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Symbiosis Institute of Technology SIT

Batch: 2008 - 2012 Branch: Information Technology Semester V

Course Code - 07213506

Course Name - Advanced Web Programming Lab

Credit Points Teaching Hrs/Week Practical Hrs/Week

03 2 2

• Explore the use of video conferencing, White boarding

and application sharing.
• Explore the use of e-learning in the workplace.
• Use a variety of online tools and services to solve a

Prerequisites Introduction to IT

Unit Topic Name Details Hrs

I XML-I 1 Introduction 5
2.The Syntax of XML
3.XML Document Structure
4.Document Type Definitions
II XML-II 1.XML Schemas 5
2.Displaying Raw XML Documents
3.Displaying XML Documents with CSS
4.XSLT Style Sheets
5.XML Processors
III Introduction Introduction 5
to ASP.NET- Introduction to .NET framework
I o Need for this
.NET Framework Architecture
Versions of Framework
Introduction to ASP.NET
Basic Principles
Coding Techniques
ASP.NET Page syntax
Standard Controls
Introduction To Control Class
Introduction To System.Web.UI.Webcontrol class
Textbox & Password Control
Button control

07213504 Advanced Web Programming Lab ver- 1.20100522 1/ 5

Symbiosis Institute of Technology SIT

Label Control
Literal Control
Image Control
Image Button Control
Image Map control
Dropdown List Control
Checkbox Control
Checkbox List control
RadioButton Control
RadioButtonList control
Table control
Panel control
AdRotator Control
Calendar Control
HyperLink control
FileUpload Control
Hidden Field Control

IV Validation controls 5

Base Validator Class
RequiredFieldValidator Control
RegularExpressionValidator Control
CustomValidator control
RangeValidator control
CompareValidator control
ValidationSummary Control
ValidationGroup Property
Login Controls
Creating User Accounts
Login control
LoginName Control
LoginStastus Control
LoginReview Control
PasswordRecovery Control

V Introduction to ADO.NET 5

An Overview of ADO.NET
Performing Common Database Tasks
Improving Database Performance
Advanced Database Topics
Binding Data to Web Controls
Overview of Data Binding
Building a Server Control to a Data Source
Creating Master/Detail Forms

07213504 Advanced Web Programming Lab ver- 1.20100522 2/ 5

Symbiosis Institute of Technology SIT

Data Binding without Data Binding Expressions

Using the DataList and DataGrid Controls
Overview of the DataList and DataGrid controls
Using the DataList Control
Using the DataGrid Control
Working with DataSets
Understanding DataSets
Understanding DataTables
Understanding DataViews
Using DataSets with ASP.NET Pages

VI Introduction Install, Syntax, Variables, PHP String, PHP Operators, 5

to PHP PHP If..Else,PHP switch,PHP While Loops,PHP For
Loops,PHP functions,PHP $_GET,PHP $_POST,PHP

Lab/ Term Work

Term work shall consist of a record in the form of a journal consisting of 7-9 assignments
set by the lab in-charge. Sample list is given below. However staff members may modify
them and produce a varied list of programs based on the sample list if required. For each
of the following programs, student should write a Source code for the program (follow
in-charge’s instruction). The student has to take the printout of the programs along
with the input/output.

List of Lab Assignment

Lab 1:- Create the layout for one page of your HTML (or a Web page) that includes the
following: Place a title at the top of the Web page (title bar, not the page area).
Background color. At least 2 different Font/Heading sizes. A Numbered or Bulleted List
with at least 3 items. A Horizontal Rule. In a brief paragraph, describe the theme, and
color scheme for the site and why you have made such choices. Add a background image.
Create links for your listed items. Use the Font tag to change color, size, and face of text.
Insert an image. Add alt tags to any and all images.

Lab 2:- Before starting this lab, do a rough pen/pencil draft of your table. Insert a table
into your Web page that includes the following: Background color at the table, table row,
or table cell level. Background image in one of the cells. Change the border color. A
Caption. Table Headings. Change cell padding and/or cell spacing in table. Adjust height
and width for table, cell, or row. Change alignment of cell contents in at least one cell and
row. Merge cells in row or column. Insert the same image in two different cells. Modify
size. Change alignment. Link image to an external site. Add vertical and horizontal
spacing to image. Optional challenge: Insert a nested table. Using any previously created
list, create a nested list.

07213504 Advanced Web Programming Lab ver- 1.20100522 3/ 5

Symbiosis Institute of Technology SIT

Lab 3:- Create an HTML page which will help you to sign a Registration Form for
creating an email-id.Create another page: Create a frames page (at least 3 frames on page).
Create a links page that contains links used in your HTML Lab assignment.

Lab 4:- Apply Java script validations to Registration Forms created in Lab 3.

Lab 5 :- Create a simple Calculator using ASP.NET

Lab 6:- Create a Login Form using ASP.NET

Lab 7: Assignment on PHP

Lab 8:- Create a web site as per Instructor requirement..

1) Internet & Web Page Design

Author: Jain V K
ISBN: 8176562505
2) Web Applications: Concepts & Real World Design by Knuckles
3)Web Programming Building Internet Applications
Chris Bates ,John Wiley & Sons
ISBN-10: 0470017759; ISBN-13: 978-0470017753
Text Authored by- Kogent Learning Solutions Inc.
Books Publisher- DreamTech Press
5) PHP Fast and Easy Web Development
Author - Julie C. Meloni
Publication - Premier Press
6)Programming the World Wide Web
Author – Robert W. Sebesta
Publications – Pearson Education
ISBN – 978-81-317-2417-0

1)ASP.NET UNLEASHED Stephen Walther Pearson Edition

Reference 2)The Web Programmer’s Desk Reference a complete cross-reference to
Books HTML, CSS AND JAVASCRIPT By Lázaro Issi Cohen, Lázaro Issi Camy,
Joseph Issi Cohen

07213504 Advanced Web Programming Lab ver- 1.20100522 4/ 5

Symbiosis Institute of Technology SIT

3) ASP .NET 3.5, Waither, SAMS Publication, 2005

4) ASP.NET in a nutshell By G. Andrew Duthie, Matthew MacDonald
5)Web enabled Commercial applications using HTML,DHTML,Java Script,
Perl CGI
Author- Ivan Bayross
Publication -BPB publications

Internal Assessment –20 marks Test, Assignment

Examination Scheme Lab Performance, Viva,

Term Work- 25 marks Exam

Final Theory Paper – 30 marks Written

07213504 Advanced Web Programming Lab ver- 1.20100522 5/ 5