Robert E.Duncan, II Attorney at law 09242 212 SW 8'" Avenue, suite 202 Topeka, Kansas66603 785.233.

2265 IN THE DISTRICTCOURT OF SHAWNEE COUNlY, KANSAS Division Three Hal Richardson, Petitioner, and Claudine Dombrowski, Respondent. ORDER ---O~ octobl!r

LOll ~PR \ 11 P 3: , I

Case No. 96 D 217


l!f arid 20. :1010-befOre this cOurt tne-PetltlonNappears-ln-person-and


_ .. -

Donald Hoffman. Respondent appears in person and by Robert E. Duncan, II. GAL, Jill Dykes appears. The Court, after receiving evidence and hearing the statements of counsel, FINDS

AND ORDERSAS FOLLOWS: The Court finds it inappropriate control violation when parenting time with under K.S.A. 6O-1616(a) to allow the minor child to should occur. Further, with based on Respondent's and volatile and which references her daughter,


of Court enders by posting material on the internet behavior with minor daughter

c?!1tinuing to bring up court case and proceedings unpredictable

minor daughter, Petitioner,

the Court orders supervised parenting time for Respondent and

Respondent of every other Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

GAL. are to agree on the individual who will supervise parenting time or submit names to Court. The minor child has a cell phone and can initiate phone calls to Respondent. Respondent is not to initiate phone calls, text or e-mails to minor daughter. from placing any likeness of minor daughter, materials, daughter on Internet or allow others to link to her internet would allow anyone The Respondent is prohibited referring to minor site which or documents

site, face page, twitter

to go to- ii"llnked

site with this Information.

Further, the Respondent not to

be provided any copies of medical or therapy records of the parties minor daughter. IT ISSO ORDERED.

_Judgeof the District Court

Prepared and submitted pursuant to


cou. rt Rule 170 by: up




Robert n, II Attorney at Law

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