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The next morning. Argentina. a drunk Italy supporter gets into a fight with Diego.Logline “We're born alone.” ORSON WELLES Short Synopsis An Argentinean immigrant living illegally for nearly half his life in Luxembourg must struggle daily for survival. Diego is arrested straight away. who will then get him a fake passport. Diego and Gilles start to get to know each other and they figure out that they have a common enemy: The British. Diego gets told that he has got twenty-four hours before being deported to his homeland. Tony also supplies Diego with weed. we live alone. a 26 year old Argentinian has been living illegally for the last 12 years in Luxembourg. Diego gets questioned by Inspector Schimdt. Diego gets the news that his father is seriously ill and that the family needs his support. Long Synopsis Diego. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone. Miguel. On the same evening. Inspired partly by a quote from the late American auteur Orson Welles. we die alone. That's where he figures out that his dear customer. Tony is lucky enough to escape the situation at the last moment. Consequently. He is running a Hot Dog stand and it's working very well for him. Diego gives all his savings to Tony. Diego tells his mother that he will do his best to fly over in order to take care of the family. a French football supporter who has had a fight during the France-UK game. tells him that he is getting married soon. Diego meets up with Gilles. In his cell. They both head to a cafe in Esch-sur-Alzette. He complains about all the paperwork that has to be prepared in order to tie the knot with his fiancee. One of his best customers. The same day. to watch a football game between Argentina and Italy. At the police station. the film depicts a loner who must fight his way out of the illusion that no one else exists around him. He has no choice but to accept the prosecutor's decision… . Miguel is in fact a junior police officer. At the cafe.

One of them is obviously. It was a symbol of defeating the British for the first time after the Falklands War. On the other hand. Diego's story is only one of thousands but no one actually cares about the issue itself. We worked very well together on 'La Fameuse Route…' and I hope to have him as my director of photography for my upcoming projects. a country where half of the population is of foreign origin. In my story. Samir had worked himself up from one job to another. a Palestinian. The song talks about a bird that can't fly away… I had in mind to shoot the entire film handheld in order to get a much closer feeling towards the characters. Jeff knew since the beginning what colours and framing I wanted for most shots. But I've decided to shoot it in a more conventional way with steady and tracking shots. which means 'Bird's Knees'. He has no choice but to accept this fate. I want to show that. One day. trust and identity. . I feel extremely lucky. who has lived illegally for twelve years in the UK. Each shot has been storyboarded and I went through them together with Jeff Kieffer. my director of photography. I decided to use the title 'Mano De Dios' because it has so many meanings. learning English on his own and integrating himself into British society. even if you're fully integrated. he was deported to a refugee camp in Jordan. it could be a good start for him as he has been missing his entire family and living illegally for such a long time. he got into a fight at a pub and 48 hours later. There are so many other stories where people don't have the luck nor the opportunity to have a stable life far from their homeland. Samir. But that's my story. I couldn't get it out of my head as you could feel the people's suffering in her lyrics. Above all. I have decided to use an Argentian song by Mercedes Sosa called 'Pajaro de Rodillas'. Diego. Diego's fate is also in God's Hand because he doesn't know what will happen to him once he is back in his homeland. a small mistake could change your life forever because you don't own the right passport. Since the age of 14. 'Mano De Dios' is a universal story set in Luxembourg. the famous goal shot by Diego Maradona against the British in 1986. Being born in Egypt and having spent most of my life in Dubai & Europe. the main character. The first time I heard this song.Director's Note 'Mano De Dios' meaning 'God's Hand' is a story about friendship. is based on a friend of mine.

I used my skills as a producer to put together a crew. I had a fight with Diego.Production Notes 'Mano De Dios' was shot on a no-budget basis but under professional conditions. Luckily enough. such as the old police station in Esch and Lux-Airport. During pre-production. equipment and shooting permissions. That experience had given me the confidence to direct another film using the same actors and crew. I wrote a scene near the end of the film where Diego gets his hair cut as a sign of a new beginning. we shot the film in sequence… . The actors. I took the initiative to start the project in early 2010 because of the experience gained on 'La Fameuse Route…'. we were able to work quickly and efficiently while keeping the quality as high as possible. It was a very big challenge for myself to direct a drama using my main actor Godié as it's his very first dramatic role. I was lucky enough to have a dedicated and talented professional crew who believed in my idea and my screenplay. That's how we ended up that the head of police kindly renting us police costumes and cars. he has shaven his beard in front of me. And using Luxembourg as a location has always been on my mind even if the screenplay was originally set in London. I have also asked location managers to find the right locations. I had no choice but to change the haircutting scene into another one where he shaves. A couple of days before wrapping the shoot. I gained these skills during my studies in the UK where I produced a dozen of student films. We shot the film in 4 days over a 3-week period in April 2010. Using the latest technology. But I trusted him and took the risk. Shooting the film wasn't as smooth as it could have been. Sascha Ley and Nilton Martins agreed to play in my film for free because they liked the screenplay and they wanted to be part of this film. As a result.

who he met a couple of weeks before. Tony Mmbemba Tony is Diego's Congolese friend.Characters Diego Salles Diego is a 26-year old Argentinian. Inspecteur Isabelle Schmidt Inspecteur Schmidt is the head of the police station in Esch-sur-Alzette. He is lucky enough to have Belgian papers because he was married to a Belgian woman. Diego tries to enjoy life as much as he can but everything has its limits. . so do his friends. His life is well-planned out. He is now able to run his own business. He drives taxis for a living but on the side he deals with illegal drugs and fake papers. Diego has been saving for some time. In the meantime. At the same time. He has been living illegally for the last 12 years in Luxembourg working himself up from one job to another. In order to get a fake passport. He is Luxembourgish but of Portuguese parents. Diego's biggest passion is football and he is very attached to his country even if he is not able to visit it. Diego feels lonely and different from the people around him even if he has integrated himself in society by a way or another. Sandra. Miguel decided to become a police officer because it's a well-paid and stable job. In a few weeks. he will marry his girlfriend. He lives on his own and spends his unemployment money on drinking. Gilles Framboisier Gilles is a 40-year old French football fan. His customers like him. Miguel Rodrigues Miguel has just graduated from police school. She has been promoted Inspector a year ago and is very tough against drugrelated crimes. a Hot Dog stand.

corporate work up to short and feature films. he had the opportunity to gain experience at all levels in the film industry. produced by Tarantula Luxembourg and supported by Filmfund Luxembourg. Six months later. While studying. Amiens. It is now in post-production with a possible release in autumn 2010. He used to play around with his father's VHS camera and recreate scenes from famous American sitcoms using his siblings as actors. The film featured the same actors as in his previous film. 'Divizionz' had its world premiere at the 2008 Berlinale and was picked up by Wide Management. Durban up to Goteborg. Adolf El Assal was brought up in Dubai. settling down in the latter city where he set up his production company. he finally shoots his first 'professional' short film 'La Fameuse Route…'. Istanbul. Egypt in 1981. London. Short Biography Born in Alexandria. London and Luxembourg. he worked as an editor for MBC Dubai and shot his first no-budget feature 'Divizionz' with Donald Mugisha and James Tayler in Uganda. London and Luxembourg where he has spent most of his life. the film has been officially selected at over 60 festivals around the world going from Karlovy Vary. 'Mano De Dios' is also in post-production before focusing on his first 'real' feature 'Learning English'. Los Angeles. Since then. he decided to continue his studies in the United Kingdom where he graduated with a Masters in Filmmaking from Kingston University. The company has produced over 20 projects going from music videos. he decided to set up Bigtime Entertainments with a friend." . a film production company focusing on producing low-budget film projects. In 2005. Best First Film) A year later. In 2002. Bigtime Entertainments. 2006 was a crucial year in Adolf's career as a filmmaker. Ghent. After making over 60 music videos and minidocumentaries. Egypt in 1981. El Assal grew up in Dubai. The film also won numerous awards including three African Movie Academy Awards (Best Edit. El Assal shot two "no-budget" features and utilized his guerilla filmmaking skills to write and direct the short "Mano de Dios. During that same year. In the meantime. Best Music. Being the oldest of six children. he shot his second no-budget film 'Reste Bien. The film had its premiere at Luxembourg's biggest cinema and was theatrically released for 6 weeks throughout the country. Mec!' in Luxembourg.Director's Biography Adolf El Assal Born into an Egyptian family in Alexandria. his passion for filmmaking started at a young age. He had the opportunity to be invited at the Berlinale Talentcampus as well as a youth jury member at the Cannes Film Festival.

Best Music.Filmography Feature Films 2008. Lost In Mankind 2007.adolfelassal. Sheep 2010. Learning English (based on the novel by acclaimed Lebanese writer Rachid Al-Daif) 2013. Divizionz (no-budget feature co-directed with Donald Mugisha & James Tayler) (official selection Berlinale 2008 and over 60 festival selections plus numerous prizes including 3 prizes at Kuala Lumpur Film Festival 2008 (Best Director. The film was screened for 6 weeks at local cinemas) 2012. Bet Zaitoun 2007. Mano De Dios Over 60 music videos. Mec! (no-budget feature comedy set in Luxembourg. Best African Film) 2009.TV & Luxe. a dozen of corporate projects and numerous television reports around the world for Current. Reste Bien. Peace Kebab Short Films (selection) .TV (complete filmography available on request and on www. La Fameuse Route… (supported by Luxembourg Filmfund) 2010. Tiva.

Credits Crew Written & Directed by: Director of Photography: Production Designer: Sound: 1st Assistant Director: 2nd Assistant Director: Production Manager: Script Supervisor: Camera Assistants: Steadicam: Production Assistant: Composer: Set Photographers: Editor: Actors Diego Miguel Tony Inspecteur Schmidt Gilles Erminio Police Officer 1 Police Officer 2 Police Officer 3 Police Officer 4 Tom Creuse Prisoner 1 Prisoner 2 Bradley Adolf El Assal Jeff Kieffer Aude Bertrand Christophe Hubert Finnur Dor Thorardson Laurent Prim Ginger Montreal Beatrix Schwinden Tom Zeimet Nadia Masri Raoul Schmitz Tanguy Dossu Gilda Cavazza Yves Vaucher Nikkel K Vincent Habay Francesca Gilibert Adolf El Assal Godié Nilton Martins Nyttman Sascha Ley Gilles Soeder Cico Claire Thill Yannick Joly Raoul Schmitz Finnur Dor Thorardson Last' Ar Taipan Mad Beast Tanguy Dossu .

adolfelassal. Adolf El Assal 28a Rue des Ecoles 4551 Niedercorn.Technical Details Running Time: Year: Genre: Format: Aspect Ratio: Languages: Subtitles: 15' (with credits) 2010 Drama HD 16:9 (full frame) French.A. Luxembourg +352 621 397 947 . Luxembourgish English Contact Independent Spirit Productions S. www.

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