Angel Connors of Gravid Glen Ch.

2 by rivan51 © The full moon swung heavily above the small mountain valley community. Called Gravid Glen by its occupants, the fertile valley was a lovely, quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of the busy world around it. Cattle, the valley's source of meat and dairy, mooed softly in the fields, chickens rested in their roosts, grains and other vegetables whispered softly in the breeze, their quiet voices adding to the sibilant song of the night wind. The moon's round, full shape would have been greatly appreciated by many of the female occupants of the valley. Most of them were very, very pregnant; the least pregnant among them heavy with twins, and the swollen state of the moon would have made them smile softly as they caressed their swollen, gravid bellies. A week earlier, one of the women, a lovely, young Native American who had since given birth to triplets, had even referred to the moon as the "great belly in the sky, " and claimed it's hugely swollen state was a good omen for those who were soon to give birth. The silvery white light from the celestial orb flowed down from its velvet home, touching everything with its cool caress, and lining all with silver. The cool light flowed across the valley, over homes and fields, and up a small hill, to a spacious, one story, sprawling ranch style house that looked out over the valley and those dwelling therein. The windows of the house were open, allowing the cool night air to flow throughout the walls and corridors of its interior. Soft, lacy curtains waved and undulated in the gentle breeze, casting ghostly, moonlit shadows upon the walls. All was still and quiet, as though nothing wished to disturb the peace of the evening. Nothing that is, except the young, very expectant, couple who owned the house. Moonlight flowed into the bedroom, its cool, white light highlighting the sensual actions taking place on the king sized bed. Angel Connors, the beautiful, young, very pregnant doctor of Gravid Glen, knelt at the head of her bed. Her head was thrown back, lush lips opened wide as she panted and gasped with pleasure; her emerald green eyes were closed, long lashes almost interconnecting as her head rolled from side to side or swung back and forth, her mane of waist length, richly red hair waving about her tossing head as she writhed about in erotic passion. She had one hand behind her for support, clutching at the headboard of her bed, as her other hand moved over her body; cupping and caressing her hugely milkswollen breasts, at times squeezing and pulling on them almost painfully, or moving up to caress her face and wipe strands of sweat-soaked hair from her cheeks, then moving down to passionately stroke and clutch at her hugely swollen belly. Nearly six months gone with quadruplets, the big, round, mass of gravidity bounced up and down in rhythm to Angel's gyrations, shaking and juddering slightly with impact when it hit the solidness beneath it, drops of sweat rolling off the swollen mound like diamonds, glimmering in the moonlight. Beneath her, his tall, powerful body stretched out on the bed, his excitement standing tall and thick between his legs, his hands roving over Angel's lusciously pregnant, sensual form, was her husband, Peter. His lips were locked about her nether regions, his tongue buried in her hot, moist, silky lovebox, probing and dancing erotically within her inner folds as Angel gave vent to the wonderful sensations rushing over her impassioned body from his ministrations. Angel's hips were moving like mad, thrusting against his probing tongue, driving it deeper into her heat as she cried out again and again, her body writhing atop his face as she approached the wondrous peak of her passion. Angel was nearly screaming now, her body twisting and writhing atop Peter's face, both hands now behind her, clutching at the headboard for support, her back arching and making her swollen belly seem all the larger, as she gyrated her swollen, gravid body

about her lover's tongue. Her head whipped about like it was on ball bearings, red locks swirling around her like a star gone supernova, strands clinging to her cheeks, her neck, and her upper chest, forgotten in the heat of her excitement. Her hips buck up and down wildly as she approached orgasm, white hot tendrils of sensual fire blazing up from her sex and burning through her entire body. Her eyes almost rolled up into her head, the lids fluttering like mad, her huge belly rising and falling with piston-like rapidity as her legs shook from the strain and the near overwhelming sensations flooding through her. Finally, with a cry of ecstatic, passionate release, Angel hit the peak of her climax. Her body stiffened, then moved in rapid spasmodic twitches as she gave vent to her wondrous orgasm, white lightning blasting through her mind as well as her senses as her hot juices spilled out of her and into Peter's mouth. Peter drank down every drop, taking in the sweet nectar like a man too long without drink. It seemed to last for a glorious eternity, Angel writhing atop Peter, her arms shivering and shaking, her body held up by her husbands strong arms as she twitched and shuddered with orgasmic pleasure until the erotic tidal wave passed over her and receded. Angel sagged atop Peter's face for a moment, her hands softly caressing the huge fullness of her pregnant waist, head hanging limply from her shoulders, a sea of red hair hiding her face as she gasped for breath, her big, stiff nippled breasts rising and falling in tandem with her gasps. Peter lay beneath her, his hands gently touching her, stroking her sensual, swollen curves as she squatted above him, raising herself off him slightly, to give him a chance to catch his breath. After a few moments, Angel raised her emerald orbs to gaze hungrily at Peter's thickness standing proudly between his legs, her green depths lighting up again with a hot, lusting flame that could only be extinguished one way. With a wanton, vampish smile, Angel slowly dragged her luscious, heavily swollen, gravid form from Peter's face and along his chest, the moisture of her excitement and passion leaving a trail of wetness along his broad chest, the moonlight making it shimmer slightly, droplets sparkling here and there like gems of sexual heat. She moved slowly, letting Peter feel the swollen weight of her belly, the tight roundness of her deliciously round ass, and the sleek slipperiness of her thighs as she moved down his body, reveling in the feel of him between her legs, and smiling an impishly sensual grin when she heard him softly moan with pleasure from the feel of her. When she was within arms reach of her goal, Angel reached out with slender fingers to caress Peter's thick shaft, encircling it gently and pumping it slowly, teasing her lover and making him grow even larger and harder as she ministered to his sex. She kept this up for a few moments, then, feeling her own internal fires reaching explosive levels, she slowly pivoted atop Peter's waist, letting her heavy belly press firmly against his trim waist, spread herself wide, and slid her lover's wonderful thickness into her steaming hot snatch. At the first caress of her nether lips, Peter gasped, his eyes going wide and his body arching slightly from the pleasure. His reaction caused a smile to form on Angel's face as she purred with delight, feeling her hot, moist silk wrapping about his thickness. But her purr soon turned to a gasp of her own as her eyes bugged wide, and her jaw dropped from the overwhelming feeling of being filled beyond anything she had ever felt before. Peter was always big, but this was incredible! Angel felt as thought the tip of his member was touching the back of her throat, and he felt so thick that, for a moment, Angel was worried he would split her open! Her gasp became a long, slow moan of pleasure as Angel slowly took every inch of Peter's amazing length into her hot sex, then eased herself upright, nearly crying out as her new position pushed him even deeper into

her erotically inflamed body. Now upright, Angel had to take a moment to compose herself, try to keep herself from screaming with passion as she felt Peter throbbing within her, making her body twitch spasmodically with pleasure. Her hands moved over her delicious, pregnant body, fingers twitching as she caressed her swollen self, reveling in the feel of her sensual, fertile curves even as she allowed herself to get drunk on the sensation of her husband buried so wonderfully deep within her. With a smile, knowing what his sexy wife liked, Peter began to slowly thrust himself in and out of Angel, his smile widening as he heard her gasp and moan with pleasure, saw her body shiver with erotic delight as his slow penetrations worked their magic. Soft little "ooh"s, and "oh"s of pleasure came from Angel's pursed lips as her body slowly, undulated sinuously atop him, her hands rising to caress her gravid form, then rising further to gently tangle themselves in her hair as she slowly moved her head from side to side as her passion began rising once again. They took their time, reveling in the feel of their bodies so wonderfully intertwined, moving so sensually, so wonderfully together in a timeless erotic dance. Angel raised a big, round breast to her lips, kissing and suckling on her stiff nipple, reveling in the sensations this sent through her body, hungry for the day when she would begin lactating, for the time when she could taste the liquid of her own body. She moaned softly with pleasure, her fiery, sex heavy eyes holding the gaze of her husband as she smiled around her breast, knowing Peter was enjoying the show. Her eyes widened for a moment as she felt Peter begin to speed up his thrusts, felt him driving deeper into her hot body as she gasped loudly, her nostrils flaring as she started panting for breath. Ready to speed things up herself, Angel let her breast fall from her lips and flop audibly on the shelf of her pregnancy. She reached back, bracing herself on Peter's muscular legs, leaned back on her supporting arms, and began pumping up and down on her husband's thick, iron hard length of phallic delight. Within only a few moments, they were pounding against each other, moving like two opposing jack hammers, Angel's downward thrusts being met by Peter's upward motion, both of them gasping and groaning with erotic exertion as they pummeled one another relentlessly. Angel threw her head back, her lips pulled back from her teeth, mouth open, sharp, gasping, rhythmic "uh"s coming from her throat in tandem with the impact of her body with Peter's. Her big belly shook and shuddered with every impact, shaking like a hardened mass of Jello as they gave in to their base feelings and fucked like mad, making animalistically sensual sounds as they rutted wildly. Angel's juices coated Peter's shaft, dripping down it in small rivulets, allowing them to move up and down, in and out with greater ease, spurring them on to greater efforts. Angel felt Peter's cock stiffen, then flex within her, and felt the approach of her own climax as her husband exploded inside her. She howled with climactic passion, her body bucking and stiffening in sharp spasms as she clutched and clawed at Peter's legs. She would later find that she had left bloody trails on her husband's legs, but for now all she could feel was the wondrously explosive, orgasmic release that filled her body. For what seemed like a glorious eternity, they both stiffened and spasmed in orgasm, their bodies locked together, twitching and shuddering, as their juices mixed and merged. Then, it was done, and they were both sated.... for the moment. Angel sighed softly, contented for a time, as Peter helped her drag her heavily pregnant form off of him and slowly lower herself down next to him. He pulled the soft covers over them as she curled up next to him, taking up the "spoon" position, with him behind her, his arms wrapped about her lovingly, protectively. As Angel drifted off to sleep, she felt some of

Peter's seed leak out of her, and she smiled. The next morning dawned bright and clear, a lovely, cool Autumn day destined to be full of crisp air, golden leaves, and the smells of the land readying for winter. Angel awoke to find herself alone in bed. A quick glance at the clock, and Angel could see that it was nearly 9 in the morning. She smiled softly, knowing Peter would have been up about two hours ago, done his exercises, readied himself for work, and, by the delicious smell filling her nose, made her breakfast. She took a moment to stretch languidly, pushing her big, gravid sphere of a belly up toward the ceiling, then caressed her swollen waist for a few moments in what had become something of a morning ritual, a way to touch herself and take pleasure in her growing body, as well as send a message of love to her unborn children. After that, Angel swung her legs over the edge of the bed, hoisted her increasingly heavy body onto her arms, and, with a soft wheeze of effort, heaved herself to her feet. She stood still for a moment, adjusting her senses to her constantly changing center of gravity, then pulled on a soft, diaphanous, almost transparent robe of peach colored fabric. She did not bother to do up the belt, for there was virtually no way it would fit about her hugely swollen waist, but left the robe open, trailing behind her in a flowing wave as she made her way to the kitchen. She found a sumptuous breakfast of eggs Benedict, toast, fresh fruit from their garden, and freshly squeezed orange juice next to a glass of milk waiting for her. "Baby, you are too good to me. " Angel smiled as she stood there, looking down hungrily at the feast before her. She clasped her hands atop her belly, then moved them down her swollen sides in a slow caress as she felt the babies move inside her. "Or should I say, 'too good to us!?" she giggled. After breakfast, and a long, luxurious shower, Angel pulled on an over sized, long sleeved T-shirt, a blue flannel shirt of Peter's, which she left open, wearing it like a coat, and a pair of khaki slacks. Angel was thankful that the slacks had a big maternity panel in them, allowing her pants to accommodate her already huge, and still growing form. She was sure she was going to need it, for she still had three months to go! Angel then checked her schedule, and found she had three house calls scheduled for the day, followed by a prenatal exercise session at the spa in town, (those were becoming more and more difficult to do!). All in all, a fairly full day, but one with a bit of time for her to visit the clothes boutique in town and see if they had anything new for her, or the babies. Smiling with the joy of an expectant mother, the young obstetrician grabbed her purse, and a larger version of the famous doctor's, "black bag, " and headed out the door, preceded noticeably by her big, pregnant belly. It was a beautiful day for walking, and Angel loved to walk, so she decided to take a leisurely walk into town, stopping along the way to make her house calls. She set off down the dirt road, the only road in the valley, her legs working smoothly, sleek, toned muscles working and flexing beneath her pants. Her hips moved in a sensual rhythm, turning her pregnant waddle into a sexy little sashay that would draw men's eyes to her tight, round bottom and make the center of her belly bob slightly from side to side. The rich red of her lustrous hair brought out the healthy flush on her cheeks, as well as the rich sensual fullness of her lush red lips, and her emerald eyes snapped and danced with pleasure as she moved. She was a healthy, glowing, sensually lovely pregnant woman, the kind of woman that could stir desire in any man, and she knew it. She was not vain, but she knew she was lovely. Luckily for her, her inner self was just as lovely, with a gentle, caring, giving heart as beautiful as the body that held it. Angel's first stop was at the home of Hiro and Soo Tanaka. Soo was a lovely young woman of Eurasian descent, having a Korean mother

and a French father. As a result of her mixed heritage, Soo possessed an exotic beauty few women could match. She had a lovely face, composed of full, soft, delicate, pink lips, a small slender nose, and almond shaped blue eyes, all framed by smooth golden skin, and a silky cascade of blond hair that fell down to her shoulders. A full breasted, slender, well toned body completed the picture, and made the diminutive, five foot tall girl a delicious, exotically sexy sight to behold. Soo was now almost eight months pregnant with triplets, and her body had responded in a big way! Her previously, pleasantly full breasts, were now huge, round, stiff nipped udders that required large, Ecup size bras to contain them. Her hips had widened, and her tight bottom had grown bigger, though still retaining its firmness thanks to Soo's constant exercising. But all these changes were dwarfed by the state of her pregnant belly. Her once flat, trim waist had ballooned into a massive, taut, globe of gravid flesh. Her golden skin was stretched incredibly over her hugely swollen womb, the skin almost shiny it was so tight. Due to her small stature, Soo's belly appeared to be even bigger than it was, seeming almost too large for the small girl to carry. But carry it she did, and with surprising ease. And the bigger it got, the rounder more swollen it became, the more Soo glowed and the more beautiful and sexy she became. Soo came to the door of their spacious, A-frame style house in response to Angel's knock. She smiled when she saw Angel, and opened the door, revealing that she was wearing nothing but a short, satin, cream colored robe which she had left wide open. For a moment, all Angel could do was stare in awe, and lust, at the sight of Soo's huge, dark nippled breasts and the massive, smooth slope of her pregnant belly. Ravin had given birth to her triplets the week before, so Angel had not had a visit from her in some time, and the young doctor was really feeling the loss of female attention lately. Now, seeing Soo's lushly ripe, gravid, half naked form before her, it was all Angel could do not to ask Soo to take her right then and there! Outwardly, despite the hormones raging within her, Angel was able to maintain an appearance of calm proffesionalism, though it was difficult! "Good morning, Angel!" Soo smiled welcomingly as she beckoned Angel to come into her home. "Thank you so much for seeing me here. " Soo said, caressing her huge, child swollen belly, "It is getting harder to move about these days, and with Hiro gone for the next two days, I did not know how I was going to get up that hill of yours. " "I know how you feel!" Laughed Angel, cupping her own big belly, "I'm not quite as big as you, yet, but I am not looking forward to trying to make my rounds in a few months!" Soo giggled, "I don't know how you manage it now!" "I just take it slow and easy. " Angel smiled. Then, she opened her doctor's bag, made her way over to a low chair, and slowly lowered herself down. "Now, why don't you stand in front of me, and we will see how all of you are doing. Okay?" "You're the doctor!" Soo chirped as she made her way over to Angel and stood in front of her, pushing her robe behind her so Angel could have free access to her body. In doing so, she unconsciously presented an enticing, erotically delicious site to Angel, and the young doctor nearly felt her composure crack as she regarded the nubile young woman's pregnant body up close. But Angel was not about to do anything that Soo would find offensive, so she once again stuffed her desires down, beneath her professionalism, and focused on tending to her patient. She measured Soo's belly, noting that she was a bit large for the stage she was at, though it was nothing to be worried about, took Soo's pulse, listened to the babies' heartbeats, and took note of Soo's weight. After that, and a few more checks, Angel was satisfied. She leaned back in the chair, one arm draped over

her own big gravidity, the other brushing some of her hair away from her face, and smiled. "You are all in perfect health. " A radiant, happy smile filled Soo's face as she moved her hands to her hugely swollen waist, cupping and stroking the big ball of her belly as her eyes danced with delight. "Thank you, Angel. I was pretty sure there was nothing wrong, but hearing it from my doctor makes all the difference in the world. " "Well, do you have any questions for me?" Angel smiled up at the lovely Eurasian, feeling her blood start to race, her hormones scream for her to do something. "Any new cravings, or odd feelings you want to ask me about?" Soo suddenly seemed nervous, biting her lower lip and avoiding Angel's eyes, her hands moving in slow circles over her pregnant belly. "What do you mean by "cravings?" Angel felt a glimmer of hope in her chest, felt her pulse quicken, but she retained a calm appearance as she said. "Well, cravings.... desires for unusual foods, different wants physically.... , sexually... " From the way Soo's eyes suddenly snapped up and locked with hers, Angel knew she had hit the mark with her last comment. Soo was feeling a sexual need for something, something that might match what Angel wanted! "What is it Soo?" Angel asked, letting an honest concern hide the sexual tension boiling within her chest. She smiled gently. "It is rather obvious you have something you want to say. " "Yes,... I do... "Soo turned slightly away from Angel, biting her lower lip nervously, and unknowingly granting Angel a deliciously erotic profile of her sexy, pregnant body. She smiled nervously, self-consciously at Angel, her hands rubbing the big ball of her gravid waist. "I mean,... I know it is no big deal really, just a pregnant woman's cravings, but it is so different from what I have ever felt before..... " Angel heaved her heavily pregnant body from her chair, and came up close to Soo. She gently encircled the lovely girl's shoulders with her arm, and smiled softly as she said. "Believe me, Soo, in the 8 years that I have been an OB, I have heard it all. There is nothing you could be feeling that would surprise me. " Angel smiled invitingly as she spoke, her eyes warm and gentle. Soo raised her head, her blue eyes filled with hope and a need to speak of what she felt. "Really?" She almost whispered. "Really. " Angel said with a winning smile. The smile almost faded however, when she saw the light that suddenly filled Soo's eyes, felt its heat, and knew that Soo desired her! Suddenly, as though she had made a final decision to go for it, Soo turned her face toward Angel, and kissed the startled red head full on the lips! It was tentative at first, as though Soo was not sure if Angel would pull away or not, but when Angel responded to her kiss, Soo pressed her lips more firmly against Angel's, both girls feeling the rising heat of passion building in their chests. They opened their mouths, and both gave soft gasps of delight as their tongues began to dance together erotically. Angel could not believe what was happening! Soo had never given any indication that she had been craving the attentions of another female, and now she was kissing Angel with a passion that nearly overwhelmed Angel with its intensity! Angel felt Soo's hands on her body, caressing her swells and curves wonderfully, and she moaned softly in delight. Her own hands moved over Soo's ripely gravid form, reveling in the feel of her smooth, silky skin beneath her caressing fingers. Soo's response was a soft, low, moan of passionate desire that sent a thrill up and down Angel's spine. "Oooohhhh...... Angel!" Soo's purr thrummed through her new lover like a drug, spurring Angel on to more intense roaming and caressing of Soo's lusciously pregnant body. As they kissed, their tongues dancing about wantonly, Soo quickly removed Angel's flannel shirt, letting it drop in a heap on the floor, then started lifting her T-shirt up, over the gloriously huge swell of her belly, gasping softly

with delight when she felt the naked flesh of Angel's pregnancy softly rubbing against her own swollen waist. The warmly erotic touch of their bellies caressing one another made the girls even hotter, flaming their desire to an even higher level. They broke their kiss for a moment, as Soo lifted Angel's T-shirt off, over her head, and tossed it to the floor. Soo then reached around Angel, both girls smiling and purring as Soo had to press her belly more firmly against Angel's gravidity to do so, and undid Angel's bra, freeing her deliciously swollen, round, heavy breasts from their confines. As Soo had been undoing her bra, Angel had worked her pants down her legs, and kicked them off with quick motions of her sleek limbs, wanting to be as naked as possible as quickly as possible. Her hands made short work of her panties, and, as both girls shuddered with delight from the resulting belly caress, she quickly removed her socks. After she had removed Angel's bra, and as she let her robe slip from her shoulders, Soo took a step back to regard her naked friend. Her eyes hungrily drank in every curve and swell of Angel's lusciously pregnant form, her hands roaming over her own body as she gazed at her companion hungrily; hands moving slowly over her swollen waist, then rising to cup her own hugely milkswollen breasts. Angel could almost feel the heat radiating from Soo's eyes, and she felt an answering heat growing between her legs and rising to fill the rest of her. Oh how she wanted Soo! She could barely contain her need, was almost shivering with desire, as she stood before her patient and soon to be lover. "Angel..... "Breathed Soo in a slow, almost groaning, purr, ".. you are so beautiful! Your body is so sexy.... so lovely and ripe..... " Soo's voice trailed off as she again came close to Angel, her lovely eyes ablaze with erotic flames that echoed the heat in Angel's eyes. As she came close, Angel reached out to caress Soo's big belly, eliciting a purr of pleasure from the lovely Eurasian. She raised her other hand to cup and caress one of Soo's big, bloated breasts, her gentle touch making Soo moan in delight. For her part, Soo had raised her hands to Angel's bountiful breasts, and was working her fingers over the silky, softly firm flesh that abounded on the auburn haired beauties chest. Angel made to move herself closer to Soo, intending to take one of the blonde's swollen udders into her mouth, but Soo stopped her with a gentle finger. "No. "Soo said, her voice a husky whisper of need. "I know what it feels like to have my breasts kissed and suckled, though not by a woman, but I don't know what it feels like to suckle on another woman's breasts. "She smiled at Angel's playful pout. "Don't worry, darling. I do want to feel your lips on me, all over my body in fact, but first, I want to give you all the pleasure I can possibly give. " With that, Soo stepped up as close as she could to Angle. Due to the huge states of their bellies, the girls had to stand side by side, almost in profile to one another, while still facing each other enough to kiss and caress thier bodies. Soo took one of Angel's big, round, stiff nipped, heavy breasts in her slender fingers, softly caressing the smooth flesh as Angel purred encouragingly. For a moment she held the wondrously lush orb in her fingers, gently kneading and massaging it as her new lover slowly licked her lips in wanton delight. Then, unable to resist her desire any longer, Soo lowered her head to Angel's breast took a throbbing nipple between her lips, and started to kiss and suckle the lucious, creamy flesh with wild abandon. One of her free hands moved to Angel's big belly, caressing and stroking the big pregnant sphere's silky flesh as her other hand moved over dome of her own pregnancy. Angel's jaw dropped, and her eyes went wide from the rush of pleasure suffusing her body as Soo suckled at her sensitive breast, a gasp of pleasure coming from her lips. Panting coos and moans of pleasure came from her lips as she reveled in the feel

of Soo sucking on her tit, relishing every kiss, every caress from the gravid Eurasian. As she gave vent to her pleasure, she raised a hand to Soo's gravidity, caressing it wantonly, then slid it up the the blonde Asian's swollen breasts, cupping and kneading them, tugging at the nipples as Soo squealed in delight, especially when she started to draw forth milk in creamy streams that splashed upon the curve of Soo's waist. Angel's other hand stroked and tugged at her unattended breast, pushing her to greater heights of erotic ecstasy, then moved down to cupp and caress her own gravid waist. For awhile, both girls stood there, their bodies pressed wantonly against each other, hands moving and caressing each other's curves and swells erotically as they gasped and moaned in pleasure. Soo paid close attention to both of Angel's breasts, bringing the gravid doctor to several wonderful, though small, orgasms as she suckled and nibbled on the creamy smooth flesh before her. Then, she released Angel's breast with a soft pop, smiling wickedly, and led the impassioned girl over to a large, deep couch, kissing and stroking her all the while, and being kissed and caressed at the same time as pants and moans of pleasure filled the air. Once they were at the couch, Soo pressed down on Angel's shoulders, making the heavy eyed red-head slowly sit down on the couch. Soo then drew Angel's legs out and away from her body, making her slide down into a reclined, almost prone position. She slid over a footstool and coffee table, manuevering them under Angel's buttocks for support, and spread the gravid lovely's legs wide, exposing her hot, wet snatch to Soo's hungry gaze. Soo slowly knelt down, between Angel's widespread legs, spreading her own legs far apart to accomodate the globe of her belly, pressed her lips to Angel's sex, and gently eased her tongue into the moist lovebox before her. "Ohhhhh...... " Angel's soft moan of pleasure filled the air, followed by the slow arching of her back as her body undulated languidly. Her head slowly rolled from side to side, her hands moving; one to stroke her big belly, the other to move down and caress Soo's head in a wordless encouragement to keep going. Soo kept up her slow, sensual ministrations for several minutes, reveling in the slow, erotic motions of Angel's body as the redheaded doctor succumbed to the flood of erotic sensations flowing over her. Soo's hands were busy as well; one hand was on Angel's snatch, spreading her sex lips wide so Soo could have unhindered access to Angel's fleshy sex folds and clit, the other was between Soo's legs, two fingers thrusting in and out of her own spasming cunny. Having given in to her long held desire, Soo was in erotic bliss, and she felt her own climax quickly approaching. She started thrusting and licking at Angel's snatch more rapidly, licking and suckling on her clit with greater force as the gravid doctor writhed about with pleasure. Angel's hands clutched at her gravid belly, or at her head as it rolled about on the couch, then clawed at the couch itself. At one point, she caught hold of a pair of throw pillows, and she nearly tore them apart as she thrashed about in erotic abandonment. Soo's licking, probing tongue was sending thrills through her body such as she had not felt in over a week, and she reveled in it. Her cries became base, animalistic, wanton, as she thrust her hips against Soo's probing tongue, her hugely swollen waist bobbed up and down as she bucked and humped upon the couch. She cried out with pleasure again and again, her eyes snapping wide one moment, the squeezing shut the next as her face grimaced and snarled from the oncoming orgasm. Soo felt Angel stiffen, heard her scream out in release, and felt her body spasm wildly a moment before Angel's juices filled her mouth. Soo drank it down as quickly as she could, but some of it escaped her lips and fell down to splash on her breasts and pregnant belly. After Angel had calmed from her wonderful

orgasm, Soo slowly heaved to her feet, and helped Angel raise her own heavily swollen body up into a sitting position. Angel sat there for a moment, her big belly restin heavily between her legs as she recovered from her climax. After a few moments however, she beckoned Soo to come closer, her green eyes hot and heavy with desire. As Soo came close enough, Angel leaned forward, and licked her own love juices off Soo's hugely gravid waist, smiling as the Eurasian cooed with delight. She then raised her eyed to Soo's, noting the flushed look to her face and the anticipatory gleam in her eyes, and said. "Now it's your turn. " Needless to say, Angel gave as good as she got, and Soo was in full orgasm within a few moments. Ten minutes later, after a quick shower, Angel was ready to head out to her next appointment. As she was almost to the door, Soo, still dressed only in the cream colored robe, stopped her with a long, passionate kiss that left both of them gasping for breath. "See you next week. " Soo purred, her eyes full of promise. As Angel stepped out the door, and started on her way to her next appointment, she could not help but think that this was going to be a great day! The End?