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Suppose we have a (assume relational) source table Product_Id Month Sale

s 1 Jan x 1 Feb x . . . . . . 1 Dec x 2 Jan x 2 Feb x . . . . . . 2 Dec x 3 Jan
x 3 Feb x . . . . . . 3 Dec x . . . . . . and so on. Assume that there could
be any number of product keys and for each product key the sales figures (denote
d by 'x' are stored for each of the 12 months from Jan to Dec). So we want the r
esult in the target table in the following form. Product_id Jan Feb March.. Dec
1 x x x x 2 x x x x 3 x x x x . . So how will you design the ETL mapping for thi
s case, explain in terms of transformations.
2. What is a candidate key?
3. Data is passed from one active Trans and one passive Trans into a passiv
e Transformation. Is the mapping valid or invalid?
4. What will happen if we have a filter transformation used in a mapping an
d in the filter condition we specify 1. Yes nothing else, only the number 1. In
other words, assuming we have 10 rows coming to this filter transformation as an
input, how many rows will be Output by this transformation when we have only 1
in the filter condition?
5. What is shortcut in informatica? Difference between shortcuts, reusable
object? 34
6. I want to get a license to produce excel format output using informatica
tool. Anyone help me in this issue. Thanks in advance, Vishnuvardhan
7. I have a flat file, in which I have two fields, emp_id, emp_name. The da
ta is like this, emp_id,emp_name 101,soha 101,ali 101,khan 102,siva 102,shanker
102,reddy. how to merge the names so that my output is like this Emp_id Emp_name
101 Soha ali kahn 102 Siva shenkar reddy please provide solution
8. Can you please mail me a copy of Informatica Certification Exam dumps to
9. What is the difference between bitmap and btree index?
10. What is the difference between a table and the materialized view?
11. How to join a Flat and Relational Source without using (Joiner, Update a
nd Lookup ) transformations... is it possible? if yes I would like to know how?
12. I have a source which relational. I am trying to populate to target flat
file with one column for daily date which is sysdate. I want to populate the sy
sdate column with DD/MM/YYYY format. kindly provide a solution for this. my clea
r that my target is flat file.
13. When to use normalization transformation other than Cobol source?
14. How can one know that a table has indexes and is partitioned? How data w
ill be pulled from Partitions in Oracle for Informatica?
15. If the source has duplicate records as id and name columns, values: 1 a,
1 b, 1 c, 2 a, 2 b, the target shed be loaded as 1 a+b+c or 1 a||b||c, what tra
nsformations shd be used for this?
16. Can anyone give some input on "Additional Concurrent Pipelines for Looku
p Cache Creation" ? I know that this property is used to build caches in a mappi
ng concurrently. But which values should I set into this ( i.e. 1 or 2 or 3 or s
omething else ) for concurrent cache building ?
17. how many repositories can v create in informatica .
18. how to convert the .doc docs into .txt format using informatica
19. Router T/R is active but some people are saying it is also passive which
is exactly right?
20. How can we load the normalised data ( Vertical data) to (Horizontal data
)with out using decode in the expression transformation and the aggregator trans
formation. But, what exactly I want is .. If we have million of records, it is n
ot possible using decode and search for that Particular Id to pivot into Horizon
tal data... Can any one of guys please help me in this regard.....
I want to run a informatica worklow after complition of oracle procedure. That p
rocedure is not running through informatica and can be run at any time in databa
se. Informatica is in windows environment. Is it possible ? If yes please explai
21. Please let me know how to do estimation before staring development in pr
oject. Here estimation in the sense how many associates are required, etc to com
plete the project. 1 620
22. Please let me know how we can implement the below scenario. In a single
mapping, more than 500 sources (legacy,VSAM,relational) will be loading into onl
y one target. Whenever I retreive the data(any record) from target, I need to fi
nd the details that the record belongs to which source. Thanks in advance..
23. What are the ETL tools available in DWH?
24. Diff b/w Shortcut and reusabel Object ?
25. how we do performance tuning in informatica
26. What is 'Power Center Pushdown Optimization Option' in INFORMATICA ?
27. If no. of source columns is changing every time (First time it is 10 nex
t time it is 20 so on). How to deal with it without changing mapping?

28. "Change cache" in Informatica ?

29. can we create index and drop index in existing table while using infomat
ica 2 913
30. I have 2 Sources, If 1st one Read sucessfully,Then only it has to move t
o read 2nd source. How can I do in INFORMATICA.
31. If we are using an aggregator but forget to mention the group by port .w
hat will be the output??
32. There are n numbers of flat file of exactly same format are placed in a
folder .Can we load these flat fileâ s data one by one to a single relational table
by a single session?? Informatica software installation 8.1/7.1.3/7.1 with orac
le 10g database (optional Teradata v2R6)
33. How/where can I install Informatica software with oracle or teradata as
34. How to transform normalized data to denormalized form in informatica? Is
there any logic or any transformations to achieve this?
35. why do we go for update strategy tr in SCD rather using the session prop
36. How many mapplets u have created? and what is the logic used
37. LOOKUP Condition is nothing but a Join condition? What type of join cond
ition it,by default ? Using the LookUP Condition How many types of relational co
nditions we can make ?
38. Dependecy Errors in Informatica ? Do u got any dependency problems while
running session? Can any one Explain Clearly.
39. What is ThroughPut in Informatica, How it works, Where I can find this o
ption to check?
40. Please explain in detail with example about 1.Confirmed Dimension. 2.Jun
k Dimension. 3.Degenerated Dimension. 4.Slowly changing Dimensions
41. Please explain in detail with example about 1.Confirmed Dimension. 2.Jun
k Dimension. 3.Degenerated Dimension. 4.Slowly changing Dimensions
42. Can you please mail me a copy of Informatica Certification Exam dumps to
43. How can i catch the Duplicate Rows From SorterTrans in a Seperate Target
Table ?
44. how can we perform incremental aggregation?explain with example?
45. difference between shortcut and reusable transformation?
46. difference between source based commit? and target based commit? which i
s better with respect to performance?
47. What is Target Update Override? What is the Use ?
48. What is a Shortcut and What is the difference between a Shortcut and a R
eusable Transformation?
49. why sequence generator should not directly connected to joiner transform
ation ?
50. from Source 100 rows are coming, on target there are 5 m rows which opti
ons is better to match data 1. Joiner 2 No cache 3. Static 4. Dynamic
51. How to create a mapping ? id date 101 2/4/2008 101 4/4/2008 102 6/4/2008
102 4/4/2008 103 4/4/2008 104 8/4/2008 O/P - shud have only one id with the min
(date) How to create a mapping for this
52. What are set operators in Oracle
53. I have Employee table, 10 cols are connected to next transformation, onl
y 4 cols are selected in SQL override. What would be passed to next col.
54. A Main workflow "wkf_Main" has multiple sessions (S1, S2...., can I make
changes and promte one session (S5) at any time or have to promote whole Workfl
ow "wkf_Main" every time?
55. How i can Schdule the Informatica job in "Unix Corn Schduling tool" ?
56. How i can upload the MainFrame source For Informatica ?
57. Hi can any one tell me the difference between persistence and dynamic ca
ches? On which conditions we are using these caches?
58. Change Data Capture in Informatica,using Incremental Aggregation.How can
i identify the these data in Target table. i
59. All, i have question regarding Change Data Capture in Informatica. As i
know we can do this using Incremental Aggregation(i never worked on Informatica
but i read) and i think we can do the same with SQL Over write and with variable
s. Can someone tell me how do we do this using other two techniques.. using SQL
Over write and variables. Thanks for the help and greatly appreciated.
60. Can anyone know that what is the Source File limitation in Informatica?
To be more precise .. how many flat file we can use as a source in a mapping if.
. 1) The Structure of flat files are same & 2) If the Structure of flat files ar
e different. Please explain the procedure also if it dosn't bother one much!!
61. How can i generate Seqence Numbers to Tagret Table (with out using Seqen
ce Gen Trans,Rank Trans).
62. Hey I am net to informatica? Can any one explain me step by step How scd
will work?
63. Hi all, i am new to this site and new to Informatica too. I have few que
stions regarding that. 1) When we load flat files into target tables how do we i
dentify duplicates? and where do load the duplicate records for further referenc
e? 2) How do we do chage data capture? Is this Slowly changing Dimension techniq
ue? Thanks in Advance
64. I have table name in that I have Rajesh Reshika Priya I want the result
Like only Starting with R Rajesh Reshika Can someone help me to get these result
s and How?
65. What is the difference between Connected and UnConnected Lookup Transfor
mation.Give me one or two examples please?
66. I still need further explanation about the difference between active and
passive transformation with some examples.Thank You
67. Hi, I am new to Informatica, What is a flat file and how to use flat fil
e in infomratica please help me.
68. I have table name called Team and I have name and DOJ in that table in o
racle, when I retrive the table in Informatica DOJ shows with date and time , I
want to know is it possible to get only date(MMDDYYYY) in the date data type,
69. What is a surrogate key? Why we use it in a mapping?Pl give an example.
70. How Union Transformation is an Active Trans?
71. What are partitions in informatica and which one is used for better perf
72. 1:when we develop a project what are the performance issue will raise??
KPIT 2:if a table have INDEX and CONSTRAINT why it raise the performance issue b
coz when we drop the index and disable the constraint it performed better??KPIT
3:what are unix commands frequently used in informatica??
73. how can we load first and last record from a flat file source to target?
74. what is diff between grep and find
75. Can we use different lookup tranformations for a same lookup table (look
up condition may or may not be same)with different output ports? How the cache f
iles will be affected? Please clarify..
76. Diff B/W MAP Parameter, SESSION Paramater, DataBase connection session p
arameters.? Its possible to Create 3parameters at a time? If Possible which one
will fire FIRST?
77. hi all, I have to do Informatica Certification? Can any body send me Som
e Informatica Certification Dumps/FAQS ? Advance Thanks... Send me----: raghukra
78. hi all, I have to do Informatica Certification? Can any body send me Som
e Informatica Certification Dumps/FAQS ? Advance Thanks...
79. Hi, If any hav Informatica n DWH FAQ's,Plz do fwd to T
hnx Vani
80. Hi, Can someone send me the DWH and Informatica FAQ's at priti.singh84@g Thanks in Advance, preeti
81. sir presently i am persuing my recently i got job in tcs as fresh
er presently iam doing my 9 months project related to informatica can any one gu
ide me how to create fact tables what type of schemas must be used and so on if
so give ur mail ids so that i can contct through it
82. suppose if we have dublicate records in a table temp n now i want to pas
s unique values to t1 n dublicat values to t2 in single mapping using aggregator
& router? how
83. Which is costliest transformation? costly means occupying more memory?
84. how to run two workflow(not a sessions) sequentially, what is the proces
s. Plz explain detailed information.
85. how to run 2 workflows sequentially. plz respond what is the process?
86. what is the monster dimension plz give me one example
87. which one is costliest transformation? costliest means occupying more me
mory. which one Aggregator,sorter,filter,etc..
88. Which gives the more performance when compare to fixed width and delimit
ed file ? and why?
89. What are the challenges of Dataware housing in the future?
90. why we use source qualifier transformation?
91. when we go for unconnected lookup transformation? and why?
92. insallation procedure for power center 8.1.1 especialy domain_config hw
to use parameter files
93. Is it passive or active when check and uncheck the box of DISTINCT in So
rter transformation? why?
94. Hi, Can someone send me the DWH and Informatica FAQ's at vanibv6@gmail.c
om Thanks in Advance, Vani
95. How can the following be achieved in 1 single Informatica Mapping. * If
the Header table record has error value(NULL) then those records and the corresp
onding child records in the SUBHEAD and DETAIL tables should also not be loaded
into the target(TARGET1,TARGET 2 or TARGET3). * If the HEADER table record is va
lid, but the SUBHEAD or DETAIL table record has an error value (NULL) then the n
o data should be loaded into the target TARGET1,TARGET 2 or TARGET3. * If the HE
ADER table record is valid and the SUBHEAD or DETAIL table record also has valid
records only then the data should be loaded into the target TARGET1,TARGET 2 an
d TARGET3. =================================================== HEADER COL1 COL2
BHEAD COL1 COL2 COL3 COL5 COL6 1 1001 VAL3 748 543 1 1002 VAL4 33 22 1 1003 VAL6
23 11 2 2001 AAP1 334 443 2 2002 AAP2 44 22 3 3001 RAD2 NULL 33 3 3002 RAD3 NUL
L 234 3 3003 RAD4 83 31 DETAIL COL1 COL2 COL3 COL5 COL6 1 D001 TXX2 748 543 1 D0
02 TXX3 33 22 1 D003 TXX4 23 11 2 D001 PXX2 56 224 2 D002 PXX3 666 332 =========
=============================================== TARGET1 2 XYZ 456 TUBE CITY2 TAR
GET2 2 2001 AAP1 334 443 2 2002 AAP2 44 22 TARGET3 2 D001 PXX2 56 224 2 D002 PXX
3 666 332
96. if i have records like these (source table) rowid name 10001 gdgfj 10002
dkdfh 10003 fjfgdhgjk 10001 gfhgdgh 10002 hjkdghkfh the target table should be
like these by using expression tranformation. (Target table) rowid name 10001 gd
gfj 10002 dkdfh 10003 fjfgdhgjk xx001 gfhgdgh xx002 hjkdghkfh (that means duplic
ated records should contain XX in there rowid)
97. Hi Friends, I want lo truncate my records from target before loading cur
rent month data,but i dont have permission to truncate with truncate option if u
know any other way please give your valuable input for this. Thanks Abhishek
98. can anyone explain me about sales project in informatica?
99. I want to run a workflow which consist of 3 sessions. But wat my questio
n is. 1st session should run on DB1if the first session is successful then 2 ses
sion should run on db2 and 3rd session should run on DB3 envronments. i want 3 d
ifferent wf logs. it shoul not override on one log?
100. After we make a folder shared can it be reversed?Why?
101. Transformer is a __________ stage option1:Passive 2.Active 3.Dynamic Sta
102. need for registering a repository server
103. How to list Top 10 salary, without using Rank Transmission?
104. How to display First letter of Names in Caps?
105. How to merge First Name & Last Name?
106. In a table, 4 person having same salary. How to get Third person record
107. How to retrieve last two days updated records?
108. How to get EVEN & ODD numbers separately?
109. How to extract original records at one target & Duplicate records at one
110. How to display null values on a target & non-null values on a target?
111. How to update records in Target, without using Update Strategy?
112. Is it possible to have "5 source & 5 Target" in single mapping?
113. Without using Lookup & Sequence Generator, How to generate Sequence?
114. In joiner, how to load Master table in Target?
115. How to compare Source and Target table, without using dynamic lookup?
116. How to jion 2 tables, without using any condition?
117. Without source how to insert record to target?
118. How to find from a source which has 10,000 records, find the average bet
ween 500th to 600th record?
119. how will you remove the duplicate records from flat file without using s
120. how will you get 21 to 30 record from 50 records?
121. How will you combine 3 different sources with a single source?
122. How will you display 10-15 letters from a name? (for ex: name="sivasubra
m'aniam'ramakrishnan". o/p wanted="aniam")
123. How will you display "Mr" for male & "Mrs" for female in target table?
124. how to join the two flatfiles using the joiner t/r if there is no matchi
ng port?
125. Hi all,Can any one provide me Informatica Designer Certification dumps.I
need all three papers dumps.If any one has these dumps then plz send it on this
id:- Thanks in advance
126. How many cubes create from a single model?
127. What is the difference between Oracle performance and Informatica Percfo
mance? Which performance is better?
128. How to declare array in plsql?
129. What is plsql table?
130. What is the difference between lookupoveride and joiner?
131. What is a configuration management?
132. How to delete duplicate records in a flat file source?
133. What is a design?
134. What is a poling?
135. What is a unit Testing?
136. How to load a relational source into file taget?
137. What are the phases in SDLC?
138. How the Informatica Server reads perameter file?
139. How to load relational source into file target?
140. What is A cache?
141. What is A complex mapping?
142. What is a data modeling?
143. How to move the mappings from your local machine to claint place?
144. Differnce between filter and router?
145. What are the perameter and variable?
146. How to send duplicates to one target and unique rows to one target?targe
t is empty
147. What is a taget load order?
148. What is the difference between procedure and stored procedur?
149. What is the diff b/w target load plan and cbl?
150. How can u load the data in time dimension?
151. What is the diff b/w union and joiner and lookup?
152. What is the process we used in joiner transformation,there is no matchin
g column in sources?
153. What is the process of target load planing?
154. What is lookupoverriding?
155. How many types transformations supported by sortedinput?
156. Hi All can anyone tell me where i will get Informatica training in Mumba
157. What is the difference between view and materialised view?
158. How to delete duplicate record in Informatica?
159. What is the difference between Junk and Confirmed Dimention? where can b
e used htat one in Informatica?
160. What is the difference between Bitmap and Btree index?
161. I'd like the load to be triggered by client. By placement of a file or s
omehow. How is it done in Informatica? I'm using version 7.1.4 This is so urgent
- I really appreciate your
162. how to calculate the optimum cache size in aggregator transformation?
163. wht target override?wht advantages it has compare to target update?
164. wht is cdc?how to use it in creation of mappings?
165. how to we create datamart?
166. we r using aggregator with out using groupby?
167. if we r using aggregator we enabled sorted input but the records r not s
orted what happen?
168. daily how much amount of data send to production?
169. S1 is having 1 lakh records and s2 is having 100 records, s2 should comp
are s1 if emp no is same data should be updated if not their it should insert th
e data.what are the transformation used?
170. Draw a workflow diagram for this situation. If s3 is true session s4 and
s5 should concurreently Run.if any one s4 or s5 true it should run s1.If s1 suc
ess it should execute s2 otherwise exit.can any one give me suggestion.Thanks in
171. How to write a procedure for a date which is in three different formats,
and you want to load into datawarehouse in any single date formate
172. Ho to handle changing source file counts in a mapping?
173. what is mapping optimization? wat are the techniques for tat
174. how to obtain performance data for individual transformations.
175. can a port in expression transf be given the name DISTINCT
176. hi i want to install latest informatica software in my pc..can anybody h
elp me where should i get the infomatica software..plz help me
177. what is the difference between Informatica7.1 & informatica 8.1
178. task is running successfully but data is not loded why?
179. what is galaxy repository?
180. what is mean by grouping of condition column in lookup transformation?
181. in reporting we add some new objects,how we get the count of the newly a
dded objects to the report
182. wat s mapping parameter and mapping variable? how do you set that in a m
183. how can u generate sequence of values in which target has more than 2bil
lion of records.(but with sequence generator u can generate upto 2 biliion only)
184. how can u connect client to ur informatica sever iff server is located a
t different place( not local to the client)
185. what is upstream and downstream transformation?
186. what are testing in a mapping level please give brif eplanation
187. how to load duplicate row in a target
188. how can u tune u r informatica mapppings
189. how can u approach u r client
190. which quality process u can approach in ur project
191. what is diffrence b/w joner and union transfermation
192. What is the "File Repository" and how can we use that in the Informatica
? Please give one example of the Process ? waiting for Reply... Thank you .
193. how to run the batch using pmcmd command
194. What is the main data object present inbetween source and target. I answ
ered Mapping. Transformation etc.. But it is not the answer. So please give me a
n apt answer. Thanks in advance
195. What is the term PIPELINE in informatica ?
196. What is checksum termnology in informatica? Where do you use it ?
197. how to load only the first and last record of a flat file into the targe
198. All active transformations r passive or not?
199. which T/r we can use it mapping parmeter and mapping variable? and which
one is reusable for any mapping mapping parmeter or mapping varibale?
200. i have one table like cust_id ph1 ph2 ph3 1002 9290123526 97671927210 98
76545232 we use Normalizer wt is o/p? sue normalizer we can generate three table
s in single table/
201. One flatefile it contains some data but i want to dont want to load firs
t and last record it is? can u tell me complete logic?
202. what r the propertes of workflow? and write quary to select dept more te
n employess in dept.?
203. I am getting five sources in a day and i donot know when i get them. i n
eed to load data into the target and run the session. but here i can't keep the
session in running or can't stop the session. plz help me
204. I have a condition sal=100 and I created one router and in that two grou
ps g1 and g2 in g1 Sal<=100 and g2 Sal>=100, first which condition will satisfy,
and Why?
205. If I have router with 10 records, if the condition doesnâ t satisfy the rec
ords will pass to the default group,then where can we see that records and where
that records will store?
206. what is filelist concept in informatica
207. wt is informatica file watch timers in aflat i want to get the first rec
ord and last record how could i.
208. how can we update without using update transformation. wt is push down o
peration in informatica. which lookup gives more tuning performance. if so why.
209. what we require for D.modelling?
210. what transformations are used for Variable port?
211. how tokens will generate?
212. .prm wirh repalce .txt is possible?
213. wt is Dynamic lookup Transformation? when we use?how we use?
214. wt is inline view? when and why we Use ?mail to
215. How to generate the HTML output using Informatica.
216. i have two flat files.. containing same type of data i want to load it t
o many source qualifires i need
217. how to work with mapplet designer in informatica?
218. wht is full process of Information source to target just like stg to pro
ductuon and development
219. what are the differences between powercenter 8.1 and powercenter 8.5?
220. What will happen when Mapping variable and Mapping parameter is not defi
ned or given? Where do you use mapping variable and mapping parameter?
221. I've an excel sheet, in which one column contains data about the locatio
n like "City, State" and few columns contains only "State". Now I wanna load int
o my target City and State into two different columns. Pls help me out...
222. Hi All, I've 110 records in my table but 101 records contains an error.
When I run the session, I want to load the 100 records into the target. Can anyo
ne suggest me the best solution for this... Thanks in Advance,
223. how can we load 365 flat file to a single fact table (target) as a histo
ry load in single mapping?
224. Plz..let me know differences between Informatica 7.1 and 8.1?
225. what are the difference between Informatica 7.1 and 8.1?
226. why u go for dimensions ?
227. how many tasks are there in informatica ?
228. what is incremental loading ?
229. how do u get the first record from 50,000 records ?
230. in which situations do u go for sequence generator ?
231. in which situations do u go for scds ?
232. in which situations do u go for starflake schema ?
233. in which situations do u go for snowflake schema ?
234. what is the difference between static and dynamic
235. Hi,tell me the system testing and Integration Testing in the Informatica
? Thank You
236. Hi Every One,What is Use of Factless Fact Table ? Why we use Factless Fa
ct Schema in the Projects waiting for reply?
240. What is the actual work done in Development and in the production depts
in building a datawarehouse. Which dept is more interesting and career oriented
241. How many repositories can we create in Informatica??
242. how to duplicates from expression transformation without using sorter be
fore that
243. Hi Every One When i Start the Workflow, Table is Going to be Stored in t
he target database But the columns are not going to the target database table in
my PC , please give me the solution and waiting for solution
244. when i was running the seesion, after loading 100 records, session sudde
nly fails.Next time i want to load the remaing rows in target with out truncate
target table.What should i use?
245. hi all, i have 1 flat file having 10 rows. like:- id name amt 100 a 100
200 b 200 100 n 300 400 p 3000 100 a 100 600 x 6000 Now i want to load half of t
his data into one flat file and remaining in other flat :- flat file 1
id name amt 100 a 100 200 b 200 100 n 300 ---------------------- --------------
-------- flat file 2 id name amt 400 p 3000 100 a 100 600 x 6000 Plz reply me AS
246. In mapping f.f as one src and f.f as trg,f.f as src and oracle as trg wh
ich is fast? mean which is complete first process
247. Had any one faced informatica(ETL/Developer), Datawarehouseing interview
in UK. Than plz help me (i have any exprience of 3yrs informatica,datawarehousi
ng,oracle,teradata) 1.hw the procedure will b here 2. wht type of question's the
y will b asking. 3.In which area they concertate more. since this is the first t
ime im facing interview in UK. plz help will b a great help for me thank
s to All in Advance
248. difference between stop and abort
249. hw cn v elimate dublicate values from lookup without overriding sql?
250. hw to load this give the mapping? cty state o/p c1 s1 c1 c1 s2 s1 c1 s1
c1 c2 s3 s2 c3 s4 c1 c3 s2 s1 c2 s3 c3 s4 c3 s2 2 columns should be loaded to on
e column in target table?
251. can v update d records in target using update stargey without generation
g primary key ? explain
252. suppose if we have dublicate records in a table temp n now i want to pas
s unique values to t1 n dublicat values to t2 in single mapping?how
253. how do u use sequence created in oracle in informatica? Explain with an
simple example
254. supose if ur scr table contains alphanumeric values like 1,2,3,a,v,c in
one columen like c1 n now u have load d data in 2 seperare columns like ID shoul
d contain only numbers 1,2,3 n NAME col should contain a,b,cin target?How
255. what is metadata?
256. what is dimension table?
257. what is fact table?
258. Which kind of index is preferred in DWH?
259. whether Sequence generater T/r uses Caches? then what type of Cache it i
260. what is shared Cache. when we will use shared Cache?
261. explain different types of modeling.
262. how u know when to use a static cache and dynamic cache in lookup transf
263. Explain about HLD and LLD ?
264. for ex: in source 10 records are there with column sal. use a filter tra
nsformation condition as Sal=TRUE and connect to target. what will happen.
265. what is tha tracesing level? and difference betweentrace in normal and v
erbose and nonverbose?
266. i have flatfile source. i want to load the maximum salary of each deptno
into target. what isthe mapping flow
267. how much memory (size) occupied by a session at runtime
268. how DTM buffer size and buffer block size are related
269. i have f;latfile source. i have two targets t1,t2. i want to load the od
d no.of records into t1 and even no.of recordds into t2. what is the procedure a
nd whar t/r's are involved and what is the mapping flow
270. why cant we put a sequence generator or upd strategy transformation befo
re joiner transformation?
271. In Real Time what are the scenarios u faced, what r the tough situations
u have overcome, and explain about sessions.
272. Plz can anybody send Informatica and Cognos FAQ Plz To thid ID ppradeep_
273. Plz can anybody send Informatica and Cognos FAQ Plz To thid ID anil643@g (or)
274. What is difference between Informatica 6.2 Workflow and Informatica Work
flow 7.1
275. What is a diff between joiner and lookup transformation
276. what is casual dimension?
277. Without using any transformations how u can load the data into target?
278. Whatis the difference between View and Materialized View ?
279. lz can anybody send Informatica and Cognos FAQ Plz To thid ID ppradeep_d
280. we have table like cust_id,cust_name,cust_loc like this 1.we need to get
perticular location,to do this we can use filter transformatin,that logic is sa
me for relation table and flat file tabl?
281. 1.why we need to use unconnected transformation? 2.where we can static c
hach,dynamic chach
282. What is incremental aggregation and how it is done?
283. How could we generate the sequence of key values without using sequence
generator transformation in the target ??
284. How do we come to know the Source data/file is ready/Updated in the sour
ce location, when the session is scheduled for @12:00AM and ready to run its job
? or Can we schedule the session, when the source is updated in source location
without any time constraint?
285. how do u move the code from development to production?
286. In a scenario I have col1, col2, col3, under that 1,x,y, and 2,a,b and I
want in this form col1, col2 and 1,x and 1,y and 2,a and 2,b, what is the proce
287. On a day, I load 10 rows in my target and on next day if I get 10 more r
ows to be added to my target out of which 5 are updated rows how can I send them
to target? How can I insert and update the record?
288. What is the method of loading 5 flat files of having same structure to a
single target and which transformations I can use?
289. In a scenario I want to change the dimensions of a table and normalize t
he denomralized table which transformation can I use?
290. Why is meant by direct and indirect loading options in sessions?
291. what is the logic will you implement to load data into a fact table from
n dimension tables?
292. I have 1200 records how can u send it in aggregator with good performanc
e issues? 2634
293. Flat file heaving 1 lack records and I want to push 52000 records to the
294. How will u pas the data with out debugger?
295. How will u find weather dimension table is big in size of a fact table?
296. In router source is a boy age 20 I given 3 conditions in router a>20, a<
=20, a=20 which one exit first?
298. 1)can anyone explain how to use Normalizer transformation for the follow
ing scenario Source table | Target Table | Std_name ENG MAT ART | Subject Ramesh
Himesh Mahesh Ramesh 68 82 78 | ENG 68 73 81 Himesh 73 87 89 | MAT 82 87 79 Mah
esh 81 79 64 | ART 78 89 64 | please explain what should be the normalizer colum
n(s) The GCID column 2)Also please explain the Ni-or-1 rule.
299. Could any one to tell Fact table Partitioning?
300. Could any one to tell How to use the Oracle Analytic functions in Inform
302. In a mapping i have three dimensions. If i want to pass a same surrogate
key value to all the three dimensions by using one sequence generator is possib
le?If the mapping is containing single flow? And in the same case if the mapping
is contaning 3 flows for the three dimensions then by using one sequence genera
tor can we populate surrogate key (same value) to all the three dimensions?
307. what are the reusable tasks in informatica ?
308. suppose a session is failed after a transformation , from where that ses
sion will run again , i.e . from beginning or from that transformation ?
309. what is the function of 'F10' informatica ?
311. two types of data are there . one is mainframe and the other is ascii fo
rmat . in informatica how can you get both the data in a single format in ascii