. For outstanding work, the company has a large number of workshops with sophist

icated equipment and machines specific to hull fabrication and ship construction
work has
is under
using thetoavailable
CAD/CAM/CIM using the latest shi
p design software s operating from a number of work stations having the latest com
puter hardware to provide, up to date design and production supports, commensura
for theisyard
varies disciplines. Regular training programming k
eeps the men technology abreast of the latest techniques of their profession. MD
L has constructed a variety of ships both for the defence and the commercial sec
tor. The first modern warship to be built by the company was the Leander Class fri
gate INS NILGIRI". Its design was obtained from the British Admiralty and the fri
gate itself was built in collaboration with M/s. Vickers Ltd. and M/s. Yarrow (S
hipbuilders) Ltd. of U.K. The NILGIRI was launched in October, 1968 and commissi
oned in 1972. During the next nine years Mazagon Dock built and delivered five m
ore frigates in this class for the Indian Navy. Indian Naval Ships Nilgiri, Himg
iri, Udaygiri, Dunagiri, Taragiri and Vindhyagiri formed the main thrust package
of the Navy in the seventies and eighties. As the construction of the Leander ser
ies was nearing completion, the Navy evolved a design for a new generation friga
te. Mazagon Dock was responsible for making all production drawings in respect o
f the new frigate. Unlike the Leanders, the new frigate was Indian in concept, d
esign and execution. The ship was larger than the Leander frigate with about 25%
more displacement, and could embark two large helicopters. This new class was c
hristened as the "GODAVARI Class", and the first ship of the series INS GODAVARI w
as launched in May 1980 and commissioned in December 1983. INS GANGA and INS GOM
ATI followed in 1985 and 1988. Further construction of this class of warships wa
s entrusted to GRSE, Kolkatta, with lead yard services being provided by MDL. Subs
equently, construction of the destroyer class Project-15 ships powered by gas tu
rbines was undertaken. These 6700-ton mammoth destroyer class of warships were t
he largest ships built in this part of the world. The first of the class, `INS D
ELHI' was launched in February 1991 and commissioned in November 1997; the secon
d INS MYSORE was commissioned in 1999. The third and last ship in the series "INS
MUMBAI" joined the Navy in January 2001. Mazagon Dock has also constructed two cor
vettes for the Navy. The Corvettes are smaller warships displacing about 1500 to
nnes. The first of the series, INS KHUKRI was commissioned in August 1989 and the
second, INS KUTHAR in June 1990. INS KIRCH a corvette launched at GRSE, was fitted o
ut and completed at Mazagon Dock and commissioned in January 2001. Mazagon Dock
has also built fast and powerful Missile Boats for the Navy. Three missile boats
INS VIBHUTI, INS VIPUL and INS NASHAK were commissioned into the Navy between 1
991 and 1994. A fourth boat, "INS PRABAL" launched at the Shipyard in September
2000 was commissioned in March 2002. Mazagon Dock also built and delivered a Cadet
Training Ship for the Navy in March 1986. Presently, MDL is building three, new g
eneration stealth warships for the Navy, named Project-17 frigates. The first sh
ip in this class INS SHIVALIK was launched in April-2003 the second INS SATPURA
in June 2004 and the third and last INS SAHYADRI was launched in May 2005. MDL i
s also building three ships of the follow-on to the DELHI Class of destroyers. T
he first ship of this Class INS KOLKATA was launched in March 2006. And the second
ship INS KOCHI was launched using Pontoon Assisted Launching in Sept 2009.Besides w
arships for the Navy, Mazagon Dock has also constructed a series of Offshore Pat
rol Vessels for the Coast Guard. These vessels are specialised ships for patroll
ing, policing, search and rescue operations in the Exclusive Economic Zone of th
e country. They are also provided with capabilities for pollution control and fi
re fighting and carry a helicopter on board. The design of these vessels was ent
irely evolved at Mazagon Dock. Seven Coast Guard Ships, INS VIKRAM, INS VIJAYA,
e mainstay of the Coast Guard fleet, were built and delivered to the Indian Coas
t Guard between December 1983 and March 1990. Follow on vessels of this class ha
ve since been built at the Goa Shipyard under lead yard services from MDL. Mazag
on Dock has also completed the construction of two series of Offshore Supply Ves
sels, comprising seven ships, for the ONGC. Construction of a new series of Border
Out Posts for the BSF has recently been undertaken by MDL. The BOPs are floatin
g police stations, each with four high-speed boats. MDL has built and delivered

nine such vessels. MDL has developed a wide range of products for the commercial s
ector and has constructed a variety of ships ranging from one Diving Support Ves
sel & one Multipurpose Support Vessel for ONGC and Harbour Utility Vessels/Craft
s such as Tugs-15 nos., Dredgers-11 nos., 9000 Cu.M. Water Tankers-2 nos., Passe
nger cum Cargo Vessels-3 nos. and an assortment of Support Vessels, Trawlers and
Barges besides a Virtual jetty and Floating cranes. Presently MDL is building a
specialized 2000 cu.m / hour cutter suction dredger for the Dredging Corporatio
n of India. The company won the order against global competition.On the export fro
nt, Mazagon Dock has achieved another `first'. It is the only shipyard in India
to have built a significant number of ships for foreign clients. Since 1974-75,
the company has built and supplied vessels to Singapore, the Iranian Navy, U.K.,
the Gulf and Mozambique. Recently, "Commandant Mortenol" a 1600 Cu M sand dredg
er was built for a French Company operating from Guadeloupe, an Island territory
of France in Eastern West Indies. Presently, MDL is executing an export project
of building two Multipurpose Support Vessels for M/s GGOSPL, Singapore. The fir
st vessel GREATSHIP LAXMI was launched in February 2010.The shipyard has long standi
ng experience associating with all international classification societies both f
or new construction and ship repairs. The management of MDL welcomes trans-natio
nal collaborations for execution of technically challenging projects on turnkey
basis and has experience in operating complex contracts involving many organisat
ions and corporations in a time bound manner. As the lead defence shipyard of Indi
a, MDL is committed to delivering Quality Ships, on time. Mazagon Dock has come a
long way from being a small repair yard in the late 18th century to the country s
leading Defence Shipyard capable of meeting the requirements of the Indian Navy
towards its warship building programmes including submarines. The current order 
of aoxy-fuel
MDL, one
of the
to heatshipyards
metal toin
the world.
A stream of oxygen then trained on the metal combines with the metal which then
flows out of the cut (kerf) as an oxide slag.
2.4 Fuel
Oxy Fuel
(commonly called oxytelene cutting, oxy cutting or gas cutting
(US) and Oxy Fuel cutting are process that use fuel gases and oxygen to weld or
fuel welding torch is used to weld metals. Welding metals results when tw
o piece are heated to a temperature that produced a shared poll of molten metal.
The molten poc is generally supplied with additional metal called filler. Fille
r material
Oxy Fueldepends
a torch
the is
to kindling temperature. A stream of
oxygen then trained on the metal combines with the metal which then flows out o
f the cut as at oxide slag trigger this oxygen reacts with the metal forming iro
n oxide and produced heat. It is this heat which continuous the cutting process.
The cutting torch only heats to starts the process, further heat is provided by
metal.of the iron oxide is around half of that of the metal, as the
metal burns, it immediately turns to liquid iron oxide and flows away from the c
utting zone. However some of the iron oxide remains on the work piece forming a
hard used
which canasbeused
in Bali
by gentle
by a reaction
or grinder.
ia.org/wiki/Calcium_carbide" \o "Calcium carbide"calcium carbide with water. This
is used where acetylene cylinders are not available. The term 'Las Karbit' means 
(carbide) welding in Indonesian.
\o "Acetylene"Acetylene is the p
rimary fuel for oxy-fuel welding and is the fuel of choice for repair work and g
eneral cutting and welding. Acetylene gas is shipped in special cylinders design
ed to keep the gas dissolved. The cylinders are packed with porous materials (e.
g. HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kapok" \o "Kapok"kapok fibre, HYPERLINK "
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diatomaceous_earth" \o "Diatomaceous earth"diatomace
ous earth, or (formerly) HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asbestos" \o "Asb
estos"asbestos), then filled to around 50% capacity with HYPERLINK "http://en.wikip
edia.org/wiki/Acetone" \o "Acetone"acetone, as acetylene is acetone soluble. This
method is necessary because above 207 HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pas
cal_%28unit%29" \o "Pascal (unit)"kPa (30 HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P
ound-force_per_square_inch" \o "Pound-force per square inch"lbf/in²) (absolute press
ure) acetylene is HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instability" \o "Instab
ility"unstable and may HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Explosion" \o "Explo
This emay
. in fire emergencies, where police snipers are sometimes called i
n by fire service to puncture the welding vessels with rifle shot to let the pre

ssure escape. (Once the heat reaction starts, cooling the tanks with water spray
cannot prevent the eventual explosion but only delay it, so the tank must be pu
"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KPa" \o "KPa"kPa (250 lbf
/in²) HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pressure" \o "Pressure"pressure in the
tank when full. Acetylene when combined with HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/w
iki/Oxygen" \o "Oxygen"oxygen burns at a temperature of 3200 HYPERLINK "http://en.w
ikipedia.org/wiki/Celsius" \o "Celsius"°C to 3500 °C (5800 °F to 6300 HYPERLINK "http://e
n.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fahrenheit" \o "Fahrenheit"°F), highest among commonly used gas
eous fuels. As fuel acetylene's primary disadvantage, in comparison to other fue
is high cost.
is unstable at a pressure roughly equivalent to 33 feet/10 meters u
nderwater, water submerged cutting and welding is reserved for hydrogen rather t 
xygen.triddle.jpg" \o "\"Compressed gas cylinders containing oxygen and MAPP gas 

gas cylinders
\o "\"Enlarge\"
containing HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxyge
n" \o "Oxygen"oxygen and HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAPP_gas" \o "MAPP
MAPP gas."http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gasoline" \o "Gasoline"gasoline (= oxypetrol) torches have been found to perform very well, especially where bottled g
as fuel is not available or difficult to transport to the worksite. Tests showed
that an oxy-gasoline torch cut steel plate up to 0.5 inch thick as well as oxya
4 inches
a pressure
thick tank
3 times
inches thickor fe
d from a HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_cylinder" \o "Gas cylinder"ga
s cylinder. Another low cost approach commonly used by jewelry makers in Asia is
using air bubbled through a gasoline container by a foot-operated air pump, and
mixture in a specialized welding torch. \o "Oxyhydrogen"Oxy
HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen" \o "Hydrogen"Hydrogen has a clean
flame and is good for use on HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aluminium"
\o "Aluminium"aluminum. It can be used at a higher pressure than acetylene and is
therefore useful for underwater welding and cutting. It is a good type of flame
to use when heating large amounts of material. The flame temperature is high, ab
out 2,000 °C for hydrogen gas in air at atmospheric pressure, and up to 2800 °C when
pre-mixed in a 2:1 ratio with pure oxygen (HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wi
some oxyhydrogen
\o "Oxyhydrogen"
torches theooxygen
are produced by HYPERLINK "h
ttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrolysis" \o "Electrolysis"electrolysis of water i
n an apparatus which is connected directly to the torch. Types of this sort of t
The oxygen and the hydrogen are led off the electrolysis cell separately and are
fed into the two gas connections of an ordinary oxy-gas torch. This happens in
the HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_torch" \o "Water torch"water tor
ch, which is sometimes used in small torches used in making HYPERLINK "http://en.w
ikipedia.org/wiki/Jewelry" \o "Jewelry"jewelry and HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.o
The mixed oxygen and \o
are drawn
from the.electrolysis cell and are led i
nto a special torch designed to prevent flashback. See HYPERLINK "http://en.wikip
gas "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAPP_gas"
\o "Oxyhydrogen"oxyhydrogen
\o "MAPP
gas"MAPP gas is a regist
ered product of the HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dow_Chemical_Company"
\o "Dow Chemical Company"Dow Chemical Company. It is liquefied petroleum gas mixe
d with HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methylacetylene" \o "Methylacetyle
ne"methylacetylene-HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allene" \o "Allene"propad
iene. It has the storage and shipping characteristics of LPG and has a heat value
a little less than acetylene. Because it can be shipped in small containers for
sale at retail stores, it is used by hobbyists, and large industrial companies
and shipyards because it is only as volatile as water while stored in cylinders,
and is therefore much less dangerous than acetylene. MAPP gas can be used at mu
ch higher pressures than acetylene, sometimes up to 40 or 50 psi in high-volume
oxy-fuel cutting torches which can cut up to 12 inch thick steel. Other welding
gases that develop comparable temperatures need special procedures for safe ship
ping and handling. A MAPP gas leak is easy to identify because of its particular 
odor.and butane/propane mixes
\o "Butane"Butane, like propane, is
a saturated hydrocarbon. Butane and propane do not react with each other and ar
e regularly mixed together. Butane boils at 0.6 deg C. Propane is more volatile,
with a boiling point of - 42 deg C. Vaporization is rapid at temperatures above

the boiling points. The calorific (heat) values of both are almost equal. Both
are thus mixed together to attain the vapor pressure that is required by the end
user and depending on the ambient conditions. If the ambient temperature is ver
y low propane is preferred to achieve higher vapor pressure at the given tempera
HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propane" \o "Propane"Propane does not burn 
as hot as acetylene in its inner cone, and so it is rarely used for welding. Pro
pane, however, has a very high number of BTUs per cubic foot in its outer cone,
and so with the right torch (HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxy-fuel_wel
ding_and_cutting" \l "Injector_torch"injector style) can make a faster and cleaner
cut than acetylene, and is much more useful for heating and bending than acetyl
is cheaper
than acetylene and easier to transport.
\o "Propylene"propylene, mo
st propane tips are of a two piece design. Propane often gets unfair criticism b
ecause it really needs changing your torch (from an equal pressure torch to an i
njector torch) and not just changing your tip to get the best performance. Most
torches are equal pressure and designed for gases such as acetylene which are li
ghter than oxygen. Propane is a great deal heavier and runs much better through
a low-pressure injector torch with a setting from a few ounces to about two poun
per square
inch when cutting.
\o "Propylene"Propylene is used
in production welding and cutting. It cuts similarly to propane. When propylene
is used, the torch rarely needs tip cleaning. There is often a substantial advan
tage to cutting with an injector torch (see HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wi
ki/Oxy-fuel_welding_and_cutting" \l "propane"#propane) rather than an equal-pressu
re torch
It is what chemically combines with the fuel to produce
the heat for welding. This is called 'oxidation', but the more general and more
commonly used term is 'combustion'. In the case of hydrogen, the product of comb
ustion is simply water. For the other hydrocarbon fuels, water and carbon dioxid
e are produced. The heat is released because the molecules of the products of co
mbustion have a lower energy state than the molecules of the fuel and oxygen. In
oxy-fuel cutting, oxidation of the metal being cut (typically iron) produces ne
all "oxygen"
of the heat
is often
to "burn"
to 'oxy',
the term
piece.'oxy-acetylene tor 
YPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxygen" \o "Oxygen"Oxygen is usually produc
ed elsewhere by HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distillation" \o "Distill
ation"distillation of liquefied air and shipped to the welding site in high pressu
re vessels (commonly called "tanks" or "HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G
as_cylinder" \o "Gas cylinder"cylinders") at a pressure of about 21000 kPa (3000 lbf
/in² = 200 atmospheres). It is also shipped as a liquid in HYPERLINK "http://en.wik
ipedia.org/wiki/Dewar" \o "Dewar"Dewar type vessels (like a large HYPERLINK "http:/
/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermos" \o "Thermos"Thermos jar) to places that use large
is also
of possible
oxygen. to separate oxygen from air by passing the air, while under
pressure, through a HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeolite" \o "Zeolite"z
eolite sieve which selectively absorbs the HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki
/Nitrogen" \o "Nitrogen"nitrogen and lets the oxygen (and HYPERLINK "http://en.wiki
pedia.org/wiki/Argon" \o "Argon"argon) pass. This gives a purity of oxygen of abou
t 93%. This works well for HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazing" \o "B
can.adjust the oxy-acetylene flame to be carbonizing (aka reducing),
neutral, or oxidizing. Adjustment is made by adding more or less oxygen to the a
cetylene flame. The neutral flame is the flame most generally used when welding
or cutting. The welder uses the neutral flame as the starting point for all othe
r flame adjustments because it is so easily defined. This flame is attained when
welders, as they slowly open the oxygen valve on the torch body, first see only
two flame zones. At that point, the acetylene is being completely burned in the
welding oxygen and surrounding air. The flame is chemically neutral. The two pa
rts of this flame are the light blue inner cone and the darker blue to colorless
outer cone. The inner cone is where the acetylene and the oxygen combine. The t
ip of this inner cone is the hottest part of the flame. It is approximately 6,00
0 °F (3,300 °C) and provides enough heat to easily melt steel. In the inner cone the ace
tylene breaks down and partly burns to HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hy
drogen" \o "Hydrogen"hydrogen and HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_mo
noxide" \o "Carbon monoxide"carbon monoxide, which in the outer cone combine with
the surrounding
creates a carbonizing
air and burn.flame. This flame is characterized

by three flame zones; the hot inner cone, a white-hot "acetylene feather", and t
he blue-colored outer cone. This is the type of flame observed when oxygen is fi
rst added to the burning acetylene. The feather is adjusted and made ever smalle
r by adding increasing amounts of oxygen to the flame. A welding feather is meas
ured as 2X or 3X, with X being the length of the inner flame cone. The unburned
carbon insulates the flame and drops the temperature to approximately 5,000 °F (2,80
0 °C). The reducing flame is typically used for HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wi
ki/Hardfacing" \o "Hardfacing"hard facing operations or backhand pipe welding tech
niques. The feather is caused by incomplete combustion of the acetylene to cause
an excess of carbon in the flame. Some of this carbon is dissolved by the molte
n metal to carbonize it. The carbonizing flame will tend to remove the oxygen fr
om iron oxides which may be present, a fact which has caused the flame to be kno
wn asoxidizing
a "reducing
is the third possible flame adjustment. It occurs when the r
atio of oxygen to acetylene required for a neutral flame has been changed to giv
e an excess of oxygen. This flame type is observed when welders add more oxygen
to the neutral flame. This flame is hotter than the other two flames because the
combustible gases will not have to search so far to find the necessary amount o
f oxygen, nor heat up as much thermally inert carbon. It is called an oxidizing
flame because of its effect on metal. This flame adjustment is generally not pre
ferred. The oxidizing flame creates undesirable oxides to the structural and mec
hanical detriment of most metals. In an oxidizing flame, the inner cone acquires
a purplish tinge, gets pinched and smaller at the tip, and the sound of the fla
me gets harsh. A slightly oxidizing flame is used in braze-welding and bronze-su
rfacing while a more strongly oxidizing flame is used in fusion welding certain
of the
flame can be adjusted to a limited extent by the valves on the t
orch and by the regulator settings, but in the main it depends on the size of th
e orifice in the tip. In fact, the tip should be chosen first according to the j
and head
then is
to cut metal.
set accordingly.
It is similarly to welding torch. Oxy
gen is combined with the acetylene in the torch, which produced a high temperatu
re flame. It can be identified by having three pipes that go to a 90 degree nozz
le and
by the
iron and steel
can be cut with this method) is heated until it
is cherry red, once this temperature is attained, gently at first oxygen is appl 
\o "Th
the oxygen-blast
torch is"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torch"
a welding torch and the bottom is a cutting
\o "Torch"
torch is the part that
the welder holds and manipulates to make the weld. It has a connection and valv
e for the fuel gas and a connection and valve for the oxygen, a handle for the w
elder to grasp, a mixing chamber (set at an angle) where the fuel gas and oxygen
a tip
is awhere
bottom nozzles.
is a cutting
manual blow pipes
are suitable for cutting of ferrous metals. These models are suitable for cutti
ng ferrous
our welding
with bothtorches.
or oxy-fuel
low pressure

welding blow pipes
are suitable for welding with oxygen and acetylene gases. In this low pressure s
ystem oxygen is taken as usual from a high pressure cylinder but acetylene is ge
nerated by the action of water on carbide (usually calcium carbide) in low press
ure acetylene generator. Tips and injector can be changed according to job thick
ness. This torch is suitable for: Gas welding with Oxy-carbide gas Gas welding with O
xy- D.A. Gas Gas welding with Oxy- Hydrogen gas Brazing with Oxy- LPG/ Coal gas/ Hyd
with manufactured
Oxy- LPG
by us are low pressure heating torches. These a
re used for welding applications. Our LPG heating torches available with us come
of flashback
different arrestors
sizes to suit
are manufactured
high qua
lity raw materials. These arrestors are manufactured for gas cutter and PUG cutt

Hose Pipes 
rubber hoses that are used for carrying the gases to the require
equipment from different gas storage and cylinders. These hoses are used when we
lding, heating and cutting operations are done with oxygen acetylene flame. Ligh
t in weight, these hoses are consistent with strength and durability. It must be
non porous to prevent loss of valuable gases. Our rubber hoses are manufactured
as Assembly 
per the
IS: 447we-1988.

CO2 assembly. These are manufactured for valid
ation of CO2 controlled chambers. Offering higher output, these products are eas
to of
as well
as easy
to install.
machine. This torch has a sensor at its b
ottom, that sensor automatically adjusts itself according to the level of the pl
of P &means
A shoptheofdisposition
mazgoan dockofltd.
various facilities equipment

s material manpower etc. & services of plant within the area of sites selected p
reviously. All the facilities like equipments, raw materials, machinery tools fi
xture worker -etc.
As seen
are given
from the
a proper
the layout of plant and assembly shop has
company .ItAuxillary-5
is a computerized
tonne controlled
Oxyacetylene cutting machine, which uses BMCG for cutting plates. It can cut pl
machine but it uses a plasma cutting for cutting and plate
a plates
CNC machine
are rolled
through roller and plates are levele
the plates
are beveled or given a angular cut per requirement .
It this
uses machine
it requires
.The plates
skill are
it. to remov
e burr
equipmentshandling equipment which lifts the plates in the shop
equipment .It conveyor the plate from where it
plant to- UPTO
- 26welding
MTR. processes,
in recent
years it has b
ecome less popular in industrial applications. However, it is still widely used
for welding pipes and tubes, as well as repair work. It is also frequently wellsuited, and favored, for fabricating some types of metal-based artwork. Oxyfuel
equipment is versatile, lending itself not only to some sorts of iron or steel w
elding but also to brazing, braze-welding, metal heating (for bending and formin
and alsowelding,
oxyfuel acutting.
welding torch is used to weld metals. Welding metal resul
ts when two pieces are heated to a temperature that produces a shared pool of mo
lten metal. The molten pool is generally supplied with additional metal called f
materiala cutting
depends torch
upon the
is used
be metal
welded.to kindling temperatu
re. A stream of oxygen then trained on the metal combines with the metal which t
hen flowsthat
an oxide
instead, atmospheric air) a
re not considered oxy-fuel torches and can typically be identified by a single t
ank (Oxy-fuel welding/cutting generally requires two tanks, fuel and oxygen). Mo
st metals cannot be melted with a single-tank torch. As such, single tank torche
s are typically used only for  HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soldering"
\o "Soldering" soldering and  HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazing" \o
in plant
with the
is help
of roller
by conveyor
truck to to
Huge smi
4. After
The plates
as per
they are
to the
cutting machine.
further to be
are of
if required.
on are
to the further process i.e. for the asse
3 the
as per
and as
to cut any
type of quali
at amachine
have to be made to machine. For this we are
thinking of using more than one nozzle on oxyacetylene cutting machine but also
for thisproblem
we required
is excessive
skilled slag
plate after cutting. This
have to
it is
as necessary.
in which we c
ut the plate in angle which we required. As oxy-acetylene cutting machine cannot
of this

is it required
is carriedmore
on pug
labour, which
increases cost of cutting which and handling time. This should be
to high
as temperature
to increase of
cutting flame the plates which undergo cutting faces
the problem of thermal distortion, when plate undergoes a cut there is burr form
ation on plate this leads to unnecessary processing of plates by using methods 
, polishing . This finally increases cost of production.
\o "\"Side of met
al, to
- propane
and too
fuel gas" supplied, 

excess material melts an
d forms a slag .This slag forming is in more quantity which further leads to cha
nge in dimension of plate. If it is 0.2mm it is acceptable in ship, but is rejec
in surrounding
submarines where
of production
accuracy plant
in dimension
is kindisofrequired.
humid. It contains water vapor
s thusfinally
rust formation
leads totakes
of machine
very rapidly
it don t work properly
.3.3 What is abeveling
process of cutting material with a certain angle to fit each other
.By using beveling we can increase area of two mating part in this way we reduced
.4 shows
by life
us atofARCON
two joint
are high
performing. These
machines are suitable for cutting ferrous metal sheets and plates in straight di
rection with oxy-acytylene or oxy-fuel gases. The only difference for both gases
is of nozzles. This machine is moved on an aluminum track specially designed fo
r this purpose. The speed of the machine can be adjusted according to the thickn
ess of the cutting metals by electronic control switch. The machine can be moved
both in the forward and reverse direction with the helps if another switch prov 
in it.
pressure regulators that come in single stage and two stage. The

single stage pressure regulators are suitable for cutting, welding and heating p
rocesses. In this series, single gauge and double gauge regulators are available
. A- 1 + Gas service and A
2 + Gas service indicate the service available as follo 
he two
Meterare suitable for gas cutting, welding, brazing a
nd heating processes. Two stage pressure regulators minimize the chances of acci
dent and ensure a greater life of diaphragms. Also outlet pressure is more accur
ate than single stage because total pressure drops in two stages. In the first s
tage pressure is fixed and in the second stage it can be regulated by pressure k
Stage Nitrogen
offer LPG regulators that are gas welding and cutting equipme
nt. These products find their usage in various industrial uses. These regulators
in the& Cutters 
and cutters
number A-2LPG.
These by
are made as
IS: 6901. The
pressure regulators come in single stage and two stage. The single stage pressur
e regulators are suitable for cutting, welding and heating processes. In this se
ries single gauge and double gauge regulators are available. M-1 + gas service and 
+ Gauge
are suitable
cutting, welding, brazing
and heating process. Two stage pressure regulators minimize the chances of accid
ent and ensure a greater life of diaphragms. Outlet pressure is more accurate th
an single stage because total pressure drops in two stages. In the first stage p
in thegassecond
or cutting
it can nozzles.
be regulated
are suitable for cutting of ferrous metals. These models are suitable for cutti
ng ferrous
our welding
with bothtorches.
or oxy-fuel
low pressure

welding blow pipes
are suitable for welding with oxygen and acetylene gases. In this low pressure s
ystem oxygen is taken as usual from a high pressure cylinder but acetylene is ge
nerated by the action of water on carbide (usually calcium carbide) in low press
ure acetylene generator. Tips and injector can be changed according to job thick
ness. This torch is suitable for: Gas welding with Oxy-carbide gas Gas welding with O
xy- D.A. Gas Gas welding with Oxy- Hydrogen gas Brazing with Oxy- LPG/ Coal gas/ Hyd
with manufactured
Oxy- LPG
by us are low pressure heating torches. These a
re used for welding applications. Our LPG heating torches available with us come
to suit
are manufactured

high qual
ity raw materials. These arrestors are manufactured for gas cutter and PUG cutte 
Hose Pipes 
rubber hoses that are used for carrying the gases to the require
equipment from different gas storage and cylinders. These hoses are used when we
lding, heating and cutting operations are done with oxygen acetylene flame. Ligh
t in weight, these hoses are consistent with strength and durability. It must be
non porous to prevent loss of valuable gases. Our rubber hoses are manufactured
as Assembly 
per the
IS: 447we-1988.

CO2 assembly . These are manufactured for vali
dation of CO2 controlled chambers. Offering higher output, these products are ea 
as OF
as easy

are presents
in market. From that
we have selected
which will improve cutting form due to overheatin
g of metal.
adjustment for bevel cutting or angular cutting(modification of Hanco ma
This is done to overcome the problem of bevel cutting which is discussed in prob
First we thought of replacing a single torch with two torches the fuel supply pi
pe and other things so this suggestion is not suitable to overcome the problem a
nd cost
we suggested
fitting a swivel below the tool post on which the angles are m
arked then as per the angles which we want, we can adjust the torch as shown in
have to
a swivel
the operators
on pug machine.
just have to adjust the
he requires
of fitting
and which
is double
cutting on HANCO and for beveling on p
ug machine.
be done
of less
be replace
cost andwith
ones which a
x 300
= machine
336 1,
/ hourhour
/ year
Total cost = Power=Rs
= cost
2, (Hanco
+ Gas30,525.61
cost + Labour
cost +Secondary
we cost
= =Power
= 2,23,355.81
99,880 machine)
+ 61,051.20
+ Gas
+ 4,24,807
+ Beveling
+ Labour
+ 9,97,332
costcost +Secondary
+ 2,40,285.61
(Grinding) + cost required for adjustment of
= Rs 17,
- =material
/- cost
Total cost (after modificat
ion)from above calculation ==20,
see that cost83,070.20
of cutting is greater in first ca
se we
to conclusion
case. This that
is because
if ourthe
absence of modification
pug machine inthelater
case.is i 
4 "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blowtorching_goggles_and_helmet.jpg
then the cost can be reduced considerably
"  welding/cutting
goggles and
is not
helmet but there are a good number of su
btle than
the capacity
that should
of the
be cylinder
learned such
as:not be used per hour. This cau

ses the acetone inside the acetylene cylinder to come out of the cylinder and co
ntaminate is
hose and above
15 psi
the pressure.
It is unstable and en.wikipedia.or
g/wiki/File:Cutted_metal.jpg" \o "\"Side of metal, cut by oxygen - propane cutti
ng torch\"
to highslag
formation:and too much fuel gas supplied, excess material melts an
d forms a slag .This slag forming is in more quantity which further leads to cha
nge in dimension of plate. If it is 0.2mm it is acceptable in ship, but is rejec
in surrounding
submarines where
of production
accuracy plant
in dimension
is kindisofrequired.
humid. It contains water vapor
s thusfinally
rust formation
leads totakes
of machine
very rapidly
it don t work properly
.3.3 What is abeveling
process of cutting material with a certain angle to fit each other
.By using beveling we can increase area of two mating part in this way we reduced
.5 shows
better life
in market. From that
we have selected
which will improve cutting form due to overheatin
g of metal.
adjustment for bevel cutting or angular cutting(modification of Hanco ma
This is done to overcome the problem of bevel cutting which is discussed in prob
First we thought of replacing a single torch with two torches the fuel supply pi
pe and other things so this suggestion is not suitable to overcome the problem a
nd cost
we suggested
fitting a swivel below the tool post on which the angles are m
arked then as per the angles which we want, we can adjust the torch as shown in
have to
a swivel
the operators
on pug machine.
just have to adjust the
he requires
of fitting
and which
is double
cutting on HANCO and for beveling on p
ug machine.
be done
of less
be replace
cost andwith
ones which a
x 300
= machine
336 1,
/ hourhour
/ year
Total cost = Power=Rs
= cost
2, (Hanco
+ Gas30,525.61
cost + Labour
cost +Secondary
we cost
= =Power
= 2,23,355.81
99,880 machine)
+ 61,051.20
+ Gas
+ 4,24,807
+ Beveling
+ Labour
+ 9,97,332
costcost +Secondary
+ 2,40,285.61
(Grinding) + cost required for adjustment of
= Rs 17,
- =material
/- cost
Total cost (after modificat
ion)from above calculation ==20,
see that cost83,070.20
of cutting is greater in first ca
se we
to conclusion
case. This that
is because
if ourthe
absence of modification
pug machine inthelater
case.is i 
4 "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Blowtorching_goggles_and_helmet.jpg
then the cost can be reduced considerably
"  welding/cutting
goggles and
is not
helmet but there are a good number of su
btle than
the capacity
that should
of the
be cylinder
learned such
as:not be used per hour. This cau
ses the acetone inside the acetylene cylinder to come out of the cylinder and co
ntaminate is
hose and above
15 psi
the pressure.
It is unstable and explosively dec
of should
be wornwill
at all
to avoid
large to
the eyes aga
inst glare and flying sparks. Special safety eyewear must be used both to protect
the welder and to provide a clear view through the yellow-orange flare given off
by the incandescing flux. In the 1940s cobalt melters glasses were borrowed from
steel foundries and were still available until the 1980s. However, the lack of
protection from impact, ultra-violet, infrared and blue light caused severe eyes
train and eye damage. Didymium eyewear, developed for glassblowers in the 1960 s,
was also borrowed until many complained of eye problems from excessive infrared, b
lue light, and insufficient shading. Today you can find very good eye protection
designed especially for gas-welding aluminum that cuts the sodium orange flare
completely and provides the necessary protection from ultraviolet, infrared, blu
e light and impact, according to ANSI Z87-1989 safety standards for a Special Pu
rpose Lens.HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxy-fuel_welding_and_cutting"
leakagethat are
[8] denser than air (Propane, Propylene, MAPP, Butane, etc...),
may collect in low areas if allowed to escape. To avoid an ignition hazard, spec
ial care should be taken when using these gases over areas such as basements, si
nks, storm drains, etc... In addition, leaking fittings may catch fire during us
e andusing
as property.
be fastened securely upright to a w
all or a post or a portable cart. An oxygen tank is especially dangerous for the
reason that the oxygen is at a pressure of 21 MPa (3000 lbf/in² = 200 HYPERLINK "htt
p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atmosphere_(unit)" \o "Atmosphere (unit)"atmospheres) wh
en full, and if the tank falls over and its valve strikes something and is knock
ed off, the tank will effectively become an extremely deadly flying missile prop
elled by the compressed oxygen, capable of even breaking through a brick wall.HYP
ERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxy-fuel_welding_and_cutting" \l "cite_note
-8"[9] For this reason, never move an oxygen tank around without its valve cap scr

On oxyacetylene
in place. torch system there will be three types of HYPERLINK "http://en.wi
kipedia.org/wiki/Valve" \o "Valve"valves, the tank valve, the HYPERLINK "http://en.
wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulator" \o "Regulator"regulator valve, and the torch valve.
There will be a set of these three valves for each gas. The gas in the HYPERLINK
"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tank" \o "Tank"tanks or HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedi
a.org/wiki/Gas_cylinder" \o "Gas cylinder"cylinders is at high pressure. Oxygen cy
linders are generally filled to approximately 2200 psi. The regulator converts t
he high pressure gas to a low pressure stream suitable for welding. Never attemp
t less
to directly
of weldinggas.
is exposure to harmful chemicals. Exposure to c
ertain metals, metal oxides, or HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_mo
noxide" \o "Carbon monoxide"carbon monoxide can often lead to severe medical condi
tions. Damaging chemicals can be produced from the fuel, from the work-piece, or
from a protective coating on the work-piece. By increasing ventilation around t
he welding environment, the welders will have much less exposure to harmful chem
any source.
fuel used in welding is HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A
cetylene" \o "Acetylene"acetylene, which has a two stage reaction. The primary che
mical reaction involves the acetylene disassociating in the presence of oxygen t
o produce heat, carbon monoxide, and HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydr
ogen" \o "Hydrogen"hydrogen gas: C2H2 + O2  ! 2CO + H2. A secondary reaction follows 
where the carbon monoxide and hydrogen combine with more oxygen to produce HYPER
LINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carbon_dioxide" \o "Carbon dioxide"carbon diox
ide and water vapor. When the secondary reaction does not burn all of the reactan
ts from the primary reaction, the welding processes produces large amounts of ca
rbon monoxide, and it often does. Carbon monoxide is also the byproduct of many
other incomplete
every piecefuel
of metal
is an alloy of one type or another. HYPERLINK "http:/
/en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copper" \o "Copper"Copper, HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.or
g/wiki/Aluminium" \o "Aluminium"aluminum, and other base metals are occasionally a
lloyed with HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beryllium" \o "Beryllium"beryl
lium, which is a highly HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poison" \o "Poison
"toxic metal. When a metal like this is welded or cut, high concentrations of toxi
c beryllium fumes are released. Long-term exposure to beryllium may result in sh
ortness of breath, chronic cough, and significant weight loss, accompanied by fa
tigue and general weakness. Other alloying elements such as HYPERLINK "http://en.
wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenic" \o "Arsenic"arsenic, HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org
/wiki/Manganese" \o "Manganese"manganese, HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S
ilver" \o "Silver"silver, and aluminum can cause sickness to those who are exposed
.More common are the anti-rust coatings on many manufactured metal components. HYP
ERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc" \o "Zinc"Zinc, HYPERLINK "http://en.wiki
pedia.org/wiki/Cadmium" \o "Cadmium"cadmium, and HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org
/wiki/Fluoride" \o "Fluoride"fluorides are often used to protect HYPERLINK "http://
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron" \o "Iron"irons and HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/w
iki/Steel" \o "Steel"steels from HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxidizing"
\o "Oxidizing"oxidizing. HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galvanized" \o "G
alvanized"Galvanized metals have a very heavy zinc coating. Exposure to HYPERLINK "
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zinc_oxide" \o "Zinc oxide"zinc oxide fumes can lead
to a sickness named "HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_fume_fever" \o
"Metal fume fever"metal fume fever". This condition rarely lasts longer than 24 h
ours, but is still unpleasant. Not unlike common HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.o
rg/wiki/Influenza" \o "Influenza"influenza, fevers, chills, nausea, cough, and fat
igue are
of high zinc oxide exposure.
_Administration" \o "Occupational Safety and Health Administration"Occupational S
and Health Administration
flame is made)by mixing oxygen and acetylene gases in a specia
l welding torch or blowpipe, producing, when burned, a heat of 6,300 degrees, wh
ich is more than twice the melting temperature of the common metals. This flame,
while being of intense heat, is of very small size.Cutting._--The process of cutt
ing metals with the flame produced from oxygen and acetylene depends on the fact
that a jet of oxygen directed upon hot metal causes the metal itself to burn aw
ay with great rapidity, resulting in a narrow slot through the section cut. The
action is so fastthat metal is not injured on either side of the cut.Carbon Removal
._--This process depends on the fact that carbon will burn and almost completely

vanish if the action is assisted with a supply of pure oxygen gas. After the co
mbustion is started with any convenient flame, it continues as long as carbon re
mains in the path of the jet of oxygen.Materials._--For the performance of the abo
ve operations we require the two gases, oxygen and acetylene, to produce the fla
mes; rods of metal which may be added to the joints while molten in order to giv
e the weld sufficient strength and proper form, and various chemical powders, ca
lledfluxes, which assist in the flow of metal and in doing away with many of the
impurities and other objectionable features.Instruments._--To control the combusti
on of the gases and add to the convenience of the operator a number of accessori
es are required.The pressure of the gases in their usual containers is much too hi
gh for their proper use in the torch and we therefore need suitable valves which
allow the gas to escape from the containers when wanted, and other specially de
signed valves which reduce the pressure. Hose, composed ofrubber and fabric, toge
ther with suitable connections, is used to carry the gas to the torch.The torches
for welding and cutting form a class of highly developed instruments of the grea
test accuracy in manufacture, and must be thoroughly understood by the welder. T
ables, stands and special supports are provided for holding the work while being
welded, and in order to handle the various metals and allow for their peculiari
ties while heated use is made of ovensand torches for preheating. The operator re
quires the protection of goggles, masks, gloves and appliances which prevent und
ue radiation of the heat.Torch Practice._--The actual work of welding and cutting
requires preliminary preparation in the form of heat treatment for the metals, i
ncluding preheating, annealing and tempering. The surfaces to be joined must be
properly prepared for the flame, and the operation of the torchesfor best results
requires careful and correct regulation of the gases and the flame produced.Final
ly, the different metals that are to be welded require special treatment for eac
h one, depending on the physical and chemical characteristics of the material.It w
ill thus be seen that the apparently simple operations of welding and cutting re
quire special materials, instruments and preparation on the part of the operator
and it is a proved fact that failures, which have been attributed to the method
, are really
due to lack of these necessaryqualifications.

grew rapidly to become the premier war-shipbuilding yards in India,
producing sophisticated warships for the Navy and offshore structure for the ON
GC. It has growth from a single unit, small ship Repair Company, into a multi-un
it and multi-product company, with significant rise in production, use of modern
technology and sophistication of products. The company s current portfolio of des
ign spansNumerical
a wide range
of products
(CNC) isfor
a computer
both domestic
and overseas
that reads
G-code instru
ctions and drives a machine tool, a powered mechanical device typically used to
fabricate components by the selective removal of materials. CNC does numerically
directed interpolation of a cutting tool in work envelope of a machine. The ope
rating parameters
Docks usesofCNCthemachines
CNC canfor
be steel
via cutting
scale .By modif
ying the
bed of the
CNC company
the company
has to
of dimension
the following:
before pr
ocessing. With the help of new bed the company will not to do same. This will he
lp in reducingAsthethere
of cutting the plates into pieces, the time sa
ved onDue
of plates
to increase
the productivity.
cost of"http://www.cnccncmachines.com"
the final product.
ts_merchants.htm" http://www.mazagondock.gov.in/ship_building/products_merchants.
HYPERLINK "http://www.mazagondock.gov.in/ship_building/major_
AIAAJ" \o "http://books.google.com/books?id=2ilDAAAAIAAJ" Oxy-acetylene Welding, T
he Industrial press,  HYPERLINK "http://books.google.com/books?id=2ilDAAAAIAAJ" \
o "http://books.google.com/books?id=2ilDAAAAIAAJ" http://books.google.com/books?i
Larry  F.. (1997),  HYPERLINK "http://books.google.com/books?id=iXAmL8HEMfk
C" \o "http://books.google.com/books?id=iXAmL8HEMfkC" Welding: Principles and App
lications (4th, illustrated ed.), Cengage Learning,  HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedi
a.org/wiki/Special:BookSources/9780827382404" ISBN 9780827382404,  HYPERLINK "http:
//books.google.com/books?id=iXAmL8HEMfkC" \o "http://books.google.com/books?id=i 
http://books.google.com/books?id=iXAmL8HEMfkC . 

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<x:xmpmeta xmlns:x='adobe:ns:meta/' x:xmptk='XMP toolkit 3.0-28, framework 1.6'>
<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf='http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#' xmlns:iX='http:
<rdf:Description rdf:about='uuid:4fb3d642-6689-11e0-ad82-aec267636bdc'
<rdf:Description rdf:about='uuid:4fb3d642-6689-11e0-ad82-aec267636bdc'
<rdf:Description rdf:about='uuid:4fb3d642-6689-11e0-ad82-aec267636bdc'
<rdf:Description rdf:about='uuid:4fb3d642-6689-11e0-ad82-aec267636bdc'
<rdf:Description rdf:about='uuid:4fb3d642-6689-11e0-ad82-aec267636bdc'
<xap:CreatorTool>Adobe Photoshop CS Windows</xap:CreatorTool>
<rdf:Description rdf:about='uuid:4fb3d642-6689-11e0-ad82-aec267636bdc'
<xapMM:DerivedFrom rdf:parseType='Resource'>


<rdf:Description rdf:about='uuid:4fb3d642-6689-11e0-ad82-aec267636bdc'

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V .Ï?´ýo‾y§û <ßn)ø±úXßúûÑÎ:@ß ð'Üxa¨¸« ã³øÚµª¿4\ñÇ¿u® ýû‾u]_ éý=û‾u>oÞ ÕÚ´43ýÍ=6c(+*íÿ SïRU}ß[ì (æó ßl}û‾u ʽ ôÿ W {ÃOY »Áá¨ÚøÃÇ j:×V?á öÇOþ½®{÷^é¾³CYAQæ ûÿòëÊ_)?ÌTx-þ6Ô °ãý~ n «N ¿uî¼L3 !⠧ߺ¼ üܗÿ æÃÞ³O —Ûþ }o~Ï^§\ ê^ê7ùèçý ¿ ¾)þÉÇú ¶x?×ö× õÿ Ãߺ÷P+ ~q{ ßqíz÷\×Óô÷S¬Þ )YG÷_ö¥÷® —Õd ÿwÁþûóÏükߺ÷R!ýáOÿ 1 kNÎÄM bóêÐ> _~ëÝyu_ôû×Zá×$7 yæøÑÓ> ()õ ©ª)6 ë öÖ÷î .

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=û‾tÝYç * à îj?‾ôÿ_Ú~—Ô «-öÿ}öß×þEïÝ{© ê—Óߺ÷Mÿ¿ .éþûëíGZê|Âq' ôüqý.

Uò‾ÇüSóïÝ{‾ 7% 8?~yþæ§ýõýû‾t Þ Qà©û ãð üýjº—BÄ2ÞÐZ§üª ÉC÷ ãçþÿ) ò ïÝ{©U üþ8ü{÷^§S¿Ý^ ((ñsÁÿj)'ÿå(óãñí?IzÁ ý}¨éWA}dÓÿ yàûzqÿ)| °÷î½Òî ¶h1óÿ Õ}‾þ‾ ëí/Ué_þêý .

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ËQ<çÿ9/õ—¿uî¤Í0 ÷ÿ‾û}û‾u Þ ÷ÿÛÿÆýû‾u ZÈ£ Í/û׿uî³Ãîÿ¾ü{÷^ëÙødÿõ Óü=û‾uâg ªðÛú Ç¿uî³ÍIæÿwþÿ ?õ¿Þ sïÝ{£ÇÚ~—Ôy¦ ð} ?üú ý§ûÏû~é_Q¦ Åþ¿ûïÇ¿uî¥CþkþU½¨ë]HðÁ7úßï Íþèÿ ÿ {÷^éæh| ôÑÏû{ûökÒN ¿½× ÅÏûïöÓÕõ¾½çÿ j\÷ð}µE/¿uî«ëâô°Mß½÷à øß¿uîº Ú>øþûúû÷^ê ü¢«1 ËQoøßüûO þ ߺ÷Pk1³Í÷ 3"þý׺ .

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^x ÿî ù÷î½× ¨¨§ÿaGü ÅûüSÿ ý¿¿uî«óãL5Õ ±ÿ ö õ"  7ôóâ¿ ýÑþOÿùÿ ÷î½×( ÅÊ ÷gö ×øû÷^êÎᬠ§íÿÖÿzö£tU¾HVO Åàð êçô÷î½ÔU Ãmùà¿ü^?à'ü\¿Þ½û‾t<ÃYö Xê A Q{~xöùÇUê³? ¢¿® ¼|ðAMÿ d×Seq ÿà'×ßú ..

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åý׺ þêý õ_ò?~ëÝ{Ë7õ÷î½×¦ §ãþ7ïÝ{¨ðÍæ þð÷î½×¦ o/ìXÿ¾úû÷^ê7ìMþ~ùCçþ)ïÝ{®ÿ~h©Çø ÀOøß¿uî§Ãþwü .

ÅGC4Vÿ __¿uî   ÏýÏükߺ÷Qçýémj ÷Ü{÷^ê@ðCû O~ëÝ`ý 8¼ð÷ß_‾¿uî£MY Ïü÷î½× ‾1§ .3~í<3AþQÏûî=¨ë]HÈ è¿bþÄ Óß s׺OÍ ‾¬ ùþë Ïû ~ëÝ@¤óÍ_Qç ü ý—úÞý׺wÁ Ïþäcߺ÷R+<ðËOà ü ýñ÷î½ ¿¾Æþüò ïÝ{®¦¬‾ ÁößôÙþ—¿uî hâýª ùXª÷î½Ó=lÓÃ/Øø>çî¿{÷^ë?ùD?±?ÜýÅWûîG¿uî¤ Ê¼Á÷? ~ëÝ`ÉMßoC==M 8r´t¸ùç—Ô ~ëÝ8Kÿ<ßqOoò1KÍ¿Û{÷^êLSy¢ðx>çþ)ïÝ{¨ÿåÿ û_—ÿÜñ÷î½×P û ýû‾u ö! Ïþûümí?Iz ûóKMà )§ *z —¦¦ÿ¦¿~ëÝ.

ù|T m&ÃÙ úa¹k*þèõÿ ËMiüôÿ û³öÜ\ Ââq=ûõsÝ# KÿÿÕ°ü{÷[èÎ|` ð óï}{¡ å ëQþÃü?‾¿ !GõÔY©Ídg ¹þ ~é)èÆ7<~?Ü÷^½ÖhQôÅëÿ ÿ_Þ ´z 9õ ÿ§ ô}:×YXÿªeÿk÷N½Öqô~ .

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Þ ª ÿ û÷^ê<µ ÿÊ5EïïÝ{¨Õ ³-? qöô¿ãýG¿uî x ê þ)ïÝ{¦l? irA?ÜÿÊi¿¿uî fóÿ Áàÿ}ý9÷î½Ó 0ø~â ïªj .

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5OûÏ¿uî¤ÿ ãëÿ( _ëïÝ{©M.ð} Mþè 7úüÿ í¿É?â}û‾tÝ Ä{÷^é )þê£÷þÚ òx?åkóþý/öÞý׺p¬ ׺g iáþ!CÛ<ýxÿ ׺h¬«û8ÿ {÷^ë ºh¿å Ì Óû¦~}û‾uTßÍ ÿíýû‾tï43ýoøÄ zïá¿ïðÚÿ ò Kþ½ýû‾u åcý¿×ߺ÷FÃã È% ï§ ¦ UDð ^?‾¿uî£[à À ~ëÝ8ì ½ÿö¾ÿ_ÿߺ÷]ÿ )ü CÏ¿uî½áóßÿ ÿ ~ëÝgÿo~ëÝ3VcgñÔyþØãÿ =< ø —÷î½×¡ý‾ßúÿ ß~=û‾uMÿ ¾ú{OÖúïÁþ?ï?ñ‾~ëÝcóMj Í ¶»ýí Þÿ'ªÜ ¿ùCÿqùÿ÷î½Ñðø£ öß =×¥Å:gðÁG_Q\~æ§ý ¡£èΗ>ò —ÿ jjoù[ÿ ÷î½Ò þbòz‾ýû‾u× üÿì O÷Ãߺ÷YüÞh¼ T ¾üû÷^ê?Ùø?åf§ý÷çߺ÷X' ÷Díùþ¾ý׺ .

ß»àð?Û}=û‾u ²oø ø×ý׺Á öí¿ß}}û‾uÇÅ7ôö õé¡ ëþûéïÝ{¬ ~÷ìéî½(8Ï^ý ó}> áõúû÷^ëÑSÀ-þÛݺOÔy§ ýß .

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ußîÉþúÞýÖñÖX‾ ý ¿Þ}û‾uÉþ ý—~zÍõüû÷ ÷^ô?£ßº×^Eñ/¿uì ´zÇä þ?ÏÓéÏû »GÖ¾ýÇ‾|úÏï]S® ~ëxë¿ úÍïÔë]f}Wü} óþÇþ#ß Øû÷^ë¾ ¼ xõ~~¾ý׺åïÝ{®!mù?ò# Ýz×QÉî ¾ÿ[ݺÞ: ï]5×½û‾u ~ëÝr÷î½×Wö??ï ½ïÏ Oû .

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eàû V7ííÿ>óøoÿ#}û¥}"7µføþ ûݹMü?ýÅÿËãþÿ‾ïÝ{®ºÞmãGµððÐàñ¿n?ån³þ]~ý׺Xæ+7ü1ÔOC ÆÔÿäcߺ÷IèsÝ 7ÛÁü .

oÔ»û±p-þøûSû Ó×ù7ý×¾³åþ‾ÙÒê_ør ~Þ Ú áY÷ ¿ ½þå´õþMÿAuï¬ù «öt «¤þeSTÔy¥ÆÓSÔÿÊ þ i¾ zÿ«öõï«ÿWú ÿß«¿ýë‾}yÿ Çón8ÿ WüWOX û÷Ð õÝüÄåÆ ÅõïåüúzÇv  OS=U'óËøWøþEþ ÷û ¿ÕÿÖÿx «üÝ?â{#ù  ûÜ'Û}¹Uâ±úÛñù÷‾¢?êÿ ëß¼ú¿âºo¨Þ Ì Zï<ø\ .

OàURÕmüOõÿÇ¿}ÿWü_^ñ>]E óº *: ]MUùÄÿß ïßB Õÿ×¼O P3 óʾ3 ?Æ(' ÷_m Ê §üGøû÷Ð õ ÅõïåÖ8w ÏÙb &è§ ßó ÿ¾ÿz÷ï¢?êÿ ëÞ'˨ÙîËþ`øIa£Éf75FVª ü ²Í 7 O~ú#þ‾ø¾µâ|º mÿ0 .

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