Laura Poncharik ELD- 308

Lesson Plan: Writing Mini Lesson Grade: 5 Time: 15 minutes Standard: 3.2: WRITING - ALL STUDENTS WILL WRITE IN CLEAR, CONCISE, ORGANIZED LANGUAGE THAT VARIES IN CONTENT AND FORM FOR DIFFERENT AUDIENCES AND PURPOSES. C. Mechanics, Spelling, and Handwriting 1. Use Standard English conventions in all writing, such as sentence structure, grammar and usage, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and handwriting. 3. Use knowledge of English grammar and usage to express ideas effectively. Objective: Students will use be able to express their ideas by using metaphor and similes they have constructed in their personal writing. Materials: y y Owl Moon by Jane Yolen Chart paper

Lesson Sequence: Anticipatory Sety ³Boys and girls, remember the book, Owl Moon and how the author used similes and metaphors to compare different ideas and objects throughout the story? For example, the metaphor: The moon made his face into a silver mask.´

State Objective and Purposey Well,today we are going to learn how to construct metaphors and similes inorder to help us express our thoughts more clearly and vividly throughout our writing.´

Teach and Modely y Write metaphors and similes on a chart that can clarify images and thoughts in writing sentences. Model how the words can be used in a metaphor in a sentence. o ³For example, I could use a metaphor to describe someone who is tall; I could write my best friend Dan is a giant.´ This is a metaphor because I am comparing David to a giant using IS.

Laura Poncharik ELD- 308

o ³Or if one of my characters is smart, I could write, Sharon¶s mind is a sponge that absorbs all details. Again, I am constructing a metaphor because I am comparing the mind to a sponge.´ o ³I could also use a simile to describe someone or something in my stories. For example, I could write, ³Coming home from camp, Jennifer¶s hair looked like a dirty mop. This is a simile because it usesLIKEto compare hair to a dirty mop.´ o ³I could also write, ³The princess slept like a log under the evil spell.´ I would be using a simile again to compare sleeping to a loge using the word like.´ o Remember boys and girls, a metaphor makes a comparison without using the word like or as. A metaphor says that one thing IS another. A simile uses the word like or as to make a comparison.´  Reference our past chart on metaphors and similes. Guided Practice: y Give studentsthe two to three minutes to come up with examples of similes and metaphors. Or have students complete the following prompts: o o o o o y She is as sweet as (pie). His feet were as big as (boats). The car was as dirty as a (pig in mud.) My homework was (a piece ofcake). The teenage boy's stomach was(a bottomless pit).

Record their responseson a chart and hang them on the wall so studentscan reference these when they are writing.

Independent Practice/ Assessment: y ³Boys and girls when you begin writing for Writers Workshop today, I want you to use a simile and /or metaphor when you are revising your writing. Add or change two sentences in your writing to include a simile or metaphor in order to help you express your thoughts more clearly and vividly throughout your writing.´ During independent writing, I will be circulating in order for you to show me where you have used a metaphor and/ or a simile in your writing and why you have chosen to use it.´

Closurey y Who can tell me what we are going to include in our writing pieces today?´ ³Who can tell me why authors use metaphors and similes?´ ³That¶s right;a metaphor makes a comparison without using the word like or as. A metaphor says that one thing IS another. A simile uses the word like or as to make a comparison. ³Return quickly and quietly to your seats and begin writing.



Laura Poncharik ELD- 308


I will know students are successful if within their writing they use metaphors and similes to help them express their thoughs more clearly and vividly.

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