Cadbury's World I am going to produce a marketing strategy for a new product it will include evidence and information of how

the strategy is based on the principals of marketing, how I have used primary and secondary resources. I will be analysing the impact of my product on the external environment and they way I am going to analyse the marketing context and an appropriate strategy. To meet my customers needs I will need to develop a coherent mix of strategies.

Cadbury's World

Cadburys have been around since 1824 when john Cadbury opened his first shop, establishing a flourishing dynasty that today provides the world with many of its favourite brands of chocolate.

Cadburys full name is Cadbury's trebo bassit.

Cadburys dairy milk was first launched in 1905 and still a market leader today. Cadburys make much different kind of chocolates and sweets and have now gone into the industry of making drinks. They have many products on the market and still are looking to expand.

Marketing principles

My strategy will be based upon nine principles of marketing

They are the following:

Anticipating future needs this is where the company will carry out market research like questionnaires and surveys to find out what the customer wants from the product and what he can expect from. This will mean that I will have a head start on the market and research further into what customer will want in the future.

Creating a good perception of the organisation this is where the company will try to create a good image because if the image is bad of the company and

Satisfying growth this is where they would want to make profit and maximise there business if they have shareholders and stakeholders which invest their money into the company in order for the company to becoming a bigger and large as well as a overall better company. Another useful thing that would be good to find out about my rivals would be try to and find out their SWOT plan. They can find out if it is fulfilling a customer's need by making them fill out questionnaires and surveys this can then help Cadbury's World plan for the future. Planning co-ordinating marketing activities they would have to start distributing their new product out to shops and give free samples away so that the product becomes well known at first and then I would have to find a suitable price that would then go with the product. People will not buy there products creating special offers would be essential this what drives customer to by the product more. Satisfying customer needs they have to make sure that the product that they are offering is what the customer wants and it is to the standard they offer customers will always want more of a product if they feel that they like it and it meets there needs. which would be necessary and see what there plans are and how they are going to cope with the new product.organisation. Needs of organisation Income and profit growth the organisation needs to make sure that they are making a profit because they are paying a lot of money on advertising and producing the product so that customers are aware of the product. Managing change in a marketplace Analysing the competition I would have to find out the competitors against Cadburys world. I will need to form some kind of plan to make sure that the product they create does not fail. Using new technology I would some how have to improve Cadburys technology from the sales and profit that is made keeping ahead of my competitors is .

legal. Analysing social behave maybe slightly more difficult researches say that people only have chocolate when they are depressed All of these principles will be applied to my making of Cadury's Dips my new product for Cadburys chocolates. I can create questionnaires on the product itself while testing it and get feedback on that I have three choices that I had in mind when I was going to design a new product for Cadbury they where as follows: Ice Cream Truffles Dip . economic. Using a new CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAM (computer aided Manufactured) system that they can use to design and manufacture my product a lot faster this programme will enable us to create a new package for the product and show a 3D (Three Dimensional) image of what the new product will look like. Analysing Change this would involve analysing social. This will then give me the feedback on how my product tastes and the price of which I can recommend the product to other customers. These principles in some way will effect my product by price and promotion and ways of advertising due to recently the government have started to ban any unhealthy confectionary products. Politicians say that chocolate is bad but see that it does relax people. political change there are laws every day being introduce about chocolate and the amount of sugar and fat that is contained in a chocolate.important and to do that we need technology this would give us the ability to keep in front of our competitors and be a far more faster and advance company. Initial Ideas I have many ideas for my new product and how to get the message to the public and ways to market the new product I could bring free samples to a town locally and present free samples to the members of public. The advertisement can only be shown after 9:00pm this influences children less therefore I will have a problem selling my product but there are other ways and forms of advertisement that I can use to get my product across to the public and the children.

The data will then go to Cadbur y's world so that they can make the product to a certain specification. First I will make sure that the factory is a clean and healthy environment for my product to be produced in. Primary Research My primary research is that I am going to create a questionnaire. The way of making the product would go as follows: Cocoa Bean Clean Roast Grind Mass Milk & Sugar Mix & Evaporate Cadbury's New Dip . I will also use the results to create graphs and analyse the data given. which I will then ask the members of the public to fill it in and also my family members this will give me results that I need to make my product.I have chosen to make a new dip because Cadbury do not yet have this product and no other competitor has thought of creating a chocolate Dip. This maybe successful depending if it suits the customers needs. Production process will be as follows of how I am going to make my product and the methods in which It will be made. So that other people will like my product and by it for there needs.

What kind of price would you pay for this new product? Small 20p 30p 40p [ ] 30p [ ] 6. Cadbury's Chocolate Dips Questionnaire 1. My product that I hope to design will have questions in regards to what customer's opinions are. My primary research will be a questionnaire that I am going to produce for the members of the public to fill out and to take the results to find an acceptable price and size and ways of promotion. What size of dip would you prefer? 100g Small [ ] 150g Medium [ ] 200g Large [] 4.What kind of price would you pay for this new product? Medium 30p 40p [ ] 40p 50p [ ] 7. Where do you buy your Cadbury's p roducts? ] Newsagent [ ] Supermarket [ Vending Machine [ ] other [ ] Please State . What kind of price would you pay for this new product? Large 40p 50p [ ] . What gender are you? Male [ ] Female [ ] 3. 5. How old are you? Under 10 [ ] 10 20 [ ] 20 30 [ ] 2..This would be a nice way to create the perfect dip and if anybody was to add anything extra it would be between milk & sugar and Mix & Evaporate.

. What kind of magazines do you read? PC [ ] Women's [ ] :Leisure [ ] Sports [ ] Men's [ ] Lifestyle [ ] Other [ ] Please State . What attracts you to a chocolate bar? Price [ ] Wrapping [ ] Taste [ ] Reputation [ ] Other [ ] (Please State) 12. 11..60p 70p [ ] 8.. What kind of dip would you prefer to go with your chocolate? Milk Chocolate [ ] Dark Chocolate [ ] Orange Chocolate [ ] Strawberry Chocolate [ ] 9. 10. Could you think of a new name? . Would you like a low fat dip? Yes [ ] No [ ] What time would you eat a chocolate bar and dip? 8am 10am [ ] 2pm [ ] 10am . 13. Would you like anything added in the dip? Whole Nuts [ ] Raisins [ ] Wall Nuts [ ] Alumnus [ ] Hazel Nuts [ ] None [ ] Other [ ] Please State . The information you have provided will be used to create a new product and help us make our customers feel better with a new chocolate. Other [ ] (Please State) What kind of colours attract your eyes? Yellow [ ] Blue [ ] Green [ ] Grey [ ] Orange [ ] Purple [ ] Pink [ ] Red [ ] Other [ ] (Please State) Cadburys would like to thank you for your help and your time in filling in this questionnaire if you would like to know further about Cadbury's you can visit it us on 5pm [ ] 5pm 7pm [ ] . . If you have any concerns or quires please contact Mrs E Brown Whitley Abbey School &Community College Abbey Road Coventry CV3 48D Tel: (024) 767302580 This is the questionnaire that I gave out and left contact details incase they had any queries about the product or anymore suggestions.

Adding things into a dip is important people want more then just the melt chocolate with there original chocolate therefore adding raisins would add to the flavour of the chocolate. Furthermore I would need to create another dip which was medium same price but with nothing added into it. . In the future I would need to compare the sale rate of dark chocolate dip to the milk chocolate dip. This would be an ideal place to sell the new Cadbury's Dip. The overall name that I have decided to call my new product is CADBURY'S TASTE it has a nice rhythm to it and a song could easily be made to go with the advertisements that will be created later on in the future. The newsagent is a local place for people to go any buy chocolate children visit the newsagent's everyday as well as adults to by general items for the household as well as snacks. There are two types of chocolate people would like dark and milk chocolate therefore I may have to create two dips one dark and one white so customers have a choice. The price that people would prefer to pay would be around 30 40p which is a standard price compared to a chocolate this would help Cadbury's to pay for the production and advertisement of the product as well as extra profit.These are the results of my questionnaire Medium is a suitable size for a dip and people found that they would mind having a medium dip with their chocolate bar because they do not want to waste the dip or the have to little of the dip. Price and taste will be important if the price is too high customers will not by it since customers have already told me that they want a Dip between 30 40p I will already have satisfied the price section. The taste will have to be important where the right amount of sugar and milk and coco will be needed to satisfy the customer's needs.

Most people would not prefer a low fat dip simply because sometimes low fat food can spoil the taste of food. An ideal colour of wrapping would be red. This satisfies the custo mer by taste as well so there should be no problem finding a right mixture to make this dip unbelievably tasty. A popular point of sale would be in the morning therefore I would assure Newsagent's to stack up there shelves the day before opening because from my questionnaire people say they each chocolate 8am 10am this is breakfast time.40p therefore this would be the same as a chocolate bar. Image of how product looks. One dip would have to contain raisins and the other dip would not contain raisins 50% of people like raisins and some don't. . 75% of people eat chocolate first thing in the morning between 8:00am 10:00am not many people have time to eat in the morning and like to pick up a snack before work so therefore this will be a peak time of where sales will rise. Red is a popular colour for the chocolate wrapping because the colour red shows many emotions. It can show love. yellow and purple. The average price people would pay for a medium sized dip would be.The types of magazines people read would be women's and pc magazines this is where I can capitalise on the advantage of advertising in these magazines to attract the reader's attention as well as use slogans to influence the customers. For my final design of my product I would need to create two varieties of dips which would be Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. They may eat at this time because not all people have time for breakfast. My final product will be a tasty nice product for all age ranges to enjoy bright attractive and a product that has got appeal people will find it at a reasonable price so it is afford about and not to far out of range. My primary research shows that 50% of people would like to have a medium dip and that most people would by their chocolate from a newsagent this where I could have my point of sale within a newsagent this would attract customers to the new dip. Purple will represent the Cadburys logo and the representation of the product. between 30 . anger and passion therefore people see this as ideal colour but as well as the new product being red there will also need to be colours that combine with that which will be yellow and purple the purple will represent the Cadbury's logo.

Creating a mini dip would be suitable to attach to a Dairy Milk chocolate bar therefore the company would not make as much of a loss at the start of creating this product. Promotional offers would have to take place in order for the item to sell which would attract the customers interest a chocolate bar with the sale of the new product may be introduced something like "Dairy Milk" chocolate bar.e. which 50% of people agreed that 30 40p would be a suite able price. This is a popular chocolate bar so therefore would grab the buyers attention if the dip is attached to the product for a free. The naming of the product would have to be a sensible name so that it attracts peoples attention a dull name would not sell the product. I have produced a questionnaire. which will then be given to members of the public to fill in. The reason I am creating a dip's for Cadbury's is because they currently do not have any dips and would new on the market this would encourage customers to buy chocolates more and try these dips out. Promotional offers may also attract the customers at Christmas time where they can buy a stocking of chocolate and receive a dip free with the purchase of the Christmas stocking. If the price was any more then 40p the customers and the company's would not purchase this if the price was below 30p then the cost of production may overlap the price therefore Cadbury's would not make any more and will be making a loss in creating the product. The place of where the product should be placed would be at the front of the store some where I catching newsagents would do well in selling the product. There will be different ways that I will be gathering my information by doing other forms of advertising this may include the following Telesales Radio . The use of large text on the product will be needed to emphasise how new the product is for example "Brand New Dip" and there would be a need and the use of slogan's i. and this will help me produce a good product as well as a effective selling product. Chocolate to make your mouth water. Customers will be only interested in the taste and other features of the product therefore I am going to design the product so it suits the customer's needs.The four P's will still apply in this case because people would want the product at a reasonable price. Secondary research I am going to create a new product for Trebo Bassestt which will be a new dip to go with chocolates and other Cadbury's products this dip will be suited for the customers need and will have everything a customer will want.

mid-afternoon. They say that chocolate gives a person sensation. . Their vital part of there supply chain is Cash & Carries and Wholesalers that by large amounts of the chocolate to sell in there store. and early morning. Consumers eating habits are constantly changing with busy lives more and more people are eating on the run and snacking to make up for missed meals or as meal replacement. Chocolate sales are more then carbonated drinks and double of biscuits. Confectionery is brought as a snack or a treat at all times of the day with peaks mid-morning.Flyers Letters Internet Newspaper Billboards Magazines I have taken some information from a report from Cadbury's called "Confectionery Report 2002" they say that snacking is part of everyday life and explain that chocolates are the biggest part of the confectionery market and the impulse nature of a confectionery is important in the market. If the product was expensive consumers may not want to purchase it. Cadburys have there own vending machines which they have offered to business and working environments so that they can be placed in different sections of a business for example the staff room. Cadbury's dairy milk is there most popular selling chocolate and is at the top of there table in the top 20 brands. It is proven by the statistics of Cadburys that more women by chocolate then men but the eaters of most chocolate are men. I am going to hopefully make a successful dip to go with this chocolate so when custom ers by dairy milk chocolate they would want a dip to suite that kind of chocolate. Overall retail sales within the total impulse channel have now reached £27billion and the convince channel is a major contributor to this total the convenience stores contributes sales of £957 million to the over all confectionery market and the channel accounts for 25% of the total UK. For me to find a average price I would have to look at the price of normal chocolate bars that Cadbury's produce and sell and find an average price for me to sell my product at so that it is not to expensive but not to cheap. If the product was to be cheap to buy Cadbury's could make a loss on the production of the product.

. Protective clothing will need to be warn at all times and a clean working environment for a good product if protective clothing is not warn it could lean to disease within the product that is being created. Cadbury's would need to set up channels of distribution all over the UK for my new product to be released contracts and agreements will need to be set up between small business owners to large industries. Cadburys can test every 500 box's been produced to see if there is anything wrong with the machines that are creating the product. Cadbury report says that understanding the needs and desires of consumers creates the opportunity for new products to be developed and brought to market. I will need to consider ways of promoting the product by doing special events and free testers to get customers familiar with the product. Cardboard will be needed as the Dips will need to be boxed and sent out to shops and cash and carries.Cadbury Trebor Bassett's consumer research shows that 37% of forecourt shoppers are women who traditional purchase more confectionery then men. The Snacking segment is growing as people by most chocolate as a on-the-go snack this category is mainly for immediate consumption. Cadburys would need to monitor the efficiency of my production process and the production levels so that a 100 dips where made every hour at the lowest the materials that I would need are cocoa beans as well as milk and sugar to make my dips. ultimately making it easier for the retailer to proceed the most appropriate offering in-store. Cadbury also help the community with events and representation of openings. This research leads to the identification of new trends and opportunities for developing new products. HACCP's (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) will need to be assured to the new dip that is being created the place to store the new product would have to be between 10 degrees and 20 degrees and in a dry dark place so that the Dip does not melt or become out of date. Chocolate and sugar Nestle their competitors are far behind Cadbury this shows that Cadbury have a strong hold on the market and know how to get customer awareness. as well as tailored product offerings for individual trade channels and differing store formats. Packing of the product may only need to be maintained by one member of staff to view and progress report the product. meeting theses needs and generating incremental sales. Cadbury is leading the market in Confectionery.

Staff performance within the company would be very important. The Marketing Mix .V programme that everybody watches including family's promoting the image and the sale this will attract new customers to the product. Monthly promotions would be rewarded to staff that put there personal time and effort into promotion of the item as well as prizes for the store that's sold more of the products then other competitive stores. Communication Methods Communication within Cadburys is essential without communication there will be no product therefore communication is provided by the following: Internal use of writing memos and letters to staff in the production team to make the product as well as the intranet so that staff understand what they are making and relevant training could be given on the intranet. Speaking to members of staff would be critical to make sure they understand the process of the creation of the product. Coronation Street would be a ideal place to advertise my product because as it is a soap T. They may even change there opinion of the product itself providi ng information on the new product will be essential so that customers know about the product and what it contains rather then just a picture been shown of the product. External communication to outward suppliers like the cardboard industry would be important as well as the plastic industry to create the product we need these two elements one for housing the product and the other for packaging. Staff will need to be trained on the machines as well as customer interaction and knowledge of the new product. This encourages staff and stores to work towards selling the product because they feel that they are gaining something from selling the product. Upward & Downward communication between members of management and staff are important so that information between the both is processed and understood this creates an effective team and working environment.

Place the outlets where I am going to place my item maybe in newsagents at the front of the store. promoting the product at a special event or the opening of a new store would be a ideal thing to do. packaging and public relations. Promotion creating awareness of the product involves communication with actual and potential consumers the techniques include advertising. Promoting the item through free samples and special offers would have be decided by Cadburys if I could promote my product through another one of their chocolate bars. Overall Plan Question Overall Answer Medium Size Newsagents What Size Of Dip? Where To Be Sold? Price To Be Sold At? 30p 40p Type Of Chocolate Additives Attractions Dark & Milk Chocolate Raisins & Nothing In One Price . The four P's approach is not perfect and is not intended to cover all of marketing actives.Product the product that I am going to produce is Cadburys Dips the organisation is going to offer a new product that nobody else on the market has introduced and there is going to be a small quantity produced at first to see how well they sell. branding. Price the price is very important because if it is two expensive nobody will purchase the product if the price is two cheap the company will be making a loss in profit and creation of the product. Therefore I will find a suitable price that customers will pay for the new product. Marketing Mix this gives me a plan by which to operate to influence and satisfy the buyer/consumer. The grab the customers attention and make them aware of the product.

C Would They Like A Low Fat Dip No Colour Of Wrapping Yellow Red Blue My SWOT analysis: Strengths Brand  Global brand  Penetration  Chocolate experience  Spontaneous awareness Consumer  Credibility amongst teens versus other brands  Heritage and trust  Purchase for self motivation Innovation  Packing bright and attractive  Successful brand Internal  Profitability Brand  Brand maybe perceived as childish Consumers  Teenagers  Kids self eat purchase  Adult self eat purchase  Occasions outside of kids treat Weaknesses .Type Of Magazines People Read Time Of Eating 8am 10am Women's and P.

Innovation  Potential low sugar  Failure to establish smaller dip in the long term Internal  Production capacity Opportunities Brand  Weight of purchase might become frequently Consumer  Elderly self purchase  Sharing purchase Threats Brand  Up against Nestle  Lack of erosion through presence and support Consumer  Challenging and always changing their minds Innovation  Limited by pure chocolate formats Internal  Plant capacity My PEST Analyse: Political soon there is to be laws in regards to advertising of fatty foods so the government calls it where they will be a ban on any confectionary during the morning and afternoon and advertising of confectionary will only be allowed to take place after 9:00pm. . This is a downside to the way that I am going to advertise my product because in order for people to by my product television is crucial people are always watching television and they say that the brain in takes 40% of what is happening and advertised on the television.

The cocoa solid gives the chocolate the rich flavour this will give my Dip a characteristic taste. Technological Technology is always changing and advancing cost of this new technology is always rising but so is the speed of the technology being used as technology improves it may help me to reach my targets and help make more of my products faster. Analysis overview: This has affected the way I am going to market my product and the quantities they are going to be produce at also the way that I am going to get the message out to the public about my product. The size of the product has to be to its exact measurements The food laws are quite specific about chocolate it must be made with cocoa nibs or cocoa mass the chocolate must contain no less than 35% total dry cocoa solids and not less then 18% cocoa butter. I would have to review my steps again and think of different ways of anticipating the future of my product as well as anticipating the future needs of the customer.Economic the economy is always changing and interest rates are rising due to other competitive banks so if Cadbury needed a loan the rate that they would be paying back to the bank will be extremely expensive. Selling my product overseas in Europe might mean that I have to increase the price being sold at because of the currency exchange rate. There are many laws that Cadbury have to follow they are the following . Social People are always changing and so is there moods and opinions of chocolate you can not predict when somebody would want a chocolate it is there own cravings that help them get that chocolate therefore profitability is hard to predict. There are many legal constraints in making the Dip first is the sugar level in creation of the Dip they may say it has too much or it could be the packaging of the product that does not meet there standards.

What you see is what you get it's a saying for most companies. Sale of goods act: the sale of the goods being sold must be to customer satisfactory and the price that it is displayed to sold at should be that price.Consumer laws act: It states in the consumer laws act that if a confectionery is damaged or out of date they are entitled to a full refund or exchange companies may very in there policy in regards of a receipt as a proof of purchase. Therefore showing a advert of a child eating a chocolate with my Dip and then flying over the moon could breach this law because it is misleading that a chocolate can do that for you. Milk chocolate may contain a minimum of 14% milk solids or 20% Cadbury milk all storage of any kind of chocolate should be in a cool dry area if not this would be breaching the laws. . Trade description act: The Trade Descriptions Act was introduced in 1968 and came into effect on 30 November 1968 the act applies to a false trade description of any good therefore Cadbury must make sure that the description of the item that is being sold is correct. It is the sellers responsibility if the good is not acceptable not the manufacturer Advertising standards authority: this act will effect my product a lot because it states that advertising must not take advantage of children's inexperience or their natural credulity and sense of loyalty.

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