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Pre Database, Scene Release and Dupecheck Websites | THE source for B

file:///C:/Documents and Settings/ZEPHOD/My Documents/Pre Database, — Very promising new preDB from SceneSource. Hundreds of daily additions in all release categories. Features include: NFO files (downloadable or viewable), release size & file count, advanced search, video/audio info, .sfv files. Update: ScnSrc now has a new URL for their dupecheck up at — Excellent site; offers a comprehensive list of more than 3 million entries! Release categories can be browsed (of course), and there’s also a neat feature to view all releases put out by the same scene group (by clicking the group name attached to the end of each release). Tons of other features are also available, especially for those who signup & login at SceneForce. — One of the longest running preDB sites on the ‘net. Lacking extras, there’s no .NFO files - but nukes are clearly outlined as well as file count/rls size. — Good indexer of pred releases, whose source comes from a private #addpre channel which is a relay of nukenets & other pre sources. Many of the releases have DDLs (direct-downloading), too! — Not quite as thorough as a preDB, but still formidable. Has NFO files and search links to public trackers and — Also known as g2×3k’s Pred.Mirrors, they also offer rudimentary torrent races as witnessed in their trace link. Also provides related IRC services @ in channels #pre, #tracers and #tracers.spam. The Pirate Log is a hidden gem for releases - even has torrent and NZB searching for each release. Users who register can apply filters for highlighting specified releases for each filter. — Excellent dupecheck site with every category imaginable, with thousands of releases added daily. While there aren’t any NFO files to view, the customized filtering options are top-notch. — Very cool NFO and release search utility! Pulls results from pre.scnsrc, nfohump, vcdq, doopes, theisonews, etc. — Dupecheck/NFO site for all things video-related - similar layout to NFOHump. For extended information about VCDQ and its services, refer to our full review found here. — Cool new predb that contains all the latest announced releases, as well as archived ones. Visitors can search directly or browse by sections (MP3/0DAY/XViD, etc.) and genres (Dance, Comedy) and even by release groups. When available, NFOs are viewable directly onsite, as well as rls nfo (# of files, size). Decent search, too - although only 30 results are shown (with no option to peruse the next 30 results). — Interesting pre database; releases are displayed in a category listing whilst the 10 most recent entries are displayed for each. Also has a nifty RSS feed for each section - handy if you’re waiting on a particular release title (especially for games/console since they have 5 distinct categories). — PreDB for Hi-Def (HD) movies & TV releases. Only the past 30 ‘new’ releases are shown for either category, although their onsite search function is quite thorough. — This dupecheck has origins all the way back to 2001, perhaps earlier. The database is divided into 4 release categories (sections) although 3 out of 4 are quite outdated without any new releases indexed since 2008/2009. The Console section appears to be the only one kept current. — NFO-file/release database for 0day (appz) only. Has other scene categories but none are kept up-to-date. Also has links to ‘cracks’ for such said releases; use these external link at your own risk. — A web mirror of their IRC pre channel. Displays the last 100 releases (about an hour’s worth of data). There are no extras as seen on other preDbs, although there is a functional search feature. — A database of video & TV releases (DVDR, XviD, x264) for extreme sports; including motocross, automotive, ski, surf, skateboarding, etc.) — As the URL suggests; fixes for DVDR releases.

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Pre Database, Scene Release and Dupecheck Websites | THE source for B — Newer site, not much activity.

Console / Games Sites:

file:///C:/Documents and Settings/ZEPHOD/My Documents/Pre Database, — French site with a large list of 11,700+ console-only games releases. Site is a little confusing; users who are looking to browse a console section for known releases must first click on a main menu (ie ‘XBOX 360′ at the top), then click the appropriate Releases link which will appear on the left side. — Console games NFO database with official scene releases only. The site is a little tricky to navigate through to older entries - you’ll need to click on a category and select a date range. By default, categories only show releases for the current month. — ABGX’s main goal is to provide NZB files (through their IRC) for the purpose of allowing visitors to download the actual full working games via Usenet - but the site also doubles as a very good source of info for newly- released games. Additional details are included for each title (scene name, pre-patched Y/N, region, etc) - to view these see the game database for each category, ie - X360 Game Database as displayed in the left sidebar). Users can search the database and then generate a command to request the corresponding NZB file through the appropriate IRC channel. - DB for handheld releases (NDS, PSP, GameBoy). Site includes some neat extras; including toplists, RSS feeds, and a tools section. — XBOX and XBOX360 tools & utility releases only. — GBA, NDS and Wii releases. TIP: The higher the release number, the more recent the release.

Music / MP3 Sites: — MP3 release site with NFOs and official scene release names; has a handy Archives section with calendars and alphabetical listing of release groups. Sister sites include (for 0day, apps, imagesets & other spam) and — More than 277,000 music releases are indexed. NFO files are both viewable in proper ASCII and downloadable. Can also be found on IRC in (channel #nfodb - hotlink here). — Not so much of a release site, but worth mentioning anyways. Albums, webrips & singles for techno, trance, house etc. are available as download links from RapidShare, ZippyShare, etc. — D&B music release site; not a lot of content and hard to browse.

Other / Localized Sites: [Dutch] - Indexes video releases (DVDR, MDVDR, Bluray as well as local TV episodes from the Netherlands only). [Swedish] - Very popular Swedish preDB. Also displays the trace (torrent race) times of trackers for each release. [Swedish] - Contains mostly video content (DVDR & TV releases) but also has some local music/MP3. [German] - Popular Deutsch release database since 2003. [German] - Blog-style layout rather than a traditional Db. [German]

Public IRC Pre Channels & Websites


• Members of a Pre-Channel are notified about new warez/scene releases as they are released. This is of particular benefit to Couriers (Racers) and Release Groups as well as torrent sites interested in uploading Scene Releases for their members as fast as possible.

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Pre Database, Scene Release and Dupecheck Websites | THE source for B

file:///C:/Documents and Settings/ZEPHOD/My Documents/Pre Database,

• Pre-Channels commonly announce when a release is Nuked or UnNuked. (Releases are “Nuked” when a release does not meet Scene Standards).

• Pre-Channels provide a search facility that allows users to find out if a release exists, when it was released, and if it has been nuked. This function may also be used by release groups to avoid dupes (duplicates).

• Pre-Channels are also used for Topsites to measure how fast they received the release, otherwise known as the pretime.


• If a Pre-Bot does not include an elaborate filter to disallow certain words and characters, it can be annoying when defaced with spam.

Looking for a list of public ‘pre’ channels? Try this search: (for Torrent racers channels)



Website: Server: Ports: 6660-6669 (non-SSL); 6697, 7000, 9999 (SSL-only) Channels: #pre, #pre-spam, #pre-search, #trace, #trace-chat (and a variety of category-specific channels - #pre-games, #pre-movies, #pre-music, etc) Hotlink: irc://



Website: Server: Ports: 6666-6669 & 8067 for standard clients; 6697 & 7000 for SSL enabled. Channels: #pre, #Pre.Spam, #Pre.Search (may also have a tracer channel) Hotlink: irc://

Website: None Server: Ports: 6666 - 6669 | SSL Port: 6697, 7000 Channels*: #pre,, #Pre.spam, #Pre.Nuke, #Tracers,, #Tracers.Spam Hotlink: irc://

* Visitors require voice (+v) in order to use !search and other command (!cmd) functions in certain IRC channels. As far as we can tell, this isn’t free nor automatic.


Website: None Server: Ports: 6667 | SSL: 6697 Channels: #pre, #pre.spam, #search,, #tracers, #tracers-spam Hotlink: irc://

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Pre Database, Scene Release and Dupecheck Websites | THE source for B

Website: Server: Ports: 6667 (7000 for SSL) Channels: #scnsrc, #ScnSrcPre, #precheck Hotlink: irc://

Website: Server: Ports: 6667-6669 (non-SSL); 6697 for SSL Channels: #pre, #pre-stuff Hotlink: irc://

Server: Ports: 6667 - 7000 (non-SSL); 6697 for SSL Channels: #pre, #prechat Hotlink: irc://


Server: Ports: 6667 - 6669 (non-SSL); 7000 & 7001 for SSL Channel: #pre Hotlink:

Other IRC Channels:

- on EFnet

- on EFnet

- on EFnet

- on EFnet

- #NFO on EFnet

- #isonews on EFnet

- #vcdquality on EFnet

- #dnbforces on EFnet

- #RiPS.LV on After-All

- #xRel on WiredIRC

- #nfo-base on insiderZ.DE

Dead / Dying / Offline PreDbs:

file:///C:/Documents and Settings/ZEPHOD/My Documents/Pre Database, — Since the middle of April, 2009 - ZeroSec launched their own preDB which is very thorough, and currently lists more than 150K indexed releases from 3,500+ scene groups in just their first 4 months (updated from August 23, 2009). There are no .NFO files to view, but there’s a ‘mouseover’ feature to show the release size and number of files. [Update 2010-02-28: Offline permanently. Their PreDb stopped indexing new releases on January 5th, 2010 as the site was falling apart anyways] — Chinese (and English) site that shows (some) current 0day releases. While there are no NFO files to view, the official release names are left intact (with release group), and there are handy links to each software vendor’s website. TIP: Use the ‘quicksearch’ box for title/group searching, and the calendar on the right sidebar to switch between days. [Update 2010-09-23: This one used to be much better than it is. At last check, the only way to browse the pres is to use the Categories] — Contains 0day rip release information dating back to 2002. Almost all of the releases contain NFO

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Pre Database, Scene Release and Dupecheck Websites | THE source for B

file:///C:/Documents and Settings/ZEPHOD/My Documents/Pre Database,

files that are viewable as images or ASCII. Ugia offers RSS feeds for any of your conducted searches, and will keep you informed when new releases become available (in the subscribed feed). Aside from direct searching by release name [Adobe], users can search Ugia in the following format: by date [date:2009-01-06] and release group [group:scotch]. (NOTE: The database is continuously updated, but there’s a lag from days to weeks for current releases to be shown). [Update 2010-09-23: Now offline] — Lately, we haven’t seen much new here, but they have an impressive collection of releases. There’s no NFO files, plus you’ll need to conduct specific searches for the site to show any relevancy - search results are limited to a maximum of 150. [Update 2010-09-23: at last check, this site had no traffic and no releases. Presumed to be abandoned] — You guessed it: A dupechecker for wrestling, boxing, MMA, UFC. [Update 2010-09-23: Site is now offline, but may have moved over to] — Excellent site for the latest music releases; literally hundreds of new daily additions. There’s a ‘premium’ option for direct downloading, as well. [Update: Site has now vanished] — Amazing dupecheck database! While there are no NFO files displayed here, Dupe-HQ’s main attraction comes in sheer volume with over 1,000 releases added daily. Categories (MP3, XXX, TV, 0Day) are easily browsable, as are the release groups. There’s even an RSS feed - although you’ll never be able to keep up with it at these numbers. [Update: Offline] — Tracks only new game scene releases for Wii and XBOX (360), but done rather well. Each release has a GameFAQs link, an NFO file and an in-game screener. [Update: Site is now offline] — General dupecheck information and database site for dupecheck services - both online and off. Billed as "The most complete dupechecker list on the net". [Update: Appears offline] — Very thorough predatabase and nfo search engine. Listings are continuously updated, with specific release info for size of releases, # of files, nuked/not nuked, categories, RG names, & nfo/sfv/m3u links. [Update:

Offline] — Has been indexing scene releases dating all the way back to November, 2007. Releases can be sorted & filtered through categories, genres and even by scene group. While NFO files aren’t available for everything, the release size & number of files is also listed next to each entry. [Update 2010-09-30: Now offline.] — Not a whole lot of new stuff being added lately. (Site Offline?)

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