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David Riley
Rod Fricker

.GONTENTS Exam strategies t) o 1 Unit 2 Unit Making contact o T2 A day in the life Self-Assessment Test 1 Units 1-2 18 3 Unit 4 Unit Unit Same or different? 20 26 oo oa A job for life? Self-Assessment Test 2 Units 3-4 5 Unit 6 Unit Home sweet home 34 40 Eat to live Self-Assessment Test 3 Units 5-6 46 48 54 60 62 6B 7 Now and then UnitB Unit Unit Makeadifference Self-Assessment Test 4 Units 7-B 9 10 Following fashion stuff dot com Self-Assessment Test Unit 5 Units 9-10 74 76 11 Time for a break! Unit 12 Healthy body .. Self-Assessment Test Unit 82 88 90 96 6 Units L7-12 13 It's a small world Unit 14 Who cares? Self-Assessment Test 7 Units I3-I4 702 Self-Assessment Tests Answer Key Self-Assessment Tests Tapescripts r04 105 I'unctions Bank r07 .

. If an exercise is about matching a passage/text/ headline to a summarising sentence or a title. FCE and Trinity. nert. . Tfy to gel the main idea of a text and work out the meaning of words you don't know lrom the contexl. Mosl exams consist of a listening comprehension.guess. concentrate on typical . o When deciding whether a sentence is true or false. . exercise 1) Remember that you will hear the questions/ sentences in the order you hear them. DLr recordmg. it right! In class. You don't have to understand the whole text to be able to lind the correct answers lo a question. listen out for time expressions (and then. in parlicular..it might help 1'ou predict a logical sequence of events.). Don't Matching exercises (page 51. While listening for the first time. o A sentence/question at the very end may refer to a speaker's intention or the generai context. Multiple-choice exercises (page 37.lriting task(s). try to choose it by eliminating the incorrect answers. You have a fifty percent . Remember that you will hear the questions/ sentences in the order you hear them. .ans. In oeneral it is imnnrtant to refer to the whole LL r ur. . If you have to put events in the order they dlJpfdl in ttllr lictaa jn6 lll ha llJtrlrrrrb. . leave any questions unanswered. Be careful with answers that sound exactly the same as the information in the recording. panic if you don't understand every'1hing. JCnaIIy. in the end . spend Loo much time Lhinking aboul queslions you are nol able to answer . Sentence or information ordering (page 93. Then compare them to the choices you have been given and choose the most similar. underslanding a sequence of evenls. grammar exercises/Use of English and (a) r. a reading comprehension. ask your teacher for the correct answers.. If an exercise is about deciding on the t). Tly to predict what kind of information you mioht harr look aL Lhe questions and mark your answers when listening for the l'irst time. If you are not surc . . Use your general knowledge . Listening comprehension General guidelinss Always . exercise 1) o If you have to find out who a person is or where a recording lakes place. Il they differ chance of getting a lot from yours. phrases which relate to the person or place.EXAM STRATEGIES The Szccess Workbook. . pay special attention to expressions that are characteristic to a particular tlpe of a text. Page numbers u-here these exercises appear are next to each task trpe. take into account what you actualiy hear and not what you know or think. provides practice u'rth esercise types found in exams including PET. exercise 3) o If you have to put events in chronological order. listen to the recording once more to analyse the reason for your mistake. try to summarise the main idea yourself and choose one of the given answers on that basis. Thue/False exercises (page22. Pay special attention to s)monyrns and anton5. Understanding a logical connection betu'een them is not necessary to do this task.you can come back to those during your second Isterung. you may have to work il out on the basis of what you have heard. the questions you didn't answer during the first irslerunp.nnnontrrtA \vrr\ \ rrrrur\ . They are often incorrect. The Success Workbook inciudes exercises that wi11help you to prepare for all these. KET.pes. make notes of suggested answers. Sometimes the information needed to answer a question is not drrectly given. . . read the inslrucl ions carefully before list-enLng to a recorcling for the first trne. Follow these to help you do particular task t1pes. If you are not sure which answer is correct. These exercises are graded to elementary level to help students famrliarrse themselves with the exercise t5. read Lhrough all the queslions again before the second listening.pe of text. vrl ^n B . . Sometimes one characteristrc phrase will help you choose the right answer. exercise 2) .

your time in the exam is limited. If you don't find informati. These words will give you a clue to the order. Skim the text first to get a general idea of where the information is. sentences/paragraphs. exercise 3) o t€atl the inslruclions before doing tha iavl Lhe lask. . A title helps to decide on a general idea of a text and the first senlence o[ each paragraph often summarises the whole paragraph. guessing a word based on its grarnmatical form.on confirming that a particular sentence is true. exercise 3) .' of the word in your own language). o Focus on the detail of a paragraph or sentence. . r ionorinB the sans Then read the sentences or words which are needed to frll the gaps. read key informarion firsL. Gap-fill exercises (page 70. Skim the text first to get its general meaning.Reading comprehension General guidelines Always Multiple choiee exercises Identify the parts of the text that your questions refer to. While matching questions to a text.guess! Always check if you have answered all of the questions.. simiiarifi.it Matching exercises (page 42. try to flnd sentences or paragraphs which have to be placed aL lhe beginnhg. Make sure the last paragraph. Remember that this kind of exercise may include (an) extra sentence(s). When you select your answers. . 4 .). spend loo much time on one specific exercise . answer the questions. . (page 9. Thue/False exereises (page 15. While matching headlines to a text. slightly different information or information that only partly corresponds with the text. For example. exercise 2) . underline parts of the text relevanL Lo the questions (single words. While doing this kind of exercise. Sentence or information ordering (page 92. r Eliminate incorrect answers and then mark your final answer. o You may not need to study a whole paragraph. exercise 3) r paragraphs) Don't . leave any questions unanswered. try to understand every single word of a text. try to find lhe risht nl:ce in the text where there is an answer lo a parlicular queslion. phrases.attention to what is in the text both before and after the gap. mark it as false. You may be able to guess the meanirg of new words uslng different techniques {guessing from the context./sentence summarises the whole text or provides a logical conclusion. pay attention to the main idea of a text. if you are nol sure . Look ou1 lor expressions typically used when rntroducing a topic or a character. .nert .. An incorrect answer may only differ from the correct one in lhe tense that is used. Always read all the titles first and then match them to the relevant parts of the text. you may need to focus on just one phrase or you may need to interpret the meaning of a whole text. Focus on sentences/words that will help you link .fCnally. pa). Lry 1o work out what kind of may give you some ideas of what to expect. exercise 2) . . . sentences. so you will have to ehminate unnecessary items. . You don't have to know all Lhe words Lo o . Different sentences nell require different reading strategies. text it is . Focus on linking words (then. The lask will affect the way you read .

you can make sure that you have understood it correctly. a story or a discursive text. The techniques below will help you to pass your exam successfully. Remember that the exam techniques that you learn even at elementary level will help you pass exams successfully in the future. You can also repeat the information you have been given and.don't dominate the conversation. let me th. make sure you listen as well as speak . If you do not understand what an examiner has said. ) r Avoid using the same words and structures show that you have a varied vocabulary and can use a range of grammar structures.ink.. use conversational fillers or hesitation devices (uell. practical piece of writing such as a note. Use a word that has a similar meaning or give a definition or description of the word. an email. o I . for example a formal or inJormal letter. Always keep the question in mind when answering. . ask him/her to repeat him/herself. If you are not ready with your answers and need time to think.Writing You may be required to write a short. . o Try to stick to the aim of the task. . an advertisement and/or a longer. in this way. erm. o If you are taking the exam with another person. an invitation. . Success Workbook will help you prepare for these tlpes of writing tasks. Do not panic if you cannot remember a word.. The Speaking The Success Workbook will also prepare you for oral exams. practical piece of rnriting.

4 He I Hi. -. too.Making contact GRAMMAR to be atfirmative and negative Possessive adjectives Subject pron0uns I am ('m) on holiday. This is t_ This is my brother and Paris.s parents are from the north of Spain. lHis i not in Spain / F rance We arer'L h 7pa'.s I Complete the text with possessive adjectives. (-) 5 Write the sentences. mum and dad. . (+) 8 Jenny at school today.' Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas / not English i Spanish "_ dad's an English teacher. 3 David Beckham / not from Manchester London / This is me with n_ on holiday. 1 We is a doctor. France. noI Sh+has4. We're house in Spain. 2 We an English student. She's parents are from England. but r_ Russian. 5 She I Her I Hi. y0u she WK. 6 Slze I Her I Hi.r. (+) 4 Kevin and Ali on holiday. am not ('m not) at home.(-) 7 Steve 27. This isri house in Brighton It's very brg! She's wrth '_ boyfriend. 2 Bevonc6 Knowles / not British / American 'This is a photo olr. Circle the correct words.m& &tuw &.. Jenny. 7 They I They're I Thei. We'rc i. are not (aren't) American. Her wife is a teacher. (+) 3I _ _ (-) 2 He l11zs is I /lmUlfather's besl friend. (+) good friends. ' name's DaIe. 8_ girlfrlend in photos.r house is rn Burgos. are ('re) ltalian. 1 John is 3 Hc . B They I They're I Thetr are teachers. Now you show me t'_ 5 Ptzza / not from France / Italv 6 I / not a teacher / student 6 .wWaK We say She's 21. from New York. (+) 6I_adoctor. 1 Tom ie from Paris. is not (isn't) in Madrid.ny friend./--------\. y0u they Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb fo be: affirmative (+) or negative (-).s is Spanish. Anna my best friend..

Write the l4#r. Say. lit Where are you from? How old are your parents? Whots your teacher? . . 5 He's a teacher 6 You're 21. he/she/it is No. he/she/it isn't. tiailan Saying just yes or no can be impolite.. We say Yes. Yes.GRAMMAR to be questions W&wwffi &Mw &wWaY -l. Are you married? 2 He's Russian. the capital of Canada? tr tr T I T T T a No. He's from Canada. h Yes. Match the answers with the questions. d No. e Yes. E 3 She's on holiday. Write answers that are true for you. she is. they are. he is. g Yes. b@rea+= it isn't. She's Australian. she isn't. we/you/they are. No. f c No. rt is. It's Washington DC.questions for these answers. eg Yes. 4 They're in Rome. I'm not. we/you/they aren't. 1 Is Brad Pltt English? 2 is Jim Carrey from the USA? 3 Is Penelope Crtz Spanish? 4 Is New York the capital of the USA? 5 Are Beijing and Shanghai in China? 6 Is Nicole Kidman from F rance? 7 Is Michael Schumacher German? B Is Ottawa 1 You're married.' Are you I theY I . or No. Wrihe Yes/No questions. 1 Where are you from? I'm from Madrid.not)hslm. My name's Alicia. ls nel tshe.lam. She's from Barcelona 4 Are you on holiday? 5 Are you 16? . I am. / Yes. he isn't. lllf- questions What's your name? Yes. 1 Are you from Moscow? I'm 17 2 Is your name Ben? 3 Are you single? Mv nhone number is 91 329 778 My best frrend's Paloma.

Name: Home: Work: Mobile: Nick Oreen John's Sally's husband9 a doctor.*.are 1-ou? e Hello. T tr T T T T T i well. &. please.0rol ner.. Take care. ' if" Wi{ffi Listen to the telephone conversation and circle what the people say. This is Marlene Katz. d Hello Marlene. I Annc: Lrcre. 1 This is a picture of m-v sister's sons. w-here's Joirn this u. I lt's Artne. I I'itze. V-ery I T tr T . . c Hang on a minute. 3 Annie's John's wife..iz. Bye. 2 This is a picture of my sisters' sons. thank you.d. Elizabeth is _ wife. She's in London. And you? g No problem. . fregular plural nouns.r. I totnori'ou. thanks. He\lo /Hi Simon. of course. 2 John's wife's French.GRAMMAR Possessive s Sinqular nouns: add 's It's LISTENING AND SPEAKING t book. {72*rl*s 1 . Complete the sentences. 4 Annie's dad's a doctor. Take care. add This is my parents' house.fririli*: N!. I'm fine. in the correct order. Is Simon Parke there? Receptionist W%wa& *fuw ) HoLcL cttt. Match the pictures with the sentences. 3 Charles is _ brother 4 Arne is sister. I Late'r. Oh. I Goodbye. Receptionist \Vor1d Music. And you? 'j I'm OK. What's her mobile nunrber? h Thanks very much. My brother's friends = one brother My brothers' friend = more than one .E.eek? He's in Tokyo. b Good morning. The menT T-shirts are lrom the USA.L.s11 6 sootr. Hor'v are you? . lrregular plural nouns: The children's schoo! is in Germany. World Music. Is Patty Vincennes there? f Hi Tom.. 7 Helen's husband's N'hke. Very uel. ''Wffik Listen to the conversation and write the phone numbers. But Patty isn't here today.nute. Circle the possessive s. The women's names are )lga and Petra. Bye. I Not bct. a Thrs zs Artne.:wwpT . lni. l Good monzi'ng Good aJternoon. I Hantg on 0. '4. I Bge. Anne Hello. I JOnn s rer 6 John's mum's Helen. Tom.heth Simon Anne Simon Anne Simon Anne Simon Anne Simon Hello. See 5. Thanks. This is Tom. I B't1e Bge.A. then. 5 Sophie's Arnie's mum. thank you.ffi put the conversation Then listen and check. We say John and Sally's daughter brother not@.<-\ e(9 . See you. Hr Anne. Simon. Look at the family tree. B Mlchel's Annie's brother. It's 07789 233 066. 2 Anne W. 0 Bye.** Philip ts Elizabeth'e husband. Hon.

:r2a..ttitj.%t:.. b brother. How many questions can you answer? "W..a. ta:r'i'.:tq. Read the second parl of the article. c 5 Quinrr is Patricia's son.1?!rf. 3 Chris is Apple's C mother.fi|e. b son.rtri!.tiff&. c a brother. c 2 Fifi Trixiebell is Bob's fl sister.tt 4. son.?a?7{. a sister'..it.4tir.aia4riaa:i i/?. 1 Cnn is Romeo's 4 Sage is Sistlne's father.?. a daughter..a Read the article again and circle the correct answers. b son..W.ittztt4t4:taa:1al .iiiiira\. Check your answers to Exercise 1.i\. a mother. b brother. I .READING .*:#Pe Read the first parl of the article..1. b daughter. c father.

ntece on holidav q-n my lerurrgftt parents I ..W$E$::.ililST fifl1micote lfalv Itntn w|\/s.. 1 doctor / teacher l@l student 2 at home / at university I at school / qt hrlf nqqf qiw yt4vv vlt 3 on the right / on holiday / on the left / in the middle 4 women / men / children / family 5 in a photo / in London / in a classroom / in a caf6 t0 .l t^-^-^^^ : VOGABULARY & Complete the crossword with family words..... (6) your ... (7) is your .:. .... (B) 10 Your father's mother is your (1 1) 3 Your grandparent's children are DOWN V (11) 1 Your mother's father is your (6) 2 Your brother's son is your . person (Bi preople) phone number : ACROSS > 1 Your daughter's children are your (13) your . (6) B Your father's brother's daughter I Your father's grandchildren are your . (4) lgirlfriend tr 2married n 3mum 4wife man 5daughLer 1 I I I asingle bson cboyfriend ddad ehusband Find the plurals in the Word list. (7) 7 Your mother's daughter is your 11 Your father's sister is Match the opposites. 4 Your sister's daughter is your . . (5) 5 Your mother's brother is your (5) 6 Your father's son is your . 1It K A N D C T] L D R E N J'IUCTIIU)U r^h JVU language school lt tUv local man tpl {Ien) malfle0 :frAhlh IIIUTUI m0lneflmum ni mo neonew NCK IO : l = 10 .. men 2 woman 4 person & Circle the 'odd one out'.

Amsterdam.a. I'm are you? You're t'- "_ hoJida.u D*i. i'm from Rome' I'm 19 futeoty funepty*lt j.1\!r1i::.trat i\. WRITING 3Add capital letters and apostrophes to the email.:. Yes.vith rny sisters. Student Visa 1 Surname: Roegi . I'm Lisa Rossi. 6 Address: riur.rt.\:?. Single I I t: t '4:...).ri :.2. im the beautiful onel jane sends her love.7). A caf6.:. were on charles brldge. He's t_ university s_ Edinburgh. this is a photo of jane and me. t: how are you? im in prague with jane and her family.. Yes.10 itl *& V --1 + ?.. - its near ihe university.i1i. Hi.. It's me.e. We're lir the garden :_ home... I'm !'_ Amsterdam..a7it?i-..1. Tt's great hele. shes a teacher and hes a Flrst name: fl 3 Age: 4 Married 5 Country ----:-- doctor.benson@ys..rt !r:. janes dads z english but her mums czech.i: J]: hi annie.:.com tr k: Subiect: Hi! n.ti:. 'This is a great photo.aaaaiatt:.:.. I'm 10_ a caf6. at or on.fl: .1t ri. 1 Austraiia 2 China 3 England 4 France 5 Hungary see you soon.. theyre great but her brotners slupid.1. iit. Our brother John isn't 6_ lhe photo. a01B56 ::. Hello.olorLp A- To: annie. their house is beautiful .. Is that Jane? Hi Jane. t: tl 7. Kate's 1_ the left and Nicola's 5_ the right. nuria XXX AuaLralian 6 Japan 7 Poland B Russia 9 the tlSA Compf ete the texts with /n. Where schooi? Ha ha. Sorryl 11 .Read and complete the Student Visa form.1:t :a Write the nationalities.):. I'm'r_ the middle. It's me r.v. tt:: !l t .

The spelling rules tor he. For verbs ending in -0.A day in the life GRAMMAR Present Simple affirmative and negative Affirmative l/YouAtVe/They Negative do not (don't) live in Prague does not (doesn't) live in Prague live in Prague He/She/lt We use the Present Simple for: o Facts about your life. seven in lhe evening. \. 6 John goes to bed at nine o'clock. 1 My dad worke in an office. 4 5 6 7 8 dinner. -ss.. after dinler.t. 2 My brother - 3 My sister 4 My best friend fruit for breakfast hip-hop music. or8 t:'' t: {: 2!' ui. (eight) . eg I get up at six kirty every day. American TV. change r . 3 John gels up at four in the morning.There is one irregular verb'. TV all the time. hospital nine thirty. (small) ? I really n-./. add es For verbs ending in a consonant + y.ti?tvtrfrrivs4. hospital. it ars. 1 John lives ii"irt-r c"i horn" rriue ainn"i iike American TV live in read a book start work watch TV work in r\r-.:qqe3r*.on.*rawirq.. A-fter dinner I i.i. I I5 6 at home. (London) Sarney doeen'Llive in Scof. Complete the sentences with phrases from the box. For most verbs. .. -ch. Complete the sentences.$'d!4'r:z:::a. Write sentences about Barney..4#l4litta. (seven) '?t 4 John has a big breakfasl.land. o Routines. (midnight) 1 the 2 3 livee in New York. 2 John works on a farm. eg Australians like barbecues. late. Use verbs from Exercise 1.. eg / work in an office.ii6:4lqa7:rye'l'1u'u. .about eight. Generalisations. have becomes fias. foffice) Rmme f'm English but I 1live ir t rL' urtouvrr !rrrrLru. nomo'c lvl. le Iivee in Land. add an s. I NLwyork. r r yto land add es. 5 John works ten hours a day. 6 My English teacher avnpn qirro h nt t qp - t2 .. a lot of magazines. _ nat about seven in the evening' i:' late .iit . she. -sh. 5 My mum in a big.""'**" "i:i Write sentences about Emma.4:l4.y lldlttsJ *oit in Scotland. Iz_a I t nine thirty and at .

1 Do you play sport at the weekend? Yes. No. 4 Does she often go to parties? Yes. but you don't play sports. to be fit? Well. 2 Does he get up early on Sundays? No. I'm a teacher.. Thank you. Everybody wants to be fit So. It's very nice. sports? No. Thank you. 7 I. l/we/you/they do.. I drive. She doesn't like tea. A to school by bus. I do.. Very interesting.. realJy.GRAMMAR t: Do WC: yOu ihorr . I live in that house there. I see.ime doee ehe qet u?? She gets up at seven o'clock. 2 Does-. I do. Yes. -. 1 What-t. 5 No .. I don't 6 to a grrn? to work? A B No. She has coffee for breakfast. She goes to the beach for her holidays . yes . not really. 3 Do they work in an office? No.-rn and you drive to work. Oh. she doesn't. 5 Do you and Kara chat on the Internet? -. She has a small breakfast. I work for Sportiva Health Centres . A B A B A B A B Can I ask you a few questions? Yes. she doesn't. 3 Write the questions for these answers. you want to be fit. At the weekend. She goes A B oK. And what about your job? Where I work at the university. she does lots of things. She goes out.' . What subject Music. l/we/you/they don't. llKS muslc/ Does Complete the short answers. . She lives near the university.. Right. Yes. . . no. of course. 1Do you live near here? Yes. have a biq breakfaet? she No. Now. I /o . er . sees her friends and watches films."J ne sne .. Oh.. & Complete the questions with verbs from the box. A B A B 4 No. .. B A She does her homework between seven and eight in the evening.. A university teacher. you don't go to a g}.

r:. . 1 always / my brother / on Saturdays / plays football I brother alwaye ?la\re football on AaI'arda:ta [e[ore 7p. For more information.Jialiri|1qa] "!L. a rg. She drinks urne.ei9jti. u k 1!'ep&:at. . I Sponsor Betty today.. They --eat in restaurants.usuallyn neuer often. questions. / m.t#4!a - Put the phrases in the correct order t0 make sentences."trr..& Before reading. not often. 2 My parents eat in restaurants tr. She 5 We don't often go out on Monday evenings. play tennis on Saturdays. .:*.":.. .. send the coupon below or click an: http: | | www. stay at home on Monday We eveni ng5.. answer these Then read the advertisement and check your answers. 1 Jack eats in reslaurants three times a week.. You can make a real impact on her life.. loften get up early.*.or a lich country? 5 don't / go to the theatre I I I often 6 lale / I am / on Monday mornings / for class / often 7 are I Peter and I / not / best friends / alwavs t4 . 3 Mark and Anna go to Spain for their holidays every year. drinks beer."&dg..11t. Complete the sentences with adverbs of frequency.vo or lhree llmes a year. They _ go to Spain for lheir holidays. a ctio n ai d.. 4 Jenny doesn't like beer. I don't often eat in restaurants.. He often eats in restaurants.n.r. but after the verb with to be: I'm often late for school. 6 On Saturdays I play tennis or I go to the mall or I stay home.f. I usually eat eggs for breahtast.GRAMMAR Adverbs of frequency l$1lfr.v parents / never i M-v - READING watch television 3 at the weekend / go to the cinema / I / usually 4 go for a walk / on Sundays / sometimes / we '. We put the adverb of frequency before the verb in the Present Simple: .m. sometimes. I'm not often in bed before 10p. With alwaysand usually. we need to add extra rnformation: t always go to the cinema on Saturdays.. 1 \Vhere is Zambia? 2 Is it a poor courrtr-v. 'Wf.

Alesky? Aleksy I like eating out. 9 Her father lives rn Lusaka. b No. But I like Chinese. Answer the questions in two ways. or No. 1 Do you like coffee? 2 Do you like playing computer games? 3 Do you like Spanish food? 4 Do you like footbail? a Yes. tr T T T tr T E 1 Do you like football? Yes. I love paella. I haLe iL. Read the advertisement again. What about you. I love music . 10 He ls a factory worker.jazz is OK. but I don't like Chinese. I enjoy Indian food. I think it's boring. I don'tand add extra information. but I like hip-hop and rock. I She sees her father at the weekends. but I don't like Indian food. I like baekelball. but I like tea d Yes. I like going to the cinema. What about you. Lindy and Aleksy. I do. I think it's awful. I also like opera. I like Chinese too..I d. Tick true and cross false. Write Ieg I do or No.I go every week. but my favourite is opera.SPEAKING 4" Read the conversation and complete the table. I don't L1ke jazz and I hate opera. Lindy? Lindy I like eating out. I love football. 3 She speaks English and Bemba. 5 She goes to school rn Lusaka. tr tr tr l c No. 11 He is rich. 1 Betty is twelve years old. don't. I love going to the cinema . Lindy Indian food Chinese food ctnema 0pera )azz Belen Aleksy Night out: Match the questions with the answers. I hate sports. 4 She likes football. Super Mario is my favourite. Belen I love eating out in restaurants - Indian food is my favourite. I like going to the cinema. 2 Do you like playing compuler games? OI 3 Do you like esling 6u1" or 4 Do you like music? OI l r T n I 15 . don't.on't. bur. 12 He sends money to Betty's mother every month. 6 She usually starts work at six in the morning. I like music. 7 She never works in the afternoon. 2 She lives rn the south of Zambia. It's too spicy. Then choose a night out for Belen. I do. but I don't really like jazz. do.

Every morning. but I w6 I tSUIE. I'. to be it's OK.I5 a shower. After and' five minutes. 1 I live in Oxford. I l wake u? at seven thirty. .:::':' .. iiffir to the cinema to a party @ @ @ . At the weekends I gfriends and we w- Complete the text with verbs from the Word list.:a:. Some verbs are in the third person singular.ffi. 2 Sometimes I in a restaurant. slrupping orlt **6' :-. FrcrEe : late' for a walk for a swrn a $nfi r .UOCABULARY *" Complete the sentences with verbs from the Word list.qolfoo on holiday a'sandltiCh ffi ::. *rH*.:. Then I a the eight thirty a cup of coffee.- @ :ffi*' ffir'. I uat work at nine bus and I'Match the verbs with the phrases.::':.. but I wprK in London. sometimes I e3 Joss Stone is a musician: she wmusic and she s4 c- dinner at home and with oin the park. at nine o'clock and 5 The class sat ten thirty.

sometimes at five o'clock in the morning.butlnevereat . 2 Choose a message from Exercise 1 above or Student's Book page 21. nieir. Dear Mr Warner. In the evening.Complete the sentences with words from the box. at or on."i -"""":. 1it" riri". ALL the best. "**+y lunch read surruner watch winter 1 My dad's a farmer. Wi. 3 New York is very cold in the and very hot in the 4 When it's cold I stay at home and Sometimes TVor_abook.--: . December 15 _ 2006 Find the opposites in the Word list.30p. 4 Congratuiations on passing your driving test. I_ to the radio.''--*-. Yours.ishes. I go to bed . He gets WRITING € Match the messages from greetings cards with the pictures. 1 aN 3 4 5 at six o'clock 10. 1 early 2 early bird 3 come 4 winter n_ g_ S late 5 always 6 indoor n_ o_ f 7 start 3 Choose a sign off. I often have ln a restaurant. Dear Euct." "' "'=":.-:. lhe morning _ afternoon _the the evening _ 6_ night 7 _Monday 8_ Saturday I_ the weekend 10 _ 21 December 11 _ Christmas Day 12 _your birthday 13 _ August 14 . 1 25 December 2 31 December Compf ete with ln.1"-*= Find the days in the Word list. 4 Sign ]-out-name. oti . I'm a musician. up earl>r sometimes before five o'clock in the morning.and many happy returns. 2 Congratulations on your wedding. Best u. 2 I'm always hungry in the morning.:-:--.th Loue. I have a big_. Well donel 5 Good luck in your exam.rasr oil".. Dear Grandma. 1 Choose a person to it to. 1 Happy birthday r T T I T = send Write a greetings card. t7 .m. 3 Congratulations on your new baby boy. t$.

r I Our names are Mark and Paul. 6good teacher. (5 points) What's her name ? Her name is Paula.m. My name's Paula. He's ll1zs wife's name is Belinda. Use the correct forms of l the words in capital letters. He (live) in Boston but he (not come) from Boston (study) a lot. r 4urd SELD . (4 points) & Complele the text. She get) home before 9p. She's from ENGLAND HUNGARY Their teacher's name is Dan. 1 r am a student at a language school in London. 1 Your mother and father are 2 Your uncle's son is your your ?arenf'e 3 He _ sister 3 Your sister's daughler is your 4 Your brother's son is your 5 Your uncle's wife is your 6 Your mother's second husband is your 7 Your father's mother is your Complete the text. She's o_ The other students in my class are from I'rance. t8 r . He'man. ^t | f'ClOCk. 2 My fri. I live with a girl from Italy. Put one word in each gap. 'go to a club and relax. 6 We are students. 5 Where At weekends they go to a club. very Saturdays we we often go for a walk.end's I Jriettds like pla1.r. . ---. She (catch) a bus. She's'_ I'm a student in London.Lusays I a|u.-1.aus are happy at Christmas. Italy.ing computer games. (B Points) 3 My yLarent's I parents' names are Bob and Caro1. tthe afternoon. to school. We'get up ^7 o'clock and late for schooi! I odressed but Gina loves sleeping and she gets up very late. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in 2 there are 5 brackets. My teacher's name is Stephanie. . Thei. 4 My .. (4 points) and JAPAN students..a^+^ UI. (not work) at university. Spain and ..'. I'm from Rome. It's greatl family EG\?T (6 points) 1 Jo doeen't walk (not walk) always 2 We Complete the sentences with the names of members.. She D-. (not be) American. 4 They ctre a.. always name is Gina. 5I often go I go oJten for a walk with my friends. 7 My brother is married.^ 4L n \ ? isn't'_ Budapest. Our teacher rs an English a name is Dan. 1 Myfblot/zersl I bt-others house is very big. ITALY SPAIN 3 What time 4 What 2 Madrid. We (work) at school.UOGABULARY AND GRAMMAR % Complete the questions. ? 2 Where My name's Silvio. l'mlllalian . (not tii Cicle - (3 points) the correct words 0r phrases. My mother's from Gina is from ltaly.

Chester 5754767. c seeing nothing in the street. It's Wili here. : : clock in the afternoon. Goodbye. r'r getting 19 . I never sleep and I always wake '-ends up in the morning. Jenny. I 5 They don't always have breakfast at home. g Hello. we go for a walk and.. thank you. 3 They start at a 5a. I 1 Martin is in Germany now. c 5p.s leave at 5 o'clock. a getting up early to go on holiday. Allthe lights are off ' -. At B o'clock. 6 What does Amy NOT do on holiday? a have barbecues b go swimming c get up early -. s my favourite day? | love going on holiday. b sleep at the same place. it's Wil1. Read the text and circle the correct answers: a. (7 points) -'\y ujrr- : . (6 points) 4 She enjoys a seeing people in the street. b always go for a walk.:Jes on the beach.TISTENING SKITLS '& W Listen to Martin talking 1 Amy hates to his friend Jose about his family. 2 Martin comes from Bonn. 5 At B o'clock they a flnlsh their drive. I love ^g ready. Wiil. We =. ! 7 They sometimes go to the cinema. Hi. Jenny. -= afternoon. we sit in the car and eat and drink. Putthe phone conversation in the correct 0rder.)'not moving.m. when '..m. I hate sitting in :.. making food and putting clothes in bags. Iney :-rs from scnool.| love it. They stay at my house on the night nouse tne ntgnt :--'3 we go on holiday. 2 Before they go on holiday. c take a short break. we usually stop : 'est.. the roads are full of cars. : Steve always dnnk coffee and sometimes have ' -:--ast hefore \A/e oo I nr rt the haos in the r:ar and . d Yes. lt's a small house near the :. Will. Mrs Green. a:/s go on holiday with Claire. I r I n /50 T T T T ':.^e people are asleep.m. We usually get to our holiday house . c waiting to go on holiday.:. I love swimming in the sea and having -. e Hello. On sunny days. ' ": r. hold on a minute. llove eating a lot and I . c wake up at the same time. I hate waiting to go.s go to bed late. How are you? f Very well. And you? c Goodbye Mrs Green. n 4 School in England and Germany starts at8. b Ba.s week in our series 'tur fav)urites' Rogers talks ::JUt her favourite dav. my -:s Trom school. I never eat or drink before we go. Terry " . We talk and watch a video and :. READING SKITLS '&. Terry and Steve.'. lt's very early in the morning cve driving in the quiet streets. (7 points) I I 3 They get up at 6 o'clock in the morning.. WilI. ./e go.:ather is bad. The only thing I don't like is coming home againl . GOMMUNICATION "a. h Good afternoon. Amy and her friends o have an eariy night.. b or c.:.". Tick true and cross false. b seeing lots of cars. ! 6 They always go for a walk at the weekend. ' a Is Jenny there? b Fine thanks. b getting ready for holidays.

lt'e a Samoure. 1 Has Joe got an MP3 player? No. B I have gol my trainers in my bag. ale haa. .I've got a new car. It's an iPod. I' m h u n g ry not lvege+hanger.-. My mol:ile phone's got a camera People in your life: l've got two brothers and one sister. 5 i haven't got my mobile phone with me . Yes. MP3 player Look at the table in Exercise 1 again and write questions for the answers. 2 Have you got a drctionary'? 3 At weekends.it's at home. n T tr T T tr 5 Has Andy got a mobile phone? 20 . he/she/it has No. l/we/you/they ne/sne : has got a phone? Shod answers R€€s€ €R* €s:sp€ We say: I'm Yes. we have got lunch in the E I garden. prOru. 6 I haven't got lunch at home. 2 Has Lizzie got a mobile phone? Yeq. Yes/No questions Have . 7 I have gol a shower every morning. 1 . 1 I always have got coffee for breakfast. . We use have gotlo talk about Possessions'. j r Negative have not got (haven't got) a phone hcc nnt got /hnnn't t nn+\ a nhr ras nOL nnt (nasn gOL.) n pr0ne.Same or different? GRAMMAR have goUhas got i l. Dl Lr 1. . ! i'o r hec nni ( s nnt\ a nhnno uou a :: .---'+ iPod x Yes. .. he has.Ioe'e aor a d. Answer the questions. lllnesses: I've got a headache.{ou/We/They Ho/Qhp/lt Affirmative have got ('ve got) a phone. = What have they got? Look at the table and write sentences. Cross when have is correct. he has. digital camera mobile phone Joe x / / Nikon / Nokia Lizzie Andy / / Sony x Canon / Samsung I\T^ 1\ V) -l.^ 1L@Dr L L.iaiLa care(a and a moble ohone He haen't 2 Lizzie She 3 Ancly He qoL an M73 player . l/weiyou/they have No. Physical characteristics: l've got l:lue eyes. he/she/it hasn't lBnotF+e-gall&. It's a Nokia. Tick when have gotis correct in the sentences. he haen'f'. :: Look at the table in Exercise 1. 3 Has Joe got a mobile phone? 4 Has Lizzie got an MP3 player? 4 My mobile phone has got a video camera and an MP3 player. l/we/you/they haven t Yes.

.. both are taII and2 th. She ')r - B Matt's exactly like Tim.ke I Tlrcg l.7 broum eyes . 2 David Beckham 3 Michael Schumacher 4 JK Rowling 5 Eric Clapton What are you good at? What are you Write three sentences. The11 @oliDr Yes. apart from that .ey are botlz I th. 4 Rashid is very easy-going. is the same. 't but.3 Circle the correct alternatives in the conversation.. Andt' tlzey both cLre I th. b I'm like my mum. c I look like my mum.i. c She looks like Robbie Williams. got I they both haus 96. They're like identicai twins. Li. = Circle the correct alternatives. and his brother.. )he'e aood attennie. b Ali is like Rashid. but Matt's 15 and Tim's 32 .. Yes. 2 3 2l . Theg both "- very but .e71 both p\ay the guitar. curly hair and brou'n eyes. 2 My dad and I are both shy. f::lt driving football playing lhe guitar l11Hq bog\l 1 Venus Williams.SPEAKING -S Gomplete the description of Penelope wilh has got i. A 00. a Ali likes Rashid.uue both. lively and confident. Yes.ey are both.. s--n-!- rm lon* hair. Peneiope l ie Australian. Ali.. 1 nlt good al? 6 Look at this photo of my friend. She 5_ about 30 years old. or ls. @t tik" Beyonce. b I'm like my dad..ey Lt.i they ut". they aren't. and Trm's Chinese.. No. B A B A B A . c I look like Beyonc6. She good-looking.ey both cLre Yes. a I llKe a T l:1-^ mv mum.. What are they good at? Write sentences with the phrases from the box. b He is like David Beckham. good at tennis and6 th. c Ali looks like Rashid. 1 My favourite musician is Beyonce. 3 My mum and I are both tall with fair. She '_ broum eyes. b I'm like Beyonce. but. c He looks like David Beckham. c I look like my dad.ke botl't rock music and I they p\cty botlz I th. 5 My big sister thinks Robbie Williams is orpaf a She likes Robbie Williams. Yes. Jim a He likes David Beckham. b She is like Robbie Williams. a I like my dad.

a big apaftment. e My brother looks like f serious. d My mum's got green e tennis and she's very good at f waly harr. an old woman. straight hair and b blue eyes. . 3 We've got guitar and piano in our house. We use an before vowel sounds: an engineer. an MPS player. a blond. Indefinite article or definite article: a/an or the We use a or an when we mention somethlng for the first time I've got a new nobile phone with a camera in it We use lfie when we mention it again: The phone is very good. ta1l. Description 2 a easy-going.. We use a before consonant sounds: a newspaper.. an camera dictionary diclionaries address teacher English teacher trnglish teachers engineer Japanese engineer aunts and uncles cousin office restaurant Ilalian restaurant people -. (House is enormous but /anartment is small 2 I've got mobile phone and camera in my bag. He likes apartment in Moscow. 6 He's very fit.*"."". I I ! tr I 5 Phiiip's 17. c it. Listen again. Description enormous house or thelo the texts. 4 Maria's got two cars and motorbike. She's confident and 3 Description Guitar is very good but piano isn't. a mabile phone. 1 Katy's 25. Wffi Listen and match the names Bruce e mma Ptiittip Katy with the photos. . pot/hottse in Snain and 1 Mv cousin's o . .'. She likes b eyes and dark.we're both very e My sister is like f the same things. T T n T T T tr tr n tr tr T T tr T T T T 'ffi putthe descriptions in the correct order. c lively and we both like d me . Write a. Then listen and check. 7 trmma is 16. Indefinite arlicle: a/an We use aor an wrth.singular nouns: a newspaper. Cars are German and motorbike is Japanese.. short.."^ ^ Nhe . a university. aan / a chess and classical muslc.-r *"--. He's shy and d me. She's got I l tr T 22 . Tick true and cross false. He's got short. but the camera isn't.. b curly hair and broll'n c eyes. 2 She's quite 3 Bruce is 4 He's 16. 1 a 2_ 3_ 4_ 5_ 6_ 7_ B_ I_ 10 _ 11 _ 12 _ 13 _ 14 _ 15 _ 16 _ Add a. an or - (no word). -. Phone is new but camera is old. B She's short.GRAMMAR Articles LISTENING e .

She eats from a ^. What is the main idea? a People love dogs. Heidi says. 2 This dog rvears sunscreen. but that's r na I.t^^r.READING i: Read the article again and match the sentences with the dogs. . Marcus lives in Sydney. Yes. I've got the money. M for Marcus or S for Before you read.She s nnt : /_gi5 titrnn hao . 5 This dog has got a Luis Vuitton bag 6 This dog has got a lot of clothes.Jt gutvt t fnr tvtQt vuo. shods. b People spend a lot of money on dogs c Dogs are like children. T E 4 This dog eats from a Gucci bowl. tU^ \. Mike says.i hnt^/l . 2 3 4 5 6 1 a bowl 2 perfume Eloise loves Alette. shoes and hats. Squidgie has got an enormous wardrobe of clothes. Heidi is Squidgie's o\ /ner. Her owner lr --nr'co / amharl <errc 'l . 1 Alette lives in Oslo. -appy.=ry lucky dog. people spetrd $ year on their pets.^.t W65iffir Read the article.JVe my -cn anrl I tttnnl har ln ha Doggles sunglasses and sunscreen. I I I n T T T n T "'i Tick true and cross false. 3 The writer gives _ differences het weerr dops and children. so why not?' 2S . His owner is Mike Offbach. N{ike Offbach lives in Australia. sr4/eafers.9hc ruFnrs Chien perfume. Alette is a .-cafs. Squidgie lives in Oslo. Write A for Alette. I buy hlm new things every week. 'SqurdEe rs a pet. match the pictures with the words. Sydney is hot and sunny. Heidi Reidarson.' /ou can love yaur dog in cold countries too. T l I 1 In America. Squidgie. France. 3 This clog lvears sunglasses.a lu nrnhlam 19t A/larrt tc ]Y vvYqt 1 =6 -'slte iives in the cenlre of -aris. '::. including . Norway with his :wner. percent of American dogs get 2_ presents at Christmas. I T T 3 sunglasses 4 sunscreen ! I ii Complete the sentences with numbers. 1 This dog lvears perfume. 'Marcus has problems in the r cr rn fhaco nrnr"lr r^fq Dra nraat ann hp rvvr\o vt vaL t] t ll14 ou/lnntoooao ' rv lnnl"q nraat in L/ /u q1 /v/doovJ. Heidi buys things for Squidgie every month. but he's my '4end too. Australia. Marcus loves the sun.

: attractive. (bald) 4 Andrea's alazy woman. Complete with words from the Word list. w0man. lShe'sa:tall. :thin. ffi-common 2 She's got : short dark.* 1 Anna's got(dark hair. ffii .. (long) 2 John's a fat man. tootnarr play the piano/the guitar * Label the picture.[t*l*. hair.. 3il\.:. ilffi'#T 3 She's got blue.ITUORD LIST VOCABULARY F lilli.. 'fr$''lil|. (tall) . tr\/pc Hff#:" 4 She's r confident. ffi 'iifq*: :€ Where do the extra adjectives go in the sentences? lonq. 3 Pete's a short man.. ff*:. rold. (old) 5 Jacquie's a young girl. wavy.. ffifl" ffiil'.. (confident) ilg-:*:* 6 Minnie's got beautiful eyes. (green) 24 .

marks the piano Find the nouns in the Word list. 3 I play tennis a lot _ 4 I want to speak good English I like it.but h l'm not very good at tennjs. B I often go to nightclubs _ I love dancing. € € X + + . He isn't very good. 1 2 Your keys 25 . Then check your answers in the Word list. I ET is a good film.Write the verbs. I _ practise a 1ot. She's nice but g now I play every evening . 5 My phone's _ my bag. Annie's the garden.r*dnreys. B Sylvia's birthday is _ 17 April. 6 I love Indian food I really like Thai food too.000 for a bike . She's tall and e I don't play with Lana because t with Lana's friend. She's got long hair and j she's rrcnr shv sn rnrc r-lgp'f talk mUCh. 3 Edie's the house. Jo. 7 He has problems with Maths _ he takes extra classes after school. Complete the sentences with rn or on.I'm a bit - 1t's enormous . 3 $5. 2 He's clever _lazy. are the table. 4 Jack's the beach. l've got a new girlfriendl a blue eyes. I play d Her name's Lana. but c he's not very clever. 7 Joe's lhe lefl irr the photo. 5 I enjoy iistening to music I don't play any musical instruments. 1 He's got an old Cadillac 2 It's lunch time I'm h_ . WRITING 2 3 4 5 1 ?lay _ _ _good _ football a lot in comrnon to a rock concert € Complete the sentences with an4 so. bul he's very l_ 5 . T T f tr tr T T tr tr T n_. k plays with the tennis teacher. He's F Complete the sentences with adjectives from the Word list. = Put the email in the correct order. She i very attractive. but and because. 6 Jo and Rita are America.asE 1 baq Hi Andy.that's e_ 4 We've got an exam loday . 1 She's clever and attractive. 1 Lhree elec[ronic CO plaver devices: camera 2 two jobs: 3 two things to read: 4 two pets: * Label the pictures. funepry Qeepryarr 3frorcrc. gFslsds *- g**e* lev€f Tc s!*y. but it's a bit s 6 My brother plays the electric guitar. She loves tennis so b really good at tennis.

l/we/you/they do. I like getting up early. She daesn't have to wear a unifarm. lt isn't necessary'. hi. He has to wear a uniform. 5 2 Lena 5 fire-fighters equipment / shop assistants . 1 weekends ehe doesn'L have Io work al weekend.get up early Tom I do. he/she/it does. but that's OK.A job for tife? GRAMMAR have to/don't have to It's necessary: Jin's a pilat. Use words from the box. has to get up early don't have to get up early doesn't have to get up early. What do they have to do? No. I don't :l 4 musicians / farmers . I work from Monday to friday. Lorraine's a vet. w"e* - be good with animals Tom You look sad. Tilote have lo wear a uniform.e. Write sentences with have to or don't have to.use special Tom Lena Tom but it's OK. I start work at seven o'clock. 2 vets / doctors Complete the conversation with Tom's questions.n at work.wear a uniform Teachere don'L have Lo wear a uniform. 1 teachers / pilots . Lena Tom No. I/we/you/they don't. oh. he/she/it doesn't. egllv nl€frt gland up uniform Tom Hi Lena. 2 nioht 3 early 4 stand up 5 uniform 26 . lffiYes. I like the uniform. Tom 'Why? rDo you have to work aN weekende ? Lena No. ffi Write sentences about Lena. What's the matter? shop assistants / dentists qualifications - have special Lena It's my job. I don't. Yes. have to get up early. Lena Oh. 42 Yes. So what's the problem? It's boring. have to get up early? Yes. I sit dor. questions llllhat do I have to wear? When do you have to start work? Where does he have to go? No. I hate it. Tom Tom Lena 2 ? Lena Al night? No.r.

B Lifeguards have to T tr tr T job is to save people's lives.t '. You have to worl< at weekends. seven days a week. hotels and probtems. 1 a great tan 'ru -.: anv time. You have to worl< ::l day. help people in and and mal<e sure they're safe. And you have to work at night and at eekends. You have to be responsible independent. 3 a toughjob 'ru have to be at least eighteen years old. I speak good 5 Ride operators have all day ot the beach? Oh no! to be at least 18. You have to be good with people. Write the jobs from Exercise 1 in the spaces. 10 Ride operators have to work seven days a week. a Mork in an omusement park? sa you get o greot ton. So you have to be ready to act quickly . Ask about training at your local swimming poot. ' : u have ' : ur 6 Tour guides have to be at least 7 Ride operators have to have special I 18. to be at least sixteen years old. Itl fun and you're outside all do14 have to be at least sixteen years old. 'rd 'cu have to deaI with trave[. but itb o tough job. 1 Lifeguards have to be good with people. *. 9 Tour guides have to work seven days a week.rod swimmer. 2 a responsible altilude a 1et poid to go on holiday? Great. tr 4 Lifeguards have to speak good English. lere are some other possibilities for summer jobs. Tick true and cross false. 27 . explain the rutes. tr I 2 Ride operators have to be good with people. Of course you have to be a 5. You have to speal< good :'rglish. ':u have special quahfications. tr Spend Engtish. Which person: t has to travel a lot? 2 has to work at night? 3 has to be good at swimming? ! tr I ":i' "" " rrde operator lifpnrr:rd Read the article again.READING F^ Look at the pictures. have to start and stop the ride. tr qualificalions. Translate these phrases. but you also have to have special qualifications in rescue =chniques and first aid. WW* Read the article. 3 Tour gurdes have to rbu don't have to spend all summer in an office. You have to have a responsible =:itude and you have to be good with people.

| She .iYou/He/She/lWVe/They can't swi m. Write sentences about what they can and can't do. Look at the table and write the names on the picture..it US y0u No liyoulhe/sheiiVwe/they can t fhov : VoU : them F. :: Look at the table in Exercise 1 again. ahe can'L. 1 Anna / bass guitar Can Anna pla. Questions and short answers Can l/you/he/she/iVweithey swi m? Yes. 1 Anna can ?la:r Lhe ?iano and Lhe saxo?hone' buL ehe can'l pla:t lhe baea QuiLar or Lhe d'rums' 2 trtLa 3 Marc 4 Paolo Write the questions and short answers.GRAMME: GR.t Lhe baea quiNar? No. You htm r her .UP 1 Write answers that are true for you.GRAMMAR canlcan't for ahili$ Affirmative l/You/He/She/lt/We/They can swi m. | yOU he she it WC :me : . 2 Can you speak another forergn language? 3 Can you play a musical instrument'? 4 Can you ride a motorbike? 5 Can you cook? 28 . I can. 1 Can you speak English? Yea. Yqt -9Ji91: Subject : Object :!:T:!9:!11=g:19"!r_ Negative l.-ffiiltMMER PR. Object pronouns _ltry:l.like:her. :likes:me. l/you/he/she/iVweithey can. 2 trtta / drums 3 Marc / piano 4 Paolo / saxophone .

I haven't got it with me. please? 4 Can I give you my homer. 3 I want to leave class early. please/ a I'm afraid not. Could I uae your mobile phone.:: Complete the texts with subject and object pronouns from the boxes. please? 5 Could I speak to Jim. e I'm afraid not. c I'm afraid not. tr T T T r *9 l: !!rem My aunt and uncle have a house at the beach and |we stay with t_ for two lveeks every summer. It isn't free.rrnt to borrow a pen. 4 I r. thev A B Could I borrow your oen. It's Saturday tomorrow. so 2 he helps with my '_ English homework. b I'm afraid not. "ahvays stay mth in our apartment. Write the conversations.vant lo leave our bags in the hotel. Use can/could and please. T me he him 6 We rvant to sit here My friend Joe is good al English and 1 I 'm not. so 5_ help n_ r. 2 Could I take this chair. please? 3 Can I borrow your dictionary. 5 We r. pleaee? 2 I u'ant to use the bathroom. 1 Could I open a nendow. He isn't free. d I'm afraid not. of couree. please? Maths homework.vork tomorrow.vith his Match the requests with the answers. Use some more than once. It's at home.tou are. SPEAKING S Ask for permission. pleaee? Yes. We have air conditioning. lere r.. When my aunt and uncle come to the city. iqn'f rrorrr oa arr-atnin d 2g . But'_'s not good at Maths. 1 I want to use your mobile phone. 11He loves t'and 1'iloves 1'1but his parents don't like 't_ because . he him she her Cindy is Paul's girlfriend.

WORD LI$T abitities acrobat ad (adverVadverlisement) aOlecrve aOvern inierview J00 cenrre KIOS VOCABULARY '*. slowly. has a dangerous job 7 works in the garden B occupation organise 0wn part of speech rvorks u. Find these jobs in the Word list. swim. adjectives or verbs? Circle the 'odd one out' and give a reason.^-^^JI tup dJDrJr. remember 3 interesting.dr simple slowly cnnrtc ipenhor stress swrm rL driving licence earn (a salary. all over the world application form artist assistant at the moment auIn0r babysitter be afraid (of sthg) be good with animals/ children/money/ people/your hands book (v) bookshop boring boss lifeguard I00K aner lots of male This person: 1 looks after children b ab_v e I LL a L 2 is good with his. easy 1 dictionary. at the moment 5 in. They're in alphabetical order. works maritalstatus meaning meet (peopte) natural examples near necessary n0un nr rraa uath your leelh 6 wears a uniform.'e a noun. lf. quick quickly remember require ride a horse save m0ney ::1^ ^^^. at Are these words nouns. on. 1 boring i fequlp]nem/ excellent lLian'L an adiecNive. educalion noun education employ evening school excellent exciting farmer female film extra fire-fighter first aid foreign language full name full-time gardener hairdresser have special qualifications/ special equipment important interesting swimmrng pool sym00l taLent scout tatented taxi driver traditional training travel unemployed verb vet waiter wear special clothes/ a uniform window cleaner work experience work long hours/inside/ outside/at weekends/ at night 2 earn.rth . / quick 2 drive / organise / travel / rvorld 3 acrobat / afraid / companv / first aid 4 boss / male / special / unemployed 5 author / bookshop / employ / example 30 . brilliant. our hair 9 rvorks at the beach 10 is a boss 11 wears a uniform. Then check your answers in the Word list.4rer hands manager 3 works in a circus 4 prepares food 5 uses specral equipment. w-orks in a hospital 12 wears a brilliant Ldl part-time pay rent performer pil0r police officer postman preposition pronunciation carpenter circus clear clown c0mpany cook current employment dangerous daie of birth definition dentist dictionary drama student drive uniform. flies aeroplanes letters 13 brings your 14 works in a shop 15 drives a car 16 is a doctor for animaLs 17 works in a restauranl 1B cleans windows Name the parts of speech. interview. simple 4 qurckly.

.medal for lifesaving and rescue techniques and also a firsi aid certifiCate. adj very good or clever: a . arestaurant. with or (no preposition).. g1 ........ night... from.. to exercise often. Then check your answers in the Word list..!-l€eqe*{d.dea adj llkely to harm you: drugs aTe. my uncle. He's lwenly years old * his birthday is on 23 October.. currenl... Vw' "" "" "' Date of birlh: Nationality: Marital status: & Find three verbs connected to money in the Word list. Match the adjectives with the definitions..anent 2 3 experience form language 4 5 licence name of birth status _ 8 6 7 Tom: Dofftrtan is....O_ xfcrd. neus ad7 something you need or must 3_ good food i. He's an excellent swimmer. B_ homework a.. Dates: from .. for good health have: 4_ a.. work work 4Iwork 5 I work 6 I work TIwork 8 I work 9Iwork_hard.... Sometimes more than one answer is possible... He isnlt married. He's got a gold. long hours..s. fami... m usicia n 2_ ad7 something that makes you feel happy. my hands.... ahospital...... emplo5.. LIFELINE BEACH SECURIry APPLICATION FORM Job: . adj not difficult: SUlllP ..s .. / Surname: :' Sex:[v [r Ana. . not calm. FirstAid: Others: Signature: Date: fly I N IY f N the government.. First name(s): .i. 1 I married I I single 2 3 Occupation: Swimming skills: Compfete the sentences with af..d7 something that has been done in the same way for a long time: a .. - f Oasic ! intermediate advanced Qualifications: Lifesavins: work af.Match the words to make eight phrases... WRITING appiicition eurrenI date driving foreign full marital work 1 k Read the description and complete the application form for Tom Doffman.. i.ro. He's a university student but he wants to work as a lifeguard in the surruner. in...L?J Chri.. animals.... / .iH"s +a+€n+€d traditional 1 Lalenred adj havitng a natural ability to do something well: o . He warrts to wofle ftom 1 June to 30 August.s . rriliii"i important necessary""iv ""... for..stmas 5_ ad7 something that has a big effect or influence: It i. 10 I work I 2I 3I 1 the weekend....

'--. 6 I've got a cat but I a dog. He works ten hours balcl 1 Tom is very every day. (5 points) 1 I'm a teacher. €C Complete the questions and short answers.&rave to) t ll*: (slim.UOGABUI. It's Sunday. friend. She go to (4 points) F Circle the correct adjectives. BNo. He starts work very early 7 he finishes at lunch time. brown) hair. My uncle is a postman He hasn't got special qualifications 5 he doesn't have to be good uhis hands. have to or 6 Women of[en keep money iri it. school today.on't have Io wear a uniform. (. a shy @ hard-working c - 2 My brother doesn'L do any work. We're both a shy b corLfident c easy-gorng Put the adjectives in brackets in the 2A work outside? B Yes. g"t ("rrly.. linking words and (3 points) prepositions. She knows thal she is good at school and she knows that she is - _ . - I want to be 1a postman. d lazy b quiet c confident 4 Terry doesn't like playing. (your school/have got) 2 Sh"'.. He likes reading the newspaper.-. He's just a Lazy b nice c lively 3 Jane is very . _ (your sister. can. 5A a caf6? B Yes. 2 She's lucky. I can . it to talk to people. 4 It's not fair.4rave to) _ (your father/can) cook? (they/have got) a car? 3A B No. 1 He's a (short.10 points) good-looking. . object pronouns. Match the words with the correct definitions. They have 2 get up early and wear a uniform but they don't have to work in t_ office. old B No. tall. middle-aged. pili" 2 You can read iiui""i. He's very 1 A Canvou (you/can) dance? B Yes.". 4A (3 points) correct order. He's got o_ bike and he rides n_ every day. bD phy". pretty) 6A woman. The words are afticles. They go to the post office to get the letters and they take to people's houses. short. tn_ bike is old but it's very fast and my uncle is very good 1t_ riding itl Complete the gaps with the correct forms of have got. friendly. 3 You wear Lhem to play Lennis. beautiful) eyes. B2 . She blond hair and blue eyes. (farmers..il. a hard-working b serious c lively 5 I'm like my mum. old) man. mobile ohone il in your free time. I d. 4 You listen lo music on it. 1 You use #. 7 Men ollen keep money in iL. 5 You check new words in it. 3 I'm very good at music but I dance. work at weekends? 4 She's got (big. 5 My girlfriend's very altraclive. My parents say I come home before 11 o'clock on Saturday. We are never netyous. (5 points) magazine dictionary mebi+e+hefte . l"ng. green.lv.ARY AND GRAMMAR € € Complete the text with one word in each gap.

haven't got a brother or sister. I want a girl pen pal in Scotland or lreland. It's very cold in here. please? I'mt_ . wdffiK# 1 The boy a wants a job as a shop assist anl. My father is a musician and my mother is a nurse. I Like school. I want to live in Britain and play guitar. am 1 m 82 tall and I've got blond hair and blue eyes. 5 What happens on 3 December? am a 17-year-old Poltsh boy. I like playing the guitar. i'm quiet and shy but I tike writing to peopte.ouri" nrriiJ r.. I think I am qu[te good-Iooking. (6 points) problem work? 5 Who is not tall? 6 Who can speak two foreign languages? 7 Who wants to have the same job as their father? 8 Who doesn't talk about their personality? T T T . I'm in a band with my friends. b work every day. please? B Sorry. I've got one sister. c tall and thin.s (6 points) c. A B I T Can I use your dictionary. My favourite ptace is St Petersburg. and she is 24 years o[d. fm not very serious or hard-working. please? Yes.i* tLne rgTr TY$ A rCould I open the window. 4 In this job you have to a work nine hours a day. I've got dark hair and brown eyes. b works as Sanla Claus in a shop. I am interested in sports and travefting. Read the text on pen pals and match the three people with the questions. W Listen to the job interview Circle the correct answers: a. b tall and fat. I want to be a teacher. It doesn't r. of " you are. C wants a job as Santa Ciaus in a shop. 2 What can the boy do well? d work on a computer b work with children c look after his children 3 The boy is a short and fat. I don't want to go to university. that's 5_ . I want a girt pen pal in ltaly or Spain.. c The boy starts work. No 6 No. I am outgoing and friendly. My name is Stefan. Could I use your pen. c is not good at speaking like Santa Claus. b The boy slarls aL university. (B points) 1 Who does not want to study after they COMMUNIGATION finish school? 2 Who can get letters from a boy? 3 Who doesn't teil us about their parents? 4 Who sometimes helps their parents at T T &- Complete the dialogues with the words from I the box. b or trffiwtrAf. is Natasha. My name I READING SKILLS l. b is good at speaking like Santa Claus. I love swimming and I always go to the sea in the summer. please? Yes. I'm'_ not. I am at school . I'm from near Moscow in Russia. c work for a month. Dana.I don't like studying but I have to go to school for two more years. I I I a The boy starts his holidays. 6 The interviewer thinks the boy a looks like Santa Claus.LISTENING SKILTS fr. Tolal l5s 3B . A B A B Could you help me with my homework. am short (1 m 52).vork.

I 10 ! books. There 6 1 There are 2 There ien'L 3 Lwo a 4 5 6 7 B armchairs. 1 armchairs? Are Lhere any armchaira? Yee. 2 sofa? le Nhere a eofa? No.Home sweet home GRAMMAR There islThere are + a/an/some/any "& Look at the picture and complete the sentences. btrf. 34 . table. istz't I an"en't 7 ctny I some plants in my room. In my bedroom there 1@/ are abed and there are : a ng I somc shelves. DVD player. lhere are.lhere 3 bed? ien'N. I there's I th. Look at the picture again. sofa. bul there 3 isn't I aren't a wardrobe. There's aa I an. TV. 4 D\DS? 5 chairs? 6 wardrobe? '# Circle the correct alternatives. plants. DVDs. tplcnhnnc shelves.ere arre some flowers outside my windou'. armchair in the corner and next to it there " 's I are some drawers for my clothes. Write the questions and shoft answers.

CnePrsn 3 a The room is about three metres bythree.til."... tf a wall' The window ifr#t .i"Jt*T}tt* a normal street.t. i the hospital. Read paragraph 1 again and mark the position of the furniture on the plan of the room.J. next to the M." enter. *tali..^Ule and a chair on the left of the door .READING '3^ W#{ffi The text is part of a story." . normal room. 4 The room is on the third floor 5 The room is rn a building L. B""levard and Parker Street' the Boulevard of . JM .1i116lci\\-.i. 35 .-..t* .. Tick true and cross false.:...:ili. 2 There are some books in lhe loonr..'rn I he door ls There's one door and one window' faces the door' . t'aragrapn Paragraph Paragraph r Ll 2 l) J L_l a gives extra informalion b describes the room c gives the location of the room 1 There's a bed rn the room.It's a Dragunov rifi'e with a Match the sentences with the paragraphs. Th.4.metres.fr. u. 3 The door isn't next to .."'" u good view shops' people' It's are cars' .fi.. Then choose a cover for the book.il. a a Dragunov ba c a dictaphone tape rifle camera tr I recorder I '2 Read the text again.'.t.elu-.h. There are some bookshelves on the themJhere's A'h. " on is on the fourth floor of a building il.'anY books in right' There bJ lo"g tt. Read paragraph 3. It's on the There's orle more thing in the room' telescopic sight' table.1. Read paragraph 2 and show the position of the room on the map." #a11 on the T[ere's an old' are some drawers next to the bed' T.6et in the middle of the room' It's a . What is on the table? Tick the correct answer.r. 6 There's nothing on the tirlrr. Read.

_ aThe bjazz. Er . Who's "_ Er . English people dilnk No.(no article). 6 I don'l lik1 _ athe b manager ol lhe shop.there's only one. ls there a bank near here? A A B A B A B 2 post office is behind supermarket.. Have you got a mohile phone? Can I have a cup of coffee. He can't be tt_ criminai. I hate'u_ Do you like What's for dinner? fish. money to A B pay for rt? I don't know. 3 A B ]e_ fish? No. oh. Maybe he's 16_ criminal. A are fantastic. Hey! This is my pen. Is there ra nost office near here? 1 B there is.. we use no afticle. 2 I - qrrnormcrL-af The teachers at my sehaol are aK. Hang on a minute. pencil. the. There's a cat in the garden. Here you are. 3_ a The b . A Excuse me. Thanks . We use an indefinite article with There is .. Yuk. A B I don't usually like Do you? t"_ modern art. I don't. Mm.(no article) 4 There's swimming pool in the college. the or . @rrre b A glass of water. tea. Go straight on. The President of the USA lives in the White House. At end of '_ road.GRAMMAR Articfes afan.. That's ridiculous. A B But "_ paintings in this art gallery artist? Gats are nice. please? 2 Could I have A B r3_ r'_ new car. f AOK B5 ndef inite arlicle: a/a n We use an indefinite article when there are many possibilities: rt's not important which one. it's my son. This is '_ Oh. Look at the sky it's beautiful. there's Yes.. have you got u_ Here you are.no article Definite article: ffie We use the definite article with things or groups which are 'unique' . No article To make general statements. is it? Sorry. 6 pizzerra. He works at 18 tovm halL aa b other students in my class are nice. It's next to t_ Thank you.. pen? Jim. A B alhe ba Australians love barbecues. 7 She's aa bthe cheetahs can run at 112 kilometres B_ per hour. That's t*_ Where do they gel third new car this year. Complete the conversations with a/an. B 1 The sun is 150 million kilometres away. They've got Complete the sentences with the correct alternative. 5 Again? Yes. lhere's an ltalian restaurant near the school. aThe b 36 . I like cotfee. I don't.. just a minute.. please? I want to buy a new computer. Oh.

. b the left. Go ouL otr c past 9 lt's about lhe oizzeria and . c the corner. 8 _ ?& 1 the post office 2 the supermarket 3 Gallo's Pizzeria What is AG on the map? Listen to Part C again. 2 11's on a the right. Your friend asks for Walk a between b behind the pub and the supermarket & directions to the post office. a behind b next to c opposite B: the swimming pool 4 To get to the swrmming pool. c go straight on. ffi Listen and choose the correct alternatives. 3It's_achemist's. a five minutes' b ten minutes' c fifteen minutes' W Listen to the directions and compare them to your answer.LISTENING AND SPEAKING W '% W Listen to the directions and mark the places on the map. You are in Gallo's Pizzeria. b turn left. A: the newsagent's 1 To get to the newsagent's. take the turning on the rrght a first b second c third 5 _ at the lights. Write what you say. b take the third right. _ @turn right. lo c behind C: the train station 7 To get to the train station.. a take the first right. a Turn right b Ttrrn left c Go straight on 6 It's _ a opposite b next a music shop. 37 . Write /. _ walk. How do I get to the supermarkel from here? lL'a eaev. c go straight on. 2 and 3.

*.f.' tfus ffii.. ffiili. :i1: :i3:?i'i*) ii:tr llfilf'-''- :li3:H..* l3H'. Iiiil'fffl$reneves) 3ilfl'' "o ff'm-.. Then list the fifi:.* take the (first) turning l|illn.. ['.' :lx?. weddinc window wood to look at paintings 2 aplace to catch a bus 3 a place to buy aspirin 4 a place to buy CDs 5 a place to buy a newspaper 6 a place to eat italian food 7 a place to buy a stamp 8 a place to have a drirrk 9 a place to buy food 10 a place to catch a train 1 a place arL eallery s8 ... supermarket mi ilffi..n o.. They're in alphabetical order..' % Find these places in the Word list.Xn"t' old{ashioned tu [iiJil iil*i....il. ill$Tl. #i[T.. toilet traffic lights train station trees turn lefVright under understand upstairs view village wardrobe warm washing machine iffiil*.$tu" contents of each room.WORD IIST VOGABULARY '& WriIe the names of the rooms 1-5.

There's a piclure of my uncle ' my living room.. :te Complete the texts with prepositions of place from the boxes. -'ur.)2hL vQI. I like it because - T tr irro"" rr"rlila i. but and because. b them at the weekend. 2 Jan's house is easy to find. h there's lots to do and I'r-e g.-i and she goes to m5. Martha !:l*9 !s!*egl 1"1{9r! 9{ t+exffi 1 There's a parly on Saturday and it's aI Jan's house.(4 ) ^J _ -h/. Jan's house is next m_ from here.. Lo Martha and 2 Mark and Karen Isabel.sclto. them or there. r. but it's tm?oaeible 2 I want to 3 My brother lives in a v_ w_./. French is a_ Replace the repetitions with 4 they. They aren't ' the t:hle thev aren't 6 the drawers bed. but my husband doesn't . g He lives in my street i -t --.t€ 2.. . t ^^ --. d so I see him every day. See you at the parly. 3 Lana can come can't.. His sisl ct is Domrnique e lt's in the south of France f I live in Marseilles. Karen is a they have to lhirty it finishes al midnight. beach with I .Q. It 1 There's a party on Saturday.:- :: : = 39 . lht-t '''ah t-. 5 The party slarts at seven Alberto ts l nexf.-. 4 They can't come work on Saturday.1. The-party's al Jan's house.. a there. rLl +..'1 . I ." Complete the sentences with words from the Word list.. 5 The party starts at seven thirty. if 4? in the of the 4 There's a beautiful v from here.r' r. Where and they aren't'-the oro thorr? Put the lines in the correct order. 2 Jan's house is next to the school it's easy to find. "r. s_ German.n ' \ !. i3 I can'l find my keys. i_ 500 people to my "q. s0. Lee and Carly? 4 Lee and Carly can't come.he's o_ in here could I open 7 It's very w_ the w? B T[rrn left at the t_ .r+. Lee and Carly? Can rve invite Lana. 3 What about Lana. Lee and Carly have cran to work on Saturday.1 V4r I.. rs V to the school. ' ''ffi^/ . Isabel is 3 Martha. but his 5 He speaks f_ 6 I like m_ art.y LEE 4r LU a^-l-. c_. c so the weather's hot. WRITING 1 You want to be p erfecL . Complete the sentences with and. the fireplace eyou can see lhe Pyramids He's in Egypt and 1o him. My best friend is Luc.it's about a .

. We can't use nurnbers with uncountable nouns: ofle-waler. water.'Jfl 1?. Dollars.31 liilH?.. Write 1 G for countable and U for uncountable. three pounds .1T. M€+reah The word'money' is uncountable. &. 3 Articles 1 3 Singular and plural forms We can use indefinite articles (a/an) wilhcountable nouns: a sausage.Eat to live GRAMMAR Countable and uncountable nouns .'. . three eggs .. lwl tlmatles.. where possible. Nouns canbe countable (C)or uncountable(l). Then write the plurals. an'egg .' We can't Lse'indefinite articles with uncountable nouns: a-wateL a+read 2 lfumbers We can use numbers with countable nouns: lne sausage. I haven't got any eggs. etc are countable: one dollar. euros.'L-ff :li. pounds. sausage tr 7 9auoaae6 potato I apple w ru 2water J U L_J lomalo 4ess 5 sffi & 8 I I I I butter 10 I tr tr sugar bread 11 biscuit n 6banana 12 milk f 40 .:'ii: *ff . two euros. a tomato.

Lhere aren'L.q bread and there's a I some I an.some lV!.e I o. I som. 3 Can I have a I sotne I an.y bott\e of juice rn the fridge.'** Look at the fridge and write sentences. 1 le IAere any mllk? Yee. Lhere ie.ny r:ake for Jerry's birthday party. but there isn't a I some I any chocolate.ny vegetables and 2 some. please? 4 We can't make a I some I ang pizza because we haven't goI a I some / any tomatoes. 3 (lettuce) 4 (tomatoes) 5 (butter) 6 (bottle of u'ater) 7 (polatoes) B (meat) 9 'fu chocolale Circle the correct alternatives.l some I any eggs? B Oh.tuce./'---------'\ aI 2 There aren't a / some / any tomaloes. 'l 2 3 _ _ cake cake cakes ffi 4 5 6 & _potato potatoes _ polato _ %trw 7 ffi. Have you got .. Have you got a.na)cold drinks in the fridge? . 5 There are a I some I an71 bisctlts. a3 Write questions and answers about the fridge.e I an.- & ffi#e I_ # (carton of milk) There'e a carLon 2 (apples) _chocolates chocolate 'le-e a'e''t arv aeelet'.y let. 1 It's really hol outside. 6 Can I have a I some I a. haven't got a / som.y cheese sandwich and a I sorne I any bottle of water. lettuce? tomatoes? / a'n. / some I any chips with my steak? 7 Are you hungry? I've gol a / sorne Are Lhere any apples? No. Use the correct form of There is. but there's a. no! \\re butter? bottle of water? potatoes? neat? 4l .

TAe Seach 1 The Beach House 2 Govinda 3 LAuberge 4 Burger Heaven T tr tr a Indian food b fast food c fish and seafood d French food . Check your answers to Exercise 1.but we've got a lot of other dishes too.. We've got curries.' from New York. The owner is Frankie Delaroux. Frankie has a clear vision for the restaurant. 'I want L'Auberge to be a place for special cccasions. net @ The name tells you exactly where to find The Beach House: it's by the sea. 5 This restaurant doesn't Out & About: Restaurants The Beach House Lansford Dy ke. It is in a beautiful twelve-room country house hotel and it has its own vegetable garden. 'My idea is very simple. 10 This restaurant ts good for rveddings. Which restaurant has got this dining room? Burger Heaven 7 Govinda Paredise Sq uare.It is a vegetarian restaurant and it has traditional vegetarian dishes from all over India. CLM7 sKD @ 0565 gsr 9490 lauberge@bourneend for a quick meal. 1 This restaurant is by the sea. The owner is Pierre Songe of The PIay House Brasserie in London. L'Auberge specialises in traditionai French cuisine. Mark Roberts. We even make our own bread. CLM2 6TF serve any meat. Govinda is a new Indian restaurant in the centre of town. so everything is fresh and excellent quality I love seafood so this is my dream restaurant. We specialise in fish and seafood and we're right next to the sea. 0565 748 5733 CLML6HT @ burgerheavenra bignet. of course . L'Auberge is in the country outside Lansford. . salad and fries.READING Read the text again. It's fast. Lunsford. Lansford.com E 8E os6s T4B gBJ4 govinda@bigret. We have burgers. 3 This restaurant is next to a cinema.* n Wffi Read the restaurant reviews. I want The Beach House to have fantastic food and a great atmosphere. 7 This restaurant grows its olm vegetables. CLML BW Bute Street. This restaurant serves vegetarian and meat dishes. Match the sentences with the restaurants. Lansfora. knows exactly what he wants. Match the restaurants with the types of food they serve. That's it. in the beautiful village of Bourne End. 'but Govinda is different. 4 This restaurant snecialises in seafood.h Look at the names of the four restaurants from the text. And the owner. So everything has to be perfect.' !. The owner is Rajit Chowdah.' February 15-22 Restaurant Review 42 . Pierre says. it's good and the price is right. louee 2 This restaurant is part of a hotel. B 8 os6s B7s Tgrg E beachhousera fastmail.com E Burger Heaven is in the town centre next to the ABC cinema. 6 This reslaurant is good UAuberge Bourne End.' says Rajit. 'There are a lot of Indian restaurants in Britain.' The Beach House also serves vegetarian and meat dishes for those who are not seafood lovers. 9 Some of the clishes in this rpsl rrl':nl :rp verv hot. 'We keep it simple.

.? and How many about quantity We use How SPEAKING % Who says it? Write S for the shop assistant or C for the customer.. please. I please. We use not + much with uncountable nouns: We haven't got much water. Can I help you? h Certainly. are questions . b Thank you. We can also use not + a lot of wilh both countable and uncountable nouns: There aren't a lot of female enqineers.. . not + much/many ln negative sentences. 4B .. How much is n Oh..GRAMMAR how much?/how many? How much .. . We also use lVof many and Not much as short answers to the question How many . l71 We use How much . Use nof + much or not + many./There are a lot. 1 I've got a 1ot of CDs. e Is it to eat here or take away? f I'm afraid there isn'l any ham lpft.. Well. k Complete the questions wilh How much or How many. m Sparkling. we can use We use nol+ much/many. 2 i've sot a lot of DVDs. ?with uncountable nouns: How much water have we got? T T tr T ! I fl pj '* Put the conversation in the correct order. g Good morning. Thank you. I To take please? away. we've got chicken.50 altogether. about ten cups a day.75 altogether. your sandwrch and your water. yes. not+ manywith There aren't many students countable nouns: in this class. 3 I spend a lot of money on clothes 4 I've got a lot of brothers. tr clothes? 4 5 Make these sentences negative. Yes.? many. Shop assistant a That's 54. ?with plural countable nouns: How many students are there in this ctass? 1 Can I help you? 2 Can I have a sandwich. Anything else? I I T tr tr r A I j Customer i Yes. That's 25p change. We use a /otwithout of when you Oon't say the noun: There s a lot.. I Bye.. 5 I drink a lot of coffee. A bottle of mineral water.? and How much . Have you got any o Here you p Great.. I haven't eol manyCDe. 1 low 2 3 man-v CDs have you got? D\Ds have you got? money do you spend on brothers have you got? coffee do you drink? that? I chicken? tr are.. can I have a ham salad sandwich. c Still or sparkling? d Just a minute . I'd like a chicken salad sandwich.? a lot (of) We use a lot of wilh both countable and uncountabfe nouns rn affirmative sentences to talk about large quantities: I dilnk a lot of coffee.. please? 3 How much is that? 4 Anything else? 5 That's 53.

lr"r'l ur van biino' .." ..a r... t.'r:r:' AM or rrne specrialoccq ion buuilu tuilt ctroeepal ovnprt ?asl T000 .d h_. ftl rfior 3 fruit miss a chance IlUctl ly ut I tctcttE .y 0ame . :1.EL comforlable common cookbook possible radiio... e+nrharinh '$&USE00':r..:. y ur ur+ rdr rudP nhoocohr rrnor uurpD Packet... h_ l S nffcln pouncs {2rtr rootoer-shop :.r ^^t^-i^^ \.' kilo ri...: fe!Fo{l. . i :.r:i :.l. ruiure :goodlbad lor you greengrocer's nr racf 2 There are 340 c IflI in a litre of .. I .i.:: .r '.. 5 meat and fish 6 drinks UUUN.l : S&[0-fl. :.00x.{i^^..i ut dt I a 4 vegetables I b t dJudl ..r:...::.' ]ri. . mn^6 UUI IUU :il chocoholic chocolate' choose nnftaa LUtd piece of paper naal.: l'l l"l.:ri ..i.r pafi.dTUI IGb ucrt rur I ' :....... . ri. : .. ...'rr:i' evYqr cwpotc LdAUdWdV tesfA : fortune cookie i Complete the sentences with words from the Word list. 1 rnm2tn luuil. country..i. : 'il i .. .i 1 cereals biscuit b 2 dairy buIber c . itb d- ur...r../r OPnlOR i r''r"' tuti lutt/u nralar ^. r: .: :i.".. frirlnp frlod .: neatmv banana LJill inyitatigfir.exercise 00+lars ii. ..1'. . t"rribl".. han uduprpnJ hnrn hqve dreams..tr'. LI It isn't healthy to eat a lot of fyiec[ food. rrr ...'. .af ..:.t t't. . .:.'pnre ..in..'' 'i:'ii i 7 fast food c c . ir rfl6il li ' nratal vr vqu ..phofte.:.. .. 3 That's your e TI vanatahlo o_ but you're not an 4 There are some eggs in the f we can make an o_ 5 This bread i.>r. . ". OUII}UI INn: m_. ..ntscutt hnil .ftP.*anein$l unJpD deliciotrsr:: do..g|$.::." fl0llllr . 6 I'm a_ S 1o cheese.Ll$T alleroic (to) onn[6 I VOCABULARY 'g IdUUV Complete the diagram with words from the Word list.. .i .. r..... it gives me M .:i r::r i^m i^- .

i' :I t I * VOGABUTARY AND GRAMMAR 7.nder the sofa. They eat it a1l. Three of these sentences d0 NOT contain mistakes.cupboards.nd the house. # Circle the correct answers: a. 5 piants in your bathroom? A B Yes.money and I can't buy food I haven't got for four people every week. 9 There's a butter in the fridge but there isn't any milk. 1_ just one bathroom but that's not the only problem. and some c 7 I'd like a ham s_ urith milk nle:qo Circle the correct prepositions..nfront of lbehi.: f I .:. 1 What is that itz Find mistakes with articles and correct them. 5 My desk at work has gol a smali d in it.S50amonth.teen I u. of water and a 6 Please buy two b_ p_ of crrsps. l@iilthe floor? 2 There is some food lrz / atthe microwave. (9 points) 1 Where's the milk? It's in the fidle_.: t. Complete the answers.rreekend. It's hot now. 5 There is a spider betu. 2alots 3aany 4aany are @ There is c Is there bmuch calotof bmany csome bmany csome 5 a There aren't much b There's a 1ot of c There aren't many 6 a aren't many b isn't any c is a lot of bmany csome Tamuch 46 . 6 We've got a garden i. 3 We've got an a_ A lo there a sofa in vour livina room? BYes. (B points) 1 a sofa in your livrng room? fl- Complete the sentences with one word in each gap.food every Monday but there isn't'. I've got'.in the fridge at the i.food on the (i. lhere ia 2 money/you spend on books? A imth books in to sit on in the study but there isn't a t_ to put things on. 4 There is a chair between I nert lo lhe bed.. (3 points) 4 a washing machine in your kitchen? A B No. there are.oqa? 2 Have you got a sugar? 3 The pizzas in this restaurant are lovely! 4 \\ho's a boy over therel 5 My sister has got lhe neu'purse.::. But they just don't understand it. (6 points) I hate living ln a house rntth lhree other students. My parents want it to look nice because people can see it from lhe road. I think I need to find a new place. 5. b 0r c.:::. 7 \\here's my book? It's in a living room. 2 There are three s my room. 7 There is a clock behind I between the window and the door. Wrile questions using the words below and the correct forms of there is. :. 3 biscuits/you eat/every week? A_ Please wash them.::::.:::. floor in my room because there 7. You can see the first letter of each word. Blspend B Not . I buy 2. 3 There is a window aboue I under the cooker. how much and hlw many.bread in my room but i can't keep milk there. 8 This is the reslaurant we often qo to. 1 a There 6 Computers are real1y usefui for homework. I keep my wallet there. 4 There are dirty cups in the s_ . . Oo (4 potnts) 1 Do you like the dogs'/ you like d. : 4 ! r i ! l '.

6 There is a washing machine in the kitchen. nann. (6 ooints) 1 The man wants to buy a cottage.^+^r ic cledf\ dl \ ?. . Tick true and cross false.. We go out of the school and 2_ left into Market Street. Do you know how to r qeL to the park? We start at the school. man is asking about holiday houses."Rl'ffi ISTfiRJ':H.t':lg[:tff"?'"fi .. (7 points) COMMUNICATION & Complete the gaps with the words from the box. 5 The living room is very big. .TISTENING SKILLS % Wffiffi A.|?':f. Hffi*il*if.l:tH Voi cntt H]l#Idii#ft :iffiJ. We go t_ the cinema and then take the first 5_ on the right.:-" and tn'9: l"*' rheresre\otsot^e!"*::?'J:Pi3.'ffffis*i'**[i[""j?fr:'?i' z '."#isnnx."?S:X"''ff $. 4 You can see the harbour from the n T tr T T T kitchen.. There are two extra Total (7 points) /50 headings. children. 7 The rent is 5200 a week all year.x3:irB?d'\?3nL?o . Listen to his conversation with a woman from the holiday homes company. Is lhat clear? 3 The company has more than one cottage. HI":LTBs*:d'u*#M::T:HI. I past cross ge+ turning tum corner straight Right.ffi !' ffi fiHin"ro:g:i. We t_ the road here at the traffic lights and we stop at the gate to the park.^. There's a bank on the o_ . We walk'_ on for 2 km. The park is opposite the bank.'":"-*rrsiii#tEr:: tu*itY houses' 47i l I .n history h Having fun rn Bognor A nice place to go g W ftwuul-mqilW.'. READING SKILLS % Read the adveft for a town in England. Shopping a Where to eat f i b Coming by car c Where to stay d Making friends e c'm ng' g Tov.r rraditionalfish rH.tbwn H**ffi"*1. Today is the school picnic and we have to walk to the park.j":ffi ""H'"":. ^r +han fol\ow ffi?fi**--:T?"1vi'"$"::if tJfr \:l[:x*'83?3fi':::l"J':l -. 2 The Post Office is in Hill Road. Match the headings (a-i) to the paragraphs (1-7).

lr. l/you/heishe/iVwe/they could No l/you/he/she/iVwe/they couldn t Look at the T-shid and answer the questions.r''. 2 Were they in Warsaw on 23 JanuarY? No.rL.. 1 My big brother waa at home this morning. and .tr. l/he/she/it was can/can't for ability Affirmative l... i. at school yesterday? Yes you/we/they were. li::.it ' lhe concert in Madrid? " vJ +-.. ea fr:: li:. L 1't':tr"*1.t.L.. _ __ r. r.. 3 Was the Budapest concert on 29 January? 4 When was !..t:t\'t. (-) in \\. (+) very hot last summer.: fftL:.Now and then GRAMMAR Past Simple= was/were Itlfi. (+) 4 You 5 My friend Week.fi. No.ldci{b..: Lcrr{crr ii FL tc s.*' " ' It waa on 1 February. (+) 2 My parents weren'L on holiday last lveek. . 2 Why wae ehe in ?aria? To see Jean-Paul.t.: fl "?e'4"*ti4t7':..ee lcati.Ll. Nr. . . 3 4 When was the concert in Berlin? see Donatella.questions :?i: Why.+-r-LtJ. 5 6 On ThursdaY. In TokYo 48 .n"i..*n. ff.t 3.t tc act:. Negative l.tj 5 Were they rn Moscor.. l/he/she/it wasn't i****-"' : Were You . ti.. ?. fOf laSt Lookatherdiary Write When was the concert in Rome? with Whefe.{ou/He/She/lVWe/They cou ld swi m :l Was he: she It :r . (-) .*f.s.Lhey weren"I.at.: --r"^*_n.Wo : they : ld l/you/he/she/iVwe/they swi m? Yes.*rrrr. ti: l. No you/we/they weren't.l'on 31 January? 6 Was the Lisbon concert on 4 February? 1 Where wae ahe on Monday? In Paris.. scc . On T[esday.questions l/He/She/lt You/WeiThey Where were you last week? Who were yor with? Why were you in London? Yes/No questions Shoft answers Yes.u Marcia is a model.r z+ '' "'ra .{ou/HeiSheilt/We/They cou ld not lcou ldn't) Questions and shorl answers Cou SWIM . When ffi ic . (-) at the cinema last 3 Piotrek and I night.da. . Complete the sentences with the correct form of was or were. 6 It at home yesterday. :tu.-ales last w-eek..1. :"A.t - .

yes. We tt_ about pop music and television and people at school. We e outside her house at 8. 5 We always have pizza on / . i. 3 I run in the park euery / Last Satwday. present l buy 2g_v _ 3g_ 4h_v_ 5l__v_ 6m_k_ 7r__d 8sp__k past bqught g_v_ w_nt l_ft h_d m_d _ r__d sp_k_ Circle the correct alternatives. her family .It's good. I t. & Write the Past Simple forms of the three extra verbs from Exercise 5. Oh no. oh yes. Yes. could or couldn't. 0 of It.. Complete the present and past form of the verbs with a.. 6 We met yesterday monzing I night. 4 We went swimming on / . Monika '_you play the piano now? 8_ Marc No. Monika Marc in." iir. 2 I played in a band two years Last I ago. but then we stopped." ir. i. too. When I was in year eight. It's very strange. We in Birmingham and my dad a bank. e. Hannah Barker was my best friend. When I was 17 I work punk music. very strange. Monika n_ you play chess when you were six? Marc Yes. I was very now. Monika Marc A actions come look ep€n see tell The door r o?ened and Boris .i"r. can't.yesterdal. you know. watched yesterday. 7 I worked in a factory in / otz the 1990s.. C routines dot b"" play chess now.& Complete the conversation with can.t_to Scotland. It's very strange. Monika Marc But you speak Chinese No. I tmy parents were boring.. In year nine.30 every day and 10_ to school together. I t_ . Really? Oh. you 2_ ._. meet move talk walk write Monika . I to_ ._ He'_ around the room and James. B situations ffi. I was a brilliant child. Be careful! There is one extra verb for each text.. 1 I go to the cinema@ierill last week. u_ '-in u_ Monika But you tt_ Marc No. 49 . I . . yes.Fridays.. I l could speak Chinese when I was six. Now I live in Coventry and I work in a bank. Marc Complete the texts with the Past Simple of the verbs. I t. We t'_ to each other for a few months. it is. And I 6_ play the piano when I was six.

:.in 1962. you answer? 1 The Beatles were a Liverpool.. a Bingo c Dingo b Ringo d Drongo 3 Their first record was . John Lennon had a group called the Ouany Men./ 1-:.. a Pl. The original name of the group was the Quarry lVen.. They became The Beatles in 1961 . first record.. from .-. d the saxophone. John Lennon and Paul McCaftney starled writing songs.irr'" In Liverpool in 1957. c 1980..w.. '* Wffi Read the website... a Lennon and Harrison. including Beatles for Sale(1964). c the guitar b the drums.. ln the next thirieen years they made eleven more. All four members had solo musical careers after The Beatles. b 1970.. George Harrison died in 2001. Revolver (1966). X t.. The Beatles made eleven LPs. beatleshistorv. on bass guitar. Check your answers to Exercise 1. d 1990. There were originally six members. a 1960. cn risjiiri :/a . c London. Paul Mc0adney 4 George Harrison played . b New York. John Lennon and George Harrison played guitar. ln 1963 they released their first LP. 0n 4 April I964.ease Please b Loue Me Do Me. b Harrison and Starr. on drums. d She Lot:es You. :. '1970.ffiq&&i. a the bass guitar. the top five records in the USA were all Beatles records. and then in the USA.. They made their 2 The Beatles were John. Their last record was Let lt Be.com/ . d Lennon and McCarlney..'r Stop Refr*sh Home ' *. There are seven mistakes in it. f. The Beatles started when John Lennon met Taul McCarLney geerg€+affison. ?:'. Love Me Do. 5 The main song uriters in The Beatles were .- & .0n 6 July of that year he met Paul McCadney and McCartney joined the group..!r htto://www. Love Me Do. . All three played guitar.r'. In 1960 they travelled to Hamburg and became The Beatles. Rubber Soul (1 965). In 1958 George Harrison joined. Find the mistakes and correct them. Sutcliffe left the group in 1961. Paul.tN). McCartney changed from lead guitar to bass guitar and The Beatles went back to Liverpool. 4' G ln 1 962 The Beatles made their first record. In 1962 Ringo Starr replaced Best. c Harrison and McCartney.. d Hamburg. They broke up in 1971 .ry. The other members of the group were Stuaft Sutcliffe.t. including Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heaft Club Group in 1967.. . Please Please Me. . 6 The Beatles broke up in .. John Lennon died in 1980. George and . and Pete Best.. c Tlt:zst and Slzou..READING '4How many of these questions about The Beatles can Read this fact file about The Beatles.:. Sgt Peppefs Lonely Heafts Club Band (1 967) and the White Album (1968).. played bass guitar and Pete Best played drums. and appeared on television for the firsi time. They became popular in Britain. Their The Beatles broke up in last records were Abbey Road (1969) and Let lt Be (1 970).

dear. Listen to the three conversations and match them to the three times. 51 . c That's fantastic. C I'm so sorry. 12 Nick liked them. Conversation C 2 How was your day? Miranda Great! I passed my Maths test. Nicki d It doesn't matter. Conversation B 5 Peter's family was rich when he was c Well done. young. I am. c Oh.n. Terrible! My girlfriend finished with me. T x tr tr 4 Heather What's up? Lucas You know you lent me that book? Well. 2 She went on her ov. c Well done. 6 There were six children. 6 Flavia How was your day? Alex It was good. Jamie Yes. Flavia a Oh dear. I'm afraid I lost it. 4 She had fun. T tr T tr 5 Martha You look happy. W the speaker was young 2 last Tuesday 3 yesterday I I tr Conversation A Conversation B 1 Jenny What's the matter? Adam I failed my driving test. 1 when SPEAKING &Cucle the most appropriate response. Jenny @Never mind. Piotrek 3 Nicki How was your day? Paul Listen again. 3 Mark is her brother. Conversation C 9 Nick went to see Vixen last Tuesday 10 He went on his ornm. Arsenal won again. 7 His father was a gardener. Tick true and cross false.LISTENING &. 11 He thought Vixen were really good. I I tr T c I'orget about it. Conversation A 1 Rachel went to London yesterday. I got a summer job. b I'm so sorry. Heather a It doesn't matter. b That's brilliant. b That's brilliant. b How fantastic. 8 His mum was a nurse in a London hospital. Piotrek a I'm so sorry b Good for you. Maftha a Well done. b Don't wony.

v vv( 'vw :ilg^s:l"-. . t ! laci ninhf late for school Lrleralure ilvery IUJU war w0rry yesterday yesterday morning/ afternocn/evening kings.{ udu/ vuuu miss the bus MUSEUM have / has (3) 3 see (3) 6 take (4) B t > lvlusrc r ruuu -^^..^ ^^. a_* iil the 1.. Bonjour. mounLains. wars. ..^ ^ uuil il ilut il rdnu d ^^'h.^ take/passifail an exam teenager tell tennis balls tennis shoes TArrt rdvtr dt t drguil ^h ^r^..-._- Hola. keyboard... r .vu!ef lco q nnmntttor uuv -l . 1980s in fact lnformation Technology {lT) introduction t^^^. prdy ^^ L clt lnn+r'.r ru \cdJr/ ^^^^+ Physical Educaiion (PE) ^l^. Hello. weather. clueens. A lord IUCKV % 7_ B- _ fllre*irdl ' H#fl8iltiHuTTll 1_..940s. Bore da.. get a cerlificate/a good/ ha-l udu ^. dates.. ACROSS MAINS I tncrl/or u nrrocfinn a Yuwutrwr apologise at the time h^.{ /^^^." Find the school subjects in the Word list. Shakespeare. trz ..y vr cuudLrur I ^^+. 1960s.|ff^h+ rurrL I IIDTUI V nlp &*.. Dostoyevsky.r band Rinlnnv news theatre offer a place ^^r +h^ t^^^+\ rJudJr ur r.^^^^ Ldr rvudguD lne OarK lnen travel Trigonometry unhappy q wv. mouse.t^^+ tt VOGABULARY ?Complete the crossword with irregular Past Simple verbs.man+ make (4) 00rr0w busv I LUL| utr]ut 9 are (4) 10 think (7) 12 give (4) 15 read (4) 16 rL unemrslry CONCIUSiON npnrala dpnerimpnt OITTICUII play tennis play the drums/ the piano/the guitar p00r prirnary school meet (3) 17 get (3) DOWN V punk qurie record player science sign your name srr0e rure dn n dpnrop explanation Ttnrnr\/ rinaily first of all Tnnlntil nrqnTlno speak a foreign language entnpr 2 drink (5) 4 buy (6) 5 come (4) 7 go (4) 9 write (5) 11 tell (4) 13 eat (3) 14 leave (4) foreign ianguage runny Gonnrenhv vuvYr uy'J starVgo tolleave school or university . h^!. computer. ..arJ^/n 4 A^^"^^ tru utrvr vr dutr/ npt cnmo qv v edrrinp uv..Urf0RIt HsT 'A'/'F' student after that Arqe0ra lunchtime mao (ar) ^^1.^^1 TdAU d tUJUd LUUIJtr/ lessons 'l 2 Art seas.^+i^n pdl r.. give goodlbad news nivo roccnnc giad ^r^/.{. Cervantes.

Then I had to go home to finish my Maths project.. 1 Couid you add your name at the bottom of WRITING 3" Label the paragraphs. o funny b lively c lucky 4 I love Will Smith .you were really busy. do fail start HiJamal. He gave me 150.. There's a party at Cara's house tomorrow. .. *New Yo'rk Uniuersi.ty Circle the correct alternatives. . these three srmple questions 5 The blue ones or the red ones? I can't Conclusion Introciuction 3 Explanation I I n &S"W ri * Frottowup %Reply %ReplyAll 6)Forvam fr. Complete the text with the Past Simple of the verbs from the box.. They talked about their new house the whole time. 1 2 the form. &. I My dad sometimes has to work _ . yesterday? 3 Did she come to school 4 She was here _ the mornrng.. He's a 'u_ history teacher now. You forgot Aftcr lrrnch rrnrr hrc'l 1^ t)Va Jvur liltla rrnrrr rr. 6 I don't like working 7 Were you at home _ last night? night. AJter the exam. "& BIG kiss. but I'm really .. You had a Maths exam in the morning. . 4 To win a fantastic holiday for two.Complete the sentences with regular verbs from the Word list.. . and I own a paint factory. When we our piano exams. I had to have lunch with my dad and his dopey gidfriend. He always I qoL good grades. Paragraph I Introduction a [vely llJ busy c difficult 2 I was ln bed all day yesterday really . you had to have lunch with your uncle..they were really a difficult b loud c ill a funny 6 She got a new car for her birthday she's really . I hnno \/nr r'ro nnt mar'l qt mo Qao rrnr r qL tha et Lr rv vvv f vv Vixen conceft? l've got their new CD . My twin brother and I are very different. please? your calculalor? 2 Can I _ 3 A I'm very soruy B Don't ... a difficult b bad c ill 3 There are a lo1 of st Paragraph 2 Explanation: Ji. 5 I went to the hbrary the weekend.it's perfectly OK.rst. 1 Sorry I can't come 1o the parly. but she went home early. I told Jim I couldn't come to your pany and I thought he told you. 1 See you . then. 2 I usuaily go to the beach the atternoon. fCna\Ly udents in the city so it's really . I l5o/o and6 At eighteen.'.'Jvuluu brother to the beach. but rt was really boring. he t_ to NYIJ* and u_ a degree rn Latin American History.he's really . Paragraph 3 Conclusion - Say Happy Birthday.it's brilliant. he 95% and I with an o_ 'A. a lucky b busy c mad Add prepositions where necessary.tomorrow. I e_ school at sixteen and work in a paint factory. yesterday morning. Follow the plan. lucky c i1l b 5 I saw Vixen last night . First of all. Lols ffi Write an email of apology to a friend. gel (x :3) go leave pass take l'm sorry about yesterday..'r\ .. . - I was Apologise: yesterday was your best friend's birthday and you didn't phone him/her.

2 I left the house at eight o'clock every day excepl T[lesday.lighi bulb / + I / + telephone / television ?te tTenLed Lhe Lele?hone. watch football on : TV yesterday? Did . not Did she buythe W shoes?noIW Write negative sentences.Tnnr'lrrr Write the sentences and questions with verbs from the box. 3 I worked every day except Wednesday. ? + )e didn'I invenL the liqhL bulb. 4 Molotov + 2 l + World Cup in 2002 I . 7 I watched TV every day except Sunday. Did he invenL Lhe Lelevielon? 2 Jane Austen I + Pri. . l/you/he/she/iVwe/they did. l/you/he/she/iVwe/they r go to the cinema Yes. 4 I came home by train every day except Thursday. .ay. Yes/No questions Short answers . 6 I went to bed early every day except Saturday.o'n. I .Make a difference GRAMMAR Past Simple: regular and irregular verbs Affirmative watched football on TV yesterday l/You/He/Sh e/ltA/Ve/Th ey Negative did not (didn't) watch football on TV yesterday did not (didn't) go to the cinema on Tuesday..Hamlet l? War and Peace i had dinner with my parents every day except Friday.iio* j+vent *" r*ii" 1 Alexander Graham Bell didn'l aeL up at eeven o'clock on Mond. went to the cinema on Tuesday. l/you/he/she/iVwe/they didn't. lVfi.de and Prejudice / .questions What did you do last night? Where did you go? l{lhich shoes did you wear? Who did you see? Why did you do that? How did you get home? When did you get home? on Tuesday? No. W&w& ffiww &wWpK We use the infinitive form of the verb (not the past form) in negative sentences and questions eg She didn't buy the shoes. 1 Last week I got up at seven o'clock every day pwcont l\.I'rance I ? Italy 64 .Worid Cup in 1998 I ? World Braztl + Cup in 1994 / + Russia / .

Bob Celdof organise the Live Aid and Live B concerts? Because he wanted to raise money for Africa.. lrqf nioht? 4 I didn't go an5''where. I passed with a gr ade A+. 4 Did Charles Babbage build the first computer? 5 Did the OlSanpic Games start in Rome? Louwe twrce. ahe )."" We otul yo. i"ttouur. i9 Complete the Wh. I wasn't very hungry. here? I got here by bike. Did you "_ a good trme? good time? We '_ A a fantastic time Did you ]_ the Louwe? Yes. Did you '_ up the Eiffel Tower? Yes. It's only 20 minutes from my house. 9 . In fact. u"". We restaurants. 4 5 6 1 WhaL did:rou do at the weekend? On Saturday I went to the cinema and on Sunda5' I PlaYed football. _ Romeo.. he didn't. 3 Did Marie Curie discover gralety? B A B A B A B A B A B '. Marie Curie discover? 3_ Radium. how whai 1x 2. We'up the Eiffel Tower on the first day. t_to Paris. o 1 Did Juliel love Romeo? Yee.no\\'in Italy. Juliet love? _ 7 B John Fitzgerald Kennedy die? Lee Harvey Oswald shot him. 2_ the Ollnnpic Games start? In Athens. I stayed at home and watched TV.questions. Did you "_ any photos? We' _ hundreds ofphotos. . Leonardo da Vinci come from? Flolence . we did. 2 Did Leonardo da Vinci come from Naples? No. vn:lg (: ?) vlg *lv 1 When did Apollo 11 land on the moon? In 1969. of course. in 1840? The rn'orld's first computer. Napoleon altack Moscow? l:. yes. rn any good restaurants? Did you'tu_ in some fantastic Oh. we 'j_ the on".t take (x Charles Babbage buiid G ti 2) s" t" visit (x 2) +l rl"'6 (iz) |o. In 1812.1'n' was only 10 euros.id. 2 3 breakfast? Oh. Look at Exercise 3 and write shoft answers. I just had coffee.Complete the questions with words from the box and did. your English exam? I took it last year. Complete the conversation with the correct forms of the verbs in the box. when 1x 2.

His family were poor. but in his spare time he studied law and in 1836 he became a lawyer. 1 809 READING 4. They had four children: all boys.1 5 that night. The Lincolns of 41. '1865. tB42 I T 56 1860 1861 1865 Assassination One week after the end of the Civil War. The nofth won and the south lost. the Civil War ended. c He ended slavery in the USA. Early life Abraham Lincoln was born 0n February 12. 1865. 4 Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd had tr tr T Slavery and the Givil War After Lincoln's election.vas lhe first presrdent of the USA. B Abraham Lincoln died in a theatre. Lincoln died the next day. C He w-as an April 14. to Exercise Read the biography again. . Lincoln then went into politics. b He wrote an important book about the Spanish Civil War. f lBOg 2 When did he become a lau. What do you know about Abraham Lincoln? Circle the correct answers.yer? 3 When did he get marded? 4 When did he become nresident of the USA? 5 When did the American Civil War besin? 6 When did the American Civil War end? 7 When did Lincoln die? Complete the time line of Abraham Lincoln's life. b He died of o1d age. . in a 0ne-r00m log cabin in Kentucky. The slaves were free. 2 Why is he famous? a He inrented the personal computer. Look at the pictures. there were problems. 3 How did he die? a Somebody shot him. He managed a shop. Answer the questions. on April 14. As a child he loved to read. 1865 - inventor. b He was a US president.1809. At 1 0. 1809 1836 Lincoln wae born in KenLuckv. he was a soldier . c He diecl rn a traffic accident. Tick true and cross false. W& Work and famiU As a young man he had a lot of different jobs.. rich. Booth shot the president. He hated Lincoln for freeing the slaves. The states in the south of the USA had African slaves.yer. Abraham and Mary Lincoln went t0 the theatre. 1 Who was Abraham Lrncoln? a He was a rnriter.16th president of the USA. in the theatre. Lincoln was now a successful lawyer and the family bought a big house in Springfield. Lincoln wanted 1o stop slavery In 1861 the southern states decided to leave the USA. 7 John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln. ReaA the biography and check your answers 1. four daughters. 1 Abraham Lincoln's parents were 2 They had lots E I I f ln 1842 he married Mary Todd. In November 1860. lllinois. ofbooks. John Wilkes Booth was there. The American Civil War stafied.February 1 2. 5 Abraham Lincoln r. but there were n0 books at home and he had to borrow them from neiqhbours. he managed a post office. 6 The south won the Amerrcan Civil \\ar. 3 Abraham Lincoln was a lau. at the age . 1 When was Lincoln born? 0n April 9. . he became the went to llve in Washington.

where somewhere an. t? B % Peter? He went home at about midnieht. At five in the morning I want to be asleep. Hello? Is that you. Jim? Good. So it's a great time for a swim .. I'm sorry. eg Nobody is unhappy. Read the answers and write the questions. t A I couldn't find my keys e WelI. we use a singular verb. 2 We stayed there for two weeks. A Really? B I went with Peter. they have to be 10 But I looked 11 and they were 12 lo be seen. There's we have to talk about. Yes.. 7 the morning. We do not use a negative verb with nobody/nothing. A Take a seat. is there 6_ me? . A4 ? Peter 3 &- Complete the sentences with words from the boxes. ask n_ else. No? Well. B No problem. uhl9g ryl y?*l-" \"gyi W&w& &kw &. I ask the questions.GRAMMAR Indefinite pronouns SPEAKING I Complete the conversation at the police station with questions from the box. tomorrow? You're crazy. oid to.wwgaY When an indefinite pronoun is the subject of the sentence.m.*i wh". we talked to Pete and he told us '_.i ho. B Thank you.where nowhere A B West National Park.m. We stayed in the Ngulia Safari Lodge in Tsavo ever. We saw elephants. Use the words and phrases from the box. B Collins or Peter Taylor? Peter Taylor. Is he OK? Your friend was on holiday last week. 2 A2 B I went to lhe Blue Argel. A OK. lions and monkeys . 6 A B B swim at 5a. gy9{r4l*9 lgTglt"ry llvtlllq l9!11ry how long what when rvhere where you want to tell start.there's t_ in the pool. aiA you go? WhichPeter? What time did you leave the Blue Angel? When did you last see Peter Taylor? Who did you go with? @ Ho. Well. Before I which animals 1 Where did you qo far your holiday? I went on holiday to Kenya with Jeff. eg Everybody is happy.. 2 9r9tr!9dl 99r9b99r l9b9gr \ A Does anybody want to come for a r*9f 's A B About 2a. A I have a few questions about last night... tWhar did vou do laeL niqht? B I went out.2 in bed at five in A I took a taxi.. Jeff thought the holiday was fantastic We got home on Sunday. s. I'm afraid there's u_ you can do about it now. DI JS .

can we i television to see the 3 Marconi.^.. shop/work check emails collect money compact disc computer game/program married to microwave oven mobile phone move nobody Label the pictures with compound nouns from the Word list. w .. idei' anything area ilt at the age of basic education bicycte imagination Internet search engine invent inventor lacKel birth date birthplace blue jeans calculating machine celebrity central heaiing change the world charlty events/ organisation/projectl 1 My brother's gol a cool job: he cleeiqne sporls cars.but I ciidn't \\anl lo l. the 2 The football's on . nothing peace 1 liAhr 2'! bulb & concefs cool decide design UIU (v) plastic bag poet po0r p0p.^ ffi titm p"it 0o? mustc 5E . i_ s_ t- d- join laptop computer light bulb make a difference make posters man every d_ money to c_ month.musrc preorcr pnze rarse money dweloping countries digital camera drnrng r00m 0rsc0very record (v) refugees relative donate DVD player empty everybody everWhino exciied factfile famine famous for fashion show fitm star fire flvinq machine genrus retire ilcn sc0re sell tickets separate sick somebody something cnnrtc avanle starving telephone terrific treat go on a charity walk go online good fun OUCSS turn 0n unusual duv washing machine Well donel well-known wheel Ia'ppen have a big influence on heat win W Make four compound nouns with words from the box.f'ruritv ^1. antl ttolrr 5 I had an accident on my bI have to buy a new w_ 6 I wantecl to be a p. the of radio.dr """"i iutliion -. -lltrvv ^+-* -t.-^.e p_ 4I .WORD LIST actress agency anybody VOGABUTARY home cinema hunqrv I Complete each sentence with two words from the Word list.. in 1937.

1 something to wear WRITING &. a\so and at the sa..&.t. goes to live in the USA becomes a US citizen developing world help LINICEF in a project send children school.tttttt:J . 192'l 1933 1940 1955 - dies in his sleep 59 . Verbs are all in the past. At the same time he wrote the SpecialTheory of Belativity...n I6tv-tY33 Early Life Albed Einstein was born in Germany on i 4 March 1879.ieane 2 something to make your house warm something to take pictures wrth 4 somewhere to eat in a house 5 something to help you conununicate 6 somewhere to put your shopping 7 something to clean your clothes of the person as the heading. Look at the structure Use the name of the biography. Albert finstein Use adverbs Ilke Later.'. b. He finished it in 1905.l The USA ::: :. i. bl. 1 the opposlte of wat" 2 the opposite of poor 3 a word which is similar to zll 4 a word which is simrlar to h.rt. & 0ermany Divide the text into logical paragraphs and dirro pqnh nno a heading. l"iyusir Dates can go at FIIIIII-II the beginning or end of a sentence. In the same year he also became a Swiss citizen. the same year.ungry 5 a word which is similar tofamous 6 the opposite of lose In 1896 he started a teaching degree in Zurich... He worked at the Swiss Patents 0ffice.me t'ime to nrdrniaA tha text. 1914 and it donated the money she made the UN Refusee Agency.tl. They're in alphabetical order.iltt. writes the GeneralTheory of Relativity (finishes it in 1916) gets the Nobel Prize becomes a professor at Princeton i.J". ffi Switzerland Find these words in the Word list.:'s:. q The word fo is missing from five places in this text. Shakira also visited countries in the - becomes a professor at the University of Berlin goes to live in Germany also becomes a German crtizen again at the same time. . Later the family moved to ltaly. ta Angelina Jolie wentldifferent countries and talked refugees..l'. jdil. They're in alphabetical order. : Complete the text with words from the box.-e . t.lll .i. She wrote a book about Use the information in the time line to complete the shorl biography of Albert Einstein in Exercise 1.:t. Find adjective/noun compounds in the Word list to match these meanings. Correct the text. Switzerland. He finished it in 1901 .

it €3ruKwffi ?*ffi VOGABULARY AND GRAMMAR ua Wrile the correct school subject each question. there's you go to see who it is? I can do to 4 I'm sorry but there's help you.v you. here. 11 Put your dirty jeans into the waslzzng I clothes machine.L Circle the correct words. (6 points) COULDN'T 0f the verbs from the box. 11r. is here so I can start. B We gol I took an trnglish test yesterday." ry'. (5 points) degree I certzficctte in Geography.s I messages to my friends every day. next to (5 points) Write questions in the Past 1 \lrhy Simple. 10 I send tertrteu. Do not change the meaning of the original rl. WASN'T cold in here. I loved IT bttt play any Music.ving and painting? Art 2 learn about the past? 3 use numbers? gel your first bike 3 Where 4 you I you I spend / your last holiday 4 read books and plays? 5 play sports? 6 sludy Chemistrl.as confident when I was youIlg. 7 My dad has to take a certi.v iast weekend Rewrite the sentences. SHY 4 There rvas nobod. 2 OK.v at the party.ise money to charity? 6 I got a good grclcle I cotu'se for mv homework. pronouns. '1 (4 points) l've got eomethinq in my bag to shor..ftco. Can 3 Jacky. POOR PASS 2 I failed my 3 I u. ago.' / can / use a computer / u'hen I you be / ten / do / last night I 5 What / your best friend !.SELF. _ at the door. exam.te I cou'rse for his work. 9 Is the central hect. so Complete the sentences with the correct When I r wae at school my favourite subjecls iT and Languages.ASSESSMENT TEST 4I . 3 What's rnrong? I1:cLssed lJa'iLed my exams. We{r lessons a lot during the rveek but we 'on Saturday or Sunday. 60 . Use the words in capital letters.ttng I ouen on? It's very 1 They u-eren't rrch five years They were ?oor five yeare aQo. 5 Do you ever do'nute / ro. Complete the text with the correct forms 5 I didn't want anything to eat NOTHING I didn't know how to play the piano when I was five. 1 What (5 points) 6 \Vhy I you I not come / to the parly / time do you have English .i. It was velJr easy..f 1!. a91izj . T insl rumenls and uto a school ln London.. / you l (5 points) I you I miss school / yesterday Why did -vot miea echool yeeterda-v? 2 How o1d / you / be / when In which subject do you 1 do drar. 5 I don't know _ t. 4 I want to get a university sentences. I nI'_ lwas bad at singing. Physics and Biology.egrees t@t*@t 2 I rvant to end I Leaue university and become a musician.

the world.::.. He put a camera in a *. at the University of Texas. she gave it the (6 points) same name.?* in his house and pressed i ce e n o re N i e p ce 1U -y?" A B picture Yr:: .:o. ffi a Eight hours later he b Now.vanted to eat but he didn't want to stop Who remembers a a special present? b a change in the home? C a lesson? d something that often happened? e a new family? I n I tr T T playing.He was a rich man and he asked his cook to make something he could eat with his hands. (B points) box. Oh dear. I:y y* rgs 9ql? Tt*ryf_ The Earl of Sandwich loved playing cards.ry he didn. Yes. 2_ No-one knows but he did give the food his narne. f Today." ia"" for mobile 1946 '' 1"t9"1-T^-verv rrrvs".2 I forgot to send a letter and my dad's angry I A A B A .'ruO" *.t_2s. rouna a-w)ly.i t". This kind of food became very popular but did he invent it? READING SKILLS & COMMUNIGATION Complete the conversations with the words and phrases from the (6 points) Complete the texts with the sentences (a-i). A sandwich..t inthe leeos' phones I ^l Ruth Halden made the first Barbie Doll in 1959. Barbara.i b:":t" iiittl''ilJile 6.i721r:. There is one extra sentence.. e They thought it was a great idea.7 n n Greatl I got a summer job That's brilliant! i' the first person to take a ._=The lhe I met a beautiful girl at the dlsco last night.."1..LISTENING SKILLS fi.oPl" ff. to make the photos it"y n_ s. She made the first Ken doll in 1*)1. One day he felt hungry. 61 .i"'**illffiI tire second the I tade tne rlr5r Arnericans and . I'm so sorry. ?_The first time anyone saw the doll was at the American Toy Fair in New York.h" *atierr iou ioor. wh. h This was very important for taxi drivers and f friendly help? g a sad parent? r I i police officers. c When she made a boy doll. 8_ Ruth also had a son called Ken. rluppvi Well done! Don't worry. He told the cook to put some meat between two pieces of bread. over 1.?!j!"s!"fh. g She called the doll afler her daughter.5 billion got a photo.There is one extra memory.. :. d He r. my dog died. A B A A B tW\ar'o up? You look sad.i. Match the speakers (1-6) to the memories (a-g). t. people use them all over Listen to six people talking about childhood memories.:'#*:5rf.7$S or"!u"" came in PnonJt tirst some Pe. How fantastic! Good for you! Yes. we can still see one that he took in 1927..

'*. '_ o_ (yes / you). 1.. _.. gruu and r s.r.y t\.ctc-1.!.."If \.t lLt L. .T. are ('re) working am not ('m not) working are not ('re not) working.ft. I am ('m) working.s| 'ffi* . c\r:. Complete the conversation. takc -+ takinn come --+ caning No we/you/they aren't. A I can hear voices. * i I w'M'#Ye46w:|4|ffi!4y""dff3tsar'&ffe:€tqi4 . is not ('s not) working l|lf- questions What are you doing? Why are you doing that? Where are you going? Who are you talking to? Yes/No questions Shoft answers The spelling rules are: nmlt rWe Arp \inr I ".. walk --+ walking .r \oe qat Sirbh&rt |-ur'.:' :.pori 11ivre'\ a. 2 enjoy 3 have 9 swim 10 11 12 13 14 havp v'-J nlav read sit swim rt'rilc take 4 play 5 read talk i. For verbs ending consonant-vowel-consonant. r '. I 6 sit 7 stay 'n rvork write I r'm writina t.i'.vatch fpl erriqi nn ) Ne .'fhe 'r ".1-a-rlu..h..i..":iu lf"u i15. we/you/they are .{-+l--rD c^dl rvtd --. c(eltL 1.. drop the -e and add -ing: : urnrkinn? Yes.rtc rr. twr4 irt th€. It Lt r L. thov : r For most verbs.L evaor.< 3|t."-. is (s)working. double the last consonant and add -ing..Le :>orrc7.hrrd. t . get-+ getting When the final consonant is -y..vatch ... t. ls ihe . For verbs ending with silent -e. A Clara? B \Vhat.. do not double iL pay --+ paying.e l\'us \.'-' 62 .Ll'lvtr. 6. I f-:li :l l'.- | ii:t ut ..r.j l1F ::::".Lcrre *"*]\) Sl.. lrovw 'l Loriu..n rlt Write the -rng forms of the verbs.:1^.. a. 1 ?l do doinq B study Complete the postcard and the letter.wct''. mum? A rWhaL are you doinT? (what / you do?) (I / studv) for B '^---t. add -ing: go --. scon-.. -""'------. | /4.: F'ollowing fashion GRAMMAR Present Gontinuous The Present Continuous shows that an action is in progress n0w. f t'S aj. put + puttinQ. . (you / nol study) (you / r.i t q/ .ff ?. she Sa!--+ 52ri.c.ffi':i'" '. V')e're w.\ Lwe B A (you i watch television?) (no / i / not).--I a Uttl- f 2 tJ\L i cV'iol-re-n- i.[r. Use the Present Continuous form of the verbs in the boxes. . gling. utL>t ilt . eg I : .

6 She's studying Italian.r:iLq.. tr I : !_J 1 2 DayLon. 3 She visited a design studio. Judy Where is she from? What is she studying? Where is she studying? Eileen 1 She thinks Italians are passionate. 6) L 2 3 4 5 6 1 Judy thinks Italians are unJriendlr-. e ffi Read parl of a website about studying abroad and complete the table.-.30 in the r. Write J for Judy or E for Eileen.1 Eileen thinks Rome is a smail ci:-.. Judy is bored n'ith Life in Iral-. 7 She's studying with people from all over the world. Eileen's classes are all in the afiel'r'.r. Judy's classes start at 9. : 63 .a. B She's taking extra classes in the evenilg. .READING Read the website again. Tick true and cross false. 2 Her classes are in English.. Ohio 4 5 3 6 4 Her molher's lamily are lrom llaly. Eileen likes Rome._. 5 She's studying in Italian..

(you So. 2 We stay / We're stctgi. please.This is because they do not usually describe actions.ng a sandwich. He's from Spain (he / stay) with us this B Conversation B Time adverbs help to show the meaning: I eat in a restaurant every day.ng to school. Simple Continuous c B At ELIC.ke.4onday I read I I'm readi ng all the time. love. a situation that is temporary. We use the Present Continuous to talk about: ffi Circle the correct alternatives. an action that is in progress 'around' now. Tell her we met. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday il)L//. Hello Luis. Hel1o.the course is not finished. eg My brother is studying at university. 3 o an action that is in progress at the moment of speaking. Some verbs are not often used in the continuous. but my exams are next month the I do my Maths homework every Tuesday. I'm eating at home today. This month he's on holiday and he trauels he's trauelli.ng a book about China. (you / know) Kate 1 every day 2 today 3 usually n 4 sometimes 5 at the moment 6 normally 7 this week B right now 9 all the time 10 never tr tr T T T T T T T T Y tr T I tr T c B n l T Amazing. What about Jasmine? (she / watch) the TV. .Slcr/ 4 Normally so I don't studu I I'm not stttdying at weekend.9 Goodman? She's my teacher. A Fiona.= \\eeK 1 tAKc /ll m lCJKtt'lgltne traln.) Hello? Hi Susie. (you / study)? (r / know) somebody at Which time adverbs do you use with the Present Simple 0r Present Continuous? Tick the boxes. want. this is Luis. but normally I haue / I'm haui. but the'e havinq (he / have) a shower. need.ng in the Wolvercote Arms Hotel this week.c/(:h @ H.r3 English in the company. At the moment I read I I'm readi. Pleased to meet you. I study I I'm studyzng alot right now. an Amencan company. hate. Conversation A I can't come out - I'm doing my Maths homework. (= He is somewhere in the middle of the course . (you / learn) English for 812 your job? (everybody / speak) C Yes. but there's a problem with my bicycle so thts :-------\ .8 ELIC. Is Benny there? Yes. eg I'm studying in Rome at the moment.ng a big lunch. what t c B / do) in Britarn? c B 6 Really. Where ? (I i sludy) English. 1 lJsuaIly. know.ng in a bank. month.3cs Friday t.ng around the USA. eg I'n doing my Maths homework. eg .wacdl I'm cycli. eg I work for a German bank. A B A B o . oh. 64 . I ffi Complete the conversations with the Present Continuous or the Present Simple. And where (you / live) in Spain? 11 (I / work) for C In Madrrd. believe.. but normally ue staA I u:e're staging tn LLre Randolph when we're in Oxford. 6 My brother tuorks I is worki. HON/FWORK l\.GRAMMAR Present Simple and Present Continuous We use the Present Simple to talk about permanent routines and situations .r. A2 :l (you / want) to talk to her? B Yes. 5 Today I haue I I'm haui.

Lynn White speaking. y€s. Can I help you? Yes. Andrew is going to a meeting in 0xford..Lrcy-et eosts. 3 There's one at 6a.L_ How can I help? How much is a return ticket? Shall I give you the address of our website? That's correct. sir. Do you know the hotel? No.30. Snrrrr 5 Yes. B D Thank you. Don't mention it. please . Can you give me some information about CX{C?D . 9 8 B D One moment.3 .2 . Complete the conversations with sentences from the box.SPEAKING &. train arrive in Oxford? A B ucwL tN cosL Vor C({CRD 6 nt(nL L A B Hello. Hi Lynn. Good. It's www.D r.1'NA 'N r trains to Oxford on Monday morning? Could you tell me the price? e+++eneay+ rD -r A 4'^t za (A1 N (u Cxtc?. 2 the time / you 2 Did I half past eleven? I say I you C B c B Hello./^ Did you say quarter past ten? Do you have a double room on Monday night? le1ttgs. What can I do for you? rCould you Lell me the Nime of the meeLinT Monday? ffi on Put the words in the correct order to make questions. 4 about / Can / give / some information I me trains to London? / you I c B It arrives at quarter past ten.. Thank you. Could I make a resetvation? 6 a single room / Do lhave I on I T[esday night? / you Wolvercote Arms Hotel. that's right. Goodbye..tneetwry >t&rts &L MLL. %. Can / give / me I the address I of I you your website? I It has photos and directions.m. 1 Could I me lthe meetins? I of I tell I A B A B Eleven o'clock.00..m.. 7 5 a return ticket? / How much / is c B D OK right. 6 4 arrive? / does / it / What time c B c B A return costs S75. Hi Andrew. three telephone calls to ask for information. What time does the 6a. He makes Look at the conversations in Exercise 1 again and note the information.m. OK. So the train's at 6a. Eleven o'clock. See you on Monday. I don't. it arrives at quarter past ten and it's S75. . we do 7 Could I me ltell / the nrice? / vou B D B D It's 5120.a-YYwLS rw axlord-. It's Andrew.. See you on Monday.wolvercotearmshotel 65 . Network South West. and one at 10.

lull-tlme gailery geVbe liored wrth get/be interested in glamorous Greek gym try on t-sntn unusual use you imagination watch watercolours wear work hard de pick pur (x 2) ake 1x 2. 1 I have to go on a diet .r'ere mine and I 7 I hate this shirt and I can't it back to the shop because I lost the receipt.. 3 It's raining your coat off.u'hy it ar.. rrlern up uy -i^+-l-- Why don'l you _ it on? 66 .^^i6^'"t/^^^ UJD ttvut lli tu ut Portuguese put down put on receipt receptionist rlng shirt (v) 7_/e\ V F5/ ls-r\ 11 t7t= tH_i | sales assistant shorts skrrt steal store successful kg sull sunglasses sweater take back take off technique tennis match -w 13_@ 15 throw lry trousers.@il 5.I can't lo nat .. +1.& ( r Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in the box.4 L--/ oil paint part-time pattern photography carrier bag century cerlainly cnanqinq r00m check Chinese clean pick up plan . jacket Japanese Jeans 000ts brochure broken button cancel careiul lauqh l00K ai 1bcci". 6 Are these your sunglasses? I'm sorry.^ l^-. T 2 That skirt is arvful and it's very old thor rsht I hev r.vay? don't you your coat on. 8 This suit is great and it's just your colour.rnrsraKe.^'. g .. 4 It's hot 5I_ my sunglasses down on the table for a moment and somebody stole them.}F look out of (the window) market MIX 3_ 1./LW-t\ &\ <I' l#\ @ ffi W 10 m close ciothes department nlnthoc rtocinn clothes stall clothing coat collect create creative crowded customers cut delayed deposit do a course 00 up draw dress emergency enr0l ^. w '12 il ffi up my ipnnic rannr rot theory INlET 14 fabric fashion designer fashion industry floor fallow throw away trainers trcusers s..WORD IIST ambition answer the phcne appointment DASIC VOGABUTARY ink Labelthe pictures with words from the Word list.

Find three places in the Word list to match these definitions.dnL[ 2 This nlace is in a street market. -Tane & Complete the sentences with the correct form of verbs from the Word List. lqo| 34q & Nationalities: lL wae nice to meet. Find four nationalities and three jobs in the Word List. M\r mobile number ie O9OB 345 234. Sophie. o Nice to nez. 3 I'm sorry but I have to c_ our Vixen concert next Tuesday Want to come? Laila learn to e_ d_. 2 The phone's a_iL? appointment.th something 2 get lbe bored at I i. this nlace.th something Complete the sentences with the correct form of the phrases in Exercise 6. but I think someone is Can somebody f{gwtnqvs. Write the messages in full. 1 Don't look now.n I wi. The ?roiecN looke qreaL. ^A4. I went to three concerts in one week. They're in alphabetical order. Australia fantastic! Having a great time! Got John's email address? Azi cinema! 37 .n / u:i. on an art course and 5 Why are you w People are I that stupid hat? at you. WRITING K" 1 This place is in a g}rrn or in the clothes denartment of a store.L tt6ot* {y. 1 get lbe interested at I i. SorrV/ C6rt'1 eome Jobs: 1o lokr parq Han c//. I African music.Let's go to the 3I 2 When I went to Johannesburg last year. You can see paintings or photographs in ko6e*L looLs ryrettL.th something 3 look at I in I wi. 1 Come and join us - we some old photos. Mr6'vwobrle. studying . 4 I want to r_. you on Friday. Circle the correct prepositions.

.!@.. double the final consonant ^ the 2I 3 they ^l ^. 3 lnegular adjectives: gaad. It's hers. 3'. 1 fast faeLer 2 slow We use comparative adjectives to cornpare one thing to another. change the yto i and add -er paev --+ pzclpr vuat wu9tvt 4 Write comparative sentences..:4rni :- - *1.:$entqncn:. Remember to use a possessive pronoun..9. . ii 1. bad th?. is fuster than the other one. .. 4 she adjectives 2 Two.Tlj'is. This computer '.:. 7 your computer printer lbad I her computer printer her watch / good / my watch video game / exciting / her video game It's his.{A .. more expensive.:mw..r.fi . It's ours.and firee-syllable 5we 6 you .. add -n nice .1. but it's 3 slim 4 attractive 5 ugly iiii"ii:iirtt.$"-. : *l*l*.*:.. 2your computer / slow / my computer 1 3 4 man . i flilwatcn my computer / fast / your computer..kh. That's her house.##f... That's his house......stuff dot com GRAMMAR & Write the comparative forms.7h{s. fast--+ faster With one-syllable adjectives ending with silent -e. is bad but the other one s worse '. That's our house. M\t com?uter ie faster Lhan youre. 6 our mobile phones / small / their mobile phones It's mine..{ ^^ big "+ 61ggu. 4 5 their TV / attractive / our TV her MP3 player / ugly /your MP3 player nfhpr nnp Possessive pronouns Possessive adjective That's my house...otft*r''. : 1*.h..'. 8 9 my 10 your ring tone / nice / my ring tone 68 ..p:tayAif.::f fi''tfrer. I One-syl lable adjectives We usually add -erto the a$ective: 6 smail 7 bad B good 9 exciting 10 nice Complete the crossword puzzle with possessive pronouns.+ nicer With one-syllable adjectives that finish consonantvowel-consonant..fgoks..p.. That's their house. That's your house.*:.MP. expensive --+ more expensive With two two-syllable adjectives ending consonant then -y.. It's theirs. It's yours..iE.V8...' * * my digital camera / slim / his digital camera . eg nsrcr than the other one.b1'.:.*tii. o We usually use mlre before the adjective: modern more modern.

1m Roger O? The Noaan 26.EsrGl_ bird in the world.. --..1:.0 o rrom.Kd?.*. r..r:4fr"4q.p.l2r.jidS (.fft"Ltand antmat.. Howler fionkeys are r rrom rve rn the wor/d.0.GRAMMAR Superlative adjectives Write superlative questions about the camera phones. . it carri".l. 1 -er I -est We change the -er in the comparative to -esf and add the before the adjective: the fastest fast + faster (than1 nicer (than) --+ the nicest nice big . May ffies have s they iive tor aboul br* has an averagu .{Ji4\:es4tf 'a .. faateat 3light 4long 5 shorl 6 big 7 dangerous B small 9 noisy 10 slow il ..." mala.. it Can grgw up rne reticulated python is . .'. Then look at the afticle and answer the questions.* to-.&.Jii"' __ ._ rho The ostrich is 6 ^^+.^..g"..ill.. bigger (than)' the biggest easy easier (than)--+ the easiest 4 cheap 5 lnno hoftorrr lifo aIL vcrLLaJ v avrl6 '- -- 4 the lonqeet baLler:t life? \/otex 43. Popular camera phones Q5 40 grams 80 grams weight price (no contract) $2g5 $eS 400 hours 350 hours battery life Motex A3 Sasm ilosan 95 ZG .Worid.lJ'#..li!{reqf.-__.!trnqw:.l "' lives of any inse c: 69 ..v. i!:'i.y Harry Which ie Lhe heavieeL? ? Lucien 1m 85 Harry is tatl....l. up kir..--.4. .!nln*. tnUfnb oneloui "Tb'*..if.l.c metres /ong tol-and weigh up to land anrmals animar rn the world.:::tlr.li gffims $SO 1OO hours ..1f .l. i' camera quality : *** **** * &. Lucien is taller than Harry..gztl/e@""'a!|t..n.--." *i.J.. 'a Wrile the superlative forms. i**+ h". 1m 9B Roger is the 2 light 3 expensive tallest..|."y io"g "oitv short slow small r04 tne cheetah is 1ru.. +^. -. rift"'t-'"'" {'.'. : ryas was smaller tiran ......'flHmem ln.'"' nrne metres /ong ru: : --.illJ^ff ..qr yuur .pruO of O ile stegosaurus had e the dinoiaurs: Drair tne an-rr **=-..0...^.ora ^ ".o".e"&ir9g. . t can run ar snake I l0 tonnes.ti' " ca N t hear. ihenr un. 6 short battery life Which hae qot TAe 2 more modern ) I the most mlre modern (than) > the most modern expensive --+ mlre expensive the most expensive (than)- 7 good camera B ? bad camera 3 lrregular adjectives good bad u ---+ better (than) '+ the best worse (than) '+ the worst Complete the sentences with the superlative form of the adjectives in the box.1u. animai in ths . 1 fast 2 heary Lhe biA d.H:[::Hm'*'" IonO:.4a*opiq4..

1: '. Write K for Kawa Mark ll. it'r.000 a bottle. X seco. 4 the world's most expensive hotel.0 100 kplt. 1 Which is the most expensive? starl? 1955 1 ii 2 Which is the cheapest? 3 Which is the fastest? 4 Which is the siowest? 5 Which has the best accelerationx? 6 Which has the worst acceleration? *acce\ero"tict.LISTENING READING ut.selling book of the year. 6 the world's most popular sports team.000 in the wor1d. h There are now more than 4. c sports cars f It opened g b He rode at 268.n fl E E E [] { 2 How many versions are there'? 3 What did Matthew McGrorv weish? . Tick true and cross false. B the world's most successful sports team. Match the sentences with the gaps in the article.cls tl DB Compact When did Chateau d'Yquem produce the world's most expensive wine? 5 When did Hoshi Ryokan open? i& Listen again and complete the table. 3 the world's heaviest man. It was the best. in 712 AD. lo I I il l for for lr nf fhp thrpp the Maxim 601. 2 the world's fastest motorcycle ride. Kawa Mark ll Maxim 601 6 Where is Bonneville Salt flats? pnce Where dld Don and Doris Fishel open their (r) rop spee0 (kph) first shop? How much weight did John Brower Minnoch lose? acceleration (0-1 00 kph sec0n0s) / 9 What is the value of Manchester United? . 10 the world's tallest man. tr tr tr tr tr a mobile phones The article tells you about: 1 the world's biggest feet. W Read the article.8 kph c He weighed more than 635 kg d His shoes were European size 63.& Listen again and complete the text. Thev ranpe in nrir-c from the DB Compact. 0 About 50 million people support them.nness Book oJ Records 9 WfJffi Listen and answer the questions. d cameras Answer the questions. M for Maxim 601 and DB for DB Compact. What is il about? Circle the correct answer. '3 ffi Listen to parl of a radio programme. 7 the world's most successful clothes shop. 70 . 9 the world's oldest hotel.n. 5 the world's most expensive wine. 1 What year did the Gui. € It costs up to $64. The Kawa is the Maxim but at the difference is small. 2 car in the group. b computers T T I T T tr T I T n %.

Shop assistant 6- a Eight o'clock. 2 How deep is it? 3 o The most wne rn the world is Chateau expensrve d'Yquem Holt much is it? (1. =: .r. B T tr tr T T tr a the world's richest footbaLL team with a vaLue of more than $L. the heaviest. Unilec. r q There are now versions in 37 different [anguages in 100 different countries. I think I want to see it. 6 What make is it? 5- at Put the conversation in the correct order. 100 bedrooms.29 m tatl and weighed 280 kg. about the TV and answer World Records js a fascinating cotlection cf superlatives: the fastest. the biggest. He then lost 419 kg when he entered hospital in 16 months * the biggest weight loss ever. it is.-lc' you close today? k Great.. h Yes. the stowest.. He was aLso 2.-ou Ltefi . = = il I .q11p. Hello.'-. The first shop was tiny.qy571na7l1il . 1973-2005) had the biggest feet in the wortd.. the most dangerous .5 biLl. Can I heip you? d It rveighs 43 kg. f Just a moment. Thev are also Manchester United Footbal C[ub.q"q. :_ ". l T i j Hello.hean-.3- 4 How u. \\'hat '-1. The started in Great Britain as The Guinness Book of from Guinness Wortd Records: o Matthew McGrory (usA. San Francisco. Here are a few amazing facts Records. r In o- and it now has 5 What does it \.787). e ll's normally S799 but we're selling il for 5499.: eight. Don and Dorjs Fjsher opened the first Gap in 1969 in .'ide rs it? ... Bonneville Sa[t Ftats in Utah in the USA. r The most popular sports team in the wortd 'is . ihe smattest. The world's most successfut clothes shop is Gap. Hou r'a.1yg. g We've got a special offer this week on Sasco 90 cm flat screen TV. r i m That's a good price. GUINNESS WORLD REC0RDS It first edition came out in L955. o That's r. The wor[d's otdest hotel is the Hoshj Ryokan in Japan. What tirrie . but it's a very good model.'ergh? 1995. I want to buy a flat screet-L T\-. n That's very big. It's 104 cm by 17 cm by 63 cm. Thank you..ion. Customer . 1 How high is it? It'a 63 crn hiqh. Fred Rompetberg of the Netherlands broke the world speed record for motorcycles.vor[d's heaviest man. '-'' . b Goodbye.7 j1qfi Ty. I Sasco's a good make. 7- c in 1978. Goodbye. John Brower Minnoch (USA.t11'1g:. Hou-i .er\. See ). 1941-83) was the .G ui n ness SPEAKING 9" Look at the information the questions. .

2 I bought a new p_ to r_ the old one but I couldn't c_ it to my computer. .WORD tl$r .ownloaded a s_ gadgets always a_ mv attention. Slim. 5 I'm a_ to new technology.lj*' download (v/n) easy to use 4 buying things sin$e SfiM . 3 I saw an amazing programme on C_ 5 last night .tr.r'.offer:.. . VOGABULARY W Complete the compound nouns with words from the box. 'l .. l. exBensive (n) . . 1 I d. 1 cheap 2 difficult to use 3 inconvenient 4 inefficient 5 Jight 6 modern 7 polite 8 safe PUnPn6t\/P -_Y-+% 9 small 10 useless Complete the sentences with the correct form of words from the Word list. '.. :tr'.. wasto of time weigh (v) r dfrom the Internet that had all the I needed. 4 A b_ fell off my old t_ p_ so I u_ to an MP3 player.I wanted to r_ it but I didn't have any blank v_ tapes.sfleeiat. founder gadget st$f' taka off 'S]. 1 2 _ _ _ 6_ 7_ 8_ I_ 10 _ 3 4 5 meeeaqe board camera _ centre control game message offer player record tone ffi Which of the words in Exercise 1 are connected with: 1 mobile phones Lext meaeaAe 2 the Internet 3TV $1ff?13T. 5 music 6 photographs Find the opposites of these adjectives in the Word list.

Action: Sav lr._ 5 6 7 the 'print'icon to l the document the disc of the computer and it _ the box. I'm learning n rrrito nrn drr m a 3 An advertisement for a disposable camera OK. to organise information. and it's 1 Trying to get him to be tidy is a waste very light. What's the price? s90.375 Contact Julie on I uu 51 dlr rJ 4 What's the €1. I'm selling my 7 - Complete the sentences wilh about.$@* Attract people's attention. WRITING ti" Look at the structure sections. 1 Heading: of this notice. m@ K. me a good luck message a dlfferent obsessed film star every week. What's your number? 03497 921 872. with or (no preposition). It's about 10 cm long. Ali Ati Tom Ati Tom Ati Tom Ati Tom Ati Tom Tom I'm nriting Hi Tom. atlracted 4 She texled before my exam. a. _ Complete the instructions with phrasal verbs from the Word list. 2I'm f crazy computers..gr&tx ffiffi.20. time. I want an MP3 player. Lost .nd. For SaIe. 6 He showed us hor'v easy it was the pocket PC. It's good. You use one phrasal verb twice. I is it? 09879 827 878 I 5 What It's a Trekker. Stralocaster oRed I o Five vears old I lo Excellent condition. MP3 player. 2 Details: Bulleted Iists make it easy 3 . Read the conversation and write Tom's notice. 'I lcm ELECTRIC GUITAR w@@ 5cm 1 How lonq is lt? 11 cm. 2 How _ 5 cm. F... lt has three . What make is it? Il's a Sasco 20.:. the computer fi. to. What are you doing? a notice. f. Complete the questions with words from the Word list. of. 5 My sister is my altention. S90? I'm not sure. Horv big is it? Very small. W w w. lTurn the computer on and 2 the disc the CD drive. Well you can phone me if you want it. Watzted..@ ffiW: W wffi. _ use rffi .hat you \{ant people to do. 3 What does It r is it? | .

g.nload all my music from the Internet. Everybody looks the same. We didn't have time to try them n.n 1. I remember when we bought our children's uniforms. 3 Where (Becky/work) today? (your friends/go) on Saturday nights? 4I ffi Complete the ad with the correct forms of the adjectives in - brackets. (your sister/study) at university on Fridays? 9 Muml Come herel John (not do) his homework. (6 points) You can see the first letter of each word.in the shop. It's really hol so a T-shirt is enough 4 What are these socks doing on the floor? them _ . I dov. I'm tryine (try) to make a website. don't I want to read il.+ 1a ke +il+++ nrinl lhrow do plcK 1a of @ftran 2a ours b your cto c yours c the biggest c new c the more i" ("?) i1. He aiways (play) tennis on Wednesdays 7 We can't go to this club."v 1 3abigger . 5 The sun is very strong today. it's me. I can't this skirt. 2 You can't wear a shirt without a t at work? 3 A Do you have to wear a s 1 That's a nice B No. b or c. 7 Could you please check this homework for it and put it on the me? I table in the kitchen. Put on some smarter t Complete the sentences. (new) and u_ (good) Mason's Clothes . please. Mike. coal . 5 I think I'm fatter than last year. We had to t_ the skirt back and change it for a e_ one. my son was happy with his unjJorm but my daughter didn't like 7.can you find a '/shop than this? 74 . Use a verb and a preposition from the two boxes to make phrasal verbs in the correct form. 'My father's stronger than 2_ ' they say or 'I've got 3_ house'. Our prices are 3(good) (cheap) than any other shops and our shop assistants are' lfriendly. please. an1'thing 3 You don't have to warm today.VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR &. When students have to wear a just a jacket and jeans are fine. they can't laugh at people who haven't got the a_ trainers or 5_ fashionable shirt. 1 At the moment. (4 points) Complete the sentences with names of clothes.. Come and see (hot) fashions in Britain. Take your with you.l than anywhere else.1 ei1 . the headphones and listen to me for a while. Young children often have arguments to try to show that they are better t_ their friends.at a1l. 6 You can't wear jeans. One of the reasons for having school uniforms is to stop this problem with clothes. 4 lt's very cold today. (6 points) ^.. We (wear) jeans. You can't go outside wrthout a warm s_. What (youldo) at the moment? 6 Steve can't go swimming with us. bbiggest 4anewest bnewer 5 a more b the most 6a in b up 7a hers b her b take Ba put 9a longer b longest con c his C turn c the longest Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in the Present Simple or (B points) the Present Continuous. 5 Hi John. Read the text and circle the correct answers: a. (6 points) (not buy) CDs.7) this magazine I r. When we got home. uniform. Now you have to find some nice bto go with it.urned on the TV to watch lhe match 2 Please. MASON's CTOTHES WHERE SHOPPIN6 l5 l eaaier (easy) THAN ABCI Buy your clothes herel We have ':clothes in town.

th. SA Well. Some can play DVDs. T r T I I 3 What does the writer say about The Producers? a lt's about a man called Zero Mostel. tather is dying and he tries to killit's very gri nu. b or c. 5 n READING SKITLS & Read the website and circle the correct answers:a. (5 points) Brassed O. 2 1 This week's show is about young people in the past. . 5 Joel's got one suit.he is Bgrsman il tor. got a happy ending and sometimes 't funny funnier than most comedles' c Right. - -ID .". we've got a lot of computers here. funniest r""G 6"n" Wilder and they have this great idea to become rich. GOMMUNICATION 6 F Best film \s Casablanca I know it's =or me.i also know how it will finish and the main actors O"g. c sorry. the best film ever is . Thanks very much.razrgl f thitil ih. b He likes everl'thing about it. IL's SA important for playing games. 'W. Good morning Assistant How I can ! hel? ? C I'm looking for a computer. C Mmm. c What do you i faster? The computer works more quickly. bui I love /ndependence Day' tts tnat itS a typicil summer film and the from the very uOt*riJ V"r.it.. The lines show how many words you need to use."1"g. 9 Mr Jessup agrees that some T-shirts and trainers are stylish. T T c It's the worst play in the world. b Its main heroes want to be rich. Brighton. one film that always f Oo-tit t"affy watch sad films but film is Brassed Off lt's not the saddest ruk". We1l. Tick true and cross false. c Because of one of the actors. b You can win a prize. It tells c Thank you.n uni technology is much better now but nobody Complete the questions. lt's great and the main actor' part is at the start when he . c is the saddest film he knows. Have you got a piece of paper? c Yes. SA 38 Station Road. c give you our brochure? SA uyou all about the different computers.y. b is sad all the timr. Customer (6 points) lt's his best .TISTENING SKILLS 1 What does the website say? 'g W Listen to the radio show about young people's clothes. I'm not sure.. 4 Joel is wearing a school uniform. is uotri t*o men who are trying to find the worst Zero Mostel' is tf-t" *"ifO. Can you give me 2 about laptops? SA Of course. some have a bigger memory and are faster.t play in fou" wft-cf..500. c He agrees people can think that it is stupid. 7 Joel thinks that clothes with character have to be expensive...nunti. c You can win tickets to the cinema. 6 Joel's clothes tell us something about him. They cost from 5400 to 51. totat t:}s. 4 What does he say about Independence Dag? a It's a true story. c Could t_ what _ the differences are? SA We1l. as in the past. you think (and she thinks) and her husband to escape.i. wrren rre . One man hasn't his wife and children unJ'nu loses his home and then himself' fui" r-. trt the special effects story is somettmes ly9 the alien and ui""tuntaiiic.i. t38 or 48? Shop SA F Saddest fitm 38. that he is going with her " Brilliantl F Funniest film f and it is very difficult to 3V a story "ot"Oies I think it is The Producers lt's tnl t. iii. I love it when Will Smith hits Some ..rt[r't"v Bosarl helps Insrid film . 3 Suits were popular with young people T \\'lry did the wryiter choose Casab\anca his best film? a Because he loves the technology in it.fJ o hasn't got a sad ending. t"'cry a group of musicians' Ori ii't tn" best sad film lt's about got any money iney aff lose their iobs. b Because it's an old film.le to Earth' and many other scenes way it is' o"tpl" *V it's the most stupid film ln some but I love it anYWaY. And all the rest is just well' wonn # Most exciting film t i<now rt's crazy. 2 The listeners can give thelr opinions. (9 points) a The competition finishes in June. I can 6 the address if you like. B Joel agrees with Mr Jessup about one thing. Have you got a shop in Leeds? SA Yes.-lnniu..

rr. we/you/they are. I a (stay) in Paris for two days. then I (fly) to Venice.1__-__-**_**-) ------'t^^^^^^^^"-----.. .. btnt. are not ('re not) going to spend August in the USA is ('s) going to spend August in the USA. we/you/they aren't ls i he/she/it : John is going to g0 0n a tour of Europe.. going to spend August in the _.urrrJ o u4J. I2 Madrid. No. rlrr (sail_1 E I. 'rh^n rurrS ^-r. 76 .. AW I 1 SParrt ba-rce'lona Lrnp. going to spend August in the USA.. Complete what he says with the correct form of going to. 2 is / arrive / going / in / Paris? / to / When i he AW dronoo Pn rrs "1 At.o eLarL (start) my tour m (not / visit) Barcelona. Afler Athcns T (finish) my tour in Istanbul.. A-fter Barcelona I 3 (travel) by train to Paris. Affirmative am ('m) going to spend August in the USA WeAou/They He/She/ll are ('re. is not (isn't) going to spend August in the USA Yes/No questions Shoft answers Yes I am : Amll Are I we/you/they . Negative am not ('m not) going to spend August in the USA. ffi Put the words in the correct order to make questions about John's tour. eg l'm going to learn to drive this summer. Lo eee Nhe Saqrada Famllia Cathedral.Mosfy.Time for abreak! GRAMMAR going to We use be + going fo + verb to talk about future plans or intentions.--- USA? Yes. Then look at the plan in Exercise 1 and write the answers.y9 f l Latcr Vonae St Mn-rr's \4t"ure tha AoroPo[s 3 is / go / going / in / Venice? I hre'e*o wrLP'ur Atharts Io lWhere / he f sLa*btt Lhe. (not / stay) there for very I6 4 ls / Athens? / going / in / see / to / What / he 5 is / finish / going / tour? / to / Where / he / his r^^x ..o I1'm QoinQ r.9WaAa {at*ttiu CaLVPArcut LVre Lott'vr e' Mt''seud'tt 1 rs / Barcel ona? ldo / going I tn I to / What / he WhaN ie he aoina Lo do in SarceIona? I'e'e qoino. to Alhens in my uncle's yacht.r^.

taq. Then I'm going to come back to London.:rng to come home to London in . l'm in a band with three other students from Guildhall. I love football.a?:e?rai?. I want to see Vietnam and Thailand. try4?41/'. I Marina has got a job in the European Union. but it's just a :-"rporary contract. B He's going to have a lot of responsibility. Then l'm going to spend three months in Australia. My parents live in Nanjing in China and I really want to see them. Answer the questions.-n. First. 6 She's going to live in Germany. From July to September l m going to wor< in a shoe factory.4Faral t:. We're going to play at a jazz festival in Germany in October.. 1 I n'ant to teach.nurr. Bali .."r.0.9 * Xiuxiu is studying Music and Performance at Guildhall University in London First of all..?.. Then we're going to look for more work t) t:ait4. 7 Tony's going to wolk in a shoe factory..:opean Union. factory? 3 How long is Xiuxiu going to spend in China? I'm golng to go to the USA. About -. Match the sentences to the people.r. I love all sports clav football and basketball and I run. Then I m going to take a . . l'm going to take six months to travel around Asia.. I want to work for the :-. Tick true and cross false. l've got an uncle in Melbourne. a. going to work for the World Bank. The company makes -:rls clothes and eouioment. rhat's cool.:..l: 77 . loward 2 Horv long is Howard going to rvork in the I want to see Asia. I play the piano. One day I want to teach Anthropology in a university and do research. l'm going to go home for two months. but it's hard to get a job. l'm going to work for './hat are they going to do next? -:ny is studying Gomputing and 3usiness at Kent University going to go to Turkey with some =rds for two weeks in August... 1 Hor. 4 He needs money to study. questions. I \'larina is studying Politics :nd Economics at the LSE -ondon School of Economics) going to go to Washington in July.. - Howard is studying Anthropology at Durham University l'm not going to have a holiday. 5 Xiuxiu is going to go home. lt's going to be hard but really need the money to continue my studies.1 people work there.a.:tober and look for a permanent job. 1 Where is Josie studying? aL Suaeex UniveretLv 2 What is Tony studying? 3 Who is studying Politics and Economics? 4 Who is studylng rn Durham? 5 \\-here is Xruxiu sr 3 Howard is going to look for a job.READING Read the afticle again. l'm .7...". k Read the headings in the article and answer the 1 Josie is going to travel around Africa.. l'm going to staft a Master's degree in Anthropology in September.. l'm going to be there 'six months... I'm going to be a professional musician. I want to work in tourism. 10 She's going to travel around the USA.rnth to travel around the USA. dad's company..". But it's going to be a lot of responsibility.v long is Josie going to spend in Asia? eix monLhe r I ! r T T T T E udying? l W& 2 3 4 5 Read the article.t. 4 How long is Tony going to spend in Ttrkey? 5 Horv long is Marina going to spend in the USA? Josie is studying Modern Languages at Sussex University -nis week Student Magazine talks to five ::udents who are graduating this year. '.a!ae3?:/!. 2 She has family in Australia. -^at's going to be great. Then l'm going to come home and look for a job and a place to live. l'm going to be = T Services Manager. Then l'm : rg to stad work.

... 5 We're in the library: we / talk 1 Get a visal You muef. 4 You mustn't I don't haue to eat the food on the plane.:. .:.... u? earl:r.'... 2 Today's my mum's birthday: I / forget to phone her I 3 I want it to be a surprise: you / tell anybody 4 There's plenty of time: we / run Change the imperatives to sentences with must or mustn't.:t'll " fi?usf is similar to have to(Unit 4). 5 Yot mustn't I don't haue to be rude to the flight attendants. should is the same in all persons ll Yo u/ft e/S h e/VVell h ey s h o u t d ta ke re g u Ia r e xe rc i s e.:. You mufin't snrrlkc on the ptane.GRAMMAR r. orii'/j?)ro shows that it is not necessary. Write sentences with mustn't or don't have to.@f'. . (= You can't mustn't forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day. mustn'tis not the same as don't have musln'lshows that something is not permitted.. . 2Youmustn't I don't haue to wear your seat belt all the time. .. 6 I passed all my exams: I / retake any of them You can finish this work tomorrow: 2 Don't forget your passport! 3 Arrive at the airport before ten o'clock! you / do it now 4 Don't be late! 5 Keep your bag with you at all times! 8 These documents are important: you / Iose them 7E ..:r. 3Youmustn't I don't haue to stand up when the plane is taking olf or landing.t fruit and you mustn't smoke. You must see me every six months and you to.. .:.. r::.: % Who says it? b€ss dentist doctor narents boee teacher 1 You mustn't be late and you must work hard.:. .l.'. mustn't and don't have to 4 You must tidy your room and you musln'l stay out late. r mustn'l is the contractron of nust not.. 3 You must do your homework and you mustn't talk in class..l.:.. . 2 You must eat lots of '... Circle the correct alternatives..r. You should buy a good guide book.:. lt shows that it is necessary to do sorhething. We'use shautdtosay something is a good idea. 1 Today's Saturday: I / get up early don't have to qef. You don't have to wear a tie at work.:.:..t'.l.) 1 Yot6nustnAl don't haue to smoke on the planE. AeL a viaa. You shoukln't believe everything people tell you.r. :.. We use shouldn'tto say it is a bad idea. (= You can wear a tie if you want to.- shsuld and shouldn't .

4T never have any money b I've got a week's hoJiday from work and I don't know where to go. 5 You in youth hoslels.rn make a sandwrch put on a jumper +extjns€e.ia 2) sure hink I Jo" I gooa io"" ir 'h""td whal (x 2) What ehould I buy my mum for her birthday? What _ a pair of earrings? 2 A Thal's a good 2 A I'm bored.. A a I don't think so. _ not? 4 A There's no food in the house. you go 1 You ehould keep your money and passport safe at all times by bus around Australia. h Look there's the price I want to go to the party tonight but there's a great film on TV. you could go to Venice.ad 1 My mobile phone calls are very expensive. e That's a good idea. why not? Barcelona could be fun. There's a special offer.b. 5 A What about our holidays? suggest? we do for dinner? If you like Indian food. m Complete the conversations with words from the box. How much is it? f Well. we _ that new restaurant for dinner. 6 You in July and August. that means danger.i .ead.b SPEAKING B. 3 You between midday and fhree o'clock: lhe srrn is loo hot 4 You in the sea if there are red flags on the beach. Complete hotel included. You ehould NexL inef.. it's winter in Australia. What do you B could clean the house. I went to Italy in the sununer.. 7 I want to be healthier. it's cheaper than flying. Well. 3A_ can we do tonight? B_ don't we go to the cinema? A Yes. g If you like art.. 2 I'm hungry. i'i r"i l. ledeo the film and go out go to bed earlier ioin a pr.& Write advice. why don't you slay at home? k Well. why don't you go to Barcelona? I What sort of things do you like doing? - air fare and i r I tr o1 13 the advice with should or shouldn't and lhe verbs in the box. Ben is going to Australia on a backpacking holiday. Use should and the ideas in the box."td"t j. 3 I'm cold."ip c"t u Su. Put the conversation in the correct order. lheS' are good places to meet other backpackers. Yes. d Paris is a bit cold at this time of year. Right. go to do y-ou Why A I'm not B we go to New Zealand? aboul thal . It's very expenslve. 2 You AIdon't_so. what about Paris? j Well. suggesl (x why (x 2) 1A B . B 6 I don't understand these instructions. li's a lorrg rrar 79 . I'm not sure about that. What do you B you've got nothing to do. AThat'sa_idea. I n c Oh. if you don't want to go to Italy. I iike going to art galleries and I r T T tr tr tr 5 i can't stay awake in class like eating in restaurants. if you don't want to go to Paris.

EAUUI JIUI dir^r...'':. :':.WORD lost VOCABULARY luqqaqe l 'g Find these words in the Word list."..Slgll$ totn N) r':.:. When arrived at the ta-at I got there..^i^.'' i lUm0ef Key rmg Klnmetre Kinq Arthur laft rvt! live (adj) : ' : 80 .:.. H:l' '''..F2iii$bOlt. I four-thirty.i hSq$ & Label the pictures with nouns from the Word list. 1 lgll'^*J$y" ntltH \rInlt : IUXUTV mr* /n\ nearov Foun \vl .: baseball cap earrinqo 5 four jobs: fliqht attendant 6 three activities: eailinq ffi .:l:. the airport workers were on and my plane was udThere were 6c_ of people everywhere Tlqnt aflen0ant r0r0eI get a oegree (v) ns- slt gutk gra0 v!svv I didn't arrive in Madrid until three in the afternoon...t.'.:'.{}!!'i.':''::.... :s.'.r I V} My'fl']rr'_ to Madrid was at six o'clock in the morning so I2p_ the night before. llla rl IryVul 1 biecuite 'i11.l'.'i. s*11.tl. j ^-^r^"^ EAL}IUI G fl'*h+ r.$uigebqoli.'...qa|llPsit0l ..... '] "'.r$ggg:r6'f inctn rntnr lrnlanrl ie. cuide (n) .r.:'i..1ll. : I : Complete the text with the correct form of words from the Word list.. 0n]e*idrymelt.. I t t MVt Silou'o : l::l: r..Ca$t[ti::.''.::l:.:.rlttdu '. .:Be{!!ng$.. .' : four types of hoiiday: activity holida'rt : 2 four places you can stay at on holiday: cam2ette 3 four means of transnort: car 4 six things you can wear: .l'l:l':': anru iflh 9t!vv9! r .

S. You can also use Hi..I]JSEE JOURilEE .. (It's) b e auti. We met .ble ti.. We're hauing ct great/ horri. lt's Tuesday morning. Meena is on holiday in Paris.l f I.1.vw f n Lbe eue>tttvvy wo ^lllr. u-te'Te goi. . - she's a musician./Bye Jor aroom/aseat/aflight you're going to do.ts oke a roa t [.y beAth 9ee q'or^ soorr 'l ?ack 2 3 _ _ 4_ / jumper by train / by plane / by coach at a hotel / at a youth hostel / on a campsite a a guidebook / a swimsuit hr"ry lr Artw 4 Future: Say what 3 Past: Say what you did. Later today/Thi.Ll^e we-cLLVter rS YesLerd"ag we...f).p il.l ^ Il'r g. We ui. Lhe 9atya)* {a*. i"' .s afternoon.. c.r 66 t..o Lo grLc6os .Ltlu\ ani. Ne're hl-'ttw A lA-ntasLrc trvne barcetorvL is beat. ute tvt a &afutLrorrwt CaLatan rosLat..tii nou. 3 We're going to go _ Scotland. 2 My mother likes reading 3 My sister works in the 4 You need a Dear ..ng to .si. T lze u. 1 September V... 5 My brother works as a tourist guide for a 6 I once went on a camping holiday and forgot my 7 I waited for my backpack for half an hour and then went to Find the missing verbs in the Word list. 4 We're not going to stay a hotel. 2 Present: Say where you are. vtstted.rrurL. Complete the sentences with prepositions from the box.'''. We sara . W. .0 Mt"seu. Aotnorrow vre'ro qntrvX- to q. .. 1 I'm going to go on holiday.me..u-. ffih a..t b.ted .. ' ^StY I I uonauy to stay _ to stay _ B We're going to travel there 6 We're going 7 We're going two weeks. industry lost love luggage sleeping s€uth stories tourist travel visa 1 Brighton is a 0f this postcard. lt has five city on the aouLh coaet of Greeting: usuaily England. 5 Sign off See you soon.e Lq^vr ..' Dag €€as+ company entertainment Make compounds from the words in the box and complete the sentences. Wc're in .4r.. .. or Hello. We uent to .rtia atd the frca-s. Srr... i" .. DetLr Murw.te I p ftesoay Wednesday i.. e ather zs w arm"/coLd.r1rsr1\h. 5 We're going to stay _ oul grandparents.e t"fitl rowr. to visit Australia. tj % Then sign your name...fulk o ring.... _ trarn. Ne're rn bA-roelonL. 2 I'm going to go _ my sister. 'tc losirarc. Look at the documents and write her postcard. WRITING '& Look at the structure sections./Lots of Loue.tt's 0- neltrbo.'.

?. I have. lvisited China when lwas 18. Use the r. A B / Japan? - yes / last year / wonderful Have you ever vieiLed Ja?an? Yea. l/we/you/they have. eg He's eleaned the house. No. Affirmative lAlVe/You/They Negative have not (haven't) cleaned the house. Read the situations and write sentences. lt means 'in the past up to now'.e'a finiehed work. 2 I can't find my glasses. He/She/lt has ('s) cleaned the house. has not (hasn't) cleaned the house. read A I The Lord of the Ri.. (miss) 6 Our shoes are dirty. (arrive) 5 You're late: the train left five minutes aqo.yes / last week / delicious A (stop) 4 Jim and Diane are here. have ('ve) cleaned the house. kilometres. t've visited China. (lose) 3 It's not rarnlng now 2 eat lVietnamese food? . . he/she/it hasn't A B Have you ever visited China? Yes. he/she/it has No..tert" in an Italian restaurant yesterday.ngs? yes / when I was 16 / borlng 1T@l I'ue eo. l/we/you/they haven't Yes.Healthy body GRAMMAR Present Perfect We use the Present Perfect to talk about a past action and also the situation now.sh I I hauen'tfznished my homework. Write conversations with Have you ever . tvisited China when I was 18. {= the house is clean now. I have. 1 Jack's not working: he's at home watching TV (finish) l. (= the house is dirty now.) il/fi.) He hasn't cleaned the house. we use the Past Simple. 1 3 I'm exhausted. Have you ever Yes.questions How much work have you done? Why haven't you cleaned the house? Past Simple and Present Perfect lf we want to say when something happened. lL wae wanderful.. With the Present Pedect. 4 gncrrl I I'ue suum five see I Haue Aou seen Jackie at the weekend? 5 Happy Birthday! I made I I'ue made you a cake! 6 I satn I I'ue seen the Rolling Stones six times. I vieited Japan laet vear.. we don't say when something happened.? The adverb 'ever' means 'at any time' You can use it in questions. Did ljou 82 . 2I can't go out: I didn'tJini. (not / clean) 3 meet a famous person? A - no * Circle the correct alternatives.? 1 visit Present Perfect and subject pronouns. 7 I satu I I'ue seen Bruce Springsteen last year.

It was dark. No fun.. Diets. The first time was when I was 21. nut this summer is going to I've gone on hundreds of diets.41L. Then I went once a week. Well. I can't put my leg behind my head. that's the theor5z But Lastyearltriedyogaclasses. chocolate. I stopped running.. It rained.f r. twenty of us ln her class and I was by far the worst. No cakes.Icontinueduntilwinter arrived. I just know it. 1 I carr't do thatl 2 I'm borecl: 3 I'm hungrs | 4 This is greall I'm going lo bo thinl 5 When was lhe last time I came here? Read the sentences in context in the adicle. |.. It's going to be fantastic. ffi tfre last gym II joined cost * a fortune. exercise. But I continued. .ing three lessons a week.better. They had a swimming pool they had a sauna. But of course before I put on a bikini I need to lose a little weight. How wonderful to be in the open air early in the morning. I started in summer. I always think it's going to be fantastic when I start. . Then I went once every three weeks. I a . I've tried everything. In fact. The teacher was a fortyyear-old woman. running . I lasted a No going to lose lots of u.. I hated sitting on the floor. on a sofa? I gave up after four lessons.1. I've started tennis lessons. bX nxes fwo years ago I decided ffi running was the answer. Match the pictures to paragraphs B-F.. . No wine.eight. I'm har. She looked about eighteen. For ffi the first month I went three times a week.. yoga. But was happy to pay They had hundreds of beautiful. E I Circle the correct meaning. Why can't you doyogainachair?Or. 'Wffi Read the article. Then I ate the refrigerator. modern machines. No pasta. And I don't want to what if it gets stuck there? Most of all..i|tttt. speeding silently through the sleeping streets. I'm usually last longer than ".. It's the same every year.to the beach..veek 6 nor'vadays (D) = ln the past / in the present 7 by far the u'orst (E) = a little u'orse than the others / a 1ot worse than the others B I gave up (E) = I stopped doing it / T continued rloing it $ur?Bx?aer*X rme ffi It'ssummerandlwanttogo ffi . be different.1a4qa4.. Nowadays I go on a diet about once a year. ffi week. is there anything more boring than running? I don't think so. "'"' 8B . I continued paying for a year but really it was over after six months.READING vn- Read the article again and match the sentences to paragraphs B to F. There were really. Then I stopped going. It was cold. They had a cafe. ltv I 1 cost a fortune (Paragraph e) = Fas Eiperrsrvell lvas cheap 2 il was over 181 = it rvas the begrnning / it was the end 3 in the open air (C) = inside / outside 4 speeding (C) = going fast / going slowly 5 I lasted a week (D) = 1t was the final week / it w-as difficult but I continued for a r.

He waited for now. wrrttw the'CelekrrLur D. B I've just had a haircut. But we're going to see it at the weekend. we haven't. I haven't finished yet. (o t Do 5 A You look great. Present Pedect with ftsf. alreadyand yef to add extra meaning to the Present PerJect. ? A Pete came to see you. A Have you seen the new Spielberg film yet? B No. A You look different. 3 4 5 6 84 . We use just. Tom yet. lt's only 1Oa.ru / frltr.ass arrive get marded ha#e-a+€by lunch have an accident her dririno tp5[ John's been to Moscow.g t> r.. \"1. 1 A Hel1o NIrs Sanchez. Use the Present Perfect of the phrases in the box with. but she's already done a lot of things."l'c. have n.GRAMMAR Present Perfect with been and gone John's gone to Moscow.) a A Do your homework! B l've already done it.a**r. He's _ 1 Wrle 1. a short time ago.-'> n". Why? B Thank you. yet and already 1 fhev've iuet had babv.^ At\()titOAut/'\ a ?. He's aone ottt. to the shop for some milk to Tokyo.lusf..ru Diete' article. ages.r{ . He was in ll4oscow at some time in the past. to the g1nn.v.. Write sentences with already and yet. (Tusl means very recently. 7he haen't ?honed. 6 A Where have you _ B I've _ at my yoga class. 4 A How's Kenny? B He's OK.-t.VA*e. 2 A You look tired.) Complete the conversations with been or gone.LL. A What are you doing? B l'm writing letters. LD / ) 'l \he'e alreadv 2 finioheA wriLina rf.ftLw:>ptqeyt A L\ te)\ ! . Can B I speak to Julio? I'm afraid he's not here. B Yes. (= He's in l/oscow now.\uteu t (-nat bruL / . (already means faster or sooner than expected ) We use yef in negative sentences and questions Use it at the end of the sentence.c. (yetmeans it's expected or it is going to happen.UttL tl^c... He's not here. Use them between haveand the verb.) "* Look at the pictures and write sentences..m. We use justand already in affirmative sentences. l've got two more to write.sh I've on holiday. (= He's not in Moscow now. He got Penny is a journalist. I've 3 A Where's Maure? B She's He's home last night..

. 11 1 )avid French .'t't. Complete the general description of the picture with words from the box.ey're lzauittg an accidenl. 8 You've just finished a ne\v mo\'rc.clress. 7 In English exams.J tr T Programme 3 Prnolrmme z1 T T sLle's bt.. the i'igltt..11 ilrg I He's Looked at a girl rn the street.cLd lunch.. 2 I've read most of the book. picture 1 lL'a a ca n I .ittg / She's sltotrtt it to hel friencl. Which programme does each sentence come from? yet.TISTENING SPEAKING E W. 3 It hasn't been released yet.tgi.:otclt the man on the bicycle. It is important to talk. I Th.f. 1'r Tl'tet1're hctt. llze m'idd\e I ott lhc la[t ol lhe road. Listen again.both '' Le-tok I lor:k l[ke happ:.e Listen to four radio programmes. Tlzey're uatclrlng I Tlrcy"re goztzg to'u..rt. 7 You've just come back from the USA. I On. you often have to describe a photo. Match the people to the programmes. 6 \tr/e've tried to explain comphcated tdeas in a simple rvay. There are trvo cars 1 on the Le. The drivers '' Look / Loctk L'ike very angry. Write a sentence about each person using the phrases in the table. t Hr-'s 1. I S/'tr:'s sltcttt. there's a couple in a caf6. Circle the correct alternatives in the detailed description of the picture. 5 \Ve've already recorded erghl songs.. i'r Listen again. 21 3 the UK seven people. lt is better to make some mistakes than to be silent and make no mistakes.' +t€ it's th irrk of in see a street.zttg I TLtey'te jttst h. Ther.Jt l@rl tru L"ttlLI) 2 Tlteg'ue lrud.g I sl'Le's bougltt a ne\\. Maybe 12 lze's had I he's goirtg to haue an accident too. '' Ort the left. Tlrere's a man on a brcycle a i. 4 It's been very interesting. 1 I haven't finished il L2l T I tr T T T n 85 . I think 6 Prograrnme 1 Programme 2 !.

'- fl''Jf.^ sttmulate l goatkeeper gHlJ... Ir's .tr1:....there's a lot of good advice record I spend a lor oI money I go ...:.. aoalkeeper right-handed rock ciimbing...'i'''.VOGABULARY e make the most of Find 16 sporting activities in the Word tist..'- ' .t'.t:...!lis....'..t.1ryq999*t uce versa : ' ..'llilfr' ffiffiJ.Y... nasketnat beat inother p laye .. j..... Arsenal .r..8l1xil .'.!. day develop diving do well emotion exercise (n/v) exercise classlmachine expression : out CaLegory 4: maLch & i. Remember to use the correct form of the verbs..tt. ....rr..':...:r.shape. n""t *""* *i" lsll:y s:l lg::. "al..frliiltouch/ssht Complete each sentence with one set of three verbs. .. inlo shape so a gym.::... *I?'^^.i ti...r..j. tublg..- . you should rry to e_ The doctor rold me ro .. .r 14s 15r 16v Games ge Divide the nouns in the box into four categories......: supporters 4b _ r-li."d 1_ If you want to _healthy beiter. Complete the sentences with prepositions from the box.^..'....'... win a match/medal/race woild ... unexpected : j#lTI'" ihiff-earthv/arive. gq::l*"'nbipur llil ^.J*." lattonur . ii.....'' & t]1ed.' l ..'..'.t:.".. ffi"cu ques{ionrtatre '.... resehrch (n) . my girlfriend. .. ... . r/team il#' neur&[cs llVmnic l mineralwater: 7d_ Bg... u- trying to get 6_ the g... . l aqpbkp-2a3b_ 4b 5c 6c th_ h_ 11i_ 10 il3Ht 12r 13 s l3$[3llo.. I and r_ your level ol stress...'t.' exercise machine goake€p€r mat€h es plaver race teeth Calegory I: baeebatt bar reduce stress....ltlj .g... t'i.....rn three times a week: I'm ES ..ftffi*..ig]i9.:. .'l. tJuventus ecored two goals. Category 2: body Cal eqorv 3'.... . and't i"... the match. take vrtarnifl pills rqT teeth tidtivl ..'.:litat Take rhis booklet...:iir:.dr.for peopte wilh sleeping problems ....

Complete the crossword with words and phrases from the Word list.

WRITING '& Look at the questionnaire.
Choose a clear title reason for the
nr rocfinnnqiro



* Mex€**

Tell us what you think and help

us improve our service.

1 How old are


Write questions that are relevant. Put them in an order which is
easy for people

! | ! I



6 years old



years old

so years old +

How often do you eat outi

to follow. Check
thA drrmmrr cnr] qnollino

I I f

more than twice a'week once or twice a week once or twice a month

| | less than onr:e a month
quality of the food?

3 What did you think of the

! !




Give options for people to choose

4 For example, 100 kph (5) 6 You can win one at the

Ol;.'inPic Games (4,5) 7 When the team scores, the

Write a questionnaire about one of the topics below, Include at leasl five questions,

8 Scientists do
11 13 16 18 T?y to



find (4,3)

Surprising (10) Green stuff in the park (5) Get bigger (4) 19 100 cm (5)


r QuickJet airline - or an airline you know . Wigan Athletic football stadium - or a sports stadium you

Sunn)'.vale hotel


or a hotel you know


1 Can you break it? (5,6)

2 Opposite of left-handed (5-6)
3 5 9 10 12 14

Heaithy drink (7,5) F or example, aerobics (8) Not open (6) Hot room in a gym (5) Start of a football match (4-3) The winner rs the team that scores the most (5) 15 Opposite of energetic (5) 17 Seeing, sense of .. (5)





€ € *€w

VOGABULARY AND GRAMMAR 1i Write the name of the correct sport next
to each description.
1 People do this in the mountains.
(5 points)

Complete the sporls camp holiday ad with mnst, m[rstn't, don't have to, shoulcland


(5 ooints)

don't fall. rock climbinT 2 This is a winter sport. Going dolm the mounlain is very exciting 3 Different sports belong to this category, lrke running, jumping and throwing. 4 This is a good sport in the gym or on the
beach. It just needs a net and a ball.

It looks dangerous but if you are carefui, you

You muet organise the holiday before you arrlve. We never have free places. You _ do sports. lt's your
cnotce. You You

smoke. The camp is a no-smoKlng area.

_ _

it on the lakes or at sea. You need a boat or a yacht for il. 6 There are two types of this sport. The game on ice is faster and very popular in the USA or Canada. In Engiand the game on grass is more poprilar
5 You do

eat well. lt's a good idea and you need a lot of energy for the afternoon sessions.
You be too serious. The camp is for fun and playing is more important


than winning.
You pay for anything here, Food and activities are all in the price of


the holiday.

|i; Complete Jo's holiday plans with one word
in each gap to make correct

collocations. v,tl, {rre,,t|>

(7 points)


Circle the correct words.

(2 points)

rllil- r,lti-lr.s


ut.- r acLiviLy


Lrt 1'L.lL1

1 Have 5,ou@z,elt

yet been to the Olympic

[iames? 2 I only arrived here tll'o da5,s ago but I've o.LrecLdy l.jttsLbeen on three excursions. 3 A Are you going on holiday this sunrmer? B Well, I've'41et I just come back from my
holida"v so my next holiday's in winter. 4 Are you still i11? Have you been to the doctor's euer I get?


' rD,r.Y

h,r t c,l-r:l r[t]tnc-r l"l'[ut. S,lriur-t Lh,e ooat,r:,l tt):-ets orr tle llttterr-tL
spcrts t,lothe: Ll'e



,t*, ai,


lttt.i, C,l'vJt,S, t,l-tw1tc.1lp,

5 I've played a lot of games of foolball but I've neuer I euer scored a goal.
!;;:?t Complete


the sentences. Use the verbs in the correct forms in the Past Simple or the

Look at Jo's holiday plans in Exercise 2 again and complete the sentences with the c0rrect forms of going fo and the verbs in (5 points)


(6 points)


I've been (go) to the USA three times

1 Jo te qoinAto vieiL

(visit) a local castle.

2 The campers

3 A When

hnlid:rr thiq rrp:r? B in July. 4Jo every day. 5A B No, she isn't. 6 Jo says: I smart clothes

(they/go) on (do) gS.mnastics
f qh

(yoL/see) the nen film at the cinema? You should, it's great 3 That's a nice jacket. \\here (you,/buy) it? 4 Another win for Jerry. He



5 The match last night r,vas great.


(win) 66-38.
6 Oh no! We've got Maths today and I (not do) my homelrrork. 7I (not go) an1'where last sumnlel - il uas grerl.



(take) any


LISTENING SKILLS A Wffi Listen to two people talking about
a football match and circle the correct answers: a, b or c.
(6 points)

o Ali people coming passpoft. people lp Ff,u"{o*nia must have ,a 00n't have to have flom tfre European Union ory je1 a .uvio"Jiuu5":i,.i?::lflT nave g50O or a cr ily., ^f " ilre monev r;,. Th; ?:lt^?iid' You mu-st chanse r*"oo,i,,r!"R:?,Xfl?tHi' o. at t h e

1 What is the score at half time?

a Manchester 3 Liverpool b Liverpool3 Manchester

1 1

c Liverpool S Manchester 3
2 What does Jack say? a Manchester are having a difficult match. b Manchester should score more goals. c Liverpool are going to score more goals. 3 Jack thinks that the Liverpool manager a should change one player. b should change two players. c has changed two players. 4 What does Jack think about Fletcher? a He hasn't had a good match. b He has scored. C He is playlng weil.
5 What does Jack say about Fletcher?

.. you


, nere at Freedown beautirui l_I1"_* crty centre.

you must aisotave somewhere to sray. can book a ,oo.I_3, ;;;;il;d"er

rhere h"i;i;;;i'^ii''P"f is iliegalare manv lt to stav at campsites "i:^?tf is a bus,"#?Ti";3'rlto
lt costs



green, ut the city

il;".;t" ::'t g ve yo"u ;ffi :,.1?r.t; Jl? i :: S iffi; ^? ;ix': #H.i:::1. il:. j?,. f '"" Jo *ni ui'"o n rv are
must r,ave

the rreedownia pence. You

a He has never seen Fletcher play before. b He liked Fletcher before but doesn'l lixe

him now.
c He has never liked Fletcher.
6 What is true about Fletcher? a He's scored 50 goals for Liverpooi. b He's played 50 games for lreland. c He's played 50 games for Liverpool.


.'-:ll::. Men mustn,t wear shods or ;;, on rnursoavlttei' g vvurr rurr rnust wear u haf 5'tr,."::g?:j: 'v *o,unlu.i*""u, t

ve/low and til;;ul u"l1ltl1luv The price unlrance. to ";;il ;."1:oi _k have some ; ::::il:1T""J:::, to^uat.

rhu;;;';;;-lolll- Nobodv can eat :::l?uianl; ; ;;## :".il.,;J Ji::lT. restaurants you


or can have u bi"r" special city centre picnic,roor".

i;' iJr. ".

Have a nice time in Freedownial

Read the rules for the country of


Freedownia. Tick true and cross


(B points)


Complete the dialogue with one word in

1 Everybody has to have a passport to



(6 points)




2 Everybody must have a visa to enter Freedov,nia. 3 You don't have to bring $500 in money. 4 You have to book a hotel room before you come to Freedor,mia. 5 You can pay for the bus with




Beth Hi Tess. What are you doing? Tess Hi Beth. I'm buying some souvenirs for
my family. But I don't know what to buyl What t ehould I buy for my mum? Beth '_ don't you buy her one of these boxes? They're beautiful. Tess That's a good 3_ . Now, what can

a 1 Freedov,nia pound note.
6 Tourists must take a black taxi. 7 Everybody has to wear a hat on
B You can eat

Thursday afternoon. picnics in Freedor,r,nia.


Beth What 5_ Tess I'm not u_


for my dad? a shirt? about that. It's a bit

Beth What does he like? Tess He likes food. Beth t_ he likes food, you

coulci bu1.

him some boxes of cakes from the market. Tess Greatl Come on, let's go.




eg the Nile. the Alps. the Pacific. Kilimanjaro . the Danube. the European union north/south/easVwest of . eg Majorca. the south of France (buI northern England. Netherlands and - - 90 . the Mediterranean. the Atlantic groups of islands (archipelagos) or mountains (mountain ranges). 11 Which street is Buckingham Palace on? 1 The longest rlver in Britatn is fhe 12 What Severn. arrica esiu Czech o continents. Republic Dolomites GermanY Greece Hyde Park Ireland Krlimanjaro Malaysia Mont Blanc Netherlands Pall iir. United Scotland is part of B -Lake Kingdom. HrmalaYas Mediterranean. the United Kingdom. eg America.'uiPuir. Hawaii Nile Pacific Penny 1 2 3 4 5 C". eg Paris. eg Mont Blanc.. eg Poland.ii. Regent's Park. lceland. . eg the Netherlands. the Black Sea. Warsaw. the Bahamas. rivers. cities and states. Pilnces Street. Spain . Victoria is the biggest lake in 7Africa. the Himalayas other plural names. lakes. streets and parks. Asia o islands.. "Y- Choose the right answers. Mississippl/Missouri is the longest rIVEI ]N 6 USA. Paris is the caprtal of 2 Mount Everest is in 3 Corfu is an rsland in 4 is the name of the park in lhe centre of New York? - France. eg Loch Ness. Everest. the United Lane Poland Pyrenees San F rancisco Sydney Zambezr Which river flows though Cairo? The Nile Mall Philippines Which continent is Timbuktu in? What is the tallest mountai. States in 1981? names that describe constitutions. Nebras4a r most squares. Time Square. Use tfe where necessary. Lake Superior . southern France) 8 In which country do they speak Dutch? 9 What is the name of the mountain range between France and Spain? country is Manila the capital of? 10 Which % Add ffie where necessary. . eg St Mark's Square. the United Arab Enirates. the Republic of lreland. Europe.. seas and oceans (but not lakes). the Philippines.n in Africa? Which city is the Golden Gate Bridge in? What is the name of the ocean between America and Europe? Which country is Prague the capital of? Which country joined the European Union . eg the north of England. Lake Como. eg the United States of America. eg the Balearics. countries. the Sahara Desert. Fifth Avenue.It's a small world GRAMMAR Definite article with places Most place names do not take the definite adicle. 6 7 . - Holland are two names for the same countrY. ltaly. Texas. Borgia Park Use the definite article with the following: deserts. mountains. the Negev Deser-t..

Next year he's golng to take me to Red Sea and teach me Lo dive quietest place I've ever been. He's sailed boats across Pacific Ocean and up Kate Clive Joanie Clive It has to be Binalong Bay Amazon River in swum across English He's Kate It's back home in Tasmania. Clive and Joanie to their favourite places. including Anapurna II in Nepal and Joanie Clive Joanie Kate No. He's got a Clive It was so beautiful. Norway. It's really peaceful. Clive Joanie lives in London. Complete their conversation with questions from the box. But it wasn't my favourite place. Where did you go? Paris. Match Kate. ? Mount McKinley tn Alaska Mountain Range. %. the Australia and/Philippines.'where. We went to the north of Norway. Channel in both directions and across Lake Superior rn Clive USA. He Joanie It was OK. Katie. But I went to Europe last year.& There are eight definite articles missing from this text. yeah. I 2 Joanie He's climbed hundreds of Kate Three weeks. And I enjoyed every minute. Joanie big apartment in Regent It wasn't too bad: we went in the sumlner.. 5 mountains. Clive and Joanie live in Sydney in Australia. ever5. London. and you get all that. peopie ever5. Madrid . I loved it. I liked it. It sounds awful. Blue water. He's aimost sixty now. great weather." io tir" use. n He's driven across Sahara whgl: l Huu" vo" rr". My Uncle Harry is amazing. And the landscapes are so dramatic. It's in the northeast of the island. Rome. nobody on the beach. Let me think. Fantastic shopping.. Just beautiful. SPEAKING %. I loved it.where. Kate? did So what was your favourite place? What was paris like? !ll!1 What'e your f avourit e ?lace in Lhe world? That's a good question. He's lived in Kenya. r Desert. I haven't. It's famous for caf6s and art galleries. It's the Streel with a fantasLic view of Hyde Park. Add them. We1l. iou"i"z wui"t it "oioi How long "u"iyou spend there? What about you. Kate went to New York last year and I think that's the most exciting place I've ever been to. w ffi . Completely unspoilt. It's the kind of place where you can do anything you want at any time you want.

following a honeymoon in Las Vegas..::":1::"fr. lt is the story of the love between e"n . lt ts too difficult.or. When Ben first arrives in Tokyo. or foreigner.s father is happy to give Ben a 1ob. Six months later they got married in tFe English countrysjde. i rike foreisners There are also various aunts.READING & Look at the text.. 4_ 2 Could Ben speak Japanese when he got married? Does his Japanese teacher say it's easy to learn Japanese? 4 Where does he work in Tokyo? 5 Is Yuko's brother friendly at first? 6 Is the book happy. 3_ . i' weeks^she does not talk to him at all. Most of the family work in the restaurant. ro!9 University. Mr lto.o:f taiks all the r:". But Vrf. e He makes a 1ot of friends. And there is yuko.Not rn a million years. Ben Thomas makes the reader feel the frustraiion and excitement of making a new life in anoiher country The book is funny and fascinating '-. f On the second day he tells him again. But at the same tjme.No foreigner can learn Japanese. Match the sentences with the gaps in the afticle.s . Then he met yuko. His Japanese teacher. o_ . Mr lto does eveMhing pi. ior the fjrst sjx "Orotn". After six months he even makes friends witn Vuf. d Ben makes friends with Yuko's brother. c Each one has a different opinion about Japan and about foreigners. and has to learn how to live jn a new world.Maybe. can mean . He knows nothing about Japanese culture.^r^" l?i.in. they moried to roKyo. uncles und .. A month later. 1 Where did Yuko and Ben get married? ln Enqland.lyllo_i1 rn tne centre of rokyo. e Ben meets Yuko. Answer the questions.otn"i. c Ben is working in London. f Ben starts work at Yuko's father's restaurant. . Ben approaches his new life wjth enthusjasm and energy. both Japanese and olher gaiiitt. sad or frightening? 92 . What does'gaijin' mean? %W *& Gaijin by Ben Thomas ln 2003 Ben Thomas was an office worker in London. Her father has a restaurant It"^':^. d He goes to language classes. yuko. b Ben and Yuko move to Toklro. a Ben and Yuko get married. television adveftisements or on the backs of books? Read the text.. r_4L . but for some reastn he is not happy to let him do any work..rJVrt" I '--. tells him. T tr tr tr T This book is the story of hrs firsr year as a 'gailin'.riOe t" help him. Read the text again and put the events in the correct order.os trit"iu. Do you see texts like this in newspapers. g Yuko's mother speaks to Ben. he speaks no Japanese. g They fel1in 1ove. tnat ne ooes nJ i+ffi"::. A world in which . T a But it is also a love story. b Ben gets to know his new family.

.+ do/does Where does she live? Past Simple: Wh.. and circle the correct answers. Buzz Aldrin and Pete Conrad / What 7 famous? i is / Loch Ness / Why / of / oumer I the lwas / Who d How long did you spend learning? e How long did you spend in Japan? t How do you feel now? g Have you been surprised by the success r n B Gracelands? of Gcti. He can't communicate."otrrt'iul'run. 3 from? / Where / is / Ronaldo a He feels unhappy. There is on extra answer.io t"ilii. + subject where whv 1 What is Gai. i 7arie.u"r" or irr" ^o". Japan is his home.n about? a China is vour name? Present Simple: Wh. How many have you invited? going to'.. r n T l T T T T T T Listen again and put the interviewer's questions in the correct order. . when which who what to be: Wh What how now many trorir muctr + am/is/are + subject . Listen again and put the following in the correct order. + + subject + verb + am/is/are subject + -ing . He's learning a lot. Wh.. b He feels uncomfortable.l.ji. d He feels comfortable. #nrt 6 Is he going to stay in the UK? a Yes. a What's it about? b What was it like? c So were you happy again? common? / goL lhave / in / Neil Armstrong. the author of Gaijin.GRAMMAR Revision of Wh. he isn't.rs Presley Kuala Lumpur Paris Thev have all walked on the moon i . Everything is perfect. .. b No he.tapan c Korea 2 How long did Ben Thomas spend in Japan? a eight years b ten years c twelve years 3 Where did he work? a in a restaurant b in a bank c in a school 4 Who were Keiko and Takeshi? a his bosses b his friends c his wife's parents 5 When did he come back to the UK? a a month ago b two months ago c three months ago Put the words in the correct order to make questions. .. 7 What is he doing now? a writing another book b working in a restaurant What is Lhe ca?iLal of France? 2 are I countries / European Union? I How I tn I c looking for a job many/the/there Ben talks about how he felt at different times in Japan.' i Did that last long? j Are you going to stal-? I l L-.. ti zoo+ zs e".]i--r 93 .questions LISTENING e W Listen to a radio interview with Ben Thomas. @.+ did Who did you see? Present Continuous: WhWhat are you reading? Present pertect: Whl + verb .+ am/is/are + subject + going fo + When are you going to staft college? verb . The UK is like a did / When Union? I join lPoland I the lEuropean can / city / Irom / Pe[ronas Towers? the / the top of / Which / you / see I foreign country. + have/has + subiect + past participle . c Yes.i.. .i BrazlI Eh. Then choose the correct answers from the box.n? h Did your feelings change. c He's enjoying life..ji. probably. e He thinks Japan is fantastic... he is. .

j i'."..'fi[. North public place queue {h) rain (n/v) ::-: ramv reaction to recording studio ffi West East & .WORD LI$T northlnorth 0cean VOGABULARY of nofthwest pale peaceTUr .. IUdU : reounilc n1fth : n0ftnern s0uthern the south of the east of llfficoun. snow siqn (n) snow {fllv) .l ..::. the west of Complete the sentences with the plural form of words from the Word list..'.*...H:temperatures) visrtol watt I0r Wales 4_ 5_ 6_ warT WESt western wet r.ry 3i'*$':'D sc€flerv 5COlfan0 $SSS0fl'. so (intensifier) source (of a riveO south space special occasion spring square {n} Atlantic are 2 The Danube and the Rhine are 1 The Pacific and the 3 Maiorca and Jamaica are oceano .: : 1':..l i & Find the names of the seasons in the Word list....t*i. temperature i:J. ffiff $|10\trSlr:r:i.'. l::u*^. i [liH.^. ' '. iffi' unspoilt I ". " ii.:::yy[gpf :r...$* ..' r:'r::r: ::r: :t. ' llh.-... .ffi: ... Y South : relioious river..:.- ffiil::: ffi.. lli.".. lfril..*o presrdent Prlme Mftntsler pfls0n m l Complete the table.: ] wrnoy winter ..:r ".... 4 Route 66 and the Appian Way are 5 Paris and London are 6 Loch Lomond and Loch Ness are Scottish 7 Eurone and Africa are a! slorm ' " slare stormv : & Label the pictures with words from the Word list...r. suffeifrom summer SUN .l.i .. 1 Mar 21*June 20 2 June 21-Sept 20 60flna 3 Sept 21-Dec20 : permanent PUrruulclr I 4 Dec 2l-Mar 20 iffil'vt .-..

1 "g l"t (. 5 Last year our lives changed: we moved . It's 5 The wind is strong. Cauwr*u* 0v\ \^Ly rrLvrs a. B It's silly to get annoyed small things.'thing.9V.vrol rn rnLp-rvwedrAte the USA.efe's brother. \cunrLc. 2 It's snowing. Use your imagination and add extra information.u9.nv1 cLr*.I cnd. bcfi. 4"vt r lp-vr\le .. rS_ and .he's staring _ us. mg Loue . about 350 km from the Summers are hot: in July and August the usually reaches 40 every day. 6 I'm very impatient ." cone anl- Openlng: Write about the other person's of visit gy. po.tn C. caL my u.prutrsh nuclq bcLLey . The weather rs 6 There's ice on the lake. Every year more than 100.r \ettor f u rqAA u .rrst. I\ne bcuL Lbw\ r\ tl'a. 1 Scientists are trying to find a cure 'n 2 Look at that man .!j li"_* !" *!h for cancer.. Love.L.rL' s'tt ber-unt(t^t'c:. It's 7 There's a big storm.rV to Lilrnbu. 3 Loch Ness is famous ils monster. It is a of the union of four aW_ nations: England. kai untl- | lcvp- f t's aj t I'r" News 1:Give your news. the best.trw te:. 4 It took a long trme to make friends _ Write Lucy's reply t0 Helen. The uc_ of the United Kingdom is the pound sterling. Sion nff. or more in Europe at Nlourq 9 Tf rrnrr have different nipeoq nf norrrq {or a ocaL . Here are her notes.r4^ rrL rt rr-ext wpL Lo '>e.000 metres and the air is f've sone aooL re^s.r. Madrid is the highest over 2.'rite back. Ireland.tf 7 When people move to a new country they sometimes suffer culture shock.a nexL q-pJlr situatlon.e liteL..lA:L wp-ev.o Lrpe . ALL ALL .sserl.t f're d.o-bouL rt divide them union Jack into paragraphs The Union Jack is the tf_ of the United 2s_ Krngdom. Your name Loue.e . t\\w ca* ) rLred.e itts ctcl. {rtutd. The weather is B The sun is shining.. But low nrce tr.\i'Nrke t-. | . a brt sctd.rtq' Perb.000 tviaiLore go to Cornwall to enjoy'd_ landscapes. #ror" Iike it hot Madrid is in the centre 0f Spain. The wealher is 4 There are a lot of clouds.oo 7 Complete the sentences with prepositions from the box. Are q-.t. 'l_ 3d_ oc_ 5d rjLtrcf L..tyr'. Closing: Make a L^cry final comment and ask the other person to u.T sl"otnl/. cl&S!l \A-r-tvv< U UK t fl' I"tr L.al':.jtW tc be rr.l^L ne a car RelV\. The weather is rainy k Look at the letter. twq q.na. Trouble in paradise os_ behind the 3u_ there are serious economic problems. c1t:L qpu. WRITING 1 It's raining. Cornwall has one the highest rates of tu_ in the UK. But Ireland left the Union in 1921 and only Northern Ireland is now a member.d"rltrvy test. Complete the texts with the correct form of words or phrases from the Word list.i'. &t Chrr>tntas VL( 95 .the .Complete the sentences with adjectives from the Word list. It's 3 There's fog.bu! f'wt stit &ro.1'14 sqr.I don't like waiting an5. It's _.K lor Cl.tt.

Yes/No questions yOu are.iltt think j Anne wiil pass her Maths : exam Shoft answers Yes. eg lflh. How old will he be in 2030? 5 Katie was born today. W&aw& &&xw &::wwpaY We do not use foafter willi+eitt+eje+aqanieC. Answer the questions. Language used with rryfll Ycu can use 'extra' language with m//to show how sure will not (won't) get married.queslions Where will you be? When will you be there? What will you do there? How will you do that? t1m)rraw tt wilt ratn. computers intelligent than the average person. | il.tolalkabout the future. 9 By 2035. How old wi1lhe be 2 In ten years. most chrldren won't go to at home. Then tick the sentences you agree with. the richest By 2030. I don't witl l/you/he/she/ iVwe/they get married? No. We use nllto make predictions and state facts. l/you/he/she/ jvy'grtney w|t. people 4 Ten solar-powered cars. 7 By 2025. 5 One day. Complete the sentences with r. Underline the time expressions in Exercise 1. How old will they be - in 14 years? Dean ls 21 now. many people small computers inside their bodies. l/you/he/she/ iVwe/they won't. t speal{ ru* live studv be (x 2 ) go make drive 1 In the future. they _ years from now. more 6 Soon. ! 1 John is 15 years old now. Tomorrow will be Wednesday. For example: ln the future. Write complete sentences. 2 Anne is 16 now How will she be in 2018? Matt and Lucy are 17 now. 3 In 2020. most people in my country to work by private plane.v// and verbs from the box.. How old will she be tn 2047? important political decisions for us 96 . people will live for 200 years. computers n n tr T tr T tr tr in ten years? I'e'll be 25. school. eg There willalways be wan.Who cares? GRAMMAR willlwonT We use will. China 8 country ln the world. It's the year 2010. everybody in the world English.

3 Who do you think there be any win? Real Madrid _ he or Dinamo Moscow? 4 Jack's gone home.Complete the sentences wilh will or won't. (I don't think) I don'L Lhink ehe'll ?aae the exam. F Put the words in the correct order t0 make questions. 2 Friday is a holiday: lessons.omorrow? 7 Everything witl be fine.you _ sleep. (l'm sure) 4 He'll like it. Will iL rain f. tr 5 her? / How / they / recognise / wor'i. be back 5 I have to go to Paris for a meeting tomorrow so I _ be in the office. I 2 Will your English teacher give you homework next weekend? 6 she / them? I LeII lWhat / will 7 contact I her? I How / will / you B documents? T T 3 Will your parents buy you a motorbike? / Ieave / she i the / Where / will T I Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. 2 Will John like this present? (Do you think) 4 Wili you ever get married? T T 5 Will we ever send a Derson to Mars? tr T 3 He'll love it. 1 She won't pass the exam. it it rain tomorrow? iI will. you be at home on T\resday 7_ evening? 8 Don't have another coffee . 2 catch? / she / train / Which i will 3 arrive? I she lWhen / will 4 aL l her / meet / station? I the I witl / Who will No. 5 How wiil the story end? (How do you think) 6 What 'l It / rain tomorrow + ? + It will rain lomorrow. raln Lomorrow. but tomorrow. will she do? (lMhat do you think) ll won'|. (l'm sure) 8 Will they be OK? (Are you sure) 2 Tomorrow / be Wednesday 3 I / be here tomorrow + 2 g7 . 1 Don't worry: the exam won'L be difficult.i just have to find my keys. 6I_ be ready in a minute .. (I don't think) Make sentences. 1 Will Yee. Then tick the answer you agree with.t? 9 She's never travelled aione before: do you think she be airight? Write two short answers for each question. Write an affirmative (+). a negative (-) and a question (?). 1 be / she / on / Tiresday? / Where / will Where will e'he be on Tueada.

js polands i.|*|..T.' 5 'I can't believe it was so huge..i. and js the centre of the country's transport systems.s.'|1.iiir.?J rou.at other times there is heavy rain.1:.:::.lharnU io dlvvdyD lJ -l'^. i ta it and we didn't see 'We travelled out of the city every day lo see to visit is in February to experience .' 3 'We spent all day inside all of it.a'4.r.T":.alked for hours and hours were so beautrful.1.. It is now open to visitors.:. is situated in the northwest of Dtt" Jountry.:ur.?1.. It is situated in south-centraI Kenva.'J:rr*li*jtffft'.&7i?tt4f...999 rooms. Between 1.." :i .^.'t:1i.: t'l':. ltayltlyfa!i4a4{a:%79..READING :A W Read the extracts from four tourist guides and label the photos. the biooest in the world.t to'no' i ffi:..:..|:??.u..a:3'JJ.|.|.1gr::". City * Country Places mentioned Best time to visit Kio d. Ii is a fascinating mix of modern and traditional China..e Janeiro Read the sentences.id.!i:i1u||t. airobi is the capitaI of Kenya and the largest city in East Africa.. Which cities did these people go to for their holidays? 1 'I lr.' Cracow .5.'. it has 45 miles of white sand beaches . Read the extracts again and complete the table.420 and 1911 it was the home of twenty-four Chinese emperors.L lllt. The best January 98 times of year to visit are from Juty to September or from to February .'|.0 i.ij. li.lJ..--..the streets 2 'I li.e.i::..?. In Najrobi itse[f..::.[T..lilir".r..:1:':n. Its name means 'cool water' in Maasai. Wear comfortable shoes: the palace is 960 metres long and 750 metres wide and has 9.f:"4qir. .'.' 8 'There wasn't very much lo see in the city.. is named after the river which flows through it.v Lv vv .t'"o* (or Kpapo.... j i .^\/Ll lcl urLy.?.r'..rh roi'. But the city is surrounded by beautifuL countryside. .4cr:..lJ... .|."".'.i'h.au JIUUpJ .1flfi. the capital of China.!'. whrch was fantastic.' io de Janeiro..i$:j.. I rv ro a vrry vvr ilur I ICVCI nlannn somclhino in r^ln anr^l qomornrhoro tn nn Tho heSt time il.%r{.ei..". there is only one essentjaI pLace to visit: the National Museum with its prehistoric cotlection. Brazil's second city. Situated dramatically between the rainforest and the sea.. The nicest time to visit Beijing is in the autumn when the weather is beautiful. [:i.' 6 'We went in the surruner and there ll'ere loo many tourlsts. \-/largest cirJ. four./naf the country.Jil':J.' 7 'We went on a guided tour of the rainforest. TJ eiiinq.'. "" j.i:.|. l: Xf . .' ll\9?:.ts famoLS carnival.""i :li ^')t.\:.r. .including two of the world's most famous: loanema and Cooacabana Locals call it the 'cidade maravilhosa' or maryellous nitri Rin ic q nitrr 117[1nl na'. Make sure you visit The Forbidden City. /l.|i::'..il:31:l:.'ent to bed at four in the morning and spent the next day sleeping on the beach.

e Sorry. Some common adverbs are inegular: early ---. 'l quiet 2bad 3 early 4 comfortable 5 quick auleLlv in lhe nffine in lhe cinamr nn the train .. haPPilY . fast --+ fast. hard Conversation 1 - hard. haPPY . Complete the sentences with the adverb form of the adjectives in the box. 5 It's an interesting job. but I think we should do something for the cheetah and for the poor people. natural . d Yes. For adjectives ending in -y.t hey should have Lo buy them. They usually go at the end of a phrase. I think they should ban smoking in public places. To make adverbg from most adjectives.naturally . smoking 2 I don't think supermarkets should use 3 In my opinion. c in public places. b That's a good idea. but I don't agree. Conversation 3 I T tr tr listen _ 3 It's an emergency: come 4 Harry! This isn't a zoo'. n T T %. change -yto -ily. I know what you mean. good --+ well. What about . ! a i agree with you. 1 Personally. they are. SPEAKING Match the beginnings and endings of ffiese opinions. 6 Drnner was wonderful: you cook so 7 She's very athletic - she can run very poor people in Africa? What about children? I think that's more important. quick --+ quickly. late > late a Do you really? I don't agree. But people neefl 56nl". And if I'm in a public place. eatly. He smiled happily.. c In my opinion. Put the conversations in the correct order. We can worr-y about animals when life is OK for human beings. b What about us smokers? We can't smoke T T '&^ Write the adverbs of manner. speak anwty 2 I'm only going to say this once so please c Then the supermarket shouldn't give them bags . d That's true. people are more lmportant than animals. She's dane her wark well. T B I'm taking piano lessons because I play very I .GRAMMAR Adverls of manner Adverbs of manner tell us iom You walk quickty. But why do you say it? b I'm reading this story about people who want to save lhe cheetah. why should I have to breathe your smoke? n T tr e You should smoke at home in private.+"* quick quiet 1 My English isn't very good: please. I think they should ba. but you'll have to - work _ . easY --+ easilY. b important than animals. add -ly. people are more a plastic bags. try to eat your dinner . Public places are for everybody. Conversation 2 6loud 7 careful B good a I don't think supermarkets should use 9 easy 10 perfect plastic bags.hing lo put their shopping in. bad careful fast qood hard . c Personally. d Yes. - L-l L_l . please.

f""^ ql!!12) ry.WORD LIST koala VOGABULARY € Find 16 animals in the Word list. all the but last year they 3 Remember to trees.r ei* . be related"to become {v) believe breathe (v) can move (v) naturally need (v) optimistic organisatjon 0xygen Bk_ 91_ 1o m11 p 2c 3c 4d 5d 6d 7e 12p 13p 14 15 cheetah clean energy climate change climb COW (v) (v) complarn about crocodile panda paper penguin petrol pig r_ s 16w cut down (v) cycle (v) dance (n) deseft die out (v) 0rnosaur disagree disappear (v) dolphin dome donkey easilv planet plastic bag pollute (v) predict (v) prediction produce (v) protect (v) quickly rainforest recognise (v) recycle (v) recvclino bin retationirrip roar (v) rubbish save money/animals/ someone's life sheep site solution stay the same story-telling suddenly suitable survive (v) switch off take a shower/bath tell a story (v) theme park :: Complete the sentences with collocations from the box.{tiL.rt9h lhlg* tll 1 Dinosaurs died ouN 65 million years ago.. Make phrasal verbs from the words in the box and complete the sentences. . influence (v) whale wild animal world populatlon about environmental problems on the Internet. u*uv fi"O go ofi ". 4 When I was a child. rs about 6 billion edition (of a newspaper) etfect electricity elegantly elephant endangered animal environment environmental exist farm animal fast is causing temperatures to rise.) affect agree (v) label (n) Iearning experience iii:. Remember to use the correct form of the verbs.'. SltJ:].uun inurntion the computer _ when you linish work.. 1 cheetah 3::[1"il. town council traffic jam waste (v) well humid lii. 2 The climate is changing: temperatures are A\/AT\/ \IA2T find out (v) generously get worse/better/bigger go up (v) greenhouse throw away tiger (v) grow (plants) hard lXfl. 6 Don't bottles and cans ...0n badly medicine m0nKey 33'll'X'.0.. animal bins chang climate endangered e+rergy population recycling world 1 People are trying to design a car which runs on clean enerqy 2 The panda is an 3 The people..recycle lhem... 5 We put our old bottles. this w-as a beautiful place.. porlution local resident lose money (v) matn 3li3*.. 5 You can r00 . cans and paper in at the end of our street..

G Skan Productions I tr 14 Sue Lawley Gardens London WG 7NK I H LsaneLLa R. The Amazon Group. 2 That's my brother sister's the one o'clock _ -Tohrt Director nine I 7 Sign off: The simplest way is to uryite 'Yours'. Because of 'd- London W5 zNK r5 October zoo.e I | | will be glad to meet you. I 5 i go to university I I C lsabella Ritchie Managing Director work in my father's store _ the afternoon and I study night. job and address. the ieft. but now it's more than 6.tcl. 2 In the past it was bad. WRITING A I don't drive to work now: I lcycle . I keep my photographs bedroom beach my _ abox_the bed. man-made changes in the environment.5 billion. 1 In the past it was bad. 3 Yesterday it was 35' C.. = Number the pafts of the reply to John Waterman's letter. I letter. but we are 'pcutting them dov. F Dear Mr Waterman.n faster than they can ng_ .. Yours. ! 101 . Complete the sentences would like to meet you at your London offices to discuss this. time lalking 6 lt's a wasle her. Eva Jackson. will contact you to arrange a time. I am It'a qoE woree. 2 The name.. I'm the A John B Waterman Director The Amazon Group Burnside Court London W5 5AA BYours. my the middle and I'm 9 Say who you are the right. How are you? the morning. but this week it's 5 First paragraph: Say why you are 6 Last paragraph: Say what you think -15" C. For examole: C. He's a social worker and he works children. Jamaica! I'm holiday.. Test your prepositions. It's Miriam. Hello. 1 I'lI meet you in James Street T[esday.Complete the texts with the correct form of words or phrases from the Word list. but now it's terrible. which was produced by your company. Wa+errnan B Sign John B Waterman the letter. Jlm? Hi. D I am writing in reply to your tr E 25 October 200. going to stay my grandparents B I'm Scotland two weeks. 'q- Dear Mr / Mrs i Ms + the person's name or'Dear Sir or Madam. but today it's 40' In the programme you made a number of incorrect statements about my organisation. € Look at the letter.. uritino tho lpftpr I should happen nexl. It's good for the and I also 's_ a lot of 'emoney because I don't have to buy y_. 7 My father works the government an office. Tua Alaezow Gnoup Burnside Court B provide the .'. We need to act to 5pthem. We are in danger of changing the earth into a 5d The trees in the tr_ with 3o_ LondonwS 5AA lsabetla Ritchie Managing Director Skan Productions 14 Sue Lawley Gardens C Many animals that now te_ will in the next 50 years. She's only interested computers. Write sentences with lt's got + comparative adjective. Dear Ms Ritchie. Last week it was -5o C. they will not's_ . In 1950 the world population was 2. It's a greal feeling lo go straight past all lhe cars in a\-j. writing to complain about the television programme'Rainforest Rip Off'. but now it's good.5 billion. My secretary.

been to? 6A (5 points) counties you haue I hot:e you B Seven.ndy from the north which will bring more a stzott. the 6 clouds I cloudg in'ill go and it will be 7 sun I sunn?. dangerous 7A B . lt will be very cold at night with some '6iodt snoaA.ny weather. Is there anlthing that couid stop this? Match the question words to the correct questions and circle the correct question forms. Some 1 verbs.L. them. they will want to sta. 1 He is a hopeless driver. 2 Don't throw those bottles away. .t 2 Alan is very good at football. Just print on both sides. Some peopie are worrled that they become spoilt in the future. Once you don't have to change the word. 102 . the club? should we I we sl'touldbe B John. 5 lt's not rea1ly difficult. Ueautifut gooO qri"f. 4 Go to school b.'in England. _t. 5 He'll eal thal piece of pizza. He plays it very _ . It's really l oeaceful becattse nol manv neonle on fhprp T lnrro ifq l beauty and'r_ atmosphere. (B points) Read the weather forecast and circle the correct words.b*d . Complete the sentences with the correct (4 points) 1 It's easy to eave paper. In the afternoon. meet at the words in capital letters. He never food.d yozr..iLL school? you I you u:i. in.Britain are a group oI islands called :_ Scilly Isles. Some people think that u_ 2050 they wiil i'_ be more crowded than Florida.n I rai. Aou were I were youlast night? clo 5A 1jou uant I do you want Io when rrorr linish schooll B I want to be a doctor. 3 Do you think that dog is 4 I can't understand my leacher. My favourite place is a small village in the Lake Districl. . Tomorrow morning the roads will be 2'ice I icy and there will be a strong 3 witzd I uti.LL finrsh gury. by or zero & article. You can do it 6 Madonna sings and dances In two years'time.?* Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the words in the box. o_ Il can get sometimes but place I've it's the most 5_ ever been to. 3A PEACE NATURE carefr rl with Puvv n:npt? vYrua! B To save the trees 4A B RELAX NOISE SPOIL At the cinema. We can people think that o_ ten years'time. People t_ want to go abroad.. He talks very _ .l. They are near ''_ southwest of England in '_ Atlantic Ocean.Kffi effi*94 VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR Complete the text with will.esFai-ioi)/ ttou the air. there will be a 1ot of hotels and holiday camps on the islands. bicycle. 3 Our government isn't doing much the environment. I snowy or t rai.. the. There is a boat and a small plane that go there but there aren't many places to stay and there aren't many cars. Cars (6 points) fltur How 1A 2A (4 points) Whut Where U'hen many Who \\'l-ry lanluag. (3 points) Good evenino Here is the weather forecast for northern Scotland tomorrow./ but still very cold. One of the most beautiful places in . He really drives bad. Complete the text with the correct form of vlut e Frcnch and Engkhl- ca rt speak? _you _ _ _ _ met I di. won't.

5 Members don't have to pay to visit National Trust buildings. Most of the buildings that the National Tiust owns are open to the public and we will protect them for ever. We give you all your meals and our group leaders will organise evening activities. you sleep in the building which you are helping to clean. e it's also very polluted.ironment. 7 On a National Trust working holiday you have to bring something to sleep in. d most fascinating city I've ever been to. lt staded in '1895 and now has over three million members. The trust needs members to get more money to help save Britain's nature and history. With your help. You can also go on a National Trust working holiday. All you need to bring are some old clothes. I T I GOMMUNICATION Match the beginnings of sentences with the correct 'l In my opinion. c I disagree. 6 It's the 7 That's true but f a London is the besl city in Europe. On one of our holidays. Join us today. Britain can be a cleane6 more interesting and better protected place. Tick true and cross false. rur NAToNAL TRusr 3 Personally. f- READING SKILLS % Read the ad for the NationalTrust. is the history and excitement. 3 1 The National Trust is the biggest I T T T B-Beata C-Carole M-Maftin Who has just read a newspaper article? better again? Who talks about the past? 5 6 Who isn't going to worry about the future? 7 Who has already done something lo help the environment? Who Who Who then doesn't want to read the article? doesn't know what to think? thinks things will get worse and tr T T tr T Ali of the National Tiust buildings are open to the public. conservation charity h the u-orld. g absolutely right. endings. li is Europe's biggest conservation charity and also tries to teach people how they can help the environment As an example. their farming programme tries to get people to buy food from local farmers. strong boots and a sleeping bag. not suoermarkets.LISTENING SKILTS 'e ffi 1 2 3 4 Listen to three people discussing the future. n n '& (7 points) 4 The National TYust is more than 100 years old. 103 . Why be a member? Members get free entry to all National trust buildings and we will send you our magazine to tell you all about our latest projects. I don't think 4 What I like about it 5 I'm afraid I tr tr tr tr n The NationalTrust is an organisation which looks after buildings and countryside in most of the United Kingdom. Nobody can destroy the NationalTrust buildings or build on its land. (7 points) Match the people to the questions (1-7). (6 points) tlJ 2 Yes. you're ff. 2 The organisalion leaches people hon they can protect the enr. 6 The National Trusl organises camping holidays. b it will make any difference.

/ 4X 5X 6. 4 There wasn't anybody at the party. a lot 3 How many biscuits do you eat every week?. big. there isn't 5 Are there any plants ln your bathroom?.i 2Her 3are 4aI 5get 6His 7is 8In * 2 is Gira from 3 does Pauia get up 5 9On $ lhey go at weekends 4 Could you use a computer when you were ten? 5 What did your best friend do last nighL? 6 Why didn't you come to the party last weekend? 2 I didn't pass my exam. middle-aged € 2 throw away 3 put on 4 Pick (them) up 6 Take off 7 printed (it) out €2c 3c 4a 5b 6c 7a 8b $ LISTENING SKILLS € 2to 3an 4them 5and 6with Tbut 8a 9lt 10 The 'l 1 at .. she doesn't 6b 2 Is Becky working 3 do your friends go 4 don't buy 5 are you doing 6 plays 7 are wearing 8 Does your sister study 9 isn't doing READING SKILTS COMMUNICATION 1x 2. LISTENING SKILLS €1g2a3d4t5b6e 1d 2i 3a 4t 5h 6b 79 8c I 1X 2./ READING SKILLS t1c2b3a4c5cOc COMMUNICATION 32g3e4b5f6a7d8c TEST2 S./ 3. they do 3 Can your father.../ 7x 8. 3 I wasn't shy when I was young. packet 7 sandwich./ 9 There's some butter . work 3 Eglptian 6stepfather . brorm./ 4X 5x 6X 7X 8. doesn't 7 His S 2Everybody 3somebody 4nothing 5anybody LISTENING SKILLS READING SKITLS 6 I couldn't play the piano when I was five. E1a2b3b4a5c 6c E 1/ 2X 3../ 3/ 4X 5X 6X 7./ 9x €1b2c3b4c5a R LISTENING SKILLS READING SKILLS *. table 4 sink G 5 drawer 2 are going 1o 4 * in to *2c 3a 4c 5b 6a € 3 6 bottles.1 2 doesn't have to 3 can't 4 have to 5 has/'s eot 6 haven't got -* 2 the best 3 cheaper 4 friendlier 6 (the) hottest 7 better 9a 5 the newest S 2 Do farmers have to./ € 2Why 3idea 4get 5 COMMUNICATION about 6 sure 7 If LISTENING :1X 2X 3. 7 It's in the living room./ E2g3b4t5cOd7e 104 . 3 What's the matter? 4 Don't worry. 1c 2b 3c 4b 5a 6 € 2 some 5 Shall I information 6 give you 3 you tell me 4 mean by 7 did you say i lStefan 2Heidi 3Natasha 4Heidi Heidi 7 5Natasha Stefan 8 Heidi TEST6 COMMUNICATION E 2afraid 3course 4Here 5fine 6problem Tsorry I UNITS II-1.. 6. doesn't get 2 friends 3 parents' 4 are always 5 often go 6 Our isn't../ 4 Who's theithat boy 5 My sister has got a new . he can't 4 Have they got. tall. Iives. they haven't 5 Has your school got. {i come 4 studies./ 3X 4.SELF.2 R 2skiing 3athletlcs 4volleyball 5saiLhg 6hockey € 2travel 3book 4pack 5stay 6excursion 7go 8 beat TEST3IUNITSs-6 € 2 shelves 3 armchair./ 4x 5x 6. curly 4 beautiful. slim. 8. 5 How was your day? 6 Well done! 7 You look happy! IUNITSS-4 3 I 2 magazine 22a 3c 4b 5b $ 2long. 5 I wanted nothing to eat./ 6X 7./ . there are 2 Have you got any sugar? 3 . it has 6 Does your sister have to. COMMUNICATION € 2 I'm so sorry./ 7X i1e2b3h4t5i6a7c COMMUNICATION I 2turn 3straight 4past 5turning READING SKITLS SKIt[S TESTT 6corner 7 cross TEST4 I 2 I UNITS 7-B History 3 Maths 4 Literature course 8 * 2recycle 3protect 4pollute 5wastes S 2natural 3relaxing 4noisy 5unspoilt € 2well 3dangerous 4quickly 5easily 6beautifully S 2the 3the 4the 5will 6in Twon't 8bv 9* 2 Who did you meet 3 Why should we 4 Where were 5 What do you want 7 When 6 How many countries have I UNITS \3-14 € 2icy 3wind 4snowy 5ralny 6clouds Tsunny you 5 Physical Education you will you 2 2leave 3failed 4degree 5donate 7 6 Science TISTENING SKITLS READING SKITLS 1 COMMUNICATION 3 2nere 3didn'tlike 4couldn't 5went 6 learnt. many € isn't going to do 5 Is she going to fly 6 am/'m not going to take 2 don't have to 3 6 don't have to play 3 are they going to go mustn't 4 should 5 shouldn't S 2already 3just 4yet 5never * 2 Have you seen 3 did you buy 4 has/'s beaten 5 won 6 haven't done 7 didn't eo LISTENING SKILLS READING SKILLS 4 Is there a washing machine in your kitchen?.4earned 7 didn't have took t heating 10 6grade messages 11 washing c'tB 2c 38 4M 5M 68 7C € X 2. coffee 2 3 above 4 next 5 under 6 ln front of 7 between 7a 2 How much money do you spend on books?./ 5.ASSESSMENT TESTS ANSWER KEY TEST1 I UNITS 1-2 I 2Spanish 3English 4Hungarian 6 7 € 5Japanese 2 How old were you when you got your first bike? 3 Where dld you spend your last holiday? 2 2cousjn 3niece 4nephew 5aunt grandmother 4 is their teacher's name 5 do 1 catches 2 don't work. green 6 purse trainers 3 4 CD player 5 dictionary TEST5IUNITS9-10 E lboots 2tle 3suit 4sweater 6 trousers 5sunglasses 5 do up 7 wallet pretty.

that's the Second World War. They had a daughter my age and we were like sisters. M Mmm. She took the bike in the car as well. J What do you do at the weekend? M We always get up about 9 o'clock and go shopping. My father usually goes to work at 7 J Wow! That's earIy. Can you say'Ho.. Do you have breakfast at home? M Yes. Now I had my owrr room. J . I'm very good with children. We went every year. what I can see in my shop is that young people don't want to buy suits these days. Yes. what's that? It's a letter from my family in Germany. lots of bookshelves and a TV There's one bathroom with a bath and a shower and a toilet of course. She gave me some chocolate in the car and a week later she telephoned my parents to ask how I was. good. How much money do I get? You see . I can find something to make me look old and fat. seven days a week for three weeks. Lots of children left London. I moved my brother's things into a cupboard and put all my books and CDs on the shelves and my posters on the wall. How much is the rent? It's 5200 a week in July and August and 5150 a week from September to June. from the harbour. Thank you.presenter. It could fly. I hurt my teg and couldn't walk. cosy living room with very comfortable armchairs and a sofa. a fridge and a washing machine. Speaker 3 I remember holidays in France. My family gets up very early.. Is there a good view? Oh yes. I didn't want to go home. M Well. who wanted something nice to wear on a Saturday evening and they bought suits. School starts at 8 in Germany. He was great.. I wanted to run but she stopped me. I was five. B I don't think it's a problem. I don't have to go to university after Deeember 3. B Oh yes. I've got two young brothers and I have to look after them. u'e bought our food from the same shop every year. I lived near London and in 1940 I went to live with a family ln a village.rhere exactly are the cotlagcs] W M Yes. thank you very much for your help. She didn't want me to see her cry Speaker 2 I alwavs remember one Christmas. She's fifteen. I know lots of stories and songs. Some weren't happy but the family I went to were lovely. All the cottages there belong to us and you can choose one. Sea View Cottages. What do you think of young people's fashions? Well. 105 .. Now. Sometimes. My first question is to Mr Jessup. ho. You can see the harbour and the sea from the Iiving room and the bedrooms. I wanted to go to school. we go to the cinema and we often chat on the Internet. Can you do that? B Yes. Look at young Joel here. It was great. yes. . when I said goodbye.. In my shop. I was a bit lonely at first but after a week or two I was happy. In the kitchen there are lots of cupboards. in this job you have to work from 8 o'clock in the morning until 9 o'clock in the evening. My mother is a teacher. She was very friendly and took me home. What would you like to know? M Well. with lots of young people among them. You're welcome. I didn't know what to do. I loved aeroplanes. Now nobody wants them. oh and a cooker. I've got my Christmas holldays. any questions? Yes. I was only ten. But every year it was wonderful. She teaches young children and I am always Santa Claus at her school. It was great. I was very happy. Now. armchairs and a table. have you got TESTS IUNITS5-6 M-man. We only had a small house and we always slept in the same bedroom. we visited the same places. r. I'm a student. You can ring us from 9 o'clock on 0146 21331. Why do you think you are a good candidate fnr thc inh nf a Sente QlSLlg. Speaker 5 I remember when my brother went to university. W Certainly. Well. I loved mv four vears there. you're interested in a job shop in December. we had customers of all ages. sometimes. My father is a doctor and my mother is a teacher. W M W WeI. M Yes. You're very good at that. shirts and ties.ASSESSMENT TESTS TAPESCRIPTS TEST1 J I UNITS 1-2 Martin J-Jose. We always did the same things. sorry. my grandfather. in the past. you don't look like Santa Claus. Thrn left into Hill Road and Sea View Gardens is the second road on your right. Ard you? M And what are the cottages like inside? W They've got two bedrooms with beds. In England people start school and work at 9.. an old T-shirt and a pair of trainers. I like children. at 6 o'clock. Speaker 6 Well. short and fat. Then we often go for a walk. J Is Germany very different from England? M Yes. C . I was very sad. I could see her trying to hide her eyes. I went with my mum. Ewa. ho. The kltchen has a view of the garden. as Santa Claus M Now. Can I help you? M Yes. M W M W M W TEST4 Speaker I UNITS 7-8 TEST2IUNITS3-4 M-man. that's at our right. There's a newsagent's on the corner. We still are. alright..blue jeans. I had it for years. Very good. Ard there's a garden. M Very good. When the war started.Joel P Good evening and welcome to our weekly radio phone-in Do you know Newlyn. You're very young and tall and slim. M Good. ho' M The thing I remember was my first day at school I wasn't sad at all. Now. he's wearing the uniform of the young . a young actor and musician.B-boy M Good morning Mr . you say. a clothes shop owner and Joel Fisher. he was nineteen.. Speaker TEST5IUNITS9-10 P . I was ill and couldn't eat any dinner. We stayed in the same town. There's a small. you go past the post office and the supermarket to Hill Road. I loved it and now I always take my children to the same place. Why do you think you can do this job? B Well. At the gates. Oh.. sir. B B Good morning. 1 B B like Santa Claus? Ho. sir? I do. we always have breakfast in the morning. J Where do you live in Germany? M We live in Bonn. Please sit dovm. 4 I remember when I fell off my bike. firs[ly. I'm interested in renting a cottage for the sununer and I've got some questlons I'd like to ask. Davies. but Santa Claus doesn't have to be good with computers.W-woman W Hello. I know how to work on a computer but I'm not very good at it.Mr Clive Jessup. I remember a car stopped and a woman got out. it's very beautiful. Well. Santa Claus is old. C show The World Toclay. er . it's a long time ago. I also have a sister. And . ho.M M Hello Martin. one last thing. OK. This evening we are asking: Do our young people look worse than in the past? Here in the studio we have Mr Clive Jessup. I was 111 for about two weeks and my grandfather bought me a very expensive model aeroplane. of course.SELF.

tell you what music I like. Fietcher. Carole! C But I think that by the time everyone realises that the problem is really bad. the score is 3 1 to Manchester. Or there wrll be a war and we'lI all die! The thing is. Ard I'm never going to buy a car! TEST6 I UNITS 17-T2 P-presenter. it will be too late. J That's Northern Ireland. They have played three games this r'veek and you can see that this match is difficult for them P What can Liverpool do? J They must score in the first five minutes of the second half to have any chance in this match. what do you say to Mr Jessup? Do you sometimes wear a suil? No. You don't have to buy expensive clothes to say something. the teams are going to come out for the second half soon so let's look at the goals from the first half . no. Maybe Donald. They could score more. I buy most of my clothes in street markets and they are really cheap. things lvill get very bad in the next few years. Smith. P They've scored one goal. C. I don't know really. I $-ant to talk to Jack Sinclair. I haven't got any. I've never seen him play well. Oh. they can't both be right. I've never liked him.. Liverpool have looked very tired. J Mmm. There will be robots cleaning the worldl B C P All right. If you want to say something with your clothes. M Well. stronger man at the back. An exciting game. I mean. not really. They-'ve already scored three goals and T think the5 re going to score more in the second half. He might be OK at a smaller club. They tell you something. Manchester have played very rvell. On the contrary.' My clothes say: 'I don't want to look like my parents..when you buy clothes in big stores they are all the same. M The thing is.. Beata? Well. Mr Jessup.P J Joel. Some of the people think that the world will get worse and some think it will get better. Oh come on . trverything will be destroyed and we won't be able to do anything. In a few minutes rve are golng to see the goals again but first. Well. Jack. What do you say about that? I still think that young people today have no style. The number. you have to look somewhere else. It was my father's. not at all. I'm going to try to forget about lt and enjoy my iife. 106 . I don't want to read that. Let's hear what our listeners have to say about that. Not like the clothes in big stores. It's obvious. The T-shirt and trainers. is having a very bad match. we don't know. And that you cannot say that a T-shlrt or trainers can be cfvlich A onnri cilifi is something that . I think Liverpool should sell him. He can't run. I'11 C be worried. What do you think. They're not a big country like England. The Manchester players are faster and better. Do you spend a lot on clothes? Oh. They haven't got many players to choose from. B J P C J vorrr tra. In my opinion.. P lmportant to me. there will be terrible storms and lots of peopie will die and then governments will have to do somethhg. I wore one for my sister's wedding. I think the manager should change two players.just -Martin read an interesting article in the paper all about what people think will happen in the next 50 years. Oh. for example. is too smail.14 M B Beata.. he can't do anything. Nobody could imagine mobile phones or computers or email or CDs or videos.iners also look a bit expensive.. I agree with Mr Jessup there . But they have a lot of character and they really say something. I've. look at 50 years ago. I've joined Greenpeace and I'm going to protest against pollution.Carole. Mr Jessup doesn't understand that my clothes are M Why? Don't you think everything lvill get better? I do. Why is he plaflng? Why hasn't the manager taken him off yet? P You don't like Fletcher! J No. Don't worry. The problem is thev haven't done much yet. A suit says: 'I want to look like my parents. C Really? All this pollutlon and global warming and you aren't worried about what will happen? M No. I think they were lucky. They've both got some good ideas. I'm not.. B Hi Carole. I think scientists will flnd a way to clean the pollution and recycle all the waste. Yes. P He's played 50 games for Liverpool and he's scored 7 goals. They need a taller.' You can say a lot with clothes. He's got iots ol suits. I'm going to do something to he1p. he can't klck.J-Jack Welcome back to the programme. Beata. The number 10. That's possible I guess. The number 4. I think! Well. the England manager. P TESTT I UNITS 13. J Yes. is . So.. we can't imagine what scientists will invent in the next 50 years. once again. at half time between Liverpool United and Manchester Tov'n. Telephone now to tell us what you think or ask Joel or Mr Jessup a queslion. But not just today. P They beat England last year and fletcher scored. He's only 21 and he's already played for Northern Ireland 17 times.

They're both tall and thin.spslchoco\ate)? I'd like sausages and chips. Here you are. Hello 266 7039. They hate (hot ueatherlerams). Is that Jane? Good morning/afternoon.on). Anrrthino elqp? There's one left.on)? Giving directions Go straight on. Describing personality and interests He's friendly and confident. World Music. Buying something to eat and drink (Unit 6) Customer Can I have Describing people (Unit 3) Describing appearanee He's young and he's got short. is Tom Brorm Lhere. There are two.n stati. It's opposite the (post offi. is there a (post offi. I like reading but she doesn't. Greetings How are you? Very welVfine/Not bad thank you. Tirrn right/Ieft at the traffic lights.s ag ent's) . Waik past the (sup erwtarket I the neu. And you? Asking for and giving information (Unit 5) Asking for directions Excuse me. Expressing preferences (Unit 2) Illke (danczng on the beach/shoppi.sterlbrother). My house is on the right. straight hair and big. How do I get to your house? Excuse me. piease. wrong number. Nick here Hi Nick. Hold on./Bye bye. fTorp rrnrr lrp 107 ./Hang on a minute.FUNCTIONS BANK Telephoning (Unit 1) Starting a conversation A B Asking for permission and giving/ refusing permission (Unit 4) Asking for permission Can I sit here. please. That's 53. I don't llke (eatinglsui. please? A B Giving permission Yes. (a bott\e of uater/an apple). We both love music and books. of course. Sorry I'm afraid not. please? Have you got any (cri. please? Could I use your phone. No. See you (soonllaterltomorrow I on Friday Refusing permission (explaining your reasons) I at seuen). Take care. please. he's not here. Hi./Goodbye. She's very good at sports. How much is that? That's all.celbank) near here? Other expressions used while talking on the phone Sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry. please? Hello. lhat's fine. where's the (cznemaltrai. This is Mike. Hello.ng my motherlschoo| ho|idays). Here you are. A B Finishing a conversation Bye. Yes.{eft. That seat's not free. blond.50 (altogether). He looks like his (dadlmum). It's Jack.mming) a lot. They're both qureL. Take ihe first turning on the left/righL. No problem.ng on the beach). Ilove (helpi. green eyes. Can I help you? Certainly. Shop assistant He doesn't look like hrs (sr.ng). There's a (bus stoplbookshop) on the corner. thank you.celbus stati. She enjoys (holidaysldanci. please. He is like my mum. This is a non-smoking office.

What size is it? . I passed my EngLish exam! How was your day? Great! I got a Saturdayjob! That's (Brilli. 108 .ts/ some earri.It's 5200. very smarl in good condition.fullnoi. How much is itldoes it cost? .It's smaller than a radio.Ilage).Sharing good and bad news (Unit 7) Asking for advice/Suggestions (Unit 11) Asking for advice What should I buy for her? What can I take for my dad? What do you suggest? A B A B A You look happy.{t's 20 centimetres long/ wide/high/thick. Yes. It's the (mo st unsp o i.It weighs 2 kilos/it's 500 grams What make is itlare they? . Describing a picture (Unit 12) It's a picture of (o. Describing an obiect (Unit 10) Look what does it look tike? . you canforget all your prob\ems/ and people go for speci.ke).ons). There's/are (a manltrees) in the middle.It's quite smalVnot very big. It's the kind of place where (you cctn relarl . Maybe rt's (the uteekendli. why not? I don't think so.scui. there's a big tree.n a ui. I think (they're o"fami. What about (a toylone of these key rings)? Why don't you get (a bor of bi.&im? What did he/she do? How did he/she do that? What else did he/she do? How did he/she influence you? mugs.y is it? . How long/wide/high/thick is it? .ant! IWeII done! lGood Fantastic!) for gou! I Suggestions If she likes souvenirs. Size How big is it? . On the left/right. I'm not sure about that. parkla cztl1 street).sy) What I like about itis (the natura| beautyl the atmospherelthe space).n the citgli. did you say Monday? sure A description of a favourite place (Unit 13) It's really (peacefullbe auti.It's a Toyota.It's 35 by 27 centimetres/metres. Yes. I can see five people.lt I quie t e st I mo st e r ci'ti'ng) place I've ever been to' Other features How hear. The yor-rnger boy's/girl's (carrgzng a ba\Llnding Asking for information (Unit 9) Could you tell me the dates and times of the course? Can you give me some information about the level and the course book they use? Suggesting help How can I help? Shall I send you our brochure? I can give you the address.ngs) for your mum? Accepting or rejeeting a suggestion That's a good idea.. Confirming your understanding/making What do you mean by low? Sorry./an iPod/ They're Levi's./ It costs 5200. you could get one of those Finding out about an important person from the past (Unit 8) General questions Who was he/she? How old was he/she? Where was he/she from? WhereAVhen/How did you meet her.It's grey.al occasi.Lylthey aIL Look happg ctnd re\aned). if you like a bi.

That's true but . Disagreeing with a speaker's opinion Sorry but I don't agree.Don't worrv. I lost my mobiie phone today. I agree wilh you. Agreeing with a speaker's opinion Yes. you should complain about it.Expressing opinion (Unit 14) Expressing your own opinion and beliefs I think rt's (ho rri. 109 . I know what you mean but ./ It doesn't matter. Personally../Never mind.. L . Giving and reacting to bad news A B A B A What's the matter? I failed my driving test again! What's up? You look sad. I'm afraid I disagree. Yes. you're (absolutely) right. In my opinion.. I don't think it'll make any difference.b Le I g r e at I w onde rJuL) I don't think it's a very good idea./I'm so sorry. I (completely) agree.. Oh dear. Yes..b e I t e rri.

no IV G Anne of Green Gabler lndi!. Teachers . lt's all in the name! \Xlith Szccess we recommend the Longman Wordwise Dictionary.uoo. For further reading at this Ievel see Anne of Green Gables and other 1eve1 2 readers.uu **on.com I S BN 978-0-582-85517-2 lil llll | illllllllllllil [ .e video.r*:ry Elementary Workbook Students will .rongman. photocopiables and tests. with activities that help learners both understand and internalise grammar rules and avoid common mistakes.. can easily adapt lessons and tests with photocopiables and the Testmaster CD-ROM. be extensively prepared for school-ieaving exams with a clear syllabus supported by exam practice and exam sirategies. be motivated and confident be able to speak easily with a syllabus that focuses on communication in real-world contexts and vocabulary. th... enjoy their course rr'ith the inspiring and up-to-date topics and'Culture Shock' sections.$l **ou.. can make every lesson different with the variety of material in the Students' Book. the CD-ROM. fil { www.

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