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European Nazi Culture Map 2007

Map of European Nazi Culture 2007

The Map of European Nazi Culture 2007 broadly respects the geographical repartition of the WWII Axis Powers (pseudo-surprise guest being Switzerland as a maximum of nazi culture persistence or culturally non-denazified area). Notably, Jean Ziegler, a swiss sociologist, wrote in his book THE SWISS, THE GOLD, AND THE DEAD , p.265: Throughout Europe, the attitude of local authorities to Hitler and his fellow accomplices has been intensively discussed for more than fifty years. The Third Reich's accomplices have been pilloried, punished, too, in many cases, everywhere save in Switzerland. No denazification has ever taken place there, or only, as Jakob Tanner puts it, in the most "selective" manner. supporting the idea that there are nazi culture reserves in Europe. This map is based on the concept that sexual exploitation of children of non- caucasian race (e.g. black african Kenyan children, 10 to 15 thousand girls involved) by west europeans reflects prevalence and persistance of nazi culture, or more precisely the continuation of a will of domination of purportedly inferior races as well as psychological acceptability of child sexual exploitation based on racial inferiority. Other interpretations of the Kenyan situation include for example that the belief in a supremacy of god has been replaced by a belief in a supremacy of the caucasian race, notably as a consequence of the historical quasi-monopoly industrial and technological development by the caucasian race. This monopoly has been assumed to originate in historical circumstances, but is assumed by many as originating in racial superiority. This would be a derivative of the Christ-divinity-man-god narrative in Christianity, where the caucasian individual would psychologically and physically establish his racial supremacy and god-like status through the initiatic action of sexual exploitation of children. This model of interpretation establishes nazi culture essentially as the belief in racial superiority justifying racial domination, with the consequence that abuse toward non-caucasian is not abuse but farming . The dynamics of legitimate abuse in a hierarchy of races is also manifested for example in the fact that it is presently not legally acceptable for humans to kill and eat purportedly hierarchically equal mammals, e.g. other human beings, while it is acceptable to kill and eat purportedly hierarchically inferior mammals e.g. beef.

Introduction of the Executive Summary (attached file) derived from the 2007 report The Extent and Effect of Sex Tourism and Sexual Exploitation of Children on the Kenyan Coast : The commercial sexual exploitation of children in coastal areas exposed in this report is a shocking violation of their rights, and a reflection of the profound risk potentially faced by all children in Kenya. Some ten to fifteen thousand girls living in coastal areas of Malindi, Mombasa, Kalifi and Diani are involved in casual sex work up to 30% of all 12-18 year olds living in those areas. A further two to three thousand girls and boys are involved in full- time year round commercial activity. Many full-time child sex workers have migrated to the coast from other parts of the country, and have often been inaugurated into sex work before they arrive. The sexual exploitation of children is not limited to coastal areas or to tourists, but can be found in communities across Kenya. About one in ten children involved in sex work are initiated before they are 12 years old. Main references (attached files): The Extent and Effect of Sex Tourism and Sexual Exploitation of Children on the Kenyan Coast Executive Summary of The Extent and Effect of Sex Tourism and Sexual Exploitation of Children on the Kenyan Coast (A study conducted by UNICEF and Government of Kenya Researched and Written by C. Sarah Jones) The nationalities of sex tourists is used as an indicator of nazi culture intensity, with calculations based on Table 19 (see below). The calculations include as modulating parameters the percent of each nationality in the exploiters population, the exploiters countries population size, and the GDP per capita in the exploiters country. Valid Percent (nationality of sexual exploiters of children in Kenya): Swiss : 14.5%, German : 5.6%, Italian : 23.5%, British : 2.2% GDP per capita 2007: Germany : 31,900$, Switzerland : 34,000$, Italy : 30,200$, U.K. : 31,800$ Population 2007 : DE : 82,4 M, CH : 7,554 M, IT : 58,147M, UK : 60, 776M X= (Client Nat. Perc. / Nat. Pop.)/Nat. PPP X(CH) : 0.056456, X(DE) : 0.002130, X(IT) : 0.013382, X(UK) : 0.001138 Amplification 1000X : CH : 56,456 DE : 2,130 IT : 13,382 UK : 1,138

Switzerland has the maximum intensity per capita, and is valued arbitrarily at 1 or 100% on the map (possibly intact nazi culture or culturally non-denazified area). Germany : 3,77% (of swiss intensity) Italy : 23,7% (of swiss intensity) United Kingdom : 2.01% (of swiss intensity)

Table 19 p.46 (The Extent and Effect of Sex Tourism and Sexual Exploitation of Children on the
Kenyan Coast - A study conducted by UNICEF and Government of Kenya Researched and Written by C. Sarah Jones)

Supporting evidence for the ENCM :

The 2009 Minaret Referendum outlawed the construction of new minarets, formally introducing discrimination against minorities into the swiss

constitution. The mapping of the votes reflects the nazi culture map, with the obvious influence of italian, german and french media on the swiss population. As expected, Italian influence is the least denazifying, making Tessin the purest reserve of nazi culture, on the other end of the spectrum, the french speaking zone is the most denazified, being under influence of Frances medias.

Other studies are placing Switzerland in a similar position compared to the other western european countries, like the 2010 Integration Policy Group study, that however, is less relevant to the nazi culture issue, because it includes other factors e.g. xenophobia :

The SVP (Schweizerische Volkspartei), possibly Switzerlands nazi-like party, became the strongest party in Switzerland in 2007 with 28.9% of votes nationally. In Germany, the possibly nazi-like party NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands) with the DVU (Deutsche Volksunion)2 on a joint slate, won 1.6 percent of the total votes nationally. Astonishingly, in percent, the ratio SVP votes/ NPD-DVU votes is 18.06, while the ratio of child sexual exploiters for CH/DE (per capita) was 26.5. Those ratios are somehow similar. Worth to mention is that the NPD persistantly takes the SVP as an example, for political ideas as well as public relation methods (see pictures).

NPD poster in 2010, calling for the adoption of a law similar to the Swiss law on automatic deportation of foreign criminals.

On the right, SVP poster in 2007, for a campaign calling for foreigners having committed certain types of crimes in Switzerland to be automatically deported after having served their sentences. On the left, NPD poster during 2008.

On the left, SVP poster against the referendum (that was backed by 59.6% of voters on February 8th 2009) for the renewal of an existing agreement allowing migrant workers into Switzerland and extending it to new EU members Bulgaria and Romania. On the right, a NPD Poster, later during the year 2009.

This file is hereby released into the public domain by its author, Naleom. This applies worldwide. Written by Naleom 2011