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Mins 10


Helps in Weight loss,Stronger heart and lungs, Reduced risk of heart disease More confidence about how you feel and how you look

Pranayams: Step 1 Bastrika 60 Times or
• Relax • Breathe in deeply into lungs • Breathe out

5 Mins

Step 2 Kapalbhati

10 Mins

Step 3 Agnisar/Baharya

Step 4 10 Times Anulomvilom

10 Mins

• Relax • Breathe out with a small jerk in the stomach

• Relax • Breathe air out, • Touch chin to chest, • Squeeze stomach completely • hold for a while.

• Relax • Close right nasal with thumb • Inhale from left. • Open right nasal and close left nasal with middle and ring finger • Exhale from right nasal. • Inhale from right nasal. • Close right nasal

• Do not force while exhaling • Do not hurry. • Do it slowly. • Expect good results when done continously and in rhythm • Rest & Stretch whenever needed

• Do not force while exhaling • Do not hurry. • Do it slowly. • Expect good results when done continously and in rhythm • Rest & Stretch whenever needed

Tips :
• Not for heart and high BP patients • Do not hurry. • Do it slowly. • Do not force while exhaling •Rest & Stretch whenever needed

Tips :
• Breathe into lungs not to stomach

• Do not hurry. • Do it slowly. • Rest & Stretch whenever needed

Benefits : Relieves inflammation of the throat,increases gastric fire, destroys phlegm,removes diseases of the nose,chest and eradicates asthma, consumption, etc.

Benefits : Purifies Blood, cures TB, Asthama Makes Heart and Lungs strong Keeps practitioner in good health

Benefits : stomach, hernia, urinal, uterus, Reduces Fat

Benefits : To heart, high BP, vat-cuf-pit, heart blockage, arthritis,cartilage,parkinson paralysis,neural related, migraine pain,depression, asthma,allergy,sinus

Helpful in Backache . Cervical and all Spine related problems Shalabhasan 3 Times each side Helpful in Slip Disc. Kidneys Reduces Fat Cures Indigestion. Knee pain Cures all diseases below the Spine. Cervical Useful for Asthama.Intestine Liver.Gas.Standing Asanas: Tadasan 3 Times Katichakrasan 3 Times each sides Veerasana 3 Times both legs Strengthens Lungs Increases Height Makes back bone flexible Improve breathing Cures joints related problem Improve Digestion Sitting Asanas: Vajrasan 3-5 Mins Mandukasan 3 Times Benificial For Diabetic Paitents Benificial for Heart Paitents Cures Stomach problems Shashakasan 3 Times Benificial for Heart Paitents Strengthens Pancreas. Lungs related problems. Conspitation Chest Rest Asanas: Makarasan 3 Times Both legs Bhujangasan 3 Times Helpful in Slip Disc.Acidity.

Negative Thinking are Cured Improves Concentration .Back Rest Asanas: Markartasan 3 Times each sides Useful for Backache. conspitation. High Blood pressure. Heart Disease Insomnia are cured Weakness.Spondalities Slip Disc Cures Stomachache.Cervical. Weakness and Tiredness Padvritasan 2 Mins Single & Double Leg (Circle) Dwichakrikasan 2 Mins Single & Double Leg (Cyclying) Reduces Weight Savasana 10 Mins Must be done as the last asana Mental Stress. gas Helpful for Hip. Joints pain Pavanmuktasan -1 3 Times each sides Extremely Benificial for Gas related problems Benificial for female problems Reduces Stomach Fat Pavanmuktasan-2 3 Times Benefits Same as Type -1 Sarvangasan 3 Times Increases Height Reduces Obesity. Tiredness. Depression.

Exhale Inhale Exhale 4 5 3 Inhale 2 7 6 Inhale Exhale Surya Namaskar 1 Inhale 12 8 Exhale 11 9 10 Exhale Inhale Exhale Inhale .