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April 2011


NASCC: The Steel Conference

Pittsburgh • May 11–14, 2011


Clean Air Regulations

Affecting Fabricators
Seismic Design
Steel Slit Planel Frames
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April 2011

46 Clean Air Regulations Coming to
Your Fabrication Shop


S C C P R E V I E Fabricators must advise EPA of their

compliance with the new requirements by
July 25, 2011.

50 One Question/Three Answers

Bridges: Sustainability
Some important questions have complex
answers and benefit from reflection and
24 The Ten Commandments of discussion. In this series designed to reflect
Communicating Connection that understanding, NSBA asks leading
Design minds in the bridge community to weigh in
BY SUSAN BURMEISTER, P.E., PATRICK J. FORTNEY, on some of life’s imponderables.
Accurate and respectful exchange of
information is critical to a team’s ability to columns
work together; following these rules can

26 Model Exchange and Review–Live 74 Far From One-Dimensional

BY JAMES A. CORSIGLIA, S.E., P.E., AND RICHARD The Sustainable Steel Sessions at this year’s
STEFFENS NASCC demonstrate the variety of ways in
A practical approach to complete integrated which the two S-words interact.
project development.
quality corner
30 Getting the Most Out of Buckling
Restrained Braces 76 Of Lost Luggage and Root Cause
The auditees turn the looking glass on the
Information to help you get what you design auditor in a fine example of root cause
and design what you can get. analysis.

business issues
36 Performance-Based Seismic
80 AEC Job Search Tips for 2011
JOHN D. HOOPER, S.E., P.E. Things are looking up, so fuel your
An explanation of specific performance confidence, then let it shine.
criteria and how the process works.
people to know
40 Behavior and Design of Steel
90 Of Motions Large and Small
Slit Panel Frames for Seismic A lifelong interest in railroads and structural
Resistance vibration have accompanied Tom Murray
BY JUDY LIU, PH.D. around the world.
An update on what research is showing about
this promising lateral force resisting system.
in every issue
42 Recent Research on Column Base
Connections departments resources
Extensive testing is helping quantify the
conservatism in current design approaches. 9 STEEL INTERCHANGE 84 NEW PRODUCTS



ON THE COVER: The 2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference, May 11-14 in Pittsburgh, features more than 90 sessions.

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My middle child, Joshua, was mostly interested we all benefit from learning new ways to look at 312.670.8316
in style points and designed a licorice-colored and to solve these problems. AISC offers a wide
futuristic car with plenty of angles and curves. range of solutions to help. There’s an incredible ASSISTANT EDITOR
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On the other hand, my ultra-competitive array of information available on our website, and 312.670.5439
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theory that the shape would reduce air friction. or email ( away—though the 312.670.5427
However, one engineer at AISC suggested AISC Steel Solutions Center tends to be much
that for a non-powered vehicle, it was just as more proficient with questions about the steel GRAPHIC DESIGNER
Kristin Egan
important to reduce drag created by downward Specification than questions about wood cars. 312.670.8313
pressure on the wheels and instead suggested Continuing education is a great opportunity to
more of a wing design—both reducing air expand your knowledge. Again, AISC has plenty AISC Officers
friction and downward pressure. Jason loved the of opportunities available, ranging from online CHAIRMAN
David Harwell
theory and his car was appropriately redesigned. presentations to webinars to live seminars. For VICE CHAIRMAN
In practice, it turned out that neither model example, for no charge you can watch a program William B. Bourne, III
much mattered. One car averaged 2.310 seconds on “Ethics and Accountability” or take a course TREASURER
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to develop an optimal shape and then to educational programs would be complete John P. Cross, P.E.
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to mention the practical issue of having an Conference. Scheduled for May 11–14 in Scott L. Melnick
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steel interchange
IF YOU’VE EVER ASKED YOURSELF “WHY?” about something related to structural steel design or construction, Modern
Steel Construction’s monthly Steel Interchange column is for you! Send your questions or comments to

Web Sidesway Buckling Composite Beam Design

I noticed that there is a t w3 term in the numerator and AISC 360-05 Section I3-2a seems to imply that if h/tw is
denominator of AISC Specification Equation J10-7 for the less than or equal to 3.76√(E/Fy), then the condition of the
web sidesway buckling case where the compression flange is stresses under construction loading need not be combined
not restrained against rotation. Since these terms cancel out, with stresses induced on the post-composite section. The
why are they included in the equation? Is it true that the web 1989 AISC Specification required a check of MDL/Sbeam+MLL/
sidesway buckling strength is independent of web thickness? Seff ≤ Fa. Is it correct that when using AISC 360-05 Section
I3-2a, the superposition of construction stresses in the beam
You’re right about the tw3 cancelling out. AISC Specification Equation and post-composite stresses on the transformed section need
J10-7 reduces to a function that is dependent on the flange stiffness not be checked?
couple (moment of inertia times h). What you have observed is that
when the compression flange is braced, the web is able to provide The 2005 AISC Specification uses a strength-design approach
flexural stiffness to prevent lateral deflection of the tension flange in ASD and LRFD whenever possible and that’s the case for
(Equation J10-6). However, when the compression flange is not bending of composite beams with compact webs. Consider how
braced, the web is no longer able to provide this restraint and thus the stresses develop in an unshored steel beam all the way from
the web thickness cancels out of the equation (Equation J10-7). the construction phase to the highest strength at ultimate loads.
The formula is in the form it is in for consistency and to keep When the construction loads are added, the steel beam will develop
the calculation simple. This may seem counterintuitive, but note bending stresses, most likely in the elastic range although there
that the reduced formula would have an “h” in it. This value is not could be some yielding at the flange tips even at that stage. For
published in the AISC Manual, rather it is incorporated into h/tw. the sake of this discussion, assume that the construction load
Heath Mitchell, P.E. stresses don’t cause yielding. The stresses remain mostly constant
while the concrete hardens. At that point, if loads are applied, then
Weld Strength Calculation you’re correct that the beam stresses are a superposition of the
On page 3-28 of the AISC Seismic Design Manual, the construction load stresses and the new ones. At some load level, the
gusset-to-beam force was calculated assuming only a single total stresses in the beam will be high enough to cause yielding. If
line of weld. Is this a conservative assumption? Figure 3-7 on additional load is applied, yielding will spread and eventually the
page 3-34 indicates a double-sided weld. entire steel beam will be at a stress of Fy and the concrete also will
be stressed. Using the strength-design approach, we skip straight to
You are correct that the calculations starting on page 3-28 this last step which is the “end of the line.”
through the consideration of fpeak/favg treat the weld as a single line. Consider the beam described above at the ultimate load. Cut
However, two welds are assumed in the calculation for D (there is a free body diagram of the left half of the beam and compute
a 2 in the denominator). the moment Mu that would exist at midspan. It would be from
If, instead, it were treated as two lines of weld, a factor of all of the loads, regardless of whether they’re applied during
two would consistently apply to the weld force calculations. The construction or superimposed. That’s why we compare the fully
result is that fpeak, favg and, therefore, fr would each be half the value plastic moment at the “end of the line” strength to the moment
shown. Thus, the result is the same in the end. when all of the loads are applied, without concerning ourselves
This approach works because the welds are parallel, with what happens at lower load levels.
symmetrically loaded and have the same leg size. The leg size Don’t forget to check the construction load case. Unshored
is removed as a factor in the calculation of fa, fv, and fb. It is steel beams are usually used to support the wet concrete, deck,
convenient for calculations because the number of welds assumed beam self weight, and construction live load. The steel beam
doesn’t need to be tracked through the calculations; it can be will resist these loads as a bare steel beam. Also, remember that
determined at the end based on the calculated demand. deflection is cumulative and the construction deflection is the
Heath Mitchell, P.E. starting point for the deflection of the composite cross section.
Brad Davis, S.E., Ph.D.
Stairs and Handrails
Where can I find information on the design of stairways and Anchor Rods
handrails? I am trying to find the specific code section that requires
a minimum of four anchor rods in a column base plate,
You may wish to contact the National Association of Architectural but could not find anything in AISC 360. Where can I find
Metals Manufacturers (NAAMM), which publishes a stair design this requirement?
manual under the auspices of its AMP subgroup. Much of the
information is available electronically including materials on stair The requirement for four anchor rods is an OSHA requirement.
design, handrails, and so on, at Select AMP, then It is part of the Federal Register (29CFR Part 1926, Subpart
Technical Literature. R) and is available on the OSHA website (
Note that NAAMM has undertaken to revise and update its stair The section that contains the four-anchor rod requirement is
manual with the aid of the National Ornamental and Miscellaneous 1926.755.
Metals Association (NOMMA). That revised stair manual is not yet Heath Mitchell, P.E.
available, but you may want to keep an eye out for it.
Martin Anderson
steel interchange
Combined Loading Continuing Education
I am designing a beam subject to combined strong-axis Do you have any recommendations on classes or seminars
bending, weak-axis bending, axial compression and torsion. that would be useful for me to update my skills from ASD to
The shear is very small. What design guidance is available on LRFD?
this subject?
AISC provides a number of continuing education opportunities.
AISC Steel Design Guide No. 9, Torsional Analysis of Structural There are live seminars hosted around the country that can be
Steel Members, can be used for the situation that you describe. found on the AISC website at One
The design guide is available at as a free such seminar you may be interested in is Design Steel Your Way II:
download for AISC members for purchase by non-members. Efficient Analysis for Steel Design using the 2005 AISC Specification.
See Section 4.7.1, specifically equation 4.16a. AISC Specification AISC also offers online courses at
section H3.3 also gives some guidance, although it does not go For example, there is a free online presentation titled, The Steel
to the same depth as Design Guide 9. The general idea is to limit Specification: A Designer’s Perspective.
the applied stress to Fy for yielding due to normal stress, 0.6Fy Plus, coming up in May 2011 is the North American Steel
for shear yielding or Fcr if buckling is the applicable limit state. Construction Conference ( This year it
For example, if your beam is unbraced against lateral-torsional will be held in Pittsburgh and will offer a number of continuing
buckling, then you’ll need to determine Fcr per AISC Specification education opportunities. The advance program with seminar
Chapter F. If there are several types of stress, such as axial, strong- and course descriptions is now available at the web link above.
axis bending, and warping normal stress, then an interaction Previews of several NASCC presentations appear elsewhere in
equation approach is used. this issue of MSC.
Brad Davis, S.E., Ph.D. There are also other sources such as AISC Engineering Journal
papers and Modern Steel Construction articles available at www.
Identifying Old Bolts and, respectively.
I am modifying a steel structure erected in 1968. The typical Erin Criste
bolt assemblies include square bolt heads and hex nuts.
There are no bolt head markings. Is it reasonable to assume Column Plumbness Requirements
that these bolts are ASTM A307? What is the maximum plumbness tolerance for an interior
Bolts conforming to the ASTM A307 standard have been used
in steel structures at least since the mid-1930s and were available The tolerance on the plumbness of a column is given in Section
with square heads. A307 bolts are still available with square heads. of the AISC Code of Standard Practice, which is available
Historically there was no head marking required for these bolts, as a free download at This states, “For
however the heads of modern A307 bolts now have to bear an an individual column shipping piece, the angular variation of
identification mark. the working line from a plumb line shall be equal to or less
AISC 360 Appendix 5 states, “Representative samples of bolts than 1∕500 of the distance between working points, subject to the
shall be inspected to determine markings and classifications. following additional limitations…” It goes on to list other limits
Where bolts cannot be properly identified visually, representative for columns that are adjacent to elevators and exterior columns.
samples shall be removed and tested to determine tensile strength Larry S. Muir, P.E.
in accordance with ASTM F606 or ASTM F606M and the bolt
classified accordingly. Alternatively, the assumption that the
bolts are A307 shall be permitted.” Based on this, assuming the
The complete collection of Steel Interchange questions and answers is available online.
unidentified bolts are A307 is allowed. Find questions and answers related to just about any topic by using our full-text search
Larry S. Muir, P.E. capability. Visit Steel Interchange online at

Attaching Fill Plates Heath Mitchell is director of technical assistance, Martin Anderson is steel solution center
specialist, and Erin Criste is staff engineer, technical assistant at AISC. Brad Davis and Larry
The 13th Edition AISC Steel Construction Manual Table 4-3 Muir are consultants to AISC.
Case 1-C shows fill plates shop bolted to the upper shaft.
Can fill plates be shop tack welded in lieu of bolting? Steel Interchange is a forum to exchange useful and practical professional ideas and
information on all phases of steel building and bridge construction. Opinions and
suggestions are welcome on any subject covered in this magazine.
If the fill is no more than ¼ in. thick or there is no design load The opinions expressed in Steel Interchange do not necessarily represent an official
being transferred through the bolts, the fill has no structural position of the American Institute of Steel Construction and have not been reviewed. It is
recognized that the design of structures is within the scope and expertise of a competent
significance and can be tack welded in place. If the bolts are being licensed structural engineer, architect or other licensed professional for the application of
designed for a given load and the fill is greater than ¼ in. thick, principles to a particular structure.
the design must conform to the requirements of AISC Specification If you have a question or problem that your fellow readers might help you solve, please
forward it to us. At the same time, feel free to respond to any of the questions that you
Section J5 and, depending on the design approach, the shop bolts have read here. Contact Steel Interchange via AISC’s Steel Solutions Center:
may be required to develop the fill. Alternatively, the fill can be
developed by welding.
Larry S. Muir, P.E.
One East Wacker Dr., Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60601
tel: 866.ASK.AISC • fax: 312.803.4709


REASON N0. 362. Why galvanize? Consider nine floors of employees
who depend on their steel high-rise offices to work as hard as they do.
Corrosion costs our economy almost $300 billion annually. But the father
working in suite 517 is a stronger reason. Learn more at
We Protect More Than Steel.
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steel quiz
LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE? Modern Steel Construction’s monthly Steel Quiz tests your knowledge of steel design and
construction. The answers for many of this month’s questions can be found in the 2010 AISC Specification for Structural Steel
Buildings (ANSI/AISC 360-10) and the 2005 AISC Seismic Provisions for Structural Steel Buildings (ANSI/AISC 341-05), both
of which are available as free downloads at Some answers come from the 13th Edition AISC Steel
Construction Manual, available for purchase at

1 What is the preferable slenderness ratio limit between 6 What will be the color of the 14th Edition AISC Steel
connectors for built-up tension members? Construction Manual?
a) 200 b) 300 c) 400 d) No limit a) Green b) Red c) Brown d) Burgundy

2 True/False: Inelastic rotation demands should be 7 True/False: The Whitmore section is the width at the
considered when detailing a Special Moment Frame end of a joint that is determined by spreading the
column base. force from the start of the joint 30 degrees to each side
of the connecting element along the line of force.
3 In Table 10-5 (All-Bolted Unstiffened Seated Connections)
in the 13th Edition AISC Steel Construction Manual, what 8 In bolted connections, what is the maximum number of
is the definition of Nreq? bolts that can be used parallel to the line of force?
a) Number of bolts a) 6 b) 8
b) Spacing of bolts c) 15 d) No maximum limit
c) Required bearing length
d) Minimum angle length 9 True/False: In order to increase the capacity of a welded
double- or single-angle simple shear connection, it is
4 True/False: Finger shims, when inserted fully against the permitted to weld the entire width of the angle legs at
bolt shank, are acceptable for slip-critical connections. both the top and the bottom.

5 True/False: Galvanized surfaces are not permitted in 10 True/False: Prying action occurs in both welded and
slip-critical connections. bolted connections.


11 Bending Machines
Easyway and Hardway: Beams, Tubes, Angles, Tees, Channels, Flats,
Pipe & Rail

Shearing (to ½” x 20’), Forming, Rolling (to 1¼”), and Coning

6 Press Brakes
1000 Ton x 30’ 750 Ton x 24’
400 Ton x 23’ 3-225 Ton x (10’, 12’, 14’)

CNC Machining

WhiteFab’s patented structural bending process minimizes
deformation and provides smoother curvatures. Each bent
section is verified for accuracy along its arc.

Facilities Phone 205-791-2011

170,000 sq. ft. of production area, under roof Fax 205-791-0500
We were excited about being the job shop for providing the
heavy-duty steel fabricated columns for the World Trade
Center’s new Transportation Hub.

Hammerhead Column

While the thousands of people who will be passing through this area every
day will have no idea we played a role, steel fabricators and others pick us for
project work because of our specialty capabilities for heavy-duty fabrication.

When you’re doing work for one of America’s most hallowed grounds,
you tend to feel differently. Fabricating 24-foot columns and column base
plates using 4-inch thick high-performance steel brought a heightened
sense of pride in our shop. From fracture-critical work done to rebuild
NYC’s World Trade Center complex to other projects that require big and
heavy capability, people turn to Greiner. Why? Because we have the • Structural Steel Fabrication
• Steel Plate & Sheet Metal Fabrication
facilities, the people and the certifications to deliver a job well done –
• Miscellaneous Metals
time after time. We’re proud of the work we do, and especially proud • Machining
when it’s for one of America’s most iconic construction projects. • Rolling & Forming Services
• Cutting Services
You can count on Greiner! • Industrial Coatings
• Industrial & Electrical Contracting
Call us at 800-782-2110 for a free quote on your • Crane Rental & Trucking Services
• Heat-Bending Services
next project. (AISC Certified for Major Steel Bridge Fabrication)
steel quiz ANSWERS

1 (b) The User Note in Section D4 at the base of the column. The column 4 True. Finger shims are suitable as
of the 2010 AISC Specification base detail must accommodate the noted in part 9 of the 13th Edition
states, “The longitudinal spacing of required hinging rotations while AISC Manual (see page 9-15). for
connectors between components maintaining the strength required to the effect of fillers and shims on
should preferably limit the provide the mechanism envisioned by available joint strength, see Section
slenderness ratio in any component the designer.” J5 in the 2010 AISC Specification.
between the connectors to 300.”
3 (c) Nreq is the required bearing length 5 False. Galvanized steel can be used in
2 True. The Commentary to AISC for the limit states of local web yield- slip-critical connections and is treated
Seismic Provisions (AISC 341) states in ing and local web crippling for the as Class A surface. To comply with the
Section 8.5c, “A ductile moment frame supported beam with an all-bolted requirements for a Class A surface,
is usually expected to develop a hinge unstiffened seated connection. the AISC Specification requires
that galvanized faying surfaces be
roughened by hand wire brushing.

6 (d) Burgundy. Cindi Duncan, AISC’s

3D modeling director of engineering, explains that
for the real world... burgundy was chosen because it is
reminiscent of the color of an earlier
StruCad evolution delivers supply chain integration, important Manual—the 6th Edition.
connection design, rapid detailing, document control and The 6th Edition Manual introduced
automated fabrication deliverables. several new provisions based on the
state of the art at that time.
Visit us at NASCC Booth #1223
7 True. Refer to part 9 of the 13th Edition
AISC Manual (see page 9-3) for an
illustration and additional information.

8 (d) The 2010 AISC Specification

does not place a specific limit on
the number of bolts that can be
used in a connection. There is a
reduction in bolt strength for long
joints. See Section J3 in the 2010
AISC Specification and note how bolt
shear strengths have been increased,
compared to the 2005 Specification,
and that the length at which the joint
becomes a long joint has changed.

9 False. Welding the top would inhibit

the flexibility of the connection,
which is not consistent with the
design philosophy of a simple shear
connection. This is discussed specif-
ically in Part 10 of the AISC Manual.
Introducing AceCad Software’s evolution suite, for the structural supply chain. 10 False. Prying action is a phenom-
AceCad Software is a unique software vendor with solutions for AEC and enon in bolted construction only.
Plant Industries; enabling project delivery from concept, through please see part 9 of the 13th Edition
engineering, detailing, fabrication and construction. AISC Manual (page 9-10) for a dis-
evolve with AceCad Software. cussion of prying action.

Anyone is welcome to submit questions and

answers for Steel Quiz. If you are interested in
submitting one question or an entire quiz, contact
AISC’s Steel Solutions Center at 866.ASK.AISC or


Steel Fabricators, you have a choice !
Buy direct from a manufacturer
packed, labeled and shipped per your specifications.

To get a “rip your face off ” can koozie,

visit us at the NASCC in Pittsburgh, PA
May 11-13, 2011
Booth# 1104

APRIL 2011
This Month in MSC People and Firms
➤ New EPA regulations are about to kick in, and they require more than passive • William F. Baker, Jr.,
compliance from structural steel fabricators. AISC’s Tom Schlafly provides a brief S.E., p.E., has been
explanation beginning on page 46. elected to membership
in the National academy

Jill paider photography

➤ This issue contains previews of several presentations scheduled for delivery in
of Engineering, one of
Pittsburgh May 11–14. Also, a comprehensive advanced list of exhibitors starts on
the highest professional
page 55.
honors for engineers.
➤ Do you practice what you preach when it comes to root cause analysis? Sometimes His election citation is
a minor personal incident, as described by an experienced quality auditor, helps “For leadership in the
put the validity of that approach in perspective. Read about it on page 76. development of inno-
vative structures for high-rise buildings
➤ COMING NEXT MONTH: The May issue of MSC will include coverage of worldwide.” Engineers are elected by
AISC’s 2011 IDEAS2 award winners, which will be announced at The Steel current NaE members, which include
Conference. Fourteen outstanding projects are being recognized this year for their distinguished individuals from all engi-
innovative design in engineering and architecture with structural steel. neering disciplines. Baker is the struc-
tural engineering partner for Skidmore,
Owings & Merrill, Chicago, and an aiSC
professional Member. among many
other professional activities, he serves
Newly Certified Facilities: February 1–28, 2011 on the aiSC Specifications Committee.
• Dan M. Frangopol
To find a certified fabricator or was recently named a

�� erector in a particular area, visit Distinguished Member



� � of the american Society

� ��

� �� � � of Civil Engineers (aSCE)


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� accolade and recognizes eminence in

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� �� �� � �� conferred on only 192 of the Society’s �

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� � � �� � ��� �� 144,000 members worldwide. Frangopol

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��� � � ����� � �

�� � � was formally inducted at the Celebration

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� � �� �
�� ��
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� of leaders luncheon during aSCE’s 140th
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�� �� � � ���

� � �
�� � ��� � ��� annual Civil Engineering Conference held
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��� �
���� �� �� � in October 2010 in las Vegas. Frangopol

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currently is serving in the inaugural posi-

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� � � � ��� � ��
�� �
� � � � tion of the Fazlur r. Khan Endowed

� �
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�� ����

� �
� Chair of Structural Engineering � and
�� �

� ���� �
� architecture at lehigh University.�
To learn

�� more, read the original announcement of

Existing Certified Fabricator Facilities

the award on the lehigh University� web-
Newly Certified Fabricator Facilities
site at
Existing Certified Erector Facilities Newly Certified Erector Facilities
• AISC member firms ConXtech and
Existing Certified Bridge Component Facilities Newly Certified Bridge Component Facilities
Tekla have been featured in a case
study of a U.S. Navy structural steel
Newly Certified Fabricator Facilities Newly Certified Erector Facilities project in Southern California reported
Blouin Steel Fabricators, inc., Northfield, N.H. abate irwin, inc., Eighty Four, pa. on The project used
Cubic Designs, inc., New Berlin, Wis. Bowen Engineering Corp., indianapolis, ind. ipD, BiM and the
DaKa Corporation, pine City, Minn. Southwest Steel Erectors, Braderton, Fla. ConXtech system
lincoln Fabricating Company, inc., pittsburgh, pa. to optimize
peninsula Fabricating, inc., Jonesville, Mich. Newly Certified Bridge Component Facilities
rescue Bridge repair, Somersworth, N.H. M.S. iron Works inc., Ossining, N.Y.
speed and
river Steel, inc.–West Salem, West Salem, Wis. Structural rubber products, Springfield, ill.
Southwest Steel, llC, Henderson, Nev. economy. read
M.S. iron Works inc., Ossining, N.Y. about it at http://
ipD Channel
Case Study
Student Scholarship and Fellowship Opportunities Vote for the 2011 Prize
University juniors, seniors, and graduate AISC and members of the structural Bridge Awards
students in civil or architectural engineer- steel construction community place high Voting is now open for the 2011 Prize
ing, or construction management, can take priority on the development of future pro- Bridge Awards honoring significant and
advantage of this annual opportunity to fessionals and continue to offer more than innovative steel bridges constructed in
receive financial assistance by applying for $75,000 of aid to university students for this the United States. The prize bridge com-
the 2011-2012 program at year’s program. For detailed information on petition began in 1928 with first place
universityprograms. Applications will be the awards, read the full AISC press release awarded for the Sixth Street Bridge in
accepted until May 1, 2011. by visiting Pittsburgh, coincidentally just a few blocks
down the river from the venue for this
RESOURCES year’s NASCC: The Steel Conference.
New HSS Reference Book Offered as Free PDF Since then, more than 300 bridges have
Looking for an informative HSS resource? page publication was published in 2010 and won first place in a variety of categories.
Check out the publications available from has only recently become available on the This year’s winning bridges will be
CIDECT, the international association of web. Designed as a reference for structural selected from a pool of all the award-
leading manufacturers of hollow sections and civil engineering students and instructors, winning bridges recognized since the
and pipes, The organiza- it provides a wide range of technical informa- competition began in 1928. There are
tion, which is formally known as Comité tion along with architectural examples and two concurrent levels of competition that
International pour le Développement photographs. Nearly a hundred pages are will result in both Industry Choice and
et l’Etude de la Construction Tubulaire dedicated to HSS joints of various types. People’s Choice award winners.
(International Committee for the To learn more about Hollow Sections in Explore the past Prize Bridge winners,
Development and Study of Tubular Structural Applications, or to download the free discover new and old favorites, and vote
Structures), is now offering the second PDF file, visit and select throughout the month of April at http://
edition of its Hollow Sections in Structural Publications, or go to
Applications as a free PDF download. Although there is no charge to download the For a list of the previous award-winning
Authored by J. Wardenier, J.A. Packer, document, free registration is required. bridges, go to
X.-L. Zhao and G. J. van der Vegte, this 240-


Web Mapping Made Easy
Highlands Ranch, Colo.-based OnTerra variety of practical business uses, such as per month, which includes a Bing maps
Systems LLC has introduced MapSavvy aerial-view site images for inclusion in license, or $1 per month for users who
WMS, an inexpensive architecture and engineering drawings, already have a Bing maps license.
Web Mapping Service proposals, and reports. To see examples or sign up, go to
(WMS) application A long-time Microsoft Business Partner,
based on Bing maps. The OnTerra Systems developed MapSavvy
service provides an eco- WMS to work with popular WMS cli-
nomical and convenient ents including AutoCAD, MapInfo, MATERIALS

OnTerra Web
way to access images MicroStation, QGIS, GlobalMapper, New Larger HP Shapes
from Bing maps for a and Gaia. It is available for $2 per user
Mapping Available
AISC-member Nucor-Yamato is now
producing H16 and H18 sections, the
first new H-pile sizes in decades. The new
sections of HP16 and HP18—the country’s
largest H-piles ever produced—give
engineers and contractors a more economical
way to construct deep foundations for
buildings and bridges. Another possible
benefit of these shapes: using them as
columns in building construction.
“HP shapes have webs that are the
same thickness as the flanges, in contrast
to W-shapes where the web is thinner,”
says Charles J. Carter, S.E., P.E., Ph.D.,
AISC’s vice president and chief structural
engineer. “A thicker web will reduce the
need for stiffeners and doublers. Stiffeners
cost hundreds of dollars each and a typical
doubler plate might cost a thousand
dollars. Total these numbers per moment-
connected column and that’ll add up
quickly. Plus, the HP section weight might
be less than the W-shape weight required
to eliminate the stiffeners and doublers.”
The ASTM standard specification for
structural shapes and piling products now
includes a total of 10 new HP16 and HP18
profile sections. Six are within the HP16
range, varying from 88 to 183 lb per ft in
20-lb increments, and four are within the
HP18 range, varying from 135 to 204 lb
per ft with about the same increments.
Until now, the industry has relied on four
nominal sizes of H-Piles: HP8, HP10,
HP12 and HP14.
Dimensions and properties of the H16
and H18 sections are now available on
the Nucor Yamato website and will be
included in the AISC 14th Edition Steel
Construction Manual, scheduled to be
released later this year. To download the
information now, visit www.nucoryamato.
com, select Sales Info,
then Product Catalog,
or go to
fEATVt. HP dimensions
1915 Old Philadelphia Pike
P.O. Box 10008 717.207.4303 and properties are on
Lancaster, PA 17605-0008 pages 38 and 39 of the
PDF document. H16 and H18
Shape Data (N-Y)
Key Registration Information for 2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference
Our calendars say it’s officially springtime, downloadable PDF files of the NASCC conference. Check your mailboxes the
which means this year’s North American Schedule-At-A-Glance and the NASCC week of May 2 for these materials.
Steel Construction Conference is just Advance Program (which also was an insert The Steel Conference offers more than
around the corner. If you haven’t already, with the January issue of MSC). 90 technical sessions and is the premier
mark May 11-14 as “at NASCC: The Full registration for AISC members is educational event for structural engineers,
Steel Conference in Pittsburgh” and $390 (and the third registrant from your fabricators, erectors, and detailers. In
join the more than 3,500 other industry firm gets a discounted rate of $195). Full addition to practical seminars on the latest
professionals expected to attend. Here are registration for non-AISC members is $550 design concepts and construction techniques,
some important deadlines and tidbits to (and the third registrant from your firm gets the Conference offers an extensive trade
keep in mind to register for the conference a discounted rate of $285). Your registration show (featuring products ranging from
and plan your trip to Steel City. gains you admittance to technical sessions, structural software to machinery for cutting
NASCC 2011 pre-registration keynote address, the T.R. Higgins Lecture, steel beams) and plentiful networking
discounts are available through May 5. and the exhibition hall. opportunities. It’s a once-a-year opportunity
After that date, on-site registration rates April 18 is the deadline to book your to learn the latest techniques, see the most
apply. For convenient online registration, hotel room at one of the official NASCC innovative products, and network with your
go to The website hotels in Pittsburgh before the blocks are peers and clients.
also offers program information to help released, and reservations will then be And, d o n ’t
in planning to get based on availability forget about those
the most out of the at higher rates. PDHs (Professional
technical seminars, It’s also the date Development
networking, and to register by in Hours); you can earn
product showcase. order to receive up to 28 of them at
Select “Schedule” for your name badge The Conference.
an overall timetable and registration 2011 NaSCC
for the week’s events materials in the
as well as links to 2011 NaSCC: mail prior to the 2011 NaSCC
The Steel Conference advance program

How Are You

Flange Thin

Mitre Cut

and Trim
Block out
Bolt Holes


Features Ease of use Cost Savings

Hypertherm HPR260XD The V800 series can stand alone or The V800 Series boast up to 15:1
Oxy-Fuel enhance your existing beam line. savings. That’s 15 manual labor hours to
Robotic Arm Cuts and Marks On All 4 Sides VACAM, Voortman’s proprietary opera- 1 machine operating hour. Voortman has
Roller-Feed Measuring ting software seamlessly integrates with perfected this innovative technology.
Fully Enclosed all detailing and MRP software packages.

Voortman USA Corporation / Unit F / 450 South Spruce st. / Manteno IL-60950 USA
(t) 1 815 468 6300 / (f) 1 815 468 6333 / (e) / (w)

Visit us at NASCC Booth #443

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bolting easy.

Construction website, www.modernsteel. booth 1328
com, often include late-breaking steel-
related developments beyond those printed 2011 NASCC
in the monthly magazine. For example, THE STEEL CONFERANCE

Squirter DTIs

online announcements for events and
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Our solution is to put together quality fasteners with world-class customer service.
Always outperforming overseas competitors by making ourselves available and accountable.
Because no matter how you measure value, accountability is always the common denominator.

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The Ten Commandments

of Communicating Connection Design
BY SUSaN BUrMEiSTEr, p.E., paTriCK J. FOrTNEY, p.E., pH.D., aND TONY HaZEl, p.E.

Accurate and respectful exchange of information is critical to a

team’s ability to work together; following these rules can help.

WE ALL KNOW that there is a higher being that will judge documents is crucial to the fabricator during the bid process,
us when the time comes. At the end of our careers, when we’re procurement, and throughout the connection design and
trying to pass through the galvanized steel gates to the engi- detailing processes. Likewise, this information is critical to
neers’ paradise, how will we be judged? Will we be doomed the SER’s review/approval process.
to an eternity of writing and answering endless RFIs, or will
we pass through to a rapture of topping-out parties and award The Commandments
ceremonies? Will we be considered sinners or saints? To what 1. Thou shalt have no other standard than the one
moral and ethical imperatives should we adhere? you want used for connection design.
Together we have compiled a list of dos and don’ts, com- It is all too common to find references to multiple stan-
mandments if you will, to be followed when communicat- dards and specifications in project specifications and structural
ing connection design requirements. Collectively we offer drawings, including references to different versions of the
perspectives from the three disciplines involved in structural same standard or specification. To some extent, this may be
steel connection design: the structural engineer of record necessary. However, the SER should state clearly in the Gen-
(SER), the fabricator, and the connection designer. eral Notes for Structural Steel which standard or specification
Although we can’t guarantee that the likes of Eiffel, Roe- should be used by the connection designer for the design of
bling, Strauss, Telford, and Khan will welcome you with the structural steel connections.
open arms, we do suggest that if you remain vigilant to the Notes contained within the project specifications, gen-
following “ten commandments,” a sentence to an eternity in eral notes, framing notes, and connection concept drawings
RFI purgatory is less likely. should be coordinated and consistent.
It is very common for the structural engineer to have 2. Thou shalt not produce incomplete details/
the fabricator perform the connection design as part of drawings and expect them to be worshiped.
their contract (this is now covered explicitly in the 2010 SER’s typically will add a note in the contract documents
AISC Code of Standard Practice, which is a free download at that states, “Where connection details are not complete, the In order for the fabricator to provide fabricator shall provide a design for that connection.” Where
accurate, economical, and code-compliant connections, it details are meant to be conceptual, leave out specifics unless
is imperative that the SER and connection designer clearly they are sacred. Providing partial design information leads
and accurately communicate the information related to the connection designer to believe that the ¼-in. fillet weld
the design of the connections. The information pertinent shown on a concept detail is what is required.
to connection design that is provided in the construction Where specific design methodologies are required, the

Susan Burmeister, P.E., is an associate with

the structural design consulting firm Cagley &
Associates, Rockville, Md. Patrick J. Fortney,
P.E., is the manager of engineering and chief
engineer at Cives Engineering Corporation.
Tony C. Hazel, P.E., is manager/senior
structural engineer in the Columbia, S.C.,
office of Ferrell Engineering, Inc. All three
authors are actively involved in various
AISC committees as well as other industry


SER should explicitly state the required or limitations on the use of standard connec- ricator should provide connection design
methodology. For example, if the KISS tion concepts, such as one-sided shear con- drawings and calculations, and shop draw-
method is preferred over the UF method nections or extended shear tab connections, ings/details presented in a neat, thorough,
for the design of vertical brace connections, but allow the connection designer flexibility and legible format.
this should be clearly stated. to develop connections consistent with the 9. Thou shalt not bear false steel rein-
3. Thou shalt not take AWS require- fabricator’s shop practices where possible. forcing without engineering calculations.
ments in vain. 7. Thou shalt not commit cheatery. Provide accurate and thorough loading
If you’re not fluent in AWS-ese, let the In the absence of complete and clear information to the connection designer in lieu
experts properly apply the welding require- information, fabricators and connection of conservative “will work for any condition”
ments of AWS D1.1 and D1.8. designers should not make leaps in assump- type details. The connection designer will use
4. Remember thy loadings, and don’t tions. The submit/review/approval process established engineering procedures to deter-
keep them wholly to yourself. is not the correct vehicle for confirming mine the needs for transferring forces.
Provide all forces necessary to complete connection design decisions with the EOR. 10. Thou may covet valid connection
the connection design accurately and eco- Write the RFI. RFIs should be answered designs not explicitly presented in AISC
nomically. completely, and in a reasonable time frame. manuals and design guides.
The SER has the loading information; 8. Thou shalt not be thoughtless of AISC design guides and manuals provide
share it with the connection designer. If information provided. examples of how to carry out connection
you specify UDL loading, the fabricator Information provided by the SER should designs. The examples shown are not meant
will bid based on no more than full depth be meaningful and relevant to the specific to exclude other proper procedures. Be aware
connections, and stipulate that in their bid. project. If there are no braced frames on of this, and allow the connection designers to
If the UDL load requires haunched con- the project, don’t show brace frame connec- apply their expertise to arriving at an efficient,
nections, the fabricator will submit charges tion details. The fabricator and connection economical, and code-compliant design.
for the work that are above and beyond the designer will spend many confusing hours
bid cost. If no transfer forces are noted on trying to figure out what they have missed. This article is the basis of a presentation the authors
the drawings, transfer forces will not be However, if there are window washing will make at NASCC: The Steel Conference, May
accounted for in the connection design. davits on the roof, include the appropriate 11-14 in Pittsburgh. Learn more about The Steel
For moment frames, provide the fabri- connection and bracing details. Conference at
cator with accurate information for deter- The connection designer and/or fab-
mining the need for doubler and continu-
ity plates. AISC provides free software for
selecting beam and column sizes such that
these plates are not required. Look for
“Clean Columns” at the If
your structure has collectors/drags, provide
the fabricator with the overstrength loads.
If you don’t, they won’t ask.
5. Honor thy Fabricator’s and Con-
nection Designer’s expertise as they
shall honor the SER’s expertise.
Qualified fabricators and connection
designers do exist. In some cases, the experi-
ence and expertise is formidable. If you plan
on transferring connection design responsi-
bility, don’t tie their hands with restrictive
conceptual designs. Likewise, the SER may
have a specific reason for providing a con-
nection detail concept; connection design-
ers shouldn’t stray from the concept without
seeking permission in advance.
6. Thou shalt not kill the connection
design, submittal, and approval process.
SERs, fabricators, and connection
designers should be open to communica-
tion, and open to ideas.
We all understand the economic advan-
tages of recycling details, sections, etc. How-
ever, sometimes minor adjustments to “typi-
cal” details can result in significant cost savings
to the project. The SER should clearly indi-
cate in the contract documents any exclusions

Model Exchange and Review – Live

BY JaMES a. COrSiGlia, S.E., p.E., lEED ap, aND riCHarD STEFFENS

A practical approach to complete integrated project development.

BIM AND IPD should no longer be “buzzwords.” The tech- Export the file to Bentley’s RAM Structural System. The
nology, education and worker skill sets are present for both RAM model is populated with only levels and grids. The imme-
building information modeling and integrated project delivery. diate benefit is that the columns will be locked into the same
The question is how should we use these systems in a practical position in both programs, minimizing errors related to round-
application? First off, we know that steel structures are the ideal ing tolerances. Now we are off to build the analytical model.
material for model exchange and ultimately IPD projects. Model the columns and beams. Insert slab edges and design
There are many answers and approaches related to “how loads. Input all design criteria into the analytical model. Basi-
do we…” A proven practical approach is to start with under- cally use the analytical model as you historically have. Run
standing your firm’s analytical and BIM documentation tools your analysis; design all of your beams and columns.
and their respective limitations. Do not allow yourself to hit Now we are ready to transfer the information into Revit.
a ceiling due to a perceived limitation; rather, develop a work After importing the analytical model information, quickly
around and embrace the opportunity. glance at the information to verify the reactions, camber and
There are many combinations of tools and programs that sizes have come across. Your framing plans and columns are
engineers throughout the country use with various levels of now in place.
success. Many programs have external tools to allow the two The next steps are the time-savers and efficiencies. Use the
platforms to transfer information. Our focus on these engineer- beam annotation tool to populate the beam sizes, reactions
ing tools will be limited to Revit Structure and Bentley RAM. and cambers. Your framing plans are now pretty much set.
The key to the success of any integration process is under- There is a need for a “clean up” process. Manually input
standing what the programs are capable of doing. To start, our additional framing information for foundations, moment
system relies on the KISS method—Keep It Simple Silly. frames, collectors, drags and braces as required. Adjust
Start with a Revit file with a linked architectural model. column heights for sloping roofs, splice locations and base
Then copy/monitor the grids and levels. Our next steps have plates. At this time, update the model for all structural ele-
been tested, and proved to be time-efficient. There are other ments that were not modeled analytically.
approaches; however, this matches our comfort level for both Typically we do not model structural loads in Revit.
accuracy and time management. Rather, we input structural loading criteria only into RAM.
This eliminates redundancy, and the industry standard today
has only the engineer using the information.
On a typical three-story, 100,000-sq.-ft building, we will
spend less than a half day going from the analytical model to
fully populated framing plans. Place a few BIM-generated
schedules on the plans, and you have a great start to a com-
plete set of documents.
A quick side note: Our template houses hundreds of stan-
dard details, legends, symbols, and sheet notes. This type of
information does not affect the interoperable communica-
tion between the BIM and analytical programs. Coupling
the template base and with the bidirectional linking, our
documents are well defined compared to the time invested.
One common question is, “What is your quality control
process for the electronic information transfer?” My answer
is simple: It is the same as before, when you had an engineer
and a drafter. The engineer will use a highlighter to back
check and review the drawings between the final documents
and the engineer design. The process is much more efficient
importing the engineer’s CiS/2-compliant model into its structural than the traditional red mark days. We also can eliminate the

steel detailing program, the fabricator adds the connections. human error—no more 23 kips instead of 32 kips.


Grids and levels from the revit file and linked architectural

model, left, are exported as the basis for the structural
analytical model, above, locking in the column locations.

Now it is time to share the model with the steel fabri- ware and have our detailers put together connections and
cator. Communication is key during the model exchange. calculations with assistance from our in-house engineer. At
When transferring models, the EOR must communicate any the same time, detailers begin further 3D modeling of such
known inaccuracies (edge of slabs, beam locations at roof- items as pour stop, embedded items, fascia items and other
top equipment, sloping or curved members to name a few). miscellaneous framing. In keeping with the BIM structure,
Modeling issues will exist, but as long as the issues are open everything is kept current and up-to-date in the model.
and disclosed everyone can address them and move forward. During this process we can expect numerous changes
The situation can be complicated by mill order projects ver- and additional information to be provided. In breaking from
sus core and shell projects versus design-bid build projects. the typical process of receiving bulletins every few weeks,
But for all, communication is key to project success. the lines of communication are open and there is coordina-
tion taking place virtually every day between the EOR and
The Fabricators Turn the fabricator. The information exchanged is always shared
There are many reasons receiving a model from the engi- with the contractor to keep them in the loop with any and all
neer is beneficial to the fabricator and to the project as a whole. changes and updates. Keeping these lines of communication
Being able to place a timely mill order and staying consistent open between all parties in this manner can save considerable
with the contract drawings are at the top of the list. time and money for all involved, including the owner, because
Once we receive the model from the engineer we open changes and updates can be implemented on the fly and typi-
the RAM model with Bentley RAM and export a CIS/2- cally are made before fabrication of the affected members.
compliant model highlighting the information we require to Once significant progress is made in the model we start put-
be brought over, including loads and column splice locations. ting together 2D details for review. Detail sheets are then created
We then import this CIS/2 model using the “Design Link” and the corresponding members have their status updated in the
module in SDS/2, our structural steel detailing software. 3D model for approval. The status options used for approval
Once imported, we can process the job and review it against allow both the fabricator and engineer to have a visual aide as
the contract documents and any of the known inaccuracies to what is being sent for approval and what has been reviewed.
provided to us by the EOR. After this process, which typi- There are many other statuses we as a fabricator use that the
cally takes less than a day, we have SDS/2 create an advance engineer can also make use of, such as pieces released for fabrica-
bill of material for purchasing which generally includes all tion, pieces held, and galvanized pieces. This allows the engineer
wide-flange, channel and HSS beams, columns and braces. to obtain valuable information from within the model.
At this point we are able
to hit the ground running
with beginning our 3D
modeling. Because SDS/2
has extensive connection
design capabilities, we typi- James A. Corsiglia, S.E., P.E., LEED AP
cally expect upwards of 80% is the structural discipline leader for Har-
of the connections to be ley Ellis Devereaux, Southfield, Mich. He
designed by the software can be reached at
with calculations provided Richard Steffens is an engineering job cap-
at the click of a mouse. We tain with Douglas Steel Fabricating Corpo-
then review the connections ration, Lansing, Mich., and can be reached
not designed by the soft- at


➤ a portion of the connection design calcu-
lation generated from SDS/2, showing the
results of each of the limit states checked
and confirming the end connection meets
or exceeds the required loading provided
by the engineer.

The shop drawing models are reviewed

graphically and by traditional piece mark.
Additionally, the connection calculations are
reviewed. Any comments are placed elec-
tronically in the model. Each piece mark is
reviewed and approved (or not approved).
Along with the electronic model, the
reviewed pieces are printed to a PDF and
returned. Why a PDF, when we are talking
about electronic model transfer? The owner
needs a copy, the site needs a copy and not
Once the approval status has been set, the Now for the last step in the final leg of everyone will have the required software to
model is then zipped up and placed on an FTP the complete structural IPD process. We review the information. Additionally, when
site, along with a transmittal, for the engineer will receive and review the shop drawings we execute the project closeout documenta-
to review. The contractor is also notified of this electronically. To be clear, we are speaking tion we ensure future access.
submittal and provided the drawing transmittal. of model review and not PDF review. Like
And as is the case with most BIM projects, we our approach to the BIM design upfront, This article is the basis of a presentation the authors
provide a model to the BIM coordinator in their there are many software programs on the will make at NASCC: The Steel Conference, May
format of choice for importing into their coor- market, but we will focus our process on 11-14 in Pittsburgh. Learn more about The Steel
dination/clash-detection software program. Design Data’s SDS/2 Reviewer Station. Conference at



getting the Most Out of

Buckling Restrained Braces
By KimBerley roBinson, s.e., and Cameron BlaCK, p.e., pH.d.

Information to help you get what you design and

design what you can get.

THE BUCKLINg-RESTRAINED BRACE (BRB) was intro- The BRB is typically placed in a concentrically braced frame,
duced in the United States in the late 1990s and since then has forming a configuration referred to as a BRBF. This lateral-load
been used in more than 350 structures. Over the last 10 years, the resisting system is used most often for structures in seismic
technology has reached a significant level of maturity through demand categories D, E or F, regardless of whether wind or
research, codification and practice. The lateral-load resisting sys- seismic loads govern the design of the structure. BRBF systems
tem in which it is an integral component, the buckling-restrained provide cost savings over conventional bracing systems as the
braced frame (BRBF), has been codified since 2005 and is cov- engineer is better able to estimate the seismic demands, and
ered by both the AISC Seismic Provisions (ANSI/AISC 341-05 then size the connections and foundations accordingly. BRBF
and the upcoming release of 341-10) and ASCE/SEI 7-10. systems also have been explored for bridge, blast, and lower
The general level of awareness of BRBs and the BRBF in seismic applications where the highly-ductile, non-buckling
the engineering community has grown considerably in the last attributes of the BRB might still provide a significant benefit.
few years as evidenced by the significant number of research BRBF systems exhibit robust cyclic performance and
manuscripts, trade magazine articles and conference presenta- have large ductility capacity, which is reflected in the seis-
tions covering the system. Yet even with all the information mic response factors, R. When the beams in the lateral force
available many engineers still are unclear on the concept, par- resisting frame are moment connected to the columns,
ticularly on how to design and specify the product. R = 8; when they are not (an option not permitted in the
ASCE7-10 code) R = 7. Testing performed on BRBs to date
Anatomy of a BRB has shown they are capable of withstanding multiple seismic
The main characteristic of a BRB is that it does not buckle. events without failure or loss of strength.
Its ability to yield both in compression and tension, dissipat-
ing seismic energy with nearly symmetric behavior, provides a Design and Specification
significant advantage over conventional bracing systems. The design of a BRBF system is straightforward. Engineers
BRBs have two main components, shown in Figure 1 on typically use the Equivalent Lateral Force procedure pro-
the opposite page, that perform distinct tasks while remain- vided in ASCE/SEI 7, unless a more rigorous analysis method
ing uncoupled. The load-resisting component of a BRB is a is selected. The approximation of the structural period, Ta,
steel core restrained against overall buckling by an outer cas- should use Cr and x values from Appendix R of the Seismic Pro-
ing filled with concrete. This casing is the stability component visions or the methods of Section 12.8.2 of ASCE/SEI 7-10. A
or buckling-restraining mechanism. Bonding of the steel core good reference on the methodology of designing with BRBs is
to the concrete is prevented in the manufacturing process to “Seismic Design of Buckling-Restrained Braced Frames,” the
ensure that the BRB components remain separate to prevent paper that earned authors Walterio López and Rafael Sabelli
composite action that would change the behavior. the 2008 AISC T.R. Higgins Lectureship award.
One frequently asked ques-
tion on BRBF projects is what
information the structural
engineer of record (SER) must
Kimberley Robinson, S.E., is the chief engi- include in the design drawings
neer with Star Seismic, Park City, Utah. to obtain the intended perfor-
The company designs and builds buckling- mance. The SER should com-
restrained braces for all types of structures. municate design assumptions,
Cameron Black, P.E., Ph.D., is an associate acceptance criteria, and inter-
with Seismic Isolation Engineering, Inc., pretation of the requirements
which provides technical support for Nippon of ANSI/AISC 341-05. That
Steel’s Unbonded Brace in the U.S., and an begins with the information
AISC Professional Member. necessary to ensure that BRBs


can be accurately estimated, priced, designed, detailed, and erected, ferences in the overall length or the length of internal sections of the
including BRB quantities, sizes, lengths and end connection types. brace, which may result in unintentional system behavior.
However, additional information is necessary to ensure the BRBs pro- 4. Permissible variability in BRB stiffness. Specify either a mini-
vided meet the design intent and are adequate for the seismic response mum stiffness or both a minimum and a maximum stiffness. This
of the structure. This includes design factors and maximum allowable can be given as a Stiffness Modification factor (SM factor) in the
strength adjustment factors. drawings, or as a Keff value. Also provide guidance on how the BRB
The following items should be included in the design drawings: manufacturer should use the information given.
1. Seismic design parameters and analysis procedure employed. Include 5. Definition of methodology for determining BRB strains. Calcu-
information such as the design story drift and the values of
R, Cd, I, and ρ used in the design. In addition, the drawings
should indicate what analysis procedure was conducted to
obtain the design brace forces, which is important in accu-
rately determining design brace strains and corresponding
strength adjustment factors to be used in brace design.
2. Permissible range of steel core yield strength, Fysc. A
range of 38 ksi to 46 ksi is generally the accepted practice.
However, discuss this with the BRB manufacturer.
3. Permissible variability in BRB required strength. There are
two options for complying with the BRB strength require-
ments in AISC 341. One can maintain a constant steel core
area and allow the core yield strength to vary (as in Item 2).
Alternatively one can maintain a constant core yield strength
and allow the steel core area to vary. The latter results in
lower BRB overstrength but also results in a wider variation
of BRB stiffnesses. BRBs with identical specified strengths
may have stiffnesses that vary by as much as 20% due to dif- Fig. 1: Components of a buckling-restrained brace.


➤ Buckling-restrained braces (BrB) incorpo-
rated into a buckling-restrained braced
frame (BrBF).

Buckling-restrained braces (BrB) anchored


star seismic
sei, inc.

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lated BRB strains should be smaller than
those associated with successfully tested
braces. As a result, the BRB manufacturer
determines BRB strains to verify code com- Braced Brace
pliance and should be required to submit or Pu Modifier
Frame Type (in2)
(kips) (SM)
proof of this compliance.
6. Maximum permissible adjusted brace BrB-X X
strength. Frame beams, frame columns, and BF-1 BrB-y y
BRBF connections are checked using BRB- BrB-Z Z
dependent strength adjustment factors ω, β,
and ωβ. These factors can be obtained from Notes
BRB manufacturers early in the design of 1. Buckling restrained braces are to be tested per the
the structure. provisions of aisC 341-05. supplier to submit proof
of each brace’s compliance with the qualified load
7. BRB connection details (even in skeleton for- and strain ranges.
mat) that include work-point location and beam/ 2. Pysc given is the design axial strength (Asc Fysc),
column connection configuration. If requested by or Pu given is the governing code level force in the
brace, using lrFd force levels Pu ≤ 0.9 Asc Fy min.
the SER, BRB manufacturers will design and 3. Fysc is the actual yield stress of the steel core as
Fig. 2: example of a buckling-

detail the connection of the brace to the gus- determined by a coupon test. 38 ksi ≤ Fysc ≤ 46 ksi.
restrained braced frame and Charpy testing required when thickness of the core
set plate and may design and detail the entire schedule with notes. material exceeds 2 in.
gusset plate connection. Accomplishing that 4. Brace stiffness Keff to be SM × (AscE /L) +/-10%,where
requires a minimum level of information on the values for stiffness modification Factor (SM) and
Asc are taken from the table and L is the workpoint–
the design drawings. Connection limit states several of the items listed above, many with workpoint length of the brace.
MSC include
- Aprilgravity
2011 and drag loads remain corresponding notes. 5. Brace strains to be calculated from design interstory
the responsibility of the engineer providing Although the process of designing and drifts, or Brace strains to be calculated as Pservice / Keff,
where Pservice = Pu /ρI (ρ = code redundancy factor and
connection design
½ page (Isl) for the
7-1/8" structure.
x 5" specifying BRBFs is generally straightforward, I = code importance factor).
Figure 2 provides an example of a BRB all parties can benefit from heeding the les- 6. maximum ωβ not to exceed X.XX. maximum β not
schedule that effectively communicates sons of past projects to avoid re-learning those to exceed X.XX.

Performance Productivity Versatility

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lessons at further expense. With that in mind,
two recommendations are presented below.
BUCKLING RESTRAINED BRACES Clearly state the force level for any forces
given in the design drawings. The brace
force specified on the drawings may be the
brace design axial strength, Pysc, the actual


force level at which the engineer requires the
brace to yield (as defined in AISC 341-05), a
“Pu” value, or the actual load taken from the
For fast and easy project modeling, Star Seismic BRB data is included building model and perhaps rounded up to
with RAM and available for ETABS, RISA, REVIT and Performance 3D. make fewer brace types. The design draw-
ings should include both the design approach
used (ASD vs. LRFD) and an equation show-
ing the manufacturer how it is intended that
the loads given are to be used.
It is important for the engineer to under-
stand the interrelationship between stiff-
ness, strength, and maximum adjusted brace
strength and the fact that it is usually not pos-
sible to arbitrarily specify these three values.
During the design phase, verify with the BRB
manufacturer that BRB stiffnesses specified
Visit us at booth 1428 are feasible at the requested stength.

This article is the basis of a presentation the authors

We can help! Star Seismic provides design guidance for BRB frame analysis. will make at NASCC: The Steel Conference, May 435-940-9222 11-14 in Pittsburgh. Learn more about The Steel
Conference at


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W W W.M A x W e i S S .C O M

Performance-Based Seismic Design

BY rONalD O. HaMBUrGEr, S.E., p.E., aND JOHN D. HOOpEr, S.E., p.E.

An explanation of specific performance criteria and how the process works.

NEARLY ALL BUILDINGS AND STRUCTURES today are required the use of noncombustible or protected construc-
designed to conform to the prescriptive strength, detailing tion. Similarly, in 1933, California engineers recognized that
and deflection limitations specified in the applicable build- unreinforced masonry buildings had collapsed in nearly every
ing code and its referenced industry standards including the earthquake over the past 100 years and wrote requirements
AISC Specification (AISC 360), Seismic Provisions (AISC 341), into the building code prohibiting such construction where
and Prequalified Connections (AISC 358). These requirements strong earthquakes could be anticipated, a requirement that
are intended to provide structures an ability to meet certain remains in the code to this day. Performance-based design
performance objectives such as resisting likely loading with- gave building officials the ability to approve designs that had
out failure, and normal loading without occupant discom- not been tested by time and real events based on submittal
fort. But in most cases, the ability of the structure to actually of evidence that the design would perform adequately. This
provide this performance is never evaluated. approach was used to introduce such innovations as rein-
Performance-based design is an alternative approach, forced concrete, welding, high-strength (Grade 50) steel and
specifically permitted under Section 104 of the International other technologies common in today’s construction.
Building Code, which permits building officials to approve any During the 1970s and 1980s, engineers in the Western
design or means of construction on the basis of satisfactory U.S. began to adopt performance-based design approaches for
evidence that the completed construction will be capable of seismic design, both for new buildings and existing structures.
providing equivalent protection to the public as designs that Initially, these efforts were driven by the observation that dur-
conform to the code’s prescriptive requirements. This article ing the 1971 San Fernando earthquake, several hospitals and
provides a brief overview of performance-based design’s emergency response facilities did not perform well (see Figure
development history, recent advances in performance-based 1), creating the demand that important buildings be designed,
earthquake engineering and some recent applications of the not only to protect life safety, but also to enable continued post-
technique to building design. earthquake occupancy and function. This prompted engineers
to adopt judgmentally enhanced versions of the code require-
A Brief History ments for the design of important structures. Later, in the
Performance-based approaches have been permitted by 1980s, following a series of California earthquakes that seemed
nearly every U.S. building code in the past 100 years, primar- to occur on an almost annual basis, building owners began to
ily because, 100 years ago, this was the only means available request that engineers evaluate their existing buildings and
to allow new technological approaches entry into practice. upgrade them to achieve various performance criteria ranging
The prescriptive requirements of early building codes were from protection of life safety, to post-earthquake functional-
based on the observed performance of real buildings. When ity, to limiting probable repair costs to specified percentages
building officials and engineers noted that wood frame struc- of building replacement cost. This created a problem for engi-
tures in dense urban areas lead to frequent conflagrations, the neers who had no tools, other than their professional judgment,
codes banned combustible construction in urban settings and to determine criteria for these designs.

Ronald O. Hamburger, S.E., P.E.,

is senior principal with Simpson
Gumpertz & Heger Inc., San Fran-
cisco. John D. Hooper, S.E., P.E., is
principal and director of earthwuake
engineering with Magnusson Kle- USGS

mencic Associates, Seattle. Both are Fig. 1: Olive View Hospital following the

AISC Professional Members. 1971 San Fernando earthquake; where a stair

tower and the psychiatric wing collapsed.


Visit us at NASCC Booth #917
In the mid-1990s, the Federal Emergency
Management Agency responded to this need Worthington Metal Fabricators, LLC
by funding a joint association of the Applied
Technology Council, the Building Seismic
Building Quality Stairs with Sharon Stair
Safety Council and American Society of Worthington Metals Fabricators,
Civil Engineers to develop consensus guide- LLC specializes in architectural metal
lines for seismic rehabilitation of existing products precisely designed, engi-
neered, and manufactured to meet
buildings. Initially published as the FEMA your building requirements for a
273 report, the resulting effort underlies complete “Miscellaneous Metals
the present ASCE 31 Seismic Evaluation Package”. Our Drop-In™ Sharon Stair
System is nationally known and has
and ASCE 41 Seismic Rehabilitation stan- been specified and installed by
dards. Both implement performance-based architects and contractors for nearly
approaches to evaluation and design, and five decades in projects world wide.
together, form the core technology underly- Our professional staff of sales,
engineering and fabrication teams
ing present-generation performance-based looks forward to servicing all your
design procedures, both for seismic engi- miscellaneous steel demands for
neering and also force-protection design. today and the future.

The standards define a series of standard 1481 Exeter Road, Akron, OH 44306
P: 330.777.5377 • 1.800.792.0129
performance levels for structural and non- F: 330.777.5350
structural components, illustrated in Figure
2. These range from Operational, a perfor-

mance state in which after a design event, the

building and its contents are undamaged, to
Collapse Prevention, a state of extreme dam-
age to structural and nonstructural systems,
just short of collapse. Figure 3 illustrates the
basic ASCE 41 design process.
The process begins with a group of
stakeholders including the building owner,
building official and engineer jointly select-
ing one or more project-specific perfor-
mance objectives as the design basis. Each
performance objective is a statement of the
acceptable building performance given that
the structure experiences a particular inten-
sity of earthquake motion. Many building

Fig. 2: The aSCE 41 performance levels:

Operational, immediate Occupancy, life

Safety and Collapse prevention.

Fig. 3: performance-based design process.


officials have accepted a pair of standard- the original developers of the FEMA 273 method contained in the building code, (2) a
ized performance objectives, designated report envisaged the Basic Safety Objective linear dynamic procedure, that uses response
by ASCE 41 as the Basic Safety Objective, as being slightly inferior to the performance spectrum analysis, (3) a nonlinear static (push-
as being equivalent to the performance objectives inherent in the building code, but over) procedure, and (4) a nonlinear dynamic
intended by the building code for Occu- which represented a practical equivalent for (response history) procedure. In the nonlinear
pancy Category I and II structures. use in upgrade of existing buildings. procedures, analysis is used to predict peak
The Basic Safety Objective consists of Performance verification consists of the inelastic deformations on ductile elements and
Collapse Prevention performance for Maxi- use of analysis to demonstrate that the build- peak forces on non-ductile elements. These
mum Considered Earthquake shaking and ing is capable of meeting the desired perfor- are compared against acceptable values of
Life SafetyBraceYrselfAd_MSC
TAY23959 performance for Design Earth-
6/23/09 mancePMobjectives.
4:21 Page 1ASCE 41 includes four deformation and strength that depend on the
quake shaking, both as defined in the ASCE analysis types: (1) a linear static procedure, that element type (e.g. brace, moment connection)
7 standard. Despite this common acceptance, is comparable to the equivalent lateral force and the material properties and detailing. For
linear procedures, elastic demand-to-capacity
ratios are computed as the ratio of strength
demand to element capacity. These are taken
Y O U B U I L D I T. as surrogates for ductility demand and com-
W E ’ L L P R O T E C T I T. pared against acceptable values, similar to, but
more conservative than, those contained in the
SEISMIC PROTECTION standard for use with nonlinear procedures.
In recent years, the ASCE 41 procedures
FROM TAYLOR DEVICES have become an accepted method not only
Stand firm. Don’t settle for less than the seismic protection for seismic retrofit of existing buildings, but
also for the seismic design of new buildings,
of Taylor Fluid Viscous Dampers. As a world leader in
including very tall structures. Recently, the
the science of shock isolation, we are the team you
Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research
want between your structure and the undeniable forces
Center (PEER) developed performance-
of nature. Others agree. Taylor Fluid Viscous Dampers
based seismic design criteria for tall build-
are currently providing earthquake, wind, and motion
ings that significantly extend and improve
protection on more than 350 buildings and bridges. the ASCE 41 procedures, but employ the
From the historic Los Angeles City Hall to Mexico’s same basic technologies and principals. The
Torre Mayor and the new Shin-Yokohama High-speed PEER methodology, which can be down-
Train Station in Japan, owners, architects, engineers, loaded from,
and contractors trust the proven requires the use of response spectrum analy-
technology of Taylor Devices’ sis and near-elastic performance for service-
Fluid Viscous Dampers. level earthquake shaking, having a 43-year
return period, and nonlinear response his-
tory analysis for Maximum Considered
earthquake shaking, with a performance
goal of substantial margin against collapse.

The Next Generation

In 2001, FEMA funded the Applied Tech-
nology Council to begin development of
next-generation performance-based seismic
design criteria. The resulting FEMA P-58
document is scheduled for publication in
early 2012. Rather than using standard per-
formance levels to characterize performance,
the P-58 methodology directly uses the prob-
Taylor Devices’ Fluid Viscous Dampers give you the seismic protection ability of incurring casualties, repair costs and
you need and the architectural freedom you want. repair time as measures of performance.
Because the prediction of earthquake per-
formance includes many uncertainties, asso-
w w w. t a y l o r d e v i c e s . c o m
ciated with prediction of the actual intensity
and character of ground motion, the number
of people and contents present in the building
at the time of the earthquake, the strength and
North Tonawanda, NY 14120 - 0748
Phone: 716.694 .0800 • Fax: 716.695 .6015 construction quality of the building and the
inaccuracy of our analytical techniques, the


methodology expresses performance proba- The PEMC Acute Care Tower project member sizes, such as columns and foundation
bilistically in the form of performance curves. encompasses more than 700,000 sq. ft over caissons, and to confirm the final system was
Illustrated in Figure 4, performance curves its 12 stories. Design began the spring of capable of delivering immediate occupancy
indicate the probability that a performance 2006 and final occupancy is scheduled for performance. The resulting analysis indicated
measure, such as repair cost, will exceed dif- June 2011. The U-shaped plan required that the prescriptive “essential facility” BRBF
ferent amounts. The P-58 methodology will careful placement of the BRBF. At the sub- code design could be reduced by approxi-
permit performance assessments for a single, terranean levels, the BRBF are transferred mately 200 tons and still meet the intended
user-defined shaking intensity, defined by to concrete shear walls. immediate occupancy performance goal.
a response spectrum; a user-defined earth- The BRBF was analyzed to confirm that
quake scenario, characterized by a magnitude it was capable of providing Immediate Occu- This article is the basis of a presentation the authors
and distance from the site; or on a time-basis, pancy Performance for Design Earthquake will make at NASCC: The Steel Conference, May
considering all earthquakes that may occur, shaking. A non-linear response history pro- 11-14 in Pittsburgh. Learn more about The Steel
the probability of their occurrence, and the cedure was implemented to reevaluate key Conference at
probable intensity of shaking given that they
occur. The P-58 methodology will be pro-
vided with companion software that can per-
form the necessary probabilistic calculations,
will produce the performance curves and also
will indicate the sources of loss.

Fig. 4: Example performance curve, indi-

cating the probability of incurring repair

costs of varying amounts.

Examples of Recent Use

3-D BIM design collaboration.
Two recent projects, the Mineta San Jose
Airport Terminal B and Concourse and the Total-project cost accountability.
Providence Everett Medical Center (PEMC) Special profile steel joist expertise.
Acute Care Tower, used ASCE 41-based
performance levels outlined previously in
Make New Millennium
their design. Both buildings were initially your preferred partner for
designed, and the seismic elements sized, steel joists, metal decking
based on the prescriptive building code and and castellated beams.
AISC standard requirements. The San Jose
Airport used a steel, special truss moment
frame (STMF) as its primary seismic force-
resisting system while the 12-story PEMC
Acute Care Tower consists of steel buckling-
restrained braced frames (BFBF).
The Mineta San Jose International Air-
port Terminal B and Concourse extends
more than 2,100 ft in length and reaches 55
ft in height. The project encompasses more Live digital joist design demos!
than 600,000 sq. ft and was constructed Visit NASCC Booth #905
over a nearly eight-year time frame.
The STMF was analyzed to confirm that
it was capable of providing Life Safety Perfor- Download your FREE
mance for the Design Earthquake shaking. A competitive edge kit today:
non-linear static procedure was implemented
in confirming the as-designed system was
capable of delivering life-safe performance. New Millennium is your nationwide resource for steel joists, metal decking, and castellated beams
Fallon, Nevada | Juarez, Mexico | Hope, Arkansas | Butler, Indiana | Salem, Virginia | Lake City, Florida

11-NMBS-2_MSC_half.indd 1
2/25/11 3:17 PM

Behavior and Design of Steel

Slit Panel Frames for Seismic Resistance
BY JUDY liU, pH.D.

An update on what research is showing about this

promising lateral force resisting system.


force resisting system being developed for buildings
located in seismic regions. Its main components are
columns and beams, simply connected, and steel slit
panels (SSP) as shown in Figure 1.
An SSP is a steel plate with vertical slits cut to cre-
ate rows of flexural members, called links. The SSP is
bolted at top and bottom to the beams. When the SSP
is subjected to lateral deformations, the links behave Fig. 1: possible steel slit panel frame configuration.

as beams in double curvature, reaching their plastic

Fig. 2: Two-story SSpF specimen at 2% drift.

moment capacity at both ends and dissipating energy.

In addition, the panel has a pair of vertical edge stiffen-
ers that are mainly for out-of-plane stability, but they
also increase the panel’s strength and stiffness.
The SSP has been adapted from steel slit walls devel-
oped and tested by Hitaka and Matsui in 2003, with two
main differences. First, the aspect ratio is 1:2 for the SSP
compared to 1:1 for the slit walls. The second difference
has to do with the lateral forces the system is designed
to resist. Slit walls have been used in dual systems and
designed to resist 10% to 25% of the base shear. SSPs
placed at selected bays can provide the entire design
shear resistance and stiffness for the system.
The SSPF offers numerous advantages: the system is
highly ductile; the panels allow for architectural flexibility;
the SSP fabrication process is relatively simple; no field
welds are required; the panels are easily field bolted in
place and are easy to replace if damaged; and the system
may be used to retrofit or strengthen existing structures.
The SSPF has been studied using a combined tasks to date include development of ideal configurations and
analytical and experimental research program. Major design guidelines; analysis of system effects on the panel-frame
response; design and nonlinear, dynamic analyses of three-story
and 10-story prototype buildings using SSPFs; development of
a simplified model for use in evaluation; 1∕3-scale testing of three
SSPs and five SSPF configurations following the lateral displace-
ment loading protocol from AISC Seismic Provisions.
Experimental results show that SSPs are capable of interstory
Judy Liu, Ph.D., is an associate pro- drift levels of at least 5% without loss of load carrying capacity below
fessor in the School of Civil Engi- 80% of ultimate strength. The experiments also demonstrated that
neering at Purdue University, West SSP capacity and stiffness can be predicted reasonably well by equa-
Lafayette, Ind. She earned degrees tions based on structural mechanics principles.
from the Pennsylvania State Univer-
sity (B.A.E.) and the University of This article is the basis of a presentation the author will make at NASCC:
California at Berkeley (M.S., Ph.D.) The Steel Conference, May 11-14 in Pittsburgh. Learn more about The
Steel Conference at



Recent Research on Column Base Connections


Extensive testing is helping quantify the conservatism

in current design approaches.

COLUMN BASE CONNECTIONS are used in virtually all of axial force and flexure. These methods are based on the
types of steel structures. Arguably, they are the most impor- assumption that the applied forces will be resisted through
tant type of structural connections, transferring forces from the development of a triangular or a rectangular stress block
the entire structure into the foundation. Unfortunately, in under the bearing (compression) side of the connection, and
comparison to other structural connections, such as beam- the development of tensile forces in the anchor rods as also
column connections, they have received relatively limited indicated on Figure 1. Under this situation, the strength of
attention in research. However, recent work by the authors the connection may be controlled by the flexural yielding
has resulted in a wealth of experimental data that sheds new of the base plate on the compression or tension side, or by
light on various aspects of the response of these connections. anchor rod yielding.
Supported by AISC and the National Science Foundation, The seven experiments conducted within Series 1 of the
this research is wide ranging and encompasses 20 large-scale testing program were designed specifically to examine the
experiments featuring exposed column base plates. The find- degree to which these methods accurately represent the
ings from these experiments have important implications for strength of the connection. The key variables investigated
several aspects of base connection design—primarily, design within these seven experiments included the base plate thick-
methods outlined in the AISC Steel Design Guide No. 1, Base ness, anchor rod strength and layout and the magnitude of
Plate ad Anchor Rod Design. axial force. Figure 2a shows the test setup that was designed
The tests described in this article may be subdivided to apply combinations of these loads, while Figure 2b shows
into three series, each addressing one aspect of base con- a close-up of one of the test specimens during the testing.
nection design. The first series consists of seven large-scale Figure 2c shows the corresponding load-deformation curve.
tests investigating the moment capacity of base connections While the tests yielded large volumes of data, two impor-
under compressive axial load. A second series of seven tests tant observations have profound implications for the design
focuses on various shear transfer mechanisms, and a third of column base plate connections.
series of six tests examines the effect of weld details on con- First, all specimens showed excellent deformation capacity,
nection performance. exhibiting rotations corresponding to column drifts of 7%–10%,
without significant strength degradation. This response may be
Flexural Strength of Column Base Connections considered extraordinary, especially when compared to quali-
Figure 1 schematically illustrates a typical exposed col- fication standards for beam-column connections, such as out-
umn base connection, with its various components. Design lined in the AISC Seismic Provisions, which require the beam-
Guide 1 provides methods for characterizing the strength column connections to maintain strength until rotations of
of exposed column base connections under combinations 4%. Moreover, despite the pinched hysteretic response, due
to contact and gapping between the base plate and the grout
foundation, significant energy dissipation was observed in all
Steel specimens. This suggests that the practice of designing the base
plate to remain elastic during seismic events may be conser-
Base vative, because significant deformation and energy dissipation
capacity is available in the base plate as well.
Second, an analysis of connection strength carried out per
the method provided in Design Guide 1 resulted in perhaps
Tensile forces the most important finding of the test program: The experi-
in anchor rods Bearing
stresses in mentally observed strength, on average, is 80% greater than
footing the estimated strength. This indicates a high degree of con-
Concrete Anchor
servatism in the current design approach.
Foundation Rods A closer inspection of the test data indicates that for
specimens where flexural yielding of the base plate on the
compression side was the controlling limit state, the experi-
Fig. 1: Schematic illustration of connection and force transfer. mentally observed strength of the connections is more than


critical in both moment and braced frames. Three experiments investigated surface
In moment frames, the shear is often trans- friction, with the application of cyclic shear
ferred through friction developed in the displacements under compressive axial
bearing portion of the connection. How- load. To reflect typical construction prac-
ever, when such a bearing zone is not present tice, two of these tests included shim stacks
(e.g., in braced frames or in moment frames under the base plate. The third test did
where the columns have tensile axial loads), not include shim stacks, to investigate fric-
shear transfer mechanisms must be carefully tion between steel and grout. Based on the
considered and designed. Seven tests were tests, a coefficient of friction value of 0.45
conducted to characterize shear transfer in is recommended for use in design, which
base connections, using an innovative test- is slightly higher than the 0.40 value sug-
ing apparatus that enabled the application of gested by Design Guide 1.
shear forces in the presence of both tensile Two tests investigated the shear resis-
and compressive axial loads (see Figure 3). tance of anchor rods under a combination of
Three popular shear transfer mecha- imposed axial tensile loads and cyclic shear/
nisms were examined in detail, including flexural loading. The connection detail
surface friction, anchor rods, and the bear- included welded plate washers to minimize
ing of a shear lug embedded in the footing. slip and ensure equitable force distribution
Surface friction typically will resist some among all anchor rods. The tests indicated
of the shear, unless there is net tension in that the current approach suggested by
the column, whereas shear transfer through the Design Guide 1 is appropriate. In this
anchor rods or the shear lug must be consid- approach, the anchor rods are assumed to
ered if there is tension or if friction, by itself, bend in reverse curvature over a distance
is not sufficient to resist the applied shear. between the top of the grout pad and the

Fig. 2: Flexural response of base connec-

tions showing (a) test assembly, (b) close-up

of grout damage and plate bending, and
(c) hysteretic load deformation plot.

twice that implied by the current approach.

On the other hand, when anchor rod failure
controlled the strength, the experiments
and analysis were in good agreement.
A detailed examination of test data,
complemented by visual observations
of response, indicates that the ultimate Fig. 3: Schematic and photograph of test setup for testing base connections under

strength of the connection is controlled direct shear and axial loads.

by the formation of a plastic mechanism,
rather than yielding of a single component,
as shown in Figure 2c. Thus, even after
flexural yielding is reached on the compres-
sion side, the connection continues to gain
strength until the anchor rods fail or the Amit Kanvinde, Ph.D., is
base plate on the compression side yields in an associate professor of civil
flexure. Consideration of this mechanism- engineering at the University
based strength will significantly reduce the of California, Davis. Greg
conservatism in current design approaches, Deierlein, Ph.D., P.E., is
by a factor of nearly two in some cases. the John A Blume Professor
of Engineering at Stanford
Shear Transfer in Base Connections University, Palo Alto, Calif.
Shear transfer in base connections is
center of the welded plate washer. Thus, groove welds between the column flange and an opportunity to make significant changes
the effective length is equal to the thick- the base plate, whereas the other featured a in the design of these important connections.
ness of the base plate plus half the thick- Partial Joint Penetration (PJP) groove weld Some changes may be in the actual design
ness of the plate washer. Once this length with a reinforcing fillet weld. These tests methods themselves, whereas others raise
is established, tensile stresses due to flexure indicated that the CJP and PJP column base more philosophical questions from a system-
and axial load may be combined with shear weld details, commonly used for design in design perspective. For example, the excel-
stresses through a stress-interaction equa- high seismic regions, can sustain deforma- lent deformation capacity observed for all test
tion to determine the shear force capacity. tions corresponding to 3%-5% interstory specimens is highly encouraging, because it
Two tests featured a pocket in the con- drift that are sufficient for seismic design. suggests the possibility of permitting inelastic
crete footing into which a shear key was The PJP groove welded specimens per- deformations in the base connections during
inserted to investigate the failure modes and formed at least as well as the CJP groove an earthquake. Ongoing work by the authors
capacities associated with a shear key bear- welds, because the reinforcement provided aims to address some of these questions. It is
ing mechanism. These tests revealed that by the fillet welds minimized yielding in anticipated that intensive collaboration with
the “45° cone method” currently recom- the weld root region. On the other hand, industry will accelerate this process.
mended by Design Guide 1 is not conserva- the access hole of the CJP groove weld
tive for large concrete foundations due to resulted in a strain concentration near the Both of the AISC documents referred to in this
the size-effect in concrete, where failure is heat affected zone, resulting in fracture ear- article are available online at
controlled by fracture initiation. In these lier than in the PJP groove weld specimens. epubs. Design Guide 1, like all of the AISC
situations, an alternate method, described as However, both these details were deter- design guides, is available as a free download
Concrete Capacity Design (CCD) method, mined to show excellent performance. for AISC members and for purchase by non-
is recommended as the appropriate one. members. The AISC Seismic Provisions is
Conclusions and the Path Ahead available to all as a free download.
Effect of Weld Details Several recent studies funded by AISC
Six two-thirds scale tests also were con- have resulted in seminal knowledge about This article is the basis of a presentation the authors
ducted to examine the effect of weld details the response of column base connections. will make at NASCC: The Steel Conference, May
between the columns and the base plates. These have revealed significant conserva- 11-14 in Pittsburgh. Learn more about The Steel
Two weld details were considered. One tisms in current design approaches and also Conference at
featured Complete Joint Penetration (CJP) some areas of concern. The findings indicate

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Fabricators must advise EPA
of their compliance with the new requirements by July 25, 2011.

Clean Air Regulations

Coming to Your
Fabrication Shop BY THOMAS J. SCHLAFLY

EPA CLEAN AIR REGULATIONS first announced in 2008 A Brief Overview
will soon impact most steel fabrication facilities beginning this EPA started implementing the Clean Air Act of 1970 by
summer. These far reaching regulations will affect dry abra- regulating major or point sources of HAP. Control of major
sive blasting, dry grinding and dry polishing, machining, spray sources abated much pollution but there were still large num-
painting, and welding operations. bers of smaller sources emitting these same pollutants. In
Fabricators who are not major emitters of hazardous air pol- response to the Clean Air Amendments of 1990, EPA devel-
lutants (HAP) will soon be regulated under these broader stan- oped rules to regulate smaller sources of air pollutants, known
dards covering “area sources.” Major sources are defined as those as “area sources.” EPA made a list of pollution sources and
that emit, or have the potential to emit, 10 tons per year of one broke them into groups, then published rules for sources within
particular HAP or 25 tons per year of any combination of HAP. each group. Steel fabricators are among the last of the groups
The area source rule will cover any facility primarily engaged in to have standards published. It may help in understanding some
any of the nine categories listed in the standard. Structural steel of the controls in the regulation to know that some of the other
fabrication is one of those sources that is specifically listed. sources included in this group include Electrical and Electron-
In April 2008 AISC sent General Bulletin #2341 to all full ics Equipment Finishing Operations, Industrial Machinery and
members advising that Environmental Protection Agency was Equipment Finishing Operations, and Iron and Steel Forging.
about to publish a new rule with provisions that covered struc- EPA understands that the sources they are now regulating
tural steel fabrication shops that are not major sources. On July are smaller than those previously subject to air regulations.
23, 2008, EPA did exactly that, publishing the rule as a subpart of Therefore the controls they require are less stringent than those
the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, enforced on major sources, which had to meet what was deter-
40 CFR Part 63. The standards for structural steel fabricators mined to be maximum achievable control technology (MACT).
are known as the Area Source Standards for Nine Metal Fabrica- Area sources do not emit enough to demand MACT, nor could
tion and Finishing Source Categories, Subpart XXXXXX of the many of them afford it. The area source rules require that you
National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants. implement generally available control technology (GACT), a
series of controls that EPA believes are suitable to the size of
companies the rule covers.
The first question every steel fabricator should ask is this:
Am I really covered by this regulation? You will spend money
and time on meeting these regulations, so we suggest you have
your compliance professional look at the Federal Register of
July 23, 2008, and determine the answer to that question for
your shop. The preamble runs from page 42978 to page 43000,
Thomas J. Schlafly is director of research
and helps to explain the regulation itself, which runs from page
for AISC, Chicago. He would like to
43000 to page 43010.
thank Laura Keller of Stites & Harbison
We believe the vast majority of shops will be covered by this
for her astute and enthusiastic counsel on
rule. You are required to comply with this standard by July 25,
this article.
2011, if you are primarily engaged in Fabricated Structural Metal


Manufacturing, which covers fabricating iron and steel or other monitoring and recordkeeping. Those items are not repeated
metal for structural purposes, such as bridges, buildings and sec- below unless there is a special requirement.
tions for ships boats and barges (the preamble specifies NAICS
number 332312) and you conduct certain regulated operations Dry Abrasive Blasting
using metal fabrication and finishing HAP (MFHAP). Blasting is divided into three categories: totally enclosed and
The MFHAP EPA is controlling are defined as “any com- unvented blast chambers, vented enclosures and blasting pieces
pound of the following metals: cadmium, chromium, lead, man- greater than 8 ft in any dimension without control systems.
ganese, or nickel, or any of these metals in the elemental form, Vented cabinets are defined as those in which the blast media
with the exception of lead.” A “material containing MFHAP” is is moved to the atmosphere or a control unit by air flow. This
one that contains more than 1% of manganese or 0.1% of any should include the wheel blaster many fabricators use. The
other the other listed constituents. Only materials that contain required controls include capturing the emissions with a fil-
MFHAP are subject to the regulation, and the following mea- ter, taking measures to minimize dust in the surrounding area,
sures only apply when such materials are in use. enclosing bins and chutes, and operating equipment according
This regulation will cause you to do work that you did not have to manufacturer’s instructions. See § 63.11516(a)(2).
to do before the regulation was published. At a minimum, every A blasting operation without control systems that blasts pieces
fabricator will need to train, monitor and keep records. These that are more than 8 ft in any one dimension may use the follow-
tasks will be required even if no other controls are required. ing management practices: taking measures to minimize excess
Please review the requirements and start these tasks soon. dust to reduce MFHAP emissions; enclosing material storage
In regulating the sources in this subpart, EPA selected five bins; operating blast equipment according to manufacturers’
processes or operations for standards. These operations are: instructions; not reusing blast media, which applies to media that
1. Dry abrasive blasting. has been contaminated with material other than base metal such
2. Dry grinding and dry polishing. as if blasting previously painted pieces, unless contaminants have
3. Machining. been removed by filtration or screening and the abrasive mate-
4. Spray painting. rial conforms to its original size; and, where practicable, use low
5. Welding. particulate matter (PM) emitting media, such as steel shot or grit,
instead of high PM-emitting media, such as sand.
Requirements If the pieces are blasted outdoors, monitoring for “visible
The controls to implement for all of these methods include emissions” is to be at the property border nearest the blast


operation, which may cause difficulty. For Dry Grinding and Polishing the standards do apply to fabricators and include
pieces blasted indoors, visual monitoring with Machines requiring the use of high-velocity low-pressure
is to be at the primary vent stack or exit. There is an important comment in the (HVLP), electrostatic, airless or air-assisted air-
Visible emissions are to be eliminated and preamble related to this operation. Item D4 less spray process or a process demonstrated
reported. See § 63.11516(a)(3). on page 42982 indicates that dry grinding to achieve a transfer efficiency comparable to
with machines does not include grinding one of those techniques. Spray guns must be
Machining with hand-held or bench-scale tools. cleaned with solvents that do not contain HAP.
Machine operation that uses materials A significant item in this standard is that paint-
that contain MFHAP or have the potential Spray Painting ers must be trained and certified that they have
to emit MFHAP is subject to a require- These standards include requirements been trained. EPA found evidence indicating
ment to capture emissions and vent them for booths and rooms, but those standards that training had a significant effect on painter
to a filtration control device and demon- specifically do not apply to structural steel efficiency. See § 63.11516(d)(2).
strate compliance; minimize emissions of fabricators. They also do not apply when
MFHAP; minimize excess dust in the sur- the coating being sprayed does not contain Welding
rounding area, as practicable; and oper- MFHAP. Coatings we evaluated did not con- The Lincoln Electric Company has
ate all equipment, including the filtration tain MFHAP. See page 43002 § 63.11516(d). written excellent guidance for compliance

{ }
control device, according to manufacturer’s However, if the coating includes MFHAP with the welding standards in this regulation.
instructions. See § 63.11516(c).
For each machining operation that uses
“materials that contain MFHAP,”or have
the potential to emit MFHAP, you must
minimize excess dust in the surrounding
area to reduce MFHAP emissions and
operate machining equipment according to
manufacturer’s instructions. This will apply
to drills and mills. See § 63.11516(b).
Federal Register, EPA information on Weld Fume Control
July 23, 2008. Area Source Standards. (Lincoln Electric)
It is available at
We have tried to condense 10 pages of Make sure every piece is marked correctly, from the time it’s fabricated until it’s
fine print into a much smaller and more fastened in place at the job site. Automating the piece marking process enables
accessible rendering. Rathering than rely- fabricators to reduce errors due to poorly marked components and increase
ing solely on this summary, you should productivity by allowing increased throughput. Our systems easily integrate with
consult the actual regulation and determine fabrication management software, ensuring 100% product traceability.
how you will respond to it. Our recommen- Embossed metal tags withstand painting, galvanizing, and rough handling.
dation is that you focus on: Use the Automatic Embossing System to create tags automatically, jam-free!
➤ Training people in painting.
➤ Training people in how to monitor Our programmable dot peen markers create deep marks for permanent,
emissions and on what the emission error-proof product identification.
limits are. Low-maintenance, industrial-strength ink jet printers print at up to 800 fpm.
➤ Developing a system to keep records
➤ Beginning to monitor processes to
which these regulation apply.
➤ Advising EPA that you comply.
For an existing affected source, you must
comply with the requirements no later than
July 25, 2011, and by that date submit an
Initial Notification of compliance, including
information specified in paragraphs (a)(1)(i)
through (iv) of § 63.11519.
For a copy of the Federal Register
register/2008/jul/23/E8-16263.pdf. For
more information from EPA, visit www.epa.
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One Three
Question answers


Question: How do you see sustainability impacting the

bridge industry five years from now?

SOME IMPORTANT QUESTIONS have In 1987, the Brundtland Commission
complex answers and benefit from reflec- defined sustainable development as devel-
tion and discussion. In this series designed opment that meets the needs of the present
to reflect that understanding, NSBA asks without compromising the ability of future
leading minds in the bridge community to generations to meet their own needs. The
 weigh in on some of life’s imponderables. past generations had done their shares in
creating marvelous and long-lasting struc-
 Answer: M. Myint Lwin
Director of the Office of Bridge
tures that met their needs. They had not
comprised our ability to meet our needs. It
 Technology, Federal Highway
is now our responsibility to meet the envi-
ronmental, economic and social needs of
In the design and construction of bridge our generation and future generations.
projects, bridge engineers have been and are For Lwin’s additional commentary on
paying attention to (1) strength, durability and the five points listed above, go to www.
reliability; (2) compliance with environmen-
Consulting Services, Inc. tal and preservation laws and regulations; (3)
community involvement; (4) use of recycled
 
and high-performance materials; and (5) min-
 imizing negative impact to the environment.
 However, there are opportunities to do more
with specific, targeted and measurable goals to
 contribute toward sustainable bridge projects.
•  In the next five years, we will see general
•  acceptance and implementation of green
designs and rating systems by bridge own-
•  ers for reducing life-cycle costs, energy use,
•  greenhouse gas emissions, pollution emissions,
•  waste, and the use of non-renewable resources
to sustainable levels. Bridge engineers will be
  
integrating structural, durability and environ-
   mental considerations in their designs. There
 will be increased demand on the industry to
supply construction materials, equipment, and
Visit us at NASCC Booth #1433 methods in support of the sustainability per-
formance goals of the bridge owners.


0.pmd 1 4/5/2010, 8:26 AM
➤ Preservation of existing bridge ➤ Improved methodology to evalu-
infrastructure. First, we must ate sustainability effectiveness.
evaluate existing bridges with pres- More research and better evalua-
ervation in mind. Rehabilitation tion tools need to be developed to
design must incorporate better assist in determining what sustain-
materials and rapid construction ability solutions are most effective.
while guarding against unnecessary For example, while concrete may
replacement and rehabilitation by require less energy consumption
using modern structural health in manufacturing than steel at its
monitoring techniques. use stage, steel offers an energy
benefit in its ability to be recycled
at is end stage.


Leading the way in providing simple, cost-effective solutions
that provide the highest value for the building owner.
Are you still using traditional welding methods
and attachment patterns? If so, you are leaving
money on the table for the building owner.

Answer: Ray McCabe 36/7/4 roof deck
National Director of Bridges and attachment
Tunnels, HNTB Corporation pattern reducing
There is a change under way in Amer- attachment cost
ica’s transportation industry and it is clear without sacrificing
that sustainability in infrastructure plan- performance.
ning, design, construction and mainte- 2006 Power actuated
nance has grown in importance in the last fasteners to support framing
replaces arc spot welds in
few years. One factor driving that change is combination with the DeltaGrip®
the implementation of a sustainability rat- 2003 DeltaGrip® high shear mechanically
mechanical clinch fastened system.
ing system for transportation.
connections replacing
With that in mind, I don’t envision costly top seam
sustainability having any game-changing welding of steel deck.
2000 AD
impacts to the bridge industry in the next
five years. However, I do believe that con-
tinued/new emphasis on sustainability will 1930’s Stick welding with heavy-coated
electrodes found widespread use.
focus in the following areas:
➤ Increased service life for major
bridges, meaning those with large 1920’s Stud welding
was developed at the
capital investment and high traf- New York Navy Yard.
fic volumes. For new designs of
major bridges that target 100- to 1900 AD 1890 C.L. Coffin of
150-year service life, emphasis will Detroit was awarded the
be placed on more durable com- 1836 Edmund Davy of
first U.S. patent for an arc
welding process using a
ponents and materials, better cor- England is credited with the metal electrode.
discovery of acetylene.
rosion-resisting steels, use of fiber 1800 AD
reinforced composites etc.
During the Middle Ages many
➤ Rapid bridge construction. More items of iron were produced which 500–1500 AD
efficient and faster construction were welded by hammering.

methods will lead to less energy

In the Bronze Age small
consumption, less traffic disruption boxes were made by pressure 3800–3000 BC
and associated pollutants creating welding lap joints together.

smaller environmental impacts.

For more information about lowering installation costs, visit today, or call ASC Steel Deck at 800-726-2727
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Ask About
Our Services... Answer: Malcom Thomas Kerley, P.E.
Chief Engineer, Virginia Department
n FLAME CUTTING of Transportation
n SAWING Sustainability is not the first thing I
think about when I think about impacts to
the bridge industry in five years. Resources
in the areas of both staffing and funding
888.538.9022 n Fax: 908.754.8722 will continue to be the main concern for
bridge engineers as they look to maintain
our aging bridge population. However,
the impact of sustainability on the bridge
industry will depend on the ongoing dis-
cussions about that subject.
On its Sustainable Highways Self-
Evaluation Tool website (www.sustainable, the Federal Highway
Administration defines sustainability and
its goal in this way:
“Sustainability is the capacity to endure.
The goal of sustainability can be described
with the Triple Bottom Line concept, which
includes equity, ecology, and economy.”
Sustainability, like climate change, will
be a topic for discussion for several years.
What does it mean? How does it impact
what we do? What changes do we need to
make? Obviously, the bridge industry will
be impacted by these discussions.
Bridge engineers in both the private
and public sector should be involved in
these discussions as project selection,
materials, manufacturing and construction
techniques may/will be impacted. Bridge
engineers should continue to look for new
processes and systems that reduce project
delivery costs and delivery time and protect
the environment.



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I.M.P.A.C.T. V & S Galvanizing
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American Punch Company FabSuite LLC
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PITT S BU R G H (as of March 8, 2011)

MAY 11–14

ALFRA USA, LLC American Welding Society

Booth 828 Booth 1613
East Dundee, il Miami, Fl
AceCad Software Ph: 847.844.8900 Ph: 305.443.9353
Booth 1223 Fax: 847.844.8950 Toll Free: 800.443.9353
Exton, pa Fax: 305.442.7451
Ph: 610.280.9840 ALFRA USA, LLC is a European Manufacturer of high-performance
Fax: 610.280.9841 metal-working tools that includes: Drilling, Punching, Cutting and The American Welding Society (AWS) was founded in 1919 as a Deburring. New for 2011 is our introduction of 3 brand-new Mag- multifaceted, non-profit organization with a goal to advance the
AceCad Software is a major provider of integrated technologies netic Base Drills and our innovative Quantum Series HSS Annular science, technology and application of welding and related join-
including the world’s leading 3D CAD software, StruCad and an Cutters, which features our Black Line, Silver Line, Platinum Line ing disciplines. From factory floor to high-rise construction, from
unparalleled MRP system, StruM.I.S. AceCad has recently introduced and Gold Line! military weaponry to home products, AWS continues to lead the
its evolution suite, reflecting the substantial step forward in technolo- way in supporting welding education and technology development.
gies and working practices for the steel engineering and fabrication Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. Among the American Welding Society’s activities are standard
industries resulting in significant productivity gains through advanced Booth 539 development, personal certification, trade show management,
interoperability and communication tools. AceCad’s commitment to Dover, OH magazine and much more.
providing a complete technological solution has resulted in the most Ph: 330.343.4283
productive software on the market today. Toll Free: 800.321.5537 Applied Bolting
Fax: 330.602.3400 Technology, Inc.
ADconX Booth 1328
Booth 1029 Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. has been providing hole- Bellows Falls, VT
St. louis, MO making solutions for the metal cutting industry worldwide since Ph: 802.460.3100
Ph: 314.991.9090 1941. Allied provides the lowest cost per hole, from drilling, to Toll Free: 800.552.1999 reaming, to threading, by offering the widest selection of tooling. Fax: 802.460.3104
ADconX (Auto Designed Connections) is a structural steel con- Allied is considered the primary choice of end-users who take
nection design software that interfaces and operates within Tekla metal cutting seriously. Applied Bolting makes direct tension indicators (DTIs) user friendly.
Structures. It is the advanced technology software used by struc- With the introduction of Squirter DTIs, made in accordance with
tural engineers and contractors worldwide to help design and cre- Allied Tube & Conduit ASTM F959, we have all but eliminated the need for feeler gages.
ate precise steel connections. ADconX can get data directly from a Booth 1013 By eye, one can tell when the bolts are tights. Erectors and inspec-
model, provide design recommendations, modify the model to the Harvey, il tors ask for them by name. Millions of Squirters have been speci-
correct specifications, and produce printable connection calcula- Ph: 708.339.1610 fied and installed on power plants, HRSGs, SCRs, LNG facilities,
tions. Visit our website at for more information. Toll Free: 800.882.5543 DOT bridges, commercial buildings, and stadiums.
Fax: 708.339.2399
Aegis Metal Framing ArcelorMittal
Booth 1017 Allied Tube & Conduit is a leading supplier of galvanized commer- Booth 1217
Chesterfield, MO cial quality mechanical and structural steel tubing to both manufac- Chicago, il
Ph: 314.851.2200 turers and metal distributors in over 70 different commercial and Ph: 312.899.3500
Toll Free: 866.902.3447 industrial markets. Over 50 years ago, Allied developed a one-of- Fax: 312.899.3766
Fax: 314.434.5234 a-kind technique to run welded tubing through molten zinc, while still online. The resulting process—Flo-Coat®—revolutionized the ArcelorMittal is the world’s largest producer of structural steel
Aegis Metal Framing, a division of MiTek®, is the leading provider industry and provided users of tubing with a product that literally shapes, having served the U.S. market for over 75 years. Our
of pre-fabricated cold-formed steel truss and panel systems, and changed their businesses. ASTM A913/50, 60 & now 70 steel offer superior beam charac-
services for commercial, institutional and residential construction. teristics, including higher yield strength, excellent toughness, and
Aegis provides a complete line of cold formed steel framing (also American Galvanizers Association outstanding weldability—in most cases without preheating. We
known as light gauge steel framing) including the UltraSpan® Booth 1335 produce all domestically rolled WF beams in addition to numerous
truss system, TradeReady® products (floor joists, headers, Spazzer Centennial, CO deep W36 & W40’s unavailable domestically.
bars) and WallSolutions™ pre-fabricated panels. Ph: 720.554.0900
Fax: 720.554.0909 ASTM International
AGT Booth 1610
Booth 207 The American Galvanizers Association (AGA) is a non-profit trade West Conshohocken, pa
Trois-rivières, Quebec association dedicated to serving the needs of after-fabrication Ph: 610.832.9585
Canada galvanizers, fabricators, architects, specifiers, and engineers, Fax: 610.832.9555
Ph: 819.693.9682 providing technical support on today’s innovative applications and
Fax: 819.693.9028 state-of-the-art technological developments in hot-dip galvanizing ASTM International is a globally recognized leader in the develop- for corrosion control. ment and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards.
AGT is a manufacturer of machinery to automatically assemble and Today, some 12,000 ASTM standards are used around the world
weld accessories on beams, channels and tubings. Using industrial American Institute of Steel to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access
robots and 3D scanning, this manufacturing cell uses the SelfLea- Construction (AISC) and trade, and build consumer confidence. ASTM International
rningTechnology that requires no specific file preparation and no Booth 1243 standards are developed in accordance with the guiding principles
human intervention at all. Chicago, il of the World Trade Organization for the development of interna-
Ph: 312.670.2400 tional standards: coherence, consensus, development dimension,
AISC Certification Fax: 312.896.9022 effectiveness, impartiality, openness, relevance and transparency.
Booth 1243
Chicago, il Learn about AISC’s products and solutions, including information Atema Inc.
Ph: 312.670.7520 about our ePubs program. Chat with AISC staff and meet our Steel Booth 1330
Fax: 312.896.9022 Solutions Center team. Chicago, il Ph: 312.861.3000
The AISC Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification sets American Punch Co.
the quality standard for the structural steel industry and is the most Booth 511 Achieve AISC Erector, Fabricator or Bridge certifications with
recognized national quality certification program for that industry. Euclid, OH Atema. Atema offers distinctive training and management assis-
QMS Certification requires a comprehensive evaluation of a com- Ph: 216.731.4501 tance to companies interested in improving their quality manage-
pany’s quality system, which will prevent errors from occurring Toll Free: 800.243.1492 ment systems and meeting various certification requirements.
instead of ONLY inspecting and correcting them after the fact. Our Fax: 216.731.3790 Options include document compliance creation, onsite assistance,
program confirms a company has the personnel, organization, and technical training. In addition, Atema can facilitate process
experience, procedures, knowledge, equipment and commitment American Punch manufactures the worlds finest punches, dies and improvement efforts at fabrication companies looking to compete
to meet the AISC Standards for a specific certification category. shear blades for steel fabrication. Our reputation for quality parts, in the steel industry.
knowledgeable customer service and on-time delivery has catapulted
us into a major worldwide supplier to both machine manufacturers
and the end users. We also provide CobraCut structural steel drills
and CobraCut annular cutters, that compliment our product line.


exhibitors MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

Atlas Tube, a division of JMC Steel Group Bentley Systems

Booth 1337 Booth 823
Chicago, il Exton, pa
Bureau Veritas
Ph: 773.646.4500 Ph: 610.458.5000
Booth 1633
Toll Free: 800.733.5683 Toll Free: 800.BENTlEY
pittsburgh, pa
Fax: 773.646.6128 Fax: 760.431.5214
Ph: 412.921.8833
Toll Free: 888.CWi.WElD
With the largest size range and shortest cycle times in the industry, Now with RAM, STAAD, and ProSteel on the Bentley team, we
Fax: 412.921.8836
Atlas Tube has the STRENGTH TO DELIVER all of your HSS require- offer the most comprehensive structural solutions in the industry.
ments: 33 rounds, 57 rectangles and 19 squares are produced at Bentley’s flexible and scalable products allow seamless workflow
Bureau Veritas is a global leader specializing in the inspection,
four manufacturing facilities strategically located in the USA and of analysis, design, detailing, documentation, and BIM for build-
analysis, audit, and certification of products, infrastructure and
Canada in a variety of gauges and lengths. All plants are ISO 9001- ing, plant, and civil applications. Completely integrated solutions
management systems. Our highly skilled experts provide assess-
2000 Certified manufacturing to ASTM A500, A252, A847 and CSA are available for steel, composite steel, cold-formed steel, cellular
ments in the fields of Construction Code Compliance, Consumer
G40.21. Piling, EPOXZKOTE (powder primed tubing) and ECOPOLE beams, as well as reinforced concrete, post-tensioned concrete,
Products Inspections & Testing, Elevator Inspection Services,
(steel distribution poles) are other product offerings from Atlas Tube. wood, aluminum, and masonry.
Government & International Trade Services, Health Safety & Envi-
Birmingham Fastener Inc. ronmental, Industrial Asset Management, Industrial Manufacturing
Booth 1429 Compliance, Management Systems Certification, Marine Service,
Birmingham, al and Public Works Engineering & Consulting.
Ph: 205.595.3511
Toll Free: 800.695.3511
Booth 509
AZCO Steel Company Fax: 205.591.7107
Houston, TX
Booth 1412
Ph: 713.781.9702
S. plainfield, NJ Birmingham Fastener Inc. is a full-line distributor of structural
Fax: 713.781.0193
Ph: 908.754.6865 fasteners for the domestic and international markets. We have a
Toll Free: 800.221.7781 manufacturing facility in Birmingham, AL that enables us to provide
Fax: 908.754.8728 you with non-standard structural bolting, and any type of welded
Cambco offers eight cambering machine models to fulfill any cam- assembly, threaded rod, or bent anchor bolt you might need. We
bering requirement from small commercial buildings to highway
AZCO Steel Co. is a large service center specializing in jumbo currently have branches in: Bridgeport, CT; Dallas, TX; Huntsville,
bridges. We offer the complete cambering machine as well as a ‘Do
beams up to 120’ long, A588, A572, and A992 structurals, and AL; Jacksonville, FL; Milwaukee, WI; Mobile, AL; and Omaha, NE.
it Yourself Hydraulics Kit’ for each model. Conveyor fed and powered
hard to find items. We deliver to all parts of North America. With
Brakewell Steel Fabricators rollers also available on most models. Contact Matt Strum for addi-
locations in Blytheville, AR, S. Plainfield, NJ, Pomona, CA, and Bir-
Booth 729 tional information. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
mingham, AL. We are a division of Marmon Keystone a Berkshire
Hathaway Company. Chester, NY
Canam United States, a division of Canam Group inc.
Ph: 845.469.9131
Booth 1407
AZZ Galvanizing Services Toll Free: 888.914.9131
point of rocks, MD
Booth 1406 Fax: 845.469.7618
Ph: 301.874.5141
Fort Worth, TX
Toll Free: 800.526.7518
Ph: 817.810.0095 AISC-certified custom fabrication job shop specializing in bridge
Fax: 301.874.5685
Fax: 817.336.5354 components (barriers, railings, hoppers, scuppers, steel curbing), curved stairs, miscellaneous complex weldments, and many other
Canam is a leader in the design and fabrication of open-web
AZZ Galvanizing Services, a division of AZZ incorporated, head- custom fabrications. Established in 1969, our fabrications can
steel joists, girders, bridging, and the new manufacturer of United
quartered in Fort Worth, Texas owns and operates 33 hot dip gal- be found at the NBA Hall of Fame, Trump Tower, the Tappan Zee
Steel Deck, the most comprehensive product line on the market.
vanizing plants strategically located across the U.S. AZZ operates Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Ground Zero, and at
Canam has an experienced and innovative engineering team and
kettles ranging from 25’ to 62’ in length. With the company’s net- hundreds of other high-profile locations. Brakewell has AISC cer-
six joist and deck facilities across the U.S. that are SJI, AISC,
work of plants they are able to accommodate the largest projects tifications for Building Structures, Simple Steel Bridges, & Bridge
AWB, and CWB certified. Canam has the competitive advantage
with customized turnaround time at a competitive price. “GalvXtra,” and Highway Components.
to excel in a highly competitive market with challenging designs
thier unique nickel-zinc alloy process, helps meet the highest qual-
Brown Consulting Services, Inc. and ambitious deadlines.
ity standards that are necessary in the highly competitive after-
fabrication steel market. Booth 1435
Cast Connex Corporation
Houston, TX
Booth 1043
Behringer Saws, Inc. Ph: 281.260.9749
Toronto, ON
Booth 135 Fax: 281.260.9771
Morgantown, pa
Ph: 416.806.3521
Ph: 610.286.9777 Professional Structural Engineering firm specializing in connec-
Toll Free: 888.234.7464 tion design calculations & shop drawing supervision for structural
Cast ConneX® is the supplier of off-the-shelf connection solu-
Fax: 610.286.9699 steel, steel stairs and miscellaneous steel projects. Licensed in
tions for structural steel including brace end connectors for use 46 states & the U.S. Virgin Islands. BROWN offers additional ser-
in seismic-resistant steel braced frames (High-Strength Connec-
Behringer Saws, Inc. designs, manufactures and installs high- vices including: structural design, forensic engineering, expert
tors™) and sculpted clevis-type connectors for architecturally
quality, cost-effective bandsaws, circular cold saws, structural witness testimony, light-gauge steel calculations, project pricing,
exposed true-pin connections (Universal Pin Connectors™). Cast
fabricating equipment and integrated material handling systems quick turnaround. Contact: Make
Connex Corporation also offers design and design-build services
for the metalworking and structural steel industries. Behringer is a BROWN “Your Engineering Connection”.
for custom cast steel structural components for use in building
worldwide respected leader in providing solutions and services to
Buckner Companies and bridge structures.
the metal cutting and fabricating industries.
Booth 1033
Cerbaco Ltd.
BendTec, Inc. Graham, NC
Booth 1417
Booth 1528 Ph: 336.376.8888
Frenchtown, NJ
Duluth, MN Toll Free: 800.848.6234
Ph: 908.996.1333
Ph: 218.722.0205 Fax: 336.376.8855
Fax: 908.996.0023
Toll Free: 800.BENDTEC
Fax: 218.722.6598 Since 1947, Buckner Companies has provided workmanship, met
Cerbaco will provide samples from its line of 500+ configurations demanding schedules, and completed complex projects, including
of non-metallic weld backings that permit finished-quality, full-
BendTec, Inc. is a LEADER in the manufacturing of bent members sport arenas, power plants, hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities and
penetration welds from one side. Where one-sided welding is not
for a variety of structural and architectural application, fabrication, aircraft hangars. The Raleigh Durham International Airport Termi-
desirable, the backings eliminate the need for arc gouging or heavy
design, and engineering of large and small piping & structural. nal and the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ assembly building are recent
grinding prior to second-side welding. The company specializes
BendTec is AISC certified in compliance with Simple Steel and accomplishments. We are ranked number four by the ENR’s listing
in furnishing custom configurations and formulations. Technical
Major Steel Bridges, Fracture Critical Endorsement & Sophisti- of Top Steel Erectors. Buckner has won three Project of the Year
assistance and free custom design services will be offered.
cated Paint Coating Endorsement. Services Provided: Engineering Awards from SEAA. Buckner Steel Erection is an AISC Certified
(including AISC joint design, layout, detailing, and weld procedure (Advanced) and PCI Qualified Erector. Buckner Heavy Lift Cranes
development), Hot and Cold Bending, Welding, Machining, Heat has one of the largest and most versatile equipment fleets in the
Treating, Blasting & Paint, Non-Destructive Examination. nation. Ranked by International Cranes as one of the Top Crane
Companies in the world.


: g/nascc
MAY 11–14

Combilift USA ConXtech, Inc.

Booth 817 Booth 1229
Chatham Steel Corporation Greensboro, NC Hayward, Ca
Booth 619 Ph: 336.378.8884 Ph: 510.264.9111
Savannah, Ga Toll Free: 877.266.2456 Fax: 510.264.1181
Ph: 912.944.0222 Fax: 336.378.8842
Toll Free: 800.546.2650 ConXtech manufactures its innovative steel connections and
Fax: 912.944.0680 The Combilift is an engine-powered 4-directional forklift designed components in a highly automated factory where CNC machine primarily for handling long loads in confined areas. Suitable for use centers and other automated manufacturing technologies accel-
Full-Line Metals Service Center. both inside and out, the machine can operate in aisles as narrow erate delivery and greatly reduce waste. ConXtech also enables
as 80”. The fully synchronised 4-way steering system provides other AISC Certified Fabricators, such as The Herrick Corporation,
Chicago Clamp Company excellent maneuvrability. to streamline processes and automate their existing facilities by
Booth 737 offering a turn-key ConX Factory which includes proprietary fixtur-
Broadview, il COMEQ, Inc. ing, jigs, and documented processes and procedures to produce
Ph: 708.343.8311 Booth 604 steel building components and structural building assemblies with
Fax: 708.343.0215 White Marsh, MD unprecedented speed, precision and quality. Ph: 410.933.8500
Chicago Clamp Company provides an innovative method for fram- Fax: 410.933.1600 Core Brace, LLC
ing roof openings & supporting rooftop loads with no welding or Booth 1419
drilling. This standardized method for connecting joists and beams World-renowned US distributor for a wide range of metal fabricating West Jordan, UT
allows structural engineers to focus on load distribution rather than machinery, including GEKA Ironworkers and Automated Punching Ph: 801.280.0701
attachment apparatus or welding concerns. With up to 4,000 lb and Feeding Systems; PARMIGIANI Angle, Section, Beam and Plate Fax: 801.280.3231
capacity per system, it is ideal for the safe and economical framing Bending Rolls; AMERICOR Angle and Plate Bending Rolls; PRIMELINE
& installation of rooftop units, sky lights, exhaust fans and vents. Press Brakes and Shears; and much more. We offer sales, service, CoreBrace is committed to providing exceptional seismic technol-
and parts with over 70 years of knowledge to assist in the purchase ogy to save lives and property. CoreBrace holds six United States
Chicago Metal Rolled Products of an efficient and productive machine. Our mobile demo trucks patents for buckling-restrained braces that are revolutionary and
Booth 1336 travel throughout the country bringing Ironworker demonstrations to technically superior. International and independent testing labo-
Chicago, il; Kansas City, MO your business door. Call and schedule a visit today. ratories have confirmed that CoreBrace BRBs meet or exceed all
Ph: 816.483.7575 requirements set forth by the latest specifications in close to 100
Toll Free: 800.798.4504 Commercial Metals Company large-scale tests. CoreBrace BRBs are faster to erect helping cli- Booth 1423 ents stay under budget and ahead of schedule.
Curving of every size of angle, bar, channel, irving, TX
tee and beam up to W44x290# the hard Ph: 214.689.4300 Cosen Saws USA
way (x-x axis) on the world’s largest beam Fax: 214.689.5886 Booth 117
bender. Tube and pipe bending up to 20” Charlotte, NC
OD. Rectangular tubing up to 20” x 12”. Commercial Metals Company and subsidiaries manufacture, Ph: 704.943.1030
Low deformation, thin wall bending. Single recycle and market steel and metal products, related materials Toll Free: 877.SaWiNG.1
radius bending in one plane, as well as and services through a network including steel minimills, steel Fax: 704.943.1031
off-axis and multi-axis bends; multi-radius fabrication and processing plants, construction-related product
bends; true, helical coils; and plumb, circu- warehouses, a copper tube mill, metal recycling facilities and mar- Since its establishment in 1976, Cosen has continued its growth
lar stair stringers. Hard way, easy way, and keting and distribution offices in the United States and in strategic into one of the world’s largest professional band saw manufac-
every way in between. © international markets. turers. Today’s Cosen manufactures over 100 models including
manual, semi-automatic, automatic, NC, and CNC sawing system
Cleveland City Forge Computers & Structures, Inc. in types and from 200mm (8”) to 2000mm (80”) in capacities. With
Booth 533 Booth 1317 a record of more than 82,000 band saws sold to all five continents
Wellington, OH Berkeley, Ca including Germany and Japan, Cosen’s markets expand interna-
Ph: 440.647.5400 Ph: 510.649.2200 tionally to over 80 countries through authorized distributors for the
Fax: 440.647.4185 Fax:510.649.2299 metal cutting industry.
Cleveland City Forge is a world leader in structural steel hardware. Founded in 1975, CSI is recognized worldwide as the innovative The Crosby Group
Products include clevises, turnbuckles, turnbuckle assemblies, leader in the development of software for structural & earthquake Booth 943
threaded rod, adjustable yokes, eyenuts, eyebolts, and rod ends. engineering. Products from CSI are used by thousands of engi- Tulsa, OK
neering firms involved in the design of buildings, bridges and other Ph: 918.834.4611
Cleveland Punch and Die Company major projects in over 160 countries. CSI software tools include
Booth 608 SAP2000®, ETABS®, SAFE™, and PERFORM 3-D®. They are The Crosby Group manufactures rigging products such as hooks,
ravenna, OH the choice of sophisticated design professionals worldwide. swivels, shackles, oilfield blocks and lifting clamps.
Ph: 800.451.4342
Fax: 800.451.6877 Controlled Automation, Inc. CSC, Inc. Booth 322 Booth 1237
Established in 1880, Cleveland Punch & Die Company manufac- Bryant, ar Chicago, il
tures steel punches, dies and shear blades for customers across Ph: 501.557.5109 Ph: 312.233.2912
the Steel Fabricating Industry. All products are manufactured in Fax: 501.557.5618 Toll Free:
the USA. Quality and service have long been our top priorities. 877.710.2053
Industries such as Steel Construction, Structural Fabrication and Controlled Automation specializes in the manufacture of automated Fax: 312.321.6489
Metal Buildings have endured decades of change with us. We have structural steel drilling, punching, and shape cutting machinery.
never lost sight of our goal: to be the leading supplier of Solutions, Material handling systems are also available to complement each CSC has developed leading structural engineering software for over
Punches, Dies and Related Tooling across all major industries. type of machine we offer. As well as new machinery, Controlled 30 years for both small and large firms worldwide. For automating
Automation is the industry leader in retrofitting control systems and your daily design tasks, TEDDS provides over 120 design calcula-
CMC Steel Products remanufacturing existing structural steel fabricating machinery. All tions with the added flexibility to write down your own calculations
Booth 1423 machines, software, and controls are designed, manufactured, and all within the Microsoft World environment. Fastrak is the definitive
rockwall, TX supported entirely in the United States of America. software for the design, documentation and BIM interoperability
Ph: 972.772.0769 of structural steel buildings. Our expert technical teams support
Toll Free: 800.308.9925 our existing users with monthly updates, high-quality training, and
Fax: 972.772.0882 technical support globally.
CMC Steel Products manufactures the SMARTBEAM®—an innovative,
economical, and sustainable alternative to other structural systems. The
SMARTBEAM® offers versatility and economy for all types of floor and
roof structures. The beams are lightweight, have excellent load/deflection
characteristics, and are manufactured from recycled steel. The SMART-
BEAM® is an engineered product custom designed to meet the needs
of your project. SMARTBEAM®—The Intelligent Alternative.


exhibitors MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

DACS, Inc. The Dowco Group

Booth 1530 Booth 1123
portsmouth, Va Surrey, BC
Ph: 757.393.0704 Canada ESAB Welding & Cutting Products
Toll Free: 866.286.6215 Ph: 604.606.5800 Booth 1516
Fax: 757.393.9461 Toll Free: 866.773.6926 Florence, SC Fax: 604.606.574.3827 Ph: 843.669.4411
DACS, Inc., with plants in both Baltimore, MD and Portsmouth, VA; Toll Free: 800.ESaB.123
manufactures roof and floor decking. Since 1987 DACS has been Fax: 843.664.4459
providing the Steel Deck Industry with affordable products and The Dowco Group has grown from a 3-person operation to become
quality services. Our continued growth is fueled by loyal custom- the largest fully automated 3D modeling & Virtual Construction ESAB Welding and Cutting Products serves the structural steel
ers, innovative products, and expanding markets. With a full line of Service provider in the world. Established in 1970, Dowco employs industry with advanced welding and cutting solutions, including cus-
roof products, including deep decks and cellular decks, as well as more than 210 people in 7 offices around the world. Dowco’s tomized solutions for its customers and a complete range of Seismic
composite and non-composite floor decks DACS is sure to satisfy Virtual Construction Services include BIM coordination, Workflow Certified™ filler metals tested to meet the most stringent require-
all your decking needs. Managaement, Architectural & Structural 3D Modeling, Model ments for demand critical welds. To ensure customer satisfaction,
Management & Hosting. Our main business & services offering many ESAB products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
DAITO USA Inc. remains providing world class steel detailing services & Tekla Soft-
Booth 123 Fab-Line Machinery, LLC
ware customization & Productivity enhancement technologies.
Elk Grove Village, il Booth 543
Ph: 847.437.6788 The Dyson Corporation, Inc. Saint Charles, il
Fax: 847.437.6789 Booth 633 Ph: 630.587.0505 painesville, OH Toll Free: 866.466.8298
DAITO is focused on metal cutting and drilling machines and has Ph: 440.946.3500 Fax: 630.587.5584
become the most technologically advanced machine producer in Toll Free: 800.860.3600
its field. Along with being the worlds top manufacturer in its field, Fax: 440.496.2700 Fab-Line Machinery, located in Saint Charles Illinois, is the exclu-
DAITO is geared towards customer satisfaction by supporting our sive importer for the Baykal product line and the Weinbrenner prod-
customers with our knowledgeable and responsive sales, applica- The Dyson Corporation is an ASME certified domestic manufacturer uct line for the USA. The product line has core products of press
tions and our sales personnel. of custom forgings, specialty machined parts and large diameter pre- brakes, shears, notching machines, plasma dutting machines,
cision fastening components, including forged nuts, studs, hex and automated bending machines, and turret punch presses. Service
Delta Structural Steel Services Group socket head bolts, eyebolts and anchor bolts, bridge pins, wire rope and sales is throughout the USA.
Booth 1108 cable sockets, and threaded rod for heavy construction projects.
idaho Falls, iD Fabreeka International, Inc.
Ph: 208.528.6110 Eastern Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Inc./ Booth 714
Fax: 208.529.5621 McCann Equipment Ltd. Stoughton, Ma Booth 933 Ph: 781.341.3655
Delta Structural Steel Services was established in 1991 and Salem, NH Toll Free: 800.322.7352
serves clients from Alaska to Virginia. Delta uses SDS-2 software Ph: 603.893.7662 Fax: 781.341.3983
to provide accurate detailing and design to our customers, and Toll Free: 800.356.5624
FabTrol in-house to integrate with our client’s needs and lower Fax: 603.893.7745 Fabreeka’s experience in vibration control includes the dynamic
overall project costs. Delta’s projects are as varied as the Arizona response of steel fabrication and support structures. Services
Cardinal Stadium to Waste Water Facilities and range in size from Specializing in steel erectors’ torque-related tools. Tone TC shear include measuring building floor vibration, displacement response
50 tons to 2,400 tons. tools and a complete line of electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic of floors/mezzanines and modeling of structures to predict perfor-
torque wrenches, Skidmore torque tension testers, erectors’ ream- mance. Fabreeka’s capabilities include NASTRAN and finite ele-
ers, drift pins, and structural wrenches. Repairs, rentals, sales, ment analysis programs to analyze the static and dynamic condi-
calibrations, and certifications to ISO 17025 standards. tions of our customer’s vibration problems.

eCADsystems, Inc. FabSuite, LLC

Booth 730 Booth 923
Chicago, il Williamsburg, Va
Ph: 248.240.7912; 248.726.2360 Ph: 757.645.0842
Design Data Fax: 248.659.1579 Fax: 757.645.0896
Booth 1107
lincoln, NE 2010 has been a great year for eCADsystems. We merged our FabSuite is a collection of comprehensive Steel Fabrication Man-
Ph: 402.441.4000 operations with DGSTS, which is a well-known name in the Detail- agement Software programs that can help you expedite and
Toll Free: 800.443.0782 ing Industry. Jointly having executed close to 80,000 tons of steel improve your speed and efficiency with regards to your everyday
Fax: 402.441.4045 last year, we expanded our production teams to 260 people, with challenges that you face as a Steel Fabricator. FabSuite includes a positive outlook for the year 2011. We have made our presence Estimating, Production Control, Project Management, Purchasing,
Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Design Data produces inno- felt in the industry by associating ourselves with Landmark projects Inventory Control, Combining (multing/nesting) and Order Entry.
vative software for the steel industry’s fabrication, detailing and in North America and Canada. Working with large fabricators like
FabTrol Systems, Inc.
engineering sectors. SDS/2 software products provide automatic Cives and Schuff Steel has helped us in learning and implementing
Booth 1117
detailing, engineering information, fabrication data and much the best standards & processes in the detailing industry. This year
Eugene, Or
more. As a BIM software, SDS/2 allows for the sharing of data our presence is bigger than the last year at NASCC Exhibition.
Ph: 541.485.4719
between all partners on a project, reducing the time required to
Engineering Ministries International (eMi) Toll Free:
design, detail, fabricate and erect steel.
Booth 1432 888.FaBTrOl
DGS Technical Services, Inc. Colorado Springs, CO Fax: 541.485.4302
Booth 732 Ph: 719.633.2078.
Chicago, il Fax: 719.633.2970. FabTrol MRP is the global leader in steel fabrication manage-
Ph: 630.539.8200 ment software. With integrated estimating, drawing management, Engineering Ministries International (eMi) is an organization of engi- material management, production control, and shipping, FabTrol
DGSTS acquired couple of detailing companies in USA, Canada, neers and architects who offer a free technical design service to MRP automates the steel fabrication process. FabTrol MRP was
India and Phillipines. DGSTS’s vision is to become one of the larg- Christian missionaries serving the poorest of the poor in third world designed by steel fabricators for steel fabricators and is proven to
est detailing companies. It has expanded its portfolio of low-cost countries. The volunteers pay their own trip expenses, don’t charge help increase revenues, reduce costs, improve quality, and shorten
production centers and is successful in helping our customers to for their design services, and come alongside a missionary who wants project schedules.
work on bigger, financially challenging projects at a reasonable to build something that is complicated enough to require professional
Faccin USA, Inc.
budget to overcome the current competitive situation in the con- expertise. The services are offered on short-term mission trips.
Booth 612
struction industry. Our new acquisitions, DGSTS Canada, DGSTS
Tampa, Fl
Houston TX, eCADsystems, Inc. and detailing divisions of SGT
Ph: 813.664.8884
Global in Chennai, India and Genesys Quality in India are some
Fax: 813.664.4544
of our new ventures and milestones last year to make it big in
the Detailing Industry. This year we have a bigger presence with a
A world leader in the production of heavy-duty bending rolls for
booth alongside eCADsystems which is our subsidiary. Please do
plate and structural sections, as well as dished-end equipment.
not forget to visit us at the NASCC show.


Have you seen
what we do?
The Structural Steel Industry leads the construction industry
with a fully integrated supply chain using advanced
and collaborative technology at all stages of design and
construction. Follow us on @SteelDay.

 September 23, 2011

 Reduce errors. Shorten schedules. Save money.

SteelDay® is an annual event hosted by the American

Institute of Steel Construction, its members and
partners. Plan your SteelDay® visits and see firsthand
why it makes sense to build with steel.

There’s always a solution in steel. Now you know where to find it.

American Institute of Steel Construction

One East Wacker Drive, Suite 700
Chicago, IL 60601

exhibitors MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

Ficep Corporation Gerdau Ameristeel

Booth 423 Booth 1036
Forest Hill, MD Midlothian, TX GT STRUDL
Ph: 410.588.5800 Ph: 972.779.1201 Booth 1513
Fax: 410.588.5900 Toll Free: 800.527.7979 atlanta, Ga Fax: 972.779.1236 Ph: 404.894.2260
Ficep continues to expand their comprehensive product line for the Fax: 404.894.8014
structural steel fabricator with the introduction this year of 16 new Gerdau Ameristeel is helping to shape the world as a leader in
CNC sytems for the fabrication of structural steel and plate. This the steel industry in production, service, and quality and as one GT STRUDL Structural Design & Analysis program developed by
continous product line development is why Ficep is considered of the largest structural and engineered shape manufacturers the Georgia Tech-CASE Center offers a wide range of frame and
today the technology leader in the industry. Presently Ficep has 12 and concrete reinforcing steel fabricators in North America. finite element capabilities. Linear/nonlinear static and dynamic
companies around the globe to provide the industry leading service We manufacture a diverse and balanced mix of recycled steel analysis features include moving load generation. Response spec-
and sales support for our customers. The current construction of a products for use in a variety of industries including construc- trum, transient, and pushover analysis, plastic hinges, tension and
new 100,000 square foot facility to house The Ficep Academy of tion, cellular and electrical transmission, automotive, mining, and compression-only members, and nonlinear connections. Steel and
Technology endorses our commitment to customer service. equipment manufacturing. reinforced concrete design, graphical modeling and result display
Fisher & Ludlow Grating Products Girder-Slab Technologies, LLC capabilities. New Multi-Processor Solvers (for models with over
a Nucor Company Booth 1010 300,000 DOF) and Base Plate Analysis Module are also available.
Booth 1307 Cherry Hill, NJ Haydon Bolts, Inc.
Florence, KY Ph: 856.424.7880 Booth 1005
Ph: 859.282.7767 Toll Free: 888.478.1100 philadelphia, pa
Toll Free: 800.334.2047 Fax: 856.424.6880 Ph: 215.537.8700
Fax: 859.282.7702 Fax: 215.537.5569 The Girder-Slab System is a recipient of an AISC Special
Fisher & Ludlow is a full-line manufacturer of Bar Grating, Safety Grat- Achievement Award. The unique low-profile D-Beam, which Haydon Bolts, Inc. has been serving structural fabricators and large
ing and Expanded Metal Products. Our 11 locations provide rapid deliv- only projects 9/16” below the precast hollow core slabs, offers construction companies since 1864. We are a major distributor of
ery of both standard panels and custom gratings that are fabricated an economical alternative to a cast-in-place concrete structure. a full line of heavy hexagon and tension control structural bolts.
specifically for your project. Fisher & Ludlow manufactures bar grating This non-proprietary system is available for use by all design Haydon specializes in custom manufactured anchor bolts, tie rod
in more North American locations than any other grating company professionals and is distributed by your preferred steel contractors. assemblies, u-bolts etc., in diameters from 1/2 in. through 4 in.
ensuring timely delivery to your jobsite, wherever it is located. The Girder-Slab System is currently being utilzed on 13-Story and up to 40 feet in length and in various grades of steel. Haydon
Residence Hall at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. operates out of its 60,000 sq-ft. manufacturing and distribution
Frontier Steel Company
Booth 613 Graitec facility in Philadelphia. Haydon is a charter member of the Indus-
Neville island, pa Booth 1112 trial Fasteners Institute (IFI), the trade organization of the leading
Ph: 412.865.4444 longueuil, Quebec fastener manufactures in North America, as well as an associate
Toll Free: 888.275.3305 Canada member of AISC.
Fax: 412.865.0030 Ph: 514.354.3527 Hercules Bolt Company Toll Free: 800.724.5678 Booth 610
Frontier Steel is a steel service center that distributes and pro- Madison, TN
cesses carbon steel plate in thicknesses ranging from 16ga to GRAITEC is a major software developer committed to providing Ph: 615.321.5020
16” as well as widths of up to 120” and lengths of up to 720”. As a complete CAD and Analysis solution dedicated to Structural Toll Free: 877.321.5020
a single-source solution for customers who manufacture heavy Engineering and Construction. GRAITEC’s Advance Steel was Fax: 615.321.2401
equipment and components used in energy, mining. transportation, specifically developed for industry professionals that require a
construction, OEM and military applications, as well as job shop comprehensive and completely integrated package in AutoCAD®. Since 1998, Hercules Bolt Company has been a leading Manufac-
fabrication, we supply full-prime materials with mill certifications. Advance Steel is an affordable, user-friendly software solution that turer and distributor of heavy fasteners and customized products
automates the entire structural CAD process (fabrication & erection for fabricators and contractors by providing competitive pricing,
G.W.Y., Inc. drawings, reports), creates NC fabrication data, and has a bidirec-
Booth 911 superior service, and an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Our
tional link to Revit. quality standards and reputation makes us a sought-after sup-
Greenfield, NH
Ph: 603.547.3800 Grating Fasteners, LLC plier for custom fasteners. We provide mill certification, unmatched
Toll Free: 888.838.6500 Booth 1615 one-day service & delivery to most cities, quick turns on Hot Dip
Fax: 603.547.3801 New Orleans, la Galvanized parts, in-house welding, fabrication of rod assemblies, Ph: 504.361.3471 threading and bending of rods. We are the Blind Bolt Distributor.
G.W.Y., Inc. is a woman-owned small business supplying installa- Toll Free: 800.227.9013 HGG Profiling Equipment
tion tools to the steel construction industry for the past 35 years. Fax: 504.362.9059 Booth 537
Our constant speed, non-impacting electric wrenches can be used North Charleston, SC
for Snug Tightening, Calibrated Wrench Tightening, Turn of Nut Grating Fasteners, LLC specializes in manufacturing and distribut- Ph: 330.461.6855
Tightening as well as DTI Tightening. Our new Model TN wrenches ing the G-Clip line of grating clips. G-Clips are a series of devices
(Turn of Nut) are designed for Turn of Nut installation and are pro- used to attach grating to structural members. The G-Clips are HGG is leading supplier of CNC Pipe Cutting Machines and Robot
grammable in increments of 1 degree. designed to be installed from above the grating surface quickly, Profile Cutting lines for coping beams and hollow sections. Our
easily, and economically. With G-Clips, power tools are not needed machines are sold worldwide to major companies in the Offshore,
Gantrex Inc. for installation, and they are available in several types of material
Booth 1511 Steel Construction, Process Piping, Shipbuilding and other indus-
for corrosive environments. tries. Our machines drastically reduce cutting, fitting, grinding and
pittsburgh, pa
Ph: 412.655.1400 Green Brook Engineering welding time. In the past 25 years we supplied many machines
Toll Free: 800.242.6873 Booth 636 worldwide, supported by our local sales and service network.
Fax: 412.655.3814 Warren, NJ Ph: 732.412.8000
Gantrex Inc. is the Americas Office of Gantrex SA, the worldwide Fax: 866.860.8113
leader in heavy-duty crane and runway systems. Gantrex Rail Clips,
Pad and Tie-backs have become the world standards for impor- Engineering provides a suite of services for the steel construction
tant crane runways. We support the users, designers, fabricators industry. We provide connection design, 3D Modeling, B.I.M coor-
and erectors of crane and transfer car runways throughout North dination, steel detailing and erection support services in the U.S.A.
America. Stop by our booth #1511 or visit our web site, www. Using the current generation technologies, we make it easier for to learn how we might be able to help. steel fabricators to deliver their projects with minimal effort and on
schedule. Greenbrook’s team of professionals has a strong techni-
cal background, backed by superior project management and erec-
tion engineering. We have the capability to assign dedicated project
teams that work seamlessly with the EOR and steel fabricators. Our
quality procedures help the engineers and fabricators focus more on
engineering and fabrication while we ensure quality.










It’s raining CEUs.

Live Webinars PODCASTS
Topics this season include: Seismic Braced PODCASTS
April 14, 2011 High Strength Bolting:
An interview with Welding Expert
Frames, Listen to the Steel: Duane Miller on PAn
OD Duane Miller
interview Geoff Kulak
C A S T with
S: Welding Expert

Welding, HSS Connections/Dos & Don’ts of AISC

P O D C A S T S: Duane Miller
June 9, 2011 Extended Shear Plate
Steel Construction, and Effective Steel Design Connections: Larry Muir
March – Lou Geschwindner

April – NASCC
March – Lou Geschwindner

The Spring seminar season is under way! Visit

A I S C to find a seminar near you.
April – NASCC May – National Student Steel Bridge Competition

May – National Student Steel Bridge Competition

Be sure to check out STEEL PROFILES at

An interview with Welding Expert
Brought to you by
Duane Miller PODCASTS
AISC Continuing EducationAn interview with Welding Expert
Brought to you by
AISC Continuing Education Duane Miller

exhibitors MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

High Transit InfoSight Corporation

Booth 1135 Booth 629
lancaster, pa Chillicothe, OH Kinetic Cutting Systems Inc.
Ph: 717.390.4211 Ph: 740.642.3600 Booth 107 Toll Free: 888.642.3600 Fort Collins, CO
High Transit LLC is a specialty heavy hauler with over fifty years’ Fax: 740.642.5001 Ph: 970.498.8441
experience safely transporting loads in the eastern United Toll Free: 800.606.2954
States. The company’s turn-key capabilities include in-house engi- InfoSight provides a Complete Solution for Fabricators with tags Fax: 970.498.3050
neering, routing analysis and permit ordering. High Transit offers that survive hot-dip galvanizing, paint processes and shot blasting
more than 280 specialized trailers to meet most oversized/over- along with their printers that print directly onto the tag material. Kinetic Cutting Systems Inc., manufacturers a variety of precision
weight transportation requirements, along with a fleet of escort They also provide systems for online, automatic product mark- CNC plasma and flame (oxyfuel) cutting machinery and multi-
vehicles with certified drivers. Call us to discuss how we may ben- ing along with manual identification for various other industries process machines that combine machining operations like drilling
efit you on your next project. including steel, galvanizers, power plants, automotive, etc. Reliable and tapping milling, interpolation with cutting operations.
identification of products through company processes is essential.
Hilti, Inc. InfoSight’s KettleTag®PLUS tagging system survives hot-dip gal- Kottler Metal Products, Inc.
Booth 930 vanizing. “We Barcode Difficult Stuff™”. Booth 1438
Tulsa, OK Willoughby, OH
Toll Free: 800.879.8000 Ph: 440.946.7473
Fax: 800.879.7000 Toll Free: 800.678.0808 Fax: 440.946.7655
Hilti is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of quality, inno-
vative and specialized tools and fastening systems for the profes- Established in 1915, Kottler Metal Products, Inc. rolls pipes, HSS,
sional user. With more than 1,660 highly trained Hilti account man- and structural shapes. A new facility and experienced craftsmen
agers and engineers throughout North America and an additional Infra-Metals Co. allow Kottler Metal to supply customers with one of the largest
1,290 Hilti employees nationwide, Hilti expertise covers the areas Booth 505 bending capacities in the United States. Kottler rolls up to 48-in.
of powder actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond cor- langhorne, pa channel and I-beam easy/hard way, 20-in. pipe tube, rail, pipe, and
ing and cutting, measuring, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive Toll Free: 800.899.3432 tee with minimal distortion.
and mechanical anchoring, and strut and hanger systems. Fax: 215.741.5973 Kubes Steel, Inc.
Hougen Manufacturing, Inc. Infra-Metals, with 6 stocking locations throughout the eastern United Booth 1313
Booth 718 States, is strategically postioned to fulfill the structural carbon steel Stoney Creek, ON
Swartz Creek, Mi needs of fabricators, OEM’s, plate shops and miscellaneous fabrica- Canada
Ph: 810.635.7111 tors. Infra-Metals has a vast inventory of all carbon steel structural Ph: 905.643.1229
Toll Free: 800.426.7818 tube, plate and long products, including exotics and jumbo structural Toll Free: 877.327.8357
Fax: 810.635.8277 sections. Call your nearest sales office for more information. Fax: 905.643.4003
Hougen Manufacturing produces a full line of portable magnetic Inovatech Engineering Kubes Steel, Inc. is Canada’s premier provider of structural, section
drills, Rotabroach annular cutters, and other holemaking products Booth 642 rolling, forming, and prefabrication services. We offer Canada’s largest
for use in fabrication, production and maintenance applications. multi-section roll and specialized section bending capacity. We can
Hougen‘s products are for use onsite or in the shop to help make form sections to 40 in. both ways and tube to 42 in. diameter, which
holes easier, faster, and safer. International Design Services is among the best in North America. We offer ISO quality assurance
Booth 1028 and have provided services to many of North America’s preeminent
Image Stud Welding Maryland Heights, MO fabricators. Call us to help you make your next project take shape.
Booth 1233 Ph: 314.872.1791
lawrenceville, Ga Fax: 314.872.8531 L.B. Foster Company
Ph: 770.513.2066 Booth 811
Toll Free: 877.824.7883 IDS is dedicated to delivering the highest quality detailing and con-
Fax: 770.513.2077 nection design services. All of our shop drawings and calculations L.B. Foster Company is a leading manufacturer, fabricator and dis- are produced under the direct supervision of licensed professional tributor of products and services for the rail, construction, energy
Image Stud Welding is one of only a few manufacturers that can engineers. We produce CNC, DXF, DSTV and KSS files for 100% of and utility markets with locations in North America and Europe.
offer you complete stud welding solutions. Image not only pro- our work. IDS currently employs nearly 300 detailers, connection The Fabricated Bridge Products group of L.B. Foster has been a
vides cutting-edge equipment technology that we design and build engineers and support staff, 21 of our detailers are NISD certified. leading provider of structural steel, bridge decking and railing for
ourselves, we also provide state-of-the-art weld stud fasteners We detail using AutoCAD and Tekla Structures. the construction and rehabilitation of bridges, highways and build-
and other innovative stud weld fastening solutions. You can rely ings for more than 40 years. Visit our website for more information:
on Image Industries to find the best solutions for you regardless of Ironworker Management Progressive Action
what brand of stud welding equipment you may be using. At Image, Cooperative Trust
we pride ourselves on providing application expertise, exceptional Booth 716
customer service, and value-added assembly services to help you Washington, DC
meet your most demanding fastening requirements. We were the Ph: 202.393.1147
first domestic manufacturer to introduce digital welding technology Toll Free: 800.545.4921
for quick, easy stud welding with greater productivity. Fax: 202.393.1148 Lantek Systems, Inc. Booth 1129
Industrial Galvanizers–Valmont Coatings A labor management trust whose main mission is to secure more Mason, OH
Booth 1137 market share for our signatory union contractors and Ironworkers Ph: 903.258.9422
Tampa, Fl through innovative and progressive labor management programs. Toll Free: 877.805.1028
Ph: 813.621.8990 Fax: 513.492.8298
Toll Free: 800.776.4258 J. B. Long, Inc.
Fax: 813.622.8950 Booth 529 Lantek is the world’s largest provider of integrated CAD, CAM, Fleetwood, pa Nesting, ERP and Automation solutions, and provides specialized
Industrial Galvanizers-Valmont Coatings is a supplier of high- Ph: 610.944.8840 solutions for the structural steel industry. Lantek is chosen by more
quality hot-dip galvanizing services. The Valmont Coatings Group Fax: 610.944.0789 customers and machine manufacturers worldwide than any other
has fifteen galvanizing plants conveniently located across the product to conserve time and material. Founded in 1986, Lantek
United States. Visit us on the web at J. B. Long, Inc. has supplied structural steel and miscellaneous iron has more than 11,000 customers in over 90 countries worldwide.
details to the fabrication industry for 25 years. The firm is certified Lantek’s world headquarters is in Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain and U.S.
Infasco/Ifastgroupe under the NISD Quality Procedures Program (QPP). All those quali- headquarters is in Mason, OH.
Booth 1621 fied of the total staff of 13 are certified under the NISD Invdividual
Marieville, QC Detailer Certification (IDC) program. J. B. Long, Inc. uses SteelLogic
Canada and Tekla Structures to create details. The focus is on small to
Ph: 450.658.8741 mid-sized structural and miscellaneous iron projects.
Toll Free: 800.876.9473
Fax: 450.447.0114 Jitech, Inc. Booth 713
Infasco has been in business over 50 years and is one of the larg-
est structural bolt and nut manufacturers in the world.


2011 ference
or at in g th e A nn ual Stability Con
Incorp e
e Steel Conferenc
and the Sustainabl

Join more than 3,500 design and construction

professionals when they gather this May to:

E S T P R O D U C TmSen,t
SEE THE L Asoftware to fabrication equip
ranging from desi
gn Network with
Receive up to
Hear the CLIENTS
than 90 SESSIONS
NASCC: The Steel Conference is the premier educational event
for structural engineers, fabricators, erectors, and detailers.


MAY 5, 2011

exhibitors MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

LeJeune Bolt Company

Booth 1318
Burnsville, MN LTC, Inc.
Ph: 952.890.7700 Booth 1032
Toll Free: 800.872.2658 West Salem, Wi
Fax: 952.890.3544 Ph: 608.786.1761 Fax: 608.786.1768
Big Bolts. Big Projects. Big, Big Service. Find out why fabricators,
erectors, and contractors all over the world rely on LeJeune to LTC, Inc. is an innovative, progressive structural steel detailing
supply their most difficult and complex projects. The most com- company that has provided quality shop drawings to the fabri-
prehensive inventory in the industry includes structural fasteners cation industry since 1985. We are committed to creating and
in all types, grades, and sizes Including Darcomet A490’s; Powers maintaining strong customer relationships through quality and
brand anchoring systems, stud welding, anchor bolts, industrial/ professionalism. We use Tekla Structures to prepare shop drawings
OEM fasteners, TONE brand installation tools including new, rental, for commercial projects including hospitals, stadiums, high-rise
parts, and repair. Expert testing lab, complete electronic certifica- structures, multi-story office buildings, schools, airports, churches,
tions, same day shipping, custom packaging. and industrial buildings. We offer all electronic data necessary for
fully automated shops. Stop by Booth 1032 to discuss making LTC
Lincoln Electric Company
part of your team.
Booth 705
Cleveland, OH The M. K. Morse Company
Ph: 216.481.8100 Booth 805
Toll Free: 888.355.3213 Canton, OH
Fax: 216.486.1751 Ph: 330.453.8187 Toll Free:
The Lincoln Electric Company, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, 800.733.3377
is the world leader in the design, development and manufacture Fax: 330.453.1111
of arc welding products, robotic arc welding systems, plasma and
oxyfuel cutting equipment and has a leading global position in the The M. K. Morse Company is a manufacturer of industrial quality
brazing and soldering alloys market. band saw blades, as well as a broad range of metal cutting circular
saw blades, portable band saw blades, hole saws, reciprocating
Lindapter International
and jig saw blades, and hack saw blades and frames. To see these
Booth 637
and other Morse products contact The M. K. Morse Company, P.O.
Bradford, West Yorkshire
Box 8677, Canton, OH 44711, telephone 330.453.8187 or visit
United Kingdom
our website at
Ph: 44.1274.521444
Fax: 44.1274.521130 Marubeni-Itochu Steel America Inc. (MISA) Booth 605
Established in 1934, Lindapter is the inventor of the Girder New York, NY
Clamp and Hollo-Bolt®, and manufactures connection solutions Ph: 212.542.8481
for securing primary structural sections, secondary beams, steel Fax: 212.542.8495
flooring and pipe/conduit supports. Lindapters unique steel con-
nections create significant advantages in comparison to conven- Marubeni-Itochu Steel America Inc. (MISA) provides structural
tional methods such as drilling or welding, including the reduction steel products to fabricators and service centers throughout the
of installation time and labor costs, on-site adjustability and no U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Our main concentration is the supply
damage to steel sections or protective coatings. Meet Lindapter of heavy steel beams from 14” to 40” and square and rectangular
engineers at NASCC, booth 637. tubing up to 24”. We can meet all your project needs with high-
quality products and dedicated service.
LNA Solutions
Booth 1509 Max Weiss Co., LLC
ann arbor, Mi Booth 928
Ph: 888.724.2323 Milwaukee, Wi
Fax: 734.677.2339 Ph: 414.355.8220 Toll Free: 888.649.3477
LNA Solutions provides secure structural steel connection methods Fax: 414.355.4698
without the need of field drilling and field welding providing savings
in installtion time and cost. LNA Solutions provides free design Our unique structural rolling/
guidance for the use of BeamClamp® or Lindapter® girder clamp forming process and skilled
connections as well as BoxBolt® or Hollo-bolt® blind connec- craftsmen provide exceptional quality and tight radius bending with
tions. LNA Solutions has a reputation for pre-engineered structural very minimal distortion or marring. We have the capability of rolling
connections that provide the quality, strength, and economies that and forming a wide variety of sizes of structural steel sections and
customers come to expect. tubing easy way, hard way, and off-axis to accommodate the most
difficult and unique projects. We also offer many value-added fab-
Lohr Structural Fasteners, Inc.
rication services including splitting, notching, straightening, trim-
Booth 1128
ming, drilling, and much more.
Humble, TX
Ph: 281.446.6766 McNichols Company
Toll Free: 800.782.4544 Booth 1609
Fax: 281.446.7805 Tampa, Fl (Headquarters) Ph: 813.282.3828
Visit LSF at booth #1128 and see our all-new line of “TC INSTAL- Toll Free: 800.237.3820
LATION TOOLS”. This is first change in TC tool design in 25 years. Fax: 813.288.1828
We will also be debuting our new nut removal tools. Ask us about
our Pattented Smarthex TC and see why we are the Leader In Ten- Founded in 1952, nationwide service centers. Product line: Per-
sion Control Fasteners. forated and Expanded Metals, Wire Mesh, all types of Plank and
Bar Gratings, Architectural & Designer Metals, Eco-Mesh Plant &
Trellis Screens, Fiberglass Gratings, Flooring and Matting, Stair
Treads, Ladder Rungs, and more. Fabrication Services also avail-
able. 24-hour shipment on stock items. ISO Certified.


: g/nascc
MAY 11–14

Mitsui & Co. (U.S.A.), Inc. National Steel Bridge Alliance

Booth 605 Booth 1243
MECCO Marking & Traceability los angeles, Ca Chicago, il
Booth 731 Ph: 213.896.1142 Ph: 312.670.2400
Cranberry Township, pa Fax: 213.688.1138 Fax: 312.670.5403
Ph: 724.779.9555
Toll Free: 888.369.9190 Mitsui USA’s Iron & Steel Products Division has been a leading pro- The National Steel Bridge Alliance (NSBA), a division of the Ameri-
Fax: 724.779.9556 vider of steel products, technologies and value-chain services since can Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), is a non-profit trade the 1960’s. The Division maintains strong alliances with global organization dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in steel
Mecco provides innovative designs for part identification & trace- steel makers, regional processors and local customers. Mitsui-USA bridge design and construction, and also unifying businesses and
ability applications. We serve the needs of the semiconductor, is the exclusive business promoter for the Unbonded BraceTM, agencies interested in the development, promotion, and construc-
defense, medical, automotive, industrial and oil & gas industry by buckling restrained brace and actively markets other steel beam, tion of cost-effective steel bridges.
offering a full line of laser and dot peen marking solutions. pipe, HSS tubing, flat-rolled and large-diameter pressed-form col-
umn products to the U.S. steel construction industry. Neilsoft, Inc.
Metal Dek Group®, a unit of CSi® Booth 1106
Booth 1228 Modern Steel Construction Magazine Naperville, il
Columbia, SC (Headquarters) TBD Ph: 630.357.7430
Ph: 803.771.7920 Chicago, il Fax: 630.596.5304
Toll Free: 800.654.1912 Ph: 312.670.8318
Fax: 803.799.6811 Fax: 312.896.9022 Neilsoft is an engineering services provider with over 50 detailers and professional engineers on staff providing detailing, connec-
The Metal Dek Group®, a unit of CSi® is a global provider of Engi- Modern Steel Construction (MSC) is the official publication of AISC. tion design, and project management to fabricators nationwide.
neered Solutions™ for the architectural and construction com- MSC brings its readership in-depth information on the newest and Founded in 1993, Neilsoft has successfully completed hundreds
munities. Metal floor, roof, and wall Dek systems are supported most advanced uses of structural steel in building and bridges by of projects of all sizes including commercial, industrial, healthcare,
with design partnering and design-assisted engineering. Product focusing on innovatiove and cost-effective steel designs and the and education using SDS2, XSteel (Tekla), and StruCAD. We are
enhancements can include Versa-Steel® optimized painted metal products that help bring them to life. MSC is directed exclusively to AISC and NISD members and we’re ISO certified. All project com-
systems and acoustical treatments (contributing to LEED credits). professionals in the construction industry who make and influence munications are handled by our highly experienced PMs in our
purchasing decisions—whether they are engineers, architects, Chicago headquarters.
Metal Improvement Company building owners, contractors, fabricators, detailers, or erectors.
Booth 1627 Follow us on twitter @modernsteel Nemetschek Scia
paramus, NJ Booth 836
Ph: 201.843.7800 Mold-Tek Technolgies, Ltd. Columbia, MD
Fax: 210.843.3460 Booth 1232 Ph: 443.542.0638 akron, OH Toll Free: 877.808.Scia (7242)
Metal Improvement Company is a world leader in providing metal USa & india Fax: 443.542.0638
treatment services for critical components operating in aerospace, Ph: 330.867.4505
automotive, power generation, chemical processing, and specialty Fax: 330.867.4506 Nemetschek Scia introduces new software to optimize the design
industrial applications. The metal treatment services we offer and fabrication of all types of steel structures, from buildings to
enhance the performance and extend the life of critical compo- Mold-Tek is a Structural Design & Detailing company offering infrastructure. Scia Engineer integrates 3D modeling, analysis,
nents by helping to prevent premature fatigue and corrosion fail- Engineering, Estimation, Design & Detailing Solutions and pro- drawings, and reports in ONE program, making it easy for engi-
ures. The services we provide are shot peening, laser peening, shot vides IT support to its customers worldwide. Mold-Tek offers neers to plug design into today’s BIM process. Scia Steel provides
peen forming, heat treating, engineered coatings, and anodizing these services through its network of strategically located offices, innovative project/fabrication management software that links BIM/
through a network of 66 facilities in North America and Europe. three of which are located in the U.S., and three execution facili- CAD to CNC, allowing fabricators to graphically manage resources
ties in India supporting and/or directly serving clients in the U.S., across multiple projects, reduce waste, and maximize efficiencies
Metals USA Canada & Europe. on the shop floor.
Booth 628
langhorne, pa National Commission for the Certification of New Millennium Building Systems
Ph: 267.580.2100 Crane Operators Booth 905
Toll Free: 800.523.3340 Booth 1631 Butler, iN; Salem, Va; lake City, Fl; Hope, ar;
Fax: 267.580.2121 Fairfax, Va Fallon, NV; U.S. Ph: 703.560.2391 Juarez, Mexico
Metals USA inventories, processes and distributes structural steel and Fax: 703.560.2392 Ph: 260.868.6000
plate products throughout the United States. Material Grades sup- Fax: 260.868.6002
plied include ASTM A992, ASTM A572, ASTM A588, ASTM A500 and NCCCO is a nonprofit industry organization formed in 1995 to
ASTM A36. Our inventories of shapes, bars, plates and hollow struc- develop effective performance standards for safe crane operation. Striving to anticipate customer needs and proactively working to
tural members are commonly used in building and bridge applications. Since then NCCCO has administered more than 500,000 written meet them is the essence of our company. We exhibit AGILITY,
Services include cutting to length, tee splitting, cambering, forming, and practical exams to over 100,000 crane operators and related the physical and mental nimbleness to achieve goals, by being
braking, connection materials and project management. Metals USA tradespeople. NCCCO certification programs are the only programs dynamic, personal, promoting team and living up to higher stan-
inventories, combined with our many years of experience, provide to be recognized by federal OSHA as meeting both OSHA and ASME dards. We know our partners and customers count on us to be
structural steel consumer’s with efficient supply solutions. requirements and be accredited by both ANSI (ISO) and NCCA. reliable and trustworthy. It is our agility, integrity and hard work that
make the difference in supplying steel joist and deck products—so
Mi-Jack Products National Institute of Steel Detailing we remain “Flexible to the Finish”.
Booth 615 Booth 1009
Hazel Crest, il Oakland, Ca Nippon Steel Corporation
Ph: 708.596.5200 Ph: 510.568.3741 Booth 605
Fax: 708.225.2312 Fax: 510.568.3781 Tokyo Japan
Mi-Jack has been servicing the material handling industry since 1955. The National Institute of Steel Detailing (NISD) is an international Ph: 312.751.0800
Over the past 53 years personalized service and superior product association which advocates, promotes and serves the interests Fax: 312.751.0345
innovation have made the name Mi-Jack synonymous with quality, of the steel detailing industry. NISD is an association of unified
and today those same ideals continue to make Mi-Jack the premiere company owners and individuals at the local, regional and interna- Established in 1901, Nippon Steel is one of the world’s leading
supplier of cranes and technology to the material handling industry. tional levels. It promotes to fabricators, architects, engineers and steel manufacturers boasting the world’s most advanced steel-
contractors, a better understanding of the importance of detailing making technologies. Our products have been used in the con-
services in the construction process. NISD fosters a professional struction of buildings and industrial plants around the world. We
approach to business, by advocating improved quality through produce wide-flange H-shapes with dimensions beyond conven-
member networking, education and certification. tional products as well as jumbo H-shapes and structural steel
plates standardized by ASTM and other steel standards.


exhibitors MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

Nitto Kohki U.S.A., Inc. Nucor – Vulcraft Group

Booth 728 Booth 1207 and 1309
Hanover park, il Florence, SC
P.E.P. Technology
Ph: 630.924.9393 Ph: 843.662.0381
Booth 829
Toll Free: 800.323.8828 Fax: 843.662.3132
irvine, Ca
Fax: 630.924.0303
Ph: 949.753.7878 Steel joists, joist girders, composite floor joists, special profile steel
Fax: 949.753.8585
Nitto Kohki is a leading manufacturer of the automatic-feed magnetic joists, and floor & roof deck. Vulcraft facilities are located in South
base drills that use self-regulated feed systems to optimize cutting Carolina, Nebraska, Alabama, Texas, Indiana, Utah & New York.
The leader in manufacturing software technology for 36 years,
performance with a number of safety features. Used with JetBroach
P.E.P. Technology© 2D and 3D Automated Manufacturing Soft-
tungsten carbide-tipped annular cutters, it can significantly increase
ware boasts Fully Automated CAD Error Detection & Correction,
production while reducing labor hours and hazardless work. We also
CAD Dimension Verification capability for multi-part DXF, DWG,
manufacture many other steel working tools including portable hydrau-
IGES, Solid Works, Solid Edge, PRO-E and PDF files. Other fea-
lic punches, bevelers, and pneumatic and electric power tools.
tures include Automatic Cutter Path Creation, Automatic Nesting,
Nucor – Corporation Automatic Job Costing and Quoting, Work-in-Process, Remnant
Booth 1207 and 1309 Inventory Tracking, MRP/ERP Systems Integration. P.E.P. is the
Charlotte, NC Nucor – Yamato Steel Company industry leader in “lights out lean manufacturing” technology,
Ph: 704.366.7000 Booth 1207 and 1309 increasing profits for manufacturers, steel service centers and job
Fax: 704.362.4208 Blytheville, ar shops worldwide. Ph: 870.762.5500
P2 Programs
Nucor and affiliates are manufacturers of steel products, with oper- Toll Free: 800.289.6977
Booth 910
ating facilities primarily in the U.S. and Canada. Products produced Fax: 870.763.9107
Dripping Springs, TX
include: carbon and alloy steel—in bars, beams, sheet and plate;
Ph: 512.858.2007
steel joists and joist girders; steel deck; fabricated concrete reinforc- Manufacturer of wide flange structural steel shapes (up through
Toll Free: 800.563.6737
ing steel; cold finished steel; steel fasteners; metal building systems; W14x730 columns, and W44 beams), H-piles (including HP16 &
Fax: 512.858.2008
light gauge steel framing; steel grating and expanded metal; and HP18), sheet piling, angles, channels, and car building shapes.
wire and wire mesh. Nucor is North America’s largest recycler. Grades include ASTM A36, ASTM A572, ASTM A588, ASTM A690,
P2 Programs sets the industry standard when it comes to barcod-
ASTM A709 & ASTM A992.
ing and tracking your structural steel from raw material receipt to
erection at the job site. Since 1986 we have been using Auto-ID
technology to improve manufacturing process tracking. Using our
“real-time” update capabilities with FabSuite, FabTrol and Romac,
P2 Programs is the company with the knowledge, installation his-
tory and experience you need for a successful solution to the chal-
Nucor – Plate Mill Group lenges in your manufacturing operation.
Booth 1207 and 1309
Pan Gulf Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Cofield, NC; Tuscaloosa, al Nucor Fastener Division
Booth 1333
Ph: 252.356.3700 Booth 1207 and 1309
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Toll Free: 877.626.8267 St. Joe, IN
Fax: 252.356.3770 Ph: 260.337.1600
Ph: 91.22.6156.6256 Toll Free: 800.955.6826
Fax: 91.22.6156.6257 Fax: 260.337.1726
Steel manufacturer of structural carbon, high-strength and pressure
Pan Gulf Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001certified Engineer-
vessel plate that is available in discrete, cut-to-length and hot rolled Manufacturer of 100% made in USA carbon & alloy steel hex head
ing Service provider based in India with a staff strength of 200+,
coil form. Nucor Steel-Hertford County produces discrete plate up to cap screws, heavy hex structural bolts, dome head Tru-Tension®
catering to customers worldwide. Our main activities are design
3 inches thick, 124 inches wide and 1,035 inches long. Nucor Steel tension control assemblies, nuts & build-to-print specials in inch
and detail engineering in the fields of Civil and Structural; Static
Tuscaloosa Inc. produces hot rolled coil and cut-to-length tempered & metric sizes in various grades with finishes & thread coatings to
Equipment and FEA; and Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation.
plate up to 0.750 inch, 96 inches wide and 720 inches long. meet fastening requirements.
Pannier Corporation
Booth 611
pittsburgh, pa
Ph: 412.323.4900
Toll Free:
Fax: 412.323.4962
Nucor – Verco Decking, Inc. Ocean Machinery, Inc.
Booth 1207 and 1309 Booth 209
Pannier offers a wide variety of marking systems for permanent identi-
phoenix, aZ Fort lauderdale, Fl
fication of structural steel. Automatic, heavy-duty stampers make deep
Ph: 602.272.1347 Ph: 954 956 3131
marks that remain legible after cleaning and coating. Embossed metal
Fax: 602.269.1758 Toll Free: 800.286.3624
tags withstand galvanizing and painting. Industrial ink-jet systems Fax: 954.956.3199
ensure easy, reliable piece marking. With over 100 years of experi-
Verco Decking, Inc. is a manufacturer of steel roof and floor deck
ence, we can help you solve your most challenging product identifica-
products, located in the western United States. Verco currently Ocean Machinery provides compact affordable and versatile fab-
tion needs. Visit for more information.
has manufacturing plants in Phoenix, AZ and the California cities ricating solutions for small to medium fabricators. Ocean’s CNC
of Fontana (near Los Angeles) and Antioch (near San Francisco). machines are ideal for small shops looking to improve productivity, Paramount Roll & Forming, Inc.
Verco features the PunchLok system, which utilizes the patented reduce man-hours, and eliminate errors and back charges. With Booth 1236
PunchLok tool to achieve higher shear values at a lower cost more than 500 installations in North America, our products include Santa Fe Springs, Ca
through high-quality side seam attachments. the Ocean Avenger CNC beam drill line, the Ocean Clipper CNC Ph: 562.944.6151
angle Line, the Ocean Liberator CNC beam coping machine, the Fax: 562.941.8102
Ocean Terminator structural band saws, and the Ocean Eliminator
modular material handling system. Since 1963, PRandF has provided structural steel rolling, forming
and bending for aerospace, architectural, industrial, transportation
and commercial uses. We bend tubes, pipes, channels, beams,
tracks, and railings and specialize in spiral staircases. Our heavy
industrial structural rolling and bending company serves various
markets in the U.S. and Mexico.


: g/nascc
MAY 11–14

Prodevco Industries Inc. RISA Technologies

Booth 739 Booth 1517
Saint-Georges, Québec Foothill ranch, Ca
Peddinghaus Corporation
Canada Ph: 949.951.5815
Booth 402
Ph: 418.226.4480 Toll Free:
Bradley, il
Fax: 418.226.4481 800.332.riSa
Ph: 815.937.3800 Fax: 949.951.5848
Toll Free: 800.786.2448
Prodevco Industries Inc introduces a new automated plasma cop-
Fax: 815.937.4003
ing equipment for the Steel Fabricator Industry. Combining 3D RISA Technologies has been developing leading edge structural
Vision with a robot armed with high definition plasma torch, this design and optimization software for over 20 years. Our products
Peddinghaus Corporaiton is the acknowledged global leader of
fully integrated equipment can work on 4 sides of beam, cutting are used by 24 of the top 25 U.S. design firms in over 70 countries
machine tool technologies for the structural steel fabrication industry.
holes,or notches,coping and scribing eventhe most complex miter around the world for towers, skyscrapers, airports, stadiums, petro-
At the NASCC 2011 in Pittsburgh, Peddinghaus will once again intro-
or compound angle faster and with less manipulation. ProBeam chemical facilities, bridges, roller coasters and everything in between.
duce all-new equipment to the steel construction market. Operating
can also interpret a large variety of data format such as DSTV, The seamless integration of RISAFloor, RISA-3D and RISAFoundation
live and under power will be plate processing equipment, beam drill
CIS/2, SDS/2 StruCad and Tekla. creates a powerful, versatile and intuitive structural design environ-
line technologies, angle line efficiencies, and several new innovations
ment, ready to tackle almost any design challenge.
that are certain to change how structural fabricators save money in Prothious Inc.
today’s complex marketplace. With corporate headquarters in Brad- Booth 722 RIX USA, LLC
ley, IL, Peddinghaus has proudly served the industry since 1903. Ventura, Ca Booth 830
Ph: 310.691.5889 East Dundee, il
Fax: 310.362.8899 Ph: 847.844.8900 Toll Free: 877.992.5372
Prothious is the world’s largest detailing, shop drawing and BIM Fax: 847.844.8950
services provider as well as one of the world’s fastest-growing
engineering, architecture and construction services companies. RIX-SAWS is an ISO9001 European Manufacturer of precision
We have over 1,500 engineers and architects in six offices in four bandsaw blades. Since our company was founded in 1913, we
cities in India. Our experience includes some of the most presti- continue to strive to be second-to-none with our service, qual-
gious projects across six continents. Our involvement with the new ity, performance, and of course, innovation! Our newly developed
World Trade Centre in New York City demonstrates our capacity to “SPF” (Six-Point Finish) and “SPF Formula 1” processes are two
handle demanding, time sensitive, and high-profile projects. examples of our commitment to bring you the “cutting-edge inno-
vation” of the bandsawing industry!
PythonX – Burlington Automation
Booth 517 Roberts Sinto Corporation/Sinto Surface Treatment
Hamilton, ON Booth 1110
Canada lansing, Mi
Ph: 905.689.7771 Ph: 517.371.2460
Fax: 905.689.7773 Toll Free: 800.748.0384 Fax: 517.371.4930
Peerless Industrial Equipment Burlington Automation manufactures the PythonX Stuctural Fabrication
Booth 523 System Beam Line which is replacing old-fashioned technology like North American manufacturer of Descaling and Surface Prepara- beam drill lines and band saws for fabrication of structural steel. The tion equipment for Structural Shapes and Fabrications. Manufac-
PythyonX uses the latest in robotics and plasma technology to fabri- turing equipment in two Michigan facilities with complete Testing
Peikko Group
cate Beams, Channels, HSS, Angle and Strip Plate all on one machine. Center for the Structural Steel Industry.
Booth 1443
The PythonX can produce AISC approved Bolt Holes, Copes, Slots,
Chicago, il Ronstan Tensile Architecture
Cutouts, Cut to length, Miter cut, Produce T-Beams, and scribe part/
Ph: 888.734.5561 Booth 1142
layout marks all in one place eliminating countless hours of material
Fax: 888.734.5562 portsmouth, ri
handling in between operations. Also, because everything is done on Ph: 401.293.0539
one machine, you save valuable shop space. The PythonX instantly
The Peikko Group is a world leader in the manufacturing and engi- Fax: 401.293.0538
automates every structural steel fabrication in your plant.
neering of structural products. Founded in 1965, the group has
always been focused on R&D to develop innovative products. With a Quebec Detailing Connection The field of tensile architecture is exacting and precise, its success
major focus on the precast concrete market, Peikko’s wide range of Booth 717 demanding the aggregation of knowledge and experience. From
products stretches from lifting anchors to concrete connectors and Montreal facilities in Australia, the USA, Denmark, New Zealand and the UK,
composite beams. After 45 years of existence, Peikko is now present Canada Ronstan supplies structural cable and rod systems born from over
in 31 countries including recent developments in the USA. Toll Free: 866.677.6161 50 years of research, development and improvement. Visit Ronstan to explore the possibilities of tensile architecture.
Powers Fasteners
Make your dream of precise, flawless shop drawings come true, using
Booth 813 Roval USA Corporation
the Quebec Detailing Connection. In-house qualified and experienced
Brewster, NY Booth 1439
detailing staff, numbering close to 200, managed and supported by
Ph: 914.235.6300 Carlton, Or
North American steel industry veterans, guarantee that quality, speed,
Toll Free: 800.524.3244 Ph: 971.237.0958
and hassle-free management are what you get, TIME AFTER TIME.
Fax: 914.576.6483
Catch your dream by calling 866.677.6161. Roval is a leading manufacturer of cold galvanizing sprays and
Powers Fasteners is the largest supplier of concrete and masonry Radley Corporation compound. Ready-to-use Roval cold galvanizing is an alternative
anchors in North America and has been a leader in the fastening Booth 1116 to hot-dip galvanizing for the restoration of worn hot-dipped galva-
industry since 1921. Founded as the Rawlplug Company Inc, the Grand rapids, Mi nized surfaces as well as for the anti-corrosion protection of steel
Powers family changed the name to Powers Fasteners in 1998. Ph: 616.554.9060 structures. If you hate rust, you must Rovalize!
Powers is an ISO-9001 international anchoring products com- Toll Free: 800.968.8208
pany with extensive manufacturing and engineering expertise Fax: 616.554.9008
in the following product groups: Mechanical Anchors, Adhesive
Anchoring Systems, Wall Anchors, Roofing Fasteners, Carbide Error-proof your shipping and experience real-time progress tracking
Drill Bits, and powered forced-entry systems such as Powder with instant access to accurate information. Validate your processes
Actuated and Gas Fastening. while simplifying data entry. Integrated with FabTrol MRP, Radley’s
WorkForce Productivity Solutions, incorporating an easy-to-use
mobile data collection system, provide real-time labor data so you
can compare actual hours to your estimates. Visit Booth 1116 at
2011 NASCC and ask us how Radley’s new stand-alone Inventory
Management solution can improve your inventory accuracy.


exhibitors MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

Scotchman Industries, Inc. SidePlate Systems, Inc.

Booth 712 Booth 1314
philip, SD laguna Hills, Ca
Ph: 605.859.2542 Ph: 949.305.7889 SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring
Toll Free: 800.843.8844 Toll Free: 800.475.2077 Booth 1430
Fax: 605.859.2499 Fax: 949.305.6395 Detroit, Mi Ph: 313.923.0400
Hydraulic Ironworkers: 45-150 tons, single and dual operator, Circular SidePlate Systems creates steel frame solutions for structures in Toll Free: 800.754.7668
Cold Saws: manual to fully automatic, pivot & column. Band Saws: all design environments. With the advent of SidePlate FRAME® Fax: 313.923.4555
manual to fully automatic, horizontal swing-head and vertical contour. connection technology, superior performance now comes with the
Scotchman® Advanced Measuring Systems designed to give you quick, least cost. No CJP Welds & No UT Inspection = Shorter Construction SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring manufactures slip-resistant metal
easy, accurate length setting. Scotchman Advanced Feed Systems can Schedule. Saves 1-4psf in steel frame tonnage, 50% Less Shop flooring products. Products range from high-friction floor plates,
be used as a programmable stop or purchased with an advanced inter- Labor than before. Saves time and money on virtually any project sure-step bar gratings, permanently safe ladder rungs and rung
lock kit that turns your machine into a fully automatic push feed system. when compared to alternative structural systems, regardless of covers to perforated and expanded metal plates. SlipNOT® far
whether wind, seismic or blast/progressive collapse governs. exceeds all recommendations for coefficient of friction specified by
S-FRAME Software ANSI, NFPA, ADA, OSHA and UL and is the preeminent long-term
Booth 1030 solution for increased productivity and safety. Safety products are
richmond, BC sold in stock sizes or are custom fabricated to specifications.
Ph: 604.273.7737 Southern Chapter NISD
Fax: 604.273.7731 Booth 1007 pinson, al
S-FRAME Structural Office—The shortest path to optimized struc- SigmaNEST Software Ph: 205.681.3487 x100
tural designs. Since 1981, structural engineers worldwide choose Booth 531 Fax: 205.681.3493
to use S-Frame®, S-Steel®, and S-Concrete® on the simplest Cincinnati, OH The Southern Chapter NISD consist of the following firms: Draft-
and most complex projects in terms of geometry, material mod- Ph: 513.674.0005 ing Service 205.655.2168 Tippy Crowe; K. Edward Byrd, P.E.
els, loading conditions, analysis and design requirements because Fax: 513.674.0009 662.844.9688 Ed Byrd; Nationwide Detailers 205.681.3487 Alan
of the products’ depth of capabilities, ease-of-use, accuracy and Blankenship; and Structural Technics 205.228.0960 Joel Hicks.
detailed reports coupled with the simplicity of the product portfolio SigmaNEST is the leading CAD/CAM nesting system for program-
Southwest Detailers Association
and the industry’s best customer support. ming CNC profile cutting and punching machines. Optimized for
Booth 1011
plasma, laser, punch, oxyfuel, waterjet, router, knife, tube/pipe
Sherwin-Williams Dallas, TX
and combination cutting machines, SigmaNEST ensures the best
Booth 1415 Ph: 972.226.6433 x103
results in terms of material utilization, machine optimization, mate-
Cleveland, OH Toll Free: 800.340.8542 x103
rial handling and information management.
Ph: 216.566.2000 Fax: 214.271.4725
Toll Free: 800.524.5979 Simsona Corporation
Fax: 440.826.1909 Booth 815 The Southwest Detailers Association is a Chapter of the NISD. The Silver Spring, MD object of this Chapter shall be to create a better understanding and
Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings’ low-VOC and low- Ph: 301.408.8553 bond between other members of the steel construction community. We
HAPs coatings are ideal for shop application and available through Fax: 301.260.0239 are dedicated to the principle that the steel detailer is a professional,
its 3,900 distribution locations. The Specifier Services Group at who by virtue of his education, training and experience, is a vital part of
Sherwin-Williams offers NACE and SSPC-certified Corrosion Spec- Simsona Corp. provides Structural Steel detailing, Misc Metal the construction industry. It is also the intention of this organization to
ification Specialists to ensure that your project uses technologies detailing, Rebar detailing and Steel Design Services. We provide establish, maintain and uphold proper standards for the steel detailer.
that reduce the critical planned timeline and achieves its expected integrated 3D modeling and BIM solutions to clients using Tekla
SRG Onesource LLC
service life. For more information, visit us at booth #1415. and SDS2 softwares. We have offices in USA and India. We also
Booth 1611
provide material take-off for estimating services. We provide our
Shop Data Systems, Inc. Mission, KS
services to Material fabricators, suppliers, architects, General Con-
Booth 617 Ph: 913.291.2901
tractors, design professionals, and construction managers. Our
Garland, TX Fax: 913.951.2929
Geographical coverage includes North America, South America,
Ph: 972.494.2719
UK, Middle East, Australia, Africa and Asia.
Fax: 972.272.7062 SRG originated in 1996 to aid conventional steel fabricators and Skidmore Wilhelm metal building manufacturers with their additional workloads
Shop Data Systems (SDS) has been servicing the steel fabrication Booth 1042 required for structural detailing services. Projects range from
industry for more than 30 years with CAD/CAM software solutions. The South Euclid, OH 5–2,500 tons utilizing SDS/2 software. Our diverse expertise,
system will import flat plate components directly from your structural Ph: 216.481.4774 NISD QPP and IDC certifications, advanced computer technologies,
design software. System features: import file-embedded quantity and Fax: 216.481.2427 experienced personnel, and client commitment result in a proven
material; import multiple files in seconds. Import DSTV or DXF files; record of success and resource to our clients. Members AISC. Visit
machine tool paths are applied automatically; tools with or without Made in the USA at our facility outside Cleveland, OH. For more for examples of projects and drawings.
piece mark; automatic shape nesting; chain cutting; common line cut- than 60 years Skidmore Wilhelm has been the standard in bolt ten- Call Doug Letsch 913.291.2901 for additional info.
ting; automatic plate trim; and personalized training and support. sion calibration. Recently we have begun revamping our product
SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings
line. Stop by to see what’s new!
Shuttlelift Booth 1535
Booth 1015 SKM Industries Inc. pittsburgh, pa
Sturgeon Bay, Wi Booth 1042 Ph: 412.281.2331
Ph: 920.743.8650 Olyphant, pa Toll Free: 800.837.8303
Fax: 920.743.1522 Ph: 570.383.3062 Fax: 412.281.9993 Toll Free: 800.851.8464
Shuttlelift – “Customer Inspired Lifting Solutions”. The reputation of Fax: 570.383.9482 SSPC is the only non-profit association that focuses solely on the
our industrial gantry cranes has been built on precision engineering, protection and preservation of steel, concrete, and other industrial
first-class manufacturing and outstanding customer service; then we SKM Industries Inc. is one of the largest manufactures of indus- and marine structures through the use of high-performance coat-
added the best warranty available on the market for good measure! trial paint markers for the metal,steel,welding, and galvanizing ings. We don’t dilute our focus by involvement with other corrosion
Our mobile gantry cranes are chosen by some of the largest com- industries,for over 25 year. SKM Industries successfully devel- control technologies. Coatings and linings are all we do. They’re
panies in the world because of our ability to provide lifting solutions oped a “ONE OF A KIND” formula that solved major problems and everything we do. That’s why SSPC is THE coatings society.
for the most difficult of scenarios. Shuttlelift will custom-build to your saved lots of money for the galvanizing industry. This formula
specification, delivering the crane that’s right for you. called “THE METAL PRO” galvanizing Marker will stay completely
on during fabrication and will also withstand weather. But will
come off completely in tank and not hinder the galvanizing pro-
cess. No additional labor is needed. This saves time and lots of
money for galvanizers.


: g/nascc
MAY 11–14

Steel Deck Institute

Booth 1434
Fox river Grove, il
St. Louis Screw and Bolt Ph: 847.458.4647
Booth 1104 Fax: 847.458.4648
Madison, il
Ph: 314.389.7500 Trade association of manufacturers of steel floor and roof decks and
Toll Free: 800.237.7059 manufacturers of related products used in the production or erection
Fax: 314.389.7510 of steel decks. SDI provides uniform industry standards for the engi- neering, design, manufacture, and field usage of steel decks.
St. Louis Screw and Bolt is the oldest structural bolt manufacturer in
the USA. We specialize in the manufacture of A325 and A490 struc- Steel Erectors Associa-
tural bolts in types 1 and 3, A449 Hex Bolts, F1554 anchor bolts, tion of America (SEAA)
sag and brace rods, and A325 and A490 TC bolts. We sell direct to Booth 1031
structural steel fabricators and offer complete project support. Greensboro, NC
Ph: 336.294.8880
Stainless Structurals, LLC Fax: 413.208.6936
Booth 1612
Jacksonville, Fl Founded in 1972, the Steel Erectors
Ph: 914.781.6447 Association of America (SEAA) is
Toll Free: 877.739.6057 the largest non-profit trade organization of its kind for steel erectors,
Fax: 904.781.6444 bringing members access to the industry’s most essential technical information, networking opportunities, and career development tools.
Producer and distributor of stainless steel structural sections in The Steel Erectors Association of America provides support and rep-
carbon steel profiles. Channels up to 15” and beams up to 16” resentation on steel erection issues that serves the global needs of
stocked in 304/L & 316/L. Also stocking unequal leg angle, select industry, government, and the public. Because of its strong member-
sizes of equal leg angle, and tee bar. Sizes to 40” and custom ship, the SEAA is proactive in meeting industry needs and responsive
profiles available upon request. to worldwide steel erection and construction issues.
Star Seismic Steel Founders’ Society of America
Booth 1428 Booth 1534
park City, UT Crystal lake, il
Ph: 435.940.9222 Ph: 815.455.8240
Fax: 435.655.0073 Fax: 815.455.8241
Star Seismic designs and manufactures the PowerCat and WildCat SFSA, akin to AISC, is a technical association. Members of SFSA
buckling restrained braces, the nation’s most rapidly growing seismic are steel foundries who supply a range of cast steel products for
system for structures. Not only do you get a superior seismic perfor- demanding environments such as railroad, mining, construction,
mance with the PowerCat and WildCat buckling restrained braces, military, and nuclear. SFSA can assist you in utilizing steel cast-
but you save money with the system as well. Let the professionals at ings for building construction. Steel castings offer performance,
Star Seismic reduce your risk by assisting you as you step through aesthetics, design freedom, and green manufacturing.
the use of this superior seismic system on your next project.
Steel Joist Institute
Steel Cast Connections LLC Booth 931
Booth 1410 Forest, Va
Seattle, Wa Ph: 434.525.7377
Ph: 206.250.7035 Fax: 434.525.7747
Fax: 206.622.0115 The Steel Joist Institute, a nonprofit organization of active joist
Steel Cast Connections provides the ANSI/AISC prequalified Kai- manufacturers and other individuals and entities connected to
ser Bolted Bracket, featuring an all-bolted installation for special the industry, was founded in 1928 to address the lack of uniform
moment frame construction. In addition SCC is introducing our joist standards within the industry. In addition to setting standards
Kaiser Frame system, a new cost–effective alternative to the tradi- and developing regulations for the steel joist industry, the Insti-
tional steel frame. The Kaiser Frame is an ordinary moment frame tute invests thousands of dollars in ongoing research and offers
and smaller version of our Kaiser Bolted Bracket and uses bolting a complete library of training and research aids. The Institute also
technology with standard structural steel sections. SCC also makes holds continuing education seminars/webinars, provides technical
custom steel castings. information and promotes the use of steel joists through a national
communications program.
The Steel Construction Group, LLC
Booth 1130 Steel Projects
austin, TX Booth 423
Ph: 512.402.9993 Vienne
Fax: 512.330.9961 France Ph:
Sid Dickerson and The Steel Construction Group have been pro- Fax:
viding candid, honest advice to Designers, Owners and Fabrica-
tors since 2001. On subjects as varied as off-shore procurement, For nearly 20 years Steel Projects has developed software for the
cost-effective use of structural steel framing or how best to avoid steel construction fabrication industry, to automate and optimise
“Empty-shop” Syndrome, there is no better resource available the connection between the drawing office and the workshop.
today. Please stop by our booth for an opportunity to tap into our Steel Projects’ Solutions are a set of business specific software,
expertise with the confidence that any answer will be unbiased easy to use, managing the production cycle as a PLM (Product
and well thought out. Lifecycle Management). Steel Projects is part of FICEP group, the
leading manufacturer of machine tools for the steel construction
fabrication industry.


exhibitors arranged by booth number MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

Steel Recycling Institute Structal-Heavy Steel Construction,

Booth 631 a division of Canam Group inc.
pittsburgh, pa Booth 1407
Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE
Ph: 412.922.2772×206 point of rocks, MD
Booth 1617
Toll Free: 800.876.7274 Ph: 301.874.5141
reston, Va
Fax: 412.922.3213 Toll Free: 800.638.4293
Ph: 703.295.6195 Fax: 301.874.5685
Toll Free: 800.548.2723
The Steel Recycling Institute (SRI) is an industry association that pro-
Fax: 703.295.6361
motes and sustains the recycling of all steel products. The SRI edu- Structal-Heavy Steel Construction specializes in the design and
cates the solid waste industry, government, business and ultimately fabrication of heavy structural steel components for complex,
The Structural Engineering Institute is a 20,000+ member com-
the consumer about the benefits of steel’s infinite recycling cycle. large-scale construction projects for general contractors, engineer-
munity of structural engineering within ASCE. SEI is uniquely
ing firms and building owners. Wheter you are building a sports or
Steelmax Tools LLC suited to serve the structural engineering community while
industrial complex, convention center, multistory building, alumi-
Booth 623 influencing change on broader issues that shape civil engineer-
num smelter, office tower or airport facility, Structal-Heavy Steel
Centennial, OH; pittsburgh, pa ing. SEI members are leaders in practice and academia—our
Construction has the cutting-edge design and fabrication capabili-
Ph: 303.690.9146 diversity drives the practical application of cutting edge research.
ties needed to successfully execute your project.
Toll Free: 87STEElMaX SEI produces technical publications, journals, conferences, con-
Fax: 303.690.9172 Structural Desktop, Inc. tinuing education, codes and standards, and professional prac- Booth 1514 tice documents that advance our members’ careers, stimulate
Steelmax Tools LLC offers a wide range of tools for the Steel Fabri- Van Buren, ar technological advancement, and improve professional practice.
cator. Our unique, high-quality tools offer solutions to reduce costs Ph: 479.471.5227 Visit
and increase productivity. They are designed and engineered for Toll Free: 866.269.8394
Structural Stability Research Council
long-term, heavy industrial use and are built to the highest quality Fax: 479.471.5225
Booth 1437
standards of ISO 9001. Steelmax Tools product line includes mag-
rolla, MO
netic drilling machines, annular cutters, weld preparation/beveling Structural Desktop (SDT) integrates STAAD Pro, RISA 3D/RISA-
Ph: 573.341.6610
machines, stationary grinders, magnetic lifters, metal cutting saws, Floor, GT STRUDL, and SAP2000 with AutoCAD. Users can build
Fax: 573.341.4476
TCT sawblades, and welding/cutting automation equipment. an analytical model inside AutoCAD and import that model into
their analytical program for analysis and design. They can import
Strand7 Pty Limited The council provides support and technical counsel for sta-
that model back into SDT for automatic creation of annotated plans
Booth 937 bility research, holds regular meetings to report on research
and elevations in AutoCAD “DWG” contract document format. The
Sydney, NSW activities, and publishes the definitive work, Guide to Stabil-
program creates 3D models for rendering and material reports for
australia ity Design Criteria for Metal Structures. The SSRC Annual
estimation from the SDT model. Reduced costs, improved accu-
Ph: 252.504.2282 Stability Conference provides up-to-date information and
racy, and improved communication permit Structural Desktop to identifies where efficiencies exist in present understanding
pay for itself in a single project. (Now with Version 4.0)
Strand7 Pty Ltd researches and develops state-of-the-art engi- of structural behavior. Conference proceedings represent
neering analysis software and provides consulting and training a primary source of highlights of the latest solutions to
services to the engineering community worldwide. The Strand7 structural problems before they are eventually published in
software is an advanced, general purpose, FEA system used world- technical journals.
wide by engineers, designers and analysts for a wide range of
structural analysis applications; it includes linear and nonlinear
static and dynamic capabilities. A notable recent example is the
structural optimization of the Water Cube for the 2008 Olympic
Games, which was completely analyzed with Strand7.


: g/nascc
MAY 11–14

TDS Industrial Services Ltd. Tennessee Galvanizing

Booth 1331 Booth 1329
Tata Steel International Americas prince George, BC Jasper, TN
Booth 936 Canada Ph: 423.942.1020
Schaumburg, il Ph: 250.561.1646 Toll Free: 877.242.5848
Ph: 847.619.0400 Fax: 250.562.8549 Fax: 423.942.1040
Toll Free: 800.542.6244
Fax: 847.619.0468 Steel detailers for structural and misc. metals since 1979, using We are a leading Provider Hot-dip Galvanizer for the Steel Industry. the Strucad and Tekla 3D modeling software. We can galvanize a Beam up to 60’ long down to a 3/8” Bolt. Four
Tata Steel Group is one of the world’s largest steel producers, a kettles to handle any lead time you need. Same-day service if set
TechFlow, Inc. up in advance. ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001. Governor’s Environ-
leading manufacturer of structural shapes and a provider of many Booth 916
innovative steel construction solutions such as Slimdek, Bi-Steel mental Stewardship 2009 Award, Excellance in Hazardous Waste
Duluth, Ga Reduction. EPA Gold Acheivement 2009 Honorable Mention Award
and a large range of cold- and hot-formed HSS. Tata Steel Interna- Ph: 770.495.1446
tional Americas specializes in delivering product and service pack- Industrial Material Recycling. TN Galvanizing does not produce any
Toll Free: 888.496.1446 Hazardous Waste.
ages to contractors and designers throughout the world, blending Fax: 770.495.1448
industry knowledge and expertise that is specific to North, Central Trilogy Machinery, Inc.
and South America. Tech Flow Inc., Group of Techflow Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. has been Booth 904
Taylor Devices, Inc. involved in Structural Steel Detailing for civil engineering and Belcamp, MD
Booth 1215 industrial projects worldwide. Our wide range project portfolio Ph: 410.272.3600
North Tonawanda, NY begins from airports,stadiums, hotels, bridges, schools, com- Fax: 410.272.3601
Ph: 716.694.0800 mercial buildings etc. With the power of 102 Tekla licenses and
Fax: 716.695.6015 competent and well-versed with AISC, BIS, IS and OSHA standards, Trilogy Machinery, Inc. is the Exclusive North American distributor professional, we are a step ahead of just detailing. However large for ROUNDO Angle and Plate bending rolls and USA Distributor for
Taylor Devices is the world’s leading manufacturer of Fluid Vis- or complex project cannot impede the pace of our detailers.We are SUNRISE Ironworkers including CNC Models. Trilogy is pleased to
cous Dampers, Lock-up Devices, Shock Transmission Units, Shock highly admired for our accurate shop drawing leading to hassle- be the United States distributor for LEMAS 3-Roll and 4-Roll Plate
Absorbers, Cable Dampers and custom Tuned Mass Damping sys- free fabrication to our Client. It is more of customer Delight then Bending rolls. TRILOGY offers sales, service and support for every
tems. These devices and systems can be used to protect building satisfaction motto of Techflow group. brand they sell including UNMATCHED experience selling, servicing
and bridge structures from the devastating vibrations caused by and supporting Bending Rolls including over 100 years of experi-
Tekla, Inc. ence with ROUNDO Bending Rolls.
earthquakes, wind, hurricanes and other vibrational disturbances. Booth 1023
Kennesaw, Ga TurnaSure LLC
Ph: 770.426.5105 Booth 929
Toll Free: 877.835.5265 langhorne, pa
Fax: 770.919.0574 Ph: 215.750.1300 Toll Free: 800.525.7193
Tekla Structures BIM (Building Information Modeling) software pro- Fax: 215.750.6300
vides an accurate, detailed, and data-rich 3D environment that
can be shared by contractors, structural engineers, steel detailers TurnaSure LLC is the manufacturer of a comprehensive range
and fabricators, as well as concrete detailers and manufacturers. of Direct Tension Indicators strictly adhering to the ASTM F959
The highly detailed as-built structural models created, combined Standard. Now TurnaSure introduces the revolutionary TurnAnut”
and distributed with Tekla Structures enable the highest level of fastener. This ingenious new tensioning device links a TurnaSure®
constructability and production control. Centralizing building infor- DTI to an ASTM A563 DH nut.The benefits for users are immense.
mation into the model allows for more collaborative and integrated Now the nut, hardened washer and Direct Tension Indicator
project management and delivery. become one piece, saving costs in transport, ease and speed of
assembly in the field without assembly errors.


exhibitors MAY 11–14
PITTSBURGH www.aisc.or

Tuttle Railing Systems Viking Blast & Wash Systems Wheeling Corrugating Company
Booth 1131 Booth 632 Booth 1323
Fishers, iN Wichita, KS Wheeling, WV
Ph: 317.842.2420 Ph: 316.634.6699 Ph: 304.234.2300
Toll Free: 800.328.4496 Toll Free: 800.835.1096 Toll Free: 800.922.3325
Fax: 317.845.1328 Fax: 316.634.6658 Fax: 304.234.2330
Tuttle is the United States largest custom fabricator of non- Viking Blast & Wash Systems offers a full line of industrial clean- Wheeling Corrugating has the distinction of being our nation’s
ferrous handrails and railings for the water & sewage treatment, ing equipment including airless shot blast systems, parts washers, most experienced decking manufacturer, with over 120 years of
industrial and commercial markets. Founded in 1955, Tuttle has and vibratory degreasers. This equipment cleans and removes mill quality and performance and a future focused on innovation and
3 facilities nationwide (Indianapolis, IN and Denver, CO) and over scale, dirt and rust from a wide variety of materials including plate customer service. Wheeling Corrugating has facilities nationwide,
100 employees. steel, structural I-beams, weldments and pipe. Viking’s abrasive strategically located throughout the country. We specialize in steel
blast systems provide clean, uniform surfaces for better paint decking for complex and high-rise structures. Come visit us at
Unbonded BraceTM adhesion or other finishing operations. NASCC in booth 1323 and ask us about our Seismic ShearLoc
Booth 605 SystemTM for strong and quick side lap attachment. New website
los angeles, Ca Voortman USA Corporation coming soon!
Ph: 213.896.1142 Booth 443
Fax: 213.688.1138 Manteno, il Ph: 815.468.6300
The Unbonded BraceTM started the buckling-restrained brace revo- Fax: 815.468.6333
lution in the U.S. ten years ago. The UBB is the most rigorously
reviewed and approved BRB system in the world, accepted by more Voortman USA Corporation is the technology and performance
regulatory agencies than any other. Unbonded BraceTM is supported driven global leader in the design and manufacture of fully auto- Worthington Metal Fabricators dba – Sharon Stair
by a group of companies providing seismic structural systems to mated systems for structural steel and plate fabrication. Voortman Booth 917
engineers, fabricators and general contractors. With more than 20 manufactures blasting, painting, sawing, drilling, angle and plasma akron, OH
years development and about 700 applications, Unbonded BraceTM robotic coping systems. Also large plate processing system up to Ph: 330.777.5377
is the first and most widely used BRB in the world. 120” wide. With locations globally we guarantee superior customer Toll Free: 800.792.0129
service and support to all our users. Fax: 330.777.5350
Booth 630 Worthington Metal Fabricators, LLC specializes in pre-engineered
Grand rapids, Mi drop-in “Sharon Stairs” as well as complete Miscellaneous Metal
Ph: 616.949.0853 packages for those customers who need more than just a steel
Toll Free: 800.253.5462 stair vendor. Worthington Metal Fabricators is an AISC Certified
Fax: 616.949.9503 Voss Engineering, Inc. company, and offers complete engineering, detailing (Including Booth 1623 BIM Modeling) and fabrication services. We look foreword to seeing
Unist’s MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) systems feature an lincolnwood, il you at the 2011 NASCC. Please visit us at booth #917.
unrivaled level of precision & efficiency in applying fluids in metal Ph: 847.673.8900
cutting & forming operations. Unist’s precise delivery of lubricant Toll Free: 800.323.3935 Zeman Bauelemente Produktionsgesellschaft mbH
means fluid is applied directly to the cutting tool & work piece Fax: 847.673.1408 Booth 843
interface. This results in reduced fluid consumption, a cleaner Vienna, austria
plant, improved tool life, less downtime, and increased productivity. Voss Engineering, Inc. provides expansion/slide bearing assemblies, Ph:
A free 30-day in-plant trial is available for select systems. Contact bearing pads, and isolation materials for highway bridges, industrial Fax:
Unist today for more information. structures, machines, process piping, and commercial buildings. Our
product line includes the following structural bearing pad materials: The Austrian company Zeman founded in 1965 has become an
V & S Galvanizing SORBTEX (preformed fabric pad/cotton duck pad/CDP), NEOSORB international steel construction group and a successful multi-utility
Booth 1529 (AASHTO grade polychloroprene), VSB Slide Bearings (PTFE and steel supplier. Since steel beams have been mostly processed manually,
Columbus, OH plate), and FIBERLAST or VOSSCO (random oriented fiber pads). Zeman machinery branch has devoted itself to “fully automated
Toll Free: 800.801.3648 steel construction processing”. The two revolutionary develop-
Fax: 614.449.8851 Walker Magnetics ments invented by Zeman are high-tech lines which allow fully Booth 837 automated positioning, welding and assembling of structural steel
V & S Galvanizing is a leader in the Hot Dip Galvanizing industry, Worcester, Ma elements. Substantial advantages of this equipment consist in a
with many locations on the East Coast and Midwest, and over 70 Ph: 508.853.3232 profound shortening of throughput times of appr. 85%, consider-
locations worldwide. Specializing in corrosion protection of steel Toll Free: 800.962.4638 able assembly space saving, reduced noise, more efficient use of
with zinc by Hot Dip Galvanizing. We offer the DUROZINQ® pro- Fax: 508.852.8649 energy and material resources as well as the significant reduction
gram of galvanizing, packaging, tagging and guaranteed service. of labor and production costs with identical quality and quantity.
We also offer our COLORZINQ® system (paint over galvanizing) Walker Magnetics is one of the global leaders in magnetic solu-
that adds brilliant color to a base of corrosion protection. V & S tions for workholding, lifting, and separation applications. Our
offers trucking and many other value added services. Call us for all expertise in electro, electro-permanent, and permanent magnetic
of your corrosion protection needs. systems enable us to accommodate our customers with the most
appropriate magnetic system for their specific application. We have
Vernet Behringer been in business since 1896.
Booth 135
Morgantown, pa Weinstock Brothers
Ph: 610.286.9777 Booth 813
Toll Free: 888.234.7464 Valley Stream, NY
Fax: 610.286.9699 Ph: 516.568.2171 Toll Free: 800.325.BOlT
High performance drilling, punching, shearing, notching, and mark- Fax: 516.825.4159
ing machines. Beam coping and drilling and sawing lines.
Since 1898, Weinstock Bros. Corp has been meeting the needs of
Structural Steel Fabricators and Erectors. Weinstock is the fore-
most supplier of high strength structural bolts to leading projects in
the Northeast and beyond, featuring scale box teamster deliveries
to your jobsite. In addition to fasteners, we stock a full line supplies,
hand tools, magnetic base drills, fall protection, safety equipment
and fabrication machinery. We specialize in providing “what you
need when you need it.”


: g/nasc c exhibitors
MAY 11–14 PITTSBURGH (Exhibitors current as of March 8, 2011.)

107 Kinetic Cutting Systems inc 837 Walker Magnetics 1243 american institute of Steel
117 Cosen Saws USa 843 Zeman Bauelemente Construction (aiSC)
123 DaiTO USa iNC. produktionsgesellschaft mbH 1243 National Steel Bridge alliance
135 Behringer Saws, inc. 904 Trilogy Machinery, inc. 1307 Fisher & ludlow Grating products,
135 Vernet Behringer 905 New Millennium Building Systems a Nucor Company
207 aGT 910 p2 programs 1309 Nucor – Corporation
209 Ocean Machinery, inc. 911 G.W.Y., inc. 1309 Nucor – plate Mill Group
322 Controlled automation, inc. 916 TechFlow, iNC. 1309 Nucor – Verco Decking, inc.
402 peddinghaus Corporation 917 Worthington Metal Fabricators dba– 1309 Nucor – Vulcraft Group
423 Ficep Corporation Sharon Stair 1309 Nucor – Yamato Steel Company
423 Steel projects 923 FabSuite, llC 1309 Nucor Fastener Division
443 Voortman USa Corporation 928 Max Weiss Co., llC 1313 Kubes Steel, inc.
505 infra-Metals Co. 929 TurnaSure llC 1314 Sideplate Systems, inc.
509 CaMBCO, inc. 930 Hilti, inc. 1317 Computers & Structures, inc.
511 american punch Co. 931 Steel Joist institute 1318 leJeune Bolt Company
517 pythonX – Burlington automation 933 Eastern pneumatics & Hydraulics, inc./ 1323 Wheeling Corrugating Company
523 peerless industrial Equipment McCann Equipment ltd. 1328 applied Bolting Technology, inc.
529 J. B. long, inc. 936 Tata Steel international americas 1329 Tennessee Galvanizing
531 SigmaNEST Software 937 Strand7 pty limited 1330 atema inc.
533 Cleveland City Forge 943 The Crosby Group 1331 TDS industrial Services ltd.
537 HGG profiling Equipment 1005 Haydon Bolts, inc. 1333 pan Gulf Technologies pvt. ltd.
539 allied Machine & Engineering Corp. 1007 Southern Chapter NiSD 1335 american Galvanizers association
543 Fab-line Machinery, llC 1009 National institute of Steel Detailing 1336 Chicago Metal rolled products
604 COMEQ, inc. 1010 Girder-Slab Technologies, llC 1337 atlas Tube, a division of JMC Steel Group
605 Marubeni-itochu Steel america inc. (MiSa) 1011 Southwest Detailers association 1406 aZZ Galvanizing Services
605 Mitsui & Co. (U.S.a.), inc. 1013 allied Tube & Conduit 1407 Canam United States,
605 Nippon Steel Corporation 1015 Shuttlelift a division of Canam Steel Corporation
605 Unbonded BraceTM 1017 aegis Metal Framing 1407 Structal-Heavy Steel Construction,
608 Cleveland punch and Die Company 1023 Tekla, inc. a division of Canam Group inc.
610 Hercules Bolt Company 1028 international Design Services 1410 Steel Cast Connections llC
611 pannier Corporation 1029 aDconX 1412 aZCO Steel Company
612 Faccin USa, inc. 1030 S-FraME Software 1415 Sherwin-Williams
613 Frontier Steel Company 1031 Steel Erectors association of 1417 Cerbaco ltd.
615 Mi-Jack products america (SEaa) 1419 Core Brace, llC
617 Shop Data Systems, inc. 1032 lTC, inc. 1423 CMC Steel products
619 Chatham Steel Corporation 1033 Buckner Companies 1423 Commercial Metals Company
623 Steelmax Tools llC 1036 Gerdau ameristeel 1428 Star Seismic
628 Metals USa 1042 Skidmore Wilhelm 1429 Birmingham Fastener inc.
629 infoSight Corporation 1042 SKM industries inc. 1430 SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring
630 Unist 1043 Cast Connex Corporation 1432 Engineering Ministries international (eMi)
631 Steel recycling institute 1104 St. louis Screw and Bolt 1434 Steel Deck institute
632 Viking Blast & Wash Systems 1106 Neilsoft, inc. 1435 Brown Consulting Services, inc.
633 The Dyson Corporation, inc. 1107 Design Data 1437 Structural Stability research Council
636 Green Brook Engineering 1108 Delta Structural Steel Services Group 1438 Kottler Metal products, inc.
637 lindapter international 1110 roberts Sinto Corporation/ 1439 roval USa Corporation
642 inovatech Engineering Sinto Surface Treatment 1443 peikko Group
705 lincoln Electric Company 1112 Graitec 1509 lNa Solutions
712 Scotchman industries, inc. 1116 radley Corporation 1511 Gantrex inc.
713 Jitech, inc. 1117 FabTrol Systems, inc. 1513 GT STrUDl
714 Fabreeka international, inc. 1123 The Dowco Group 1514 Structural Desktop, inc.
716 ironworker Management progressive 1128 lohr Structural Fasteners, inc. 1516 ESaB Welding & Cutting products
action Cooperative Trust 1129 lantek Systems, inc. 1517 riSa Technologies
717 Quebec Detailing Connection 1130 The Steel Construction Group, llC 1528 BendTec, inc.
718 Hougen Manufacturing, inc. 1131 Tuttle railing Systems 1529 V & S Galvanizing
722 prothious inc. 1135 High Transit 1530 DaCS, inc.
728 Nitto Kohki U.S.a., inc. 1137 industrial Galvanizers–Valmont Coatings 1534 Steel Founders’ Society of america
729 Brakewell Steel Fabricators 1142 ronstan Tensile architecture 1535 SSpC: The Society for protective Coatings
730 eCaDsystems, inc. 1207 Nucor – Corporation 1609 McNichols Company
731 MECCO Marking & Traceability 1207 Nucor – plate Mill Group 1610 aSTM international
732 DGS Technical Services, inc. 1207 Nucor – Verco Decking, inc. 1611 SrG Onesource llC
737 Chicago Clamp Company 1207 Nucor – Vulcraft Group 1612 Stainless Structurals, llC
739 prodevco industries inc. 1207 Nucor – Yamato Steel Company 1613 american Welding Society
805 The M. K. Morse Company 1207 Nucor Fastener Division 1615 Grating Fasteners, llC
811 l.B. Foster Company 1215 Taylor Devices, inc. 1617 Structural Engineering institute of aSCE
813 powers Fasteners 1217 arcelorMittal 1621 infasco / ifastgroupe
813 Weinstock Brothers 1223 aceCad Software 1623 Voss Engineering, inc.
815 Simsona Corporation 1228 Metal Dek Group®, a unit of CSi® 1627 Metal improvement Company
817 Combilift USa 1229 ConXtech, inc. 1631 National Commission for the Certifcation
823 Bentley Systems 1232 Mold-Tek Technolgies, ltd of Crane Operators
828 alFra USa, llC 1233 image Stud Welding 1633 Bureau Veritas
829 p.E.p. Technology 1236 paramount roll & Forming, inc. TBD Modern Steel Construction Magazine
830 riX USa, llC 1237 CSC, inc.
836 Nemetschek Scia 1243 aiSC Certification

Far From One-Dimensional


The Sustainable Steel sessions at this year’s NASCC demonstrate

the variety of ways in which the two S-words interact.

AS SOME OF YOU MAY RECALL, I used to be the senior and building case studies that demonstrate that there’s more
editor of this magazine. to designing and building a green framing system than just
At that post I had an email folder for each issue and in choosing the material.
it a folder for each article—in addition to plenty of other The Fabricator and LEED – With LEED projects come
folders for article ideas, subject areas and projects. When I a whole new level of accountability for all parties involved.
moved over to the marketing side of AISC to focus on one This session will give fabricators a better idea of what is
particular topic—sustainability—I figured my list of email required of them in terms of documentation for LEED proj-
folders would become much shorter. I was wrong. I have ects, providing practical examples of LEED calculations as
created more folders than I ever thought possible, and the well as suggestions for decreasing the environmental impact
list is ever-growing. of a fabrication shop.
I’m not telling you this to impress you with my organiza- Building a Ship in a Bottle—Accident Fund Insur-
tional skills (or frighten you with my lack thereof), but rather ance Co., Lansing, Mich. – A major push within the green
to communicate that I never imagined how multifaceted the building community is adaptive reuse of existing structures.
word sustainable could be, particularly within the realm of Our industry is certainly focused on new buildings being
structural steel. Sustainability affects and is affected by our fabricated and erected, but constructing new buildings today
industry in many ways, and this variety is reflected in the using structural steel is also a wise choice to allow for future
Sustainable Steel sessions at this year’s NASCC. structural adaptation and expansion. That point is illustrated
The article “The 2011 NASSC Opportunity” in the March by this case study of a power plant-turned-office building in
2011 issue of MSC (available online at www.modernsteel. Lansing, Mich. For a preview of this session, read “An Inside
com/backissues) provided a quick look at what each of the Job” in the December 2010 issue of MSC, available at www.
eight Sustainable Steel sessions will cover. In this column, I’d
like to focus briefly on why they’re each important. Saving Buildings from Collapse—and the Landfill –
Sustainability and Steel – Consider this one: Green Designing buildings to withstand the stress of earthquakes
Steel 101. It provides an overview of how steel and sustain- or other disasters is sustainable in that it keeps them out of
ability are closely related, including a basic introduction to the landfill and also alleviates some or all of the environ-
the importance of green buildings; steel’s environmental mental and safety impacts of structural failure and subse-
improvements over the past few decades; green attributes, quent demolition and reconstruction. The concrete industry
talking points and opportunities for steel in each link in the promotes building durability via overdesign and using more
supply chain; relevant green codes, standards and rating concrete—a bunker mentality, if you will. Proponents of
systems; opportunities for steel within the LEED system; steel, on the other hand, feel that durability can be achieved
with smarter design, leading to easily repairable buildings.
This session highlights a seismic system that is both efficient
and rapidly repairable.
Legal Pitfalls of Green Design and Construction –
This session is an expansion of the March 2011 MSC column
“The Legal Side of Green,” which is available at www.mod- As the number of green projects
increases, so does the number of potential green lawsuits,
Geoff Weisenberger, LEED GA, is AISC’s and this session covers important considerations for anyone
director of industry sustainability. You can becoming involved in projects that have stated green goals
reach him at or hopes of becoming LEED certified.
Learn more about steel and sustainability at Thermal Steel Bridging: Minimizing Building Envelope Energy Loss in Structural Steel Buildings – The issue of
energy loss via steel that penetrates a building’s façade—thermal


bridging—is seeing increased attention in the
construction industry. This session provides
potential solutions for minimizing the prob-
Solar Steel – As the use of renewable
energy increases in the U.S. and the elec-
trical grid becomes greener, steel stands to
gain a lot from an environmental stand-
point. Think of it this way: most of steel’s
carbon footprint is tied to electrical use
at the mill level, so as the grid becomes
greener, so does the steelmaking process.
In addition, the solar power market is pro-
viding increased opportunities for steel, as
HSS can be used to support solar cells on
both rooftops and the ground. This ses-
sion illustrates the reciprocal relationship
between steel and renewable energy via a
case study of an HSS manufacturer that is
constructing the largest solar rooftop array
in North America on one of its facilities—
with the panels, of course, being supported
by its own HSS.
Reused: A Tale of Salvaged Steel –
Salvaged structural steel isn’t currently see-
ing a lot of use in the U.S., but the potential
is there. As with structural expansion and
adaptation projects, steel is perfectly suited
for deconstruction, salvage and reuse. This
session provides a case study of a project

One Bad Weld Could Cost You Million$

that used salvaged steel for structural col-
umns. It also discusses the challenges of
testing and certifying salvaged steel—and
illustrates one more reason why steel is a
superior material from a green standpoint.
AISC’s sustainability initiative is geared
Our Customers Receive these
toward communicating and educating Benefits at NO Additional Cost:
steel’s advantages and opportunities to Recognized as Construction Industry’s
the construction industry at large, as well
Highest Training Requirements
as looking inward and seeing where we
can make improvements to our industry Ironworker Qualified Welding Certifications
and how we can design, produce, fabricate meet AWS D1.1 Structural Code &
and build with steel in the most sustain- AWS D1.5 Bridge Code Standards
able manner possible—both with the end
goal of seeing structural steel continue to Complete Welder Portability
expand its market share in green-minded Over 3,000
Contractors 110 Classroom/Hands-on Hours Minimum
projects and as a whole.
The topic of sustainability and steel & Over 100,000 Ironworkers Performance Verified by AWS Certified
doesn’t fit into just one folder, or one ses- Welding Inspectors
sion, and our hope is that this conference-
within-a-conference will provide you with State-of-the-Art Training Materials
talking points and tools to help you spread Can You Afford Easy Online Verification
the “green word” about steel. Perhaps it
also will give you ideas on how to make
NOT to Hire Us? Network of over 150 Training Centers
your own role in the steel supply chain in the USA & Canada
more sustainable—and see your business w w w. i ro n w o r k e r s . o rg
increase as a result of both. Certified by the U.S. Department of Labor
For more details on these sessions w w w. i m p a c t - n e t . o rg Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube
and others at this year’s NASCC, visit
IMPACT Ad_ENR_4.63x4.75_1-19-11_3 Certification Ads.indd 3 1/19/11 75
quality corner

Of Lost Luggage and Root Cause


The auditees turn the looking glass on the auditor

in a fine example of root cause analysis.

HAVING SPENT NEARLY 10 years conducting audits to truly wonderful people is that it requires traveling thou-
the AISC Quality Management Systems Standards, I remain sands of air and highway miles each year. Rule No. 1 in the
fascinated meeting and interacting with the cast of charac- road warrior game is never ever check luggage, especially if
ters throughout the “World of Steel.” Thus it was with great one has a connecting flight. However, this particular two-
anticipation that I recently arrived at a highly regarded erec- week trip included much of the U.S. eastern seaboard, South
tion company in the southeastern U.S. to perform an annual America, and finally making a presentation in Orlando.
audit. There was no option but to check baggage. Sadly, my bag-
This progressive company has been certified for a num- gage never made the connection.
ber of years, which has allowed me to witness the continued The data collected during the RCA process revealed that
improvement of its quality and safety management systems. one of the world’s largest airlines, upon learning my bag
The firm’s staff and management are very professional and had never been loaded at the connection, graciously offered
friendly, and I always look forward to my visits. me an “emergency kit” containing a toothbrush, toothpaste,
On this audit, I hoped they would overlook that I quite no- an official airline T-shirt, a small tube of some type of skin
ticeably cut myself while shaving. It is rather unprofessional cream, and a 2-in.-long, single-bladed razor. The roundtable
for an auditor to arrive with tissues adorning his face. of shaving professionals determined that because I typically
On the second day, as our review was coming to a close, use a triple-blade razor with Teflon glide and super-sensitive-
the conversation turned to non-conformance and corrective skin shaving cream the root cause could only be that my
action procedures and eventually to performing root cause luggage had been lost. As a possible corrective action and
analysis (RCA). As anyone who has performed this exercise to close out the matter, the group suggested I never check
can attest, identifying the root cause of a problem or incident luggage again. Knowing the travel process must include
can be exceedingly difficult because often the real problem checked bags from time to time, I decided that the final,
lurks beneath several layers of symptoms. This day the group workable solution is to carry my razor and shaving cream in
decided to apply a few of the tools used in RCA to attempt my computer bag.
to identify the real reason (root cause) for my facial injury I recount that story to demonstrate the difficulty and the
and initiate corrective action to prevent future occurrences. benefits of RCA. Root cause analysis is a group of problem
Around the table was a group of experts with many years of solving methods used to identify the root cause, or causes, of
shaving experience who would make a perfect assembly, it problems or incidents. RCA is employed in the safety field for
seemed, to bring value to the quest. Each member of the analyzing accidents/incidents, in production for manufactur-
team had an ing issues, in maintenance for failure analysis, and in business
opinion: dull for risk management. The process assumes that problems can
razor, broken be solved by eliminating root causes instead of simply ad-
razor, single dressing the obvious and sometimes numerous symptoms and
bladed razor, that by initiating corrective action on well vetted root causes
lack of train- the possibility of recurrence should be reduced or eliminated.
ing—which If multiple root causes are identified by the RCA process, the
hurt a little— objective then becomes the selection of the simplest and most
and so on. economical solution to the problem.
Stephen Russell is an The minor Achieving well vetted—or as my good friend and fellow
independent auditor who downside to auditor Bob Zaykoski suggests “well scrutinized”—root
can be reached at stphn_ interacting causes often is an elusive goal. The basic steps in conducting with all these root cause analysis are relatively straightforward:

Quality Corner is a monthly feature that covers topics ranging from how to specify a certified company to how long it takes to
become a certified company. if you are interested in browsing our electronic archive, please visit


➤ Define the issue.
➤ Collect data to determine the nature of the issue.
➤ List potential causes of the issue.
Tell Us About Your Audit
➤ Identify the root cause or causes.
after aiSC Certification participants conclude the
➤ Implement corrective action to prevent recurrence.
certification process, they have the opportunity to
➤ Review corrective actions and monitor for effectiveness.
complete a survey about their experience. While the
Basic quality tools such as the Five Whys, fishbone (Ishikawa) average return rate for similar independent surveys is
diagrams, and Pareto analysis can greatly enhance the process usually 3% to 5%, we historically have had an extremely
of inventorying potential causes and provide documented con- high completion rate of 40% or more. Those responses
firmation of root causes. Fortunately, their use does not require provide aiSC Certification with valuable feedback on
complex statistical analysis. our programs, auditors and initiatives. They also bring
Why then do many organizations appear to struggle with basic to our attention any misconceptions that participants
root cause analysis? Over the years significant research has been are experiencing with regard to our programs.
conducted and much has been published regarding the impedi- Besides offering feedback, completing the
ments to successful RCA. Some of these barriers include: Certification Survey also provides the respondent
➤ Skepticism in the RCA results due to preconceived ideas.
a chance to win a free audit for the following year,
➤ A misunderstanding of the RCA process.
with one winner randomly selected every six months.
➤ A misunderstanding of the RCA objectives.
The winner for the second half of 2010 is Knight
➤ A perceived lack of time by potential team members to
Construction & Supply, inc. located in Deer park, Wash.
become involved in the RCA process. Congratulations and thanks to all who completed
➤ A lack of communication and common goals (the “silo effect”).
surveys. The information you provide is invaluable
➤ Dysfunctionality of the RCA team (it is not cross-
to our program. if you have additional comments—
functional, consists only of individuals from the group positive or negative—about this or anything related
under review, has a non-independent facilitator, lacks a to the aiSC Certification programs, please visit www.
visionary management champion). to let us know what you think.
➤ Fear that someone on the RCA team will be held responsible.

2200 Ft. Lbs. of torque with a 1” Square Drive

Eastern Pneumatics & Hydraulics Inc., Specifications:

introduces the new TONE electric torque Voltage: 115V
control wrench. Current: 12A (Max)
The STC30AE has been newly designed Power Consumption: 1350W (Max)
with a LED light indicator confirming that Torque Range: 750 lbf.ft to 2200 lbf.ft
the torque setting has been achieved. Square Drive: 1" (25.4 mm)
Special features such as low weight and RPM: 3
high accuracy makes this tool ideal for Weight: 9.5kg
construction and industrial use. Included: Straight and L type reaction arms Visit us at The 2011 NASCC
Steel Conference May 11-14
The STC30AE comes complete with a Optional: Slide type reaction arm
@ BOOTH #933
heavy duty metal case and accessories.


Eastern Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Inc. McCann Equipment Ltd.
40 Lowell Road, Unit #3 10255 Cote de Liesse
Salem, NH 03079 Dorval, QC H9P 1A3
Tel: (603) 893-7662 Tel: (514) 636-6344
1-800-356-5624 1-800-663-6344


My observations over the past few
years lead me to conclude that fear that
some individual has to be held accountable
for the cause is a significant barrier to
successful RCA. This same apprehension
is a major reason there is often reluctance
within organizations to report non-
conformances, but that we shall reserve
for a future discussion.
In his book Project Retrospectives: A Hand-
book for Team Reviews, Norman L. Kerth
describes what appear to be very effective
techniques for conducting post-project
reviews (retrospectives). The book is in-
tended to assist software organizations in
their efforts to document lessons learned,
successes and failures, following a project.
One of his foundational tools is Kerth’s
Prime Directive which is designed to keep
focus on the process and to avert individual
blame. It states:
“Regardless of what we discover, we must
Visit us at NASCC Booth #1615 understand and truly believe that every-
one did the best job he or she could, given
what was known at the time, his or her
skills and abilities, the resources available,
and the situation at hand.”
Research has repeatedly shown that
nearly 95% of issues or problems within
organizations are traceable to a process or


the quality management system, and the
remaining 5% are attributable to “people


® problems.” So when a problem arises or
mistake occurs, it seems apparent that con-
THE #1 SELLING AUTOMATED Also: FLANGING MACHINES & DISHING ducting an exhaustive search for a culpable
individual will yield little return. People
will make mistakes, regardless of experi-
Single & Dual Cylinder Ironworkers ence, diligence or expertise.
40 to 240 ton punch and lots more. Perhaps more effective root cause
analysis could be attained by creating a
people-safe environment with a focus on
Visit with what process failure allowed the problem
us at to occur and what changes to that process
are required to prevent, or lessen the likeli-
NASCC EVEN MORE . . . hood of recurrence. This appears to have
EVEN BETTER . . . the potential for significantly better return
Booth on investment to the organization.
#604 AFFORDABLE Portions of this article originally appeared in
The SEAA Connector, published by the Steel
Erectors Association of America (SEAA) and
are reprinted with permission. For more infor-
mation on RCA techniques and tools, visit www. or

E-mail:, Phone: 410-933-8500
½ thE
pRICE! ½ spACE!
thE fLooR
2X thE

CNC LAyout
beams and channels n
flat bars and base plates n
square and rectangular tubes n
round tubes and pipes n
tapered and pre-cambered beams n
stair stringers and welded n

Drills 1/4" to 2" diameters n

Easy import of CAD drawings n
Built by Peddinghaus n Visit us at NASCC Booth #209
Huge Labor Savings
Huge Consumable Savings
Huge Reduction in Backcharges


Tel 800.286.3624 • 954.956.3131 • Fax 954.956.3199 6720 NW 15th Way • Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, USA •
business issues

AEC Job Search Tips for 2011

By anne scarlett

Things are looking up, so fuel your confidence, then let it shine.

MANy OF US, especially in fragile economic times, look and keep you on your toes. Other challenges might be around
at the process of job searching with worry, even dread. Yet, maintaining a positive attitude while attending to less desirable
we ultimately reach a point where we are “uber”-motivated tasks. Still others might be “givens” beyond your control, such
to make a career change. Various actions can drive us to as internal politics or market conditions. Give yourself at least
reach that point: unemployment; an inevitable downfall of 15 more minutes to write down potential challenges.
our current company beyond repair; inability to grow in our Compare credentials to position. How well do your
role; and lack of job satisfaction, to name just a few. credentials fit into this imaginary job position that you have
But when we wait until we are 110% motivated, then we created? If this position really existed, how might you prove
have done ourselves a disservice. Now is the time to posi- that you have what it takes to fit right in? Make a list of skill
tion yourself toward greater success. And in fact, with rum- sets and attributes specific to this position. (A more exhaus-
blings of potential economic upswing in the AEC industry tive list comes later). Next to each one, write down at least
and beyond, you should give yourself no choice but to get it one proof statement. For example, write “Team player,” then
together, right now. jot down one phrase that signifies a specific instance where
Some of you clearly know your professional identity, the you demonstrated professional “good sportsmanship.”
value you add, and what you want. In your case, skip on to
Step 2. For the rest of you… Step 2: Fuel your Confidence
Whatever your current state of confidence, build it even
Step 1: get Focused higher. How? Reflect upon what others have respected about
Paint a picture of what you want to do next. Set a your performance. There is nothing more rewarding (and,
timer, and give yourself no less than 30 minutes to draft a ultimately, more credible) than referrals and testimonials.
stream-of-conscious essay that describes your perfect job. Collect existing testimonials. Hopefully, over the years,
What are your responsibilities: both strategic and tactical? you’ve saved any specific correspondence, such as letters
What are the growth opportunities? In this position, what and email, praising your work. These will have come from
might your days look like? What is the company mission, clients, co-workers, organizations, business colleagues, and
culture, and size? Where’s your place on the organization formal company reviews. If you work in a larger firm, take a
chart? How might you describe your “perfect” colleagues, look at the company’s marketing materials that include your
bosses, and direct reports? A condensed, clean version of this resume, awards, submissions, etc. You may identify addition-
ideal vision will help you to best describe what you are look- al testimonials relating to your work.
ing for when you are networking with others. Uncover new testimonials. Round out your existing
Consider the flip side. You’ve envisioned your ideal posi- testimonials with those that might be buried within your
tion. Now identify the challenges that could be a part of that email inbox, project files, your voicemail, or even your brain.
very same position. Some of those challenges might be exciting Collect every appreciative comment about your work, and
put them all in one electronic file. If you have absolutely
nothing in writing, think back to when you had voice con-
versations where people were complimentary about some-
thing specific that you did. Be brave; call those people to
reflect upon those conversations. Or, take them to coffee to
get their honest feedback. In either case, be direct and clear
Anne Scarlett is president of Scarlett Consult- about your intentions to obtain:
ing ( in Chicago. She 1. Constructive feedback for kicking off 2011.
can be reached at or 2. Positive feedback for inspiration and support so you
773.251.8132. Sign up for Scarlett Letter blog via can build upon your strengths in 2011.
RSS feed: Follow Combine, and bask. Now that you have a set of positive
Anne on Twitter: Link things others have said about you and your work, take a mo-
in at ment to enjoy them and acknowledge that you offer value;
recognized, real value.


We sell service.
Visit us at NASCC Booth #628
Step 3: Look Outward ever, you will need to be ready with a message that honestly
You’ve identified what you want, what you’re valued for, and and directly explains your involvement.
some initial relevant skills. Now, it’s time to get real and look Do the requisite. From a social networking perspective, it’s
at what’s out there. The economy shows signs of improvement; now essential that you are active on LinkedIn. There are many
don’t let it be a crutch or an excuse for inaction. sites that list all the steps to maximize your LinkedIn experi-
Network and find the opportunities. Tap into your net- ence. It’s important to set up a robust—not halfhearted—pro-
work; spread the word of your search and your vision. Plus, file. Consider it your online resume, and use keywords within
realize that your network is your best source for candid infor- the language (reflect upon the job postings you’ve researched)
mation. Don’t just inquire about positions or contact names. to make it more likely for your resume to stand out in searches.
Instead, find out about goals, challenges, and activity. Your Opportunities are abundant to add dynamic elements such as
network is where you’ll find out non-published intelligence on slide presentations and blog feeds.
your target companies and beyond. It’s where the lowest hang- Once you are connected to everyone you trust, you can dig
ing fruit can be most easily picked. I promise. through their contacts to see if there’s anyone with whom you’d
What positions are advertised? Start by targeting your like to request an introduction. Joining groups on LinkedIn is a
top 10 most desirable companies to work for; check their web- fantastic way to expand your network, and to join online conver-
sites for postings, but be mindful that some postings are just sations about topics relating to our industry. These few sugges-
wish lists, rather than active, urgent searches. As well, feel free tions really just scrape the surface as to the power of LinkedIn. If
to check out job boards, especially from industry associations. none of the above motivates you, just remember that employers
Pick apart the job descriptions that you see to get a compre- will look you up online. Send them the message that you are
hensive grasp of what firms are seeking. progressive, or at least keeping up with the online “program.”
What are you worth? For salary numbers most specific to In addition to LinkedIn, you may opt to create a graphic
our industry, check out the Salary Survey of Architecture, Interior resume that you can store online as well as sending links by
Design & Landscape Architecture Firms, 2011. It was published by email to prospective employers. The output in our industry is
Zweig White in November 2010, and is available for purchase very visual, and this is a great platform for showcasing your
at One less relevant (but free) option work. One formidable source is Be sure to
would be to check out, which shows ac- check out their examples, too.
tual job opportunities in your geographic area, plus company
reviews and broad salary ranges for the position. Step 6: Just Do It
You are a talented professional, and your common sense al-
Step 4: Check your Alignment ready knows what to do. But here’s a final checklist with a few
Identify and rate your skills. Now, expand your list from reminders:
the last item in Step 1. Make it comprehensive; include all of ➤ Use a separate, private email account for the job
your skills and attributes in your professional and private life. search. Period. No exceptions.
Your research in Step 3 likely uncovered patterns and themes ➤ Be organized in your search. Keep every step of your
for what employers are looking for today, so highlight the search in one place, from messages to correspondence to
skills/attributes that are most relevant. Then, be honest with intelligence gathered.
yourself. For each skill and attribute, would you say you are an ➤ Keep a narrow focus. This is not the economic climate
expert, proficient, or still learning? Know that most employers to respond willy-nilly to positions where you don’t know
in this economy are looking for people that will fit the position someone and/or where you are not fully qualified. Be
well, without a learning curve. This means you should take it precise with your job search activities.
upon yourself to over-compensate in other areas, or go get the ➤ Stay on target with what’s most valuable to potential
training on your own time to bring yourself up to speed. employers. Employers will consider you valuable if you
Put your money where your mouth is. Remember Step 2 either (1) make them money or (2) solve their problems,
where you gathered all your kudos and acknowledgements? See in order to save them money.
how many of those comments help to support (prove!) your self- ➤ Follow up. This is where your competitors will fall short. But
identified skills and attributes. As you go through the interview not you! You will follow up by phone and email. You won’t
process, have those comments—and the stories behind them— just check in to learn of an employer’s progress in the hiring
handy, so you can underscore your assertions with real examples. process. Instead, you will ask an intelligent question to start
a dialogue; reiterate your value to the specific position/com-
Step 5: Be Visible Online pany; and expand upon why you want to work with them.
Google yourself (a vanity search). Well, what do you see? Job searching is no easy task, but you deserve a change to
You know what to do if personal information comes up; make it better your career. I read this astute statement in a recent ar-
private, pronto! As for the professional items, do they put you ticle, and it fits:
in the most favorable light possible? If yes, fantastic. If no, then If you are interested in achieving something, you will do what is
what actions can you take to counteract less-favorable informa- convenient. If you are committed to achieving something, you’ll do
tion? For example, if you are named within a lawsuit involving whatever it takes.
your company, you will not be able to make that private; how- Best of luck. I’m rooting for you.


Visit us at NASCC Booth #1005
new products

Each month MSC’s product section features items from all areas of the steel construction
industry. in general, these products have been introduced within the past six months. if you’re looking for a specific product,
visit Msc’s online product directory at you can browse by product category or search on
any term to help find the products you need, fast.

Structural Motion Control

taylor Devices, inc. will exhibit its lines of Fluid Viscous
Dampers, lock-up Devices and tuned Mass Damping
systems at the 2011 nascc: the steel conference.
these customized devices and systems use state-of-the-
art fluid orificing technology and can be used in any appli-
cation to mitigate shock or vibrations, such as buildings,
bridges, stadiums, airports, reservoirs and towers. these
shock or vibration inputs can originate from earthquakes,
wind, pedestrian motions, traffic, train, machinery, or any
other type of undesirable deflections and excursions.
the taylor devices literally soak-up the excess motion
and energy, and convert the unwanted movements into
heat, finally dissipating the heat into the air. this process
Automated Layout System and Fabrication Equipment has the advantageous effect that deflections, forces and
peddinghaus continues to push the industry forward with accelerations within the structure are reduced, thereby
a machine that now fully automates the part marking and improving the dynamic function of the structure.
layout process independent of all other operations. this all- For more information, go to, call
new independent marking system paves the way for superior 716.694.0800, or visit booth 1215 at the 2011 NASCC: The
Steel Conference.
layout efficiencies and will be part of the company’s exhibit at
the 2011 nascc: the steel conference in pittsburgh. also
on display will be the company’s advantage 2 Drill line for
processing beams, channels, Hss tubing, and angle, and its
HsFDB-2500 plate processor (shown here), which is capable
of high speed carbide drilling, tapping, countersinking, mill-
ing, scribing, plasma and oxy-fuel cutting.
For more information, go to, call
815.937.3800, or visit booth 402 at the 2011 NASCC: The Steel

Steel Attachment Systems

lindapter, inventors of the Girder clamp and Hollo-Bolt, will be introducing
a new official catalog and website, along with “hands on” product exercises
to showcase connections for securing primary structural sections, secondary
beams, steel floor and pipe/conduit supports. Featured product innova-
tions will include the new Hollo-Bolt Flush Fit, the only structural bolt to be
concealed within a hollow section with no protruding bolt head or collar for
an aesthetic finish; and the type aF Girder clamp, the strongest connection
system ever developed by lindapter (tensile capacity up to 56,200 lb). U.s.
distribution is through Ucc steelwork connections inc., Wilmington, Del.
For more information, go to, call 800.308.1043, or visit booth
637 at the 2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference.

all products submitted are considered for publication, and we encourage submittals related to all segments of the steel industry: engineering, detail-
ing, fabrication, and erection. submit product information via email to tom Klemens ( to be included in MSC’s online
products directory, contact louis Gurthet (
Electronic Data Interchange Systems
radley corporation brings to the shop floor the latest in rug-
ged handheld mobile computing and barcoding for the steel
industry. in addition to showing in its booth at nascc: the Fabrication Management Software
steel conference how computer technology is used for inven- Fabtrol systems will demonstrate two of its most
tory management in the steel industry, radley corporation recently released steel fabrication management soft-
will demonstrate just how easy it is to error-proof steel ship- ware tools, Fabtrol Field and ModelView. Fabtrol Field
ments and track assemblies at the job site even in the harsh- provides remote smartphone/web-based lookup of real-
est of environments. time assembly and load status. ModelView, a free plugin
For more information, go to, call developed in collaboration with tekla corporation, dis-
248.559.6503, or visit booth 1116 at the 2011 NASCC: The
Steel Conference.
plays current assembly information in the model color-
ized by drawing, production and shipping statuses. the
company will also introduce its next-generation software
featuring fully integrated material, drawing, project and
shipping management tools. these modules—the first
to be unveiled in the company’s reengineering of its
steel fabrication management software—offer a preview
of further releases planned during the company’s cus-
tomer event in september 2011.
For more information, go to, call
888.322.8765, or visit booth 1117 at the 2011 NASCC:
The Steel Conference.

Lightweight Steel Tube and Solar Panels

atlas tube, a division of JMc steel Group, will show-
case its lightweight steel tube and the Oya solar panels
being used for a rooftop installation on the atlas tube
facility in Harrow, Ontario, canada. the two firms this
year are developing north america’s largest rooftop
solar photovoltaic (pV) project. the 3.5-megawatt (MW)
solar project will cover nearly 650,000 sq. ft of rooftop
space (equivalent to 12 football fields) on the atlas tube
facility. the project will provide 30% of atlas’s annual
Structural Steel and Plate Fabrication Equipment energy consumption. Oya solar and its strategic partner
Ficep corporation will use the 2011 nascc: the steel polar racking (polar), decided to incorporate atlas’ steel
conference to introduce three new products. its Gemini 36 HD tube instead of aluminum tube. this provided Oya with
plate processing system, complete with thermal weld prep capa- significant cost savings, greater strength and structural
bility, integrates drilling, milling, countersinking, and tapping with rigidity over the use of aluminum.
cutting and can accommodate plates up to 10 ft. in width. the For more information, go to, call
company also will introduce the world’s only fully automatic drill/ 800.733.5683, or visit booth 1337 at the 2011 NASCC:
saw system for the integrated processing of structural shapes. The Steel Conference.
this new system also features a new material positioning system.
the third new product being introduced this year is the excalibur
12, the only single-spindle traveling column structural steel drill-
ing system on the market today. it features a secondary axis for
scribing, the generation of slotted holes and
the ability to reposition in the longitudinal
axis for the next set of holes without having to
unclamp and re-clamp the material.
For more information, go to,
call 410.588.5800, or visit booth 423 at the 2011
NASCC: The Steel Conference.


Dual Pump Hydraulic Ironworker
the Dual Operator 95-ton Hydraulic ironworker from scotchman
industries has a hydraulic system designed with two pumps to
ensure both operations have full hydraulic pressure and speed,
complete with two valves, two stroke controls and two remote
foot pedals. the DO 95 has a 95-ton capacity punch and a 9-in.
throat depth, which can punch a 13∕16-in. hole in 1-in. material.
this american-made ironworker, with four built-in stations, offers
versatile, flexible and dependable features. standard features
include: 6-in.×6-in.×½-in. angle shear and a rectangular notcher
that can notch 3-in.×4-in.×½-in. material. the 24-in. flat bar
shear features a low rake angle and has the ability to shear up to
1-in.×8-in. and 3∕8-in.× 24-in. material. this machine also has the
ability to accept optional equipment such as press brakes, rod
shear, tube shears, picket tools, as well as, special tooling.
For more information, go to, call 800.843.8844,
or visit booth 712 at the 2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference.

Pin and High-Strength Connectors for HSS

cast connex corporation will be exhibiting its two
flagship products at nascc: the steel conference.
cast conneX Universal pin connectors (Upc) (shown)
are sleek, clevis-type fittings designed to connect
seamlessly to round hollow structural section (Hss) ele-
ments for use in architecturally exposed structural steel
(aess) applications. the “true-pin” connectors have
been carefully sculpted to provide smooth transitional
geometry that is otherwise unachievable using stan-
dard fabrication practices. cast conneX High-strength
connectors (Hsc) are innovative end connectors for Help in Achieving Certification
hollow structural section (Hss) braces for use in seis- atema offers distinctive training and management assistance to com-
mic-resistant concentrically Braced Frames (scBF and panies interested in improving their quality management systems and
OcBF). Using these standardized connectors vastly meeting various certification requirements, such as those for aisc
simplifies the design, detailing, and fabrication of erector, fabricator and bridge certifications. Options include docu-
seismic-resistant bracing, eliminates field welding, ment compliance creation, onsite assistance, and technical training.
provides for compact connections, and significantly in addition, atema can facilitate process improvement efforts at fabri-
improves connection reliability and aesthetics. cation companies looking to compete in the steel industry.
For more information, go to, call For more information, go to, call 312.861.3000, or visit
416.806.3521, or visit booth 1043 at the 2011 NASCC: The booth 1330 at the 2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference.
Steel Conference.


Collaboration and Clash Management Application
tekla inc. will showcase its new model-based project col-
laboration and clash management application tekla BiMsight,
the free application that is changing the way projects are
managed and built. architectural, civil, structural and Mep
3D models, created in any modeling software platform, can
be merged together using tekla BiMsight to create a truly
usable building information model. clashes and conflicts can
be identified much more easily than with previous methods.
Measurements can be taken and verified with on-site condi-
tions. and because tekla BiMsight is the first BiM coordination
platform available completely free, users can now share their
models with the entire project team.
For more information, go to, or visit booth
1023 at the 2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference.

Tags for Traceability of Metal Parts

infosight introduces a value-added barcode traceability solution for many harsh pro-
cesses and environments to help trace your products from the fab shop to the customer.
Kettletag plUs is a metal barcode tag specifically formulated to survive the process of
hot dip galvanizing from start to finish. painttag is an ideal low-cost barcode tracking
tag for identifying fabricated steel through typical painting operations. shottag has
been developed to withstand the cleaning process of shotblasting and uses a metal
substrate with a chemical heat resistant coating. all of these tags can be printed on one
of the company’s many metal tag printers.
For more information, go to, call 740.642.3600, or visit booth 629 at the
2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference.

Advanced Dynamic Analysis Software

s-Frame software will showcase release 10.0 of its s-Frame structural Office, which marks the company’s 30th anniversary
and is scheduled for customer shipment in the second quarter of 2011. Free demo cDs commemorating this anniversary
will be handed out at nascc: the steel show to registered attendees. this revision is a major upgrade with a host of new
features and enhancements that expand the software’s support for engineering practice towards more advanced forms of
dynamic analysis, especially for seismic loading, the trend towards building and managing larger and more complex mod-
els, the influence of BiM (Building information Modeling), new 64-bit operating system capabilities, parallel processing for
improved performance, and significantly expanded support for steel building codes.
For more information, go to, call 604.273.7737, or visit booth 1030 at the 2011 NASCC: The Steel Conference.

S-Frame Steel Design (S-Steel) support for USA AISC 360-2005 LRFD & ASD

i section channel angle Double tee Hollow
angle circular square rectangular
classification 1~3 4 1~3 4 1~3 4 1~3 4 1~3 4 1~3 4 1~3 4 1~3 4
aXial Only: tension or compression

sHear and [combined shear+axial]


BenDinG and laterally supported

[combined laterally Unsup-
Bending+axial] ported (ltB)


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100 TEKLA Structure Licenses

AISC Quality Certification
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Commercial Projects
• schools • malls • casinos • stadiums • churches
• office buildings • Hospitals • airports • Hotels • on-site guidance and training
• car Parking structures • increase productivity
Industrial Projects • reduce drawing and shop errors
• Petrochemical refineries • Duct Work • conveyors • reduce/eliminate field back charges
• no hidden charges
• offshore structures • Power and Process industry
• maximize profit
• equipments
2596 Harman Park Court, Duluth, Georgia, USA
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International Engineering & Detailing Company with over
600 Professionals
Building & Bridge Fabricators
Extensive Experience in Commercial, Industrial & Institutional April 12, 13, 14 – 2.5 days
Structural Steel Detailing Projects of up to 30,000 Tons for
Leading U.S. Fabricators Sophisticated Paint Endorsement
Tekla, SDS/2 & AutoCAD Platforms April 14, 15 – 1.5 days
ISO 9001 Certified, Member of AISC, NISD, Steel Plus Network Steel Erectors
June 2, 3 – 1.5 days
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Genesis Quality Systems, Inc.

Transform strategies into a success story.
Call Genesis to customize your unique needs.
• AISC Certification • AWS, IAS, CWB and NQA-1 Certification Peddinghaus BDL-1250/9A CNC Beam Drill Line w/Loader,
• Risk Assessment • Internal Audits & Supply Chain Audits Maximu Beam Width 50”, New 1999/Refurbished 2007 #18288
• Detailer Management • Quality Manager Services Peddinghaus ABCM-1250 3-Torch CNC Beam Burning/Coping Machine,
• Plant Manager Services • Business Excellence – Balridge Criteria Maximum Beam Size 50”, New 1999/Refurbished 2007 #18289
• Training (Codes & Standards, Welding, Bolting, Coatings) Peddinghaus FDB 1500/3E CNC Plate Drill w /Oxy/Plasma Cutting Torches,
Maximum Plate Width 60”, 1998 #17696
Contact Viji Kuruvilla today at 248-377-1788 or 248-875-9800 for initial Peddinghaus FPB 1500/3E CNC Plate Punch w/ Plasma Cutting Torch,

00 consultation. Visit us for more information.

Maximum Plate Width 60”, New 1998 #17634
Ficep 1001-D CNC Beam Drill (1) Spindle, 40” x 40” Maximum Beam,
50’ Maximum Length, Fanuc CNC, Thru-Spindle Coolant, New 2003 #19265
Peddinghaus 38/18 Twin Column Band Saw, New 1990 #18286

677-6161 - -
Peddinghaus 44/19 Twin Column Band Saw, New 2000 #18287
170 Ton Peddinghaus F1170B CNC Plate Punch, New 2005, 2 Available #19377
Peddinghaus AFCPS-623L 6” x 6” x 1/2”, CNC Angle Line, 1998, 2 Available #19900

1 866 677-6161 - -
New York ~ Philadelphia ~ Chicago
Tel:631.249.5566 Fax:631.249.9494
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1 866 677-6161 CONSTRUCTION april 2011
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Our organization has been recruiting for the Structural and Misc. Steel STEEL FABRICATION
Fabricating industry for over 20 years. Current positions include:
• Project Manager • General Manager • Quality Control ProCounsel, a member of AISC, can market your skills
• Plant Superintendents • Estimators • Detailers and achievements (without identifying you) to any city
• Chief Draftsman • Checkers
Please send resume to: or state in the United States. We communicate with
Richard Stauffer
United Employment Associates, P.O. Box 8, East Texas, PA 18046 over 3,000 steel fabricators nationwide. The employer
phone: (610) 437-5040 fax: (610) 437-9650 pays the employment fee and the interviewing and
relocation expenses. If you’ve been thinking of making
a change, now is the time to do it. Our target, for you, is
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Buzz Taylor procounsel
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Looking for something from an old issue of
Modern Steel Construction? Structural Steel modeler/detailer with a minimum
of 5 years SDS II experience.
All of the issues from MSC’s first 50 years are now
available as free PDF downloads at The Steel Detailers, Inc. located in Seminole, Florida Please email resumes to

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Structural Engineers
Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity in 2011?
Join the conversation at AISC’s new We are a niche recruiter that specializes in matching great structural
file-sharing, information-sharing website. engineers with unique opportunities that will help you utilize your talents and
achieve your goals.
Here are just a few of the FREE resources now available:
• We have over 30 years of experience working with structural engineers.
• More than 160 steelTOOLS utilities available for downloading
• We have relationships with people responsible for hiring decisions with
• Discussion blogs where your can connect and share ideas with
your peers companies throughout North America.
• Files posted by your peers in special interest libraries, including: • We will save you enormous time in your job search and provide ad-
• A Pocket Reference to W Shapes by Depth, ditional information and help during the process of finding a new job that
then Flange Width you couldn’t find anywhere else.
• Welding Capacity Calculator Call or e-mail us TODAY to learn more about how we can help you!
• Moments, Shears and Reactions for Continuous Bridges For current openings, please visit our website and view Hot Jobs.
• Video: Bridge Erection at the SeaTac Airport SE Solutions, LLC
Main Office West Coast Office
Got Questions? Got Answers? Brian Quinn, P.E. Lisa Willard, P.E.
Participate with us at (616) 546-9420 (805) 482-8436
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people to know

Of Motions Large and Small

A lifelong interest in railroads and structural vibration
have accompanied Tom Murray around the world.

TOM MURRAy MAy BE most well-known in structural “The first thing I did with AISC was a breakfast meeting in
steel circles for his expertise in floor vibrations. He and Minneapolis in the early 1970s. Since then I have given close
Dave Allen were the primary authors of AISC Steel Design to 100 presentations on floor vibrations for AISC. That was
Guide No. 11, Floor Vibrations Due to Human Activity, pub- the beginning and it has never stopped. I get emails almost
lished in 1997. But his interest in motion runs from nano to every day now with questions.”
loco, and goes all the way back to his younger days in Iowa. Murray spent the 1986-87 school year as a Distinguished
“My father was a railroad man,” Murray said, “a conduc- Visiting Professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy, then went
tor on the Illinois Central, and ran trains out of Waterloo.” to Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
The elder Murray had served in World War I before going All the while, his railroad interest and travels continued.
to work for the railroad, where he spent the next 47 years. While on sabbatical in Australia, Murray rode the Great
Every summer the family would vacation together by rail, Southern Railway more than 1,600 miles from Adelaide, on
Murray recalls. By the time he was in high school, he had the south central coast, to Perth on the western edge of the
been in 40 states and five provinces. One of the more memo- continent. Another excursion took Murray across the Andes
rable of those outings was in the early 1950s on a Canadian Mountains (at 14,000 ft) on a narrow gauge railroad. “It took
transcontinental train going from Winnipeg to Edmonton. us a week, and we derailed seven times,” he said. “Most of the
“My father had been in 19 wrecks in his career, and I was time the rails spread and the steam engine dropped down on
with him on the last one. We were stopped. We had run by the ties. But it didn’t take long before they got the engine up
a siding,” Murray said. “A local passenger train came around on the rails, spiked the rails back down, and away we went.”
a curve and hit us head-on.” It was, as he recalls, the last More recently, Murray had a special railroading oppor-
head-on collision of two steam-powered passenger trains in tunity in conjunction with an AISC committee meeting
North America, and he has been a railroad buff ever since. in Las Vegas. A week before his 70th birthday his wife
Murray studied engineering at Iowa State University, arranged for him to operate a steam engine in Ely, Nev.
then signed on with Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel where “I was the engineer and they let her sit in the cab and
he had some small involvement with one of the company’s be the fireman,” Murray said. “I operated the engine up the
then-current projects, the St. Louis Arch. He left to pursue mountain for 10 miles, then back again. The throttle is rel-
his master’s degree at Lehigh University, finishing in 1966. atively easy. Braking is the hard part. It’s very touchy. The
After a year at the University of Omaha, he went to the engine was a hundred years old, and they don’t want you to
University of Kansas to work with Ken Lenzen, one of the rough it up,” he said, adding, “I got caught speeding.”
first people in the U.S. to investigate issues related to struc- Today Murray carries on the family tradition of a strong
tural vibration due to human activity. “I liked the subject work ethic. In February he presented the most recent AISC
because it was different and involved humans,” he said. webinar, which drew an estimated 2,000 participants. In
He received his doctorate in 1970, joined the University May he will moderate an educators roundtable at The Steel
of Oklahoma faculty, and started doing research. Word got Conference in Pittsburgh. And one never knows what might
around and he soon was asked to speak on the subject. be next.

Far left: shortly before his 70th birth-

➤ day, Murray operated a century-old
steam engine near ely, nev. now owned
by northern nevada railway, its mark-
ings are from its days with the nevada
consolidated copper company.

a long-time university professor, in 2010

➤ he received aisc’s prestigious Geerhard
Haaijer award for excellence in education.
During Murray’s 21 years on the Virginia
tech faculty he constructed a world-class
structural engineering laboratory at the
school. in 2009 it was named after him.
also in the photo are his wife, nancy, and
the school’s aisc steel sculpture.


Structural Design

With RAM™, STAAD® and

Model, Analyze, Design, Document Documentation Center, Bentley
offers proven applications for:
and Deliver…in an Integrated Workflow l Steel/Steel Composite
l Reinforced Concrete
Having all the applications you need for the tasks at hand, along with the ability
l Wood and Wood Products
to easily synchronize your work with the rest of the project information, helps
you get your job done right, fast and profitably. And when the structural project l Foundation Design
workflow can be integrated, the whole team benefits. l Post-Tensioned Design
l Steel Connections
Bentley’s new Passport Subscriptions for structural engineers provide access to l Structural Drawings and Details
the full range of structural software (including upgrades) and training documents
and information that most projects require. These options are available as an … all easily coordinated with the
affordable alternative to traditional licensing. Architect and other team members and
their design applications – such as
Contact us to learn more. AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation® and more.
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