in truth) It #ill $e truly yours. ! @ ery a,,eal you ans#er in the Name o( Christ $rin&s the remem$rance o( your "ather closer to your a#areness. % "or the sake o( your need) then) hear e ery call (or hel, as #hat it is) so 1od can ans#er <you.= ,21' T-12.I.-. By a,,lyin& the 0oly 5,irit+s inter,retation o( the reactions o( others more and more consistently) you #ill &ain an increasin& a#areness that 0is criteria are equally a,,lica$le to you. 2 "or to reco&niAe (ear is not enou&h to esca,e (rom it) althou&h the reco&nition is necessary to demonstrate the need (or esca,e. 3 The 0oly 5,irit must still translate the (ear into truth. ! I( you #ere le(t #ith the (ear) once you had reco&niAed it) you #ould ha e taken a ste, a#ay (rom reality) not to#ards it. % 7et #e ha e re,eatedly em,hasiAed the need to reco&niAe (ear and (ace it #ithout dis&uise as a crucial ste, in the undoin& o( the e&o. ' Consider ho# #ell the 0oly 5,irit+s inter,retation o( the moti es o( others #ill ser e you then. * 0a in& tau&ht you to acce,t only lo in& thou&hts in others and to re&ard e erythin& else as an a,,eal (or hel,) 0e has tau&ht you that (ear itsel( is an a,,eal (or hel,. - This is #hat reco&niAin& (ear really means. : I( you do not ,rotect it) 0e #ill reinter,ret it. 1> That is the ultimate alue in learnin& to ,ercei e attack as a call (or lo e. 11 8e ha e already learned that (ear and attack are ine ita$ly associated. 12 I( only attack ,roduces (ear) and i( you see attack as the call (or hel, that it is) the unreality o( (ear must da#n on you. 13 "or (ear <is= a call (or lo e) in unconscious reco&nition o( #hat has $een denied. T-12.I.:. "ear is a sym,tom o( your o#n dee, sense o( loss. 2 I( #hen you ,ercei e it in others you learn to su,,ly the loss) the $asic cause o( (ear is remo ed. 3 There$y you teach yoursel( that (ear does not e/ist in you. ! The means (or remo in& it is in yoursel() and you ha e demonstrated this $y &i in& it. % "ear and lo e are the only emotions o( #hich you are ca,a$le. ' One is (alse) (or it #as made out o( denial9 and denial de,ends on the $elie( in #hat is denied (or its o#n e/istence. * By inter,retin& (ear correctly as a ,ositi e a((irmation o( the underlyin& $elie( it masks) you are underminin& its ,ercei ed use(ulness $y renderin& it useless. - De(enses that do not #ork at all are automatically discarded. : I( you raise #hat (ear conceals to clearcut unequi ocal ,redominance) (ear $ecomes meanin&less. 1> 7ou ha e denied its ,o#er to conceal lo e) #hich #as its only ,ur,ose. 11 The eil that you ha e dra#n across the (ace o( lo e has disa,,eared.

T-12.I.1>. I( you #ould look u,on lo e) #hich <is= the #orld+s reality) ho# could you do $etter than to reco&niAe) in e ery de(ense a&ainst it) the underlyin& a,,eal <(or= itD 2 3nd ho# could you $etter learn o( its reality than $y ans#erin& the a,,eal (or it $y &i in& itD 3 The 0oly 5,irit+s inter,retation o( (ear does dis,el it) (or the a#areness o( truth cannot $e denied. ,21* ! Thus does the 0oly 5,irit re,lace (ear #ith lo e and translate error into truth. % 3nd thus #ill you learn o( 0im ho# to re,lace your dream o( se,aration #ith the (act o( unity. ' "or the se,aration is only the denial o( union) and correctly inter,reted) attests to your eternal kno#led&e that union is true. II. T#e &a. to Re e /er Go! T-12.II.1. 4iracles are merely the translation o( denial into truth. 2 I( to lo e onesel( is to heal onesel() those #ho are sick do not lo e themsel es. 3 There(ore) they are askin& (or the lo e that #ould heal them) $ut #hich they are denyin& to themsel es. ! I( they kne# the truth a$out themsel es they could not $e sick. % The task o( the miracle #orker thus $ecomes <to deny the denial o( truth.= ' The sick must heal themsel es) (or the truth is in them. * 7et ha in& o$scured it) the li&ht in another mind must shine into theirs $ecause that li&ht <is= theirs. T-12.II.2. The li&ht in them shines as $ri&htly re&ardless o( the density o( the (o& that o$scures it. 2 I( you &i e no ,o#er to the (o& to o$scure the li&ht) it has none. 3 "or it has ,o#er only i( the 5on o( 1od &i es ,o#er to it. ! 0e must himsel( #ithdra# that ,o#er) remem$erin& that all ,o#er is o( 1od. % 7ou can remem$er this (or all the 5onshi,. ' Do not allo# your $rother not to remem$er) (or his (or&et(ulness is yours. * But your remem$erin& is his) (or 1od cannot $e remem$ered alone. <This is #hat you ha e (or&otten.= : To ,ercei e the healin& o( your $rother as the healin& o( yoursel( is thus the #ay to remem$er 1od. 1> "or you (or&ot your $rothers #ith 0im) and 1od+s 3ns#er to your (or&ettin& is $ut the #ay to remem$er. T-12.II.3. ?ercei e in sickness $ut another call (or lo e) and o((er your $rother #hat he $elie es he cannot o((er himsel(. 2 8hate er the sickness) there is $ut one remedy. 3 7ou #ill $e made #hole as you make #hole) (or to ,ercei e in sickness the a,,eal (or health is to reco&niAe in hatred the call (or lo e. ! 3nd to &i e a $rother #hat he really #ants is to o((er it unto yoursel() (or your "ather #ills you to kno# your $rother as yoursel(. % 3ns#er his call (or lo e) and yours is ans#ered. ' 0ealin& is the ;o e o( Christ (or 0is "ather and (or 0imsel(. T-12.II.!. Remem$er #hat #as said a$out the (ri&htenin& ,erce,tions o( little children) #hich terri(y them $ecause they do not understand them. ,21- 2 I( they ask (or enli&htenment and acce,t it) their (ears

anish. 3 But i( they hide their ni&htmares they #ill kee, them. ! It is easy to hel, an uncertain child) (or he reco&niAes that he does not understand #hat his ,erce,tions mean. % 7et you $elie e that you do understand yours. ' ;ittle child) you are hidin& your head under the co er o( the hea y $lankets you ha e laid u,on yoursel(. * 7ou are hidin& your ni&htmares in the darkness o( your o#n (alse certainty) and re(usin& to o,en your eyes and look at them. T-12.II.%. ;et us not sa e ni&htmares) (or they are not (ittin& o((erin&s (or Christ) and so they are not (it &i(ts (or you. 2 Take o(( the co ers and look at #hat you are a(raid o(. 3 Only the antici,ation #ill (ri&hten you) (or the reality o( nothin&ness cannot $e (ri&htenin&. ! ;et us not delay this) (or your dream o( hatred #ill not lea e you #ithout hel,) and 0el, is here. % ;earn to $e quiet in the midst o( turmoil) (or quietness is the end o( stri(e and this is the Courney to ,eace. ' ;ook strai&ht at e ery ima&e that rises to delay you) (or the &oal is ine ita$le $ecause it is eternal. * The &oal o( lo e is $ut your ri&ht) and it $elon&s to you des,ite your dreams. T-12.II.'. 7ou still #ant #hat 1od #ills) and no ni&htmare can de(eat a child o( 1od in his ,ur,ose. 2 "or your ,ur,ose #as &i en you $y 1od) and you must accom,lish it $ecause it is 0is 8ill. 3 3#ake and remem$er your ,ur,ose) (or it is your #ill to do so. ! 8hat has $een accom,lished (or you must $e yours. % Do not let your hatred stand in the #ay o( lo e) (or nothin& can #ithstand the ;o e o( Christ (or 0is "ather) or 0is "ather+s ;o e (or 0im. T-12.II.*. 3 little #hile and you #ill see me) (or I am not hidden $ecause <you= are hidin&. 2 I #ill a#aken you as surely as I a#akened mysel() (or I a#oke (or you. 3 In my resurrection is your release. ! Our mission is to esca,e (rom cruci(i/ion) not (rom redem,tion. % Trust in my hel,) (or I did not #alk alone) and I #ill #alk #ith you as our "ather #alked #ith me. ' Do you not kno# that I #alked #ith 0im in ,eaceD * 3nd does not that mean that ,eace &oes #ith <us= on the CourneyD T-12.II.-. There is no (ear in ,er(ect lo e. 2 8e #ill $ut $e makin& ,er(ect to you #hat is already ,er(ect in you. 3 7ou do not (ear the unkno#n $ut the kno#n. ! 7ou #ill not (ail in your mission $ecause I did not (ail in mine. % 1i e me $ut a little trust in the name o( the com,lete trust I ha e in you) and #e #ill easily accom,lish the &oal o( ,er(ection to&ether. ' "or ,er(ection <is)= and cannot $e denied. ,21: * To deny the denial o( ,er(ection is not so di((icult as to deny truth) and #hat #e can accom,lish to&ether #ill $e $elie ed #hen you see it as accom,lished. T-12.II.:. 7ou #ho ha e tried to $anish lo e ha e not succeeded) $ut you #ho choose to $anish (ear must succeed. 2 The ;ord is #ith you) $ut you kno# it not. 3 7et your Redeemer li eth) and a$ideth in you in

the ,eace out o( #hich 0e #as created. ! 8ould you not e/chan&e this a#areness (or the a#areness o( (earD % 8hen #e ha e o ercome (earK not $y hidin& it) not $y minimiAin& it) and not $y denyin& its (ull im,ort in any #ayKthis is #hat you #ill really see. ' 7ou cannot lay aside the o$stacles to real ision #ithout lookin& u,on them) (or to lay aside means to Cud&e a&ainst. * I( you #ill look) the 0oly 5,irit #ill Cud&e) and 0e #ill Cud&e truly. - 7et 0e cannot shine a#ay #hat you kee, hidden) (or you ha e not o((ered it to 0im and 0e cannot take it (rom you. T-12.II.1>. 8e are there(ore em$arkin& on an or&aniAed) #ell-structured and care(ully ,lanned ,ro&ram aimed at learnin& ho# to o((er to the 0oly 5,irit e erythin& you do not #ant. 2 0e kno#s #hat to do #ith it. 3 7ou do not understand ho# to use #hat 0e kno#s. ! 8hate er is &i en 0im that is not o( 1od is &one. % 7et you must look at it yoursel( in ,er(ect #illin&ness) (or other#ise 0is kno#led&e remains useless to you. ' 5urely 0e #ill not (ail to hel, you) since hel, is 0is only ,ur,ose. * Do you not ha e &reater reason (or (earin& the #orld as you ,ercei e it) than (or lookin& at the cause o( (ear and lettin& it &o (ore erD III. T#e Invest ent in Realit. T-12.III.1. I once asked you to sell all you ha e and &i e to the ,oor and (ollo# me. 2 This is #hat I meant. I( you ha e no in estment in anythin& in this #orld) you can teach the ,oor #here their treasure is. 3 The ,oor are merely those #ho ha e in ested #ron&ly) and they are ,oor indeedJ ! Because they are in need it is &i en you to hel, them) since you are amon& them. % Consider ho# ,er(ectly your lesson #ould $e learned i( you #ere un#illin& to share their ,o erty. ' "or ,o erty is lack) and there is $ut one lack since there is $ut one need. T-12.III.2. 5u,,ose a $rother insists on ha in& you do somethin& you think you do not #ant to do. 2 0is ery insistence should tell you that he $elie es sal ation lies in it. 3 I( you insist on re(usin& and e/,erience a quick res,onse o( o,,osition) you are $elie in& that your sal ation lies in <not= doin& it. ,22> ! 7ou) then) are makin& the same mistake he is) and are makin& his error real to $oth o( you. % Insistence means in estment) and #hat you in est in is al#ays related to your notion o( sal ation. ' The question is al#ays t#o(old9 (irst) <#hat= is to $e sa edD * 3nd second) <ho#= can it $e sa edD T-12.III.3. 8hene er you $ecome an&ry #ith a $rother) (or #hate er reason) you are $elie in& that the e&o is to $e sa ed) and to $e sa ed $y attack. 2 I( he attacks) you are a&reein& #ith this $elie(9 and i( you attack) you are rein(orcin& it. 3 <Remem$er that those #ho attack are ,oor.= ! Their ,o erty asks (or &i(ts) not (or (urther im,o erishment. % 7ou #ho could hel, them are surely actin& destructi ely i( you acce,t

their ,o erty as yours. ' I( you had not in ested as they had) it #ould ne er occur to you to o erlook their need. T-12.III.!. <Reco&niAe #hat does not matter)= and i( your $rothers ask you (or somethin& 2outra&eous)2 do it <$ecause= it does not matter. 2 Re(use) and your o,,osition esta$lishes that it does matter to you. 3 It is only you) there(ore) #ho ha e made the request outra&eous) and e ery request o( a $rother is (or you. ! 8hy #ould you insist in denyin& himD % "or to do so is to deny yoursel( and im,o erish $oth. ' 0e is askin& (or sal ation) as you are. * ?o erty is o( the e&o) and ne er o( 1od. - No 2outra&eous2 requests can $e made o( one #ho reco&niAes #hat is alua$le and #ants to acce,t nothin& else. T-12.III.%. 5al ation is (or the mind) and it is attained throu&h ,eace. 2 This is the only thin& that can $e sa ed and the only #ay to sa e it. 3 3ny res,onse other than lo e arises (rom a con(usion a$out the 2#hat2 and the 2ho#2 o( sal ation) and this is the only ans#er. ! Ne er lose si&ht o( this) and ne er allo# yoursel( to $elie e) e en (or an instant) that there is another ans#er. % "or you #ill surely ,lace yoursel( amon& the ,oor) #ho do not understand that they d#ell in a$undance and that sal ation is come. T-12.III.'. To identi(y #ith the e&o is to attack yoursel( and make yoursel( ,oor. 2 That is #hy e eryone #ho identi(ies #ith the e&o (eels de,ri ed. 3 8hat he e/,eriences then is de,ression or an&er) $ecause #hat he did #as to e/chan&e 5el(-lo e (or sel(-hate) makin& him a(raid o( himsel(. ! 0e does not realiAe this. % @ en i( he is (ully a#are o( an/iety he does not ,ercei e its source as his o#n e&o identi(ication) and he al#ays tries to handle it $y makin& some sort o( insane 2arran&ement2 #ith the #orld. ' 0e al#ays ,ercei es this #orld as outside himsel() (or this is crucial to his adCustment. ,221 * 0e does not realiAe that he makes this #orld) (or there is no #orld outside o( him. T-12.III.*. I( only the lo in& thou&hts o( 1od+s 5on are the #orld+s reality) the real #orld must $e in his mind. 2 0is insane thou&hts) too) must $e in his mind) $ut an internal con(lict o( this ma&nitude he cannot tolerate. 3 3 s,lit mind is endan&ered) and the reco&nition that it encom,asses com,letely o,,osed thou&hts #ithin itsel( is intolera$le. ! There(ore the mind ,roCects the s,lit) not the reality. % @ erythin& you ,ercei e as the outside #orld is merely your attem,t to maintain your e&o identi(ication) (or e eryone $elie es that identi(ication is sal ation. ' 7et consider #hat has ha,,ened) (or thou&hts do ha e consequences to the thinker. * 7ou ha e $ecome at odds #ith the #orld as you ,ercei e it) $ecause you think it is anta&onistic to you. - This is a necessary consequence o( #hat you ha e done. : 7ou ha e ,roCected out#ard #hat is anta&onistic to #hat

is in#ard) and there(ore you #ould ha e to ,ercei e it this #ay. 1> That is #hy you must realiAe that your hatred is in your mind and not outside it $e(ore you can &et rid o( it9 and #hy you must &et rid o( it $e(ore you can ,ercei e the #orld as it really is. T-12.III.-. I said $e(ore that 1od so lo ed the #orld that 0e &a e it to 0is only $e&otten 5on. 2 1od does lo e the real #orld) and those #ho ,ercei e its reality cannot see the #orld o( death. 3 "or death is not o( the real #orld) in #hich e erythin& re(lects the eternal. ! 1od &a e you the real #orld in e/chan&e (or the one you made out o( your s,lit mind) and #hich is the sym$ol o( death. % "or i( you could really se,arate yoursel( (rom the 4ind o( 1od you #ould die. T-12.III.:. The #orld you ,ercei e is a #orld o( se,aration. 2 ?erha,s you are #illin& to acce,t e en death to deny your "ather. 3 7et 0e #ould not ha e it so) and so it is not so. ! 7ou still cannot #ill a&ainst 0im) and that is #hy you ha e no control o er the #orld you made. % It is not a #orld o( #ill $ecause it is &o erned $y the desire to $e unlike 1od) and this desire is not #ill. ' The #orld you made is there(ore totally chaotic) &o erned $y ar$itrary and senseless 2la#s)2 and #ithout meanin& o( any kind. * "or it is made out o( #hat you do not #ant) ,roCected (rom your mind $ecause you are a(raid o( it. - 7et this #orld is only in the mind o( its maker) alon& #ith his real sal ation. : Do not $elie e it is outside o( yoursel() (or only $y reco&niAin& #here it is #ill you &ain control o er it. ,222 1> "or you do ha e control o er your mind) since the mind is the mechanism o( decision. T-12.III.1>. I( you #ill reco&niAe that all the attack you ,ercei e is in your o#n mind and no#here else) you #ill at last ha e ,laced its source) and #here it $e&ins it must end. 2 "or in this same ,lace also lies sal ation. 3 The altar o( 1od #here Christ a$ideth is there. ! 7ou ha e de(iled the altar) $ut not the #orld. % 7et Christ has ,laced the 3tonement on the altar (or you. ' Brin& your ,erce,tions o( the #orld to this altar) (or it is the altar to truth. * There you #ill see your ision chan&ed) and there you #ill learn to see truly. - "rom this ,lace) #here 1od and 0is 5on d#ell in ,eace and #here you are #elcome) you #ill look out in ,eace and $ehold the #orld truly. : 7et to (ind the ,lace) you must relinquish your in estment in the #orld as you ,roCect it) allo#in& the 0oly 5,irit to e/tend the real #orld to you (rom the altar o( 1od. I". See%in) an! Fin!in) T-12.I6.1. The e&o is certain that lo e is dan&erous) and this is al#ays its central teachin&. 2 It ne er ,uts it this #ay9 on the contrary) e eryone #ho $elie es that the e&o is sal ation seems to $e intensely en&a&ed in the search (or lo e. 3 7et the e&o) thou&h encoura&in& the

search (or lo e ery acti ely) makes one ,ro iso9 do not (ind it. ! Its dictates) then) can $e summed u, sim,ly as. 25eek and do <not= (ind.2 % This is the one ,romise the e&o holds out to you) and the one ,romise it #ill kee,. ' "or the e&o ,ursues its &oal #ith (anatic insistence) and its Cud&ment) thou&h se erely im,aired) is com,letely consistent. T-12.I6.2. The search the e&o undertakes is there(ore $ound to $e de(eated. 2 3nd since it also teaches that it is your identi(ication) its &uidance leads you to a Courney #hich must end in ,ercei ed sel(de(eat. 3 "or the e&o cannot lo e) and in its (rantic search (or lo e it is seekin& #hat it is a(raid to (ind. ! The search is ine ita$le $ecause the e&o is ,art o( your mind) and $ecause o( its source the e&o is not #holly s,lit o(() or it could not $e $elie ed at all. % "or it is your mind that $elie es in it and &i es e/istence to it. ' 7et it is also your mind that has the ,o#er to deny the e&o+s e/istence) and you #ill surely do so #hen you realiAe e/actly #hat the Courney is on #hich the e&o sets you. T-12.I6.3. It is surely o$ ious that no one #ants to (ind #hat #ould utterly de(eat him. ,223 2 Bein& una$le to lo e) the e&o #ould $e totally inadequate in lo e+s ,resence) (or it could not res,ond at all. 3 Then) you #ould ha e to a$andon the e&o+s &uidance) (or it #ould $e quite a,,arent that it had not tau&ht you the res,onse you need. ! The e&o #ill there(ore distort lo e) and teach you that lo e really calls (orth the res,onses the e&o <can= teach. % "ollo# its teachin&) then) and you #ill search (or lo e) $ut #ill not reco&niAe it. T-12.I6.!. Do you realiAe that the e&o must set you on a Courney #hich cannot $ut lead to a sense o( (utility and de,ressionD 2 To seek and not to (ind is hardly Coyous. 3 Is this the ,romise you #ould kee,D ! The 0oly 5,irit o((ers you another ,romise) and one that #ill lead to Coy. % "or 0is ,romise is al#ays) 25eek and you <#ill= (ind)2 and under 0is &uidance you cannot $e de(eated. ' 0is is the Courney to accom,lishment) and the &oal 0e sets $e(ore you 0e #ill &i e you. * "or 0e #ill ne er decei e 1od+s 5on #hom 0e lo es #ith the ;o e o( the "ather. T-12.I6.%. 7ou <#ill= undertake a Courney $ecause you are not at home in this #orld. 2 3nd you <#ill= search (or your home #hether you realiAe #here it is or not. 3 I( you $elie e it is outside you the search #ill $e (utile) (or you #ill $e seekin& it #here it is not. ! 7ou do not remem$er ho# to look #ithin (or you do not $elie e your home is there. % 7et the 0oly 5,irit remem$ers it (or you) and 0e #ill &uide you to your home $ecause that is 0is mission. ' 3s 0e (ul(ills 0is mission 0e #ill teach you yours) (or your mission is the same as 0is. * By &uidin& your $rothers home you are $ut (ollo#in& 0im.

T-12.I6.'. Behold the 1uide your "ather &a e you) that you mi&ht learn you ha e eternal li(e. 2 "or death is not your "ather+s 8ill nor yours) and #hate er is true is the 8ill o( the "ather. 3 7ou ,ay no ,rice (or li(e (or that #as &i en you) $ut you do ,ay a ,rice (or death) and a ery hea y one. ! I( death is your treasure) you #ill sell e erythin& else to ,urchase it. % 3nd you #ill $elie e that you ha e ,urchased it) $ecause you ha e sold e erythin& else. ' 7et you cannot sell the Gin&dom o( 0ea en. * 7our inheritance can neither $e $ou&ht nor sold. - There can $e no disinherited ,arts o( the 5onshi,) (or 1od is #hole and all 0is e/tensions are like 0im. T-12.I6.*. The 3tonement is not the ,rice o( your #holeness) $ut it <is= the ,rice o( your a#areness o( your #holeness. 2 "or #hat you chose to 2sell2 had to $e ke,t (or you) since you could not 2$uy2 it $ack. 3 7et you must in est in it) not #ith money $ut #ith s,irit. ,22! ! "or s,irit is #ill) and #ill is the 2,rice2 o( the Gin&dom. % 7our inheritance a#aits only the reco&nition that you ha e $een redeemed. ' The 0oly 5,irit &uides you into li(e eternal) $ut you must relinquish your in estment in death) or you #ill not see li(e thou&h it is all around you. ". T#e Sane C'rric'l' T-12.6.1. Only lo e is stron& $ecause it is undi ided. 2 The stron& do not attack $ecause they see no need to do so. 3 Be(ore the idea o( attack can enter your mind) you must ha e ,ercei ed yoursel( as #eak. ! Because you attacked yoursel( and $elie ed that the attack #as e((ecti e) you $ehold yoursel( as #eakened. % No lon&er ,ercei in& yoursel( and your $rothers as equal) and re&ardin& yoursel( as #eaker) you attem,t to 2equaliAe2 the situation you made. ' 7ou use attack to do so $ecause you $elie e that attack #as success(ul in #eakenin& you. T-12.6.2. That is #hy the reco&nition o( your o#n in ulnera$ility is so im,ortant to the restoration o( your sanity. 2 "or i( you acce,t your in ulnera$ility) you are reco&niAin& that attack has no e((ect. 3 3lthou&h you ha e attacked yoursel() you #ill $e demonstratin& that nothin& really ha,,ened. ! There(ore) $y attackin& you ha e not done anythin&. % Once you realiAe this you #ill no lon&er see any sense in attack) (or it mani(estly does not #ork and cannot ,rotect you. ' 7et the reco&nition o( your in ulnera$ility has more than ne&ati e alue. * I( your attacks on yoursel( ha e (ailed to #eaken you) you are still stron&. - 7ou there(ore ha e no need to 2equaliAe2 the situation to esta$lish your stren&th. T-12.6.3. 7ou #ill ne er realiAe the utter uselessness o( attack e/ce,t $y reco&niAin& that your attack on yoursel( has no e((ects. 2 "or others

do react to attack i( they ,ercei e it) and i( you are tryin& to attack them you #ill $e una$le to a oid inter,retin& this as rein(orcement. 3 The only ,lace you can cancel out all rein(orcement is in yoursel(. ! "or you are al#ays the (irst ,oint o( your attack) and i( this has ne er $een) it has no consequences. T-12.6.!. The 0oly 5,irit+s ;o e is your stren&th) (or yours is di ided and there(ore not real. 2 7ou cannot trust your o#n lo e #hen you attack it. 3 7ou cannot learn o( ,er(ect lo e #ith a s,lit mind) $ecause a s,lit mind has made itsel( a ,oor learner. ! 7ou tried to make the se,aration eternal) $ecause you #anted to retain the characteristics o( creation) $ut #ith your o#n content. ,22% % 7et creation is not o( you) and ,oor learners do need s,ecial teachin&. T-12.6.%. 7ou ha e learnin& handica,s in a ery literal sense. 2 There are areas in your learnin& skills that are so im,aired that you can ,ro&ress only under constant) clear-cut direction) ,ro ided $y a Teacher 8ho can transcend your limited resources. 3 0e $ecomes your Resource $ecause o( yoursel( you cannot learn. ! The learnin& situation in #hich you ,laced yoursel( is im,ossi$le) and in this situation you clearly require a s,ecial Teacher and a s,ecial curriculum. % ?oor learners are not &ood choices as teachers) either (or themsel es or (or anyone else. ' 7ou #ould hardly turn to them to esta$lish the curriculum $y #hich they can esca,e (rom their limitations. * I( they understood #hat is $eyond them) they #ould not $e handica,,ed. T-12.6.'. 7ou do not kno# the meanin& o( lo e) and that is your handica,. 2 Do not attem,t to teach yoursel( #hat you do not understand) and do not try to set u, curriculum &oals #here yours ha e clearly (ailed. 3 7our learnin& &oal has $een <not= to learn) and this cannot lead to success(ul learnin&. ! 7ou cannot trans(er #hat you ha e not learned) and the im,airment o( the a$ility to &eneraliAe is a crucial learnin& (ailure. % 8ould you ask those #ho ha e (ailed to learn #hat learnin& aids are (orD ' They do not kno#. * I( they could inter,ret the aids correctly) they #ould ha e learned (rom them. T-12.6.*. I ha e said that the e&o+s rule is) 25eek and do not (ind.2 2 Translated into curricular terms this means) 2Try to learn $ut do not succeed.2 3 The result o( this curriculum &oal is o$ ious. ! @ ery le&itimate teachin& aid) e ery real instruction) and e ery sensi$le &uide to learnin& #ill $e misinter,reted) since they are all (or (acilitatin& the learnin& this stran&e curriculum is a&ainst. % I( you are tryin& to learn ho# not to learn) and the aim o( your teachin& is to de(eat itsel() #hat can you e/,ect $ut con(usionD ' 5uch a curriculum does not make sense. * This attem,t at 2learnin&2 has so #eakened your mind that you cannot lo e) (or the curriculum you ha e chosen is a&ainst lo e) and amounts to a course in ho# to attack yoursel(. - 3

su,,lementary &oal in this curriculum is learnin& ho# <not= to o ercome the s,lit that makes its ,rimary aim $elie a$le. : 3nd you #ill not o ercome the s,lit in this curriculum) (or all your learnin& #ill $e on its $ehal(. 1> 7et your mind s,eaks a&ainst your learnin& as your learnin& s,eaks a&ainst your mind) and so you (i&ht a&ainst all learnin& and succeed) (or that is #hat you #ant. ,22' 11 But ,erha,s you do not realiAe) e en yet) that there is somethin& you #ant to learn) and that you can learn it $ecause it <is= your choice to do so. T-12.6.-. 7ou #ho ha e tried to learn #hat you do not #ant should take heart) (or althou&h the curriculum you set yoursel( is de,ressin& indeed) it is merely ridiculous i( you look at it. 2 Is it ,ossi$le that the #ay to achie e a &oal is not to attain itD 3 Resi&n no# as your o#n teacher. ! This resi&nation #ill not lead to de,ression. % It is merely the result o( an honest a,,raisal o( #hat you ha e tau&ht yoursel() and o( the learnin& outcomes that ha e resulted. ' Under the ,ro,er learnin& conditions) #hich you can neither ,ro ide nor understand) you #ill $ecome an e/cellent learner and an e/cellent teacher. * But it is not so yet) and #ill not $e so until the #hole learnin& situation as you ha e set it u, is re ersed. T-12.6.:. 7our learnin& ,otential) ,ro,erly understood) is limitless $ecause it #ill lead you to 1od. 2 7ou can teach the #ay to 0im and learn it) i( you (ollo# the Teacher 8ho kno#s the #ay to 0im and understands 0is curriculum (or learnin& it. 3 The curriculum is totally unam$i&uous) $ecause the &oal is not di ided and the means and the end are in com,lete accord. ! 7ou need o((er only undi ided attention. % @ erythin& else #ill $e &i en you. ' "or you really #ant to learn ari&ht) and nothin& can o,,ose the decision o( 1od+s 5on. * 0is learnin& is as unlimited as he is. "I. T#e "ision of C#rist T-12.6I.1. The e&o is tryin& to teach you ho# to &ain the #hole #orld and lose your o#n soul. 2 The 0oly 5,irit teaches that you cannot lose your soul and there is no &ain in the #orld) (or o( itsel( it ,ro(its nothin&. 3 To in est #ithout ,ro(it is surely to im,o erish yoursel() and the o erhead is hi&h. ! Not only is there no ,ro(it in the in estment) $ut the cost to you is enormous. % "or this in estment costs you the #orld+s reality $y denyin& yours) and &i es you nothin& in return. ' 7ou cannot sell your soul) $ut you can sell your a#areness o( it. * 7ou cannot ,ercei e your soul) $ut you #ill not kno# it #hile you ,ercei e somethin& else as more alua$le. T-12.6I.2. The 0oly 5,irit is your stren&th $ecause 0e kno#s nothin& $ut the s,irit as you. 2 0e is ,er(ectly a#are that you do not kno# yoursel() and ,er(ectly a#are o( ho# to teach you to remem$er #hat

you are. ,22* 3 Because 0e lo es you) 0e #ill &ladly teach you #hat 0e lo es) (or 0e #ills to share it. ! Remem$erin& you al#ays) 0e cannot let you (or&et your #orth. % "or the "ather ne er ceases to remind 0im o( 0is 5on) and 0e ne er ceases to remind 0is 5on o( the "ather. ' 1od is in your memory $ecause o( 0im. * 7ou chose to (or&et your "ather $ut you do not really #ant to do so) and there(ore you can decide other#ise. - 3s it #as my decision) so is it yours. T-12.6I.3. 7ou do not #ant the #orld. 2 The only thin& o( alue in it is #hate er ,art o( it you look u,on #ith lo e. 3 This &i es it the only reality it #ill e er ha e. ! Its alue is not in itsel() $ut yours is in you. % 3s sel(- alue comes (rom sel(-e/tension) so does the ,erce,tion o( sel(alue come (rom the e/tension o( lo in& thou&hts out#ard. ' 4ake the #orld real unto yoursel() (or the real #orld is the &i(t o( the 0oly 5,irit) and so it $elon&s to you. T-12.6I.!. Correction is (or all #ho cannot see. 2 To o,en the eyes o( the $lind is the 0oly 5,irit+s mission) (or 0e kno#s that they ha e not lost their ision) $ut merely slee,. 3 0e #ould a#aken them (rom the slee, o( (or&ettin& to the remem$erin& o( 1od. ! Christ+s eyes are o,en) and 0e #ill look u,on #hate er you see #ith lo e i( you acce,t 0is ision as yours. % The 0oly 5,irit kee,s the ision o( Christ (or e ery 5on o( 1od #ho slee,s. ' In 0is si&ht the 5on o( 1od is ,er(ect) and 0e lon&s to share 0is ision #ith you. * 0e #ill sho# you the real #orld $ecause 1od &a e you 0ea en. - Throu&h 0im your "ather calls 0is 5on to remem$er. : The a#akenin& o( 0is 5on $e&ins #ith his in estment in the real #orld) and $y this he #ill learn to re-in est in himsel(. 1> "or reality is one #ith the "ather and the 5on) and the 0oly 5,irit $lesses the real #orld in Their Name. T-12.6I.%. 8hen you ha e seen this real #orld) as you #ill surely do) you #ill remem$er Us. 2 7et you must learn the cost o( slee,in&) and re(use to ,ay it. 3 Only then #ill you decide to a#aken. ! 3nd then the real #orld #ill s,rin& to your si&ht) (or Christ has ne er sle,t. % 0e is #aitin& to $e seen) (or 0e has ne er lost si&ht o( you. ' 0e looks quietly on the real #orld) #hich 0e #ould share #ith you $ecause 0e kno#s o( the "ather+s ;o e (or 0im. * 3nd kno#in& this) 0e #ould &i e you #hat is yours. - In ,er(ect ,eace 0e #aits (or you at 0is "ather+s altar) holdin& out the "ather+s ;o e to you in the quiet li&ht o( the 0oly 5,irit+s $lessin&. : "or the 0oly 5,irit #ill lead e eryone home to his "ather) #here Christ #aits as his 5el(. ,22T-12.6I.'. @ ery child o( 1od is one in Christ) (or his $ein& is in Christ as Christ+s is in 1od. 2 Christ+s ;o e (or you is 0is ;o e (or 0is "ather) #hich 0e kno#s $ecause 0e kno#s 0is "ather+s ;o e (or 0im. 3 8hen the 0oly 5,irit has at last led you to Christ at the altar to 0is "ather) ,erce,tion (uses into kno#led&e $ecause ,erce,tion has $ecome so

holy that its trans(er to holiness is merely its natural e/tension. ! ;o e trans(ers to lo e #ithout any inter(erence) (or the t#o are one. % 3s you ,ercei e more and more common elements in all situations) the trans(er o( trainin& under the 0oly 5,irit+s &uidance increases and $ecomes &eneraliAed. ' 1radually you learn to a,,ly it to e eryone and e erythin&) (or its a,,lica$ility is uni ersal. * 8hen this has $een accom,lished) ,erce,tion and kno#led&e ha e $ecome so similar that they share the uni(ication o( the la#s o( 1od. T-12.6I.*. 8hat is one cannot $e ,ercei ed as se,arate) and the denial o( the se,aration is the reinstatement o( kno#led&e. 2 3t the altar o( 1od) the holy ,erce,tion o( 1od+s 5on $ecomes so enli&htened that li&ht streams into it) and the s,irit o( 1od+s 5on shines in the 4ind o( the "ather and $ecomes one #ith it. 3 6ery &ently does 1od shine u,on 0imsel() lo in& the e/tension o( 0imsel( that is 0is 5on. ! The #orld has no ,ur,ose as it $lends into the ,ur,ose o( 1od. % "or the real #orld has sli,,ed quietly into 0ea en) #here e erythin& eternal in it has al#ays $een. ' There the Redeemer and the redeemed Coin in ,er(ect lo e o( 1od and o( each other. * 0ea en is your home) and $ein& in 1od it must also $e in you. "II. Loo%in) &it#in T-12.6II.1. 4iracles demonstrate that learnin& has occurred under the ri&ht &uidance) (or learnin& is in isi$le and #hat has $een learned can $e reco&niAed only $y its results. 2 Its &eneraliAation is demonstrated as you use it in more and more situations. 3 7ou #ill reco&niAe that you ha e learned there is no order o( di((iculty in miracles #hen you a,,ly them to all situations. ! There is no situation to #hich miracles do not a,,ly) and $y a,,lyin& them to all situations you #ill &ain the real #orld. % "or in this holy ,erce,tion you #ill $e made #hole) and the 3tonement #ill radiate (rom your acce,tance o( it (or yoursel( to e eryone the 0oly 5,irit sends you (or your $lessin&. ' In e ery child o( 1od 0is $lessin& lies) and in your $lessin& o( the children o( 1od is 0is $lessin& to you. ,22: T-12.6II.2. @ eryone in the #orld must ,lay his ,art in its redem,tion) in order to reco&niAe that the #orld has $een redeemed. 2 7ou cannot see the in isi$le. 3 7et i( you see its e((ects you kno# it must $e there. ! By ,ercei in& #hat it does) you reco&niAe its $ein&. % 3nd $y #hat it does) you learn #hat it is. ' 7ou cannot see your stren&ths) $ut you &ain con(idence in their e/istence as they ena$le you to act. * 3nd the results o( your actions you <can= see. T-12.6II.3. The 0oly 5,irit is in isi$le) $ut you can see the results o( 0is ?resence) and throu&h them you #ill learn that 0e is there. 2 8hat 0e ena$les you to do is clearly not o( this #orld) (or miracles iolate e ery

la# o( reality as this #orld Cud&es it. 3 @ ery la# o( time and s,ace) o( ma&nitude and mass is transcended) (or #hat the 0oly 5,irit ena$les you to do is clearly $eyond all o( them. ! ?ercei in& 0is results) you #ill understand #here 0e must $e) and (inally kno# #hat 0e is. T-12.6II.!. 7ou cannot see the 0oly 5,irit) $ut you can see 0is mani(estations. 2 3nd unless you do) you #ill not realiAe 0e is there. 3 4iracles are 0is #itnesses) and s,eak (or 0is ?resence. ! 8hat you cannot see $ecomes real to you only throu&h the #itnesses that s,eak (or it. % "or you can $e a#are o( #hat you cannot see) and it can $ecome com,ellin&ly real to you as its ,resence $ecomes mani(est throu&h you. ' Do the 0oly 5,irit+s #ork) (or you share in 0is (unction. * 3s your (unction in 0ea en is creation) so your (unction on earth is healin&. - 1od shares 0is (unction #ith you in 0ea en) and the 0oly 5,irit shares 0is #ith you on earth. : 3s lon& as you $elie e you ha e other (unctions) so lon& #ill you need correction. 1> "or this $elie( is the destruction o( ,eace) a &oal in direct o,,osition to the 0oly 5,irit+s ,ur,ose. T-12.6II.%. 7ou see #hat you e/,ect) and you e/,ect #hat you in ite. 2 7our ,erce,tion is the result o( your in itation) comin& to you as you sent (or it. 3 8hose mani(estations #ould you seeD ! O( #hose ,resence #ould you $e con incedD % "or you #ill $elie e in #hat you mani(est) and as you look out so #ill you see in. ' T#o #ays o( lookin& at the #orld are in your mind) and your ,erce,tion #ill re(lect the &uidance you ha e chosen. T-12.6II.'. I am the mani(estation o( the 0oly 5,irit) and #hen you see me it #ill $e $ecause you ha e in ited 0im. 2 "or 0e #ill send you 0is #itnesses i( you #ill $ut look u,on them. 3 Remem$er al#ays that you see #hat you seek) (or #hat you seek you #ill (ind. ! The e&o (inds #hat it seeks) and only that. ,23> % It does not (ind lo e) (or that is not #hat it is seekin&. ' 7et seekin& and (indin& are the same) and i( you seek (or t#o &oals you #ill (ind them) $ut you #ill reco&niAe neither. * 7ou #ill think they are the same $ecause you #ant $oth o( them. - The mind al#ays stri es (or inte&ration) and i( it is s,lit and #ants to kee, the s,lit) it #ill still $elie e it has one &oal $y makin& it seem to $e one. T-12.6II.*. I said $e(ore that #hat you ,roCect or e/tend is u, to you) $ut you must do one or the other) (or that is a la# o( mind) and you must look in $e(ore you look out. 2 3s you look in) you choose the &uide (or seein&. 3 3nd then you look out and $ehold his #itnesses. ! This is #hy you (ind #hat you seek. % 8hat you #ant in yoursel( you #ill make mani(est) and you #ill acce,t it (rom the #orld $ecause you ,ut it there $y #antin& it. ' 8hen you think you are ,roCectin& #hat you do not #ant) it is still $ecause you <do= #ant it. * This leads directly to

dissociation) (or it re,resents the acce,tance o( t#o &oals) each ,ercei ed in a di((erent ,lace9 se,arated (rom each other $ecause you made them di((erent. - The mind then sees a di ided #orld outside itsel() $ut not #ithin. : This &i es it an illusion o( inte&rity) and ena$les it to $elie e that it is ,ursuin& one &oal. 1> 7et as lon& as you ,ercei e the #orld as s,lit) you are not healed. 11 "or to $e healed is to ,ursue one &oal) $ecause you ha e acce,ted only one and #ant $ut one. T-12.6II.-. 8hen you #ant only lo e you #ill see nothin& else. 2 The contradictory nature o( the #itnesses you ,ercei e is merely the re(lection o( your con(lictin& in itations. 3 7ou ha e looked u,on your mind and acce,ted o,,osition there) ha in& sou&ht it there. ! But do not then $elie e that the #itnesses (or o,,osition are true) (or they attest only to your decision a$out reality) returnin& to you the messa&es you &a e them. % ;o e) too) is reco&niAed $y its messen&ers. ' I( you make lo e mani(est) its messen&ers #ill come to you $ecause you in ited them. T-12.6II.:. The ,o#er o( decision is your one remainin& (reedom as a ,risoner o( this #orld. 2 7ou can decide to see it ri&ht. 3 8hat you made o( it is not its reality) (or its reality is only #hat you &i e it. ! 7ou cannot really &i e anythin& $ut lo e to anyone or anythin&) nor can you really recei e anythin& $ut lo e (rom them. % I( you think you ha e recei ed anythin& else) it is $ecause you ha e looked #ithin and thou&ht you sa# the ,o#er to &i e somethin& else #ithin yoursel(. ' It #as only this decision that determined #hat you (ound) (or it #as the decision (or #hat you sou&ht. ,231 T-12.6II.1>. 7ou are a(raid o( me $ecause you looked #ithin and are a(raid o( #hat you sa#. 2 7et you could not ha e seen reality) (or the reality o( your mind is the lo eliest o( 1od+s creations. 3 Comin& only (rom 1od) its ,o#er and &randeur could only $rin& you ,eace <i( you really looked u,on it.= ! I( you are a(raid) it is $ecause you sa# somethin& that is not there. % 7et in that same ,lace you could ha e looked u,on me and all your $rothers) in the ,er(ect sa(ety o( the 4ind #hich created us. ' "or #e are there in the ,eace o( the "ather) 8ho #ills to e/tend 0is ,eace throu&h you. T-12.6II.11. 8hen you ha e acce,ted your mission to e/tend ,eace you #ill (ind ,eace) (or $y makin& it mani(est you #ill see it. 2 Its holy #itnesses #ill surround you $ecause you called u,on them) and they #ill come to you. 3 I ha e heard your call and I ha e ans#ered it) $ut you #ill not look u,on me nor hear the ans#er that you sou&ht. ! That is $ecause you do not yet #ant T.2Times Ne# Roman2)5R=<only= that. % 7et as I $ecome more real to you) you #ill learn that you do #ant only that. ' 3nd you #ill see me as you look #ithin) and #e #ill look u,on the real #orld to&ether. * Throu&h the eyes o( Christ) only the real

#orld e/ists and only the real #orld can $e seen. - 3s you decide so #ill you see. : 3nd all that you see $ut #itnesses to your decision. T-12.6II.12. 8hen you look #ithin and see me) it #ill $e $ecause you ha e decided to mani(est truth. 2 3nd as you mani(est it you #ill see it $oth #ithout and #ithin. 3 7ou #ill see it #ithout <$ecause= you sa# it (irst #ithin. ! @ erythin& you $ehold #ithout is a Cud&ment o( #hat you $eheld #ithin. % I( it is your Cud&ment it #ill $e #ron&) (or Cud&ment is not your (unction. ' I( it is the Cud&ment o( the 0oly 5,irit it #ill $e ri&ht) (or Cud&ment <is= 0is (unction. * 7ou share 0is (unction only $y Cud&in& as 0e does) reser in& no Cud&ment at all (or yoursel(. 7ou #ill Cud&e a&ainst yoursel() $ut 0e #ill Cud&e <(or= you. T-12.6II.13. Remem$er) then) that #hene er you look #ithout and react un(a ora$ly to #hat you see) you ha e Cud&ed yoursel( un#orthy and ha e condemned yoursel( to death. 2 The death ,enalty is the e&o+s ultimate &oal) (or it (ully $elie es that you are a criminal) as deser in& o( death as 1od kno#s you are deser in& o( li(e. 3 The death ,enalty ne er lea es the e&o+s mind) (or that is #hat it al#ays reser es (or you in the end. ! 8antin& to kill you as the (inal e/,ression o( its (eelin& (or you) it lets you li e $ut to a#ait death. % It #ill torment you #hile you li e) $ut its hatred is not satis(ied until you die. ,232 ' "or your destruction is the one end to#ard #hich it #orks) and the only end #ith #hich it #ill $e satis(ied. T-12.6II.1!. The e&o is not a traitor to 1od) to 8hom treachery is im,ossi$le. 2 But it is a traitor to you #ho $elie e that you ha e $een treacherous to your "ather. 3 That is #hy the undoin& o( &uilt is an essential ,art o( the 0oly 5,irit+s teachin&. ! "or as lon& as you (eel &uilty you are listenin& to the oice o( the e&o) #hich tells you that you ha e $een treacherous to 1od and there(ore deser e death. % 7ou #ill think that death comes (rom 1od and not (rom the e&o $ecause) $y con(usin& yoursel( #ith the e&o) you $elie e that you #ant death. ' 3nd (rom #hat you #ant 1od does not sa e you. T-12.6II.1%. 8hen you are tem,ted to yield to the desire (or death) <remem$er that I did not die.= 2 7ou #ill realiAe that this is true #hen you look #ithin and <see= me. 3 8ould I ha e o ercome death (or mysel( aloneD ! 3nd #ould eternal li(e ha e $een &i en me o( the "ather unless 0e had also &i en it to youD % 8hen you learn to make me mani(est) you #ill ne er see death. ' "or you #ill ha e looked u,on the deathless in yoursel() and you #ill see only the eternal as you look out u,on a #orld that cannot die. "III. T#e Attraction of Love for Love T-12.6III.1. Do you really $elie e that you can kill the 5on o( 1odD 2 The "ather has hidden 0is 5on sa(ely #ithin 0imsel() and ke,t him (ar

a#ay (rom your destructi e thou&hts) $ut you kno# neither the "ather nor the 5on $ecause o( them. 3 7ou attack the real #orld e ery day and e ery hour and e ery minute) and yet you are sur,rised that you cannot see it. ! I( you seek lo e in order to attack it) you #ill ne er (ind it. % "or i( lo e is sharin&) ho# can you (ind it e/ce,t throu&h itsel(D ' O((er it and it #ill come to you) $ecause it is dra#n to itsel(. * But o((er attack and lo e #ill remain hidden) (or it can li e only in ,eace. T-12.6III.2. 1od+s 5on is as sa(e as his "ather) (or the 5on kno#s his "ather+s ,rotection and cannot (ear. 2 0is "ather+s ;o e holds him in ,er(ect ,eace) and needin& nothin&) he asks (or nothin&. 3 7et he is (ar (rom you #hose 5el( he is) (or you chose to attack him and he disa,,eared (rom your si&ht into his "ather. ! 0e did not chan&e) $ut you did. % "or a s,lit mind and all its #orks #ere not created $y the "ather) and could not li e in the kno#led&e o( 0im. T-12.6III.3. 8hen you made isi$le #hat is not true) #hat <is= true $ecame in isi$le to you. 2 7et it cannot $e in isi$le in itsel() (or the 0oly 5,irit sees it #ith ,er(ect clarity. 3 It is in isi$le to you $ecause you are lookin& at somethin& else. ! 7et it is no more u, to you to decide #hat is isi$le and #hat is in isi$le) than it is u, to you to decide #hat reality is. % 8hat can $e seen is #hat the 0oly 5,irit sees. ,233 ' The de(inition o( reality is 1od+s) not yours. * 0e created it) and 0e kno#s #hat it is. - 7ou #ho kne# ha e (or&otten) and unless 0e had &i en you a #ay to remem$er you #ould ha e condemned yoursel( to o$li ion. T-12.6III.!. Because o( your "ather+s ;o e you can ne er (or&et 0im) (or no one can (or&et #hat 1od 0imsel( ,laced in his memory. 2 7ou can deny it) $ut you cannot lose it. 3 3 6oice #ill ans#er e ery question you ask) and a ision #ill correct the ,erce,tion o( e erythin& you see. ! "or #hat you ha e made in isi$le is the only truth) and #hat you ha e not heard is the only 3ns#er. % 1od #ould reunite you #ith yoursel() and did not a$andon you in your distress. ' 7ou are #aitin& only (or 0im) and do not kno# it. * 7et 0is memory shines in your mind and cannot $e o$literated. - It is no more ,ast than (uture) $ein& (ore er al#ays. T-12.6III.%. 7ou ha e $ut to ask (or this memory) and you #ill remem$er. 2 7et the memory o( 1od cannot shine in a mind that has o$literated it and #ants to kee, it so. 3 "or the memory o( 1od can da#n only in a mind that chooses to remem$er) and that has relinquished the insane desire to control reality. ! 7ou #ho cannot e en control yoursel( should hardly as,ire to control the uni erse. % But look u,on #hat you ha e made o( it) and reCoice that it is not so. T-12.6III.'. 5on o( 1od) $e not content #ith nothin&J 2 8hat is not real cannot $e seen and has no alue. 3 1od could not o((er 0is 5on

#hat has no alue) nor could 0is 5on recei e it. ! 7ou #ere redeemed the instant you thou&ht you had deserted 0im. % @ erythin& you made has ne er $een) and is in isi$le $ecause the 0oly 5,irit does not see it. ' 7et #hat 0e does see is yours to $ehold) and throu&h 0is ision your ,erce,tion is healed. * 7ou ha e made in isi$le the only truth that this #orld holds. - 6aluin& nothin&) you ha e sou&ht nothin&. : By makin& nothin& real to you) you ha e seen it. 1> <But it is not there.= 11 3nd Christ is in isi$le to you $ecause o( #hat you ha e made isi$le to yoursel(. T-12.6III.*. 7et it does not matter ho# much distance you ha e tried to inter,ose $et#een your a#areness and truth. ,23! 2 1od+s 5on can $e seen $ecause his ision is shared. 3 The 0oly 5,irit looks u,on him) and sees nothin& else in you. ! 8hat is in isi$le to you is ,er(ect in 0is si&ht) and encom,asses all o( it. % 0e has remem$ered you $ecause 0e (or&ot not the "ather. ' 7ou looked u,on the unreal and (ound des,air. * 7et $y seekin& the unreal) #hat else could you (indD The unreal #orld <is= a thin& o( des,air) (or it can ne er $e. : 3nd you #ho share 1od+s Bein& #ith 0im could ne er $e content #ithout reality. 1> 8hat 1od did not &i e you has no ,o#er o er you) and the attraction o( lo e (or lo e remains irresisti$le. 11 "or it is the (unction o( lo e to unite all thin&s unto itsel() and to hold all thin&s to&ether $y e/tendin& its #holeness. T-12.6III.-. The real #orld #as &i en you $y 1od in lo in& e/chan&e (or the #orld you made and the #orld you see. 2 Only take it (rom the hand o( Christ and look u,on it. 3 Its reality #ill make e erythin& else in isi$le) (or $eholdin& it is total ,erce,tion. ! 3nd as you look u,on it you #ill remem$er that it #as al#ays so. % Nothin&ness #ill $ecome in isi$le) (or you #ill at last ha e seen truly. ' Redeemed ,erce,tion is easily translated into kno#led&e) (or only ,erce,tion is ca,a$le o( error and ,erce,tion has ne er $een. * Bein& corrected it &i es ,lace to kno#led&e) #hich is (ore er the only reality. - The 3tonement is $ut the #ay $ack to #hat #as ne er lost. : 7our "ather could not cease to lo e 0is 5on. ,23% Cha,ter 13. THE G1ILTLESS &ORL$ Intro!'ction I( you did not (eel &uilty you could not attack) (or condemnation is the root o( attack. 2 It is the Cud&ment o( one mind $y another as un#orthy o( lo e and deser in& o( ,unishment. 3 But herein lies the s,lit. ! "or the mind that Cud&es ,ercei es itsel( as se,arate (rom the mind $ein& Cud&ed) $elie in& that $y ,unishin& another) it #ill

esca,e ,unishment. % 3ll this is $ut the delusional attem,t o( the mind to deny itsel() and esca,e the ,enalty o( denial. ' It is not an attem,t to relinquish denial) $ut to hold on to it. * "or it is &uilt that has o$scured the "ather to you) and it is &uilt that has dri en you insane. The acce,tance o( &uilt into the mind o( 1od+s 5on #as the $e&innin& o( the se,aration) as the acce,tance o( the 3tonement is its end. 2 The #orld you see is the delusional system o( those made mad $y &uilt. 3 ;ook care(ully at this #orld) and you #ill realiAe that this is so. ! "or this #orld is the sym$ol o( ,unishment) and all the la#s that seem to &o ern it are the la#s o( death. % Children are $orn into it throu&h ,ain and in ,ain. ' Their &ro#th is attended $y su((erin&) and they learn o( sorro# and se,aration and death. * Their minds seem to $e tra,,ed in their $rain) and its ,o#ers to decline i( their $odies are hurt. - They seem to lo e) yet they desert and are deserted. : They a,,ear to lose #hat they lo e) ,erha,s the most insane $elie( o( all. 1> 3nd their $odies #ither and &as, and are laid in the &round) and are no more. 11 Not one o( them $ut has thou&ht that 1od is cruel. I( this #ere the real #orld) 1od <#ould= $e cruel. 2 "or no "ather could su$Cect 0is children to this as the ,rice o( sal ation and <$e= lo in&. 3 <;o e does not kill to sa e.= ! I( it did) attack #ould $e sal ation) and this is the e&o+s inter,retation) not 1od+s. % Only the #orld o( &uilt could demand this) (or only the &uilty could concei e o( it. ' 3dam+s 2sin2 could ha e touched no one) had he not $elie ed it #as the "ather 8ho dro e him out o( ?aradise. * "or in that $elie( the kno#led&e o( the "ather #as lost) since only those #ho do not understand 0im could $elie e it.!. This #orld <is= a ,icture o( the cruci(i/ion o( 1od+s 5on. 2 3nd until you realiAe that 1od+s 5on cannot $e cruci(ied) this is the #orld you #ill see. ,23' 3 7et you #ill not realiAe this until you acce,t the eternal (act that 1od+s 5on is not &uilty. ! 0e deser es only lo e $ecause he has &i en only lo e. % 0e cannot $e condemned $ecause he has ne er condemned. ' The 3tonement is the (inal lesson he need learn) (or it teaches him that) ne er ha in& sinned) he has no need o( sal ation. I. G'iltlessness an! Inv'lnera/ilit. T-13.I.1. @arlier) I said that the 0oly 5,irit shares the &oal o( all &ood teachers) #hose ultimate aim is to make themsel es unnecessary $y teachin& their ,u,ils all they kno#. 2 The 0oly 5,irit #ants only this) (or sharin& the "ather+s ;o e (or 0is 5on) 0e seeks to remo e all &uilt (rom his mind that he may remem$er his "ather in ,eace. 3 ?eace and &uilt are antithetical) and the "ather can $e remem$ered only in ,eace. ! ;o e and &uilt cannot coe/ist) and to acce,t one is to deny the other.

% 1uilt hides Christ (rom your si&ht) (or it is the denial o( the $lamelessness o( 1od+s 5on. T-13.I.2. In the stran&e #orld that you ha e made the 5on o( 1od <has= sinned. 2 0o# could you see him) thenD 3 By makin& him in isi$le) the #orld o( retri$ution rose in the $lack cloud o( &uilt that you acce,ted) and you hold it dear. ! "or the $lamelessness o( Christ is the ,roo( that the e&o ne er #as) and can ne er $e. % 8ithout &uilt the e&o has no li(e) and 1od+s 5on <is= #ithout &uilt. T-13.I.3. 3s you look u,on yoursel( and Cud&e #hat you do honestly) you may $e tem,ted to #onder ho# you can $e &uiltless. 2 7et consider this. 7ou are not &uiltless in time) $ut in eternity. 3 7ou ha e 2sinned2 in the ,ast) $ut there is no ,ast. ! 3l#ays has no direction. % Time seems to &o in one direction) $ut #hen you reach its end it #ill roll u, like a lon& car,et s,read alon& the ,ast $ehind you) and #ill disa,,ear. ' 3s lon& as you $elie e the 5on o( 1od is &uilty you #ill #alk alon& this car,et) $elie in& that it leads to death. * 3nd the Courney #ill seem lon& and cruel and senseless) (or so it is. T-13.I.!. The Courney the 5on o( 1od has set himsel( is useless indeed) $ut the Courney on #hich his "ather sets him is one o( release and Coy. 2 The "ather is not cruel) and 0is 5on cannot hurt himsel(. 3 The retaliation that he (ears and that he sees #ill ne er touch him) (or althou&h he $elie es in it the 0oly 5,irit kno#s it is not true. ,23* ! The 0oly 5,irit stands at the end o( time) #here you must $e $ecause 0e is #ith you. % 0e has already undone e erythin& un#orthy o( the 5on o( 1od) (or such #as 0is mission) &i en 0im $y 1od. ' 3nd #hat 1od &i es has al#ays $een. T-13.I.%. 7ou #ill see me as you learn the 5on o( 1od is &uiltless. 2 0e has al#ays sou&ht his &uiltlessness) and he has (ound it. 3 "or e eryone is seekin& to esca,e (rom the ,rison he has made) and the #ay to (ind release is not denied him. ! Bein& in him) he has (ound it. % <8hen= he (inds it is only a matter o( time) and time is $ut an illusion. ' "or the 5on o( 1od is &uiltless no#) and the $ri&htness o( his ,urity shines untouched (ore er in 1od+s 4ind. * 1od+s 5on #ill al#ays $e as he #as created. - Deny your #orld and Cud&e him not) (or his eternal &uiltlessness is in the 4ind o( his "ather) and ,rotects him (ore er. T-13.I.'. 8hen you ha e acce,ted the 3tonement (or yoursel() you #ill realiAe there is no &uilt in 1od+s 5on. 2 3nd only as you look u,on him as &uiltless can you understand his oneness. 3 "or the idea o( &uilt $rin&s a $elie( in condemnation o( one $y another) ,roCectin& se,aration in ,lace o( unity. ! 7ou can condemn only yoursel() and $y so doin& you cannot kno# that you are 1od+s 5on. % 7ou ha e denied the condition o( his $ein&) #hich is his ,er(ect $lamelessness. ' Out o( lo e he #as created) and in lo e he a$ides. * 1oodness and mercy

ha e al#ays (ollo#ed him) (or he has al#ays e/tended the ;o e o( his "ather. T-13.I.*. 3s you ,ercei e the holy com,anions #ho tra el #ith you) you #ill realiAe that there is no Courney) $ut only an a#akenin&. 2 The 5on o( 1od) #ho slee,eth not) has ke,t (aith #ith his "ather (or you. 3 There is no road to tra el on) and no time to tra el throu&h. ! "or 1od #aits not (or 0is 5on in time) $ein& (ore er un#illin& to $e #ithout him. % 3nd so it has al#ays $een. ' ;et the holiness o( 1od+s 5on shine a#ay the cloud o( &uilt that darkens your mind) and $y acce,tin& his ,urity as yours) learn o( him that it <is= yours. T-13.I.-. 7ou are in ulnera$le $ecause you are &uiltless. 2 7ou can hold on to the ,ast only throu&h &uilt. 3 "or &uilt esta$lishes that you #ill $e ,unished (or #hat you ha e done) and thus de,ends on onedimensional time) ,roceedin& (rom ,ast to (uture. ! No one #ho $elie es this can understand #hat 2al#ays2 means) and there(ore &uilt must de,ri e you o( the a,,reciation o( eternity. % 7ou are immortal $ecause you are eternal) and 2al#ays2 must $e no#. ' 1uilt) then) is a #ay o( holdin& ,ast and (uture in your mind to ensure the e&o+s continuity. ,23- * "or i( #hat has $een #ill $e ,unished) the e&o+s continuity is &uaranteed. - 7et the &uarantee o( your continuity is 1od+s) not the e&o+s. : 3nd immortality is the o,,osite o( time) (or time ,asses a#ay) #hile immortality is constant. T-13.I.:. 3cce,tin& the 3tonement teaches you #hat immortality is) (or $y acce,tin& your &uiltlessness you learn that the ,ast has ne er $een) and so the (uture is needless and #ill not $e. 2 The (uture) in time) is al#ays associated #ith e/,iation) and only &uilt could induce a sense o( a need (or e/,iation. 3 3cce,tin& the &uiltlessness o( the 5on o( 1od as yours is there(ore 1od+s #ay o( remindin& you o( 0is 5on) and #hat he is in truth. ! "or 1od has ne er condemned 0is 5on) and $ein& &uiltless he is eternal. T-13.I.1>. 7ou cannot dis,el &uilt $y makin& it real) and then atonin& (or it. 2 This is the e&o+s ,lan) #hich it o((ers instead o( dis,ellin& it. 3 The e&o $elie es in atonement throu&h attack) $ein& (ully committed to the insane notion that attack is sal ation. ! 3nd you #ho cherish &uilt must also $elie e it) (or ho# else $ut $y identi(yin& #ith the e&o could you hold dear #hat you do not #antD T-13.I.11. The e&o teaches you to attack yoursel( $ecause you are &uilty) and this must increase the &uilt) (or &uilt is the result o( attack. 2 In the e&o+s teachin&) then) there is no esca,e (rom &uilt. 3 "or attack makes &uilt real) and i( it is real there <is= no #ay to o ercome it. ! The 0oly 5,irit dis,els it sim,ly throu&h the calm reco&nition that it has ne er $een. % 3s 0e looks u,on the &uiltless 5on o( 1od) 0e kno#s that this is true. ' 3nd $ein& true (or you) you cannot attack yoursel()

(or #ithout &uilt attack is im,ossi$le. * 7ou) then) are sa ed $ecause 1od+s 5on is &uiltless. - 3nd $ein& #holly ,ure) you are in ulnera$le. II. T#e G'iltless Son of Go! T-13.II.1. The ultimate ,ur,ose o( ,roCection is al#ays to &et rid o( &uilt. 2 7et) characteristically) the e&o attem,ts to &et rid o( &uilt (rom its ie#,oint only) (or much as the e&o #ants to retain &uilt <you= (ind it intolera$le) since &uilt stands in the #ay o( your remem$erin& 1od) 8hose ,ull is so stron& that you cannot resist it. 3 On this issue) then) the dee,est s,lit o( all occurs) (or i( you are to retain &uilt) as the e&o insists) <you cannot $e you.= ! Only $y ,ersuadin& you that it is you could the e&o ,ossi$ly induce you to ,roCect &uilt) and there$y kee, it in your mind. ,23: T-13.II.2. 7et consider ho# stran&e a solution the e&o+s arran&ement is. 2 7ou ,roCect &uilt to &et rid o( it) $ut you are actually merely concealin& it. 3 7ou do e/,erience the &uilt) $ut you ha e no idea #hy. ! On the contrary) you associate it #ith a #eird assortment o( 2e&o ideals)2 #hich the e&o claims you ha e (ailed. % 7et you ha e no idea that you are (ailin& the 5on o( 1od $y seein& him as &uilty. ' Belie in& you are no lon&er you) you do not realiAe that you are (ailin& yoursel(. T-13.II.3. The darkest o( your hidden cornerstones holds your $elie( in &uilt (rom your a#areness. 2 "or in that dark and secret ,lace is the realiAation that you ha e $etrayed 1od+s 5on $y condemnin& him to death. 3 7ou do not e en sus,ect this murderous $ut insane idea lies hidden there) (or the e&o+s destructi e ur&e is so intense that nothin& short o( the cruci(i/ion o( 1od+s 5on can ultimately satis(y it. ! It does not kno# #ho the 5on o( 1od is $ecause it is $lind. % 7et let it ,ercei e &uiltlessness any#here) and it #ill try to destroy it $ecause it is a(raid. T-13.II.!. 4uch o( the e&o+s stran&e $eha ior is directly attri$uta$le to its de(inition o( &uilt. 2 To the e&o) <the &uiltless are &uilty.= 3 Those #ho do not attack are its 2enemies2 $ecause) $y not aluin& its inter,retation o( sal ation) they are in an e/cellent ,osition to let it &o. ! They ha e a,,roached the darkest and dee,est cornerstone in the e&o+s (oundation) and #hile the e&o can #ithstand your raisin& all else to question) it &uards this one secret #ith its li(e) (or its e/istence de,ends on kee,in& this secret. % 5o it is this secret that #e must look u,on) (or the e&o cannot ,rotect you a&ainst truth) and in its ,resence the e&o is dis,elled. T-13.II.%. In the calm li&ht o( truth) let us reco&niAe that you $elie e you ha e cruci(ied 1od+s 5on. 2 7ou ha e not admitted to this 2terri$le2 secret $ecause you #ould still #ish to cruci(y him i( you could (ind him. 3 7et the #ish has hidden him (rom you $ecause it is ery (ear(ul) and so you are a(raid to (ind him. ! 7ou ha e handled this #ish to kill

yoursel( $y not kno#in& #ho you are) and identi(yin& #ith somethin& else. % 7ou ha e ,roCected &uilt $lindly and indiscriminately) $ut you ha e not unco ered its source. ' "or the e&o does #ant to kill you) and i( you identi(y #ith it you must $elie e its &oal is yours. T-13.II.'. I ha e said that the cruci(i/ion is the sym$ol o( the e&o. 2 8hen it #as con(ronted #ith the real &uiltlessness o( 1od+s 5on it did attem,t to kill him) and the reason it &a e #as that &uiltlessness is $las,hemous to 1od. ,2!> 3 To the e&o) the <e&o= is 1od) and &uiltlessness must $e inter,reted as the (inal &uilt that (ully Custi(ies murder. ! 7ou do not yet understand that any (ear you may e/,erience in connection #ith this course stems ultimately (rom this inter,retation) $ut i( you #ill consider your reactions to it you #ill $ecome increasin&ly con inced that this is so. T-13.II.*. This course has e/,licitly stated that its &oal (or you is ha,,iness and ,eace. 2 7et you are a(raid o( it. 3 7ou ha e $een told a&ain and a&ain that it #ill set you (ree) yet you sometimes react as i( it is tryin& to im,rison you. ! 7ou o(ten dismiss it more readily than you dismiss the e&o+s thou&ht system. % To some e/tent) then) you must $elie e that $y not learnin& the course you are ,rotectin& yoursel(. ' 3nd you do not realiAe that it is only your &uiltlessness that <can= ,rotect you. T-13.II.-. The 3tonement has al#ays $een inter,reted as the release (rom &uilt) and this is correct i( it is understood. 2 7et e en #hen I inter,ret it (or you) you may reCect it and do not acce,t it (or yoursel(. 3 7ou ha e ,erha,s reco&niAed the (utility o( the e&o and its o((erin&s) $ut thou&h you do not #ant them) you may not yet look u,on the alternati e #ith &ladness. ! In the e/treme) you are a(raid o( redem,tion and you $elie e it #ill kill you. % 4ake no mistake a$out the de,th o( this (ear. ' "or you $elie e that) in the ,resence o( truth) you mi&ht turn on yoursel( and destroy yoursel(. T-13.II.:. ;ittle child) this is not so. 2 7our 2&uilty secret2 is nothin&) and i( you #ill $ut $rin& it to the li&ht) the li&ht #ill dis,el it. 3 3nd then no dark cloud #ill remain $et#een you and the remem$rance o( your "ather) (or you #ill remem$er 0is &uiltless 5on) #ho did not die $ecause he is immortal. ! 3nd you #ill see that you #ere redeemed #ith him) and ha e ne er $een se,arated (rom him. % In this understandin& lies your remem$erin&) (or it is the reco&nition o( lo e #ithout (ear. ' There #ill $e &reat Coy in 0ea en on your homecomin&) and the Coy #ill $e yours. * "or the redeemed son o( man is the &uiltless 5on o( 1od) and to reco&niAe him <is= your redem,tion. ,2!1 III. T#e Fear of Re!e ption

T-13.III.1. 7ou may #onder #hy it is so crucial that you look u,on your hatred and realiAe its (ull e/tent. 2 7ou may also think that it #ould $e easy enou&h (or the 0oly 5,irit to sho# it to you) and to dis,el it #ithout the need (or you to raise it to a#areness yoursel(. 3 7et there is one more o$stacle you ha e inter,osed $et#een yoursel( and the 3tonement. ! 8e ha e said that no one #ill countenance (ear i( he reco&niAes it. % 7et in your disordered state o( mind you are not a(raid o( (ear. ' 7ou do not like it) $ut it is not your desire to attack that really (ri&htens you. * 7ou are not seriously distur$ed $y your hostility. - 7ou kee, it hidden $ecause you are more a(raid o( #hat it co ers. : 7ou could look e en u,on the e&o+s darkest cornerstone #ithout (ear i( you did not $elie e that) #ithout the e&o) you #ould (ind #ithin yoursel( somethin& you (ear e en more. 1> 7ou are not really a(raid o( cruci(i/ion. 11 7our real terror is o( redem,tion. T-13.III.2. Under the e&o+s dark (oundation is the memory o( 1od) and it is o( this that you are really a(raid. 2 "or this memory #ould instantly restore you to your ,ro,er ,lace) and it is this ,lace that you ha e sou&ht to lea e. 3 7our (ear o( attack is nothin& com,ared to your (ear o( lo e. ! 7ou #ould $e #illin& to look e en u,on your sa a&e #ish to kill 1od+s 5on) i( you did not $elie e that it sa es you (rom lo e. % "or this #ish caused the se,aration) and you ha e ,rotected it $ecause you do not #ant the se,aration healed. ' 7ou realiAe that) $y remo in& the dark cloud that o$scures it) your lo e (or your "ather #ould im,el you to ans#er 0is Call and lea, into 0ea en. * 7ou $elie e that attack is sal ation $ecause it #ould ,re ent you (rom this. - "or still dee,er than the e&o+s (oundation) and much stron&er than it #ill e er $e) is your intense and $urnin& lo e o( 1od) and 0is (or you. : This is #hat you really #ant to hide. T-13.III.3. In honesty) is it not harder (or you to say 2I lo e2 than 2I hate2D 2 7ou associate lo e #ith #eakness and hatred #ith stren&th) and your o#n real ,o#er seems to you as your real #eakness. 3 "or you could not control your Coyous res,onse to the call o( lo e i( you heard it) and the #hole #orld you thou&ht you made #ould anish. ! The 0oly 5,irit) then) seems to $e attackin& your (ortress) (or you #ould shut out 1od) and 0e does not #ill to $e e/cluded. ,2!2 T-13.III.!. 7ou ha e $uilt your #hole insane $elie( system $ecause you think you #ould $e hel,less in 1od+s ?resence) and you #ould sa e yoursel( (rom 0is ;o e $ecause you think it #ould crush you into nothin&ness. 2 7ou are a(raid it #ould s#ee, you a#ay (rom yoursel( and make you little) $ecause you $elie e that ma&nitude lies in de(iance) and that attack is &randeur. 3 7ou think you ha e made a #orld 1od #ould destroy9 and $y lo in& 0im) #hich you do) you #ould thro# this #orld a#ay) #hich you <#ould.= ! There(ore) you ha e

used the #orld to co er your lo e) and the dee,er you &o into the $lackness o( the e&o+s (oundation) the closer you come to the ;o e that is hidden there. % <3nd it is this that (ri&htens you=. T-13.III.%. 7ou can acce,t insanity $ecause you made it) $ut you cannot acce,t lo e $ecause you did not. 2 7ou #ould rather $e a sla e o( the cruci(i/ion than a 5on o( 1od in redem,tion. 3 7our indi idual death seems more alua$le than your li in& oneness) (or #hat is &i en you is not so dear as #hat you made. ! 7ou are more a(raid o( 1od than o( the e&o) and lo e cannot enter #here it is not #elcome. % But hatred can) (or it enters o( its o#n olition and cares not (or yours. T-13.III.'. 7ou must look u,on your illusions and not kee, them hidden) $ecause they do not rest on their o#n (oundation. 2 In concealment they a,,ear to do so) and thus they seem to $e sel(-sustained. 3 This is the (undamental illusion on #hich the others rest. ! "or $eneath them) and concealed as lon& as they are hidden) is the lo in& mind that thou&ht it made them in an&er. % 3nd the ,ain in this mind is so a,,arent) #hen it is unco ered) that its need o( healin& cannot $e denied. ' Not all the tricks and &ames you o((er it can heal it) (or here is the real cruci(i/ion o( 1od+s 5on. T-13.III.*. 3nd yet he is not cruci(ied. 2 0ere is $oth his ,ain and his healin&) (or the 0oly 5,irit+s ision is merci(ul and 0is remedy is quick. 3 Do not hide su((erin& (rom 0is si&ht) $ut $rin& it &ladly to 0im. ! ;ay $e(ore 0is eternal sanity all your hurt) and let 0im heal you. % Do not lea e any s,ot o( ,ain hidden (rom 0is li&ht) and search your mind care(ully (or any thou&hts you may (ear to unco er. ' "or 0e #ill heal e ery little thou&ht you ha e ke,t to hurt you and cleanse it o( its littleness) restorin& it to the ma&nitude o( 1od. T-13.III.-. Beneath all the &randiosity you hold so dear is your real call (or hel,. 2 "or you call (or lo e to your "ather as your "ather calls you to 0imsel(. 3 In that ,lace #hich you ha e hidden) you #ill only to unite #ith the "ather) in lo in& remem$rance o( 0im. ,2!3 ! 7ou #ill (ind this ,lace o( truth as you see it in your $rothers) (or thou&h they may decei e themsel es) like you they lon& (or the &randeur that is in them. % 3nd ,ercei in& it you #ill #elcome it) and it #ill $e yours. ' "or &randeur is the ri&ht o( 1od+s 5on) and no illusions can satis(y him or sa e him (rom #hat he is. * Only his lo e is real) and he #ill $e content only #ith his reality. T-13.III.:. 5a e him (rom his illusions that you may acce,t the ma&nitude o( your "ather in ,eace and Coy. 2 But e/em,t no one (rom your lo e) or you #ill $e hidin& a dark ,lace in your mind #here the 0oly 5,irit is not #elcome. 3 3nd thus you #ill e/em,t yoursel( (rom 0is healin& ,o#er) (or $y not o((erin& total lo e you #ill not $e healed

com,letely. ! 0ealin& must $e as com,lete as (ear) (or lo e cannot enter #here there is one s,ot o( (ear to mar its #elcome. T-13.III.1>. 7ou #ho ,re(er se,aration to sanity cannot o$tain it in your ri&ht mind. 2 7ou #ere at ,eace until you asked (or s,ecial (a or. 3 3nd 1od did not &i e it (or the request #as alien to 0im) and you could not ask this o( a "ather 8ho truly lo ed 0is 5on. ! There(ore you made o( 0im an unlo in& (ather) demandin& o( 0im #hat only such a (ather could &i e. % 3nd the ,eace o( 1od+s 5on #as shattered) (or he no lon&er understood his "ather. ' 0e (eared #hat he had made) $ut still more did he (ear his real "ather) ha in& attacked his o#n &lorious equality #ith 0im. T-13.III.11. In ,eace he needed nothin& and asked (or nothin&. 2 In #ar he demanded e erythin& and (ound nothin&. 3 "or ho# could the &entleness o( lo e res,ond to his demands) e/ce,t $y de,artin& in ,eace and returnin& to the "atherD ! I( the 5on did not #ish to remain in ,eace) he could not remain at all. % "or a darkened mind cannot li e in the li&ht) and it must seek a ,lace o( darkness #here it can $elie e it is #here it is not. ' 1od did not allo# this to ha,,en. * 7et you demanded that it ha,,en) and there(ore $elie ed that it #as so. T-13.III.12. To 2sin&le out2 is to 2make alone)2 and thus make lonely. 2 1od did not do this to you. 3 Could 0e set you a,art) kno#in& that your ,eace lies in 0is OnenessD ! 0e denied you only your request (or ,ain) (or su((erin& is not o( 0is creation. % 0a in& &i en you creation) 0e could not take it (rom you. ' 0e could $ut ans#er your insane request #ith a sane ans#er that #ould a$ide #ith you in your insanity. * 3nd this 0e did. - No one #ho hears 0is ans#er $ut #ill &i e u, insanity. : "or 0is ans#er is the re(erence ,oint $eyond illusions) (rom #hich you can look $ack on them and see them as insane. ,2!! 1> But seek this ,lace and you #ill (ind it) (or ;o e is in you and #ill lead you there. I". T#e F'nction of Ti e T-13.I6.1. 3nd no# the reason #hy you are a(raid o( this course should $e a,,arent. 2 "or this is a course on lo e) $ecause it is a$out you. 3 7ou ha e $een told that your (unction in this #orld is healin&) and your (unction in 0ea en is creatin&. ! The e&o teaches that your (unction on earth is destruction) and you ha e no (unction at all in 0ea en. % It #ould thus destroy you here and $ury you here) lea in& you no inheritance e/ce,t the dust out o( #hich it thinks you #ere made. ' 3s lon& as it is reasona$ly satis(ied #ith you) as its reasonin& &oes) it o((ers you o$li ion. * 8hen it $ecomes o ertly sa a&e) it o((ers you hell.

T-13.I6.2. 7et neither o$li ion nor hell is as unacce,ta$le to you as 0ea en. 2 7our de(inition o( 0ea en <is= hell and o$li ion) and the real 0ea en is the &reatest threat you think you could e/,erience. 3 "or hell and o$li ion are ideas that you made u,) and you are $ent on demonstratin& their reality to esta$lish yours. ! I( their reality is questioned) you $elie e that yours is. % "or you $elie e that attack is your reality) and that your destruction is the (inal ,roo( that you #ere ri&ht. T-13.I6.3. Under the circumstances) #ould it not $e more desira$le to ha e $een #ron&) e en a,art (rom the (act that you #ere #ron&D 2 8hile it could ,erha,s $e ar&ued that death su&&ests there <#as= li(e) no one #ould claim that it ,ro es there <is= li(e. 3 @ en the ,ast li(e that death mi&ht indicate) could only ha e $een (utile i( it must come to this) and needs this to ,ro e that it #as at all. ! 7ou question 0ea en) $ut you do not question this. % 7et you could heal and $e healed i( you did question it. ' 3nd e en thou&h you kno# not 0ea en) mi&ht it not $e more desira$le than deathD * 7ou ha e $een as selecti e in your questionin& as in your ,erce,tion. - 3n o,en mind is more honest than this. T-13.I6.!. The e&o has a stran&e notion o( time) and it is #ith this notion that your questionin& mi&ht #ell $e&in. 2 The e&o in ests hea ily in the ,ast) and in the end $elie es that the ,ast is the only as,ect o( time that is meanin&(ul. 3 Remem$er that its em,hasis on &uilt ena$les it to ensure its continuity $y makin& the (uture like the ,ast) and thus a oidin& the ,resent. ,2!% ! By the notion o( ,ayin& (or the ,ast in the (uture) the ,ast $ecomes the determiner o( the (uture) makin& them continuous #ithout an inter enin& ,resent. % "or the e&o re&ards the ,resent only as a $rie( transition to the (uture) in #hich it $rin&s the ,ast to the (uture $y inter,retin& the ,resent in ,ast terms. T-13.I6.%. 2No#2 has no meanin& to the e&o. 2 The ,resent merely reminds it o( ,ast hurts) and it reacts to the ,resent as i( it <#ere= the ,ast. 3 The e&o cannot tolerate release (rom the ,ast) and althou&h the ,ast is o er) the e&o tries to ,reser e its ima&e $y res,ondin& as i( it #ere ,resent. ! It dictates your reactions to those you meet in the ,resent (rom a ,ast re(erence ,oint) o$scurin& their ,resent reality. % In e((ect) i( you (ollo# the e&o+s dictates you #ill react to your $rother as thou&h he #ere someone else) and this #ill surely ,re ent you (rom reco&niAin& him as he is. ' 3nd you #ill recei e messa&es (rom him out o( your o#n ,ast $ecause) $y makin& it real in the ,resent) you are (or$iddin& yoursel( to let it &o. * 7ou thus deny yoursel( the messa&e o( release that e ery $rother o((ers you <no#.= T-13.I6.'. The shado#y (i&ures (rom the ,ast are ,recisely #hat you must esca,e. 2 They are not real) and ha e no hold o er you unless

you $rin& them #ith you. 3 They carry the s,ots o( ,ain in your mind) directin& you to attack in the ,resent in retaliation (or a ,ast that is no more. ! 3nd this decision is one o( (uture ,ain. % Unless you learn that ,ast ,ain is an illusion) you are choosin& a (uture o( illusions and losin& the many o,,ortunities you could (ind (or release in the ,resent. ' The e&o #ould ,reser e your ni&htmares) and ,re ent you (rom a#akenin& and understandin& they are ,ast. * 8ould you reco&niAe a holy encounter i( you are merely ,ercei in& it as a meetin& #ith your o#n ,astD - "or you #ould $e meetin& no one) and the sharin& o( sal ation) #hich makes the encounter holy) #ould $e e/cluded (rom your si&ht. : The 0oly 5,irit teaches that you al#ays meet yoursel() and the encounter is holy $ecause you are. 1> The e&o teaches that you al#ays encounter your ,ast) and $ecause your dreams #ere not holy) the (uture cannot $e) and the ,resent is #ithout meanin&. T-13.I6.*. It is e ident that the 0oly 5,irit+s ,erce,tion o( time is the e/act o,,osite o( the e&o+s. 2 The reason is equally clear) (or they ,ercei e the &oal o( time as diametrically o,,osed. 3 The 0oly 5,irit inter,rets time+s ,ur,ose as renderin& the need (or time unnecessary. ,2!' ! 0e re&ards the (unction o( time as tem,orary) ser in& only 0is teachin& (unction) #hich is tem,orary $y de(inition. % 0is em,hasis is there(ore on the only as,ect o( time that can e/tend to the in(inite) (or <no#= is the closest a,,ro/imation o( eternity that this #orld o((ers. ' It is in the reality o( 2no#)2 #ithout ,ast or (uture) that the $e&innin& o( the a,,reciation o( eternity lies. * "or only 2no#2 is here) and only 2no#2 ,resents the o,,ortunities (or the holy encounters in #hich sal ation can $e (ound. T-13.I6.-. The e&o) on the other hand) re&ards the (unction o( time as one o( e/tendin& itsel( in ,lace o( eternity) (or like the 0oly 5,irit) the e&o inter,rets the &oal o( time as its o#n. 2 The continuity o( ,ast and (uture) under its direction) is the only ,ur,ose the e&o ,ercei es in time) and it closes o er the ,resent so that no &a, in its o#n continuity can occur. 3 Its continuity) then) #ould kee, you in time) #hile the 0oly 5,irit #ould release you (rom it. ! It is 0is inter,retation o( the means o( sal ation that you must learn to acce,t) i( you #ould share 0is &oal o( sal ation (or you. T-13.I6.:. 7ou) too) #ill inter,ret the (unction o( time as you inter,ret yours. 2 I( you acce,t your (unction in the #orld o( time as one o( healin&) you #ill em,hasiAe only the as,ect o( time in #hich healin& can occur. 3 0ealin& cannot $e accom,lished in the ,ast. ! It must $e accom,lished in the ,resent to release the (uture. % This inter,retation ties the (uture to the ,resent) and e/tends the ,resent rather than the ,ast. ' But i( you inter,ret your (unction as destruction) you #ill lose

si&ht o( the ,resent and hold on to the ,ast to ensure a destructi e (uture. * 3nd time #ill $e as you inter,ret it) (or o( itsel( it is nothin&. ". T#e T+o E otions T-13.6.1. I ha e said you ha e $ut t#o emotions) lo e and (ear. 2 One is chan&eless $ut continually e/chan&ed) $ein& o((ered $y the eternal to the eternal. 3 In this e/chan&e it is e/tended) (or it increases as it is &i en. ! The other has many (orms) (or the content o( indi idual illusions di((ers &reatly. % 7et they ha e one thin& in common9 they are all insane. ' They are made o( si&hts that are not seen) and sounds that are not heard. * They make u, a ,ri ate #orld that cannot $e shared. - "or they are meanin&(ul only to their maker) and so they ha e no meanin& at all. : In this #orld their maker mo es alone) (or only he ,ercei es them. ,2!* T-13.6.2. @ach one ,eo,les his #orld #ith (i&ures (rom his indi idual ,ast) and it is $ecause o( this that ,ri ate #orlds do di((er. 2 7et the (i&ures that he sees #ere ne er real) (or they are made u, only o( his reactions to his $rothers) and do not include their reactions to him. 3 There(ore) he does not see he made them) and that they are not #hole. ! "or these (i&ures ha e no #itnesses) $ein& ,ercei ed in one se,arate mind only. T-13.6.3. It is throu&h these stran&e and shado#y (i&ures that the insane relate to their insane #orld. 2 "or they see only those #ho remind them o( these ima&es) and it is to them that they relate. 3 Thus do they communicate #ith those #ho are not there) and it is they #ho ans#er them. ! 3nd no one hears their ans#er sa e him #ho called u,on them) and he alone $elie es they ans#ered him. % ?roCection makes ,erce,tion) and you cannot see $eyond it. ' 3&ain and a&ain ha e you attacked your $rother) $ecause you sa# in him a shado# (i&ure in your ,ri ate #orld. * 3nd thus it is you must attack yoursel( (irst) (or #hat you attack is not in others. - Its only reality is in your o#n mind) and $y attackin& others you are literally attackin& #hat is not there. T-13.6.!. The delusional can $e ery destructi e) (or they do not reco&niAe they ha e condemned themsel es. 2 They do not #ish to die) yet they #ill not let condemnation &o. 3 3nd so they se,arate into their ,ri ate #orlds) #here e erythin& is disordered) and #here #hat is #ithin a,,ears to $e #ithout. ! 7et #hat is #ithin they do not see) (or the reality o( their $rothers they cannot reco&niAe. T-13.6.%. 7ou ha e $ut t#o emotions) yet in your ,ri ate #orld you react to each o( them as thou&h it #ere the other. 2 "or lo e cannot a$ide in a #orld a,art) #here #hen it comes it is not reco&niAed. 3 I( you see your o#n hatred as your $rother) you are not seein& him. !

@ eryone dra#s ni&h unto #hat he lo es) and recoils (rom #hat he (ears. % 3nd you react #ith (ear to lo e) and dra# a#ay (rom it. ' 7et (ear attracts you) and $elie in& it is lo e) you call it to yoursel(. * 7our ,ri ate #orld is (illed #ith (i&ures o( (ear you ha e in ited into it) and all the lo e your $rothers o((er you) you do not see. T-13.6.'. 3s you look #ith o,en eyes u,on your #orld) it must occur to you that you ha e #ithdra#n into insanity. 2 7ou see #hat is not there) and you hear #hat makes no sound. 3 7our mani(estations o( emotions are the o,,osite o( #hat the emotions are. ! 7ou communicate #ith no one) and you are as isolated (rom reality as i( you #ere alone in all the uni erse. % In your madness you o erlook reality com,letely) and you see only your o#n s,lit mind e ery#here you look. ,2!- ' 1od calls you and you do not hear) (or you are ,reoccu,ied #ith your o#n oice. * 3nd the ision o( Christ is not in your si&ht) (or you look u,on yoursel( alone. T-13.6.*. ;ittle child) #ould you o((er this to your "atherD 2 "or i( you o((er it to yoursel() you <are= o((erin& it to 0im. 3 3nd 0e #ill not return it) (or it is un#orthy o( you $ecause it is un#orthy o( 0im. ! 7et 0e #ould release you (rom it and set you (ree. % 0is sane 3ns#er tells you #hat you ha e o((ered yoursel( is not true) $ut 0is o((erin& to you has ne er chan&ed. ' 7ou #ho kno# not #hat you do can learn #hat insanity is) and look $eyond it. * It is &i en you to learn ho# to deny insanity) and come (orth (rom your ,ri ate #orld in ,eace. - 7ou #ill see all that you denied in your $rothers $ecause you denied it in yoursel(. : "or you #ill lo e them) and $y dra#in& ni&h unto them you #ill dra# them to yoursel() ,ercei in& them as #itnesses to the reality you share #ith 1od. 1> I am #ith them as I am #ith you) and #e #ill dra# them (rom their ,ri ate #orlds) (or as #e are united so #ould #e unite #ith them. 11 The "ather #elcomes all o( us in &ladness) and &ladness is #hat #e should o((er 0im. 12 "or e ery 5on o( 1od is &i en you to #hom 1od &a e 0imsel(. 13 3nd it is 1od 8hom you must o((er them) to reco&niAe 0is &i(t to you. T-13.6.-. 6ision de,ends on li&ht. 2 7ou cannot see in darkness. 3 7et in darkness) in the ,ri ate #orld o( slee,) you see in dreams althou&h your eyes are closed. ! 3nd it is here that #hat you see you made. % But let the darkness &o and all you made you #ill no lon&er see) (or si&ht o( it de,ends u,on denyin& ision. ' 7et (rom denyin& ision it does not (ollo# you cannot see. * But this is #hat denial does) (or $y it you acce,t insanity) $elie in& you can make a ,ri ate #orld and rule your o#n ,erce,tion. - 7et (or this) li&ht must $e e/cluded. : Dreams disa,,ear #hen li&ht has come and you can see. T-13.6.:. Do not seek ision throu&h your eyes) (or you made your #ay o( seein& that you mi&ht see in darkness) and in this you are

decei ed. 2 Beyond this darkness) and yet still #ithin you) is the ision o( Christ) 8ho looks on all in li&ht. 3 7our 2 ision2 comes (rom (ear) as 0is (rom lo e. ! 3nd 0e sees (or you) as your #itness to the real #orld. % 0e is the 0oly 5,irit+s mani(estation) lookin& al#ays on the real #orld) and callin& (orth its #itnesses and dra#in& them to you. ' 0e lo es #hat 0e sees #ithin you) and 0e #ould e/tend it. * 3nd 0e #ill not return unto the "ather until 0e has e/tended your ,erce,tion e en unto 0im. ,2!: - 3nd there ,erce,tion is no more) (or 0e has returned you to the "ather #ith 0im. T-13.6.1>. 7ou ha e $ut t#o emotions) and one you made and one #as &i en you. 2 @ach is a #ay o( seein&) and di((erent #orlds arise (rom their di((erent si&hts. 3 5ee throu&h the ision that is &i en you) (or throu&h Christ+s ision 0e $eholds 0imsel(. ! 3nd seein& #hat 0e is) 0e kno#s 0is "ather. % Beyond your darkest dreams 0e sees 1od+s &uiltless 5on #ithin you) shinin& in ,er(ect radiance that is undimmed $y your dreams. ' 3nd this <you= #ill see as you look #ith 0im) (or 0is ision is 0is &i(t o( lo e to you) &i en 0im o( the "ather (or you. T-13.6.11. The 0oly 5,irit is the li&ht in #hich Christ stands re ealed. 2 3nd all #ho #ould $ehold 0im can see 0im) (or they ha e asked (or li&ht. 3 Nor #ill they see 0im alone) (or 0e is no more alone than they are. ! Because they sa# the 5on) they ha e risen in 0im to the "ather. % 3nd all this #ill they understand) $ecause they looked #ithin and sa# $eyond the darkness the Christ in them) and reco&niAed 0im. ' In the sanity o( 0is ision they looked u,on themsel es #ith lo e) seein& themsel es as the 0oly 5,irit sees them. * 3nd #ith this ision o( the truth in them came all the $eauty o( the #orld to shine u,on them. "I. Fin!in) t#e Present T-13.6I.1. To ,ercei e truly is to $e a#are o( all reality throu&h the a#areness o( your o#n. 2 But (or this no illusions can rise to meet your si&ht) (or reality lea es no room (or any error. 3 This means that you ,ercei e a $rother only as you see him <no#.= ! 0is ,ast has no reality in the ,resent) so you cannot see it. % 7our ,ast reactions to him are also not there) and i( it is to them that you react) you see $ut an ima&e o( him that you made and cherish instead o( him. ' In your questionin& o( illusions) ask yoursel( i( it is really sane to ,ercei e #hat #as as no#. * I( you remem$er the ,ast as you look u,on your $rother) you #ill $e una$le to ,ercei e the reality that is no#. T-13.6I.2. 7ou consider it 2natural2 to use your ,ast e/,erience as the re(erence ,oint (rom #hich to Cud&e the ,resent. 2 7et this is <unnatural= $ecause it is delusional. 3 8hen you ha e learned to look on e eryone #ith no re(erence at all to the ,ast) either his or yours as you ,ercei ed it) you #ill $e a$le to learn (rom #hat you see <no#.=

,2%> ! "or the ,ast can cast no shado# to darken the ,resent) <unless you are a(raid o( li&ht.= % 3nd only i( you are #ould you choose to $rin& darkness #ith you) and $y holdin& it in your mind) see it as a dark cloud that shrouds your $rothers and conceals their reality (rom your si&ht. T-13.6I.3. <This darkness is in you.= 2 The Christ as re ealed to you no# has no ,ast) (or 0e is chan&eless) and in 0is chan&elessness lies your release. 3 "or i( 0e is as 0e #as created) there is no &uilt in 0im. ! No cloud o( &uilt has risen to o$scure 0im) and 0e stands re ealed in e eryone you meet $ecause you see 0im throu&h 0imsel(. % To $e $orn a&ain is to let the ,ast &o) and look #ithout condemnation u,on the ,resent. ' The cloud that o$scures 1od+s 5on to you <is= the ,ast) and i( you #ould ha e it ,ast and &one) you must not see it no#. * I( you see it no# in your illusions) it has not &one (rom you) althou&h it is not there. T-13.6I.!. Time can release as #ell as im,rison) de,endin& on #hose inter,retation o( it you use. 2 ?ast) ,resent and (uture are not continuous) unless you (orce continuity on them. 3 7ou can ,ercei e them as continuous) and make them so (or you. ! But do not $e decei ed) and then $elie e that this is ho# it is. % "or to $elie e reality is #hat you #ould ha e it $e accordin& to your use (or it <is= delusional. ' 7ou #ould destroy time+s continuity $y $reakin& it into ,ast) ,resent and (uture (or your o#n ,ur,oses. * 7ou #ould antici,ate the (uture on the $asis o( your ,ast e/,erience) and ,lan (or it accordin&ly. - 7et $y doin& so you are ali&nin& ,ast and (uture) and not allo#in& the miracle) #hich could inter ene $et#een them) to (ree you to $e $orn a&ain. T-13.6I.%. The miracle ena$les you to see your $rother #ithout his ,ast) and so ,ercei e him as $orn a&ain. 2 0is errors are all ,ast) and $y ,ercei in& him #ithout them you are releasin& him. 3 3nd since his ,ast is yours) you share in this release. ! ;et no dark cloud out o( your ,ast o$scure him (rom you) (or truth lies only in the ,resent) and you #ill (ind it i( you seek it there. % 7ou ha e looked (or it #here it is not) and there(ore ha e not (ound it. ' ;earn) then) to seek it #here it is) and it #ill da#n on eyes that see. * 7our ,ast #as made in an&er) and i( you use it to attack the ,resent) you #ill not see the (reedom that the ,resent holds. T-13.6I.'. Hud&ment and condemnation are $ehind you) and unless you $rin& them #ith you) you #ill see that you are (ree o( them. 2 ;ook lo in&ly u,on the ,resent) (or it holds the only thin&s that are (ore er true. 3 3ll healin& lies #ithin it $ecause its continuity is real. ,2%1 ! It e/tends to all as,ects o( the 5onshi, at the same time) and thus ena$les them to reach each other. % The ,resent is $e(ore time #as)

and #ill $e #hen time is no more. ' In it are all thin&s that are eternal) and they are one. * Their continuity is timeless and their communication is un$roken) (or they are not se,arated $y the ,ast. Only the ,ast can se,arate) and it is no#here. T-13.6I.*. The ,resent o((ers you your $rothers in the li&ht that #ould unite you #ith them) and (ree you (rom the ,ast. 2 8ould you) then) hold the ,ast a&ainst themD 3 "or i( you do) you are choosin& to remain in the darkness that is not there) and re(usin& to acce,t the li&ht that is o((ered you. ! "or the li&ht o( ,er(ect ision is (reely &i en as it is (reely recei ed) and can $e acce,ted only #ithout limit. % In this one) still dimension o( time that does not chan&e) and #here there is no si&ht o( #hat you #ere) you look at Christ and call 0is #itnesses to shine on you <$ecause you called them (orth.= ' 3nd they #ill not deny the truth in you) $ecause you looked (or it in them and (ound it there. T-13.6I.-. No# is the time o( sal ation) (or no# is the release (rom time. 2 Reach out to all your $rothers) and touch them #ith the touch o( Christ. 3 In timeless union #ith them is your continuity) un$roken $ecause it is #holly shared. ! 1od+s &uiltless 5on is only li&ht. % There is no darkness in him any#here) (or he is #hole. ' Call all your $rothers to #itness to his #holeness) as I am callin& you to Coin #ith me. * @ach oice has a ,art in the son& o( redem,tion) the hymn o( &ladness and thanks&i in& (or the li&ht to the Creator o( li&ht. - The holy li&ht that shines (orth (rom 1od+s 5on is the #itness that his li&ht is o( his "ather. T-13.6I.:. 5hine on your $rothers in remem$rance o( your Creator) (or you #ill remem$er 0im as you call (orth the #itnesses to 0is creation. 2 Those #hom you heal $ear #itness to your healin&) (or in their #holeness you #ill see your o#n. 3 3nd as your hymns o( ,raise and &ladness rise to your Creator) 0e #ill return your thanks in 0is clear 3ns#er to your call. ! "or it can ne er $e that 0is 5on called u,on 0im and remained unans#ered. % 0is Call to you is $ut your call to 0im. ' 3nd in 0im you are ans#ered $y 0is ,eace. T-13.6I.1>. Child o( ;i&ht) you kno# not that the li&ht is in you. 2 7et you #ill (ind it throu&h its #itnesses) (or ha in& &i en li&ht to them they #ill return it. 3 @ach one you see in li&ht $rin&s your li&ht closer to your a#areness. ! ;o e al#ays leads to lo e. % The sick) #ho ask (or lo e) are &rate(ul (or it) and in their Coy they shine #ith holy thanks. ,2%2 ' 3nd this they o((er you #ho &a e them Coy. * They are your &uides to Coy) (or ha in& recei ed it o( you they #ould kee, it. - 7ou ha e esta$lished them as &uides to ,eace) (or you ha e made it mani(est in them. : 3nd seein& it) its $eauty calls you home. T-13.6I.11. There is a li&ht that this #orld cannot &i e. 2 7et you can &i e it) as it #as &i en you. 3 3nd as you &i e it) it shines (orth to call you (rom the #orld and (ollo# it. ! "or this li&ht #ill attract you as

nothin& in this #orld can do. % 3nd you #ill lay aside the #orld and (ind another. ' This other #orld is $ri&ht #ith lo e #hich you ha e &i en it. * 3nd here #ill e erythin& remind you o( your "ather and 0is holy 5on. - ;i&ht is unlimited) and s,reads across this #orld in quiet Coy. : 3ll those you $rou&ht #ith you #ill shine on you) and you #ill shine on them in &ratitude $ecause they $rou&ht you here. 1> 7our li&ht #ill Coin #ith theirs in ,o#er so com,ellin&) that it #ill dra# the others out o( darkness as you look on them. T-13.6I.12. 3#akin& unto Christ is (ollo#in& the la#s o( lo e o( your (ree #ill) and out o( quiet reco&nition o( the truth in them. 2 The attraction o( li&ht must dra# you #illin&ly) and #illin&ness is si&ni(ied $y &i in&. 3 Those #ho acce,t lo e o( you $ecome your #illin& #itnesses to the lo e you &a e them) and it is they #ho hold it out to you. ! In slee, you are alone) and your a#areness is narro#ed to yoursel(. % 3nd that is #hy the ni&htmares come. ' 7ou dream o( isolation $ecause your eyes are closed. * 7ou do not see your $rothers) and in the darkness you cannot look u,on the li&ht you &a e to them. T-13.6I.13. 3nd yet the la#s o( lo e are not sus,ended $ecause you slee,. 2 3nd you ha e (ollo#ed them throu&h all your ni&htmares) and ha e $een (aith(ul in your &i in&) (or you #ere not alone. 3 @ en in slee, has Christ ,rotected you) ensurin& the real #orld (or you #hen you a#ake. ! In your name 0e has &i en (or you) and &i en you the &i(ts 0e &a e. % 1od+s 5on is still as lo in& as his "ather. ' Continuous #ith his "ather) he has no ,ast a,art (rom 0im. * 5o he has ne er ceased to $e his "ather+s #itness and his o#n. - 3lthou&h he sle,t) Christ+s ision did not lea e him. : 3nd so it is that he can call unto himsel( the #itnesses that teach him that he ne er sle,t. ,2%3 "II. Attain ent of t#e Real &orl! T-13.6II.1. 5it quietly and look u,on the #orld you see) and tell yoursel(. 2The real #orld is not like this. 2 It has no $uildin&s and there are no streets #here ,eo,le #alk alone and se,arate. 3 There are no stores #here ,eo,le $uy an endless list o( thin&s they do not need. ! It is not lit #ith arti(icial li&ht) and ni&ht comes not u,on it. % There is no day that $ri&htens and &ro#s dim. ' There is no loss. * Nothin& is there $ut shines) and shines (ore er.2 T-13.6II.2. The #orld you see must $e denied) (or si&ht o( it is costin& you a di((erent kind o( ision. 2 <7ou cannot see $oth #orlds)= (or each o( them in ol es a di((erent kind o( seein&) and de,ends on #hat you cherish. 3 The si&ht o( one is ,ossi$le $ecause you ha e denied the other. ! Both are not true) yet either one #ill seem as real to you as the amount to #hich you hold it dear. % 3nd yet their ,o#er is not the same) $ecause their real attraction to you is unequal.

T-13.6II.3. 7ou do not really #ant the #orld you see) (or it has disa,,ointed you since time $e&an. 2 The homes you $uilt ha e ne er sheltered you. 3 The roads you made ha e led you no#here) and no city that you $uilt has #ithstood the crum$lin& assault o( time. ! Nothin& you made $ut has the mark o( death u,on it. % 0old it not dear) (or it is old and tired and ready to return to dust e en as you made it. ' This achin& #orld has not the ,o#er to touch the li in& #orld at all. * 7ou could not &i e it that) and so althou&h you turn in sadness (rom it) you cannot (ind in it the road that leads a#ay (rom it into another #orld. T-13.6II.!. 7et the real #orld has the ,o#er to touch you e en here) $ecause you lo e it. 2 3nd #hat you call #ith lo e #ill come to you. 3 ;o e al#ays ans#ers) $ein& una$le to deny a call (or hel,) or not to hear the cries o( ,ain that rise to it (rom e ery ,art o( this stran&e #orld you made $ut do not #ant. ! 3ll that you need to &i e this #orld a#ay in &lad e/chan&e (or #hat you did not make is #illin&ness to learn the one you made is (alse. T-13.6II.%. 7ou ha e $een #ron& a$out the #orld $ecause you ha e misCud&ed yoursel(. 2 "rom such a t#isted re(erence ,oint) #hat could you seeD 3 3ll seein& starts #ith the ,ercei er) #ho Cud&es #hat is true and #hat is (alse. ! 3nd #hat he Cud&es (alse he does not see. % 7ou #ho #ould Cud&e reality cannot see it) (or #hene er Cud&ment enters reality has sli,,ed a#ay. ' The out o( mind <is= out o( si&ht) $ecause #hat is denied is there $ut is not reco&niAed. ,2%! * Christ is still there) althou&h you kno# 0im not. - 0is Bein& does not de,end u,on your reco&nition. : 0e li es #ithin you in the quiet ,resent) and #aits (or you to lea e the ,ast $ehind and enter into the #orld 0e holds out to you in lo e. T-13.6II.'. No one in this distracted #orld $ut has seen some &lim,ses o( the other #orld a$out him. 2 7et #hile he still lays alue on his o#n) he #ill deny the ision o( the other) maintainin& that he lo es #hat he lo es not) and (ollo#in& not the road that lo e ,oints out. 3 ;o e leads so &ladlyJ ! 3s you (ollo# 0im) you #ill reCoice that you ha e (ound 0is com,any) and learned o( 0im the Coy(ul Courney home. % 7ou #ait $ut (or yoursel(. ' To &i e this sad #orld o er and e/chan&e your errors (or the ,eace o( 1od is $ut <your= #ill. * 3nd Christ #ill al#ays o((er you the 8ill o( 1od) in reco&nition that you share it #ith 0im. T-13.6II.*. It is 1od+s 8ill that nothin& touch 0is 5on e/ce,t 0imsel() and nothin& else comes ni&h unto him. 2 0e is as sa(e (rom ,ain as 1od 0imsel() 8ho #atches o er him in e erythin&. 3 The #orld a$out him shines #ith lo e $ecause 1od ,laced him in 0imsel( #here ,ain is not) and lo e surrounds him #ithout end or (la#. ! Distur$ance o( his ,eace can ne er $e. % In ,er(ect sanity he looks on lo e) (or it is all

a$out him and #ithin him. ' 0e must deny the #orld o( ,ain the instant he ,ercei es the arms o( lo e around him. * 3nd (rom this ,oint o( sa(ety he looks quietly a$out him and reco&niAes that the #orld is one #ith him. T-13.6II.-. The ,eace o( 1od ,asseth your understandin& only in the ,ast. 2 7et here it <is)= and you can understand it <no#.= 3 1od lo es 0is 5on (ore er) and 0is 5on returns his "ather+s ;o e (ore er. ! The real #orld is the #ay that leads you to remem$rance o( the one thin& that is #holly true and #holly yours. % "or all else you ha e lent yoursel( in time) and it #ill (ade. ' But this one thin& is al#ays yours) $ein& the &i(t o( 1od unto 0is 5on. * 7our one reality #as &i en you) and $y it 1od created you as one #ith 0im. T-13.6II.:. 7ou #ill (irst dream o( ,eace) and then a#aken to it. 2 7our (irst e/chan&e o( #hat you made (or #hat you #ant is the e/chan&e o( ni&htmares (or the ha,,y dreams o( lo e. 3 In these lie your true ,erce,tions) (or the 0oly 5,irit corrects the #orld o( dreams) #here all ,erce,tion is. ! Gno#led&e needs no correction. % 7et the dreams o( lo e lead unto kno#led&e. ' In them you see nothin& (ear(ul) and $ecause o( this they are the #elcome that you o((er kno#led&e. * ;o e #aits on #elcome) not on time) and the real #orld is $ut your #elcome o( #hat al#ays #as. - There(ore the call o( Coy is in it) and your &lad res,onse is your a#akenin& to #hat you ha e not lost. ,2%% T-13.6II.1>. ?raise) then) the "ather (or the ,er(ect sanity o( 0is most holy 5on. 2 7our "ather kno#eth that you ha e need o( nothin&. 3 In 0ea en this is so) (or #hat could you need in eternityD ! In your #orld you do need thin&s. % It is a #orld o( scarcity in #hich you (ind yoursel( <$ecause= you are lackin&. ' 7et can you (ind yoursel( in such a #orldD * 8ithout the 0oly 5,irit the ans#er #ould $e no. - 7et $ecause o( 0im the ans#er is a Coyous <yesJ= : 3s 4ediator $et#een the t#o #orlds) 0e kno#s #hat you ha e need o( and #hat #ill not hurt you. 1> O#nershi, is a dan&erous conce,t i( it is le(t to you. 11 The e&o #ants to ha e thin&s (or sal ation) (or ,ossession is its la#. 12 ?ossession (or its o#n sake is the e&o+s (undamental creed) a $asic cornerstone in the churches it $uilds to itsel(. 13 3nd at its altar it demands you lay all o( the thin&s it $ids you &et) lea in& you no Coy in them. T-13.6II.11. @ erythin& the e&o tells you that you need #ill hurt you. 2 "or althou&h the e&o ur&es you a&ain and a&ain to &et) it lea es you nothin&) (or #hat you &et it #ill demand o( you. 3 3nd e en (rom the ery hands that &ras,ed it) it #ill $e #renched and hurled into the dust. ! "or #here the e&o sees sal ation it sees se,aration) and so you lose #hate er you ha e &otten in its name. % There(ore ask not o( yoursel( #hat you need) (or you do not kno#) and your ad ice to

yoursel( #ill hurt you. ' "or #hat you think you need #ill merely ser e to ti&hten u, your #orld a&ainst the li&ht) and render you un#illin& to question the alue that this #orld can really hold (or you. T-13.6II.12. Only the 0oly 5,irit kno#s #hat you need. 2 "or 0e #ill &i e you all thin&s that do not $lock the #ay to li&ht. 3 3nd #hat else could you needD ! In time) 0e &i es you all the thin&s that you need ha e) and #ill rene# them as lon& as you ha e need o( them. % 0e #ill take nothin& (rom you as lon& as you ha e any need o( it. ' 3nd yet 0e kno#s that e erythin& you need is tem,orary) and #ill $ut last until you ste, aside (rom all your needs and realiAe that all o( them ha e $een (ul(illed. * There(ore 0e has no in estment in the thin&s that 0e su,,lies) e/ce,t to make certain that you #ill not use them on $ehal( o( lin&erin& in time. - 0e kno#s that you are not at home there) and 0e #ills no delay to #ait u,on your Coyous homecomin&. T-13.6II.13. ;ea e) then) your needs to 0im. 2 0e #ill su,,ly them #ith no em,hasis at all u,on them. 3 8hat comes to you o( 0im comes sa(ely) (or 0e #ill ensure it ne er can $ecome a dark s,ot) hidden in your mind and ke,t to hurt you. ,2%' ! Under 0is &uidance you #ill tra el li&ht and Courney li&htly) (or 0is si&ht is e er on the Courney+s end) #hich is 0is &oal. % 1od+s 5on is not a tra eller throu&h outer #orlds. ' 0o#e er holy his ,erce,tion may $ecome) no #orld outside himsel( holds his inheritance. * 8ithin himsel( he has no needs) (or li&ht needs nothin& $ut to shine in ,eace) and (rom itsel( to let the rays e/tend in quiet to in(inity. T-13.6II.1!. 8hene er you are tem,ted to undertake a useless Courney that #ould lead a#ay (rom li&ht) remem$er #hat you really #ant) and say. 2 The 0oly 5,irit leads me unto Christ) and #here else #ould I &oD 3 8hat need ha e I $ut to a#ake in 0imD T-13.6II.1%. Then (ollo# 0im in Coy) #ith (aith that 0e #ill lead you sa(ely throu&h all dan&ers to your ,eace o( mind this #orld may set $e(ore you. 2 Gneel not $e(ore the altars to sacri(ice) and seek not #hat you #ill surely lose. 3 Content yoursel( #ith #hat you #ill as surely kee,) and $e not restless) (or you undertake a quiet Courney to the ,eace o( 1od) #here 0e #ould ha e you $e in quietness. T-13.6II.1'. In me you ha e already o ercome e ery tem,tation that #ould hold you $ack. 2 8e #alk to&ether on the #ay to quietness that is the &i(t o( 1od. 3 0old me dear) (or #hat e/ce,t your $rothers can you needD ! 8e #ill restore to you the ,eace o( mind that #e must (ind to&ether. % The 0oly 5,irit #ill teach you to a#aken unto us and to yoursel(. ' This is the only real need to $e (ul(illed in time. * 5al ation

(rom the #orld lies only here. - 4y ,eace I &i e you. : Take it o( me in &lad e/chan&e (or all the #orld has o((ered $ut to take a#ay. 1> 3nd #e #ill s,read it like a eil o( li&ht across the #orld+s sad (ace) in #hich #e hide our $rothers (rom the #orld) and it (rom them. T-13.6II.1*. 8e cannot sin& redem,tion+s hymn alone. 2 4y task is not com,leted until I ha e li(ted e ery oice #ith mine. 3 3nd yet it is not mine) (or as it is my &i(t to you) so #as it the "ather+s &i(t to me) &i en me throu&h 0is 5,irit. ! The sound o( it #ill $anish sorro# (rom the mind o( 1od+s most holy 5on) #here it cannot a$ide. % 0ealin& in time is needed) (or Coy cannot esta$lish its eternal rei&n #here sorro# d#ells. ' 7ou d#ell not here) $ut in eternity. * 7ou tra el $ut in dreams) #hile sa(e at home. - 1i e thanks to e ery ,art o( you that you ha e tau&ht ho# to remem$er you. ,2%* : Thus does the 5on o( 1od &i e thanks unto his "ather (or his ,urity. "III. Fro Perception to ,no+le!)e T-13.6III.1. 3ll healin& is release (rom the ,ast. 2 That is #hy the 0oly 5,irit is the only 0ealer. 3 0e teaches that the ,ast does not e/ist) a (act #hich $elon&s to the s,here o( kno#led&e) and #hich there(ore no one in the #orld can kno#. ! It #ould indeed $e im,ossi$le to $e in the #orld #ith this kno#led&e. % "or the mind that kno#s this unequi ocally kno#s also it d#ells in eternity) and utiliAes no ,erce,tion at all. ' It there(ore does not consider #here it is) $ecause the conce,t 2#here2 does not mean anythin& to it. * It kno#s that it is e ery#here) Cust as it has e erythin&) and (ore er. T-13.6III.2. The ery real di((erence $et#een ,erce,tion and kno#led&e $ecomes quite a,,arent i( you consider this. There is nothin& ,artial a$out kno#led&e. 2 @ ery as,ect is #hole) and there(ore no as,ect is se,arate. 3 7ou are an as,ect o( kno#led&e) $ein& in the 4ind o( 1od) 8ho kno#s you. ! 3ll kno#led&e must $e yours) (or in you is all kno#led&e. % ?erce,tion) at its lo(tiest) is ne er com,lete. ' @ en the ,erce,tion o( the 0oly 5,irit) as ,er(ect as ,erce,tion can $e) is #ithout meanin& in 0ea en. * ?erce,tion can reach e ery#here under 0is &uidance) (or the ision o( Christ $eholds e erythin& in li&ht. - 7et no ,erce,tion) ho#e er holy) #ill last (ore er. T-13.6III.3. ?er(ect ,erce,tion) then) has many elements in common #ith kno#led&e) makin& trans(er to it ,ossi$le. 2 7et the last ste, must $e taken $y 1od) $ecause the last ste, in your redem,tion) #hich seems to $e in the (uture) #as accom,lished $y 1od in your creation. 3 The se,aration has not interru,ted it. ! Creation cannot $e interru,ted. % The se,aration is merely a (aulty (ormulation o( reality) #ith no e((ect at all. ' The miracle) #ithout a (unction in 0ea en) is need(ul here. * 3s,ects o( reality can still $e seen) and they #ill

re,lace as,ects o( unreality. - 3s,ects o( reality can $e seen in e erythin& and e ery#here. : 7et only 1od can &ather them to&ether) $y cro#nin& them as one #ith the (inal &i(t o( eternity. ,2%T-13.6III.!. 3,art (rom the "ather and the 5on) the 0oly 5,irit has no (unction. 2 0e is not se,arate (rom @ither) $ein& in the 4ind o( Both) and kno#in& that 4ind is One. 3 0e is a Thou&ht o( 1od) and 1od has &i en 0im to you $ecause 0e has no Thou&hts 0e does not share. ! 0is messa&e s,eaks o( timelessness in time) and that is #hy Christ+s ision looks on e erythin& #ith lo e. % 7et e en Christ+s ision is not 0is reality. ' The &olden as,ects o( reality that s,rin& to li&ht under 0is lo in& &aAe are ,artial &lim,ses o( the 0ea en that lies $eyond them. T-13.6III.%. This is the miracle o( creation9 <that it is one (ore er.= 2 @ ery miracle you o((er to the 5on o( 1od is $ut the true ,erce,tion o( one as,ect o( the #hole. 3 Thou&h e ery as,ect <is= the #hole) you cannot kno# this until you see that e ery as,ect is the same) ,ercei ed in the same li&ht and there(ore one. ! @ eryone seen #ithout the ,ast thus $rin&s you nearer to the end o( time $y $rin&in& healed and healin& si&ht into the darkness) and ena$lin& the #orld to see. % "or li&ht must come into the darkened #orld to make Christ+s ision ,ossi$le e en here. ' 0el, 0im to &i e 0is &i(t o( li&ht to all #ho think they #ander in the darkness) and let 0im &ather them into 0is quiet si&ht that makes them one. T-13.6III.'. They are all the same9 all $eauti(ul and equal in their holiness. 2 3nd 0e #ill o((er them unto 0is "ather as they #ere o((ered unto 0im. 3 There is one miracle) as there is one reality. ! 3nd e ery miracle you do contains them all) as e ery as,ect o( reality you see $lends quietly into the one reality o( 1od. % The only miracle that e er #as is 1od+s most holy 5on) created in the one reality that is his "ather. ' Christ+s ision is 0is &i(t to you. * 0is Bein& is 0is "ather+s &i(t to 0im. T-13.6III.*. Be you content #ith healin&) (or Christ+s &i(t you can $esto#) and your "ather+s &i(t you cannot lose. 2 O((er Christ+s &i(t to e eryone and e ery#here) (or miracles) o((ered the 5on o( 1od throu&h the 0oly 5,irit) attune you to reality. 3 The 0oly 5,irit kno#s your ,art in the redem,tion) and #ho are seekin& you and #here to (ind them. ! Gno#led&e is (ar $eyond your indi idual concern. % 7ou #ho are ,art o( it and all o( it need only realiAe that it is o( the "ather) not o( you. ' 7our role in the redem,tion leads you to it $y re-esta$lishin& its oneness in your mind. T-13.6III.-. 8hen you ha e seen your $rothers as yoursel( you #ill $e released to kno#led&e) ha in& learned to (ree yoursel( throu&h 0im 8ho kno#s o( (reedom. ,2%: 2 Unite #ith me under the holy $anner o( 0is teachin&) and as #e &ro# in stren&th the ,o#er o( 1od+s 5on #ill mo e in us) and #e #ill lea e no one untouched and no one le(t alone.

3 3nd suddenly time #ill $e o er) and #e #ill all unite in the eternity o( 1od the "ather. ! The holy li&ht you sa# outside yoursel() in e ery miracle you o((ered to your $rothers) #ill $e returned to you. % 3nd kno#in& that the li&ht is in you) your creations #ill $e there #ith you) as you are in your "ather. T-13.6III.:. 3s miracles in this #orld Coin you to your $rothers) so do your creations esta$lish your (atherhood in 0ea en. 2 7ou are the #itness to the "atherhood o( 1od) and 0e has &i en you the ,o#er to create the #itnesses to yours) #hich is as 0is. 3 Deny a $rother here) and you deny the #itnesses to your (atherhood in 0ea en. ! The miracle that 1od created is ,er(ect) as are the miracles that you esta$lished in 0is Name. % They need no healin&) nor do you) #hen you acce,t them. T-13.6III.1>. 7et in this #orld your ,er(ection is un#itnessed. 2 1od kno#s it) $ut you do not) and so you do not share 0is #itness to it. 3 Nor do you #itness unto 0im) (or reality is #itnessed to as one. ! 1od #aits your #itness to 0is 5on and to 0imsel(. % The miracles you do on earth are li(ted u, to 0ea en and to 0im. ' They #itness to #hat you do not kno#) and as they reach the &ates o( 0ea en) 1od #ill o,en them. * "or ne er #ould 0e lea e 0is O#n $elo ed 5on outside them) and $eyond 0imsel(. I6. T#e Clo'! of G'ilt T-13.IL.1. 1uilt remains the only thin& that hides the "ather) (or &uilt is the attack u,on 0is 5on. 2 The &uilty al#ays condemn) and ha in& done so they #ill still condemn) linkin& the (uture to the ,ast as is the e&o+s la#. 3 "idelity to this la# lets no li&ht in) (or it demands (idelity to darkness and (or$ids a#akenin&. ! The e&o+s la#s are strict) and $reaches are se erely ,unished. % There(ore &i e no o$edience to its la#s) (or they are la#s o( ,unishment. ' 3nd those #ho (ollo# them $elie e that they are &uilty) and so they must condemn. * Bet#een the (uture and the ,ast the la#s o( 1od must inter ene) i( you #ould (ree yoursel(. - 3tonement stands $et#een them) like a lam, shinin& so $ri&htly that the chain o( darkness in #hich you $ound yoursel( #ill disa,,ear. ,2'> T-13.IL.2. Release (rom &uilt is the e&o+s #hole undoin&. 2 <4ake no one (ear(ul)= (or his &uilt is yours) and $y o$eyin& the e&o+s harsh commandments you $rin& its condemnation on yoursel() and you #ill not esca,e the ,unishment it o((ers those #ho o$ey it. 3 The e&o re#ards (idelity to it #ith ,ain) (or (aith in it <is= ,ain. ! 3nd (aith can $e re#arded only in terms o( the $elie( in #hich the (aith #as ,laced. % "aith makes the ,o#er o( $elie() and #here it is in ested determines its

re#ard. ' "or (aith is al#ays &i en #hat is treasured) and #hat is treasured is returned to you. T-13.IL.3. The #orld can &i e you only #hat you &a e it) (or $ein& nothin& $ut your o#n ,roCection) it has no meanin& a,art (rom #hat you (ound in it and ,laced your (aith in. 2 Be (aith(ul unto darkness and you #ill not see) $ecause your (aith #ill $e re#arded as you &a e it. 3 7ou <#ill= acce,t your treasure) and i( you ,lace your (aith in the ,ast) the (uture #ill $e like it. ! 8hate er you hold dear you think is yours. % The ,o#er o( your aluin& #ill make it so. T-13.IL.!. 3tonement $rin&s a re-e aluation o( e erythin& you cherish) (or it is the means $y #hich the 0oly 5,irit can se,arate the (alse and the true) #hich you ha e acce,ted into your mind #ithout distinction. 2 There(ore you cannot alue one #ithout the other) and &uilt has $ecome as true (or you as innocence. 3 7ou do not $elie e the 5on o( 1od is &uiltless $ecause you see the ,ast) and see him not. ! 8hen you condemn a $rother you are sayin&) 2I #ho #as &uilty choose to remain so.2 % 7ou ha e denied his (reedom) and $y so doin& you ha e denied the #itness unto yours. ' 7ou could as easily ha e (reed him (rom the ,ast) and li(ted (rom his mind the cloud o( &uilt that $inds him to it. * 3nd in his (reedom #ould ha e $een your o#n. T-13.IL.%. ;ay not his &uilt u,on him) (or his &uilt lies in his secret thou&ht that he has done this unto you. 2 8ould you) then) teach him he is ri&ht in his delusionD 3 The idea that the &uiltless 5on o( 1od can attack himsel( and make himsel( &uilty is insane. ! In any (orm) in anyone) <$elie e this not.= % "or sin and condemnation are the same) and the $elie( in one is (aith in the other) callin& (or ,unishment instead o( lo e. ' Nothin& can Custi(y insanity) and to call (or ,unishment u,on yoursel( must $e insane. T-13.IL.'. 5ee no one) then) as &uilty) and you #ill a((irm the truth o( &uiltlessness unto yoursel(. 2 In e ery condemnation that you o((er the 5on o( 1od lies the con iction o( your o#n &uilt. 3 I( you #ould ha e the 0oly 5,irit make you (ree o( it) acce,t 0is o((er o( 3tonement (or all your $rothers. ,2'1 ! "or so you learn that it is true (or you. % Remem$er al#ays that it is im,ossi$le to condemn the 5on o( 1od in ,art. ' Those #hom you see as &uilty $ecome the #itnesses to &uilt in you) and you #ill see it there) (or it <is= there until it is undone. * 1uilt is al#ays in your mind) #hich has condemned itsel(. - ?roCect it not) (or #hile you do) it cannot $e undone. : 8ith e eryone #hom you release (rom &uilt &reat is the Coy in 0ea en) #here the #itnesses to your (atherhood reCoice. T-13.IL.*. 1uilt makes you $lind) (or #hile you see one s,ot o( &uilt #ithin you) you #ill not see the li&ht. 2 3nd $y ,roCectin& it the #orld seems dark) and shrouded in your &uilt. 3 7ou thro# a dark eil o er it)

and cannot see it $ecause you cannot look #ithin. ! 7ou are a(raid o( #hat you #ould see there) $ut it is not there. % <The thin& you (ear is &one.= ' I( you #ould look #ithin you #ould see only the 3tonement) shinin& in quiet and in ,eace u,on the altar to your "ather. T-13.IL.-. Do not $e a(raid to look #ithin. 2 The e&o tells you all is $lack #ith &uilt #ithin you) and $ids you not to look. 3 Instead) it $ids you look u,on your $rothers) and see the &uilt in them. ! 7et this you cannot do #ithout remainin& $lind. % "or those #ho see their $rothers in the dark) and &uilty in the dark in #hich they shroud them) are too a(raid to look u,on the li&ht #ithin. ' 8ithin you is not #hat you $elie e is there) and #hat you ,ut your (aith in. * 8ithin you is the holy si&n o( ,er(ect (aith your "ather has in you. - 0e does not alue you as you do. : 0e kno#s 0imsel() and kno#s the truth in you. 1> 0e kno#s there is no di((erence) (or 0e kno#s not o( di((erences. 11 Can you see &uilt #here 1od kno#s there is ,er(ect innocenceD 12 7ou can deny 0is kno#led&e) $ut you cannot chan&e it. 13 ;ook) then) u,on the li&ht 0e ,laced #ithin you) and learn that #hat you (eared #as there has $een re,laced #ith lo e. 6. Release fro G'ilt T-13.L.1. 7ou are accustomed to the notion that the mind can see the source o( ,ain #here it is not. 2 The dou$t(ul ser ice o( such dis,lacement is to hide the real source o( &uilt) and kee, (rom your a#areness the (ull ,erce,tion that it is insane. 3 Dis,lacement al#ays is maintained $y the illusion that the source o( &uilt) (rom #hich attention is di erted) must $e true9 and must $e (ear(ul) or you #ould not ha e dis,laced the &uilt onto #hat you $elie ed to $e less (ear(ul. ,2'2 ! 7ou are there(ore #illin& to look u,on all kinds o( 2sources)2 ,ro ided they are not the dee,er source to #hich they $ear no real relationshi, at all. T-13.L.2. Insane ideas ha e no real relationshi,s) (or that is #hy they are insane. 2 No real relationshi, can rest on &uilt) or e en hold one s,ot o( it to mar its ,urity. 3 "or all relationshi,s that &uilt has touched are used $ut to a oid the ,erson <and= the &uilt. ! 8hat stran&e relationshi,s you ha e made (or this stran&e ,ur,oseJ % 3nd you (or&ot that real relationshi,s are holy) and cannot $e used $y you at all. ' They are used only $y the 0oly 5,irit) and it is that #hich makes them ,ure. * I( you dis,lace your &uilt u,on them) the 0oly 5,irit cannot use them. - "or) $y ,re-em,tin& (or your o#n ends #hat you should ha e &i en 0im) 0e cannot use it (or your release. : No one #ho #ould unite in any #ay #ith anyone (or his indi idual sal ation #ill (ind it in that stran&e relationshi,. 1> It is not shared) and so it is not real.

T-13.L.3. In any union #ith a $rother in #hich you seek to lay your &uilt u,on him) or share it #ith him or ,ercei e his o#n) <you= #ill (eel &uilty. 2 Nor #ill you (ind satis(action and ,eace #ith him) $ecause your union #ith him is not real. 3 7ou #ill see &uilt in that relationshi, $ecause you ,ut it there. ! It is ine ita$le that those #ho su((er &uilt #ill attem,t to dis,lace it) $ecause they do $elie e in it. % 7et thou&h they su((er) they #ill not look #ithin and let it &o. ' They cannot kno# they lo e) and cannot understand #hat lo in& is. * Their main concern is to ,ercei e the source o( &uilt outside themsel es) $eyond their o#n control. T-13.L.!. 8hen you maintain that you are &uilty $ut the source o( your &uilt lies in the ,ast) you are not lookin& in#ard. 2 The ,ast is not <in= you. 3 7our #eird associations to it ha e no meanin& in the ,resent. ! 7et you let them stand $et#een you and your $rothers) #ith #hom you (ind no real relationshi,s at all. % Can you e/,ect to use your $rothers as a means to 2sol e2 the ,ast) and still to see them as they really areD ' 5al ation is not (ound $y those #ho use their $rothers to resol e ,ro$lems that are not there. * 7ou #anted not sal ation in the ,ast. 8ould you im,ose your idle #ishes on the ,resent) and ho,e to (ind sal ation no#D T-13.L.%. Determine) then) to $e not as you #ere. 2 Use no relationshi, to hold you to the ,ast) $ut #ith each one each day $e $orn a&ain. 3 3 minute) e en less) #ill $e enou&h to (ree you (rom the ,ast) and &i e your mind in ,eace o er to the 3tonement. ! 8hen e eryone is #elcome to you as you #ould ha e yoursel( $e #elcome to your "ather) you #ill see no &uilt in you. ,2'3 % "or you #ill ha e acce,ted the 3tonement) #hich shone #ithin you all the #hile you dreamed o( &uilt) and #ould not look #ithin and see it. T-13.L.'. 3s lon& as you $elie e that &uilt is Custi(ied in any #ay) in anyone) #hate er he may do) you #ill not look #ithin) #here you #ould al#ays (ind 3tonement. 2 The end o( &uilt #ill ne er come as lon& as you $elie e there is a reason (or it. 3 "or you must learn that &uilt is al#ays totally insane) and has no reason. ! The 0oly 5,irit seeks not to dis,el reality. % I( &uilt #ere real) 3tonement #ould not $e. ' The ,ur,ose o( 3tonement is to dis,el illusions) not to esta$lish them as real and then (or&i e them. T-13.L.*. The 0oly 5,irit does not kee, illusions in your mind to (ri&hten you) and sho# them to you (ear(ully to demonstrate #hat 0e has sa ed you (rom. 2 8hat 0e has sa ed you (rom is &one. 3 1i e no reality to &uilt) and see no reason (or it. ! The 0oly 5,irit does #hat 1od #ould ha e 0im do) and has al#ays done so. % 0e has seen se,aration) $ut kno#s o( union. ' 0e teaches healin&) $ut 0e also

kno#s o( creation. * 0e #ould ha e you see and teach as 0e does) and throu&h 0im. - 7et #hat 0e kno#s you do not kno#) thou&h it is yours. T-13.L.-. <No#= it is &i en you to heal and teach) to make #hat #ill $e <no#.= 2 3s yet it is not no#. 3 The 5on o( 1od $elie es that he is lost in &uilt) alone in a dark #orld #here ,ain is ,ressin& e ery#here u,on him (rom #ithout. ! 8hen he has looked #ithin and seen the radiance there) he #ill remem$er ho# much his "ather lo es him. % 3nd it #ill seem incredi$le that he e er thou&ht his "ather lo ed him not) and looked u,on him as condemned. ' The moment that you realiAe &uilt is insane) #holly unCusti(ied and #holly #ithout reason) you #ill not (ear to look u,on the 3tonement and acce,t it #holly. T-13.L.:. 7ou #ho ha e $een unmerci(ul to yoursel( do not remem$er your "ather+s ;o e. 2 3nd lookin& #ithout mercy u,on your $rothers) you do not remem$er ho# much you lo e 0im. 3 7et it is (ore er true. ! In shinin& ,eace #ithin you is the ,er(ect ,urity in #hich you #ere created. % "ear not to look u,on the lo ely truth in you. ' ;ook throu&h the cloud o( &uilt that dims your ision) and look ,ast darkness to the holy ,lace #here you #ill see the li&ht. * The altar to your "ather is as ,ure as 0e 8ho raised it to 0imsel(. - Nothin& can kee, (rom you #hat Christ #ould ha e you see. : 0is 8ill is like 0is "ather+s) and 0e o((ers mercy to e ery child o( 1od) as 0e #ould ha e you do. ,2'! T-13.L.1>.Release (rom &uilt as you #ould $e released. 2 There is no other #ay to look #ithin and see the li&ht o( lo e) shinin& as steadily and as surely as 1od 0imsel( has al#ays lo ed 0is 5on. 3 <3nd as 0is 5on lo es 0im.= ! There is no (ear in lo e) (or lo e is &uiltless. % 7ou #ho ha e al#ays lo ed your "ather can ha e no (ear) (or any reason) to look #ithin and see your holiness. ' 7ou cannot $e as you $elie ed you #ere. * 7our &uilt is #ithout reason $ecause it is not in the 4ind o( 1od) #here you are. - 3nd this <is= reason) #hich the 0oly 5,irit #ould restore to you. : 0e #ould remo e only illusions. 1> 3ll else 0e #ould ha e you see. 11 3nd in Christ+s ision 0e #ould sho# you the ,er(ect ,urity that is (ore er #ithin 1od+s 5on. T-13.L.11.7ou cannot enter into real relationshi,s #ith any o( 1od+s 5ons unless you lo e them all and equally. 2 ;o e is not s,ecial. 3 I( you sin&le out ,art o( the 5onshi, (or your lo e) you are im,osin& &uilt on all your relationshi,s and makin& them unreal. ! 7ou can lo e only as 1od lo es. % 5eek not to lo e unlike 0im) (or there is no lo e a,art (rom 0is. ' Until you reco&niAe that this is true) you #ill ha e no idea #hat lo e is like. * No one #ho condemns a $rother can see himsel( as &uiltless and in the ,eace o( 1od. - I( he is &uiltless and in ,eace and sees it not) he is delusional) and has not looked u,on himsel(. : To him I say.

1> Behold the 5on o( 1od) and look u,on his ,urity and $e still. 11 In quiet look u,on his holiness) and o((er thanks unto his "ather that no &uilt has e er touched him. T-13.L.12.No illusion that you ha e e er held a&ainst him has touched his innocence in any #ay. 2 0is shinin& ,urity) #holly untouched $y &uilt and #holly lo in&) is $ri&ht #ithin you. 3 ;et us look u,on him to&ether and lo e him. ! "or in lo e o( him is your &uiltlessness. % But look u,on yoursel() and &ladness and a,,reciation (or #hat you see #ill $anish &uilt (ore er. ' I thank 7ou) "ather) (or the ,urity o( 7our most holy 5on) #hom 7ou ha e created &uiltless (ore er. T-13.L.13.;ike you) my (aith and my $elie( are centered on #hat I treasure. 2 The di((erence is that I lo e <only= #hat 1od lo es #ith me) and $ecause o( this I treasure you $eyond the alue that you set on yoursel() e en unto the #orth that 1od has ,laced u,on you. 3 I lo e all that 0e created) and all my (aith and my $elie( I o((er unto it. ,2'% ! 4y (aith in you is as stron& as all the lo e I &i e my "ather. % 4y trust in you is #ithout limit) and #ithout the (ear that you #ill hear me not. ' I thank the "ather (or your lo eliness) and (or the many &i(ts that you #ill let me o((er to the Gin&dom in honor o( its #holeness that is o( 1od. T-13.L.1!.?raise $e to you #ho make the "ather One #ith 0is O#n 5on. 2 3lone #e are all lo#ly) $ut to&ether #e shine #ith $ri&htness so intense that none o( us alone can e en think o( it. 3 Be(ore the &lorious radiance o( the Gin&dom &uilt melts a#ay) and trans(ormed into kindness #ill ne er more $e #hat it #as. ! @ ery reaction you e/,erience #ill $e so ,uri(ied that it is (ittin& as a hymn o( ,raise unto your "ather. % 5ee only ,raise o( 0im in #hat 0e has created) (or 0e #ill ne er cease 0is ,raise o( you. ' United in this ,raise #e stand $e(ore the &ates o( 0ea en #here #e #ill surely enter in our sinlessness. * 1od lo es you. - Could I) then) lack (aith in you and lo e 0im ,er(ectlyD 6I. T#e Peace of Heaven T-13.LI.1. "or&et(ulness and slee, and e en death $ecome the e&o+s $est ad ice (or dealin& #ith the ,ercei ed and harsh intrusion o( &uilt on ,eace. 2 7et no one sees himsel( in con(lict and ra a&ed $y a cruel #ar unless he $elie es that $oth o,,onents in the #ar are real. 3 Belie in& this he must esca,e) (or such a #ar #ould surely end his ,eace o( mind) and so destroy him. ! 7et i( he could $ut realiAe the #ar is $et#een real and unreal ,o#ers) he could look u,on himsel( and see his (reedom. % No one (inds himsel( ra a&ed and torn in endless $attles i( he himsel( ,ercei es them as #holly #ithout meanin&.

T-13.LI.2. 1od #ould not ha e 0is 5on em$attled) and so 0is 5on+s ima&ined 2enemy2 is totally unreal. 2 7ou are $ut tryin& to esca,e a $itter #ar (rom #hich you <ha e= esca,ed. 3 The #ar is &one. ! "or you ha e heard the hymn o( (reedom risin& unto 0ea en. % 1ladness and Coy $elon& to 1od (or your release) $ecause you made it not. ' 7et as you made not (reedom) so you made not a #ar that could endan&er (reedom. * Nothin& destructi e e er #as or #ill $e. - The #ar) the &uilt) the ,ast are &one as one into the unreality (rom #hich they came. T-13.LI.3. 8hen #e are all united in 0ea en) you #ill alue nothin& that you alue here. 2 "or nothin& that you alue here do you alue #holly) and so you do not alue it at all. ,2'' 3 6alue is #here 1od ,laced it) and the alue o( #hat 1od esteems cannot $e Cud&ed) (or it has $een esta$lished. ! It is #holly o( alue. % It can merely $e a,,reciated or not. ' To alue it ,artially is not to kno# its alue. * In 0ea en is e erythin& 1od alues) and nothin& else. - 0ea en is ,er(ectly unam$i&uous. : @ erythin& is clear and $ri&ht) and calls (orth one res,onse. 1> There is no darkness and there is no contrast. 11 There is no ariation. 12 There is no interru,tion. 13 There is a sense o( ,eace so dee, that no dream in this #orld has e er $rou&ht e en a dim ima&inin& o( #hat it is. T-13.LI.!. Nothin& in this #orld can &i e this ,eace) (or nothin& in this #orld is #holly shared. 2 ?er(ect ,erce,tion can merely sho# you #hat is ca,a$le o( $ein& #holly shared. 3 It can also sho# you the results o( sharin&) #hile you still remem$er the results o( not sharin&. ! The 0oly 5,irit ,oints quietly to the contrast) kno#in& that you #ill (inally let 0im Cud&e the di((erence (or you) allo#in& 0im to demonstrate #hich must $e true. % 0e has ,er(ect (aith in your (inal Cud&ment) $ecause 0e kno#s that 0e #ill make it (or you. ' To dou$t this #ould $e to dou$t that 0is mission #ill $e (ul(illed. * 0o# is this ,ossi$le) #hen 0is mission is o( 1odD T-13.LI.%. 7ou #hose mind is darkened $y dou$t and &uilt) remem$er this. 1od &a e the 0oly 5,irit to you) and &a e 0im the mission to remo e all dou$t and e ery trace o( &uilt that 0is dear 5on has laid u,on himsel(. 2 It is im,ossi$le that this mission (ail. 3 Nothin& can ,re ent #hat 1od #ould ha e accom,lished (rom accom,lishment. ! 8hate er your reactions to the 0oly 5,irit+s 6oice may $e) #hate er oice you choose to listen to) #hate er stran&e thou&hts may occur to you) 1od+s 8ill <is= done. % 7ou #ill (ind the ,eace in #hich 0e has esta$lished you) $ecause 0e does not chan&e 0is 4ind. ' 0e is in aria$le as the ,eace in #hich you d#ell) and o( #hich the 0oly 5,irit reminds you.

T-13.LI.'. 7ou #ill not remem$er chan&e and shi(t in 0ea en. 2 7ou ha e need o( contrast only here. 3 Contrast and di((erences are necessary teachin& aids) (or $y them you learn #hat to a oid and #hat to seek. ! 8hen you ha e learned this) you #ill (ind the ans#er that makes the need (or any di((erences disa,,ear. % Truth comes o( its o#n #ill unto its o#n. ' 8hen you ha e learned that you $elon& to truth) it #ill (lo# li&htly o er you #ithout a di((erence o( any kind. * "or you #ill need no contrast to hel, you realiAe that this is #hat you #ant) and only this. - "ear not the 0oly 5,irit #ill (ail in #hat your "ather has &i en 0im to do. : The 8ill o( 1od can (ail in nothin&. ,2'* T-13.LI.*. 0a e (aith in only this one thin&) and it #ill $e su((icient. 1od #ills you $e in 0ea en) and nothin& can kee, you (rom it) or it (rom you. 2 7our #ildest mis,erce,tions) your #eird ima&inin&s) your $lackest ni&htmares all mean nothin&. 3 They #ill not ,re ail a&ainst the ,eace 1od #ills (or you. ! The 0oly 5,irit #ill restore your sanity $ecause insanity is not the 8ill o( 1od. % I( that su((ices 0im) it is enou&h (or you. ' 7ou #ill not kee, #hat 1od #ould ha e remo ed) $ecause it $reaks communication #ith you #ith #hom 0e #ould communicate. * 0is 6oice <#ill= $e heard. T-13.LI.-. The Communication ;ink that 1od 0imsel( ,laced #ithin you) Coinin& your mind #ith 0is) cannot $e $roken. 2 7ou may $elie e you #ant It $roken) and this $elie( does inter(ere #ith the dee, ,eace in #hich the s#eet and constant communication 1od #ould share #ith you is kno#n. 3 7et 0is channels o( reachin& out cannot $e #holly closed and se,arated (rom 0im. ! ?eace #ill $e yours $ecause 0is ,eace still (lo#s to you (rom 0im 8hose 8ill is ,eace. % 7ou ha e it no#. ' The 0oly 5,irit #ill teach you ho# to use it) and $y e/tendin& it) to learn that it is in you. * 1od #illed you 0ea en) and #ill al#ays #ill you nothin& else. - The 0oly 5,irit kno#s only o( 0is 8ill. : There is no chance that 0ea en #ill not $e yours) (or 1od is sure) and #hat 0e #ills is as sure as 0e is. T-13.LI.:. 7ou #ill learn sal ation $ecause you #ill learn ho# to sa e. 2 It #ill not $e ,ossi$le to e/em,t yoursel( (rom #hat the 0oly 5,irit #ants to teach you. 3 5al ation is as sure as 1od. ! 0is certainty su((ices. % ;earn that e en the darkest ni&htmare that distur$s the mind o( 1od+s slee,in& 5on holds no ,o#er o er him. ' 0e #ill learn the lesson o( a#akin&. * 1od #atches o er him and li&ht surrounds him. T-13.LI.1>. Can 1od+s 5on lose himsel( in dreams) #hen 1od has ,laced #ithin him the &lad Call to #aken and $e &ladD 2 0e cannot se,arate himsel( (rom #hat is in him. 3 0is slee, #ill not #ithstand the Call to #ake. ! The mission o( redem,tion #ill $e (ul(illed as surely as the creation #ill remain unchan&ed throu&hout eternity. % 7ou do not

ha e to kno# that 0ea en is yours to make it so. ' It <is= so. * 7et to kno# it) the 8ill o( 1od must $e acce,ted as your #ill. T-13.LI.11. The 0oly 5,irit #ill undo (or you e erythin& you ha e learned that teaches that #hat is not true must $e reconciled #ith truth. 2 This is the reconciliation the e&o #ould su$stitute (or your reconciliation to sanity and to ,eace. ,2'- 3 The 0oly 5,irit has a ery di((erent kind o( reconciliation in 0is 4ind (or you) and one 0e #ill e((ect as surely as the e&o #ill not e((ect #hat it attem,ts. ! "ailure is o( the e&o) not o( 1od. % "rom 0im you cannot #ander) and there is no ,ossi$ility that the ,lan the 0oly 5,irit o((ers <to= e eryone) (or the sal ation <o(= e eryone) #ill not $e ,er(ectly accom,lished. ' 7ou #ill $e released) and you #ill not remem$er anythin& you made that #as not created (or you and $y you in return. * "or ho# can you remem$er #hat #as ne er true) or not remem$er #hat has al#ays $eenD - It is this reconciliation #ith truth) and only truth) in #hich the ,eace o( 0ea en lies. ,2': Cha,ter 1!. TEACHING FOR TR1TH Intro!'ction T-1!.in.1. 7es) you are $lessed indeed. 2 7et in this #orld you do not kno# it. 3 But you ha e the means (or learnin& it and seein& it quite clearly. ! The 0oly 5,irit uses lo&ic as easily and as #ell as does the e&o) e/ce,t that 0is conclusions are not insane. % They take a direction e/actly o,,osite) ,ointin& as clearly to 0ea en as the e&o ,oints to darkness and to death. ' 8e ha e (ollo#ed much o( the e&o+s lo&ic) and ha e seen its lo&ical conclusions. * 3nd ha in& seen them) #e ha e realiAed that they cannot $e seen e/ce,t in illusions) (or there alone their seemin& clearness seems to $e clearly seen. - ;et us no# turn a#ay (rom them) and (ollo# the sim,le lo&ic $y #hich the 0oly 5,irit teaches the sim,le conclusions that s,eak (or truth) and only truth. I. T#e Con!itions of Learnin) T-1!.I.1. I( you are $lessed and do not kno# it) you need to learn it must $e so. 2 The kno#led&e is not tau&ht) $ut its conditions must $e acquired (or it is they that ha e $een thro#n a#ay. 3 7ou can learn to $less) and cannot &i e #hat you ha e not. ! I() then) you o((er $lessin&) it must ha e come (irst to yoursel(. % 3nd you must also ha e acce,ted it as yours) (or ho# else could you &i e it a#ayD ' That is #hy miracles o((er <you= the testimony that you are $lessed. * I( #hat you o((er is com,lete (or&i eness you must ha e let &uilt &o) acce,tin& the

3tonement (or yoursel( and learnin& you are &uiltless. - 0o# could you learn #hat has $een done (or you) unkno#n to you) unless you do #hat you #ould ha e to do i( it <had= $een done (or youD T-1!.I.2. Indirect ,roo( o( truth is needed in a #orld made o( denial and #ithout direction. 2 7ou #ill ,ercei e the need (or this i( you realiAe that to deny is the decision not to kno#. 3 The lo&ic o( the #orld must there(ore lead to nothin&) (or its &oal is nothin&. ! I( you decide to ha e and &i e and $e nothin& e/ce,t a dream) you must direct your thou&hts unto o$li ion. % 3nd i( you ha e and &i e and are e erythin&) and all this has $een denied) your thou&ht system is closed o(( and #holly se,arated (rom the truth. ,2*> ' This <is= an insane #orld) and do not underestimate the e/tent o( its insanity. * There is no area o( your ,erce,tion that it has not touched) and your dream <is= sacred to you. - That is #hy 1od ,laced the 0oly 5,irit in you) #here you ,laced the dream. T-1!.I.3. 5eein& is al#ays out#ard. 2 8ere your thou&hts #holly o( you) the thou&ht system you made #ould $e (ore er dark. 3 The thou&hts the mind o( 1od+s 5on ,roCects or e/tends ha e all the ,o#er that he &i es to them. ! The thou&hts he shares #ith 1od are $eyond his $elie() $ut those he made <are= his $elie(s. % 3nd it is these) and not the truth) that he has chosen to de(end and lo e. ' They #ill not $e taken (rom him. * But they can $e &i en u, <$y= him) (or the 5ource o( their undoin& is in him. - There is nothin& in the #orld to teach him that the lo&ic o( the #orld is totally insane and leads to nothin&. : 7et in him #ho made this insane lo&ic there is One 8ho kno#s it leads to nothin&) (or 0e kno#s e erythin&. T-1!.I.!. 3ny direction that #ould lead you #here the 0oly 5,irit leads you not) &oes no#here. 2 3nythin& you deny that 0e kno#s to $e true you ha e denied yoursel() and 0e must there(ore teach you not to deny it. 3 Undoin& <is= indirect) as doin& is. ! 7ou #ere created only to create) neither to see nor do. % These are $ut indirect e/,ressions o( the #ill to li e) #hich has $een $locked $y the ca,ricious and unholy #him o( death and murder that your "ather does not share #ith you. ' 7ou ha e set yoursel( the task o( sharin& #hat cannot $e shared. * 3nd #hile you think it ,ossi$le to learn to do this) you #ill not $elie e all that <is= ,ossi$le to learn to do. T-1!.I.%. The 0oly 5,irit) there(ore) must $e&in 0is teachin& $y sho#in& you #hat you can ne er learn. 2 0is messa&e is not indirect) $ut 0e must introduce the sim,le truth into a thou&ht system #hich has $ecome so t#isted and so com,le/ you cannot see that it means nothin&. 3 0e merely looks at its (oundation and dismisses it. ! But you #ho cannot undo #hat you ha e made) nor esca,e the hea y $urden o( its dullness that lies u,on your mind) cannot see throu&h it. % It

decei es you) $ecause you chose to decei e yoursel(. ' Those #ho choose to $e decei ed #ill merely attack direct a,,roaches) $ecause they seem to encroach u,on dece,tion and strike at it. ,2*1 II. T#e Happ. Learner T-1!.II.1. The 0oly 5,irit needs a ha,,y learner) in #hom 0is mission can $e ha,,ily accom,lished. 2 7ou #ho are stead(astly de oted to misery must (irst reco&niAe that you are misera$le and not ha,,y. 3 The 0oly 5,irit cannot teach #ithout this contrast) (or you $elie e that misery <is= ha,,iness. ! This has so con(used you that you ha e undertaken to learn to do #hat you can ne er do) $elie in& that unless you learn it you #ill not $e ha,,y. % 7ou do not realiAe that the (oundation on #hich this most ,eculiar learnin& &oal de,ends means a$solutely nothin&. ' 7et it may still make sense to you. * 0a e (aith in nothin& and you #ill (ind the 2treasure2 that you seek. - 7et you #ill add another $urden to your already $urdened mind. : 7ou #ill $elie e that nothin& is o( alue) and #ill alue it. 1> 3 little ,iece o( &lass) a s,eck o( dust) a $ody or a #ar are one to you. 11 "or i( you alue one thin& made o( nothin&) you ha e $elie ed that nothin& can $e ,recious) and that you <can= learn ho# to make the untrue true. T-1!.II.2. The 0oly 5,irit) seein& #here you are $ut kno#in& you are else#here) $e&ins 0is lesson in sim,licity #ith the (undamental teachin& that <truth= is true. 2 This is the hardest lesson you #ill e er learn) and in the end the only one. 3 5im,licity is ery di((icult (or t#isted minds. ! Consider all the distortions you ha e made o( nothin&9 all the stran&e (orms and (eelin&s and actions and reactions that you ha e #o en out o( it. % Nothin& is so alien to you as the sim,le truth) and nothin& are you less inclined to listen to. ' The contrast $et#een #hat is true and #hat is not is ,er(ectly a,,arent) yet you do not see it. * The sim,le and the o$ ious are not a,,arent to those #ho #ould make ,alaces and royal ro$es o( nothin&) $elie in& they are kin&s #ith &olden cro#ns $ecause o( them. T-1!.II.3. 3ll this the 0oly 5,irit sees) and teaches) sim,ly) that all this is not true. 2 To those unha,,y learners #ho #ould teach themsel es nothin&) and delude themsel es into $elie in& that it is not nothin&) the 0oly 5,irit says) #ith stead(ast quietness. 3 The truth is true. ! Nothin& else matters) nothin& else is real) and e erythin& $eside it is not there. % ;et 4e make the one distinction (or you that you cannot make) $ut need to learn. ' 7our (aith in nothin& is decei in& you. * O((er your (aith to 4e) and I #ill ,lace it &ently in the holy ,lace #here it $elon&s. ,2*2 - 7ou #ill (ind no dece,tion there)

$ut only the sim,le truth. : 3nd you #ill lo e it $ecause you #ill understand it. T-1!.II.!. ;ike you) the 0oly 5,irit did not make truth. 2 ;ike 1od) 0e kno#s it to $e true. 3 0e $rin&s the li&ht o( truth into the darkness) and lets it shine on you. ! 3nd as it shines your $rothers see it) and realiAin& that this li&ht is not #hat you ha e made) they see in you more than you see. % They #ill $e ha,,y learners o( the lesson this li&ht $rin&s to them) $ecause it teaches them release (rom nothin& and (rom all the #orks o( nothin&. ' The hea y chains that seem to $ind them to des,air they do not see as nothin&) until you $rin& the li&ht to them. * 3nd then they see the chains ha e disa,,eared) and so they <must= ha e $een nothin&. - 3nd you #ill see it #ith them. : Because you tau&ht them &ladness and release) they #ill $ecome your teachers in release and &ladness. T-1!.II.%. 8hen you teach anyone that truth is true) you learn it #ith him. 2 3nd so you learn that #hat seemed hardest #as the easiest. 3 ;earn to $e a ha,,y learner. ! 7ou #ill ne er learn ho# to make nothin& e erythin&. % 7et see that this has $een your &oal) and reco&niAe ho# (oolish it has $een. ' Be &lad it is undone) (or #hen you look at it in sim,le honesty) it <is= undone. * I said $e(ore) 2Be not content #ith nothin&)2 (or you ha e $elie ed that nothin& could content you. - <It is not so.= T-1!.II.'. I( you #ould $e a ha,,y learner) you must &i e e erythin& you ha e learned to the 0oly 5,irit) to $e unlearned (or you. 2 3nd then $e&in to learn the Coyous lessons that come quickly on the (irm (oundation that truth is true. 3 "or #hat is $uilded there <is= true) and $uilt on truth. ! The uni erse o( learnin& #ill o,en u, $e(ore you in all its &racious sim,licity. % 8ith truth $e(ore you) you #ill not look $ack. T-1!.II.*. The ha,,y learner meets the conditions o( learnin& here) as he meets the conditions o( kno#led&e in the Gin&dom. 2 3ll this lies in the 0oly 5,irit+s ,lan to (ree you (rom the ,ast) and o,en u, the #ay to (reedom (or you. 3 "or truth <is= true. ! 8hat else could e er $e) or e er #asD % This sim,le lesson holds the key to the dark door that you $elie e is locked (ore er. ' 7ou made this door o( nothin&) and $ehind it <is= nothin&. * The key is only the li&ht that shines a#ay the sha,es and (orms and (ears o( nothin&. - 3cce,t this key to (reedom (rom the hands o( Christ 8ho &i es it to you) that you may Coin 0im in the holy task o( $rin&in& li&ht. : "or) like your $rothers) you do not realiAe the li&ht has come and (reed you (rom the slee, o( darkness. ,2*3 T-1!.II.-. Behold your $rothers in their (reedom) and learn o( them ho# to $e (ree o( darkness. 2 The li&ht in you #ill #aken them) and they #ill not lea e you aslee,. 3 The ision o( Christ is &i en the ery

instant that it is ,ercei ed. ! 8here e erythin& is clear) it is all holy. % The quietness o( its sim,licity is so com,ellin& that you #ill realiAe it is im,ossi$le to deny the sim,le truth. ' "or there is nothin& else. * 1od is e ery#here) and 0is 5on is in 0im #ith e erythin&. - Can he sin& the dir&e o( sorro# #hen this is trueD III. T#e $ecision for G'iltlessness T-1!.III.1. The ha,,y learner cannot (eel &uilty a$out learnin&. 2 This is so essential to learnin& that it should ne er $e (or&otten. 3 The &uiltless learner learns easily $ecause his thou&hts are (ree. ! 7et this entails the reco&nition that &uilt is inter(erence) not sal ation) and ser es no use(ul (unction at all. T-1!.III.2. ?erha,s you are accustomed to usin& &uiltlessness merely to o((set the ,ain o( &uilt) and do not look u,on it as ha in& alue in itsel(. 2 7ou $elie e that &uilt and &uiltlessness are $oth o( alue) each re,resentin& an esca,e (rom #hat the other does not o((er you. 3 7ou do not #ant either alone) (or #ithout $oth you do not see yoursel( as #hole and there(ore ha,,y. ! 7et you are #hole only in your &uiltlessness) and only in your &uiltlessness can you $e ha,,y. % There is no con(lict here. ' To #ish (or &uilt in any #ay) in any (orm) #ill lose a,,reciation o( the alue o( your &uiltlessness) and ,ush it (rom your si&ht. T-1!.III.3. There is no com,romise that you can make #ith &uilt) and esca,e the ,ain that only &uiltlessness allays. 2 ;earnin& is li in& here) as creatin& is $ein& in 0ea en. 3 8hene er the ,ain o( &uilt seems to attract you) remem$er that i( you yield to it) you are decidin& a&ainst your ha,,iness) and #ill not learn ho# to $e ha,,y. ! 5ay there(ore) to yoursel() &ently) $ut #ith the con iction $orn o( the ;o e o( 1od and o( 0is 5on. % 8hat I e/,erience I #ill make mani(est. ' I( I am &uiltless) I ha e nothin& to (ear. * I choose to testi(y to my acce,tance o( the 3tonement) not to its reCection. ,2*! - I #ould acce,t my &uiltlessness $y makin& it mani(est and sharin& it. : ;et me $rin& ,eace to 1od+s 5on (rom his "ather. T-1!.III.!. @ach day) each hour and minute) e en each second) you are decidin& $et#een the cruci(i/ion and the resurrection9 $et#een the e&o and the 0oly 5,irit. 2 The e&o is the choice (or &uilt9 the 0oly 5,irit the choice (or &uiltlessness. 3 The ,o#er o( decision is all that is yours. ! 8hat you can decide $et#een is (i/ed) $ecause there are no alternati es e/ce,t truth and illusion. % 3nd there is no o erla,

$et#een them) $ecause they are o,,osites #hich cannot $e reconciled and cannot $oth $e true. ' 7ou are &uilty or &uiltless) $ound or (ree) unha,,y or ha,,y. T-1!.III.%. The miracle teaches you that you ha e chosen &uiltlessness) (reedom and Coy. 2 It is not a cause) $ut an e((ect. 3 It is the natural result o( choosin& ri&ht) attestin& to your ha,,iness that comes (rom choosin& to $e (ree o( &uilt. ! @ eryone you o((er healin& to returns it. % @ eryone you attack kee,s it and cherishes it $y holdin& it a&ainst you. ' 8hether he does this or does it not #ill make no di((erence9 you #ill think he does. * It is im,ossi$le to o((er #hat you do not #ant #ithout this ,enalty. - The cost o( &i in& <is= recei in&. : @ither it is a ,enalty (rom #hich you su((er) or the ha,,y ,urchase o( a treasure to hold dear. T-1!.III.'. No ,enalty is e er asked o( 1od+s 5on e/ce,t $y himsel( and o( himsel(. 2 @ ery chance &i en him to heal is another o,,ortunity to re,lace darkness #ith li&ht and (ear #ith lo e. 3 I( he re(uses it he $inds himsel( to darkness) $ecause he did not choose to (ree his $rother and enter li&ht #ith him. ! By &i in& ,o#er to nothin&) he thro#s a#ay the Coyous o,,ortunity to learn that nothin& has no ,o#er. % 3nd $y not dis,ellin& darkness) he $ecame a(raid o( darkness and o( li&ht. ' The Coy o( learnin& that darkness has no ,o#er o er the 5on o( 1od is the ha,,y lesson the 0oly 5,irit teaches) and #ould ha e you teach #ith 0im. * It is 0is Coy to teach it) as it #ill $e yours. T-1!.III.*. The #ay to teach this sim,le lesson is merely this. 1uiltlessness is in ulnera$ility. 2 There(ore) make your in ulnera$ility mani(est to e eryone. 3 Teach him that) #hate er he may try to do to you) your ,er(ect (reedom (rom the $elie( that you can $e harmed sho#s him that he is &uiltless. ! 0e can do nothin& that can hurt you) and $y re(usin& to allo# him to think he can) you teach him that the 3tonement) #hich you ha e acce,ted (or yoursel() is also his. ,2*% % There is nothin& to (or&i e. ' No one can hurt the 5on o( 1od. * 0is &uilt is #holly #ithout cause) and $ein& #ithout cause) cannot e/ist. T-1!.III.-. 1od is the only Cause) and &uilt is not o( 0im. 2 Teach no one he has hurt you) (or i( you do) you teach yoursel( that #hat is not o( 1od has ,o#er o er you. 3 <The causeless cannot $e.= ! Do not attest to it) and do not (oster $elie( in it in any mind. % Remem$er al#ays that mind is one) and cause is one. ' 7ou #ill learn communication #ith this oneness only #hen you learn to deny the causeless) and acce,t the Cause o( 1od as yours. * The ,o#er that 1od has &i en to 0is 5on <is= his) and nothin& else can 0is 5on see or choose to look u,on #ithout im,osin& on himsel( the ,enalty o( &uilt) in ,lace o( all the ha,,y teachin& the 0oly 5,irit #ould &ladly o((er him.

T-1!.III.:. 8hene er you choose to make decisions (or yoursel( you are thinkin& destructi ely) and the decision #ill $e #ron&. 2 It #ill hurt you $ecause o( the conce,t o( decision that led to it. 3 It is not true that you can make decisions $y yoursel( or (or yoursel( alone. ! No thou&ht o( 1od+s 5on can $e se,arate or isolated in its e((ects. % @ ery decision is made (or the #hole 5onshi,) directed in and out) and in(luencin& a constellation lar&er than anythin& you e er dreamed o(. T-1!.III.1>. Those #ho acce,t the 3tonement <are= in ulnera$le. 2 But those #ho $elie e they are &uilty #ill res,ond to &uilt) $ecause they think it is sal ation) and #ill not re(use to see it and side #ith it. 3 They $elie e that increasin& &uilt is sel(-,rotection. ! 3nd they #ill (ail to understand the sim,le (act that #hat they do not #ant must hurt them. % 3ll this arises $ecause they do not $elie e that #hat they #ant is &ood. ' 7et #ill #as &i en them $ecause it is holy) and #ill $rin& to them all that they need) comin& as naturally as ,eace that kno#s no limits. * There is nothin& their #ill (ails to ,ro ide that o((ers them anythin& o( alue. - 7et $ecause they do not understand their #ill) the 0oly 5,irit quietly understands it (or them) and &i es them #hat they #ant #ithout e((ort) strain) or the im,ossi$le $urden o( decidin& #hat they #ant and need alone. T-1!.III.11. It #ill ne er ha,,en that you must make decisions (or yoursel(. 2 7ou are not $ere(t o( hel,) and 0el, that kno#s the ans#er. 3 8ould you $e content #ith little) #hich is all that you alone can o((er yoursel() #hen 0e 8ho &i es you e erythin& #ill sim,ly o((er it to youD ! 0e #ill ne er ask #hat you ha e done to make you #orthy o( the &i(t o( 1od. ,2*' % 3sk it not there(ore o( yoursel(. ' Instead) acce,t 0is ans#er) (or 0e kno#s that you are #orthy o( e erythin& 1od #ills (or you. * Do not try to esca,e the &i(t o( 1od 0e so (reely and so &ladly o((ers you. - 0e o((ers you $ut #hat 1od &a e 0im (or you. : 7ou need not decide #hether or not you are deser in& o( it. 1> 1od kno#s you are. T-1!.III.12. 8ould you deny the truth o( 1od+s decision) and ,lace your ,iti(ul a,,raisal o( yoursel( in ,lace o( 0is calm and uns#er in& alue o( 0is 5onD 2 Nothin& can shake 1od+s con iction o( the ,er(ect ,urity o( e erythin& that 0e created) (or it <is= #holly ,ure. 3 Do not decide a&ainst it) (or $ein& o( 0im it must $e true. ! ?eace a$ides in e ery mind that quietly acce,ts the ,lan 1od set (or its 3tonement) relinquishin& its o#n. % 7ou kno# not o( sal ation) (or you do not understand it. ' 4ake no decisions a$out #hat it is or #here it lies) $ut ask the 0oly 5,irit e erythin&) and lea e all decisions to 0is &entle counsel. T-1!.III.13. The One 8ho kno#s the ,lan o( 1od that 1od #ould ha e you (ollo# can teach you #hat it is. 2 Only 0is #isdom is ca,a$le

o( &uidin& you to (ollo# it. 3 @ ery decision you undertake alone $ut si&ni(ies that you #ould de(ine #hat sal ation <is)= and #hat you #ould $e sa ed <(rom.= ! The 0oly 5,irit kno#s that all sal ation is esca,e (rom &uilt. % 7ou ha e no other 2enemy)2 and a&ainst this stran&e distortion o( the ,urity o( the 5on o( 1od the 0oly 5,irit is your only "riend. ' 0e is the stron& ,rotector o( the innocence that sets you (ree. * 3nd it is 0is decision to undo e erythin& that #ould o$scure your innocence (rom your unclouded mind. T-1!.III.1!. ;et 0im) there(ore) $e the only 1uide that you #ould (ollo# to sal ation. 2 0e kno#s the #ay) and leads you &ladly on it. 3 8ith 0im you #ill not (ail to learn that #hat 1od #ills (or you <is= your #ill. ! 8ithout 0is &uidance you #ill think you kno# alone) and #ill decide a&ainst your ,eace as surely as you decided that sal ation lay in you alone. % 5al ation is o( 0im to 8hom 1od &a e it (or you. ' 0e has not (or&otten it. * "or&et 0im not and 0e #ill make e ery decision (or you) (or your sal ation and the ,eace o( 1od in you. T-1!.III.1%. 5eek not to a,,raise the #orth o( 1od+s 5on #hom 0e created holy) (or to do so is to e aluate his "ather and Cud&e a&ainst 0im. 2 3nd you <#ill= (eel &uilty (or this ima&ined crime) #hich no one in this #orld or 0ea en could ,ossi$ly commit. 3 The 0oly 5,irit teaches only that the 2sin2 o( sel(-re,lacement on the throne o( 1od is not a source o( &uilt. ,2** ! 8hat cannot ha,,en can ha e no e((ects to (ear. % Be quiet in your (aith in 0im 8ho lo es you) and #ould lead you out o( insanity. ' 4adness may $e your choice) $ut not your reality. * Ne er (or&et the ;o e o( 1od) 8ho has remem$ered you. - "or it is quite im,ossi$le that 0e could e er let 0is 5on dro, (rom the lo in& 4ind #herein he #as created) and #here his a$ode #as (i/ed in ,er(ect ,eace (ore er. T-1!.III.1'. 5ay to the 0oly 5,irit only) 2Decide (or me)2 and it is done. 2 "or 0is decisions are re(lections o( #hat 1od kno#s a$out you) and in this li&ht) error o( any kind $ecomes im,ossi$le. 3 8hy #ould you stru&&le so (rantically to antici,ate all you cannot kno#) #hen all kno#led&e lies $ehind e ery decision the 0oly 5,irit makes (or youD ! ;earn o( 0is #isdom and 0is ;o e) and teach 0is ans#er to e eryone #ho stru&&les in the dark. % "or you decide (or them and (or yoursel(. T-1!.III.1*. 0o# &racious it is to decide all thin&s throu&h 0im 8hose equal ;o e is &i en equally to all alikeJ 2 0e lea es you no one outside you. 3 3nd so 0e &i es you #hat is yours) $ecause your "ather #ould ha e you share it #ith 0im. ! In e erythin& $e led $y 0im) and do not reconsider. % Trust 0im to ans#er quickly) surely) and #ith ;o e (or e eryone #ho #ill $e touched in any #ay $y the decision. ' 3nd e eryone #ill $e. * 8ould you take unto yoursel( the sole res,onsi$ility

(or decidin& #hat can $rin& only &ood to e eryoneD - 8ould you kno# thisD T-1!.III.1-. 7ou tau&ht yoursel( the most unnatural ha$it o( not communicatin& #ith your Creator. 2 7et you remain in close communication #ith 0im) and #ith e erythin& that is #ithin 0im) as it is #ithin yoursel(. 3 Unlearn isolation throu&h 0is lo in& &uidance) and learn o( all the ha,,y communication that you ha e thro#n a#ay $ut could not lose. T-1!.III.1:. 8hene er you are in dou$t #hat you should do) think o( 0is ?resence in you) and tell yoursel( this) and only this. 2 0e leadeth me and kno#s the #ay) #hich I kno# not. 3 7et 0e #ill ne er kee, (rom me #hat 0e #ould ha e me learn. ! 3nd so I trust 0im to communicate to me all that 0e kno#s (or me. % Then let 0im teach you quietly ho# to ,ercei e your &uiltlessness) #hich is already there. ,2*I". 7o'r F'nction in t#e Atone ent T-1!.I6.1. 8hen you acce,t a $rother+s &uiltlessness you #ill see the 3tonement in him. 2 "or $y ,roclaimin& it in him you make it yours) and you #ill see #hat you sou&ht. 3 7ou #ill not see the sym$ol o( your $rother+s &uiltlessness shinin& #ithin him #hile you still $elie e it is not there. ! 0is &uiltlessness is <your= 3tonement. % 1rant it to him) and you #ill see the truth o( #hat you ha e ackno#led&ed. ' 7et truth is o((ered (irst to $e recei ed) e en as 1od &a e it (irst to 0is 5on. * The (irst in time means nothin&) $ut the "irst in eternity is 1od the "ather) 8ho is $oth "irst and One. - Beyond the "irst there is no other) (or there is no order) no second or third) and nothin& $ut the "irst. T-1!.I6.2. 7ou #ho $elon& to the "irst Cause) created $y 0im like unto 0imsel( and ,art o( 0im) are more than merely &uiltless. 2 The state o( &uiltlessness is only the condition in #hich #hat is not there has $een remo ed (rom the disordered mind that thou&ht it #as. 3 This state) and only this) must you attain) #ith 1od $eside you. ! "or until you do) you #ill still think that you are se,arate (rom 0im. % 7ou can ,erha,s (eel 0is ?resence ne/t to you) $ut cannot kno# that you are one #ith 0im. ' This cannot $e tau&ht. * ;earnin& a,,lies only to the condition in #hich it ha,,ens o( itsel(. T-1!.I6.3. 8hen you ha e let all that o$scured the truth in your most holy mind $e undone (or you) and there(ore stand in &race $e(ore your "ather) 0e #ill &i e 0imsel( to you as 0e has al#ays done. 2 1i in& 0imsel( is all 0e kno#s) and so it is all kno#led&e. 3 "or #hat 0e kno#s not cannot $e) and there(ore cannot $e &i en. ! 3sk not to $e (or&i en)

(or this has already $een accom,lished. % 3sk) rather) to learn ho# to (or&i e) and to restore #hat al#ays #as to your un(or&i in& mind. ' 3tonement $ecomes real and isi$le to those #ho use it. * On earth this is your only (unction) and you must learn that it is all you #ant to learn. - 7ou #ill (eel &uilty till you learn this. : "or in the end) #hate er (orm it takes) your &uilt arises (rom your (ailure to (ul(ill your (unction in 1od+s 4ind #ith all o( yours. 1> Can you esca,e this &uilt $y (ailin& to (ul(ill your (unction hereD T-1!.I6.!. 7ou need not understand creation to do #hat must $e done $e(ore that kno#led&e #ould $e meanin&(ul to you. 2 1od $reaks no $arriers9 neither did 0e make them. 3 8hen you release them they are &one. ! 1od #ill not (ail) nor e er has in anythin&. ,2*: % Decide that 1od is ri&ht and you are #ron& a$out yoursel(. ' 0e created you out o( 0imsel() $ut still #ithin 0im. * 0e kno#s #hat you are. - Remem$er that there is no second to 0im. : There cannot) there(ore) $e anyone #ithout 0is 0oliness) nor anyone un#orthy o( 0is ,er(ect ;o e. 1> "ail not in your (unction o( lo in& in a lo eless ,lace made out o( darkness and deceit) (or thus are darkness and deceit undone. 11 "ail not yoursel() $ut instead o((er to 1od and you 0is $lameless 5on. 12 "or this small &i(t o( a,,reciation (or 0is ;o e) 1od #ill 0imsel( e/chan&e your &i(t (or 0is. T-1!.I6.%. Be(ore you make any decisions (or yoursel() remem$er that you ha e decided a&ainst your (unction in 0ea en) and then consider care(ully #hether you #ant to make decisions here. 2 7our (unction here is only to decide a&ainst decidin& #hat you #ant) in reco&nition that you do not kno#. 3 0o#) then) can you decide #hat you should doD ! ;ea e all decisions to the One 8ho s,eaks (or 1od) and (or your (unction as 0e kno#s it. % 5o #ill 0e teach you to remo e the a#(ul $urden you ha e laid u,on yoursel( $y lo in& not the 5on o( 1od) and tryin& to teach him &uilt instead o( lo e. ' 1i e u, this (rantic and insane attem,t that cheats you o( the Coy o( li in& #ith your 1od and "ather) and o( #akin& &ladly to 0is ;o e and 0oliness that Coin to&ether as the truth in you) makin& you one #ith 0im. T-1!.I6.'. 8hen you ha e learned ho# to decide #ith 1od) all decisions $ecome as easy and as ri&ht as $reathin&. 2 There is no e((ort) and you #ill $e led as &ently as i( you #ere $ein& carried do#n a quiet ,ath in summer. 3 Only your o#n olition seems to make decidin& hard. ! The 0oly 5,irit #ill not delay in ans#erin& your e ery question #hat to do. % 0e kno#s. ' 3nd 0e #ill tell you) and then do it (or you. * 7ou #ho are tired #ill (ind this is more rest(ul than slee,. - "or you can $rin& your &uilt into slee,in&) $ut not into this. T-1!.I6.*. Unless you are &uiltless you cannot kno# 1od) 8hose 8ill is that you kno# 0im. 2 There(ore) you <must= $e &uiltless. 3 7et i( you

do not acce,t the necessary conditions (or kno#in& 0im) you ha e denied 0im and do not reco&niAe 0im) thou&h 0e is all around you. ! 0e cannot $e kno#n #ithout 0is 5on) #hose &uiltlessness is the condition (or kno#in& 0im. % 3cce,tin& 0is 5on as &uilty is denial o( the "ather so com,lete) that kno#led&e is s#e,t a#ay (rom reco&nition in the ery mind #here 1od 0imsel( has ,laced it. ' I( you #ould $ut listen) and learn ho# im,ossi$le this isJ ,2-> * Do not endo# 0im #ith attri$utes you understand. - 7ou made 0im not) and anythin& you understand is not o( 0im. T-1!.I6.-. 7our task is not to make reality. 2 It is here #ithout your makin&) $ut not #ithout you. 3 7ou #ho ha e tried to thro# yoursel( a#ay and alued 1od so little) hear me s,eak (or 0im and (or yoursel(. ! 7ou cannot understand ho# much your "ather lo es you) (or there is no ,arallel in your e/,erience o( the #orld to hel, you understand it. % There is nothin& on earth #ith #hich it can com,are) and nothin& you ha e e er (elt a,art (rom 0im resem$les it e er so (aintly. ' 7ou cannot e en &i e a $lessin& in ,er(ect &entleness. * 8ould you kno# o( One 8ho &i es (ore er) and 8ho kno#s o( nothin& e/ce,t &i in&D T-1!.I6.:. The children o( 0ea en li e in the li&ht o( the $lessin& o( their "ather) $ecause they kno# that they are sinless. 2 The 3tonement #as esta$lished as the means o( restorin& &uiltlessness to minds that ha e denied it) and thus denied 0ea en to themsel es. 3 3tonement teaches you the true condition o( the 5on o( 1od. ! It does not teach you #hat you are) or #hat your "ather is. % The 0oly 5,irit) 8ho remem$ers this (or you) merely teaches you ho# to remo e the $locks that stand $et#een you and #hat you kno#. ' 0is memory is yours. * I( you remem$er #hat you ha e made) you are remem$erin& nothin&. Remem$rance o( reality is in 0im) and there(ore in you. T-1!.I6.1>. The &uiltless and the &uilty are totally inca,a$le o( understandin& one another. 2 @ach ,ercei es the other as like himsel() makin& $oth una$le to communicate) $ecause each sees the other unlike the #ay he sees himsel(. 3 1od can communicate only to the 0oly 5,irit in your mind) $ecause only 0e shares the kno#led&e o( #hat you are #ith 1od. ! 3nd only the 0oly 5,irit can ans#er 1od (or you) (or only 0e kno#s #hat 1od is. % @ erythin& else that you ha e ,laced #ithin your mind cannot e/ist) (or #hat is not in communication #ith the 4ind o( 1od has ne er $een. ' Communication #ith 1od is li(e. * Nothin& #ithout it is at all. ,2-1 ". T#e Circle of Atone ent T-1!.6.1. The only ,art o( your mind that has reality is the ,art that links you still #ith 1od. 2 8ould you ha e all o( it trans(ormed into a radiant messa&e o( 1od+s ;o e) to share #ith all the lonely ones #ho

ha e denied 0imD 3 <1od makes this ,ossi$le.= ! 8ould you deny 0is yearnin& to $e kno#nD % 7ou yearn (or 0im) as 0e (or you. ' This is (ore er chan&eless. * 3cce,t) then) the immuta$le. - ;ea e the #orld o( death $ehind) and return quietly to 0ea en. : There is nothin& o( alue here) and e erythin& o( alue there. 1> ;isten to the 0oly 5,irit) and to 1od throu&h 0im. 11 0e s,eaks o( you to <you.= 12 There is no &uilt in you) (or 1od is $lessed in 0is 5on as the 5on is $lessed in 0im. T-1!.6.2. @ eryone has a s,ecial ,art to ,lay in the 3tonement) $ut the messa&e &i en to each one is al#ays the same9 <1od+s 5on is &uiltless.= 2 @ach one teaches the messa&e di((erently) and learns it di((erently. 3 7et until he teaches it and learns it) he #ill su((er the ,ain o( dim a#areness that his true (unction remains un(ul(illed in him. ! The $urden o( &uilt is hea y) $ut 1od #ould not ha e you $ound $y it. % 0is ,lan (or your a#akin& is as ,er(ect as yours is (alli$le. ' 7ou kno# not #hat you do) $ut 0e 8ho kno#s is #ith you. * 0is &entleness is yours) and all the lo e you share #ith 1od 0e holds in trust (or you. 0e #ould teach you nothin& e/ce,t ho# to $e ha,,y. T-1!.6.3. Blessed 5on o( a #holly $lessin& "ather) Coy #as created (or you. 2 8ho can condemn #hom 1od has $lessedD 3 There is nothin& in the 4ind o( 1od that does not share 0is shinin& innocence. ! Creation is the natural e/tension o( ,er(ect ,urity. % 7our only callin& here is to de ote yoursel() #ith acti e #illin&ness) to the denial o( &uilt in all its (orms. ' To accuse is <not to understand.= * The ha,,y learners o( the 3tonement $ecome the teachers o( the innocence that is the ri&ht o( all that 1od created. - Deny them not #hat is their due) (or you #ill not #ithhold it (rom them alone. T-1!.6.!. The inheritance o( the Gin&dom is the ri&ht o( 1od+s 5on) &i en him in his creation. 2 Do not try to steal it (rom him) or you #ill ask (or &uilt and #ill e/,erience it. 3 ?rotect his ,urity (rom e ery thou&ht that #ould steal it a#ay and kee, it (rom his si&ht. ! Brin& innocence to li&ht) in ans#er to the call o( the 3tonement. % Ne er allo# ,urity to remain hidden) $ut shine a#ay the hea y eils o( &uilt #ithin #hich the 5on o( 1od has hidden himsel( (rom his o#n si&ht. ,2-2 T-1!.6.%. 8e are all Coined in the 3tonement here) and nothin& else can unite us in this #orld. 2 5o #ill the #orld o( se,aration sli, a#ay) and (ull communication $e restored $et#een the "ather and the 5on. 3 The miracle ackno#led&es the &uiltlessness that must ha e $een denied to ,roduce the need o( healin&. ! Do not #ithhold this &lad ackno#led&ment) (or ho,e o( ha,,iness and release (rom su((erin& o( e ery kind lie in it. % 8ho is there $ut #ishes to $e (ree o( ,ainD ' 0e may not yet ha e learned ho# to e/chan&e &uilt (or innocence) nor realiAe that only in this e/chan&e can (reedom (rom ,ain $e his. * 7et

those #ho ha e (ailed to learn need teachin&) not attack. - To attack those #ho ha e need o( teachin& is to (ail to learn (rom them. T-1!.6.'. Teachers o( innocence) each in his o#n #ay) ha e Coined to&ether) takin& their ,art in the uni(ied curriculum o( the 3tonement. 2 There is no unity o( learnin& &oals a,art (rom this. 3 There is no con(lict in this curriculum) #hich has one aim ho#e er it is tau&ht. ! @ach e((ort made on its $ehal( is o((ered (or the sin&le ,ur,ose o( release (rom &uilt) to the eternal &lory o( 1od and 0is creation. % 3nd e ery teachin& that ,oints to this ,oints strai&ht to 0ea en) and the ,eace o( 1od. ' There is no ,ain) no trial) no (ear that teachin& this can (ail to o ercome. * The ,o#er o( 1od 0imsel( su,,orts this teachin&) and &uarantees its limitless results. T-1!.6.*. Hoin your o#n e((orts to the ,o#er that cannot (ail and must result in ,eace. 2 No one can $e untouched $y teachin& such as this. 3 7ou #ill not see yoursel( $eyond the ,o#er o( 1od i( you teach only this. ! 7ou #ill not $e e/em,t (rom the e((ects o( this most holy lesson) #hich seeks $ut to restore #hat is the ri&ht o( 1od+s creation. % "rom e eryone #hom you accord release (rom &uilt you #ill ine ita$ly learn your innocence. ' The circle o( 3tonement has no end. * 3nd you #ill (ind e er-increasin& con(idence in your sa(e inclusion in the circle #ith e eryone you $rin& #ithin its sa(ety and its ,er(ect ,eace. T-1!.6.-. ?eace) then) $e unto e eryone #ho $ecomes a teacher o( ,eace. 2 "or ,eace is the ackno#led&ment o( ,er(ect ,urity) (rom #hich no one is e/cluded. 3 8ithin its holy circle is e eryone #hom 1od created as 0is 5on. ! Hoy is its uni(yin& attri$ute) #ith no one le(t outside to su((er &uilt alone. % The ,o#er o( 1od dra#s e eryone to its sa(e em$race o( lo e and union. ' 5tand quietly #ithin this circle) and attract all tortured minds to Coin #ith you in the sa(ety o( its ,eace and holiness. * 3$ide #ith me #ithin it) as a teacher o( 3tonement) not o( &uilt. ,2-3 T-1!.6.:. Blessed are you #ho teach #ith me. 2 Our ,o#er comes not o( us) $ut o( our "ather. 3 In &uiltlessness #e kno# 0im) as 0e kno#s us &uiltless. ! I stand #ithin the circle) callin& you to ,eace. % Teach ,eace #ith me) and stand #ith me on holy &round. ' Remem$er (or e eryone your "ather+s ,o#er that 0e has &i en him. * Belie e not that you cannot teach 0is ,er(ect ,eace. - 5tand not outside) $ut Coin #ith me #ithin. : "ail not the only ,ur,ose to #hich my teachin& calls you. 1> Restore to 1od 0is 5on as 0e created him) $y teachin& him his innocence. T-1!.6.1>. The cruci(i/ion had no ,art in the 3tonement. 2 Only the resurrection $ecame my ,art in it. 3 That is the sym$ol o( the release (rom &uilt $y &uiltlessness. ! 8hom you ,ercei e as &uilty you #ould cruci(y. % 7et you restore &uiltlessness to #home er you see as

&uiltless. ' Cruci(i/ion is al#ays the e&o+s aim. * It sees e eryone as &uilty) and $y its condemnation it #ould kill. - The 0oly 5,irit sees only &uiltlessness) and in 0is &entleness 0e #ould release (rom (ear and reesta$lish the rei&n o( lo e. : The ,o#er o( lo e is in 0is &entleness) #hich is o( 1od and there(ore cannot cruci(y nor su((er cruci(i/ion. 1> The tem,le you restore $ecomes your altar) (or it #as re$uilt throu&h you. 11 3nd e erythin& you &i e to 1od is yours. 12 Thus 0e creates) and thus must you restore. T-1!.6.11. @ach one you see you ,lace #ithin the holy circle o( 3tonement or lea e outside) Cud&in& him (it (or cruci(i/ion or (or redem,tion. 2 I( you $rin& him into the circle o( ,urity) you #ill rest there #ith him. 3 I( you lea e him #ithout) you Coin him there. ! Hud&e not e/ce,t in quietness #hich is not o( you. % Re(use to acce,t anyone as #ithout the $lessin& o( 3tonement) and $rin& him into it $y $lessin& him. ' 0oliness must $e shared) (or therein lies e erythin& that makes it holy. * Come &ladly to the holy circle) and look out in ,eace on all #ho think they are outside. - Cast no one out) (or here is #hat he seeks alon& #ith you. : Come) let us Coin him in the holy ,lace o( ,eace #hich is (or all o( us) united as one #ithin the Cause o( ,eace. ,2-! "I. T#e Li)#t of Co 'nication T-1!.6I.1. The Courney that #e undertake to&ether is the e/chan&e o( dark (or li&ht) o( i&norance (or understandin&. 2 Nothin& you understand is (ear(ul. 3 It is only in darkness and in i&norance that you ,ercei e the (ri&htenin&) and shrink a#ay (rom it to (urther darkness. ! 3nd yet it is only the hidden that can terri(y) not (or #hat it is) $ut (or its hiddenness. % The o$scure is (ri&htenin& $ecause you do not understand its meanin&. ' I( you did) it #ould $e clear and you #ould $e no lon&er in the dark. * Nothin& has hidden alue) (or #hat is hidden cannot $e shared) and so its alue is unkno#n. - The hidden is ke,t a,art) $ut alue al#ays lies in Coint a,,reciation. : 8hat is concealed cannot $e lo ed) and so it must $e (eared. T-1!.6I.2. The quiet li&ht in #hich the 0oly 5,irit d#ells #ithin you is merely ,er(ect o,enness) in #hich nothin& is hidden and there(ore nothin& is (ear(ul. 2 3ttack #ill al#ays yield to lo e i( it is $rou&ht to lo e) not hidden (rom it. 3 There is no darkness that the li&ht o( lo e #ill not dis,el) unless it is concealed (rom lo e+s $ene(icence. ! 8hat is ke,t a,art (rom lo e cannot share its healin& ,o#er) $ecause it has $een se,arated o(( and ke,t in darkness. % The sentinels o( darkness #atch o er it care(ully) and you #ho made these &uardians o( illusion out o( nothin& are no# a(raid o( them. T-1!.6I.3. 8ould you continue to &i e ima&ined ,o#er to these stran&e ideas o( sa(etyD 2 They are neither sa(e nor unsa(e. 3 They do not

,rotect9 neither do they attack. ! They do nothin& at all) $ein& nothin& at all. % 3s &uardians o( darkness and o( i&norance look to them only (or (ear) (or #hat they kee, o$scure <is= (ear(ul. ' But let them &o) and #hat #as (ear(ul #ill $e so no lon&er. * 8ithout ,rotection o( o$scurity only the li&ht o( lo e remains) (or only this has meanin& and can li e in li&ht. - @ erythin& else must disa,,ear. T-1!.6I.!. Death yields to li(e sim,ly $ecause destruction is not true. 2 The li&ht o( &uiltlessness shines &uilt a#ay $ecause) #hen they are $rou&ht to&ether) the truth o( one must make the (alsity o( its o,,osite ,er(ectly clear. 3 Gee, not &uilt and &uiltlessness a,art) (or your $elie( that you can ha e them $oth is meanin&less. ! 3ll you ha e done $y kee,in& them a,art is lose their meanin& $y con(usin& them #ith each other. % 3nd so you do not realiAe that only one means anythin&. ' The other is #holly #ithout sense o( any kind. T-1!.6I.%. 7ou ha e re&arded the se,aration as a means (or $reakin& your communication #ith your "ather. ,2-% 2 The 0oly 5,irit reinter,rets it as a means o( re-esta$lishin& #hat #as not $roken) $ut <has= $een made o$scure. 3 3ll thin&s you made ha e use to 0im) (or 0is most holy ,ur,ose. ! 0e kno#s you are not se,arate (rom 1od) $ut 0e ,ercei es much in your mind that lets you think you are. % 3ll this and nothin& else #ould 0e se,arate (rom you. ' The ,o#er o( decision) #hich you made in ,lace o( the ,o#er o( creation) 0e #ould teach you ho# to use on your $ehal(. * 7ou #ho made it to cruci(y yoursel( must learn o( 0im ho# to a,,ly it to the holy cause o( restoration. T-1!.6I.'. 7ou #ho s,eak in dark and de ious sym$ols do not understand the lan&ua&e you ha e made. 2 It has no meanin&) (or its ,ur,ose is not communication) $ut rather the disru,tion o( communication. 3 I( the ,ur,ose o( lan&ua&e is communication) ho# can this ton&ue mean anythin&D ! 7et e en this stran&e and t#isted e((ort to communicate throu&h not communicatin& holds enou&h o( lo e to make it meanin&(ul i( its Inter,reter is not its maker. % 7ou #ho made it are $ut e/,ressin& con(lict) (rom #hich the 0oly 5,irit #ould release you. ' ;ea e #hat you #ould communicate to 0im. * 0e #ill inter,ret it to you #ith ,er(ect clarity) (or 0e kno#s #ith 8hom you are in ,er(ect communication. T-1!.6I.*. 7ou kno# not #hat you say) and so you kno# not #hat is said to you. 2 7et your Inter,reter ,ercei es the meanin& in your alien lan&ua&e. 3 0e #ill not attem,t to communicate the meanin&less. ! But 0e #ill se,arate out all that has meanin&) dro,,in& o(( the rest and o((erin& your true communication to those #ho #ould communicate as truly #ith you. % 7ou s,eak t#o lan&ua&es at once) and this must lead to unintelli&i$ility. ' 7et i( one means nothin& and the other e erythin&)

only that one is ,ossi$le (or ,ur,oses o( communication. * The other $ut inter(eres #ith it. T-1!.6I.-. The 0oly 5,irit+s (unction is entirely communication. 2 0e there(ore must remo e #hate er inter(eres #ith communication in order to restore it. 3 There(ore) kee, no source o( inter(erence (rom 0is si&ht) (or 0e #ill not attack your sentinels. ! But $rin& them to 0im and let 0is &entleness teach you that) in the li&ht) they are not (ear(ul) and cannot ser e to &uard the dark doors $ehind #hich nothin& at all is care(ully concealed. % 8e must o,en all doors and let the li&ht come streamin& throu&h. ' There are no hidden cham$ers in 1od+s tem,le. * Its &ates are o,en #ide to &reet 0is 5on. - No one can (ail to come #here 1od has called him) i( he close not the door himsel( u,on his "ather+s #elcome. ,2-' "II. S#arin) Perception +it# t#e Hol. Spirit T-1!.6II.1. 8hat do you #antD 2 ;i&ht or darkness) kno#led&e or i&norance are yours) $ut not $oth. 3 O,,osites must $e $rou&ht to&ether) not ke,t a,art. ! "or their se,aration is only in your mind) and they are reconciled $y union) as you are. % In union) e erythin& that is not real must disa,,ear) (or truth <is= union. ' 3s darkness disa,,ears in li&ht) so i&norance (ades a#ay #hen kno#led&e da#ns. * ?erce,tion is the medium $y #hich i&norance is $rou&ht to kno#led&e. - 7et the ,erce,tion must $e #ithout deceit) (or other#ise it $ecomes the messen&er o( i&norance rather than a hel,er in the search (or truth. T-1!.6II.2. The search (or truth is $ut the honest searchin& out o( e erythin& that inter(eres #ith truth. 2 Truth <is.= 3 It can neither $e lost nor sou&ht nor (ound. ! It is there) #here er you are) $ein& #ithin you. % 7et it can $e reco&niAed or unreco&niAed) real or (alse to you. ' I( you hide it) it $ecomes unreal to you <$ecause= you hid it and surrounded it #ith (ear. * Under each cornerstone o( (ear on #hich you ha e erected your insane system o( $elie() the truth lies hidden. - 7et you cannot kno# this) (or $y hidin& truth in (ear) you see no reason to $elie e that the more you look at (ear the less you see it) and the clearer #hat it conceals $ecomes. T-1!.6II.3. It is not ,ossi$le to con ince the unkno#in& that they kno#. 2 "rom their ,oint o( ie# it is not true. 3 7et it is true $ecause 1od kno#s it. ! These are clearly o,,osite ie#,oints on #hat the 2unkno#in&2 are. % To 1od) unkno#in& is im,ossi$le. ' It is there(ore not a ,oint o( ie# at all) $ut merely a $elie( in somethin& that does not e/ist. * It is only this $elie( that the unkno#in& ha e) and $y it they are #ron& a$out themsel es. - They ha e de(ined themsel es as they #ere not created. : Their creation #as not a ,oint o( ie#) $ut rather a

certainty. 1> Uncertainty $rou&ht to certainty does not retain any con iction o( reality. T-1!.6II.!. Our em,hasis has $een on $rin&in& #hat is undesira$le to the desira$le9 #hat you do not #ant to #hat you do. 2 7ou #ill realiAe that sal ation must come to you this #ay) i( you consider #hat dissociation is. 3 Dissociation is a distorted ,rocess o( thinkin& #here$y t#o systems o( $elie( #hich cannot coe/ist are $oth maintained. ! I( they are $rou&ht to&ether) their Coint acce,tance $ecomes im,ossi$le. % But i( one is ke,t in darkness (rom the other) their se,aration seems to kee, them $oth ali e and equal in their reality. ' Their Coinin& thus $ecomes the source o( (ear) (or i( they meet) acce,tance must $e #ithdra#n (rom one o( them. ,2-* * 7ou cannot ha e them $oth) (or each denies the other. - 3,art) this (act is lost (rom si&ht) (or each in a se,arate ,lace can $e endo#ed #ith (irm $elie(. : Brin& them to&ether) and the (act o( their com,lete incom,ati$ility is instantly a,,arent. 1> One #ill &o) $ecause the other is seen in the same ,lace. T-1!.6II.%. ;i&ht cannot enter darkness #hen a mind $elie es in darkness) and #ill not let it &o. 2 Truth does not stru&&le a&ainst i&norance) and lo e does not attack (ear. 3 8hat needs no ,rotection does not de(end itsel(. ! De(ense is o( your makin&. % 1od kno#s it not. ' The 0oly 5,irit uses de(enses on $ehal( o( truth only $ecause you made them a&ainst it. * 0is ,erce,tion o( them) accordin& to 0is ,ur,ose) merely chan&es them into a call (or #hat you ha e attacked #ith them. - De(enses) like e erythin& you made) must $e &ently turned to your o#n &ood) translated $y the 0oly 5,irit (rom means o( sel(-destruction to means o( ,reser ation and release. : 0is task is mi&hty) $ut the ,o#er o( 1od is #ith 0im. 1> There(ore) to 0im it is so easy that it #as accom,lished the instant it #as &i en 0im (or you. 11 Do not delay in your return to ,eace $y #onderin& ho# 0e can (ul(ill #hat 1od has &i en 0im to do. 12 ;ea e that to 0im 8ho kno#s. 13 7ou are not asked to do mi&hty tasks yoursel(. 1! 7ou are merely asked to do the little 0e su&&ests you do) trustin& 0im only to the small e/tent o( $elie in& that) i( 0e asks it) you can do it. 1% 7ou #ill see ho# easily all that 0e asks can $e accom,lished. T-1!.6II.'. The 0oly 5,irit asks o( you $ut this9 $rin& to 0im e ery secret you ha e locked a#ay (rom 0im. 2 O,en e ery door to 0im) and $id 0im enter the darkness and li&hten it a#ay. 3 3t your request 0e enters &ladly. ! 0e $rin&s the li&ht to darkness i( you make the darkness o,en to 0im. % But #hat you hide 0e cannot look u,on. ' 0e sees (or you) and unless you look #ith 0im 0e cannot see. * The ision o( Christ is not (or 0im alone) $ut (or 0im #ith you. - Brin&) there(ore) all your dark and secret thou&hts to 0im) and look u,on them #ith 0im. : 0e holds the li&ht) and you the darkness. 1> They cannot

coe/ist #hen $oth o( 7ou to&ether look on them. 11 0is Cud&ment must ,re ail) and 0e #ill &i e it to you as you Coin your ,erce,tion to 0is. T-1!.6II.*. Hoinin& #ith 0im in seein& is the #ay in #hich you learn to share #ith 0im the inter,retation o( ,erce,tion that leads to kno#led&e. 2 7ou cannot see alone. 3 5harin& ,erce,tion #ith 0im 8hom 1od has &i en you teaches you ho# to reco&niAe #hat you see. ,2-- ! It is the reco&nition that nothin& you see means anythin& alone. % 5eein& #ith 0im #ill sho# you that all meanin&) includin& yours) comes not (rom dou$le ision) $ut (rom the &entle (usin& o( e erythin& into <one= meanin&) <one= emotion and <one= ,ur,ose. ' 1od has one ,ur,ose #hich 0e shares #ith you. * The sin&le ision #hich the 0oly 5,irit o((ers you #ill $rin& this oneness to your mind #ith clarity and $ri&htness so intense you could not #ish) (or all the #orld) not to acce,t #hat 1od #ould ha e you ha e. - Behold your #ill) acce,tin& it as 0is) #ith all 0is ;o e as yours. : 3ll honor to you throu&h 0im) and throu&h 0im unto 1od. "III. T#e Hol. Meetin) Place T-1!.6III.1. In the darkness you ha e o$scured the &lory 1od &a e you) and the ,o#er 0e $esto#ed u,on 0is &uiltless 5on. 2 3ll this lies hidden in e ery darkened ,lace) shrouded in &uilt and in the dark denial o( innocence. 3 Behind the dark doors you ha e closed lies nothin&) $ecause nothin& can o$scure the &i(t o( 1od. ! It is the closin& o( the doors that inter(eres #ith reco&nition o( the ,o#er o( 1od that shines in you. % Banish not ,o#er (rom your mind) $ut let all that #ould hide your &lory $e $rou&ht to the Cud&ment o( the 0oly 5,irit) and there undone. ' 8hom 0e #ould sa e (or &lory <is= sa ed (or it. * 0e has ,romised the "ather that throu&h 0im you #ould $e released (rom littleness to &lory. - To #hat 0e ,romised 1od 0e is #holly (aith(ul) (or 0e shares #ith 1od the ,romise that #as &i en 0im to share #ith you. T-1!.6III.2. 0e shares it still) (or you. 2 @ erythin& that ,romises other#ise) &reat or small) ho#e er much or little alued) 0e #ill re,lace #ith the one ,romise &i en unto 0im to lay u,on the altar to your "ather and 0is 5on. 3 No altar stands to 1od #ithout 0is 5on. ! 3nd nothin& $rou&ht there that is not equally #orthy o( Both) $ut #ill $e re,laced $y &i(ts #holly acce,ta$le to "ather and to 5on. % Can you o((er &uilt to 1odD ' 7ou cannot) then) o((er it to 0is 5on. * "or They are not a,art) and &i(ts to One are o((ered to the Other. - 7ou kno# not 1od $ecause you kno# not this. : 3nd yet you do kno# 1od and also this. 1> 3ll this is sa(e #ithin you) #here the 0oly 5,irit shines. 11 0e shines not in di ision) $ut in the meetin& ,lace #here 1od) united #ith 0is 5on) s,eaks to 0is 5on throu&h 0im. 12 Communication $et#een #hat cannot $e di ided cannot cease. ,2-: 13 The holy meetin& ,lace

o( the unse,arated "ather and 0is 5on lies in the 0oly 5,irit and in you. 1! 3ll inter(erence in the communication that 1od 0imsel( #ills #ith 0is 5on is quite im,ossi$le here. 1% Un$roken and uninterru,ted lo e (lo#s constantly $et#een the "ather and the 5on) as Both #ould ha e it $e. 1' 3nd so it is. T-1!.6III.3. ;et your mind #ander not throu&h darkened corridors) a#ay (rom li&ht+s center. 2 7ou and your $rother may choose to lead yoursel es astray) $ut you can $e $rou&ht to&ether only $y the 1uide a,,ointed (or you. 3 0e #ill surely lead you to #here 1od and 0is 5on a#ait your reco&nition. ! They are Coined in &i in& you the &i(t o( oneness) $e(ore #hich all se,aration anishes. % Unite #ith #hat you are. ' 7ou cannot Coin #ith anythin& e/ce,t reality. * 1od+s &lory and 0is 5on+s $elon& to you in truth. - They ha e no o,,osite) and nothin& else can you $esto# u,on yoursel(. T-1!.6III.!. There is no su$stitute (or truth. 2 3nd truth #ill make this ,lain to you as you are $rou&ht into the ,lace #here you must meet #ith truth. 3 3nd there you must $e led) throu&h &entle understandin& #hich can lead you no#here else. ! 8here 1od is) there are you. % 5uch is the truth. ' Nothin& can chan&e the kno#led&e) &i en you $y 1od) into unkno#in&ness. * @ erythin& 1od created kno#s its Creator. - "or this is ho# creation is accom,lished $y the Creator and $y 0is creations. : In the holy meetin& ,lace are Coined the "ather and 0is creations) and the creations o( 0is 5on #ith Them to&ether. 1> There is one link that Coins Them all to&ether) holdin& Them in the oneness out o( #hich creation ha,,ens. T-1!.6III.%. The link #ith #hich the "ather Coins 0imsel( to those 0e &i es the ,o#er to create can ne er $e dissol ed. 2 0ea en itsel( is union #ith all o( creation) and #ith its one Creator. 3 3nd 0ea en remains the 8ill o( 1od (or you. ! ;ay no &i(ts other than this u,on your altars) (or nothin& can coe/ist #ith it. % 0ere your little o((erin&s are $rou&ht to&ether #ith the &i(t o( 1od) and only #hat is #orthy o( the "ather #ill $e acce,ted $y the 5on) (or #hom it is intended. ' To #hom 1od &i es 0imsel() 0e <is= &i en. * 7our little &i(ts #ill anish on the altar) #here 0e has ,laced 0is O#n. ,2:> I6. T#e Reflection of Holiness T-1!.IL.1. The 3tonement does not make holy. 2 7ou #ere created holy. 3 It merely $rin&s unholiness to holiness9 or #hat you made to #hat you are. ! Brin&in& illusion to truth) or the e&o to 1od) is the 0oly 5,irit+s only (unction. % Gee, not your makin& (rom your "ather) (or hidin& it has cost you kno#led&e o( 0im and o( yoursel(. ' The kno#led&e is sa(e) $ut #here is your sa(ety a,art (rom itD * The makin& o( time to take the ,lace o( timelessness lay in the decision to

$e not as you are. - Thus truth #as made ,ast) and the ,resent #as dedicated to illusion. : 3nd the ,ast) too) #as chan&ed and inter,osed $et#een #hat al#ays #as and no#. 1> The ,ast that you remem$er ne er #as) and re,resents only the denial o( #hat al#ays #as. T-1!.IL.2. Brin&in& the e&o to 1od is $ut to $rin& error to truth) #here it stands corrected $ecause it is the o,,osite o( #hat it meets. 2 It is undone $ecause the contradiction can no lon&er stand. 3 0o# lon& can contradiction stand #hen its im,ossi$le nature is clearly re ealedD ! 8hat disa,,ears in li&ht is not attacked. % It merely anishes $ecause it is not true. ' Di((erent realities are meanin&less) (or reality must $e one. * It cannot chan&e #ith time or mood or chance. - Its chan&elessness is #hat makes it real. : This cannot $e undone. 1> Undoin& is (or unreality. 11 3nd this reality #ill do (or you. T-1!.IL.3. 4erely $y $ein& #hat it is) does truth release you (rom e erythin& that it is not. 2 The 3tonement is so &entle you need $ut #his,er to it) and all its ,o#er #ill rush to your assistance and su,,ort. 3 7ou are not (rail #ith 1od $eside you. ! 7et #ithout 0im you are nothin&. % The 3tonement o((ers you 1od. ' The &i(t that you re(used is held $y 0im in you. * The 0oly 5,irit holds it there (or you. - 1od has not le(t 0is altar) thou&h 0is #orshi,,ers ,laced other &ods u,on it. : The tem,le still is holy) (or the ?resence that d#ells #ithin it <is= 0oliness. T-1!.IL.!. In the tem,le) 0oliness #aits quietly (or the return o( them that lo e it. 2 The ?resence kno#s they #ill return to ,urity and to &race. 3 The &raciousness o( 1od #ill take them &ently in) and co er all their sense o( ,ain and loss #ith the immortal assurance o( their "ather+s ;o e. ! There) (ear o( death #ill $e re,laced #ith Coy o( li(e. % "or 1od is li(e) and they a$ide in li(e. ' ;i(e is as holy as the 0oliness $y #hich it #as created. ,2:1 * The ?resence o( 0oliness li es in e erythin& that li es) (or 0oliness created li(e) and lea es not #hat It created holy as Itsel(. T-1!.IL.%. In this #orld you can $ecome a s,otless mirror) in #hich the 0oliness o( your Creator shines (orth (rom you to all around you. 2 7ou can re(lect 0ea en here. 3 7et no re(lections o( the ima&es o( other &ods must dim the mirror that #ould hold 1od+s re(lection in it. ! @arth can re(lect 0ea en or hell9 1od or the e&o. % 7ou need $ut lea e the mirror clean and clear o( all the ima&es o( hidden darkness you ha e dra#n u,on it. ' 1od #ill shine u,on it o( 0imsel(. * Only the clear re(lection o( 0imsel( can $e ,ercei ed u,on it. T-1!.IL.'. Re(lections are seen in li&ht. 2 In darkness they are o$scure) and their meanin& seems to lie only in shi(tin& inter,retations) rather than in themsel es. 3 The re(lection o( 1od needs no inter,retation. ! It is clear. % Clean $ut the mirror) and the messa&e that shines (orth

(rom #hat the mirror holds out (or e eryone to see) no one can (ail to understand. ' It is the messa&e that the 0oly 5,irit is holdin& to the mirror that is in him. * 0e reco&niAes it $ecause he has $een tau&ht his need (or it) $ut kno#s not #here to look to (ind it. - ;et him) then) see it in you and share it #ith you. T-1!.IL.*. Could you $ut realiAe (or a sin&le instant the ,o#er o( healin& that the re(lection o( 1od) shinin& in you) can $rin& to all the #orld) you could not #ait to make the mirror o( your mind clean to recei e the ima&e o( the holiness that heals the #orld. 2 The ima&e o( holiness that shines in your mind is not o$scure) and #ill not chan&e. 3 Its meanin& to those #ho look u,on it is not o$scure) (or e eryone ,ercei es it as the same. ! 3ll $rin& their di((erent ,ro$lems to its healin& li&ht) and all their ,ro$lems (ind $ut healin& there. T-1!.IL.-. The res,onse o( holiness to any (orm o( error is al#ays the same. 2 There is no contradiction in #hat holiness calls (orth. 3 Its one res,onse is healin&) #ithout re&ard (or #hat is $rou&ht to it. ! Those #ho ha e learned to o((er only healin&) $ecause o( the re(lection o( holiness in them) are ready at last (or 0ea en. % There) holiness is not a re(lection) $ut rather the actual condition o( #hat #as $ut re(lected to them here. ' 1od is no ima&e) and 0is creations) as ,art o( 0im) hold 0im in them in truth. * They do not merely re(lect truth) (or they <are= truth. ,2:2 6. T#e E5'alit. of Miracles T-1!.L.1. 8hen no ,erce,tion stands $et#een 1od and 0is creations) or $et#een 0is children and their o#n) the kno#led&e o( creation must continue (ore er. 2 The re(lections you acce,t into the mirror o( your mind in time $ut $rin& eternity nearer or (arther. 3 But eternity itsel( is $eyond all time. ! Reach out o( time and touch it) #ith the hel, o( its re(lection in you. % 3nd you #ill turn (rom time to holiness) as surely as the re(lection o( holiness calls e eryone to lay all &uilt aside. ' Re(lect the ,eace o( 0ea en here) and $rin& this #orld to 0ea en. * "or the re(lection o( truth dra#s e eryone to truth) and as they enter into it they lea e all re(lections $ehind. T-1!.L.2. In 0ea en reality is shared and not re(lected. 2 By sharin& its re(lection here) its truth $ecomes the only ,erce,tion the 5on o( 1od acce,ts. 3 3nd thus) remem$rance o( his "ather da#ns on him) and he can no lon&er $e satis(ied #ith anythin& $ut his o#n reality. ! 7ou on earth ha e no conce,tion o( limitlessness) (or the #orld you seem to li e in is a #orld o( limits. % In this #orld) it is not true that anythin& #ithout order o( di((iculty can occur. ' The miracle) there(ore) has a unique (unction) and is moti ated $y a unique Teacher 8ho $rin&s the la#s o( another #orld to this one. * The miracle is the one thin& you

can do that transcends order) $ein& $ased not on di((erences $ut on equality. T-1!.L.3. 4iracles are not in com,etition) and the num$er o( them that you can do is limitless. 2 They can $e simultaneous and le&ion. 3 This is not di((icult to understand) once you concei e o( them as ,ossi$le at all. ! 8hat is more di((icult to &ras, is the lack o( order o( di((iculty that stam,s the miracle as somethin& that must come (rom else#here) not (rom here. % "rom the #orld+s ie#,oint) this is im,ossi$le. T-1!.L.!. ?erha,s you ha e $een a#are o( lack o( com,etition amon& your thou&hts) #hich e en thou&h they may con(lict) can occur to&ether and in &reat num$ers. 2 7ou may indeed $e so used to this that it causes you little sur,rise. 3 7et you are also used to classi(yin& some o( your thou&hts as more im,ortant) lar&er or $etter) #iser) or more ,roducti e and alua$le than others. ! This is true o( the thou&hts that cross the mind o( those #ho think they li e a,art. % "or some are re(lections o( 0ea en) #hile others are moti ated $y the e&o) #hich $ut seems to think. T-1!.L.%. The result is a #ea in&) chan&in& ,attern that ne er rests and is ne er still. ,2:3 2 It shi(ts unceasin&ly across the mirror o( your mind) and the re(lections o( 0ea en last $ut a moment and &ro# dim) as darkness $lots them out. 3 8here there #as li&ht) darkness remo es it in an instant) and alternatin& ,atterns o( li&ht and darkness s#ee, constantly across your mind. ! The little sanity that still remains is held to&ether $y a sense o( order that you esta$lish. % 7et the ery (act that you can do this) and $rin& any order into chaos sho#s you that you are not an e&o) and that more than an e&o must $e in you. ' "or the e&o <is= chaos) and i( it #ere all o( you) no order at all #ould $e ,ossi$le. * 7et thou&h the order you im,ose u,on your mind limits the e&o) it also limits you. - To order is to Cud&e) and to arran&e $y Cud&ment. : There(ore it is not your (unction) $ut the 0oly 5,irit+s. T-1!.L.'. It #ill seem di((icult (or you to learn that you ha e no $asis at all (or orderin& your thou&hts. 2 This lesson the 0oly 5,irit teaches $y &i in& you the shinin& e/am,les o( miracles to sho# you that your #ay o( orderin& is #ron&) $ut that a $etter #ay is o((ered you. 3 The miracle o((ers e/actly the same res,onse to e ery call (or hel,. ! It does not Cud&e the call. % It merely reco&niAes #hat it is) and ans#ers accordin&ly. ' It does not consider #hich call is louder or &reater or more im,ortant. * 7ou may #onder ho# you #ho are still $ound to Cud&ment can $e asked to do that #hich requires no Cud&ment o( your o#n. - The ans#er is ery sim,le. : The ,o#er o( 1od) and not o( you) en&enders miracles. 1> The miracle itsel( is $ut the #itness that you ha e the ,o#er o( 1od in you. 11 That is the reason #hy the miracle &i es equal $lessin& to all #ho share in it) and that is also #hy

e eryone shares in it. 12 The ,o#er o( 1od is limitless. 13 3nd $ein& al#ays ma/imal) it o((ers e erythin& to e ery call (rom anyone. 1! There is no order o( di((iculty here. 1% 3 call (or hel, is &i en hel,. T-1!.L.*. The only Cud&ment in ol ed is the 0oly 5,irit+s one di ision into t#o cate&ories9 one o( lo e) and the other the call (or lo e. 2 7ou cannot sa(ely make this di ision) (or you are much too con(used either to reco&niAe lo e) or to $elie e that e erythin& else is nothin& $ut a call (or lo e. 3 7ou are too $ound to (orm) and not to content. ! 8hat you consider content is not content at all. % It is merely (orm) and nothin& else. ' "or you do not res,ond to #hat a $rother really o((ers you) $ut only to the ,articular ,erce,tion o( his o((erin& $y #hich the e&o Cud&es it. T-1!.L.-. The e&o is inca,a$le o( understandin& content) and is totally unconcerned #ith it. ,2:! 2 To the e&o) i( the (orm is acce,ta$le the content must $e. 3 Other#ise it #ill attack the (orm. ! I( you $elie e you understand somethin& o( the 2dynamics2 o( the e&o) let me assure you that you understand nothin& o( it. % "or o( yoursel( you could not understand it. ' The study o( the e&o is not the study o( the mind. * In (act) the e&o enCoys studyin& itsel() and thorou&hly a,,ro es the undertakin&s o( students #ho #ould 2analyAe2 it) thus a,,ro in& its im,ortance. - 7et they $ut study (orm #ith meanin&less content. : "or their teacher is senseless) thou&h care(ul to conceal this (act $ehind im,ressi e soundin& #ords) $ut #hich lack any consistent sense #hen they are ,ut to&ether. T-1!.L.:. This is characteristic o( the e&o+s Cud&ments. 2 5e,arately) they seem to hold) $ut ,ut them to&ether and the system o( thou&ht that arises (rom Coinin& them is incoherent and utterly chaotic. 3 "or (orm is not enou&h (or meanin&) and the underlyin& lack o( content makes a cohesi e system im,ossi$le. ! 5e,aration there(ore remains the e&o+s chosen condition. % "or no one alone can Cud&e the e&o truly. ' 7et #hen t#o or more Coin to&ether in searchin& (or truth) the e&o can no lon&er de(end its lack o( content. * The (act o( union tells them it is not true. T-1!.L.1>.It is im,ossi$le to remem$er 1od in secret and alone. 2 "or remem$erin& 0im means you are not alone) and are #illin& to remem$er it. 3 Take no thou&ht (or yoursel() (or no thou&ht you hold <is= (or yoursel(. ! I( you #ould remem$er your "ather) let the 0oly 5,irit order your thou&hts and &i e only the ans#er #ith #hich 0e ans#ers you. % @ eryone seeks (or lo e as you do) $ut kno#s it not unless he Coins #ith you in seekin& it. ' I( you undertake the search to&ether) you $rin& #ith you a li&ht so ,o#er(ul that #hat you see is &i en meanin&. * The lonely Courney (ails $ecause it has e/cluded #hat it #ould (ind.

T-1!.L.11.3s 1od communicates to the 0oly 5,irit in you) so does the 0oly 5,irit translate 0is communications throu&h you) so you can understand them. 2 1od has no secret communications) (or e erythin& o( 0im is ,er(ectly o,en and (reely accessi$le to all) $ein& (or all. 3 Nothin& li es in secret) and #hat you #ould hide (rom the 0oly 5,irit is nothin&. ! @ ery inter,retation you #ould lay u,on a $rother is senseless. % ;et the 0oly 5,irit sho# him to you) and teach you $oth his lo e and his call (or lo e. ' Neither his mind nor yours holds more than these t#o orders o( thou&ht. T-1!.L.12.The miracle is the reco&nition that this is true. 2 8here there is lo e) your $rother must &i e it to you $ecause o( #hat it is. 3 But #here there is a call (or lo e) you must &i e it $ecause o( #hat you are. ,2:% ! @arlier I said this course #ill teach you ho# to remem$er #hat you are) restorin& to you your Identity. % 8e ha e already learned that this Identity is shared. ' The miracle $ecomes the means o( sharin& It. * By su,,lyin& your Identity #here er It is not reco&niAed) you #ill reco&niAe It. - 3nd 1od 0imsel() 8ho #ills to $e #ith 0is 5on (ore er) #ill $less each reco&nition o( 0is 5on #ith all the ;o e 0e holds (or him. : Nor #ill the ,o#er o( all 0is ;o e $e a$sent (rom any miracle you o((er to 0is 5on. 1> 0o#) then) can there $e any order o( di((iculty amon& themD 6I. T#e Test of Tr't# T-1!.LI.1. 7et the essential thin& is learnin& that <you do not kno#.= 2 Gno#led&e is ,o#er) and all ,o#er is o( 1od. 3 7ou #ho ha e tried to kee, ,o#er (or yoursel( ha e 2lost2 it. ! 7ou still ha e the ,o#er) $ut you ha e inter,osed so much $et#een it and your a#areness o( it that you cannot use it. % @ erythin& you ha e tau&ht yoursel( has made your ,o#er more and more o$scure to you. ' 7ou kno# not #hat it is) nor #here. * 7ou ha e made a sem$lance o( ,o#er and a sho# o( stren&th so ,iti(ul that it must (ail you. - "or ,o#er is not a seemin& stren&th) and truth is $eyond sem$lance o( any kind. : 7et all that stands $et#een you and the ,o#er o( 1od in you is $ut your learnin& o( the (alse) and o( your attem,ts to undo the true. T-1!.LI.2. Be #illin&) then) (or all o( it to $e undone) and $e &lad that you are not $ound to it (ore er. 2 "or you ha e tau&ht yoursel( ho# to im,rison the 5on o( 1od) a lesson so unthinka$le that only the insane) in dee,est slee,) could e en dream o( it. 3 Can 1od learn ho# not to $e 1odD ! 3nd can 0is 5on) &i en all ,o#er $y 0im) learn to $e ,o#erlessD % 8hat ha e you tau&ht yoursel( that you can ,ossi$ly ,re(er to kee,) in ,lace o( #hat you <ha e= and #hat you <areD= T-1!.LI.3. 3tonement teaches you ho# to esca,e (ore er (rom e erythin& that you ha e tau&ht yoursel( in the ,ast) $y sho#in& you

only #hat you are <no#.= 2 ;earnin& has $een accom,lished $e(ore its e((ects are mani(est. 3 ;earnin& is there(ore in the ,ast) $ut its in(luence determines the ,resent $y &i in& it #hate er meanin& it holds (or you. ! <7our= learnin& &i es the ,resent no meanin& at all. % Nothin& you ha e e er learned can hel, you understand the ,resent) or teach you ho# to undo the ,ast ,2:'. ' 7our ,ast is #hat you ha e tau&ht yoursel(. * <;et= it all &o. - Do not attem,t to understand any e ent or anythin& or anyone in its 2li&ht)2 (or the darkness in #hich you try to see can only o$scure. : ?ut no con(idence at all in darkness to illuminate your understandin&) (or i( you do you contradict the li&ht) and there$y think you see the darkness. 1> 7et darkness cannot $e seen) (or it is nothin& more than a condition in #hich seein& $ecomes im,ossi$le. T-1!.LI.!. 7ou #ho ha e not yet $rou&ht all o( the darkness you ha e tau&ht yoursel( into the li&ht in you) can hardly Cud&e the truth and alue o( this course. 2 7et 1od did not a$andon you. 3 3nd so you ha e another lesson sent (rom 0im) already learned (or e ery child o( li&ht $y 0im to 8hom 1od &a e it. ! This lesson shines #ith 1od+s &lory) (or in it lies 0is ,o#er) #hich 0e shares so &ladly #ith 0is 5on. % ;earn o( 0is ha,,iness) #hich is yours. ' But to accom,lish this) all your dark lessons must $e $rou&ht #illin&ly to truth) and Coyously laid do#n $y hands o,en to recei e) not closed to take. * @ ery dark lesson that you $rin& to 0im 8ho teaches li&ht 0e #ill acce,t (rom you) $ecause you do not #ant it. - 3nd 0e #ill &ladly e/chan&e each one (or the $ri&ht lesson 0e has learned (or you. : Ne er $elie e that any lesson you ha e learned a,art (rom 0im means anythin&. T-1!.LI.%. 7ou ha e one test) as sure as 1od) $y #hich to reco&niAe i( #hat you learned is true. 2 I( you are #holly (ree o( (ear o( any kind) and i( all those #ho meet or e en think o( you share in your ,er(ect ,eace) then you can $e sure that you ha e learned 1od+s lesson) and not your o#n. 3 Unless all this is true) there are dark lessons in your mind that hurt and hinder you) and e eryone around you. ! The a$sence o( ,er(ect ,eace means $ut one thin&. 7ou think you do not #ill (or 1od+s 5on #hat his "ather #ills (or him. % @ ery dark lesson teaches this) in one (orm or another. ' 3nd each $ri&ht lesson #ith #hich the 0oly 5,irit #ill re,lace the dark ones you do not acce,t) teaches you that you #ill #ith the "ather and 0is 5on. T-1!.LI.'. Do not $e concerned a$out ho# you can learn a lesson so com,letely di((erent (rom e erythin& that you ha e tau&ht yoursel(. 2 0o# #ould you kno#D 3 7our ,art is ery sim,le. ! 7ou need only reco&niAe that e erythin& you learned you do not #ant. % 3sk to $e tau&ht) and do not use your e/,eriences to con(irm #hat you ha e

learned. ' 8hen your ,eace is threatened or distur$ed in any #ay) say to yoursel(. ,2:* * I do not kno# #hat anythin&) includin& this) means. - 3nd so I do not kno# ho# to res,ond to it. : 3nd I #ill not use my o#n ,ast learnin& as the li&ht to &uide me no#. 1> By this re(usal to attem,t to teach yoursel( #hat you do not kno#) the 1uide 8hom 1od has &i en you #ill s,eak to you. 11 0e #ill take 0is ri&ht(ul ,lace in your a#areness the instant you a$andon it) and o((er it to 0im. T-1!.LI.*. 7ou cannot $e your &uide to miracles) (or it is you #ho made them necessary. 2 3nd $ecause you did) the means on #hich you can de,end (or miracles has $een ,ro ided (or you. 3 1od+s 5on can make no needs his "ather #ill not meet) i( he $ut turn to 0im e er so little. ! 7et 0e cannot com,el 0is 5on to turn to 0im and remain 0imsel(. % It is im,ossi$le that 1od lose 0is Identity) (or i( 0e did) you #ould lose yours. ' 3nd $ein& yours 0e cannot chan&e 0imsel() (or your Identity is chan&eless. * The miracle ackno#led&es 0is chan&elessness $y seein& 0is 5on as he al#ays #as) and not as he #ould make himsel(. - The miracle $rin&s the e((ects that only &uiltlessness can $rin&) and thus esta$lishes the (act that &uiltlessness must $e. T-1!.LI.-. 0o# can you) so (irmly $ound to &uilt and committed so to remain) esta$lish (or yoursel( your &uiltlessnessD 2 That is im,ossi$le. 3 But $e sure that you are #illin& to ackno#led&e that it <is= im,ossi$le. ! It is only $ecause you think that you can run some little ,art) or deal #ith certain as,ects o( your li(e alone) that the &uidance o( the 0oly 5,irit is limited. % Thus #ould you make 0im unde,enda$le) and use this (ancied unde,enda$ility as an e/cuse (or kee,in& certain dark lessons (rom 0im. ' 3nd $y so limitin& the &uidance that you #ould acce,t) you are una$le to de,end on miracles to ans#er all your ,ro$lems (or you. T-1!.LI.:. Do you think that #hat the 0oly 5,irit #ould ha e you &i e 0e #ould #ithhold (rom youD 2 7ou ha e no ,ro$lems that 0e cannot sol e $y o((erin& you a miracle. 3 4iracles are (or you. ! 3nd e ery (ear or ,ain or trial you ha e has $een undone. % 0e has $rou&ht all o( them to li&ht) ha in& acce,ted them instead o( you) and reco&niAed they ne er #ere. ' There are no dark lessons 0e has not already li&htened (or you. * The lessons you #ould teach yoursel( 0e has corrected already. - They do not e/ist in 0is 4ind at all. : "or the ,ast $inds 0im not) and there(ore $inds not you. 1> 0e does not see time as you do. 11 3nd each miracle 0e o((ers you corrects your use o( time) and makes it 0is. ,2:-

T-1!.LI.1>. 0e 8ho has (reed you (rom the ,ast #ould teach you are (ree o( it. 2 0e #ould $ut ha e you acce,t 0is accom,lishments as yours) $ecause 0e did them (or you. 3 3nd $ecause 0e did) they <are= yours. ! 0e has made you (ree o( #hat you made. % 7ou can deny 0im) $ut you cannot call on 0im in ain. ' 0e al#ays &i es 0is &i(ts in ,lace o( yours. * 0e #ould esta$lish 0is $ri&ht teachin& so (irmly in your mind) that no dark lesson o( &uilt can a$ide in #hat 0e has esta$lished as holy $y 0is ?resence. - Thank 1od that 0e is there and #orks throu&h you. : 3nd all 0is #orks are yours. 1> 0e o((ers you a miracle #ith e ery one you let 0im do throu&h you. T-1!.LI.11. 1od+s 5on #ill al#ays $e indi isi$le. 2 3s #e are held as one in 1od) so do #e learn as one in 0im. 3 1od+s Teacher is as like to 0is Creator as is 0is 5on) and throu&h 0is Teacher does 1od ,roclaim 0is Oneness and 0is 5on+s. ! ;isten in silence) and do not raise your oice a&ainst 0im. % "or 0e teaches the miracle o( oneness) and $e(ore 0is lesson di ision disa,,ears. ' Teach like 0im here) and you #ill remem$er that you ha e al#ays created like your "ather. * The miracle o( creation has ne er ceased) ha in& the holy stam, o( immortality u,on it. - This is the 8ill o( 1od (or all creation) and all creation Coins in #illin& this. T-1!.LI.12. Those #ho remem$er al#ays that they kno# nothin&) and #ho ha e $ecome #illin& to learn e erythin&) #ill learn it. 2 But #hene er they trust themsel es) they #ill not learn. 3 They ha e destroyed their moti ation (or learnin& $y thinkin& they already kno#. ! Think not you understand anythin& until you ,ass the test o( ,er(ect ,eace) (or ,eace and understandin& &o to&ether and ne er can $e (ound alone. % @ach $rin&s the other #ith it) (or it is the la# o( 1od they $e not se,arate. ' They are cause and e((ect) each to the other) so #here one is a$sent the other cannot $e. T-1!.LI.13. Only those #ho reco&niAe they cannot kno# unless the e((ects o( understandin& are #ith them) can really learn at all. 2 "or this it must $e ,eace they #ant) and nothin& else. 3 8hene er you think you kno#) ,eace #ill de,art (rom you) $ecause you ha e a$andoned the Teacher o( ,eace. ! 8hene er you (ully realiAe that you kno# not) ,eace #ill return) (or you #ill ha e in ited 0im to do so $y a$andonin& the e&o on $ehal( o( 0im. % Call not u,on the e&o (or anythin&9 it is only this that you need do. ' The 0oly 5,irit #ill) o( 0imsel() (ill e ery mind that so makes room (or 0im. T-1!.LI.1!. I( you #ant ,eace you must a$andon the teacher o( attack. 2 The Teacher o( ,eace #ill ne er a$andon you. 3 7ou can desert 0im $ut 0e #ill ne er reci,rocate) (or 0is (aith in you is 0is understandin&. ,2:: ! It is as (irm as is 0is (aith in 0is Creator) and 0e kno#s that (aith in 0is Creator must encom,ass (aith in 0is creation. %

In this consistency lies 0is 0oliness #hich 0e cannot a$andon) (or it is not 0is 8ill to do so. ' 8ith your ,er(ection e er in 0is si&ht) 0e &i es the &i(t o( ,eace to e eryone #ho ,ercei es the need (or ,eace) and #ho #ould ha e it. * 4ake #ay (or ,eace) and it #ill come. - "or understandin& is in you) and (rom it ,eace must come. T-1!.LI.1%. The ,o#er o( 1od) (rom #hich they $oth arise) is yours as surely as it is 0is. 2 7ou think you kno# 0im not) only $ecause) alone) it is im,ossi$le to kno# 0im. 3 7et see the mi&hty #orks that 0e #ill do throu&h you) and you must $e con inced you did them throu&h 0im. ! It is im,ossi$le to deny the 5ource o( e((ects so ,o#er(ul they could not $e o( you. % ;ea e room (or 0im) and you #ill (ind yoursel( so (illed #ith ,o#er that nothin& #ill ,re ail a&ainst your ,eace. ' 3nd this #ill $e the test $y #hich you reco&niAe that you ha e understood. ,3>> Cha,ter 1%. THE HOL7 INSTANT I. T#e T+o 1ses of Ti e T-1%.I.1. Can you ima&ine #hat it means to ha e no cares) no #orries) no an/ieties) $ut merely to $e ,er(ectly calm and quiet all the timeD 2 7et that is #hat time is (or9 to learn Cust that and nothin& more. 3 1od+s Teacher cannot $e satis(ied #ith 0is teachin& until it constitutes all your learnin&. ! 0e has not (ul(illed 0is teachin& (unction until you ha e $ecome such a consistent learner that you learn only o( 0im. % 8hen this has ha,,ened) you #ill no lon&er need a teacher or time in #hich to learn. T-1%.I.2. One source o( ,ercei ed discoura&ement (rom #hich you may su((er is your $elie( that this takes time) and that the results o( the 0oly 5,irit+s teachin& are (ar in the (uture. 2 This is not so. 3 "or the 0oly 5,irit uses time in 0is O#n #ay) and is not $ound $y it. ! Time is 0is (riend in teachin&. % It does not #aste 0im) as it does you. ' 3nd all the #aste that time seems to $rin& #ith it is due $ut to your identi(ication #ith the e&o) #hich uses time to su,,ort its $elie( in destruction. * The e&o) like the 0oly 5,irit) uses time to con ince you o( the ine ita$ility o( the &oal and end o( teachin&. - To the e&o the &oal is death) #hich <is= its end. : But to the 0oly 5,irit the &oal is li(e) #hich <has= no end. T-1%.I.3. The e&o is an ally o( time) $ut not a (riend. 2 "or it is as mistrust(ul o( death as it is o( li(e) and #hat it #ants (or you it cannot tolerate. 3 The e&o #ants <you= dead) $ut not itsel(. ! The outcome o( its stran&e reli&ion must there(ore $e the con iction that it can ,ursue you $eyond the &ra e. % 3nd out o( its un#illin&ness (or you to (ind

,eace e en in death) it o((ers you immortality in hell. ' It s,eaks to you o( 0ea en) $ut assures you that 0ea en is not (or you. * 0o# can the &uilty ho,e (or 0ea enD T-1%.I.!. The $elie( in hell is inesca,a$le to those #ho identi(y #ith the e&o. 2 Their ni&htmares and their (ears are all associated #ith it. 3 The e&o teaches that hell is in the (uture) (or this is #hat all its teachin& is directed to. ! 0ell is its &oal. % "or althou&h the e&o aims at death and dissolution as an end) it does not $elie e it. ' The &oal o( death) #hich it cra es (or you) lea es it unsatis(ied. * No one #ho (ollo#s the e&o+s teachin& is #ithout the (ear o( death. ,3>1 - 7et i( death #ere thou&ht o( merely as an end to ,ain) #ould it $e (earedD : 8e ha e seen this stran&e ,arado/ in the e&o+s thou&ht system $e(ore) $ut ne er so clearly as here. 1> "or the e&o must seem to kee, (ear (rom you to hold your alle&iance. 11 7et it must en&ender (ear in order to maintain itsel(. 12 3&ain the e&o tries) and all too (requently succeeds) in doin& $oth) $y usin& dissociation (or holdin& its contradictory aims to&ether so that they seem to $e reconciled. 13 The e&o teaches thus. Death is the end as (ar as ho,e o( 0ea en &oes. 1! 7et $ecause you and the e&o cannot $e se,arated) and $ecause it cannot concei e o( its o#n death) it #ill ,ursue you still) $ecause &uilt is eternal. 1% 5uch is the e&o+s ersion o( immortality. 1' 3nd it is this the e&o+s ersion o( time su,,orts. T-1%.I.%. The e&o teaches that 0ea en is here and no# $ecause the (uture is hell. 2 @ en #hen it attacks so sa a&ely that it tries to take the li(e o( someone #ho thinks its is the only oice) it s,eaks o( hell e en to him. 3 "or it tells him hell is here as #ell) and $ids him lea, (rom hell into o$li ion. ! The only time the e&o allo#s anyone to look u,on #ith equanimity is the ,ast. % 3nd e en there) its only alue is that it is no more. T-1%.I.'. 0o# $leak and des,airin& is the e&o+s use o( timeJ 2 3nd ho# terri(yin&J 3 "or underneath its (anatical insistence that the ,ast and (uture $e the same is hidden a (ar more insidious threat to ,eace. ! The e&o does not ad ertise its (inal threat) (or it #ould ha e its #orshi,,ers still $elie e that it can o((er them esca,e. % But the $elie( in &uilt must lead to the $elie( in hell) and al#ays does. ' The only #ay in #hich the e&o allo#s the (ear o( hell to $e e/,erienced is to $rin& hell here) $ut al#ays as a (oretaste o( the (uture. * "or no one #ho considers himsel( as deser in& o( hell can $elie e that ,unishment #ill end in ,eace. T-1%.I.*. The 0oly 5,irit teaches thus. There is no hell. 2 0ell is only #hat the e&o has made o( the ,resent. 3 The $elie( in hell is #hat ,re ents you (rom understandin& the ,resent) $ecause you are a(raid o( it. ! The 0oly 5,irit leads as steadily to 0ea en as the e&o dri es to

hell. % "or the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho kno#s only the ,resent) uses it to undo the (ear $y #hich the e&o #ould make the ,resent useless. ' There is no esca,e (rom (ear in the e&o+s use o( time. * "or time) accordin& to its teachin&) is nothin& $ut a teachin& de ice (or com,oundin& &uilt until it $ecomes all-encom,assin&) demandin& en&eance (ore er. T-1%.I.-. The 0oly 5,irit #ould undo all o( this <no#.= 2 "ear is not o( the ,resent) $ut only o( the ,ast and (uture) #hich do not e/ist. ,3>2 3 There is no (ear in the ,resent #hen each instant stands clear and se,arated (rom the ,ast) #ithout its shado# reachin& out into the (uture. ! @ach instant is a clean) untarnished $irth) in #hich the 5on o( 1od emer&es (rom the ,ast into the ,resent. % 3nd the ,resent e/tends (ore er. ' It is so $eauti(ul and so clean and (ree o( &uilt that nothin& $ut ha,,iness is there. * No darkness is remem$ered) and immortality and Coy are no#. T-1%.I.:. This lesson takes no time. 2 "or #hat is time #ithout a ,ast and (utureD 3 It has taken time to mis&uide you so com,letely) $ut it takes no time at all to $e #hat you are. ! Be&in to ,ractice the 0oly 5,irit+s use o( time as a teachin& aid to ha,,iness and ,eace. % Take this ery instant) no#) and think o( it as all there is o( time. ' Nothin& can reach you here out o( the ,ast) and it is here that you are com,letely a$sol ed) com,letely (ree and #holly #ithout condemnation. * "rom this holy instant #herein holiness #as $orn a&ain you #ill &o (orth in time #ithout (ear) and #ith no sense o( chan&e #ith time. T-1%.I.1>. Time is inconcei a$le #ithout chan&e) yet holiness does not chan&e. 2 ;earn (rom this instant more than merely that hell does not e/ist. 3 In this redeemin& instant lies 0ea en. ! 3nd 0ea en #ill not chan&e) (or the $irth into the holy ,resent is sal ation (rom chan&e. % Chan&e is an illusion) tau&ht $y those #ho cannot see themsel es as &uiltless. ' There is no chan&e in 0ea en $ecause there is no chan&e in 1od. * In the holy instant) in #hich you see yoursel( as $ri&ht #ith (reedom) you #ill remem$er 1od. - "or remem$erin& 0im <is= to remem$er (reedom. T-1%.I.11. I( you are tem,ted to $e dis,irited $y thinkin& ho# lon& it #ould take to chan&e your mind so com,letely) ask yoursel() 20o# lon& is an instantD2 2 Could you not &i e so short a time to the 0oly 5,irit (or your sal ationD 3 0e asks no more) (or 0e has no need o( more. ! It takes (ar lon&er to teach you to $e #illin& to &i e 0im this than (or 0im to use this tiny instant to o((er you the #hole o( 0ea en. % In e/chan&e (or this instant 0e stands ready to &i e you the remem$rance o( eternity. T-1%.I.12. 7ou #ill ne er &i e this holy instant to the 0oly 5,irit on $ehal( o( your release #hile you are un#illin& to &i e it to your $rothers

on $ehal( o( theirs. 2 "or the instant o( holiness is shared) and cannot $e yours alone. 3 Remem$er) then) #hen you are tem,ted to attack a $rother) that his instant o( release is yours. ! 4iracles are the instants o( release you o((er) and #ill recei e. ,3>3 % They attest to your #illin&ness to <$e= released) and to o((er time to the 0oly 5,irit (or 0is use o( it. T-1%.I.13. 0o# lon& is an instantD 2 It is as short (or your $rother as it is (or you. 3 ?ractice &i in& this $lessed instant o( (reedom to all #ho are ensla ed $y time) and thus make time their (riend (or them. ! The 0oly 5,irit &i es their $lessed instant to you throu&h your &i in& it. % 3s you &i e it) 0e o((ers it to you. ' Be not un#illin& to &i e #hat you #ould recei e o( 0im) (or you Coin #ith 0im in &i in&. * In the crystal cleanness o( the release you &i e is your instantaneous esca,e (rom &uilt. - 7ou must $e holy i( you o((er holiness. T-1%.I.1!. 0o# lon& is an instantD 2 3s lon& as it takes to re-esta$lish ,er(ect sanity) ,er(ect ,eace and ,er(ect lo e (or e eryone) (or 1od and (or yoursel(. 3 3s lon& as it takes to remem$er immortality) and your immortal creations #ho share it #ith you. ! 3s lon& as it takes to e/chan&e hell (or 0ea en. % ;on& enou&h to transcend all o( the e&o+s makin&) and ascend unto your "ather. T-1%.I.1%. Time is your (riend) i( you lea e it to the 0oly 5,irit to use. 2 0e needs $ut ery little to restore 1od+s #hole ,o#er to you. 3 0e 8ho transcends time (or you understands #hat time is (or. ! 0oliness lies not in time) $ut in eternity. % There ne er #as an instant in #hich 1od+s 5on could lose his ,urity. ' 0is chan&eless state is $eyond time) (or his ,urity remains (ore er $eyond attack and #ithout aria$ility. * Time stands still in his holiness) and chan&es not. - 3nd so it is no lon&er time at all. : "or cau&ht in the sin&le instant o( the eternal sanctity o( 1od+s creation) it is trans(ormed into (ore er. 1> 1i e the eternal instant) that eternity may $e remem$ered (or you) in that shinin& instant o( ,er(ect release. 11 O((er the miracle o( the holy instant throu&h the 0oly 5,irit) and lea e 0is &i in& it to you to 0im. II. T#e En! of $o'/t T-1%.II.1. The 3tonement is <in= time) $ut not <(or= time. 2 Bein& in you) it is eternal. 3 8hat holds remem$rance o( 1od cannot $e $ound $y time. ! No more are you. % "or unless 1od is $ound) you cannot $e. ' 3n instant o((ered to the 0oly 5,irit is o((ered to 1od on your $ehal() and in that instant you #ill a#aken &ently in 0im. * In the $lessed instant you #ill let &o all your ,ast learnin&) and the 0oly 5,irit #ill quickly o((er you the #hole lesson o( ,eace. ,3>! - 8hat can take time) #hen all the o$stacles to learnin& it ha e $een remo edD : Truth

is so (ar $eyond time that all o( it ha,,ens at once. 1> "or as it #as created one) so its oneness de,ends not on time at all. T-1%.II.2. Do not $e concerned #ith time) and (ear not the instant o( holiness that #ill remo e all (ear. 2 "or the instant o( ,eace is eternal <$ecause= it is #ithout (ear. 3 It #ill come) $ein& the lesson 1od &i es you) throu&h the Teacher 0e has a,,ointed to translate time into eternity. ! Blessed is 1od+s Teacher) 8hose Coy it is to teach 1od+s holy 5on his holiness. % 0is Coy is not contained in time. ' 0is teachin& is (or you $ecause 0is Coy is yours. * Throu&h 0im you stand $e(ore 1od+s altar) #here 0e &ently translates hell into 0ea en. - "or it is only in 0ea en that 1od #ould ha e you $e. T-1%.II.3. 0o# lon& can it take to $e #here 1od #ould ha e youD 2 "or you are #here you ha e (ore er $een and #ill (ore er $e. 3 3ll that you ha e) you ha e (ore er. ! The $lessed instant reaches out to encom,ass time) as 1od e/tends 0imsel( to encom,ass you. % 7ou #ho ha e s,ent days) hours and e en years in chainin& your $rothers to your e&o in an attem,t to su,,ort it and u,hold its #eakness) do not ,ercei e the 5ource o( stren&th. ' In this holy instant you #ill unchain all your $rothers) and re(use to su,,ort either their #eakness or your o#n. T-1%.II.!. 7ou do not realiAe ho# much you ha e misused your $rothers $y seein& them as sources o( e&o su,,ort. 2 3s a result) they #itness to the e&o in your ,erce,tion) and seem to ,ro ide reasons (or not lettin& it &o. 3 7et they are (ar stron&er and much more com,ellin& #itnesses (or the 0oly 5,irit. ! 3nd they su,,ort 0is stren&th. % It is) there(ore) your choice #hether they su,,ort the e&o or the 0oly 5,irit in you. ' 3nd you #ill reco&niAe #hich you ha e chosen $y <their= reactions. * 3 5on o( 1od #ho has $een released throu&h the 0oly 5,irit in a $rother is al#ays reco&niAed. - 0e cannot $e denied. : I( you remain uncertain) it is only $ecause you ha e not &i en com,lete release. 1> 3nd $ecause o( this) you ha e not &i en a sin&le instant com,letely to the 0oly 5,irit. 11 "or #hen you ha e) you #ill $e sure you ha e. 12 7ou #ill $e sure $ecause the #itness to 0im #ill s,eak so clearly o( 0im that you #ill hear and understand. 13 7ou #ill dou$t until you hear one #itness #hom you ha e #holly released throu&h the 0oly 5,irit. 1! 3nd then you #ill dou$t no more. T-1%.II.%. The holy instant has not yet ha,,ened to you. 2 7et it #ill) and you #ill reco&niAe it #ith ,er(ect certainty. ,3>% 3 No &i(t o( 1od is reco&niAed in any other #ay. ! 7ou can ,ractice the mechanics o( the holy instant) and #ill learn much (rom doin& so. % 7et its shinin& and &litterin& $rilliance) #hich #ill literally $lind you to this #orld $y its o#n ision) you cannot su,,ly. ' 3nd here it is) all in this instant) com,lete) accom,lished and &i en #holly.

T-1%.II.'. 5tart no# to ,ractice your little ,art in se,aratin& out the holy instant. 2 7ou #ill recei e ery s,eci(ic instructions as you &o alon&. 3 To learn to se,arate out this sin&le second) and to e/,erience it as timeless) is to $e&in to e/,erience yoursel( as not se,arate. ! "ear not that you #ill not $e &i en hel, in this. % 1od+s Teacher and 0is lesson #ill su,,ort your stren&th. ' It is only your #eakness that #ill de,art (rom you in this ,ractice) (or it is the ,ractice o( the ,o#er o( 1od in you. * Use it $ut (or one instant) and you #ill ne er deny it a&ain. - 8ho can deny the ?resence o( #hat the uni erse $o#s to) in a,,reciation and &ladnessD : Be(ore the reco&nition o( the uni erse that #itnesses to It) your dou$ts must disa,,ear. III. Littleness vers's Ma)nit'!e T-1%.III.1. Be not content #ith littleness. 2 But $e sure you understand #hat littleness is) and #hy you could ne er $e content #ith it. 3 ;ittleness is the o((erin& you &i e yoursel(. ! 7ou o((er this in ,lace o( ma&nitude) and you acce,t it. % @ erythin& in this #orld is little $ecause it is a #orld made out o( littleness) in the stran&e $elie( that littleness can content you. ' 8hen you stri e (or anythin& in this #orld in the $elie( that it #ill $rin& you ,eace) you are $elittlin& yoursel( and $lindin& yoursel( to &lory. * ;ittleness and &lory are the choices o,en to your stri in& and your i&ilance. - 7ou #ill al#ays choose one at the e/,ense o( the other. T-1%.III.2. 7et #hat you do not realiAe) each time you choose) is that your choice is your e aluation o( yoursel(. 2 Choose littleness and you #ill not ha e ,eace) (or you #ill ha e Cud&ed yoursel( un#orthy o( it. 3 3nd #hate er you o((er as a su$stitute is much too ,oor a &i(t to satis(y you. ! It is essential that you acce,t the (act) and acce,t it &ladly) that there is no (orm o( littleness that can e er content you. % 7ou are (ree to try as many as you #ish) $ut all you #ill $e doin& is to delay your homecomin&. ' "or you #ill $e content only in ma&nitude) #hich is your home. ,3>' T-1%.III.3. There is a dee, res,onsi$ility you o#e yoursel() and one you must learn to remem$er all the time. 2 The lesson may seem hard at (irst) $ut you #ill learn to lo e it #hen you realiAe that it is true and is $ut a tri$ute to your ,o#er. 3 7ou #ho ha e sou&ht and (ound littleness) remem$er this. @ ery decision you make stems (rom #hat you think you are) and re,resents the alue that you ,ut u,on yoursel(. ! Belie e the little can content you) and $y limitin& yoursel( you #ill not $e satis(ied. % "or your (unction is not little) and it is only $y (indin& your (unction and (ul(illin& it that you can esca,e (rom littleness. T-1%.III.!. There is no dou$t a$out #hat your (unction is) (or the 0oly 5,irit kno#s #hat it is. 2 There is no dou$t a$out its ma&nitude) (or it

reaches you throu&h 0im <(rom= 4a&nitude. 3 7ou do not ha e to stri e (or it) $ecause you ha e it. ! 3ll your stri in& must $e directed a&ainst littleness) (or it does require i&ilance to ,rotect your ma&nitude in this #orld. % To hold your ma&nitude in ,er(ect a#areness in a #orld o( littleness is a task the little cannot undertake. ' 7et it is asked o( you) in tri$ute to your ma&nitude and not your littleness. * Nor is it asked o( you alone. - The ,o#er o( 1od #ill su,,ort e ery e((ort you make on $ehal( o( 0is dear 5on. : 5earch (or the little) and you deny yoursel( 0is ,o#er. 1> 1od is not #illin& that 0is 5on $e content #ith less than e erythin&. 11 "or 0e is not content #ithout 0is 5on) and 0is 5on cannot $e content #ith less than his "ather has &i en him. T-1%.III.%. I asked you earlier) 28ould you $e hosta&e to the e&o or host to 1odD2 2 ;et this question $e asked you $y the 0oly 5,irit e ery time you make a decision. 3 "or e ery decision you make does ans#er this) and in ites sorro# or Coy accordin&ly. ! 8hen 1od &a e 0imsel( to you in your creation) 0e esta$lished you as host to 0im (ore er. % 0e has not le(t you) and you ha e not le(t 0im. ' 3ll your attem,ts to deny 0is ma&nitude) and make 0is 5on hosta&e to the e&o) cannot make little #hom 1od has Coined #ith 0im. * @ ery decision you make is (or 0ea en or (or hell) and $rin&s you the a#areness o( #hat you decided (or. T-1%.III.'. The 0oly 5,irit can hold your ma&nitude) clean o( all littleness) clearly and in ,er(ect sa(ety in your mind) untouched $y e ery little &i(t the #orld o( littleness #ould o((er you. 2 But (or this) you cannot side a&ainst 0im in #hat 0e #ills (or you. 3 Decide (or 1od throu&h 0im. ! "or littleness) and the $elie( that you can $e content #ith littleness) are decisions you make a$out yoursel(. % The ,o#er and the &lory that lie in you (rom 1od are (or all #ho) like you) ,ercei e themsel es as little) and $elie e that littleness can $e $lo#n u, into a sense o( ma&nitude that can content them. ,3>* ' Neither &i e littleness) nor acce,t it. * 3ll honor is due the host o( 1od. - 7our littleness decei es you) $ut your ma&nitude is o( 0im 8ho d#ells in you) and in 8hom you d#ell. : Touch no one) then) #ith littleness in the Name o( Christ) eternal 0ost unto 0is "ather. T-1%.III.*. In this season EChristmasF #hich cele$rates the $irth o( holiness into this #orld) Coin #ith me #ho decided (or holiness (or you. 2 It is our task to&ether to restore the a#areness o( ma&nitude to the host #hom 1od a,,ointed (or 0imsel(. 3 It is $eyond all your littleness to &i e the &i(t o( 1od) $ut not $eyond you. ! "or 1od #ould &i e 0imsel( <throu&h= you. % 0e reaches (rom you to e eryone and $eyond e eryone to 0is 5on+s creations) $ut #ithout lea in& you. ' "ar

$eyond your little #orld $ut still in you) 0e e/tends (ore er. * 7et 0e $rin&s all 0is e/tensions to you) as host to 0im. T-1%.III.-. Is it a sacri(ice to lea e littleness $ehind) and #ander not in ainD 2 It is not sacri(ice to #ake to &lory. 3 But it is sacri(ice to acce,t anythin& less than &lory. ! ;earn that you must $e #orthy o( the ?rince o( ?eace) $orn in you in honor o( 0im 8hose host you are. % 7ou kno# not #hat lo e means $ecause you ha e sou&ht to ,urchase it #ith little &i(ts) thus aluin& it too little to understand its ma&nitude. ' ;o e is not little and lo e d#ells in you) (or you are host to 0im. * Be(ore the &reatness that li es in you) your ,oor a,,reciation o( yoursel( and all the little o((erin&s you &i e sli, into nothin&ness. T-1%.III.:. 0oly child o( 1od) #hen #ill you learn that only holiness can content you and &i e you ,eaceD 2 Remem$er that you learn not (or yoursel( alone) no more than I did. 3 It is $ecause I learned (or you that you can learn o( me. ! I #ould $ut teach you #hat is yours) so that to&ether #e can re,lace the sha$$y littleness that $inds the host o( 1od to &uilt and #eakness #ith the &lad a#areness o( the &lory that is in him. % 4y $irth in you is your a#akenin& to &randeur. ' 8elcome me not into a man&er) $ut into the altar to holiness) #here holiness a$ides in ,er(ect ,eace. * 4y Gin&dom is not o( this #orld $ecause it is in you. - 3nd you are o( your "ather. : ;et us Coin in honorin& you) #ho must remain (ore er $eyond littleness. T-1%.III.1>. Decide #ith me) #ho has decided to a$ide #ith you. 2 I #ill as my "ather #ills) kno#in& 0is 8ill is constant and at ,eace (ore er #ith itsel(. 3 7ou #ill $e content #ith nothin& $ut 0is 8ill. ,3>! 3cce,t no less) remem$erin& that e erythin& I learned is yours. % 8hat my "ather lo es I lo e as 0e does) and I can no more acce,t it as #hat it is not) than 0e can. ' 3nd no more can you. * 8hen you ha e learned to acce,t #hat you are) you #ill make no more &i(ts to o((er to yoursel() (or you #ill kno# you are com,lete) in need o( nothin&) and una$le to acce,t anythin& (or yoursel(. - But you #ill &ladly &i e) ha in& recei ed. : The host o( 1od needs not seek to (ind anythin&. T-1%.III.11. I( you are #holly #illin& to lea e sal ation to the ,lan o( 1od and un#illin& to attem,t to &ras, (or ,eace yoursel() sal ation #ill $e &i en you. 2 7et think not you can su$stitute your ,lan (or 0is. 3 Rather) Coin #ith me in 0is) that #e may release all those #ho #ould $e $ound) ,roclaimin& to&ether that the 5on o( 1od is host to 0im. ! Thus #ill #e let no one (or&et #hat you #ould remem$er. % 3nd thus #ill you remem$er it. T-1%.III.12. Call (orth in e eryone only the remem$rance o( 1od) and o( the 0ea en that is in him. 2 "or #here you #ould ha e your $rother $e) there #ill you think you are. 3 0ear not his a,,eal to hell and littleness) $ut only his call (or 0ea en and &reatness. ! "or&et not

that his call is yours) and ans#er him #ith me. % 1od+s ,o#er is (ore er on the side o( 0is host) (or it ,rotects only the ,eace in #hich 0e d#ells. ' ;ay not littleness $e(ore 0is holy altar) #hich rises a$o e the stars and reaches e en to 0ea en) $ecause o( #hat is &i en it. I". Practicin) t#e Hol. Instant T-1%.I6.1. This course is not $eyond immediate learnin&) unless you $elie e that #hat 1od #ills takes time. 2 3nd this means only that you #ould rather delay the reco&nition that 0is 8ill is so. 3 The holy instant is this instant and e ery instant. ! The one you #ant it to $e it is. % The one you #ould not ha e it $e is lost to you. ' 7ou must decide #hen it is. * Delay it not. - "or $eyond the ,ast and (uture) #here you #ill not (ind it) it stands in shimmerin& readiness (or your acce,tance. : 7et you cannot $rin& it into &lad a#areness #hile you do not #ant it) (or it holds the #hole release (rom littleness. T-1%.I6.2. 7our ,ractice must there(ore rest u,on your #illin&ness to let all littleness &o. 2 The instant in #hich ma&nitude da#ns u,on you is $ut as (ar a#ay as your desire (or it. ,3>: 3 3s lon& as you desire it not and cherish littleness instead) $y so much is it (ar (rom you. ! By so much as you #ant it #ill you $rin& it nearer. % Think not that you can (ind sal ation in your o#n #ay and ha e it. ' 1i e o er e ery ,lan you ha e made (or your sal ation in e/chan&e (or 1od+s. * 0is #ill content you) and nothin& else can $rin& you ,eace. - "or ,eace is o( 1od) and no one $eside 0im. T-1%.I6.3. Be hum$le $e(ore 0im) and yet &reat <in= 0im. 2 3nd alue no ,lan o( the e&o $e(ore the ,lan o( 1od. 3 "or you lea e em,ty your ,lace in 0is ,lan) #hich you must (ill i( you #ould Coin #ith me) $y your decision to Coin in any ,lan $ut 0is. ! I call you to (ul(ill your holy ,art in the ,lan that 0e has &i en to the #orld (or its release (rom littleness. % 1od #ould ha e 0is host a$ide in ,er(ect (reedom. ' @ ery alle&iance to a ,lan o( sal ation a,art (rom 0im diminishes the alue o( 0is 8ill (or you in your o#n mind. * 3nd yet it is your mind that is the host to 0im. T-1%.I6.!. 8ould you learn ho# ,er(ect and immaculate is the holy altar on #hich your "ather has ,laced 0imsel(D 2 This you #ill reco&niAe in the holy instant) in #hich you #illin&ly and &ladly &i e o er e ery ,lan $ut 0is. 3 "or there lies ,eace) ,er(ectly clear $ecause you ha e $een #illin& to meet its conditions. ! 7ou can claim the holy instant any time and any#here you #ant it. % In your ,ractice) try to &i e o er e ery ,lan you ha e acce,ted (or (indin& ma&nitude in littleness. ' <It is not there.= * Use the holy instant only to reco&niAe that you alone cannot kno# #here it is) and can only decei e yoursel(.

T-1%.I6.%. I stand #ithin the holy instant) as clear as you #ould ha e me. 2 3nd the e/tent to #hich you learn to acce,t me is the measure o( the time in #hich the holy instant #ill $e yours. 3 I call to you to make the holy instant yours at once) (or the release (rom littleness in the mind o( the host o( 1od de,ends on #illin&ness) and not on time. T-1%.I6.'. The reason this course is sim,le is that truth is sim,le. 2 Com,le/ity is o( the e&o) and is nothin& more than the e&o+s attem,t to o$scure the o$ ious. 3 7ou could li e (ore er in the holy instant) $e&innin& no# and reachin& to eternity) $ut (or a ery sim,le reason. ! Do not o$scure the sim,licity o( this reason) (or i( you do) it #ill $e only $ecause you ,re(er not to reco&niAe it and not to let it &o. % The sim,le reason) sim,ly stated) is this. The holy instant is a time in #hich you recei e and &i e ,er(ect communication. ' This means) ho#e er) that it is a time in #hich your mind is o,en) $oth to recei e and &i e. ,31> * It is the reco&nition that all minds are in communication. - It there(ore seeks to chan&e nothin&) $ut merely to acce,t e erythin&. T-1%.I6.*. 0o# can you do this #hen you #ould ,re(er to ha e ,ri ate thou&hts and kee, themD 2 The only #ay you could do that #ould $e to deny the ,er(ect communication that makes the holy instant #hat it is. 3 7ou $elie e you can har$or thou&hts you #ould not share) and that sal ation lies in kee,in& thou&hts to yoursel( alone. ! "or in ,ri ate thou&hts) kno#n only to yoursel() you think you (ind a #ay to kee, #hat you #ould ha e alone) and share #hat <you= #ould share. % 3nd then you #onder #hy it is that you are not in (ull communication #ith those around you) and #ith 1od 8ho surrounds all o( you to&ether. T-1%.I6.-. @ ery thou&ht you #ould kee, hidden shuts communication o(() $ecause you #ould ha e it so. 2 It is im,ossi$le to reco&niAe ,er(ect communication #hile $reakin& communication holds alue to you. 3 3sk yoursel( honestly) 28ould I #ant to ha e ,er(ect communication) and am I #holly #illin& to let e erythin& that inter(eres #ith it &o (ore erD2 ! I( the ans#er is no) then the 0oly 5,irit+s readiness to &i e it to you is not enou&h to make it yours) (or you are not ready to share it #ith 0im. % 3nd it cannot come into a mind that has decided to o,,ose it. ' "or the holy instant is &i en and recei ed #ith equal #illin&ness) $ein& the acce,tance o( the sin&le 8ill that &o erns all thou&ht. T-1%.I6.:. The necessary condition (or the holy instant does not require that you ha e no thou&hts that are not ,ure. 2 But it does require that you ha e none that you #ould kee,. 3 Innocence is not o( your makin&. ! It is &i en you the instant you #ould ha e it. % 3tonement #ould not $e i( there #ere no need (or it. ' 7ou #ill not $e a$le to acce,t ,er(ect communication as lon& as you #ould hide it (rom yoursel(. * "or #hat

you #ould hide <is= hidden (rom you. - In your ,ractice) then) try only to $e i&ilant a&ainst dece,tion) and seek not to ,rotect the thou&hts you #ould kee, to yoursel(. : ;et the 0oly 5,irit+s ,urity shine them a#ay) and $rin& all your a#areness to the readiness (or ,urity 0e o((ers you. 1> Thus #ill 0e make you ready to ackno#led&e that you are host to 1od) and hosta&e to no one and to nothin&. ,311 ". T#e Hol. Instant an! Special Relations#ips T-1%.6.1. The holy instant is the 0oly 5,irit+s most use(ul learnin& de ice (or teachin& you lo e+s meanin&. 2 "or its ,ur,ose is to sus,end Cud&ment entirely. 3 Hud&ment al#ays rests on the ,ast) (or ,ast e/,erience is the $asis on #hich you Cud&e. ! Hud&ment $ecomes im,ossi$le #ithout the ,ast) (or #ithout it you do not understand anythin&. % 7ou #ould make no attem,t to Cud&e) $ecause it #ould $e quite a,,arent to you that you do not understand #hat anythin& means. ' 7ou are a(raid o( this $ecause you $elie e that #ithout the e&o) all #ould $e chaos. * 7et I assure you that #ithout the e&o) all #ould $e lo e. T-1%.6.2. The ,ast is the e&o+s chie( learnin& de ice) (or it is in the ,ast that you learned to de(ine your o#n needs and acquired methods (or meetin& them on your o#n terms. 2 8e ha e said that to limit lo e to ,art o( the 5onshi, is to $rin& &uilt into your relationshi,s) and thus make them unreal. 3 I( you seek to se,arate out certain as,ects o( the totality and look to them to meet your ima&ined needs) you are attem,tin& to use se,aration to sa e you. ! 0o#) then) could &uilt not enterD % "or se,aration is the source o( &uilt) and to a,,eal to it (or sal ation is to $elie e you are alone. ' To $e alone <is= to $e &uilty. * "or to e/,erience yoursel( as alone is to deny the Oneness o( the "ather and 0is 5on) and thus to attack reality. T-1%.6.3. 7ou cannot lo e ,arts o( reality and understand #hat lo e means. 2 I( you #ould lo e unlike to 1od) 8ho kno#s no s,ecial lo e) ho# can you understand itD 3 To $elie e that <s,ecial= relationshi,s) #ith <s,ecial= lo e) can o((er you sal ation is the $elie( that se,aration is sal ation. ! "or it is the com,lete equality o( the 3tonement in #hich sal ation lies. % 0o# can you decide that s,ecial as,ects o( the 5onshi, can &i e you more than othersD ' The ,ast has tau&ht you this. * 7et the holy instant teaches you it is not so. T-1%.6.!. Because o( &uilt) all s,ecial relationshi,s ha e elements o( (ear in them. 2 This is #hy they shi(t and chan&e so (requently. 3 They are not $ased on chan&eless lo e alone. ! 3nd lo e) #here (ear has entered) cannot $e de,ended on $ecause it is not ,er(ect. % In 0is (unction as Inter,reter o( #hat you made) the 0oly 5,irit uses s,ecial relationshi,s) #hich you ha e chosen to su,,ort the e&o) as learnin&

e/,eriences that ,oint to truth. ' Under 0is teachin&) e ery relationshi, $ecomes a lesson in lo e. ,312 T-1%.6.%. The 0oly 5,irit kno#s no one is s,ecial. 2 7et 0e also ,ercei es that you ha e made s,ecial relationshi,s) #hich 0e #ould ,uri(y and not let you destroy. 3 0o#e er unholy the reason you made them may $e) 0e can translate them into holiness $y remo in& as much (ear as you #ill let 0im. ! 7ou can ,lace any relationshi, under 0is care and $e sure that it #ill not result in ,ain) i( you o((er 0im your #illin&ness to ha e it ser e no need $ut 0is. % 3ll the &uilt in it arises (rom your use o( it. ' 3ll the lo e (rom 0is. * Do not) then) $e a(raid to let &o your ima&ined needs) #hich #ould destroy the relationshi,. 7our only need is 0is. T-1%.6.'. 3ny relationshi, you #ould su$stitute (or another has not $een o((ered to the 0oly 5,irit (or 0is use. 2 There <is= no su$stitute (or lo e. 3 I( you #ould attem,t to su$stitute one as,ect o( lo e (or another) you ha e ,laced less alue on one and more on the other. ! 7ou ha e not only se,arated them) $ut you ha e also Cud&ed a&ainst $oth. % 7et you had Cud&ed a&ainst yoursel( (irst) or you #ould ne er ha e ima&ined that you needed your $rothers as they #ere not. ' Unless you had seen yoursel( as #ithout lo e) you could not ha e Cud&ed them so like you in lack. T-1%.6.*. The e&o+s use o( relationshi,s is so (ra&mented that it (requently &oes e en (arther9 one ,art o( one as,ect suits its ,ur,oses) #hile it ,re(ers di((erent ,arts o( another as,ect. 2 Thus does it assem$le reality to its o#n ca,ricious likin&) o((erin& (or your seekin& a ,icture #hose likeness does not e/ist. 3 "or there is nothin& in 0ea en or earth that it resem$les) and so) ho#e er much you seek (or its reality) you cannot (ind it $ecause it is not real. T-1%.6.-. @ eryone on earth has (ormed s,ecial relationshi,s) and althou&h this is not so in 0ea en) the 0oly 5,irit kno#s ho# to $rin& a touch o( 0ea en to them here. 2 In the holy instant no one is s,ecial) (or your ,ersonal needs intrude on no one to make your $rothers seem di((erent. 3 8ithout the alues (rom the ,ast) you #ould see them all the same and like yoursel(. ! Nor #ould you see any se,aration $et#een yoursel( and them. % In the holy instant) you see in each relationshi, #hat it #ill $e #hen you ,ercei e only the ,resent. T-1%.6.:. 1od kno#s you <no#.= 2 0e remem$ers nothin&) ha in& al#ays kno#n you e/actly as 0e kno#s you no#. 3 The holy instant re(lects 0is kno#in& $y $rin&in& all ,erce,tion out o( the ,ast) thus remo in& the (rame o( re(erence you ha e $uilt $y #hich to Cud&e your $rothers. ! Once this is &one) the 0oly 5,irit su$stitutes 0is (rame o( re(erence (or it. ,313 % 0is (rame o( re(erence is sim,ly 1od. ' The 0oly 5,irit+s timelessness lies only here. * "or in the holy instant) (ree

o( the ,ast) you see that lo e is in you) and you ha e no need to look #ithout and snatch lo e &uiltily (rom #here you thou&ht it #as. T-1%.6.1>. 3ll your relationshi,s are $lessed in the holy instant) $ecause the $lessin& is not limited. 2 In the holy instant the 5onshi, &ains as one) and united in your $lessin& it $ecomes one to you. 3 The meanin& o( lo e is the meanin& 1od &a e to it. ! 1i e to it any meanin& a,art (rom 0is) and it is im,ossi$le to understand it. % 1od lo es e ery $rother as 0e lo es you9 neither less nor more. ' 0e needs them all equally) and so do you. * In time) you ha e $een told to o((er miracles as I direct) and let the 0oly 5,irit $rin& to you those #ho are seekin& you. - 7et in the holy instant you unite directly #ith 1od) and all your $rothers Coin in Christ. : Those #ho are Coined in Christ are in no #ay se,arate. 1> "or Christ is the 5el( the 5onshi, shares) as 1od shares 0is 5el( #ith Christ. T-1%.6.11. Think you that you can Cud&e the 5el( o( 1odD 2 1od has created It $eyond Cud&ment) out o( 0is need to e/tend 0is ;o e. 3 8ith lo e in you) you ha e no need e/ce,t to e/tend it. ! In the holy instant there is no con(lict o( needs) (or there is only one. % "or the holy instant reaches to eternity) and to the 4ind o( 1od. ' 3nd it is only there lo e has meanin&) and only there can it $e understood. "I. T#e Hol. Instant an! t#e La+s of Go! T-1%.6I.1. It is im,ossi$le to use one relationshi, at the e/,ense o( another and not to su((er &uilt. 2 3nd it is equally im,ossi$le to condemn ,art o( a relationshi, and (ind ,eace #ithin it. 3 Under the 0oly 5,irit+s teachin& all relationshi,s are seen as total commitments) yet they do not con(lict #ith one another in any #ay. ! ?er(ect (aith in each one) (or its a$ility to satis(y you com,letely) arises only (rom ,er(ect (aith in yoursel(. % 3nd this you cannot ha e #hile &uilt remains. ' 3nd there #ill $e &uilt as lon& as you acce,t the ,ossi$ility) and cherish it) that you can make a $rother into #hat he is not) $ecause you #ould ha e him so. T-1%.6I.2. 7ou ha e so little (aith in yoursel( $ecause you are un#illin& to acce,t the (act that ,er(ect lo e is in you. 2 3nd so you seek #ithout (or #hat you cannot (ind #ithout. ,31! 3 I o((er you my ,er(ect (aith in you) in ,lace o( all your dou$ts. ! But (or&et not that my (aith must $e as ,er(ect in all your $rothers as it is in you) or it #ould $e a limited &i(t to you. % In the holy instant #e share our (aith in 1od+s 5on $ecause #e reco&niAe) to&ether) that he is #holly #orthy o( it) and in our a,,reciation o( his #orth #e cannot dou$t his holiness. ' 3nd so #e lo e him. T-1%.6I.3. 3ll se,aration anishes as holiness is shared. 2 "or holiness is ,o#er) and $y sharin& it) it &ains in stren&th. 3 I( you seek (or

satis(action in &rati(yin& your needs as you ,ercei e them) you must $elie e that stren&th comes (rom another) and #hat you &ain he loses. ! 5omeone must al#ays lose i( you ,ercei e yoursel( as #eak. % 7et there is another inter,retation o( relationshi,s that transcends the conce,t o( loss o( ,o#er com,letely. T-1%.6I.!. 7ou do not (ind it di((icult to $elie e that #hen another calls on 1od (or lo e) your call remains as stron&. 2 Nor do you think that #hen 1od ans#ers him) your ho,e o( ans#er is diminished. 3 On the contrary) you are more inclined to re&ard his success as #itness to the ,ossi$ility o( yours. ! That is $ecause you reco&niAe) ho#e er dimly) that 1od is an idea) and so your (aith in 0im is stren&thened $y sharin&. % 8hat you (ind di((icult to acce,t is the (act that) like your "ather) <you= are an idea. ' 3nd like 0im) you can &i e yoursel( com,letely) #holly #ithout loss and only #ith &ain. * 0erein lies ,eace) (or here there <is= no con(lict. T-1%.6I.%. In the #orld o( scarcity) lo e has no meanin& and ,eace is im,ossi$le. 2 "or &ain and loss are $oth acce,ted) and so no one is a#are that ,er(ect lo e is in him. 3 In the holy instant you reco&niAe the idea o( lo e in you) and unite this idea #ith the 4ind that thou&ht it) and could not relinquish it. ! By holdin& it #ithin itsel() there <is= no loss. % The holy instant thus $ecomes a lesson in ho# to hold all o( your $rothers in your mind) e/,eriencin& not loss $ut com,letion. ' "rom this it (ollo#s you can only &i e. * 3nd this <is= lo e) (or this alone is natural under the la#s o( 1od. - In the holy instant the la#s o( 1od ,re ail) and only they ha e meanin&. : The la#s o( this #orld cease to hold any meanin& at all. 1> 8hen the 5on o( 1od acce,ts the la#s o( 1od as #hat he &ladly #ills) it is im,ossi$le that he $e $ound) or limited in any #ay. 11 In that instant he is as (ree as 1od #ould ha e him $e. 12 "or the instant he re(uses to $e $ound) he is not $ound. T-1%.6I.'. In the holy instant nothin& ha,,ens that has not al#ays $een. 2 Only the eil that has $een dra#n across reality is li(ted. 3 Nothin& has chan&ed. ,31% ! 7et the a#areness o( chan&elessness comes s#i(tly as the eil o( time is ,ushed aside. % No one #ho has not yet e/,erienced the li(tin& o( the eil) and (elt himsel( dra#n irresisti$ly into the li&ht $ehind it) can ha e (aith in lo e #ithout (ear. ' 7et the 0oly 5,irit &i es you this (aith) $ecause 0e o((ered it to me and I acce,ted it. * "ear not the holy instant #ill $e denied you) (or I denied it not. - 3nd throu&h me the 0oly 5,irit &i es it unto you) as you #ill &i e it. : ;et no need you ,ercei e o$scure your need o( this. 1> "or in the holy instant you #ill reco&niAe the only need the 5ons o( 1od share equally) and $y this reco&nition you #ill Coin #ith me in o((erin& #hat is needed.

T-1%.6I.*. It is throu&h <us= that ,eace #ill come. 2 Hoin me in the idea o( ,eace) (or in ideas minds can communicate. 3 I( you #ould &i e yoursel( as your "ather &i es 0is 5el() you #ill learn to understand 5el(hood. ! 3nd therein is lo e+s meanin& understood. % But remem$er that understandin& is o( the mind) and only o( the mind. ' Gno#led&e is there(ore o( the mind) and its conditions are in the mind #ith it. * I( you #ere not an idea) and nothin& $ut an idea) you could not $e in (ull communication #ith all that e er #as. - 7et as lon& as you ,re(er to $e somethin& else) or #ould attem,t to $e nothin& else and somethin& else to&ether) you #ill not remem$er the lan&ua&e o( communication) #hich you kno# ,er(ectly. T-1%.6I.-. In the holy instant 1od is remem$ered) and the lan&ua&e o( communication #ith all your $rothers is remem$ered #ith 0im. 2 "or communication is remem$ered to&ether) as is truth. 3 There is no e/clusion in the holy instant $ecause the ,ast is &one) and #ith it &oes the #hole $asis (or e/clusion. ! 8ithout its source e/clusion anishes. % 3nd this ,ermits your 5ource) and that o( all your $rothers) to re,lace it in your a#areness. ' 1od and the ,o#er o( 1od #ill take Their ri&ht(ul ,lace in you) and you #ill e/,erience the (ull communication o( ideas #ith ideas. * Throu&h your a$ility to do this you #ill learn #hat you must $e) (or you #ill $e&in to understand #hat your Creator is) and #hat 0is creation is alon& #ith 0im. ,31' "II. T#e Nee!less Sacrifice T-1%.6II.1. Beyond the ,oor attraction o( the s,ecial lo e relationshi,) and al#ays o$scured $y it) is the ,o#er(ul attraction o( the "ather (or 0is 5on. 2 There is no other lo e that can satis(y you) $ecause there <is= no other lo e. 3 This is the only lo e that is (ully &i en and (ully returned. ! Bein& com,lete) it asks nothin&. % Bein& #holly ,ure) e eryone Coined in it has e erythin&. ' This is not the $asis (or any relationshi, in #hich the e&o enters. * "or e ery relationshi, on #hich the e&o em$arks <is= s,ecial. T-1%.6II.2. The e&o esta$lishes relationshi,s only to &et somethin&. 2 3nd it #ould kee, the &i er $ound to itsel( throu&h &uilt. 3 It is im,ossi$le (or the e&o to enter into any relationshi, #ithout an&er) (or the e&o $elie es that an&er makes (riends. ! This is not its statement) $ut it <is= its ,ur,ose. % "or the e&o really $elie es that it can &et and kee, <$y makin& &uilty.= ' This is its one attraction9 an attraction so #eak that it #ould ha e no hold at all) e/ce,t that no one reco&niAes it. * "or the e&o al#ays seems to attract throu&h lo e) and has no attraction at all to anyone #ho ,ercei es that it attracts throu&h &uilt. T-1%.6II.3. The sick attraction o( &uilt must $e reco&niAed (or #hat it is. 2 "or ha in& $een made real to you) it is essential to look at it clearly)

and $y #ithdra#in& your in estment in it) to learn to let it &o. 3 No one #ould choose to let &o #hat he $elie es has alue. ! 7et the attraction o( &uilt has alue to you only $ecause you ha e not looked at #hat it is) and ha e Cud&ed it com,letely in the dark. % 3s #e $rin& it to li&ht) your only question #ill $e #hy it #as you e er #anted it. ' 7ou ha e nothin& to lose $y lookin& o,en-eyed) (or u&liness such as this $elon&s not in your holy mind. * This host o( 1od can ha e no real in estment here. T-1%.6II.!. 8e said $e(ore that the e&o attem,ts to maintain and increase &uilt) $ut in such a #ay that you do not reco&niAe #hat it #ould do to you. 2 "or it is the e&o+s (undamental doctrine that #hat you do to others you ha e esca,ed. 3 The e&o #ishes no one #ell. ! 7et its sur i al de,ends on your $elie( that you are e/em,t (rom its e il intentions. % It counsels) there(ore) that i( you are host to it) it #ill ena$le you to direct its an&er out#ard) thus ,rotectin& you. ' 3nd thus it em$arks on an endless) unre#ardin& chain o( s,ecial relationshi,s) (or&ed out o( an&er and dedicated to $ut one insane $elie(9 that the more an&er you in est outside yoursel() the sa(er you $ecome. ,31* T-1%.6II.%. It is this chain that $inds the 5on o( 1od to &uilt) and it is this chain the 0oly 5,irit #ould remo e (rom his holy mind. 2 "or the chain o( sa a&ery $elon&s not around the chosen host o( 1od) #ho cannot make himsel( host to the e&o. 3 In the name o( his release) and in the Name o( 0im 8ho #ould release him) let us look more closely at the relationshi,s the e&o contri es) and let the 0oly 5,irit Cud&e them truly. ! "or it is certain that i( you #ill look at them) you #ill o((er them &ladly to 0im. % 8hat 0e can make o( them you do not kno#) $ut you #ill $ecome #illin& to (ind out) i( you are #illin& (irst to ,ercei e #hat you ha e made o( them. T-1%.6II.'. In one #ay or another) e ery relationshi, the e&o makes is $ased on the idea that $y sacri(icin& itsel() it $ecomes $i&&er. 2 The 2sacri(ice)2 #hich it re&ards as ,uri(ication) is actually the root o( its $itter resentment. 3 "or it #ould ,re(er to attack directly) and a oid delayin& #hat it really #ants. ! 7et the e&o ackno#led&es 2reality2 as it sees it) and reco&niAes that no one could inter,ret direct attack as lo e. % 7et to make &uilty <is= direct attack) althou&h it does not seem to $e. ' "or the &uilty e/,ect attack) and ha in& asked (or it they are attracted to it. T-1%.6II.*. In such insane relationshi,s) the attraction o( #hat you do not #ant seems to $e much stron&er than the attraction o( #hat you do #ant. 2 "or each one thinks that he has sacri(iced somethin& to the other) and hates him (or it. 3 7et this is #hat he thinks he #ants. ! 0e is not in lo e #ith the other at all. % 0e merely $elie es he is in lo e #ith sacri(ice. ' 3nd (or this sacri(ice) #hich he demands o( himsel() he

demands that the other acce,t the &uilt and sacri(ice himsel( as #ell. * "or&i eness $ecomes im,ossi$le) (or the e&o $elie es that to (or&i e another is to lose him. - It is only $y attack #ithout (or&i eness that the e&o can ensure the &uilt that holds all its relationshi,s to&ether. T-1%.6II.-. 7et they only <seem= to $e to&ether. 2 "or relationshi,s) to the e&o) mean only that $odies are to&ether. 3 It is al#ays this that the e&o demands) and it does not o$Cect #here the mind &oes or #hat it thinks) (or this seems unim,ortant. ! 3s lon& as the $ody is there to recei e its sacri(ice) it is content. % To the e&o the mind is ,ri ate) and only the $ody can $e shared. ' Ideas are $asically o( no concern) e/ce,t as they $rin& the $ody o( another closer or (arther. * 3nd it is in these terms that it e aluates ideas as &ood or $ad. - 8hat makes another &uilty and holds him throu&h &uilt is 2&ood.2 : 8hat releases him (rom &uilt is 2$ad)2 $ecause he #ould no lon&er $elie e that $odies communicate) and so he #ould $e 2&one.2 ,31T-1%.6II.:. 5u((erin& and sacri(ice are the &i(ts #ith #hich the e&o #ould 2$less2 all unions. 2 3nd those #ho are united at its altar acce,t su((erin& and sacri(ice as the ,rice o( union. 3 In their an&ry alliances) $orn o( the (ear o( loneliness and yet dedicated to the continuance o( loneliness) each seeks relie( (rom &uilt $y increasin& it in the other. ! "or each $elie es that this decreases &uilt in him. % The other seems al#ays to $e attackin& and #oundin& him) ,erha,s in little #ays) ,erha,s 2unconsciously)2 yet ne er #ithout demand o( sacri(ice. ' The (ury o( those Coined at the e&o+s altar (ar e/ceeds your a#areness o( it. * "or #hat the e&o really #ants you do not realiAe. T-1%.6II.1>. 8hene er you are an&ry) you can $e sure that you ha e (ormed a s,ecial relationshi, #hich the e&o has 2$lessed)2 (or an&er <is= its $lessin&. 2 3n&er takes many (orms) $ut it cannot lon& decei e those #ho #ill learn that lo e $rin&s no &uilt at all) and #hat $rin&s &uilt cannot $e lo e and <must= $e an&er. 3 3ll an&er is nothin& more than an attem,t to make someone (eel &uilty) and this attem,t is the only $asis the e&o acce,ts (or s,ecial relationshi,s. ! 1uilt is the only need the e&o has) and as lon& as you identi(y #ith it) &uilt #ill remain attracti e to you. % 7et remem$er this9 to $e #ith a $ody is not communication. ' 3nd i( you think it is) you #ill (eel &uilty a$out communication and #ill $e a(raid to hear the 0oly 5,irit) reco&niAin& in 0is 6oice your o#n need to communicate. T-1%.6II.11. The 0oly 5,irit cannot teach throu&h (ear. 2 3nd ho# can 0e communicate #ith you) #hile you $elie e that to communicate is to make yoursel( aloneD 3 It is clearly insane to $elie e that $y communicatin& you #ill $e a$andoned. ! 3nd yet many do $elie e it. % "or they think their minds must $e ke,t ,ri ate or they #ill lose them) $ut i( their $odies are to&ether their minds remain their o#n. ' The

union o( $odies thus $ecomes the #ay in #hich they #ould kee, minds a,art. * "or $odies cannot (or&i e. - They can only do as the mind directs. T-1%.6II.12. The illusion o( the autonomy o( the $ody and its a$ility to o ercome loneliness is $ut the #orkin& o( the e&o+s ,lan to esta$lish its o#n autonomy. 2 3s lon& as you $elie e that to $e #ith a $ody is com,anionshi,) you #ill $e com,elled to attem,t to kee, your $rother in his $ody) held there $y &uilt. 3 3nd you #ill see sa(ety in &uilt and dan&er in communication. ! "or the e&o #ill al#ays teach that loneliness is sol ed $y &uilt) and that communication is the cause o( loneliness. ,31: % 3nd des,ite the e ident insanity o( this lesson) many ha e learned it. T-1%.6II.13. "or&i eness lies in communication as surely as damnation lies in &uilt. 2 It is the 0oly 5,irit+s teachin& (unction to instruct those #ho $elie e communication to $e damnation that communication is sal ation. 3 3nd 0e #ill do so) (or the ,o#er o( 1od in 0im and you is Coined in a real relationshi, so holy and so stron&) that it can o ercome e en this #ithout (ear. T-1%.6II.1!. It is throu&h the holy instant that #hat seems im,ossi$le is accom,lished) makin& it e ident that it is not im,ossi$le. 2 In the holy instant &uilt holds no attraction) since communication has $een restored. 3 3nd &uilt) #hose only ,ur,ose is to disru,t communication) has no (unction here. ! 0ere there is no concealment) and no ,ri ate thou&hts. % The #illin&ness to communicate attracts communication to it) and o ercomes loneliness com,letely. ' There is com,lete (or&i eness here) (or there is no desire to e/clude anyone (rom your com,letion) in sudden reco&nition o( the alue o( his ,art in it. * In the ,rotection o( your #holeness) all are in ited and made #elcome. - 3nd you understand that your com,letion is 1od+s) 8hose only need is to ha e you $e com,lete. : "or your com,letion makes you 0is in your a#areness. 1> 3nd here it is that you e/,erience yoursel( as you #ere created) and as you are. "III. T#e Onl. Real Relations#ip T-1%.6III.1. The holy instant does not re,lace the need (or learnin&) (or the 0oly 5,irit must not lea e you as your Teacher until the holy instant has e/tended (ar $eyond time. 2 "or a teachin& assi&nment such as 0is) 0e must use e erythin& in this #orld (or your release. 3 0e must side #ith e ery si&n or token o( your #illin&ness to learn o( 0im #hat the truth must $e. ! 0e is s#i(t to utiliAe #hate er you o((er 0im on $ehal( o( this. % 0is concern and care (or you are limitless. ' In the (ace o( your (ear o( (or&i eness) #hich 0e ,ercei es as clearly as 0e kno#s (or&i eness is release) 0e #ill teach you to remem$er that

(or&i eness is not loss) $ut your sal ation. * 3nd that in com,lete (or&i eness) in #hich you reco&niAe that there is nothin& to (or&i e) you are a$sol ed com,letely. ,32> T-1%.6III.2. 0ear 0im &ladly) and learn o( 0im that you ha e need o( no s,ecial relationshi,s at all. 2 7ou $ut seek in them #hat you ha e thro#n a#ay. 3 3nd throu&h them you #ill ne er learn the alue o( #hat you ha e cast aside) $ut still desire #ith all your heart. ! ;et us Coin to&ether in makin& the holy instant all that there is) $y desirin& that it <$e= all that there is. % 1od+s 5on has such &reat need o( your #illin&ness to stri e (or this that you cannot concei e o( need so &reat. ' Behold the only need that 1od and 0is 5on share) and #ill to meet to&ether. * 7ou are not alone in this. - The #ill o( your creations calls to you) to share your #ill #ith them. : Turn) then) in ,eace (rom &uilt to 1od and them. T-1%.6III.3. Relate only #ith #hat #ill ne er lea e you) and #hat you can ne er lea e. 2 The loneliness o( 1od+s 5on is the loneliness o( his "ather. 3 Re(use not the a#areness o( your com,letion) and seek not to restore it to yoursel(. ! "ear not to &i e redem,tion o er to your Redeemer+s ;o e. % 0e #ill not (ail you) (or 0e comes (rom One 8ho cannot (ail. ' 3cce,t your sense o( (ailure as nothin& more than a mistake in #ho you are. * "or the holy host o( 1od is $eyond (ailure) and nothin& that he #ills can $e denied. - 7ou are (ore er in a relationshi, so holy that it calls to e eryone to esca,e (rom loneliness) and Coin you in your lo e. : 3nd #here you are must e eryone seek) and (ind you there. T-1%.6III.!. Think $ut an instant on this. 1od &a e the 5onshi, to you) to ensure your ,er(ect creation. 2 This #as 0is &i(t) (or as 0e #ithheld 0imsel( not (rom you) 0e #ithheld not 0is creation. 3 Nothin& that e er #as created $ut is yours. ! 7our relationshi,s are #ith the uni erse. % 3nd this uni erse) $ein& o( 1od) is (ar $eyond the ,etty sum o( all the se,arate $odies you ,ercei e. ' "or all its ,arts are Coined in 1od throu&h Christ) #here they $ecome like to their "ather. * Christ kno#s o( no se,aration (rom 0is "ather) 8ho is 0is one relationshi,) in #hich 0e &i es as 0is "ather &i es to 0im. T-1%.6III.%. The 0oly 5,irit is 1od+s attem,t to (ree you o( #hat 0e does not understand. 2 3nd $ecause o( the 5ource o( the attem,t) it #ill succeed. 3 The 0oly 5,irit asks you to res,ond as 1od does) (or 0e #ould teach you #hat you do not understand. ! 1od #ould res,ond to e ery need) #hate er (orm it takes. % 3nd so 0e kee,s this channel o,en to recei e 0is communication to you) and yours to 0im. ' 1od does not understand your ,ro$lem in communication) (or 0e does not share it #ith you. * It is only you #ho $elie e that it is understanda$le.

- The 0oly 5,irit kno#s that it is not understanda$le) and yet 0e understands it $ecause you made it. ,321 T-1%.6III.'. In the 0oly 5,irit alone lies the a#areness o( #hat 1od cannot kno#) and #hat you do not understand. 2 It is 0is holy (unction to acce,t them $oth) and $y remo in& e ery element o( disa&reement) to Coin them into one. 3 0e #ill do this $ecause it is 0is (unction. ! ;ea e) then) #hat seems to you to $e im,ossi$le) to 0im 8ho kno#s it must $e ,ossi$le $ecause it is the 8ill o( 1od. % 3nd let 0im 8hose teachin& is only o( 1od teach you the only meanin& o( relationshi,s. ' "or 1od created the only relationshi, that has meanin&) and that is 0is relationshi, #ith you. I6. T#e Hol. Instant an! t#e Attraction of Go! T-1%.IL.1. 3s the e&o #ould limit your ,erce,tion o( your $rothers to the $ody) so #ould the 0oly 5,irit release your ision and let you see the 1reat Rays shinin& (rom them) so unlimited that they reach to 1od. 2 It is this shi(t to ision that is accom,lished in the holy instant. 3 7et it is need(ul (or you to learn Cust #hat this shi(t entails) so you #ill $ecome #illin& to make it ,ermanent. ! 1i en this #illin&ness it #ill not lea e you) (or it <is= ,ermanent. % Once you ha e acce,ted it as the only ,erce,tion you #ant) it is translated into kno#led&e $y the ,art that 1od 0imsel( ,lays in the 3tonement) (or it is the only ste, in it 0e understands. ' There(ore) in this there #ill $e no delay #hen you are ready (or it. * 1od is ready no#) $ut you are not. T-1%.IL.2. Our task is $ut to continue) as (ast as ,ossi$le) the necessary ,rocess o( lookin& strai&ht at all the inter(erence and seein& it e/actly as it is. 2 "or it is im,ossi$le to reco&niAe as #holly #ithout &rati(ication #hat you think you #ant. 3 The $ody is the sym$ol o( the e&o) as the e&o is the sym$ol o( the se,aration. ! 3nd $oth are nothin& more than attem,ts to limit communication) and there$y to make it im,ossi$le. % "or communication must $e unlimited in order to ha e meanin&) and de,ri ed o( meanin&) it #ill not satis(y you com,letely. ' 7et it remains the only means $y #hich you can esta$lish real relationshi,s) #hich ha e no limits) ha in& $een esta$lished $y 1od. T-1%.IL.3. In the holy instant) #here the 1reat Rays re,lace the $ody in a#areness) the reco&nition o( relationshi,s #ithout limits is &i en you. 2 But in order to see this) it is necessary to &i e u, e ery use the e&o has (or the $ody) and to acce,t the (act that the e&o has no ,ur,ose you #ould share #ith it. ,322 3 "or the e&o #ould limit e eryone to a $ody (or its o#n ,ur,oses) and #hile you think it has a ,ur,ose) you #ill choose to utiliAe the means $y #hich it tries to turn its ,ur,ose into accom,lishment. ! This #ill ne er $e accom,lished. % 7et you ha e surely reco&niAed that the e&o) #hose &oals are alto&ether

unattaina$le) #ill stri e (or them #ith all its mi&ht) and #ill do so #ith the stren&th that you ha e &i en it. T-1%.IL.!. It is im,ossi$le to di ide your stren&th $et#een 0ea en and hell) 1od and the e&o) and release your ,o#er to creation) #hich is the only ,ur,ose (or #hich it #as &i en you. 2 ;o e #ould <al#ays= &i e increase. 3 ;imits are demanded $y the e&o) and re,resent its demands to make little and ine((ectual. ! ;imit your si&ht o( a $rother to his $ody) #hich you #ill do as lon& as you #ould not release him (rom it) and you ha e denied his &i(t to you. % 0is $ody cannot &i e it. ' 3nd seek it not throu&h yours. * 7et your minds are already continuous) and their union need only $e acce,ted and the loneliness in 0ea en is &one. T-1%.IL.%. I( you #ould $ut let the 0oly 5,irit tell you o( the ;o e o( 1od (or you) and the need your creations ha e to $e #ith you (ore er) you #ould e/,erience the attraction o( the eternal. 2 No one can hear 0im s,eak o( this and lon& remain #illin& to lin&er here. 3 "or it is your #ill to $e in 0ea en) #here you are com,lete and quiet) in such sure and lo in& relationshi,s that any limit is im,ossi$le. ! 8ould you not e/chan&e your little relationshi,s (or thisD % "or the $ody <is= little and limited) and only those #hom you #ould see #ithout the limits the e&o #ould im,ose on them can o((er you the &i(t o( (reedom. T-1%.IL.'. 7ou ha e no conce,tion o( the limits you ha e ,laced on your ,erce,tion) and no idea o( all the lo eliness that you could see. 2 But this you must remem$er9 the attraction o( &uilt o,,oses the attraction o( 1od. 3 0is attraction (or you remains unlimited) $ut $ecause your ,o#er) $ein& 0is) is as &reat as 0is) you can turn a#ay (rom lo e. ! 8hat you in est in &uilt you #ithdra# (rom 1od. % 3nd your si&ht &ro#s #eak and dim and limited) (or you ha e attem,ted to se,arate the "ather (rom the 5on) and limit their communication. ' 5eek not 3tonement in (urther se,aration. * 3nd limit not your ision o( 1od+s 5on to #hat inter(eres #ith his release) and #hat the 0oly 5,irit must undo to set him (ree. - "or his $elie( in limits <has= im,risoned him. ,323 T-1%.IL.*. 8hen the $ody ceases to attract you) and #hen you ,lace no alue on it as a means o( &ettin& anythin&) then there #ill $e no inter(erence in communication and your thou&hts #ill $e as (ree as 1od+s. 2 3s you let the 0oly 5,irit teach you ho# to use the $ody only (or ,ur,oses o( communication) and renounce its use (or se,aration and attack #hich the e&o sees in it) you #ill learn you ha e no need o( a $ody at all. 3 In the holy instant there are no $odies) and you e/,erience only the attraction o( 1od. ! 3cce,tin& it as undi ided you Coin 0im #holly) in an instant) (or you #ould ,lace no limits on your

union #ith 0im. % The reality o( this relationshi, $ecomes the only truth that you could e er #ant. ' 3ll truth <is= here. 6. T#e Ti e of Re/irt# T-1%.L.1. It is in your ,o#er) in time) to delay the ,er(ect union o( the "ather and the 5on. 2 "or in this #orld) the attraction o( &uilt does stand $et#een them. 3 Neither time nor season means anythin& in eternity. ! But here it is the 0oly 5,irit+s (unction to use them $oth) thou&h not as the e&o uses them. % This is the season #hen you #ould cele$rate my $irth into the #orld. ' 7et you kno# not ho# to do it. * ;et the 0oly 5,irit teach you) and let me cele$rate <your= $irth throu&h 0im. - The only &i(t I can acce,t o( you is the &i(t I &a e to you. : Release me as I choose your o#n release. 1> The time o( Christ #e cele$rate to&ether) (or it has no meanin& i( #e are a,art. T-1%.L.2. The holy instant is truly the time o( Christ. 2 "or in this li$eratin& instant no &uilt is laid u,on the 5on o( 1od) and his unlimited ,o#er is thus restored to him. 3 8hat other &i(t can you o((er me) #hen only this I choose to o((er youD ! 3nd to see me is to see me in e eryone) and o((er e eryone the &i(t you o((er me. % I am as inca,a$le o( recei in& sacri(ice as 1od is) and e ery sacri(ice you ask o( yoursel( you ask o( me. ' ;earn no# that sacri(ice o( any kind is nothin& $ut a limitation im,osed on &i in&. * 3nd $y this limitation you ha e limited acce,tance o( the &i(t I o((er you. T-1%.L.3. 8e #ho are one cannot &i e se,arately. 2 8hen you are #illin& to acce,t our relationshi, as real) &uilt #ill hold no attraction (or you. 3 "or in our union you #ill acce,t all o( our $rothers. ! The &i(t o( union is the only &i(t that I #as $orn to &i e. % 1i e it to me) that you may ha e it. ,32! ' The time o( Christ is the time a,,ointed (or the &i(t o( (reedom) o((ered to e eryone. * 3nd $y your acce,tance o( it) you o((er it to e eryone. T-1%.L.!. It is in your ,o#er to make this season holy) (or it is in your ,o#er to make the time o( Christ $e no#. 2 It is ,ossi$le to do this all at once $ecause there is $ut one shi(t in ,erce,tion that is necessary) (or you made $ut one mistake. 3 It seems like many) $ut it is all the same. ! "or thou&h the e&o takes many (orms) it is al#ays the same idea. % 8hat is not lo e is al#ays (ear) and nothin& else. T-1%.L.%. It is not necessary to (ollo# (ear throu&h all the circuitous routes $y #hich it $urro#s under&round and hides in darkness) to emer&e in (orms quite di((erent (rom #hat it is. 2 7et it <is= necessary to e/amine each one as lon& as you #ould retain the ,rinci,le that &o erns all o( them. 3 8hen you are #illin& to re&ard them) not as se,arate) $ut as di((erent mani(estations o( the same idea) and one you do not #ant) they &o to&ether. ! The idea is sim,ly this. 7ou

$elie e it is ,ossi$le to $e host to the e&o or hosta&e to 1od. % This is the choice you think you ha e) and the decision you $elie e that you must make. ' 7ou see no other alternati es) (or you cannot acce,t the (act that sacri(ice &ets nothin&. * 5acri(ice is so essential to your thou&ht system that sal ation a,art (rom sacri(ice means nothin& to you. - 7our con(usion o( sacri(ice and lo e is so ,ro(ound that you cannot concei e o( lo e #ithout sacri(ice. : 3nd it is this that you must look u,on9 sacri(ice is attack) not lo e. 1> I( you #ould acce,t $ut this one idea) your (ear o( lo e #ould anish. 11 1uilt cannot last #hen the idea o( sacri(ice has $een remo ed. 12 "or i( there is sacri(ice) someone must ,ay and someone must &et. 13 3nd the only question that remains is ho# much is the ,rice) and (or &ettin& #hat. T-1%.L.'. 3s host to the e&o) you $elie e that you can &i e all your &uilt a#ay #hene er you #ant) and there$y ,urchase ,eace. 2 3nd the ,ayment does not seem to $e yours. 3 8hile it is o$ ious that the e&o does demand ,ayment it ne er seems to $e demandin& it o( you. ! 7ou are un#illin& to reco&niAe that the e&o) #hich you in ited) is treacherous only to those #ho think they are its host. % The e&o #ill ne er let you ,ercei e this) since this reco&nition #ould make it homeless. ' "or #hen the reco&nition da#ns clearly) you #ill not $e decei ed $y any (orm the e&o takes to ,rotect itsel( (rom your si&ht. * @ach (orm #ill $e reco&niAed as $ut a co er (or the one idea that hides $ehind them all9 that lo e demands sacri(ice) and is there(ore inse,ara$le (rom attack and (ear. ,32% - 3nd that &uilt is the ,rice o( lo e) #hich must $e ,aid $y (ear. T-1%.L.*. 0o# (ear(ul) then) has 1od $ecome to you) and ho# &reat a sacri(ice do you $elie e 0is ;o e demandsJ 2 "or total lo e #ould demand total sacri(ice. 3 3nd so the e&o seems to demand less o( you than 1od) and o( the t#o is Cud&ed as the lesser o( t#o e ils) one to $e (eared a little) ,erha,s) $ut the other to $e destroyed. ! "or you see lo e as destructi e) and your only question is #ho is to $e destroyed) you or anotherD % 7ou seek to ans#er this question in your s,ecial relationshi,s) in #hich you seem to $e $oth destroyer and destroyed in ,art) $ut a$le to $e neither com,letely. ' 3nd this you think sa es you (rom 1od) 8hose total ;o e #ould com,letely destroy you. T-1%.L.-. 7ou think that e eryone outside yoursel( demands your sacri(ice) $ut you do not see that only you demand sacri(ice) and only o( yoursel(. 2 7et the demand o( sacri(ice is so sa a&e and so (ear(ul that you cannot acce,t it #here it is. 3 The real ,rice o( not acce,tin& this has $een so &reat that you ha e &i en 1od a#ay rather than look at it. ! "or i( 1od #ould demand total sacri(ice o( you) it seems sa(er to ,roCect 0im out#ard and a#ay (rom you) and not $e host to 0im. % To 0im you ascri$ed the e&o+s treachery) in itin& it to take 0is ,lace to

,rotect you (rom 0im. ' 3nd you do not reco&niAe that it is #hat you in ited in that #ould destroy you) and does demand total sacri(ice o( you. * No ,artial sacri(ice #ill a,,ease this sa a&e &uest) (or it is an in ader #ho $ut seems to o((er kindness) $ut al#ays to make the sacri(ice com,lete. T-1%.L.:. 7ou #ill not succeed in $ein& ,artial hosta&e to the e&o) (or it kee,s no $ar&ains and #ould lea e you nothin&. 2 Nor can you $e ,artial host to it. 3 7ou must choose $et#een total (reedom and total $onda&e) (or there are no alternati es $ut these. ! 7ou ha e tried many com,romises in the attem,t to a oid reco&niAin& the one decision you must make. % 3nd yet it is the reco&nition o( the decision) <Cust as it is)= that makes the decision so easy. ' 5al ation is sim,le) $ein& o( 1od) and there(ore ery easy to understand. * Do not try to ,roCect it (rom you and see it outside yoursel(. - In you are $oth the question and the ans#er9 the demand (or sacri(ice and the ,eace o( 1od. ,32' 6I. C#rist as as t#e En! of Sacrifice T-1%.LI.1. "ear not to reco&niAe the #hole idea o( sacri(ice as solely o( your makin&. 2 3nd seek not sa(ety $y attem,tin& to ,rotect yoursel( (rom #here it is not. 3 7our $rothers and your "ather ha e $ecome ery (ear(ul to you. ! 3nd you #ould $ar&ain #ith them (or a (e# s,ecial relationshi,s) in #hich you think you see some scra,s o( sa(ety. % Do not try lon&er to kee, a,art your thou&hts and the Thou&ht that has $een &i en you. ' 8hen they are $rou&ht to&ether and ,ercei ed #here they are) the choice $et#een them is nothin& more than a &entle a#akenin&) and as sim,le as o,enin& your eyes to dayli&ht #hen you ha e no more need o( slee,. T-1%.LI.2. The si&n o( Christmas is a star) a li&ht in darkness. 2 5ee it not outside yoursel() $ut shinin& in the 0ea en #ithin) and acce,t it as the si&n the time o( Christ has come. 3 0e comes demandin& nothin&. ! No sacri(ice o( any kind) o( anyone) is asked $y 0im. % In 0is ?resence the #hole idea o( sacri(ice loses all meanin&. ' "or 0e is 0ost to 1od. * 3nd you need $ut in ite 0im in 8ho is there already) $y reco&niAin& that 0is 0ost is One) and no thou&ht alien to 0is Oneness can a$ide #ith 0im there. - ;o e must $e total to &i e 0im #elcome) (or the ?resence o( 0oliness creates the holiness that surrounds it. : No (ear can touch the 0ost 8ho cradles 1od in the time o( Christ) (or the 0ost is as holy as the ,er(ect Innocence #hich 0e ,rotects) and 8hose ,o#er ,rotects 0im. T-1%.LI.3. This Christmas &i e the 0oly 5,irit e erythin& that #ould hurt you. 2 ;et yoursel( $e healed com,letely that you may Coin #ith 0im in healin&) and let us cele$rate our release to&ether $y releasin&

e eryone #ith us. 3 ;ea e nothin& $ehind) (or release is total) and #hen you ha e acce,ted it #ith me you #ill &i e it #ith me. ! 3ll ,ain and sacri(ice and littleness #ill disa,,ear in our relationshi,) #hich is as innocent as our relationshi, #ith our "ather) and as ,o#er(ul. % ?ain #ill $e $rou&ht to us and disa,,ear in our ,resence) and #ithout ,ain there can $e no sacri(ice. ' 3nd #ithout sacri(ice there lo e <must= $e. T-1%.LI.!. 7ou #ho $elie e that sacri(ice is lo e must learn that sacri(ice is se,aration (rom lo e. 2 "or sacri(ice $rin&s &uilt as surely as lo e $rin&s ,eace. 3 1uilt is the condition o( sacri(ice) as ,eace is the condition (or the a#areness o( your relationshi, #ith 1od. ! Throu&h &uilt you e/clude your "ather and your $rothers (rom yoursel(. ,32* % Throu&h ,eace you in ite them $ack) realiAin& that they are #here your in itation $ids them $e. ' 8hat you e/clude (rom yoursel( seems (ear(ul) (or you endo# it #ith (ear and try to cast it out) thou&h it is ,art o( you. * 8ho can ,ercei e ,art o( himsel( as loathsome) and li e #ithin himsel( in ,eaceD - 3nd #ho can try to resol e the 2con(lict2 o( 0ea en and hell in him $y castin& 0ea en out and &i in& it the attri$utes o( hell) #ithout e/,eriencin& himsel( as incom,lete and lonelyD T-1%.LI.%. 3s lon& as you ,ercei e the $ody as your reality) so lon& #ill you ,ercei e yoursel( as lonely and de,ri ed. 2 3nd so lon& #ill you also ,ercei e yoursel( as a ictim o( sacri(ice) Custi(ied in sacri(icin& others. 3 "or #ho could thrust 0ea en and its Creator aside #ithout a sense o( sacri(ice and lossD ! 3nd #ho could su((er sacri(ice and loss #ithout attem,tin& to restore himsel(D % 7et ho# could you accom,lish this yoursel() #hen the $asis o( your attem,ts is the $elie( in the reality o( the de,ri ationD ' De,ri ation $reeds attack) $ein& the $elie( that attack is Custi(ied. * 3nd as lon& as you #ould retain the de,ri ation) attack $ecomes sal ation and sacri(ice $ecomes lo e. T-1%.LI.'. 5o is it that) in all your seekin& (or lo e) you seek (or sacri(ice and (ind it. 2 7et you (ind not lo e. 3 It is im,ossi$le to deny #hat lo e is and still reco&niAe it. ! The meanin& o( lo e lies in #hat you ha e cast outside yoursel() and it has no meanin& a,art (rom you. % It is #hat you ,re(er to kee, that has no meanin&) #hile all that you #ould kee, a#ay holds all the meanin& o( the uni erse) and holds the uni erse to&ether in its meanin&. ' Unless the uni erse #ere Coined in you it #ould $e a,art (rom 1od) and to $e #ithout 0im <is= to $e #ithout meanin&. T-1%.LI.*. In the holy instant the condition o( lo e is met) (or minds are Coined #ithout the $ody+s inter(erence) and #here there is communication there is ,eace. 2 The ?rince o( ?eace #as $orn to reesta$lish the condition o( lo e $y teachin& that communication

remains un$roken e en i( the $ody is destroyed) ,ro ided that you see not the $ody as the necessary means o( communication. 3 3nd i( you understand this lesson) you #ill realiAe that to sacri(ice the $ody is to sacri(ice nothin&) and communication) #hich must $e o( the mind) cannot $e sacri(iced. ! 8here) then) <is= sacri(iceD % The lesson I #as $orn to teach) and still #ould teach to all my $rothers) is that sacri(ice is no#here and lo e is e ery#here. ' "or communication em$races e erythin&) and in the ,eace it re-esta$lishes) lo e comes o( itsel(. ,32T-1%.LI.-. ;et no des,air darken the Coy o( Christmas) (or the time o( Christ is meanin&less a,art (rom Coy. 2 ;et us Coin in cele$ratin& ,eace $y demandin& no sacri(ice o( anyone) (or so you o((er me the lo e I o((er you. 3 8hat can $e more Coyous than to ,ercei e #e are de,ri ed o( nothin&D ! 5uch is the messa&e o( the time o( Christ) #hich I &i e you that you may &i e it and return it to the "ather) 8ho &a e it to me. % "or in the time o( Christ communication is restored) and 0e Coins us in the cele$ration o( 0is 5on+s creation. T-1%.LI.:. 1od o((ers thanks to the holy host #ho #ould recei e 0im) and lets 0im enter and a$ide #here 0e #ould $e. 2 3nd $y your #elcome does 0e #elcome you into 0imsel() (or #hat is contained in you #ho #elcome 0im is returned to 0im. 3 3nd #e $ut cele$rate 0is 8holeness as #e #elcome 0im into oursel es. ! Those #ho recei e the "ather are one #ith 0im) $ein& host to 0im 8ho created them. % 3nd $y allo#in& 0im to enter) the remem$rance o( the "ather enters #ith 0im) and #ith 0im they remem$er the only relationshi, they e er had) and e er #ant to ha e. T-1%.LI.1>. This is the time in #hich a ne# year #ill soon $e $orn (rom the time o( Christ. 2 I ha e ,er(ect (aith in you to do all that you #ould accom,lish. 3 Nothin& #ill $e lackin&) and you #ill make com,lete and not destroy. ! 5ay) then) to your $rother. % I &i e you to the 0oly 5,irit as ,art o( mysel(. ' I kno# that you #ill $e released) unless I #ant to use you to im,rison mysel(. * In the name o( my (reedom I choose your release) $ecause I reco&niAe that #e #ill $e released to&ether. - 5o #ill the year $e&in in Coy and (reedom. : There is much to do) and #e ha e $een lon& delayed. 1> 3cce,t the holy instant as this year is $orn) and take your ,lace) so lon& le(t un(ul(illed) in the 1reat 3#akenin&. 11 4ake this year di((erent $y makin& it all the same. 12 3nd let all your relationshi,s $e made holy (or you. 13 This is our #ill. 1! 3men. ,32:

Cha,ter 1'. THE FORGI"ENESS OF ILL1SIONS I. Tr'e E pat#. T-1'.I.1. To em,athiAe does not mean to Coin in su((erin&) (or that is #hat you must <re(use= to understand. 2 That is the e&o+s inter,retation o( em,athy) and is al#ays used to (orm a s,ecial relationshi, in #hich the su((erin& is shared. 3 The ca,acity to em,athiAe is ery use(ul to the 0oly 5,irit) ,ro ided you let 0im use it in 0is #ay. ! 0is #ay is ery di((erent. % 0e does not understand su((erin&) and #ould ha e you teach it is not understanda$le. ' 8hen 0e relates throu&h you) 0e does not relate throu&h your e&o to another e&o. * 0e does not Coin in ,ain) understandin& that healin& ,ain is not accom,lished $y delusional attem,ts to enter into it) and li&hten it $y sharin& the delusion. T-1'.I.2. The clearest ,roo( that em,athy as the e&o uses it is destructi e lies in the (act that it is a,,lied only to certain ty,es o( ,ro$lems and in certain ,eo,le. 2 These it selects out) and Coins #ith. 3 3nd it ne er Coins e/ce,t to stren&then itsel(. ! 0a in& identi(ied #ith #hat it thinks it understands) the e&o sees itsel( and #ould increase itsel( $y sharin& #hat is like itsel(. % 4ake no mistake a$out this maneu er9 the e&o al#ays em,athiAes to #eaken) and to #eaken is al#ays to attack. ' 7ou do not kno# #hat em,athiAin& means. * 7et o( this you may $e sure9 i( you #ill merely sit quietly $y and let the 0oly 5,irit relate throu&h you) you #ill em,athiAe #ith stren&th) and #ill &ain in stren&th and not in #eakness. T-1'.I.3. 7our ,art is only to remem$er this9 you do not #ant anythin& you alue to come o( a relationshi,. 2 7ou choose neither to hurt it nor to heal it in your o#n #ay. 3 7ou do not kno# #hat healin& is. ! 3ll you ha e learned o( em,athy is (rom the ,ast. % 3nd there is nothin& (rom the ,ast that you #ould share) (or there is nothin& (rom the ,ast that you #ould kee,. ' Do not use em,athy to make the ,ast real) and so ,er,etuate it. * 5te, &ently aside) and let healin& $e done (or you. Gee, $ut one thou&ht in mind and do not lose si&ht o( it) ho#e er tem,ted you may $e to Cud&e any situation) and to determine your res,onse <$y= Cud&in& it. : "ocus your mind only on this. ,33> 1> I am not alone) and I #ould not intrude the ,ast u,on my 1uest. 11 I ha e in ited 0im) and 0e is here. 12 I need do nothin& e/ce,t not to inter(ere.

T-1'.I.!. True em,athy is o( 0im 8ho kno#s #hat it is. 2 7ou #ill learn 0is inter,retation o( it i( you let 0im use your ca,acity (or stren&th) and not (or #eakness. 3 0e #ill not desert you) $ut $e sure that you desert not 0im. ! 0umility is stren&th in this sense only9 that to reco&niAe and acce,t the (act that you do not kno# is to reco&niAe and acce,t the (act that 0e <does= kno#. % 7ou are not sure that 0e #ill do 0is ,art) $ecause you ha e ne er yet done yours com,letely. ' 7ou cannot kno# ho# to res,ond to #hat you do not understand. * Be tem,ted not in this) and yield not to the e&o+s trium,hant use o( em,athy (or its &lory. T-1'.I.%. The trium,h o( #eakness is not #hat you #ould o((er to a $rother. 2 3nd yet you reco&niAe no trium,h $ut this. 3 This is not kno#led&e) and the (orm o( em,athy #hich #ould $rin& this a$out is so distorted that it #ould im,rison #hat it #ould release. ! The unredeemed cannot redeem) yet they ha e a Redeemer. % 3ttem,t to teach 0im not. ' 7ou are the learner9 0e the Teacher. * Do not con(use your role #ith 0is) (or this #ill ne er $rin& ,eace to anyone. - O((er your em,athy to 0im (or it is <0is= ,erce,tion and <0is= stren&th that you #ould share. : 3nd let 0im o((er you 0is stren&th and 0is ,erce,tion) to $e shared throu&h you. T-1'.I.'. The meanin& o( lo e is lost in any relationshi, that looks to #eakness) and ho,es to (ind lo e there. 2 The ,o#er o( lo e) #hich <is= its meanin&) lies in the stren&th o( 1od that ho ers o er it and $lesses it silently $y en elo,in& it in healin& #in&s. 3 ;et this $e) and do not try to su$stitute your 2miracle2 (or this. ! I ha e said that i( a $rother asks a (oolish thin& o( you to do it. % But $e certain that this does not mean to do a (oolish thin& that #ould hurt either him or you) (or #hat #ould hurt one #ill hurt the other. ' "oolish requests are (oolish merely $ecause they con(lict) since they al#ays contain some element o( s,ecialness. * Only the 0oly 5,irit reco&niAes (oolish needs as #ell as real ones. - 3nd 0e #ill teach you ho# to meet $oth #ithout losin& either. T-1'.I.*. <7ou= #ill attem,t to do this only in secrecy. 2 3nd you #ill think that $y meetin& the needs o( one you do not Ceo,ardiAe another) $ecause you kee, them se,arate and secret (rom each other. ,331 3 That is not the #ay) (or it leads not to li(e and truth. ! No needs #ill lon& $e le(t unmet i( you lea e them all to 0im 8hose (unction is to meet them. % That is 0is (unction) and not yours. ' 0e #ill not meet them secretly) (or 0e #ould share e erythin& you &i e throu&h 0im. * That is #hy 0e &i es it. - 8hat you &i e throu&h 0im is (or the #hole 5onshi,) not (or ,art o( it. : ;ea e 0im 0is (unction) (or 0e #ill (ul(ill it i( you $ut ask 0im to enter your relationshi,s) and $less them (or you. II. T#e Po+er of Holiness

T-1'.II.1. 7ou may still think that holiness is im,ossi$le to understand) $ecause you cannot see ho# it can $e e/tended to include e eryone. 2 3nd you ha e $een told that it must include e eryone to <$e= holy. 3 Concern yoursel( not #ith the e/tension o( holiness) (or the nature o( miracles you do not understand. ! Nor do you do them. % It is their e/tension) (ar $eyond the limits you ,ercei e) that demonstrates you do not do them. ' 8hy should you #orry ho# the miracle e/tends to all the 5onshi, #hen you do not understand the miracle itsel(D * One attri$ute is no more di((icult to understand than is the #hole. - I( miracles <are= at all) their attri$utes #ould ha e to $e miraculous) $ein& ,art o( them. T-1'.II.2. There is a tendency to (ra&ment) and then to $e concerned a$out the truth o( Cust a little ,art o( the #hole. 2 3nd this is $ut a #ay o( a oidin&) or lookin& a#ay (rom the #hole) to #hat you think you mi&ht $e $etter a$le to understand. 3 "or this is $ut another #ay in #hich you #ould still try to kee, understandin& to yoursel(. ! 3 $etter and (ar more hel,(ul #ay to think o( miracles is this. 7ou do not understand them) either in ,art or in #hole. % 7et they ha e $een done throu&h you. ' There(ore your understandin& cannot $e necessary. * 7et it is still im,ossi$le to accom,lish #hat you do not understand. 3nd so there must $e 5omethin& in you that <does= understand. T-1'.II.3. To you the miracle cannot seem natural) $ecause #hat you ha e done to hurt your mind has made it so unnatural that it does not remem$er #hat is natural to it. 2 3nd #hen you are told #hat is natural) you cannot understand it. 3 The reco&nition o( the ,art as #hole) and o( the #hole in e ery ,art is ,er(ectly natural) (or it is the #ay 1od thinks) and #hat is natural to 0im is natural to you. ,332 ! 8holly natural ,erce,tion #ould sho# you instantly that order o( di((iculty in miracles is quite im,ossi$le) (or it in ol es a contradiction o( #hat miracles mean. % 3nd i( you could understand their meanin&) their attri$utes could hardly cause you ,er,le/ity. T-1'.II.!. 7ou ha e done miracles) $ut it is quite a,,arent that you ha e not done them alone. 2 7ou ha e succeeded #hene er you ha e reached another mind and Coined #ith it. 3 8hen t#o minds Coin as one and share one idea equally) the (irst link in the a#areness o( the 5onshi, as One has $een made. ! 8hen you ha e made this Coinin& as the 0oly 5,irit $ids you) and ha e o((ered it to 0im to use as 0e sees (it) 0is natural ,erce,tion o( your &i(t ena$les 0im to understand it) and you to use 0is understandin& on your $ehal(. % It is im,ossi$le to con ince you o( the reality o( #hat has clearly $een accom,lished throu&h your #illin&ness #hile you $elie e that you must understand it or else it is not real.

T-1'.II.%. 0o# can (aith in reality $e yours #hile you are $ent on makin& it unrealD 2 3nd are you really sa(er in maintainin& the reality o( illusions than you #ould $e in Coyously acce,tin& truth (or #hat it is) and &i in& thanks (or itD 3 0onor the truth that has $een &i en you) and $e &lad you do not understand it. ! 4iracles are natural to the One 8ho s,eaks (or 1od. % "or 0is task is to translate the miracle into the kno#led&e #hich it re,resents) and #hich is hidden to you. ' ;et 0is understandin& o( the miracle $e enou&h (or you) and do not turn a#ay (rom all the #itnesses that 0e has &i en you to 0is reality. T-1'.II.'. No e idence #ill con ince you o( the truth o( #hat you do not #ant. 2 7et your relationshi, #ith 0im is real. 3 Re&ard this not #ith (ear) $ut #ith reCoicin&. ! The One you called u,on <is= #ith you. % Bid 0im #elcome) and honor the #itnesses #ho $rin& you the &lad tidin&s 0e has come. ' It is true) Cust as you (ear) that to ackno#led&e 0im is to deny all that you think you kno#. * But #hat you think you kno# #as ne er true. - 8hat &ain is there to you in clin&in& to it) and denyin& the e idence (or truthD : "or you ha e come too near to truth to renounce it no#) and you <#ill= yield to its com,ellin& attraction. 1> 7ou can delay this no#) $ut only a little #hile. 11 The 0ost o( 1od has called to you) and you ha e heard. 12 Ne er a&ain #ill you $e #holly #illin& not to listen. T-1'.II.*. This is a year o( Coy) in #hich your listenin& #ill increase and ,eace #ill &ro# #ith its increase. 2 The ,o#er o( holiness and the #eakness o( attack are $oth $ein& $rou&ht into your a#areness. ,333 3 3nd this has $een accom,lished in a mind (irmly con inced that holiness is #eakness and attack is ,o#er. ! 5hould not this $e a su((icient miracle to teach you that your Teacher is not o( youD % But remem$er also that #hene er you listened to 0is inter,retation the results ha e $rou&ht you Coy. ' 8ould you ,re(er the results o( your inter,retation) considerin& honestly #hat they ha e $eenD * 1od #ills you $etter. - Could you not look #ith &reater charity on #hom 1od lo es #ith ,er(ect ;o eD T-1'.II.-. Do not inter,ret a&ainst 1od+s ;o e) (or you ha e many #itnesses that s,eak o( it so clearly that only the $lind and dea( could (ail to see and hear them. 2 This year determine not to deny #hat has $een &i en you $y 1od. 3 3#ake and share it) (or that is the only reason 0e has called to you. ! 0is 6oice has s,oken clearly) and yet you ha e so little (aith in #hat you heard) $ecause you ha e ,re(erred to ,lace still &reater (aith in the disaster you ha e made. % Today) let us resol e to&ether to acce,t the Coy(ul tidin&s that disaster is not real and that reality is not disaster. ' Reality is sa(e and sure) and #holly kind to e eryone and e erythin&. * There is no &reater lo e than to

acce,t this and $e &lad. - "or lo e asks only that you $e ha,,y) and #ill &i e you e erythin& that makes (or ha,,iness. T-1'.II.:. 7ou ha e ne er &i en any ,ro$lem to the 0oly 5,irit 0e has not sol ed (or you) nor #ill you e er do so. 2 7ou ha e ne er tried to sol e anythin& yoursel( and $een success(ul. 3 Is it not time you $rou&ht these (acts to&ether and made sense o( themD ! This is the year (or the a,,lication o( the ideas that ha e $een &i en you. % "or the ideas are mi&hty (orces) to $e used and not held idly $y. ' They ha e already ,ro ed their ,o#er su((iciently (or you to ,lace your (aith in them) and not in their denial. * This year in est in truth) and let it #ork in ,eace. - 0a e (aith in 0im 8ho has (aith in you. : Think #hat you ha e really seen and heard) and reco&niAe it. 1> Can you $e alone #ith #itnesses like theseD III. T#e Re+ar! of Teac#in) T-1'.III.1. 8e ha e already learned that e eryone teaches) and teaches all the time. 2 7ou may ha e tau&ht #ell) and yet you may not ha e learned ho# to acce,t the com(ort o( your teachin&. 3 I( you #ill consider #hat you ha e tau&ht) and ho# alien it is to #hat you thou&ht you kne#) you #ill $e com,elled to realiAe that your Teacher came (rom $eyond your thou&ht system. ,33! ! There(ore 0e could look u,on it (airly) and ,ercei e it #as untrue. % 0e must ha e done so (rom the $asis o( a ery di((erent thou&ht system) and one #ith nothin& in common #ith yours. ' "or certainly #hat 0e has tau&ht) and #hat you ha e tau&ht throu&h 0im) ha e nothin& in common #ith #hat you tau&ht $e(ore 0e came. * 3nd the results ha e $een to $rin& ,eace #here there #as ,ain) and su((erin& has disa,,eared to $e re,laced $y Coy. T-1'.III.2. 7ou may ha e tau&ht (reedom) $ut you ha e not learned ho# to $e (ree. 2 I said earlier) 2By their (ruits ye shall kno# them) and they shall kno# themsel es.2 3 "or it is certain that you Cud&e yoursel( accordin& to your teachin&. ! The e&o+s teachin& ,roduces immediate results) $ecause its decisions are immediately acce,ted as your choice. % 3nd this acce,tance means that you are #illin& to Cud&e yoursel( accordin&ly. ' Cause and e((ect are ery clear in the e&o+s thou&ht system) $ecause all your learnin& has $een directed to#ard esta$lishin& the relationshi, $et#een them. * 3nd #ould you not ha e (aith in #hat you ha e so dili&ently tau&ht yoursel( to $elie eD - 7et remem$er ho# much care you ha e e/erted in choosin& its #itnesses) and in a oidin& those #hich s,oke (or the cause o( truth and its e((ects. T-1'.III.3. Does not the (act that you ha e not learned #hat you ha e tau&ht sho# you that you do not ,ercei e the 5onshi, as oneD 2 3nd does it not also sho# you that you do not re&ard <yoursel(= as oneD 3

"or it is im,ossi$le to teach success(ully #holly #ithout con iction) and it is equally im,ossi$le that con iction $e outside o( you. ! 7ou could ne er ha e tau&ht (reedom unless you did $elie e in it. % 3nd it must $e that #hat you tau&ht came (rom yoursel(. ' 7et this 5el( you clearly do not kno#) and do not reco&niAe It e en thou&h It (unctions. * 8hat (unctions must $e there. - 3nd it is only i( you deny #hat It has done that you could ,ossi$ly deny Its ?resence. T-1'.III.!. This is a course in ho# to kno# yoursel(. 2 7ou ha e tau&ht #hat you are) $ut ha e not let #hat you are teach you. 3 7ou ha e $een ery care(ul to a oid the o$ ious) and not to see the real cause and e((ect relationshi, that is ,er(ectly a,,arent. ! 7et #ithin you is e erythin& you tau&ht. % 8hat can it $e that has not learned itD ' It must $e this ,art that is really outside yoursel() not $y your o#n ,roCection) $ut in truth. * 3nd it is this ,art that you ha e taken in that is not you. - 8hat you acce,t into your mind does not really chan&e it. : Illusions are $ut $elie(s in #hat is not there. ,33% 1> 3nd the seemin& con(lict $et#een truth and illusion can only $e resol ed $y se,aratin& yoursel( (rom the illusion and not (rom truth. T-1'.III.%. 7our teachin& has already done this) (or the 0oly 5,irit is ,art o( you. 2 Created $y 1od) 0e le(t neither 1od nor 0is creation. 3 0e is $oth 1od and you) as you are 1od and 0im to&ether. ! "or 1od+s 3ns#er to the se,aration added more to you than you tried to take a#ay. % 0e ,rotected $oth your creations and you to&ether) kee,in& one #ith you #hat you #ould e/clude. ' 3nd they #ill take the ,lace o( #hat you took in to re,lace them. * They are quite real) as ,art o( the 5el( you do not kno#. - They communicate to you throu&h the 0oly 5,irit) and their ,o#er and &ratitude to you (or their creation they o((er &ladly to your teachin& o( yoursel() #ho is their home. : 7ou #ho are host to 1od are also host to them. 1> "or nothin& real has e er le(t the mind o( its creator. 11 3nd #hat is not real #as ne er there. T-1'.III.'. 7ou are not t#o sel es in con(lict. 2 8hat is $eyond 1odD 3 I( you #ho hold 0im and #hom 0e holds are the uni erse) all else must $e outside) #here nothin& is. ! 7ou ha e tau&ht this) and (rom (ar o(( in the uni erse) yet not $eyond yoursel() the #itnesses to your teachin& ha e &athered to hel, you learn. % Their &ratitude has Coined #ith yours and 1od+s to stren&then your (aith in #hat you tau&ht. ' "or #hat you tau&ht is true. * 3lone) you stand outside your teachin& and a,art (rom it. - But #ith them you must learn that you $ut tau&ht yoursel() and learned (rom the con iction you shared #ith them. T-1'.III.*. This year you #ill $e&in to learn) and make learnin& commensurate #ith teachin&. 2 7ou ha e chosen this $y your o#n #illin&ness to teach. 3 Thou&h you seemed to su((er (or it) the Coy o( teachin& #ill yet $e yours. ! "or the Coy o( teachin& is in the learner)

#ho o((ers it to the teacher in &ratitude) and shares it #ith him. % 3s you learn) your &ratitude to your 5el() 8ho teaches you #hat 0e is) #ill &ro# and hel, you honor 0im. ' 3nd you #ill learn 0is ,o#er and stren&th and ,urity) and lo e 0im as 0is "ather does. * 0is Gin&dom has no limits and no end) and there is nothin& in 0im that is not ,er(ect and eternal. - 3ll this is <you)= and nothin& outside o( this <is= you. T-1'.III.-. To your most holy 5el( all ,raise is due (or #hat you are) and (or #hat 0e is 8ho created you as you are. 2 5ooner or later must e eryone $rid&e the &a, he ima&ines e/ists $et#een his sel es. 3 @ach one $uilds this $rid&e) #hich carries him across the &a, as soon as he is #illin& to e/,end some little e((ort on $ehal( o( $rid&in& it. ,33' ! 0is little e((orts are ,o#er(ully su,,lemented $y the stren&th o( 0ea en) and $y the united #ill o( all #ho make 0ea en #hat it is) $ein& Coined #ithin it. % 3nd so the one #ho #ould cross o er is literally trans,orted there. T-1'.III.:. 7our $rid&e is $uilded stron&er than you think) and your (oot is ,lanted (irmly on it. 2 0a e no (ear that the attraction o( those #ho stand on the other side and #ait (or you #ill not dra# you sa(ely across. 3 "or you #ill come #here you #ould $e) and #here your 5el( a#aits you. I". T#e Ill'sion an! t#e Realit. of Love T-1'.I6.1. Be not a(raid to look u,on the s,ecial hate relationshi,) (or (reedom lies in lookin& at it. 2 It #ould $e im,ossi$le not to kno# the meanin& o( lo e) e/ce,t (or this. 3 "or the s,ecial lo e relationshi,) in #hich the meanin& o( lo e is hidden) is undertaken solely to o((set the hate) $ut not to let it &o. ! 7our sal ation #ill rise clearly $e(ore your o,en eyes as you look on this. % 7ou cannot limit hate. ' The s,ecial lo e relationshi, #ill not o((set it) $ut #ill merely dri e it under&round and out o( si&ht. * It is essential to $rin& it into si&ht) and to make no attem,t to hide it. - "or it is the attem,t to $alance hate #ith lo e that makes lo e meanin&less to you. : The e/tent o( the s,lit that lies in this you do not realiAe. 1> 3nd until you do) the s,lit #ill remain unreco&niAed) and there(ore unhealed. T-1'.I6.2. The sym$ols o( hate a&ainst the sym$ols o( lo e ,lay out a con(lict that does not e/ist. 2 "or sym$ols stand (or somethin& else) and the sym$ol o( lo e is #ithout meanin& i( lo e is e erythin&. 3 7ou #ill &o throu&h this last undoin& quite unharmed) and #ill at last emer&e as yoursel(. ! This is the last ste, in the readiness (or 1od. % Be not un#illin& no#9 you are too near) and you #ill cross the $rid&e in ,er(ect sa(ety) translated quietly (rom #ar to ,eace. ' "or the illusion o( lo e #ill ne er satis(y) $ut its reality) #hich a#aits you on the other side) #ill &i e you e erythin&.

T-1'.I6.3. The s,ecial lo e relationshi, is an attem,t to limit the destructi e e((ects o( hate $y (indin& a ha en in the storm o( &uilt. 2 It makes no attem,t to rise a$o e the storm) into the sunli&ht. 3 On the contrary) it em,hasiAes the &uilt outside the ha en $y attem,tin& to $uild $arricades a&ainst it) and kee, #ithin them. ,33* ! The s,ecial lo e relationshi, is not ,ercei ed as a alue in itsel() $ut as a ,lace o( sa(ety (rom #hich hatred is s,lit o(( and ke,t a,art. % The s,ecial lo e ,artner is acce,ta$le only as lon& as he ser es this ,ur,ose. ' 0atred can enter) and indeed is #elcome in some as,ects o( the relationshi,) $ut it is still held to&ether $y the illusion o( lo e. * I( the illusion &oes) the relationshi, is $roken or $ecomes unsatis(yin& on the &rounds o( disillusionment. T-1'.I6.!. ;o e is not an illusion. 2 It is a (act. 3 8here disillusionment is ,ossi$le) there #as not lo e $ut hate. ! "or hate <is= an illusion) and #hat can chan&e #as ne er lo e. % It is sure that those #ho select certain ones as ,artners in any as,ect o( li in&) and use them (or any ,ur,ose #hich they #ould not share #ith others) are tryin& to li e #ith &uilt rather than die o( it. ' This is the choice they see. * 3nd lo e) to them) is only an esca,e (rom death. - They seek it des,erately) $ut not in the ,eace in #hich it #ould &ladly come quietly to them. : 3nd #hen they (ind the (ear o( death is still u,on them) the lo e relationshi, loses the illusion that it is #hat it is not. 1> 8hen the $arricades a&ainst it are $roken) (ear rushes in and hatred trium,hs. T-1'.I6.%. There are no trium,hs o( lo e. 2 Only hate is at all concerned #ith the 2trium,h o( lo e.2 3 The illusion o( lo e can trium,h o er the illusion o( hate) $ut al#ays at the ,rice o( makin& $oth illusions. ! 3s lon& as the illusion o( hatred lasts) so lon& #ill lo e $e an illusion to you. % 3nd then the only choice remainin& ,ossi$le is #hich illusion you ,re(er. ' There <is= no con(lict in the choice $et#een truth and illusion. * 5een in these terms) no one #ould hesitate. - But con(lict enters the instant the choice seems to $e one $et#een illusions) $ut this choice does not matter. : 8here one choice is as dan&erous as the other) the decision must $e one o( des,air. T-1'.I6.'. 7our task is not to seek (or lo e) $ut merely to seek and (ind all o( the $arriers #ithin yoursel( that you ha e $uilt a&ainst it. 2 It is not necessary to seek (or #hat is true) $ut it <is= necessary to seek (or #hat is (alse. 3 @ ery illusion is one o( (ear) #hate er (orm it takes. ! 3nd the attem,t to esca,e (rom one illusion into another must (ail. % I( you seek lo e outside yoursel( you can $e certain that you ,ercei e hatred #ithin) and are a(raid o( it. ' 7et ,eace #ill ne er come (rom the illusion o( lo e) $ut only (rom its reality. T-1'.I6.*. Reco&niAe this) (or it is true) and truth must $e reco&niAed i( it is to $e distin&uished (rom illusion. The s,ecial lo e relationshi, is an

attem,t to $rin& lo e into se,aration. 2 3nd) as such) it is nothin& more than an attem,t to $rin& lo e into (ear) and make it real in (ear. ,33- 3 In (undamental iolation o( lo e+s one condition) the s,ecial lo e relationshi, #ould accom,lish the im,ossi$le. ! 0o# $ut in illusion could this $e doneD % It is essential that #e look ery closely at e/actly #hat it is you think you can do to sol e the dilemma #hich seems ery real to you) $ut #hich does not e/ist. ' 7ou ha e come close to truth) and only this stands $et#een you and the $rid&e that leads you into it. T-1'.I6.-. 0ea en #aits silently) and your creations are holdin& out their hands to hel, you cross and #elcome them. 2 "or it is they you seek. 3 7ou seek $ut (or your o#n com,letion) and it is they #ho render you com,lete. ! The s,ecial lo e relationshi, is $ut a sha$$y su$stitute (or #hat makes you #hole in truth) not in illusion. % 7our relationshi, #ith them is #ithout &uilt) and this ena$les you to look on all your $rothers #ith &ratitude) $ecause your creations #ere created in union #ith them. ' 3cce,tance o( your creations is the acce,tance o( the Oneness o( creation) #ithout #hich you could ne er $e com,lete. * No s,ecialness can o((er you #hat 1od has &i en) and #hat you are Coined #ith 0im in &i in&. T-1'.I6.:. 3cross the $rid&e is your com,letion) (or you #ill $e #holly in 1od) #illin& (or nothin& s,ecial) $ut only to $e #holly like to 0im) com,letin& 0im $y your com,letion. 2 "ear not to cross to the a$ode o( ,eace and ,er(ect holiness. 3 Only there is the com,letion o( 1od and o( 0is 5on esta$lished (ore er. ! 5eek not (or this in the $leak #orld o( illusion) #here nothin& is certain and #here e erythin& (ails to satis(y. % In the Name o( 1od) $e #holly #illin& to a$andon all illusions. ' In any relationshi, in #hich you are #holly #illin& to acce,t com,letion) and only this) there is 1od com,leted) and 0is 5on #ith 0im. T-1'.I6.1>. The $rid&e that leads to union in yoursel( <must= lead to kno#led&e) (or it #as $uilt #ith 1od $eside you) and #ill lead you strai&ht to 0im #here your com,letion rests) #holly com,ati$le #ith 0is. 2 @ ery illusion you acce,t into your mind $y Cud&in& it to $e attaina$le remo es your o#n sense o( com,letion) and thus denies the 8holeness o( your "ather. 3 @ ery (antasy) $e it o( lo e or hate) de,ri es you o( kno#led&e (or (antasies are the eil $ehind #hich truth is hidden. ! To li(t the eil that seems so dark and hea y) it is only need(ul to alue truth $eyond all (antasy) and to $e entirely un#illin& to settle (or illusion in ,lace o( truth. T-1'.I6.11. 8ould you not &o throu&h (ear to lo eD 2 "or such the Courney seems to $e. ,33: 3 ;o e calls) $ut hate #ould ha e you stay. ! 0ear not the call o( hate) and see no (antasies. % "or your com,letion lies in truth) and no#here else. ' 5ee in the call o( hate) and in e ery (antasy that rises to delay you) $ut the call (or hel, that rises

ceaselessly (rom you to your Creator. * 8ould 0e not ans#er you #hose com,letion is 0isD - 0e lo es you) #holly #ithout illusion) as you must lo e. : "or lo e <is= #holly #ithout illusion) and there(ore #holly #ithout (ear. 1> 8hom 1od remem$ers must $e #hole. 11 3nd 1od has ne er (or&otten #hat makes 0im #hole. 12 In your com,letion lie the memory o( 0is 8holeness and 0is &ratitude to you (or 0is com,letion. 13 In 0is link #ith you lie $oth 0is ina$ility to (or&et and your a$ility to remem$er. 1! In 0im are Coined your #illin&ness to lo e and all the ;o e o( 1od) 8ho (or&ot you not. T-1'.I6.12. 7our "ather can no more (or&et the truth in you than you can (ail to remem$er it. 2 The 0oly 5,irit is the Brid&e to 0im) made (rom your #illin&ness to unite #ith 0im and created $y 0is Coy in union #ith you. 3 The Courney that seemed endless is almost com,lete) (or #hat <is= endless is ery near. ! 7ou ha e almost reco&niAed it. % Turn #ith me (irmly a#ay (rom all illusions no#) and let nothin& stand in the #ay o( truth. ' 8e #ill take the last useless Courney a#ay (rom truth to&ether) and then to&ether #e &o strai&ht to 1od) in Coyous ans#er to 0is Call (or 0is com,letion. T-1'.I6.13. I( s,ecial relationshi,s o( any kind #ould hinder 1od+s com,letion) can they ha e any alue to youD 2 8hat #ould inter(ere #ith 1od must inter(ere #ith you. 3 Only in time does inter(erence in 1od+s com,letion seem to $e ,ossi$le. ! The $rid&e that 0e #ould carry you across li(ts you (rom time into eternity. % 8aken (rom time) and ans#er (earlessly the Call o( 0im 8ho &a e eternity to you in your creation. ' On this side o( the $rid&e to timelessness you understand nothin&. * But as you ste, li&htly across it) u,held <$y= timelessness) you are directed strai&ht to the 0eart o( 1od. - 3t its center) and only there) you are sa(e (ore er) $ecause you are com,lete (ore er. : There is no eil the ;o e o( 1od in us to&ether cannot li(t. 1> The #ay to truth is o,en. 11 "ollo# it #ith me. ,3!> ". T#e C#oice for Co pletion T-1'.6.1. In lookin& at the s,ecial relationshi,) it is necessary (irst to realiAe that it in ol es a &reat amount o( ,ain. 2 3n/iety) des,air) &uilt and attack all enter into it) $roken into $y ,eriods in #hich they seem to $e &one. 3 3ll these must $e understood (or #hat they are. ! 8hate er (orm they take) they are al#ays an attack on the sel( to make the other &uilty. % I ha e s,oken o( this $e(ore) $ut there are some as,ects o( #hat is really $ein& attem,ted that ha e not $een touched u,on. T-1'.6.2. 6ery sim,ly) the attem,t to make &uilty is al#ays directed a&ainst 1od. 2 "or the e&o #ould ha e you see 0im) and 0im alone) as &uilty) lea in& the 5onshi, o,en to attack and un,rotected (rom it. 3

The s,ecial lo e relationshi, is the e&o+s chie( #ea,on (or kee,in& you (rom 0ea en. ! It does not a,,ear to $e a #ea,on) $ut i( you consider ho# you alue it and #hy) you #ill realiAe #hat it must $e. T-1'.6.3. The s,ecial lo e relationshi, is the e&o+s most $oasted &i(t) and one #hich has the most a,,eal to those un#illin& to relinquish &uilt. 2 The 2dynamics2 o( the e&o are clearest here) (or countin& on the attraction o( this o((erin&) the (antasies that center around it are o(ten quite o ert. 3 0ere they are usually Cud&ed to $e acce,ta$le and e en natural. ! No one considers it $iAarre to lo e and hate to&ether) and e en those #ho $elie e that hate is sin merely (eel &uilty) $ut do not correct it. % This is the 2natural2 condition o( the se,aration) and those #ho learn that it is not natural at all seem to $e the unnatural ones. ' "or this #orld <is= the o,,osite o( 0ea en) $ein& made to $e its o,,osite) and e erythin& here takes a direction e/actly o,,osite o( #hat is true. * In 0ea en) #here the meanin& o( lo e is kno#n) lo e is the same as union. - 0ere) #here the illusion o( lo e is acce,ted in lo e+s ,lace) lo e is ,ercei ed as se,aration and e/clusion. T-1'.6.!. It is in the s,ecial relationshi,) $orn o( the hidden #ish (or s,ecial lo e (rom 1od) that the e&o+s hatred trium,hs. 2 "or the s,ecial relationshi, is the renunciation o( the ;o e o( 1od) and the attem,t to secure (or the sel( the s,ecialness that 0e denied. 3 It is essential to the ,reser ation o( the e&o that you $elie e this s,ecialness is not hell) $ut 0ea en. ! "or the e&o #ould ne er ha e you see that se,aration could only $e loss) $ein& the one condition in #hich 0ea en could not $e. T-1'.6.%. To e eryone 0ea en is com,letion. 2 There can $e no disa&reement on this) $ecause $oth the e&o and the 0oly 5,irit acce,t it. ,3!1 3 They are) ho#e er) in com,lete disa&reement on #hat com,letion is) and ho# it is accom,lished. ! The 0oly 5,irit kno#s that com,letion lies (irst in union) and then in the e/tension o( union. % To the e&o com,letion lies in trium,h) and in the e/tension o( the 2 ictory2 e en to the (inal trium,h o er 1od. ' In this it sees the ultimate (reedom o( the sel() (or nothin& #ould remain to inter(ere #ith the e&o. * This is its idea o( 0ea en. - 3nd there(ore union) #hich is a condition in #hich the e&o cannot inter(ere) must $e hell. T-1'.6.'. The s,ecial relationshi, is a stran&e and unnatural e&o de ice (or Coinin& hell and 0ea en) and makin& them indistin&uisha$le. 2 3nd the attem,t to (ind the ima&ined 2$est2 o( $oth #orlds has merely led to (antasies o( $oth) and to the ina$ility to ,ercei e either as it is. 3 The s,ecial relationshi, is the trium,h o( this con(usion. ! It is a kind o( union (rom #hich union is e/cluded) and the $asis (or the attem,t at union rests on e/clusion. % 8hat $etter e/am,le could there $e o( the e&o+s ma/im) 25eek $ut do not (ind2D

T-1'.6.*. 4ost curious o( all is the conce,t o( the sel( #hich the e&o (osters in the s,ecial relationshi,. 2 This 2sel(2 seeks the relationshi, to make itsel( com,lete. 3 7et #hen it (inds the s,ecial relationshi, in #hich it thinks it can accom,lish this it &i es itsel( a#ay) and tries to 2trade2 itsel( (or the sel( o( another. ! This is not union) (or there is no increase and no e/tension. % @ach ,artner tries to sacri(ice the sel( he does not #ant (or one he thinks he #ould ,re(er. ' 3nd he (eels &uilty (or the 2sin2 o( takin&) and o( &i in& nothin& o( alue in return. * 0o# much alue can he ,lace u,on a sel( that he #ould &i e a#ay to &et a 2$etter2 oneD T-1'.6.-. The 2$etter2 sel( the e&o seeks is al#ays one that is more s,ecial. 2 3nd #hoe er seems to ,ossess a s,ecial sel( is 2lo ed2 (or #hat can $e taken (rom him. 3 8here $oth ,artners see this s,ecial sel( in each other) the e&o sees 2a union made in 0ea en.2 ! "or neither one #ill reco&niAe that he has asked (or hell) and so he #ill not inter(ere #ith the e&o+s illusion o( 0ea en) #hich it o((ered him to inter(ere #ith 0ea en. % 7et i( all illusions are o( (ear) and they can $e o( nothin& else) the illusion o( 0ea en is nothin& more than an 2attracti e2 (orm o( (ear) in #hich the &uilt is $uried dee, and rises in the (orm o( 2lo e.2 T-1'.6.:. The a,,eal o( hell lies only in the terri$le attraction o( &uilt) #hich the e&o holds out to those #ho ,lace their (aith in littleness. ,3!2 2 The con iction o( littleness lies in e ery s,ecial relationshi,) (or only the de,ri ed could alue s,ecialness. 3 The demand (or s,ecialness) and the ,erce,tion o( the &i in& o( s,ecialness as an act o( lo e) #ould make lo e hate(ul. ! The real ,ur,ose o( the s,ecial relationshi,) in strict accordance #ith the e&o+s &oals) is to destroy reality and su$stitute illusion. % "or the e&o is itsel( an illusion) and only illusions can $e the #itnesses to its 2reality.2 T-1'.6.1>. I( you ,ercei ed the s,ecial relationshi, as a trium,h o er 1od) #ould you #ant itD 2 ;et us not think o( its (ear(ul nature) nor o( the &uilt it must entail) nor o( the sadness and the loneliness. 3 "or these are only attri$utes o( the #hole reli&ion o( se,aration) and o( the total conte/t in #hich it is thou&ht to occur. ! The central theme in its litany to sacri(ice is that 1od must die so you can li e. % 3nd it is this theme that is acted out in the s,ecial relationshi,. ' Throu&h the death o( your sel( you think you can attack another sel() and snatch it (rom the other to re,lace the sel( that you des,ise. * 3nd you des,ise it $ecause you do not think it o((ers the s,ecialness that you demand. 3nd hatin& it you ha e made it little and un#orthy) $ecause you are a(raid o( it. T-1'.6.11. 0o# can you &rant unlimited ,o#er to #hat you think you ha e attackedD 2 5o (ear(ul has the truth $ecome to you that unless it

is #eak and little) and un#orthy o( alue) you #ould not dare to look u,on it. 3 7ou think it sa(er to endo# the little sel( you made #ith ,o#er you #rested (rom truth) trium,hin& o er it and lea in& it hel,less. ! 5ee ho# e/actly is this ritual enacted in the s,ecial relationshi,. % 3n altar is erected in $et#een t#o se,arate ,eo,le) on #hich each seeks to kill his sel() and on his $ody raise another sel( to take its ,o#er (rom his death. ' O er and o er and o er this ritual is enacted. * 3nd it is ne er com,leted) nor e er #ill $e com,leted. - The ritual o( com,letion cannot com,lete) (or li(e arises not (rom death) nor 0ea en (rom hell. T-1'.6.12. 8hene er any (orm o( s,ecial relationshi, tem,ts you to seek (or lo e in ritual) remem$er lo e is content) and not (orm o( any kind. 2 The s,ecial relationshi, is a ritual o( (orm) aimed at raisin& the (orm to take the ,lace o( 1od at the e/,ense o( content. 3 There is no meanin& in the (orm) and there #ill ne er $e. ! The s,ecial relationshi, must $e reco&niAed (or #hat it is9 a senseless ritual in #hich stren&th is e/tracted (rom the death o( 1od) and in ested in 0is killer as the si&n that (orm has trium,hed o er content) and lo e has lost its meanin&. % 8ould you #ant this to $e ,ossi$le) e en a,art (rom its e ident im,ossi$ilityD ' I( it #ere ,ossi$le) you #ould ha e made yoursel( hel,less. ,3!3 * 1od is not an&ry. - 0e merely could not let this ha,,en. : 7ou cannot chan&e 0is 4ind. 1> No rituals that you ha e set u, in #hich the dance o( death deli&hts you can $rin& death to the eternal. 11 Nor can your chosen su$stitute (or the 8holeness o( 1od ha e any in(luence at all u,on it. T-1'.6.13. 5ee in the s,ecial relationshi, nothin& more than a meanin&less attem,t to raise other &ods $e(ore 0im) and $y #orshi,,in& them to o$scure their tininess and 0is &reatness. 2 In the name o( your com,letion you do not #ant this. 3 "or e ery idol that you raise to ,lace $e(ore 0im stands $e(ore <you)= in ,lace o( #hat you are. T-1'.6.1!. 5al ation lies in the sim,le (act that illusions are not (ear(ul $ecause they are not true. 2 They $ut seem to $e (ear(ul to the e/tent to #hich you (ail to reco&niAe them (or #hat they are9 and you #ill (ail to do this to the e/tent to #hich you <#ant= them to $e true. 3 3nd to the same e/tent you are denyin& truth) and so are (ailin& to make the sim,le choice $et#een truth and illusion9 1od and (antasy. ! Remem$er this) and you #ill ha e no di((iculty in ,ercei in& the decision as Cust #hat it is) and nothin& more. T-1'.6.1%. The core o( the se,aration illusion lies sim,ly in the (antasy o( destruction o( lo e+s meanin&. 2 3nd unless lo e+s meanin& is restored to you) you cannot kno# yoursel( #ho share its meanin&. 3 5e,aration is only the decision <not= to kno# yoursel(. ! This #hole

thou&ht system is a care(ully contri ed learnin& e/,erience) desi&ned to lead a#ay (rom truth and into (antasy. % 7et (or e ery learnin& that #ould hurt you) 1od o((ers you correction and com,lete esca,e (rom all its consequences. T-1'.6.1'. The decision #hether or not to listen to this course and (ollo# it is $ut the choice $et#een truth and illusion. 2 "or here is truth) se,arated (rom illusion and not con(used #ith it at all. 3 0o# sim,le does this choice $ecome #hen it is ,ercei ed as only #hat it is. ! "or only (antasies make con(usion in choosin& ,ossi$le) and they are totally unreal. T-1'.6.1*. This year is thus the time to make the easiest decision that e er con(ronted you) and also the only one. 2 7ou #ill cross the $rid&e into reality sim,ly $ecause you #ill reco&niAe that 1od is on the other side) and nothin& at all is here. 3 It is im,ossi$le not to make the natural decision as this is realiAed. ,3!! "I. T#e -ri!)e to t#e Real &orl! T-1'.6I.1. The search (or the s,ecial relationshi, is the si&n that you equate yoursel( #ith the e&o and not #ith 1od. 2 "or the s,ecial relationshi, has alue only to the e&o. 3 To the e&o) unless a relationshi, has s,ecial alue it has no meanin&) (or it ,ercei es all lo e as s,ecial. ! 7et this cannot $e natural) (or it is unlike the relationshi, o( 1od and 0is 5on) and all relationshi,s that are unlike this one <must= $e unnatural. % "or 1od created lo e as 0e #ould ha e it $e) and &a e it as it is. ' ;o e has no meanin& e/ce,t as its Creator de(ined it $y 0is 8ill. * It is im,ossi$le to de(ine it other#ise and understand it. T-1'.6I.2. ;o e is (reedom. 2 To look (or it $y ,lacin& yoursel( in $onda&e is to se,arate yoursel( (rom it. 3 "or the ;o e o( 1od) no lon&er seek (or union in se,aration) nor (or (reedom in $onda&eJ ! 3s you release) so #ill you $e released. % "or&et this not) or ;o e #ill $e una$le to (ind you and com(ort you. T-1'.6I.3. There is a #ay in #hich the 0oly 5,irit asks your hel,) i( you #ould ha e 0is. 2 The holy instant is 0is most hel,(ul aid in ,rotectin& you (rom the attraction o( &uilt) the real lure in the s,ecial relationshi,. 3 7ou do not reco&niAe that this is its real a,,eal) (or the e&o has tau&ht you that (reedom lies in it. ! 7et the closer you look at the s,ecial relationshi,) the more a,,arent it $ecomes that it must (oster &uilt and there(ore must im,rison. T-1'.6I.!. The s,ecial relationshi, is totally meanin&less #ithout a $ody. 2 I( you alue it) you must also alue the $ody. 3 3nd #hat you alue you #ill kee,. ! The s,ecial relationshi, is a de ice (or limitin& your sel( to a $ody) and (or limitin& your ,erce,tion o( others to theirs.

% The 1reat Rays #ould esta$lish the total lack o( alue o( the s,ecial relationshi,) i( they #ere seen. ' "or in seein& them the $ody #ould disa,,ear) $ecause its alue #ould $e lost. * 3nd so your #hole in estment in seein& it #ould $e #ithdra#n (rom it. T-1'.6I.%. 7ou see the #orld you alue. 2 On this side o( the $rid&e you see the #orld o( se,arate $odies) seekin& to Coin each other in se,arate unions and to $ecome one $y losin&. 3 8hen t#o indi iduals seek to $ecome one) they are tryin& to decrease their ma&nitude. ! @ach #ould deny his ,o#er) (or the se,arate union e/cludes the uni erse. % "ar more is le(t outside than #ould $e taken in) (or 1od is le(t #ithout and <nothin&= taken in. ' I( one such union #ere made in ,er(ect (aith) the uni erse #ould enter into it. * 7et the s,ecial relationshi, the e&o seeks does not include e en one #hole indi idual. ,3!% - The e&o #ants $ut ,art o( him) and sees only this ,art and nothin& else. T-1'.6I.'. 3cross the $rid&e it is so di((erentJ 2 "or a time the $ody is still seen) $ut not e/clusi ely) as it is seen here. 3 The little s,ark that holds the 1reat Rays #ithin it is also isi$le) and this s,ark cannot $e limited lon& to littleness. ! Once you ha e crossed the $rid&e) the alue o( the $ody is so diminished in your si&ht that you #ill see no need at all to ma&ni(y it. % "or you #ill realiAe that the only alue the $ody has is to ena$le you to $rin& your $rothers to the $rid&e #ith you) and to $e released to&ether there. T-1'.6I.*. The $rid&e itsel( is nothin& more than a transition in the ,ers,ecti e o( reality. 2 On this side) e erythin& you see is &rossly distorted and com,letely out o( ,ers,ecti e. 3 8hat is little and insi&ni(icant is ma&ni(ied) and #hat is stron& and ,o#er(ul cut do#n to littleness. ! In the transition there is a ,eriod o( con(usion) in #hich a sense o( actual disorientation may occur. % But (ear it not) (or it means only that you ha e $een #illin& to let &o your hold on the distorted (rame o( re(erence that seemed to hold your #orld to&ether. ' This (rame o( re(erence is $uilt around the s,ecial relationshi,. * 8ithout this illusion there could $e no meanin& you #ould still seek here. T-1'.6I.-. "ear not that you #ill $e a$ru,tly li(ted u, and hurled into reality. 2 Time is kind) and i( you use it on $ehal( o( reality) it #ill kee, &entle ,ace #ith you in your transition. 3 The ur&ency is only in dislod&in& your mind (rom its (i/ed ,osition here. ! This #ill not lea e you homeless and #ithout a (rame o( re(erence. % The ,eriod o( disorientation) #hich ,recedes the actual transition) is (ar shorter than the time it took to (i/ your mind so (irmly on illusions. ' Delay #ill hurt you no# more than $e(ore) only $ecause you realiAe it <is= delay) and that esca,e (rom ,ain is really ,ossi$le. * "ind ho,e and com(ort) rather than des,air) in this. 7ou could not lon& (ind e en the illusion o(

lo e in any s,ecial relationshi, here. - "or you are no lon&er #holly insane) and you #ould soon reco&niAe the &uilt o( sel(-$etrayal (or #hat it is. T-1'.6I.:. Nothin& you seek to stren&then in the s,ecial relationshi, is really ,art o( you. 2 3nd you cannot kee, ,art o( the thou&ht system that tau&ht you it #as real) and understand the Thou&ht that <kno#s= #hat you are. 3 7ou ha e allo#ed the Thou&ht o( your reality to enter your mind) and $ecause you in ited it) it #ill a$ide #ith you. ! 7our lo e (or it #ill not allo# you to $etray yoursel() and you could not enter into a relationshi, #here it could not &o #ith you) (or you #ould not #ant to $e a,art (rom it. ,3!' T-1'.6I.1>. Be &lad you ha e esca,ed the mockery o( sal ation the e&o o((ered you) and look not $ack #ith lon&in& on the tra esty it made o( your relationshi,s. 2 No# no one need su((er) (or you ha e come too (ar to yield to the illusion o( the $eauty and holiness o( &uilt. 3 Only the #holly insane could look on death and su((erin&) sickness and des,air) and see it thus. ! 8hat &uilt has #rou&ht is u&ly) (ear(ul and ery dan&erous. % 5ee no illusion o( truth and $eauty there. ' 3nd $e you thank(ul that there <is= a ,lace #here truth and $eauty #ait (or you. * 1o on to meet them &ladly) and learn ho# much a#aits you (or the sim,le #illin&ness to &i e u, nothin& <$ecause= it is nothin&. T-1'.6I.11. The ne# ,ers,ecti e you #ill &ain (rom crossin& o er #ill $e the understandin& o( #here 0ea en <is.= 2 "rom this side) it seems to $e outside and across the $rid&e. 3 7et as you cross to Coin it) it #ill Coin #ith you and $ecome one #ith you. ! 3nd you #ill think) in &lad astonishment) that (or all this you &a e u, <nothin&J= % The Coy o( 0ea en) #hich has no limit) is increased #ith each li&ht that returns to take its ri&ht(ul ,lace #ithin it. ' 8ait no lon&er) (or the ;o e o( 1od and <you.= * 3nd may the holy instant s,eed you on the #ay) as it #ill surely do i( you $ut let it come to you. T-1'.6I.12. The 0oly 5,irit asks only this little hel, o( you. 8hene er your thou&hts #ander to a s,ecial relationshi, #hich still attracts you) enter #ith 0im into a holy instant) and there let 0im release you. 2 0e needs only your #illin&ness to share 0is ,ers,ecti e to &i e it to you com,letely. 3 3nd your #illin&ness need not $e com,lete $ecause 0is is ,er(ect. ! It is 0is task to atone (or your un#illin&ness $y 0is ,er(ect (aith) and it is 0is (aith you share #ith 0im there. % Out o( your reco&nition o( your un#illin&ness (or your release) 0is ,er(ect #illin&ness is &i en you. ' Call u,on 0im) (or 0ea en is at 0is Call. * 3nd let 0im call on 0ea en (or you. "II. T#e En! of Ill'sions

T-1'.6II.1. It is im,ossi$le to let the ,ast &o #ithout relinquishin& the s,ecial relationshi,. 2 "or the s,ecial relationshi, is an attem,t to reenact the ,ast and chan&e it. 3 Ima&ined sli&hts) remem$ered ,ain) ,ast disa,,ointments) ,ercei ed inCustices and de,ri ations all enter into the s,ecial relationshi,) #hich $ecomes a #ay in #hich you seek to restore your #ounded sel(-esteem. ,3!* ! 8hat $asis #ould you ha e (or choosin& a s,ecial ,artner #ithout the ,astD % @ ery such choice is made $ecause o( somethin& 2e il2 in the ,ast to #hich you clin&) and (or #hich must someone else atone. T-1'.6II.2. The s,ecial relationshi, takes en&eance on the ,ast. 2 By seekin& to remo e su((erin& in the ,ast) it o erlooks the ,resent in its ,reoccu,ation #ith the ,ast and its total commitment to it. 3 No s,ecial relationshi, is e/,erienced in the ,resent. ! 5hades o( the ,ast en elo, it) and make it #hat it is. % It has no meanin& in the ,resent) and i( it means nothin& no#) it cannot ha e any real meanin& at all. ' 0o# can you chan&e the ,ast e/ce,t in (antasyD * 3nd #ho can &i e you #hat you think the ,ast de,ri ed you o(D - The ,ast is nothin&. : Do not seek to lay the $lame (or de,ri ation on it) (or the ,ast is &one. 1> 7ou cannot really <not= let &o #hat has already &one. 11 It must $e) there(ore) that you are maintainin& the illusion that it has not &one $ecause you think it ser es some ,ur,ose that you #ant (ul(illed. 12 3nd it must also $e that this ,ur,ose could not $e (ul(illed in the ,resent) $ut only in the ,ast. T-1'.6II.3. Do not underestimate the intensity o( the e&o+s dri e (or en&eance on the ,ast. 2 It is com,letely sa a&e and com,letely insane. 3 "or the e&o remem$ers e erythin& you ha e done that has o((ended it) and seeks retri$ution o( you. ! The (antasies it $rin&s to its chosen relationshi,s in #hich to act out its hate are (antasies o( your destruction. % "or the e&o holds the ,ast a&ainst you) and in your esca,e (rom the ,ast it sees itsel( de,ri ed o( the en&eance it $elie es you so Custly merit. ' 7et #ithout your alliance in your o#n destruction) the e&o could not hold you to the ,ast. * In the s,ecial relationshi, you are allo#in& your destruction to $e. - That this is insane is o$ ious. : But #hat is less o$ ious is that the ,resent is useless to you #hile you ,ursue the e&o+s &oal as its ally. T-1'.6II.!. The ,ast is &one9 seek not to ,reser e it in the s,ecial relationshi, that $inds you to it) and #ould teach you sal ation is ,ast and so you must return to the ,ast to (ind sal ation. 2 There is no (antasy that does not contain the dream o( retri$ution (or the ,ast. 3 8ould you act out the dream) or let it &oD T-1'.6II.%. In the s,ecial relationshi, it does not seem to $e an actin& out o( en&eance that you seek. 2 3nd e en #hen the hatred and the sa a&ery $reak $rie(ly throu&h) the illusion o( lo e is not ,ro(oundly

shaken. 3 7et the one thin& the e&o ne er allo#s to reach a#areness is that the s,ecial relationshi, is the actin& out o( en&eance on yoursel(. ,3!- ! 7et #hat else could it $eD % In seekin& the s,ecial relationshi,) you look not (or &lory in yoursel(. ' 7ou ha e denied that it is there) and the relationshi, $ecomes your su$stitute (or it. * 3nd en&eance $ecomes your su$stitute (or 3tonement) and the esca,e (rom en&eance $ecomes your loss. T-1'.6II.'. 3&ainst the e&o+s insane notion o( sal ation the 0oly 5,irit &ently lays the holy instant. 2 8e said $e(ore that the 0oly 5,irit must teach throu&h com,arisons) and uses o,,osites to ,oint to truth. 3 The holy instant is the o,,osite o( the e&o+s (i/ed $elie( in sal ation throu&h en&eance (or the ,ast. ! In the holy instant it is understood that the ,ast is &one) and #ith its ,assin& the dri e (or en&eance has $een u,rooted and has disa,,eared. % The stillness and the ,eace o( <no#= en(old you in ,er(ect &entleness. ' @ erythin& is &one e/ce,t the truth. T-1'.6II.*. "or a time you may attem,t to $rin& illusions into the holy instant) to hinder your (ull a#areness o( the com,lete di((erence) in all res,ects) $et#een your e/,erience o( truth and illusion. 2 7et you #ill not attem,t this lon&. 3 In the holy instant the ,o#er o( the 0oly 5,irit #ill ,re ail) $ecause you Coined 0im. ! The illusions you $rin& #ith you #ill #eaken the e/,erience o( 0im (or a #hile) and #ill ,re ent you (rom kee,in& the e/,erience in your mind. % 7et the holy instant is eternal) and your illusions o( time #ill not ,re ent the timeless (rom $ein& #hat it is) nor you (rom e/,eriencin& it as it is. T-1'.6II.-. 8hat 1od has &i en you is truly &i en) and #ill $e truly recei ed. 2 "or 1od+s &i(ts ha e no reality a,art (rom your recei in& them. 3 7our recei in& com,letes 0is &i in&. ! 7ou #ill recei e <$ecause= it is 0is 8ill to &i e. % 0e &a e the holy instant to $e &i en you) and it is im,ossi$le that you recei e it not <$ecause= 0e &a e it. ' 8hen 0e #illed that 0is 5on $e (ree) 0is 5on <#as= (ree. * In the holy instant is 0is reminder that 0is 5on #ill al#ays $e e/actly as he #as created. - 3nd e erythin& the 0oly 5,irit teaches is to remind you that you ha e recei ed #hat 1od has &i en you. T-1'.6II.:. There is nothin& you can hold a&ainst reality. 2 3ll that must $e (or&i en are the illusions you ha e held a&ainst your $rothers. 3 Their reality has no ,ast) and only illusions can $e (or&i en. ! 1od holds nothin& a&ainst anyone) (or 0e is inca,a$le o( illusions o( any kind. % Release your $rothers (rom the sla ery o( their illusions $y (or&i in& them (or the illusions you ,ercei e in them. ' Thus #ill you learn that you ha e $een (or&i en) (or it is you #ho o((ered them illusions. ,3!: * In the holy instant this is done (or you in time) to $rin& you the true condition o( 0ea en.

T-1'.6II.1>. Remem$er that you al#ays choose $et#een truth and illusion9 $et#een the real 3tonement that #ould heal and the e&o+s 2atonement2 that #ould destroy. 2 The ,o#er o( 1od and all 0is ;o e) #ithout limit) #ill su,,ort you as you seek only your ,lace in the ,lan o( 3tonement arisin& (rom 0is ;o e. 3 Be an ally o( 1od and not the e&o in seekin& ho# 3tonement can come to you. ! 0is hel, su((ices) (or 0is 4essen&er understands ho# to restore the Gin&dom to you) and to ,lace all your in estment in sal ation in your relationshi, #ith 0im. T-1'.6II.11. 5eek and (ind= 0is messa&e in the holy instant) #here all illusions are (or&i en. 2 "rom there the miracle e/tends to $less e eryone and to resol e all ,ro$lems) $e they ,ercei ed as &reat or small) ,ossi$le or im,ossi$le. 3 There is nothin& that #ill not &i e ,lace to 0im and to 0is 4aCesty. ! To Coin in close relationshi, #ith 0im is to acce,t relationshi,s as real) and throu&h their reality to &i e o er all illusions (or the reality o( your relationshi, #ith 1od. % ?raise $e to your relationshi, #ith 0im and to no other. ' The truth lies there and no#here else. * 7ou choose this or nothin&. T-1'.6II.12. <"or&i e us our illusions) "ather) and hel, us to acce,t our true relationshi, #ith 7ou) in #hich there are no illusions) and #here none can e er enter. 2 Our holiness is 7ours. 3 8hat can there $e in us that needs (or&i eness #hen 7ours is ,er(ectD ! The slee, o( (or&et(ulness is only the un#illin&ness to remem$er 7our (or&i eness and 7our ;o e. % ;et us not #ander into tem,tation) (or the tem,tation o( the 5on o( 1od is not 7our 8ill. ' 3nd let us recei e only #hat 7ou ha e &i en) and acce,t $ut this into the minds #hich 7ou created and #hich 7ou lo e. * 3men.= ,3%> Cha,ter 1*. FORGI"ENESS AN$ THE HOL7 RELATIONSHIP I. -rin)in) Fantas. to Tr't# T-1*.I.1. The $etrayal o( the 5on o( 1od lies only in illusions) and all his 2sins2 are $ut his o#n ima&inin&. 2 0is reality is (ore er sinless. 3 0e need not $e (or&i en $ut a#akened. ! In his dreams he has $etrayed himsel() his $rothers and his 1od. % 7et #hat is done in dreams has not $een really done. ' It is im,ossi$le to con ince the dreamer that this is so) (or dreams are #hat they are <$ecause= o( their illusion o( reality. * Only in #akin& is the (ull release (rom them) (or only then does it $ecome ,er(ectly a,,arent that they had no e((ect u,on reality at all) and did not chan&e it. - "antasies chan&e reality. : That is their ,ur,ose. 1> They cannot do so in reality) $ut they <can= do so in the mind that #ould ha e reality $e di((erent.

T-1*.I.2. It is) then) only your #ish to chan&e reality that is (ear(ul) $ecause $y your #ish you think you ha e accom,lished #hat you #ish. 2 This stran&e ,osition) in a sense) ackno#led&es your ,o#er. 3 7et $y distortin& it and de otin& it to 2e il)2 it also makes it unreal. ! 7ou cannot $e (aith(ul to t#o masters #ho ask con(lictin& thin&s o( you. % 8hat you use in (antasy you deny to truth. ' 7et #hat you &i e to truth to use (or you is sa(e (rom (antasy. T-1*.I.3. 8hen you maintain that there must $e an order o( di((iculty in miracles) all you mean is that there are some thin&s you #ould #ithhold (rom truth. 2 7ou $elie e truth cannot deal #ith them only $ecause you #ould kee, them (rom truth. 3 6ery sim,ly) your lack o( (aith in the ,o#er that heals all ,ain arises (rom your #ish to retain some as,ects o( reality (or (antasy. ! I( you $ut realiAed #hat this must do to your a,,reciation o( the #holeJ % 8hat you reser e (or yoursel() you take a#ay (rom 0im 8ho #ould release you. ' Unless you &i e it $ack) it is ine ita$le that your ,ers,ecti e on reality $e #ar,ed and uncorrected. T-1*.I.!. 3s lon& as you #ould ha e it so) so lon& #ill the illusion o( an order o( di((iculty in miracles remain #ith you. 2 "or you ha e esta$lished this order in reality $y &i in& some o( it to one teacher) and some to another. 3 3nd so you learn to deal #ith ,art o( the truth in one #ay) and in another #ay the other ,art. ! To (ra&ment truth is to destroy it $y renderin& it meanin&less. % Orders o( reality is a ,ers,ecti e #ithout understandin&9 a (rame o( re(erence (or reality to #hich it cannot really $e com,ared at all. T-1*.I.%. Think you that you can $rin& truth to (antasy) and learn #hat truth means (rom the ,ers,ecti e o( illusionsD 2 Truth <has= no meanin& in illusion. 3 The (rame o( re(erence (or its meanin& must $e itsel(. ! 8hen you try to $rin& truth to illusions) you are tryin& to make illusions real) and kee, them $y Custi(yin& your $elie( in them. ,3%1 % But to &i e illusions to truth is to ena$le truth to teach that the illusions are unreal) and thus ena$le you to esca,e (rom them. ' Reser e not one idea aside (rom truth) or you esta$lish orders o( reality that must im,rison you. * There is no order in reality) $ecause e erythin& there is true. T-1*.I.'. Be #illin&) then) to &i e all you ha e held outside the truth to 0im 8ho kno#s the truth) and in 8hom all is $rou&ht to truth. 2 5al ation (rom se,aration #ould $e com,lete) or #ill not $e at all. 3 Be not concerned #ith anythin& e/ce,t your #illin&ness to ha e this $e accom,lished. ! 0e #ill accom,lish it9 not you. % But (or&et not this. 8hen you $ecome distur$ed and lose your ,eace o( mind $ecause another is attem,tin& to sol e his ,ro$lems throu&h (antasy) you are re(usin& to (or&i e yoursel( (or Cust this same attem,t. ' 3nd you are

holdin& $oth o( you a#ay (rom truth and (rom sal ation. * 3s you (or&i e him) you restore to truth #hat #as denied $y $oth o( you. - 3nd you #ill see (or&i eness #here you ha e &i en it. II. T#e For)iven &orl! T-1*.II.1. Can you ima&ine ho# $eauti(ul those you (or&i e #ill look to youD 2 In no (antasy ha e you e er seen anythin& so lo ely. 3 Nothin& you see here) slee,in& or #akin&) comes near to such lo eliness. ! 3nd nothin& #ill you alue like unto this) nor hold so dear. % Nothin& that you remem$er that made your heart sin& #ith Coy has e er $rou&ht you e en a little ,art o( the ha,,iness this si&ht #ill $rin& you. ' "or you #ill see the 5on o( 1od. * 7ou #ill $ehold the $eauty the 0oly 5,irit lo es to look u,on) and #hich 0e thanks the "ather (or. - 0e #as created to see this (or you) until you learned to see it (or yoursel(. : 3nd all 0is teachin& leads to seein& it and &i in& thanks #ith 0im. T-1*.II.2. This lo eliness is not a (antasy. 2 It is the real #orld) $ri&ht and clean and ne#) #ith e erythin& s,arklin& under the o,en sun. ,3%2 3 Nothin& is hidden here) (or e erythin& has $een (or&i en and there are no (antasies to hide the truth. ! The $rid&e $et#een that #orld and this is so little and so easy to cross) that you could not $elie e it is the meetin& ,lace o( #orlds so di((erent. % 7et this little $rid&e is the stron&est thin& that touches on this #orld at all. ' This little ste,) so small it has esca,ed your notice) is a stride throu&h time into eternity) $eyond all u&liness into $eauty that #ill enchant you) and #ill ne er cease to cause you #onderment at its ,er(ection. T-1*.II.3. This ste,) the smallest e er taken) is still the &reatest accom,lishment o( all in 1od+s ,lan o( 3tonement. 2 3ll else is learned) $ut this is &i en) com,lete and #holly ,er(ect. 3 No one $ut 0im 8ho ,lanned sal ation could com,lete it thus. ! The real #orld) in its lo eliness) you learn to reach. % "antasies are all undone) and no one and nothin& remain still $ound $y them) and $y your o#n (or&i eness you are (ree to see. ' 7et #hat you see is only #hat you made) #ith the $lessin& o( your (or&i eness on it. * 3nd #ith this (inal $lessin& o( 1od+s 5on u,on himsel() the real ,erce,tion) $orn o( the ne# ,ers,ecti e he has learned) has ser ed its ,ur,ose. T-1*.II.!. The stars #ill disa,,ear in li&ht) and the sun that o,ened u, the #orld to $eauty #ill anish. 2 ?erce,tion #ill $e meanin&less #hen it has $een ,er(ected) (or e erythin& that has $een used (or learnin& #ill ha e no (unction. 3 Nothin& #ill e er chan&e9 no shi(ts nor shadin&s) no di((erences) no ariations that made ,erce,tion ,ossi$le #ill still occur. ! The ,erce,tion o( the real #orld #ill $e so short that you #ill $arely ha e time to thank 1od (or it. % "or 1od #ill take the

last ste, s#i(tly) #hen you ha e reached the real #orld and ha e $een made ready (or 0im. T-1*.II.%. The real #orld is attained sim,ly $y the com,lete (or&i eness o( the old) the #orld you see #ithout (or&i eness. 2 The &reat Trans(ormer o( ,erce,tion #ill undertake #ith you the care(ul searchin& o( the mind that made this #orld) and unco er to you the seemin& reasons (or your makin& it. 3 In the li&ht o( the real reason that 0e $rin&s) as you (ollo# 0im) 0e #ill sho# you that there is no reason here at all. ! @ach s,ot 0is reason touches &ro#s ali e #ith $eauty) and #hat seemed u&ly in the darkness o( your lack o( reason is suddenly released to lo eliness. % Not e en #hat the 5on o( 1od made in insanity could $e #ithout a hidden s,ark o( $eauty that &entleness could release. ,3%3 T-1*.II.'. 3ll this $eauty #ill rise to $less your si&ht as you look u,on the #orld #ith (or&i in& eyes. 2 "or (or&i eness literally trans(orms ision) and lets you see the real #orld reachin& quietly and &ently across chaos) remo in& all illusions that had t#isted your ,erce,tion and (i/ed it on the ,ast. 3 The smallest lea( $ecomes a thin& o( #onder) and a $lade o( &rass a si&n o( 1od+s ,er(ection. T-1*.II.*. "rom the (or&i en #orld the 5on o( 1od is li(ted easily into his home. 2 3nd there he kno#s that he has al#ays rested there in ,eace. 3 @ en sal ation #ill $ecome a dream) and anish (rom his mind. ! "or sal ation is the end o( dreams) and #ith the closin& o( the dream #ill ha e no meanin&. % 8ho) a#ake in 0ea en) could dream that there could e er $e need o( sal ationD T-1*.II.-. 0o# much do you #ant sal ationD 2 It #ill &i e you the real #orld) trem$lin& #ith readiness to $e &i en you. 3 The ea&erness o( the 0oly 5,irit to &i e you this is so intense 0e #ould not #ait) althou&h 0e #aits in ,atience. ! 4eet 0is ,atience #ith your im,atience at delay in meetin& 0im. % 1o out in &ladness to meet #ith your Redeemer) and #alk #ith 0im in trust out o( this #orld) and into the real #orld o( $eauty and (or&i eness. III. S#a!o+s of t#e Past T-1*.III.1. To (or&i e is merely to remem$er only the lo in& thou&hts you &a e in the ,ast) and those that #ere &i en you. 2 3ll the rest must $e (or&otten. 3 "or&i eness is a selecti e remem$erin&) $ased not on your selection. ! "or the shado# (i&ures you #ould make immortal are 2enemies2 o( reality. % Be #illin& to (or&i e the 5on o( 1od (or #hat he did not do. ' The shado# (i&ures are the #itnesses you $rin& #ith you to demonstrate he did #hat he did not. * Because you $rin& them) you #ill hear them. - 3nd you #ho kee, them $y your o#n selection do not understand ho# they came into your mind) and #hat

their ,ur,ose is. : They re,resent the e il that you think #as done to you. 1> 7ou $rin& them #ith you only that you may return e il (or e il) ho,in& that their #itness #ill ena$le you to think &uiltily o( another and not harm yoursel(. 11 They s,eak so clearly (or the se,aration that no one not o$sessed #ith kee,in& se,aration could hear them. 12 They o((er you the 2reasons2 #hy you should enter into unholy alliances to su,,ort the e&o+s &oals) and make your relationshi,s the #itness to its ,o#er. ,3%! T-1*.III.2. It is these shado# (i&ures that #ould make the e&o holy in your si&ht) and teach you #hat you do to kee, it sa(e is really lo e. 2 The shado# (i&ures al#ays s,eak (or en&eance) and all relationshi,s into #hich they enter are totally insane. 3 8ithout e/ce,tion) these relationshi,s ha e as their ,ur,ose the e/clusion o( the truth a$out the other) and o( yoursel(. ! This is #hy you see in $oth #hat is not there) and make o( $oth the sla es o( en&eance. % 3nd #hy #hate er reminds you o( your ,ast &rie ances attracts you) and seems to &o $y the name o( lo e) no matter ho# distorted the associations $y #hich you arri e at the connection may $e. ' 3nd (inally) #hy all such relationshi,s $ecome attem,ts at union throu&h the $ody) (or only $odies can $e seen as means (or en&eance. * That $odies are central to all unholy relationshi,s is e ident. - 7our o#n e/,erience has tau&ht you this. : But #hat you may not realiAe are all the reasons that &o to make the relationshi, unholy. 1> "or unholiness seeks to rein(orce itsel() as holiness does) $y &atherin& to itsel( #hat it ,ercei es as like itsel(. T-1*.III.3. In the unholy relationshi,) it is not the $ody o( the other #ith #hich union is attem,ted) $ut the $odies o( those #ho are not there. 2 "or e en the $ody o( the other) already a se erely limited ,erce,tion o( him) is not the central (ocus as it is) or in entirety. 3 8hat can $e used (or (antasies o( en&eance) and #hat can $e most readily associated #ith those on #hom en&eance is really sou&ht) is centered on and se,arated o(( as $ein& the only ,arts o( alue. ! @ ery ste, taken in the makin&) the maintainin& and the $reakin& o(( o( the unholy relationshi, is a mo e to#ard (urther (ra&mentation and unreality. % The shado# (i&ures enter more and more) and the one in #hom they seem to $e decreases in im,ortance. T-1*.III.!. Time is indeed unkind to the unholy relationshi,. 2 "or time <is= cruel in the e&o+s hands) as it is kind #hen used (or &entleness. 3 The attraction o( the unholy relationshi, $e&ins to (ade and to $e questioned almost at once. ! Once it is (ormed) dou$t must enter in) $ecause its ,ur,ose is im,ossi$le. % The 2ideal2 o( the unholy relationshi, thus $ecomes one in #hich the reality o( the other does not enter at all to 2s,oil2 the dream. ' 3nd the less the other really

$rin&s to the relationshi,) the 2$etter2 it $ecomes. * Thus) the attem,t at union $ecomes a #ay o( e/cludin& e en the one #ith #hom the union #as sou&ht. - "or it #as (ormed to &et him out o( it) and Coin #ith (antasies in uninterru,ted 2$liss.2 T-1*.III.%. 0o# can the 0oly 5,irit $rin& 0is inter,retation o( the $ody as a means o( communication into relationshi,s #hose only ,ur,ose is se,aration (rom realityD ,3%% 2 8hat (or&i eness <is= ena$les 0im to do so. 3 I( all $ut lo in& thou&hts ha e $een (or&otten) #hat remains is eternal. ! 3nd the trans(ormed ,ast is made like the ,resent. % No lon&er does the ,ast con(lict #ith <no#.= ' This continuity e/tends the ,resent $y increasin& its reality and its alue in your ,erce,tion o( it. * In these lo in& thou&hts is the s,ark o( $eauty hidden in the u&liness o( the unholy relationshi, #here hatred is remem$ered9 yet there to come ali e as the relationshi, is &i en to 0im 8ho &i es it li(e and $eauty. - That is #hy 3tonement centers on the ,ast) #hich is the source o( se,aration) and #here it must $e undone. : "or se,aration must $e corrected #here it #as made. T-1*.III.'. The e&o seeks to 2resol e2 its ,ro$lems) not at their source) $ut #here they #ere not made. 2 3nd thus it seeks to &uarantee there #ill $e no solution. 3 The 0oly 5,irit #ants only to make 0is resolutions com,lete and ,er(ect) and so 0e seeks and (inds the source o( ,ro$lems #here it is) and there undoes it. ! 3nd #ith each ste, in 0is undoin& is the se,aration more and more undone) and union $rou&ht closer. % 0e is not at all con(used $y any 2reasons2 (or se,aration. ' 3ll 0e ,ercei es in se,aration is that it must $e undone. * ;et 0im unco er the hidden s,ark o( $eauty in your relationshi,s) and sho# it to you. - Its lo eliness #ill so attract you that you #ill $e un#illin& e er to lose the si&ht o( it a&ain. : 3nd you #ill let this s,ark trans(orm the relationshi, so you can see it more and more. 1> "or you #ill #ant it more and more) and $ecome increasin&ly un#illin& to let it $e hidden (rom you. 11 3nd you #ill learn to seek (or and esta$lish the conditions in #hich this $eauty can $e seen. T-1*.III.*. 3ll this you #ill do &ladly) i( you $ut let 0im hold the s,ark $e(ore you) to li&ht your #ay and make it clear to you. 2 1od+s 5on is One. 3 8hom 1od has Coined as one) the e&o cannot ,ut asunder. ! The s,ark o( holiness must $e sa(e) ho#e er hidden it may $e) in e ery relationshi,. % "or the Creator o( the one relationshi, has le(t no ,art o( it #ithout 0imsel(. ' This is the only ,art o( the relationshi, the 0oly 5,irit sees) $ecause 0e kno#s that only this is true. * 7ou ha e made the relationshi, unreal) and there(ore unholy) $y seein& it #here it is not and as it is not. - 1i e the ,ast to 0im 8ho can chan&e your mind a$out it (or you. : But (irst) $e sure you (ully realiAe #hat you ha e made the ,ast to re,resent) and #hy. ,3%'

T-1*.III.-. The ,ast $ecomes the Custi(ication (or enterin& into a continuin&) unholy alliance #ith the e&o a&ainst the ,resent. 2 "or the ,resent <is= (or&i eness. 3 There(ore) the relationshi,s the unholy alliance dictates are not ,ercei ed nor (elt as <no#.= ! 7et the (rame o( re(erence to #hich the ,resent is re(erred (or meanin& is an <illusion= o( the ,ast) in #hich those elements that (it the ,ur,ose o( the unholy alliance are retained) and all the rest let &o. % 3nd #hat is thus let &o is all the truth the ,ast could e er o((er to the ,resent as #itnesses (or its reality. ' 8hat is ke,t $ut #itnesses to the reality o( dreams. T-1*.III.:. It is still u, to you to choose to Coin #ith truth or #ith illusion. 2 But remem$er that to choose one is to let the other &o. 3 8hich one you choose you #ill endo# #ith $eauty and reality) $ecause the choice de,ends on #hich you alue more. ! The s,ark o( $eauty or the eil o( u&liness) the real #orld or the #orld o( &uilt and (ear) truth or illusion) (reedom or sla eryKit is all the same. % "or you can ne er choose e/ce,t $et#een 1od and the e&o. ' Thou&ht systems are $ut true or (alse) and all their attri$utes come sim,ly (rom #hat they are. * Only the Thou&hts o( 1od are true. - 3nd all that (ollo#s (rom them comes (rom #hat they are) and is as true as is the holy 5ource (rom #hich they came. T-1*.III.1>. 4y holy $rother) I #ould enter into all your relationshi,s) and ste, $et#een you and your (antasies. 2 ;et my relationshi, to you $e real to you) and let me $rin& reality to your ,erce,tion o( your $rothers. 3 They #ere not created to ena$le you to hurt yoursel( throu&h them. ! They #ere created to create #ith you. % This is the truth that I #ould inter,ose $et#een you and your &oal o( madness. ' Be not se,arate (rom me) and let not the holy ,ur,ose o( 3tonement $e lost to you in dreams o( en&eance. * Relationshi,s in #hich such dreams are cherished ha e e/cluded me. - ;et me enter in the Name o( 1od and $rin& you ,eace) that you may o((er ,eace to me. I". T#e T+o Pict'res T-1*.I6.1. 1od esta$lished 0is relationshi, #ith you to make you ha,,y) and nothin& you do that does not share 0is ,ur,ose can $e real. 2 The ,ur,ose 1od ascri$ed to anythin& is its only (unction. 3 Because o( 0is reason (or creatin& 0is relationshi, #ith you) the (unction o( relationshi,s $ecame (ore er 2to make ha,,y.2 ! <3nd nothin& else.= ,3%* % To (ul(ill this (unction you relate to your creations as 1od to 0is. ' "or nothin& 1od created is a,art (rom ha,,iness) and nothin& 1od created $ut #ould e/tend ha,,iness as its Creator did. * 8hate er does not (ul(ill this (unction cannot $e real.

T-1*.I6.2. In this #orld it is im,ossi$le to create. 2 7et it <is= ,ossi$le to make ha,,y. 3 I ha e said re,eatedly that the 0oly 5,irit #ould not de,ri e you o( your s,ecial relationshi,s) $ut #ould trans(orm them. ! 3nd all that is meant $y that is that 0e #ill restore to them the (unction &i en them $y 1od. % The (unction you ha e &i en them is clearly not to make ha,,y. ' But the holy relationshi, shares 1od+s ,ur,ose) rather than aimin& to make a su$stitute (or it. * @ ery s,ecial relationshi, you ha e made is a su$stitute (or 1od+s 8ill) and &lori(ies yours instead o( 0is $ecause o( the illusion that they are di((erent. T-1*.I6.3. 7ou ha e made ery real relationshi,s e en in this #orld. 2 7et you do not reco&niAe them $ecause you ha e raised their su$stitutes to such ,redominance that) #hen truth calls to you) as it does constantly) you ans#er #ith a su$stitute. 3 @ ery s,ecial relationshi, you ha e made has) as its (undamental ,ur,ose) the aim o( occu,yin& your mind so com,letely that you #ill not hear the call o( truth. T-1*.I6.!. In a sense) the s,ecial relationshi, #as the e&o+s ans#er to the creation o( the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho #as 1od+s 3ns#er to the se,aration. 2 "or althou&h the e&o did not understand #hat had $een created) it #as a#are o( threat. 3 The #hole de(ense system the e&o e ol ed to ,rotect the se,aration (rom the 0oly 5,irit #as in res,onse to the &i(t #ith #hich 1od $lessed it) and $y 0is $lessin& ena$led it to $e healed. ! This $lessin& holds #ithin itsel( the truth a$out e erythin&. % 3nd the truth is that the 0oly 5,irit is in close relationshi, #ith you) $ecause in 0im is your relationshi, #ith 1od restored to you. ' The relationshi, #ith 0im has ne er $een $roken) $ecause the 0oly 5,irit has not $een se,arate (rom anyone since the se,aration. * 3nd throu&h 0im ha e all your holy relationshi,s $een care(ully ,reser ed) to ser e 1od+s ,ur,ose (or you. T-1*.I6.%. The e&o is al#ays alert to threat) and the ,art o( your mind into #hich the e&o #as acce,ted is ery an/ious to ,reser e its reason) as it sees it. 2 It does not realiAe that it is totally insane. 3 3nd you must realiAe Cust #hat this means i( you #ould $e restored to sanity. ! The insane ,rotect their thou&ht systems) $ut they do so insanely. ,3%- % 3nd all their de(enses are as insane as #hat they are su,,osed to ,rotect. ' The se,aration has nothin& in it) no ,art) no 2reason)2 and no attri$ute that is not insane. * 3nd its 2,rotection2 is ,art o( it) as insane as the #hole. - The s,ecial relationshi,) #hich is its chie( de(ense) must there(ore $e insane. T-1*.I6.'. 7ou ha e $ut little di((iculty no# in realiAin& that the thou&ht system the s,ecial relationshi, ,rotects is $ut a system o( delusions. 2 7ou reco&niAe) at least in &eneral terms) that the e&o is insane. 3 7et the s,ecial relationshi, still seems to you someho# to $e 2di((erent.2 !

7et #e ha e looked at it (ar closer than #e ha e at many other as,ects o( the e&o+s thou&ht system that you ha e $een more #illin& to let &o. % 8hile this one remains) you #ill not let the others &o. ' "or this one is not di((erent. * Retain this one) and you ha e retained the #hole. T-1*.I6.*. It is essential to realiAe that all de(enses <do= #hat they #ould de(end. 2 The underlyin& $asis (or their e((ecti eness is that they o((er #hat they de(end. 3 8hat they de(end is ,laced in them (or sa(e-kee,in&) and as they o,erate they $rin& it to you. ! @ ery de(ense o,erates $y &i in& &i(ts) and the &i(t is al#ays a miniature o( the thou&ht system the de(ense ,rotects) set in a &olden (rame. % The (rame is ery ela$orate) all set #ith Ce#els) and dee,ly car ed and ,olished. ' Its ,ur,ose is to $e o( alue <in itsel()= and to di ert your attention (rom #hat it encloses. * But the (rame #ithout the ,icture you cannot ha e. - De(enses o,erate to make you think you can. T-1*.I6.-. The s,ecial relationshi, has the most im,osin& and dece,ti e (rame o( all the de(enses the e&o uses. 2 Its thou&ht system is o((ered here) surrounded $y a (rame so hea y and so ela$orate that the ,icture is almost o$literated $y its im,osin& structure. 3 Into the (rame are #o en all sorts o( (anci(ul and (ra&mented illusions o( lo e) set #ith dreams o( sacri(ice and sel(-a&&randiAement) and interlaced #ith &ilded threads o( sel(-destruction. ! The &litter o( $lood shines like ru$ies) and the tears are (aceted like diamonds and &leam in the dim li&ht in #hich the o((erin& is made. T-1*.I6.:. ;ook at the <,icture.= 2 Do not let the (rame distract you. 3 This &i(t is &i en you (or your damnation) and i( you take it you #ill $elie e that you <are= damned. ! 7ou cannot ha e the (rame #ithout the ,icture. % 8hat you alue is the (rame) (or there you see no con(lict. ' 7et the (rame is only the #ra,,in& (or the &i(t o( con(lict. * The (rame is not the &i(t. - Be not decei ed $y the most su,er(icial as,ects o( this thou&ht system) (or these as,ects enclose the #hole) com,lete in e ery as,ect. ,3%: : Death lies in this &litterin& &i(t. 1> ;et not your &aAe d#ell on the hy,notic &leamin& o( the (rame. 11 ;ook at the ,icture) and realiAe that death is o((ered you. T-1*.I6.1>. That is #hy the holy instant is so im,ortant in the de(ense o( truth. 2 The truth itsel( needs no de(ense) $ut you do need de(ense a&ainst your acce,tance o( the &i(t o( death. 3 8hen you #ho are truth acce,t an idea so dan&erous to truth) you threaten truth #ith destruction. ! 3nd your de(ense must no# $e undertaken) to kee, truth #hole. % The ,o#er o( 0ea en) the ;o e o( 1od) the tears o( Christ) and the Coy o( 0is eternal 5,irit are marshalled to de(end you (rom your o#n attack. ' "or you attack Them) $ein& ,art o( Them) and They must sa e you) (or They lo e Themsel es.

T-1*.I6.11. The holy instant is a miniature o( 0ea en) sent you <(rom= 0ea en. 2 It is a ,icture) too) set in a (rame. 3 7et i( you acce,t this &i(t you #ill not see the (rame at all) $ecause the &i(t can only $e acce,ted throu&h your #illin&ness to (ocus all your attention on the ,icture. ! The holy instant is a miniature o( eternity. % It is a ,icture o( timelessness) set in a (rame o( time. ' I( you (ocus on the ,icture) you #ill realiAe that it #as only the (rame that made you think it <#as= a ,icture. * 8ithout the (rame) the ,icture is seen as #hat it re,resents. - "or as the #hole thou&ht system o( the e&o lies in its &i(ts) so the #hole o( 0ea en lies in this instant) $orro#ed (rom eternity and set in time (or you. T-1*.I6.12. T#o &i(ts are o((ered you. 2 @ach is com,lete) and cannot $e ,artially acce,ted. 3 @ach is a ,icture o( all that you can ha e) seen ery di((erently. ! 7ou cannot com,are their alue $y com,arin& a ,icture to a (rame. % It must $e the ,ictures only that you com,are) or the com,arison is #holly #ithout meanin&. ' Remem$er that it is the ,icture that is the &i(t. * 3nd only on this $asis are you really (ree to choose. - ;ook at the ,ictures. : Both o( them. 1> One is a tiny ,icture) hard to see at all $eneath the hea y shado#s o( its enormous and dis,ro,ortionate enclosure. 11 The other is li&htly (ramed and hun& in li&ht) lo ely to look u,on (or #hat it is. T-1*.I6.13. 7ou #ho ha e tried so hard) and are still tryin&) to (it the $etter ,icture into the #ron& (rame and so com$ine #hat cannot $e com$ined) acce,t this and $e &lad. These ,ictures are each (ramed ,er(ectly (or #hat they re,resent. 2 One is (ramed to $e out o( (ocus and not seen. 3 The other is (ramed (or ,er(ect clarity. ! The ,icture o( darkness and o( death &ro#s less con incin& as you search it out amid its #ra,,in&s. ,3'> % 3s each senseless stone that seems to shine (rom the (rame in darkness is e/,osed to li&ht) it $ecomes dull and li(eless) and ceases to distract you (rom the ,icture. ' 3nd (inally you look u,on the ,icture itsel() seein& at last that) un,rotected $y the (rame) it has no meanin&. T-1*.I6.1!. The other ,icture is li&htly (ramed) (or time cannot contain eternity. 2 There is no distraction here. 3 The ,icture o( 0ea en and eternity &ro#s more con incin& as you look at it. ! 3nd no#) $y real com,arison) a trans(ormation o( $oth ,ictures can at last occur. % 3nd each is &i en its ri&ht(ul ,lace #hen $oth are seen in relation to each other. ' The dark ,icture) $rou&ht to li&ht) is not ,ercei ed as (ear(ul) $ut the (act that it is Cust a ,icture is $rou&ht home at last. * 3nd #hat you see there you #ill reco&niAe as #hat it is9 a ,icture o( #hat you thou&ht #as real) and nothin& more. - "or $eyond this ,icture you #ill see nothin&.

T-1*.I6.1%. The ,icture o( li&ht) in clear-cut and unmistaka$le contrast) is trans(ormed into #hat lies $eyond the ,icture. 2 3s you look on this) you realiAe that it is not a ,icture) $ut a reality. 3 This is no (i&ured re,resentation o( a thou&ht system) $ut the Thou&ht itsel(. ! 8hat it re,resents is there. % The (rame (ades &ently and 1od rises to your remem$rance) o((erin& you the #hole o( creation in e/chan&e (or your little ,icture) #holly #ithout alue and entirely de,ri ed o( meanin&. T-1*.I6.1'. 3s 1od ascends into 0is ri&ht(ul ,lace and you to yours) you #ill e/,erience a&ain the meanin& o( relationshi, and kno# it to $e true. 2 ;et us ascend in ,eace to&ether to the "ather) $y &i in& 0im ascendance in our minds. 3 8e #ill &ain e erythin& $y &i in& 0im the ,o#er and the &lory) and kee,in& no illusions o( #here they are. ! They are in us) throu&h 0is ascendance. % 8hat 0e has &i en is 0is. ' It shines in e ery ,art o( 0im) as in the #hole. * The #hole reality o( your relationshi, #ith 0im lies in our relationshi, to one another. - The holy instant shines alike on all relationshi,s) (or in it they <are= one. : "or here is only healin&) already com,lete and ,er(ect. 1> "or here is 1od) and #here 0e is only the ,er(ect and com,lete can $e. ,3'1 ". T#e Heale! Relations#ip T-1*.6.1. The holy relationshi, is the e/,ression o( the holy instant in li in& in this #orld. 2 ;ike e erythin& a$out sal ation) the holy instant is a ,ractical de ice) #itnessed to $y its results. 3 The holy instant ne er (ails. ! The e/,erience o( it is al#ays (elt. % 7et #ithout e/,ression it is not remem$ered. ' The holy relationshi, is a constant reminder o( the e/,erience in #hich the relationshi, $ecame #hat it is. * 3nd as the unholy relationshi, is a continuin& hymn o( hate in ,raise o( its maker) so is the holy relationshi, a ha,,y son& o( ,raise to the Redeemer o( relationshi,s. T-1*.6.2. The holy relationshi,) a maCor ste, to#ard the ,erce,tion o( the real #orld) is learned. 2 It is the old) unholy relationshi,) trans(ormed and seen ane#. 3 The holy relationshi, is a ,henomenal teachin& accom,lishment. ! In all its as,ects) as it $e&ins) de elo,s and $ecomes accom,lished) it re,resents the re ersal o( the unholy relationshi,. % Be com(orted in this9 the only di((icult ,hase is the $e&innin&. ' "or here) the &oal o( the relationshi, is a$ru,tly shi(ted to the e/act o,,osite o( #hat it #as. * This is the (irst result o( o((erin& the relationshi, to the 0oly 5,irit) to use (or 0is ,ur,oses. T-1*.6.3. This in itation is acce,ted immediately) and the 0oly 5,irit #astes no time in introducin& the ,ractical results o( askin& 0im to enter. 2 3t once 0is &oal re,laces yours. 3 This is accom,lished ery ra,idly) $ut it makes the relationshi, seem distur$ed) disCuncti e and

e en quite distressin&. ! The reason is quite clear. % "or the relationshi, as it <is= is out o( line #ith its o#n &oal) and clearly unsuited to the ,ur,ose that has $een acce,ted (or it. ' In its unholy condition) <your= &oal #as all that seemed to &i e it meanin&. * No# it seems to make no sense. - 4any relationshi,s ha e $een $roken o(( at this ,oint) and the ,ursuit o( the old &oal re-esta$lished in another relationshi,. : "or once the unholy relationshi, has acce,ted the &oal o( holiness) it can ne er a&ain $e #hat it #as. T-1*.6.!. The tem,tation o( the e&o $ecomes e/tremely intense #ith this shi(t in &oals. 2 "or the relationshi, has not as yet $een chan&ed su((iciently to make its (ormer &oal com,letely #ithout attraction) and its structure is 2threatened2 $y the reco&nition o( its ina,,ro,riateness (or meetin& its ne# ,ur,ose. 3 The con(lict $et#een the &oal and the structure o( the relationshi, is so a,,arent that they cannot coe/ist. ! 7et no# the &oal #ill not $e chan&ed. ,3'2 % 5et (irmly in the unholy relationshi,) there is no course e/ce,t to chan&e the relationshi, to (it the &oal. ' Until this ha,,y solution is seen and acce,ted as the only #ay out o( the con(lict) the relationshi, may seem to $e se erely strained. T-1*.6.%. It #ould not $e kinder to shi(t the &oal more slo#ly) (or the contrast #ould $e o$scured) and the e&o &i en time to reinter,ret each slo# ste, accordin& to its likin&. 2 Only a radical shi(t in ,ur,ose could induce a com,lete chan&e o( mind a$out #hat the #hole relationshi, is (or. 3 3s this chan&e de elo,s and is (inally accom,lished) it &ro#s increasin&ly $ene(icent and Coyous. ! But at the $e&innin&) the situation is e/,erienced as ery ,recarious. % 3 relationshi,) undertaken $y t#o indi iduals (or their unholy ,ur,oses) suddenly has holiness (or its &oal. ' 3s these t#o contem,late their relationshi, (rom the ,oint o( ie# o( this ne# ,ur,ose) they are ine ita$ly a,,alled. * Their ,erce,tion o( the relationshi, may e en $ecome quite disor&aniAed. - 3nd yet) the (ormer or&aniAation o( their ,erce,tion no lon&er ser es the ,ur,ose they ha e a&reed to meet. T-1*.6.'. This is the time (or <(aith.= 2 7ou let this &oal $e set (or you. 3 That #as an act o( (aith. ! Do not a$andon (aith) no# that the re#ards o( (aith are $ein& introduced. % I( you $elie ed the 0oly 5,irit #as there to acce,t the relationshi,) #hy #ould you no# not still $elie e that 0e is there to ,uri(y #hat 0e has taken under 0is &uidanceD ' 0a e (aith in your $rother in #hat $ut seems to $e a tryin& time. * The &oal <is= set. - 3nd your relationshi, has sanity as its ,ur,ose. : "or no# you (ind yoursel( in an insane relationshi,) reco&niAed as such in the li&ht o( its &oal. T-1*.6.*. No# the e&o counsels thus9 su$stitute (or this another relationshi, to #hich your (ormer &oal #as quite a,,ro,riate. 2 7ou can

esca,e (rom your distress only $y &ettin& rid o( your $rother. 3 7ou need not ,art entirely i( you choose not to do so. ! But you must e/clude maCor areas o( (antasy (rom your $rother) to sa e your sanity. % <0ear not this no#J= ' 0a e (aith in 0im 8ho ans#ered you. * 0e heard. - 0as 0e not $een ery e/,licit in 0is ans#erD : 7ou are not no# #holly insane. 1> Can you deny that 0e has &i en you a most e/,licit statementD 11 No# 0e asks (or (aith a little lon&er) e en in $e#ilderment. 12 "or this #ill &o) and you #ill see the Custi(ication (or your (aith emer&e) to $rin& you shinin& con iction. 13 3$andon 0im not no#) nor your $rother. 1! This relationshi, has $een re$orn as holy. T-1*.6.-. 3cce,t #ith &ladness #hat you do not understand) and let it $e e/,lained to you as you ,ercei e its ,ur,ose #ork in it to make it holy. 2 7ou #ill (ind many o,,ortunities to $lame your $rother (or the 2(ailure2 o( your relationshi,) (or it #ill seem at times to ha e no ,ur,ose. 3 3 sense o( aimlessness #ill come to haunt you) and to remind you o( all the #ays you once sou&ht (or satis(action and thou&ht you (ound it. ! "or&et not no# the misery you really (ound) and do not $reathe li(e into your (ailin& e&o. % "or your relationshi, has not $een disru,ted. ' It has $een sa ed. T-1*.6.:. 7ou are ery ne# in the #ays o( sal ation) and think you ha e lost your #ay. ,3'3 2 <7our= #ay <is= lost) $ut think not this is loss. 3 In your ne#ness) remem$er that you and your $rother ha e started a&ain) <to&ether.= ! 3nd take his hand) to #alk to&ether alon& a road (ar more (amiliar than you no# $elie e. % Is it not certain that you #ill remem$er a &oal unchan&ed throu&hout eternityD ' "or you ha e chosen $ut the &oal o( 1od) (rom #hich your true intent #as ne er a$sent. T-1*.6.1>. Throu&hout the 5onshi, is the son& o( (reedom heard) in Coyous echo o( your choice. 2 7ou ha e Coined #ith many in the holy instant) and they ha e Coined #ith you. 3 Think not your choice #ill lea e you com(ortless) (or 1od 0imsel( has $lessed your holy relationshi,. ! Hoin in 0is $lessin&) and #ithhold not yours u,on it. % "or all it needs no# is your $lessin&) that you may see that in it rests sal ation. ' Condemn sal ation not) (or it has come to you. * 3nd #elcome it to&ether) (or it has come to Coin you and your $rother to&ether in a relationshi, in #hich all the 5onshi, is to&ether $lessed. T-1*.6.11. 7ou undertook) to&ether) to in ite the 0oly 5,irit into your relationshi,. 2 0e could not ha e entered other#ise. 3 3lthou&h you may ha e made many mistakes since then) you ha e also made enormous e((orts to hel, 0im do 0is #ork. ! 3nd 0e has not $een lackin& in a,,reciation (or all you ha e done (or 0im. % Nor does 0e see the mistakes at all. ' 0a e you $een similarly &rate(ul to your $rotherD * 0a e you consistently a,,reciated the &ood e((orts) and

o erlooked mistakesD - Or has your a,,reciation (lickered and &ro#n dim in #hat seemed to $e the li&ht o( the mistakesD : ?erha,s you are no# enterin& u,on a cam,ai&n to $lame him (or the discom(ort o( the situation in #hich you (ind yoursel(. 1> 3nd $y this lack o( thanks and &ratitude you make yoursel( una$le to e/,ress the holy instant) and thus lose si&ht o( it. T-1*.6.12. The e/,erience o( an instant) ho#e er com,ellin& it may $e) is easily (or&otten i( you allo# time to close o er it. ,3'! 2 It must $e ke,t shinin& and &racious in your a#areness o( time) $ut not concealed #ithin it. 3 The instant remains. ! But #here are youD % To &i e thanks to your $rother is to a,,reciate the holy instant) and thus ena$le its results to $e acce,ted and shared. ' To attack your $rother is not to lose the instant) $ut to make it ,o#erless in its e((ects. T-1*.6.13. 7ou <ha e= recei ed the holy instant) $ut you may ha e esta$lished a condition in #hich you cannot use it. 2 3s a result) you do not realiAe that it is #ith you still. 3 3nd $y cuttin& yoursel( o(( (rom its e/,ression) you ha e denied yoursel( its $ene(it. ! 7ou rein(orce this e ery time you attack your $rother) (or the attack must $lind you to yoursel(. % 3nd it is im,ossi$le to deny yoursel() and to reco&niAe #hat has $een &i en and recei ed $y you. T-1*.6.1!. 7ou and your $rother stand to&ether in the holy ,resence o( truth itsel(. 2 0ere is the &oal) to&ether #ith you. 3 Think you not the &oal itsel( #ill &ladly arran&e the means (or its accom,lishmentD ! It is Cust this same discre,ancy $et#een the ,ur,ose that has $een acce,ted and the means as they stand no# #hich seems to make you su((er) $ut #hich makes 0ea en &lad. % I( 0ea en #ere outside you) you could not share in its &ladness. ' 7et $ecause it is #ithin) the &ladness) too) is yours. * 7ou <are= Coined in ,ur,ose) $ut remain still se,arate and di ided on the means. - 7et the &oal is (i/ed) (irm and unaltera$le) and the means #ill surely (all in ,lace $ecause the &oal is sure. : 3nd you #ill share the &ladness o( the 5onshi, that it is so. T-1*.6.1%. 3s you $e&in to reco&niAe and acce,t the &i(ts you ha e so (reely &i en to your $rother) you #ill also acce,t the e((ects o( the holy instant and use them to correct all your mistakes and (ree you (rom their results. 2 3nd learnin& this) you #ill ha e also learned ho# to release all the 5onshi,) and o((er it in &ladness and thanks&i in& to 0im 8ho &a e you your release) and 8ho #ould e/tend it throu&h you. "I. Settin) t#e Goal T-1*.6I.1. The ,ractical a,,lication o( the 0oly 5,irit+s ,ur,ose is e/tremely sim,le) $ut it is unequi ocal. 2 In (act) in order to $e sim,le it <must= $e unequi ocal. 3 The sim,le is merely #hat is easily understood) and (or this it is a,,arent that it must $e clear. ! The

settin& o( the 0oly 5,irit+s &oal is &eneral. ,3'% % No# 0e #ill #ork #ith you to make it s,eci(ic) (or a,,lication <is= s,eci(ic. ' There are certain ery s,eci(ic &uidelines 0e ,ro ides (or any situation) $ut remem$er that you do not yet realiAe their uni ersal a,,lication. * There(ore) it is essential at this ,oint to use them in each situation se,arately) until you can more sa(ely look $eyond each situation) in an understandin& (ar $roader than you no# ,ossess. T-1*.6I.2. In any situation in #hich you are uncertain) the (irst thin& to consider) ery sim,ly) is 28hat do I #ant to come o( thisD 2 8hat is it <(orD2= 3 The clari(ication o( the &oal $elon&s at the $e&innin&) (or it is this #hich #ill determine the outcome. ! In the e&o+s ,rocedure this is re ersed. % The situation $ecomes the determiner o( the outcome) #hich can $e anythin&. ' The reason (or this disor&aniAed a,,roach is e ident. * The e&o does not kno# #hat it #ants to come o( the situation. - It is a#are o( #hat it does not #ant) $ut only that. : It has no ,ositi e &oal at all. T-1*.6I.3. 8ithout a clear-cut) ,ositi e &oal) set at the outset) the situation Cust seems to ha,,en) and makes no sense until it has already ha,,ened. 2 Then you look $ack at it) and try to ,iece to&ether #hat it must ha e meant. 3 3nd you #ill $e #ron&. ! Not only is your Cud&ment in the ,ast) $ut you ha e no idea #hat should ha,,en. % No &oal #as set #ith #hich to $rin& the means in line. ' 3nd no# the only Cud&ment le(t to make is #hether or not the e&o likes it9 is it acce,ta$le) or does it call (or en&eanceD * The a$sence o( a criterion (or outcome) set in ad ance) makes understandin& dou$t(ul and e aluation im,ossi$le. T-1*.6I.!. The alue o( decidin& in ad ance #hat you #ant to ha,,en is sim,ly that you #ill ,ercei e the situation as a means to <make= it ha,,en. 2 7ou #ill there(ore make e ery e((ort to o erlook #hat inter(eres #ith the accom,lishment o( your o$Cecti e) and concentrate on e erythin& that hel,s you meet it. 3 It is quite noticea$le that this a,,roach has $rou&ht you closer to the 0oly 5,irit+s sortin& out o( truth and (alsity. ! The true $ecomes #hat can $e used to meet the &oal. % The (alse $ecomes the useless (rom this ,oint o( ie#. ' The situation no# has meanin&) $ut only $ecause the &oal has made it meanin&(ul. T-1*.6I.%. The &oal o( truth has (urther ,ractical ad anta&es. 2 I( the situation is used (or truth and sanity) its outcome must $e ,eace. 3 3nd this is quite a,art (rom #hat the outcome <is.= ! I( ,eace is the condition o( truth and sanity) and cannot $e #ithout them) #here ,eace is they must $e. ,3'' % Truth comes o( itsel(. ' I( you e/,erience ,eace) it is $ecause the truth has come to you and you #ill see the outcome truly) (or dece,tion cannot ,re ail a&ainst you. * 7ou #ill reco&niAe the outcome <$ecause= you are at ,eace. - 0ere a&ain you

see the o,,osite o( the e&o+s #ay o( lookin&) (or the e&o $elie es the situation $rin&s the e/,erience. : The 0oly 5,irit kno#s that the situation is as the &oal determines it) and is e/,erienced accordin& to the &oal. T-1*.6I.'. The &oal o( truth requires (aith. 2 "aith is im,licit in the acce,tance o( the 0oly 5,irit+s ,ur,ose) and this (aith is all-inclusi e. 3 8here the &oal o( truth is set) there (aith must $e. ! The 0oly 5,irit sees the situation as a #hole. % The &oal esta$lishes the (act that e eryone in ol ed in it #ill ,lay his ,art in its accom,lishment. ' This is ine ita$le. * No one #ill (ail in anythin&. - This seems to ask (or (aith $eyond you) and $eyond #hat you can &i e. : 7et this is so only (rom the ie#,oint o( the e&o) (or the e&o $elie es in 2sol in&2 con(lict throu&h (ra&mentation) and does not ,ercei e the situation as a #hole. 1> There(ore) it seeks to s,lit o(( se&ments o( the situation and deal #ith them se,arately) (or it has (aith in se,aration and not in #holeness. T-1*.6I.*. Con(ronted #ith any as,ect o( the situation that seems to $e di((icult) the e&o #ill attem,t to take this as,ect else#here) and resol e it there. 2 3nd it #ill seem to $e success(ul) e/ce,t that this attem,t con(licts #ith unity) and must o$scure the &oal o( truth. 3 3nd ,eace #ill not $e e/,erienced e/ce,t in (antasy. ! Truth has not come $ecause (aith has $een denied) $ein& #ithheld (rom #here it ri&ht(ully $elon&ed. % Thus do you lose the understandin& o( the situation the &oal o( truth #ould $rin&. ' "or (antasy solutions $rin& $ut the illusion o( e/,erience) and the illusion o( ,eace is not the condition in #hich truth can enter. "II. T#e Call for Fait# T-1*.6II.1. The su$stitutes (or as,ects o( the situation are the #itnesses to your lack o( (aith. 2 They demonstrate that you did not $elie e the situation and the ,ro$lem #ere in the same ,lace. 3 The ,ro$lem <#as= the lack o( (aith) and it is this you demonstrate #hen you remo e it (rom its source and ,lace it else#here. ! 3s a result) you do not see the ,ro$lem. % 0ad you not lacked (aith that it could $e sol ed) the ,ro$lem #ould $e &one. ' 3nd the situation #ould ha e $een meanin&(ul to you) $ecause the inter(erence in the #ay o( understandin& #ould ha e $een remo ed. ,3'* * To remo e the ,ro$lem else#here is to kee, it) (or you remo e yoursel( (rom it and make it unsol a$le. T-1*.6II.2. There is no ,ro$lem in any situation that (aith #ill not sol e. 2 There is no shi(t in any as,ect o( the ,ro$lem $ut #ill make solution im,ossi$le. 3 "or i( you shi(t ,art o( the ,ro$lem else#here the meanin& o( the ,ro$lem must $e lost) and the solution to the ,ro$lem

is inherent in its meanin&. ! Is it not ,ossi$le that all your ,ro$lems ha e $een sol ed) $ut you ha e remo ed yoursel( (rom the solutionD % 7et (aith must $e #here somethin& has $een done) and #here you see it done. T-1*.6II.3. 3 situation is a relationshi,) $ein& the Coinin& o( thou&hts. 2 I( ,ro$lems are ,ercei ed) it is $ecause the thou&hts are Cud&ed to $e in con(lict. 3 But i( the &oal is truth) this is im,ossi$le. ! 5ome idea o( $odies must ha e entered) (or minds cannot attack. % The thou&ht o( $odies is the si&n o( (aithlessness) (or $odies cannot sol e anythin&. ' It is their intrusion on the relationshi,) an error in your thou&hts a$out the situation) #hich then $ecomes the Custi(ication (or your lack o( (aith. * 7ou #ill make this error) $ut $e not at all concerned #ith that. The error does not matter. : "aithlessness $rou&ht to (aith #ill ne er inter(ere #ith truth. 1> But (aithlessness used <a&ainst= truth #ill al#ays destroy (aith. 11 I( you lack (aith) ask that it $e restored #here it #as lost) and seek not to ha e it made u, to you else#here) as i( you had $een unCustly de,ri ed o( it. T-1*.6II.!. Only #hat <you= ha e not &i en can $e lackin& in any situation. 2 But remem$er this9 the &oal o( holiness #as set (or your relationshi,) and not $y you. 3 7ou did not set it $ecause holiness cannot $e seen e/ce,t throu&h (aith) and your relationshi, #as not holy $ecause your (aith in your $rother #as so limited and little. ! 7our (aith must &ro# to meet the &oal that has $een set. % The &oal+s reality #ill call this (orth) (or you #ill see that ,eace and (aith #ill not come se,arately. ' 8hat situation can you $e in #ithout (aith) and remain (aith(ul to your $rotherD T-1*.6II.%. @ ery situation in #hich you (ind yoursel( is $ut a means to meet the ,ur,ose set (or your relationshi,. 2 5ee it as somethin& else and you are (aithless. 3 Use not your (aithlessness. ! ;et it enter and look u,on it calmly) $ut do not use it. % "aithlessness is the ser ant o( illusion) and #holly (aith(ul to its master. ' Use it) and it #ill carry you strai&ht to illusions. * Be tem,ted not $y #hat it o((ers you. ,3'- - It inter(eres) not #ith the &oal) $ut #ith the alue o( the &oal to you. : 3cce,t not the illusion o( ,eace it o((ers) $ut look u,on its o((erin& and reco&niAe it <is= illusion. T-1*.6II.'. The &oal o( illusion is as closely tied to (aithlessness as (aith to truth. 2 I( you lack (aith in anyone to (ul(ill) and ,er(ectly) his ,art in any situation dedicated in ad ance to truth) your dedication is di ided. 3 3nd so you ha e $een (aithless to your $rother) and used your (aithlessness a&ainst him. ! No relationshi, is holy unless its holiness &oes #ith it e ery#here. % 3s holiness and (aith &o hand in hand) so must its (aith &o e ery#here #ith it. ' The &oal+s reality #ill call (orth and accom,lish e ery miracle needed (or its (ul(illment. * Nothin& too

small or too enormous) too #eak or too com,ellin&) $ut #ill $e &ently turned to its use and ,ur,ose. - The uni erse #ill ser e it &ladly) as it ser es the uni erse. : But do not inter(ere. T-1*.6II.*. The ,o#er set in you in #hom the 0oly 5,irit+s &oal has $een esta$lished is so (ar $eyond your little conce,tion o( the in(inite that you ha e no idea ho# &reat the stren&th that &oes #ith you. 2 3nd you can use <this= in ,er(ect sa(ety. 3 7et (or all its mi&ht) so &reat it reaches ,ast the stars and to the uni erse that lies $eyond them) your little (aithlessness can make it useless) i( you #ould use the (aithlessness instead. T-1*.6II.-. 7et think on this) and learn the cause o( (aithlessness. 7ou think you hold a&ainst your $rother #hat he has done to you. 2 But #hat you really $lame him (or is #hat <you= did to <him.= 3 It is not his ,ast $ut yours you hold a&ainst him. ! 3nd you lack (aith in him $ecause o( #hat you #ere. % 7et you are as innocent o( #hat you #ere as he is. ' 8hat ne er #as is causeless) and is not there to inter(ere #ith truth. * There is no cause (or (aithlessness) $ut there <is= Cause (or (aith. - That Cause has entered any situation that shares Its ,ur,ose. : The li&ht o( truth shines (rom the center o( the situation) and touches e eryone to #hom the situation+s ,ur,ose calls. 1> It calls to e eryone. 11 There is no situation that does not in ol e your #hole relationshi,) in e ery as,ect and com,lete in e ery ,art. 12 7ou can lea e nothin& o( yoursel( outside it and kee, the situation holy. 13 "or it shares the ,ur,ose o( your #hole relationshi,) and deri es its meanin& (rom it. T-1*.6II.:. @nter each situation #ith the (aith you &i e your $rother) or you are (aithless to your o#n relationshi,. 2 7our (aith #ill call the others to share your ,ur,ose) as the same ,ur,ose called (orth the (aith in you. 3 3nd you #ill see the means you once em,loyed to lead you to illusions trans(ormed to means (or truth. ,3': ! Truth calls (or (aith) and (aith makes room (or truth. % 8hen the 0oly 5,irit chan&ed the ,ur,ose o( your relationshi, $y e/chan&in& yours (or 0is) the &oal 0e ,laced there #as e/tended to e ery situation in #hich you enter) or #ill e er enter. ' 3nd e ery situation #as thus made (ree o( the ,ast) #hich #ould ha e made it ,ur,oseless. T-1*.6II.1>. 7ou call (or (aith $ecause o( 0im 8ho #alks #ith you in e ery situation. 2 7ou are no lon&er #holly insane) nor no lon&er alone. 3 "or loneliness in 1od must $e a dream. ! 7ou #hose relationshi, shares the 0oly 5,irit+s &oal are set a,art (rom loneliness $ecause the truth has come. % Its call (or (aith is stron&. ' Use not your (aithlessness a&ainst it) (or it calls you to sal ation and to ,eace. "III. T#e Con!itions of Peace

T-1*.6III.1. The holy instant is nothin& more than a s,ecial case) or an e/treme e/am,le) o( #hat e ery situation is meant to $e. 2 The meanin& that the 0oly 5,irit+s ,ur,ose has &i en it is also &i en to e ery situation. 3 It calls (orth Cust the same sus,ension o( (aithlessness) #ithheld and le(t unused) that (aith mi&ht ans#er to the call o( truth. ! The holy instant is the shinin& e/am,le) the clear and unequi ocal demonstration o( the meanin& o( e ery relationshi, and e ery situation) seen as a #hole. % "aith has acce,ted e ery as,ect o( the situation) and (aithlessness has not (orced any e/clusion on it. ' It is a situation o( ,er(ect ,eace) sim,ly $ecause you ha e let it $e #hat it is. T-1*.6III.2. This sim,le courtesy is all the 0oly 5,irit asks o( you. 2 ;et truth $e #hat it is. 3 Do not intrude u,on it) do not attack it) do not interru,t its comin&. ! ;et it encom,ass e ery situation and $rin& you ,eace. % Not e en (aith is asked o( you) (or truth asks nothin&. ' ;et it enter) and it #ill call (orth and secure (or you the (aith you need (or ,eace. * But rise you not a&ainst it) (or a&ainst your o,,osition it cannot come. T-1*.6III.3. 8ould you not #ant to make a holy instant o( e ery situationD 2 "or such is the &i(t o( (aith) (reely &i en #here er (aithlessness is laid aside) unused. 3 3nd then the ,o#er o( the 0oly 5,irit+s ,ur,ose is (ree to use instead. ! This ,o#er instantly trans(orms all situations into one sure and continuous means (or esta$lishin& 0is ,ur,ose) and demonstratin& its reality. % 8hat has $een demonstrated has called (or (aith) and has $een &i en it. ,3*> ' No# it $ecomes a (act) (rom #hich (aith can no lon&er $e #ithheld. * The strain o( re(usin& (aith to truth is enormous) and (ar &reater than you realiAe. - But to ans#er truth #ith (aith entails no strain at all. T-1*.6III.!. To you #ho ha e ackno#led&ed the Call o( your Redeemer) the strain o( not res,ondin& to 0is Call seems to $e &reater than $e(ore. 2 This is not so. 3 Be(ore) the strain #as there) $ut you attri$uted it to somethin& else) $elie in& that the 2somethin& else2 ,roduced it. ! This #as ne er true. % "or #hat the 2somethin& else2 ,roduced #as sorro# and de,ression) sickness and ,ain) darkness and dim ima&inin&s o( terror) cold (antasies o( (ear and (iery dreams o( hell. ' 3nd it #as nothin& $ut the intolera$le strain o( re(usin& to &i e (aith to truth) and see its e ident reality. T-1*.6III.%. 5uch #as the cruci(i/ion o( the 5on o( 1od. 2 0is (aithlessness did this to him. 3 Think care(ully $e(ore you let yoursel( use (aithlessness a&ainst him. ! "or he is risen) and you ha e acce,ted the Cause o( his a#akenin& as yours. % 7ou ha e assumed your ,art in his redem,tion) and you are no# (ully res,onsi$le to him. ' "ail him not no#) (or it has $een &i en you to realiAe #hat your lack o( (aith in him

must mean to you. * 0is sal ation is your only ,ur,ose. - 5ee only this in e ery situation) and it #ill $e a means (or $rin&in& only this. T-1*.6III.'. 8hen you acce,ted truth as the &oal (or your relationshi,) you $ecame a &i er o( ,eace as surely as your "ather &a e ,eace to you. 2 "or the &oal o( ,eace cannot $e acce,ted a,art (rom its conditions) and you had (aith in it (or no one acce,ts #hat he does not $elie e is real. 3 7our ,ur,ose has not chan&ed) and #ill not chan&e) (or you acce,ted #hat can ne er chan&e. ! 3nd nothin& that it needs to $e (ore er chan&eless can you no# #ithhold (rom it. % 7our release is certain. ' 1i e as you ha e recei ed. * 3nd demonstrate that you ha e risen (ar $eyond any situation that could hold you $ack) and kee, you se,arate (rom 0im 8hose Call you ans#ered. ,3*1 C#apter 9:. THE PASSING OF THE $REAM I. T#e S'/stit'te Realit. T-1-.I.1. To su$stitute is to acce,t instead. 2 I( you #ould $ut consider e/actly #hat this entails) you #ould ,ercei e at once ho# much at ariance this is #ith the &oal the 0oly 5,irit has &i en you) and #ould accom,lish (or you. 3 To su$stitute is to choose $et#een) renouncin& one as,ect o( the 5onshi, in (a or o( the other. ! "or this s,ecial ,ur,ose) one is Cud&ed more alua$le and the other is re,laced $y him. % The relationshi, in #hich the su$stitution occurred is thus (ra&mented) and its ,ur,ose s,lit accordin&ly. ' To (ra&ment is to e/clude) and su$stitution is the stron&est de(ense the e&o has (or se,aration. T-1-.I.2. The 0oly 5,irit ne er uses su$stitutes. 2 8here the e&o ,ercei es one ,erson as a re,lacement (or another) the 0oly 5,irit sees them Coined and indi isi$le. 3 0e does not Cud&e $et#een them) kno#in& they are one. ! Bein& united) they are one $ecause they are the same. % 5u$stitution is clearly a ,rocess in #hich they are ,ercei ed as di((erent. ' One #ould unite9 the other se,arate. * Nothin& can come $et#een #hat 1od has Coined and #hat the 0oly 5,irit sees as one. - But e erythin& <seems= to come $et#een the (ra&mented relationshi,s the e&o s,onsors to destroy. T-1-.I.3. The one emotion in #hich su$stitution is im,ossi$le is lo e. 2 "ear in ol es su$stitution $y de(inition) (or it is lo e+s re,lacement. 3 "ear is $oth a (ra&mented and (ra&mentin& emotion. ! It seems to take many (orms) and each one seems to require a di((erent (orm o( actin& out (or satis(action. % 8hile this a,,ears to introduce quite aria$le $eha ior) a (ar more serious e((ect lies in the (ra&mented ,erce,tion (rom #hich the $eha ior stems. ' No one is seen com,lete. * The $ody

is em,hasiAed) #ith s,ecial em,hasis on certain ,arts) and used as the standard (or com,arison o( acce,tance or reCection (or actin& out a s,ecial (orm o( (ear. T-1-.I.!. 7ou #ho $elie e that 1od is (ear made $ut one su$stitution. 2 It has taken many (orms) $ecause it #as the su$stitution o( illusion (or truth9 o( (ra&mentation (or #holeness. 3 It has $ecome so s,lintered and su$di ided and di ided a&ain) o er and o er) that it is no# almost im,ossi$le to ,ercei e it once #as one) and still is #hat it #as. ! That one error) #hich $rou&ht truth to illusion) in(inity to time) and li(e to death) #as all you e er made. % 7our #hole #orld rests u,on it. ' @ erythin& you see re(lects it) and e ery s,ecial relationshi, that you ha e e er made is ,art o( it. T-1-.I.%. 7ou may $e sur,rised to hear ho# ery di((erent is reality (rom #hat you see. 2 7ou do not realiAe the ma&nitude o( that one error. 3 It #as so ast and so com,letely incredi$le that (rom it a #orld o( total unreality <had= to emer&e. ,3*2 ! 8hat else could come o( itD % Its (ra&mented as,ects are (ear(ul enou&h) as you $e&in to look at them. ' But nothin& you ha e seen $e&ins to sho# you the enormity o( the ori&inal error) #hich seemed to cast you out o( 0ea en) to shatter kno#led&e into meanin&less $its o( disunited ,erce,tions) and to (orce you to make (urther su$stitutions. T-1-.I.'. That #as the (irst ,roCection o( error out#ard. 2 The #orld arose to hide it) and $ecame the screen on #hich it #as ,roCected and dra#n $et#een you and the truth. 3 "or truth e/tends in#ard) #here the idea o( loss is meanin&less and only increase is concei a$le. ! Do you really think it stran&e that a #orld in #hich e erythin& is $ack#ards and u,side do#n arose (rom this ,roCection o( errorD % It #as ine ita$le. ' "or truth $rou&ht to this could only remain #ithin in quiet) and take no ,art in all the mad ,roCection $y #hich this #orld #as made. * Call it not sin $ut madness) (or such it #as and so it still remains. - In est it not #ith &uilt) (or &uilt im,lies it #as accom,lished in reality. : 3nd a$o e all) <$e not a(raid o( it=. T-1-.I.*. 8hen you seem to see some t#isted (orm o( the ori&inal error risin& to (ri&hten you) say only) 21od is not (ear) $ut ;o e)2 and it #ill disa,,ear. 2 The truth #ill sa e you. 3 It has not le(t you) to &o out into the mad #orld and so de,art (rom you. ! In#ard is sanity9 insanity is outside you. % 7ou $ut $elie e it is the other #ay9 that truth is outside) and error and &uilt #ithin. ' 7our little) senseless su$stitutions) touched #ith insanity and s#irlin& li&htly o(( on a mad course like (eathers dancin& insanely in the #ind) ha e no su$stance. * They (use and mer&e and se,arate) in shi(tin& and totally meanin&less ,atterns that need not $e Cud&ed at all. - To Cud&e them indi idually is ,ointless. : Their tiny di((erences in (orm are no real di((erences at all. 1> None o(

them matters. 11 <That= they ha e in common and nothin& else. 12 7et #hat else is necessary to make them all the sameD T-1-.I.-. ;et them all &o) dancin& in the #ind) di,,in& and turnin& till they disa,,ear (rom si&ht) (ar) (ar outside o( you. 2 3nd turn you to the stately calm #ithin) #here in holy stillness d#ells the li in& 1od you ne er le(t) and 8ho ne er le(t you. ,3*3 3 The 0oly 5,irit takes you &ently $y the hand) and retraces #ith you your mad Courney outside yoursel() leadin& you &ently $ack to the truth and sa(ety #ithin. ! 0e $rin&s all your insane ,roCections and the #ild su$stitutions that you ha e ,laced outside you to the truth. % Thus 0e re erses the course o( insanity and restores you to reason. T-1-.I.:. In your relationshi, #ith your $rother) #here 0e has taken char&e o( e erythin& at your request) 0e has set the course in#ard to the truth you share. 2 In the mad #orld outside you nothin& can $e shared $ut only su$stituted) and sharin& and su$stitutin& ha e nothin& in common in reality. 3 8ithin yoursel( you lo e your $rother #ith a ,er(ect lo e. ! 0ere is holy &round) in #hich no su$stitution can enter) and #here only the truth in your $rother can a$ide. % 0ere you are Coined in 1od) as much to&ether as you are #ith 0im. ' The ori&inal error has not entered here) nor e er #ill. * 0ere is the radiant truth) to #hich the 0oly 5,irit has committed your relationshi,. - ;et 0im $rin& it here) #here <you= #ould ha e it $e. : 1i e 0im $ut a little (aith in your $rother) to hel, 0im sho# you that no su$stitute you made (or 0ea en can kee, you (rom it. T-1-.I.1>. In you there is no se,aration) and no su$stitute can kee, you (rom your $rother. 2 7our reality #as 1od+s creation) and has no su$stitute. 3 7ou are so (irmly Coined in truth that only 1od is there. ! 3nd 0e #ould ne er acce,t somethin& else instead o( you. % 0e lo es you $oth) equally and as one. ' 3nd as 0e lo es you) so you are. * 7ou are not Coined to&ether in illusions) $ut in the Thou&ht so holy and so ,er(ect that illusions cannot remain to darken the holy ,lace in #hich you stand to&ether. - 1od is #ith you) my $rother. : ;et us Coin in 0im in ,eace and &ratitude) and acce,t 0is &i(t as our most holy and ,er(ect reality) #hich #e share in 0im. T-1-.I.11. 0ea en is restored to all the 5onshi, throu&h your relationshi,) (or in it lies the 5onshi,) #hole and $eauti(ul) sa(e in your lo e. 2 0ea en has entered quietly) (or all illusions ha e $een &ently $rou&ht unto the truth in you) and lo e has shined u,on you) $lessin& your relationshi, #ith truth. 3 1od and 0is #hole creation ha e entered it to&ether. ! 0o# lo ely and ho# holy is your relationshi,) #ith the truth shinin& u,on itJ % 0ea en $eholds it) and reCoices that you ha e let it come to you. ' 3nd 1od 0imsel( is &lad that your relationshi, is as it #as created. ,3*! * The uni erse #ithin you stands #ith you)

to&ether #ith your $rother. - 3nd 0ea en looks #ith lo e on #hat is Coined in it) alon& #ith its Creator. T-1-.I.12. 8hom 1od has called should hear no su$stitutes. 2 Their call is $ut an echo o( the ori&inal error that shattered 0ea en. 3 3nd #hat $ecame o( ,eace in those #ho heardD ! Return #ith me to 0ea en) #alkin& to&ether #ith your $rother out o( this #orld and throu&h another) to the lo eliness and Coy the other holds #ithin it. % 8ould you still (urther #eaken and $reak a,art #hat is already $roken and ho,elessD ' Is it here that you #ould look (or ha,,inessD * Or #ould you not ,re(er to heal #hat has $een $roken) and Coin in makin& #hole #hat has $een ra a&ed $y se,aration and diseaseD T-1-.I.13. 7ou ha e $een called) to&ether #ith your $rother) to the most holy (unction this #orld contains. 2 It is the only one that has no limits) and reaches out to e ery $roken (ra&ment o( the 5onshi, #ith healin& and unitin& com(ort. 3 This is o((ered you) in your holy relationshi,. ! 3cce,t it here) and you #ill &i e as you ha e acce,ted. % The ,eace o( 1od is &i en you #ith the &lo#in& ,ur,ose in #hich you Coin #ith your $rother. ' The holy li&ht that $rou&ht you and him to&ether must e/tend) as you acce,ted it. II. T#e -asis of t#e $rea T-1-.II.1. Does not a #orld that seems quite real arise in dreamsD 2 7et think #hat this #orld is. 3 It is clearly not the #orld you sa# $e(ore you sle,t. ! Rather it is a distortion o( the #orld) ,lanned solely around #hat you #ould ha e ,re(erred. % 0ere) you are 2(ree2 to make o er #hate er seemed to attack you) and chan&e it into a tri$ute to your e&o) #hich #as outra&ed $y the 2attack.2 ' This #ould not $e your #ish unless you sa# yoursel( as one #ith the e&o) #hich al#ays looks u,on itsel() and there(ore on you) as under attack and hi&hly ulnera$le to it. T-1-.II.2. Dreams are chaotic $ecause they are &o erned $y your con(lictin& #ishes) and there(ore they ha e no concern #ith #hat is true. 2 They are the $est e/am,le you could ha e o( ho# ,erce,tion can $e utiliAed to su$stitute illusions (or truth. 3 7ou do not take them seriously on a#akin& $ecause the (act that reality is so outra&eously iolated in them $ecomes a,,arent. ! 7et they are a #ay o( lookin& at the #orld) and chan&in& it to suit the e&o $etter. ,3*% % They ,ro ide strikin& e/am,les) $oth o( the e&o+s ina$ility to tolerate reality) and o( your #illin&ness to chan&e reality on its $ehal(. T-1-.II.3. 7ou do not (ind the di((erences $et#een #hat you see in slee, and on a#akin& distur$in&. 2 7ou reco&niAe that #hat you see on #akin& is $lotted out in dreams. 3 7et on a#akenin&) you do not e/,ect it to $e &one. ! In dreams <you= arran&e e erythin&. % ?eo,le $ecome #hat you #ould ha e them $e) and #hat they do you order. ' No limits

on su$stitution are laid u,on you. * "or a time it seems as i( the #orld #ere &i en you) to make it #hat you #ish. - 7ou do not realiAe you are attackin& it) tryin& to trium,h o er it and make it ser e you. T-1-.II.!. Dreams are ,erce,tual tem,er tantrums) in #hich you literally scream) 2I #ant it thusJ2 2 3nd thus it seems to $e. 3 3nd yet the dream cannot esca,e its ori&in. ! 3n&er and (ear ,er ade it) and in an instant the illusion o( satis(action is in aded $y the illusion o( terror. % "or the dream o( your a$ility to control reality $y su$stitutin& a #orld that you ,re(er <is= terri(yin&. ' 7our attem,ts to $lot out reality are ery (ear(ul) $ut this you are not #illin& to acce,t. * 3nd so you su$stitute the (antasy that reality is (ear(ul) not #hat you #ould do to it. - 3nd thus is &uilt made real. T-1-.II.%. Dreams sho# you that you ha e the ,o#er to make a #orld as you #ould ha e it $e) and that $ecause you #ant it you see it. 2 3nd #hile you see it you do not dou$t that it is real. 3 7et here is a #orld) clearly #ithin your mind) that seems to $e outside. ! 7ou do not res,ond to it as thou&h you made it) nor do you realiAe that the emotions the dream ,roduces must come (rom you. % It is the (i&ures in the dream and #hat they do that seem to make the dream. ' 7ou do not realiAe that you are makin& them act out (or you) (or i( you did the &uilt #ould not $e theirs) and the illusion o( satis(action #ould $e &one. * In dreams these (eatures are not o$scure. - 7ou seem to #aken) and the dream is &one. : 7et #hat you (ail to reco&niAe is that #hat caused the dream has not &one #ith it. 1> 7our #ish to make another #orld that is not real remains #ith you. 11 3nd #hat you seem to #aken to is $ut another (orm o( this same #orld you see in dreams. 12 3ll your time is s,ent in dreamin&. 13 7our slee,in& and your #akin& dreams ha e di((erent (orms) and that is all. 1! Their content is the same. 1% They are your ,rotest a&ainst reality) and your (i/ed and insane idea that you can chan&e it. 1' In your #akin& dreams) the s,ecial relationshi, has a s,ecial ,lace. ,3*' 1* It is the means $y #hich you try to make your slee,in& dreams come true. 1- "rom this) you do not #aken. 1: The s,ecial relationshi, is your determination to kee, your hold on unreality) and to ,re ent yoursel( (rom #akin&. 2> 3nd #hile you see more alue in slee,in& than in #akin&) you #ill not let &o o( it. T-1-.II.'. The 0oly 5,irit) e er ,ractical in 0is #isdom) acce,ts your dreams and uses them as means (or #akin&. 2 7ou #ould ha e used them to remain aslee,. 3 I said $e(ore that the (irst chan&e) $e(ore dreams disa,,ear) is that your dreams o( (ear are chan&ed to ha,,y dreams. ! That is #hat the 0oly 5,irit does in the s,ecial relationshi,. % 0e does not destroy it) nor snatch it a#ay (rom you. ' But 0e does use it di((erently) as a hel, to make 0is ,ur,ose real to you. * The s,ecial relationshi, #ill remain) not as a source o( ,ain and &uilt) $ut as

a source o( Coy and (reedom. - It #ill not $e (or you alone) (or therein lay its misery. : 3s its unholiness ke,t it a thin& a,art) its holiness #ill $ecome an o((erin& to e eryone. T-1-.II.*. 7our s,ecial relationshi, #ill $e a means (or undoin& &uilt in e eryone $lessed throu&h your holy relationshi,. 2 It #ill $e a ha,,y dream) and one #hich you #ill share #ith all #ho come #ithin your si&ht. 3 Throu&h it) the $lessin& the 0oly 5,irit has laid u,on it #ill $e e/tended. ! Think not that 0e has (or&otten anyone in the ,ur,ose 0e has &i en you. % 3nd think not that 0e has (or&otten you to #hom 0e &a e the &i(t. ' 0e uses e eryone #ho calls on 0im as means (or the sal ation o( e eryone. * 3nd 0e #ill #aken e eryone throu&h you #ho o((ered your relationshi, to 0im. - I( you $ut reco&niAed 0is &ratitudeJ : Or mine throu&h 0isJ 1> "or #e are Coined as in one ,ur,ose) $ein& o( one mind #ith 0im. T-1-.II.-. ;et not the dream take hold to close your eyes. 2 It is not stran&e that dreams can make a #orld that is unreal. 3 It is the <#ish= to make it that is incredi$le. ! 7our relationshi, #ith your $rother has no# $ecome one in #hich the #ish has $een remo ed) $ecause its ,ur,ose has $een chan&ed (rom one o( dreams to one o( truth. % 7ou are not sure o( this $ecause you think it may $e this that is the dream. ' 7ou are so used to choosin& amon& dreams you do not see that you ha e made) at last) the choice $et#een the truth and <all= illusions. T-1-.II.:. 7et 0ea en is sure. 2 This is no dream. 3 Its comin& means that you ha e chosen truth) and it has come $ecause you ha e $een #illin& to let your s,ecial relationshi, meet its conditions. ,3** ! In your relationshi, the 0oly 5,irit has &ently laid the real #orld9 the #orld o( ha,,y dreams) (rom #hich a#akin& is so easy and so natural. % "or as your slee,in& and your #akin& dreams re,resent the same #ishes in your mind) so do the real #orld and the truth o( 0ea en Coin in the 8ill o( 1od. ' The dream o( #akin& is easily trans(erred to its reality. * "or this dream re(lects your #ill Coined #ith the 8ill o( 1od. 3nd #hat this 8ill #ould ha e accom,lished has ne er <not= $een done. III. Li)#t in t#e $rea T-1-.III.1. 7ou #ho ha e s,ent your li(e in $rin&in& truth to illusion) reality to (antasy) ha e #alked the #ay o( dreams. 2 "or you ha e &one (rom #akin& to slee,in&) and on and on to a yet dee,er slee,. 3 @ach dream has led to other dreams) and e ery (antasy that seemed to $rin& a li&ht into the darkness $ut made the darkness dee,er. ! 7our &oal #as darkness) in #hich no ray o( li&ht could enter. % 3nd you sou&ht a $lackness so com,lete that you could hide (rom truth (ore er) in com,lete insanity. ' 8hat you (or&ot #as sim,ly that 1od cannot

destroy 0imsel(. * The li&ht is <in= you. - Darkness can co er it) $ut cannot ,ut it out. T-1-.III.2. 3s the li&ht comes nearer you #ill rush to darkness) shrinkin& (rom the truth) sometimes retreatin& to the lesser (orms o( (ear) and sometimes to stark terror. 2 But you #ill ad ance) $ecause your &oal is the ad ance (rom (ear to truth. 3 The &oal you acce,ted is the &oal o( kno#led&e) (or #hich you si&ni(ied your #illin&ness. ! "ear seems to li e in darkness) and #hen you are a(raid you ha e ste,,ed $ack. % ;et us then Coin quickly in an instant o( li&ht) and it #ill $e enou&h to remind you that your &oal is li&ht. T-1-.III.3. Truth has rushed to meet you since you called u,on it. 2 I( you kne# 8ho #alks $eside you on the #ay that you ha e chosen) (ear #ould $e im,ossi$le. 3 7ou do not kno# $ecause the Courney into darkness has $een lon& and cruel) and you ha e &one dee, into it. ! 3 little (licker o( your eyelids) closed so lon&) has not yet $een su((icient to &i e you con(idence in yoursel() so lon& des,ised. % 7ou &o to#ard lo e still hatin& it) and terri$ly a(raid o( its Cud&ment u,on you. ' 3nd you do not realiAe that you are not a(raid o( lo e) $ut only o( #hat you ha e made o( it. * 7ou are ad ancin& to lo e+s meanin&) and a#ay (rom all illusions in #hich you ha e surrounded it. ,3*- - 8hen you retreat to the illusion your (ear increases) (or there is little dou$t that #hat you think it means <is= (ear(ul. : 7et #hat is that to us #ho tra el surely and ery s#i(tly a#ay (rom (earD T-1-.III.!. 7ou #ho hold your $rother+s hand also hold mine) (or #hen you Coined each other you #ere not alone. 2 Do you $elie e that I #ould lea e you in the darkness that you a&reed to lea e #ith meD 3 In your relationshi, is this #orld+s li&ht. ! 3nd (ear must disa,,ear $e(ore you no#. % Be tem,ted not to snatch a#ay the &i(t o( (aith you o((ered to your $rother. ' 7ou #ill succeed only in (ri&htenin& yoursel(. * The &i(t is &i en (ore er) (or 1od 0imsel( recei ed it. - 7ou cannot take it $ack. : 7ou ha e acce,ted 1od. 1> The holiness o( your relationshi, is esta$lished in 0ea en. 11 7ou do not understand #hat you acce,ted) $ut remem$er that your understandin& is not necessary. 12 3ll that #as necessary #as merely the <#ish= to understand. 13 That #ish #as the desire to $e holy. 1! The 8ill o( 1od is &ranted you. 1% "or you desire the only thin& you e er had) or e er #ere. T-1-.III.%. @ach instant that #e s,end to&ether #ill teach you that this &oal is ,ossi$le) and #ill stren&then your desire to reach it. 2 3nd in your desire lies its accom,lishment. 3 7our desire is no# in com,lete accord #ith all the ,o#er o( the 0oly 5,irit+s 8ill. ! No little) (alterin& (ootste,s that you may take can se,arate your desire (rom 0is 8ill and (rom 0is stren&th. % I hold your hand as surely as you a&reed to take your $rother+s. ' 7ou #ill not se,arate) (or I stand #ith you and #alk

#ith you in your ad ance to truth. * 3nd #here #e &o #e carry 1od #ith us. T-1-.III.'. In your relationshi, you ha e Coined #ith me in $rin&in& 0ea en to the 5on o( 1od) #ho hid in darkness. 2 7ou ha e $een #illin& to $rin& the darkness to li&ht) and this #illin&ness has &i en stren&th to e eryone #ho #ould remain in darkness. 3 Those #ho #ould see <#ill= see. ! 3nd they #ill Coin #ith me in carryin& their li&ht into the darkness) #hen the darkness in them is o((ered to the li&ht) and is remo ed (ore er. % 4y need (or you) Coined #ith me in the holy li&ht o( your relationshi,) is your need (or sal ation. ' 8ould I not &i e you #hat you &a e to meD * "or #hen you Coined your $rother) you ans#ered me. T-1-.III.*. 7ou #ho are no# the $rin&er o( sal ation ha e the (unction o( $rin&in& li&ht to darkness. 2 The darkness in you has $een $rou&ht to li&ht. 3 Carry it $ack to darkness) (rom the holy instant to #hich you $rou&ht it. ,3*: ! 8e are made #hole in our desire to make #hole. % ;et not time #orry you) (or all the (ear that you and your $rother e/,erience is really ,ast. ' Time has $een readCusted to hel, us do) to&ether) #hat your se,arate ,asts #ould hinder. * 7ou ha e &one ,ast (ear) (or no t#o minds can Coin in the desire (or lo e #ithout lo e+s Coinin& them. T-1-.III.-. Not one li&ht in 0ea en $ut &oes #ith you. 2 Not one Ray that shines (ore er in the 4ind o( 1od $ut shines on you. 3 0ea en is Coined #ith you in your ad ance to 0ea en. ! 8hen such &reat li&hts ha e Coined #ith you to &i e the little s,ark o( your desire the ,o#er o( 1od 0imsel() can you remain in darknessD % 7ou and your $rother are comin& home to&ether) a(ter a lon& and meanin&less Courney that you undertook a,art) and that led no#here. ' 7ou ha e (ound your $rother) and you #ill li&ht each other+s #ay. * 3nd (rom this li&ht #ill the 1reat Rays e/tend $ack into darkness and (or#ard unto 1od) to shine a#ay the ,ast and so make room (or 0is eternal ?resence) in #hich e erythin& is radiant in the li&ht. I". T#e Little &illin)ness T-1-.I6.1. The holy instant is the result o( your determination to $e holy. 2 It is the <ans#er.= 3 The desire and the #illin&ness to let it come ,recede its comin&. ! 7ou ,re,are your mind (or it only to the e/tent o( reco&niAin& that you #ant it a$o e all else. % It is not necessary that you do more9 indeed) it is necessary that you realiAe that you cannot do more. ' Do not attem,t to &i e the 0oly 5,irit #hat 0e does not ask) or you #ill add the e&o to 0im and con(use the t#o. * 0e asks $ut little. - It is 0e 8ho adds the &reatness and the mi&ht. : 0e Coins #ith you to make the holy instant (ar &reater than you can

understand. 1> It is your realiAation that you need do so little that ena$les 0im to &i e so much. T-1-.I6.2. Trust not your &ood intentions. 2 They are not enou&h. 3 But trust im,licitly your #illin&ness) #hate er else may enter. ! Concentrate only on this) and $e not distur$ed that shado#s surround it. % That is #hy you came. ' I( you could come #ithout them you #ould not need the holy instant. * Come to it not in arro&ance) assumin& that you must achie e the state its comin& $rin&s #ith it. The miracle o( the holy instant lies in your #illin&ness to let it $e #hat it is. : 3nd in your #illin&ness (or this lies also your acce,tance o( yoursel( as you #ere meant to $e. ,3-> T-1-.I6.3. 0umility #ill ne er ask that you remain content #ith littleness. 2 But it does require that you $e not content #ith less than &reatness that comes not o( you. 3 7our di((iculty #ith the holy instant arises (rom your (i/ed con iction that you are not #orthy o( it. ! 3nd #hat is this $ut the determination to $e as you #ould make yoursel(D % 1od did not create 0is d#ellin& ,lace un#orthy o( 0im. ' 3nd i( you $elie e 0e cannot enter #here 0e #ills to $e) you must $e inter(erin& #ith 0is 8ill. * 7ou do not need the stren&th o( #illin&ness to come (rom you) $ut only (rom 0is 8ill. T-1-.I6.!. The holy instant does not come (rom your little #illin&ness alone. 2 It is al#ays the result o( your small #illin&ness com$ined #ith the unlimited ,o#er o( 1od+s 8ill. 3 7ou ha e $een #ron& in thinkin& that it is need(ul to ,re,are yoursel( (or 0im. ! It is im,ossi$le to make arro&ant ,re,arations (or holiness) and not $elie e that it is u, to you to esta$lish the conditions (or ,eace. % 1od has esta$lished them. ' They do not #ait u,on your #illin&ness (or #hat they are. * 7our #illin&ness is needed only to make it ,ossi$le to teach you #hat they are. - I( you maintain you are un#orthy o( learnin& this) you are inter(erin& #ith the lesson $y $elie in& that you must make the learner di((erent. : 7ou did not make the learner) nor can you make him di((erent. 1> 8ould you (irst make a miracle yoursel() and then e/,ect one to $e made <(or= youD T-1-.I6.%. 7ou merely ask the question. 2 The ans#er is &i en. 3 5eek not to ans#er) $ut merely to recei e the ans#er as it is &i en. ! In ,re,arin& (or the holy instant) do not attem,t to make yoursel( holy to $e ready to recei e it. % That is $ut to con(use your role #ith 1od+s. ' 3tonement cannot come to those #ho think that they must (irst atone) $ut only to those #ho o((er it nothin& more than sim,le #illin&ness to make #ay (or it. * ?uri(ication is o( 1od alone) and there(ore (or you. Rather than seek to ,re,are yoursel( (or 0im) try to think thus. : I #ho am host to 1od am #orthy o( 0im.

1> 0e 8ho esta$lished 0is d#ellin& ,lace in me created it as 0e #ould ha e it $e. 11 It is not need(ul that I make it ready (or 0im) $ut only that I do not inter(ere #ith 0is ,lan to restore to me my o#n a#areness o( my readiness) #hich is eternal. 12 I need add nothin& to 0is ,lan. ,3-1 13 But to recei e it) I must $e #illin& not to su$stitute my o#n in ,lace o( it. T-1-.I6.'. 3nd that is all. 2 3dd more) and you #ill merely take a#ay the little that is asked. 3 Remem$er you made &uilt) and that your ,lan (or the esca,e (rom &uilt has $een to $rin& 3tonement to it) and make sal ation (ear(ul. ! 3nd it is only (ear that you #ill add) i( you ,re,are yoursel( (or lo e. % The ,re,aration (or the holy instant $elon&s to 0im 8ho &i es it. ' Release yoursel( to 0im 8hose (unction is release. * Do not assume 0is (unction (or 0im. - 1i e 0im $ut #hat 0e asks) that you may learn ho# little is your ,art) and ho# &reat is 0is. T-1-.I6.*. It is this that makes the holy instant so easy and so natural. 2 7ou make it di((icult) $ecause you insist there must $e more that you need do. 3 7ou (ind it di((icult to acce,t the idea that you need &i e so little) to recei e so much. ! 3nd it is ery hard (or you to realiAe it is not ,ersonally insultin& that your contri$ution and the 0oly 5,irit+s are so e/tremely dis,ro,ortionate. % 7ou are still con inced that your understandin& is a ,o#er(ul contri$ution to the truth) and makes it #hat it is. ' 7et #e ha e em,hasiAed that you need understand nothin&. * 5al ation is easy Cust <$ecause= it asks nothin& you cannot &i e ri&ht no#. T-1-.I6.-. "or&et not that it has $een your decision to make e erythin& that is natural and easy (or you im,ossi$le. 2 I( you $elie e the holy instant is di((icult (or you) it is $ecause you ha e $ecome the ar$iter o( #hat is ,ossi$le) and remain un#illin& to &i e ,lace to One 8ho kno#s. 3 The #hole $elie( in orders o( di((iculty in miracles is centered on this. ! @ erythin& 1od #ills is not only ,ossi$le) $ut has already ha,,ened. % 3nd that is #hy the ,ast has &one. ' It ne er ha,,ened in reality. * Only in your mind) #hich thou&ht it did) is its undoin& need(ul. ". T#e Happ. $rea T-1-.6.1. ?re,are you <no#= (or the undoin& o( #hat ne er #as. 2 I( you already understood the di((erence $et#een truth and illusion) the 3tonement #ould ha e no meanin&. 3 The holy instant) the holy relationshi,) the 0oly 5,irit+s teachin&) and all the means $y #hich sal ation is accom,lished) #ould ha e no ,ur,ose. ! "or they are all $ut as,ects o( the ,lan to chan&e your dreams o( (ear to ha,,y

dreams) (rom #hich you #aken easily to kno#led&e. ,3-2 % ?ut yoursel( not in char&e o( this) (or you cannot distin&uish $et#een ad ance and retreat. ' 5ome o( your &reatest ad ances you ha e Cud&ed as (ailures) and some o( your dee,est retreats you ha e e aluated as success. T-1-.6.2. Ne er a,,roach the holy instant a(ter you ha e tried to remo e all (ear and hatred (rom your mind. 2 That is <its= (unction. 3 Ne er attem,t to o erlook your &uilt $e(ore you ask the 0oly 5,irit+s hel,. ! That is <0is= (unction. % 7our ,art is only to o((er 0im a little #illin&ness to let 0im remo e all (ear and hatred) and to $e (or&i en. ' On your little (aith) Coined #ith 0is understandin&) 0e #ill $uild your ,art in the 3tonement and make sure that you (ul(ill it easily. * 3nd #ith 0im) you #ill $uild a ladder ,lanted in the solid rock o( (aith) and risin& e en to 0ea en. - Nor #ill you use it to ascend to 0ea en alone. T-1-.6.3. Throu&h your holy relationshi,) re$orn and $lessed in e ery holy instant you do not arran&e) thousands #ill rise to 0ea en #ith you. 2 Can you ,lan (or thisD 3 Or could you ,re,are yoursel( (or such a (unctionD ! 7et it is ,ossi$le) $ecause 1od #ills it. % Nor #ill 0e chan&e 0is 4ind a$out it. ' The means and ,ur,ose $oth $elon& to 0im. * 7ou ha e acce,ted one9 the other #ill $e ,ro ided. - 3 ,ur,ose such as this) #ithout the means) is inconcei a$le. : 0e #ill ,ro ide the means to anyone #ho shares 0is ,ur,ose. T-1-.6.!. 0a,,y dreams come true) not $ecause they are dreams) $ut only $ecause they are ha,,y. 2 3nd so they must $e lo in&. 3 Their messa&e is) 2Thy 8ill $e done)2 and not) 2I #ant it other#ise.2 ! The ali&nment o( means and ,ur,ose is an undertakin& im,ossi$le (or you to understand. % 7ou do not e en realiAe you ha e acce,ted the 0oly 5,irit+s ,ur,ose as your o#n) and you #ould merely $rin& unholy means to its accom,lishment. ' The little (aith it needed to chan&e the ,ur,ose is all that is required to recei e the means and use them. T-1-.6.%. It is no dream to lo e your $rother as yoursel(. 2 Nor is your holy relationshi, a dream. 3 3ll that remains o( dreams #ithin it is that it is still a s,ecial relationshi,. ! 7et it is ery use(ul to the 0oly 5,irit) 8ho <has= a s,ecial (unction here. % It #ill $ecome the ha,,y dream throu&h #hich 0e can s,read Coy to thousands on thousands #ho $elie e that lo e is (ear) not ha,,iness. ' ;et 0im (ul(ill the (unction that 0e &a e to your relationshi, $y acce,tin& it (or you) and nothin& #ill $e #antin& that #ould make o( it #hat 0e #ould ha e it $e. ,3-3 T-1-.6.'. 8hen you (eel the holiness o( your relationshi, is threatened $y anythin&) sto, instantly and o((er the 0oly 5,irit your #illin&ness) in s,ite o( (ear) to let 0im e/chan&e this instant (or the holy one that you #ould rather ha e. 2 0e #ill ne er (ail in this. 3 But (or&et not that your relationshi, is one) and so it must $e that #hate er threatens the

,eace o( one is an equal threat to the other. ! The ,o#er o( Coinin& its $lessin& lies in the (act that it is no# im,ossi$le (or you or your $rother to e/,erience (ear alone) or to attem,t to deal #ith it alone. % Ne er $elie e that this is necessary) or e en ,ossi$le. ' 7et Cust as this is im,ossi$le) so is it equally im,ossi$le that the holy instant come to either o( you #ithout the other. * 3nd it #ill come to $oth at the request o( either. T-1-.6.*. 8hoe er is saner at the time the threat is ,ercei ed should remem$er ho# dee, is his inde$tedness to the other and ho# much &ratitude is due him) and $e &lad that he can ,ay his de$t $y $rin&in& ha,,iness to $oth. 2 ;et him remem$er this) and say. 3 I desire this holy instant (or mysel() that I may share it #ith my $rother) #hom I lo e. ! It is not ,ossi$le that I can ha e it #ithout him) or he #ithout me. % 7et it is #holly ,ossi$le (or us to share it no#. ' 3nd so I choose this instant as the one to o((er to the 0oly 5,irit) that 0is $lessin& may descend on us) and kee, us $oth in ,eace. "I. -e.on! t#e -o!. T-1-.6I.1. There is nothin& outside you. 2 That is #hat you must ultimately learn) (or it is the realiAation that the Gin&dom o( 0ea en is restored to you. 3 "or 1od created only this) and 0e did not de,art (rom it nor lea e it se,arate (rom 0imsel(. ! The Gin&dom o( 0ea en is the d#ellin& ,lace o( the 5on o( 1od) #ho le(t not his "ather and d#ells not a,art (rom 0im. % 0ea en is not a ,lace nor a condition. ' It is merely an a#areness o( ,er(ect Oneness) and the kno#led&e that there is nothin& else9 nothin& outside this Oneness) and nothin& else #ithin. T-1-.6I.2. 8hat could 1od &i e $ut kno#led&e o( 0imsel(D 2 8hat else is there to &i eD ,3-! 3 The $elie( that you could &i e and &et somethin& else) somethin& outside yoursel() has cost you the a#areness o( 0ea en and o( your Identity. ! 3nd you ha e done a stran&er thin& than you yet realiAe. % 7ou ha e dis,laced your &uilt to your $ody (rom your mind. ' 7et a $ody cannot $e &uilty) (or it can do nothin& o( itsel(. * 7ou #ho think you hate your $ody decei e yoursel(. - 7ou hate your mind) (or &uilt has entered into it) and it #ould remain se,arate (rom your $rother+s) #hich it cannot do. T-1-.6I.3. 4inds are Coined9 $odies are not. 2 Only $y assi&nin& to the mind the ,ro,erties o( the $ody does se,aration seem to $e ,ossi$le. 3 3nd it is mind that seems to $e (ra&mented and ,ri ate and alone. ! Its &uilt) #hich kee,s it se,arate) is ,roCected to the $ody) #hich su((ers and dies $ecause it is attacked to hold the se,aration in the mind) and

let it not kno# its Identity. % 4ind cannot attack) $ut it can make (antasies and direct the $ody to act them out. ' 7et it is ne er #hat the $ody does that seems to satis(y. * Unless the mind $elie es the $ody is actually actin& out its (antasies) it #ill attack the $ody $y increasin& the ,roCection o( its &uilt u,on it. T-1-.6I.!. In this) the mind is clearly delusional. 2 It cannot attack) $ut it maintains it can) and uses #hat it does to hurt the $ody to ,ro e it can. 3 The mind cannot attack) $ut it can decei e itsel(. ! 3nd this is all it does #hen it $elie es it has attacked the $ody. % It can ,roCect its &uilt) $ut it #ill not lose it throu&h ,roCection. ' 3nd thou&h it clearly can mis,ercei e the (unction o( the $ody) it cannot chan&e its (unction (rom #hat the 0oly 5,irit esta$lishes it to $e. * The $ody #as not made $y lo e. - 7et lo e does not condemn it and can use it lo in&ly) res,ectin& #hat the 5on o( 1od has made and usin& it to sa e him (rom illusions. T-1-.6I.%. 8ould you not ha e the instruments o( se,aration reinter,reted as means (or sal ation) and used (or ,ur,oses o( lo eD 2 8ould you not #elcome and su,,ort the shi(t (rom (antasies o( en&eance to release (rom themD 3 7our ,erce,tion o( the $ody can clearly $e sick) $ut ,roCect not this u,on the $ody. ! "or your #ish to make destructi e #hat cannot destroy can ha e no real e((ect at all. % 8hat 1od created is only #hat 0e #ould ha e it $e) $ein& 0is 8ill. ' 7ou cannot make 0is 8ill destructi e. * 7ou can make (antasies in #hich your #ill con(licts #ith 0is) $ut that is all. T-1-.6I.'. It is insane to use the $ody as the sca,e&oat (or &uilt) directin& its attack and $lamin& it (or #hat you #ished it to do. 2 It is im,ossi$le to act out (antasies ,3-%. 3 "or it is still the (antasies you #ant) and they ha e nothin& to do #ith #hat the $ody does. ! It does not dream o( them) and they $ut make it a lia$ility #here it could $e an asset. % "or (antasies ha e made your $ody your 2enemy29 #eak) ulnera$le and treacherous) #orthy o( the hate that you in est in it. ' 0o# has this ser ed youD * 7ou ha e identi(ied #ith this thin& you hate) the instrument o( en&eance and the ,ercei ed source o( your &uilt. - 7ou ha e done this to a thin& that has no meanin&) ,roclaimin& it to $e the d#ellin& ,lace o( 1od+s 5on) and turnin& it a&ainst him. T-1-.6I.*. This is the host o( 1od that <you= ha e made. 2 3nd neither 1od nor 0is most holy 5on can enter an a$ode that har$ors hate) and #here you ha e so#n the seeds o( en&eance) iolence and death. 3 This thin& you made to ser e your &uilt stands $et#een you and other minds. ! The minds <are= Coined) $ut you do not identi(y #ith them. % 7ou see yoursel( locked in a se,arate ,rison) remo ed and unreacha$le) inca,a$le o( reachin& out as $ein& reached. ' 7ou hate

this ,rison you ha e made) and #ould destroy it. * But you #ould not esca,e (rom it) lea in& it unharmed) #ithout your &uilt u,on it. T-1-.6I.-. 7et only thus <can= you esca,e. 2 The home o( en&eance is not yours9 the ,lace you set aside to house your hate is not a ,rison) $ut an illusion o( yoursel(. 3 The $ody is a limit im,osed on the uni ersal communication that is an eternal ,ro,erty o( mind. ! But the communication is internal. % 4ind reaches to itsel(. ' It is <not= made u, o( di((erent ,arts) #hich reach each other. * It does not &o out. 8ithin itsel( it has no limits) and there is nothin& outside it. : It encom,asses e erythin&. 1> It encom,asses you entirely9 you #ithin it and it #ithin you. 11 There is nothin& else) any#here or e er. T-1-.6I.:. The $ody is outside you) and $ut seems to surround you) shuttin& you o(( (rom others and kee,in& you a,art (rom them) and them (rom you. 2 It is not there. 3 There is no $arrier $et#een 1od and 0is 5on) nor can 0is 5on $e se,arated (rom 0imsel( e/ce,t in illusions. ! This is not his reality) thou&h he $elie es it is. % 7et this could only $e i( 1od #ere #ron&. ' 1od #ould ha e had to create di((erently) and to ha e se,arated 0imsel( (rom 0is 5on to make this ,ossi$le. * 0e #ould ha e had to create di((erent thin&s) and to esta$lish di((erent orders o( reality) only some o( #hich #ere lo e. - 7et lo e must $e (ore er like itsel() chan&eless (ore er) and (ore er #ithout alternati e. : 3nd so it is. 1> 7ou cannot ,ut a $arrier around yoursel() $ecause 1od ,laced none $et#een 0imsel( and you. ,3-' T-1-.6I.1>. 7ou can stretch out your hand and reach to 0ea en. 2 7ou #hose hand is Coined #ith your $rother+s ha e $e&un to reach $eyond the $ody) $ut not outside yoursel() to reach your shared Identity to&ether. 3 Could this $e outside youD ! 8here 1od is notD % Is <0e= a $ody) and did 0e create you as 0e is not) and #here 0e cannot $eD ' 7ou are surrounded only $y 0im. * 8hat limits can there $e on you #hom 0e encom,assesD T-1-.6I.11. @ eryone has e/,erienced #hat he #ould call a sense o( $ein& trans,orted $eyond himsel(. 2 This (eelin& o( li$eration (ar e/ceeds the dream o( (reedom sometimes ho,ed (or in s,ecial relationshi,s. 3 It is a sense o( actual esca,e (rom limitations. ! I( you #ill consider #hat this 2trans,ortation2 really entails) you #ill realiAe that it is a sudden una#areness o( the $ody) and a Coinin& o( yoursel( and somethin& else in #hich your mind enlar&es to encom,ass it. % It $ecomes ,art o( you) as you unite #ith it. ' 3nd $oth $ecome #hole) as neither is ,ercei ed as se,arate. * 8hat really ha,,ens is that you ha e &i en u, the illusion o( a limited a#areness) and lost your (ear o( union. - The lo e that instantly re,laces it e/tends to #hat has (reed you) and unites #ith it. : 3nd #hile this lasts you are not uncertain o( your Identity) and #ould not limit It. 1> 7ou ha e esca,ed (rom (ear to

,eace) askin& no questions o( reality) $ut merely acce,tin& it. 11 7ou ha e acce,ted this instead o( the $ody) and ha e let yoursel( $e one #ith somethin& $eyond it) sim,ly $y not lettin& your mind $e limited $y it. T-1-.6I.12. This can occur re&ardless o( the ,hysical distance that seems to $e $et#een you and #hat you Coin9 o( your res,ecti e ,ositions in s,ace9 and o( your di((erences in siAe and seemin& quality. 2 Time is not rele ant9 it can occur #ith somethin& ,ast) ,resent or antici,ated. 3 The 2somethin&2 can $e anythin& and any#here9 a sound) a si&ht) a thou&ht) a memory) and e en a &eneral idea #ithout s,eci(ic re(erence. ! 7et in e ery case) you Coin it #ithout reser ation $ecause you lo e it) and #ould $e #ith it. % 3nd so you rush to meet it) lettin& your limits melt a#ay) sus,endin& all the 2la#s2 your $ody o$eys and &ently settin& them aside. T-1-.6I.13. There is no iolence at all in this esca,e. 2 The $ody is not attacked) $ut sim,ly ,ro,erly ,ercei ed. 3 It does not limit you) merely $ecause you #ould not ha e it so. ! 7ou are not really 2li(ted out2 o( it9 it cannot contain you. % 7ou &o #here you #ould $e) &ainin&) not losin&) a sense o( 5el(. ,3-* ' In these instants o( release (rom ,hysical restrictions) you e/,erience much o( #hat ha,,ens in the holy instant9 the li(tin& o( the $arriers o( time and s,ace) the sudden e/,erience o( ,eace and Coy) and) a$o e all) the lack o( a#areness o( the $ody) and o( the questionin& #hether or not all this is ,ossi$le. T-1-.6I.1!. It is ,ossi$le $ecause you #ant it. 2 The sudden e/,ansion o( a#areness that takes ,lace #ith your desire (or it is the irresisti$le a,,eal the holy instant holds. 3 It calls to you to $e yoursel() #ithin its sa(e em$race. ! There are the la#s o( limit li(ted (or you) to #elcome you to o,enness o( mind and (reedom. % Come to this ,lace o( re(u&e) #here you can $e yoursel( in ,eace. ' Not throu&h destruction) not throu&h a $reakin& out) $ut merely $y a quiet meltin& in. * "or ,eace #ill Coin you there) sim,ly $ecause you ha e $een #illin& to let &o the limits you ha e ,laced u,on lo e) and Coined it #here it is and #here it led you) in ans#er to its &entle call to $e at ,eace. "II. I Nee! $o Not#in) T-1-.6II.1. 7ou still ha e too much (aith in the $ody as a source o( stren&th. 2 8hat ,lans do you make that do not in ol e its com(ort or ,rotection or enCoyment in some #ayD 3 This makes the $ody an end and not a means in your inter,retation) and this al#ays means you still (ind sin attracti e. ! No one acce,ts 3tonement (or himsel( #ho still acce,ts sin as his &oal. % 7ou ha e thus not met your <one=

res,onsi$ility. ' 3tonement is not #elcomed $y those #ho ,re(er ,ain and destruction. T-1-.6II.2. There is one thin& that you ha e ne er done9 you ha e not utterly (or&otten the $ody. 2 It has ,erha,s (aded at times (rom your si&ht) $ut it has not yet com,letely disa,,eared. 3 7ou are not asked to let this ha,,en (or more than an instant) yet it is in this instant that the miracle o( 3tonement ha,,ens. ! 3(ter#ards you #ill see the $ody a&ain) $ut ne er quite the same. % 3nd e ery instant that you s,end #ithout a#areness o( it &i es you a di((erent ie# o( it #hen you return. T-1-.6II.3. 3t no sin&le instant does the $ody e/ist at all. 2 It is al#ays remem$ered or antici,ated) $ut ne er e/,erienced Cust <no#.= 3 Only its ,ast and (uture make it seem real. ! Time controls it entirely) (or sin is ne er #holly in the ,resent. % In any sin&le instant the attraction o( &uilt #ould $e e/,erienced as ,ain and nothin& else) and #ould $e a oided. ' It has no attraction <no#.== 3-- * Its #hole attraction is ima&inary) and there(ore must $e thou&ht o( in the ,ast or in the (uture. T-1-.6II.!. It is im,ossi$le to acce,t the holy instant #ithout reser ation unless) Cust (or an instant) you are #illin& to see no ,ast or (uture. 2 7ou cannot ,re,are (or it #ithout ,lacin& it in the (uture. 3 Release is &i en you the instant you desire it. ! 4any ha e s,ent a li(etime in ,re,aration) and ha e indeed achie ed their instants o( success. % This course does not attem,t to teach more than they learned in time) $ut it does aim at sa in& time. ' 7ou may $e attem,tin& to (ollo# a ery lon& road to the &oal you ha e acce,ted. * It is e/tremely di((icult to reach 3tonement $y (i&htin& a&ainst sin. - @normous e((ort is e/,ended in the attem,t to make holy #hat is hated and des,ised. : Nor is a li(etime o( contem,lation and lon& ,eriods o( meditation aimed at detachment (rom the $ody necessary. 1> 3ll such attem,ts #ill ultimately succeed $ecause o( their ,ur,ose. 11 7et the means are tedious and ery time consumin&) (or all o( them look to the (uture (or release (rom a state o( ,resent un#orthiness and inadequacy. T-1-.6II.%. 7our #ay #ill $e di((erent) not in ,ur,ose $ut in means. 2 3 holy relationshi, is a means o( sa in& time. 3 One instant s,ent to&ether #ith your $rother restores the uni erse to $oth o( you. ! 7ou <are= ,re,ared. % No# you need $ut to remem$er you need do nothin&. ' It #ould $e (ar more ,ro(ita$le no# merely to concentrate on this than to consider #hat you should do. * 8hen ,eace comes at last to those #ho #restle #ith tem,tation and (i&ht a&ainst the &i in& in to sin9 #hen the li&ht comes at last into the mind &i en to contem,lation9 or #hen the &oal is (inally achie ed $y anyone) it al#ays comes #ith Cust one ha,,y realiAation9 2<I need do nothin&.=2

T-1-.6II.'. 0ere is the ultimate release #hich e eryone #ill one day (ind in his o#n #ay) at his o#n time. 2 7ou do not need this time. 3 Time has $een sa ed (or you $ecause you and your $rother are to&ether. ! This is the s,ecial means this course is usin& to sa e you time. % 7ou are not makin& use o( the course i( you insist on usin& means #hich ha e ser ed others #ell) ne&lectin& #hat #as made (or <you.= ' 5a e time (or me $y only this one ,re,aration) and ,ractice doin& nothin& else. * 2I need do nothin&2 is a statement o( alle&iance) a truly undi ided loyalty. - Belie e it (or Cust one instant) and you #ill accom,lish more than is &i en to a century o( contem,lation) or o( stru&&le a&ainst tem,tation. ,3-: T-1-.6II.*. To do anythin& in ol es the $ody. 2 3nd i( you reco&niAe you need do nothin&) you ha e #ithdra#n the $ody+s alue (rom your mind. 3 0ere is the quick and o,en door throu&h #hich you sli, ,ast centuries o( e((ort) and esca,e (rom time. ! This is the #ay in #hich sin loses all attraction <ri&ht no#.= % "or here is time denied) and ,ast and (uture &one. ' 8ho needs do nothin& has no need (or time. * To do nothin& is to rest) and make a ,lace #ithin you #here the acti ity o( the $ody ceases to demand attention. - Into this ,lace the 0oly 5,irit comes) and there a$ides. : 0e #ill remain #hen you (or&et) and the $ody+s acti ities return to occu,y your conscious mind. T-1-.6II.-. 7et there #ill al#ays $e this ,lace o( rest to #hich you can return. 2 3nd you #ill $e more a#are o( this quiet center o( the storm than all its ra&in& acti ity. 3 This quiet center) in #hich you do nothin&) #ill remain #ith you) &i in& you rest in the midst o( e ery $usy doin& on #hich you are sent. ! "or (rom this center #ill you $e directed ho# to use the $ody sinlessly. % It is this center) (rom #hich the $ody is a$sent) that #ill kee, it so in your a#areness o( it. "III. T#e Little Gar!en T-1-.6III.1. It is only the a#areness o( the $ody that makes lo e seem limited. 2 "or the $ody <is= a limit on lo e. 3 The $elie( in limited lo e #as its ori&in) and it #as made to limit the unlimited. ! Think not that this is merely alle&orical) (or it #as made to limit <you.= % Can you #ho see yoursel( #ithin a $ody kno# yoursel( as an ideaD ' @ erythin& you reco&niAe you identi(y #ith e/ternals) somethin& outside itsel(. * 7ou cannot e en think o( 1od #ithout a $ody) or in some (orm you think you reco&niAe. T-1-.6III.2. The $ody cannot kno#. 2 3nd #hile you limit your a#areness to its tiny senses) you #ill not see the &randeur that surrounds you. 3 1od cannot come into a $ody) nor can you Coin 0im there. ! ;imits on lo e #ill al#ays seem to shut 0im out) and kee, you a,art (rom 0im. % The $ody is a tiny (ence around a little ,art o( a

&lorious and com,lete idea. ' It dra#s a circle) in(initely small) around a ery little se&ment o( 0ea en) s,lintered (rom the #hole) ,roclaimin& that #ithin it is your kin&dom) #here 1od can enter not. ,3:> T-1-.6III.3. 8ithin this kin&dom the e&o rules) and cruelly. 2 3nd to de(end this little s,eck o( dust it $ids you (i&ht a&ainst the uni erse. 3 This (ra&ment o( your mind is such a tiny ,art o( it that) could you $ut a,,reciate the #hole) you #ould see instantly that it is like the smallest sun$eam to the sun) or like the (aintest ri,,le on the sur(ace o( the ocean. ! In its amaAin& arro&ance) this tiny sun$eam has decided it is the sun9 this almost im,erce,ti$le ri,,le hails itsel( as the ocean. % Think ho# alone and (ri&htened is this little thou&ht) this in(initesimal illusion) holdin& itsel( a,art a&ainst the uni erse. ' The sun $ecomes the sun$eam+s 2enemy2 that #ould de our it) and the ocean terri(ies the little ri,,le and #ants to s#allo# it. T-1-.6III.!. 7et neither sun nor ocean is e en a#are o( all this stran&e and meanin&less acti ity. 2 They merely continue) una#are that they are (eared and hated $y a tiny se&ment o( themsel es. 3 @ en that se&ment is not lost to them) (or it could not sur i e a,art (rom them. ! 3nd #hat it thinks it is in no #ay chan&es its total de,endence on them (or its $ein&. % Its #hole e/istence still remains in them. ' 8ithout the sun the sun$eam #ould $e &one9 the ri,,le #ithout the ocean is inconcei a$le. T-1-.6III.%. 5uch is the stran&e ,osition in #hich those in a #orld inha$ited $y $odies seem to $e. 2 @ach $ody seems to house a se,arate mind) a disconnected thou&ht) li in& alone and in no #ay Coined to the Thou&ht $y #hich it #as created. 3 @ach tiny (ra&ment seems to $e sel(-contained) needin& another (or some thin&s) $ut $y no means totally de,endent on its one Creator (or e erythin&9 needin& the #hole to &i e it any meanin&) (or $y itsel( it does mean nothin&. ! Nor has it any li(e a,art and $y itsel(. T-1-.6III.'. ;ike to the sun and ocean your 5el( continues) unmind(ul that this tiny ,art re&ards itsel( as you. 2 It is not missin&9 it could not e/ist i( it #ere se,arate) nor #ould the 8hole $e #hole #ithout it. 3 It is not a se,arate kin&dom) ruled $y an idea o( se,aration (rom the rest. ! Nor does a (ence surround it) ,re entin& it (rom Coinin& #ith the rest) and kee,in& it a,art (rom its Creator. % This little as,ect is no di((erent (rom the #hole) $ein& continuous #ith it and at one #ith it. ' It leads no se,arate li(e) $ecause its li(e <is= the oneness in #hich its $ein& #as created. T-1-.6III.*. Do not acce,t this little) (enced-o(( as,ect as yoursel(. 2 The sun and ocean are as nothin& $eside #hat you are. 3 The sun$eam s,arkles only in the sunli&ht) and the ri,,le dances as it rests u,on the ocean. ! 7et in neither sun nor ocean is the ,o#er that rests in you.

,3:1 % 8ould you remain #ithin your tiny kin&dom) a sorry kin&) a $itter ruler o( all that he sur eys) #ho looks on nothin& yet #ho #ould still die to de(end itD ' This little sel( is not your kin&dom. * 3rched hi&h a$o e it and surroundin& it #ith lo e is the &lorious #hole) #hich o((ers all its ha,,iness and dee, content to e ery ,art. - The little as,ect that you think you set a,art is no e/ce,tion. T-1-.6III.-. ;o e kno#s no $odies) and reaches to e erythin& created like itsel(. 2 Its total lack o( limit <is= its meanin&. 3 It is com,letely im,artial in its &i in&) encom,assin& only to ,reser e and kee, com,lete #hat it #ould &i e. ! In your tiny kin&dom you ha e so littleJ % 5hould it not) then) $e there that you #ould call on lo e to enterD ' ;ook at the desertKdry and un,roducti e) scorched and CoylessKthat makes u, your little kin&dom. * 3nd realiAe the li(e and Coy that lo e #ould $rin& to it (rom #here it comes) and #here it #ould return #ith you. T-1-.6III.:. The Thou&ht o( 1od surrounds your little kin&dom) #aitin& at the $arrier you $uilt to come inside and shine u,on the $arren &round. 2 5ee ho# li(e s,rin&s u, e ery#hereJ 3 The desert $ecomes a &arden) &reen and dee, and quiet) o((erin& rest to those #ho lost their #ay and #ander in the dust. ! 1i e them a ,lace o( re(u&e) ,re,ared $y lo e (or them #here once a desert #as. % 3nd e eryone you #elcome #ill $rin& lo e #ith him (rom 0ea en (or you. ' They enter one $y one into this holy ,lace) $ut they #ill not de,art as they had come) alone. * The lo e they $rou&ht #ith them #ill stay #ith them) as it #ill stay #ith you. - 3nd under its $ene(icence your little &arden #ill e/,and) and reach out to e eryone #ho thirsts (or li in& #ater) $ut has &ro#n too #eary to &o on alone. T-1-.6III.1>. 1o out and (ind them) (or they $rin& your 5el( #ith them. 2 3nd lead them &ently to your quiet &arden) and recei e their $lessin& there. 3 5o #ill it &ro# and stretch across the desert) lea in& no lonely little kin&doms locked a#ay (rom lo e) and lea in& you inside. ! 3nd you #ill reco&niAe yoursel() and see your little &arden &ently trans(ormed into the Gin&dom o( 0ea en) #ith all the ;o e o( its Creator shinin& u,on it. T-1-.6III.11. The holy instant is your in itation to lo e to enter into your $leak and Coyless kin&dom) and to trans(orm it into a &arden o( ,eace and #elcome. 2 ;o e+s ans#er is ine ita$le. 3 It #ill come $ecause you came #ithout the $ody) and inter,osed no $arriers to inter(ere #ith its &lad comin&. ! In the holy instant) you ask o( lo e only #hat it o((ers e eryone) neither less nor more. ,3:2 % 3skin& (or e erythin&) you #ill recei e it. ' 3nd your shinin& 5el( #ill li(t the tiny as,ect that you tried to hide (rom 0ea en strai&ht to 0ea en. * No

,art o( lo e calls on the #hole in ain. - No 5on o( 1od remains outside 0is "atherhood. T-1-.6III.12. Be sure o( this9 lo e has entered your s,ecial relationshi,) and entered (ully at your #eak request. 2 7ou do not reco&niAe that lo e has come) $ecause you ha e not yet let &o o( all the $arriers you hold a&ainst your $rother. 3 3nd you and he #ill not $e a$le to &i e lo e #elcome se,arately. ! 7ou could no more kno# 1od alone than 0e kno#s you #ithout your $rother. % But to&ether you could no more $e una#are o( lo e than lo e could kno# you not) or (ail to reco&niAe itsel( in you. T-1-.6III.13. 7ou ha e reached the end o( an ancient Courney) not realiAin& yet that it is o er. 2 7ou are still #orn and tired) and the desert+s dust still seems to cloud your eyes and kee, you si&htless. 3 7et 0e 8hom you #elcomed has come to you) and #ould #elcome you. ! 0e has #aited lon& to &i e you this. % Recei e it no# o( 0im) (or 0e #ould ha e you kno# 0im. ' Only a little #all o( dust still stands $et#een you and your $rother. * Blo# on it li&htly and #ith ha,,y lau&hter) and it #ill (all a#ay. - 3nd #alk into the &arden lo e has ,re,ared (or $oth o( you. I6. T#e T+o &orl!s T-1-.IL.1. 7ou ha e $een told to $rin& the darkness to the li&ht) and &uilt to holiness. 2 3nd you ha e also $een told that error must $e corrected at its source. 3 There(ore) it is the tiny ,art o( yoursel() the little thou&ht that seems s,lit o(( and se,arate) the 0oly 5,irit needs. ! The rest is (ully in 1od+s kee,in&) and needs no &uide. % 7et this #ild and delusional thou&ht needs hel, $ecause) in its delusions) it thinks it is the 5on o( 1od) #hole and omni,otent) sole ruler o( the kin&dom it set a,art to tyranniAe $y madness into o$edience and sla ery. ' This is the little ,art you think you stole (rom 0ea en. * 1i e it $ack to 0ea en. - 0ea en has not lost it) $ut <you= ha e lost si&ht o( 0ea en. : ;et the 0oly 5,irit remo e it (rom the #ithered kin&dom in #hich you set it o(() surrounded $y darkness) &uarded $y attack and rein(orced $y hate. 1> 8ithin its $arricades is still a tiny se&ment o( the 5on o( 1od) com,lete and holy) serene and una#are o( #hat you think surrounds it. ,3:3 T-1-.IL.2. Be you not se,arate) (or the One 8ho does surround it has $rou&ht union to you) returnin& your little o((erin& o( darkness to the eternal li&ht. 2 0o# is this doneD 3 It is e/tremely sim,le) $ein& $ased on #hat this little kin&dom really is. ! The $arren sands) the darkness and the li(elessness) are seen only throu&h the $ody+s eyes. % Its $leak si&ht is distorted) and the messa&es it transmits to you #ho made it to

limit your a#areness are little and limited) and so (ra&mented they are meanin&less. T-1-.IL.3. "rom the #orld o( $odies) made $y insanity) insane messa&es seem to $e returned to the mind that made it. 2 3nd these messa&es $ear #itness to this #orld) ,ronouncin& it as true. 3 "or you sent (orth these messen&ers to $rin& this $ack to you. ! @ erythin& these messa&es relay to you is quite e/ternal. % There are no messa&es that s,eak o( #hat lies underneath) (or it is not the $ody that could s,eak o( this. ' Its eyes ,ercei e it not9 its senses remain quite una#are o( it9 its ton&ue cannot relay its messa&es. * 7et 1od can $rin& you there) i( you are #illin& to (ollo# the 0oly 5,irit throu&h seemin& terror) trustin& 0im not to a$andon you and lea e you there. "or it is not 0is ,ur,ose to (ri&hten you) $ut only yours. : 7ou are se erely tem,ted to a$andon 0im at the outside rin& o( (ear) $ut 0e #ould lead you sa(ely throu&h and (ar $eyond. T-1-.IL.!. The circle o( (ear lies Cust $elo# the le el the $ody sees) and seems to $e the #hole (oundation on #hich the #orld is $ased. 2 0ere are all the illusions) all the t#isted thou&hts) all the insane attacks) the (ury) the en&eance and $etrayal that #ere made to kee, the &uilt in ,lace) so that the #orld could rise (rom it and kee, it hidden. 3 Its shado# rises to the sur(ace) enou&h to hold its most e/ternal mani(estations in darkness) and to $rin& des,air and loneliness to it and kee, it Coyless. ! 7et its intensity is eiled $y its hea y co erin&s) and ke,t a,art (rom #hat #as made to kee, it hidden. % The $ody cannot see this) (or the $ody arose (rom this (or its ,rotection) #hich de,ends on kee,in& it not seen. ' The $ody+s eyes #ill ne er look on it. * 7et they #ill see #hat it dictates. T-1-.IL.%. The $ody #ill remain &uilt+s messen&er) and #ill act as it directs as lon& as you $elie e that &uilt is real. 2 "or the reality o( &uilt is the illusion that seems to make it hea y and o,aque) im,enetra$le) and a real (oundation (or the e&o+s thou&ht system. 3 Its thinness and trans,arency are not a,,arent until you see the li&ht $ehind it. ! 3nd then you see it as a (ra&ile eil $e(ore the li&ht. ,3:! T-1-.IL.'. This hea y-seemin& $arrier) this arti(icial (loor that looks like rock) is like a $ank o( lo# dark clouds that seem to $e a solid #all $e(ore the sun. 2 Its im,enetra$le a,,earance is #holly an illusion. 3 It &i es #ay so(tly to the mountain to,s that rise a$o e it) and has no ,o#er at all to hold $ac