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2 - Alice

0 - The Beginning 1 - Drink Me 2 - The Garden 3 - Go Fly a Kite 4 - Darkened Rooms 5 - The Kitchen 6 - The Mad Wankers Web Party 7 – Sexytown 8 - The Queen of Blow jobs 9 - Woodland Pleasures 10 - Playing with Balls 11 - The End Afterword

0 – The Beginning
Alice was feeling bored, very bored indeed. She was waiting outside the gazebo for her big sister, who was inside the gazebo with her boyfriend. Alice didn't like her big sister's boyfriend. Her big sister's boyfriend ignored her most of the time and on the few occasions when he did notice her he just called her "little brat". She, for her part, just called him "The Boyfriend" and ignored him back. Not that "The Boyfriend" cared; he just wanted to spend all his time kissing her big sister, who was more than happy to oblige. Alice was outside the gazebo because they were inside kissing and she had to wait for them because her big sister was supposed to be minding her while their mother was out doing the shopping. "Though all she seems to mind is 'The Boyfriend'," Alice dropped the daisy chain she had just finished making and looked around the garden for something else to do. Inside the gazebo she could hear rustling and sucking sounds. And once her big sister had said, quite distinctly, "Oh no, don't do that." But then she had giggled and the rustling and sucking sounds had resumed. The gazebo itself was overgrown with a dense tangle of climbing roses, so Alice could not see inside. Not that Alice really had any interest in seeing what they were doing. As she said to herself, "she did not know quite what they were doing, and did not quite want to know." She just wanted something to happen to relieve the boredom. It was a typical late September day where through the sun shone brightly the air still carried a chill. So she when she had first sat down to wait for her sister to finish kissing "The Boyfriend" Alice had chosen the sunny side of the gazebo, pulling her light summer skirt up to let her legs get a little more colour and slipping her spaghetti straps off her shoulders to avoid any tan lines. There in the full sunshine she could pretend that it was early summer and that the

They continued to French kiss and their hands continued to make rhythmic motions inside each other’s clothes. As Alice passed by the open entrance of the gazebo she happened to glance inside. but they would also be angry at her and she did not really want to provoke an argument. Her sister and "The Boyfriend" were doing more than just kissing. Inside the rustling and sucking continued unabated. Her sister's blouse was half undone and her bra was pulled down to expose one breast. as if expecting someone. she was feeling rather warm sitting in the sunshine and so decided to move around to the shaded side of the gazebo.Alice dreaded return-to-school was months away not next week.4 . But what was most surprising to Alice was that The Boyfriend's other hand was not touching her sister's breast. Alice smiled to herself. But now. She stood. Alice did not know what to do. Alice just stood and started open mouthed at the scene. Should she interrupt? It would ruin their pleasure. Alice's big sister and "The Boyfriend" were sitting beside each other on the little bench in the gazebo. For Alice was in no doubt that what they were doing was naughty. But what was even more surprising was that her sister's hand was down the front of her boyfriend's jeans. very naughty indeed. but that his hand was pushed down the front of her sister's shorts. letting her skirt fall and shrugging her straps back onto her shoulders. Alice looked quickly to the left and then to the right. their mother for instance. And stopped dead in her tracks. her eyes wide and her mouth open in shock. ages and ages later. his arm was around her sister's shoulder and their lips were locked together. Their eyes were closed and neither of the older teens noticed that Alice was standing there looking at them. that was for sure. to suddenly show up and discover the naughty things that her big sister and "The Boyfriend" were doing. But nobody came and Alice just stood and stared as the two French kissed. . their hands making sympathetic movements at each other’s crotches. and started to make her way around the gazebo.

Alice's smile broadened. but a good naughty. but lost her balance.. they were bound to open their eyes sooner or later and see her standing there." her sister pulled her hand out of her boyfriend's jeans and stood up. Alice's heart jumped and she looked around in terror. and tumbled onto the ground. where the roses were thinner and there was a greater likelihood that she would find a gap to look through. Her sister was looking at her. She wanted to see what the two of them would do. "What do you think you are doing?" "The Boyfriend" looked around and saw Alice standing there.. Her sister and her boyfriend were very angry. but missed. "The Boyfriend" bemusedly opening his eyes as if from a dream. ." her sister looked straight at Alice. A shrill scream pierced the air. She found her hands under herself and started to push herself up.Declan Stanley . She looked around quickly and decided to move around to the left. Alice jerked her hand out of her sister's grip. but "The Boyfriend" interrupted her. Alice opened her mouth to answer her sister. "Why you little. She fell heavily against the wall of the gazebo. But she could not just stand in the gazebo's entrance. Alice turned to run away but her sister caught her arm. It felt naughty. Alice started to feel frightened. cracking her head. Yes." he pulled his hand from out of his girlfriend's shorts. "You little brat." Alice found her voice. then just rolled over on to her back and closed her eyes for a moment. As she fell someone made a grab for her.5 Or she could continue to watch. "I am not. "The little brat is spying on us. And yet she had done nothing wrong.

in fact. No. Her back aches. A floor tiled with interspaced black and white tiles. she has definitely never seen black and white floor tiles in a gazebo. And one always got a headache when one received a blow to the head. gazebos are usually floored in wood. She had definitely fallen because she is lying on her back on a very hard surface. One. not the pain from falling suddenly onto one.1 . She is sure of it. She cannot describe the difference to you. She puts her hand to her forehead but there is no pain and no swelling. Usually. and that this black tile is surrounded by white tiles. A very. She lifts her head a little and sees that it is a black tile. but she can definitely recognize it. very hard surface. It is most confusing. for instance. She sits up and looks around. But not one used commonly used to floor gazebos. She is. but she does not have a bruise and she does not have a headache. So where is the bruise and where is the headache? Alice bruises like a peach. the same type of wood that the walls and roof were made from. That is not say that she passed out. but it is the pain you get from lying on a hard surface for too long. She rolls her head to the side and sees blackness. but literally she sees something that is black. . She remembers falling and hitting her head. So she has been lying on her back on this hard surface for a long time. She takes a deep breath. lying on a tiled floor. in fact. A common enough flooring. Yes. that is used extensively throughout her school. she is sure. Yet she is sure she has tripped and that she hit her head as she fell.Drink Me Alice opens her eyes and does not have a headache. white tiles that are inter-spaced with more black tiles. but there is no accompanying headache.

" she looks down at the black and white floor tiles. "Oh. I know where I am. The corridor is flanked by bland magnolia coloured walls. A fact confirmed when she looks beyond her feet and sees a long." she confirms. but does not archive anything more by looking around this time than she has from her previous looks around. rather than have left me lying on the floor in the corridor?" "Yes. Her face lights up in sudden realization." "And." She waits some more." "Yes. She looks around once more. "I am sure that the doctors and nurses would not leave their patients lying on the floor in corridors. "This corridor is definitely longer than our garden.7 She is definitely not in her gazebo." she nods to herself. "Any moment now." She waits for the doctors and nurses to return for her." she continues to look around. I must have fallen off the trolley while they were pushing me along the corridor and they will be back for me in a moment. "Just as soon as they realize that I have fallen off the trolley. "Surely they will have put me in a bed on a ward. though nothing has changed." she looks around again." "Though. I am sure every hospital I have ever been in has had magnolia coloured walls.Declan Stanley ." She looks down the empty corridor and at the featureless magnolia walls. "I am in hospital." she looks along the corridor. corridor stretching into the distance. or windows. "They always have long corridors in hospital. The black and white tiles making that funny zigzag pattern as they recede into the distance. "It's simple. "I fell and hit my head and I have been taken to hospital. I know. "They always paint the walls magnolia in hospitals too." she reassures herself. "They use this type of floor in a hospital. without any doors." She looks at the walls." But no one comes. Which makes her think that she is definitely not in her back garden either. and shakes her head slowly." she brightens. or any markings of any kind. slowly curving." "That must be it. ." "And. "Oh.

Instead she stands. instead of a telephone. is an old fashioned medicine bottle with a cork stopper pushed into its top. "Hmmm. "In fact I feel quite well." She stops herself from looking around yet another time." she chews her bottom lip. else. from the fact that I appear to have started talking out loud to myself rather a lot. does not feel light-headed and does not want to sit down." she put her hands out in front of herself. "Am I sure that I fell and hit my head?" She has none of the symptoms of falling and hitting her head. And not standing in this strange corridor talking to myself. "Of that I am quite sure.8 . Directly across the corridor from her is a small mahogany table." she blushes. "No." She thinks some more." "So I must have hit my head." She looks around once more and notices something she had not seen before. "Into the gazebo." she looks down the empty corridor. "Else I would be lying on the floor of the Gazebo with my big sister shouting at me. Affixed by a string tied around the neck of the bottle is a small yellow tag. "Hmmm. "And I remember falling forward." she stops herself from biting her bottom lip again. Alice looks up and down the silent corridor but there is no sign of anybody. "Not in hospital at all. "Full of people coming and going all of the time." She considers everything once again and nods her head. And does not sway. "But yet I distinctly remember the startled exclamation from my big sister." She steps forward. "Apart." she looks around again. or anything. . as if catching herself in a fall." There is complete silence once she has finished talking. And sitting on the small table." She looks around once more." she slumps a little. "Perhaps I am not in hospital after all. but I am quite sure that they are very busy places.Alice "Well I have not been inside very many hospitals. that is. The sort people put in their hallways to place their telephones on.

but none producing even a solitary inquiry as to its source. But once again the corridor returns to silence and as Alice looks up and down all she can see are the magnolia walls and black and white floor tiles receding into the distance. the corridor remains as silent. she thinks. Feeling somehow naughty. her tummy is all a tingle and her knees feel as if they are about to give way. "I must have peed myself a little. expecting at any moment for hordes of people to come running up to her to see what all the racket is about. this time trying to step as quietly as she possibly can. she reaches to pick it up.Declan Stanley . which echoes along the corridor and makes her heart jump. And once again Alice waits while the echoes fade to see if even one person will approach to inquire as to the source of such a clamorous racket. her heart is beating fast. my. "And. and its echoes have faded. and as empty of anyone else. way down below her bellybutton. Alice crosses to the table. She stands there rubbing her arm. her nipples were feeling very sensitive and she has a peculiar feeling in the base of her tummy. as if she were a burglar in someone else's home. but once again a thunderous noise accompanies her step. By the time she reaches the table her heart is beating wildly and she is tingling all over with excitement. And she is filled once more with curiosity.9 Alice takes a step towards the table. she notes. Her mouth is dry. for it is not particularly cold in this corridor. “And I have not been drinking any fizzy drinks recently to make my tummy fizz up. for my panties feel damp." she says out loud. each footstep echoing along the corridor. suddenly realizing that she . But once the step is completed. "Oh.” But her eyes are drawn once again to the little bottle. How unusual. but her footstep makes such a loud noise." "Oh!" she put her hand to her mouth. that she comes to an immediate stop. Particularly. “Yikes!” she nearly jumps out of her skin as a static shock runs up her arm and down through her entire body. Alice takes another step. as before the inception of the step. Licking her lips." Alice glances up and down the corridor. her nipples are so hard they almost hurt. eyes fixed on the little bottle.

confirming the bottle's pristine condition. the words "Drink Me". Not even a price sticker. But there had been no shock. The glass is ice cold to her touch. she reaches for the bottle. before taking the bottle in her hand and bringing it up to her face to have a better look at it. She turns it to the left.Alice has spoken out aloud about peeing herself. She looks up and down the corridor. But her voice.10 . "there is no frost on it. she turns it to the right. and not from the physical realization of any shock. In fact it does not look as if there has ever been a label of any kind stuck to it. It is like something one would see in a cartoon or an old movie. . Her fingertips touch the bottle and she jerks her hand back." She leans to the side to peer around to the back. concerned to avoid touching the glass of the bottle." she looks closer. she turns the label over. She tilts it back and forward a little. unlike her footsteps. not something one would normally come across in the real world. But yet. She looks at the top of the cork and the base of the bottle." she mumbles. Slowly she touches her fingers to the bottle again. but otherwise unremarkable. Gently she pinches the label between the tips of her thumb and fore finger and. her hand shaking with anticipation. She lets out the breath she did not know she was holding when touching the label produces no accompanying shock. Very slowly. written in very neat joined-up handwriting. slowly and carefully. She had jerked her hand back out of pure expectation. or disturb it in any way. But there is not a single mark on it. Steadying herself against the table she gingerly reaches out with the tips of her fingers to touch the label that is attached to the bottle. "Someone must have been keeping it in a freezer. She has also never seen a cork stuck in the top of a bottle before. There she finds. expecting to be discovered at any moment. "Drink Me?" she considers "How can one drink the contents of a bottle when one cannot even touch the bottle?" But the words "Drink Me" burn in her mind. produces no loud echo along the corridor. and a quick glance up and down confirms that there is no one here to hear what she has said. "Curiouser and curiouser.

flows down her throat smoothly and melts into her stomach. from the bottle to the cork and back once more. Nothing continues to happen." She takes hold of the cork and. It smelts of peppermint. It is cool on her tongue. Still nothing happens." muses Alice.11 "Well. "If I am going to drink it I suppose I might as well open it. She lets out her breath and relaxes a little. actually. looking from left to right.Declan Stanley . It too smelts of peppermint. There is nothing. "Hmm. "Well. She is just starting to take another sip when she feels a pinch on her toes. or caution. The peppermint smell is not too strong or overpowering. with her eyes half closed and her face averted. There is a pressure on her toes that feels . She looks at the cork held in the other. no giant echo. In fact it has spread to both her feet. She looks down. "It is quite refreshing. But yet she feels as if someone is standing on her toes. Slowly she brings her hands closer to her face and winkling her nose slightly she sniffs the cork. afraid of what might happen." Alice shrugs." She puts the cork down and turns the bottle slowly in her hands. "Or poison. She waits some more. with not even the smallest of pops. She looks at the inanimate bottle in her hand. Alice shrugs and takes a little sip. She sniffs it once more. She holds the bottle under her nose and sniffs. Nothing happens. There is no static shock. it's definitely not marked poison. Nothing that is except that the cork came out smoothly." Alice shrugs. She waits. not even a small explosion. she carefully pulls the cork out of the bottle. carefully not to spill any of its contents. "I have never heard of peppermint flavours medicine. or anything." She thinks some more. holding the bottle at arm’s length. She looks up and down the empty corridor. But there is nothing at her feet." smiles Alice as she considers the taste.

but true. She feels a tightness across her chest. sits down on the floor and. but actually the tightness is all around her ribs. she pulls her shoes from her feet. She looks down and realizes that her top is shrinking as well. Now her heels are starting to feel the pinch as well. For several long moments she stands unmoving as her top tightens and more. she starts to pull them off. Her breathing is becoming laboured. And sits and watches in rapped fascination as they shrivel up before her eyes until they are the size of tiny little dolls shoes. She takes hold of it and tries to pull it back down to her waist. Soon the spaghetti straps starts to bite into her shoulders. front and back. But her feet are still feeling the pressure. But the pressure on her feet is real. and more. Alice thought. Unbelievable. She looks at them and realizes that her socks are also shrinking. The hem starts to rise up her stomach. but before she can get the second `sock off it tears and splits. She takes a tighter hold and feels a little tear. Alice puts the bottle back on the table. and her stomach. She jumps to her feet and stands barefoot beside her shrunken footwear. but the squeeze continues. no. "Oh." her shoes are shrinking! I must be imagining it. and peels off her foot. "What?" Alice can feel her toes being squashed. But there is no one there.Alice as if someone is slowly leaning their full weight onto both her feet.12 . she is wearing nothing underneath. Quickly she lets go. afraid that her top will come asunder in her hands. but it easily slips from her fingers and continues its remorseless rise up her stomach. falling to the ground still shrinking. as quickly as she can. she can imagine her top splitting just like her sock has. She lifts a foot. Her shoes really are shrinking! And her feet are beginning to hurt. But she can't take her top off. She tries not to breath too deep. Quickly as she can. She tries to slide them off her shoulders but they are now too tight to loop across the . of her stomach is revealed. She put her hand to her hart.

"Now Stop! Stop!" she stamps her foot. but that does nothing to ease the pressure across her lower abdomen." she feels first one pop then another as the seams of her panties split along her hips. "Not my panties as well. Then came a pinch between her legs. no" she thought. but not tearing. nor the pinch way up into her crotch. "Oh. nor the biting of the panty's seams across her buttocks. She relaxes her thighs letting her legs part normally and feels her panties fluttering to the ground. She feels an itch at the backs of her legs and realizes that her skirt is also shrinking.Declan Stanley ." she remembers her sock splitting and falling from her foot. shaking the pain out of her foot. no. "Oh. "If this continues I'll be totally exposed. Her skirt is getting smaller not just in length. for the moment at least." she has a picture of having to walk along like a penguin with her arms pinned to her sides by her shrunken shoulder straps." her clothes are shrinking to nothing. "Oh. Suddenly replaced by the vision of having to walk along trying to hold scraps of material across her body to hide her nudity. The pressure stops. but in width as well.13 tops of her arms. . "Ah!" is the skirt going shrink and shrink cutting her in two. is flexible enough to expand as it shrinks. But luckily her top is made from stretchy T-Shirt material which. She looks down at them as they lie between her feet shrinking down until they are next to nothing in size." And then. She has to do something. She hops on one leg for a moment. stretching thinner and thinner. leaving her exposed and naked. "Surely it to will split and fall away. "Ah." Her skirt is lose and flowing. she realizes. the waistband getting tighter and tighter around her hips. Soon they will have shrunk to nothing. not her skirt as well. "Just as well." She presses her thighs together. and hurts her bare heel. but now she feels a pressure around her waist. she will be naked from the waist down. with an elasticated waist. "No! No!" her eyes opens wide. dear. She looks down and sees that the skirt which has been well below her knees when she put it on this morning is now several inches above them.

Then starts to survey the damage. What had been a loose elastic gathering before is now tight. She places both feet firmly on the ground and waits. "I don't think I can even get my big toe will fit into either of my shoes." Alice rubs a hand across her flat stomach. to give her more length in the skirt. calming herself down. as suddenly as it had started. wedged between her bellybutton and her hips. almost cutting into her skin. they are so small. the shrinking stops. "I wonder. never mind would ever get permission from her mother to wear. She traces a finger from her belly button up to the hem of the shrunken top." She tries to pull the waistband down a little. She waits another moment. Her shoes and socks. "if bellytops are in fashion in this strange place. shrunk so small that her two bottom ribs are uncovered.Alice "Stop shrinking this instant." she shakes her head slowly." she orders. And nothing continues to happen.14 . tracing the small indent of her breast bone and . And. "But then my Mother is not around to stop me. and will not move a millimeter. not so sure that that is such a good thing at the moment. She runs her finger around the inside of the waistband. relaxing her body. The size of her clothing has stabilized." it is shorter than the shortest mini skirt she has ever seen. she must be feeling better if she is thinking about fashions that her mother wouldn't allow her to wear. lie on the ground shrunk to almost nothing. As she looks down at herself she notices that her nipples can be seen clearly seen through the stretched material of her top. "And my skirt. She tries to slip her finger underneath. It sits there circling her stomach. "It's going to leave a mark. but there is no give. but there is no give at all. The material is stretched so tight that it clings like a second skin. and panties. Nothing further happens. She moves her finger further up." Not that her mother would ever let her wear something that shows her bellybutton. Then she smiles. She waits a few moments more for her heartbeat to slow and her breathing to ease." she looks around. even showing the faint outlines of her ribs.

The situation is not too bad on the right side where the strap still stretches across her shoulder. "Oh." She jiggles up and down for a few moments. But the strap for her left shoulder has snapped and hangs loose. letting the material fall down." Alice decides to leave it at that. Her pert breast remains half covered. letting the over stretched material relax and contract." She smoothes down the skirt. and pulls at the hem and once again ." Alice let the two strap-ends drop as they might. That will not do. She tries pulling the ends together." she blushes bright red thinking of how she is going to expose herself with every step she takes. and now I no longer have any panties on. "Now I'm sounding like my mother. She reaches around over her shoulder and manages to catch hold of the other half of the broken strap. She stops pulling afraid that she might tare her already distressed top and leave herself even more expose. but there is no give in the shrunken material. and it's flouncy. But the cotton of her top runs out before the flesh of her breasts. But struggle as she might she cannot get the back half of the broken strap to meet the front half. once again uncovering most of her breast. "I suppose that as long as my nipple is erect it will hold the material up and stop any more of my breast from being revealed. well. even if it pinches a little. "I did once see aunt May wearing a dress that revealed as much of both her breasts and she was wearing it to a fancy ball. "It is very short. "After all." Satisfied that she can do nothing more about her top Alice turns to her next worry. covering most of her breast once more. "Oh. only just covering her erect nipple. "It's intolerable!" She catches herself and looks around guiltily. But once she lets of go the strap it slips from her shoulder and falls to the front once more. my. her skirt. it at least pulls the material up to cover most of her breast. revealing quite a lot of her breast.Declan Stanley ." Alice takes hold of the broken strap and pulls it up over her shoulder.15 running her finger between the two small mounds of her recently grown breasts.

" Alice's cheeks blush bright red. . The sound of footsteps comes down the corridor. I'd love to fuck you. Not big thunderous. But normal steps. He is not wearing a white coat. um ." he continues. "But even if I did. "Well. Subconsciously she squares her shoulders. pushes out her chest and pulls in her stomach. The man hurries along.. carrying a stethoscope nor does he have that air of important authority that doctors in hospitals always seem to have. "I've got a boner you can fly a flag from.16 ." Alice is not used to being so openly scrutinized and while to be so ogled is conventionally rude. Alice is about to greet him when he comes to an abrupt halt and turns to face her. seeming not to notice her until he is almost on top of her." She does not know what to do. So Alice definitely decides once and for all that she is indeed not in a hospital. But there is no give in the skirt She is not even sure if she will be able to take the skirt off without ripping it.Alice tries to move the waistband. While she is looking up the corridor the steps sound as if they are coming from down the corridor. He is wearing a pinstriped suit. Alice's cheeks burns crimson. So that is how she turns and suddenly sees a man almost on top of her. with a bowler hat and is carrying a briefcase in one hand and has a folded umbrella tucked under the other.. And when she looks down the corridor the steps sound as if they are coming up. "Oh. well. yes. un-expectantly it feels quite nice." "Oh yes." he pants as he takes a long slow look up and down her. "You are a pretty sight. "Em. She looks up and down the corridor not able to determine from which direction the steps are coming. I'd never get it back on again." the man continues without waiting for Alice to formulate a reply. echoey steps like Alice had made. Well steps that are normal for someone who is walking in a hurry. In fact there is not the slightest hint of anything medical about him.

"If I don't get there soon the Queen will have me sucking dick till dawn. turns and scurries away so fast that he has disappeared around the curve of the corridor before Alice has any time to react to his surprising salutation. and feels very naked from the waist down. "Oh." a smile plays across her lips. because she has also feels a gust of wind sweep across her crotch and bottom. "Well I'm not getting anywhere just standing here looking around at nothing. socks and panties.. "Best see where this corridor will lead me. This time she is ready for the air caressing her upper thighs and crotch so it does not take her by surprise. and have just been stolen. She becomes very aware that her panties have popped off. And with that the man plucks up Alice's miniaturized shoes. She tries pulling the hem of the skirt down once more. “You know." she brought her fingers to her lips. her skirt really is very. She looks around once more. that did feel quite good. "Why you." She shakes her head to bring herself back to her senses." She takes another step. Then she considers the sensation that the man's intimacies has produced. but instead lifts the hem of Alice's newly shortened skirt and licks her slit." He bents forward." she looks down the corridor. She looks down. but suddenly feels foolish running down the empty corridor. then another and soon she is skipping down the corridor reveling in the free movement of air beneath her . And then came the realization that he has taken her stuff. starting with just a single step. Alice lets out a loud shriek as a bolt of electricity shoots through her." She tries walking again." she takes half a step after him. She will have to get out of a skirt that encourages complete strangers to be so intimate with her privates. "In fact.Declan Stanley . very short." he glances at his wrist watch. but the waistband is way too tight to fit around her hips." she muses. as if to perform a low bow. "it feels quite pleasant.17 "But I'm very. But first she will have to find something to replace it with.. "Shorter then even my shortest tennis skirt. it just cinches her waist and the skirt flares out over her hips. very late.

At each skip her skirt flops down as she pushes up and then flares out as she falls back down again. without any up and down movement to her steps. which makes her skirt flair out." she looks up and down the empty corridor. trying to minimize any up and down movement of her skirt." she pauses. And as she walks she comes upon a door. That seems the best solution to the problem of her skirt flouncing up. She holds the sides for a few steps. but it is rather awkward to walk with her hands fixed to her sides." She tries taking a step while pressing her hand to her crotch to hold the skirt down. Every step brings with it the free movement of air around her bottom and crotch. And as she walks. She has been walking past featureless magnolia coloured walls for so long that she has passed the door before she .18 . As she muses she walks. "I wonder if anyone watching can see my bare vagina as I walk?" "I can't go flashing everyone.Alice very short skirt. "Who knows when some other unexpected person is going to show up. A strange trill that adds a extra sway to her hips as she walks. Then she thinks that she is just drawing attention to the shortness of her skirt. but the skirt flies up so high in the back that she is sure that anyone who observes her will see her entire bottom exposed." she nods her head. and being couscous of the trill each step brings with it. "Yes. trying to remain even and steady. Which reminds her that she is naked beneath her skirt. she still finds herself musing about this peculiar place she has found herself in. thinking at each step to avoid her skirt bouncing up. She has to roll her hips more than usual." She starts to walk. She holds the back of her skirt for the next step. If she just walks normally and brazens it out perhaps nobody will notice that she is almost naked. swaying from side to side. But every time her attention strays from her walk she slips back into her old habit of up and down steps. "That would seem to be the best course of action. but that raises the front rather alarmingly. Which reminds her that she has to walk carefully to avoid exposing herself. A feeling which gives her a strange trill. "Oh.

She can hear bird song and the rustle of trees in the wind. taking in a deep lung-full of fresh air. It turns smoothly.Declan Stanley . takes a step backwards and turns sharply to face the door. She stops dead in her tracks. . momentarily exposing her bottom to anyone who might be watching. The door opens letting in a crack of bright summer sun. She pushes open the door and steps into the light. Completely unaware that the torque of her turn causes her skirt to flare out." she really must stop talking to herself out loud. "Hmm.19 realizes she has seen it." she tries the handle. "A door.

The door handle slips from her fingers as she blinks in the sunshine. and feels her heart soar. rich with the smell of freshly cut grass." she spins around slowly drinking in the scene. She is standing on a lawn in the middle of a beautiful park.2 – The Garden Alice feels dewy grass under her bare feet as she steps out onto an immaculate lawn. she has a thought. "Wow. Her eyes snap open and she turns her head quickly to the left and . Surrounding the lawn is a paved path circling around and branching off to wonder among a wide variety of flower beds and shrubbery." she continues to twirl slowly around. and the garden feels so tranquil that she is almost falling asleep as she twirls on the lawn. "The sky is so blue. "The door I have just stepped through has disappeared. Alice cannot help but be gay in such a jocund company. and the grass is soft under her bare feet. And the trees and foliage are so lush and green. suddenly. Then. Her eyes taking a moment to adjust to the brightness and the sudden openness she finds herself in. The sun is warm on her exposed skin. which shimmer in the sunshine and dance in the breeze. And beyond the trees all she can see is clear blue sky. of which she now has a lot. and enjoying the feeling of freedom and light that flows through her. slowly drinking in the wonderful sight. She takes a deep breath of summer fresh air." Alice turns. She gazes and gazes. Surrounding the lawn is a border of yellow daffodils. "It is such a beautiful sunny day.. with just a few wispy puffs of clouds floating by overhead." She stops twirling.. She half closes her eyes listening to the hum of insects and the song of the birds in the trees. The heat of the sun on her skin is so relaxing. and little thinks. Beyond the flower beds and shrubbery tall trees surrounded the park.

In fact there is no sign of any type of building in this ideal garden. She snaps her head around to the left again looking for the source of the voice. "Keep off the grass. which makes him tense up. The man looks disapprovingly at Alice. that is a little too long for a man his age. Which leads to the question. Now that Alice is off the grass and standing expectantly beside him. His skin has that tan that you can only get from being outdoors in all types of weather. but cannot think of anything to say or do. how did I get here?" Before she can consider this question further a gruff voice bellows. is totally at a loss. The man nods at her feet." Alice looks down at her bare feet standing on the lush grass. his eyes tightening as he notices that she is barefoot. But this time when she lands back on the ground she spins around and then she sees a short. "Oh. or do something. stocky man in blue overalls standing beside a wheelbarrow that is loaded down with forks and trowels and other garden tools. for even though he is not a tall man he is still a head and shoulders taller than Alice. "I said." Alice trots over to stand on the path beside the man. Alice stands frozen in the sunshine. This has never happened . She stands a little bit closer than he is used to. The man.21 then to the right. Alice simply stands and smiles up at him. the dirty asphalt warm under her naked feet. the man is at a loss for words." Alice jumps once more. I am sorry. No building means no long corridor. which she finds oddly soothing. Alice knows that he is waiting for her to respond. He has a tangle of red hair. which means no door. "Keep off the grass!" Alice jumps. But there is no sign of any door anywhere." the voice said. for his part. her heart pounding." the man folds his arms and tilts his head in exasperation. as if expecting the door to be hiding somewhere behind her. and a shaggy beard. "Well. Alice can smell the aromas of compost and plant clippings from him. "I said.Declan Stanley . "keep off the grass.

and in fact has never been in this garden before. except for the hems of his legs which are splashed with dried mud. He looks at her skirt that is so short it threatens to expose her panties with every step. The Gardner pulls the cloak of his authority around him.22 . A long moment passes before he realizes that Alice is not going to say anything to him. naked feed his breath catches in his throat." Alice is about to say that she has never seen him before. "I don't have any balls. He is wearing an old. with so-soft skin and not a single blemish. And when he looks at her perfect. toned legs. with their erect nipples clearly visible through her form fitting top. "I don't know how many times I have to tell you youngsters to keep off the grass. He looks at her slim shoulders and arms. He looks longest at her slim. Until now. covered with a thick coating of red hairs. but is now dirty and gray. as are the well worn pair of work boots he is wearing. Alice simply stands there openly examining him. Her first instinct is to bring her hands up to cover . barely above the line of her pubic hair." "Oh. any moment now. with almost no stains on them. At first Alice feels a little uncomfortable standing under his disapproving gaze. None has ever run up and stood smiling at him. He looks a little longer at her pert breasts. He looks at the waistband of her skirt sitting too low on her hips. shaking his head in disapproval. without any further prompting. her slim waist and taught abdomen with it's twisted dimple of a belly button. worn shirt that was once white. Most importantly she is not about to turn and run off." He takes a long slow look at her. which is what he is rather hoping she will do. His sleeves are rolled up to reveal tanned grizzly forearms." Alice assures him. His well worn hands have dirt under their fingernails and knuckles that look like walnuts. His blue overalls are new.Alice to him before. The man is used to kids running away from him when he shouts at them. Another long moment passes before he realizes that she is not going to do anything. "And no ball games either. that is. He looks at her pretty face and elegant neck. when he adds. Alice surmises that he is a Gardner. He looks at her bare midriff.

so short that the complete length of her legs are visible to him. A skirt so short that she can feel every stray wisp of breeze caressing her pubic hair. Alice feels light headed. His eyes drift lower. but not naked. His examination. Instead she just stands completely still and smiles. She feels exposed. A naughty feeling that rushes through her body and threatens to overwhelm her. His eyes move down to her legs. as he gazes at her thighs. soon disappearing from her view behind the thick bushes that line the path. almost giddy with excitement and is tempted to immediately step back onto the grass. and trundles off down the curving path. "And keep off the grass!" comes a bellow from behind the bushes.23 her breasts. But she doesn't. threatens to make her flip up her skirt to show him her naked vagina. "Hump. She smiles expectantly up at him. But she just leaves it there. threatens to make her scream madly at the top of her voice. for that is what Alice is sure that he is. Her breasts seem to swell under his gaze. Still his gaze has made her nipples all the more hard. That threatens to make her pull her top down so her breasts can spring free. a very good naughty. As he looks at her abdomen she pulls her stomach in tight and straightens up. a narrow strip of cloth covering barely enough. The gardener. Her slim legs that lead his eyes down to her bare feet. A thrill runs through her as she wonders if he can tell that she has no panties on. He unconsciously licks his lips. pulls himself together. Now she wants to simultaneously pull her skirt up higher on her waist to cover her belly button and down to cover her legs." he snorts as he completes his examination. His eyes still downcast he turns. a good naughty. has made Alice feel naughty. her heartbeat quickens. though clearly disapproving. A tingle runs through her body as she considers how exposed she would be but for the flimsy patch of cloth that covers her naked vagina. picks up the handles of his wheelbarrow. But she keeps her hands down by her sides and instead feels a fire ignite inside her. .Declan Stanley . Which makes Alice laugh softly.

She turns around and follows the path in the other direction as it meanders among the flower beds. dark clearing. blocking out any direct sun and the ground is littered with dried leaves and dead branches that rustle and snap under her feet." She looks around in case she might glimpse someone else. She strolls on a little further and sees another fleeting glimpse on the path ahead of her. They are all unreachable. Again and again she hurries to catch them. She runs to them. As she wanders she sees people in the distance rounding corners or disappearing around bends as she strolls along. The trees grow high all around her. She hears the crunch of footsteps off to one side. Again and again she sees people in the distance. letting the gardener slip from her mind." She hears a rustle behind her. she dashes down a narrow trail. "This is most strange. even though she is going to be in his for a long time to come. but they round a bend in the path and when she rounds it in turn there is no sign of them. And again and again they disappear before she can catch them.Alice She shrugs. She twirls as fast as she can and sees the branches of a clump of small trees swaying.24 . but once again they disappear before she can catch up with them. The air is pleasantly warm and Alice forgets her current state of undress as she drinks in all the colours of the fragrant flowers. but gradually she realizes that she is only seeing people in the distance. "I just want to see what they look like. The sent of summer blossoms and hum of insects fill her senses as she strolls aimlessly through the garden. Always turning a corner. "It's not like I want to engage them in some deep philosophical conversation. Once again she hurries. The path branches in several directions and they might have taken any one of them. They are always walking away from her. and decides to explore. but finds herself surrounded by mossy tree trunks and quite alone with no sign ." sighs Alice. Always at a distance. The next time she sees a person in the distance she hurries to catch them. pushes her way through some bushes and finds herself in a small. At first she thinks nothing of this. Quick as she can. Try as she might she can never get close to anyone.

resting her hands on her knees as she catches her breath. or the rustle of branches. There might be unseen eyes looking at her from the shadows. "Where are all these people going?" Alice is quite frustrated. Alice hears a footstep and runs in that direction. Then bends at the waist. She hears another and runs after that. "And I still haven't met any of these people!" Alice stomps her foot in frustration. But time and time again when she rushes to catch these fathom people she finds herself arriving too late to find them and being left quite all alone. Again and again she hears footsteps. . a blush spreading across her cheeks. She turns and pushes her way through a tangle of foliage and suddenly finds herself running out into the open. She hears footsteps crunching dried branches off the the left and dashes after them. Turned around and around. and where she will stop. Pushing through branches and running along narrow tracks. Alice hears the snap of a branch. She snaps up straight and pushes her skirt down over her bottom with both hands. She stops. or she might even glimpse the outline of a person. but she cannot tell for sure. completely unconcerned as to how exposed her bottom is to any onlooker as her short skirt flips up in the breeze. momentarily startled by the sunshine. Then another. so that she barely knows which way is up never mind which way the footsteps are leading her. But once again finds herself alone in this dark tangle of a forest. Then another. She turns and runs after each sound and after each shadow. She looks over her shoulder at the dark trees as her breathing returns to normal. Then another.Declan Stanley . Alice is getting very hot and sweaty and quite out of breath with all this running about. As her breathing slows she suddenly realizes that she is exposing herself to whoever might be standing in the dark tangle of trees that she has just run through.25 of whoever made the footsteps. What had appeared at first to be a small clump of trees has turned into a large rambling forest of dark trails and mottled sunshine. well nobody knows. Around and around and around she goes.

surging back in to surround her feet and legs with a thousand tiny touches. momentarily torn between the sound of footsteps amongst the trees." she can feel the goose bumps returning to her skin. Her foot glides through the grass. nor any sign of a wall. fluttering softly in the sunshine. though long. . "It is an amazingly sensual sensation. not a tree. not a bush. Alice takes a deep breath and sets off across the grass. "Ooh." sighs Alice as she extends her foot to take her next step. Then she shivers again and realizes that she is still standing in the shade of the trees. nor even a solitary fence post interrupts the sea of green grass. Her toes part the soft blades. "Ooh. yellow and white. "Well I certainly can't stay here. She pauses a moment to let her heartbeat slow. Her perspiration is drying. for even though she has left the trees she is still standing in their shadow. A delicious shiver runs up her spine. In fact there is nothing else in sight except grass. making her shiver. She steps again and sighs again. In front of her is a large open meadow. giving her goose bumps and making her nipples as hard as steel. She looks around." Alice tears her attention away from her nipples. The green blades gently caress her legs as she walks.Alice But what she does know is that she is getting a chill. Behind her is the dark tangle of trees. with a determined stride. Alice hesitates. Behind her she hears the crunch of footsteps amongst the trees. that bend as she presses through and caress her skin as she steps." determines Alice turning her back to the trees. The grass. and it is noticeably cooler in the shade than in the sun. "Well I am certainly not going back in there again. but does not really know where to go next. with the unfulfilled promise she had been chasing after so hard and the uninterrupted carpet of green that stretches to the horizon. bolting straight upright." exclaims Alice. though now they are there for a much more pleasant reason. Nothing that is except a scattering of butterflies. is soft under her bare feet.26 . Alice smiles at the butterflies. There is no road or path of any kind.

The sea of grass swirls around her feet and ankles. The grass is thickening with each step. Each step is like a soft massage on her naked feet and calves." And she starts walking again. "An emerald sea. "Oh. dear. . Even though the grass is ticker it is still exceedingly soft. Each stalk gently brushing her skin as it slides passed. All her tension and tiredness ebbs away." mutters Alice." Alice looks around and sees nothing but long grass gently waving in the soft summer breeze.27 Once Alice relaxes she takes another step. The endless grass ripples in the breeze. but there is no sigh of the trees. Soon Alice is lulled into a trance like state. well." hums Alice. Anticipating the sensual caresses of the blades of grass she finds that it is not an unpleasant sensation when it is not unexpected. with the endless caresses of countless blades of grass soothing each step and sending delicious shivers up her body. gently waving in the breeze. surrounding her calves in soft kisses. "Oh. her eyes half closed as she steps again. As she steps the grass closes in behind her.Declan Stanley . Soon pushing her legs through the tick grass is like walking through knee deep water. She takes another step and the grass tickles her again. She turns around again. And now she does not know which direction she is facing. "Actually. with not a mark to show where she has been. As she walks on she notices that she has to put a little more effort into each step. "Where are the trees I have just left behind?" She turns a full circle and can see no trace of anything except an endless sea of grass. "In fact it is quiet pleasant. sending a giggle racing through her body." she shrugs. "Any direction seems to be as good as any other in this strange place. Alice does indeed feel as if she is wading through an endless emerald sea with a thousand tiny sea creatures swimming up to kiss her legs." Alice looks around once more.

Her whole body is tense.Alice With each step the sea creatures swim a little higher and a little higher again. swirling around her naked skin with each step. from her calves to the soft indentation at the back of her knee and across her knee caps." muses Alice. Their phantom kisses sending shivers into her tummy. as the blades of grass gently swirl around the tops of her thighs. The inside of her tights are very sensitive. caressing both the outside and the inside of her thighs. her nerves on tender hooks. As the blades caress her legs she can feel a flutter starting in the base of her tummy. of sight and sound and of touch. As she walks she can feel the air flowing pass them. flirting gently at the base of her thighs. The thousand tiny touches of the grass are sending a thousand shivers racing through her body." sighs Alice. A thousand delectable shivers that shimmer up through her stomach and pool in her nipples." Now her nipples are hard. soothing her a little. They are so sensitive she could almost believe that she can feel each individual air molecule that caresses her nipples. A shock runs the length of her body and into her pointed nipples. holding it for a moment. All her senses. but has never given them much thought. are the sensations that fill her universe. She feels as if her breasts are swelling up. before letting it . That. Alice finds she is breathing in shallow short gasps. even through the stretched thin material of her distressed top. "I have never spent so much time thinking about my nipples. making it caress her legs. The blades of grass swim higher and higher. So hard they almost hurt. and the fuzzy feeling she was experiencing at the base of her stomach. up her legs.28 . "Oh!" Alice stops mid stride. as if she can feel them actually growing. But mostly it is her nipples that are super sensitive. seem more acute then ever before. "But it is a good hurt. she has all ways had them. one leg in front of her the other behind. A blade of grass slips along the length of her slit. She takes a deep breath. "Until now that is. A soft breeze ripples the grass.

"I'll never be able to make it through this place. "Ah. right in to the creases at her hips and tickle the lips of her vagina. Each step a beautiful agony as an orgasm starts to ripple through her body. And as she steps the grass once more surges up to tickle her. And "Ah." Alice leans forward and spreads her hands wide to push the blades of grass out of her way as she steps. The rustling grass clings tightly as she completes her step. pushing her weight on to her front foot and pulling her leg under her." again. The grass sliding passed her naked legs. if I am to feel this way with every step. Her eyes closed. which extend up her calf and along her thigh as she stretches her leg forward. "Agh. step. sending butterflies dancing into her stomach. Then gingerly starts another step. But the grass is like water as soon as her fingers push the blades aside another wave of blades push in behind them.Declan Stanley . her breathing once again turning ragged. her arms waving aimlessly in front of her. agh! agh!" Step. But with a sudden surge the blades of grass swirl up around the very tips of her thighs. She completes her step. or floating." grunts Alice as she falls forward into another step." exclaims Alice as another jolt of excitement runs through her body." again. "Ah. step. surging up through her body and exploding inside her head. She stands there a moment. Step. "I'll drown in a sea of sensations." Alice can feel tears building up in her eyes. "Ump. but the swirling grass stretches in all directions as far as her eye can see. Alice looks around. ump! Ump!" as the sensations flow in waves from the tips of her toes.29 out slowly and evenly. step. . or falling. step. "Ah. "Agh. Agh! Agh!" She no longer knows if she is stepping. composing herself. Her foot leaves the ground and is surrounded by soft tickles.

. "Oh. sending her soaring and leaving her to float slowly back down to earth. oh! Oh!" She rises up as a tide of pleasure rips through her.Alice "Ah.30 . ah! Ah!" Her whole body convulses.

Her eyes. a pleasant enough sensation. She takes another step. . "I'd like to do that again. A sky surrounded by a halo of shimmering green grass. Alice watches it for a moment. She steps again. Lifting her head she sees her body is covered in a thin sheen of sweat. An exuberant laugh carried on the breeze. After a while she stands.3 . before lifting her eyes further to gaze across the top of the rippling grass. She lies back letting her heartbeat slow and her breath return to normal and is just still for a few moments." she looks around. still slightly dazed. A pleasant buzz flows through her. A small voice in the back of head says. but not what she was hoping for. Alice hears a sound. Even the grass where she has just been lying has maliciously sprung up and is indistinguishable from the vast expanse that surrounds her." "Hmmm. The grass seems satisfied with just being grass for the moment. The grass slides across her skin. trying to find its source. The cool summer breeze sending a pleasant chill across her exposed skin. listening to the soft rustle of the blades of grass in the gentle summer breeze and the occasional insect buzzing passing. The green sea of grass stretches serenely to the horizon. But do nothing more. She is slightly disappointed. are just at the level of the top of the grass. Experimentally she sits up. Her legs brush through the grass that is now merely knee deep. The blades of grass still tickle her legs. silently fluttering it's wings. She looks around but the grass plain is as featureless as ever. She looks around. A butterfly floats by. She takes a step.Go Fly a Kite Alice opens her eyes to the clear blue sky above.

but can't really tell from where it is coming. She finds that the small hill the boys are on top of is far steeper to climb than it at first looked. They seem most intent on their kite flying and show no intention of moving from the brow of the hill. For even though there is just the lightest of summer breezes both boys are pulling with all their strength on the kite string. Then she realizes that the grass is no longer brushing against her legs as she walks through it. As Alice approaches them the two boys don't notice her at all. With each step the grass recedes down her legs and even thought the hill is still quite steep each succeeding step is that bit easier to take. "Well. And as the grass shortens she finds that is also becomes thinner. She looks up and off in the distance. It's not just that they are exerting an inordinate amount of effort on their kite. Soon the grass is below the level of her knees and her calves barely feel is as she takes long strides up the hill." she sighs. She looks around once more.32 . However as Alice closes the gap between herself and them she begins to feel that there is something strange about them. She hears the laugh again. "Let's see if these boys will also disappear on me. There is something else about them that seems out of place. she sees two boys playing with a kite. and tilts her head to one side in order to hear better." And she turns slightly to face towards them and starts walking again. Pushing her legs through the tick grass is difficult enough. on top of a low hill. The exertion of walking up hill has quite preoccupied her mind and she has not noticed the grass is growing shorter and shorter. this time more distinctly. and she has to walk a good ten minutes before she feels the start of the hill under her feet. As she approaches the boys she feels more confidant. As she makes her way through the grass and up the hill each step takes more and more effort. She takes half a step forward.Alice She hears it again. Soon she is breathing quite hard and sweating from the exertion. But . but the low hill with the two boys on top is the only other distinguishable feature in sight.

She approaches then gingerly. It seems only proper that she should lend a hand. At first Alice is amused by their comical attempts to control the kite. But the two boys are totally engrossed in their kite flying. She looks round and sees that the hill is in fact surrounded on all sides by trees. . dragging both boys and kite to a temporary halt. "Not even little girls. They are both about her own age. "Trees?" Alice looks around puzzled. They almost tumble to the ground." "What did you say?" the dark haired boy calls out to her." Alice states. "Nobody wears knees socks anymore. then gasps as the kite surges away from him. The kite seems to have a life of its own." she says. pulling and tugging and tripping over each other as they try to control it. They are both about the same height and build and both have short hair. one blond the other dark brown. "It is a very wayward kite.33 she can see them more clearly now.Declan Stanley ." Alice smiles as the two boys trip over each other." observes Alice. swinging down low across the ground and charging up high above the trees. She fears that they might do themselves an injury in their attempts to tame their wild kite. And the dark haired boy lunches after him and caches hold of the kite string. but both catch their feet and neither loses his grip on the kite string. They hang onto the kite's string. And then she realizes what is bothering her about the two boys. But gradually she becomes concerned. for they are swinging around all over the place as the kite flies this way and that all over the sky. maybe a year or so older. The blond boy shouts. "They are dressed like Christopher Robin in those old pictures of Winnie the Pooh. "Hey!" as he is swept away by the kite. Their erratic tug of war with the kite has brought them over to the side of the hill where Alice now stands and observers them. "They have those old fashioned T-shirts with collars and cuffs and shorts with knees socks. Alice wonders briefly if she should shout or call out to them to alert them of her approach. One of the boys cries out and Alice looks around to see the boys once again being dragged across the top of the hill by their kite. swooping across the sky.

both in an effort to control it and in an effort to keep her balance.Alice Alice reaches out to take hold of the kite string. The kite immediately swoops across the sky. leaving Alice with a sore toe and a bruised shin. The two boys sit on the ground and make no effort to come to Alice's aid despite the trouble she is having controlling their kite. Alice is about to bring this point to their attention. "but look. "Wow!" the blond boy points at her. "Don't let go of the kite!" "Damn their kite. pulling hard on the string. dragging Alice with it. is one hand enough to control the kite. But one hand is not enough to control her wayward skirt. "Look she's going commando.34 . one hand holding the kite. Alice stumbles after the kite." he shouts. "Commando!" Alice's eyes opened wide. "But don't let go!" Alice lets got of the kite and grabs the hem of her skirt with both . and she is not wearing any panties. one hand holding her skirt. "Give it to me. my god!" they are looking at her naked bottom. her skirt. Both boys tumble to the ground leaving Alice holding the kite. The other boy looks where his friend is pointing. "No!" the dark haired boy shouts. One boy steps on her foot and the other trips over her leg. pulling Alice several steps away from the boys. Which is not very far at all." the blond boy continues. but just as she opens her mouth to speak the kite lunges across the sky again." Alice is not going to display herself to them. she discovers as the kite zooms over head. she's not wearing anything at all!" Alice grabs hold of the hem of her too-short skirt and pulls it down as far as she can. Alice hesitates a moment. Alice pulls back on the kite. "Oh. the wind. almost knocking Alice off her feet. The boy jumps up and starts to run towards Alice." "Commando?" Alice is watching the exhilarated kite sore overhead. "I thought she was wearing a thong. which immediately swoops back in the opposite direction. Nor. Alice digs in her heels and brings the kite to a halt once more.

"Or a tornado even. Except that her world is filled with floating cows and flying trees and broken houses." Alice looks over her right shoulder. But truth be told Alice is spinning around so fast that looking over either shoulder shows her nothing more than she can see just by keeping her head to the front and allowing her spin to display the world around her. faster and faster. All that she sees is the astonished expression on the boy's face as he cranes his neck to follow her as she flies straight up into the air." Alice watches in amazement as an unconcerned cow drifts by. "And your little dog too. surrounding her in a gray wall that blocks both the sky and earth from sight." As the fog twists tighter and tighter she is twirled around and around. There goes a bale of hay.35 hands. Alice does not have much time to consider her stomach's reaction to her sudden. thickening and congealing." she states. "My little dog?" . Alice. considering the drop she feels in it. Then Alice thinks. "Or rather half a house. But before she can open her mouth the ground drops away from under her feet. An eerie voice calls out. next a strip of fencing and even an uprooted tree floats by. law breaking.Declan Stanley . flight. There are all sorts of flying objects accompanying her on her journey. But she is not alone in this vortex. And her stomach. "It violates all the known lays of physics. Then a house flies by. It swirls and swirls and swirls." Alice looks over her left shoulder. would that rather she that stayed on the ground as well. She turns to tell the boy what he can do with his kite. "And animals too. for her part." Alice observes. as the house rotates to show that only the front half seems to have been sucked into this vortex. for a thick fog has enveloped her. until she is quite giddy. "I'm going to get you deary. is also astonished for she has never flown straight up in the air before. Soon Alice feels like she is in the center of a vortex.

Experimentally she tugs on the hem to see if she can pull it down a little more. She lands on her bottom. She is sitting in the middle of a dirt track. with a thick ribbon of grass between them. she floats softly. In the distance she hears a man humming a tuneless song. She turns to look up the track once more and jumps two feet into the air. "Or is she cycling a bike?" Alice squints. Leaving Alice floating. "I'm sorry. with a soft bump. "did I startle you?" "Well. but sees no one. Alice takes a long look around her. like a leaf. in clear blue sky. Then." the man smiles. In front of her is a patchwork of meadows and hedgerows meandering over softly rolling hills. little more than two parallel ruts. ". dear. a little. For there. blue sky as the rest of her starts to drop back to earth. But there is still no give in it. But the expected exhilaration of a plummeting return to earth fails to materialize." sighs Alice. She looks down the track. yes .36 . rather than falling at terminal velocity to a certain death. the gray mist evaporates.. rather miraculously." . the vortex dissipates and the flying objects disappear. but everything is swirling around her head much too fast for her to sure of anything. leaving her sitting in the middle of a dirt track in the middle of open countryside. once again in direct volition of the known laws of physics. slowly. but can still see no one.. She looks up the track." Alice fights to compose herself. "Oh. "I am glad to hear it.. gently to the ground.Alice She looks up and sees a gray image of a caricature of a witch riding a broomstick. And instead. She climbs to her feet and brushes brown dust from her too short skirt... is the man in the pinstriped suit and bowler hat that she last met in the long corridor. as suddenly as it appeared. for the peculiar feeling of her stomach dropping away under her has been replaced by the feeling of her stomach wanting to remain floating in the clear." The man's smile broadens." Alice feels her heart pounding in her chest.. Behind her is a high stone wall that stretches uninterrupted in both directions as far as the eye can see. almost directly on top of her. "It's OK through. a little shriek escaping her lips.

" states Alice. "People can't fly." states Alice." Alice feels a flush across her neck and chest.Declan Stanley ." "Why not?" asks the man. rather. "Often?" she frowns." The man says nothing.. I was floating." Alice remembers how slowly she fell. The man leans a little to the side and takes a long look at Alice's bottom. but remains frozen by his presence." "No I wasn't. "Your directional and attitudinal control was excellent within the turbulence of that vortex. Alice simultaneously wants to slap his face and to flip up her skirt to show him her bare bottie. ... "And then I saw you when you decided to go flying yourself.. Alice is startled by the question. People can't fly.. "You were very graceful as you floated through the air. ". "Either way." he glances down at her dusty skirt.." Alice remembers the sensation of being sucked up into the air and once again feels that sinking feeling in her stomach." Alice can feel those goose bumps returning to her skin. "What on earth do you mean?" she looks up at the man.." "Well.”You were flying just a few moments ago. Alice is immediately aware on just how much of her legs are exposed by her miniaturized skirt. The man just smiles at her confusion." the man continues. "Through your landing could do with some more work. "Or rather . "I was not flying. "I saw you flying your kite." Alice pulls herself together. Alice wanted to say that it was not her kite.." the man seems taken aback for a moment. "Go flying?" she thinks.37 Alice cannot think of anything to say. but belonged to two boys. In fact Alice cannot think of anything at all except the pounding of her heart in her chest as she stands so close to this man. "I was falling. The man raises his eyebrows. "Do you go flying often?" the man looks back at her face.

slow look at her. "Oh. The man licks his lips.Alice Alice fights to find an answer to a question that obviously should never need to be asked. a soft smile on his face. "My." "OK." he tares his eyes from her. all flushed and out of breath.. "Oh." he sighs. then hurriedly pulls himself together." he shakes his head slowly. As on the last occasion that they met the man bends forward..38 . Once again Alice believes he is performing a low bow.." "Know by whom?" the man tilts his head. "Well." Alice is stumped. then nods his head to Alice. The man takes one long. "It would be in direct violation of all the know laws of physics. displaying herself to the man as her vagina spasms." the man smiles. "The laws that everybody everywhere experiences every day of their lives. "Know by whom?" "The laws that everybody knows. "What?" Alice shakes her head as confusion returns. her skirt flying up onto her stomach. The man waits a few moments. I am way behind schedule. though she is no longer sure that anything is in the least bit OK." "Well I guess you're not in Kansas anymore. onwards and upwards. "but you are too easy." Alice manages to say. I'm afraid that I must take my leave now." The man smiles. somewhat unsure herself now. my to-do lists are over flowing and I am sure to be late for the Queen's constitutional. . "Like you just experienced flying. But once again he instead lifts the hem of Alice's very short skirt. my. A surge of electricity sparks through Alice's body." Alice lies there.. legs spread wide. "Well. before running the tip of his finger along the length of her slit. Her knees give way and she falls backwards onto her bottom. Alice stands totally frozen as he looks at her naked pussy." "Err." Alice states. "Which laws of physics?" the man asks patiently. legs spread wide and skirt flipped up. then exclaims in a sudden burst of clarity. "What?" Alice looks bemusedly at him.

"Nice ass. gaze longingly after her." she jumps to her feet and without even the hint of a glance over her shoulder she heedlessly runs down the path. very nice ass. "I'll be damned if I'm going to let him get away with that a second time. around the corner and into the thick clump of trees. results!" And with that he turns on his heels and hurries down the path. ." agrees the blond. for a few moments before a spark of anger flares in her brain. efficiency. who have climbed to the top of the high wall that surrounds their garden to see where their kite has gotten to. The two boys.39 "Progress. "Very." observes the dark haired boy. Alice lies on the ground.Declan Stanley . which soon disappears around a corner and into a thick clump of trees. in a daze.

her face splashed with cold mud. And finds herself sitting in the middle of a lawn adorned with coquette hoops. blinded by the light. that her skirt has flipped up and her bum. She lies there. without any shadow of a doubt. within with the coquette hoops have somehow managed to . slish" noise and knows from the feeling of cold slim pushing up around her bottom and thighs that they are now also covered in mud. her arms and legs spread out. skidding across some muddy grass. Feeling somewhat un-composed she takes a look around to find where she has landed this time. her hands in her lap to keep what little of her skirt there was where it should be." observes Alice. but that now consists mostly of clumps of grass surrounded by large patches of muddy earth. But she still feels herself exposed. is fully exposed to anyone who might be observing her. But her legs continue running on auto-pilot until she trips and falls flat onto the ground.4 . As her heartbeat slows she realizes." Alice gives a little shiver. For she had been running exceedingly fast and the fall has knocked whatever little breath she had had left right out of her. catching her breath. and more. She shifts her weight slowly from side to side making a little "slish. She reaches back and pulls her skirt down. So she rolls onto her back and sits up pulling her legs tight together. She looks down and sees that there is mud smeared all down her body and along her thighs and knees. She blinks in the sudden sunlight. Her hands and forearms are also covered in mud. "My bum and more. Or rather sitting in the middle of an area that used to be a lawn.Darkened Rooms Alice comes thundering out of the trees and into a the open. "Wearing a short skirt with no panties is more inconvenient than naughty.

There is no one to be seen. She looks right and left and then right again.” she steps off the grass and onto a graveled area. She reaches down and rubs the mark on her shin." the gravel hurts her bare feet. The lawn is mostly surrounded by threes." She sits there for a while. There is a large. And there is a muddy skid mark running from it to where she sits. “But no door or windows. before realizes that nothing is going to happen. red mark." For it did radiate an air of dilapidation. read bricked house at the other end of the lawn. "And maybe some new clothes as well. making sure to . It is halfway between her and the clump of trees. The trees form an uninterrupted wall on three sides of the old coquette lawn with a dense tangle of undergrowth and brambles in the darkness underneath. "Ouch." she looks towards the front of the house and then towards the back of the house once more." she reasons and sets off towards the back of the house. Across her right shin is a thin. There is just a blank wall with a couple of drain pipes running down it." She quickens her pace a little." but it does not really hurt much. "It looks just like a Victorian country manor. "Hmmm. "Just a little sting." Alice looks up quickly in guilt. She looks at it for a moment. "I wonder if there is anyone home. She gingerly touches the tip of her toes to the gravel. Quickly she pulls her foot back. So she stands and looks around." observes Alice." She frowns at the gravel then realizes that the gravel doesn't much mind what she feels about it. "Well I can't very well present myself at the front door looking the way I do now. but she is alone and no one has heard her say shit. that is. One hoop is half pulled out of the ground. Alice approaches the house from the side. for one hoop. "It would be exceedingly uncomfortable to walk on that with my bare feet. "Maybe I can find a bathroom to clean myself up in.41 remain in place. She slowly looks around. Except. "Shit." she brightens up a little. The skid mark leads straight to her mud splattered feet. Feeling like she has not much of a choice she starts towards the house. "There'll be a bruise.Declan Stanley . Quickly she steps back onto the muddy grass. And then she smiles.

but she has none except to continue standing on the cold step in front of the door." Alice braces herself. Pushing the door open Alice takes one last look behind her." Alice takes a deep breath. "A way in." And she starts towards the little door. musty smell. "Over grown with weeds and thistles. Once she reaches the step in front of the door she takes a moment to catch her breath and wish she had some way to console her poor feet. She half hops half runs across the gravel "ouching!" with each step until she finally jumps onto the door step. Gingerly she tries the door handle and finds that is opens easily. She shivers slightly as her bare feet touch the cold tiles on the floor. "Here we go. are overgrown flowerbeds. white door set into the wall of the house. The grass continues uninterrupted for the length of the house and expands into a large area of un-kept lawn at the rear of the property. But just before the conservatory there is a small." observes Alice. She looks around. letting the door close shut behind her." observes Alice. "I wonder if any of this will still be here when I come back out of the house?" But then she shrugs and steps inside." However there is a good ten feet of gravel separating the door from the grass where Alice stands. On the right hand side a set . seemingly at random. "A-ah.42 . Being covered in cold mud is making Alice a little chilly. She could explore the grounds a little more. Alice comes around the side of the house and sees a large conservatory jutting out into the garden. "Ten feet of gravel with no shoes or socks. She is standing in a narrow hallway." Alice turns her back to the garden and contemplates the little white door once more. Alice shivers once more.Alice keep to the grass. Dotted across the lawn. Its frame is grotty and its glass fogged up with dirty mist. "Well I can't stand here forever." Alice bites her lower lip. "Oh well. "I hope I don't catch a cold. A feeling of cold clam descends upon her. She winkles her nose at the dry. Or rather she contemplates the stretch of sharp looking gravel that separates her from the door and possible hot water and fresh clothes.

" she brightens up. ascends into the gloom. which doesn't creak. "And the fifth as well. unsure if there is anyone in the building and how they will react to finding her uninvitedly roaming around their house. out loud. As does the second. "There might be a glimmer of light." she bites her lower lip. And the corridor just seems to get darker as it pushes its way into the house. which creaks. On the left the corridor stretches into the dark depths of the house. And the forth. "Stop talking out loud to yourself. She is almost at a small landing where the stairs take a right turn before the final three stairs lead . As does the next. unsure of where to go next. which doesn't creak under her weight." she says. She leans forward and cranes her neck to look up the stairwell." She straightens up and takes hold of the banister. I need to get cleaned up. But then the stairs are hardly any more inviting. "Hmmm. covered in faded green carpet. "Perhaps right at the top." says Alice as she steps onto the fifth stair.43 of stairs." says Alice." says Alice. And the third. Especially given her muddy state and disheveled clothing situation. "Is there some universal law which states that I am not going to creep silently up these stairs. "Particularly on my thighs and bottom. "So up I go. "Every stair can't creak." The first stair creeks as she steps onto it. "Do I have to say something out loud to avoid making each step creak?" Alice steps onto the next step." Alice looks up the stairwell." She can feel the cold mud drying on her skin. "The corridor looks very dark. girl. She steps onto the next step. But still she hesitates.Declan Stanley ." sighs Alice. And bathrooms are usually upstairs and receptions rooms are usually on the ground floor. "The bedrooms are also going to be upstairs and maybe I can find some clothes I could borrow. The gloomy air is wrapped by faded floral wallpaper that is just about to start peeling from the walls. or the stair itself will creak to announce my progress. "For either I talk." Alice rolls her eyes. Alice hesitates. Alice stands with her hands on her hips." she muses. "But then again. Anyway. And as she steps onto the next stair it doesn't creak. she thinks.

She listens but can hear nothing except her own heartbeat. It opens. The thin light makes the dim shapes of the furniture more a presence than defined items. into a dimly lit room. "I made it. She takes a deep breath." For she suddenly realizes that she does not quite know exactly where she has made it to. For it is a completely uninviting house that she has found herself in.44 . She hesitates. the bright sunshine forming a rectangular aurora around the window. Alice is now quite unsure of her plan of finding a bathroom and perhaps some clean clothes. creak. "Does nobody in this house like sunshine?" wonders Alice as she pushes the door open more fully. Slowly she turns it and pushes the door open. creak. You know they are there even though you can't clearly make them out. The curtains are pulled closed. However her only other choice is to go back down the stairs. Creak.Alice through a doorway onto another dim corridor. not unsurprisingly. And then jumps up the last three stairs to land in the corridor. Quickly Alice steps up the last three stairs. Thump. At first she can see nothing but the dim blobs of the furniture. Gingerly she takes hold of the door handle. but otherwise nothing unusual happens. She is dismayed to find herself in another dimly lit corridor. Someplace she doesn't at all want to explore. Alice smiles. "I think. Thought it is but two short steps to the first door. Alice peers into the gloomy room. So she finds herself stopping almost as soon as she starts. pushes out her chest and pulls in her stomach and sets off down the corridor. her hand half reached to the door handle. as if it has not been disturbed in a very long time. She glances down into the dimly lit stairwell. But after a few moments she notices a . It stretches down the length of the house with a couple of closed doors on either side and a dirty little window letting in a trickle of light at its end." she bits her lower lip. pulls back her shoulders. "It is hardly any more inviting. It is cold to her touch." Then she looks up and down the corridor. There is a heavy air to the room.

The faint sound of a mumble forces its way through the thick air. shit. "Well don't just stand there. She takes a step inside and leans around the door." the voice calls. she reasons. But then the screen changes and the head moves and Alice can see half a silhouette of a man's face. Alice.45 glow from the far end of the room." an old craggy voice calls from the far end of the room. hello. "Come on over here." the silhouette turns back to the computer screen. thinks Alice.." she ventures." Alice says. Alice starts to slowly walk across the dark room. "Who is there?" "Um. not quite sure if she should. nor what she will do when she reaches the dim figure at the computer screen. I am merely an uninvited guest. she can still feel the dried mud on her arms and legs. I'll have to expose myself now. "Alice the maid's daughter?" "Um.. "Oh. He keeps clicking on web pages as Alice . "Bring my lunch over here. the chair creaking as the silhouette turns its head. "Alice?" the voice answers. "Err. "Hello. Her father is always annoyed when she disturbs him when he is working on his computer. unsure if she should venture further into the darkened room. Should she announce herself. At first she cannot make out anything but a dim outline of a head against the computer screen." Alice blushes as the words leave her mouth. But on the other hand she does not want to creep about the house like a burglar. She is not sure if it a real person or if it is just a high backed chair." the voice is unsure. "Is there someone there?" Oh. An uninvited guest in a rather disheveled state. I'm not a burglar. Alice the maid's daughter. The man is concentrating on his computer. At the far end of the room is a hunched figure sitting in front of a computer screen. "And my botty too." Alice hesitates. flicking through web sites in rapid succession." Alice does not know what to say. Alice takes a deep breath and slowly steps out from behind the door into the room proper. Alice's heart beats fast and her mouth is dry.Declan Stanley . "Hello?" calls the voice again.

"Come and stand beside me where you can see the screen properly. He has stopped clicking through web pages and has started to read the current one. "What are you doing?" she asks before she remembers that she should really stop asking questions of these strange people. He looks like he has not been in direct sunlight for a very long time.Alice comes to a stop beside him. I'm downloading porn from the Internet. or just talking to himself. maybe just a little older than her father. He is not as old as she had first thought." the man responds in a tone of voice that says. "Don't be shy. "A girl your age should be out doing things not sitting inside downloading porn from the Internet. "I sorry. But his features look more weathered and crinkled than her father’s.. She does not know where she would be supposed to leave anything. Alice is unsure if he is talking to her." Somehow she finds herself stepping closer to him." the man clicks a link. "Well I glad you're sorry. not bothering to turn his head to look at her. "Just leave it there and I'll eat it later. "Why. But now his skin is pale." Alice can feel her cheeks redden." "Well that's not right." the man says. Alice takes a moment to look at the man." the man scans the new web page. even if she had something to leave. 'well what else would I be doing?' "I beg your pardon." "Sitting inside . that's good.46 . astounded at the man's ." Alice stops talking. once a long time ago. "Why. I haven't done anything. "Why? What have you done?" The man clicks the computer's mouse and the screen flashes to a new web page. The man is still looking at the computer screen. "Done?" Alice is completely bemused. "Oh." the man says. but I still don't know what you have done." the man half whispers. Alice looks at the desk all cluttered with pages of close typed text. His craggy features illuminated by the screen's glow.." Alice looks at the man's face. like he had had an outdoor job.

She looks down and sees that the man has his hand in his lap. "Oh." Alice states. and down onto her breasts. and breasts and bums. She does not know if she wants to view the contents of the video he is downloading. "Oh. She does not know if she wants to be here when the download. yes indeed." she feels a knot in the base of her stomach. my. Alice looks only at the progress bar displayed on his screen. Alice thinks she should probable leave now. or the man. Alice stops herself from asking "Nearly where?" "Oooooh." the man hisses." Alice feels a sinking feeling. and neck." "Yeah. finishes. The man clicks a link on the web page and a download dialog pops up.Declan Stanley . Alice's attention is diverted from the overwhelming montage of naked flesh on the screen by a movement in the corner of her eye. "my. . Alice looks at the computer screen for the first time and is slapped in the face by a tangled web of intertwined naked bodies.47 words. trying her best to ignore both the man's hand as it grips the bulge in his crotch and the images of naked flesh on the background of the screen. Alice fixes her eyes on the progress bar on the screen. There are arms and legs. my. Or rather in his crotch." he hisses. yes." the man hums as his fingers flex." the man's voice is a horse whisper. "Well what are you doing then?" the man continues to look at the screen." Alice does not know where to look." the man squeezes his fingers on the bulge in his crotch. The man clicks 'OK' and the dialog is replaced by a progress bar." the man sighs. a warm flush spreading across her cheeks. and erect penises and open vaginas. "Nearly there now. "I am not sitting inside downloading porn from the Internet. "Oh. "Oh. "Hummm. "Oh.

The man sits back. for what she does not know. The progress bar fills and the dialog tells them that the download is complete. Alice waits patiently for the file to finish downloading unsure if the tingle inside her stomach is excitement or dread.. Watching and waiting." Alice's blush deepens. I presume... yes!" Alice does not know why she is so flustered. his hand gripping his crotch once more. his eyes hungrily scanning the web page.. "I don't have the time to view every file I download. "Ah. here's a nice sounding one. with the man. Alice opens her mouth. no. "Oh. as the progress bar slowly fills. There's tons of stuff available and I need to download as much of it as I can. "A different Alice." "But surely." he chuckles. Alice waits a few moments. then quickly averts her eyes. Each time her . "Wouldn't you.Alice But instead of walking away she stands there watching." the man keeps his eyes glued to the progress bar. "Are you going to play the video you just downloaded?" her eyes keep flicking down to his crotch." the man glances at Alice. but she keeps making herself look back up at the new progress bar. The only sound being the rasping breath of the man and the hum of his computer. Immediately the man clicks back to the web page that displays the list of videos available for download. then realizes that the man is not about to play the video he has just downloaded. clicking with his mouse." he looks sideways at Alice. A new progress bar displays itself on screen. "It's called Alice and Sienna. ". They both wait a few minutes while the progress bar continues to slowly fill." His eyes return to the screen." Alice briefly looks down at his crotch as his hand massages the bulge in his jeans. hidden in the shadows beneath his desk. but does not know how to reply to this cryptic remark. Ping. surely viewing the files would be more exciting than downloading them?" "You'd think so.48 . "Well.

"I'm not mad. Presently the progress bar fills and the file is downloaded. at the silhouette watching his computer screen. No time. She glances at the slowly filling progress bar." "Hmmm. She concentrates as hard as she can on looking at the slowly filling progress bar. The man sits lent forward. "Are you. no. Alice feels that she could spend the rest of her life standing here watching the man downloading porn. One file after another. "So little bandwidth. . "Is this what you do all day?" "So much porn. As quick as he can the man scans the list of download links displayed on the screen and clicks another to download." the man whispers.Declan Stanley . Slowly she straightens up and softly walks away. but then finds her eyes wondering down to the man's crotch." Alice snorted." Alice winkles her nose." Alice thinks she already knows the answer to this question. "going to view this file?" "Oh. She slowly shakes her head as she turns and walks away. The man does not notice." the man whispers. The man continues as he was before Alice briefly entered his life. The man's eyes are fixed on the progress bar. eyes glued to the screen. "No time. The mad Wanker is having a tea party out in his garden right about now. no. tensing and relaxing his hand in his crotch." But his attention is not on Alice. "Oh. Alice takes another look around the room and sees for the first time a pile of empty pizza cartons and soft drink cans on the floor beside the man.49 eyes catch glimpses of the images on the web page she refocuses her attention on the progress bar. She takes one glance behind her as she leaves." "This is mad. His eyes are fixed on the progress bar." the man replies. I'm sad. over and over again.

"Everything is so perfect. She quickly pulls open the door and steps inside. for instead of the gloomy. "This will not do. Absently she wipes it with the back of . But then she notices that the door is slightly ajar. Her stomach rumbles and her mouth fills with saliva. There." Alice looks down at her disheveled state.5 . Gingerly she tip toes over and peers through the narrow gap." Alice slowly turns. "And I am exceedingly dirty. goodness. civilization at last. in plain view. "I don't think that I would be able for whatever lies behind those doors." She sees the kitchen sink and makes a beeline for it." Alice slowly shakes her head and decides to make her way back down the stairs.The Kitchen Out on the landing once more Alice gives the other doors a wary glance. Its work tops and cupboards are in pastel shades of yellow and white and everything is bright and shiny and clean. Alice stops dead in her tracks. "Oh. sitting on the kitchen table is a plate of cupcakes. then looks at the door. drinking in the immaculate kitchen. A feeling of calmness descends over her as she walks to the center of the room. Everything is neat and tidy." Alice sees the line of muddy footprints leading from the door to where she stands. A surge of excitement runs through Alice. dark corridor that she had previously ascended from once she reaches the bottom of the stairs she finds herself in front of one single door. Inside she sees a bright." smiles Alice. "Right out of a show room. modern kitchen. Though she must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Alice glances up the stairs. "Oh." a little bit of drool escapes from the corner of her mouth. The shinny tiles are cool under her bare feet. The squeaky stairs do not bother her so much on the way down. But as she crosses the room something else comes to her attention. quite a little unsure. The room smells crisp and clean.

then thinks that perhaps in this strange world standing in kitchen sinks would be perfectly acceptable. She starts on her ankle then bolts upright suddenly realizing that with the shortness of her skirt and the fact that she has to keep her legs straight while she washes them. "I can't very well stand in the sink. "It's not like I need to be that modest. "And I need to get clean before I can sample the cupcakes. Sitting in their crisp white cases." she sighs as her dirty arms make a muddy puddle of the once crystal clear water. She sees a dish cloth so in lieu of anything better she decides to use this to wipe the mud from her legs. The mud lifts easily from her skin as she runs the warm cloth across her naked feet." she snaps herself out of her trance." sighs Alice. Her feet are soon clean. Her stomach rumbles to remind her of the cupcakes. first standing on one foot and then the other in order to give them a thorough scrubbing. anyone looking at her is sure to see her naked bottom exposed by her too short skirt." Alice smiles. They are. "Oh. She looks at her muddy feet." She soaks the dish cloth in fresh water and bends down to wash her feet. She quickly looks around for something to wash her legs with. The door is closed and there is no one at the window. lightly stacked in a little pyramid. Then she shakes her head. Even their crisp paper cases look inviting. With a thin line of soft brown cake visible underneath the thick coating of white and pink icing they are the epitome of temptation." Alice looks longingly at the plate of cupcakes sitting on the table for a long moment. "And they're topped with hundreds and thousands of sprinkles." Though she gives one last longing look at the cupcakes before turning to the sink. "Well now." exclaims Alice as she plunges her arms into the flowing water. All the while her eyes are locked on the cakes." Alice rinses the disk cloth in the hot water. "I suppose I'll start at the bottom and work my way upwards. "I will need to wash before I can eat anything. "Lashings of hot water. yes. indeed. the essence of temptation. "Who's going to see anyway?" she shrugs. Alice looks around the empty kitchen. She splashes water up along both of her forearms and is please to see the mud wash away with hardly any effort. She runs the water. and while it starts out cool it soon heats up. She reaches out towards them and sees the caked mud on her hands.Declan Stanley .51 her hand. but she makes .

The drawer is filled with them. "Now to continue where I left off. all tangled up together. She slams it shut and pulls open the second drawer. "And I do mean everywhere. almost to overflowing." Alice sighs. "These will do. "These will do very nicely." she quickly starts to wash her stomach. "It's like my very own secret beauty treatment." giggles Alice. "A-ha. She bends to her ankles..Alice herself focus on getting clean." She takes out a tea towel and lays it on the floor." Alice wiggles her toes in the cooling water. She looks around. reaching into the sink to soak the dish cloth then squeezing it out. "What if someone walks in while I'm washing my botty?" She blushes. "Or my." She is a bit more self conscious now that she is washing above her knees. It is full of cutlery. for the mud has gotten everywhere.. yet again. but soon Alice is standing in a little muddy puddle. The thick mud is still slightly damp and easily wipes off leaving her skin fresh and clean. She reaches in and pulls out a hand full of cloth. It is filled to the brim with blue and red checkered tea towels. There is a set of draws in the cabinet beside the sink." exclaims Alice. Alice busies herself washing the mud from her legs. She pushes the apron back into the drawer and closes it." She looks around quickly. Shaking it out with her hand it unfolds into a lacy apron. The bottom drawer has what she is looking for. Then she takes out another two tea towels and lays them over the first. indeed. Alice pulls open the top drawer. But now she realizes that as she works her way up her legs she will quiet soon have to wash up under her skirt. The upper most one is almost dry as she steps onto it. . Soon her calves and lower thighs are clean. before wiping the mud from her skin. "And I'll still end up leaving watery foot prints on the floor from my wet feet. vagina. "It will only get bigger as I wash all the mud off myself. It is filled with lace and frills." She glances down at herself and notices the mud streaked across her stomach." Alice soaks the dishcloth in the hot water once more and bends down to wash her calves. "I guess that is what you get for sitting your naked botty down in muddy puddles. all starched and white. The mud easily washes off. She frowns as it starts to soak up the muddy water.52 .

" she stops as a tingle of anticipation runs through her body. But it is a short reprise for the mud comes off so easily that it takes only a few seconds to clean her stomach and belly button." She can feel a tingle of excitement in the pit of her stomach." She pauses to take stock. She is standing there in the kitchen with her feet on damp tea towels.53 postponing the inevitable. washing my privates. "And now sticking even tighter to my skin. in board daylight. "But it's not enough. except this time she pushes the dishcloth between her bottom cheeks. and cannot help but look around again. She knows that she will never get them back on if she takes them off. She lets out a long sigh. She rubs up and down . taking a deep breath. "Am I hoping for an audience. Alice catches herself. "It is kind of erotic. She can feel the sticky mud between her bottom cheeks and at the tops of her thighs. girl. legs clean." she softly chides herself. she lifts up the hem of her skirt and wipes the mud from the outsides of her bottom. and her skimpy skirt and top soaked." Alice's blush deepens. But it does soak the cloth and make it cling even tighter to her skin." Alice blushes. "I never thought I would ever be standing in a kitchen. She looks at her skirt and top. She has done enough to make herself presentable." she shakes her head slowly. "I will have to wash all the mud off.Declan Stanley . "Assuming that I didn't rip them apart in the effort to get them off in the first place. She rings it out a little then. but wet. "Don't be silly. Of all the words she has blurted out today the word "erotic" seems to be the most naughty of all. She can feel the hot water squirt against her skin and the muddy water trickling down the insides of her tights." Alice sighs. She rinses out the dishcloth with fresh water and rings it out then once more she lifts her skirt and puts the dish cloth to her bottom. She shakes her head to clear her mind. But she knows that she will have to wash between her buttocks for the squishy mud has gone everywhere. both covered in mud." Gingerly she soaks the dishcloth in fresh water. Her face and neck are flushed. "Oh. Dabbing with the dish cloth does not get much of the mud off the cloth.

are soaking wet. takes a shower every day and will wash herself thoroughly. Alice letting go of the counter she lifts up her skirt and starts to wash the mud from her bottom. She works quickly for the water is getting cold and making her skin a little goosepimplely. smoothing her skirt down and looking around guiltily. She rinses out the cloth once more and this time washes between her legs. The warm water feels so good on her naked vagina." Alice sighs." Alice shrugs. She quickly grabs a couple of tea towels and begins to wipe her legs dry. The warm water feels so good against her skin. But now her legs and bottom. Not paying any heed to the fact that she is exposing herself as her short skirt rides up over her bottom. "It is a most peculiar situation. "Oh. She rinses and rubs and rubs and rubs and rinses. "I will just have to dry myself with tea towels.54 . Alice. "This is ridiculous." observes Alice. And she rinses out the cloth and presses more warm water to herself. She looks around the kitchen but there is no towel in sight. "It's just like wiping your bottom and you wipe your bottom every single day." she says to herself.Alice a little. for the mud has worked its way everywhere." she says." She scrubs and scrubs. Then stops suddenly her eyes wide with fright." smiles Alice. And while she. "It is almost like I'm a piece of cutlery or delft. bright kitchen. She keeps rinsing out the cloth and rubbing fresh warm water against herself. She snatches her hand away and quickly stands up. of course. "And more. rinsing out the dish cloth and rubbing fresh water against her skin. She quickly dries her feet and legs." Alice looks around the clean. not really pushing in too deep. it is quiet another thing to be washing herself in a kitchen. "I hadn't realized that I had gotten so dirty. very good." Gingerly she takes hold of the edge of the counter and squats down. Taking this strange sort of sponge bath with a dishcloth. She can't really push too deep while she is standing with her cheeks pulled tight together. Spreading her knees wide for balance she feels more exposed than ever. "And that mud was beginning to itch. . It feels so good to wash the mud from her skin. She pushes the dishcloth in deep between her buttocks.

But her stomach gives a deep rumble reminding her of what she had forced out of her mind." her stomach rumbles even louder. Alice is lost in bliss as the wondrous texture fills her mouth. Well. "I will put. "to help myself to their cakes..Declan Stanley . Before she knows it she is standing beside the table. No. and then she rubs some more." she stands up suddenly dropping the tea towel and stepping away from the spot. "Oh my. as her hand pushes the cake past her lips. "To be uninvited in some strange house.. And the smell of the cakes is making her mouth water. squatting there in the kitchen with her knees spread wide rubbing frantically between her legs. for any noise.. but she still feels very conspicuous." Alice's voice is horse. to wash so intimately and now. Slowly. But nothing is stirring. And . her hand takes a cake and brings it to her lips." her mouth is filled with delicious textures. The plate of cakes is directly in front of her. not even a mouse.. She rubs and rubs." Alice licks her lips. And then she realizes what she must look like. a cloud of tastes and sensations beyond the physical. Her mouth is watering and her stomach is rumbling. She looks longingly at them." she doesn't know if it is at all proper. anywhere in the house. lips half parted. Her hand remains poised at her lips. "They do look like exceedingly good cakes. She stands there a moment looking at the pile of wet and muddy tea towels discarded onto the once pristine floor. She closes her eyes and listens as hard as she can. Slowly her head turns to look at the plate of cakes once more. savoring the expectation and knowing that this is wrong. I will put the cake back down. and rubs and rubs. there is still no one in sight.55 She squats once more and dries between her legs with the rough cloth. Alice looks around the kitchen once more. which she knows is just going to melt as soon as she puts it in her mouth. She hesitates. she determines. Her hand does not move. as if watching her body move of its own accord. tongue almost darting out. Looks at their crisp layer of icing sitting on top of crumbly soft sponge. "Ever so wrong. She clears her throat and decides to put the cake down.

It is in her mouth. before she even realizes that she has swallowed the first cake. Her hands move of their own accord once more picking up another cake and pealing the paper cup from it. "Ever so much better. And the panic is rising up inside her taking hold and. Then her eyes return to the plate. for her mouth is stuffed with cake. so much so that her cheeks bulge out." half eaten cake falls from Alice's mouth. Cunt! It is the worst word Alice can think to say. It is both rich and light and ever so sumptuous. no. Alice wants to spit the cake out. but she is deliriously indifferent as she stuffs yet another cake into her mouth. around the taste of the cake filling her mouth. she thinks. It is velvety. The delicious sugar sweetness melts in her mouth before she can even start to chew and her breath is sucked away in awe and wonderment. empty except for a light dusting of cake crumbs. High up inside the house a door slams shut and Alice freezes. breathing through her nose. Each one better that the last one. She has eaten every cake. Oh.. Cake after cake melts in her mouth. a spiritual bliss fills her head. deep breath. Oh. But can't. exploding in delicious textures and tastes. But she does not notice. for her mouth is so full of cake that she cannot speak. For a moment she looks around for the plate with the cakes on it. a half eaten cake in one hand and her other hand reaching for the next. shit. unable to spit out. It is soft. no. Or rather think to think as she can't speak. Alice takes a long. The panic starts to take hold." crumbs spill passed of Alice's lips as she talks with her mouth full. Oh. The panic swells up in Alice's chest once more. for her attention is solely focused on the plate of cup cakes. slow. Thundering footsteps start coming down the stairs. panic starts to rise up inside her. She opens her eyes and see an empty plate on the table in front of her. no.. Alice realizes that she has eaten all of the cakes.56 . "And ever so addictive. The thundering footsteps continue down the stairs. .Alice as the wondrous taste fills her mind. She is frozen in panic unable to swallow. fucking shit.

her chin hanging loose. Then she sees the broom closet. He opens first one cupboard. Through the gap left by the open door she can see a big man stomping across the kitchen. It is stuck with a gap of a good four inches threatening to reveal her. She can't swallow. with his shirt collar undone. Then the footsteps start to come through the kitchen door and Alice cannot try any more. He is wearing a gray suit. She starts to pull the closet door closed. icing all over her fingers and crumbs on her chain. she cannot claim to be innocent of the theft. She can't breathe. She pushes herself back into the closet as far as she can. her heart beating fast and her mouth too dry to swallow the cake it holds. Alice pulls as hard as she can but there is no give in the door it is stuck solidly open.Declan Stanley . banging and crashing the contents around . as the man drifts in and out of her narrow field of vision. "And I still haven't found what I'm looking for.57 The footsteps have reached the bottom of the stairs. she slips into the closet finding herself surrounded by brooms and brushes. thinks Alice. Alice can't breath. A cold sweat breaks out across her skin. She can't run. Even on a rugby pitch he would be a big man. her mouth stuffed with cake. She cringes against the wall." the man slams shut an overhead cupboard and bends down to open a floor unit. though none she has time to detail. Quickly as she can. Her mouth is full of cake. The theft of the entire batch of cupcakes. but mostly she deduces the events happening outside by sound. its door ajar offering the chance to hide. She can't hide. as the kitchen door starts to swing open. But the door will not close all the way. The footsteps stop and the door handle starts to turn. mops and buckets of all descriptions. rummaging around inside. She stands there in the shadows with her back against the wall as the door opens fully and the thundery footsteps walk into the kitchen. The door ajar allows her to see something of what is happening. rummages around inside for a few seconds then slams shut the door only to open a second cupboard to once more rummage around inside.

"Is there something wrong. Alice cringes in fear. Oh. Suddenly he stops. "Oh my. "I'm coming. "Oh my. indeed. my god." He repeats this performance with the next set of cupboards. He stands up straight and slowly turns his head. to look at the pile of muddy tea towels Alice has discarded on the floor. I'm coming. "Look. sir. Alice's heart stops and the bottom drops out of her stomach as his voice hits her almost like a physical object. Nothing happens for a long moment. The man turns and stomps across the kitchen. "Come down here now!" the man thunders. "There you are. I still haven't found what I'm looking for. then his whole body." her voice is weak.Alice before slamming that door shut and saying "No. "What on earth happened here?" "I really don't know." the man states. In the back bedrooms. sir?" the female voice quivers." the female voice is closer. His eyes follow the line of muddy foot prints she had made across the once clean floor. the unmovable wall pressing hard against her back as his irresistible force sweeps across the kitchen. He turns from the door and strides to the center of the room. I didn't see anyone. The man waits as dainty footsteps descend the stairs. Honest. "Alice!" his voice thunders once again.58 ." the man snarls. searching first the top cupboards then going through the bottom cupboard. working his way along the kitchen. He slowly swings his head to the door and then back to the muddy pile. After a moment’s pause Alice can hear the scampering of feet coming down the stairs. The dainty footsteps stop at the kitchen door." the female voice is suddenly concerned. his whole body frozen for one long moment. "I was cleaning upstairs." . But he stomps past the broom closet and pulls open the kitchen door. sir. "Alice!" his voice thunders through the silence." he snarls. "I'm coming. Then his head turns to look at the empty plate on the kitchen table." cries a faint female voice. I'm coming.

"You know what I will have to do. Slowly the maid walks around to the far side of the table. Alice hears the light patter of the maid's shoes on the tiled floor as she finally comes into Alice's view. The maid returns to the kitchen table.." He pulls his belt free with one dramatic sweep of his arm. are you not." the man's voice is quiet and sure. but her voice is so faint as to be almost inaudible. "You are employed as a maid.. The maid takes the empty plate and gently places it on the worktop beside the sink. She is a petite young woman." Alice can barely hear the woman speak." "I did clean the kitchen." "And somebody has eaten the master's cupcakes!" "I. She can feel the trembling presence of the maid just out of sight behind the door. "So you are responsible for this." the man says. "To the table. Alice.." there is almost a gentle tone to the man's voice." the maid gives a little curtsy. Alice!" the man thunders. "Yes. sir. honest sir. with thin arms and legs. "But I. "No. "Yes. "Please. wearing a classic maids uniform.." her voice falters." "I am very angry. her tear stained eyes downcast. I..Declan Stanley . . The man waits once more. his hip his arm and shoulder. sir." the maid remains hidden. "I had left them on the table to cool. with a maid's cap pinned into her black hair. "Oh. The man starts to unbuckle his belt." the man steps back into Alice's view." the man states. The man waits patiently. Alice thinks she hears the maid say "yes". "No." the maid's voice trails off." the maid quietly sighs. "You can clean up later.. his leg. presses her hips against it's edge and stretches over it to grasp the other edge with her finger tips.59 "You know you are responsible for cleaning every day." the maid gasps. Alice can see the left side of the man.

And again and again." the maid whispers. But she is frozen in the closet. his eyes fixed on her naked flesh. The maid at first cries out. lifting her head. as the man holds his hand up high. "Ah. Then. Alice wants to reach out and help the maid. then gasps. His eyes fixed on the maid's petite bottom. Smack! The belt thunders into the maid's upturned bottom. Without taking his eyes from the maid's bottom the man starts to undo his trousers. "No panties. unable to move.60 . Unable to tare her eyes away she feels as if every blow has struck her own body. then sighs and sobs as the man rains his belt onto her buttocks." both the maid and the man gasp at the same instant.. She wants to stop this man. Her heart beats loudly in her ears and a sheen of sweat covers her entire body. The looped belt hanging loosely.. A sheen of perspiration covers his face and neck." the man's eyes remain locked on the maid's bottom. The man strikes again. Then the man slowly raises his hand.Alice The man slowly walks around the table and stands behind her. The maid gasps. His is breathing hard. The man lets out a long slow breath. Blow after blow after blow. sir. Her knuckles white as she grips the edge of the table. "No. The man ruthlessly whips the young woman. The maid lies across the table. sobbing quietly to herself. unable to breath. As suddenly as he started the man stops and drops his belt onto the floor. He flips up her skirt. mesmerized. The maid cries out. Alice stands there in the closet's shadows. Alice can see the tears drip from her eyes. his belt looped in his hand. . unable to think. ready to strike. The maid starts to tremble. But the man immediately raises his hand and brings the belt down on the maid's bottom. Everything is frozen for one long moment. Nothing happens for a long moment. his eyes fixed on the maid's pert bottom.

Declan Stanley - 61

Tears are streaming from the maid's eyes, forming a little pool, with the drool that drips from the corner of her mouth, on the table under her face. The man pushes his trousers off his hips and pulls his shirt tails up. Alice cannot fully comprehend what she is seeing. The man steps behind the maid. The maid jerks as he takes hold of her hips. The man wiggles his hips a little. "Oh," the maid opens her eyes. The man pushes his hips forward. "Agh," the maid closes her eyes once more. "Yes" the man sighs as he settles his weight against the maid. A long low moan escapes from the maid. “Now then,” the man takes a firm grip on the maid's hips. “We shall begin.” The man pulls back his hips. The maid moved her hips to follow him. But the man pushes down with his strong hands, forcing her hips to remain tightly pressed against the kitchen table. Instead she gives out a long, low sigh as the man pushes his hips slowly against her bottom once more. A shiver runs through Alice's body. Through her very soul itself. The man continues to press down on the maid's hips and slowly pulls back once more. The maid gives a long low moan. Alice's body wants to respond. She wants to move her hips. She wants to arch her back and turn her head upward. She wants to scream. But her mind is frozen. All she can do is stand and stare. The man pushes forward and pulls back, pushes forward and pulls back, back and forward building up a rhythm Alice finds herself swaying to the rhythm. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Faster and faster as the man picks up speed with his thrusts. Her body matches his pace, swaying faster and faster with him, suddenly hitting against a dim shadow beside her in the closet. All the brooms and mops collide creating a domino effect. The closet door swings open in a cascade of mops and brooms. A great clatter of handles fan out across the flagstones, all pointing

62 - Alice

back to Alice as she stands suddenly revealed, wishing the ground will open up and swallow her. The maid, sprawled across the table, lifts her head, her eyes unfocused and glassy, not fully aware of what the noise is, a grunt escaping her lips as the man once again thrusts into her. The man pulls out, making a wet sucking sound. Lifting his gaze above the maid he looks directly at Alice. Alice stands, the closet door wide open, it's shadows evaporated, icing on her fingers, crumbs on her chin, with her mouth full of cake. A guilty blush spreads across her cheeks. The man fixes her with a steely gaze as he thrusts once more into the maid. The maid, grunting, drops her head back onto the table. Alice stands frozen like a rabbit caught in head lights. The man pulls back, his eyes locked onto Alice's. The maid lifts her head and gasps. Alice shudders. The man thrusts forward, splish. The table squeaks a fraction of an inch across the flagstones. The maid grunts and drops her head. Alice feels the power of the man's thrust reaching across the room. The man pulls back, suck. The maid moans. The table squeaks. Alice feels a dull ache in the pit of her tummy. The man thrusts forward once more, splish. The maid gasps. The table squeaks. Alice's knees go weak. The man pulls back, suck. The maid moans. The table squeaks. Alice's world closes in around her. The man thrusts forward once more, splish. The maid gasps. The table squeaks. Alice's hands press to the base of her abdomen.

Declan Stanley - 63

The man pulls out, suck. The maid moans. The table squeaks. Alice tries to moan, but no sound comes. The man pushes forward, splish. The maid gasps. The table squeaks. Alice presses her fist into her crotch. The man pulls out, hands on the maids hips, eyes locked with Alice. The maid moans. The table squeaks. Alice can almost feel the cock being pulled from her. The man thrusts forward, splish. The maid moans. The table squeaks. Wet crumbs fall from the corners of Alice's slack mouth. The man pulls out, suck. The maid moans. The table squeaks. The man thrusts forward, splish. The maid moans. The table squeaks. Alice's universe shrinks down to the sounds of sex, the eyes of the man and the feeling building inside her belly. Suck, moan, squeak. Alice wants to move. Splish, gasp, squeak. Alice wants to run away. Suck, moan, squeak. Alice can't tear her eyes away. Splish, gasp, squeak. Alice can't escape the pressure building inside her. Suck, moan, squeak. An iron fist slowly squeezing inside her belly. Splish, gasp, squeak. Her knees spread wide as she pushes both her fists into her vagina, hard.

her legs spread wide. squeak. Splish. The man lets out a deep. squeak. Stop breathing forever.. Her mouth hangs open. gasp. gasp. Bang! Bang! Bang! The maid hits the table. She in turn starts banging the table with her fists and head as his fingers continue to pump her convulsing pussy.she feels she might stop breathing Splish. squeak. squeak. Tremor's race through Alice's body. squeak. Grabbing his erection in one hand. The man takes half a step back pulling out of the maid with a loud suck. her head between her knees. her eyes are transfixed by his stare. For one long moment of death she hangs transfixed on the cusp. Alice's knees finally give way and she sinks to the floor. The man pumps both himself and the maid. but her throat is too dry and her mouth too full of cake. gasp.64 . and starts to pump both cock and cunt vigorously. Everything stops for a long moment. .. he pushes two fingers of the other into the maid. Alice curls into half a fetal position.Alice Suck. That pure light. guttural roar. Splish.. The maid screams and bangs on the table with her fist. squeak. She can't hold this pressure inside. It burns so deep that. that pure fire. She tries to whimper. Splish. Bolts of lightning explode inside her as her whole body convulses. moan. moan. Bang! Bang! Bang! She hits the table as string after string of cum shoots across her back. . Suck. her fists pushed hard into her crotch. His cock spasms and white ropes of cum spray across the maid's back. squeak. that consumes her.. Suck. gasp. moan. as her vagina spasms against her fist. And the half chewed cupcakes fall from her mouth on to the floor between her outspread legs as her mind disintegrates into pleasure.

But Alice knows that she has to recover first. Then nothing continues to happen. She cannot wait here. Eventually she lifts her head. Each step is firmer than the previous one. The maid is collapsed across the table. She needs to get away. Alice turns and heads for the back door. The man. Nobody is fully recovered. . Turning her back on these people on whom she has intruded so intimately. By the time she reaches the door her legs no longer feel like wobbly sticks of goo. Her heart is beating fast. She needs to get away. drool dripping from the corner of her mouth as her ragged breath slows and smoothes. still gripping his sated erection. Somehow she finds herself stumbling out of the closet on jelly legs. It is a dread. She needs to get away now! Somehow Alice finds herself on her feet. a fear. Each step she takes makes her stronger. is half turned to rest his hip on the maid's buttock. The man looks up. that she needs to flee before either the man or the maid come to their full senses.65 Nothing happens. She cannot talk to these people. there is a tension in the pit of her stomach. his hand on the table beside her to support himself. holding onto the door jam for support as she pulls herself together. she needs to fly away. The maid opens her eyes. Slowly Alice comes to her senses. She fumbles the door open and starts to run.Declan Stanley . that she has to get up and run.

"Decisions. She is quite unsure if she really wants to go through yet another door in this strange land. . Bending forward. Alice stops." she shrugs. She closes her eyes and steps forward. On either side are two small rose bushes and a couple of clumps of daffodils. She looks up to see where she has stopped. safe within it's perfect frame of climbing roses. "Hmmm. Eventually her breath is caught. She turns back to the door. "judging by recent experience even if I were to retrace my footsteps exactly I would be sure to finish up somewhere completely different from where I started. And bangs her nose into the door. but finds her hands go to push open the door of the cottage.6 ." she says. Alice looks at the door for a moment. But yet she doesn't quite feel like turning around and going back the way she came. And runs and runs. trying to catch her breath she puts her hand out to rest against a wall. eyes closed." she bites her lower lip. The front door of a quaint thatched cottage to be precise. OK. She keeps finding herself walking through doors that lead her to places she is not sure she wants to go. Alice shifts her weight from one bare foot to the other. "Although." Alice reasons. And finds herself standing on a doorstep in front of a door.The Mad Wankers Web Party Alice runs and runs. She runs and runs. "Hmmm." She turns to look back the way she came and finds that she is standing in a small garden. And then she runs some more. And runs and runs. decisions. "Well. Until she can't run any more. which stands there passively. "Why is there so much gravel in use these days?" she frowns." She glances over her shoulder at the gravel path. Down the middle is a short gravel path leading to the gate of a white picket fence. her lungs working as hard as they can to suck the life giving air into her.

“Perfect. then smiles. The lawn perfectly smooth and manicured. "My. The door continues to stands there passively." she takes a step back. The roses blooming and well kept. But it is locked. Alice eyes the gravel path once more. Turning sharply on her heels she lifts her finger and opens her mouth to say. The bedding plants are in full flower." Then she frowns. All in all nothing the least bit unusual." Alice sighs and rolls her eyes. "It is exactly the sort of garden one would expect a quaint country cottage to have. "But unusual for this unusual place. "Especially when I'm talking complete nonsense. But once she has finished her little conversation with herself she takes a more detailed look around and sees nothing.67 "Ouch. or some bizarre event to come rushing at her from behind. "Hmmm. Most of the garden is given over to a well kept lawn. Frowning. The door does nothing. When she turns the corner she finds herself in a perfectly ordinary little garden." Alice says.” she laughs. "Well not unusual." But there is nothing there. no one rushing at her from behind. ." she corrects herself. She looks around the empty garden asking herself just when is she going to stop talking out loud to herself. There is a small flower bed to one side with a few rose bushes and a bunch of bedding plants. "How unusual. She is expecting some strange desire to take over her." Alice stops talking and starts blushing. "I guess I'll cut through the garden. where I am beginning to expect the unusual is what is normal. but it is not really hurt." Alice bites her lower lip once more. Alice waits for a moment. Nothing about to pounce. nothing unexpected at all. Alice tries pushing the door. "I told you so. skillfully avoiding the gravel and lands on the soft grass. normally.Declan Stanley . enjoying the soft grass under her feet as she makes her way around to the side of the house." She jumps off the doorstep." She rubs her nose a little. Nothing that is out of place for the garden of a quaint country cottage garden.

There are big 22” wide-screen multimedia machines and there are petite little 7” sub laptops. but cannot see the source of the voices. But most bizarre of all is the tattered top hat perched precariously on the top of his head. But what strikes Alice as most peculiar is the way that the laptops are just tossed about without any care on the table. really long. no two laptops look alike. seeming all talking at once. And none of the men are paying the slightest attention to any of the laptops. “But . some have scruffy jeans and faded t-shirts. She turns the corner of the house and stops dead in her tracks." Alice turns to look. half drunk glasses of various coloured beverages and half eaten sandwiches. And there is a complete array of every shape and size in between. "I think the voices are coming from behind the house. table stretching the entire length of the back garden. There are way too many for Alice to catalog individually. Some are switched on and some are off. conversation they are all simultaneously engaged in. There are men with short hair and men with long hair." she shrugs and trots off across the lawn. fat and thin. is a laptop computer. old and young men. There are tall and short. hopefully going in the direction of the voices.68 . None is placed in front of a man. The one thing they have in common is the intense. None of the men. cravat and long coat tails draped untidily over the arm of his chair. But. Most are gray or black. In front of each man. Half the laptops are open and half are closed. There was a long. and animated. But before her disappointment can turn to despondency she realizes that there is a low murmur of voices floating on the air. She closes her eyes. that is. to hear better. A man who is most bizarrely dressed in some Victorian looking suit complete with starched collar. not quite sure where the voices are coming from. but no two seem to be alike. her mouth hanging open at the most bizarre sight she has ever seen. She turns her head a little to the left. but one or two are blue or green. along with an array of crockery. then a little to the right. "Well. is a crowd of men. except for one man sitting at the head of the table. some are dressed in suits and ties. just like the men.Alice Alice is a little disappointed. They are all haphazardly facing in different directions. Sitting around.

“The sandwiches do look very tasty indeed. for she suddenly realizes that she is exceedingly hungry. Alice's stomach gives a rumble of approval as she eyes the proffered plate of freshly cut sandwiches.” Alice says. Those young men seemed to treat their laptops as mear accessories. Alice is walking. He seems to be stroking something. startled.Declan Stanley . his eyes never leave the screen. “And I have sandwiches. half turned in his chair to smile at her. this man who is an island of calm in the mists of such hustle and bustle.” He holds out a plate in her direction. This man apart from.” . Alice glances back towards the man at the head of the table. He is still intent on his laptop. almost jumps out of her skin. as if in a trance. without any regard to anything else apart from this man. is still pumping away under the table. bald man sitting at the table. “There's a free seat. ignoring completely everything that is not displayed on its screen. Alice finds herself being drawn to this man. Alice notes. “Well not at the moment. The other hand is under the table. tea and sandwiches. “Would you care to join us?” Alice turns to look and sees a little. She thinks that she might join him. “Hey there. young lady!” Alice. blushing as she realizes what act this man is performing. But the man at the head of the table has time only for his computer. Typing intently in short bursts and wiggling his finger about on the mouse pad. anyway. bald man and her mouth salivates. but yet still a part. of the crowd. His hand. And indeed he is looking at his laptop.69 he is at least looking at his laptop. As Alice walks a little closer she sees that the hand under the table is not laying still. In fact he is occupied so much with his laptop that he is paying not the least bit of attention to any of the loud carousing and laughter that so animated the rest of the men around the table.” She looks back towards the little. Something that he is holding in his lap? Something in his crotch? Alice comes to a complete stop.” he gestures to the empty chair beside him. cast haphazardly on the table in front of them and then ignored in favour of loud conversation. He is totally without any regard for everyone else for as Alice walks closer she sees that he has only on hand on his laptop. ignoring everything else around him. Alice thinks that maybe she shouldn't disturb him.

The man fills her cup with golden tea. “Just a little milk. Alice frowns in disappointed and is about to say something But the man turns back to her almost immediately with a tea cup in one hand and a tea pot in the other.” she smiles back at him. “Just a little milk. His smiles widens.” he hands her the tea cup. “Man. “very nice.” the man gestures with his hand. “Hmmm. “Milk. drink up. Alice gives an almost imperceivable nod and sits in the empty chair beside the little man.” the little man refills Alice's cup. .” the little man adds a drop of milk to Alice's cup. “Some tea first.” Alice replies. Alice sips more tea.” “Mad Wanker?” Alice blushes. “Yes. She takes another sip. He smiles at her and waits. Alice smiles back and takes a sip. Just as she starts to reach for the plate of sandwiches the little man turns and puts the plate back onto the table. no. even though she had not yet drunk even half of the tea. “That's no man. That's the Mad Wanker. bigger.” he smiles. Alice suddenly realizes that he is waiting for her to drink her tea.” the man hums as he drops a little milk into her tea. Alice takes it automatically. “Just the way you like it. She looks around for an escape rout. glancing at the plate of sandwiches left sitting on the table. sugar?” he asks. “This is his tea party.Alice The little man's smile widens.” Alice forces herself to keep smiling as she takes another sip. She takes a quick sip. “Who is that man at the head of the table?” Alice nods to indicate the man staring intently at his laptop.” He continues to look expectantly at her. so she takes another. “No. The man continues to look expectantly at her. Alice does not feel at all comfortable. He smiles some more. sip.70 .” the little man laughs. “Drink up.

Slowly she puts the cup to her lips and takes another sip." He looks at Alice and waits. She starts to take the cup away." Alice takes a polite sip." the man stops Alice from putting the cup down.” the man says. but the man is still looking at her..” “You can't go before you go. thank you. “Their mothers don't usually approve.. so she takes a big gulp and drains her cup. But before Alice can put the tea cup down and stand the little man has snatched the teapot from the table and is refilling her cup. nonsense. then another bigger sip.” the little man smiles at his witticism. “Do you come here often?” the man puts his own cup to his lips. I'll just drink this cup down and make a polite exit.” Alice tries to push the cup away. “Sorry?” Alice feels a deep sinking feeling. no. "Drink it all up.” “I was thinking I hadn't seen you here before. drink up." he smiles.71 He smiles and she relaxes a little. thinks Alice. thank you." the man beams. Alice feels she has no option but to drink more tea. But she is beginning to wish she hadn't actually sat down beside him. really. so taking a deep breath she empties the cup once more. “No. "Drink up. thanks. no.Declan Stanley .” Alice does not know what to say. “err. “Nonsense.” Alice says.” ventures Alice. "Good. . "Err. As the man is turned away from her Alice seizes her opportunity and puts her cup on the table. “Oh.” the little man puts the teapot on the table and reaches for the milk. as the man watches her intently. “We don't get many young girls at our parties. my dear. The man has that expectant look once more. "You'll never fill yourself up at this rate. but I really don't want another cup. "No." the little man presses the tea cup into Alice's hand. so Alice takes another sip.” the little man pours a drop of milk into her cup and hands it back to her. good.” He leans close for a conspiratorial whisper. so she smiles and takes another sip of tea. “This is my first time. “Err. “I must be going. though barely wet his lips.

good. "Emm." Alice squirms a little in her seat." Alice is a little annoyed and puts her hand over her cup. Reluctantly Alice empties her cup again. adds the milk and waits expectantly for her. She is not sure if she can swallow it. but she rather wishes she was elsewhere. or indeed the exact nature of the situation she has gotten into." Alice replies." Alice still does not know what he is talking about. Perhaps this will satisfy him. "It's good for you. drink up. He continues to look at her." Alice is unsure how she got herself into this situation. The man looks expectantly at her. drink up now. unsure what else to say. "Thank you.Alice Alice is relived that she has satisfied him. But as she goes to put her cup down he picks up the teapot and refills her cup. But the little man has turned away and is reaching for the teapot once more. "One spoon of milk and just a drop of sugar.72 ." she tries to keep her voice polite. "Good. "Oh. The man refills his own cup. "I can't. "Of course you can. "Oh. she glares at the man. for her stomach is quite full . no." the man smiles as he takes a sip from his own cup. Alice snatches her hand away. Alice takes a little sip. "Drink up." he smiles. really I can't drink another cup. then waits with an expectant smile. "I couldn't drink another drop." the man chuckles. "Just my little joke. no. "Oh. convinced that the little man would have poured the hot tea over her fingers. He fills her cup and quickly adds the milk." the little man smiles. She empties her cup." Alice watches in horror as the he refills her cup." the little man smiles as he brings the teapot back towards Alice's cup." the man pours a drop into her cup." "Drink up." he starts to tip the teapot. "And some milk. Alice takes a sip of the tea. "Sorry?" Alice is puzzled.

"The rest of your life begins. Being called little girl was the last straw. "And so it begins. The man shakes his head and looks hurt when she does not really swallow. He smiles expectantly." Alice snaps. Alice smiles weakly trying to hide her annoyance and and finds herself putting the cup to her lips once more. Alice shifts uncomfortably in her seat. Alice cannot escape the feeling that the man looks at all this tea drinking as something more significant than Alice can discern. "I need to go to the toilet to do my pee-pees!" Why she said the word “pee-pees” like a little baby she will never know. sir. "Can you tell me where the little girl's room is." the man nods his head as if he has said something very wise indeed. In fact her whole system is getting quite full and the pressure for release is starting to build in her bladder.” Gently taking hold of the tea cup he pushes it back towards Alice's lips. She goes to put the tea cup down on the table." the man smiles mischievously. so Alice takes a loud sip and the man smiles once more. he must have some type of compulsive obsession disorder. “Tut." the man stops smiling. she is quiet sure.” he encourages. half waving his hand to encourage her to drink up. “Drink up. "You know what I mean. Alice sips her tea and he smiles at her. Yes. tut tut. "Please. "What begins?" Alice asks the man. But what she did become immediately aware of was the sudden absence of any conversation .73 from all the tea she has already drunk." "Which little girl's room. Alice's stomach is beginning to feel a little bloated. But Alice is starting to more annoyed than worried. But the man wiggles his finger and says. The man looks eagerly at her. little girl. looks the man right in the eye and says in a loud voice. And she can also not escape the feeling of her full bladder.Declan Stanley . She stands up. This man is completely insane. For the man must be quite unhinged to be forcing her to drink so much tea." the man smiles at her." for she doesn't know what else to call him. Alice concludes. "I do not know what you mean.

“We want to watch you pee. but no words form in her mind.” the man nods at the crowd. “After all it you have drunk my entire pot of tea.” “You all. “want to watch me pee?” “Oh. “We want to watch you pee. “I must insist. “We would all very much like to watch." the little man breaks into a board smile. "Well that is great news." Alice blushes. and the fact that every pair of eyes was now looking right at her.” the man gestures at the assembled crowd.” He holds up the teapot and demonstrates by pouring the last drop of tea into his own cup. “We want to watch you pee. We want to watch you pee. The man nods vigorously. "Would you please pee for us?" the man gestures to include the assembled diners.” the man's smile takes a certain edge. “We want to watch you pee.” the man starts to repeat. “Oh. "Oh.” Alice feels a little whine edging into her voice. We want to watch you pee.” Alice is surrounded by the chanting men. “watch me pee?” “We want to watch you pee. "Absolutely not!" The words are out of Alice's lips before she is even consciously aware of the question.” a deep blush forms on Alice's cheeks.Alice around the table. Who are now all looking at her.” “You want to. "We would all very much like to watch.” . “And now I must insist some more. “We want to watch you pee.” Alice feels her cheeks burning red.” He softens his mile. "It is?" Alice is dumbfounded once again.” Slowly the other men start to join with the little man's chant.74 . We want to watch you pee.” the man picks up a kind of a tune.” He looks around at the crowd of men and starts to wave his arms in time to his chant. “We want to watch you pee. yes.” Alice can hardly believe what she is saying." Alice opens her mouth to speak. “But you insisted. “We want to watch you pee.

no. Alice does wish that they would stop doing that. "The teapot! The teapot!" Then Alice realizes what they meant. "Up on the table!" "The teapot! The teapot!" "Up on the table!" "No! No! No! No! No!" Suddenly Alice is surrounded. no. no. Nobody moves and nobody speaks.Declan Stanley ." he grunts. We want to watch you pee. "The teapot! The teapot!" "Oh. We want to watch you pee. "I do indeed need to pee. Slowly his eyes focus as he looks up from his laptop. "No. "Up on the table!" "The teapot! The teapot!" "Up on the table!" "The teapot! The teapot!" Alice starts to walk backwards." the mad Wanker grunts. “We want to watch you pee. no. Every one waits. a smile plays across his cragged features. looking in terror at all the eager faces that . "The teapot. No." Alice holds up a hand to stop them." she repeats. Every one turns to look as he continues to pump furiously under the table. “We want to watch you pee.” "Yes! Yes!" Alice shouts. no. "No. so could someone please tell me where to go?" Alice tries to make her voice as firm as she can. Alice sits up. “Where I can pee in private.” The chanting is doing nothing to help Alice in trying to hold her pee in. Hands grab her from every angle and she is lifted into the air and deposited in a heap onto the table.” There is a sudden stillness around the table. No!" "Up on the table. his fist not slowing in its furious pumping. Nobody that is except for the Mad Wanker seated at the head of the table.75 Alice can feel the pressure really building in her bladder. his glazed eyes staring into the computer screen. "The teapot! The teapot!" everyone chimes.

“No. “No. A shiver runs through Alice as the last of her pee . no. "The teapot! The teapot! The teapot! The teapot!" “No. not knowing if she is talking out loud or not. "I can't pee with people looking at me. turning it on it's side so it's opening is pointing directly at her vagina. “Yes.” the man hisses into her ear. I can't pee with people looking at me.” the little man shouts. I can't. The little man stretches across the table and places his teapot between Alice's legs. No. that is.” Alice shakes her head. She does not care that her vagina is clearly on display.” the man hisses. Alice closes her eyes. She is sitting up supporting herself on her arms. “No.” she sobs. Meanwhile the chants of "The teapot! The teapot!" fill the air. drowning out even that dreadful sound. I can't pee with people looking at me." she repeats. “No.” But the pressure is building inside her. “I can't.76 . little girl.” Alice bites her lower lip. All with a quite mad look in their eyes. "The teapot! The teapot! The teapot! The teapot!" The little man presses the teapot against Alice. no. Alice suddenly realizes no one except for the Mad Wanker. are spread wide. She looks down between her legs to see the Mad Wanker has looked up from his lap top and is now staring directly at her as he pumps his fist. No one is looking at her displayed vagina. no. no.” she starts to sob. half bent. her legs.” “We have a shy one here. No one. “Now there's a sight for sore eyes!” The clarity of the voice startles Alice into opening her eyes once more.” Alice half whispers.Alice surrounded her.” “No. “Go for me. I can't.” “Go for me. for a terror has filled her mind. The sudden roar of her pee hitting the inside of the teapot fills Alice's ears. “No. A big cheer rises up from the men. Alice looks all around her. But her whispers are drowned out by the continuing chanting of the assembled men. wishing the ground really would open up and swallow her now. but can see nothing except smiling chanting faces.

” grunts the Mad Wanker. elbow meets rib. yes!” from the Mad Wanker.” Just before his eyes roll up in their sockets the Mad Wanker grabs a plate from the table.” Alice has a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. “Oh.Declan Stanley . no. and everything. even though physically nothing touches her.” “Oh. "I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" wails the Mad Wanker. Everyone.” echos Alice. The only sound is the slish. There ensues a desperate grapple and general melee with everyone involved trying to cram as much of the creamed cake into their mouths as possible. fist meets eye and teeth bite fingers in a whirlwind of desire. what a beautiful looking Victoria sponge." the Mad Wanker offers the plate. “Yes. yes. Alice thinks it probably best to politely decline. “Oh. “Ugh. slish of the Mad Wanker's hand sliding up and down his hard cock. each accompanied with an exclaimed “Oh. “Ugh. But before she can formulate a response everybody else sitting around the table makes a mad grab for the plate. Two. . China is sent flying. Everything is silent for a long moment. Slowly he opens his eyes and looks at his audience.77 splatters into the teapot. Including Alice who now has a ringside seat with a unimpeded view of his gnarled fist pumping his knobby cock. four more splashes follow. Everyone turns to look at him.” before the first string of white cum splashes from the tip of the Mad Wanker's cock and lands on top of the pristine cake. The Mad Wanker sits there with a satisfied smirk on his face. anyone. the table cloth ripped. “Oh. Alice has just enough time to think. Each feeling like an electric shock coursing through Alice.” “Oh. "Creamed cake. Finally the Mad Wanker squeezes the last drop from the tip of his cock and slumps back into his chair. goes very quiet. holding the recently decorated cake in the air in front of him.” grunts the Mad Wanker. three. very quiet indeed.

"You do look very tempting. arms and legs flopping widely. The mayhem caused by the Mad Wanker's creamed cake continues unabated leaving Alice ignored by everyone who until recently had placed her at the center of their attention. finding a chair to sit in. or cover herself in some way. People start to get up. and if I am late she will be very angry. to end up flat on her back. her legs spread wide with her skirt covering her belly button and her puffy pussy on display for the world to see. arms spread to each side. a long low moan escaping from her parted lips as a wave of pleasure sweeps over her. like a rabbit frozen in the headlights of an oncoming car. untangling themselves from their neighbours. as if from nowhere. Everyone that is but for the mad Wanker himself. or just standing idly about. She somersaults head over heels. who is lying back in his chair." he mused. Some continue to wipe their chins and lick their fingers clean. Alice is just about to say. who suddenly appears. "My. Alice knows that she should close her legs. But mostly people are passive. But no one is the least bit interested in this normally forbidden sight. And with that the man stands up and leaves. Slowly she realizes that everything had gone very quiet. his eyes closed. reaching out towards her vagina." he smiles as he slowly walks up to stand between Alice's legs. Seemingly oblivious to the mayhem around him he is having a nice . her back arches and her head rolls back. Her hips bucks. "No! Don't you dare!" when his finger meets her clitoris. on display. or pull down her skirt. "But I've got a ton of stuff to do before I meet the Queen. Then looks up from her pussy." He bends down. Ignored by everyone that is apart from the man in the suit. She rolls her head to the side and sees that one end of the table has collapsed under a tangled mass of bodies. a contented smile on his face. slow look at her pussy. my. But she just lays there.78 . He takes a long.Alice Alice is sent flying from the table. Everyone looks as if they have one hell of a massive hangover. Alice lays on the ground for a few moments.

79 little snooze. Alice quietly gets up and quietly leaves. . completely unnoticed.Declan Stanley .

” Alice listens intently for a long moment. The path she is on leads into the village. “And not even the sound of a distant voice. “With weird looking little houses. eaten anything at the tea party.maybe. the abnormal looking houses will house normal people. having really nowhere else to go after all.” Alice agrees with herself.Sexytown Alice is a little dazed as she wanders away from the normal little cottage. “And the roofs are all at odd angles too..” she frowns.” She smiles and quickens her step as she works out this logical deduction.” Alice starts to walk as she ponders the village.” She stops and stares for a few moments. So she is somewhat surprised when she looks up and finds herself on the outskirts of a little village. with its normal garden and its quiet abnormal occupants. The next strange thing she notices is the lack of people. when the odd angles are added to the equation the overall effect is not at all normal looking. The streets are completely empty. And while their pastel colours may be welcoming. “They look like little the gingerbread houses that frequent fairytales. “A weird looking little village.7 .” Alice snorts.” she concludes after a moment's perusal. “Very odd indeed. “No.” Alice squints as she looks closer.. “. not at all normal. “Not even a bite of a sandwich. She doesn't take much notice of where she is going. But she is a little weary of taking the obvious path for as she takes a closer look she notices that the houses in the village are all leaning at odd angles. “With not a soul to be seen anywhere... She just walks for a bit on autopilot. “But still. And she can see no other obvious path to take.” Her stomach rumbles a little for she had not. with none of the walls vertical and none of the windows straight.” Alice frowns.” . “Not a single one. “I wonder if they're edible. her mind bemused and befuddled.” she reasons. in the end.” Alice smiles. “if the normal looking houses have abnormal people.

In fact she does jump over a foot into the air.” the girl says. “Well it's not only the house that is odd.” Alice is unconformable.” “Err. pink freckles dotted across her cheeks.81 Alice strolls past a odd looking house with a white picket fence. about her own age. But when Alice makes an “L” shape with her fingers and thumb and looks intently at each part of the house each corner and every wall is aligned correctly at right angles to its neighbours. she has bright blue eyes and. standing there with a big smile on her face. “Hi.Declan Stanley . But when she drops her hand and looks at the overall scene the house is once again leaning backwards and all the walls and windows are at odd angles. Alice feels the cold air on her bottom and quickly pulls her skirt down. both at having flashed her bum at the girl and at having the girl remark on it. The girl's pink hair is cut in a tight page boy style. She does not like houses that won't behave normally. . She turns around and sees a short girl.” Alice makes an “L” shape with both her hands and holds them up against both sides of the house at the same time in order to force it to be correctly angled on both sides at the same time. “I definitely could do with a little normalcy in my life at the moment. The girl is a good three or four inches shorter than Alice and as she looks up at Alice's face her smile broadens even wider.” Alice scrunches up her face. the fence is odd as well. When looked at in the whole the house itself seems to lean backwards. Alice looks twice to make sure. “Nice bum. But the girl has such an eager smile on her face that Alice cannot but smile back at her. with the roof seemingly twice the size of the ground floor. “What are you doing?” Alice nearly jumps out of her skin. She is looking at Alice's hands as they clutch the hem of her skirt. Hi. every window is set straight in its wall and each door is a proper right-angled rectangle. making her skirt flair out and flashing her bottom to the pretty girl who now stands behind her.” Then she snorts. “Whatever normalcy is. Instead of being vertical the fence of the left side of the house leans to the left and the fence on the right side leans to the right. Alice frowns.

" Alice says. but cannot make her fingers relax to let go of it. your name is quiet nice too. “Oh thank you. Then Alice realized that she can see Candy's panties.Alice “My name is Candy. Alice smiles weakly back at her. because she is not used to people pausing to consider before telling her that her name is nice.” realization dawns. and even the texture of the frills. Alice is momentarily relieved when she sees that Candy's nightie is even shorter than her own skirt. that is all of Candy's panties. Alice still feels more naked than ever.” the girl almost bounces as she talks. “err. Candy looks at her expectantly for a moment. brightest smile that Alice has ever seen. if Candy's attire is typical of the outfits the inhabitants of this place wear then here is a place where her own scanty clad body will not seem completely out of place.” Candy considers for a moment. “Alice. capped by the dark aureole of her erect nipples. Alice realizes that she is still gripping the hem of her skirt. Alice thinks.” “Err.” Alice hazards. Alice. Still all is not lost. Alice does not have the benefit of any panties.” she gushes. As indeed is the dimple of her belly button and the curves of her ribs. For even though Candy's nightie is as short. underscoring just how short her nightie really is.” Alice nods. revealing as Candy's outfit is. Alice is both pleased and confused that her comment has produced such a passionate reaction. But then Alice notices that at least Candy has frilly panties to cover her nudity. no matter how . “Oh. And the matching trim around the bust just emphasizes the swell of Candy's pert breasts. The shape. "Who are you?" "Um. “That is a nice name. thanks.” Candy beaks into the widest. if not even shorter than Alice's skirt.” Alice does not know what she is talking about. is clearly visible through the translucent material of candy's nightie. For. “Yes. The faux fur trim of the nightie's hemline brushes the underside of Candy's tight buttocks. For Candy is wearing a quite revealing pink baby doll nightie.82 . “your name. She is beginning to think that she has found herself in yet another situation where she is completely out of tune with everyone else. “And mine?” Candy finally asks.

“And more what?” Candy tilts her head. as if the mention of movement will cause it to fly up and expose her. . No matter what we are doing.” Candy smiles at Alice. “Look I have no shoes on either. but does not feel at all at ease. “And more. yes.83 frilly. “I was just going to start an aerobics workout. “Would you like to join me?” Alice finds herself saying.” Before suddenly realizing that she is not at all dressed for aerobics." Candy smiles. sure.Declan Stanley . In fact the only normal thing was the threes and bushes. “OK. “Err.” Candy lifts one foot to show Alice her naked feet." Alice slowly shakes her head.. Her grip on her skirt tightens.” Candy gestures behind Alice. to protect her modesty. Alice thinks to herself as she follows Candy into the park. A public park surrounded by odd angled houses and filled with off angled walls and odd angled lampposts and odd angled park benches. and keeping her legs straight. yes. “Let's do some warm ups first. touches her toes. Candy bends down.” Candy smiles." "Is that so. "Oh. This.” Alice decides to play for time. Alice is worried about showing all and sundry her naked bottom. Then one word catches in her mind. “I cannot possibly do aerobics wearing what I am wearing now. of course makes her nightie ride up." Alice is trying to get her mind around the concept of doing aerobics while wearing lingerie. But Alice is not worried about her naked feet. Alice turns to to find that they are indeed at the entrance to a public park. "We always wear lingerie here in Sexytown. "Everyone's always sexy in Sexytown. Alice smiles back.. exposing her frilly panties stretched across her tight bottom. "Do you always wear your nightie when you are doing aerobics?" Alice thinks Candy might want to go home and change before starting her workout. “Let's go into the park. “Oh you look fine." Candy gave a little skip and a hop.” Candy beams. But their very normalcy. "Oh.” Alice is very worried.” Alice feels a panic starting to build inside her. simple makes the whole even more abnormal than ever.

84 - Alice

“Sexy?” she frowns. “Yes, Sexy,” Candy buzzes. “Don't you just love being so sexy.” “Err...” Alice is quiet unsure firstly just how sexy she in fact is, and secondly how she is supposed to feel about whatever level of sexiness she does indeed process. “I suppose...” “And what better way to feel sexy, than to dress sexy,” Candy declares. “Yes... I suppose,” Alice is not quiet sure. “You, yourself, are rather attractively attired,” Candy smiles at Alice. “At least my nipples are covered,” Alice muses. “Nipples,” Candy's bright, fresh face seems out of place saying such a naughty work. Well the word 'nipple' is itself not naughty. But the current circumstances, and that fact the Candy's nipples are so clearly visible, make it seem so, thinks Alice. “Do you like my nipples?” Candy tilts her head down, but looks up at Alice. “Err..” Alice feels her face turning red. “Y... Yes?” Alice feels that sinking feeling once more. Candy slips the strap of her nightie from her shoulder, pushes the material down, cupping her hand under her exposed breast and squeezing slightly to point her nipple at Alice. Alice looks at the hard, little nipple, glistening pink in the sunshine. "Would you like to suck my nipple?" Candy asks coyly. "Emm," Alice has to swallow. "Oh, no thanks," she tares her eye from the proffered breast. "Oh, go on," Candy leans forward a little. "It's covered in cherry gloss." "Cherry gloss?" Alice looks at the nipple again. "It's very, very tasty," Candy takes half a step forward. “Very tasty.” "Em, well," Alice is tempted, but she has never sucked another girl's nipple before and doesn't quite know how to begin. "Just part you lips a little and lower your head," Candy encourages. Alice leans forward, closing her eyes and parting her lips.

Declan Stanley - 85

Candy puts her nipple to Alice's mouth. Alice feels the nipple brush her lips and licks. "Hmm," it did indeed taste of strawberry. "Open a little wider," Candy feeds her breast into Alice's mouth. Alice finds herself suddenly with a mouthful of Candy's breast. Even small, pert breasts, Alice thinks, can certainly fill one's mouth. A great squeal of feedback tares through the air. Alice jumps into the air her, lips ripped from Candy's breast, her heart pounding in her chest. "Ladies and Gentlemen!" hidden loudspeakers crackle. "Please pay your full attention to, the one... the only... the fuck-mister himself... LLLLL-Lord Sexticus!" Cheers erupt from the speakers. As if from nowhere a tall, muscular man comes running towards them. “How bizarre,” Alice is astonished. And bizarre is indeed the only word to describe the astonishing outfit that the man is wearing. He is all done out in a red, white and blue, starts and stripes motif. “Like some kind of comic book super hero,” Alice is stunned. “Oh he is my super hero,” Candy clasps her hands together and gazes adoringly at the man. There is a loud scratch as someone drops a needle onto a vinyl record. Then loud pop music, with a fast up tempo beat, blares out: "Welcome to Sexy Town, It's a place where you'll want to cum. We have so much fun here in Sexy Town, Fucking all the day long. "Sexticus is the king of fuck, He is hard all day long. And when you want to have some fun, He'll be there to help you along. "Cum, Cum, Cum here together Everyone's sexy in Sexytown. Cum here, Cum here together Everyone's fucking in Sexytown.

86 - Alice

"When he's up, it's time to fuck - Yeah We're doing so much fucking around – Yeah When you're horny he'll be hard for you, Ready to fuck you into the ground. "Cum, Cum, Cum here together Everyone's sexy in Sexytown. Cum here, Cum here together Everyone's fucking in Sexytown. Yeah, Everyone's fucking in Sexytown." Alice could not bear to bring herself to listen to any more of the song. But just as she is about to stick her fingers in her ears in order to block out the hideous racked the music shuts off just as suddenly as it had started. “I have arrived!” the man declares, coming to a halt beside the two girls. “Hello, Sexticus,” Candy beams up at him, for is she barely as tall as his shoulder. “Good day, all,” Sexticus strikes an heroic pose, “I hear that somebody needs to suck some cock!” he looks off into the distance. “Oh, me. Me please,” Candy lifts her hand into the air and raises up on her tippy-toes. “I want to do.” “And what about you, young lady?” Sexticus looks directly at Alice. “Um, Me?” Alice gulps. “No thanks, I'm good.” Alice takes a little step backwards. “I'm sure you're very good,” Sexticus smiles down at Alice. “No! Me first,” Candy steps in front of Alice. “I'm really, really good, Sexticus. You know I know what I am doing.” “Indeed you do, Candy,” Sexticus smiles down at her. “I've been thinking of your soft, succulent lips ever since breakfast.” “Ah, breakfast,” Candy smiles dreamingly. “Tasty breakfast.” “And now it's time for elevenses,” Sexticus pulls at the crotch of his spandex suit and suddenly his big cock and heavy balls are hanging out for all to see. “Oh, my,” Candy drops to her knees in front of him. “You are so

I know. little lady?” Sexticus looks at Alice.” he glances down at Candy. Candy doesn't reply as she has stuffed four or five inches of his cock deep into her mouth.” announces Sexticus in a loud voice. Alice just lets her mouth hang open in astonishment. his penis starts to swell and harden. “No. Sexticus. Candy pulls her head off his cock with a loud pop. “Oh. Sexticus maintains his pose.” “Thank you. goody!” She drops her hands to her sides and tilts her head back with her . lapping like a little kitten with little bobs of her head. “And you. “My ejaculation is imminent.” Sexticus thrusts his hips forward. and swirls her tongue around its tip.” Sexticus puts his hands on his hips and looks off into the distance. tick and long and glistening in the sunshine as Candy laps up and down. sucks gently at his pee hole and then laps back down its length to lick his heavy balls. and along the sides. You are very good. keeping as much of his cock as she can fit inside her mouth. Much to the delight of Candy who makes little mewing like sounds as she licks Sexticus's penis from tip to base over and over again.87 gorgeous. and underneath. Candy puts her hands on Sexticus's thighs and licks along his flaccid penis. thank you.” Candy's voice is muffled as she has the head of his cock in her mouth. Alice is fascinated by the big dollops of spit drooling from Candy's chin. making Candy gag.” “Yes. Soon Sexticus is sporting a hard cock. Candy.” Alice can feel the colour drain from her face. “Would you like some to?” “Some?” Alice is unsure what he means “I am sure Candy wouldn't mind sharing. as slowly.” “You prefer to watch.Declan Stanley . but surely. staring off into the distance. “Oh. Sexticus sighs contentedly. “Ah yes. “I like that!” Candy wraps her hands around his cock and starts to pump up and down.

" Candy pointed at a CCTV camera fixed to a lamppost .88 .” she can barely catch her breath. I'm sorry. “Please. “Give it to me.” she is breathless. "I didn't mean to stare.” pants Candy. “Yes. yeah.” “One!” he declares as a dollop of cum shoots onto Candy's face. "Face and tits. “I have ejaculated!” Sexticus jumps up and punches the air.” she moans. With an animal roar he starts to pump for all he is worth Candy lets out a long soft moan. “Yeah!” Alice thinks it most peculiar that having a man ejaculate on your face can produce such orgasmic bliss in a girl. Sexticus starts to run around the circumference of the park. Big globs of Sexticus's ejaculate are congealing on her face. “Four!” across her cheek “Oh. "Most people don't want to spend all every day fucking and sucking. The sounds of cheering erupt from the hidden speakers. Candy struggles to her feet and leans against a wall looking like she has just run a marathon." "That's OK you're not the only one. “Three!” cum lands on her forehead “Ah.Alice mouth open and her tongue on her chin. but can see no one." Alice smiles sheepishly. “Two!” another splash of cum catches Candy in the eye. as the loudspeakers blare the sounds of cheering. Sexticus starts to pant as he scrunches his face up." "Oh. Alice shakes her head slowly as he does his victory lap. But she says nothing. Give it to me now. “Oh." Candy pants. Sexticus wraps his fist around his cock and points it straight at her mouth. "Not the only one?" Alice looks around. his fish now a blur on his cock. that's what he always covers. still trying to catch her breath. Candy smiles up at Alice. Then she turns to look at Candy. waving and smiling at the imaginary crowd.” “Five!” right on her nose. Candy is leaning back against the wall.

" "I don't. "Oh. yes!" Candy claps her hands together." interrupts Sexticus." announced Sexticus.. "Let's let Sexticus fuck Alice." "Not god." "Oh yes I am. his penis hardening once more. my god." Alice takes a step backwards. Sexticus takes a step towards her. and come again some more. "But you must." a thought occurs to Alice." Candy nodded her head brightly. And all of them are pointing towards her. "First I have been sucked." Sexticus bounces to a halt beside her. “Come." Alice looks from the camera that Candy has just pointed out and sees another on the next lamppost." "Oh.” Sexticus nods down at himself." "Err. "Hold on a minute." Alice starts to feel unsafe.. In fact there are cameras everywhere. "think so. "I have infinite stamina. "You have just ejaculated all over Candy. Yes?” “No. "You are the star attraction today. "Yes. "All these cameras. I can come and come. Alice glances down and finds that he is indeed hard once more. now I must fuck.” oozes Candy. just Sexticus.” Sexticus states." Sexticus puts his hands on his hips and thrusts his hips forward.” Alice holds out her hand to stop his advance." Candy turns to her. I am ready to start. Everyone loves fresh meat. No." Alice pointed vaguely. and one on a tree. please do. "It is time for Sexticus to fuck you. “I must fuck. "It'll be so much fun. “They are all looking at me." ..89 beside them. "Most people just want laze around on their couches and watch. Alice." "I don't. come and come." Alice put her hands to her face. my god. “But I am primed and ready to go." Alice takes another step back. “Don't you just adore it. his erection as hard as stone. my god. "Oh.Declan Stanley . Alice does not adore it. and another on the next..” "Oh. you couldn't possibly be ready to fuck me now." "Oh." "And now. yes." Alice snaps her head around to him. No.

90 ." "You've made Sexticus all soft. hard cock glistening in the sun. He is trying to hold back tears." Candy reaches to his erection. "I'm sorry. and then she cannot hold it in any longer. "I'm sorry. "Oh." tears start rolling down Alice's face. Candy glances down at Sexticus's erection. my. And Alice laughs some more. "Oh. She cannot stop herself." there is a quiver in Candy's voice as she looks at his limp penis. But Alice can't care about the reaction of her audience. She has never seen it wilt before. She tries to stop it. She puts her hand over her mouth to hide her smile. Alice?" "Me?" Alice is still laughing. "Oh.Alice He stands there with the proudest smile imaginable. which struck her as being so ridiculous. Sexticus's magnificent penis is as limp as week-old celery. transfixed by Alice's reaction. Alice laughs. "But all I did was laugh. fully aware that the world adores him. she hugs her sides and bends double with uncontrollable laughter. not able to believe her eyes at first. I have not done anything. but does not touch it. what have you done. overcomes her again and once more she bends double in laughter. but Sexticus's penis is definitely wilting." Alice stops laughing. She looks up at his face. "Why." Alice manages to bring herself under some measure of control. Doubt starts to creep into his eyes. Who in turn looks down rather worried. showing off his magnificent body." Candy can barely breath. but a bubble of laughter is rising up inside her. my god. . "Sexticus. but when she looks up at Sexticus the image of him being so proud." Another wave of laughter convulses her. She does a double take." Candy whispers. He looks down at Candy. but her chest starts to heave. with her mouth open. but she cannot. Sexticus looks puzzled. "I'm sorry. Hands on his hips. realizing now that something serious is afoot. who just stands there. but some measure of concern is creeping in at the edges of her mind. Candy looks up at Sexticus. which is wilting. But something is bubbling up inside Alice. She tries and tries.

" sniffs Sexticus. "Nobody will want to watch me now. Candy gently rocks Sexticus gently back and forward." "But how will I know just how good I am?" he sobs. soon. "Everyone. but can think of nothing to say. slowly rocking back and forward as Sexticus cries into her shoulder. reaching out. . Candy wraps her arms around him. "The ratings. my." he sobs. "Everyone should be in awe of my erection." she nods her head. "Devastated. there. Alice thinks it best to make a discrete exit. "The ratings will be ruined. She has never seen a grown man cry like a little baby before.” “No. when nobody is watching?" Candy stands up and puts her arms around his neck and pulls his head onto her shoulder. “It is so impressive." Candy soothes." He looks down at Candy. A tear is rolling down his cheek.91 "But don't you know how fragile a man's ego is?" Candy kneels down in front of Sexticus's limp penis. tears streaming down his face.” But there is a note of uncertainty in her voice. "Nobody. "Totally devastated.” Candy is really worried. She opens her mouth..” Candy looks up at him. She turns away and slowly makes her way out of the town and back along the road she has just walked down. Alice really is totally devastated. but still afraid to touch it." “Everybody is. “Oh. god. distressed and doesn't know what to say." sorry? She shakes her head.” Sexticus goes pale.” “There." Sexticus slowly sinks to his knees." "There. “What is it. “It will get hard again. "It will be alright. "I'm.. still not quite sure what just happened." he sniffs. “Now it is all soft nobody will admire it. "How will I know. "But why?" whispers Alice. there.Declan Stanley .” tears well up in Sexticus's eyes. Alice is dumbfounded. Alice looks up at Sexticus's face.” Candy finally touches his limp penis.

Alice shakes her head to clear it. “Though I do know that 'gay' means happy and not homosexual. the sun is shining.The Queen of Blow jobs Alice hurries along the road. Alice decides to investigate. Alice looks around.” Alice states." sings Alice as she skips along the path. And. This time she can make out the words.” The taste of Candy's cherry flavored nipple flashes briefly in her mind. “It's coming from over there. And Alice finds herself quickly forgetting the episode in the village and simply enjoying the sunshine and fresh air out in the open countryside. Once again the voice calls out again." “Although. afraid that the voice might disappear as . Off in the distance she hears a shout. “Like it would matter even if I did. The voice calls again. “In fact. but then brightens up.92 .” Alice points towards a ticket of trees. the birds are singing and there is a joy in the very air itself. For it is a beautiful day. "in such a jocund company. sounding more urgent.” Alice snorts. But truth be told Alice's low mood cannot last forever.” And so she hurries on. “Though I shall do so from a distance and not get involved with anybody who might be doing anything. “As far away from everyone in this strange little land as possible. The distant voice calls again. or indeed for very long at all. Ho!” Alice quickens her pace.” she determines as she walks towards the voice. please.” she looks around. "One could not but be gay.” She frowns for a moment. but cannot see anything except the rolling countryside. It was just important to get as far away from the people of that village as she can. “Hey.” she stops to consider. “I am kind of alone. The more distance she puts between herself and “that weird little village” the safer she feels. “I don't really know what 'jocund' means. Once again she is not paying too much attention to where she is going.Alice 8 .

In front of her is a tall.” She looks at her hand then gingerly pushes it into the hedge. “Or voices. trying to locate the source of the voice. “It's like a green wall. She speeds up once again. The thin branches and green leaves gently part and swallow her hand. “Heeey. Alice bounces back..” declares Alice. Hooo!” the voice calls again. Alice runs a little bit to the left. but the hedge stretches off into the indeterminable distance in both directions. “..” Alice has a thought. and catching her breath as she recovers from the unexpected interruption. thought she is not sure if it is the same voice. now almost running through the lightly forested countryside. “Well. tightly grown. perhaps.93 quickly as it arrived.” Alice turns her head. But the spindly shoots are not strong enough to support the weight of even a petite teenager such as herself and she cannot get enough of a grip on the green branches to lift herself off the ground. The voice calls again. If the hedge is not strong enough to support her weight. “It is coming from the other side of this hedge. The voice calls once more and Alice once again quickens her pace now feeling a panic bubbling up inside her that she must find this voice before it is lost forever. She grabs hold of the hedge and tries to pull herself up.. She looks right and left.. “Or even if it is coming from the same place. Once again the voice calls.” Alice remembers being lost in one of those mazes that great country homes often grow for the amusement of their visitors.” And runs slap bang into the side of a thick hedge. Once more she hears the voice. The green leaves making dappled pools of light and dark as she darts between the tree trunks looking this way and that for the voice that is calling. “Oh!” Alice stamps her foot in frustration. Ho!” Now quite near. “And appears to be more distant. then right again.Declan Stanley . smoothly trimmed hedge. She runs into a little forest of young oak and ash trees. before regarding the hedge once more. “Hey.” pants Alice. remaining upright. .maybe it's not tick enough to stop me from pushing my way through it. then a little to the right.

no.” She bends down parting the branches with her hands and sticks her head into the hedge. The voice calls. Alice waits some more. But this time there is no sensual trill produced by the intimate touch of magical vegetation.” for she is not entirely sure. “In for a penny.” thinks Alice.94 . Hooo!” And Alice knows she is nearly through the hedge. Pushing hard with her feet she wiggles her body and forces her way completely into the hedge. All sorts of possibilities flash through her mind. Pushing. Alice lands on her hands and knees. She waits a moment. But the hedge is soft and flexible and not a single scratch is made on Alice's pristine skin. After waiting a little longer she concludes that nothing extraordinary is going to happen.” she shakes her head slowly. Not another immaculate lawn.” Once more the voice calls out again. “I hope. Nothing happens. “They never lead to anything good. And with each movement she expects some extraordinary explosion to erupt.” She was getting a little weary of immaculate lawns.. Still nothing happens. “Heeey. And indeed she is for suddenly Alice finds herself falling forward out of the hedge and onto smoothly mown grass. wiggling and squirming she makes her way through the soft growth. There is no whirlwind to suck her up into the sky. And no perverse characters pop their heads out to talk nonsense at her. .Alice She pushes her other hand in beside the first and waits with both arms swallowed up to the elbow. However. She doesn't even bother to check if her skirt has flipped up to reveal her bottom.. “For it very disorientating to be surrounded by all this foliage. Instead she looks at the manicured grass beneath her and moans. “Hey. Ho!” once more and Alice is reminded of her goal. Instead Alice simply finds herself entangled in a mass of spindly shoots and leafs. hoping that she has not gotten turned around. “I shall be scratched to death. parting the spindly branches with her hands and pushing her body against the soft greenery. “Oh. but her actions have provoked no reaction from the hedge.

do shut up. but that doesn't bother her for there. is the most extraordinarily dressed man she has ever seen." observes Alice. “He looks like a cross between a court jester and a town crier. But with bells on the corners of his hat and the entire outfit made out of alternating red and yellow colours he doesn't look at all traditional." Alice smiles. complete with tri-corner hat. For indeed the. “How can I be sure of any stranger in this strange land? Is she really a real queen?” wonders Alice.Declan Stanley . “Oh.” The weird man is standing in a theatrical pose. “Or is it all just make believe?” The lady has all the regal paraphernalia: scepter. she must be a Queen indeed. But Alice is weary. not ten feet away from her. Alice winkles her nose in annoyance. "And. "a large entourage to follow her about. The weirdly dressed man takes a deep breath and shouts. looking as if he might cry out again at any moment. And there is a large contingent of guards men. Then a movement catches Alice in the corner of her eye. Ho!” interrupting Alice's thoughts. dressed in a silver gown with a long flowing cloak. wouldn't it. crown and a flowing cloak. "Who look just like those in Buckingham Palace. She is wearing a crown and carrying a short stick that can only be described a scepter.” the Queen snaps at the man. slightly portly.” Alice observers. She turns her head and sees a regal looking lady. “Hey. Hooo!” the voice calls yet again. her naked bottom pressing onto her dirty heels. man was dressed in what at first glance looked like a traditional English town crier outfit. “It would have to be something weird. with his hand cupped to his mouth." For indeed there is a great many people milling about behind the regal lady.95 “Heeey. The man looks somewhat hurt at the curt nature of the Queen's . There are people who look like office staff with files and folders tucked under their arms and there are waiters offering trays of canapés and drinks to the ladles and gentlemen." Alice decides once and for all that the lady is in fact a queen. frock coat and ruffled shirt. "Yes. There are puffed up men in expensive suits and too pretty women posing neatly for all to see. Making Alice sit up.

” he gives a low bow to the Queen. The Queen is consumed solely with waiting impatiently. . with not a solitary soul making as to inquire as to her well being.” Alice looks around once more. that is now beginning to look quite shabby.” Alice looks down at her scanty clothing. then abruptly breaking off to hurry away and talk to someone else. “Or rather the men are all rushing about and huddling in conversation. surly. stopping briefly to have huddled conversations in two's and three's. “Perhaps I should ask her what is bothering her. And still she has to wait! “She seems very perplexed.” For indeed a great many people milling about behind the Queen are dressed in a great variety of styles. but he composes himself. To demonstrate her continued impatience she is alternatively pacing to the left for five steps. nobody seems to be in the least inclined to approach the Queen. The Queen stops.” For while everyone else is only too keen to talk to each other.” Alice notices. Instead she just stands there impatiently tapping her foot for a few seconds before turning around and pacing back to her original spot to tap her foot once more. “Your Majesty. The people behind her are all rushing around. “Well I am not really dressed to be presented to royalty. perhaps in a huff. The Queen absently waves at him in dismissal as she turns and walks towards the hedge where Alice kneeling. The man walks off. “But. She is impatiently repeating this pacing over and over again. standing tapping her foot for five seconds and then pacing back to her original spot to once again tap her foot.” Alice brushes some leaves from her top. even a Queen deserves a polite inquiry as to the cause of her perplexion.Alice rebuff. Alice suddenly notices. Still nobody is approaching the Queen. Including some who are wearing swim ware. be they milling around or posing in the background. for her part continues to wait in her regal isolation. “But then in this strange place will anyone notice. For her part the Queen pays not the least iota of interest to any of the people. “A little the worst for ware perhaps. The Queen. “The women just seem to be standing about looking pretty”. giving no indication that she has seen Alice.96 .” Alice bites her lower lip.

." Alice nods.... All the people milling about suddenly have to mill about several steps further from the Queen than they were before. masturbation. It is only at the very last moment.. "Fellatio. far-distant look. "The whole world is beset with an obsession for masturbation. when she is directly in front of the queen. grown-up and even vulgar word in its correct context. "It means to go down on a man.. “Has anyone seen my management consultant yet?” the Queen asks in a loud voice. "It is our considered opinion. hanging on the Queen's every word." the Queen declares." the Queen lifts her nose and starts to walk away. "You mean 'blow jobs'." The Queen proclaims as Alice comes to a stop in front of her. masturbation. "'Fellatio' sounds much more sophisticated. "Huph.and we have giving it great consideration. your majesty. "'Blow job' is such a vulgar phrase. but with her eyes looking down at Alice to make sure she has her full attention.” "Sophisticated? Sophisticated. well. to orally service him. my dear child." here the Queen pauses with her chin still held high. that Alice suddenly realizes that she has not a clue as to what she should say.." "Fell-ati-o?" Alice stumbles over the unfamiliar word. "Indeed it is." "It is?" Alice blushes at the Queen's repeated use of the word masturbation and completely forgets that she doesn't know what to say.. "Masturbation." Alice runs a few steps to catch up with the Queen.97 Alice takes a deep breath and walks right up to the Queen as she stands tapping her foot and looking off into the distance.." Alice is momentarily pleased to be able to use this naughty. that the world would be a far better place if there were less masturbation and more fellatio in it. The Queen resumes her imperious. . to suck his cock. Alice starts to run after her only to almost runs right into her as the Queen stops once again." The queen lifts her gaze and then turns and walks back to her other spot." exclaims Alice. yes. girl?" The Queen pauses to regard Alice for a moment..Declan Stanley ." "Oh.. ". “. fellatio..

Alice isn't really aware of the assembled dignitaries wrong footed scrambling. She keeps her gaze fixed firmly to the front walking quite fast. Leaving everyone else wrong footedly milling about and not at all prepared for the Queen's departure. It is quite hilly here. regardless of scrambling dignitaries and scantily dressed teenaged girls. .98 .” the Queen announces and immediately sets off. but still with regal grace. Alice does not know what to say to that. The footpath also meanders from side to side. Alice soon discovers that she can do a kind of a one and a half step skip to comfortably keep pace with the Queen. but they are low. All the milling about suddenly takes on a more frantic edge as the assembled dignitaries. Alice looks around at countryside. as her entourage trails behind and Alice skips along beside her. drinking in the smell of the fresh air. scramble to rearrange themselves in the correct order of rank to follow behind the Queen. listening to the bird song and enjoying the feel of the late evening sunshine on her skin. as she forges ahead with her eyes fixed only forward. administrators and servants. entwining itself between odd shaped fields where various crops grow and livestock graze.Alice “I'll take that as a no. around a little clump of trees here and past a strip of hedgerow there. Alice is enjoying herself. For although the Queen is not walking that fast at all Alice's legs are not half as long as the Queen's and so Alice must take one and a half steps for every step that the Queen takes. But the Queen walks at her own pace.” mutters the Queen in a voice too low to be heard by anybody except Alice. Walking off the lawn they pass through an open gate and into the pastures beyond. so smooth that one would hardly notice the dip and climb of the footpath. Everyone else that is except Alice who being directly beside the Queen is in the perfect position to follow her as she sets off across the immaculate lawn. looking around at the pretty countryside. shall I. “We are off. The Queen doesn't pay half as much attention as Alice does the the scenic environs they are walking through. Alice is too busy trying to keep up with the Queen. well rounded hills.

99 As the procession progresses Alice sees a small crowd ahead.” Alice looks a little puzzled. They are standing in a rough semi-circle in a open meadow atop one of the taller hills.”Alice looks beyond the crown and sees even more people making their way into the meadow.Declan Stanley .” the Queen interrupts him. “Isn't 'blow job' such a vulgar phase?” “Vulgar? Vulgar?” considers the Queen.” “Yes.” explains the Queen. That's enough of that. for the path twists and turns so many times. Alice is not at first sure if this assembled crowd is the final destination of the Queen's procession. And soon Alice is left in absolutely no doubt as to their destination for they make yet another turn around a small crop of trees and suddenly find themselves in the meadow atop the tallest hill.. get up. The portly man takes a deep breath and begins to recite. The mayor looks both disappointed that he can't recite his speech . sometimes almost doubling back on itself. that Alice is quite soon completely unsure of which direction is which. “They are waiting for my men to give them their daily blow job. But no matter how many times the procession turns about and walking first this way around a hay field and then that way passed a heard of grazing crows. “Yes. “Nice to be appreciated. Yes. “Yes.” she starts walking once more. Get up. the crowd in the meadow keeps getting inextricably closer and closer.” the Queen waves for them to stand. Behind the hill Alice can see a cluster of roofs huddled together in a little village.” As the Queen approaches a handful of men dressed in business suits step out of the crowd to approach her. “Your most gracious Majesty. “these are vulgar people after all.” the portly man bows. The whole crowd bows and curtsies.. well. The crown of people giving a little cheer as their Queen arrives. but the rotund man bows lower than everyone else.” mutters the Queen. “As mayor of our fine. In the center of this group is a rotund man with a big gold chain around his neck. yes. In fact he bows so low that his gold chain drags across the ground. “It is a great social occasion for them. there are a great number of people here. “My.

“Again. are just standing around chatting while their men folk all have their penises sticking out of their trousers being sucked by. Alice can but stand there dumfounded as the guardsmen unzip the mayor's flies. fish out his penis and begin to kiss and lick it.Alice and worried that he might be in trouble with the Queen. “My management consultant is late.” the Queen waves forward a couple of her guardsmen. who didn't really see at all. “This way all the men are sexually content. Everywhere she sees guardsmen kneeling on the ground sucking villager's cocks and is relieved. Only to discover that all the men have unzipped themselves and all the guardsmen are making their way towards the crowd. I see. though also relived.” “Oh. em.” the Queen explains. One by one they each single out a man and kneel in front of him. for she does believe that she is rather too young to be attending an orgy. or . but who didn't want to annoy the Queen by making her explain everything to her. Feeling a flush come to her cheeks she look around. “And the women are not bothered by excessive demands from their men folk.” The mayor looks very disappointed... Who now looks very happy indeed. servicing them?” Also Alice cannot quite fathom that the wives. “Is this an orgy?” “An orgy!” the Queen is appalled. But soon Alice finds herself asking yet another question.” Alice swallows. Alice stands beside the Queen as she surveys the scene for a few more minutes.. “This is simply my evening constitutional.” Alice looks around. “I am a bit behind schedule today.” the Queen points at the ground in front of the man. child. “Are the men not bothered that it is to be a man who is. “It is my constitutional duty to make sure that my citizens are happy.100 .. “Is this. “So there won't be time for any of your speeches.” says Alice. and mothers and daughters.” The queen looks down and sees the look of continued puzzlement on Alice's face. “Of course it is not an orgy.” Both of the Queen's guardsmen kneel in front of the mayor.” the Queen continues.

” Alice has a sudden dread that the Queen is going to instruct her to take a villager's cock into her mouth. "that a man will give a better blow job than a woman any day of the week. “Don't you just love the feel of a long cock as it goes down your throat.” the Queen continues. “Take a look at this chap. "It is a well known fact. And truth be told it did make sense to Alice.” The guardsman does as instructed. his hips jerking against the guardsman's face. "Of course it is. “Humph. “There will be no namby pampy kissing and sucking while I'm on the job.” she proclaims to a startled guardsman.” The Queen strides forward and points with her scepter." "It is?" asks Alice who had never heard that fact before. “Don't just nibble at the tip." the Queen states.” the Queen turns to Alice. “You there." said Alice.” the Queen beams at him. I see. the Queen's guardsmen.” the Queen walks over to another guardsman kneeling in front of a very happy looking villager.” Alice quickly interjects. “Now fellatio. “And so a girl would be better at going down on another girl than any boy ever would be. "It is only by having a dick that one can truly appreciate how to give pleasure to a dick.Declan Stanley . “That's what I like to hear. “Now he knows how to get results." the Queen explains.101 waiting to be sucked by. for example. Grab his buttocks and ram his hips into your face.” The Queen pauses for a moment.” The Queen tone makes it quite clear just how much she does not approve of the idea. “Indeed. “Fellatio is something I have indeed put a lot of thought into. “Huh?” Alice cannot begin to even imagine having cock in her mouth. neither have I. He really wants to drink all that tasty cock juice!” Alice dumbly follows the Queen as she walks across to the guardsman in question.” "I am afraid that I cannot say for I have ever given much thought to 'going down' on a girl. The villager is standing there with his trousers around his ankles ." "Oh. gagging as the villager's hips thrust forward again and again. The villager starts to grunt like a rutting pig. your majesty.

But his other hand is pushed up between the villager's legs and he appears to be sticking his fingers up the villager's anus. "Did you do what?" "Indeed." Alice is somewhat confused by this last statement. “I am their Queen!” “Indeed your majesty. before realizing something.102 . "did you not just say that a man gives a better blow-job than a woman?" "Did I not?" the queen tilts her head and looks down her nose at Alice. pointing at every second or third pairing of villager and guardsman issuing commands to do it harder . “Do you ever wish to sock some cock yourself.” Alice drops her eyes to the ground and gives a deep curtsy. "Well yes. The Queen returns her regal gaze to the assembled cock sucking. child!” the Queen is aghast." Alice asks." the Queen gestures at the line of gentlemen being serviced by her guardsmen. "Some of your guardsmen are women. After all when you are having your dick sucked no one cares if it is a man or a woman doing the sucking. indeed. “Good lord. Alice briefly wonders how they timed it so that there is always a guardsman free when the next gentleman steps up to be serviced. "Please. “Suck his dick right down!” The villager's smile widens as the guardsman redoubles his efforts. with one hand on the villagers buttock pulling him hard into his face.Alice and a very happy smile on his face. your majesty?” Alice asks before she even realizes she has the question on her mind." the Queen strides off. "Or did I do?" Alice crinkles her nose in puzzlement.” The Queen stares openly at the villagers cock as it pistons in and out of the guardsman's mouth. The Queen parades along. Leaving a very bemused Alice to scramble to catch up with her once more. The guardsman is not only enthusiastically ramming the villager's cock all the way down his throat. of course. "I am an equal opportunities employer. The queen stops suddenly points to an almost random guardsman and declares. your majesty." Alice exclaims. “There's a man who truly enjoys his job.

All the guardsmen are kneeling in the mud with a cock in their mouth. “What is on your mind now. child?" "I." the Queen turns to a guardsman. his face ever so pretty as he kneels in the mud sucking the small cock of some fat man. The Queen notices that Alice is not longer giving her her full attention.” Alice doesn't know what to say so she looks at the row of guardsmen kneeling in front of the smiling villagers. be clearly be seen through the thin material of her top. . I believe he is late." “That's what he said you'd say.” Alice says without thinking.103 faster and deeper.” “It's not?” Alice responds. Alice cannot help but stare. and when she glances down her erect nipples can. "Late!" Everyone quakes in their boots." "About so high?" The Queen gestures with her hand. Alice takes a look around... The women of the village are standing in the background having good natured conversations in small groups. “Yes." the guardsman looks worried. "Is there any sign of my management consultant yet?" "Emm.” the Queen regards Alice for a moment." Alice answers. Alice looks around again." Alice looks back to the Queen. "I. well. "Are you looking for something in particular... "Carries a briefcase and has a folded umbrella tucked under his arm?" "Yes.Declan Stanley .. once again. "I am looking for a man in a pinstriped suit and a bowler hat. "That sounds like him. One cute guardsman catches her eye. your majesty. “It's not the first time he has been late." "You there. one of the few who doesn't currently have a dick in his mouth. "I'll have him sucking dick till dawn. girl?” the Queen interrupts Alice's daydream stare.. “Sometimes I think he does it deliberately just so that I'll make him suck some cock. some having two or three villagers to service. He is all blond curls and blue eyes." "Late!" the queen's face turns red. With all this dick sucking in progress Alice is beginning to feel the now familiar tingle in the base of her abdomen.

She smiles briefly before shaking her head to clear her mind... "A girl can cum just as quickly as any man. good heavens. "Suck her dick!" the Queen points at Alice. "What?" Alice asks the retreating back of the Queen." "We are not!" Even as Alice declares this she realizes that she had no experience to back up her assertion." the Queen explains." the Queen waves around her.” Alice tries to compose her mind." the Queen mumbles as she turns around and walks off. with an exasperated tone. The Queen walks on." Alice has a momentary vision of the cute guardsman being tied up and forced to suck her cunt all day long. Alice and the guardsmen stumble over themselves to stop beside her. my dear girl. service women as well as men?" Alice blushes as the Queen waits impatiently for her to compose her question. "Why do girls take too long to cum?" Alice tares her eyes away from the cute guardsman and looks back up at the Queen. who takes a step . "Because. Alice runs to catch up with the Queen and asks. "Of course not. "Provided. of course. who are finished with their current cock. "tied up all day sucking cunt. no. "What did you say about girls?" "I said that they are mostly stubborn little bitches." "Why ever not?" Alice suddenly feels rather discriminated against. The Queen looks at Alice for a long moment. yes.. A few of the guardsmen.. The next guardsman in line steps towards Alice. guardsmen ever. that she is properly stimulated. "Girls take too long to cum." the Queen waves her hand in dismissal." “Really?” the Queen comes to a sudden stop. "Oh. “Well. even thought up until this very moment she had no intention of ever taking part in such public displays of sexual conduct as she sees all around her.Alice "Em.104 . scramble to their feet to form a ragged column behind their Queen. err. err. “Do your.” Alice tries to sound surer than she feels. “Really?” she asks again. I can't have my men..." Alice suddenly finds a way out of her dilemma. "Mostly because they are stubborn little bitches.

Her virgin cock jerks as bursts of fire shoot down it's length. ugh. Alice throws her head back as her hips buck into his face. ugh. A surge of pleasure flows down the shaft of her penis and deep into the pit of her abdomen. Her knees give way and she slowly collapses into a spread-legged kneel. with no panties and sporting an erect penis is simple asking for her dick to be sucked. Ugh.Declan Stanley . The guardsman follows her down. the guardsman takes each thrust. ugh. "If it pleases your majesty." the Queen interrupts Alice's bemusement. slurp. The guardsman swallows more of her cock. before exploding throughout her entire body." Alice catches the hem of her too short skirt and performs a quick curtsy." she grabs the back of the guardsman's head and pulls it hard into her crotch. "Ugh ugh." Alice is wondering if she has testicles as well when a guardsman kneels down in front of her and gently takes the head of her erection in his lips." Alice grunts. suddenly very unsure of herself. . forcing her cock right down his throat. "It seems to me. Blots of lightening explode from Alice's newly arrived balls. Ugh. Alice looks down and sees the purple head of an erect penis peeking out from under her skirt." Alice's hips start to buck. not losing contact with her penis for even one instance. ugh ugh. The guardsman swallows deep and presses his face into her crotch. slurp. She grabs the back of the guardsman's head as pleasure continues to surge through her groin. A long. "Ugh." Alice grunts like a caveman. low sigh escapes from Alice's mouth as her eyes roll up into their sockets. Slurp. "Ugh. "that any girl who walks around in public wearing such a short skirt. The guardsman opens his mouth wide and takes her all the way down." "Well what's that then?" the Queen points at Alice's crotch.105 backwards. She lifts her skirt in amazement and discovers that the penis is indeed attached to her. "Ugh. "But I am a girl and don't have a dick to be sucked.

before turning and walking off."Oh! Oh! Oh!" she screams. Her arms and tights squeeze his head so tight she is sure it will pop like a cherry. The guardsman gently disentangles himself from her. but she does not really notice for quite a while. "Oh.Alice The guardsman seals his lips shut around her shaft and swallows as she cums. . until there is nothing more to swallow. my GOD!" Alice screams as she is bent double by the force of her orgasm. Alice lies there in a daze as everyone troops after the Queen. “Humph. Soon Alice is quite alone. as her blown mind floats in a bliss.106 . The guardsman swallows and swallows. and swallows some more. wrapping his head in her body and squeezing with her entire being. She just lays there as her brain slowly reassembles itself. Then he keeps swallowing just to make sure. Eventually Alice is spend and goes limp and soft. laying her softly on the ground.” the Queen briefly looks down her nose at the silly little girl lying spent on the ground.

. It's is not just dangling against her. looking around. “Well. but not majorly unpleasant. nor any of the villagers. Her new penis. She bounces her hips a little and feels her new testicles bob up . Of course.” she repeats. “Hello.” Alice considers. It. She can feel the dangling sensations from the inside. “Oh. Neither the Queen nor her retinue. Alice just lifts her head and lets her skirt drop. maybe all the people turned into trees and made a new forest for me. It's not hanging off her. Strange.” she calls. And finds herself completely alone. Tentatively she wiggles her hips and feels her new penis and testicles shake a little. it is not some inanimate object strapped to her body. Having no other option really she stands up and immediately feels it dangling between her legs. “Oh. and something heaver behind. Several things hanging between her legs. It.” it was a rather unexpected feeling. “I have no vagina!” Her eyes open wide. “Hump. except for one that slowly crystallizes. unsure quite what to to next. She lifts her skirt and sees.” She looks around again. “Oh.Woodland Pleasures “I have a penis!” Alice sits up straight.” Alice is not impressed.. And she does feel it dangle. But she can still feel it hanging.” she is quite alone. But instead of being in the large open meadow where the Queen's Guardsmen serviced the villagers Alice now finds herself in a small forest clearing surrounded by tall trees. It is hanging.” She smiles sheepishly. right. “Hump. “Just different.107 9 . are to be seen anywhere. it is being pulled down by gravity. Different can be quite nice at times.Declan Stanley . Well it is one of those situations where one is watching something so extraordinary that one can't take in what is being seen. Her thoughts numb. “However shall I pee?” Then she blushes deep red. The image unable to fully form in her mind.

108 - Alice

and down. “Oh,” Alice discovers a most peculiar sensation. She is not too sure if she wants to repeat that one. Alice swings her hips from side to side a little making her testicles bounce off the tops of her thighs, making her giggle, “It does make my tummy feel funny.” A twig snaps in the forest behind her. Alice jumps and, smoothing her skirt down to cover her new attachment, she turns. But there is no one to be seen. She waits a moment, just to make sure that she is indeed alone. But the novelty of her situation is too much to resist. Once more she wiggles her hips a little and feels a little bounce between her legs. She wiggles a little harder and the bounce becomes a bob. A little harder and... “Oh,” Alice stands bolt upright. “A little too hard,” she sighs. Gingerly she lifts her skirt. After that sharp pain she is half expecting something to have fallen off. But everything looks the same as before. “I didn't think they'd be that delicate,” she muses, taking her first good look at her new package of attachments. Her normal tuft of pubic hair was still there, not too thick and a little curly, and it still spread down into the creases at the tops of her legs, but instead of covering her vaginal lips now it was parted by an eruption of bare flesh. A long loose sausage hung there, pale and covered in loose network of blue veins that ran down to a ring of loose skin that kind of formed an opening at the tip. But it didn't hang there alone, for a loose sack of more pale skin hung behind it. “Behind it and kind of pushing it out,” Alice observers. She reaches down between her legs to see if there was any opening anymore, but as the side of her hand brushes past her scrotum everything suddenly tightens up. “Ooh,” Alice's eyes open wide. “That is a most peculiar sensation.” Tentatively she touches the tip of her fingers to the sack. “My scrotum?” Alice mutters. No peculiar sensations erupt. She cups her hand and brings her palm up to take the weight of her testicles. Her scrotum slowly relaxes, the small weight settling into the palm of her hand. She can feel her two little testicles resting within their lose skin. “It feels oddly reassuring to hold my testicles,” Alice smiles. “No, my balls,” she corrects herself.

Declan Stanley - 109

She stands there for a pleasant moment the two balls resting in the palm of her hand. “They feel like they are moving,” Alice muses. “Almost as if they are slowly turning.” She looks down but nothing is moving on the outside. Gently she squeezes and it feels more pleasant. She squeezes some more and the gentle pleasure takes on a hard edge of pain. She relaxes her hand a little and her balls hum with pleasure once more. “Not too much and not too little, but just right,” she smiles, and it really did feel very nice to hold them. “Very nice, indeed.” And the pleasant glow began to spread up into her abdomen. Letting her skirt drop she just stands there, with her legs slightly wide, holding her balls and enjoying the feeling spreading from her groin up into the base of her tummy. However the feeling in her tummy is starting to become very familiar. “Oh, no,” Alice blushes. “However could I do anything now?” She feels her skirt tighten against her penis. “Oh, no,” she fears that her skirt is once more going to start shrinking. “There's not enough of it left to shrink any more!” She grabs hold of the hem of her skirt and pulls down. The tightness increases against her penis. Alice scrunches up her eyes and tightens her grip. “No, no no,” she whispers, “Give me this much at least.” But after a moment she realizes that he material of her skirt is not slipping through her fingers. She opens her eyes. The pressure on her new penis is still there. But so is her skirt. “As much as it's ever been in it's shrunken state.” But the pressure is still growing against her penis. “So what is squeezing against my penis?” Alice cautiously looks down. “Oh, my...” There is a big bulge in the front of her skirt. Gingerly Alice lifts up her skirt to see not the hanging sausage with loose skin, but a big, bald, purple monster sticking out of her pubic hair. “Shit,” Alice pulls down her skirt once more and looks around, as if expecting to see some strange person sneaking up on people and bestowing purple monsters on to them. But there was no one there, of course.

110 - Alice

“I shall just have to ignore it,” Alice determines. And determinedly looks around her. But there was nothing much to be seen, except for a little path that lead off into the forest. “Yet another forest path,” Alice rolls her eyes. But then, she muses, it's either that or staying here alone. Squaring her shoulders she sets off with a purposeful stride, swinging her hands freely, keeping her chin up and her eyes firmly on the path ahead. As Alice starts along the forest path she notices things she had never noticed before. Things like the way the blueness of the sky seems brighter, the green of the leafs crisper, the bird song sweeter and the way her free-swinging penis and testicles bounce as she walks. "How ever do boys put it with it," Alice just wanted to grab her new attachments and hold them still. "It's no wonder boys walk so funny all the time." In fact she too was walking with a funny gait; as if she were a horse who could not quiet decided if they wanted to walk or canter. At each step her testicles would brush against the top of her thigh and her penis would swing against the opposite leg, the tip rubbing against her skirt. Back and forward with each step her testicles and penis follow the rhythm of her walk; brush and swing and rub, brush and swing and rub. "While it is a most peculiar feeling," she gave her hips an extra wiggle. "It is not at all unpleasant." She started to skip. Which was even nicer than walking. The extra momentum makes the whole package bounce up and down. “Quite pleasant,” smiles Alice, putting a little extra spring into her skip and making everything bounce a little more. And not only are her new penis and testicles bouncing about, but her hard nipples are rubbing against the tight material of her top as her pert breasts also bounce. All in all adding a nice twist to the sensations flowing through her body. “Very nice indeed,” hums Alice through a wide smile. She giggles, wouldn't be funny for any observer to see her, a cute little girl, skipping gaily along in the sunshine, wearing a short skirt and skimpy top. They'd see her stretch out her long legs as she skips and maybe they would watch the little bounce of her pert breasts. And as she passed them by they would glance behind expecting

Her head turned to the sky. “I mean it's sticking out for all to see. "Em-mm. “Oh. “I thought it would just go away if I ignored it." she lifts her skirt to examine her new genitals. her penis bobbing a little stronger.” . But while her penis does bob it doesn't slap.111 maybe to catch a peek at her panties as her skirt flips up and then for them to catch a glimpse of her penis and testicles under the hem of her skirt. She giggles again. But mostly it is the bobbing of her penis occupies her mind. She jumps up once more and slaps her penis against her abdomen. pushing her hips out. And again and again and once more for good measure. but very.” she frowns. With her too short skirt and shrunken top it was almost as if she were naked in the breeze. “It feels kind of weird." she smiles. No. "It is quite a pleasant buzz. But then she really hadn't been ignoring it had she. very nice.” she wasn't expecting that. “Well. She jumps still higher and her penis slaps up against her abdomen. They'd do a double take and shake their heads thinking.” She jumps up once more.Declan Stanley . propelling her speedily along. She licks her lips. but it is the big. “Weird. “What am I supposed to do with it. It couldn't be." As she skips a little higher along the forest path Alice lets her arms stretch out fully. "Good job I'm all alone.” she stops to catch her breath.” she considers the unfamiliar sensations. But her penis doesn't slap against her abdomen. “Oh. Her legs kicking up and out in front of her. they'd think as they hurried on their way.” She looks down and sees the bulge in her skirt. Her testicles hang loosely behind. bald head that has pushed back the loose skin that catches her attention. “It feels more like a bounce than a bob. “What's happened here?” Her penis is big and hard and sticking straight out of her pubic bush.” she explains. “Well it's pretty hard to ignore.” She jumps up once more. She jumps a little higher and her penis bobs some more.

“Oh.” she smiles. but her heart is beating so fast she . Even if she is now unexpectedly out of breath once more.. The purple head peeks out from under her skirt. It flies back up. “Tight.” And again. Her heart is racing.” And again.” her cheeks flush bright red.” Alice blushes. “I mean. No one and nothing is to be seen. “boys can't be going around with erections playing with themselves all the time. I. She moans. Suddenly realization dawns on her. “This is what boys must do to themselves when they're alone. perhaps expecting the forest to answer. She looks up and down the path.112 .. “Oh. yes.” Alice looks around.Alice And it doesn't look like it has any intention of going away anytime soon. A jolt of electricity shoots through her. Her erection feels.” So she does it again.” concludes Alice. “Can they?” She looks down once more. But she feels a strain before it is more than half way towards pointing at the ground. The tip of her penis is peaking out from under the hem of her skirt. She looks up and down the forest path one more time. “No. “Oh." she is quite pleased with the sensations from her new penis. “That was nice. So she lets it go. almost slapping her abdomen. She pushes her penis down with the tip of her finger.” she almost jumps out of her skin. sending an aftershock of sensations flowing through her body. Her balls feel like they've suddenly been sucked inside her.. She listens as hard as she can. “Agh..” She looks up and down the path. her breath ragged. Her balls feel so tight she can't help but want release. She looks down. then gingerly touches the tip of her finger to the little slit at the tip of her erection. "Oh. A long low moan. She is all alone.

. It's hard and it aches. That is if she knew exactly what one did to do this. She tilts her head to one side. Her first touch takes her breath away. . But to be perfectly honest Alice is not thinking very clearly at the moment. Her balls tighten up once more and her erection bobs harder. not knowing if her touch was painful or pleasurable.” No this must be what boys do. Once again she gingerly touches her finger tip to the head of her erection.” she snatches her finger away..and flexes the fingers of her hand. just standing there.” Alice spreads her hands and chews her bottom lip once more. She frowns. Still she's been here a while and nobody has come past... bit by . But it remains resolutely silent. “It's always hormones when you're horny. bobbing a little with every heart beat.” she smiles. then the other.113 can't hear anything else." she chews her lip as she regards her erection. Slowly she pulls the “O” of her finger and thumb down the length of her erection..in the absence of a vagina.Declan Stanley . “We like that idea. “It must be the hormones. So she sits down with her back against a tree.” But this must be how boys do it. "Hmm.” Alice looks around for something to insert her erection into.. spreads her legs and pulls her skirt up to expose herself fully. “. Her penis just stands there. her shrunken skirt barely wider than a belt across her stomach.” muses Alice. “They can't go around finding holes to push their erections into all the time.” “Well. “Well we all know from the birds and the bees that boys insert their erect penises into the girl's vagina. “So..” Alice blushes slightly. slowly bobbing. “OK. “I can't imagine any girl would be that big. Slowly.” she forms an “O” with her thumb and forefinger.” smiles Alice. "How does one 'jerk off' anyway?" she asks it. Her mouth is dry and she is not sure she cares if anyone does catch her doing this... “Oh.. “It should be quite easy if boys figure it out. waiting.” But her hard erection is demanding attention.

She doesn't notice the little drool spilling from the corner of her half open mouth. “Ugh. And secondly who knows what strange inhabitant might come along to molest me while my eyes were closed. She doesn't notice her eyes glazing over. with her heart pounding in her ears.” her fingers squeeze as hard as they can. “Oh. until she reaches the base of her erection. “Agggh!” Her balls feel like they are being crushed. Making this incredible sensation last.” says Alice. “Is it like snot?” she wonders. Mostly she just feels sleepy. All the while experiencing a sensation so intense she doesn't know if it is pleasure or pain. Just lying there. “Ugh. “Ah!” her balls ache. . And down.” her stomach muscles cramp. She looks at the gooey stuff on her fingers and at the small translucent pool on her tummy. that is. “Agh!” hot stuff splashes across her fingers. “First of all I'm in a dream and I don't think is at all proper to sleep while one is dreaming. and her hand. A friction that is lighting a fire deep within her. But she can't stop.” her eyes roll up in their sockets. Deep within her where no such fire has any right to be lit.” her whole body gives one sharp convulsion. so she pulls the “O” of her finger and thumb back up. Her penis is softly bobbing in time with her slowing heart beat. Not. Very.114 . But she can't stop her hand now. gooey stuff is spread across her erection. but from the inside out. Soon she doesn't notice anything else. Again and again. “Ugh.. “Ugh. The only way is up. “Aggh!” fire shoots the length of her penis.Alice bit. “But I can't go to sleep here. Some milky.” one final heave and she falls back exhausted. And back up. but can't really muster up enough enthusiasm to be much bothered about it.. She can just feel the incredible sensation emanating from the friction of her hand rubbing her hard cock.” something hot splashes across her tummy.” Alice opens her mouth in a deep yawn. very sleepy. But at the top she can't break contact so she pulls back down. breathing heavily. “A. Slowly she opens her eyes.

. She wants to get up.Declan Stanley .” states Alice. But instead she just closes her eyes to rest for a moment.115 “No I shall not fall asleep.

meaningless voices. sitting against the same tree as when she fell asleep. “No matter where I go these strange people will find me. . but I shall keep on walking. but hesitates. “I fell asleep!” she scrambles to sit up. Alice opens her eyes. Quickly she pulls her skirt down. The sticky stuff has dried out leaving a tight residue on her tummy and hand. But she is definitely not going to get too involved with these people.” She forgets to even blush at having spoken the word “sex” out loud.” she decides. “I shall positively not engage them in anything remotely resembling a conversation.” she sighs. She knows they are girls talking. smoothing her skirt down to cover herself.Playing with Balls Distant voices float through the air. Then becomes aware of the voices once more.10 . And finds herself on the same forest path. But she knows it is not going to make any difference. She definitely doesn't want to go backwards. Alice is not at all sure she wants any more dealings with any more strange people doing more strange things. “I shall say hello. She stands up. She looks at the forest path behind her. “Usually involving sex.” But the voices do matter. “As if it matters. blushing deeply. exposing herself to anyone who might happen by. but she cannot understand what they are saying. She starts to rub it off.” So she resolves to walk towards the voices. but that direction doesn't look inviting. then realizes she fell asleep with her skirt pulled up. Distant. “I shall be polite. “Though I'm not that sure the road would actually lead me back where I came from.” And she starts to walk forward once more. She briefly considers climbing through the brambles that grow under the trees. “Or are they birch?” Alice shakes her head to clear it.” She takes a deep breath and squares her shoulders. They are coming from behind a small thicket of ash trees.

"She makes her own clothes. black and white movies. Alice feels a sympathetic twinge between her own legs. But what really takes Alice by surprise are the two boys sitting behind them. chairs quite not as high as a tennis umpire's chair. but quite high enough that the seat of the chair was more or less at head height to the two girls..Declan Stanley . "With the number of admirers she has. "No way. who had yet to see who was talking. "Did she get dressed with the lights off?" "Maybe she can't afford to pay her electricity bill. "And did you see what she was wearing?" asks a girl. in red and blue. "She." "Way. their short skirts flaring out above their long athletic legs. She stops dead in her tracks. Here are the two teenage girls: one blond with short pigtails and freckles. "Ugh. through she had never seen half naked . at the sight that greets her. They hold each other's shoulders as they giggled into each other's faces." replies another girl. They were wearing cheerleaders’ uniforms. don't you know?" the second girl drops into a mock whisper." "No way. They reminded Alice of the shoe-shine chairs that she had seen in old.117 As she nears the thicket the voices become more audible. though she was still quite audible to Alice." the second girl can hardly contain her glee." The girl gives a gasp. the other with long dark hair tied back in a French braid. naked from the waist down and sporting long erections sticking up from their laps. but too caught up in the scene before her to really notice. Alice comes around the thicket and finds that the path opens out into a small meadow. I'm surprised that she can even afford the rags she calls clothes. and to Alice as well." sniggers the first girl." "Way. "What?" asks the first girl in the same whispered tone." "Oh. her mouth hanging open." "No way!" "Way!" "Oh my god!" both voices collapse into girlish laughter.. The boys are sitting in high chairs.

"My mascara." she reaches out and takes one in each hand. Slowly the laughing subsides. While her friend checks her makeup the dark haired girl appraises Alice. Then the girl remembers the boys. and their erections. completely ignoring the two boys. Alice slowly approaches." Alice hesitates a moment. you good boys. not because she thinks that it is a stupid.118 . ." And she kisses the tip of each cock in turn. "Was that what she was doing? I thought she was having an epileptic fit!" And they both collapse into uncontrollable laughter once more." she waves over to Alice. the sort made from roughly cut logs that the forestry commission erects in national parks. The dark haired girl looks around and sees Alice as well. after the past events of the current day. The blond puts her compact away and turns to join them. or rather the boy's erections." she manages to say between laughs. so much so that Alice cannot contain the laughter that swells up within her. Nor indeed can the two boys who's laughing makes their cocks dance as they sat on their high chairs.Alice boys with erections sitting in any of the chairs in those old movies. and Alice as well. and takes a compact out of a pink hand bag." the blond wipes a tear from her cheek. They laugh and laugh. not sure what type of adventure she is about to entangle herself within this time. "Oh. "Oh. "Hi." she gasps. she is quite sure she is about to get a full and frank answer. The two girls are focused on each other. Hello. "Oh. "Don't be shy. "Dance?" laughs the dark haired girl. but because." She walks to a picnic table. "You stayed hard just for me. "Come and join us. until both the girls and the boys. are more or less laugh free. The blond girl looks up and notices Alice standing by the edge of the clearing. without looking up at the face of either boy. "What are you doing?" Alice is sorry she has asked the question just as soon as she has asked it. or silly question. "And did you see when she tried to dance?" the blond gets her laughter under a small amount of control.

"Or cause them so much pain with a little squeeze of their testicles.119 "We're playing with balls. "Knowing that you have them under your complete control." the blond reaches around her companion and cups a scrotum in a loose fist.. "The feeling of power. two good looking. even though she still did not know how on earth she has suddenly gotten them. And she looks down and sees a matching strap across each ankle. offering their genitalia to be fondled." the dark haired girl continues to slow her stroking the boy's erections. thinks Alice. The girl turns to face Alice once more." Alice hadn't really thought it about before. well built and athletic. "Haven't you always wanted to play with a boy's balls?" "And his cock.. It must take quite an act of trust. But other than the four leather straps there is no other bondage forcing the boys to sit still." "Knowing that they have made themselves so vulnerable." "Knowing that you can give them so much pleasure with just a flick of your wrist. not really." says the blond. Alice looks up at the boys. "Don't you like the trill?" asks the dark haired girl. "No." Alice is puzzled. who starts to pump the boy's cocks with her hands. "So . Their arms. They are each slumped back in their chair." answers the blond girl." adds the dark haired girl. Both sit with their legs spread wide and an erection sticking up out of their pubic bush. as she slows her pumping a little. so that their balls hang over the edge of the seat. are tied to the arms of their chairs by a tick leather strap fixed across each writs. “What on earth for?” "You're a girl. quite voluntarily." the blond girl adds. "And cocks. "Playing. an angelic smile on her face. One is wearing a sweat shirt and the other a polo shirt. "Err. their hips pushed forward.Declan Stanley . The boy sitting on the chair looks rather apprehensive as the blond girl squeezes his balls. blond boys. The boys slump down and spread their legs." But as she speaks she realizes that she has spent rather a lot of time playing with her own balls and cock. He visibly relaxes once she lets go. Alice suddenly saw." adds the dark haired girl as she pumps away. to put such a sensitive part of one's anatomy in the hands of another person.

"I see." says the blond girl... "We are just interested in their cocks and balls." "That's what happened to Billy. And the boys just sit there with their erections straining into the air." "So we black balled him." the girl takes her hands off the erections and clasps them to her lips with a little skip." "Billy kept talking." "They know if they open their mouths that we will never touch them ever again. "Well." finishes the blond. "Aren't you?" "Oh. "Oh." Alice looks at her hands as they slowly rub up and down on the erections of the two boys. no." "Well every second day. "We are just going to tease them . "None of the girls will touch him." says Alice." "Now Billy's got blue balls." "Never.. no.. "We do it all the time.Alice why do they risk it?" she wonders out loud. "Do they know this?" Alice wonders why the boys just sit there and do not partake in the conversation. we are not interested in their chit chat." ". "Oh." "Billy wouldn't shut up. while slowly rubbing the head of the other boy's penis." the blond laughs "Billy's got to wank himself." says the dark haired girl." the dark haired laughs." the blond nods in agreement." said the dark haired girl. who does not really see at all.120 ." "Well whenever the boys save enough pocket money to buy us flowers and chocolates. "Because they think we are going to jerk them off. "Don't they talk?" Alice nods towards the boys. . and then leave them high and dry." The two girls giggle. yes. "No. "Every day." the dark hair girl leans forward to lick the balls of one of the boys." Both girls looks at each other as they laugh.

Or rather. “Oh. yes. her fist still pumping her boy's cock.121 "Their cocks and balls?" Alice is confused." the blond girl took half a step back and bends her boy's cock towards Harmony. "It's the only interesting thing about a boy. "He does taste sweet. "Yes. Both girls look up sharply at him." she smiles up at the blond girl. "Yes." "He does?" Harmony looks over." the blond giggles as well." The boy grunts." the dark haired girl giggles. "All the time.. "So you play with boy's cocks and balls all the time?" Alice asks. "Hey.” Rhapsody puts her hands to her face.” ."Here. “Not while we have company. "And then we can play with them some more." Both girls laugh again." agrees the blond. “Don't you dare." the dark haired girl says as she pumps her fist on her boy's cock." Alice points out.” Harmony is stern.Declan Stanley ." the dark haired girl smiles. Harmony." Harmony lets go of her boy's cock and leans in to lick the tip of the other boy's cock. Rhapsody. this one tastes sweet. "So they do get to cum. no. His face is red and he looks like he is trying to hold in his breath. "Oh." agrees the blond girl as she licks the tip of her boy's cock. a good hard spanking." the blond sighs." the blond girl considers. "Oh.. "Which makes their cocks hard again. "But they are never allowed to come?" Alice is perplexed. thinks Alice." "If they come they get a spanking." "That and his pocket money. "Well." the dark haired girl looks up at her boy's face. all his breaths for his entire life in one go. "It's not something we encourage. have a taste." "Never. "Oh. "Yes.

they do sometimes they do cum just from the teasing. “Not that I've seen that many. we play and they go home when we're board with them. who begins to jerk his hips off the seat behind her head.Alice Harmony fixes him with the hardest stare that Alice has ever seen a cute blond cheerleader give a boy. "So what happens to the boys?" Alice watches as Rhapsody licks the shaft of the other boy. Rhapsody looks up sharply at him. Her hand is just a blur and she is starting to breath heavily with her exertions. When suddenly she stops and turns to face Alice. completely baffled as to why the girls are doing what they are doing and even more so as why the boys volunteer to let them. “Oh." the Rhapsody squeezes her boy's balls. She runs her finger down the underside of her boy's cock. very hard indeed. Harmony continues to stare down the other boy. a thin . The boy lets out a strangled sort of sigh. He looks very worried.” Alice mumbles. "So if they are not allowed any relief." Rhapsody shrugs. "They come. All is quiet for a few moments.” Rhapsody turns to the other boy and takes his cock in her hand once more.122 . of course.. "But then we get very.” Alice feels her face redden once more. "Well. pushing his straining hard-on into the air. why do they keep coming back to you?" Alice is amazed at the speed of the Rhapsody's hand as she pumps the boy's cock. Then Rhapsody wraps her fist around his shaft and starts to pump him hard. “nothing. Harmony's boy seems to have gotten himself under control. The boy's eyes roll up in their sockets as he strains against his restraints. very angry. completely ignoring the boy. I suppose. “Sorry. what was that?” Rhapsody turns to face Alice. The boy gasps." Harmony shrugs. "So the boys get no relief at all?" Alice watched as Rhapsody fondles the balls of her boy. "Well nothing." the Harmony explains.

" Both girls give smug nods.” hisses Rhapsody. Rhapsody jumps back.” Harmony shrugs. In fact. yes. “Don't you dare. . "Oh yes. Harmony looks up at his face as she sucks hard on his cock.. screeching and holding her hand out as if it has been scalded by hot water. The cock starts to twitch. Alice feels her mouth fall open as a blob of goo shoots into the air from the tip of the boy's cock. "Agh. She puts her lips to her boy and sucks him deep into her mouth. “Don't you. “And you like to play with their balls?” Alice can hardly believe what she is hearing. Alice can't bring herself to say “and cocks.123 trickle of clear liquid oozing from it's tip. "It's in their nature.. her tongue lapping up and down his pee slit. And before it has a chance to fall to the ground in front of Rhapsody's feet another and another shoot up to follow it. "Boys are genetically programmed to want to abuse themselves. The other boy gives one long grunt and then goes limp." explains Harmony. She looks up at her boy. splashing onto the ground with little dollop sounds. The cock twitches again. Alice's own balls tighten and she lets out a low gasp. “I guess. "They are?" Alice is more dumbfounded by this revelation than the entire rest of the proceedings. Rhapsody takes a sharp breath. it's just in our nature. “Are you. it looks as if it might explode.” The boy's cock twitches once more.” “Oh." Rhapsody smiles. The boy lets out a strangled grunt. Rhapsody turns and starts twirling the tip of her finger around the top of her boy's cock.. for she now knows what those intense stabs of pleasure feel like.Declan Stanley . thinks Alice. "They just can't help themselves." his face is quiet red now.” Rhapsody nods." Rhapsody nods. Harmony smiles. fighting to keep his breathing under control.” But the boy's face is scrunched up in a tight grimace..

” the other boy starts to pant.” Rhapsody presents her had to the boy.” Rhapsody orders. "Well let's hope you never have to find out. “You made the mess. then shouts. but puts up no fight when Harmony releases him. “On." Harmony smiles. oh. The boy makes a crocking sound as if he wants to speak. The boy swallows hard and closes his eyes tightly.” she stares in shock at her fingers for a moment. “Get down.” The boy looks very worried. no. unsure what it is that Rhapsody is asking the boy to do. Harmony sucks for another moment.” Alice looks to Harmony. He looks at Rhapsody's hand in absolutely no doubt as to what she . no. how. while lifting her hand towards his face. still holding her hand out.” Harmony looks up at him. his hard cock glistening in the sunlight. his cock bouncing softly as he slides off the high chair. Everyone looks at him for a long moment. scrunching up his whole face as he goes bright red. "Just a little taste. "As for you. “Clean me off. “Ugh!” “Oh. She licks her lips a little. The boy climbs awkwardly down. transfixed. Reluctantly he looks at the goo draped across her fingers.. “How.." The boy fights to get his breathing under control.124 . Slowly he grabs the end of his sweatshirt.. a thick string of goo dangling from her fingers. “Hmmm. “You'll get what you deserve now. at Rhapsody's hand." she gives him a wicket smile. "Do you know what would happen if you came in my mouth?" Harmony teases. The boy looks at her with wide eyes.” Rhapsody shakes her head gently." she turns to the boy who'd cum and starts to pull open the velcro cuffs that bind him to the chair. unable to speak even if he knew what to say. oh. then lifts her head from his cock with a soft pop.. "Hmmm. you lick it clean. Harmony is staring. The boy groans.Alice Rhapsody holds her hand out in front of her. That was nice.

“Why don't you do the honors?” Harmony looks directly at Alice. has noticed the straining erection pushing out the front of Alice's skirt. Suddenly everyone is looking at Alice. So far nobody. Alice wasn't quite sure. yes. But mostly. The boy looks as if he might throw up. “I. but says nothing.” Rhapsody smirks. but can't speak. “Time for a little spanking. “Don't worry. through whether from apprehension or excitement is uncertain. that is.” she smiles back. Rhapsody turns her hand this way and that offering different parts to be cleaned by the boy. Alice opens her mouth. But nobody sees it.” Rhapsody assures her. I believe.. not even Alice. but doesn't finish.. only stopping when Rhapsody takes her hand away. If it pushed any further it would protrude from beneath the material and they could not but help notice it.. she does indeed want to spank the boy. er. “Oh. One part of her wants them to find out. “All boys like a good spanking.” The boy looks from Harmony to Rhapsody and back again before settling his gaze on Alice..125 wants him to do. “Go on. The boy bows his head and licks at her proffered hand. because nobody thinks to look for . “Isn't that right.Declan Stanley . The thought of smacking his bare botty makes her pulse race.” Harmony snaps out of her daze. “We have to punish you. Alice's stomach flips again. lifting her hand a little higher. don't you?" Harmony smiled. Alice's stomach does a somersault. she finds. who has remained very quiet these past few moments.” Alice starts.” She smiles at the boy. Suddenly Alice is worried about what they might do if they discover that she too has a cock and balls.” Rhapsody smiles across at Harmony. Not really knowing what to say anyway. “How that wasn't so bad was it. “Now... The boy licks everything offered. "You do want to spank him.” The boy looks a little unsure. In fact the harder you smack their bare botties the more they like it.” Rhapsody inspects her hand.

” she adds with a wicked smile.” Harmony leads Alice over to one of the picnic tables.” she glares at him. “Nor. “Not even. facing away from the table. Considering how frequently today she has articulating her innermost thoughts. Nobody thinks to look at the boy. “on the ground beside her feet. who never the less dutifully follows behind the girls. a smile slowly spreading across her face.” Harmony takes him by the elbow and stands him beside Alice. Alice's lap." "Oh. Suddenly she wants to stick her finger up him.Alice it.” Rhapsody calls over. “Come sit on this bench here. His naked buttocks stares her in the face with its puckered anus and his balls hanging loosely between his legs. Alice sits down. “on her leg. Rhapsody. Now the boy is over her lap Alice does not quite know where to begin. “Come here. She looks up with a startled realization of what she had thought. And Alice realizes he quite hard again. . has she just spoken that impulse out loud? Harmony is looking at her. Harmony turns to the boy. "I do believe little Alice wants to play with his ass." Rhapsody is idly toying with the other boy. then feigns a disinterested shrug. leaving Rhapsody standing in front of the other boy. but keeps her eyes on Alice. brushing the tips of her finger against the shaft of his erection.126 . “You had better not make a mess on Ms.” The boy's cock gives a little jump. but her new penis asserts its own mind and rears up against the belly of the boy draped over her lap. “Now bend over Ms.” Harmony admires his cute bottom as he slowly bends over Alice's lap. yes.” The boy whimpers. "You know. "Really?" "Oh yes. "You want to stick something big up his ass don't you Alice?" Alice blushes." she calls over her shoulder. She picks up interest at Harmony's insight." Harmony does nothing to hide her enthusiasm. Alice's skirt.

Ms. Alice starts to bring her hand down. “Oh.. look. but she has a dick.” Harmony snaps at him. "Please forgive me." Harmony nods to Alice's lap.. Harmony. I felt it poking my stomach. "I. “Just grab a handful of his buttock and feel how firm and slapable it is. Alice half lifts her hand. "I was just . The boy clasps his hands together and looks up at Harmony. Ms. The boy can no longer contain himself." He glances sideways at Alice." Neither girl looks very pleased. The boy squirms some more. her erection is pushing her skirt skyward. For there. “Hold still." "I'm not playing with myself. "Please Ms.” Alice does not know what to do.” Alice brings her hand closer. Harmony." he half whispers. The boy squirms again." he glances over to Rhapsody..” Harmony encourages her. Does he know what it is? She looks down but cannot see his face. The boy wiggles from side to side. Harmony is the first to recover. "What are you doing.. for everyone to see. running around masquerading as a girl?" she stands in front of Alice with her hands on her hips.127 The boy wiggles against it. “He can hardly wait for it. But if there was any doubt in either girl's mind it is quickly resolved with one look at Alice. For the longest moment nobody moves." Alice snatches her hands from her lap. Rhapsody.. "Masquerading?" Alice looks up at her and puts her hands in her lap to try to hide her erection. but cannot bring herself to touch the boy." . "She has a dick! She has a dick!" He jumps off Alice's lap and kneels on the ground beside Harmony. "only a boy would be unable to resist playing with himself.Declan Stanley .” Harmony laughs.. "And. "I'm not masquerading! I am a girl!" "Girls don't have dicks. Alice lets out a little gasp. "Please forgive me. sticking up out of her lap. “You know you want it. plain as day." she smirks. I.

" "I am not a boy!" Alice stamps her foot again. but is acutely aware of her erection tenting her skirt.Alice "Playing with yourself. which makes her erection bounce. The boy starts to come. for she cannot tear her eyes from the sight of Alice's erection." teases Harmony. "So you're a boy with breasts. "I look like a girl!" Alice is getting red in the face. Rhapsody keeps pumping away. she starts to pump him." but Alice can feel her that balls are ever so tight. "No. "And only girls have these!" Harmony shrugged. She gives him a look that makes it quite clear that he is going to pay for what he has just done. while looking at Alice and Harmony. her dick bounces of it's own accord. Rhapsody keeps pumping away as he spurts all over her hand. Quite subconsciously." demands Harmony. "Ah." "I am a girl. "Look you've got a wet patch on the front of your skirt. "You look like a boy. But it . "Oh. don't you. "You would like nothing better than for me to pump your dick until you squirt your sticky stuff all over my hand. "You want to come. "are you a boy or a girl. Harmony points at Alice's tented skirt." Harmony nods down at Alice's skirt." nodded Harmony. Rhapsody continues to pump him." Alice pulls up her top to reveal her breasts. Alice looks down and sees that she is right." the boy whimpers. "Only boys have dicks." Alice stands." Harmony looks at her erection." the boy gasps. some spurts splashing onto her arm.128 ." Rhapsody turns her head to looks at him. making both her breasts and her dick bounce. The boy’s dick starts to jerk in Rhapsody's hand." "No." Alice's voice catches in her throat. He groans. "Ugh. "So. "I do not." Alice stamps her foot.

" Harmony is rapidly approaching. But she does not have the time to consider the sensation. She keeps pumping until with a startled cry he snaps his eyes opened and looks at her. Rhapsody keeps pumping even after he has stopped coming." she glances down at her arm. Alice decided to take advantage of the distraction. Alice waves her hands. but only catching thin air. A large rabbit's burrow. for when she glances over her shoulder she sees that Harmony is in hot pursuit. She doesn't want to fall but she has gotten up a decent speed and does not know if she can stop herself before she reaches the hole. "Now. "What are we going to do about that?" His face turns a whiter shade of pale. A burrow big enough for a girl such as herself to fit inside. that it produces a most peculiar feeling to run with an erect penis between one legs. She slows as sharply as she can. as she is learning now. If there is one thing she has learned today it is that she has had enough sexual experimentation to last a lifetime. for as she turns her head from her pursuer and starts to run as fast as she can. "Wait." calls Harmony. . she finds herself heading straight for a large hole dug into the side of a low bank. trying to catch her balance. not wanting to trip herself and manages to come a halt just in time. But Alice is too quick for her. She wants to turn aside.Declan Stanley . A very large rabbit's burrow. "Wait. That and.129 is lost on him as his head has rolled back and his eyes are closed." calls Harmony coming up fast. But Alice does not want to wait for whatever it is that these two girls want to do to her. but she is on a narrow path with tick brambles on each side." Harmony makes a grab for Alice. It looks like nothing so much as the entrance to rabbit's burrow. She also does not have time to look where she is heading. "Hold on. "Hold on. She ducks under her arm and is away before Harmony can catch her. She steps away from Harmony and starts to turn. her feet sending a shower of loose soil over the edge and down the hole.

looking over her shoulder as Harmony reaches out from this strange world that Alice has suddenly found herself within. "I just want to talk. . Alice teeters on the edge for a moment. Then the ground under Alice's feet crumbles away. Alice closes her eyes as she starts slipping over the edge and falling down the deep.Alice There is nothing on either side for Alice to get a hold of.130 ." Harmony reaches out to Alice. deep rabbit hole.

The End When Alice opened her eyes she was staring at the roof of her gazebo. Tom. Mary-Jane. Her vagina was back and her cock and balls were gone. "When I tell mummy what you and Tom were doing. for God's sake. "Her eyes are open. "And Alice." Alice blushed and snatched her hand away. "Only you would be looking at her panties when she could be lying there dead." a male voice said." "Oh. Alice realized she had a splitting headache.” Mary-Jane shrugged." Never the less she readjusted Alice's skirt. "You are going to be in so much trouble when mummy gets home." Alice gingerly touched the bruise that was starting to form on the side of her head.11 . But now she was back here lying on the ground staring up at its roof. "We were not doing anything. Tom." "Trouble?" Mary-Jane looked at her.” “I saw you kissing. “So we were kissing. Her gazebo? she blinked. pull your hand away." "Jesus. "Me?" Alice nodded." Tom? Mary-Jane? Her gazebo? She was home! Alice sat up and pressed her hand to her crotch. "Well we can't leave her lying there." he countered. Mary-Jane. "Look her skirt's pulled up and you can see her panties. "Oh boy. .” teased Alice. "Are you OK?" Mary-Jane knelt down beside Alice." her sister's voice was sharp." "Doing?" Mary-Jane glanced at Tom. "She's not dead. "Whooa!" "Oh shut up. It seemed so long ago since she had been waiting outside the gazebo in the garden for her sister to finish with “The Boyfriend”." her sister interjected.

"Sorry?" "I want to suck your boyfriend’s dick. "Just shut up." Alice gingerly touched her fingers to the side of her head. "You saw that?" "Oh yes. "And that you hit me hard on the side of my head and gave me this bruise." “Now you just." she ." Alice interrupted him." Alice smiled.. "Or I will tell Mum that you were having sex with him.. "Prove it... "You're not my father. “Oh." Mary-Jane looked at Alice. Tom. Alice.” “Don't you 'Now listen me'.Alice Alice smiled." “Well I. "What do you want?" "Want?" asked Alice innocently." Tom started in a stern voice.." Tom tried again." Mary Jane summoned up her last counter attack." Her big sister just looked at Alice with her mouth hanging open. "I want to suck your boyfriend's dick." her sister summoned all the indignation she could muster. "What is it.. "Do you think our Mum is going to let you keep seeing Mary-Jane once she knows what you two really get up to. “Now. "And I'm going to tell Mummy.." "OK. Tom." "We were not having sex!" whatever indignation Mary-Jane had evaporated." Tom tried to pull himself up tall.. “What?” "She'll go ballistic MJ. Alice?" “Well." Alice glanced at Tom. "Cut the bullshit.” Alice looked shyly at the ground. But this time it was Mary-Jane that interrupted." "Now look here..." Mary-Jane swallowed. you little." Alice interrupted once more. "Right. What do I have to do to stop you from telling Mum?" "Well there is one thing I do want to try. She shook her head to try and clear her thoughts." "You." “Look Alice." Tom was completely deflated.. we were not doing anything." she said.132 . “Well you nothing. listen here. "With your hands at each other's crotches." Mary-Jane glanced at Tom once more..

"You know she'll believe me.” Tom turned his back on them with a dismissive wave. “Well?” Alice looked up at her sister. “Do you think I need to go to the Internet to hear about blow jobs and anal sex.133 stated. Mary-Jane's face was bright red. “Oh.. And particularly didn't know what to do about the mention of anal sex..." her sister finally settled for panic. "we were not doing anything.” “Come on..." her sister tried one last time with a smile.” Mary-Jane looked down. “I can't let you." “Well. Mary-Jane saw a chance to regain the upper hand. “If Mum finds out what you've been looking up Internet porn on the computer.. “How do you know about sucking a boy's di." her sister scrambled for something to say.” Mary-Jane started. I mean penis.” Tom started once again.” she shook her head.” “You can't let me suck your boyfriend's dick when you haven't even done it yourself yet. I mean.. please. that was.” Mary-Jane didn't know what to think of her little sister at that particular moment. “What's it to be?” “I.. MJ” Alice smiled at her.?” “Oh... "And you had your hand inside his jeans.." Alice folded her arms and shook her head.. Her big sister looking like a startled rabbit. for fuck's sake. Her sister opened her mouth to say something but stopped.." "Err.” Alice rolled her eyes. “Tom. she knew Alice was right.. "Now look here. yes. She knew that Alice had her in a corner. You can't tell Mum.. "What will mum say?" "No.. They looked at each other for a few moments.. Even if Alice had been looking up adult stuff on the Internet she knew she could never prove it.Declan Stanley .” Alice finished for her. "I don't have to prove it.... Alice calm and composed.. “I can't. . you can't tell mum." Alice smiled. “Now look here.” Mary-Jane looked up at him in exasperation." "I saw him with his hand in your shorts.. well.” “Well. “And if I did do you think I would leave the files lying around where Mum could find them?” Alice added.

” “I'm not sure. I can't. “I promise not to touch.” But she was tempted. Alice sat and waited as the thoughts rearranged themselves inside her sister's head. “Oh. “Otherwise.” “Do I get a say in this. But what harm could there be in letting her little sister look at her boyfriend's penis. can you at least let me see what it looks like?” “What it looks like?” Mary-Jane was not too sure..Alice "So I get to suck his dick then?" "Why would any girl want to suck a boy's dick?" Mary-Jane looked down at Alice with genuine confusion. I'll just stand here and say nothing then. “I've never seen one before. Well.. “Then what was all that about the Internet?” “You know what I mean. "He is always asking me and I always say no.” Mary-Jane was shaking her head." Alice shrugged.” Mary-Jane slowly shook her head. While Tom stood there and said nothing Alice waited for her sister to come to a decision.. “I haven't seen a real one.” Alice nodded accepting that her sister really couldn't.” Alice smiled. “Well.. “Yes. I'll have to. “I just want to look...” Mary-Jane replied. “Well. “Well.” Alice nodded towards Tom. "What it feels like to have him totally in my power. “OK." She shook her head. neither bothering to even glance in his direction." "What it feels like?" "You know. “I really can't." "Totally in your power?" Mary-Jane had never thought about it like that that before.134 . “No. Now you actually want to do it to him.” “Oh.” both girls answered. Mary-Jane knew that Alice wasn't really going to tell their mother what she had been up to with Tom. yes?” Mary-Jane smiled. And to tell the .” Mary-Jane finally said. "Why?" "I just want to see what it feels like.” Alice shrugged.” “If you could.” Tom asked.” Tom was taken a little a back.

Tom. “Then Alice will leave us alone and not come back to bother us again.” Alice encouraged her sister. Alice looked up.. “No. “Just pull them down around his knees.” Mary-Jane looked at Alice. em. you know? Or something. “Now wait a moment. OK.. Tom stopped.” Tom looked doubtful. Tom made a move as if to pull his jeans down or maybe to hold them up.” “What if I promise to give you a hand job.” Mary-Jane glanced at her sister.” “Good God! No. penis to Alice for 30 seconds. “Just come and stand over here for a moment.” Mary-Jane started.Declan Stanley . “What if I don't want to.135 truth she was a little curious herself. But more importantly he wanted to know would this count as a threesome? However with the two girls looking at him he didn't really have any choice. “Well.” “Cross my heart. Alice just stared at his crotch.” Alice smiled.” Alice said.. Mary-Jane fumbled with the button of his jeans for a moment before opening it. “Maybe more. “I mean. “Cool. For despite the few times she'd fumbled around with him. But Mary-Jane reached out and unzipped his fly. Mary-Jane smiled at him as he stepped closer.” “What!” Tom's face went white. He didn't know if he should do something. Tom didn't know if her should be happy or not about showing himself to them..” Tom interrupted.” Alice made a cross over her heart. she had never actually seen it in the full light of day either. unsure what to do next.. Alice giggled a little. “Just this once. Then paused. even he wasn't sure.” Mary-Jane smiled up at him. what if I get.” Mary-Jane interrupted. . “In front of. “You just show your cock.” Mary-Jane said.. thinking she might like to watch. Tom could feel his cheeks start to burn.

She glanced at her big sister. Tom's face got redder. reached out to hook the waistband of his underwear.” Alice's cheeks flushed a little. Tom. For just as the blood flow to Tom's face increased. “It's OK. and with trembling fingers.” Mary-Jane clasped her hands to her mouth. Tom's cock jerked as Mary-Jane reached up.” Alice leaned in to get a closer look. “Sorry. Revealing Tom's faded navy blue cotton trunks. His face turned as red as a beetroot and all he could hear was the pounding of his heart beat in his ears. Nobody seemed in a hurry to do anything. So she took hold of the waist band of Tom's jeans and awkwardly pulled them down. but seemingly Alice knew just what to do.” “They do. He wanted to pull up his jeans.” Mary-Jane nodded. “He can't control it. so did the blood flow to his penis. Both sisters stared at his bulge.” Alice continued to stare at Tom.” Mary-Jane was so shocked by her little sister's knowledge that she stopped looking at Tom and turned her head to look at Alice. He just stood there as his penis just got harder and harder. He wanted to cover himself.” mumbled Tom. his hands hanging loosely by his sides. startled. “Oh. But he couldn't do anything. He just stood there. . “Yes. Both girls jump.136 . “Once you pull them down it'll pop right up. “I did. MJ. These things have a mind of their own. Mary-Jane swallowed hard. but not nothing. His face was beetroot red. ashamed and proud. He wanted to turn and run. “It is caught up in his underwear. his mind in turmoil. Tom could not help himself.” Mary-Jane didn't know if she should be more concerned about showing her little sister Tom's wayward penis. or the fact that her little sister seemed already to know more about it that she did.Alice Mary-Jane didn't know how or why.” She turned back to Tom. “You did say that I could see it. Both girls watched in fascination as the front of his underwear slowly tented. Nobody. Alice realized that Mary-Jane was looking at her.

"But I won't.” Mary-Jane thought so she doesn't know everything about boys. Mary-Jane pulled the waistband down to reveal a tangle of pubic hair. But she couldn't resist its allure.” Alice's voice was barely a whisper. She revealed a little more of his shaft. “I could almost bite it off and swallow it.” Mary-Jane gasped.” Alice's gaze was fixed on the bulge in his underwear. “Hump. slowly she leaned in close to it. Nothing unexpected happened and both girls hold their breath as Mary-Jane started to slowly pull Tom's underwear down. Mary-Jane did not know where her little sister was getting all this . then he fumbled with his t-shirt to pull it up out of the way. Mary-Jane cleared her throat. Then she added." Alice smiled up at him. Tom couldn't breath as his cock stood out in the clear sunshine." smiled Alice. Mary-Jane quickly pulled his underwear bellow his knees then sat back on her heels to take a look at him. Is she going to kiss it? "It looks so sweet. as if to touch. And a little more. Alice smiled at the purple head. They looked at each other for a long moment. “Oh. Then a little further to reveal a strip of flesh. His hand brushing Mary-Jane's as she griped the waistband of his underwear.” Tom looked a little shocked.” both girls gasped in surprise. The sisters glanced at each other for a brief reassurance. Alice reached out. just yet. “Hold your t-shirt up out of the way.” Alice half whispered to herself. the folds of foreskin and the veined shaft bobbing slightly in the sunshine. “Go on. Alice glanced at her sister and let her hand drop.Declan Stanley . Tom took a moment to realize that she is talking to him. “Oh.” he replied. She could feel the pressure of his erection straining against the cotton gripped by her fingers. “Ah. Then Mary-Jane reached up to the waistband of Tom's underwear once more. And a little bit more until it popped free.137 “I didn't know it could do that. Tom's heart caught in his throat.

" her mother said. "You have been by-passing 'net nanny' while you've been surfing the Internet again. Alice stopped her lips bare millimeters from the tip of his cock.” Alice mumbled before standing up and running into the house. "You know how ballistic Mum went the last time she caught you doing that. Alice blushed. leaving a drop of clear liquid behind.” she whispered. Alice lent a little closer. Alice giggled But then Tom's cock fell back down hitting Alice's nose once more.. Alice was just reaching up to get a glass out of the cupboard when her mother busseled in. Alice sniffed. Tom felt as if the earth was about to open up and swallow him. not bad.. Yes.138 . I think that's enough. Tom gasped. knew she should stop her. "I've got a million bags of shopping. her eyes fixed on Tom's erection. Tom's cock twitched. “Em. Mary-Jane opened her mouth to say something but didn't. unable to look at anyone. He could barely restrain himself. He twitched again and the head brushed against the tip of her nose. Tom grabbed his jeans and pulled them up. Has she?" She licked her lips. "Will you give me a hand?" . Tom felt harder than he had ever felt in his entire life. as Alice leaned right into Tom's crotch. turning his back on the two girls. Alice froze Suddenly it became acutely real." Alice smiled. “Hmmm. but couldn't more or say anything. Mary-Jane watch." "Yes.” Alice sat back. "But she hasn't caught me again.Alice stuff from. “OK. Tom moaned. rabbit-in-headlights like." she said.” in a horse whisper. “You promised him as well. And Mary-Jane said. before clearing her throat. Mary-Jane knew Alice was about to kiss it.

"I'm just getting a drink.." "But Mum. Alice waited a few seconds. Mum. Do you want me to call her?" "No.” She shook her head slowly The End . "What on earth are you doing to my little girl?" Alice took a sip of her juice.139 "Sure thing. "Mary-Jane! Tom!" Alice's Mum screeched." "Where's your sister?" "She's out in the gazebo. I'll go get her. “Things will never be the same again.." Alice replied opening the fridge.Declan Stanley ." But Alice's mother was already out the door.

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