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Multi: more than one; many; much; multiple

Media: means for conveying information

Multimedia refers to the integration of text, image, audio, video, graphics and animation in
a variety of application environments.


1.Y igitized:
All media including audio/video are represented in digital format.

2.Y Computerized:
The digital media are processed or controlled by computers.

3.Y istributed:
The information conveyed is remote, either pre-produced or stored (non real-time) or
produced in real-time.

4.Y Interactive:
It is possible to affect the information received, and send own information, in a non-trivial
way beyond

Start, stop, fast-forward. t t t f t f d

5.Y Integrated:
The media are treated in a uniform way, presented in an orchestrated way, but are possible
to manipulate independently.

Eg: audio sound synchronized with a video



Multimedia system is characterized by computer-controlled, integrated production, manipulation,

storage and communication of independent information, which is encoded at least through a
continuous (time-dependent) and a discrete (time-independent) medium.

£Y iscrete media (M, static): text, image, graphics

Refers to media involving space dimension only

£Y Continuous media (CM, dynamic): audio, video, animation

Refers to time based media
Captured Media

Refers to information types captured from real world (eg: Images, moving images (video), sound).

Synthesized Media

Refers to information types synthesized (produced) by computers (eg: Text, graphics, animations)



£Y Multimedia data representation and compression.

£Y Multimedia data processing and analysis.
£Y Transmitting multimedia data through communication networks.
£Y Multimedia database, indexing and retrieval.Y


eveloping a successful multimedia is non-trivial:

£Y Continuous media types such as video need a lot of space to store and very high bandwidth
to transmit.
£Y They also have tight timing constraints.
£Y Automatically analyzing, indexing and organizing information in audio, image and video is
much harder than from text.
£Y Multimedia involves many different research areas and needs more complex and more
efficient algorithms and hardware platforms.



Multimedia plays major roles in the following areas:

1.Y -usiness
Advertisement, presentations, training materials

2.Y Entertainment
Interactive games, Movies

3.Y Education
Virtual classroom

4.Y Medicine
Virtual surgery

1.Y Easy of use

User friendly

2.Y Intuitive Interface

Allow user to determine functions of an application by their own

3.Y Self paced interaction & better understanding

Allow information processing at one͛s own pace

4.Y -etter understanding

Simultaneous presentation of different media provide broader range of information

5.Y Cost effectiveness

Less training and technical support


1.Y Investment costs

2.Y Technical barriers(accessibility issues)
3.Y Legal problems



Evaluation can be done from two perspectives:

1.Y User͛s perspective

£Y Subject and content
£Y Usability
£Y  latform
£Y Cost

2.Y eveloper͛s perspective

£Y content
£Y  erformance
£Y elivery
£Y Interface