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ecf in custody

Secret Service agent escorts suspect to car, carrying her gun (lower right).

It started in Haight-Ashbury
By United Press International trial and also testified at the penalty with LSD in Hawaii in an attempt to
phase, swearing that Manson had disable her and prevent her from re-
Lynette Alice Fromme was a cute lit-
nothing to do with the Tate murders. turning to Los Angeles to testify.
tle teenager 10 years ago when, like so
Most often she wore the garb of the Lynette was indicted in the case but
many others of her restless generation,
street children — blue jeans and a pleaded "no contest" to a misdemeanor
she gravitated to the drug scene as a
gauzy blouse, once in a while an ankle- charge of attempting to dissuade a wit>;
"flower child" in San Francisco's
length gypsy dress. She sometimes ness from testifying. She served a brief
Haight-Ashbury district.
wore a cloth patchwork vest which she county jail term.
About 5 feet tall with a piping voice,
said had some of Manson's hair woven After the Manson trial, she went to
her nickname "Squeaky" was a na- into it.
tural. She had carrot red hair cut rather live in northern California and was
Fromme did not talk much about her arrested with several others in an
short in a bob, wide-set big and often background. She was 16 when she made
sad eyes, a pert turned-up nose and a investigation of the killing of Lauren
small, often pouty mouth. it to the vermin-infested, disease-ridden Willett, 19, at Stockton, near
Haight-Ashbury ghetto, and her Sacramento, in 1972. The Willett girl
She tried a lot of avant garde drugs, previous life is shrouded in mystery.
including LSD, and came under the was slain allegedly because she planned
Like some of the other "flower to give information to authorities on the
Police arrest Lynette Fromme in Sacramento after attempt to kill President Ford. spell of a Svengali-like hippie named
children," she was believed to-'have killing of her husband. They had been
Charlie Manson.
come from a well-to-do family in the living with Manson "family" members.'
"Squeaky" rode to dubious fame on East. "Squeaky" managed to earn a
the coattails of other and more sinister Fromme was freed with the others
police record during the course of her because of insufficient evidence.
Manson followers — the three girls who association with Manson in the various
were convicted with him in 1971 of After Friday's incident involving
camps he set up at the Spahn ranch, an President Ford, California Atty. Gen,
first-degree murder in the killing of
old movie set near Los Angeles, and at Evelle Younger was asked why she
actress Sharon Tate and six other per-
Death Valley on California's Mojave wasn't behind bars and he said: "I don't
sons. But she won notoriety on her own Desert.
Friday when she approached President know, but I'm going to find out. I know,
She was jailed once during the she has a make sheet as long as her
Ford at Sacramento with a pistol in murder trial in connection with an at-
hand and was arrested by Secret Ser- arm. What I don't know precisely is
tempt on the life of a prosecution wit- what the disposition was of some of the,
vice bodyguards.
ness. The case was dubbed the arrests, and that's what I'm going to|
When Manson and the other girls "Honolulu Hamburger'Caper" by the
were convicted on 27 counts of first- find out. You know and I know she has
news media because the witness, a girl, been a problem for law enforcement for
degree murder and conspiracy, allegedly was fed a hamburger laced
"Squeaky" shaved her red tresses in a long time."
protest. She and others set up a vigil
outside the Hall of Justice — bald pates
shining in the sun — to demonstrate
their love for the wild-eyed Manson
whom they looked on as a god-like
creature who could do no wrong.
Like her friends, "Squeaky"
scratched a bloody cross on her
Fromme, right, in 1971 with other Manson followers forehead to mark herself as one of
Manson's disciples.
Catherine Share, left, Ruth Morehouse. —AP Wirephotos She attended many sessions of the
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An eerie anniversary
WASHINGTON (AP) — The apparent at the Pan American Exposition in in your neighborhood independent food sttrt
attempt Friday on the life of Persident Buffalo. N.Y., on Sept. 5, 1901. He died
Ford occurred 74 years to the day after nine days later.
the assassination of President William McKinley's assassin, a Polish-born
McKinley. anarchist named Leon Czolgosz. was
McKinley was wounded by two bullets tried, convicted and died in the electric
while shaking hands in a reception line chair.

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