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As drivers hold on to cars longer, small repairs now can save money, time in the future
ARA — Drivers are holding on to their cars longer in these tough economic times so the nation’s leading auto parts retailer, is offering tips to help motorists get the most out of their investment. “Holding off on purchasing a new vehicle can be a smart financial decision, especially if drivers properly maintain their vehicles to ensure they’re running safely and efficiently,” said Steve Stoll, Merchandising Director of AutoZone. “Maintaining and replacing key components, such as brakes and batteries, can keep vehicles on the road and help prevent costly repairs in the future.” The average length of time consumers hold on to their vehicles is more than five years, according to a recent automotive industry study. Older cars can be safe and dependable, but need ongoing maintenance to keep them running at their best. According to the National Car Council, 80 percent of vehicles on the road are in need of service or parts. Motorists who know the signs of impending failure and understand the impact extreme weather conditions can have on various car components, can plan ahead for repairs and replacements instead of being hit by an unexpected bill down the road, Stoll said. “The longer car maintenance is delayed, the more costly it can be,” said Stoll. Two key components in any vehicle are the braking system and the battery. Experts offer the following tips to ensure these vital parts are properly maintained. • Give brakes a winter check-up. Excessive build-up of road salt and brine solutions in the winter on brake components is one cause of brake failure. These solutions can create contamination of exposed brake parts and can cause brake components to deteriorate prematurely. Hazardous road conditions can also lead to increased use of Antilock Braking Systems (ABS), which can cause premature wear of all brake system components. As temperatures warm up, motorists should check their braking systems to uncover any damage that may have occurred during the winter months. • Check brakes quarterly to ensure proper performance. In general, brakes are the most important safety feature on any vehicle and should be checked quarterly to ensure proper performance. Brake pads and rotors should also be checked any time the tires are removed, such as during a tire rotation. Other brake components such as brake fluid should be checked at every oil change. • Extreme temperatures can mean battery failure. A battery’s biggest enemy is heat. High temperatures can cause the grids inside bat-

• The Delphos Herald Spring Car Care • April 2011

teries to corrode and break down. The effects of the corrosion are usually seen when winter hits, when the car requires more electrical power to start. Drivers should have batteries tested up to twice a year in normal climates, and more frequently in extremely hot or cold climates. Some retailers offer free battery testing. • Replace the battery every three to four years. While batteries can last more than five years in ideal driving conditions, factors such as temperature, the car’s age and nature of usage can impact the life of a battery. Many motorists are unaware that under the stress of normal city driving, the average life of a vehicle battery is about three years. According to the National Car Care Council, drivers with batteries more than three years old should consider replacing them, since batteries rarely give warning signs that they are about to fail.

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Don’t wait until it’s too late to change your wiper blades
ARA — Clear vision is essential to safe driving, especially in the wintertime. Neglect your wiper blades, and you may find yourself in hazardous weather situations with limited vision. The most important aspect of driving is being aware of your surroundings. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, a driver’s best friend is a set of wiper blades that leave your windshield with a consistent, clean, clear wipe. Not only is a clean windshield a




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necessity during rain, snow and sleet, but how many times have you experienced a windshield that is smeared with insects, bird droppings, road tar or other messy deposits? Removing such dirt with worn wiper blades is nearly impossible. Usually, you wind up smearing the mess and obscuring your vision even more. If you change your blades regularly, you can avoid these problems and keep your eyes clearly on the road.
See WIPER BLADES, page 7

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Flanagan’s Spring Car Care


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*Offer good in the U.S. only. Card can be used virtually anywhere American Express ® Cards are welcome in the U.S. (not for online purchases); not redeemable for cash. Card issued in the name submitted on the rebate form; cannot be issued to minors and is not transferable. Use of Card constitutes acknowledgment that it is given as a Reward Card and no consideration, value or money has been paid by the holder in exchange for this Card. Card subject to monthly fee of $2.00 beginning in 7th month (except where prohibited by law). Terms and conditions apply; see americanexpress.com/reward for details. ©2011 American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc. † For eligible tires, see your participating Bridgestone retailer. Eligible tires must be purchased from a participating Bridgestone retailer’s inventory between March 31 and April 30, 2011. Mail-in claim form required. May not be combined with other offers. Certain restrictions and limitations apply. Offer excludes Costco purchases. See your participating Bridgestone retailer or bridgestonetire.com for complete details.


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How to spend less on fuel when gas prices rise Your Auto Headquarters
ARA — Remember when $4 seemed like an outrageous amount to spend on a gallon of gasoline? Now that number doesn’t seem so far-fetched. While you can’t do anything to control the unrest in the Middle East or oil rig explosions that could lead to gas prices spiking at a moment’s notice, there are a few things you can do to help ease the pain of high gas prices. While buying a more fuel-efficient car might be an option for some, new and used cars that get more miles per gallon tend to be more in demand — and more expensive — when gas prices are high. If a new car isn’t an option for you, implementing the

April, 2011 • The Delphos Herald Spring Car Care- 3

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following changes can help ensure that you get the most from the fuel in your gas tank: • Keep the gas you buy in your car. When gas prices are low, stealing gas would likely be more trouble than it’s worth, but when prices are high, it’s not
See FUEL, page 7

in putatdoal.” e “Our rgreat e eans a m

* See salesman for details **For new car sales only. Must have regular maintenance performed at dealership.

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• The Delphos Herald Spring Car Care • April 2011

LET’S TAKE A ROAD TRIP Travel beside the rolling waters of the great Ohio River, stopping at many of the historic and scenic sites along the way. Learn more about two U.S. presidents and the creation of the classic novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Visit river communities and partake of the river life, riding on riverboats and learning about the founding of the Northwest Territory. This can be a weekend getaway or, for those with less time, pick and choose what interests you most from the itinerary to make it a long day trip. •Our starting point is The Harrison Tomb located in North Bend, Ohio The Harrison Tomb in North Bend is a 60-foot marble obelisk in a 14-acre park and pays tribute to William Henry Harrison, the ninth president of the United States. Harrison was sixty-eight years old when he was elected president. During his inaugural address, he caught pneumonia and died one month later on April 4, 1841. Harrison was buried near his wife’s home in North Bend. •Stop 2: Harriet Beecher Stowe House From previous stop: 15 mi (24.0 km) Directions: Head east on Highway 50 to Cincinnati. The house is at 2950 Gilbert Avenue (State Route 3 and U.S. Route 22). Harriet Beecher Stowe grew up in this

Exploring the Ohio River Scenic Byway
From previous stop: 30 minutes / 26 mi (41.6 km) Directions: Continue on Highway 50 (it becomes Hwy. 52) to Pt. Pleasant. The Grant home is at U.S. 52 and State Rt. 232. Ulysses S. Grant was born the 27th of April, 1822, in picturesque Point Pleasant, near the mouth of Big Indian Creek on the Ohio River. His restored one-story, threeroom home, built in 1817, is open for tours. *Stop 5: Georgetown From previous stop: 40 minutes / 26 mi (41.6 km) Directions: Leave the Byway just east of Higginsport on U.S. Highway 52 and go north on State Route 221 to Georgetown. Grant’s home is at 219 East Grant Avenue. Georgetown was the boyhood home of

Harrison Tomb
home. It was here that she learned of the injustices of slavery and wrote her famous novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. • Stop 3: More sights in Cincinnati Along with the Harriet Beecher Stowe House, for those with extra time, visit the Museum Center at Union Terminal (1301 Western Ave.), the Carew Tower (West 5th and Fountain Square), and the Omni Netherland Plaza. • Stop 4: Ulysses S. Grant’s Birthplace

Stowe House

Ulysses S. Grant, 18th president. *Stop 6: Ripley From previous stop: 18 minutes / 13 mi (20.8 km) Directions: From Georgetown head south on State Route 68 to State Route 62 which will take you back to the Byway, U.S. 52, and the town of Ripley. Stop in the town of Ripley and visit the Ripley Museum (219 North Second Street). Call 513-392-4660 for group tours. • Visit the Rankin House (Rankin Street, off State Route 52). Abolitionists John and Jean Rankin hid some 2,000 escaped slaves in this way-station on the Underground Railroad. Harriet Beecher Stowe stopped here to speak with Rankin about the problems of slavery before writing her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. She used some of the stories she heard here in her book. . The Parker home, also in Ripley, was another home involved with the Underground Railroad. Parker was a former slave, inventor, and businessman. His home, located on 330 North Front Street, is in the process of being restored. If you have extra time stop by Carolyn’s House of Mini Rooms Museum, (on Main Street and Ripley) to see doll-house sized rooms dedicated to various themes. •Stop 7: Riverside Murals

Transmission Flush --- The Way It Should Be Done


Spring 2011

Utilizing the Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System, our technicians will service your automatic transmission the way it ought to be done. Transmission efficiency is restored. You will have that “like new” feeling again, along with many more miles of trouble-free operation.

Conventional Transmission Service is inefficient and leaves about two thirds of worn out oxidized fluid inside the transmission. Now, we can offer a dynamic new service that dissolves deposits from transmission components and flushes them harmlessly away.

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Get your car sparkling



We will: Hook-up gauges, check pressures, belts, check hoses. Added labor, freon, and parts additional. Coupon expires June 30, 2011


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•Lube chassis, if necessary •Install new oil filter •Check & top off all fluids •Add up to 5 qts, motor oil •Check & adjust tire pressure •FREE multi-point inspection


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Nothing’s better than an original.


Nothing’s better than an original.


Must present coupon when order is written. Coupon Expires June 30, 2011 0001

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April, 2011 • The Delphos Herald Spring Car Care- 5 Tenth Street Train Station Mural in Portsmouth From previous stop: 1 hour 25 minutes / 72 mi (115.2 km) Directions: Continue on U.S. 52 to the town of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is best known for its splendid riverside murals. Subjects include Portsmouth’s history, the town’s settlement and the growth of industry, and famous personages, such as Branch Rickey. •Stop 8: Gallipolis From previous stop: 1 hour 40 minutes / 87 mi (139.2 km) Directions: Continue on Highway 52, which becomes State Route 7, as it follows the Ohio River, to Gallipolis. Now it’s on to the French Art Colony of Gallipolis. Here you can see Our House State Memorial, a well-known stop for travelers along the river, as well as Marquis de Lafayette. You can learn about the rich history of the area and state here. While in Gallipolis, note the French-styled homes along the riverbanks. • Stop 9: Pomeroy From previous stop: 30 minutes / 23 mi (36.8 km) Directions: Continue north on State Route 7 to its junction with State Route 833. Take Route 833 to Pomeroy. Pomeroy has been featured on Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” list for its unusual courthouse which is built into the side of a cliff and is accessible on all three levels from the outside. •Stop 10: Marietta From previous stop: 1 hour 30 minutes / 74 mi (118.4 km) Directions: Follow State Route 338, as it trails the river. It will become State Route 124. Stay on 124 till it merges with State Route 7. Follow SR 7 east and north to Marietta. Marietta is where Ohio began: it was the first city founded in the Northwest Territory. The early days of Marietta are remembered at the Campus Martius Museum (601 Second Street, 1-800-860-0145), which offers displays of riverboats and other antiquities (one hour stop). You can also stop at the Ohio River Museum next to the Martius Museum. Be sure to tour the historic town itself; beautiful old buildings and antiques are waiting to be discovered. •Stop 11: Steubenville Old Ft. Steuben on the Ohio River Scenic Byway From previous stop: 2 hours 10 minutes / 107 mi (171.2 km) Directions: Stay on State Route 7 north to Steubenville. In Steubenville you can see the reconstructed Historic Fort Steuben (1787), (120 South Third Street, 740-283-1787). This fort was under the command of Captain John Francis Hamtramck for the protection of the surveyors of the Northwest Territory. There are tours, exhibits, and a gift shop as well as travelers’ information in the Visitors Center. In downtown Steubenville you can see

Riverside Murals
murals depicting the 1850s and 1920s city life of Steubenville. The murals are painted on the sides of many of the buildings in the area. •Stop 12: Wellsville River Museum From previous stop: 25 minutes / 20 mi (32.0 km) Directions: Continue north on State Route 7 to Wellsville. The museum is at 1003 Riverside Avenue. Constructed in 1870, the Wellsville River Museum is a three-story building with period furniture and paddle wheel displays. For information call: 330-532-3048. * Last stop: Museum of Ceramics From previous stop: 5 minutes / 4 mi

Directions: Head north out of Wellsville on State Route 7 four miles to East Liverpool. The museum is at 400 East Fifth Street

More than just the experts in transmission diagnostics, service and repair, we offer a full range of car care services.
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Black Magic Tire Wet

Housed in East Liverpool’s old post office, the Museum of Ceramics brings to life the role the ceramic industry played in Ohio, and specifically East Liverpool, in the mid-1800s to mid-1900s. East Liverpool was considered the Pottery Capital of the World.

The Absorber
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• The Delphos Herald Spring Car Care • April 2011

Preventive maintenance to keep your car on the road
Many motorists bemoan the myriad costs associated with owning a vehicle. According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, the average price for a new car in the United States is slightly more than $28,000. But as any vehicle owner knows, that sticker price is only the beginning. The cost of maintaining a vehicle and keeping it on the road is not exactly insignificant. As the economy begins to rebound, a good percentage of motorists have resolved to keep their vehicles on the road longer in an effort to stretch their automobile dollars. That’s a sound resolution, and one that is not necessarily difficult to accomplish. Contrary to popular belief, cars are built to last, and it’s often a driver’s poor habits that reduce a car’s life expectancy as opposed to the vehicle manufacturer’s product. Drivers can lengthen a vehicle’s lifespan by employing preventive maintenance that should keep a car running strong for years to come. Air filter When examining the vehicle’s air filter (check the vehicle manual for location), look for dirt or dust buildup. If the filter is filthy, simply replace it. Auto parts stores sell air filters, and most drivers shouldn’t have trouble replacing a filter by themselves. A dirty air filter can negatively effect fuel economy and make it seem as though a vehicle is constantly going uphill in a stiff wind. When a dirty air filter is replaced, drivers will notice an instant impact in how the car drives and are likely to save a few dollars at the filling station as well. Belts and hoses Issues with belts or hoses are often recognizable to the naked eye, regardless of a driver’s automotive skill. A hose in poor condition can appear bulging or brittle, and should not feel too soft or too hard. If a hose exhibits any of these symptoms, replace it. A belt that’s worn or frayed should also be replaced. Brake fluid One of the more expensive repair jobs on a vehicle is to replace the brakes. Brakes will need to be replaced over the course of a vehicle’s lifespan, but drivers should routinely check the vehicle’s brake fluid. Without sufficient brake fluid, the brakes’ lifespan decreases dramatically. Checking the brake fluid is easy; simply look in the owner’s manual to find brake fluid reservoir and remove the lid (some vehicles might require the lid be unscrewed). The reservoir will likely have instructions on the inside advising how much brake fluid should be added. If the fluid is below the line of demarcation, add fluid up to that line. But be careful not to overfill. Check the brake fluid levels on a monthly basis. Motor oil Oil change guidelines have changed dramatically thanks to better cars and more reliable motor oils. But it still helps to check motor oil levels after every fill up. If motor oil levels are low, add more oil. If oil is significantly low after each fill up, consult a mechanic just to be safe. Exhaust Once a year, be it at a routine tune up or should repair work be necessary, ask your mechanic to check the vehicle’s emissions. Failing an emissions test might be against the law, and a failed test could be indicative of a larger problem. In addition, inspect the muffler and exhaust pipe for holes, particularly after winter, when debris from snow trucks may do significant damage. Replace any damaged or rusted parts. Power steering Power steering fluid should also be inspected on a monthly basis. When checking power steering fluid, also inspect the pump for any leaks. Tires Keeping tires properly inflated pays numerous dividends. Properly inflated tires make it easier for the engine to operate, lowering fuel costs while also decreasing wear and tear on the engine. The owner’s manual should list a recommended tire pressure, and the local filling station likely has an air pump. Maintaining tires also involves checking for wear and tear. Uneven wear could indicate the tires are misaligned. Discuss this with your mechanic. Transmission fluid When checking transmission fluid, do so while the car is running and after the engine has warmed up. Always be certain to put the parking brake on when checking transmission fluid. If the vehicle needs transmission fluid, add the recommended fluid but be careful not to overfill. Prolonging a vehicle’s lifespan is not as difficult as it sounds. Oftentimes, all it takes is minor, yet routine, maintenance to keep a car on the road for years and years. Vehicle owners who practice easy, routine maintenance can often add years to their vehicle’s life.

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Wiper blades (Continued from page 2)
Knowing when to change your blades So when should you change your wiper blades? When a blade is past its physical prime, it will show wear signs like cracking or discoloration. Another indicator that it’s time for new wiper blades is by the quality of the wipe. Streaking or unwiped areas are a dead giveaway. If the blades make noise or chattering sounds, then they need to be replaced. On some newer blades there is a built-in wear indicator which recognizes diminished blade performance. By taking one glance at the indicator, you will know when they need replacing. How often should you replace your blades? If your blades don’t have a special indicator, the National Highway Transportation Board recommends that drivers change their wiper blades, at minimum, every year. However, the average vehicle owner replaces his/her wiper blades only once every 2.5 years. “Most people wait until they are in a downpour and nearly drive off the road before they are convinced it’s time to change blades,” says Jenifer Maddox, product manager for PEAK Automotive Products. Some blades even come with simple connector systems that make installing the blades on any vehicle a snap, so there is no excuse for not replacing worn out blades. If you’ve been procrastinating about changing your windshield wiper blades, take a few minutes today to change them. You’ll be glad you did when your windows are clear and dry this winter.

April, 2011 • The Delphos Herald Spring Car Care- 7

Fuel (Continued from page 3)
uncommon for thieves to siphon gas from vehicles, especially those with larger tanks. Adding a locking gas cap can be done for much less than the cost of a tank of gas. In addition to preventing theft, locking fuel tank caps can also prevent anyone from tampering with your gas tank. • Keep your tank full. While you’re looking to reduce the amount of gasoline you are using, constantly running your car with the tank close to empty can wear down your fuel pump. “The gasoline in the tank keeps the fuel pump cool. Take away the gas and the fuel pump runs hot and has a shorter life,” says Tom Taylor, engineer and vice president of RockAuto. com. If you have an older car that has accumulated dirt and rust at the bottom of the tank, keeping a full tank can help your fuel burn cleaner. • Keep your car in shape. Keeping your engine properly tuned improves fuel efficiency by an average of 4 percent and repairing a major issue like a faulty oxygen sensor could improve efficiency by up to 40 percent, according the U.S. Department of Energy. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you could quickly recoup the cost of an oxygen sensor or other repair after as little as one tank of gas through improved fuel economy. • Keep your tires inflated properly. Keeping your tires at the optimal level not only keeps you safer, but can improve your gas mileage by up to 3.3 percent, according to the Department of Energy. Your owner’s manual should tell you the proper psi (pounds per square inch) levels for your vehicle. • Drive for optimal gas mileage. How you drive can affect how much gas you use. Most cars run at peak efficiency at around 60 mph, with fuel economy decreasing sharply when traveling faster. Aggressive driving with rapid acceleration and slowing will also have a negative effect on your fuel economy. • Reduce weight and drag. Getting rid of items such as roof equipment when they aren’t being used can help your car become more aerodynamic and run more efficiently. Keeping unnecessary items in your car, especially if they are heavy, can also make your car work harder and use more fuel than it needs to. By adding up the small savings gained by each of these tips, you can really notice a difference on how much you are paying at the pump, especially over a long period of time.

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• The Delphos Herald Spring Car Care • April 2011

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