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‘The Eauty Cotaberawve, LLC es orca Ra ‘Orinda cA 04509 Unies Staiee Lowoun County Fuble Shoes Invoice 28 ‘Sum Chuang Invoice Oate June 92020 zt cain cou Balance Due (USD) $94,167.00 Task “Toe Entry Note Howe tine Total Equity Leadership Coaching seppr fer the Drecor of Equity focused on Equity 625.00 25 15,625.00 Goacning ‘Plan berepmen Way. Jun 2020 Equity Leadership Coaching supper fer LOPS leaders olow up meetings 625.00 5 3.25.00 Coaching ‘eusedon ital Race Theoty Develprent day 2020, Insructons! Cultural Responsive Teaching Framewox Davelpment Miy- 625.00 6 375000 Leadership un 2029 Development Equly Leadership Ad Hoc Equty Commie Ptaming and Agenda Design 625.00 6 3.75000 Coaching ‘Session Fecitaton Ad Hoc Equy Commitee action wih 2 factors Bie 625.00 3187500 [Equity Leadorehip Cross OspertmantalLoudership Seclon Planning and Agondo 625.00 6 3.75000 Coaching Design ‘Session Feciiion Cross Department Leadership Session wih 2fecittors S728 025.00 3 1079.00 rq Leadership Equty Leads Planning Meeting 6S 417.00 1 i700 Coaching Total 34,107.00 ‘vount Pais 0.00 Balanco Due (USD) 34,107.00 “This inveice represents the scone of work ented nthe cortrad for May-Jun 2020 wit LCPS. This ‘completes the 2320 cortact fo sevices. 2 eine was se sng OBOE

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