Sarah Jewels: Pregnant PI by rivan51 © Chapter One - A New Assignment Sarah was ready to call it quits for the

day. It had been a long day and she was tired, hungry, and wanted to go home, take a bath, relax and have a nice dinner. She was also anxious about the arrival of her boyfriend, Ravin. He was returning later that evening from a fact finding trip in Denver, Colorado. All week long she had been missing him, surviving on long phone calls and e-mail messages, and she was now more than ready to see him face to face, to touch him and feel his strong arms around her. Just the thought of him holding her made her cheeks flush as an erotic warmth spread through her body and a soft, tender smile touched her full, lush lips. "Ms. Jewels?" The tenative voice called Sarah back from her daydreaming, making her focus on the potential client before her. She brushed a strand of shoulder length, silky dark hair from her smooth cheek, and focused her lovely, long lashed, blue eyes on the woman sitting in front of her desk. Julia Davis was a lovely, dark eyed, black haired girl of Hispanic heritage. She was seven months pregnant, and had come to Sarah for help because Sarah had been recommended by a mutual acquaintance. "I'm sorry Mrs. Davis, I was just.....thinking about your problem." Sarah shifted in her seat, her free hand moving to rest atop the curve of her own hugley swollen, pregnant belly. Seven months pregnant with twins, and it still amazed her that she was pregnant. She found herself constantly touching her swollen waist, as though she had to reassure herself that she was not dreaming, and that the two lives growing inside her were real. She still found it hard to believe that the lives moving inside her were her own babies, the products of the love between her and her husband Ravin! "Please, allow me to sum up what you have told me. You started attending a prenatal excercise class three months ago, two weeks later, you noticed some money missing from your purse. At first you thought it was just you forgetting an expense from the day, but it has happened on a consistent basis now. Correct?" "Yes. My husband is displeased with me, but he just says it is because I am pregnant and that my "condition" makes me forgetful." "Have any of the other women noticed money missing?" "Yes. All the women in the group have noticed a consistent loss from their purses. Until recently it was never more than $50.00, but over the last few weeks, several of us have lost nearly $100.00 each." Sarah did some quick calculations, and realized that the theif was making anywhere from $600.00 to $1200.00 or more a night. If this had been going on as long as Mrs. Davis said, then the criminal had amassed nearly $45,000.00 in stolen money! This was definitely looking like a case she and Ravin could work. "What about the police?" Julia smiled crookedly, "I filed a report, but they did not seem very concerned about it." "Is there security at the fitness center?" "Yes. There are four security guards on patrol, and several cameras. But nothing is ever seen on the tapes, and the guards have never caught anyone opening a locker other than their own." "Have you ever seen anyone from the class leave early, or disappear during a break?" "Well, I have seen some of the girls leave for a moment, to take a bathroom break, but they are never gone long enough to take money from everybody." "When does your class meet next?" "Tommorrow night." "Okay Mrs. Davis, you have just become a client of Black Jewels Detective Agency. I, and my partner, will be there tommorrow night." Sarah smiled impishly. "I feel the need for some excercise." "Thank you. I really hope you can take care of this soon. I don't want to lose anymore money!" Mrs. Davis slowly heaved her heavily pregnant body out of her seat, then turned toward the door. "By the way. Congratulations!" "Oh, thank you!" Sarah leaned back in her chair and lightly cupped the big bulge of her waist. "You too. When are you due?"

"Two months. Some time in November. You?" "Oh, I'm the same, just a little over two months." "Really?!"Julia's eyes sparkled. "I would have said you were overdue at least!.... Twins?" "Yes." Sarah beamed. "Well, a double congratulations then! I will see you tommorrow night!" After Julia left, Sarah buzzed Maggie, her receptionist, and told her to lock up and call it a day. She then slowly rose to her feet, gasping slightly from the weight of her pregnant belly as she heaved her hugely gravid form out of the chair, and made her way out of the office and through a side door. She and Ravin owned the Brownstone above their office, so traveling to and from work each day was very easy. "Thank goodness for that!" Sarah sighed as she slowly made her way up the stairs, one hand on the railing and the other at the small of her back, her breathing heavy and slightly laboured. "I wonder if I should try and talk Ravin into getting an escalator put in."She said with a gasping giggle. Sarah made her way through the house, removing her clothing as she did so. First, she kicked off her shoes, then unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it into the hamper, following it with her pants and socks. Now clad only in a white, lace trimmed EE satin bra and satin panties, her round, pregnant belly bulging out from her lush, feminine body, Sarah made her way to the bathroom to run herself a much needed, much wanted shower. As the shower was running, Sarah took a moment to gather her dark hair atop her head in a loose knot, and removed her bra and panties. Now completely naked, she stepped in front of the mirror to examine her changing body. Blue eyes sparkling, Sarah let her eyes roam over her slender, 5' 6 frame. Her hands carressed and stroked her belly lovingly as she gazed at the hugely gravid bulge of her waist, then they moved up to cup her large, round, breasts. She could not believe how big they were! At 36 DD she had always had an ample chest, but now she was in the EE category, and the doctor said they might grow even larger! Her areola had darkened, turning a rich brown color, as had her nipples, and her breasts were becoming more and more sensitve with each passing day. She loved to hold and carress them, or have Ravin kiss, and suckle on them. Her eyes closed softly, and she began pulling and tugging on her stiff nips, kneading the tender flesh of her breasts as she cooed softly with pleasure as she thought of Ravin's lips on her body. She slowly slid one hand down, over the huge mound of her belly, and dipped it between her legs, shuddering with pleasure as she pressed her fingers against her clit, then slid them into the hot wetness of her sex. For a few moments she stood there, caressing and frigging herself as soft moans of pleaure came from her pursed lips. Her free hand palmed and pressed against her big, round, milk-swollen breasts as she "oohed" with erotic delight as the deliciously sensual sensations flowed throughout her body. Her hips swayed slightly, gently thrusting against her probing fingers as she reveled in the feelings that spread throughout her. Then, as a small orgams rippled through her, Sarah brought herself back to full awareness with a start and a shake of her head. Realizig what she had been doing, she giggled again as she gasped for breath. "There I go again!" Sarah murmmured as she felt the moist warmth flowing out of her, from between her legs. "If I keep thinking like this, I'll barely be able to control myself when I see Ravin at the airport!" The shower was going strong, so Sarah moved her gravid body into the soothing wet, warmth as a moan of pleasure came from her lips. The shower was a part of a a big soaker-tub, complete with jets for massage baths, and capable of seating three people or more. Ravin, with is 6'3 muscular frame, filled over half the tub all by himself, but Sarah, when she was not pregnant, took up barely a third of its spaciousness. With her hands cupping her pregnant belly, Sarah leaned back against

the cool tiles of the wall, softly closed her eyes, and let herself drift, mentally as well as physically. She already knew how to deal with Mrs. Davis' problem, all she had to do was tell Ravin about it and run her plan by him, so she took her time in the shower, forgetting everything that had to do with work, letting the warm water soothe her tired muscles as she drifted on the soft wings of a daydream. An hour later, feeling clean and refreshed, and dressed only in a white, terry cloth bathrobe hanging open about her swollen body, Sarah stood in front of her mirror, trying to decide what to wear when she picked Ravin up from the airport. She held up a dark blue, white collared dress with flowing sleeves that gathered at the wrist, then a cream colored one, then some slacks, but nothing seemed to be working for her. "I should just go in by "birthday suit." Sarah muttered, her blue eyes darkening with frustration. Then, her eyes lit up and a mischevious smile crossed her face. With a giggle, she reached for a pair of thigh-high nylon stockings. Two hours later, Sarah stood at the arrival gate Ravin would come out of, her eyes dancing with excitement and anticipation. Her dark hair cascaded down about her face in silky waves of lustrous light, her full lips appeared even fuller due to the richly red lipstick she had put on, and the excited flush to her cheeks added beautifuly to her lovely features. She wore a black fedora on her head, tilted forward slightly to give her a mischeviously conspiratorial look, a black raincoat, buttoned up save for the two top buttons, collar down. Her only other obvious clothing was her dark nylons, and a pair of low heeled shoes. Being seven months pregnant with twins, Sarah appeared to be hugely overdue with child, which meant that it was fairly obvious, even with her raincoat on, that she was very, very pregnant. Sarah smiled softly as people walked by, enjoying the looks she got from men, and women. They ranged from soft, secretly knowing smiles on woman who had had children before, to open smiles of congratulations from younger women and girls. The men were interesting, some of them were obviously remembering their wives being pregnant, others appeared to be interestd in approaching her, then got emberassed by the thought and turned away. Several teen-age boys looked at her with open desire, till their girlfreinds or parents caught them! A few women even came up to congratulate her, and those she talked to for a few moments, and let them touch her belly. Sarah enjoyed these moments, enjoyed sharing her joy and wonder with other women, but through it all she kept an eye on the gate, waiting for Ravin to come through. At last, she saw his tall form come through the gate, moving with cat-like grace, his dark eyes moving about like a predator on the hunt, looking for her. They had met 10 years ealier, while in the Navy. She was in Naval Intelligence, and he was a Seal. She had been captivated by his dark good looks, as well as the way he moved, lithe and graceful, with an ease that was gentle unless combat ensued, then it became deadly. However, what had truly made her heart melt for him was his gentle heart of gold. Though trained to kill in a thousand different ways, he hated fighting, hated killing and violence. Sarah had helped him deal with the aftereffects of some of his harder mission, first as a friend, then, as of four years ago, as a lover as well. Now, pregnant with his children, having him as a lover, friend, and business partner, Sarah could not imagine having a better man to share her life with. He saw her in an instant, his Native American features lighting up like the dawning sun, white teeth flashing in an open smile as he came to her. At six foot three inches tall, and 220 pounds, he towered over her, but when he was next to her, his arms around her and his lips pressed against hers, all she knew, all she felt, was that she was in the arms of her lover, friend, protector, and the father of her children. His hands touched her gently, their

amazing strength held back as he held her. One hand moved to her back, supporting her as they kissed, the other was on her swollen belly, cupping it tenderly, protectively. After a long, wonderful kiss, they parted lips with mutual smiles. Ravin's eyes danced as he gazed down at Sarah, and she was thrilled to see desire for her shining just as strongly as his love for her from the dark depths of his eyes. She knew he could see the love and desire he felt for her mirrored in her own lovely eyes, and felt a lush, erotic warmth begin to flow over her. Her smile became more sensual, her eyes heavier, as she finally allowed the sensation to flow over her completely. A quick glance at Ravin's face told Sarah that he was feeling the glow as well. They both smiled as they felt the babies move within her belly. "So, how is everybody?" Ravin's rich baritone thrummed through Sarah's body as he spoke, and she smiled softly as he placed his long fingered, powerful hand atop the curve of her pregnancy. His other hand was still at her back, supporting her gently, and she let herself relax into his strong embrace. "We are all fine. I had an appointment with Dr. Weis yesterday, and he gave the babies and I a glowing bill of health. He said the babies were a bit larger than he would hav expected for twins. But he said that was your fault." Sarah punched Ravin playfully as she said the last, then her voice became huskier, throatier, as she softly placed her hand atop Ravin's and guided it beneath the buttoned folds of her coat. Her smile became mischeviously sensual as she felt Ravin's fingers touch her naked skin beneath the coat, saw his eyes widen with realization, and purred. "But I don't want to talk about my doctor's visit right now." Ravin's smile became a leer of sexual desire. During the first three months of Sarah's pregnancy the doctor had ordered that they not have sex, due to the fact that Sarah was carrying twins. Ravin had had to watch his lovely wife blossom and develop as her pregnancy progressed, wanting to be with her the whole time, but unable to do the one thing he wanted most. After the third month, the doctor had given them the green light, and since then, they had been making love non-stop, reveling in Sarah's new body, and the newly sensual, ripely feminine feelings that filled her on a constant basis. Ravin had been aching to have her in his arms, but having held her, he now ached for so much more! He was almost shaking with unleashed desire as he gazed down at Sarah, his eyes nearly glowing with sexual heat. "Where's the car?" He growled, hoisting his sea-bag over one shoulder. Sarah giggled wickedly, reveling in Ravin's raging desire for her. "Are you a little anxious baby? Don't worry, the car is just out those doors over there." In the blink of an eye they were outside, Ravin fairly sprinting to the doors and almost carrying Sarah in his rush to get out of the airport and home. He paused for a moment, uncertainty on his face, when he saw a sleek, black, stretch limousine waiting for him. He glanced over at Sarah questioningly, and was greeted with an impish grin. "Surprise." Sarah purred as she swayed toward the sleek vehicle. "I didn't think you would want to wait till we got home." She said as she stepped up to the car, smiled at the chauffer as he opened the door for her, and started to get in. She paused for just a moment, looking at Ravin over her shoulder, her eyes sending a message that nearly made him climax on the sidewalk, as she husked. "Coming?" "You better believe it!" Ravin muttered as he quickly handed his bag to the grinning chauffer. He quickly slid his tall, lean, powerful frame into the dim interior, his body anxious, and his eyes sparkling with excitement. Sarah was leaning back against the seat, a softly inviting, sensual smile on her face. As Ravin took a seat next to her, she slowly started to unbutton her coat, starting at the top and slowly working her way down, fully aware of Ravin's hungry eyes devouring her every curve as she did

so. First to be revealed, and released, were her incrdibly full, softly firm breasts; their creamy smoothness seeming to beg Ravin to touch them, the dark stiff nipples indicating her excitement and encouraging Ravin to taste of them. Sarah cooed softly with pleasure as Ravin reached out a gentle hand and cupped one of her breasts in his long fingered, muscular hand. His cupping caress turned to a soft, slow massage of her tender flesh, making Sarah moan with pleasure and sending a rush of erotic sensations rushing over her. Her hands moved up from the buttons of her coat to stroke Ravin's broad chest, and cup his fingers as he cupped her breast, taking pleasure in touching him as he touched her. Then, Ravin was close to her, pressing his body against hers as his lips pressed against hers, the passion, the need in his kiss so powerful it nearly took Sarah's breath away. Feeling Ravin giving in to the passionate need he felt, Sarah let her control go as well, and they were soon pressing against one another, their hands stroking, ravishing each other's body, their lips pressing and caressing as their tongues swirled and dance erotically within their mouths. Sarah's hands moved over Ravin's powerful chest and shoulders, kneading and massaging the defined muscles she felt there, then moved down to squeeze and feel his tight rear, her other hand moving to wantonly press and cup the thick, hard bulge of his excitement, aching to feel his thickness within her. For his part, Ravin was letting his hands do some walking, and they were moving all over Sarah's body, carressing her, ravishing her with his fingers, sending thrills of delight through every nerve she possessed. She moaned as she felt him squeeze her lush, round buttocks, felt his hands pressing and kneading her breasts, his fingers working around and lightly squeezing her stiff nipples. She purred with pleasure as she felt Ravin's hand move down her body and unbotton her coat, then spread it wide open to expose her lushly gravid, sensual body to his carress. His warm hand was on her belly almost instantly, massaging her swollen waist with slow, sensuos circles, his fingers sliding over the taut flesh delightfully. Sarah was lost in sensual bliss, her body reveling in the erotic sensations pouring over her, her lips pressing against Ravin's as she slowly undulated on the seat, her hands clutching at his body, her senses afire with desire and lust. She smiled through their kiss as she felt Ravin's hand moving down over her belly, to the moist heat between her legs. She stopped his descent with a gentle, but firm hand. Her smile widened at Ravin's look of confusion. Her eyes shown with erotic flames as he broke their kiss and gave her a questioning look. "I don't need any help down there." Sarah husked, her hands moving to undo Ravin's belt. "I've been waiting all day for this, and I am ready for you, believe me!" An understanding smile dawned on Ravin's face, and he moved to help Sarah with his pants. A moment later, Ravin's lower body was naked, his pants a crumpled heap next to him. He leaned back in the seat, his eyes on Sarah, his thick, throbbing member a flagpole standing tall between his legs. Leaving her coat on, Sarah slid one leg over Ravin's waist, straddling him, her back against his chest, lined him up, and slowly slid her lover's hardness into her silky, wet, hot sex as they both moaned with pleasure. Sarah slowly eased down upon his thickness, taking in every sensual inch that she could, reveling in the feel of him filling her completely, shuddering from the erotic sensations flooding through her system. Her hands tightened on Ravin's buttocks, a soft smile was on her lips, and her eyes were closed as she slowly started to work up and down her lover's member. Sarah had become so excited during the day, in anticipation of Ravin's arrival, that it only took a few moments before she was gasping and moaning loudly, her head rolling back on her shoulders as she pumped up and down, back and

forth on Ravin's shaft. She felt Ravin slide a hand around her, up to her chest and start to cup and caress her swollen breasts, pulling on her nipples as she squealed and gasped with delight. Ravin's other hand then slid beneath her breasts to cupp and caress the swollen orb of her pregnancy as it bobbed up and down in tandem with her movements.