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Hunbul Tex (Pvt) Ltd.

HunbulTex (Pvt) Ltd. is a textile design house based in Lahore, Pakistan. We have an excellent team of textile professionals, textile designers and process managers working on latest fabric manufacturing techniques, futuristic designs and hi yield production management.

Hunbul Tex (Pvt.) Ltd.
404-C, 4th Floor, City Tower, Main Boulevard, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan. Phone: +92 42 5770348-9 Fax: +92 42 5770180 E-mail: Web:

Weaving.O) Muhammad Afzal (Executive Director) Waqas Tariq (Technical Manager) Omar Farooq (Weaving Manager) Tahir Aziz (Accounts Manager) Our Mission We strive to provide the right quality to all customers at the right time and at most favorable terms. textile designers and process managers working on latest fabric manufacturing techniques. Spinning. Following are the board members which deal with the management and operation of the company. . we are committed to take our customer's idea to a final level of existence. We have production facilities like. having expertise in the field of textile. is a textile design house based in Lahore. One-Stop Solution Our team of engineers. Pakistan. About Team Company has more than 500 employees. From advance production techniques to unique designing services. Bilal Ahmed (C. HunbulTex is standing and committed to produce innovative textile articles which are futuristic and low in cost. HunbulTex provides all types of textile services from yarn import/export to stitched garments. we offer hi-tech services which make us lead the fashion fabric line. managers and designers is ready to provide you any textile related solution you are looking for. With an experience of more than 10 years. From yarn to finished product. futuristic designs and hi yield production management. We are also motivated to master the art of fabric making. Finishing and Stitching. Dyeing. We are always determined to learn new techniques so that we can offer our customers which no other even can imagine. We have an excellent team of textile professionals. Our customers consider us as the best source of fancy fabric in our region.E.Company Introduction HunbulTex (Pvt) Ltd.

We use following compositions of yarn to produce our articles. There's nothing that flows through a pipe or down a wire or anything else. Our core business is to produce innovative and creative fabric. • Apparel Fabrics o Bottom Wears o Shirting For Home Textile industry we have following articles. • Greige Fabric o Plain o Twills o Drills o Satin/Sateen o Sear Suckers o Dobby Innovative Ideas The lifeblood of our business is what R&D spends. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Greige Yarn Dyed Yarn Fancy Yarn Lurex Viscose Rayon Modal Excel Bamboo Acrylic Silk Cotton Polyester Polyester/Cotton • • • • Dyed Fabric Yarn Dyed Fabric Printed Fabric Jacquard Fabric o Self Jacquard o Extra Warp/Weft Jacquard o Selvedge/Name Jacquard • Embroidery Fabric As “ We have following range of fabric types. • Bed Linen • Table Clothes • Bath Curtains We design and produce fabric according to season. . color trends and market range.What We Do We have following services and products to offer. we design special fabrics for apparel industry. fashion. We have to innovate continuously that let the people do something they didn't think they could do the day before.fabrics” is our key slogan.

Production Facilities We have following production facilities available. giving birth to evolution. comfortable. • • • • Weaving Unit Dyeing & Finishing Unit Embroidery Unit Extra Warp/Weft Cutting & Shearing Unit • Inspection & Packing House • • • • • • • • • • • Our Clients Next Levis Mercedes Volvo HangTen Bareeze Aroshi Generation Nishat Linen Elegance Royal Palm Club & Hotels Departments • Yarn Dyed Fabric Production Planning & Quality Control • Jacquard Designing & Production • Greige Fabric Production • Textile Designing for Woven. We know how threads behave and what eyes appreciate. For knowledge is limited. durable and affordable. Printing & Embroidery • Yarn Testing & Evaluation • Fabric Testing & Evaluation • Sample Fabric Dyeing • Fabric Simulation & Creative Department Futuristic Designs Imagination is more important than knowledge. Our Friends • • • • Sapphire Textile Mills Nishat Textile Mills Umer Group of Textile Kohinoor Textile Mills . so we develop absolutely unique textile designs which are appealing. stimulating progress. whereas imagination embraces the entire world.

com • Web: http://www. handle and feel. City Tower. Lahore. Contact Details Lahore Head Office • Address: 404-C. Gulberg II.Locations We are located in following locations. fabric weight. color theme. . appearance. And our customers consider us the champion in our services. We are providing hundreds of fabric qualities to our customers according to their demand. we swiftly provide appropriate production in a short period. • Lahore (Head Office) • Faisalabad (Sub Office) • Karachi (Sub Office) In-Time Services We assume satisfaction of customer as our success. Pakistan • Phone: +92 42 5770348-9 • Fax: +92 42 5770180 • Email: info@hunbultex. Main Boulevard. 4th Floor.

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