The A-Fair Primer | GENERAL PROPOSAL TO THE SANGGUNIAN| "The Sanggunian shall strive to develop a University Spirit and

work for effective student participation in its activities" -The 2005 Constitution of the Undergraduate Students of the Ateneo de Manila Loyola Schools Article 5, Section 6-d. A-fair, a generic name for the proposed Ateneo College Fair is seeking for the institutional support of the Sanggunian. It does not seek to risk the financial resources of the community, rather work towards its own sustainability through marketing and sales. Institutional support entails the College Fair Task Force as an autonomous committee in the Sanggunian and can be specified in the following 3 requests: 1. Promotion of all the College Fair's advertisements to the student body 2. Inclusion in official calendaring with all units 3. Assurance of efficient representation of the student body through: - Each Batch Coordinating Assembly to assign at least 1 competent rep, officer or non-officer to its discretion, for the Screening Board of Game Booths and Events - ARSA and COA to assign at least 1 competent rep each, officer or non-officer to its discretion, for the Screening Board and to coordinate possible efforts for collaboration (Variety Show and Student Booths Co-Headswil be offerred to them as well) Given the definition of institutional support, and the inability of the task force to confirm details until approval, it will be unnecessary to delve into the specific of the project proposal just yet. Only a GENERAL concept approval for the College Fair will apply-objectives and structure- and the Task Force will respectfully wait for the CB decision before any finalization of details. In any case, students' input on the details will be ensured by the representatives in the Screening Board. |THECOLLEGE FAIR TASK FORCE| Professionals for others, magis, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, Lux in Domino- every Atenean graduates with the knowledge of what Ateneo education is about. For the past 3 months, the College Fair Task Force consulted different members of the community with a vision it shares with the Sanggunian- to stir a constant awakening of the student body. We humbly ask our fellow Ateneans an integral question to our student lives: to what extent do you identify yourself with the Ateneo community?

Here were some observations from chosen alumni, faculty and administrators: -recent generations of alumni do not involve themselves as much as previous generations in homecoming events -the bonfire is the only event that brings the community together but does not have enough input from students -the administration and faculty need to have a sense of the current energies of the student body- as a collective- so they can relate their manner of teaching to the creative interests of each generation The task force identified the current projects that aim to satisfy the need to build the Ateneo community among the student body through 3 sociological aspects derived from Sarason (1974) and McMillan and Chavis (1986) 1. Identity- abstract sense of belonging to a group 2. Shared experience- traditional and cultural activities 3. Influence- 2-way feedback from the community leaders and its members The freshmen are welcomed to the Ateneo identity through the ORSEM and INTACT, while the seniors get to organize the Blue Roast so there is additional student input. Similarly, school weeks and org events cultivate a sense of identity and influence among the students. All these however are exclusive to specific groups of interest. The Bonfire is the only event that can be shared by most members in the community but does not involve the students' creative ideas and activities. While these events are very important for a more personal sense of identity, there is a need to cater to the entire student body as well, in line with our collective journey to maximize our Ateneo education. We need to recognize that we are a part of a bigger community with members who are beyond our immediate spheres of influence. And so we bring you: A-fair. We envision a tradition which will bring the Ateneo community together in a shared experience of creative and recreational inputs and activities, towards creating a richer, stronger sense of the student body's recognition of its Atenean identity.

|RECREATION AND ATENEO IDENTITY| What is in a college fair that will allow the realization of the objectives? Our little brothers in the AHS share with our objective to embrace the Ateneo identity through the showcase of student talents and skills in the High School Fair--- they relate to it as "magis" at an early age. In college, this experience extends to our friends in DLSU, UP and UST where especially in DLSU, the college fair itself is the University Foundation Week. Some of the administrators we consulted remember the last Ateneo College Fair in the '80s (different from the Ateneo Fiesta a decade ago) and the political turmoil that might have called for the sensitivity of the student body. Not only does history speak for this tradition, but social research can better explain the recreational nature of the project. Former sociologist professor van Arendonk in her dissertation "Toward Love and Authenticity" conclude that play or recreation allow the human person to better realize his personal and collective identities. Such experiences grow organically and authentically because they do not need to be forced or learned. This can happen in a fun-filled and engaging College Fair that will be a medium for creative ideas and recreational interests of the student body. It simply calls for an authentic experience of how the collective Atenean has become every year. If we are in this together, we cannot possibly fail. |3-PHASE STRATEGY| There are 3 phases which will enable student groups to examine and value the Ateneo community. 1. Planning: The entire year's process of project management perpetuate a collaborative environment where all members of the community who wish to participate will be integrated into the organizing committee. There will also be a Screening Board with representatives from the Sanggunian Batch Coordinating Assemblies, ARSA, COA and a few faculty mentors who will advise the opinions of stakeholders to the Task Force. DISCLAIMER: Any vote from a COA organization or School Board DOES NOT imply an automatic involvement of the said group.

2. Implementation: It is the task force's responsibility to ensure a hyped-up and well-themed event that people will want to go to. Student groups involved will also encourage attendees through 2 major outputs: events and booths (games, food, merchandise). The quantitative success benchmark is 50 student groups and 4,000 attendees. 3. Evaluation: Student leaders and participants, and other stakeholders will craft the first College Fair Bible and Code of Internal Procedures for sustainability. More importantly, personal and collective insights will be processed through quantitative surveys and qualitative FGDs c/o appropriate departments.

|MANAGEMENT| The 3 proponents/ project heads each bring their experiences in project management and screen the committee heads according to expertise. They are also in-charge of aligning all the committees to the objective. Project Heads Chaz Domingo Regine Guevara Erika Dee Cellphone No. 09278223832 09178258321 09175101108 Email Committees Handled Creatives and Budget Entertainment and Student Booths Logistics and Marketing

The task force is using a new structure and project management system that were consulted to a project management professor and the ORSEM Head. Recruitment was limited to the old volunteer base for a more collaborative conceptualization process and easier transition in the event of approval.

|UNOFFICIAL DETAILS BASED ON CONSULTATION WITH STAKEHOLDERS| The following details are only proposed ideas based on meetings with Sanggu, COA, ARSA officers, alumni, administrators and faculty. They are still subject to change after the general concept approval through public consultations of the Sanggunian. Your opinions are most valuable to the Sanggunian. | BRANDING | Collaboration with sectors of the community: org participation, AAA Banchetto, and ARSA Variety Show will entail a big audience. While the rest of the fair will follow criteria in line with a common theme, the events will bring the people together as the A-stage will be the center of attention. Hosts will go around with live video to cover what is happening in the entire field. All events were particularly hand-picked to “let people come together.” Most events were innovated versions of top events during the year, such as: Movie Night with Picnic Set-up *Blue Symphony Concert synchronized with college bands ARSA Variety Show with professional bands and celebrities Dance Mob: possible entry to the Guinness Book of World Record for the “Largest Dance of people wearing BLUE” 2 competitions: Mr. and Ms. Ateneo and The Amazing Race, will also encourage batch solidarity. Your batch is comprised of the people you enter and exit the Ateneo with and you only gather together twice in college: the ORSEM and Blue Roast. Your batch will also identify you even in the Alumni community through the Homecomings to come. Therefore, batch solidarity is a good avenue to integrate in community building. | MARKETING AND FINANCE | TICKETS: In line with being financially-sustainable in its first year, the activity will charge an entrances fee which is hugely cheaper than a lot of the High School fairs. Tickets for the 2-day fair will be sold for P150 each student and P100 scholars/faculty/staff. A package of P100 for 10 people will apply during a promo period. The ticket price will include sponsored freebies, photo op, a raffle ticket and entertaining events all throughout the 2-days, including the Variety Show. Outsiders may purchase tickets only from members of the Ateneo community, before and during the fair. They must also present a valid ID at the registration.

BUDGET: All members will be required to get at least P20,000 worth of sponsorships. The administration, parents and Ateneo Alumni Association will be asked to aid us in marketing. | CREATIVES | The Promotions sub-committee will take charge of the overall theme and concept of the fair and promotions for all events. They will supervise and coordinate with the Crafts sub-committee —a specialized group which will design and produce posters, tickets, teasers, videos, email blasts, stage memorabilia, photo-op board, freedom drawing “Ateneo” sign, fair décor etc. The Publicity subcommittee is in-charge of the protection of image through creating statements, official spokesperson for the Guidon and other publications, and coordination for public media coverage. | LOGISTICS | The Logistics Committee will be divided into the following sub-committees: 1. Reservations and Requirements Reservation of Erenchun Field on March 2 and 3, 2012 Coordination with UPPO for Traffic Scheme Coordination with all committees for electric requirements People traffic for Amazing Race and Erenchun Field 2. Safety and Security Earthquake, fire and flood contingencies based on the ORSEM Contingency Manual Hiring of Ambulance and First Aid c/o Red Cross Heads-up to nearest Fire Department, hiring of fire extinguishers Hiring of security personnel Orderly registration at Info Booth with 2 separate lines for outsiders and students 3. Waste Management Hiring of portable comfort rooms Job orders for maintenance especially in Bancheto area Coordination with ESS for Waste Management 4. Lay-out and Volunteer Management renting of headphones set-up of all areas of the fair barricading of entire field, cording of certain area for major events

| ENTERTAINMENT | *Complete program can be found in the COMPLETE VERSION. Participants are still under negotiation. Structure: This committee will be directly in-charge of all the programs and events, following ORSEM’s structure which is divided by shows. Members will include representative from participating organizations. Opening: The program will start with an invocation at 12 Noon. Blue Babble will be asked to perform an opening act of “Blue Eagle the King”. The Banchetto will open at 1 PM. The A-Fair will open at 3 PM. First Night: In the movie night, “picnic sets” will be provided for the first few groups/ pairs who will enter the reserved area. A set includes sponsored snacks wrapped around cloth that can serve as a picnic mat. Second Night: A-night is the Culminating Night, under ARSA, highlighted by performances from guest celebrities and professional bands. It will showcase the Talent Show and Awarding Ceremony of Mr. and Ms. Ateneo, and the Awarding Ceremony of the Best Decorated Booth. Closing: The Banchetto will be open until 2 am for pack-up time, with music playing at the events center for the rest of the crowd. | STUDENT BOOTHS COMMITTEE | *Complete guidelines can be found in the COMPLETE VERSION of this Primer. This committee will take charge of all student booths (Accredited organizations, unaccredited organizations, blocks and barkadas). There will be 2 booths available: 1. Merchandise booths -5 student groups will be given free slots to sell merchandise. 2. Recreational/ game booths- 50 student groups will be given free slots to execute games that don’t have to be related to their core competency They will pass a Game Proposal that does not have to be related to their core competency. This will be reviewed by the “Screening Committee” with representatives from the Sanggunian, COA and Lions.

Game booths will be required to sell 50 tickets, even to non-members. Each booth will receive 6 free tickets for its booth manners. During the Under the Stars and A-Night, game booths have the option to close. The booth with the best design will be given P10,000 cash prize. | BLUE BANCHETTO AND CONCESSIONAIRES | The Banchetto will be big food fest under the AAA. It will be open from Friday 1PM to Saturday 2 AM for meals. Minor snacks will be handed to the Concessionaires Committee. The Concessionaires committee will take charge of booths that will sell merchandise, including that of the fair’s branding, and on-the-go snacks.