A Manual for a New Existence

by Lanthorn (see end for copyright info) Forward This paper was written for everyone's benefit. It is version 1.0 of a guide to surviving the collapse of humanity's corrupt societies, which have been based on fear, dis-empowerment, and slavery. It is designed for those of you who feel stuck, or just don't know quite where to start, and offers something a bit different than what you might be used to - an alternative path to freedom and prosperity that departs from war and selfishness. It shows what you can do, and how to be successful from the top down, not the bottom up. What is written here is direct and to the point. You don't need a giant volume to understand these concepts – they are carefully crafted to describe the essence of the matter, so that you can use them to create giant volumes of your own, through direct experience. Taking action and gaining experience is the foundation of true learning. People say that "knowledge is power' - however this somewhat of a fallacy, because more often than not what people are really saying is that "information is power", and that is not actually true. Information is not the same as knowledge, and it cannot be powerful when it is useless. 99% of the information people have crammed into their heads, into books, or downloaded onto their computers, is useless. By useless I mean that even though they 'have' this information: 1. They will never fully UNDERSTAND it because it does not apply to them - its not appropriate to their life, its just 'interesting'. 2. Because they never apply it to anything in their real life, the potential for knowledge will never be REALIZED, and thus, the information will never lead to any kind of change or growth that benefits them. 3. Because of a lack any growth in understanding, or failure to take action (experience), having information without real knowledge fails to EMPOWER people in any way. On top of this, people will spend a great deal of time seeking out useless information, absorbing or assimilating it, thinking about it, talking about it, sometimes even obsessing about it, and in the end, it takes away their time and energy, and ultimately they are left with nothing. Waste, as regrettable as it is, is only the least harmful result of the common pursuit and possession of useless information. You can have have all the information in the world and still be ignorant; the best purpose information can serve is to prepare the way for experience and realization that leads you to real knowledge. Think about this carefully as we move on.

What is the New Existence? Here is the overview. We are witnessing the collapse of the current civilization, its happening in virtually all countries, not just America. We cannot run away from this dreadful beast and its ruling regime, nor should it be attacked. The only way to ensure its demise is to replace it with a different reality that works, and for everyone with Free Will to start embracing it. A better way of life will only be achieved by people who can see things clearly (capable of critical thinking) and who have enough self-control and/or conviction to permanently reject the supremacy of greed, fear, and control.

What I'm going to propose in this manual is the foundation of a new kind of human society that will resemble a sort of modern tribalism. The tribe is a small mobile society; it contains everything that a large civilization does, just smaller. As the genesis for large scale change, we must start by accomplishing a small change. If you can make a successful tribe that works better than institutionalized society, then you will know that it can work on any scale. Modern tribalism is a culture consisting of planned communities of people who's collective knowledge and experience are sufficient to support the whole. These communities begin with a nomadic lifestyle so that they do not have to be rooted in the domestic program of the current slavery model, which requires the fruits of all their labors in exchange for a dismal (borrowed) material existence, false promises, and endless debt. However, these factors alone do not comprise the core essence of the new existence, tribalism is mainly a (temporary) method for creating a free and mobile society. The success of this effort completely depends on the world-view of the people doing it. For long-term success to be possible, we must have a world view that will support it. Regardless of its character and background, such a society must embrace these 5 convictions (at minimum) in order to lead themselves back toward a balanced human existence: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Appreciate life, and respect it instead of objectifying it. Love our fellow human beings, and share instead of compete for resources. Cultivate trust by always striving to be worthy of it. Be responsible for ourselves, and be involved in our personal and collective evolution. Be respectful stewards of Nature and assist it instead of exploiting it.

These are the kinds of things people used to learn in kindergarten, before the Imperial Conditioning replaced even these simple concepts with nonsense. Even though they may seem simple, they are the key to our destiny as a species, and to the prosperity of our habitat. These convictions are based on Philosophic principles and are absolutely vital to success because effective change must start from the top down – • • • • The world-view and beliefs we hold set the range of our available life experience. The range of available life experience conditions the nature of our thoughts and feelings. The nature of our thoughts and feelings produce the prevailing behavior. Behavior essentially dictates the entire quality of life because it affects all activity in the human world, up to and including its ultimate success or failure.

By philosophic principles, I don't mean religion or spirituality, the word 'philosophic' speaks for itself: it means “Love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline.” Without wisdom, we will inevitably repeat the mistakes of the past. The first step in recovery is to remove what is toxic and poisonous and supply only what is actually needed for health. What human culture needs most right now is wisdom. Basically, we are talking about starting over while the old is still here. But how do you get out? Very few people have been able to afford a retreat into an off-the-grid home at this time, and even these habitations will fall apart quickly if supply lines and access to services were to come to a halt. In such a scenario, they would be in a similar dilemma as their grid-bound cousins. Rather than be bound to debt-housing, a modern tribe will need to learn how to use alternate forms of shelter and habitation, both in and outside of urban regions. The growth of this lifestyle is a learning process; while the internet exists, tribes can communicate over distance using public access. While industry continues, people can recycle raw materials and use ingenuity to devise new ways of doing things that don't rely on the grid. As experience accumulates and more discoveries are made, regional knowledge and resources will become the heritage of tribes, which they can share with other tribes as they migrate.

Summary This summarizes the intent and plan for a new existence described in this manual: a network of tribal cultures who have made a paradigm shift and created a new reality in which all aspects of human living have departed from the slave model. Life is conducted based on higher principles which will build a positive, responsible, and constructive culture which will eventually replace the old destructive one. When communities have solidified and self-sufficiency is within their power, a tribe would logically want to select an appropriate homeland / territory in which to build out their civilization. From this place they can teach and rehabilitate the indigenous population (who will have the opportunity to see a healthy model that works with their own eyes). This becomes the genesis for a new kind of nation. Even if short term success is made, a future in which we do not repeat this cycle of corruption will be unavoidable unless human beings can learn to live unselfishly enough for their habitat to produce enough resources for everyone without being destroyed in the process. Enough is as good as a feast; one person does not need the resources of 10,000 people. This sort of thinking is not a political platform, it is necessary for long term survival. Greed and materialism are the agency of the corruption that has brought about the collapse we are witnessing; they are fueled by ignorance and fear. Fear itself is caused by ignorance, and the cure for ignorance is knowledge. The kind of knowledge we are talking about here is only attained and passed on to others when understanding has followed action, in a fully aware, trained, and disciplined way. Remember this.

Perspective In order to survive the transition out of the slave existence we have endured for so long, it is going to be necessary to take control of your attention and your mind. The corporate rulers and elite wealth that control your life and the parameters of your existence are powerful enough to do so only because they have won the battle for your mind, and have complete control of your attention. As it is today, you have surrendered your power and freedom, and devote all of your creative energy to sustaining and supporting the masters and their order of slavery that binds you. The shackles that modern slaves wear in this civilization are: imposed taxes, imposed living costs, and the drudgery of the 40+ hour work week. What are taxes? Taxes are the price you pay to 'be allowed to exist'. It is a toll of at least 1/3 of all your energy, which goes directly to the basic support and maintenance of the very ruling regime that has put itself into a position to judge whether or not you are worthy to live. What are living costs? The very idea that it should 'cost to live' is a crime against humanity, but what it boils down to is an agreement that you, as a sovereign being, do not possess a right to life and the means of survival, and have to sacrifice in order to live. This plays out as a negative struggle between those who 'owe' and those who 'own'.(we will return to this dilemma shortly) What is the 40 hour work week? This is the harvest of your soul. It is your entire life's work, consisting of all the time and energy you possess to create anything during the course of your life, interspersed by brief periods of rest and repair (evenings and weekends). For most people, almost all of this creative power goes directly to meet 'living costs', and there is nothing left over to provide for vacation, old age, or death.

if you were to compare framing to the American democratic process. Framing and Reframing are not inherently evil tools. When you can see things in these terms. adversity. your mind is relentlessly attacked at a unconscious level by word frequency. you sit in a chair whether you wanted to or not. is there any doubt as to what is actually going on? Framing is reinforced by another manipulation tool: when things become intolerable or your rights are trampled. because the truth is that you have never had an honest choice in what your life should be. and you never even question it. This is the gateway between your mind and the programming. or avoid depression. Kill your television. all you have done is decide between what chains to wear. you are brought back into abeyance through a process called 'reframing'. Is this really what you want for an existence? This is precisely the imposed model that holds the vast majority of western civilization in bondage. consume what little time remains of your '40 hour work week'. thankfulness (count your blessings). achieve goals. This is the ability to see the truth – to determine why certain things are happening. memes (repetitive idea transmissions). and into a position where you will have the freedom to think critically. everything you knew or thought you knew about society and the meaning of life takes on a very different flavor. It is crucial to start making this shift in perspective and look at things in terms of how they affect the state and quality of your existence. This trap is what they call 'framing' in hypnosis – it is a type of psychological control wherein a person is given a command in the form of a free choice. Reframing is a psychological programming technique that encourages you to change your perspective to one in which the subject takes on a completely different meaning (as chosen by the controller). FEAR. This is usually done in a situation where a legitimate grievance is converted into the illusion of opportunity (look on the bright side). The masters control the chains (credit) while the slaves labor in their bondage (debt). 1. social pressure. The chains that connect the slaves to the masters in this scheme is money. desire manipulation. handed complete control of your life to someone else. This model of existence has plagued humanity for at least 2000 years. but they come first because they will have the most immediate and essential outcomes. These engagements are not the only options. which is a symbol of the creative energy you generate through your '40 hour work week'. but in the end. In order to build a new existence. By exposure to this device. and start making your own decisions. or that chair?” it may seem like freedom of choice. and their actual significance as they pertain to your existence. When you are asked the question “Would you like to sit in this chair. Broadcasting is filled with all of these tools which are designed to distract you. you will need to do this frequently. guilt. and paid them to do it with your soul. and let go of the social programming that has kept you in bondage for your whole life. But in this society they are far more commonly used (I would go so far as to say almost exclusively used) to manipulate people. and above all.Clearing your personal space This section describes the first steps in creating a new way of living that will move you out of the realm of distraction. and it has taken a terrible toll upon us. What we have just done in this section called 'Perspective' is engage in some critical thinking. Stage 1 . and trauma. or to convert a legitimate reaction like anger into a harmless one like humor. . they can be used constructively by individuals to stay focused. Most television programming is dedicated to sustaining this manipulation. With this in mind.What this amounts to in brief is a scenario where you have given up your sovereign right to exist.

At the beginning of any kind of new life. . and associates likely will not. Self-assessment. 4. and how you can learn and benefit from each other. your mind is put into a trance state. chances are you will lose. You will. have to decide whether their desires and expectations of you are more important than those you have for yourself. this exercise is simply for you to find out exactly what you need to learn. so it is important to establish where your starting point is in the process. Start building an intentional community. If you are considering the idea of building a new existence. in terms of a society. and demanding social scenes. you will be able to assess each other and. but all of theirs. and they could become your strongest allies if only you talked to them. sooner or later. consumerism. Many hands make light work. reform. then you are going to find that a good portion of your family members. you will know what kind of work is ahead of you. If you worry them enough. As you network with like-minded individuals. “Being cool” is just another form of slavery. food. If you have evaluated your relationships effectively. Write down the answer to questions like: if you were unplugged from the current civilization. and make arrangements for those possibilities. whether your doing anything wrong or not. you will find yourself up against not only your own programming. see where your combined strengths begin to build a more complete whole. you may also find that you have more good people in your life than you realized. and establish a prosperous future. where people become slaves to their lower egos. and work to satisfy the conditions for esteem or acceptance among the members of that particular scene. 5. This enables the programming to completely bypass your rational filters and train and modify your behavior at a deep psychological level. I'm not a cult telling you to abandon your family. 2. These dependencies will work directly against any kind of existence that will be able to replace the old corrupt one. Don't worry about your scores. the first challenges have to do with independence. and your future. drugs. If you do not accept the possibility right up front that you may have to part ways with these people. collectively. I am an awakened being encouraging you to take responsibility for the only thing you have control over: your own life. technophilia. or abilities that would be of definite value in a new culture? Do you have time or other resources with which to learn things or support others? When you have your answers. such as gambling. This means anything that has you rooted to the current regime. and show you some things that perhaps you never expected (because you never asked). character. and building something new. Without thinking these things through and exercising a healthy amount of discretion.While you watch a television. it will be worth your while to give them the chance to speak for themselves. they will summon authorities who will come and neutralize you. warmth. People are afraid of change and anything they are unfamiliar with. Disengage from harmful pursuits. Take some time to figure out how much you know or don't know about looking after yourself. and what you will be able to teach or share with others. and two heads are (usually) better than one when it comes to recovery. 3. and basic necessities of life? Do you have enough basic life experience to teach a child what they would need to know to become an intelligent and capable adult? Do you have any specialized skills. Making a major transition from an unhealthy existence to a healthy state of being is not something most people can do alone. Evaluate all your relationships. The unconscious mind cannot refuse these suggestions there is simply no defense against this programming except to avoid exposure. When you evaluate the people in your life. friends. would you be able to create or obtain proper shelter. then this will be a lot easier and safer to do. On the other hand. knowledge.

Stage 2 – Getting out of the Box Once your able to think clearly and critically. falsehoods. debts. Of course this is a scary prospect. you believe you don't own anything. Summary Unplug yourself from the Matrix. start thinking for yourself. Any major change to your programming is going to seem like a threat to what you understand to be your life. Its all 'patrolled and protected' (for your convenience). the generations that follow us will never have to go through this nightmare. . Violence only justifies more government and escalates to more violence. and energy. and we all possess it. its ok to admit. If you would like to use it responsibly. and have paid the admission fees. the problems going on here are happening in every country on the planet right now. The apparent problem is. and it is not a valid solution because it doesn't actually solve the root issues. even material science has proven that reality conforms to the observer's expectations. you will never know the possibilities that have been censored out of your world. and have some control over your attention. owe them your work energy in order to have the privilege of visiting the various parts of this infrastructure of theirs for brief periods of time. expect some resistance to pile up. as a slave. That is a tremendous power. The good news is that once a better model of existence is up and running. so it may seem like nowhere is safe. etc) that were available to you before you knew much of anything about life. but keep in mind that at this time we are out of options and just about out of time. There are no government grants or communes that can give it to you either. We are thousands of years deep into a psychotic episode that each and every one of us has to work our way out of. and start supplying only healthy components. the first instinct for the self-aware slave who has just figured out that they can wriggle out of their chains is 'where to run'. They will inherit what we wish we could have had. keep reading. By detaching from the sources of mental and social conditioning and laying down your own foundations. burdens. The first one deals specifically with boundaries. If you think that making personal adjustments are too hard or too much work. All I will say is that if you follow those steps. There really is no other way to step out of the chains of slavery until you allow your self the time and personal space to begin creating a better life in a deliberate way (not just out of blind reaction).If I were to tell you that by doing these things you are not giving up your life. you will acquire the ability to reject the programming (careers. This includes everything from the streets to the national forests. This means that individually and collectively. so from this point onward. You won't be going with the flow anymore. There are no career options or educational degrees that offer an escape. a new set of obstacles will become evident. the first stage of healing is to remove the source of toxic input. only the masters (government and the elite) own things. Freedom is taboo. traps. I might be misusing the technique of reframing. That is because this form of life is not allowed. it becomes possible to see what your doing. then please pass this paper on to someone else who might be able to make use of it. we control our reality based on consent and expectation. and make a plan. As we've said. You. time. But unless you unplug and take a look for yourself. Many people (out of fear) seem to think that counter-attack or revolution is the only logical next step. but it will take courage and an initial effort to make this happen. as long as you are in accordance with their law. as the slave. because the corporate slave masters don't want to lose their human resources any more than a farmer wants to let their cattle run free. Again. It is possible to change the world you live in.

This gives one brutal individual total control over everyone's mind through the power of fear. and gasoline. The Appendix section covers the many details of exactly how this can be accomplished. Since this is a peaceful method. So the main order of business here is to avoid thinking in terms of their model – they cannot be overcome from within their own game and its artificial boundaries. and that is why the devote such enormous amounts of energy to keeping everyone distracted. In essence. The first thought in people's minds is that any alternative is going to mean a return to the stone age. and you have begun to build our planned community. have made some personal decisions. the strategy of subtlety and passive resistance will be of the greatest use while these fake laws still exist. This mental reflex removes all options before any creative thought has occurred. The view of the elite is that they can own things (including you) as long as they can scare you into believing it by making an example of someone. The first truth to recognize here is that no one 'owns' anything on this earth. Not to have the power to do what they do (destroy) but to have the power to build a world in which greed and control has no place. fuel) Housing (titles. stage 2 is learning how to lose your respect for false man-made laws (the true weaponry of the elite) and learn to recognize and respect natural laws instead. this tiny less-than-1% leadership would lose all of its power. Your ability to function as a sustainable community. The second truth to recognize is that the slaves outnumber the bullies (even the ranks of enforcers) by 5000 to 1.This is the dilemma created by the fake ownership model. and leases) Summary For all practical purposes then. almost nobody knows how to live outside the artificial conditions they have been born and raised with. it is capable of migration. deeds.if that thing is preventative or problematic to the founding principles. In order to exist as an autonomous tribe within this country. and in which we are indivisible because their boundaries are meaningless. These mechanisms are: • • • Income (money) Resources (energy. we must remove ourselves from their influence and their dependency. and some of those methods will expand and become customized to the regions where this manual is put into practice. The fear comes from not knowing how one would cope without electricity. We must 'get off the grid'. both tribally and as a civilization. We must change the rules of the game and reclaim our power. This becomes possible when we solve Supply Dependency. by thinking in these terms one is negatively . Having the basics of a workable philosophy that won't reproduce the same old problems. If the people were able to reclaim their minds and were no longer in the grip of fear. then it will be of no use to the future. food. the next immediate question arises: how do you become physically independent? This is the crucial question because at present. Once a tribe is capable of looking after its own needs. They are deeply afraid that you will realize this. This does not mean to become an anarchist – it means to rethink everything you do in terms of: • • The 5 principles . the tribe must reduce and eliminate their reliance upon the country's most formidable anchoring mechanisms. in order to surmount the forces that inhibit our physical freedom. running water. Stage 3 – Domestic concerns We are at the step in this manual where we will assume that you have unplugged from the mind control machine known as modern society.

Wind Power . I will mention a few methods here for reference. Why do oil companies forcefully buy up or destroy all inventions that would solve the energy crisis? Because if it became widely known that you could get energy from something like water. and begin study and development. This is what the slave masters want you to believe. Energy The problem with energy resources isn't that they are truly scarce. and move toward a situation where they become the principal means for energy. and then work on creative ways of attaining them. free energy. So. the problem is that an entropy model has been put in place that requires consumption of a (contrived) limited supply. larger and not very mobile structures which would be very difficult to operate discreetly.framing themselves. which someone with aptitude in your community should take point on. the only barrier is their brutal suppression by the Powers That Be (your slave masters). • • . They require almost no maintenance. sustainable and renewable. as this is an already developed and available technology. • Solar Power . However its value as a short term solution is great. lets discuss energy. We aren't dealing with a sudden exile into a barren landscape . because one can purchase or salvage the components in a pre-developed and premade condition and start using them right away. food. The Appendix covers more details on this subject. no true 'value' could be placed on resources. limited quantity to control and thus. The main resource we should concern ourselves with for the long term is energy. and not have the ability to rebuild a civilization in a short amount of time.this method runs parallel to solar power in that it relies on fairly complicated structures . there is very little chance that they could be manufactured until a lot more development has taken place. but it does require specialized components and resources that are not very easily available. Its pros are also worthy of consideration.this one is fairly obvious. or even from the air. do things the right way. we don't have to start with a defeatist scenario. federal.let's take some time to develop a sound structure that we will transition into. Without this model. We don't want to set ourselves up for failure and an inevitable rebound. Without a source of clean. It is self-sabotage to think that resources are simply not available outside of institutionalized (national. giving them the time to be developed and tested so that they will be reliable when needed most. and could easily supply the energy needs of a small community. This becomes a single point of failure for the civilization. learn how to build and manage them. there could be no rare. The down side is that if panels are lost. This means that we will need to initiate our long term plans first. they would never be able to control it and make billions of dollars. There is no shortage of alternatives for abundant energy and renewable resources.but this time. are clean. and is actually not as difficult to reproduce as chemical solar cells. and shelter. A series of earth 10 batteries are simple to build and install. commercial) distribution.far and away the simplest and most reliable form of power for permanent and mobile implementation. The main resources we should concern ourselves with for the short term are water. We don't want to have to reinvent the wheel. If we consider what is necessary for life and add those things into the picture. a tribal culture will remain relatively primitive. and easy to manufacture. It will be of pivotal importance to any tribe that seeks to become truly free and independent to become familiar with some of these alternatives.this this case. Earth Batteries . the goal here is to be able to retain some truly valuable knowledge from the past .

and some working models. A number of alternative methods for food production. wells. and if done properly and governed wisely. The second stage begins when you have fully transitioned away from all commercially available foods and are existing only on that which you have produced yourself. Don't rely on chemical purification (bleach. Over 65% of the United States is undeveloped federally-owned land. If you cannot afford a filter. and has the benefit of being away from dense population centers. from growing to gathering. These are not recommended for starting out. . whereas rural dwellers should not attempt to travel back and forth to towns for the sake of soup kitchens. it is not recommended. your water filter will be of vital importance. it is indefinitely sustainable. unless someone in your community is already involved with independent farming. Until you are settled near some clean water (river. it will be a water filter. If there can be anything you could call a 'startup cost' for your new existence. There will be two stages to your food independence. but it is not quite as difficult a subject to learn and develop . etc) that you can adequately purify. There will be a good length of time in our near future where you will find yourself in situations where clean water will be very difficult if not impossible to obtain. and it is only coming in at 3rd place because it is not quite as immediate of a necessity as water. The civilizations which advanced the farthest and lived the longest were based on agriculture.There are certainly more options available than these three. This can go a number of different ways. but most require a much more advanced background in science and technology. but acquiring knowledge of their principles is highly recommended. making you very difficult to detect. The most likely scenario in the beginning will be an opportunistic tribe which produces food mainly through agriculture. solid experience and field testing. alternative energy research abounds. etc). This territory is just as well suited for such endeavors as any other land. an initial stage where your tribe is consuming some percentage of commercially available food on a daily basis. springs. you will want to invest in a good portable water filter. Planning for food independence will require about as much study and planning as energy production. Once your long term developments are underway. in which case you will have designated planting and harvesting areas which you actively maintain and protect.but it ranks very close. or you may (by choice or necessity) subsist primarily on hunting and gathering.see the Appendix section for details on how to make these. in urban and rural environments is supplied in the Appendix. If at all possible. but supplements with limited hunting and gathering. This will likely occur during your transition phases. there are some simple ways of making effective water filters using commonly available materials . Food Food will be your next most immediate concern. get yourself a good multi-stage filter that takes out chemical and microbial contamination. From relatively simple magnet generators to zero-point energy devices. depleted. your tribe may decide to be primarily agricultural. This will be dependent on your habitat and the availability of resources. Don't choose solutions that are unrealistic for the habitat you have targeted . Water You will not get far without clean water. and should be studied while the information is available. but because it is a finite model that can be easily upset. or destroyed by neighbors or competitors.growing blue-green algae will be more reliable in a controlled indoor environment than a forest.

you will be ok. Rest assured. warmth. warm clothes. you may have an easier time scaling your transitions from the interim stages to independence. Many nomadic societies lived in tents. you won't have a steady income to make mortgage payments. you are well within your rights to be there. detained. then other measures will be required. you will need to abandon the concept of property ownership. and as long as your being responsible and discreet. We do not intend to fight any battles over so-called territory from within the system and its laws. and this should not be ignored as an urban (temporary) dietary resource. The value of this scenario is realized only if your community is already very self-sufficient and physically adept. borders. They deal with your short and long term resource needs. on the highways. the fact is that all federal land is owned *in trust* by all citizens of the country. Public and wild gardening are possible. you will need to be very adaptable and mobile until you find a region that is suitable for longer term dwelling. use it to develop your community. and in public areas is difficult because authorities have stereotyped such people as derelict and criminal. knowing this may help you get over the idea that you are a criminal for living there. arrested. privately-held property will likely be the best place from which to base your community. • • Generally speaking. and finally. (although even if you have completely defaulted or gone bankrupt. Citizens are free to travel through and camp on federal land and wilderness as long as they move every two weeks. and prepare for independence. pay land taxes and other new taxes that crop up. The basics of shelter. . that the actual criminals of our time are the leadership that has robbed and subjugated its own people. and the Elite will have you removed sooner or later. to long term establishment. Suffice to say that in order to become independent in this regard.Shelter The kind of shelter you will require for healthy living will greatly depend on your local climate.in this scenario. but in some climates it can be quite sufficient and comfortable. This is the basic guideline. If you are fortunate to have a good size community with a variety of skills and education. a great deal of clean and edible food is disposed of daily from grocery stores and restaurants. make your plans.as of this writing. but it should be kept in mind that as you break free as a society and develop your independence. but for what it's worth. If you are a citizen and have paid taxes at some point in the past. • Privately-Held Property .living as a nomad in cities. or worse will be eventualities for you if you remain this mode for very long. the better off you will be. and is willing to live on the edge and knows how to stay outside the reach of the authorities. and something over your head to keep you dry. and territories. then you are as much an "owner" of that land as anyone else. but if it is not available. you will need to determine how soon you will have to leave the property. Although the Elite would like you to think that you do not own this land. your only true shelter requirements are protection from the elements and privacy. Public Land .camping is not the ideal habitat. and it is a very efficient mode of operation for a community in a transitional state. and being harassed. Summary This section has covered the basic considerations you will need to factor into your initial plans. Federal Land . When you go off the grid. While in a transitional state. it could be a very long time before anything is actually done about it from their end). and the better you prepare for this in terms of knowledge and practice. While you have the property. and sanitation for each of the above scenarios is detailed in the Appendix. as is foraging . If you have warm bedding.

Disregard this warning at your own risk. What has been observed in the most long-lived societies was a structure where the population are guided by those who possess the highest degree of wisdom. They have demonstrated repeatedly that they contain the viruses by which all civilized efforts are brought down to the state we are observing in the slavery model of these times.Social concerns At this point. This kind of behavior undermines the work if individuals and the development of the collective. The rest of the group only becomes aware of the scheme until its already well underway or has achieved enough of its aims to have done serious damage. and operating some tools or devices you have brought with you. are very widespread. They generally stem from 3 types of things: • Power struggles . but what is suggested will be to avoid those that have demonstrably high failure rates and those that are based on a principles of consumption and destruction. These must be resolved immediately and effectively. These kinds of people are hard to find in today's world. For this reason. However. This will be a major decision point for most of you. it is highly recommended that you start your community with something more than the 5 Principles. can clean yourselves and sleep safely. what commonly occurs the moment success is reached in a social group like this is interpersonal conflicts of one kind or another. there are some other factors we have not mentioned until now because they are less universal. let us assume that you have a solid community and have rolled off the grid . they filled the vital roles that kept society healthy by guiding it through its most troubled times. socialism. There are no political or philosophical frameworks that you could adopt which will guarantee a society's survival. What can be proven beyond doubt is that all the major religions and political ideologies that have influenced civilization for the last 1500 years will be poisonous to long-term success. because people who plot and scheme act selfishly and secretly. With the right kind of knowledge and experience in your tribe. you have enough to eat & drink. and you are in a location that is conducive to your lifestyle. Drama Firstly.this is probably the most common cause of difficulty in a social group.Stage 4 . The chances of this kind of thing becoming a serious problem is minimized by adherence to the 3rd Principle. This is usually the most educated and/or elder members of the society. with the skills of a counselor and healer. but in the past. etc. this situation is not that hard to attain. It is literally the needs and will of the one outweighing the needs and will of the many. and perhaps you've got some free energy for lighting at night. etc) to simple clashes over direction or ideology. because the major religions and the love of systems like capitalism.refusal to change these ways will result in the inevitable collapse of your new society.you have established some working methods for food production. and depend upon the character of your society and the conditions you may or may not be facing which are peculiar to your region and your status with respect to the slave world. All that can be said at this point is . but the possibility exists that such things were brought in before the . and their adherents would often rather die than change or abandon these beliefs and practices. This kind of education was the equivalent to that of a highly experienced psychologist. or everything you have all worked for could fall apart overnight. • Ulterior Motives/Hidden Agendas .a power struggle can come about as a result of anything from personal involvements (love triangles. Basically.

and it can sometimes go a lot farther in the case where a person comprehends the full impact of their actions. games. but having already been there. Confusion sets into a group when they do not sense any kind of structure (social order) or group identity (shared destiny/vision). there will be many boring and dreary nights that will literally drive you nuts. The 5 Principles will give you the tools you need to sort through difficulties. productive. but out in your own world. Inspiration and joy cannot be underrated. or efficient. History has shown that when passive civilizations are faced with violent ones.these issues may seem harmless.community was fully formed. The other side to this issue is confusion. this is not an option for us. everyone has a valuable role. (don't put too much power or influence in one bucket). you will want to promote and encourage people engage in arts. it gives members of the tribe a role to fill which they can not only fulfill. and everything gets done. The way to avoid this species of social decay is to structure your society from the beginning. and if your going to do this at all. perhaps you have one or more engineers. but they are in fact very serious.the entire tribe must come together and agree on a resolution to the issue quickly and effectively. Among your tribe should be some knowledge of how to respond and direct your group in an emergency in order to know how to do things like evacuate. maneuver. it also needs to promote an enjoyable life! Without fulfilling pursuits and pastimes.that doesn't just mean more noble. There is nothing wrong with defending your life. take a position. because they have fled to a place where their aggressors do not care to go. The way you handle things in your society is up to you. so refer to them frequently. and make sure that it has goals which it is moving toward. everyone will be required to learn their roles and what to do. This is a group activity. when) and develop some re-usable methods for solving them. This is a serious issue. it is still required of us. People in your society are bringing with them their hopes for a better existence . The other fate is as a slave or victim. For example . • Boredom & Confusion . . then everybody needs to practice it without exception. Behavior includes how you treat other people . but also govern.several people who have worked out the food problems might direct agriculture. and at this time. In this way. and your future will be much more assured. while so much of humanity is infected with corruption. but I will suggest you read the 5th Principle before you act. and that these are clearly known and recorded. The solution to these issues are the same as they are for power struggles . and so one. In the past you had every conceivable sort of pleasurable diversion at your disposal. there eventually comes a time for every society when a rival group of hostile force threatens your survival directly. dance. and can unravel a society as effectively as any other crisis. drama and storytelling. The identity and fiber of your society is strengthened by things like this. Danger Secondly. Social order is very necessary.forgiveness is just as important as justice. it is a requirement of the entirety of nature. or defend yourselves. and traditions such as music. those with medical skills might comprise your hospital. they do not survive. The easiest way to do this is by putting responsibilities into buckets and assigning them to the people who have the best skill and affinity for them. you will be past a major trial. and even the most peaceful societies must establish how they will cope with this kind of threat. Their fate (at best) becomes that of the occupants of the most harsh and inhospitable lands. If you can survive conflicts like these when they arise (not if.

At this point. sciences. remains in accord with the 5 Principles.Chances are. and a number of other disasters are expected to occur. Defensive measures as a native population are very different than invasive military training which is based on war and the presence of powerful weapons. You may have yet to solve the issues of travel and trade with distant communities. your new society has not only become independent and established renewable. There should be great confidence that your civilization will fare better than its predecessors. and your society should benefit from them. Summary Stage 4 has been devoted to challenges you face once you are up and running. and how well you fare them will depend on how your society is structured. and forged relations with several other similar societies. their diaspora could mean growth for your tribe. It is important to remember that anybody who is not working for the slave masters could be a potential ally. and spirituality. at least in terms of peaceful relations. The next several years will be a time of severe economic collapse. to strengthen your knowledge because teachers learn by greater strides than students. On the other hand. or founded the establishments which will educate and train future generations. Before this situation arises. Some suggested resources on this subject can be found in the Appendix. Let us assume that over a period of years. . if we are fortunate to have had success in building a new existence. and a strengthening of your society. and give it everything it needs to enrich the world and perhaps grow into something even greater than you imagined. what would the next step be for your new existence? You now enjoy a free and healthy life. your role in that process will be up to you. wars. Most of these are contrived by government efforts to destabilize the population and kill many of them off through hunger. etc. free energy. and nothing more can be asked of it. and its people are benevolent and free to pursue their human potential. It is not necessary at this point to make a decision like this. If they are open to an alternative life. It is almost guaranteed that you will experience some or all of the dangers described above. your infrastructure is made up of the remnants of a bygone era and will not last long. The hardest-won success can still fall to stagnation and a lack of motivation. there will be no shortage of people with some amount of military knowledge and experience. and strife. While you may live well. but it has surmounted the adversity of troubled times (disasters. but it is a good idea to keep it in your mind as a future concern. and how well you have prepared. Stage 5 – Continuity Success is something that should not be an end-state. but it will be important to adapt this knowledge to your unique lifestyle and habitat. if your society has vitality. while the last of the slave governments collapse and fall apart. you may want decide what direction you should go as a people.) and established itself as a free nation. This should be seen as a great opportunity. to appreciate and respect it by making something of it. Generally cultures will either persist in some type of development (inwardly or outwardly) or they will stop developing and simply persist at a comfortable level. and love and fellowship among your people. a rich and growing unique culture. Although the world could benefit from continued development and rediscovery of the arts. then it is a worthy home for the human spirit. disease. sustainable resources and clean. as you are given the chance to teach them everything you know. Summary This section is a reminder that.

and can learn from the past. The Grid is. You cannot get a job without both an address and a phone number. hand crafts. . Look at how cleverly they literally weave together: • • • • • Every necessity requires money. By supplementing your food supply. and they don't force you into further dependencies. The most stable 'slow transition' will be to remove the Grid items from the bottom up. This includes prefabricated houses and apartments. Some of the things that will make getting of the Grid happen easier and faster include: Lifestyle Changes • Use and development of home gardening. and what is useful and not useful to learn. you gain the ability to modify and customize your world. gasoline. Based on how the Grid is set up. you reduce costs and learn the many nuances of how to grow food properly. This is quite a shift. every item in the list ceases to be an actual hard requirement. Therefore. By learning how to craft and repair your own goods. Home schooling is essential not only for teaching young people. and most people will want to do this in stages. Media services are not requirements for the majority of jobs (yet) but chances are if you have a job you will rely on TV and/or the Internet to distract yourself from thoughts of suicide. This Manual was created to help create the latter option. garbage and recycling services. or a reform effort in which civilization is rebuilt by people who remember how things went wrong. because you can't provide for yourself through any other means than a job. You cannot have an address without a house or apartment. You cannot have a house or apartment without plumbing and electric or gas/oil heating. phone service (land and cell). the same as the barred cells and shackles of a prison. and make good use out of raw materials. Eventually you will acquire a curriculum that will provide a healthy replacement for the Imperial Conditioning that passes for state education today. oil and natural gas. and earning money demands a job. Lets be clear – the grid is the network of services and infrastructure that support modern living. once you take the “earning money” part out of the equation. electricity. collectively. and any other subscription product or service you can have. Appendix Getting off the grid Today there are many ideas about what 'getting off the grid' entails. we may have a choice between a devolution back to primitive life. We can change this trend. the only way to truly get 'off the Grid' is to both leave the job market AND move outside of society. city plumbing (septic and running water).When the day comes that we all walk away from this over-complicated and corrupt civilization (its no longer a question of IF). but to start improving the education process itself – learning the difference between the true and the false. You cannot live in the civilized zone without having most of the items in the list above. the only thing people have learned from history is that no one seems to be capable of learning from history. home schooling. cable TV and internet. All these consumable resources and utilities are woven together to form THE GRID. Thus far.

When you have a network of people working together and sharing their skills and resources.Most people have access to natural sources of water – rain gutters. and there are a few ways to dispose of them. Sell it if possible. and if you have local gardens or farms. The Internet offers many free tools for communication and collaboration between tribes (like the website that hosts this paper). and entrap them in massive debt obligations that they cannot pay from within the (artificially collapsed) economy. let it float along until it does sell. and invest in good quality home or portable filtration device and keep your purified drinking water separate. Use it if you can. (see: Water) Sewage – Most people have access to free sources of water – rain gutters. local creeks and rivers. and through which you will be controlled. and free wifi signals can be used in many urban areas. you will still lose your ownership. Disposal – if you live efficiently. Even if you were able to keep paying your property costs. What is going to follow the transition to 'global governing' is the elimination of private ownership. life becomes much easier for everyone. and tends to steer clear of the inherent problems of currency (greed. If you could replace the need for Grid energy and fuel.• Implement a barter system for goods & services among your planned community. you should be able to distribute it regularly with little to no impact. it can be a very powerful tool. etc. This is a very serious major trap. and are willing to fill and rotate 4 gallon barrels. you could completely eliminate another dependency and cost. etc. you will need to free yourself from it. gardening valves. local creeks and rivers. because it is the only well known model that de-centralizes wealth. • Dropping all non-essential services and/or switch to free ones • Internet . This would also provide the opportunity to learn and develop your alternative technology. you won't have much to throw away. they may just take it off your hands. Free internet access is available at public libraries across the country. or if renting it will provide enough money to balance it's cost. • • Liquidating all assets and ties that bind you to the system: • Property – unless you flat-out own your land/house. filter your wash water with a basic home made filter. • Water . so as long as you are respectful. you will be able to gather free water for washing and drinking. you can flush any toilet in the modern world by pouring a few gallons into the bowl. and it is best to escape it while you can. The federal government and corrupt banking institutions have conspired to bankrupt the citizenry of this country. This debt will translate into bonding that will be used to coerce you into the new global economy which they will absolutely control. and that is what we are trying to do by getting off the Grid. but you will not lose your ties to the system. If this is the case in your region. you will generate some waste materials. sell it immediately. However. This is a free way to use sanitation without signing up for it. . Inorganic waste can be put in public trash bins in small quantities. If you do. If you do not own your land/house. You will need barrels that can be covered to gather water and prevent debris and pollution. corruption). and its outside of a high density population area.Probably the only Grid service worth retaining (while it is still free) is the Internet. but once you have it. Start using energy solutions early on to reduce energy costs. This will be the model in use on a large scale for your civilization. Organic waste should always be composted – any (non public) wild growth area is suitable for this.

retirement funds. you will find surplus raw materials. and solidify those assets into things that will help you build your new existence. drop out of the workforce last. Your group might find the need for a temporary means of transportation such as a truck or boat. and the other zinc or aluminum (galvanized steel is a zinc surface). breathing life into your tribe. Another could be rural land for temporary use as a staging/transition area for new people joining your tribe. if you've ever torn apart a battery or done science experiments. and alternative energy solutions. The earth battery bears a resemblance to the common chemical/acid battery you may be familiar with. the fact is that almost everywhere you go. In every case. Single earth battery: . Energy Although it is possible to live life without electricity. and living freely. Sell off these specters of corruption. The most simple arrangement is the earth battery. class systems. machinery. And of course. and go for it. agricultural. the best place to start is the most simple and basic principles that will supply you with free energy on the fly. finite resource that industry could use to make money. Earth batteries were used extensively around the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century to power telegraph lines. so that everyone can be freed. you won't have any use for cash in a life without currency. There will likely be a number of things you could use money for. They were buried in convenient locations along the power lines and supplied free current for that infrastructure. and technology. If you have liquidate assets from the slave system. (See: Energy) When you have done most of these things and have enough of the elements of your tribe up and running. or the virtually esoteric potentials of this technology. they lead to the same terrible divisions between people. Getting out will free you to live the way you must live – if you think you can 'manage your money' at the same time as you build the kind of new existence described in this manual. you will have measurable current between your terminals. It is entirely possible to create free energy from literally scrap and junk. you will be harboring a hidden agenda that will be destructive to the rest of your group. the most immediate things that would help you build your new existence are start up supplies for your water. Some examples would be paying off debts that are binding other members of your tribe to the system. We simply cannot afford (as a race of intelligent beings) to continue to play these barbaric games of greedy resource control and hoarding. The technology was discarded and replaced with hydroelectric because hydro was a measurable. the battery consists of two metal sheets or rods: one copper or carbon. Much like oil. and inevitable tyranny. This is the point at which you will truly begin providing for yourself. Once these metals are buried in soil (at a distance of 1-10 feet). each with wires running from them. Basically. bonds. I won't go into detail about how and why this works.• Investments – stocks. which would make your transition safer and smoother. These are negative – the positive + terminals of the battery. and even gold are direct attachments to the greed and monetary system that is the antithesis of a prosperous future.

8 to as low as . Using a larger surface of metal. but not many people could engineer this device in a tough situation. The circuit can be modified for higher current. you should be able to pull together a portable kit that you can plant in any soil. and how many of them you decide to bury in series. wire. With some basic ingenuity. ease of use. There are others. and which can supply you with free energy for lighting. 2. A good energy source to test your joule thief is to use a dead AA battery. With an efficient reflector and diffusion. Magnification – Current can be amplified by a number of salvaged devices and standalone equipment such as the common 12v-110v inverters used with car batteries and solar panels. or perhaps a recharge station. and delicate processing to manufacture. and sustainability.5 volts.8 volts. with a joule thief. The key requirements should be ease of construction. small devices. A great example that is easy to set up is called the 'joule thief'.7v 10f supercap. The same goes for solar panels – those cells require uncommon chemicals. but even when 'dead' they are still providing about a . and planting several of them in series.4 volts of input. The Powers That Be don't like this technology. a fresh battery normally puts out 1. materials. they keep their mouths shut. will deliver more telluric current. There are people powering entire buildings using earth batteries in the same way that solar panels are used. because they can't make enough money from it. but it actually doesn't matter. you can power on a bright white 3 volt LED with around . If you developed this technology. Some say that to obtain the best current. such as the 2.Earth batteries in series: The average single earth battery produces about . or simple . you can experiment and produce very low voltage lighting units that can be used with earth batteries. you could very easily power a small community for free with a very small investment in simple resources (metals.9 volt potential. 3. Its possible to engineer a free energy magnetic generator using a rare earth magnet turbine.8 or . and capacitors can be added which greatly improve performance. With a few small components. Joule Thief The Joule Thief is a very simple low voltage amplifier that is most commonly used to power LEDs by rendering very low energy resources into a higher usable output. and they will be added to this manual based on time and availability. There are a few ways to increase your available current with an earth battery setup: 1. etc). Size and number – this is basically the 'more is better' principle – you vary the size of your rods/sheets. This takes your direct current and oscillates it so that it actually delivers more usable energy than is actually available in the form of a direct stream. This is just one energy solution. Efficiency – passing your current through a circuit and capacitor can improve the output and reliability of your voltage. even one 3 volt LED can provide usable light. The difference is. the rods/sheets should be positioned in a North (copper) to South (zinc) alignment.

you can get similar results using powdered iron (formed into a donut shape with tubing or hard resin). usually something in the range of 3-12v DC. they are much more complicated than things like the joule thief. Although inverters can be created manually. tools. If you can't get ahold of ferrite. Power converters change alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). The box on the cable of a laptop is a converter that switches the power from your 110v AC wall socket down to a low direct current. I've seen a single earth battery (carbon/copper terminals) attached to a joule thief and a super cap running several bright LEDs at the same time. and it is more effective to start out by obtaining a ready-made one. phones. your LED will be brighter because they can handle more amps. and other devices. A suitable size for small voltage is anything from the size of a pea to about 1/2" diameter. and even toys. which takes 12v DC from a car battery and change it to 110v AC. They can be found anywhere from hardware and drug stores to ebay. Note: If you use a 2N4401 or BC337 transistor. Inverters change direct current into alternating current. which is what the laptop needs to function properly. so that you can plug in household appliances. then you can have the convenience of a wall socket anywhere. This is commonly done with portable solar panels that generate 12v DC. What this means is that if you can generate 12 volts anywhere. Inverters Power inverters and converters are devices that change one type of electrical current into another. a common type is the camping inverter. Instructables: How to make a Joule Thief Common sources for ferrite cores Compact fluorescent lamp bulbs. old electronic equipment such as CD and cassette players.chemical cells like a home made lemon or saltwater cell. .

As a transition step. I've found no better source for my electronic needs than Mouser Electronics. you should get your hands on a 2 stage water filter with as many replacement filters as you can afford. Being able to obtain and produce clean water is the first step in physical independence. so you will have to be able to clean your water. you have access to free. such as a clean plastic paint drums you can get at the hardware store. natural sources of fresh water that require very little cleaning if any. Finally. The kind of filters I'm talking about include a ceramic and carbon stage. You will also need some plastic screen mesh (like for screen doors) or non-toxic loose knit fabric such as natural linen or monks cloth Some silicone or other non-toxic caulking A supply of loose pumice (lava rock) Clean sand (beach sand) Long green grass (the kind you used to run through or pluck and chew on as a kid). like the one I am about to describe. such as the ones produced by Doulton or Katadyn. In an ideal situation. you will need some black charcoal from burned wood (if there's still some unburned . there are very few electronics surplus stores to be found anymore. In this age of rapidly diminishing small businesses. You will need the following materials: • • • • • • • Two 4-5 gallon pails or containers with lids. your goal should be to find and frequent locations that have natural sources of uncontaminated water which you can render safe with a basic filter you can make yourself. Radio Shack can be a convenient source for some things. Portable Doulton Filter (gravity) Portable Katadyn Filter (pump) In the long term. a substitute might be natural (non toxic) hemp rope. they are very expensive. and in fact you could find everything for a joule thief there. This is not going to be likely for most people. If you can't find long grass. such as glacial streams.How to choose an inverter Where to find components (Mouser Electronics) For sheer variety of components. Water Not enough can be said about the importance of water. This basic earth filter will clean out microbes and viruses so that you can drink safely.

and take it . • Cover this layer with another layer of screen. a substantial layer of the charcoal. Construction method: 1st barrel: • Near very the bottom of the barrel. • Add a layer of the screen on top of the grass/charcoal layers. Twist and coil bunches of the grass to arrange even layers. that's ok). and center this onto the lid of the 1st barrel (the holes don't have to line up. Bottom Barrel Top Barrel 2nd barrel: • Perforate the bottom of the 2nd barrel with 6-8 evenly spaced holes. • The final 1/3 should consist of a layer of the long grass. Don't use barbeque charcoal or any other burning charcoal that has been treated with anything. If you've done any practicing. in fact its better if they don't) • Put something heavy inside the barrel so there is even pressure bearing down on the lid. make a small hole that you can plug up with a cork or valve (if you have one with a good tight seal) • Fill 1/3 of the drum with lava rock.wood in there. • When dry and firm. attach the upper section/lid onto the top of your 1st barrel. • Don't attach your lid yet . and make sure your charcoal is well distributed and solid – its very important that there are no gaps or holes in this layer. or you will be poisoning yourself. Let these dry thoroughly. where it meets the lid. you will have learned how to camp and build fires by now. • Cover this with a layer of plastic screen. and apply another line of silicone/caulking around the outside edge of the bottom of the barrel. • Run a thick line of silicone/caulking around the inside edge of the bottom of the barrel. and use it in the next stage. and then a final layer of long grass on top of that.perforate it with 6-8 evenly spaced holes. • Fill the next 1/3 of the drum with clean sand. so you should have access to all the burnt wood charcoal you need. Now you should have a well-sealed connection.

Although it is portable. For a while after this initial cleaning. and provide clean water for drinking. but they are not harmful. so you will need information on as wide of a selection of edible plants as you can possibly gather. Unless you are already trained or intimately familiar with your home region. This is not the kind of knowledge that modern people have been taught. Pour 4-10 gallons through this filter (slowly) and let run out the drain at the bottom. It will last for years. Food Foraging is the most immediate option available until you have time to plant and harvest any sort of vegetable crop. go to your local library and check out these books and copy it down by hand. one of these will be essential. The key operating element here is the charcoal. so bear in mind that you may not catch chemicals and heavy metals with this. your best resource will be a local field guide for edible plants and herbs. be careful not to carry it by the top bucket. . Water is poured into the top bucket (the reservoir) and slowly trickles through the holes and into the filter bucket. If you have no budget. The initial volume of water will carry out much of the loose particles and dust from your sand and pumice. as you could tear the silicone seal. If you obtain any start-up resources. cooking. General guides as well as state or region-specific guidebooks can be found in bookstores and on the internet. and washing. it is inexpensive to make and easy to put together. Its main value is keeping out parasites and diseases. Although this is not a top of the line water filter. some of these particles may continue to appear at the bottom of your glass to some degree.• somewhere where you can run some water through it to clear out the initial debris.

as in the case of hemlock. but in the case of urban farming. and nutritional and/or medicinal properties. this will not be feasible for long. availability of wild edible plants is not guaranteed – disasters and man-made waste can render many areas unsafe or barren. and it too requires study. bring specimens back with you and consult an herbalist or someone at a plant nursery. depending on the population of your tribe and your plans. read. 'invasive' crops are often weeded out or simply eaten. grow and feed them. and experience. accurate descriptions. Gardening At some point. Most importantly. Animals and rodents are the main risk to any basic agricultural endeavor. their growing times. I emphatically stress again. the better you are at it. some of which may closely resemble the edible kind. it may be possible to spread or transplant some species to increase your available resources in later seasons. If discovered. the less hungry you will be. Go on herb walks and practice. Even then. Foraging successfully for yourself and others is a learned skill. you will probably want to raise crops and store food. If your uncertain. . store. and test yourself on this knowledge.Examples of reference: Edible Wild Plants (Amazon) Make sure each plant is documented with good diagrams or pictures. your threats will include humans. study. where exactly you look for them. and can be quite surprising how much food can be grown in plain sight without anyone touching it. Nearly every book on edible plants includes a section on how to identify and avoid dangerous and poisonous plants. In times of widespread hunger. but learn how to till soil. Ignorance counts in your favor in this regard. raising crops will result in a great deal of waste. It is also essential to know how to dry. how to detect them. assuming the discoverer is able to identify them. If you plant in one private location. your crops will face different kinds of threats. plant vegetables and grains. The place to start. and preserve seeds. Follow the same steps for learning how to forage for edible wild plants as described above. or a number of secret areas in occupied land. can. harvest. STUDY this manual. assuming you don't have any experience farming or gardening. This is the art of agriculture. is with books. and cook vegetables and grains – without this knowledge. If you can also learn how they reproduce. harvest season.

ranging from fresh water. In terms of nutrition. tropical springs. many minerals. or converting sunlight into life energy.Vegetable Gardner's Bible (Amazon) Organic Gardening for Beginners (Scribd) Start a Farm in the City (Scribd) Spirulina Spirulina is a tiny blue-green algae in the shape of a perfect spiral coil. It is a single celled organism capable of photosynthesis. An outdoor system can be a shallow pond with a paddle-wheel that stirs and aerates the water. in closed or open systems. It is grown organically because chemicals in pesticides and herbicides will kill it along with other tiny life forms in the pond. tablet and capsule form. It is very adaptable and flourishes in different environments. the body requires 2 glasses of water per tablespoon of the powdered algae. which is predigested by the algae. They say that it can be grown indoors or outdoors. Providing plenty of sunlight and maintaining the proper temperature and oxygen levels in the water are important for growing Spirulina. saltwater and brackish water. Spirulina is now sold in the market as a health supplement in powder. carbohydrates and enzymes. two tablespoons of the powder is considered a meal replacement. The pond is divided into rectangular grids. It has been proven by scientists to be a complete food that contains vitamins. Because high protein foods have been found to increase altertness – and it is the richest whole food source of protein –it is best to take spirulina at least three hours before going to bed. Spirulina is cultivated in open-channel shallow artificial ponds called raceway ponds. essential amino acids. . Spirulina thrives naturally in mineral-rich alkaline lakes all over the world. Spirulina enthusiasts are experimenting with ways of growing the algae at home. It is easily digested because it contains at least 60% vegetable protein. More people are now cultivating Spirulina because of its health benefits. In order to assimilate and use spirulina. A paddle wheel in each channel makes the water flow continuously around it. or as a food additive. with each rectangle containing one oblong-shaped channel. Spirulina is being called a “superfood”.

• Culture incubators should be cleaned and re-seeded once a month to prevent bacteria. It is a potential answer to problems of hunger and malnutrition in the world. • Culture temperature must be in the range of 25-37 degrees celcius (75-98 Farenheit).Closed systems utilize transparent tubing. Don't just harvest algae where you see it growing unless you can accurately test it or have it tested for nutritional safety. which is why they mapped the stars. and seeds harvested from them will be sterile. So the best way around this is to obtain heirloom seeds from sellers who still have them. harmful bacteria and other contaminants. temporarily or permanently. in the northern hemisphere planting began on the vernal (spring) equinox. this means you can't grow without buying. (see astronomy) . which is basically the collected statistical observation of weather and agricultural conditions over time in America. Developing the ability to tell time using the astronomy is considered an essential skill for any independent (long term) agricultural tribe. which is in the range of an egg incubator. But in today's hijacked world. and can be harvested regularly. and don't give you what nature intended. or you want to grow spirulina indoors. if you wait longer than spring equinox. but generally speaking. and often kept meticulous records. disasters.that means they will only grow once. created calendars. *If you are in a varying or cold temperature. • Spirulina growth will require a full spectrum lightbulb (sunlight) to grow. you could become food independent with methods like this. **Note: make sure you obtain real spirulina when starting your culture . If safely attached. and magnetic or planetary pole shifts can greatly affect conditions. These allow for greater exposure of algae to the light.there are many kinds of blue-green algae. you will need the following data: • Water must be pure and free of pollution. • Spirulina growth cycles run about 7 days. While an almanac can be a valuable guide. and provided much of the temperature required for growth. One modern example of this is the Farmer's Almanac. Grow Your Own Spirulina Monster Guide: How to grow spirulina Sources for spirulina on the web Heirloom Seeds Farming is one of the foundations of civilized life. time-keeping was absolutely essential for ancient societies. March 20th. You would see faster or longer times before harvest depending on the growth cycle of the crops you planted. and some of them are toxic. weather anomalies. For this reason. genetically modified organisms have taken over the market. and your crops would fail. Use ingenuity and experimentation to create your own spirulina farm. built observatories. Many seeds on the market are 'terminators' . Methods of growing Spirulina at home continue to be developed. Traditionally. If you have developed an earth battery power source. a full spectrum bulb could be secured inside the same incubator the spirulina is growing in. These also provide better protection against dirt. Yes. things could easily become difficult.

Many bakeries (for example) will discard food at regular times. and arrive at the appointed times regularly. The most underrated and overlooked portable shelter is the historical hooded cloak. the summer time produces enough berries alone to eat well and jar enough to last an entire winter.**NOTE: Heirloom seeds are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain in the US. The cloak is a deceptively simple but incredibly versatile garment. Some producers actually limit the number of people who they will give their surplus or 'expired' foods to. people line up to take this food off their hands. Food producers regularly throw away large volumes of relatively fresh food on the basis that their sale value depends on 'freshness'. it forms an effective tent. known as SITC. and canyons offer some of the best situations we could ask for. Some restaurants and grocery stores will do similar things. but considering that you can't rely of cars and trucks if your off the grid. Get yourself hooked up! Shelter Natural shelter such as caves. and roadsides. as the government has begun criminalizing the sale and possession of them. and control the population by removing their ability to look after themselves by criminalizing independent gardening and farming (sound familiar?). but it will be necessary for you to examine the condition of the food before you ask for it or retrieve it once its been discarded. Many options exist to fill this need. fields. The US Dept of Agriculture has its own agency now to combat the threat of self sufficiency. This type of urban food gathering has recently become popular. but in the course of building your tribal life. When hung over a walking stick (stuck into the earth) and pulled out to its full volume with pegs. It is a windbreaker and raincoat. and will never touch this food that the world is offering freely. It operates as a coat. so if you plan to use it. Modern people conditioned to TV land have no idea this is reality. The objective of this group is to both protect & advance corporate interest. simple (and minimal) is usually best. and in many cities. forests. and in some cases you need to be on their list. increasing general warmth (dramatically so depending on what its made of). and Trade Compliance". Heirloomseeds. you may want to move quickly. as it falls like a cone over the body and sheds moisture like an umbrella.com Survivalist Seeds Urban Foraging While civilization as we know it continues. you will probably want to have portable shelter. Another urban food source are berries and fruits which grow on bushes and trees in neighborhoods. there will be needless waste. which stands for "Safeguarding. In many towns. Intervention. .

but suffice to say – as a multipurpose item. Camping tents should be considered a temporary comfort at best. Next in line for mobility and ease of use would be a small portable nylon tent. depending on your pattern and ingenuity. and the hood protects the eyes from glaring light. and most portable and useful shelter you can ask for. and follows the same shape still used today on jackets and sweaters. unless you live in a very cold region where a sealed pocket of air makes the difference between life and death. In time. It keeps the heat of the sun off the body. it can be made from 3-6 yards of fabric. Any live forest will supply all the dead-fall you will need to fashion usable beams. regulates temperature like a desert robe. An extremely simple garment. and a towel to dry off with. sand and debris. they can be difficult if not impossible to repair. you should also learn how to make a temporary shelter. . Foraging for the wood needed for a decent size shelter is rarely ever a lengthy chore. and depending on its color. The basic dimensions of a cloak is an oval with an opening for the head. These things are nice to have. The list could go on. A) Desired length from neck to ankle B) Length from shoulder to ankle C) Diameter of neck A hood is usually attached at the neck. can offer excellent camouflage in certain environments or at night. As you practice these skills. and covered with tarp or available brush or evergreen foliage. The most basic structure is the simple lean-to. do not fell live trees for wood. simplest. split down the front. the hooded cloak serves as the lightest. This consists of a partial frame made of wood lashed together.It can be used as a sack to carry goods. and if a part breaks or tears. The knowledge of how to build these will naturally lead you to various techniques for building log structures. It offers protection from mosquitoes and flies. but are dead weight when not in use.

and Earthships to name a few. and you can be sure that you will quickly be applying every bit of mathematics and physics you can to make the job easier. Among the more popular methods are Cob. In the ancient past. but . . you don't have as much control over your surroundings. we must not assume that there will be hardware stores and lumber yards. and provided vital functions (not to mention inspiration) for the societies that used them. and caravans of urban gypsies have and still do exist to the present day. chances are we still have a long way to go. Those who own vehicles can live indefinitely in a car or bus. and taking naps in the park or even library. but earth and cob houses offer a simple and fast alternative to stone which can provide permanent and semi permanent structures that are comfortable to live in. Building Stone Walls (Amazon) (Read free on Google Books) Stonework: Techniques and Projects (Amazon) Art of the Stonemason (Amazon) Alternative Construction There are a number of alternatives to stone for building custom dwellings. both of which require an income. Stone masonry can be learned individually but it is hard work. so the first choice will be abandoned buildings (squatting) as the most comfortable arrangement. these methods can produce beautiful and elegant structures that last. and don't require fabricators or carpentry crew – they are built following natural principles and simple shapes. If they are around. After this. Each of these uses natural or recycled materials for basic construction. which serves as an insulated pad. Some people can live quite comfortably living by night and sleeping by day when its not so suspicious. The only issue with that scenario is driver's insurance and gas. Each method has its benefits. When you begin to rebuild. To keep warm when you can't make fire or set up a portable shelter. As long term concerns come into view. if available.In an urban environment. you are literally at the mercy of the authorities. your tribe will wish that someone had learned how to build with stone. and if they will suffer your presence in public places. wear a blanket (an imitation of the cloak). Strawbale. the proven method for city dwellers has been simply to layer your clothes. when a building was raised it stood for centuries. and sleep in a sleeping bag on top of several layers of cardboard. With some creativity.

While it is nice to have lighters and fuel. • As the bow is moved back and forth the dowel spins. the most basic is fire. The technique is as follows: • The drill is placed against the cord and twisted once. The best method by far is the fire drill method. and held vertical with board on top. everyone should know how to make fire from the most basic tools. which acts as a 'socket' to keep it steady. Best not to assume that its easy – like most things. you will use two flat pieces of wood (boards) with indentations to hold the spindle. The last thing you want is to be stuck in the cold and not know how to get warm. This requires any reasonably strong cord or string you can use to make a simple bow. and there is a knack to making fire. knowledge only comes with practice.Earth building (Scribd) How to Build with Cob (Scribd) Handbook for Building Homes of Earth (Scribd) Making Fire No shelter is complete without warmth. what you want is a simple curved stick with the cord attached at both ends and loose enough to wrap around a dowel or spindle. so it is in the 'loop' • The spindle is placed into a depression in the bottom board. It doesn't have to shoot arrows. • Surround these small coals with dry fibrous material (tinder) and blow to air to ignite a flame. • When the tinder catches flame. Bowdrill Tutorial Medicine . Aside from this. and creates enough friction on the bottom board to create red hot coals. add small sticks and twigs and build the fire up from there. Although many methods exist for keeping a dwelling warm.

teeth. Just like in the wild. and to supply it with what it does need to function. should be instituted in every tribe. water and food must be kept clean and free of contamination and spoilage. All members of a tribe should know how to safely exercise. someone in your tribe will have to undertake the study of wellness and medicine (if there is no one educated in this area to begin with). Supplied here are some resources that can be used to embark along this course. For this reason. and handle dangerous objects and substances. and you will make you disappear forever. even people living on the grid and paying taxes don't get police protection anymore. and a diet of fresh food (fruits. they will be able to completely neutralize you and your tribe. sick. It is to remove from your diet all the things that your body does not need or that contaminate it. the chances of you making an enemy or becoming a target is very slim. • Physical health maintenance requires you to obtain clean and natural sources of food and water. Nevertheless. you will unfortunately have to consider the possibility of this type of danger. use tools. Finally. and especially. History shows that cultures that bathed regularly enjoyed better health over time. if you are completely incapable of defending yourselves. Before medicine is ever needed. This should be integrated in your social and formal education. and input. Anyone can develop this knowledge if they are committed to the practice. and this is probably the only reason to even consider the prospect of self defense. but their paid housing offers a deterrent to predators. who live off the grid. if your success is affecting the thinking of other people on the grid. so that the knowledge is passed down systematically. If you project the healthy existence you are building. labor. In fact. and safety. and are living by the 5 Principles. if the Powers That Be come to notice your success. and maintain itself. and infection. or otherwise unnatural. cannot expect police protection. nuts). If you are truly peaceful and benevolent and don't have money. grow. The forces that control the slave society are very sick and use force to accomplish everything.As mentioned earlier. everyone should be intimately familiar with all the common preventative measures in the realm of – diet. environment. they will see you and your tribe as a threat. . Good hydration (2 liters of water per day). This is where your attitude makes all the difference – you must stand as a representative of proper human living. Disease prevention starts with cleanliness of body. All these measures are necessary in preventing dysentery. so a means for dealing with waste must also be implemented. Conscious care is necessary to ensure longer and more prosperous life. An effective method and schedule for cleaning and grooming of body. Sanitation is also very important as self-contamination and become deadly. • • Survival and Austere Medicine (Scribd) A Barefoot Doctor's Manual (Read free at Google Books) US Army Survival Field Manual Making Homemade Soaps & Candles (Scribd) Defense Anyone. As at tribe. you won't resemble prey for the kinds of people we are talking about. individually or as a group. and clothes. and they take an interest in you. Safety is something that should not be learned the hard way every time. The strong and healthy are left alone. disease. vegetables. cleanliness. predators instinctively choose prey that are weak.

it is a valuable communication tool if used wisely. If everyone is doing their share to lead their existence and be responsible. they've failed so badly that its not a tough thing to achieve anymore. or have at least some experience with. Traditional Bowyer's Bible (Read at Google Books) The Construction of Crossbows and other Weapons (Scribd) Afterword In case you are wondering. and inspire each other. and have pushed myself to learn more than one person should be expected to know in 40 years. but do have some experience in the health industry. This is the popular strategy now. or try to lead it. Besides. its simple. The Imperial Conditioning has . Collective will is power. Everyone in America has the right to bear arms and defend their personal safety when necessary. I assure you. Anyone who uses this Manual to create a tribe is a founder. and start a homeschooling course of your own. have learned to do. use it to correspond and share ideas. and hopefully an online forum. Its as Lenin once said “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.if your not experienced. and deprive them of all remaining liberties. It really shouldn't be any more than that. Granted. Unlike the old days. While the internet is still going. fulfillment. I have not specialized in surgery. I would not encourage people to make changes or go and do things I don't know about or could not learn myself (as an average person). dentistry. While we still have the capabilities and the access.This does not mean anybody has to fight a war. almost everything in this manual is something that I do. the Powers That Be disrupt it. they would like their slaves to give them every reason to be more violent. When have the greatest transformations of the past occurred? When people acted AS ONE. The next phase of the New Existence effort is for tribes to network with each other if possible. Doing so is to throw away all the power we have to build a new reality that does not include fascism. it works in the reverse now – you need to use your treasure so that you will be able to sail freely. and this is precisely why the Powers That Be are encouraging armed revolution. If you want this nightmare to end. Learning and growing is far more fulfilling and exciting than living an online life and consuming one thing after another . its more wonderful than you suspect and nothing to be afraid of :) What is provided here is a treasure map and some instructions. it works. This Manual will be updated as time allows with useful resources. If you need books get them. educate yourselves now. You don't need a fraternal corporation to hold your hand. justify more control. push it offline. every person learns and masters the arts and sciences because that is their desire. You have the power to outdo the Establishment. This way. you have to prove to your fellow people that there is a better way. because what is waiting for the opportunity to replace this nation is a global regime that will be infinitely more difficult to change. That is as far as armament should ever go – if we become like them. and freedom. Although I dislike the idea of an 'online life' and carrying on endlessly in cyberspace. and it offers real happiness. Any healthy person should have the self-respect to protect their life. because if it becomes relied-upon. we lose. there will never be a single 'off switch' that can stop it. If the people overthrow their own country their task will become infinitely harder. is to create or assume leadership of rights groups and efforts to expose truth. but fighting force is not power. or construction. they are assured to stop short of any meaningful action.” This is the main reason I decided to use an alias and remain invisible. and carry on with them as if they are legitimate.

If you can find a reason why this Manual is useless. I want to live in a world where thought and life is free. the more people who get this. and mental manipulation. ~Lanthorn Aug. But to speak for myself. or form. I realize that in this culture of distrust. If you apply the 5 Principles you take that power back. and in bondage. and good luck to you. 2009 lanthorn26@gmail. including this pamphlet. You don't have to fight a bloody war or revolution. shape. and that is where you and your tribe can change that verdict. Copyrights: Permission is granted to freely distribute this document as long as no money is charged. but what you can be certain they won't do is think about what to do AFTER their dark overlord is cast down. is what they fear most. schemes. you just have to stop participating and do something better. everything is suspect.0. and dissolve the forces keeping everyone apart. afraid. That short sightedness is what guarantees a survival and repeat of the past. This is the end of Version 1. ripoffs. then thank you for reading this far.everyone at each others throats because this. The intent of this permission is to proliferate this document over digital and paper media. Your skepticism is healthy. our power. I am just a knowledgeable person out there somewhere. and I won't ask that this manual be above scrutiny. There will be people who do that anyway. A Manual for A New Existence is my way of helping us get there. the better our chances will be. and this paper has no purpose but to help. and the contents not changed in any way.com .

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