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‫بسم ﷲ الرحمن الرحيم‬

‫ أما بعـد‬،‫ والصالة والسالم على رسول ﷲ وعلى آله وصحبه‬% ‫الحمد‬

A people who come after you...

Taken from:

Anas ‫ رضي ﷲ عنه‬narrated that the The Messenger of Allaah ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه وسلم‬asked (some of his

‫ النبيون يوحى إليھم‬: ‫ قال‬. ‫ النبيون‬: ‫ المالئكة كيف ال يؤمنون ؟ قالوا‬: ‫ قال‬. ‫ المالئكة‬: ‫إي الخلق أعجب إيمانا ؟ قالوا‬
‫ الصحابة مع األنبياء فكيف ال يؤمنون ؟ ولكن أعجب الناس إيمانا قوم يجيئون‬: ‫ قال‬. ‫ الصحابة‬: ‫فكيف ال يؤمنون ؟ قالوا‬
‫ أو الخلق إيمانا‬- ‫من بعدكم فيجدون كتابا من الوحي فيؤمنون به ويتبعونه فھم أعجب الناس إيمانا‬

"Who is the most amazing in belief from the creation? They said, 'The Angels.'
He ‫ صلى عليه وسلم‬said, 'How can they not believe (when they are near their Lord)?'
They said, 'Then the Prophets.' He ‫ صلى عليه وسلم‬said, 'How should they not believe when
Revelation comes to them?' They said, 'Then the Sahabah (i.e. us).' He ‫ صلى عليه وسلم‬said, 'How
should the Sahabah not believe when the Prophet is present (amongst them)?'
He ‫صلى عليه وسلم‬then said, “Indeed I am amazed by people of faith - those who will appear
after you and (will) find books of revelation (with them), believing in what they find (written)
therein - they are the amazing of creation in belief.”

[Al-Bazzar, 'Kashf al-Astaar', 2679; Tabarani, 'Mu'jam al-Kabeer', 12560;

classed as hasan in 'Silsilah as-Saheehah', 8/230 (#3215)]

1. The Messenger of Allaah ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه وسلم‬said:

‫قوم يأتون من بعدكم يأتيھم كتاب بين لوحين يؤمنون به ويعملون بما فيه أولئك أعظم منكم أجرا‬

"A people who come after you, books will reach them between two sheets (i.e. pages), they (will)
believe (in) and act (by) what is contained in them, they have a greater reward than you."

[Meezan al-I'tidal, 2/291, Dhahabi; Khalq Af'al al-Ibaad', Imam Bukhari; 'Mu'jam al-Kabeer', Tabarani; 'Tahdeeb al-Kamal', al-Mizzi;
'Dham al-Kalam', Harawi; 'Tareekh ad-Dimisq', Ibn Asakir and others;
classed as saheeh in 'Silsilah as-Saheehah', 9/90 (#3310)]

- From amongst other narrations similar to these, please see:

2. These books will contain knowledge of revelation of the Qur'an and Sunnah. The latter
generations will believe in them and have full conviction in them with their tongues, hearts and
limbs; and will act according to them. They will be sufficed with what comes to them from their
righteous Salaf and will not look hither or thither in seeking guidance.
3. If we understand this, we will see that the reason such a people deserve this great reward is due
to their unshakeable faith in their Deen, despite not having seen the Prophet ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه وسلم‬or
accompanied him. Anas ‫ رضي ﷲ عنه‬narrated that the Messenger of Allaah ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه وسلم‬said:

?‫ أوليس نحن إخوانك‬:‫ فقال أصحابه‬, ‫وددت أني لقيت إخواني‬

‫ أنتم أصحابي و لكن إخواني الذين آمنوا بي و لم يروني‬:‫قال‬

"I wish that I could meet my brothers." The Sahabah asked: "Are we not your brothers?" He
‫ صلى عليه وسلم‬replied: "You are my Companions, but my brothers are those who believe in me
without having seen me." [Musnad Ahmad, 3/155 (see also Saheeh Muslim, 249 with additional wording) - classed as saheeh
in 'Silsilah al-Saheehah', 2888 (see also 'Saheeh Adab al-Mufrad', 244)]

4. The Prophet ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه وسلم‬said:

‫ وطوبى لمن آمن بي ولم يرني سبع مرات‬،‫طوبى لمن رآني وآمن بي‬

"Glad-tidings to those who saw me and believe in me, and Glad-tidings to those who believe in me
and did not see me" - seven times. [Al-Haythami, 'Majma' az-Zawa'id', 10/54 - classed as saheeh in 'Silsilah as-Saheehah',

5. They may even be small in number while those who oppose the guidance of the Prophet ‫صلى ﷲ‬
‫ عليه وسلم‬may be many. Perhaps this is why Hasan al-Basri said: "So, be patient in sticking to it (i.e. the
Sunnah), as Ahl as-Sunnah are the fewest of people. They don't indulge with the people of
indulgence, and they don't follow their desires along with the innovators. They were patient in
sticking to their path until they met their Lord. So, be the same way 'insha Allaah." He then said: "If a
man saw these vices - this one calling him to itself, and that one calling him to itself - and he says 'I
don't want anything but the Sunnah of Muhammad ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه و سلم‬and he goes around seeking it
out, such a person will have a great reward. So, be this way 'insha Allaah." [See 'ad-Durar as-Saniyyah', vol. 8,
p. 94]

6. These ahadeeth that are found to be authentic, do not in any way compare or equate the fada'il of
the Sahabah ‫ رضي ﷲ عنھما‬to those who will come after them! Know that the one who show the
Prophet ‫( صلى ﷲ عليه و سلم‬even momentarily) and believed in him is better than all those who will
come after them, no matter how pious or righteous they are! This is an established point of our

These narrations simply show the reward of those who cling firmly and stubbornly to the guidance of
the Prophet ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه و سلم‬upon the way of the Sahabah and make it from their fundamental
methodology - while inheriting all the noble qualities that are praiseworthy in Islam. They will
persevere and invite people to the guidance and will not fear the blame of the blamers and neither
will their claim of love and ittiba' be hollow or mere slogans.

7. For some explanations regarding this topic, please see:

May Allaah make us amongst those who long to be with the Prophet ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه و سلم‬- and those whom the
Prophet ‫ صلى ﷲ عليه و سلم‬longs to meet us. Ameen