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VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

FUCHS Shaft Furnaces


Technology Is Our Trademark

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

The Leading Suppliers

of Electric Arc Furnaces!

VAI at a Glance FUCHS at a Glance

VAI, an Austrian based company of the VA Technologie AG FUCHS is the world leader in the design and manufacture of
group, is one of the world’s leading engineering and plant electric arc furnaces, including all related electric steelmaking
building companies for the international iron and steel industry. facilities. Founded in 1969, the headquarters of FUCHS is lo-
With a dedicated staff of nearly 4000 engineers, specialists cated in Baden-Würtemberg, Germany. The company has
and support personnel, the company offers the complete since expanded to include engineering, manufacturing and
spectrum of iron and steelmaking technologies. To date, VAI sales centers in the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom
has successfully engineered and completed more than 800 and in South Africa. Today, FUCHS has a staff of more than
major industrial projects in some 80 countries. 600 employees worldwide.

With its company headquarters situated in the midst of an in- Pioneering developments by FUCHS in the field of electric
tegrated steel works, VAI is unique in that it has at its disposal steelmaking include the first water-cooled panels and roofs for
in-house operational, process and metallurgical know how. electric arc furnaces, current conducting electrode arms and
These assets, coupled with our broad international experience, other unique energy saving solutions such as shaft technology
turn-key capability, professional project management and for scrap preheating. Outstanding and innovative develop-
dedication to excellence, are the factors which ultimately con- ments include the world’s first double shaft furnace, the finger
tribute to the success of our customers. shaft furnace as well as the twin shell furnace concept.

Serving the Steelmaking Industry

Through Technology

Headquarters and Steelmaking Background of VAI Headquarters of FUCHS

Linz, Austria Willstätt-Legelshurst, Germany

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

The 95 t Single Shaft DC Furnace at North Star Steel, Kingman, AZ, USA

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

For the Ultimate in

Shaft Furnace Technology

Features and Highlights Hood

Temperature Monitor

Burners Gas Analyzer

CO, CO2, 02
T1 2 Water Cooled Probes
The shaft furnace was developed by FUCHS in the late Shaft
with Heated Filter
One Sampling Per Purging
1980s. This development was in response to the market chal- Movable

lenges for minimum conversion costs, maximized output and PC Chamber

Burners T2
environmental compliance. Featuring the utilization of the fur- Injectors
nace off-gases during the heat cycle for the preheating of
scrap in a shaft, this technology is the most advanced EAF
process available on the market today. Shell

■ AC technology or DC technology Schematic Diagram of a

(latter with VAI Fin-Type Anode System) FUCHS Shaft Furnace
■ Self-supporting, water-cooled roof and shaft
■ Bottom tapping systems
■ Current conducting electrode arms
■ Side wall panels with steel & copper pipes
■ High-velocity copper panels and burner boxes
■ Side wall and shaft burners
■ Supersonic lance manipulator for oxygen and carbon
injection (side wall or slag door installation)
■ Oxygen injection for efficient post-combustion

Shaft Furnace References Worldwide as per 1997

(Single, Double and Finger Shaft)

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

■ Up to 100% scrap
■ Up to 120 kWh/t liquid steel
electrical energy savings
■ Approx. 40% reduced
flicker factor
■ Up to 15% reduced
electrode consumption
■ Up to 2% increase of
metallic yield
■ Up to 25% lower dust
The 90 t Single Shaft AC Furnace at Zhangjiagang ■ Up to 20% productivity
Sheen Faith Steel, People´s Republic of China increase
(viewed from the tapping side)
VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

Single Shaft Furnace

A Pioneering
Pioneering Development
Development in
in Electric
Electric Steelmaking

The Single Shaft Furnace (SSF) was designed to melt a cycle is characterized by a 35 - 40 minute power-on-time and
charge mix containing at least 80% scrap. More than half of by a 10 - 15 minute power-off time. Depending on the scrap
the scrap charge is preheated in the shaft. A typical heat density, 2 or 3 baskets are charged per heat.

Electrical Energy Consumption: 330 kWh/t

60 Charge Basket No. 3 Sampling/Temperature

Charge Basket No. 1 and 2



Taphole Refilling

30 Scrap Melting Steel

102 t scrap Refining




0 10 20 30 40 50 TIME [min]
SINGLE SHAFT FURNACE / 95 t Tapping Weight
(Input Material: 100% Scrap, Consumption Figures in Tons of Liquid Steel)

Operational Diagram of a Single Shaft Furnace

100% Scrap:

■ Co-Steel Sheerness (Sheerness, United Kingdom)
■ EGE-Metal (Aliaga, Turkey)
■ Zhangjiagang Sheen Faith Steel (Zhangjiagang, PR China)
■ North Star Steel (Kingman, AZ, USA)

Typical Consumption, Performance Data and The 95 t Single Shaft DC Furnace at

References of Single Shaft Furnaces North Star Steel, Kingman, AZ, USA

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

The 90 t Single Shaft AC Furnace at Zhangjiagang, Sheen Faith Steel

People´s Republic of China

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

Double Shaft Furnace

PERFORMANCE Reduce Your Power-off Time to

to the Power of 2! Less Than Two Minutes!

The outstanding advantage of the Double Shaft Furnace Because no waiting time for charging of the second basket
(DSF) is that the power-off time can be reduced from 10 - 15 into the inactive furnace is necessary, 100% of the charge
minutes to less than 2 minutes per heat! Two identical shaft mix can be preheated with the side wall burners.
furnaces (Twin Shell Arrangement) are positioned next to
each other and are serviced by a single set of electrode arms. Once the desired steel analysis and tapping temperature has
been achieved in the active furnace, the electrodes are then
Melting and refining is carried out in one furnace while the moved to the other furnace. A new heat cycle commences
second inactive furnace is being tapped and subsequently and the result is a power-off time of less than 2 minutes and
charged with scrap. a power utilization which exceeds more than 94%.

The production output of a double shaft furnace meets the

requirements of both a high capacity producer of long products as well as
those of a high quality flat producer where thin slab
casting technology is applied.

100% Scrap:


■ SAM, Montereau, France

■ ARES, Esch-Schifflange, Luxembourg
■ North Star - BHP, Delta, Ohio, USA

Computer Model of the Typical Consumption, Performance Data and

FUCHS Double Shaft Furnace References of Double Shaft Furnaces

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

The 95 t Double Shaft AC Furnace at SAM, Montereau, France

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

Finger Shaft Furnace

Ideal for 100% Scrap Preheating!

The Finger Shaft Furnace (FSF) features a unique scrap re- and productivity. Another outstanding feature of this furnace
taining system (so-called finger system) in the lower shaft type is its high flexibility with respect to the charge materials
section for the preheating of scrap by the furnace off-gas (scrap, DRI, HBI, iron carbide, hot metal and pig iron), allow-
during a heat cycle. In this way the full potential of the hot off- ing for the production of highest quality steel grades, includ-
gases can be utilized, meaning a maximum of energy savings ing flat products.

Outline of an Operational Cycle

1. 100% of the scrap is charged through the shaft by preheated batch as the fingers are kept open position.
means of a scrap basket or belt conveyor. 5. Once the scrap has melted and the shaft is empty of
2. During the refining phase of the previous heat the first scrap, the fingers are closed again and the first batch
batch of the next heat is charged to the shaft onto the of the next heat is charged into the shaft for
closed fingers for preheating. preheating.
3. Hot off-gases and energy from post-combustion
preheats the charged material. After the previous heat The result is that 100% of the shaft charge is preheated.
is tapped, the fingers are opened and the preheated Finger Shaft Furnace Technology is also highly suitable for
charge descends into the furnace vessel. the charging of DRI or hot metal directly to the furnace vessel
4. The next batch, already in the waiting position, is while still being able to utilize the hot off-gases for the
immediately charged through the shaft onto the preheating of the remainder of the scrap.

■ HYLSA, Monterrey, Mexico
■ Cockerill-Sambre, Charleroi, Belgium
■ Stahl Gerlafingen AG, Gerlafingen, Switzerland
■ Birmingham Steel, Memphis, USA
■ Natsteel, Singapore
■ Megasteel, Klang, Malaysia (2x)
■ Guangzhou Zhujiang Steel, Guangzhou, PR China
■ Anyang Iron and Steel Co., Anyang, PR China
■ HYLSA, Puebla, Mexico
■ Severstal AG, Cherepovets, Russia
■ Suez Steel Company, Suez, Egypt
■ Nervacero, S.A, CELSA Group, Bilbao, Spain
■ Chaparral, Midlothian, Texas, USA
■ North Star, Youngstown, USA
■ Aristrain, Olaberria, Spain

Typical Consumption, Performance Data and View of the Fingers in a Typical

References of Finger Shaft Furnaces Finger Shaft Furnace

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

The 135 t Finger Shaft DC Furnace at HYLSA, Monterrey, Mexico

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology

Upgrade Your Furnace

With a FUCHS ORS Shaft

ORS - FUCHS Optimized Retrofit Shaft

The Upgrading Solution to Maximize Your Furnace Performance!

FUCHS offers flexible upgrading packages which allow any Depending on the site conditions, (furnace bay height, space
existing EAF with a capacity exceeding 60 tons heat size to availability, logistics for material handling, etc.), the furnace is
be economically modified to a Finger Shaft Furnace. The charged using either baskets or a conveyor belt system. In-
main furnace components of the existing furnace, i.e. the stallation can be carried out quickly and with a minimum of
power supply, the furnace frame, electrode gantry, electrode interruption in ongoing production. The cost advantage of
arms and the lower furnace shell remain unchanged. The minimized production costs in combination with a substan-
upper furnace shell and furnace roof are adapted for the tially increased furnace output mean a highly attractive return
post-installation of the shaft with scrap retaining fingers. on investment (ROI) for electric steel producers.

Off-gas Hood
■ Feasible for all AC and Scrap
Conveyor Belt
DC furnaces exceeding
60 t heat size
■ Furnaces from any
Current Conducting Electrode Arm(s)
supplier can be
■ 5 -10% boost of active Shaft/Fingers
power input with same Lift/Drive Unit
power supply
■ Low investment costs Structure
through maximum use
of existing equipment
■ Only 1 month furnace Gantry Shell

shutdown required for

complete installation Platform
Tilt Frame

New Equipment
TON OF STEEL! Existing Equipment

VAI/FUCHS Steelmaking Technology



FUCHS Shaft Furnace Technology stands for maximized or to compare your current EAF steelmaking costs with
furnace output and impressive cost savings. To calculate those that can be achieved using a FUCHS Finger Shaft
your approximate production costs per ton of steel, Furnace, just use the enclosed FSF Cost Calculator.