I had just met a band called The Tank Lovers. They were going on a two year tour.

I was so happy to get away from Danny boy for 2 years. I had but yet one more member of the band to meet. They said that it’d be best to just forget about him, that he was really mean, and that him, just by looking at me would make him want to punch someone or something. I didn’t understand what they were talking about so as I walked up to the short midget Mika Anthony Franklin Jr. I smiled then shook his hand. “I’m Sierra Perez and your Mika Franklin, right?” I asked smiling. “Yeah," he said anger showing on his face, but then his eyes softened and he leaned in and grabbed my arm and pulled me into a hug. “Sierra, I missed you,” he said. “Wait, whoa, how the hell can you miss me, I don’t even know you,” I yelled. Mika got mad again and pulled away. He looked at me for a second, and then I swear he said, "I knew you before you lost your memory, but just forget about it," as he walked away. I looked at him shocked. 'Maybe I'm hearing things' It’s been two months since I’ve met The Tank Lovers . Gerald and I have been really close. Well, Bert, Gary, Vince, and I have gotten close too, but not like Gerald and I. I think I'm starting to like Gerald, more then a friend. Which is fine, I guess, but then there is Mika. We haven't really talked, just occasional 'Good Mornings, how are you doing today, and good nights' but that's all. But I feel like a tug at my heart every time I see him. And I get butterflies in my stomach. I always get the urge to kiss him and I have a habit of staring at his oh so kissable lips. I was lying in my bunk when I heard Mika yell. "PARTY!" Everyone groaned and jumped out of their beds, and walked out the room. I guess they were going to party tonight, seeing as they had no concert tomorrow. I smiled at the text I got from Daniel. I mean sure he hits me, and cuts me, but I love him. 'That's what you think' a voice said. Thousands of questions ran through my head. 'What's that mean?' was my final thought before I heard more yelling. "I don't like her okay, I'm just being her friend," I heard Gerald yell. I just ignored it. "But, then why are you two so inseparable?" I heard Bert ask. "That's like asking why you and Mika are inseparable. Does that mean there's something going on between you two? " Gerald asked. "What, no, dude, I'm straight, and well Mika's alien," Bert said. "Hey," Mika protested. "Wait, that's right, I am half alien," Mika said jokingly. Gerald, Bert, Gary, and Vince started laughing. I giggled and then slowly got out of my bunk. I opened the bunk doors to find Gerald and Bert tackling each other, Vince, and Gary in a heated match on their PSP's and Mika just playing with his hair in deep thought. I went and sat next to Mika. "Hey," I said smiling. Mika looked up at me and smiled. "So, uh, what's up?" Mika said. "Nothing, just thought I'd talk to you, I mean I'm so close to the other guys, and I have yet to know anything about you besides your vegetarian, you like Skittles and your name," I said. Mika giggled and then smiled at me. Mika and I started talking. "So, when’s this 'party'? I asked. "Oh, that was just to get everyone to come out of the room," Mika said. I giggled. "So, I'm going to go get some skittles, I'll see you in a little bit, though," I said and was about to get up when Mika stopped me. "You know way more then you think you know about me," Mika said, then smirked at me. "And, I'm coming with you to get Skittles," Mika said jumping up and down like a little kid. 'What did Mika mean by that?' I followed Mika off the tour bus and to the store to get Skittles. It’s been 10 months since Mika and I have started to talk. I have developed a huge crush on Mika. And when I say huge I mean huge. Mika and I have gotten closer in the last 8 months. We are now inseparable. Worse then Gerald and I. We sleep in each others bunk and we follow each other everywhere, aside to the bathroom and when the other person is getting changed. I didn't want anyone to know that I had a crush on Mika so I tried my hardest not to let it show. Mika and I were going shopping today. When I say shopping, it’s just an excuse for us to get away from the rest of the guys. I giggled and walked out the tour bus. 12 more months, and I’d be back home with Daniel, getting abused by the man I married. I’d have to forget all about Mika, Gerald, Bert, Vince, and Gary. I’d have to forget all about this tour. I’d never see Mika or any of the guys again. “So, are you ready to go “shopping” without the guys?” Mika asked. I tried to keep a straight face but ended up giggling. I nodded after I stopped giggling. “Come on then,” Mika said and grabbed my hand. “Hey, hey, no touchy, touchy in publicy,” Bert said. I looked at him weirdly then realized why he said that. To the guys and I, Mika and I were just friends even though I wanted to be more to Mika, but not going to happen seeing as I’m married and Mika doesn’t like me, but to any other person, say fans of The Tank Lovers, they would think Mika and I were dating, and that wouldn’t be good for me when I went home, if Daniel heard a fan talking about Mika and I holding hands. I ripped my hand away from his, and looked at the ground. I so didn’t want to do that, but I had too. All the way to the park Mika and I didn’t talk. Not once, and that wasn’t like us, every second we were talking. I hope I didn’t hurt his feelings. “Mika, I-I I have to tell you and the guys something, that I should have told y’all in the beginning, so can we go back?” I asked. “Uh, sure,” Mika said and we started our way back. The whole way back was nothing but silence again. “Whoa, that was fast; I thought you guys were going shopping?” Gary asked. “Nope,” I said. I walked on the tour bus with Mika and Gary following me. Good, everyone was in the tour bus. “Okay, guys, this is something I should have told you

guys from the way beginning,” I said taking a deep breath. “Here goes, okay, so, none of you know something about me,” I said pausing then continuing. “I’m married,” I said squeezing my eyes tightly readying myself for when they started yelling. I heard someone get up and run to the bunk room. I heard someone sigh, and someone clear their throat. I took another deep breath and opened my eyes. Mika was gone from the room so I’m guessing he was the one that left the room. “Okay and why did you keep this a secret for so long?” I heard Vince ask. I turned around to face him. “It completely slipped my mind, when I met you guys, and then I couldn’t find the right time to tell you guys and then I realized that there never would be a right time, and I’m so sorry,” I said ashamed of myself for not telling them sooner. “Well, you could have at least told Mika before he got so close to you,” Bert said. “There’s also something else I have to tell you guys, but I want Mika to be here too,” I said. I sighed sadly and left the tour bus. I knew the guys were mad at me so I was going to give them some time to cool down. I sat down on the curb. What felt like hours was only 40 minutes before I heard the tour bus open and some footsteps coming my way. I heard someone sigh and sit down next to me. I didn’t have to look over to know who it was. I could tell by the way the person smelled, like Skittles, coffee and cigarettes. I looked over and saw the short little midget that I’ve grown to like over the last 10 months. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, it totally slipped my mind when I first met you and then I was waiting for the right time to tell you, but then I realized that there never will be a right time to tell you,” I said. “It’s fine, but what else did you want to tell the guys and me?” Mika said. “Uh, well lets go inside and I’ll tell you and the guys,” I said. As Mika and I walked into the tour bus, I started to get dizzy. This would be the first time I ever told anyone about Daniel abusing me. “As all of you know, I’m married seeing as I just told you that,” I said pausing for a second trying to get my head to stop from spinning. “My husband Daniel, that’s his name Daniel, uh, see he, uh, I think I need to puke,” I said running for the bathroom and throwing up the contents of my breakfast. I felt someone hold my hair for me and the smell of Skittles, coffee and cigarettes rushed to my nose. I stopped throwing up and flushed the toilet. I leaned my head on the lid after closing it. “Mikie,” I said sighing. “Yes, Sierra?” Mika asked. “Can I hug you?” I asked. “Uh, sure,” Mika said and I hugged him tightly. I just needed one hug from him before I had to tell the guys. “Whatever I tell you guys out there, you promise you won’t get mad or treat me differently, right?” I said. “I promise!” Mika said. I smiled and hugged him tightly one more time. I got up and brushed my teeth then walked out the bathroom with Mika behind me. “Okay, so I already asked Mika this so yeah, uh, whatever I tell you guys, do you promise to not get mad and treat me differently?” I asked. “I promise,” Bert, Gerald, Vince, and Gary said. “Okay, now here goes, Daniel uh, abuses me, an-and I don’t want to go back to him but I have to after tour, an-and I might not be able to talk to you guys after tour, not that you guys would want to talk to me, but it’s just going to be so hard to forget about you guys, so I was thinking maybe we should start forgetting about each other now, like we shouldn’t talk everyday or something, only when you guys have concerts, or something,” I said. Everyone looked at me and then looked at each other. They had promised me they wouldn’t get mad at me and they were keeping that promise so far. “Well, uh, I know I promised not to get mad, but, who the fuck told you that I wouldn’t talk to you after tour?” Mika yelled jumping out of his seat. I flinched. “No one I just thought that seeing as your famous and I’m just your tour manager for this tour, that you guys would stop talking to me,” I said. “Well, I don’t know about the rest of the guys but after tour I will still want to talk to you,” Gerald said. “Me two,” Bert said. “Me three,” Gary said. “Me four,” Vince said. “And me five,” Mika said. I smiled at them and we all hugged. “So, does that mean you’re just going to forget all about what I said and not talking to me?” I said. Everyone just nodded and hugged me tighter. I felt at home in all the guys arms. My smiled widened and I started to giggle along with Mika. “This is weird hugging so many people,” I said. “I know!” Mika said. We both fell to the floor in a fit of giggles. Something about Mika’s giggles just made me giggle more. Finally out of breath from giggling so much. Mika and I stopped giggling. Mika got up and helped me up. I blushed and looked down quickly. “Hey, uh, can I talk to you?” Bert asked. “Uh, sure,” I said not lifting my head. I slowly let go of Mika’s hand and followed Bert off the tour bus. “So, what’s up, Mrs. Mika Franklin?” Mikey asked. “Pssh, I’m Mrs. Daniel Perez,” I said. “Okay, but your soon to be ex- Mrs. Daniel Perez and Mrs. Mika Franklin, with the way I see you and Mika look at each other all the time,” Bert said. “Yeah, IF Mika liked me and Daniel would let me divorce him, which would never, happen,” I said frowning. “What are you talking about Mika is totally in love with you, I know him better then anyone, well not really, you know him better then anyone but still he’s in love with you!” Mikey said. “Yeah, I don’t know everything about him, I mean it’s not like he’d tell me if he was even married to someone before, which I’m sure he’s never been married, and it’s not like he tells me who he dated or who he’s slept with, not that I care,” I said. “Uh, actually you do know all that stuff,” Mikey said. “Okay, what the hell are you talking about, are you and the guys trying to tell me something because everyday you and the guys hint that I know something about y’all but I don’t know, apparently I knew all of y’all before I even met you which I have no clue how, so start fucking explaining!” I said getting angry.

“Okay, fine, your name is Sierra Franklin, believe me or not but that’s your name, your real, real name is Sierra Summerfield, your 24 and you’ve known the guys and I since middle school. You were in a car accident when you were 18, and you lost your memory and you were in a coma for a year, the guys and everyone already knew you were married to Daniel but we faked being surprised but when we found out that he abuses you we got upset and well now we all wish we would have at least tried a little bit harder to get you to remember us although the doctors told us it was useless,” Bert said. I let it all in before everything went black. I was sure I hit the pavement before Bert could even catch me. I woke up a couple minutes later to Mika yelling. “What the fuck, Berks? Why’d you tell her? The doctor said not to tell her!” Mika yelled. “I had to, she yelled at me to tell her,” Bert said before I felt someone take me out of what I’m guessing were Bert’s arms. I opened my eyes to see Mika’s hazel ones. My headache went straight away and I smiled widely. I was in love with this man once before, and that’s why my heart tugged at him every time I saw him. Memories flooded through my mind and my head hurt. I grabbed at my head and screamed. Every memory I had with him. I had forgotten. How could I? He was so sweet to me, better then Daniel and I could tell why I fell in love with him in the first place. My head still hurt after the memories left. They’d forever be in my mind now. “I I’m married to you,” I said to Mika. “Bbut, how, you, I, Daniel, what?” I said hyperventilating. I tried to control my breathing but I couldn’t. This was just so much to take in. I grabbed onto Bert tightly. I knew he always hyperventilated so he could help me. “Breath, in, out, in, out,” Bert said. I listened to him and stopped hyperventilating. It’s been one year since I found out I had lost my memory due to a car crash and I was married to Mika. I’ll admit things have been weird between Mika and I. We’ve been closer to each other, but we were still just friends. Tomorrow tour was over and we’d be heading home. But I didn’t want to go to Daniel. My home was where ever Mika went. Well it used to be. - Before the car crash. Everyone was currently sleeping. I was lying in Mika’s bunk with him. I hate that I have to leave him tomorrow. I can tell he hates it too. I can tell it’s eating him inside that I belong to another guy now. I wanted so bad not to go home and just stay with Mika. To tell Daniel that I wanted a divorce but I was scared that he’d find me and kill me and then kill Mika, and I didn’t want that. I was up all night thinking of what I should do, and I picked to stay with Mika. I’d tell him when he wakes up. It was now 5am and the flight home would be in 5 hours. Mika would be waking up any minute. Mika’s eyes opened and he smiled at me. “Hey, I, uh, need to talk to you,” I said. “Okay, then talk,” Mika said. “I uh, just want to forget about my other life in Washington. I want to just go back with you to New Jersey,” I said. “That’s great! But, what about Daniel?” Mika said growling Daniels name. I thought it was cute that he was jealous over Daniel. “Fuck Daniel, I want a divorce from him. Uh, one thing, did you uh divorce me after I lost my memory?” I asked. “Actually, no, we are still married,” Mika said. “So, I was cheating on you for 7 years well 9 years counting the two years I’ve been on tour with you, without even knowing it?” I asked. “Well, technically it doesn’t count seeing as you lost your memory,” Mika said. “I don’t care it still coun-,” Mika cut me off by crashing his lips to me. And for once I finally felt whole again.

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