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Name : Jo-ann Ang Hui Fern

I.C No : 940715-14-5474

Address : 5, Jalan Dagang 3

Taman Dagang Jaya
68000 Ampang

Tel : 03-4294 1236

Handphone : 017-3791861

School : Form 4
SMK Convent Bukit Nanas

Father : Ang Chai Seng

Contact : 012-376 2711

Mother : Kulwant Kaur

Contact : 012-287 0383

Preferred Brats Workshop


“Carry Jo-ann ! carry Jo-ann ! please ! papa , carry Jo-ann !” that was a little girl named
Jo-ann who would always ask her father to carry her and that girl is me. My name as per
my identity card is Ang Hui Fern but my parents , brothers , cousins & my friends call me
Jo-ann, that’s my nickname. My dad is a Chinese while my mum is Punjabi and I have
two brothers who are currently studying in the local universities. I will be 16 years old in
July and am studying in the Convent Bukit Nanas secondary school.

I am an enthusiastic person especially when it comes to things that I have a big interest in
for example during the annual National day, I would go to Dataran Merdeka and sing
patriotic songs while waiting for the countdown for the National Day. I consider myself
as a good listener because I love lending my ears to my friends, anyway there is a quote
that always keeps me going ‘When you listen , you often learn something new’ , which is
totally correct. I’m definitely a person who loves to share too, I always share my
experience with my friends. Whenever I go for a trip with my family or for a camp , I talk
about it for the whole day ! I share my knowledge with my friends , I share my dresses
with my friends and many more ! I just enjoy sharing ! I feel good whenever I share .

“ Rah rah , ah ah ah ! Roma , roma ma mah ! Gaga , ooh-la-la, want your bad
romace !” That’s my current number one song for dancing in my MP4 , Bad Romance
by Lady Gaga. One of the qualities that I love about myself is my passion for dancing. I
love dancing. Whenever I have some free time , I will lock myself in my room and blast
the music loudly on my CD player and start dancing till I sweat it off. It’s a good form of
exercise too ! I also dance when I’m stressed especially when I am having my exams , I’ll
take a break and start dancing , I find it very relaxing. Last year, for my school’s
International Understanding Day (IU Day), my friends and I performed a dance titled
Namaste, New York! for my Interact Club. Please click on this link for the dance .

Besides dancing , during my free time, I usually blog. I love blogging. It’s a place where
I can express all my feelings and frustration in words at
I love listening to music too! My favorite artists are TAYLOR SWIFT, BEYONCE, Kris
Allen, Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks and Miley Cyrus. My favorite bands are BLACK
EYED PEAS, All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls , JONAS BROTHERs and also
SELENA GOMEZ & the Scene. I love all their songs , some are meaningful for example
Fifteen by Taylor Swift , some are inspiring like The Climb by Miley Cyrus and some are
just meaningless but I still enjoy listening to it.

My favorite sport is badminton, I was inspired into playing badminton by our national
shuttler , Wong Mew Choo who is also my idol ! I love her and admire her so much that I
created a fans blog for her ( I love badminton
because I find this sport very cool and it is a sport where I do not need to put my sun
block cream on etc. I go for trainings once a week every Sunday afternoon. I enjoy my
trainings because I love to sweat !

My role model is my cousin , Shareen Kaur. She is hardworking and always gives her
best at everything that she does and she always gets the best results . One of the best
qualities I like about her is how she manages her time. She can constantly can get straight
As and yet go for tons of camps. She has participated in the BRATs and BRATs Junior
camps. She told me it was a lot of fun and insisted that I work on this essay. Every year ,
she will go to at least two to three camps a year and yet it does not interfere with her
studies. I have learnt a lot from her and I am glad I have her as my cousin.

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