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SRIRAMOJU.RANGA CHARY Email:sr.chary71@gmail.


Respected Sir,

Let me introduce myself as graduate with strong desire to succeed
in my Career

I have completed my B.Sc (B.Z.C) at OSMANIA UNIVERSITY
HYDERABAD(A.P). In April 1993. I have passed with 1st Class.

If I am given a chance to work. I shall contribute my best to your
at most expectations.

Please refer my enclosed Curriculum Vitae for more detail. All
relevant documentations and appropriate reference can of course be
produced as and when required.
I would be happy to meet you at a time of your convenience for
further interaction. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any
clarification whatsoever.

Thanking you, Yours Sincerely,


Working as Production Incharge in Syskem Pharmocrates – Solan. Elico-sl- 159). PH – METER. RESPONSIBILITIES:  Production Planning  Raw material. Himachal Pradesh. (2). Worked as a Analytical Chemist in Spinka pharma pvt ltd- PeddaAmberpet Hyd From June .Titrations(Aqueous & Non aqueous).Dissolution Apparatus (Veego).1997 to July-2008.Hardneestester.& Analysis of Finished ProductsandRawMaterials. Worked as a Production Chemist in DIVIS LABORATORIES Choutappal Jan--1995 to June-1997. Calibration of Instruments. packing material arrangement  Manpower Planning  Online Rejections  Stereo controls Job profile : Responsible for activities of QC Functions. Dissolution Apparatus (Veego).OBJECTIVE: To acquire a responsible and challenging position where I can effectively Contribute my skills. Maful Furnance .Meltingpointapparatus.Kralfischertitrimeter. EXPERIENCE: (1). EM Power 2 Software) & UV (Systronics-119. Potentiometer. Friability Apparatus. HPLC calibration.. Friability Apparatus. . U V (Systronics 119 Series). Disintegration Apparatus. Instruments handling HPLC (Waters. Hot air Oven. Hot air Oven. Disintegration Apparatus. (3). PH -meter .Opticalrotation(Advance).Moi sturebalance(singhla). CALIBRATION OF INSTRUMENTS & DOCUMENTATION: Documentation. Potentiometer.Standardizationsofsolution.

Titrations-(Aqueous & Non aqueous) Maful Furnance . (ii) Strip Packing (GASONS)( II track) (iii) ALU-ALU Pack (Rapid Pack)  Capsule Filling Machine (i) SEMI AUTOMATIC FILLING MACHINE . (ii) CADMACH 24 INCHES.B (v) CHAMUNDA PHARMA 27-D  Coating Machines (i) CADMACH 36 INCHES.V titrimeter. M.& Analysis of Finished Products and Raw Materials.  Packing Machine (i) Blister Packing 240SS. Hardness Tester (Tablet). Stability Recor HANDLING DRUGS • VITAMINS . • ANTIBIOTICS • ANTI BACTERIALS • ANALGESICS • ANTIPYRITICS • ANTIHYPERTENSIVES • ANTIDIABETICS • DIURETICS • GASTRO INTESTINALS Anti ulcers & Anti emetics EQUIPMENTS HANDLED  Compression machines (i) PACIFIC 27-D (ii) CAD 27-B (iii) CAD16 –D (iv) CHAMUNDA PHARMA 35.

(Steam & Electrical)  INPROCESS EQUIPMENTS: (i) Tablet Disintegration Apparatus (ii) Friabilator (iii) IR Moisture Balance (iv) Hardness Tester/Vernier Caliper  PROCESS (i) Granulation a..A -METHYL ACCRELIC ACID & ACETONE -Sugar Coating (dusting Method) MACHINARIES EXPOSURE: . Water Paste -Starch.M.  Mechanical Sifter  Multi mill  Ribbon Mixer  RMG/FBD  Colloidal Mill  24& 48 tray Driers –Kilburns.D. -PVP. IPA Paste -Starch Paste (Plain & Coloured) -HydoxyPropyl Cellulose. -ECN-20. In-Layer tablet) (iii) Coating (iv) Packing (vi) Capsule filling (vii) Dispatch GRANULATION Different Types of Binding Agent preparation.P.C & I.Gelatin Paste. HPMC PTHALATE. Water & Gelatin Paste . Wet Granulation b.Direct Compression (ii) Compression(knowledge in Bi layer. Water Paste -PVP.ECN-50 WITH MDC. COATING -Film Coating using HPMC as well as Readymade Coating Material -Enteric Coating Using CAP in Acetone.

STNO:7 SRINIVASAPURAM. Compression Machine 27 station & 35 station (GMP Model) .9069219696.P) Contact Number Email:sr.VIVEKNAGAR.chary71@gmail.Zoology) Period : 1990 – 1993 University : Osmania 09882122261.HYDERABAD-13( DECLARATION: I hereby declare that all the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Capsule Polishing Machine.P.Sc (Bechlar of Science in Chemistry&Botany.1971 Gender : Male Nationality : Indian Religion : Hindu Languages Known : English & Hindi.chary71@gmail.04. Permanent Address : SRIRAMOJU. Carton Printing Machine. Rapid Mixer Granulator.NO:3-14-36/109.) Class : IInd PERSONAL DETAILS: Date of Birth : 05. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATION: B. Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine . Fluid Bed Dryer.Telugu.RANGA CHARY H. E-mail Addres : sr. Compression Machine – 16 station. Hyderabad (A. Blister Packing Machine. RAMANTHAPUR. Coating Pan. . Strip Packing Machine.

Rangachary.2011 S. .03.Place: Solan Date:13.