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Wednesday, December 01, 2010 (13:00) College III Conference Room

Present: Hannah Schwarz, Benedikt Blomeyer-Bartenstein, Stephan Huerholz, George Bugan,

Matthias Seel, Anna-Lena Schindl, Tilak KC, Adriana Trutzenberg, Ivo Kirov, Rainer Fiege-
Köllmann Ryan Cairns, Johannes Deselaers, Lisa Begusch,

Absent with excuse: Elisabeth Stevens

Late: Ivo Kirov

I. Re-Elections in Mercator

 Radu to email Parliament on his decision

II. Points from Student Court

1. Putting Student Court on teamwork page

a. Student court to be added onto teamwork
2. Feedback session
a. Overall parliament is happy with the proceedings of Student Court
b. Expected by laws to be processed faster
3. By laws
a. Determined that it to be written
b. Constitution sent along with examples of the by-laws (wrong formatting and only
to serve as guideline)
c. By laws are constitutionally required
d. Come up with a general structure
e. Student court to send the points by email
f. Bylaws are to be approved by parliament
4. Transparency
a. Procedure for USG handling events on campus
i. USG not running the Olympics but rather guiding the event
ii. Establishment of a document with GSA requiring for a date for an
Olympix committee to be set up
iii. Events and clubs committee formulated document of
5. PR reports
a. Johannes to report back to Student Court
6. Student Court attendance
a. Not mandatory for Student Court to be present
b. An email in advance of an important meetings
c. Attendance of parliamentarians to be published
7. Closure of meetings
a. To announce or give a reason for meeting closure

IV. Community Court proposal

 There are some changes to the community court proposal

o Name changed
o EQ committee, Dual career and Family Friendliness committee can refer cases to
the community court
o Procedures of the COO
o Information flow from community court to COO – formalized
o Defendant has to send a statement to the chair before the meeting
o Defendant has the right to appeal to the supervisor or in instance at the next
higher level (the COO / the AVP for students)
 Take out the parenthesis
o Record keeping is done by the registrar’s office
 Points brought up
o Specify numbers of staff on Court
o Procedures to still be drafted
o Grammar and spelling mistakes – Hendrik to forward to Larrisa

 Vote: USG passes the Community Court proposal taking into account the proposed

 In favor: 12
 Against: 0
 Abstain: 0

V. Miscellaneous

 Stephan – feedback from registrars

o The new office hours are official
 Stephan – GSA
o Decision of Olympix – approval of proposal
 Ivo – Videos
o make videos next semester
Sunday, December 05, 2010 (20:00) SAC

Present: Hannah Schwarz, Benedikt Blomeyer-Bartenstein, George Bugan, Matthias Seel, Tilak
KC, Adriana Trutzenberg, Rainer Fiege-Köllmann, Lisa Begusch, Radu Rovin Elisabeth Stevens,
Ryan Cairns, Johannes Deselaers,
Absent with excuse: Ivo Kirov, Stephan Huerholz, Anna-Lena Schindl

I. Schedule Christmas Market

 Christmas cookies will be cooked tonight
 USG members need to be at the stand at 15:15
 Christmas market ends at 21:00
 Need for advertising cookie poster! - Ryan
 Time slots
o 16:00 – 17:00 – (George and Hannah)
o 17:00 – 18:00 – (Johannes and Ryan)
o 18:00 – 19:00 – (Benidict and Matthias)
o 19:00 – 20:00 – (Tilak and George)
o 20:00 – 21:00 – (Adriana and Radu)

II. Re-Elections in Mercator

 Radu has sent in his letter of resignation

 Call for candidates today or tomorrow
 Candidate speeches on Sunday the 12th
 Elections on Tuesday and Wednesday the 14th and 15th
 Election Committee
o 4 people from USG – Radu, Elisabeth, Ryan, Tilak
o 3 people from Student Court
 Call for applicants to go out today – Radu and Ryan
o Deadline Friday 10th

IV. Follow-Up Uni Bremen meeting

 Thursday the 2nd met with ASTA
 Who will be present at the meeting on Wednesday the 8th at 18:00
 Meeting will be conducted in German
o Johannes, Matthias, Benedikt, Hannah, Rainer, Anna-Lena
V. Committee By-Laws
General Format

- General responsibilities of the committees(10 Votes in Favor– Yes)

- Annual Tasks (10 Votes in Favor – Yes)
- Duties of the chairs (10 Votes – Yes)
- Duties of the committee members (1 Vote in Favor, 9 Votes Against – No)
- General working principles (10 Votes Against – No)
- Voting procedure in the committee (10 Votes Against – No)
- Eligibility criteria of committee members/selection processes of committee members (10
Votes Against – No)
- Removal/impeachment of committee members and of the chair (10 Votes Against – No)

 At the end of all by laws a statement such as: Every Chair of his/her own
committee should communicate their vision for the year ahead, under their own
digression, to the parliament.

VI. Committee Reports & Self-evaluation of Parliament

 Moved to Wednesday Meeting (except for Parliament Finance – which will not be
present and so it shall be discussed tonight)

 Parliament Finance
o Need for constant meeting time
o Need to get the financial figures (obtain by start of semester)
 General Comments
o Committee reports to be turned in on time

VII. Tasks over intersession

 By Laws

VIII. Miscellaneous

 Hannah
 Money made from Christmas Market
 Benedikt
 Pulse of the world – page of correction
 Ryan and Tilak to compile statistics of Late, Absent and Absent
without excuse
 Tilak
 Design simple website for USG
 Until then, the website is functional