When I Let You Go

There were trees on the both sides of the road. Fog had hidden almost everything around her and increased the beauty of it. The dry leaves crackled beneath her feet as she walked slowly on the track. Face down, hair flying, hands and face pink, she was vulnerable against the cruel breeze of winter. Walking aimlessly, she did not know where she should go. Everything in her mind was in a blur. She did not even know where she was.

I was young but I wasn't naive I watched helpless as he turned around to leave and still I have the pain I have to carry a past so deep that even you could not bury if you tried
´Hey what are you still doing here, don·t u have a home to go.µ She stopped on her track and smiled in anticipation as she turned to say something but« but there was no one. She started to look around in frantic, thinking he was teasing her again, hiding behind the trees but there was no one in sight.

I would fall asleep only in hopes of dreaming that everything would be like is was before but nights like this it seems are slowly fleeting they disappear as reality is crashing to the floor
´No I have no other place to go, you are my home,µ she whispered to her surrounding after her helpless research and then suddenly yelled. ´YOU ARE MY HOMEµ There was tears in her eyes, unshed, that were not there when he was leaving. ´You were my homeµ She mumbled this time to herself and fell bleakly on her knees on the ground.

After all this time would you ever wanna leave it maybe you could not believe it that my love for you was blind U
Her mind had started to pick up her surroundings. She was at their favorite place, where they had walked many times, aimlessly, but then she did not know that there would be a time when she will be longing for his presence but he will not be there. He will not be there to hold her, to comfort her.

But I couldn't make you see it couldn't make you see it that I loved you more than you will ever know

´Why I let him goµ, she asked her surroundings as she asked her million times before but there no answer. It seems that everything around her asking her the very same. ´How can I let him go, I should have stopped him and told him« told him that how much important he was to me, that how much I «, that« that I will never be same without him.µ

And I loved you more than you'll ever know a part of me died when I let you go
But he was nowhere to hear this. He had gone, left her alone in her thoughts... in her guilt·s« in her memories. He had gone. A tear fell from her eye as she reminded her that reality again. ´A part of me died when I let you goµ

Chapter one
"Listen, I am the regular reader of this library, even the old staff and librarian know me very well. I have lost my card on my way. Please try to understand, I need this book immediately.µ She had been talking to the clerk for the last two hours but he was not responding; now she was growing furious with the passage of time. ´Miss, I don·t care whom you are known or not, I have told you already that I have no such authority to issue you the book without library Cardµ said the clerk calmly, to which she had started to be envious. ´But I have lost my card. Tomorrow is due date of my assignment. I haven·t much time to wait for the librarian so kindly«µ she clenched her teeth on word kindly ´let me take it I shall be highly thankful to you for this.µ She said last line, this time, pleadingly. ´Miss! Rules are rules. I really do want to help you but please try to be reasonable, I can·t put my job in danger.µ Said the clerk firmly and started attending others. She sat on the table hopelessly, hands on face, and sighed loudly. Suddenly her mobile buzzed. She attended it immediately so that others may not be disturbed because of her. ´Helloµ she said idly. ´Yes and noµ, she replied to the person on line. ´It means YES I have found the book and NO because clerk has refused to let me take it because I don·t have card.µ She looked daggers at clerk.

´What do you think I did have tried it already?µ She told her sarcastically. ´He has his problems, no« ah, what«µ She stopped in mid-sentence and started seeing others reader and newcomer carefully. Suddenly her gaze fixed on someone and after bidding farewell, she switched off her mobile. She saw him thoughtfully for a moment. He was tall and had light brown hairs with blond threads. The only thing for which she remembered him was his captivating eyes. She had a theory about it that if you want to judge someone, look at his/her eyes, you will see his soul. She was a believer on the quotation that eyes are the windows of soul. His eyes were crystal, green or emerald; she was unable to depict the real colour of his eyes as they were different from others« different because unlike any human being she couldn·t find any emotion in them, as they have seen much brutality. She shuddered again on this thought. She had seen him quite often. He was always very careless about his surrounding, engrossed in his books. He comes, reads the book whichever he selects and leaves. She had not seen him talking to anyone except Librarian, would not have if he could issue his books by himself, she thought. She had never gained enough courage to talk to him. There was something about him that always disturbs her but now there wasn·t much time to think about it. She reminded herself. She was in very much need of a book. There was an assignment to submit tomorrow. She was always prompt but last days were very hectic, she did not get much time to fulfill it and now when she got time she lost her card somewhere. She had been coming there regularly and knew the librarian but he was on leave and the alternate was not going to trust her any soon. She stood from her chair and walked towards a person, sitting in corner, reading a book. ´No other optionµ she reminded her with clenched teeth and continued walking towards him slowly. ´Excuse meµ she softly hit the table to catch his not-often-divert attention. He raised his eyes in question. (Bloody eyes) ´Can I talk to you for a whileµ, she asked him politely. She was getting nervous by his intense look and stood her ground. ´Yesµ he spoke (at last) ´Sir Can I issue a book through your card. Actually I have«µ He did not let her complete as he placed his card on the table in front of her and return to his book. The whole situation had made her more furious. She did not forward her hand to take the card; it was true that she was in dire need but it did not mean to have it in such insolent way. ´Thank you so muchµ saying icily, she returned to her seat. She sat there quiet for a while then, after thinking something, she stood and went towards the clerk again.

´If I apply for new card, how much time it will takeµ, she asked the clerk. ´Miss, I am just assistant here not librarian. Librarian will come tomorrow, so I am sorry to say but you have to wait till tomorrowµ, Clerk replied busily. She returned to her seat and picked her cell. She went to a desert corner, thinking about others and dialed a number. ´Hello, Sir Do you have a book, named ¶Historical wars·.µ She talked to a bookseller. ´Hm« ok« do you have any other book related to this topic?µ ´Noµ she revised his answer. ´Ok, thank youµ. She put her mobile in her pocket and walked out of library. She liked to walk, and if it is full of winter leaves, then she rejoiced any moment of it but today she was not in mood. She crossed the library gate. Out, she turned to the left side of the library and started walking aimlessly. After ten or fifteen minutes, she heard someone coming. A sudden voice stopped her on her track. ´Miss!µ

He saw as she went to clerk, argued him endlessly, came back disappointedly, sat on the chair, received the call and finally came towards him. She asked his favour but seeing his attitude she done otherwise. That did not surprise him, as everyone who has self-respect or self-esteem would have reacted in a same way. ´Why he was so cold towards her, he could see how much she was in needµ. He asked himself. ´No« not towards her, he was always harsh and cold to anyone who met him.µ This time his mind had answered. He saw her when she went out. It was against the manners but, both the time; he heard her whole conversation on mobile. She was in need of a book named« what was its name? He recalls in his mind the name of that book. After a while, he had put his book down and went to search the book, named ´Historical warsµ. He found it easily. He pulled out the book, took it to clerk and asked him to issue it. The clerk saw the book and watched him in suspicion. But when he did not response he issued it and returned his card. He came out quickly from library. Out, he started to look out her everywhere. After a while, at last, he saw her walking slowly on the path, face down and hands were on the pockets of her long coat. ´God help meµ he thought, and then called her.

She turned to the speaker. She was so astonished to see him in front of her that she even forgot that, a few minutes before, she was angry with him. She saw her required book in his hands. He forwarded the book towards her. She sighed with relief and without thinking; took the book from him. ´Wish you good luck.µ Saying this he returned without giving her any chance to speak. When she recovered from this pleasant shock, she called him. ´Mister«?µ He turned towards her and spoke, ´Deviss« Deviss Howardµ ´Hmn, Mr. Howard, thank you so much, I will return this book and your card tomorrow.µ He nodded and left. She smiled after he gone and started to walk again but, this time, her gait was in high spirits.

´Thank Godµ, after submitting the assignment she was feeling very light-hearted. The book was a great help, for that she was really grateful to him. ´Now I should return his cardµ She told herself and put her feet on the way to library. She was so tangled up in her thoughts that she could not see what was coming towards her.

Chapter 2 Meri Zindagi tou firaaq hai, woh azal se dil main makeen sahi Wo nigah¶eshauq se door hain, rag¶ejaan se lakh qareeb sahi Hamein jaan dainee hai aik din, wo kisi tarah wo kahin sahi Hamein aap khainchiye daar par, jo nahi koi tu hameen sahi Saretoor ho sarehasher ho, hamein intizaar qubool hai Wo kabhi milein, wo kahin milein, wo kabhi sahi, wo kahin sahi Na ho un pe jo mera bass nahi, k ye aashqi hai hawas nahi Mai unhi ka tha, mai unhi ka hoon, wo mere nahi tu nahi sahi

Mujhe bhaithne ki jaga milay, meri aarzoo ka bharam rahay Teri anjuman mein agar nahi,teri anjuman k qareen sahi jo ho faisala wo sunaaiye usay hashr pe na uthaiye jo karain gay app sitam wahan wo abhi sahi wo yehin sahi Use dekhne ki jo low lagi tu Qateel dekh hi lain gey hum Wo hazaar aankh se door ho, wo hazaar pardah nasheen sahi
´Sabrina meeting will be start at any moment.µ Ramez knocked her cabin and informed her. ´I will be there in a minutesµ She picked her file and answered him.

5 days later ´I had done very wrong. What would he had been thinking about my irresponsibility?µ She was very nervous that how would he had reacted on her absence. She entered the library and started looking for him. Soon, her gaze rested on him. He was, at his usual place, reading a book. She swallowed hard and went towards him. ´Now How should I make him attention,µ She asked herself. She was so confused that she could hardly compose her anxiety. ´Hiµ she spoke after a few minutes. He looked up towards her like he saw her first time. Seeing her, his face became tight. She became more perturb. She started to speak quickly. ´I am sorry Mr. Davis, I want to come but«µ ´I neither did ask you anything nor did I want to know. I have paid the price of this book so you can have it as long as you want.µ He spoke coldly and pointed towards his new card on the table. Her perturbation vanished totally; she tried to tell him again. ´Listen Mr. I am really sorry for my absence, I really do want to come but I have an accident and«µ ´You listen Miss. You Asian girls are always like the same. Try this extravagant method to make attentive someone else and please you have gotten what you wanted now please move on and let me do what I came here for.µ He told her ruthlessly and began to read his book again as nothing happened.

Whole library was listening their disagreement. The pointed eyes of others had glowed her face in embarrassment. She turned on her heels and quickly walked out of the library. ´Bloody girlsµ He sighed with hatred and started reading again. Only fifteen or twenty minutes passed when some papers were placed before him with a thump.

She slapped some papers on the table before him. He picked up his eyes to her in disgusted. She spoke. ´The first one is a medical certificate, second one is a bill of a hospital and third is a leave application signed by college Head, you can read them if you do not believe on my words. When I was coming here five days ago I met an accident. I was unable to come here because my hand and legs were not working properly so doctors had not permitted me for anything. I phoned here but they refused to deliver my message to you for privacy sake. I sent my friend but she told me that you were not there. He tried to speak but she interrupted him and said, ´No« I have heard whatever you have in your mind but this time you will listen me.µ ´I have really tried to send you book but if I could not succeed then it did not mean to think that I have tried to attract you attention. And thank you very much for your offer but I do not take charity.µ She put the book and his card on the table and went out of the library.

After Two Days He saw her writing something in the papers. Today her whole body was covered in a black shawl. She looked somehow weak and pale. She did not come till two days after her outburst. He knew that he should apologize her but could not get enough courage for that. He saw her many times before in the library. Often, she was in her uniform as she comes straight here. She was very young like in eighteen or nineteen. There was nothing wrong that he could see in her. She was correct he has no right to think about her like that. That was true that he had waited her first two days but when she did not come he became angry at each passage of time. She was continuously writing for fifteen or twenty minutes then got up and went to the bookcase.

She came back with an irritating look on her face. She sat back on her chair and started to turn over the pages of the book in front of her, after a while, she closed it with a thud. ´Hm« Hmµ the librarian fixed his gaze on her and coughed. She mumbled sorry and opened the book again. He stood up from his chair to pose as he was looking for a book. He selected a book without paying attention and took it to the seat next to her. She did not even saw him and remained busy in searching something on the book before her. ´Hm, hm«µ he coughed but she did not response so he coughed again, this time rather loudly. She looked up from book and asked him calmly, ´Any problem.µ ´No«, I am ok nowµ He replied with twitching lips. She was really angry with him. ´May I help youµ he asked her. She looked towards him sharply and replied, ´Yeah, why not, so that tomorrow you can tell not only the library members but also the whole Cant that I have tried to draw your attention. Thank you very much but I am ok without your help.µ He looked down bashfully and spoke, ´I am really sorry Miss Anna, I should not do this but« sometimes I can·t control my temper. I felt really guilty about«µ Your ashamed expressions could not change that you have insulted me in front of the whole library and even after this I don·t know why I am still here talking to you.µ In the last statement she seems angry to herself. She stood up and ready to walk away. He quickly stood up too in front of her to block her way. ´Anna, please sit down, let me talk, i want to apologize you.µ ´But your apology to me can·t get back my dignity.µ She spoke this time tearfully but did not break down and composed herself immediately. ´Let me pass.µ When he remained still on his place, she spoke angrily. ´Not till you give me a chance.µ He answered quickly. ´Mr. Why would I like to talk to you after this, now please move on.µ She pushed him aside and walked away.

Then suddenly something happen in a quick motion. She was turning from left side of the bookcase from where a person was coming with a bundle of books on his both hands. They have knocked against each other. All books that the person had carried fell on her. He rushed quickly to her but she ignored him. The person who knocked her had started to apologize profusely. She smiled and told him, ´It·s fine, nothing happened.µ That person carried his books and, saying sorry once again, left. Adam offered his hand to her but she ignored him and sat on the chair near her. There was a dull pain expression on her face. ´What happened, Is this your wound« Is this hurting?µ He sat next to her chair once again and asked her politely. ´When I told you that I do not need your help then its meaning is clear, please leave me alone.µ She nearly yelled on him. Some had stopped on her yell. The librarian came forward and asked that what happened. Seeing people, she stood up quickly, gathered her books and walked out of the library. He did not stop but also went out after her.

OUTSIDE When he came out, he saw her sitting on the bench in the lawn of Library. He walked towards her and without saying a single word started to pick up her books. ´Comeµ She saw him angrily but he ignored her gaze and spoke again. She shouted, ´I said leave me alone.µ He saw her for a while. After thinking something, he took her books in one hand and through his other hand; he took her hand and started to pull her towards the gate. She was so shocked of his sudden attempt that she did not speak for a while. But when she spoke her voice loud and full of pained. ´How dare you, leave my handµ He ignored his shouting and asked her, ´Where·s your house.µ But she started to release her hand instead of answering.

´You should not come here if your hand is not yet cured, anyway, where you live. I will escort you to your home. You can trust in me.µ He teasing her. She saw him angrily and snatched her hand from him. ´Oofffff«µ but doing this, certainly, her wound had opened again. ´What happened, are your wound bleeding?µ he asked her with concern. ´That·s not your problem, give my books back.µ She spoke angrily but this time there was weakness in her voice. ´You should go to hospital.µ He forwards his hand towards her to take her hand but she kept it out of his reach. ´Give me my books back,µ She asked him again. ´Listen Anna«.µ He stopped in his mid sentence as she took advantage of her unawareness and snatched her books from his hands. She walked away from him quickly but due to her bleeding hand, this was too much for her. Books fell from her hand on the ground, she was also going after them but two hands had steadied her on her feet. ´The people like you always welcome troubles.µ He supported her body and spoke angrily. Her dizziness did not allow her to say any coherent answer so she started to look other side of his like a stubborn child. He smiled on her silence and led her to a small clinic near the library.

´Now please take rest and don·t put pressure on themµ. He advised her after coming outside. She was feeling quite well after taking an injection and bandage so she did not feel any more need of his presence so saying, ´Thank you but as I was saying that I do not need your help so good bye.µ She went on her way. She could not forget him for his misbehavior so despite his help she could not make her to behave well. _________________________________________________________

Chapter 3 She was in a big hall where a meeting began soon. All the members were waiting for their organizer. When he entered in the hall, all stood up in respect. He was a man in his forties. He was in military uniform. He beckoned them to sit down and spoke gently, ´Hello every one, Sorry to all for being late. I was busy in an urgent work so how are you all, I hope you are fine.· Everyone in the room nodded to him in agreement. ´I have not much time so let·s finished it without wasting any moment.µ He asked them apologetically. Everyone in the room had started to give their monthly and weekly report. They were reporting with ease as he was listening and suggesting to them in gentle manners. When everyone finished, he talked to a girl right side to him on the table. ´Sabrina, please stay behind.µ When the meeting adjourned, every one, in the hall, left except her. She knew why he asked her to stay but she waited for him to speak. ´What happened Rina? Are you all right?µ he asked her in concern. ´You are not looking yourself to me quite some time, is everything ok?µ She could not speak for a while. She sighed and spoke quietly. ´There is nothing wrong, I am perfectly all right just tired.µ ´Then take leave, go home, read the book or take rest, do whatever you like, we want to see you healthy. Even your Aunty is criticizing me that I have put so many burdens on you.µ She smiled weakly over his affections. There were a lot of people who cared about her. She did not want to anxious them for her so she tried again to make him content, ´I am really fine Uncle just a little tired. I am not in need of leave. I like to work. Rest will make me more restless so don·t worry I will be perfectly all right after taking a cup of tea. ´Are you sure?µ He asked him uncertainly. ´Hundred percentµ She replied with a posturing smile.

´Good. Now go and be happy. If anything happened, tell me, You know I am always here for you.µ He bade her after kissing her forehead and left but she could not move from her place ´I am always here for youµ. A voice was ringing in her ears.

No destination can be found, probably, in this way Nobody can turn back from the memories of past
Shaid koi manzil nahi iss raah mai parti Wapis nahi aata koi yaadoon k safar se

Next day Despite his advice, she was in library, searching a book in a catalog. Her hand was not much better but she could not rest much as there was a new assignment to do. She did not get much material on her topic so she was searching a book for it. ´You should have restµ a voice came behind her. She knew that who was there so she did not look back. ´How are you now?µ He spoke again. ¶Why he torments her·, she thought to herself. ´What are you looking for?µ he was not disenchanted of her remained silence but he took catalog from her hand and asked her again. She looked him in fury but did not spoke. ´So you have decided to remain silent today, my little friendµ he asked her humorously. ´You know you are really a willful.µ She spoke, at last, calmly. ´Thanks, you know I don·t want to be proud.µ He spoke with mock meekness. She saw him angrily as he laughed on her expressions. His green eyes (so its green) were sparkling playfully. His eyes were looking so beautiful it·s been alive this time. She thought inwardly but physically she snatched catalog from his hands and went to her chair. A file was opened on the table as she left in mid writing. She sat on the chair and opened a book, she turned pages after one another but it seems that she did not get what she wanted. ´What are you looking forµ He asked and seated next to her chair.

She did not replied but when opened his mouth to say something she spoke, ´Do you know about important wars.µ ´You mean Historical wars like Sparta and Troyµ, he asked. ´No« I mean yes but not Greeks wars, these are not suitable for my topic.µ ´You mean important wars in whole world.µ He inquired her. ´Yeah, In fact, my topic is Important wars in world historyµ she put efforts in each word when she spoke. He smiled and spoke, ´That·s very easy.µ ´How so?µ She spoke irritably. ´I have searched anywhere but count not found a single book on this topic.µ ´You should check Encyclopedia of General Knowledge.µ He spoke simply. ´Oh Shitµ She slapped her on her forehead. ´that was really effortless.µ He laughed on her innocent gesture. ´What?µ she asked ´Nothing, go brought it here.µ she saw him in suspicion but did what he said. She came after a while. She sat on her chair with force, put her elbows on the table and face on them. There was a mixture of sad and aggravate look on her face. ´What happened?µ He asked ´Someone has already issued it and they have no other copy.µ She spoke with so much melancholy that he hardly controlled his laugh. ´What will I do now; I have written very little, there are only two more days.µ ´Hm« Don·t worry we will do it before its time.µ He gives her pen and gestured her to start writing. ´But what will I write?µ She asked him perplexity. But he gestured her to start writing. ´I will start with Americans wars so write down.µ She was uncertain but started to write its title. ´American Independence was held against Britain in 1776 to 1783. American Civil War, against by Southern states in 1861 to 1865. Arab-Israel wars with Arab countries like Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan Syria in 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, and 1982. Austrians Succession wars with Bavaria, France, Poland, Prussia, Spain held in 1740 to«. He stopped for a while then spoke, ´to 1740.µ

She was so astonished on his knowledge on this topic. He not only knew about wars but also knew the dates. Indo-Pak wars in 1965 and 1971. Iran-Iraq wars in 1980 to 88. Korean war in 1950 to 1953. Napoleonic wars in 1792«µ He was telling him non-stop. ´World War 1 in 1914 to 1918, World war 11 in 1939 to 1945. Kargil war in 1999 and Afghanistan war in 2001.µ ´I have told u all of them which I remembered, I don·t know whether they are right or wrong but even then you should check them.µ He told her afterwards. ´How do you know about them?µ she asked him. ´I like to read books, in fact, it·s my passion.µ He replied. ´But how you have remembered them so easilyµ He shrugged and spoke, ´Don·t know. Anyway, I had a book related to its topic. Maybe I still have it, I will tell you after checking, you can take it.µ He offered her earnestly. ´Hm« Thanksµ She spoke. She had started to pin up papers after collecting them. ´You know you are very innocentµ He suddenly spoke. She was so surprised of his out of the way question so she stopped her work and asked him, ´And why do you think so?µ ´Because if you remember, you were angry with me.µ He replied with smile. ´Oh, I forgot,µ She accepted it without any more argument. ´So we are friend now« hm?µ He forwards his hand towards her. She saw his hand for a while then after thinking something; she gave her hand to his hand saying this, ´yeah« I think I can forgive you.µ ´Whatttttttt?µ he spoke in mock shock. ´Miss, I have just helped you, you should thank to me not vindicate me.µ She laughed on his. That was the first time when she laughed on his company. Seeing her smiling he smiled too but shakes hands earnestly. ´So, now I think we should move forward from quarrel and books so ASL pleaseµ He asked him with shaking their hands. ´A S L« What the hell its mean?µ She put effort on each word in confusion.

He laughed and explained his words; ´Mostly people use these words when they first chat. Its mean A for Age, S for gender and L for location so kindly tell me your asl.µ She spoke smilingly, ´18, female as you know and I live near the library. You?µ ´30, male ²as you know too-- and I also live near the library but only now-a-days, I am actually from America.µ He told her. ´Hm« is it·s finished?µ She asked him innocently as gesturing him towards the door. ´Yes« I think so« Do you have anything else to tell me?µ he left her hand and began to walk out of the library with her. ´Yeah, something very important««µ She replied seriously ´What?µ He asked her in wonder. ´I am Anna Khan,µ She told him simply. He laughed on her answer and spoke; ´I know it from the very first day of our meeting.µ ´How?µ She asked him in surprise. They were reached on the track where he had given her book eight days ago. ´Because I have been stalking youµ He retorted but turned his face to the other side so can he hide his smile from her. ´Whatttt«, what are u talking about?µ She asked him in doubt. ´Yeah, did not you see?µ He asked him seriously. She shook her head in simpleton. ´Noµ He asked him again. She shook her head in more force. ´Oh, Then I am really good in stalking.µ He spoke proudly. But as he seen her face, he failed in his plan and began to snort ferociously. She saw him, as he was mad. When he stopped laughing, she spoke, ´What so funny?µ ´You know it·s really very easy to make you fool and somehow very endearing,µ He spoke teasingly. ´And you know, I can break our brand new friendship to you on this statement.µ She spoke exact like him. ´Oh, Noµ He spoke ´Oh, Yesµ She spoke exact like him again. Then both started to laugh.


Chapter Four

Hum wo bedard hain khuwab ganwa ker bhi , jinhein neend aa jati hai , soch soch ker bhi jin ke , zehno ko kuch nahi hota toot phoot ker bhi jin ke dil dharakna yaad rakhtay hain hum wo bedard hain ke jin ke ansoo ankhon ka rasta bhol jatay hain toot ker ronay ki khuwahish mein jo baat bay baat muskuratay hain shaam say pehlay mer janay ki khuwahish mein jo jeetay hain .... aur jeetay he chalay jatay hain ³And with the desire for death, they live and continuously live.µ
She was tangled with her thoughts when a person came in her cabin. ´Sabrina get ready, there·s a suspect of danger, here maybe a blast.µ Salar came in the office quickly and started to gather his weapons. ´What do you mean?µ She asked in startle but he was busy to alert the others. ´Every one, who is free right now, get ready and meet me in the hall, quick.µ He spoke in the microphone. ´What...µ She tried to ask him again but he interrupted her. ´Are you ready?µ He asked him in hurry. ´Yes, but«µ She tried to speak but he interrupted her again. ´Then meet me in the hall directlyµ, after saying this he left. She did not stop but followed him

There were ten or eleven people, excluded her, in the hall. ´What happenedµ, everyone spoke as they entered the hall.

´I have found information that a person with a bomb has reached here. Get ready, we haven·t much time, we are going to check it outµ He told all of them and opened a map on the screen. ´Each of you has to situate there with maximum five policemen.µ He told them his plan. ´Any question?µ He asked them after telling each of them their place. When no body spoke he asked them to leave. ´Sabrina called in the police station too.µ He was leaving himself then suddenly stopped and instructed her. She nodded and also left after them.

´Good Afternoonµ She spoke cheerfully and put her file down on the table. ´Good Afternoonµ He smiled and closed his book. ´So how much you have written down.µ ´Not very much, I came here to check The Encyclopedia of General Knowledge again that may be now I succeed to get it.µ She explained in detail. ´There is no need of it nowµ He spoke ´Why?µ She asked him ´Because I have found my book in my house so you can take it.µ He spoke as forwarding a book to her. She took it in relief and saying thank you she opened it and began to collect points. After half an hour, she picked her papers and saw it critically then she put it back but this time on the file and closed the book. She gathered her book and file and readied to stand up when she saw him. She froze as she had forgotten that he was also there. ´Finishedµ he spoke gently on her first astonished and then finally bashfully expressions. ´Sorry Mr. John I forgot that you are also there.µ She spoke apologetically. ´I thought that we have left formalities like Mr. or sorry type, haven·t we?µ He spoke ignoring her excuses. ´Oh« Sorr«µ He saw her pointedly so she spoke quickly, ´I mean« John did not suit me well, can I call u something else like«ah David.µ She asked him politely.

´Yeah, sure« In return, can I call you Anna as I like your name and« and surely I have no problem with your name.µ He spoke seriously but his eyes that offended her were smiling. She laughed and spoke, ´No« Try to use this aggressive method to make attentive others not me.µ The twinkle on his eyes disappeared on this statement so he spoke but this time with pure guilty expressions, ´ I have already excused you for this but if I did not feel you better than I can excuse you again and again till you forgive me.µ ´I did not mean to make you guilty Adam« Actually I have a problem with my bloody tongue; sometimes I really could not control it«. Please don·t feel anything, I was just kidding« Sorry if I hurt you.µ ´Doesn·t matter« have I forgiven now?µ He asked him hopefully ´Of course Adi« Otherwise I don·t talk to you at any rate«µ She reassured him ´Adi?µ He smiled to repeat his nick. ´Hm«. When I spoke it I thought Adam is also difficult so I make it easy for me« Any problem?µ ´No« Doesn·t matter« You can make it easier for you to say me ´ADµ, I will not say anything, I assure you.µ He returned to his general manners. She smiled and replied, ´No« I think I am fine with it.µ ´Fine« now my name has chosen, can I ask you something?µ He asked her ´Of course« you do not have to ask for permission Adi« ask me anything.µ She smiled on his formalities. ´I thought in Pakistan mostly girls did not live alone so if you never mind can I ask you that why are you living here as a paying guest, where is your family because according to my information you are paying guest on Colonel Shijah house« am I right?µ He asked her. ´You are right« My parents are no more alive, Colonel Shijah is my Father·s close friend, the next door house is my own, I cannot stay there alone so he asked me to live with him and gave my house on rent so I can fulfill my expenses, you can say that he has a kind of fostered me.µ She spoke simply. ´Oh« Sorry«I«µ He tried to spoke but she interrupted him and spoke rather calmly, ´its ok« I was very young when it happened so now it did not affect me much as it should be.µ Speaking of her parents, her face was emotionless so he did not continue this subject. ´Anyway, do you need my book or I took itµ He changed this subject and asked her about his book that she had put with her file.

´Yeah« After transferring it on computer I have to check my assignment one last time so I can say that I need your book« can I take it?µ In the end she asked him for book. ´Of course yaar« I have taken it here for you.µ He replied. ´Thanksµ she spoke and stood up ´Where are you going, do you mind asking about your personals.µ He asked worriedly ´No« Of course not Adi« You are my friend why would I be minded itµ She asked him incredulously ´Sorry« I thought you mind it. Anyway, then why are leaving so soon,µ He asked him ´Because I am paying guest there not here, today is Friday and Library is going to close now. You have to move now tooµ She spoke with smile. ´Oh« so foolish of meµ He threaded his fingers in his hairs and answered her stupidly. She laughed on his gestures and asked him, ´hm« anyway, would you like to go for a walk.µ ´Sure, give me a minute to return this book.µ Saying this he went to the bookcase to put it back. _______________________________________________________________________ Outside ´So tell me about yourself. Why are you living here.µ After coming outside, they were walking slowly on the track when she asked him suddenly. ´I am from Los Angeles, a banker there. I have taken a year leave for rest that·s why I am here. The house where I am living is my father·s.µ During his answer he did not see towards her once, as he is afraid of being catch. ´Rest« but you seemed perfectly all right to me.µ She asked him in suspicion. ´Is rest is only for out body? Cannot our soul demand rest.µ He spoke but seeing her confusion he cleared his point to her, ´I mean I am her for my mentally rest not for physical. I was not feeling well for quite some time so I decided to take leave.µ This time when he spoke he saw her directly on her eyes. There was something in his eyes that was beyond her comprehension. Something« that he wanted from her to understand without him saying. She froze on her track. She jumped when he spoke. Regaining herself, she asked him, ´What, sorry I could not understand.µ ´I said your house,µ he pointed towards her house.

´Oh« ´ She could just speak it. She did not even realize when they have approached her house. ´I should go now, see you around«µ He was turning then suddenly stopped and asked her, ´Are you coming tomorrow.µ He asked her in his usual manners. There was not a single trace of her previous action so she smiled and spoke, ´I will be there« see you tomorrow.µ She shakes his hand and walked to her house. Approaching her gate, without thinking, she turned. He was still there where she left him. When he saw her watching him he waved his hand. She waved her hand too and entered her house.

´Hello«µ She came straight to the library after submitting her assignment. After approaching him, she spoke loudly in his ear to make him attentive. The sudden voice of her loud had forced him to jump as his book, which he was reading, fell on the floor with a thud. He saw her with anger but all in vain. ´Sorry, I think I have frightened you, haven·t I?µ she asked him innocently. ´No dear, you just gave me a heart attack« nothing else, don·t worry.µ He assured her. She began to laugh. ´So you have submitted your assignment« Right?µ he asked her after seeing her life hearted laugh. ´Yeah« you know now I am free at least for one week.µ She told him cheerfully. He smiled on her studently bliss on vacation. ´I am planning to read the sixth part of Harry Potter, the after one another incidents had forced me to put my fully attention to my studies so I haven·t got much chance to read my beloved novel but now I am free so I can read it freely.µ She informed him his plan in delight. ´Oh, its good that you have informed of your plan otherwise I was thinking that you are happy to spent more time in my company« Alas! My optimism is beyond repaired about it.µ He spoke gloomily. ´Don·t be so melancholia, I will read it on nights.µ She made his declaration accurate. ´So its mean sleeping is not in your weekly plan.µ He asked her critically. ´Of course I will sleep but, maybe, in the morning.µ She replied without noticing his disapproval.

´Is this a good thing, in your eyes, to read a novel till late night?µ He asked her in an openly disapproval. ´There is no need to awake till late night, don·t come here, stay at home and finished it« ok?µ He spoke strictly. She surprised on his sudden sternness but spoke ´But what·s problem with this, I always read books late night...µ She spoke seriously. ´Anyway, have you read«µ She tried to change the subject but he interrupted her and spoke again, ´But it·s not a healthy habit Anna«µ ´I know but I do not care, I like to read in nights when nobody can disturb me. ´Nobody will disturb you in daylight if you do not want them toµ He tried to make her understand again. ´Why it·s any matter to you Adi. I am tired of this, I don·t like it when people try to force me about something that I do not like so please leave it right hereµ she was growing exasperate. ´But I am saying this to you that you will not read it in nights then its final« do you understandµ He was certain that she would not reject him this time. At first she was surprised on his sudden strictness but now he had astonished her to give an order to her. She had not accepted anyone·s suggestion in her whole life so his behavior had made him angry. ´And why do you think I will obey you?µ She spoke curtly He did not spoke for a while but when he spoke there were such coldness in his voice that makes her shiver. ´If I cannot asked you anything about your welfare so what is our friendship for«µ, saying this, he stood from his chair and went to the Librarian to issue a book. She did not bother in the least and remained sit on her chair but when she saw him to walk out of the library she became perturb. She stood up quickly and walked after him.

Outside µDav« Listen«. Stop« Where are you going?µ when she came outside, he was walking to the main gate. She spoke loudly but he continuously walked.

´Dav« ´ She walked quickly towards him. Due to run so fast, when she had approached him she was catching her breath but he still did not response. She spoke angrily, ´What is this all for?µ When he remained silent she spoke severely, ´Dav« what·s wrong with you, why are you stretching a little point?µ ´Good byeµ He spoke in indifference and put his feet on the way of his home. She was about to tear on his harsh behavior. They were growing close in a very little time; she did not want to lose her single friend. ´Dav« ok« fine« I will do whatever you like but don·t do this to meµ she caught his arm and stopped him. ´I am really sorry if you mind it« please listen to meµ ´I damn care about what you do or what you do not« ´ He snatched his arm from her grasp and started to walk again but he have to stop when she came in front of him. She put his one hand on her heart and spoke. ´Me, Anna Khan, swear today that she will do what his friend, Adam, will ask her to do.µ But when his face expressions did not change she continued her speech, ´and she will never ever try to hurt her single friend, if she had done anything like today again he has right to slap her and walked away from her.µ She sighed in relief when a smile crept in his face on her last statement so she asked him hopefully, ´Am I forgiven now.µ µHow can you think that I will believe in your single word after thisµ he voice sound still harsh but thanks god this time it was a little friendly. ´I will write down it and« and signed it«. Please«µ She offered him quickly so that his mood did not change again. ´Hm« Write down it tonight after reading Harry Potter, I will see you tomorrowµ he spoke lightly but she had sensed his taunt about ¶late night· in his sarcasm ¶tonight· so she spoke softly, ´Nights are for sleep, Cannot I write it down now.µ He saw her for a while in suspicion then spoke with shrugged, ´No« I will never mindµ She extracted a notebook and pen from her college bag, writes down her whole speech, read it one more time after finished it, signed on the paper and gave him. He never wanted to smile as the situation was changing seriousness to in hilarious but when she gave him paper he read it himself seriously too.

´Is this ok now?µ she asked him soberly but in return he just shrugged it off aside and started to walk again to control his laugh. ´Dav« wh«?µ She caught his arm again and turned him to herself. When she saw his smile, she signed in relief. He burst into laughing as seeing her relaxed face, on this she punched him hard on his arm and spoke in full of earnestness, ´You know how much I was afraid of your behavior« you idiot« you have taken my life for your this little dramaµ ´Drama« Miss Do you know how much your behaviour have hurt meµ He also spoke seriously. ´I am Sorry« but not very much now as you have taken your avengeµ She spoke teasingly. ´I should let you cry«µ he provoked her. ´What« I was not crying«µ she refused to accept it. ´Yes« you were« and stop it you are hurting me and as you know I have your signed paper in which«.µ He saw him playfully ´Give me my paper back«µ she went towards him angrily for her paper but he was quick, before her reach he ran away from her approach. ´No« I could not give you this back, it will always remind me of your«µ He stopped in mid-sentence and then saw directly in her eyes, ´It will always remind me of my ridiculousness to make you cry« I am sorry Anna«µ He came towards her and took her hand in his, ´I will never let you cry again, I promise.µ The tears came again in her eyes on his promise. ´You know, there is a similarity between us.µ She asked him seriously. ´Whatµ ´We both are equally fool.µ She told him as it·s very important. ´Hm«µ Seeing each other, they both laughed and started to walk together. They were provoking each other but they do know that how much they meant to each other.

Chapter Five

Ajab mourr par aakar ruk jaati hai zindagi apni aur lagta hai aisay kah jaisay qDevis aagay barhaoun tou pair jalnay lagtay hain qDevis peechay hataon tou khuab marnay lagtay hain aur isi mourr par kharay sochtay sochtay kitni gharyaan beet chuki hain kitni sadyaan beet chuki hain tan bhi khaali, mann bhi khali per aankhain hain bharee hoi rooh hai jakri hoi aur dil hai uktaya uktaya sa aur in aankhon k panio main har dam kuch beh jata hai aur mujh say kah jata hai ik sawal jo hawaki manind dil main uthta hai kiya main zindagi hoon? kaheen koi jawab nahi, koi awaz nahi magar phir dil say yeh sada aati hai Mohabbat Maar Deti Hai!

After giving her report and taking a new assignment, she came back on her office and sat on the revolving chair. She did not touch her new assignment file but put her head on the headrest of the chair and closed her eyes. There was so much in her mind that she did not think that she would do anything properly with this state of mind. ³If I would ever be able to get him out of my mind, If I would ever be able to control my feelings about him, if I would ever be able to forget ««« No, I can¶t « I cannot do anything of them.´ Without care, she hit her head against the headrest. She was continuously doing it when a sudden voice halted her on her track. ³Sabri« Sabrina, are you ok?´ a person came near him and asked her in concern. She opened her eyes at once and tried to recognize a person before her. ³Who is he?´ She thought.

Salaar became more worried as seeing her confuse expression. He shook her lightly with his hands but when it did not effect he shook her violently. She straightened her up on the chair and looked around, then her eyes fixed on him. ³What happened?´ She asked anxiously on his concern face. ³You tell me what¶s going on« tell me Sabrina what¶s bothering you´ she tried to speak but he cut in on her, ³and I told you I did not need any lame excuses, I know there is something that you are not telling me.´ ³What are you saying, I do not understand? And believe me Salaar there is nothing that¶s bothering me. I was just worried about that girl Wadeea, nothing else´ she opened her file and answered him calmly. He snatched the file from her hand and threw it on the table. He was angry but seeing her condition he spoke softly, ³Tell me Sabrina, am I not your friend.´ ³Of course you are my friend and not only a friend but a very good friend. I was just taking a decision.´ She told him in her calm manner. ³So would you like to tell me about your very troubled decision.´ He asked her sarcastically. She did not faze on his behaviour but gestured him to sit down. When he sat down, she spoke. ³I want to tell you this before. Before hearing it I tell you that I have taken decision.´ She spoke quietly. ³So why are you telling me?´ He asked her angrily. ³Because I need you help´ She ignored his anger and spoke again. ³In which?´ He asked her. ³ I want to adopt her child.´ She spoke simply. ³Are you mad« see your position« How can you adopt a child within your job« you should know complications and«´ After recovering from shock, he tried to make her understand but she avoided his words and spoke, ³ I have told you already that I have taken my decision. I just need your help Salaar. Please I want a child.´ She spoke calmly but he could sense the pleading tone on her voice. ³Then marry.´ He suggested Her face glowed red with both embarrassment and irritation on his suggestion ³I did not need your advice, I want her child.´ She spoke dryly with putting effort on her each word. ³What¶s so irritate in this, one day, of course, you will have to marry then why not now.´ He spoke seriously. ³Who says that I will have to marry? I do not need it and thank you so much for your help now you may leave.´ She spoke angrily and picked up her file.

³Sabrina« try to understand, why are you avoiding this that how much this child will in danger in your guardianship.´ Seeing her anger, he tried to make her see logic. ³I am protecting my people, why cannot I protect my child.´ She remained speak in anger on his logic. ³Sabrina, Try to make sense«´ He spoke feebly on her firmness but she interrupted him and asked him finally, ³will you help me or not?´ ³How can I refuse you.´ He left out a defeated sighs and replied her helplessly. ³Thanks« thank you so much Salaar´ She spoke contentedly.

Next whole week, she occupied herself in reading Harry Potter but even then she did not stop to go to Library regularly. A sense of understanding was developing between them. He was amazed that how in a very little time they became friends and started to trust each other. About her he can say that she was always an energetic, vigorous and talkative girl while he was a calm and secretive person but the thing that has amazed him was that with her he became exactly like her. If he has spend his mostly life in having no connection then the other hand, she had also not so many friends despite her friendly reputation. He has understood her nature now as she had understood her. She did not trust in others easily and also did not like to depends others while he did not feel well in others company and like his loneliness but despite all of their deference, their friendship had been strengthen with each passing day. They did not leave any topic for discussion without argument and in the end it was he who accepted defeat happily. For the first time in his life, he was happy. The friendship with Anna was totally new but a pleasant experience for him. Each day come a new grace of her character before him. ____________________________________________________ ³Dav..´ she called him after approaching him but he did not listen her and remained busy in reading book. ³Dav«´ she called him again rather loudly. This time he did listen but the person, next to him, looked up and saw them critically. She mumbled\murmured sorry and turned to him again. ³Come, I have something for you to see.´ She grabbed his arm and pulled him towards him towards the door. ³Aye, Anna, give me a minute yaar, let me return the book,´ he kept on calling but she pulled him again so he left the book on the table and let her pull him. They arrived on the garden of library. He followed her to the quiet area of library. The whole garden was full of greenery but the area where she was taking him was not much clean and full of dirty

Herb and« kittens. He took an amused sighs and looked up towards her. There were two kittens, in white fur, sitting and mewing in their little voice. Anna left his arm and went towards them. She carried out one of them and took it towards him. The kitten was really very cute but there was some thing else there also. To look it from near, he saw that there was a red gash in the backside of its body. ³Dav« look at them. I saw them it when I was coming here. She was dancing nonstop so I came her to check her. See« what I have seen. She is injured. Please do something. She would be really in pain.´ She gave the kitten in his hands. ³How many faces of this girl?´ He thought to himself and took it carefully from her. ³I have a medical case for emergency. Lets take it to my home. What you say?´ He examined the kitten¶s wound and asked her opinion. ³No problem.´ She replied with shrugged. ³Would you like to come inside?´ After arriving his house gate, he asked her. ³Sure, why not´ She answered him carelessly. He opened his gate and gestured her to enter. The outside design of house was very much like the others house of Cant but inside of the house decoration was presenting his taste. In the foyer, there was light green wall-to-wall carpet. The white sofa sets with light greens cushions were on it. The glass table was between them. The roof was also in those two colors. She noticed that, in everything, light green and white colors were prominent. Their contrast was really magnificent and giving an artist looks on the room. The cleanness of room makes her amazed. ³Your house is very clean.´ She commented on his house incredulously. He smiled and replied, ³Is not this is a good thing?´ ³Of course it¶s good but in your house, it¶s seem weird as knowing that you are a bachelor and living alone here.´ She answered him through reason. ³I keep myself busy.´ He replied simply and entered in the room, right side from the entrance and brought out a medical kit. He put the kitten gently down on the table and started to tend it. He cut its fur from where it wounded and placed a balm on its wound. She was seeing him in amaze to tend a kitten skillfully. He sensed her gaze on him and saw her in question. ³You are really skillful in tending the wounds as though you have been doing it in your whole life.´ She answered him on his unspoken question. ³I have taking its training.´ He replied simply and after finishing it, went towards the washbasin, in the corner, to wash his hands.

She took the kitten in her hands carefully. It¶s mewed softly and closed her eyes in weakness. She patted the kitten and put it back on the table with very much care. She looked up in search of him but he was nowhere. She started to look around when a book attracted her attention. There were some books on the table and the thing that attracted her attention was above these all that was none other than Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. She was surprised to see it in his house. After all he did not show any interest when she told him about her craziness about this novel. She was going to open her when a voice of someone coughing has forced her to jump. She looked up the sources of voice. He was standing there with two mugs in his hands. ³You had startled me Dav«´ She cried out with her hand on her heart. ´ You ere very busy in it so I have just tried to make you attentive.´ He spoke with a smile and put the mugs on the glass table. ³By the way what were reading?´ He asked her as she picked up the book from the floor. ³Dav« you were reading Harry Potter? She questioned him in amazed ignoring his own question. ³Oh« is this a crime now to read this novel´ He spoke simply ³Can not you give me a simple answer?´ She asked him annoyingly. ³Cannot you stop asking me stupid questions?´ He answered him in a quick wit. ³Ok« you win, now tell me when you have started to read it and most importantly, why do not you tell me about this?´ She asked him first in defeated then in wonder and then finally accusingly. Seeing her like that was quite a scene. He restrained himself from laughing and answered her calmly. ³I had planned to tell you today but you have ruined my surprise.´ ³You did not tell me that you are also its fan when I was babbling about it in front of you.´ She did not let this topic down as that was slightly hurting her that he did not tell her about his interest even when she was also interested in that thing. ³I am not its crazy fan like you. I am just reading it that if you have asked me something about it then I should know something about this.´ He replied carelessly and forward her to take he novel from her hand which she did. ³You are reading this just this reason.´ She asked him in confusion. ³Yeah´ he spoke casually ³and now please sit down and take your coffee Anna.´ She sat down but still in wonder. She took coffee in her hand. There are so many questions in her mind to ask him but she remained silent. ³Fine« ask whatever you want to know´ He blurted and gestured her to go-on. She smiled and answered him cheekily, ³You know very well that I have many questions for you and as I could not resist them anymore so tell me yourself that what you have meant by your answer.´ ³Nothing, I am just reading it so you can discuss it to me and do not feel lonely as a single fan of Harry Potter. That¶s simple.´ He sat on the carpet besides the table and answered her, as that¶s not a big deal.

Astonishment has taken place her confusion. He just read the book for me. She thought to herself. She could not speak for a while, just smiled. ³So, now we can discuss about it.´ After taking some sips of coffee, she spoke but could not hide her eagerness. He smiled on her enthusiasm, ³Yeah, ask me any question, start your quiz.´ He did take her back to the sofa, as he was really readying to give interview. ³Not quiz Sir and stop posing and tell me have you read its five parts already as I have seen only its 6th part here.´ She did not resist any longer so asked him. ³Yeah, I have read its five parts already in America just for time passing. They do not make me much interested there then but now I think I have started to like them.´ He spoke after swallowed the long sip of his coffee. ³Because of me´ She spoke with so much innocence that he could not stop but burst out laughing. ³Yeah, due to you, it¶s started to grown on me.´ He was still laughing when he answered. ³What¶s so funny in his and, for your kind information, it¶s really a nice story otherwise the whole Britain and Americans did not mad for it.´ She told him proudly all of this. ³Oh, I see« but I have seen it¶s foolish fan in Pakistan too.´ He could not resist teasing her on this. He knew Harry Potter was her weakness. ³ ³So« there is not only one, there are many more besides me.´ She could not understand her mischief so answered him seriously. ³I still could not understand why you like it so much as its story is very common, just a magic or fantasy and mind you your writers are better than J.K.Rowling.´ He spoke seriously and waited for blast for that. He knew he did do not have to wait much longer when he saw her face. ³I do not say that my writers are not good, surely, they are best but this novel has something else. It¶s completely a fantasy world. Its not that I like to live in fantasy, its just that there are so much cruelties and bitterness realities around me that some times fantasy is a blessed for the people like me. He was astonished of her deep thinking. She always seemed to him as a carefree child but today he was seeing her another face. Her point of view was right so he stop teasing her and asked her seriously, ³Is there something happen?´ ³No´ she answered him quickly but he did not miss her averting her eyes. ³What happened Anna?´ He asked her in concern.

³Nothing, why would any thing happened to me.´ She tried to smile but terribly failed. He could sense that something is disturbing her but he did not proceed it as he understood that she do not want to tell him so he changed the topic. ³Ok, tell me which part of Harry Potter is the best in your eyes?´ He asked her. As he thought, her face changed rapidly. She has brought back her inner self and answered him wholeheartedly. ³Fifth« Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.´ ³Really« I like this part too in all of them.´ He answered him in surprise, ³Why you liked it?´ ³Don¶t know, may be because this year there was a big group to control the Death Eaters besides Harry, that¶s why it¶s good or because Remus Lupin Character is back and with much authority or because there is two new characters, named Nymphadora Tonks and Luna Lovegood, whom I have started to like or because there was a Dumbledore Army to prepare themselves against Voldemot or because Fred and George inventions and their wonderful flight from the school or because Dobby and Kreacher house elves or because Grawp and Snape¶s worst memory or because the scene in Ministry Of Magic or because Dumbledore has told the secret at last or because«´ ³Stop« calm down my little friend, calm down« take a breath´ he raised his hands to silent her. ³But there are many great scenes in this novel, is not they are good?´ She replied like dreamily. He smiled on her face expressions, ³I like this part exactly for all of these reasons but believe me Anna I am not as crazier as you.´ He said to her. ³So what, I will not mind as everyone has his own choices.´ She replied like a philosopher. ³Very well Miss Anna but I will be really mind if you do not finish your coffee.´ He spoke seriously. She laughed, finished her coffee in two and three sips and put the cup back on the table. ³Now get up and let me escort you to your house.´ He took the both cups on his hands and went to the kitchen. She can hear the voice of water tab from here so she called out. ³May I help you.´ ³No, I have finished.´ He replied from the kitchen, after a while, he came back and motioned her to the entrance door. ³Would not you visit me of your home?´ she spoke in a mock offense on which he smiled. He motioned her to follow him and started to tell her about his house. ³Right one is my room and left one is a library which books I have already finished,´ He told her like a reason of his presence in Cant-Library. ³Kitchen is in front of you, this ladder will take you to the 2nd

storey which I will show you on your next visit because my upper portion is locked.´ He told her in detail and then asked her. ³Now would you«´ he motioned her to the entrance door again. ³Why it seems to me that you want to kick me out of your house quickly.´ She asked him in dead seriousness. ³Not kicking you out of my house, it¶s just its getting late and you should go to your home now, what will your uncle say.´ He tried to make her understand without his saying this openly but seeing her face he understood that she could do anything except understands his reason. ³Don¶t worry my uncle will never care, actually he do not care about me at all so you don¶t worry he will not say anything to me´ She answered him carelessly. ³If he will not say then surely your society will say´ He blurted it at last because there was no other way through this he could tell that silly girl. ³Why will they say anything in my matter?´ she asked him in so much astonishment that he could not think that she is pretending. ³Silly girl, are you living in this society or not, what will say people say about you« ³ He saw her and smiled ironically, ³You tell what will you say to others when they asked you that what were you doing in a alone man¶ house in evening, Do you have any answer«´ His did not want but he could not stop him rude towards her. She halted on her track abruptly and saw him unbelievably. She opened her mouth to say something then closed it and remained silent. He saw her face glowing red even in spreading of darkness of winter evening. He did not say anything her too so they walked in silent on the track. After ten or fifteen minutes silent, he heard her voice. ³But I trust you.´ She spoke quietly. He saw towards her but she was looking to the trees. He had started to feel guilt that why he said her about this. He loved her innocence but he also did not want that her relatives or neighbors would talk about her in erroneous way. She was very dear to him. ³I do trust you Dav«´ when he did not replied, she said again and saw towards him. ³Why?´ He spoke without thinking. ³I don¶t know but there is something in you due to this, from the very first day, my sixth sense is telling me continuously that I can trust in you. Should not I?´ She saw him directed in his eyes and asked him earnestly. He could not get enough courage to reject her. He averted his eyes and spoke finally, ³You should not

trust in any men, not even me.´ ³But you«.´ She tried to speak but he cut her in. ³Men are the most complicated and untrustworthy creation of this world´ he spoke bitterly ³and I cannot ask you to believe or trust in them.´ She was astonished on his harshness she tried to speak but he raised his hand to silent her. ³It is my advice to you Anna that don¶t ever trust in a man throughout your life, not even me.´ Saying this he turned on his heel and walked away from her. But she remained there, in amazed, for a long time.

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