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Cues Nursing Inference Nursing Goal Nursing Rationale Evaluation

Diagnosis Intervention
S : “lagi akong Impaired Overcrowding After 4 hours of Independent: After 4 hours of
nangangati” as skin integrity and Poor nursing nursing
verbalized by r/t Hygiene intervention the -palpate skin -to assess intervention the
the client developmen patient will be lesion for size, extent of patient is now
tal factors free intense shape, texture, involvement free from
O: itchiness and and intense
• Redness itchiness irritation caused temperature itchiness and
in skin by female irritation.
• Presenc parasites -identify -to assess
e of underlying causative
rashes conditions factors
Female involve
burrow beneath -Advice client to -for clients
the epidermis. maintain a wellness
good personal

Parasites lay Dependent:

eggs and sets -to prevent the
up intense -administer spread of the
irritation medication as parasites