Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 1 of 15 Page ID #:4170 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110

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3H TI':g CI.TITSS STATES T}TSITRIfrT C*I3S? rOR fltE se$"6ft:q l3srR3c" o" FEbI!{$SLVA}{IA

LISA LfBnR;, et al.,

Pl"alrrtif f s,

: :

C?VTL ACTISbI N0. 0g*189S


'IAtTtr, eL &1- . , :)efefids.nts.

: :

Hsl'lCRAl.ltUttt ElUnRSgf,
R*SRHN#' iI.

secember 23. ?010



Hef$r* the f,ourt are FlainEiffs' written Motion far
Emergency Temp$rnry Rasf,raining Order and Defendant.

Taitz's oral

r*ot.ion f*r a temp*rary restraining arder. Th€ Ccurt read ths

Elartiest papers, r*viewed ehe dacumenlary evidrlrcs, and held a hea.riag on the matler <:rr D€cefilber ?0, ;0:"*. F*r th€ reas+ns set

farth b*}sr*, b$th rroti$ns *ri]-l be denied aud the C*ure #auLiorlg the pa.rtie*. eepeu*"alty the atstcrneys in the cese, ss bo ihe prosEleci $f futurs Eanctians.




4, ?009, tslaintiffs Lina Li!:eri ("Liberi") , rhilip ,J, ISergi, Seq. (sserg"), the Latu Offj-ees of trhilip J. Berg,
On May

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 2 of 15 Page ID #:4171 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 2 of 15

Evelyn Adams a/k1a Mo{flila H {"Adams"l, Llsa ostella i"Oete}Ia"},

& flxceL Gl<ebal {ccl"l.ecri-ve1y. "Flair:tLffs'} ini*iated rhi.s defas:ation, libel-, ar:d sla.nder actian agai:net Defeadant* $rly Tait*, Ssq.. *DS i"Ta-aLz"l, Defe:rd *u.r F.reedo$s Fgr,ind*tions, Irrc. ("DOFF"], Neil ,Sankey, The Sanhey Firm and Sankey Inveet"i.gat-lons, Inc. ic+ll"r*ctl"vely, !t$a:rhey"], Edgar l{gi,c, {aren, Flaing Radi*, KpRl.I AII 151-0, Bar It- Fars's, FLaine Ra*io Sletsr+?"k (ccllae*iv*ly. 'the Hales'), and ilnda $u* tse3cher {cot}e*tiveiy,
and *Defendants").1

In slrtn, sl.*intiffs ansl Defendantrs ere part of fihe *bi*th*ro Hx)ve$renl, *rhich ls ccurpriged *f lndividuafs who beU-eve that Pr*si**nE obama is ineligible to be President *f lhe {}nited StaLes because he was hoxn in Keaya. At one tirne, P}aint,iffs and Defendants worked foget'ber co atLempt to prove President Obama's ill*gitirna*y but inffght,ir:g a$orrg them led to this Laweuib. $pecifically, Plai:;tiff Phi),ip e*rg accr:sed **fer:*arrt srly Taita sf irrproperLy publishing lhe sacial secur*ty nurnber rrf his pa.ralegal., Lisa Lil:eri, along with defamatory information r:egarding t'ihert's pa*t history of criminal activity, $n her
Some of thss* Fsrfies have a Long and c*mptlc*ted ' liEigafion hintory. S*f, "#.,..9., Berg r{. QFam+, 585 ?34 (3d cir. 2009) ; S,hodes v. -Ula(}psnal^d, 6?fi F. $upp. 2d 1-363 {M"D" Ga. 2OO9) {impoeing $zCI,s00 *anction o!1 sounsel Or}y Taitz fr;r use of the*.1 pro#es$ f*r an 5"mpr*per purl:*se], Aff 'S Rhpdes v. gae*+aald, ?slf fI.S. epp" tsxrs 5340 fJ.lth Cir. f{ar. 15, 2S10}. ?his lit.ig*ri+r} appeer$ ds be pare *f *kis overaSl di*p+** *{Itcrrg the p*rt'ie*"


Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 3 of 15 Page ID #:4172 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 3 of 15

ryebei*e- llefend.a-*ts Sdg*r arrd Care* Hals, **d l{eil $ankey *r* eEeentialiy accused of workS^ng with $x' Taits to defanle


T1re Ftale clefendanEs awrr

an int*rnet radio sf.atlar: irr

Dr. Talt,a appeared. NeiI Sankey is a private inve*rigator in calif*rrria, atlege<3If hlred by *r. Taita *n h*r q**$t to *deslray' PSaintiff* Berg *n* Lib*rl'
Texas on which




on May 4, 20$9, Slaintiffs filed thelr complainl along w**h arr Erttergerrcy 1"1*ti*n far an Injr:nct*.*r: and,/or Tercp*rary Restrairring Order. Sn *t*y ?2, 2**9, *ef*ndsnts Niel Sarikey,
saxkey T:rvestigacior:s, an€ Saakey Investigflti+rrs. Inc, t"$axkey

Defend*nbs'I fil-ed a !llq:t.i+n to Dj-smiss. On Fl^ay 26,
Defendant Linda Eelcher f iled a Motj.on


to Oiemiss. on May 26,

IS09 S+f,endants Edg*r itaie aad Caren H*3* (*U*le Defendanis/)

filed a lr!+tion to si.srrils*.
Taitz and Def*nd tlur Freedoms Foundattons, Inc. (*Taitz Oefendants"i filed a til(}Lioa to Dismiss Due to Lack of .]urisdictian, an Answer, and an Oppositj-on io the tlotion for an Injr.rnction. on t"funs 9o 20s9, Plalat{ff*
Sn Hay 28, ?tl$9, Defenda.nts Orty

resp*n*ed to lhese r**bi*ns. on Ju;:e 1.1, 2**9, Plaintitfs resp*nd*d to the l{*ii<>ns t$ trj-sfitiss fi}*d hy Sankey Fef,*ndfr{:fs,

Beleher, and Hale Defendanfs. On Jrxre 23, 2S09, Plaintiffs re*

filed their


Motion for an InjuncBion or Temporary

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 4 of 15 Page ID #:4173 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 4 of 15

Qestrai*ing Order, ?aitE llefenda:rfs responded sn
On ,.Tune ?6,

2*09, this Courh J"esrred ord,ers: {1) granEing P}aintJff ts motion and dismissing trefendanns #ames Sundguist a:rd Rock Salt Pul:lishing; (21 denying r,rithout
prejud.ic*r Plai.ntlff '* *wo X$ergency Flot.i*nE far an lnjur:*tio*r

24, ****, the fsllowing five

*nd/ox a Tempcrary R*strai*irrg Order and *erryirrg a13 parti*s'
rlst.i(}}:s t(} *trike; (3) c)f,dering thaf rls fuscher ft+Ci$n$ h* fi]"ed
uiu.houh leave

of the f,ourr and LhaE Fertrie$ musr requege chifi by lett"*r ho the Court; ta) granting Defendant Taitz's lilotious to

Flaint,iff "s rnany req*esls f<rr dsfau3t juBg:*ents; *.*d {5i issui*g a ru}e to slrew *au** w}:y Lbe csrrtplaint should n*t be se'rered and trarrEferred. ofl July ??, 2009, based upon a leLt,er 6ent tc th* fourL by Slaintiffs, the eourt ordered that Fl"ainriff's new Em*rgency l{*t,ion f,cr ehe Isruance *f an Injuncti$R .sr Restraining Order be
Set. .h,side Defau}.t' .Iudgmunt anC denyirrg

d*sket,ed. E+fende'nt{s 8elcher, }lale, and Tailz respanded *n

3, eS09. ghs fisrrrt. lrel-* a sn.august 7, e0S3, ar:d denieel Flaintiff's mfiLl#n on August.lfi, 2frO9, as well aE denyi*g
other rnotlons,
Ot: August 1"4, 2*O9,


Plaintj.ffs app**led the Court,ts des"ial *f their n:ctie* fsr an injunctisn or reslraining nr**r t.o ihe fhir$ Circuit. fx, Ilecenber 9, 2Q&9, t.his was pi*.ced i-rr suspelrse pe::ding detsrminat:un of llre appeal. {gee da*, n$. S}.i On May 26, 2010, the Thlrd Circuit granted Flaintiffs. moti$n to

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 5 of 15 Page ID #:4174 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 5 of 15

'rrithdr*s their appeal-, p$rsllar:t, to Fed. R. App. P. 4?{b} . i+iberi '{. ?aitz, lik}- *9-34*3.


tln 'June 3, 20:.0, the Courl denied tl:e :mrti+ns t:o dismigs, &nd eeverad the act,ion and trangferred the claimg
each Sefendant's ho*e juri*d.i-ction.
On June


23, 2O!0, the Courr

*me*d*d the r:rigirral" transfer srder, after e*nsi-dering


fs' rgoriorr fo:: Rec*vrgiderati*:: and Sef,eadants' rsstr:orrses,

while} severing and transferring the *ase. On .?u3y ?* ;SL0.
DefendanL Taitz fil.ed a notice of appeal arguingr anflang many

+ther bhings, thaL f,he Ccurt did not have jurisdicti+* T*ilz's aFpeel l* cxrrentJy perrding.
F{eanr*hi3e, an $*pteudrer

in this

S, 2010, Pefendarrt Tait,z filed

a Flefien to Request n$ru$ents Missing Fr*m an Inc*mplele rra"nncrip$. She also faxed to the Ccrurt many }engthy letters fii-e* r€apon#es $rr the do*ket reiating ** statters *n appe;rI.. *n *ctohey ?9, 2S1C, lhe toarr *rdered tlrat 433 furaher :n*ki+ns an*
phan* calls be direct"*d to the Uniled Stet,ss Court +f Appe*Is for

the T'lrird Circuit as the case is sn a.ppeal.
On Novernber

16, 30i0, Plainfiffe

began sending let.ters

to ltrie C*ure requeeting. far a third tisl*, a Ternparary Restrair:ing Order. Circuit. plaintiff
On **cernber

5, 2f}ffr Fl"airrtiff 's f il*d a* the Third Circuit direcf,ed

Energency M*ci*n for a ?ernporary ResrraininE Crder with ths Thicd
On December .1.0, 201-0,

tc file a forrnal ruotsi*n bef*r* this Court

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 6 of 15 Page ID #:4175 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 6 of 15

PlaintiffE' prewior:* requast.s rrere by lett€r t<: ihe C+urt, oxr secec*ber 13, 2s13, pur#*ane i<r the ?hj"r* tircgit's directir:n, ihi,c Car*rH scheduled a he*ring on Plaintiffs' moii+rr f*r De*ereber 20, 20I"S.



Jurisdictj.on for tkis acEion is predicated *porr

cliversiry of cicizenship" eB U.s.c. $ 1332. The. citiuenship of all is as foll.r;rwp, For t*he Ftainhif f s r Eerg and Liberi atre p€rr:ssylvania ciliz*:ns; Adaug ie an Gklahorsa citiz*n; *rrd Csle}l* and Gc Global ar* ditizexts af l'[sr* Jereay, Far
Befends*ts: Taitz, nQFf, anti sankey are citizens of C*Lif*rni*;

$at[ Publishirg are cit.ise::s oE ]isrrr J€]rsey; and **l"cher and t.he Halsp are citizens of TexasSundEuict and Rock





tuHFfiR*Rx REs:rRer$rH# sRSgR

On Fecemkr

20r ?030, the C*$rt beld a hearing
EmerEency HoE.ion

regarding FJ-aintiffe' m*sf, recent,
Temporary Restrainlng

f,+r a

Or<ler. Plaintiffs fhiltip Bergr Liea Liberi, a*d ,lisa Sstella ?sere preseni, 8arg, a member *f the penngySva*ia bar, r*pr*#ented all rf the P}*i.ntiffs, kfendant OrIy ?nit*. a member r"lf the Califarnia bar, wag aJ"so pre$ent,. TaiLz represented herself arrd Defend Our Freedoms Foundation. At the tmaring, the CEurt rcc*ived and adr,i-tt*d a nurnber of exhi.niLs

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 7 of 15 Page ID #:4176 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 PageT of 15

*ffered by Lh* pa.rties. h*ard argunent,

ar':d hearcl

t*xti:tt*::y fr*m



Fl"aintif,fs argued that DefendanLs Orly Taitz and Linda Eel.*her- as srt13 as a thirC F€rtsy, G*+ff Sf-aples. crsated a website. lrl,Lp;ilAisalib*fi,.**m, in retaSiation for their filing
an in this case. The Frebsite i* set*up as if it

created by l"riberi- The websj.te inclades se>rual innuendos, fals*
sttteraerrb$, and false cximinal hist+ry, all of w?ri*h;l$lFear t* be designed bo paint Liberi in a:: uofev*rai:Ie light.

r,iheri dld not establi#h the website or give permi.oui"on to anyone lo estab].ich the *ebsite ir: ?:er r:ana*, Liberi f i:e* *n online *buse foxr* with ttre dsr*ain regislry ar:d aa onli*e abuse report with pfiV,fi.#.ypllotect,.arq. T&e was originally reported uc) be regj.slered bo a Lisa tlberi of N*ir<:bi rvith an ema.ll addrees *f cer:victadfeLaaaliealiberi,ror&- As $f ftol;r, eh* t*sbsite iE aSlegediy xegf*tered t$ * S*off St*ple* of Te:*as. Flaintiffs further alleged f,haL taita. Seleher, and
$taples sent e*rails encouraging peopSe tc view lhe website.
fhese eerail* *ere senf, Lt: emeil adgrsss*s fou*d in l,ibesi'e +ld

email acc*untr
emaj-I tras from


thai, lrer friends and carriacls


believe tire

her. Flainuiffs alno allege thal when trhey tried bo ge: r*lj.ef via a letter e<r this Ceurl, the Sefendants f,etaSiaLe€ by p$st*:E tbe leiter cn li:s website, Defendant Taita recpo-ded trilet plai*t*ff* hEve sc

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 8 of 15 Page ID #:4177 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 8 of 15

*vid*nce that she was invnlved ln creating

b,he websit.e

ht*p:-lll,isalibefi,.,g"*m. Taitr further arg' thaE anything posted ahaut Liberi on t.tre websiLe which is in lfaLta'fi conLrol.

truthful and l:,r:t elander*us ii.s:,iberi's *r$ugis}.dlt" asd *riiniral hist*ryi . Taitx furtber a).I*g*d that trl*ini.iffe are r*t*I5ating againsf, hsr f*r being a "whistle.blorter" about f-iheri' e crlminal hJ-gtory a*d involvenent*SHB we.s

wiBh mon€tary donations from the publlc.

Plaintiffs' first witness was hisa Liberi. L,ib+ri tesuified that gh* rtid nct rreate the w*heite hitFjlll"aeaeibgf*i.**gglrt. *i* not arrthsrize its creati*n, and ha.s not 6e$t euails frcrm th* r*ebsiEe's eruail aec$unt c+f-rrri,ctedfe1oneLis.a.Lltserl.Cp_.m- Lj-beri alscr test.ified Lhel taitu tried to hire a "hj.t-man' ro hann her and her famj"Iy and that I'aitz has enccur;eg*d ctherg Lc harlfl her **:i- on crossexami**ti*n, Libert **sl*ed*S that sbe wag a *o*vicued felon axd that ch€ had no dj.r+ci *sidence l-ir:king th* r+ebsite to Fefe::d*xts Eel*her $r Taitu. Iri,berj. q.lso did rr+t prsssnL any cr*dible evidence to supporf her claims of murder solicitation arrd kidxapi::g attempts- nuring her testimcny, Liberi was often comba*ive a*d ev*.sirt&, arrd rauch cf hrer teet,imo*y t*as argnrment xitkol.rt factxil] basix, F{rr Lhese reasc:n#, *h* Courl f inds t}r** Iriberi's testiftony wag nol credi$ie. Plaintif,fo' *econd witness wafi Lia*. S#tel:a. Ostella

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 9 of 15 Page ID #:4178 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 9 of 15


thfr.b she had vrorked

for Taif.z a# her




also assi*ted Taitz i*iih heriuebsiue
aad aoE+ei*.ted paypaS asc*r"rnts for col3*c*ing d<s:eat"ia*s to lhe

site, CIn sr$ss-€xamina*.inn, OFtelSa *cr:ceded that she has ?+cked taitz +ul of her r*ebsiHe and htlr pssosiated paypal accounLs. Oste.Lla also concedad that she only had disc$v*rt* a link **t*reen €eoff S*o, and the w*bsite ilt--tJllll;i*91-j$egi' gp,tsi, rrdlb l,<> Defe:]dal:t* ?;ritc an* Fslcher. r,ike r.iberi, Ostella was efBen cambative and suasive during her testimony. and rnuch +f her testimony u/as &rgument with<put. factual baeis. Th*ffore, Lhe C*urt als+ f ind.s *h*t Ostella'$ teFt,i{tony ldas nol cs+dible, Defendant, Taitz called one witness, Plainliff Fhillip Berg. Berg t,estified regarding his previ.ous relationchip wittr Geatf St*ples. Lhat Staple* diri w+b d**ign fer BerE or* * v61':.rr!leer b*,ais, Elerg'* *est.iElorry was e1** comba.t{ve, svasive, and argtrmentative and tha Cour', did noe find his testinnny to be helpful for entabl-iehing a factual record.? At the conclusion of his dir*rcL examination by faitz, Berg asked Lo reep*n hls cas€ to call f*its etr Ehe stand, cihich tshe Court de:ried?he parties alsc offered various dccu::le*ts into
Tt,.e Csurt finds that tlle ttitn*gs' *.ostile reacticns tc ' lhe queelions asked rl:€ra 5:artially triggered by ?aile^ ?aitz's guesl:ic,t:tc wsye confueing, hosCile, *"r:d *fL*n r*$i: to the level of baiting the *ritnesses.


Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 10 of 15 Page ID #:4179 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 10 of 15

evidence. the Court ffnds nhat the documents l"aeked any evidence

of arrthenliealisn anrfl f,hus, f inds rnuch of the evidsnce to be unrel"l"able.



l"eq+3 sepq#rd PreSimir:e.ry injur:cLlve relief

is safi elciraordinary

remedy" and "should bs granted only ln limited circumstances.o Kos pharmacesgtqalp",. Inc- v" Andrx Csrp,, 369 F-3d 70o, 708 (3d

Cir, ?*fr4) {citing *rexicae__1e.1=__&*-5e1**-g*--s.. Fixnact * Csnsery.$ *A party .Pf*qgEgIB-- In€., 42 F.3d 1421" 3.427 {3d Cir, 1994}t. *eekfng a prelirnisarg inju*ctio* rsust shcru: {3.} a Sikelihcod *f success +n the rn*rihei {2} tkat iL wil"} suffer irreparable harm if the injuncti$rr io denied," (3I Ehat granf,ing preliminary rell.ef will nat resulb in everr greater harm to tlre nonmoving party; and t4) [hat the pr"rb]iq int,erest fa-Lrors s*ch rel$.ef "- KgE .fhermece-sEi"ea1s, 35$ F.3€ at ?OE icitiag 4Llggheay Enersv. InS"-. Y. ffiE* lse-*, 371- f'.}d 153, 15s {l* Cir. 1P9#}}. I* Lhis ras*, *tirher parly pr*vai)"s ;*xd neilher is the vi*tor. The C*urt will Seny bottr motiq:rts f*r a tearporary rertraining order for th+ reasons that f*llow.

- Pra1nti{tc.1.*bta.t@Es.$s.y
Firsb,*tiff* fail

?*n$qgasv RF-#qHs,i ipq

l<: sho?, thrf they a.ol'rld fik*ly


Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 11 of 15 Page ID #:4180 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Ftled 12123110 Page 11 of 15

succ*ed {::: the merit*- Th* evidence Fr<lf fr*r*d by the ?l*!r:tiffs,

*s S**rnents and as t*i"tness test.irn**y. $a# notr f**nd *s) be sredibl* or reliabie. SLaintiffs failed Co prove that named Defendants Taitz and Bel.cher were dJ"rectJ"y connected to the


Plaintif fs provided r+as an unsr.rbst,antialed aSlega*icn tlrat one Ge*ff Staples, reporteSly t-he cparrrt*r of the webeit*, h*d a previou* rel.alionship rtit;h S*rg
The orrly svidsnce

and nor* has a connectinn

thaf Uhey wnuj-d suffe:: *rreparable hs,r:a unl*ss the Csurt *:*re t+ issrl@ a Ee{apsrery Reetra.ining *rd*r.'the r.r*h**.i*, htgp#JiEgg:j&*.9..i t is r:q: lernger avalLa3:L€ tcr t,he pubiic. Additionally, z:k*, all*gations Ehat Tails hired a hib-man and attempted tcr kidnap OsteLla's children wers not proven by any credible evidence. As Ptaiaiiffs' BKlt.ian faits ::nder Lhe first and *ec+nd pr*ags, t.h* Cc*rt rsill not *onciatre the an*lysis ss thi* *s a conjunctive tesE. T'!:uB, Flaint.iffs- l,totf*n for an- Ernekgentry temporary ResEraining Srder will tre denied.

tc TaiLz $econd, Slai.ntiffs also fail" ttl

ry EALt#js- Hp ! i qs._{qs-srLsne rq e-nsy, Tqmp$r arv S+gtraJ.ning or*g; trr.rring Eh* hearing, $efenriarit ?*.itz ar:gued rF:at i* is the Plai"nbif,f,s EhaE ars engagerl in harassing irer and t'hat tt is she Lhat needs protecLion from them- Th€ eourt wj-ll treat this


-?e t

e.Bd-a; r


Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 12 of 15 Page ID #:4181 case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 1212311A Page 12 of 15

arg:*.nent a# an sra"l ]4*iion fcr a terr$:*rary Restraining Sx*er

agai::*l FLairreiffs.

f:ef***a::E Taitz'# {a+t**n *i11



First, Taita falls bo


thf,"f *he will likely prevail

on thcs me1:its. Taitx *nlleges that FlainLiffs are c+ntinuing ts bring a*Li*rrs agai:as* h*r l-rr retaliati<*x clf her exer*i** +f her

fre* speecl': :'ights b* "hl"*tl the r*h!*tl** *ci Plair:*iffs inpropriehy {j..e, { Berg l**ting l,iberir a *Glllricted f*}qrn, hasdle ilonaBionsl. However, th* C#urt finds that raitz did not affer cx+dibt* svides:ce f,+ e$tahltsh Ehal ghe fs likely t+ *utceied ia
cha cls"itn-

se*orrd, Tai*x fails



ixrepar*ble harr*. ?i?* only

harm that Taitz uould allegedly suffer ie t+ *ontin'lre *c have to


thls c1aim, Thi* is not irreparabl*
&s Detendax* f,ailr'e

tfloti+n fai}"s ur:der t.he fi"rst

se**}r3* prcnE#, t'he Cc}lir* wi33

is a *#nju$*tir.e te*tTemtr)orery

B*t c{i:}ti:r** Ltr* analy*i* es *hi$ Thus, Defenfls$t Sf,Iy f,aiLr"s FI$Li*n fsr


Restraining' Order r,rill be denied. rO TSIS *$$H3' S SBSSR 1*O SGVER Jl*ltr

vI "



3, ?*t*' lhe C$l}rt #sv*ftd thisr s*ti*?: an* tranef,err*d the +Iain* t+ *ach Def**clartt'r hom* jur*sdic*i"*r:, decisi*n pending app*41". ?he parties/ a*t.it1ns and argurnnnt
stn Jr-rae


relaling tc; Fl*irrtj.ff*{

rflcr*i f,ece*t Ern*rg*;r*y }4oti*r: tur
* LA.


Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 13 of 15 Page ID #:4182 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 13 of 15

?**p*rary Re*tr*.i.r:1:rg #r*err fusthev


ri:i* C{}tlrt's

reasoning as t+ why ihis **rse shor:ld be nevereql ar:d tsansferr*d,

Frior to the pcheduled tr*arinE multiple S*fendants {sther thar: *,i?* Eefg-faJ"tx S:arbiee} **ntacLei Lhe ft:ff.rt E* *lrpr*ss eha* i.* trt+ulC b* *** erqlerisiv* frnd inc*nv*t?*"*nt ta

it t{i a hearing in Pennsylvarria thau was schedul*d. wlthin five days. Theee *ori{ier:is adrl weight L+ t"}re f,*:urth "pr*vate facLsr# *rticlrlat*d by the Thlrd f,i"rcuit irr c+nsidering a transfer,- the*, 3s, th* #+*v*ni*r:ce of th* Fa.sties *s ixrdicaied by th*lr relaeirre phyeical and f fnancial condi-kians, Sse il}tUere_*:e.**$.l;a.te_"He.rml$#* k"-, 55 F.3d #?3, 879 {3d fir.


A#*i*i*rnal3y, d*xpit* tlr* **r"rrt's atiexlpt gtr pravide

in irs ilrder sn Se+*ftber iL4/ **1S {doc" }:#, 158}, a num.ber of, prtr *le fiefendants were ++nr:erfled that thefr failure to atiend w*r:ld prejr:dice ti:sir g:ositI-a**. Ti:e q1*ar #iffere*{:€
belween tfu* S*sg-Taitz 4iJsput+ a::d the +*her De.ferrde;rls sulvpar*#

tha need E$ saver th€ cass# ss thaE pnrt.ies are n#t f*rceri t+ fly
&cro#s [he csl*ntry at the ]-aet minr.rt* t* be f*r an issue tha; is j.rrsls?farre ts fh*ffi. :sdee*, P1*.1"n*,iffs' bkrergency $aei{}r}

for a Te:npsrfiry Restraining *rder r:n.Ly xequesled reti*f frorn gur$ #f the tr*el"vfl rsmaining fief endants.
T* ih* *xtertf, th*t tlre=e ic * lccus i-* tki* crazy qxi3t, *f clailrrs a:t* #r*ss claims betr+een Serg a-nd Taita, ifl

California where Taitz renides, Taits'* t+sbsite and c*ns,in'ring

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 14 of 15 Page ID #:4183 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Document 160 Filed 12123110 Page 14 of 15

spsra*iilr: is *rgaitia*d, and whege 3,iberi sffls c*r:Yicted s-n* j"s
atl"egedly on probaEion.





Buring nha ht*ring the Ci:urt re*iaded Serg and ?aitz

thet $anctl-ous mey be or**r*d urrder Rul*e 1}-' 28 U.S.C- $ l9A?' arrd th* inherent power *f the CourE, $e,S i$,"r* {endaqt *CIrp-,, ?60 F. 3d 183, 1ee (3d cir . ?00L ) (cif ing C.hashg.s,E*g,- NASgO-*Jng' , scL u,s. 32. 43-,qI4 (19$1) {'The SuFreme f+urt recenely reAff irmed bh** a disurict r+€r* ha* inherent authori*y ts impose s*ncfi{}}:'$ $Xlon ihase wha r"'* ahuse the judicial pr*eees-o] ?he fcu:rt ha* been Fatient i* deali'ng with these eftotisnal issues but th{: ;:arties continue to $*E closer to ths line of improper conducL. For e:{ar$P}e: f.hey csnginue Eo speak over each other in court; object dtlring *r*:ther artor:nsy's argn.rln*ni,; and interrapt and arg?re vritlr witn*s*es.
Addili*,nal3y, ver:/ segia*E a.ccux*t,isns lrsre if:ade *rrring this hearing, such ss: ths hirirrg cf a hit*r*an ho kill a party, the stealing a party's donatlon trrnde, and atbernptinE to kidnap chil^d cf one of the parfy's Lo the lawssir. ?he court r,tlilla

re*lnd the lasryers *}ras Lhey 'irere *,ra,rned by the Court thal n*akirrg st:ch s*rious acclusatior:s htithaut pr$$f f,* l:ac3E them up c+uld result in Llreir seferral to the diecipli,nary b'oard. fhere yrere n$ hiinners aL the krearing but eurely fhere

Case 8:11-cv-00485-AG -AJW Document 178-6 Filed 04/25/11 Page 15 of 15 Page ID #:4184 Case 2:09-cv-01898-ER Doeument 160 Filed 1212311O Page 15 of 15

rlias .#ne

l*ser - the s*arch ft>r tr:ith in an a:lvir+rxnerrh CIf dec*r*xt- F*r tLis si=ruy *p$,*+de, b+th raita a::d aerg h*sr *f th*




F*r the rs*.F<:r:s s*rted ab*se. bcth Flaintiffs, Eanrgency $tr*iaa f*r a ?w6nrary A*Ferai-$ir:E *r*er a$d sefesrdar:t f*itz'n *ral3 Ftoti*n f+r a Temp*rary Re**.ral"r:ing order siSL b+ denied. Anl appropriate order tlri}l follow.

- 15-

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