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27 apr – 10 may 2011


The first time marriage equality got a vote in the City News and/ or other media), two Democrats The position of freshman Republican Jack Mar- be brought before the Republican conference “in the
Senate, in December 2009, it was defeated 38-24. who previously voted no –– Joe Addabbo and Shir- tins of Garden City is not fully clear from the public coming weeks” to determine whether it will get a
The tally of public supporters now stands at 26 –– ley Huntley of Queens –– and three Republicans in record, and he did not respond to Gay City News’ floor debate and vote, as Governor Andrew Cuomo
all Democrats –– out of the 32 needed for passage. the same category –– James Alesi of Fairport, Greg request for comment. is urging.
All six Democrats first elected to the Senate in 2010 Ball of Brewster, and Joseph Griffo of Utica –– are Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos of Most Republicans who voted no in 2009 did not
support the measure. currently taking no public position on the marriage Rockville Centre remains opposed to the bill, but a respond to Gay City News’ request for comment this
According to statements on the record (to Gay bill. spokesman for him said he “expects” the issue to week; those who did are noted.

REPUBLICANS WHO VOTED Andrew Lanza James L. Seward

DEMOCRATS WHO VOTED NO IN DECEMBER 2009 Dist. 24, Staten Island Dist. 51, Oneonta
YES IN DECEMBER 2009 Voted no in 2009 Voted no in 2009; position has not changed
James Alesi Phone: 518-455-3215/ 718-984-4073 Phone: 518-455-3131/ 607-432-5524
BRONX: Ruth Hassel-Thompson, Dist. 55, Fairport
Jeffrey Klein, Gustavo Rivera Voted no in 2009; currently “undeclared” William J. Larkin, Jr. Dean G. Skelos
Phone: 518-455-2015/ 585-223-1800 Dist. 39, New Windsor Dist. 9, Rockville Centre
BROOKYLYN: Eric Adams, Martin Malavé Dilan, Voted no in 2009; no change in position; Voted no in 2009; no change in position,
Velmanette Montgomery, Kevin Parker, Gregory Ball calls in favor coming from out of district but “expects” to bring the bill to GOP
John Sampson, Daniel Squadron Dist. 40, Brewster Phone: 518-455-2770/ 845-567-1270 conference “in the coming weeks”
Voted no in 2009; told Gannett’s Albany bureau, Phone: 518-455-3171/ 516-766-8383
MANHATTAN: Tom Duane, Liz Krueger, “Right now I don’t have a position” Kenneth P. LaValle
Bill Perkins, José Serrano Phone: 518-455-3111/ 845-279-3773 Dist. 1 Selden, LI Catharine Young
Voted no in 2009 Dist. 57, Jamestown
QUEENS: Malcolm Smith, Toby Stavitsky John J. Bonacic Phone: 518-455-3121/ 631-696-6900 Voted no in 2009; position has not changed
Dist. 42, Middletown Phone: 518-455-3563/ 716-372-4901
STATEN ISLAND: Diane Savino Voted no in 2009 Tom Libous
Phone: 518-455-3181/ 845-344-3311 Dist. 52, Binghamton
WESTCHESTER: Suzi Oppenheimer, Voted no in 2009; no change in position REPUBLICANS NOT
Andrea Stewart-Cousins John A. DeFrancisco Phone: 518-455-2677/ 877-854-2687 YET IN THE SENATE IN
Dist. 50, Syracuse DECEMBER 2009
ALBANY: Neil Breslin Voted no in 2009 Betty Little
Phone: 518-455-3511/ 315-428-7632 45th Glens Falls Patrick M. Gallivan
SYRACUSE: David Valesky Voted no in 2009; no change in position Dist. 59, Depew
Hugh T. Farley Phone: 518-455-2811/ 518-743-0968 Opposed during the 2010 campaign
Dist. 44, Amsterdam Phone: 518-455-3471/ 716-656-8544
DEMOCRATS NOT YET Voted no in 2009; no change in position Carl L Marcellino
IN THE SENATE IN Phone: 518-455-2181/ 518-843-2188 Dist. 5, Oyster Bay Mark Grisanti
DECEMBER 2009 Voted no in 2009 Dist. 60, Buffalo
John J. Flanagan Phone: 518-455-2390/ 516-922-1811 Supports civil unions;
Adriano Espaillat (Manhattan), Michael Dist 2, Smithtown will not vote for bill with word marriage in it
Gianaris (Queens), and José Peralta (Queens) Voted no in 2009; no change in position George D. Maziarz Phone: 518-455-3240/ 716-854-8705
all voted for marriage equality in the Assembly Phone: 518-455-2071/ 631-361-2154 Dist. 62, Lockport
on three occasions Voted no in 2009 Jack Martins
Tony Avella (Queens), David Carlucci (Nan- Charles J. Fuschillo Jr Phone: 518-455-2024/ 716-434-0680 Dist. 7, Garden City
uet), and Tim Kennedy (Buffalo) all ran and won Dist. 8, Massapequa In 2010, told the Family Research Council
on marriage equality platforms in 2010 Voted no in 2009 Roy J. McDonald “no position”; the Daily Gazette Politics
Phone: 518-455-3341/ 516-882-0630 Dist. 43, Troy of Schenectadyn reports he is opposed
Voted no in 2009 Phone: 518-455-3265/ 516-746-5924
DEMOCRATS WHO VOTED Martin Golden Phone: 518-455-2381/ 518-274-4616
NO IN DECEMBER 2009 Dist. 22, Brooklyn Thomas F. O’Mara
Voted no in 2009; no change in position Michael F. Nozzolio Dist. 53, Elmira
Joe Addabbo Phone: 518-455-2730/ 718-238-6044 Dist. 54, Seneca Falls Voted no in the Assembly
Dist. 15, Queens Voted no in 2009 Phone: 518-455-2091/ 607-735-9671
Told City Hall News he is “undeclared” Joseph A. Griffo Phone: 518-455-2366/ 315-568-9816
Phone: 518-455-2322/ 718- 738-1111 Dist. 47, Utica Patty Ritchie
Voted no in 2009; currently uncommitted Michael H. Ranzenhofer Dist. 48, Watertown
Ruben Diaz, Sr. Phone: 518-455-3334/ 315-793-9072 Dist. 61, Williamsville “Supports the traditional definition
Dist. 32, Bronx Voted no in 2009 of marriage”
Implacably opposed Kemp Hannon Phone: 518-455-3161/ 716-631-8695 Phone: 518-455-3438/ 315-782-3418
Phone: 518-455-2511/ 718-991-3161 Dist. 6, Garden City
Voted no in 2009 Joseph E. Robach Lee M. Zeldin
Shirley Huntley Phone: 518-455-2200/ 516-739-1700 Dist. 56, Rochester Dist. 3, Hauppauge
Dist. 10, Queens Voted no in 2009 During campaign, said he would have
Told City Hall News, “I’ll think about it” Owen Johnson Phone: 518-455-2909 / 585-225-3650 voted no in 2009
Phone: 518- 455-3531/ 718-523-3069 Dist. 4, Babylon Phone: 518-455-3570/ 631-360-3356
Voted no in 2009 Stephen M. Saland
Carl Kruger Phone: 518-455-3411/ 631-669-9200 Dist. 41, Poughkeepsie
Dist. 27, Brooklyn Voted no in 2009
Phone: 518- 455-2460/ 718- 743-8610 Phone: 518-455-2411/ 845-463-0840