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Fromme still HARDBACK

1. Unnatural Exposure by Patricia Cornwall (last week: 1; Weeks

a mystery on list; 3}
2. COW Mountain by Charles Frazter (test week: 3; weeks on list:
1 3. Special Delivery by Danielle Steel (last Week: 2; weeks on Hst:
6), - ' ' «
t The Life and Times, of Lyttette Alice '1 £L1lhi/*(!tl<hd'by to?<>rt 0«**te (last week: 4; weeks on Ifst; 11)
Fronime By Jess BrOvin. (Buzz/fit. tiattfa '$) S. The Notebook by Nlchblas sharks (last Week: 7; weeks on list:
43) =ir
$' I'll, *!Jner bX Johft Grisham <f*rt week: 5; weeks on list: 23)
ByLEE SMITH Cox News Service , 7. It Thto WorW Were Mine by £, Lyw Harris (last week: 13;
"' • • y -• • - ----- ..... '
: . . . . . 'JlT ___ .. - . weefcfr orr list: &) >
- £ Ea*^**dl»y.bV So"?118 Br«wn (last week? 6; week$ on, tist: 8}
9;Up island by Anne Rivers Sfddonfc <la$t week' $ weeks on list.

he's not exactly lee Harvey Oswafd or John- .
Wilkes Booth, but Lynette Alice Fromme has' 1
„ 10. beceffeort on His Mind by Elizabeth George (las], week £),
secured a place^f notoriety in American hfeto- week* ontot:5) ' ,
11. London by Edwjard1 Rutherford (last week: 11; weeks on Hst
r w ,iy. Fromme, serving ajffe sentence for a* 1975 'i **) j "
' ^mptoti Getatd FordVlife, was the'fif& woman -f 11'The' God pf Small things by Arundhati Roy (lirsl week on list)
\ ChaaJns Cezwine by Peter Mayte.flast week: 12; weeks OR -
acoo*ed 6f rtyiog-to assassinate a US7 president. She
was alsoif he first person fried tWKief a law covering n by Barbara •feytbr-bradlord (last week: to;
-5) " tr fi , ,
• assaults* WU.S. preterite passed MerJolfe'E \ - ' ram % Dale Browri,(last-week: 14; weeks on list: 4)
KeRnedy^deathvFwd,-whb^vas subpoenaed by
Fronlffle, became $je fiat sitrififc president .tttjg Ik McGourt (last week: 1; weeks on list:
a criminal trial, art8 -His court appearance^ via vi : week: 3; weeks
tape, established'^ 0recedfent% ftitute presiden
.Yd; it thay seem shocking that Frdiiime — better .(T7__ (last we^c2; weeks OR, Ifst: t5)
a;el pm$nin (last week:, 4; weeks on fist
known 1as ^Squeaky,'* a rtkkname ftom.her years m
Charles Manson's "family** —jtfould^u^ify as.the 11 by Meale Donald Walsoh
Bravin has done an admirable reporting job. But ,
subject of a biography. After all, Fromme^s name has Frxsmme and her aetioiis 'remain a mystery, Still and fvll by John Berendt
become "shorthand (in'popular culture) for at, violence- me, 48, is in prison in .Stanley and William D.
prone kook" journalist Jess Bravin notes. Nevertheless, ' ' Oanko(Jastweekl:9;
* Brain Droppfna.
Bravin attempts a serious work, having received a grant
• from the Gerald Fprd Foundation and even having -
>*** 9. The Gift of Fear ^
CaVlifi (last'week: /; weeks oh list:
j *• f 1 ^ . , _,

week: 8; weeks on
talked with the former president. But Fromme declined , . , , _ . , . V'^WM""*"* < Ifsi: TV ' , '* ' t> J

Wtphtins&htTffat, by Gary Indiana (Ehubleday) ' 10, Martha Stewart Jmt bessfris by Jerry OpfJertheimer (last-
to be interviewed, so the author telied on her letters California, and especially Los Angeles, are for Tvwn* «Vf *rQDnqi uii i^au 5V " ' ^ , * i .
11. Converaattons Wtth Qod: BookJ2 by Neale Donald Waisch
and journals, friends* recollections and court records. American fiction Wr^ityar is for all fiction: a domain (fast week: 12; weeks on-llst; i § ' , - r-
What emerges is a disturbing portrait of a promising 'ofiim intensely deformed experience that magnifies
12. The Day After Hoswell by Philip J.Corso (fast week: 13;
weeks on Jtsr 3) " """*'"- "-" *. " •
ryoung girt (a dancer in a well-known children's troupe, : J
« Hdualttajt& and^#aWieyerybody a participant in a 13. Just A* I Am by Billy.Grahahi^st week; 11; weeks on list
she was voted "Personality Plus" in junior high and
extreme tif^ JJortderbo.. bvPeterMaaI• teUi.* :ta:w^ ta'^Wi*
recognized as her high school's finest poet) who would Resentment, Los Angeles is a place where the shining 15, Billions and Billions by Cart Sagan (lastWeek: 16; weeks oh ,
become one of the original members of the Manson Americariioteani comes into grotesque conflict with a. 'istr 3J * f ,
family within a yeat of graduation- But the book never" .taivdry, dmgged-out, morally collapsed^ violent, and - Miscellaneous
makes it clear how an aeronautical engineer's daughter yet, as Indiana's ironic subtitle indicates* darkly comic 1. Miracle Cures by Jean itemer 'Oa$t i^k: J f, weeks' on list: 3)
from a Southern California suburb could grow up to 2. S mpfe Abundance by Sarah s San lPfeaitinacir(1asr week: 2;
American reality. weeks on list: 7t) ' • , '*>\^ , ^\>
become an ardent Manson Orter and point a pistol ' Resentment, which Indiana, fn an author's| note, calls 3. Men Are.From Mara, Women Are From Venu*by Jbhn Grey
' at the president. A*- • (last weefc 3t weeks, on list: «03> .'.-''»/
^an imaginaiy tapesfry 0£the;era's psychic life>"^ts the , 4. Mar« and V«nu» On A pate by Joljn Grey (l^sl week; 4; weeks
i . ,the closest 'explanation apj :s;tG be a troubled product of at huge 5atfrical talent, even if jts purpose on Hstt 7) "1 ,, ' / ' , ,
family life, Tjjiereare hints of and sexual1 sometimes seems as uncert4iti as the cultural * :."''- * pAKErtB^ck ," ; / _
abuse by a t^nnkjal-father. Asia teen, Fromme would, disinte^ion that it -describes. - ; , ' ; ' % '
leave home or be kicked out for extended periods. Her •'" •• '• " ' Fiction - • -"., '' \
^ftesentmerit'ls the stoirj of a California demimonde,, '1* ^Kecutlye Ordere by Torn Clancy (weeks on list: 3)
parents, would latettell%thorities they put their mostly homosexual, reflected against the broken mirror 2. The TWrd twin by Ken Foltottifweeks on list: S)
daughter under psychiatric care in 1966. 3. Oe»per*tfon by Stephen King (weeks on list: 5)
of a sensational doubje-murder trial; Two brothers have 4. Contact by Cart Sagan (weeks on list: 12)
, Strangely, the Manson years are the book's weakest lulled theirjparents aTa are Claiming sexual abuse as & 9*«g» In Ordlnwy Time by Mary McGarry Morris (weeks on
ItetTj ".
' part; <?n«*ty members' variou^ aliases, their frequent their defense. Needless to say, this fictionaf case was , «: Finding ihe Oream by |4ora Roberts (weeks on^st: 4)
wanderings' and run-ins with the law become inspired% the reaMife Menendez trials in California, T. yj»Of«p, 6WI pf the Ocean by JacqyeTyn.Mitphard (Weeks on
confuting, Bravin doesn't attempt to retell the story of one of which ended in a hung jiity, the othet in a 8. Vendetta: Lucky*a heyw^e by Jackie Collins (weeks on list: 2}
the 1969 murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others. conviction. Jn this story, the accused y«wng men ate , *, The Claybprne Brtdea: Part* l--z by Julie Garwood (we^ks on
The trial made Fromme, who wasn't charged in the Carlos and Felix Martinez, and there seems no doubt in 10. She'* Come Undone by Wally Lamb (weeks on Hst: 28)
killings,' something of a media celebrity as she Indiana^ ^saturated world that their father, Fidel, 11. Stones From the River by Ursula Hegi (weeks oh list; 16}
"became the favorite, almost pett of the reporters, 11 At Home in Mltford by.Jan Karon (firsj week on list)
was, a monster whQ44sed his sons for sexuat - ; 1|L The Runaway Jury by John Grtsfcarri (w^eks onJist 26)
lawyers and police," a reporter recalled. 14: Hwrvett by Tess Gerritsen (weeks on list: 2)
15. EitQtliilw by Sandra Brown (weeks on fist: 10)
Once Manson was imprisoned, Fromme became the Around the sensational trial, Indiana spins several,
family's leader. She kept a vigil outside the Los interrelated storigss involving characters who occupy Nonflction
1, The Sea Hunters by CKve Cussler and Craig Dirgo (weeks on
Angeles courthouse, shaved her head and carved an X some of the more melancholy rungs! of California , list 3)
on her forehead after Manson had done the same. society>sA|Jie tells these tales, he commits numerous 2. Undaunted
13) ,v v .
Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose (weeks on list:
The last fyalf of Bravin's book is a fascinating ( pa^sag^f dazzlingly^ood writing, 4te most 1 The Color of Water by James McBride (weeks on list: 25)
account of the Ford case and how prosecution missteps conspicuous feature being its intentionally affectless, 4. into the Wild by Jon Krakeur (weeks on list: 27}
5. ThfrHeart of AlMoman by Maya Angebu (weeks on list: 13}
almost caused a mistrial The government had to prove compu^ely factual tone, which, of course, sharpens , «.CWI Action by Jonathan Harr (weeks on list: 49} ^
that Fromme intended to kill Ford when she aimed a the^ satire% seeming to be unaware of it 7. Reviving Ophelia by Mary Plpher (weeks op list; 125)
8. Girlfriends by Carmen Renee Berry and Tamara Traeder
gun at him tn a Sacramento, Calif., park. Fromme said Indiana isnconstantly inventive, always'willing to (weeks on list 24) ' ,'
she merely wanted to bring attention-to environmental take chances, and his ear for the more bizarre idioms 9. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Colerrran1 (weeks on list: 9}
10. Spontaneous Heating toy Andrew We9 (weeks On tist: 53)
problems and gain a new trial for Manson, While the of American life is nearly perfect. 11. How Could You Do That? by Laura ScMessinger (weeks on
clip of Frotnme's gun was loaded, no bullet was found li»t«- -4 Tfc1 J
* '

At thejSpmfe time, the book is so relentlessly foctised 12. The Dllbert Prlnpiple by Scott Adams (weeks on Hst: 12) •
in the chamber ready to be fired. Ford couldn't recall on the catastrophic side of human nature that one is 13. Drinking: AL«ve Story by Caroline Knapp (weeks on list: 9)
• whether he heard a clicking noise before a Secret driven to,ask? whatV the point? An epigram suggests it 14. The Demon-Haunted World by Car) Sagan (weeks on iist: t6)
Service agent wrenched the gun from Fromme's hand. «•*«««* ^ the C»gea Bird Sings by Maya Angelau (weeks
has to dp^ with the unconscious harm done by parents on list 156) ' ' ' '
A Ayitness interviewed by police immediately ajfferward to their chjUiren, which, irt tarn, seems to suggest that
recalled jFromme as saying, "U^s not loaded any way " Miscellaneous
exnce we^se horn, \ve are iost. But Indiana's total. *
Sma4«« . - . Andtt*8AH Smafl Stuf I by
fc dafiwtitfaYWntGf this statenient till after the " • • • b % - - * j * lotftic dements of the^syShic , -^ J4) \> -
• prosec&iio* concluded its case, it moved foV a mistrial,- ^.VSllwhotnoralittige, ff < w
laying prosecutors atiteid in bad faith, but thtf motion * liana's new work with Astonishment at So
'j»K ^ was denied. * hi* taft^Jtjsnd.astonfeshiBent atlhe absurdist bleakness, isecn, Jenrtttoi; llead Hawftit
ttaade'^etter impression on jurors
fy rcfiised to tJTjA^kiris (wefik*^ >

' SUNOAf" •#c