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East Coast Bound!
6 people, 3 weeks, 3,500 miles, 1 minivan family, supporters, and supporting churches.


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We’ll be driving to the East Coast in mid-June to visit friends,

This will be our first trip back as a family since the fall of 2008. We’re working out the details and look forward to seeing those in Bentley Creek, Elmira, Harrisburg, Nyack, North Carolina and random points in between. We would like to share the ministry of GFA and our role as Home Team staff with some new people. Can you help us? If you are part of a small group or attend a church where we could potentially share, please let us know as soon as possible. We would love to meet with your missions pastor, small group, Sunday school class, or someone you know who is passionate about missions....you name it! We are putting together our schedule now, so please contact us today!

Family Update
Being a family of six suits us well. Everyone has adjusted to Jett’s arrival and we’re back into the swing of things with our “new normal.” Since we featured Jett’s arrival in our last newsletter, we thought we’d tell you what the other kiddos have been up to. Jenna and Asa celebrated their 5th birthday five days before Jett was born. They’re already looking forward to starting kindergarten but just can’t seem to understand why they need to wait until September. Right now they’re both doing a great job being older siblings—Asa being ever playful and Jenna being the nurturer. Rylee is also a great big sister and seems to have grown up a few years in just a few weeks! In honor of her upcoming birthday, she set a goal to read 100 chapter books; she just finished number 34. She will turn 7 years old this month. And, though we might regret it, we’ve agreed to let her have some friends sleep over to celebrate.


Email: joel.megan@gmail.com Web: http://gofletch.blogspot.com

Joel: 214/300.5700 Megan: 972/897.6064

Prayers of Church Bring Miracle Birth
Just after the birth of Jett, Megan came across this story from the field. She was encouraged as she read about the family who prayed for a natural delivery for their baby—just as we had prayed for a natural delivery of Jett after a Caesarean birth with the twins. “There are times when I feel like I don't understand the people of Asia at all—their wants and needs,” said Megan. “Yet, in this simple story, I found a woman whose heart cry I could completely understand. And our Lord was gracious to give us both the desire of our heart.”

Instead of bringing joy, the news that his wife was expecting brought despair to Akalwan. Of course it would be a blessing to have another child. But that wasn't what Akalwan was worried about. His wife’s first pregnancy was complicated, and she had undergone a Caesarean. Therefore, future pregnancies would be delivered Caesarean as well. Akalwan was poor and there was no way he could pay for the surgery. As the due date grew closer, his worry grew stronger. Seeing no other option, Akalwan made the decision to move his family halfway across the country to the capital city, where he hoped to find a better job that would support their needs. After the journey, Akalwan, found a good job. However, with his increase in income came an increase in living expenses. He didn't know what to do. His wife's delivery was approaching, and he dreaded the struggles he faced to provide for his family.

GFA Stoc k Photo

In their moment of need, not knowing where to turn, God brought Pastor Giri, a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary, to their door. He was going door to door, praying and sharing Christ's love. Meeting Akalwan and his wife, Pastor Giri listened to their story of struggle and attempts to find a better life and invited the family to church. Akalwan’s family began attending church, and soon the congregation became aware of their story. They began praying, and God answered. When the due date came, she had a normal, healthy delivery! Knowing this was a miracle and that God had answered prayer, Akalwan and his wife chose to follow Him. Today the family is growing in their faith. "Your support of missionaries like Giri is reaching so many families with hope," said Brother K.P. Yohannan. "You are changing more lives than you know!"

At the Office
Overseeing the Web Marketing team continues to keep Joel stretched and growing. In late February he traveled to Nashville, TN for the National Religious Broadcasters conference. While there he met with organizations that help us share about Gospel for Asia on the web. Joel attended some training where he learned valuable insights from other ministries and non-profits. A week later Joel flew to Salt Lake City, UT to attend training for the analytics software we use on the web. It was a very insightful time and the things he learned will prove to be extremely fruitful to GFA in the weeks, months and years to come. In just the last few weeks we’ve been blessed as a staff to welcome three special guests to come speak with us. Pastor Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love, recently challenged our staff to keep our relationship with Christ first and foremost as we serve Him. Dr. David Platt, author of the book Radical and pastor from Alabama, encouraged us to pursue the presence of God as much as the promises of God. Chuck Smith, the pastor of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, stopped by the office to encourage the staff and thank us for 30+ years of partnering in ministry to reach Asia with the Gospel. We were very blessed by each of these messages and thank the Lord for the ways He continually challenges us to greater intimacy with Him.

1800 Golden Trail Ct Carrollton, TX 75010 (972) 300-7777 www.GFA.org

Donations to our staff account should be made payable to GFA with Fletchers #6199 in the memo OR you can give online at www.gfa.org/ht/jome

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