FADE IN: CARD OVER BLACK: “TUG VALLEY, WEST VIRGINA- 1881” Over the card we hear heavy breathing

and a match box being struck repeatedly. FADE IN: EXT. SHALLOW RIVER-AFTERNOON Three brothers, JAMES, MARSH, AND BUCKY MCCOY stand in the middle of an ankle deep river. Forest encloses them on both banks. Standing side by side behind James, Marsh and Bucky scan the forest with their rifles. We see the trio through the forest, a running body flashes in front of the frame. The Hatfield’s are coming. James, at ease and a few feet in front of his brother stands without a rifle and strikes a wet match box. JAMES I’m wet. Y’all got fire? James turns to his brothers but they don’t dare peel their eyes from the thick rows of trees lining the banks. James flicks the match down the river, and pockets the match box and cigarrette. James crouches down and splashes some water on his face and neck. JAMES (CONT’D) Lord keep us cool. James’ hands raise the water like a rake when suddenly a confederate soldier’s hat floats into the back of his legs. He grabs the hat and looks up stream as he stands. JAMES (CONT’D) Mmmhh. They’re comin’ now. All three brothers heads turn up stream. CLICK. Two guns cock to the blind side of the brothers. All three McCoy brothers spin back around and are greeted with two gun barrels in their faces. DOLLUS, and KIP HATFIELD stand five yards from the McCoy brothers. Dollus and Kip advance slowly towards the McCoys while keeping their aim. Up on the bank behind them, sparsely hidden behind some bushes is ROLAND HATFIELD who is holding ELIZABETH “PRETTY” HATFIELD. Over pretty’s white work dress is a bloody apron.

. Listen. Bucky and Marsh forty downstream. After a hard gaze Dollus nods. But you forgot one condition.You couldn’t a’ plan that.. JAMES (Nods) Tug Valley’s kindlin’ isn’t it. DOLLUS (CONT’D) I need iterate the three grounds of this exchange. myself and my brothers will find those of your kin accountable and they’re DEAD. Witness? Witnessed. Tate and Bucky slowly raise their guns as the Hatfield’s approach. JAMES (CONT’D) How is it a man’s hat beats him down the river? DOLLUS Listen McCoy. And I would like to emphasize the third condition: that we do all leave in peace. you and your brothers forty paces up stream. Any resistance you present to that course of action marries to death.. JAMES . you make it known you’re DEAD.2. us’ uncle. One: If you touch my sister-you’re DEAD. JAMES DOLLUS That said if Varson Hatfield. my father. . James places the hat on the tip of Dollus’ gun as the gap is closed. DOLLUS Old Rebel trick.. Two: this here is a secret. James holds out the hat. Beat. we leave in peace. dies. Both parties are to allow the exchange in private. Three: regardless if my sister wants to kill you after you’re done.

Dollus then turns to Roland and Pretty. steaming from the wounds consecrated by your damn brothers. You ever tend to a man bleeding open? . Dollus and Kip slowly drop their guns but backpedal to down stream. PRETTY (CONT’D) This ain’t dirty water. PRETTY (Shouts) If my brothers don’t kill you right here I’ll drain your neck with my teeth.3. Pretty! DOLLUS Pretty shakes from Roland’s grip and angrily struts down to the waters’ edge. Pretty runs into the water with enormous anger and beats James’ chest with both her fists. opposite to the Hatfields. DOLLUS First shine ready. JAMES Your words is liable to the cause. This is my uncle’s fresh blood. second shine fire. CUT TO: ROLAND What’s his count. James reaches into his pocket and hands Dollus a red pouch. James nods to his brothers. CUT TO: PRETTY You know what you tore me from? You see this? She holds up her bloody apron. They slowly drop their guns and backpedal upstream.

And there too (Points to his brothers). (Pause) Now blood in you pulled me to end us too? Me and my for three murderous down here Beat. They look standing steady but if you walk those forty paces.4. you’ll find the ground drop from under you. CUT TO: Dollus squints at the two lovers. And here you are standing too. PRETTY When my uncle dies the only river your kin will know is Lethe. and I sure as I been born I’ll sink and drown. he turns to the forest and shines the mirror at the woods. PRETTY sisters been tendin’ him days. Not bad you and I. He pulls a small mirror from his pocket and squats down to the water. He throws some water on his face. Forty paces that way. But look a’ here. CUT TO: A GUNMAN in the woods seeing the flash and taking aim at James. and then it’s bye bye forever. CUT TO: James as he smiles at Pretty antagonistically. Here I’m standing. . JAMES And look there (Points to her brothers) there’s your brothers. JAMES People say the whole river too deep to stand in. After feigning to look at himself in the mirror. DOLLUS I’ve a feeling he ain’t aiming a’ keep his word.

stares into the water beneath her. BUCKY They up to something now. Pretty does not look up realizing the responsibility she now has to reciprocate. I need to know where you stand. CUT TO: The Gunman sets James in his sights and places his finger on the trigger. realizing what she just asked him to do. CUT TO: Bucky sipping a flask. Marsh does the same. then back up at James. . CUT TO: JAMES When your uncle dies. CUT TO: JAMES You know that I intend to marry you and I would kill everyone of your brothers to do so. Or do you stand with me. putting her hands on her hips and spins around to glance at her brothers.5. James then looks at Pretty who. She sighs deeply.. He notices Roland looking into the woods. Do you stand with your kin. He puts his hands in his pockets and looks up at his brothers who sit and stare at them with an ugly and rotten gaze. who will undoubtedly massacre mine. JAMES (grimacing) Yea.. MARSH Yes’m. This ain’t no time for cleaning. PRETTY James it doesn’t stop with my brothers? James pauses and looks down the river.them too. He moves his hand onto the trigger of his gun but does not raise it.

CUT TO: Shooter looking anxiously between Dollus and the couple. James turns to walk towards his brothers. Dollus pockets the mirror and shakes his head at the woods. and swear that Ill ring your neck purple on the night reckoning comes. Pretty nods. James takes out the pack of matches and lights his cigarrette. JAMES Now fall in the water and wail. CUT TO: DOLLUS This taking too long. The screen goes black. And I’ll return to mine. Pretty stands for a moment. The shooter lowers his gun. and go back and tell them you told me no. and when James is four paces gone she falls into the water and wails. find me here. CUT TO: Pretty turns to face him and assents with a teary nod. wrecked by the weight.6. PRETTY Aren’t we precious? JAMES On the night he dies. and we’ll never come back. (CONT’D) THE END . Should be over by now. The shooter keeps him in his sights and looks anxiously to Dollus. she places her palm softly over his heart.

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