LEARNING EXPERIENCE TEACHING PLAN For BSN – IV Staff Nursing Clinical Nursing / Professional Nursing Concept Placement: Level IV – 2nd Semester Time Allotment: One week – 28 hours Clinical Division: Hospital – Wards Professor: Rank: Inclusive Dates:

DESCRIPTION OF THE CLINICAL EXPOSURE: This is a one week practicum where the BSN IV students can integrate knowledge and skills in providing comprehensive nursing care to the individuals. ENTRY COMPETENCIES Knowledge and Skills in Nursing Care Communication skills Skills in Recording and Reporting Skills in Administration of Medications Assessment Skills Knowledge on Ethico-Legal Aspects in Nursing

INTERMEDIATE AND TERMINAL COMPETENCIES Nursing Care Management Communication Skills Referral Autonomy and Responsibility Initiative and Independence

set standard of evaluation Day 2-4 Nursing Care Planning -setting of objectives of care -planning of courses of action -setting standard of evaluation -submission of written NCP Render bedside nursing care based on NCP Coordinates the delivery of non.set objectives of care 2.Observation . skills and nursing attitude for an effective and efficient staff nursing activities to meet the needs to the patients / clients within the scope of the nursing practice. Prioritize nursing needs and problems • • Teaching Learning Activities Day 1 • • Case-loading Collection of patients data through .General Objectives: To utilize knowledge.nursing services relevant to the needs of patients Accurate recording and Graded NCP Implementation Institute nursing Intervention relevant to overall plan of care Patient’s chart Graded SOAPIE Charting .Interview . State Nursing diagnosis 3. Learning Focus Assessment Specific Objectives Given 2 to 3 clients per week. the student can: 1. courses of nursing action 3.Review of records Stating nursing diagnosis Prioritization of nursing needs and problems NCP Instructional Resources Assessment and History Form Evaluation Graded assessment and History report Planning Formulate plan of nursing interventions 1. Identify individual patient’s nursing needs and problem 2.

pencil test Patient Chart Graded records and reports .reporting Evaluation To determine the results or outcome of nursing care activities Observation of patient’s responses to care Accurately record and reports result of care Day 5 Evaluation conference Paper.

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