Assouline identifies Russian DNA in a new dictionary of Russian Style

The Assouline Publishing House is proud to present an outstanding new project “Russian Style.” Written by Evelina Khromtchenko, editor in chief of L’Officiel-Russia, this artbook translates the DNA of Russian style into English and French. Launch parties for Russian Style will be held in New York and Paris starting this April. Russian Style is created in the manner of an engaging encyclopedia and shows the full panorama of styles and techniques, describing in detail the history of Russian taste, its evolution and its influence on international fashion. In every country and in every culture, there are stereotypical symbols that form a prism through which a society and its inhabitants are perceived internationally. Russian Style is the visual narrative of those iconic symbols that have come to define Russian national identity, as well as the story of the lesser-known places, people, crafts, and ideas rooted in centuries of Russian history. Every page of the book features Russian names which became synonymous with Russian style: Kokoshnik, Platok, Rubashka, Babushka, Sarafan, Valenki, Shapka. This dictionary of Russian Style was carefully assembled by the author over 5 years and also includes non-fashion related concepts to explain Russian style more completely. “For me, Russian style is not only high boots, furs and brocade, Vologda laces and Ivanovo cotton-prints, but it is also the mysterious Russian soul, and a way of living with a belief in miracles. It is great accomplishments in literature and art. It is the young designers’ crowd and the great couturiers of the past. It is a man’s might and female beauty. Pirojki and vodka. Deep snow, the effect of sunlight on golden domes, splendid St. Petersburg, cozy Moscow, the things we have and the things we have lost,” explains Ms. Khromtchenko, the high-profile journalist, L’Officiel-Russia editor-in-chief and creative director of more than 10 years. Evelina is also the host of “Fashion Verdict”, the highly rated daily talk-show about style on Russia’s Channel 1 TV. In addition to being well-known internationally and considered one of the most powerful Russians in fashion, Evelina is the voice of Meryl Streep’s character in the Russian version of “The Devil Wears Prada.” “The idea was to illuminate Russia’s DNA in all its aspects, but also with an art and fashion angle. In this book we have aimed to represent the most remarkable symbols of the country’s past, and also the new national figures and concepts that define its contemporary culture. Here is the result – your A to Z guide to understanding the mystery of Russian style!” - says publisher Martine Assouline. Russian Style by Evelina Khromtchenko, Assouline, 220 pages, 150 illustrations, $60 in the United States, 60 euros in France.
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