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This ebook guide to a revolutionary new self-healing system – virtually unknown to the world! – is free for you to personally use, to freely distribute to others and to freely share worldwide on the condition that it is kept intact as it is and it is not changed in any way. However, it is okay to share excerpts from this book for the purpose of review or to inform people about it. We ask that you refer to “Reverend David Alan Ramsdale, M.A." as the author of IHM and that you refer to the web site for the complete IHM Home Study Course:
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Legal Disclaimer: The "Instant Healing Meditation" is a spiritual self-healing technique based on knowledge first revealed to Robert Hover in Burma (Myanmar) in 1961 by an unknown Buddhist monk. The person who uses this unique meditation technique does so at their own risk. Since this is a self-help technique that you do yourself, you must be willing to take full responsibility for your actions and the consequences of your actions. The author of this book does not provide medical advice or prescribe the use of any method as a form of treatment for physical or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature in order to help you in your efforts to help yourself and achieve personal wholeness, fulfillment, freedom and enlightenment. Should you choose to use any of the information in this book for yourself, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions. Neither the author or publisher nor anyone else associated with the creation, publication, and distribution of this book (collectively, the "publishers") is liable or responsible for any real or perceived mishap, malady, or injury, physical or mental or emotional or psychological, or exacerbation of any condition resulting from following any of the instructions or advice given within this book. And you hereby release and forever discharge the author, his publishers and artists and distributors, and all heirs and successors and assigns from all claims and demands which might arise by reason thereof. While self-help and self-healing is the main focus of this book, there are no guarantees or warranties that you will experience or achieve anything whatsoever from following any of the instructions, procedures, techniques and advice within this book. Personal experiences vary too widely for any guarantees or predictions to be made about anything offered or discussed within this book. Furthermore, since the results from this method are based solely upon individual efforts, there is no way for the author or publisher to know if the reader will apply the method correctly or with sufficient effort. You, the reader, represent that you are solely responsible for any physical, mental, emotional, psychological or spiritual problems and maladies, whether real or perceived or imaginary, that might arise or that you might perceive to arise from following any of the ideas, procedures, techniques and advice offered within the pages of this book, whether directly stated or perceived or implied or assumed. The "Instant Healing Meditation" is a self-help self-healing method that you do yourself. It is not in any sense intended to replace the services of a physician, psychiatrist, psychotherapist or other healing professional. We fully support treatment by conventional allopathic medicine and strongly recommend full compliance with your physician or other licensed medical professional.

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A. David is the world’s leading expert in this little-known self-help system. David Alan Ramsdale. he wrote the best seller "Sexual Energy Ecstasy" published by Bantam Books. Reverend Ramsdale (aka “Healer David”) was best known as one of the leading Tantra teachers in the world. David happily faded into obscurity and enjoyed a life of deep meditation. he began using it to help others. He has two books on Amazon. David is a published author with more than 300.A. David actively promoted "Sexual Energy Ecstasy" via live talks. David decided to dedicate his life to sharing its speed healing secrets with the world. the profound "Vigyana Bhairava Tantra" sacred HealerDavid.." He was featured on the front page of "The Wall Street Journal. classes and workshops.A. M. For years. including "The Maury Pauvich Show.ABOUT REVEREND DAVID ALAN RAMSDALE. M. In 1994. Tired of being in the public eye. He appeared on over 50 live radio and television shows. Reverend David Alan Ramsdale. David decided to enter into semi-retirement in order to more deeply pursue his spiritual path. he returned to the private life. Go To . He is also the author of "Red Hot Tantra.000 physical books in print." inspired by a great Tantric classic. Astounded by the ease of use and fast healing power of this amazing self-help 4 To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. Eventually. He personally used it with great success. (aka “Healer David”) At one time. For the Latest IHM Events & Updates: HealerDavid.000 David received Instant Healing Meditation in 1980. As the Founder of Instant Healing Meditation method. M. During that phase of his life." On the Playboy Channel. New York which sold 275. he became the first person in history to demonstrate an energy orgasm on TV.

especially in the beginning. David Alan Ramsdale. I talk about that later in the IHM Home Study Course at the Intermediate and Advanced 5 ." But the Basic IHM method is the foundation.IT’S A SELF-HEALING REVOLUTION! The “Instant Healing Meditation” Method Welcome! You're ready to learn the Basic Instant Healing Meditation method. It has to do with dismantling more complicated "constructs. but there are conditions where special insights and methods make it much easier to dissolve the obstruction. By just following the instructions from their Instant Healing Meditation coach. Go To HealerDavid. Then you can learn the rest. The 5 Steps of the Instant Healing Meditation Method Finally. they are freed up to totally focus on DO-ing the self-healing action itself.A. I call it the "basic" method because it really is enough for many situations. it is easier to be guided through the method. M. so let's learn the Basic method first and practice it. you're ready to go! Here are the 5 steps of The Basic Instant Healing Meditation Method. The fundamentals never change.. You will be fully equipped. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. I offer guided IHM self-healing sessions like this. They are relieved of the need to guide themselves... For some people. I am giving you everything you need to heal yourself in this training course right here.

First You DETECT It ==> Then You DESCRIBE It ==> Then You Make It DISAPPEAR! To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. Go To HealerDavid. Other times you need to use the other methods that I will teach you 6 .A..The best way to grasp the essence of how the Instant Healing Meditation Method works is by DOING it. you still end up following these 5 key steps in the order shown.. M. You will "get" what this is only when you experience it for yourself. David Alan Ramsdale. not just by reading about it.. I will go over each step in detail in a moment. I guarantee it! Here are the 5 Basic steps. Sometimes these steps are all that is needed. Why? Because it's not like anything else you have done. Either way.

Principle: "Keep It Simple. Instant Healing Meditation doer!" NOTE: You are the 7 .. But the basic principles and steps stay the same.. M. You may DISMANTLE It. YOU Get Rid of It and YOU Make It DISAPPEAR! IN SHORT. You are still the DOER. Some situations take longer than others.I. David Alan Ramsdale. some problems are more challenging than others.." YES.A. you still have to DO the work. DISCARD It. When I say "SIMPLE. Nobody else does this method for you.S. That's why I say "Just DO the method!" So remember the K. The Instant Healing Meditation Method is no different.. Even when you are being guided in a session." I really do mean S-i-m-p-l-e! There is nothing complicated about it at all. The thing to remember when doing Instant Healing Meditation is this: The Instant Healing Meditation Method is really SIMPLE! It is so simple that a child can do it. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE! Yes.. Nobody else can do it for you. Go To HealerDavid. You can overthink anything and make it complicated and confusing.S. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. DISSOLVE It or DESTROY It.... YOU Take Action. AND THEN YOU TAKE OUT THE "TRASH.You may DUMP It. DISASSEMBLE It or DECONSTRUCT It. YOU LOCATE THE "TRASH"..

.. That's all. DO. You produced the healing... He or she is a teacher.. you will look like you are resting or meditating or praying. The guide was on the sidelines giving some directions. Nobody else. YOU DO THE WORK! That means that if you experience some kind of improvement or healing. Nobody else in the whole wide world can do this for you. Detect it. But you are not. You are the calvary! You are the action 8 . Go To HealerDavid. do. You bring to the problem region your will power. You are the healer. Yes. You are the one who puts out the effort. your focus. You. your concentrated effort. or even sleeping." But it is an active meditation! The guide in a Guided Instant Healing Meditation Session is just that — a guide. then you Describe it. You impact the congested or stuck "stuff" (stagnant "life force") and get rid of it. David Alan Ramsdale. You win the game for yourself.What Does It Mean "You are the Doer"? By that I mean. This method takes focus and effort. You do it yourself. The guide was a coach. then you Dissolve it (Destroy it).. To the outside observer.. a coach. the doer. then YOU ARE THE HEALER. it. He does not do the work. The coach does not win the game. It is powerful focused doing. a mentor. You healed yourself. You are bringing the party. You. meaning it takes place inside of your body. You are not waiting for the calvary to rescue you.. You mobilize your life force in that location..A. The coach is on the side coaching. There is nothing passive about this method at all. the miracle worker.. you do the action part of it... The player wins the game. it can be called a kind of "meditation.. It is not like the inert "watch and wait" style of mediation. But the action is internal. It is not lazy passive watching.. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. M. YOU. This is self-help self-healing.. You are not "waiting" for anything.. your energy. it. a guide. your life force. You are helping yourself... You are the DOER. What Are You "Doing" Exactly? You are intensifying and consolidating the "life force" at the place where it is needed most.

it is easy to detect. If you have a backache. this could take hours or days. If the problem is stress or anxiety attack or depression or gambling addiction or alcoholism or can't stop smoking. Whatever the problem is. more difficult. The best time to work with psychological problems with the Instant Healing Meditation Method is when the issue is really "up. Depending on the addiction. not only is it easy to find and work with. They can be very very strong. So if you're a smoker and you really want to stop smoking. say. You don't have much choice about it. If you have a headache. It is just more"stuff. These feelings are kind of like physical sensations. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. For the Instant Healing Meditation Method. you are more likely to be able to pull it right out by its roots at that time because more of it is exposed. It is not hiding from you. then say "No" to smoking a cigarette until the craving is really strong. it is going to be associated with an area(s) of your body. But with a psychological addiction. With a physical problem. you are having feelings. more 9 . there is nothing vague or mysterious about it at all. then your back is the location. you don't find much difference between physical. the craving associated with needing a drink or needing to smoke a cigarette. to most people this sounds more complicated." When you look at these things directly. then your head is the location.Go to where the problem is. They can push you and drive you. Not so crazy that you have to give in. of course. Go To HealerDavid. Also.. David Alan Ramsdale. it will be at whatever level of intensity it is at when you do the session. Notice that when you are having. but you want the addiction feelings "up" and on the surface. M.A. They are all just assemblies to be disassembled. When the craving is really strong." when it's most intense. Those feeling are associated with a particular region of your body. you can delay it and delay it and put it off until it's really driving you crazy. This is because the craving is out in full force. emotional or psychological constructs.

then there is also some "stuff" stuck there. M." Sometimes I call it "pain substance." It is waiting to get unstuck. Be aware. Reach out and touch it if you can. Be at the physical location means exactly that. I believe we have this ability intact as children. reaching out and touching. Be there and experience what is there. seeing of whatever is there. experiencing. If it is a backache." It doesn't matter what you call it. to get decongested." I usually just call it stuck "stuff. A few people have trouble doing this. Make contact with what is there. If it is an anxiety attack. It is causing you trouble and you want to get rid of it. Be there in the internal region of the body. exploring. you probably have feelings in your stomach or chest. Then go to the physical location on or in your body where you are experiencing the problem. sensing. It can be described. then go where the back is aching. But it's still there! If there is a problem or a lack of harmony at a location.. with your feeling awareness.. Use your natural ability for internal sensing. There IS something there. This "stuff" is an "energy" object. For mental and emotional issues. Go To HealerDavid. feeling. So you can always start by looking there. This "stuff" is stuck or congested "life force. It is congested "life force.A. we forget about it as adults. David Alan Ramsdale. Then it can start happily flowing smoothly again. then "stuff" is there. That’s the Big Rule of Thumb.This means close your eyes first. If there is noticeable discomfort so that you want to do a Instant Healing Meditation session around that discomfort. it has some kind of shape. Though denial and neglect. Feel what is there.. That is. but I'm convinced that anybody can do it with practice. The Instant Healing Meditation Method is designed to just that – get rid of it! To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with 10 . the stomach or gut area is usually involved. Use your natural ability to focus your attention and have tactile felt awareness of the space inside your body. Go to the location of the pain or discomfort. It has substance and density. Stuck energy "stuff" is definitely there.

I have noticed that many people with major aches and pains and even disabilities have the habit of ignoring their pain. You noticing these symptoms in the moment is a form of early detection. Just get rid of it now. By self-treating right away with the Instant Healing Meditation Method. When you notice it.A. They don't grow and get bigger. Now that you know the Instant Healing Meditation Method.An Important Tip: Do NOT Ignore Your "Minor" Aches and Pains By the way.. Get rid of it. Which outcome do you prefer? I hope it is using Instant Healing Meditation to get rid of the minor discomfort right away for good! To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. do self-healing on it. M. I'm not saying they definitely will. don't ignore your aches and pains. David Alan Ramsdale. Over time. They don't bother you again. Be the Doer. This early detection is a gift from your body. Take action now. the minor symptoms go away. its warning signal. you can hear your body's message. and act on it immediately. Your body is very wise. It is a message from the body. Maybe they are hoping it will go away. treat them on the spot with the Instant Healing Meditation Method. No need to theorize about it. but why take the chance? The reason they don't just go away is that an ache or a pain is a sign from the body that something is out of 11 . minor symptoms that you routinely ignore have a good chance of growing into major symptoms. Go To HealerDavid. Instead. I can tell you right now it probably won't.

By the way. No stories. if it already is solid and in one piece. Keep trying methods and eventually you will find one that you like and reliably works for you. A child can do it. focus on breathing or your favorite method to calm yourself first. you can just push it out. This surface feels like plastic. you don't just leave it there or passively watch it. It's super-simple. Describe what you find there here and now with your natural instinctual internal feelingsensing-seeing ability. Go To HealerDavid. Just describe what you find there at the location of the problem. then you want to get rid of it! Sometimes. You take action to get rid of it and push it out of your body. No theories. It has a hard surface. you have to nibble or chew away at the stuff or slice or cut or scrub or "plane" through it side to side or front to back or from some other angle. The situation is no different than if somebody asked you to describe an ordinary cheap writing pen that is sitting on your desk. It is cylindrical in shape. It's not complicated at all. No metaphors. What you are doing is returning "stuck" energy to its natural state which is “empty” space.Some people get confused by this step. It's about a quarter inch in diameter. After you've described the "stuff" that you find at the location. It's about 8 inches long. suffering and discomfort." Just describe it using simple down to earth concrete words. No symbols. when you "nibble" it you are not taking in any "toxins" or bad stuff. Since this "stuff" is definitely playing a role in creating your pain. If a child can do it. M. and you're having trouble. "I have an object on my 12 . No analogies. quite often. physical and/or mental.A. Really basic words.. Another possibility is that your mind needs to calm down and get focused. You can do it. You can use prayer. a mantra. They think they need to get fancy with their description. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. it's because you're making it too complicated. Other times. David Alan Ramsdale. Other times you have to pack the "stuff" together into a little ball — then you push it out.

You pushed it totally out of your body. You took out the trash! When you reach that point." You can pack or squeeze that "dust" into a firm ball. You are not done until everything you detected is gone. far far away until you have no contact with it anymore. there is still one more thing to do. think in terms of pushing it far out into space. Other times there might be very wispy faint residual "stuff. it may seem like "dust. Go To HealerDavid. But at some point when you go to the area and then go down through it sensing and scanning and feeling and looking. Then you go through it using your sensing skills for detecting inside the body. David Alan Ramsdale. nibbling. The final step in the Basic Instant Healing Meditation Method is to do an "ecology" check. far far away until you have no contact with it. If it helps. You detect whatever is left and then you eliminate it. sweeping. It is the rotary soothing smoothing motion." To your internal tactile sensing 13 . You position yourself above or below the region you worked on. you pushed the "stuff" right out of your body.A. Or you dissolved the "stuff" by planing. It is gone. Sometimes it is all gone. M. The stuff that was there is no longer there. You got rid of it. You may find you can plane through the residual "stuff" and get rid of it that way. chewing. Then push it right out of your body.In the previous step. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev.. scrubbing. The ecology check is to make sure there is nothing left. You continue this methodical process of scanning with your internal sense of touch. sawing or whatever action you felt like doing. there is nothing left.

Or think of a rotary sanding machine.A. If somebody says the method doesn't work. think of an old vinyl LP record. What does an orange taste like? I could describe what it's like to eat an orange.. but their theory is wrong. then they don't really understand it.. BE THERE. M. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev.Forgiving “Rotary Motion” You go down through the entire area that you worked on and intend a kind gentle loving state of harmony and wholeness for it.. The only way to know is for you to eat an orange..Gentle . This movement is very 14 .Smoothing . It is a DO-ing. This is an important action and it needs to be done. FEEL IT! Don't "Think" About It — Just "Do" It and Get Your Results! I hope this hasn't sounded too difficult for you. It is a rotary spinning motion.. Go To HealerDavid. If you need a mental image to get you started. right? Likewise. you are completely done. Once you have gone through this smoothing step. It is spinning around and around and around. It is not a theory. David Alan Ramsdale. but that won't do it for you.. the only way to "get" the Instant Healing Meditation Method is to do it. They have a theory. It is spinning on an "old school" turntable.The Soothing . So be sure to do it. Probably the main problem is just keeping the mind open to it long enough to actually try it and discover that it works. Saying the Instant Healing Meditation Method doesn't work is like saying you can’t open the door because you can’t find the doorknob. Some people find that this smoothing step feels really good. Just find the “stuff” – the “doorknob" – and you will be able to open the door to Instant Healing Meditation. It really isn't.Kind . The image is to just get you started.. of course. and then some. All of a sudden the difficult area becomes very pleasurable as energy gets harmonized and released at the same time. but you still don't know for yourself. Don’t just “think” or “picture” the rotary smoothing motion. Make it very big so that it is sure to cover the entire area that was worked on. too. You may want to extend forgiveness. Now you have heard more words.

You are done and you move on. in an original and constructive way. is now behind you. David Alan Ramsdale. there is a temporary worsening of symptoms. For example. Neither does the Instant Healing Meditation Method. When it starts moving. you just walk through it. You are impacting the stuff and moving the stuff. Second. perhaps right after you get to work on it. you use it right now to some extent. When something is 15 . or a big chunk of it. This skill is something you already do a little bit. your own Life Force. It's similar to meditation. So I ended up doing one-on-one private sessions with people. a headache could get worse before it gets better. So there is more to feel in that region than there was before you got started. You are just using your own energy. Sometimes after an Instant Healing Meditation Method session.What Happens In An “Instant Healing Meditation” Session? So just turn the knob – locate the “stuff” – and open the door.A. my assumption was that people would just do as I did: quickly pick up the technique and then just start doing it.. When I first began teaching the Instant Healing Meditation. This all occurs during the session. you are doing a crude version of the Instant Healing Meditation Method. M. But what I discovered is that people like to be guided. they find it easier to do it on their own. only really it's easier than that. What follows next is a short Guided IHM Session. It is a positive sign that the stuck energy has loosened up. frees up their attention and opens their mind. When you rub an area that is sore or in pain. I think the challenge is two-fold. This is not a cause for alarm. they relax and just do it. It is a welcome sign of good things happening. As a result. if that's what they want. you feel it more. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. The result? Your problem. When they discover how simple and easy it is. Go To HealerDavid. First. you don't realize that you have this power. Some people do find it easier to be guided through a session as this releases their skepticism. After the guided session. In fact. There is no way that the Instant Healing Meditation Method can hurt you. Once the door is open. This is the actual session transcript. Meditation and prayer don't hurt you. the Doer must be able to maintain a stable focus of awareness while they take an inner action. You had it as a child. the Instant Healing Meditation really is different from any other self-healing method. you don't feel it much. Our culture does not teach it and value it.

She made a strong effort and was rewarded with good results. Are you there? L: Yes. CA. 2010."Searing Pain in Left Kneecap" SESSION DETAILS: D: Reverend David Alan Ramsdale. of San Francisco. Location: San Francisco. SESSION TRANSCRIPT: D: What are you experiencing? L: My leg really hurts. David Alan Ramsdale. M. D: Please go to the area above the kneecap. Be above the area that hurts. I'm in a lot of pain. Comment: Subject started the session in extreme pain.A. I suspect that the burning pain motivated her. M. D: Which kneecap? L: The left one. It is really burning. Go To HealerDavid. I'm there. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. (Guide) L: Lani S. CA (Doer) Date: September 2. It's my kneecap. D: Where specifically are you hurting? Is it your whole leg? L: No. Time: Session took about half an hour. My kneecap is on fire.A.. Subject was lying on her back. But she was able to concentrate and do good 16 . Session conducted in person.

there? L: It's like it alive. I know it's painful. Go To HealerDavid. at the surface. please. It's kind of moving around. D: Yes. Tell me in inches. it's just on the surface of the knee. sense. feel it. Doesn't really go below it.. Please make feeling contact with the substance. But it does not extend down into the knee area.. D: Would you say it is soft like cotton? Sticky? Like water? With an oatmeal texture? To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. That's why we are doing this.A. How many inches above the kneecap? L: Two. Behind it. D: This stuff that you're feeling.. Two inches. touch it. What is it like? L: I don't know. see it.. David Alan Ramsdale. into the leg area behind the kneecap? L: No. D: Inside the kneecap. M.. make contact with. how would you describe it? L: It's really painful.. Tell me what you see. But it's all on the surface. It's just right there.D: Now slowly go down to the area. D: Below the kneecap? L: It ends with the kneecap. But it's a 17 .. D: On the sides of the kneecap. I guess it's the pain. feel..... How many inches does this stuff extend? L: Two inches on the side. Sense it. experience it. It's moving around. D: How far does it extend above the kneecap? L: It goes up to here. Position yourself above it on the leg and move down to it..... How far into the body does it go? L: It doesn't really go into the body. I would say. just goes in a little bit.. D: In words. D: So it's at the surface area and just inside. I don't know..

Go over it. Scan that whole area of the back of the kneecap. sensing it. from the inside a soft spot can be found to work on. D: No need to apologize. You are doing good work! Since there is no soft spot. Above the area where the stuff starts. Do you find any soft spots? Are there any areas that are less hard? L: No. M. inside the leg.A. No soft spot. No soft spot? L: No. L: I'm there. D: Now slowly move down from above the kneecap.. feeling it. Tell me when you make contact with the stuff that is there. D: Please go behind the kneecap. touching it. sorry. Are you there? L: Yes. Be inside the kneecap looking out from inside the knee. D: Look all around that area. NOTE: Usually I would tell the Doer to just push the stuck "stuff" right out. In general. There is a very good chance it will move right out! To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. In this case.L: Wood. D: So it's hard? L: Yes. so I had her do that. you first want to exert effort to push it right out of the body. D: You're sure? There are no soft spots? Usually if it's hard on the outside. Go To 18 . I knew the Doer felt confident in her ability to nibble or plane. let's start above the knee. Are you there? L: Yes.. looking from the inside out. it's all equally hard. It's like wood. D: Is it hard like wood? L: Yes. It's like the kneecap is a window and you are looking out. David Alan Ramsdale. Please position yourself above the knee again.

D: Now go back down through the kneecap and scan. A hard little ball. Now we're going to eat away at this stuff. Now go down through the knee. feel. It hurts there. David Alan Ramsdale. L: Just push it out? To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. We're not ready to smooth it out. touch. But there's a hard ball. L: Okay. Please position yourself a few inches above the kneecap. dissolve it.. D: Okay. Yes. plane it side to side. nibble at it. D: Please position yourself inside the kneecap behind this little ball. D: Okay. tell me what you see or sense or report is there. Go To HealerDavid. Let me know when you're done. L: (10 seconds later). go ahead. You can chew away at it.A. D: Now push this little ball right out of your knee. M. Just push it 19 . We need to get rid of everything first.. What do you find this time? L: There's not much there. sense. I used to work on wood with my dad. Slowly work through that stuff with your planing motion.D: Good. D: Where is this hard little ball? L: It's on the left side of the kneecap. That sounds natural for me. L: Should I go smooth it out now? D: No.. D: You work fast! You went all the way through the kneecap? L. Which would you like to do? L: I would like to plane it side to side. D: Where are you now? L: I'm below the kneecap. I'm there. Are you there? L: Yes. I'm done. sandpaper it.

I don't feel it.. far far 20 . L: No. L: I'm pushing it. It's gone. away from your body until you can't feel it anymore. Push it out into space. Push it far away. David Alan Ramsdale. There is no stuff. D: Do you see a string. all of your strength and push it out. I really don't find anything. D: Is it out of your body? L: Yes. Focus on the ball. Push it. L: Ouch! All of a sudden my left ankle is hurting! D: Did you push the ball all the way out until it's gone? L: No. Take a deep breath and then use all of your will.A. D: Good. You're not finding any stuff there now in the kneecap? L: No. no connector.. Is it gone? L: Yes! It's gone. so it's gone forever.. way out into space. It's all gone. so that it's gone. I want you to slowly go down the area and tell me what you find. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. I don't see it any more. Push it out. M. some kind of connector? There can be a connection from one part of the body to another. out far far away until you can't feel it anymore at all. gone. gone. see it? L: Yes. But my knee still hurts a little bit. Go To HealerDavid. What is there now? L: Not much. D: Keep pushing. I don't see any string or anything. D: Can you still feel it. D: Great. it's like my ankle is holding it back. D: No stuff... Good work! Now position yourself above the kneecap again. until you don't experience it anymore.D: Yes. Push it all the way out from your body. Push hard.

3 or 4. Where is it now? On a scale of 1 to 10? L: It's at a 3. I've gone through the area. It feels a lot better. M. Now.D: Okay. it was at the "Oh my god!" level.. It is a circular motion that extends out in all directions and stretches out beyond the leg on all sides. L: Okay. D: Good. definitely. Before the session it was just horrible! D: On a scale of 1 to 21 . tell me. It was at a 10. I'd say a 3. from above it. – THIS IS THE END OF THE LIVE SESSION TRANSCRIPT – To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. You are a fast worker. but it's not nearly as bad as it was.. good. D: Slowly go through the knee area that you just worked on with a kind gentle feeling. a feeling of "May my kneecap be harmonious and whole and smoothly operating. yes." Go through the whole kneecap in this way with the smoothing rotary motion that is wider than the leg. D: So the pain is a lot less? L: Oh. down through it. L: How big is this motion? D: It is wider than the leg.. D: Good. changed from an Intense 10 to a Mild 3. Thank you. The “Searing Pain in Left Kneecap”. David Alan Ramsdale.A. how does it feel? L: To be honest. where was your pain in your knee before? L: Oh my god! (pause) Definitely a 10! D: Okay. Now position yourself above the knee and do the big rotary motion down through the kneecap. so that it covers the whole area. L: Okay. it still hurts. You did excellent work. and then out to well below the knee. Go To HealerDavid.

Most people experience some kind of significant improvement. Others came right “off the street. smooth it out and exit. Some stuff got eliminated. there will still be actual improvement right away that brings you relief. and it takes some time to clean up the area. based on my actual experience in guiding people. cancer and schizophrenia. His results from guided sessions with clients included instantaneous healing of arthritis. but improvement begins at the first session. If a person shows up with a difficult condition. usually. remember this: the key to healing is the Life Force. When working with me. some people experience "miraculous" improvements in just one session. and suddenly you get a chance to carry a bucket that weighs 25 pounds. That's how you end up with the session taking an hour.How Does “Instant Healing Meditation” Produce Such Fast Results? On the cover of this book. This “30 minutes” (or less) time period refers to when the person is doing the actual work. You have a detection phase. You have a direct action 22 . the actual "work" to get rid of the "stuff" – the “taking out the garbage” step – may take only 10 minutes or less. Even if the entire "network" of "stuff" – I talk about the advanced topic of "networks" in the Instant Healing Meditation Home Study Course – takes several sessions to dismantle. and that condition is completely gone or greatly improved after a one hour session. but the change is welcome and very noticeable. and you can feel the difference for yourself. you will feel the difference immediately.. You know it for yourself. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. you're still carrying around the 25 pounds. less pain or relief of psychological symptoms. M. Nobody has to tell you. Go To HealerDavid.500 people. The person who taught me this method. You will feel a wave of relief.” Everybody could do it. This skill liberates that Life Force. True. Inside that hour. such as improved mobility. If you are carrying a bucket of dirt that weighs 50 pounds. The felt benefit is immediate. I’d say that's pretty close to "instant"! Things feel better after one session. that's pretty doggone fast. a condition that has lasted for years and has tortured them for years. Robert Hover. If this sounds too good to be true. But the actual time it takes the DO-er to work on and directly eliminate the problem once it is located is. was quite successful with it. just minutes. Some had a strong meditation background. It takes some time to get there. He worked with over 1. I claim that this method received from the enlightened monk works in just 30 minutes. You have a cleanup phase (smoothing included).A. Some issues require more than one session to finish the job. A session lasts about an hour. David Alan Ramsdale.

Instant Healing Meditation is complementary to any alternative or mainstream healing strategy. You are working at a deep level. at the level of the stuff’s source.” Stuck Energy Objects Want to Return to Space (Galaxy NGC-1414) What do I mean by a deep level? You are working at the level where the “stuff” comes and goes. You are working at the level where stuff “appears. M. Every stuck energy object “secretly” wants to return to space. which is “space” itself. It. If you keep working on it.Every “Stuck Energy” Structure Wants to Return to Pure Space As powerful and fast working as the Instant Healing Meditation Method is. just give it some time. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. Every stuck energy structure has one or more weaknesses that you can attack. It is very powerful. very deep level. I can't guarantee that for every person and every situation. if something doesn't move or change at first. The great ocean of Life Force moves silently and invisibly behind it all. problems and pain – they come and they go. Even so. wants to be free to just be and joyfully flow with life. It works at a very. It hangs around for awhile. It does not want to stay stuck forever. It is not shallow.” Space is full – of potential.. But maximum power requires a constant laser-like focus during your Instant Healing Meditation session. it is also true that some conditions will respond better to other methods of treatment. but it has been true for me. David Alan Ramsdale. too. Space is not “empty. Based on my experience. I would never say give up with the Instant Healing Meditation Method.” Flowers and rain. There is no limit to the power of the human mind. Go To HealerDavid. to its open source. Just because the Instant Healing Meditation method is 23 .A. It “appears” and then it “dis-appears. Then it goes back into space. does not mean it is shallow. Stuff comes out of space. eventually the stuck stuff will succumb to your focused will and sustained effort.

(These skills are explained in much more detail in the complete Instant Healing Meditation Home Study Course). the type won't matter. What matters is detecting what is there. That localized area has distinct edges to it. Feel. After detection. But you do need to detect it 24 . sense.But What If You Can't Feel or See Any of This "Stuff"? If you really can't feel. That’s it! To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. then take your pain or discomfort as the object. There are different kinds of headaches. M." 7. squeeze. see with mental sensing ability inside the body. Stuff is stuff. plane through it as needed. You just DETECT ==> DESCRIBE ==> and Make It DISAPPEAR.. something that feels substantial. According to the Instant Healing Meditation Method.A. Your felt pain has a definite location in your body. 1. Your pain shows you the region to work on. 4. If it helps. 2." Use the boundaries of the felt pain sensation as your region to be at and to act upon. 6. Check for residual "stuff. You are not having any difficulty "sensing" the pain! Think about it. Nibble. David Alan Ramsdale. After you get good at the Instant Healing Meditation Method.. the pain is "there" (or "here"). scrub. Obviously." if you really cannot make contact with it. If possible. You don't need to know the label. touch. first try to PUSH the stuck stuff right out of the body. sense or see any stuck "stuff. What should become obvious to you quickly is that the pain has a kind of substance or density to it. You are feeling something there. 5. just push it out all the way until it cannot be detected anymore.. You will be able to just go in there and remove the stuff. Do gentle rotary spinning smoothing soothing motion through the region. push it out into space until you lose contact with it. that is congested "stuff.. There is nothing vague or abstract about the pain at all. Be in the head region. Go To HealerDavid. 3.

You should notice right away that it doesn't hurt as much. 3. As a result.A. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. Based upon what you 25 . 2. Do an ecology check. If that is not possible. You already know exactly where the problem is located. that wherever there is discomfort. Allergy flare-ups are treated the same way. Go To HealerDavid. The steps are basically the same as for self-healing a headache. A rephrase of our Big Rule: "If it’s feeling ROUGH. do fast strong mental planing or sweeping or scrubbing through the area. of course.Here is the IHM sinus headache strategy. Whether it is a minor accident or a major accident. 4. there is some kind of stuck energy "stuff" there. Push the stuff to the middle of your forehead. Action is the key. you take immediate action according to the way the stuff presents itself. Push the ball out of your nose. do intense hard planing as long as possible. Plane through any stuff that is left over. Go to the other side of your head. 7.. Push the stuff to the middle of your forehead. this variation of the Instant Healing Meditation Method for emergencies will help you a lot. 1. you experience sudden onset of intense pain. then there is some STUFF!" The resourceful attitude behind the Instant Healing Meditation Method is that you do direct detection. Just keep doing it until the pain subsides. The common pattern to all of these situations is. 6. The difference is you just jump right in. 5. It's located at the place where the PAIN is! Once you have targeted the exact area of concentrated pain. M. Choose a side of your head. not knowing what you will find. Let's say you hit your finger with a hammer or worse. Squeeze the stuff collected there into a ball. David Alan Ramsdale.

you will get the results. The body is wise beyond our understanding. you will just have to trust me on it! What you are doing is eliminating the congestion. Go To HealerDavid. You will get the best results if you can keep up the planing throughout the day. feel free to plane and do the Instant Healing Meditation Method. then with IHM. The pain will subside faster than expected. The Instant Healing Meditation Method in this pain emergency situation is cleaning and clearing the way for the body's action. If you cannot see or feel any of 26 . This helps the healing process and speeds it up. I've seen it and so have other DO-ers. Cleaning the wound removes the toxins to support and speed up the healing process. for the free flow of Life Force.. it may take only a day or two with it.Note that your planing or other action can be horizontal side to side or front to back.A. If your inner sensing or seeing is very good. This pain "balloon" of congested energy is a common observation. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. As a result. If healing would take a week to heal without IHM. the junk. If you are able to quickly detect it like that. you may notice that the energy "stuff" has really "ballooned" around the impacted painful area. M. David Alan Ramsdale. The area will heal itself much more quickly than you had hoped. Sometimes other angles work better. Cleaning the area clears the way for healing energies. out of the way so that the body can do the job it already knows how to do. Always it is the body that heals itself. Do short little sessions of planing. You may see this or feel this or both. then you will "see" that the original large balloon of congested energy is getting much smaller as a result of doing the technique. If you do the work. If it would take six weeks without it. it could take just one short week to heal instead. This swift action after a sudden onset of pain is comparable to cleaning a wound. As long as there is pain in the region. quick bursts of action. it can heal as much as 600% faster. We are getting the obstacles. It can also be at an angle. You may be able to detect that this area is congested due to the minor accident.

The body does the rest.A. that is the essence of how the Instant Healing Meditation Method works. Your body heals itself. mana. you set it free and let it do its work.The “Instant Healing Meditation” Unblocks the River of Life In fact. David Alan Ramsdale. The “Instant Healing Meditation” Unblocks the Flow of Life Force in the Body You do the job of removing the obstacles to the body's naturally healthy flow of Life Force. Remove the logs. Then all sorts of problems can arise because the river is no longer flowing in a normal way. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. there are no limits to its healing power. chi. inside of the body there is a powerful river of Life Force. It is the source of life. healing can be “instant” – just 30 minutes. and the river surges forth as if there were never any logs. When you unblock it and give it a 27 . the results can be swift and surprising. Since it is the source of life. The Instant Healing Meditation originated out of an ageless understanding of this River of Life Force. Go To HealerDavid. and it flows like a river. M. It removes the temporary block to the body's healing power. It returns to being itself. the congested "stuff" that is stuck and in the way. If the flow of Life Force in the body is strong. It removes obstructions. When the river of healing within is unleashed.. Likewise.. ki and so on. your body goes right back to its natural state of wholeness. it just naturally flows. It knows what it's like to be effortlessly healthy and whole. A powerful river can be jammed by logs and stop flowing. When it is given a chance. The difference between a human being who is alive and a human being who is not is the Life Force. Various ancient sources give this universal Life Force different names: prana. When you do Instant Healing Meditation. You take out the garbage.

Any image or fantasy creature you make up to do the work only divides your work energy into the effort to create the image and the effort to do the actual work.A.What If It’s a Problem To Do the Pushing. You are not making anything up. Then it is easy to pick it up and move it. M. Like I said. Go To HealerDavid. there just is no substitute for actually “doing” the Instant Healing Meditation. planing and nibbling directly with your mind. The "pure" direct action is definitely best. So if you're having trouble with the method. Why? Because it is NOT "creative visualization" or the imagination! You could say that the "mind's eye" is being used to detect the stuck stuff. you are given helpful instructions – but you still DO the work! If you are not able to "just do" the actions like pushing. you must make concrete contact with it. then it is permissible in the beginning to make up an object or symbolic animal or other image that does this work. work on your detection skills." Is it not imagination. You are detecting and reporting on what is actually there. After actual concrete contact is made. Planing and Nibbling? The Instant Healing Meditation Method is a self-healing approach that you do yourself. Just as there is the "mind's eye. but this use of the mind's eye is not imaginary. It's just plain better to just do the work." there is the "mind's touch. But this is only to get started. I give special detection skill building exercises in the Instant Healing Meditation Home Study Course. To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. After doing the Instant Healing Meditation Method for years and years. It is actualization – actual felt contact with the real stuck “stuff” that is actually there. In a guided IHM session. I'm convinced that the main challenge for most people is in the actual direct sensing or seeing or detection of the 28 . You Can Visualize An Animal Chewing or Nibbling To pick up a pen on a desk.. David Alan Ramsdale. You detect the pen and make direct felt contact with it. the doing of the action to eliminate the detected stuff follows naturally.

. This book. La Mirada. David Alan Ramsdale. Hover learned the basic method in 1961 in Myanmar (Burma) from a mysterious enlightened Buddhist monk. instruct others. Once learned. Mr. the history or label of the trouble is of little or no importance. About 30 years ago. mental affliction. August. psychic disturbance or hereditary aberration – trouble in general – is accompanied by a tenuous substance (or a faint matter) inside. I decided I would do it. the IHM Home Study Course and my private IHM coaching sessions are the happy result. and the results are here and 29 . then. ROBERT HOVER’S SYNOPSIS OF THIS HEALING TECHNIQUE “Experience with relieving pain and upsetting emotion in about 1500 people since 1970 has revealed the following: Most physical pain. it is complex and difficult to understand.Where Did the “Instant Healing Meditation” Method Come From? I learned this technique face to face from Robert Hover. the troubled person can bring up the mental detection and action on any later trouble without the instructor. With eyes. Almost anyone can do this. From the feedback given to me. No diagnosis is needed. Hover passed away a few years ago. then mentally induce a change in it and relieve or eliminate the trouble. This mental detection and action is strictly subjective. on the surface of or outside but near the body of the troubled person. Mr. closed. the troubled person can mentally detect that substance.A. Go To HealerDavid.” – ROBERT HARRY HOVER. I attended his “body sweeping” meditation retreat in Los Angeles. It is consciously triggered the first time by following a simple 5-6 thousand word-level instruction from one who has done it. if they wish. 1988 To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. M. When nobody showed up to carry on this very special spiritual “speed healing” system. the troubled person does it all within him/herself by their perception of the tenuous substance without crippling or muffling imagination. California. a Buddhist meditation teacher. Later Hover wrote a book. His aerospace engineering knowledge and genius level insights enabled him to improve on the simple method the monk gave him. emotional outburst.

Reverend Ramdale does not diagnose. Sessions are conducted via telephone. A Session lasts about one hour. the author of this book.. There you will find the latest contact. David Alan Ramsdale. Healer David performs this spiritual healing service in his capacity as Reverend David Alan Ramsdale. Since results completely depend on individual effort. scheduling and rate information. Always consult with your physician or licensed health professional regarding any physical. M. a licensed Minister of the Universal Life Church based in Modesto. treat or prescribe.A. NOTE: There is a waiting list..A. Reverend Ramsdale is a spiritual consultant. (aka “Healer David”) To set up a Guided “Instant Healing Meditation” session with Healer David. there are NO REFUNDS. please go to HealerDavid. emotional or mental issue. Go To To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev. David Alan Ramsdale Reverend David Alan Ramsdale.SPIRITUAL “SPEED HEALING” Guided “Instant Healing Meditation” Sessions with 30 . Please act now if you want to work with David.A. M. M. California. Payment is in full in advance via PayPal. David’s wife Linda will contact you by telephone or email to arrange a time.

Quick Guide: “How to See Into Your Body” (PDF) 8. “Larry’s Knee” Live IHM Session Recording (MP3) 9. 1. The “No Story? No Problem!” Talk (MP3) 11.A. “Instant Healing Meditation” THE COMPLETE HOME STUDY COURSE “Now you can be your own spiritual ‘speed healer’!” InstantHealingMeditation. “Instant Addiction Cure” Talk Transcript (PDF) 12.Pink Sound (MP3) The IHM Home Study Course Is 100% Guaranteed! To Schedule Guided IHM Sessions with Rev.. “No Story? No Problem!” Talk Transcript (PDF) Bonus #1: Guided Relaxation . Part 2: Intermediate – Deconstruct Objects (PDF) 3. Part 1: Basic – Remove Stuck Energy Stuff (PDF) 2. Part 5: Maintain Health & Prevent Problems (PDF) 6. Part 4: Addiction.Rain Sound (MP3) Bonus #2: Guided Relaxation . Go To HealerDavid. David Alan Ramsdale. Depression (PDF) 5. Quick Guide: “How to Help Family & Friends” (PDF) 31 . Panic. The “Instant Addiction Cure” Talk (MP3) 10.Forest Sound (MP3) Bonus #3: Kundalini Brain Booster . Part 3: Advanced – Dismantle Networks (PDF) 4...A SELF-HEALING REVOLUTION! Get Results in Just 30 Minutes. M.Rain Sound (MP3) Bonus #4: Kundalini Brain Booster .

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