The planet is in the process of a KARMA-balancing act by forces of nature We are all dust in the SOLAR WIND but WE CONTROL THE SUNLIGHT Humans have lost consciousness of inter-connectedness, collectively we have become blind to the effects of our actions The fragile biospheric balance is altered in year 2011 beyond return, the breaking point of TECHNOSPHERE Detach from the dying TECHNOSPHERE civilization and become a part of the NOOSPHERE body of Earth The poisonous, radioactive TECHNOSPHERE is rooted in the genocide against indiginous culture and ecocide against nature The thirst for energy of internal combustion based on explosion manifests wars for oil We must look past the heights of the oil civilization and the explosions of bombs in resource wars to the infinite sources of energy A GLOBAL REVOLUTION starts by YOU detaching from the dying system of destruction, where COSMIC AWARENESS meets ABORIGINAL CONTINUITY

Peaceful, passive resistance, brought through assertion of personal sovereignity and detachment from the ensuing chaos is the essence of preserving humanity Not all will survive this transition period of civilization Humans retaining the spiritual connection to Earth will be guided to SURVIVAL Detach from the desire world, find a place of pure KARMA and you will live through the transition of civilization Do not be afraid of letting go, leaving everything behind as tribesmen Safest axis is located near PACHAMAMA vibration, South America to Siberialake Baikal Most of the Southern Hemisphere is of pure KARMA Safe locations are high-up, from 800m of altitude to 2500m, away from urban centers Organize locally in smaller coherent groups to focus on leaving the old system of competition by focusing on SELF-SUSTAINABILITY building PEACE COMMUNITIES practicing spiritual connectivity Local groups are to organize poeple with skills in engineering, electricity, architecture, electricity, water management, agriculture, wood and metal working, medicine, crafts and textile working You can use what you have and neet not focus on money A SIMPLE HOUSE IN NATURE AND 10 TENTS IS A GOOD START A SELF-SUSTAINABLE dwelling for 50-100 people can be made out of scrap materials with physical labour according to OPEN-SOURCE-ECOLOGY designs Plastic barells can be used as plant nursery and hanging gardens can be made in plastic bottles by simple garden water sprinklers as pumps for water and nutritients Parabolic mirrors can be used to focus the heat of the Sun for preparing food as Solar cookers or making a steam engine to produce electricity or pump water for irrigation Food-producing in a radioactive environment can be managed in Earthsheltered locations by rain-water filtration through solid or electric filters and surface electricity production Connect to the global eco-village network while internet is still available and plan for radio-amateur connectivity of PEACE COMMUNITIES NETWORK

Connect local groups into regional networks using radio amateur equipment powered off-grid The best localities are near large SHORT-WAVE radio transmitters of civil government or private installations According to locality focus on renewable energy resources to detach: SUN, WIND, WATER Make maps of regional underground water resources, caves and caverns Do not fall into the trap of power struggles, organizing should be as mixing water with water Save your souls guided by PRECOGNITION, do not carry weapons Upon purifiction of the collective mind of the planet, help will come from a higher source Earth quarantine is to be lifted and galactic neighbourhood opening doors

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