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Website overview
 came public with the ticker symbol SFLY September 29, 2006.

This site is an ASP site that allows their users to use their software to create a variety of keepsakes with photographs. This software is much like the Photoshop software for users except much less expensive than Adobe Photoshop. Becoming a member to is free and the first 50 prints are free with becoming a member, after that you pay for what you purchase on the site. The software lets users edit their photographs online and then pick and choose how they would like to have them. They can get them printed off as regular photographs, or they can have them on rugs, mugs, photo albums, cards, mouse pads, and much more stuff. The idea of this site is to give the users a unique way to keep their memories and share them with others.

Link Popularity Analysis
 Quantity: vs. Google Yahoo MSN 533 0 0 Google Yahoo MSN 408 0 0 vs.

Google Bing Yahoo

533 3,330,000 153,957

Google Bing Yahoo

408 309,000 29,020 vs. Google Yahoo MSN 534 0 0 Google Yahoo MSN 409 0 0 vs. Google Yahoo MSN 533

Google Yahoo MSN




After reviewing the charts above the two sites are not that far apart in the Google world. On each of the different sites I searched for link popularity they were only about 130 off from each other. It was only when I got to Yahoo and Bing that blew out of the water. With Yahoo had 40,000 more in link popularity and then at Bing there was 3,000,000 more in link popularity than that of  Quality o    Google: 4 out of the first 10 sites were by credible sites Bing: 0 out of the first 10 sites were credible sites Yahoo: 8 out of the first 50 sites were credible sites

o    Google: 3 out of the first 10 sites were credible sites Bing: 0 out of the first 10 sites were credible sites Yahoo: 6 out of the first 50 sites were credible sites

o When I analyze these numbers they are a lot alike for each site that I looked on. Each website linked to themselves a lot and then there were other sites that linked to them that were Facebook, Alexa, and sites that were really not that big of a deal to be linking to them. The ones that I counted where the ones with the ending of .edu and .gov. These are good and credible sites in my eyes and this is how I came up with these results that do not show a big difference between the two companies.

Social Media Analysis
 Social Bookmarking o There were 3,523 different bookmarks for shutterfly when search for on 185 different bookmarks when searched for 10 out of 25 of the first sites were big blogs about, the other sites where the site linked to a blog about them. o There were 4,690 sites that popped up when searched for snapfish on 106 came up when I typed in the whole address  Twitter Mentions o Shutterfly is the Twitter name for There are 5,521 followers for shutterfly. On I clicked the popularity button to see

how many times shutterfly was mentioned on each day. From August 17 through September 10 there were no mentions then on September 11 there were 3 mentions and it went up from there to September 13 there were 12 mentions. Then it went slowly back down to 0 mentions yesterday. This indicates to me that there was something going on within the company to spark and interest in people to tweet or mention them on twitter over the weekend. The next placed I looked on was the all mentions tab and this is where I found out that there are a number of different companies that mention shutterfly on Twitter. Some of these big companies are Shutterfly themselves, Target, Goodhousemag, mumby, AvaGacser, ESPN, and some more sites. This just shows me that shutterfly is a more well known site that people give them the time to tweet about them or mention them on Twitter. o Snapfishbyhp is the Twitter name for There are 3,138 followers to Snapfishbyhp. When looking at their popularity tap it showed me that there were no mentions during the week for Snapfishbyhp but every weekend there was one mention. I went to the tab where it said all mentions and it was only one follower that mentioned Snapfishbyhp.  Blog Mentions o I looked up shutterfly on and I came to a result of 3,425 blogs about shutterfly. I looked at a majority of them and they were from other blogs and not from shutterfly the company themselves. On I typed in and clicked on blog only sites and it came to a number of 73,123 blogs for

o On I typed in and it came up with 3,786 blog entries. Then I went to and searched for in the blog section and it came up with 32,016 blogs in Google. This again shows me that shutterfly is a much more well known company and no other photo editing software is coming close to comparing to  Facebook o I visited’s Facebook page and on there they had 149,793 likes from the world of Facebook. When I read through many of the posts on the wall there were many likes and thank you to the company. However there were a lot of people that wrote complaints about such products that they received or had to pay for. The thing about this that really surprised me was that there were other people taking up for the company on the page of Facebook other than the company themselves giving advice. I read people saying that it would be okay and that it was probably a misunderstanding or that it would be fixed. It amazed me that people took up for the company on the wall of Facebook. o I visited’s Facebook page and on there they had 133,560 likes from the Facebook world. I read through many of the posts and all the people writing had nothing but good things to say. There were a lot of thank you to the company, and I love your site, etc.

After reviewing all of the information above; I say that has great Popularity in the web world, both in link popularity and in the social media of the internet. is a dominate site in what they do which is an ASP site for photo editing for their users. It is safe to say that no other site will come near them for some while, even though has pretty good popularity, the numbers above still show that blows them out of the water. After writing this paper and seeing what is about, even I think that they are a very credible site and I would like to join in with this site!

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